April 5, 2004
I missed a lot of Sami's ramblings today because she talks faster than I can type! Most of what I missed was just her accusations of John.
At the hospital, Hope is with Jen as Lexie examines her. Jen is stable for now, and Lexie tells Hope she can stay with Jen if she wants. Jen tells Hope no. She asks Hope to go find out what is going on with MArlena and come back and tell her. Jen says she just cant believe Marlena killed Jack. Hope leaves, and Lexie blames herself for not taking better care of Jen. Jen says honestly thought her cramps had subsided, so it isnt her fault. Lexie continues to examine Jen, and as she is, Jen winces. Lexie asks Jen if she is still in pain? Jen says she thinks the baby just kicked her in the wrong place. Jen tells her baby that it is too soon for him or her to be born, so they need to stay in there. LExie does an ultra sound on the baby, and she tells Jen that nothing has changed in regards to the danger of this pregnancy. Lexie says the baby is in fetal distress and that is why she is cramping. Jen says shell stay in bed for the whole pregnancy if she has to, but she cannot lose this baby! Jen gets another cramp, and Lexie tells Jen that her contractions have started again, and she is sorry but it looks like she is beginning to miscarry. Jen says she cant lose this baby, she just cant. Jen asks Lexie if she can give her something to make the labor stop? LExie says there is a drug, but she asks Jen to consider the risk to her own life. Jen says she needs to think about her baby, and she says the baby just needs a chance. Jen begs Lexie to save her child, and is then hit with another cramp. Later, Julie shows up to sit with Jen. Julie tells her that she doesnt have to put on a happy face for her. Jen says it will be okay because the contractions have stopped. Julie tells Jen that it just crossed her mind that all her years with Doug, and in all Mickey and Maggies years together, they never had their own biological children. She says there lives were still filled with joy. Julie tells Jen that she already has one beautiful child with Jack, and she doesnt want Abby to lose her mother too. Jen says she wont. Julie tells Jen to just remember how much she means to Abby. Julie leaves and Abby comes in to see Jen. Abby hugs Jen and she tells her that she is sorry. Jen says this isnt her fault. Abby tells Jen that it isnt her fault either. Jen tells Abby that she loves her, and Abby tells her mom that she loves her too. Later, Abby goes to the chapel and prays for her mom and her unborn sibling. Mickey and Julie join Abby in her prayers. Back outside of Jens room, Hope returns to check on Jen, and to talk to LExie. Hope tells Lexie that MArlena was awake long enough to say she was innocent. Lexie asks if she retracted her confession? Hope says that is if she ever confessed to begin with. Lexie asks Hope if she is saying John lied? Hope says she doesnt know what to believe anymore as there are so many confusing stories. Meanwhile, Abby returns to see her mom. Jen says the contractions have stopped, and she thinks it is because of her prayers. Abby tells her mom that she wants her mom to be with her forever, she wants them to be a family. Jen says she wants that too. Julie comes in and suggests to Abby that they go get some ice cream. Jen says it is okay, so they leave to get ice cream. Alone, Jen says she wishes Jack was here to help guide her. She says she so wants this baby to be born. Jen is hit with another contraction, and she calls for LExie. LExie comes back and says her labor is starting again. The contractions stop, and Jen asks what they do. Lexie says she has consulted with Dr. Bader and the on call oncologist, but nothing more can be done. LExie tells Jen that she is so sorry.

On the hospital roof, Belle is stunned that Shawn is proposing to her. She tells Shawn that this has been the worst day of her life, and she feels like she doesnt deserve to be happy with everything going on. Shawn tells her that she hasnt done anything wrong, and her mother cant be the killer because she was with her mom when his grandfather was killed. Belle is about to tell Shawn the truth when a nurse finds Belle and says Marlena is awake. They head down to see Marlena, and Belle cant help but worry that if her mom is guilty, what does that make her? Shawn says it makes her beautiful and perfect. Belle says she is not perfect.

Everyone rushes into Marlena's room as Marlena has woken up. Sami begs her mom to tell them how she is innocent and how John is the killer. Marlena says she is innocent. John says the Marlena they know and love is innocent, and she isnt responsible for what has happen. John says whatever has gone wrong, whatever has happened to her, they will solve it and get through it. As John touches Marlenas hand, Marlenas machines begin to beep. Sami accuses John of trying to murder her mom again, and she yells at him to get away from her! Belle walks in and freaks out, she asks what is going on? Sami continues to yell that John is the killer and the way her mom reacted to John is all the proof they need. Belle tells Sami to stop it, and John tells them all that they should take this outside! Outside Marlena's room the doctor talks to them about her condition. He says Marlena has been sedated and she needs peace and quiet tonight. He doesnt think anyone should see her for awhile either. John tells Belle that everything will be okay, and that she should just go home. He asks Shawn to take her home.  Bo asks the doctor if he can question Marlena, but John says Marlena needs rest now. Sami says John just doesnt want her mom to name him as the killer. The doctor says now is not a good time because if he questions her and she has another episode, it could kill her. Bo says maybe theyd be better off. John grabs Bo and begins shaking him while asking "what kind of crack is that?" Hope tells John to stop it, and Sami says he cant stop it because he is a killing machine! John says Marlena is his wife and he loves her. He tells Hope that she has known Marlena most of her adult life! Hope tells Bo that they dont have all the facts yet. Bo says he doesnt want Marlena dead yet, not until they have all the facts. Sami continues to tell claim John is the killer and he is the only one who happened to hear her mother's confession. Sami thinks john is lying about her mother's guilty, and says her mother just told them all that she was innocent. John says MArlena knows the law and when she said she was innocent she meant she was innocent because she isnt in her right mind. Sami continues to rant and rave, and she says her mother has no reason to kill, but John has every reason because Stefano trained him to do just that. Bo tells Sami that hes not going to listen to her because she is Salems biggest liar. Sami swears John is the killer and she says she saw John push her mother off the terrace. Hope tells Sami that they all know how much it hurts to lose a parent, but they cant arrest John without proof. Sami says she is afraid John will return to finish off her mom, but Bo says there will be an officer guarding the room 24/7. John suggests they bring in a psychiatric console to talk to Marlena, but Bo says she will know how to beat it. Sami says how about a lie detector test. Bo says she will know how to beat that too. Sami says then give John one, and he says name the time. Sami says forget it as he will know how to beat the test because of Stefano's training. Hope tells Sami that she cant have it both ways, so she needs to shut up. John has an idea, and says he should bring in someone to minister to them. Sami tells John to go getting any ideas about claiming her mother is possessed again! Hope asks if he really thinks she could be possessed again? John doesnt know. Sami once again launches into accusations against John, calling him a the liar and saying he is the one who pretended to be a priest once. She says John is the proven liar in this room! Later, Father Jansen arrives, and he goes into see Marlean. As he enters the room, Marlena tosses and turns in her bed. We see a flashback of the first time Father Jansen confronted a possessed Marlena. Father Jansen prays over Marlena, and then puts his hand on her head. Sami asks John what he is waiting for, glowing eyes? She thinks this is all a load of bull. Father Jansen says there is no one test to that will determine the condition of a persons soul, and he says because Marlena is sedated there is nothing he can do tonight. Sami continues to make accusations against John, claiming he is the one who has no soul and that God will see him rot in hell. Hope asks to speak with Father Jansen, so they leave the room. After they leave, Marlena continues to toss and turn in her bed. Marlena eventually wakes up and sees Sami and John by her side. John asks Marlena if she remembers what happened tonight? Marlena remembers Father Jansen praying over her. She cries out that she is sorry, she is so sorry! Bo and Hope hear this, and Sami tells her to be quiet. Marlena says so many people died, and she should have stopped it, she should have known. Hope asks Marlena if she knows what happened on the terrace tonight? Marlena says John was angry and upset, and he wanted her to admit that she was the . . . She says it cant be, no it cant be. Marlena cries and she says she told him that she was innocent, but he got angry and yelled at her. Marlena says there was a gun, and then he pushed her! She looks at John and says he pushed her off the balcony!

  Shawn takes Belle for a walk. They are supposed to be heading home, but they take a detour. Shawn tells Belle how much he loves her, and he says their love will get them through this. Belle doesnt know if it can, but Shawn says he will prove it to her. Shawn once again proposes to Belle using the Irish wool rings. He tells her the story about the rings. He says his grandmother loved her and she would want him to have the ring. He says he knows its not a diamond ring, but Belle says it is so much more. Shawn asks her to marry him as he puts the ring on her finger, but she says no! She says it isnt that she doesnt want to marry him, she does, but after he hears what she has to say then he wont want to marry her. Belle says she has done something awful, she thought she had to chose between his love and her love and loyalty to her mom. She says she never meant to hurt him, but she did. Belle tells Shawn that she lied to him, and every time she tried to take it back, something stopped her. Belle says she told herself that it didnt matter because if it did matter than it would mean this awful thing is true. Shawn asks her what she lied to him about? Belle says she lied about being with her mom when his grandfather was killed. Shawn cannot believe this. Belle begs him to let her explain, but Shawn tells her not to touch him! Shawn tells Belle that it is too late, and he walks off. Belle is left alone looking at the ring Shawn put on her finger. She says nothing will be the same, her life has changed forever. Belle knows where to find Shawn, and she goes to him. Shawn tells her to tell him that she is confused and was mixed up about the timing. Belle says she lied and she knew she was lying when she said it to him. Belle says she was sure her mom was not the killer, and she just wanted to help her. Belle says he has to know that she is sorry. Shawn tells Belle that things between them will never be the same, and he walks away form her again!


April 6, 2004
Nicole is soaking in the tub when a shadow moves behind her. Someone with black gloves grabs the radio and holds it over the tub. Nicole opens her eyes, sees Brady standing there, and screams! Brady wasnt coming to kill her though, Nicole jumped to that conclusion. He came to tell her that Marlena survived her fall of the penthouse terrace, which shocks her. He asks why she looks so surprised? Nicole just thinks very few people could survive the fall. Nicole says she would like to get out of the tub, stands up, and asks Brady to hand her a towel. Nicole drops the towel and says Ooops! Brady tells Nicole that if the site of her naked body affected him than she would have gotten what she wanted a long time ago. He says he just came home to change, he has to go back to the hospital to be with his dad. Nicole says she was just trying to cheer him up, and she says at least his grandfathers killer has been caught. Brady says they dont think Marlena killed Victor, they think she  (Nicole) did. Nicole says nobody will ever be able to prove it! Brady says Bo is on his way over here to question her. He says he hopes she can handle the heat, and then BRady heads to the shower. Nicole says she can handle the heat, but she wonders if Bo can. Nicole has a Basic Instinct like fantasy in which Bo is questioning here. Bo ends up kissing Nicole in her fantasy, and she smiles and says it will be like father like son, a piece of cake. However, she worries her accomplice could crack under pressure. This time she has a fantasy in which both she and Jan are questioned together, and Jan confesses before the first question is asked. Nicole realizes she is in trouble. Nicole gets a text message from Jan, and she orders her to get to the hospital now. Nicole thinks Jan is going to ruin everything. She takes off, and when Brady gets out of the shower, he finds Nicole is gone.

At the hospital, Shawn asks Belle to tell him that she was confused or mixed up about the time she was with her mom. Belle says she cant. Belle says she lied and she knew it was a lie when she told him. She says she just wanted to give her mom an alibi, and that she was so sure she was not the killer. Belle says she just doesnt know anymore. She says he has to know she is sorry. Shawn tells her that this day just got a whole lot worse. He says nothing will ever be the same between them, and he walks off. Belle refuses to accept this and chases after him. They end up in the hospital chapel. Belle asks Shawn not to let this come between them. She says she knows she made a huge mistake and if she could do it over she would. Shawn tells her that it is too late, the damage is done. Shawn says she lied to him and now his great grandmother is dead! Belle says she didnt believe her mom was the murderer and she still doesnt! She says her mom is the most kind and gentle person she knows, and her dad has to be wrong. Shawn says he wishes he was wrong, but all the evidence points to her mother. Shawn begins listing all the people MArlena has killed, and he says if she hadnt lied at least one of those people would be alive. Belle realizes Shawn blames her for Alices death. Shawn says her lie let Marlena go free, free to kill again! Belle says Mrs. Horton is dead, and there is nothing she can do or say to change that. She says if her mom is responsible for this than it is her (Belle's) fault. She says she doesnt know what to say to him. She says she never meant to hurt him or anyone. Belle says she needs him, and she asks him to tell her that this will be okay and they will work through this. Shawn says he cant. They turn around when they hear something and see Jan standing there in scrubs. Belle says she doesnt believe it. Jan thinks shes been caught, but Belle is just annoyed that the nurse is spying on them, and she tells her to leave. Shawn asks Belle why she didnt tell him the truth? She says she tried, but he doesnt think she tried hard enough. He says his Gran is gone and her mom is in the hospital, so now is not the time. Shawn walks out, and Belle chases after her. Jan watches the whole scene. Later, Nicole shows up, finds Jan, and asks what kind of mess she has gotten them into now? Jan says Shawn has finally dumped Belle! Nicole cant believe that is what she called her here for. Nicole says the Salem PD is onto them, and Marlena has survived. Nicole says she needs her reassurance that she wont crack under pressure. Jan assures her that if anyone tries to get in between her and Shawn, she will kill them! Meanwhile, Belle runs into Phillip. She tells him that she lied to Shawn and she thinks she has lost him for good. Phillip comforts her.

Patrick shows up at the hospital to check on Jen. Because hes not a relative, the nurse cant give him any info. Patrick looks at his doubloon. Meanwhile, Jen begs Lexie not to let her lose this baby. She says it is a gift from Jack, a gift from God. Lexie says she knows what this baby means to her. Lexie says they have done everything they can, but they have no choice but to terminate the pregnancy immediately. Lexie leaves Jens room and ends up in tears. She sees Patrick, and he asks how Jen is. Lexie says its not good, shes going to lose the baby. She says she has to make some arrangements for the procedure Jen must have, so she asks Patrick to sit with her. In her room, Jen says there has to be something Jack can do to save their baby. Patrick walks in and says maybe there is something they can do. Jen asks Patrick why he is here? Patrick says he came to sit with her. Jen tells him about the problems with the baby. Patrick says it is not to late to save her baby, and he tells her to trust in her love for Jack. He also asks her to hold his coin in her hand and focus. He tells her to think about the love she shared with Jack, the love that created this baby. She asks why? He says it is called mind over matter. The next time we see them, Jen is asleep. Lexie comes in and says they are about to begin the procedure. Patrick tells her that she cant terminate this pregnancy! Lexie says she appreciates his concern for Jen, but there is nothing else they can do. Jen wakes up, and Patrick excuses himself to let Lexie examine her one last time. Jen is positive that something has changed inside of her. LExie caustions her about getting her hopes up, but after an examination, Lexie can find nothing wrong with Jen. Jen says it was Patrick who did this, Patricks influence. Lexie goes to change the plans for the procudre, and Patrick comes back in. Jen thanks Patrick for helping her. Patrick says it was all her and maybe a little bit of Jack. 

Kate and Phillip show up, and Kate cant believe that Alice Horton is gone, that she was murdered by MArlena. Phillip is worried about Belle and how she's going to deal with all of this. Kate tells him to be there for Belle because she will need every bit of support to get through this. Kate doesnt understand how Marlena could do this, why would she take Marlena from them?

In Marlenas room, Marlena insists that John pushed her off the balcony. John says that is a lie, and he tells MArlena that she confessed to him. Marlena says she is innocent, and Sami also says she is innocent! Lucas shows up as Sami is once again lashing out at John. Sami tells Bo to arrest him now before he tries to kill again! Bo says it isnt that simple, and they have conflicting statements. Sami thinks Bo won't arrest John because John is a man and he used to be a cop. Sami says John killed her father and he tried to kill her mother. She tells him to get out of here because her mother doesnt want him here. MArlena asks John to go, and he says all right. He says he will be back, but Sami says like hell he will! Everyone leaves the room, and Sami stays and promises MArlena that she will take care of her. Marlena smiles and looks at Sami. 

Outside Marlena's room, John talks to Kate and Phillip about Marlena. John says Sami isnt helping matters much, but Lucas says she is freaked out. Kate cant believe he is defending her. John says Sami is just in a state of shock. Phillip decides to head off and call Belle. He runs into Jan, who is in scrubs. He thinks she looks familiar, but he cant place her face. Kate asks John what Marlena said? John says that Marlena claimed she was innocent and that he tried to kill her. Kate asks if she could be possessed again? John says Father Jansen came by to check on her but couldnt determine the condition of her soul. Kate says possession is the only explanation for why she could have killed all those people. As they talk about Marlena confessing, Sami walks out and says there is only one person who killed that sweet old lady, and they all know who that is! Marlena walks out and says she knows who the killer is, and she says it is john! Suddenly, Marlena collapses, and Sami catches her. They put Marlena back in her room.

Elsewhere, Hope tells Bo that they no longer have a choice, they have to arrest John for attempted murder! Bo says hes not arresting John, but Hope says they have no real proof against Marlena. She also finds it odd that would Alice call John  instead of them.  Hope asks what they do, do they arrest John? Sami ends up telling Bo that he needs to arrest John now, otherwise she will call the commissioner! John tells Sami that the day will come when she will realize just how wrong she has been! John says all he has ever done was lover her mother and her, but Sami still doesnt believe him and says he will go down for this. Hope talks to Bo and says Sami has a point about John. Shawn storms by them, and Hope decides to go find out what is bothering Shawn. She tells Hope that he has a decision to make, either he arrests John or she will!

Hope finds Shawn and asks what is wrong? Shawn says he proposed to Belle, and then she told him about lying about being her moms alibi. He says if she hadnt lied than Gran would still be here. Hope says it isnt as simple as that, but Shawn thinks it is and runs off.

Meanwhile, Kate asks Lucas how he can take Samis side against John? Lucas doesnt believe Marlena is capable of doing all these murders, but Kate says if what she thinks is true than she is capable.

Hope returns to Bo, and when he learns about Belles lie, he says that is another strike against MArlena. Hope thinks hes not going to arrest John. Bo says until they have more to go on he will do nothing! The show ends with John looking in at Marlena, and her looking back.


April 7, 2004
At Bo and Hopes house, Bo tells Hope that Tek checked out Mrs. Hortons phone records and she did in fact call Johns cell. Hope asks why she didnt call her? Bo says she did, and he plays the message that Alice left for her at the station, the message she never got. Hope lashes out and says if only the officer had put her through than maybe she would be alive. Hope feels that her Gran needed her and she wasnt there. Bo says she called John, and John called them, so she shouldnt blame herself. Bo says John was telling the truth about the phone call, but Hope says they still dont know what she said to him. Hope still thinks it could be possible that Marlena is innocent and John is guilty. Bo wont consider it because he doesnt believe a word MArlena says. Shawn shows up and he asks if he can stay here the night? They say sure. Hope tells Shawn that they are here for him if he wants to talk. Shawn says he doesnt know what to think. Shawn says he knows they always say you cant have a relationship without trust, and he doesnt know if he will be able to trust Belle again. Hope says Belle felt trapped, and she believes Belle thought her mom was innocent and was trying to prove it to him. Hope also says they dont know if Marlena is guilty. Bo says they have proof, against her but Hope says they have a lot of conflicting stories as well. She says there is a possibility MArlena is innocent. Shawn says if that is true than there is still hope they can work through this. Bo says there is still a lot of work to be done one way or the other, and Hope says they will see this case through to the end. Shawn looks at the Irish wool rings, and Hope asks what those are? Shawn tells them about the ring, and Bo says he remembers them as a kid. Bo asks why he has them? Shawn says he was going to use them until he could by Belle a real ring, but he guesses hell have to give them back now. Hope asks Shawn to find a way to forgive Belle just like she forgave him for what happened with Jan. Shawn says its not the same, his lie was to protect the life of Jans baby whereas Belles lie cost Gran her life. Shawn says he doesnt want to talk about it anymore, he wants to go to bed. Hope tells him no. She says he will always have a place here, but not to hide. She tells him that he needs to face what happened and he needs to face Belle. Hope tells Shawn to think about what Belle is going through tonight, her mother almost died, and her mother has been accuses of killing people who were close to Belle. Hope says Belle loves him and she knows he loves her. Hope says if Gran was here she would tell him to go to Belle. Shawn says he will go to Belle, he doesnt know what hell say, but hell go. After Shawn leaves, Bo tells Hope that she is more positive than he is. He says he believes Belles lie cost Mrs. H her life, and if he was Shawn he would never forgive Belle. Hope says she doesnt want to do this now, she is tired and wants to go to bed. Bo tells Hope that he knows she believes in love, and he says she was raised with both the love of the Brady and the Horton clans. Hope asks him to just hold her tight. He does, and Hope says she just cant accept that Gran is gone and someone they love could have taken her from them. Bo looks at a photo of Alice and Tom, and he says they had something for the record books. Hope tells Bo so do they, and Bo says damn straight. Hope says they never argued in front of them. Bo says he is sorry about tonight, and Hope says she is too. Bo says the one good thing about fighting is making up. Hope asks Bo to make love to her, so he picks her up and carries her upstairs. 

At Belles loft, Belle sees some of Shawns things and thinks about him. She gets on her computer and begins to type a letter to him about how sorry she is. As she begins typing, there is a knock at her door. Belle thinks it is Shawn, but it turns out to be Phillip. Phillip has brought Chinese over for Belle to try and cheer her up. Belle, however, tells him to go away! Phillip says he hears her, but he wont leave her because it that is the worst thing in the world he can do for her now. Phillip says they grew up together and he knows her better than anyone in this world. Phillip says he is starving and he isnt taking this food with him. Belle says she wont be good company, but Phillip doesnt care. He makes them some Chinese tea, and he tells her that he hopes she likes her food spicy as he got Kung Pao chicken. The food he picked out ends up being Shawns favorite. Phillip says hes sorry, and he tells Belle not to give up on Shawn. Belle says she didnt give up on him, he isnt speaking to her. She explains how Shawn believes if she hadnt lied than his great-grandmother would be alive. Phillip reminds Belle that Shawn lied to her about Jan. Phillip says at least what she did made sense, unlike Shawns lie. Phillip says if her mom does turn out to be innocent than no one was hurt because of her lie. Belle says that still doesnt make what she did right. She says she doesnt know what to believe about her family anymore. She says she doesnt believe her mom is guilty, but she also doesnt believe Samis accusations about her dad. Phillip says the truth will come out, and it will be okay. He also says Shawn is in shock, and once he comes out of it he will be there for her. Belle isnt so sure, and she thinks it is over between them. Belle cries that she has lost Shawn for good. Phillip reminds her of the time she thought Shawn slept with another woman, and when she went on that game show and Phillip got jealous. He says there was also the time she invited herself on the ISA mission of his. Belle says she hasnt been able to fix this mess, so she needs his help. She says she needs a guys perspective, what can she do to make things better? Phillip says she should just give Shawn some time, lean on her friends, and have faith in the ones you love. Belle thanks him, but she says if she believes her mom is innocent, what should she think about her dad? Phillip suggests they just concentrate on the food. Phillip puts on some music, and Belle begins to laugh. At this point Shawn shows up and hears what appears to be a good time going on in Belles loft. He wonders what is going on in there? Inside, Phillip and Belle are laughing about old times in high school. They talk about the last blast dances, and Belle thanks Phillip for being here for her tonight. As she hugs Phillip, Shawn opens the door and sees them together.

Lucas and Sami return to Samis place. Will is worried about Sami and thinks she should stay at the hospital. Sami says she just has some sore muscles, but she is fine. Lucas wants to talk to Will about what happened tonight because he knows he saw the news. When Will says he cant believe Grandma Marlena is the killer, Sami says shes not and she never wants to hear him say that again! Will says the news also said that dad saved moms life, and Sami says he did. He thinks his dad is a hero, and he says if he lost his mom he doesnt know what hed do. Lucas says he feels the same way, and he tells Sami that he doesnt know what hed do if he lost her either. Will says this isnt the first time dad has saved her life, and he reminds her about the tiger on the camping trip. Sami remembers hitting her head in the pit and almost seducing Lucas. Sami thanks Lucas for saving her life tonight, and she says she is sorry she didnt say it ealier. He asks if she knows why he did it, and she says she does. She says he did it because of Will. Lucas says that is one reason, but there is another. Sami tells Will that he should go to bed, and Lucas says she should go to bed to. He suggests she take some pain killers as well. Sami doesnt want to take anything that could make her out of it, she needs to be there at the hospital in the morning for her mom. Will goes to bed, and Lucas tries to tell Sami the other reason he saved her, but she says she has to go to bed. Lucas says okay, and tells her to drink some milk before going to bed to help her sleep. Sami asks why he is leaving? He says because she told him to. She asks since when he does what she tells him to? Lucas asks what she wants? She asks if he is going to make her say it. Lucas knows she wants him to stay the night, to guard and protect her, to make her feel safe. Sami says that is what she wants, and he says it is done. Lucas ends up stripping down to his boxers and joins Sami in bed. He tells her to relax and gets some sleep, hell scare all her nightmares away. Sami says it has been a horrible day, and she doesnt want him to think she said what she said earlier for Will. She says he really did help her get through tonight. She says she doesnt think shell be able to get to sleep, but Lucas holds her and tries to help her fall asleep by stroking her hair. However, Sami cant fall asleep, and Lucas says he is a bit nervous about being with her like this. Sami says she isnt nervous at all, she feels totally safe with him. Sami is afraid of losing her mom, and she says she is seriously scared of John and what he could do. Sami says John is evil, he is truly evil. Sami says she has to find a way to stop John before he destroys her family.

At the hospital, Celeste shows up and tells John that she heard what happened and she is sorry. John is confused about why Marlena would deny she confessed to him and accuse him of trying to kill her? Lexie says they may never get all the answers. Celeste says there is way to get Malrena to tell them the truth. Celeste says if she can touch MArlena than she may be able to understand what is going on. John says there is no way he will let her crawl into his wifes mind! Lexie asks what he is afraid they might find? John says he doesnt know, but whatever they find could make things worse. Lexie tries convinces John to use her moms gift because she has been right about everything else thus far. Celeste says she conjured the dark forces to help him, so that should prove her desire to help him. Lexie tells John that he knows he feels bad about what happened tonight, but it isnt his fault. John mumbles something about how he should have know, how he could have stopped it, and how he should have been the one to go off the terrace. Lexie asks John what he is saying? Celeste says it sounds like he is making a confession? John says no, and he just means if he had said nothing to Bo than maybe none of this would have happened. Lexie says then more people would have died. Lexie cries about how she should be celebrating her anniversary with Abe tonight. She tells him to think of all the lives that ended way too soon. She says MArlena was her friend once, but not anymore. Lexie says Marlena deserves to die. John says he has to believe that the woman he married is still in there somewhere, and he loves her. Lexie says she understands that he loves her and nothing will change that, but he also has to know what he has to do. John says he doesnt understand anything that is going on, which is why Celeste says that is all the more reason for her to try and reach into Marlenas mind. John asks what will happen once she taps into Marlenas mind? Celeste doesnt know, but what she does know is that the suffering has really only just begun and things will get worse when the truth is revealed. John agrees to let her try. Celeste takes Marlenas hand, and she gasps. Celeste says Marlena is innocent! Lexie asks how that is possible? John says he knew she couldnt be the killer. Lexie asks then who is? John says he knows who the killer is, and hes going to go bring them in! The show ends with a shot of Malrena with a smile on her face.


April 8, 2004
The first 10 minutes of todays show were interrupted by news briefings in my area.

Bo and Hope are in bed, it appears they have finished making love. They are discussing Belle and Shawns problems. Bo says it wont be easy for Shawn to forgive Belle. He says what Belle did wasnt a little white lie, it had major consequences that cost Mrs H her life. Hope says she is just worried about Shawn right now. She told Shawn to go back to see Belle because of the rule that they (Bo and Hope) have that they should never go to bed angry. She says the rule works for them, so she was hoping it would work for Shawn and Belle. Hope cant stop worrying about Shawn and Belle, so Hoppe gives her a massage. Bo tells her that their son has a big heart and is a lot more forgiving than he is. Hope hopes that they will find a way to put this behind them. Bo says if not, perhaps they arent meant to be together. Hope says of course they are! She says they are soul mates and belong together. Bo remembers how she used to believe that about them when they were kids, and they take a trip down memory lane. They remember when they were kids and bickered with one another, and they also remember when they brought Shawn and Belle to the Horton cabin as little kids were they held hands for the first time. Bo says they are starting to sound like their parents. Hope says if that is a crack about their ages she should remind him that he is far older than she is. Bo and Hope soon end up in a pillow fight. Later, Bo gets a call from John. Bo cant hear John well because of a poor signal on Johns phone. John tells Bo to meet him at the hospital because hes bringing in the killer!

At Belles loft, Belle continues to worry about Shawn and her mother. Phillip asks her to try and stop worrying for tonight and eat something. They eat the Chinese food, and Belles fortune cookie tells her that she is loved by two but can only have one. She doesnt understand what that means. Phillip says maybe she has a secret admirer. Belle says right now she doesnt even admire herself. Phillip tells her that he admires her. Belle tells Phillip that he admires him too. She says he is dealing with his dads death but still finds time to comfort and old friend. Outside the loft, Shawn wonders if maybe his mom is right about trying to work things out. He says he needs to try and see this from Belles point of view and try and make up with her. He goes to knock on the door, but cant make himself do it. He then walks off.

Patrick, Jen, Celeste and Lexie arrive at Jens house and they find Julie out cold on the floor. Celeste says Its happening again! Lexie goes to Julie to check her out. Julie is alive, but has passed out. Lexie says it looks like she fell and hit her head while mopping the floor. Julie comes to and tell them all what happened. She opened the door to Jens house when she heard something outside, and she was attacked by a bunch of bats! Patrick says something must have disturbed their nest, and he goes to investigate. Celeste says the creatures of the night are restless and they wont rest until the killer is caught. Julie says she thought Marlena was the killer? Celeste says she believes she is innocent and John believes he knows who the real killer is. Julie is glad that Marlena isnt the killer because she felt guilty about sending Doug to his death by telling Marlena Doug suspected he knew who the killer was. Julie also cant believe she was attacked by bats, and Celeste says it was an omen. She says the bats werent an omen, they are a sign of poor cleaning! She tells Jen she needs to fire her housekeeper because shes doing a lousy job! Patrick returns from looking upstairs, and he says hell check out the attic in the morning for bats, but Jen says he has done enough. Julie asks what he has done? Jen says Patrick save her baby, her baby is alive because of him. Jen explains how Patrick helped her in the hospital today with his coin. Julie ends up deciding to leave, and on her way out she picks up something of Jens, a piece of mail or an invetation connected to Bonnies opening of Alices Bar. Meanwhile, Celeste gets some vibes coming from Patrick and she asks if she can see his coin? He tells her no! Celeste says she has traveled the world with Stefano for many years, and she has seen many charms. She says his coin may have healing powers. He seems a bit shocked that she was with Stefano, almost as if he knows Stefano. Celeste tells Patrick that she was Stefanos companion for many years, and that Lexie is their child with him. Patrick says he never knew. Patrick also says he didnt mean to sound rude earlier about the coin, but unfortunately he lost it. Patrick says it is late so hes heading to bead for the night, and Jen excuses herself to check on Abbie. Celeste tells Lexie that there is something very interesting about Patrick Lockhart and she intends to find out just what. Outside, Patrick looks at his mysterious coin.

Mimi and Bonnie show up at Tuscany and find Bonnie riding the mechanical bull. Mimi is embarrassed by her mom and wishes she could just be a normal mother. When the bull goes a little wild, Bonnie is thrown from it, and Rex rushes to catch her. Bonnie welcomes them to Alices bar. She has lots to do, and Rex offers to help her. After Rex leaves, Bonnie urges Mimi to go after Shawn because his grandfather must have left him millions in his will. Mimi refuses to do that and scolds her mom for encouraging her to dump Rex. Later, Shawn shows up, and Rex and Mimi ask if he proposed? He says no, and he says Rex was right about Belle lying to him. He says Belle lied about her moms alibi, and because of that his great gran is dead. Shawn leaves Alices bar, and Mimi and Rex chase after him. She reminds him of his lie about Jan, and she says Belle forgave him. Shawn says that was different, no one died because of that lie. Mimi refuses to let them split up because she says they were meant to be. She says if they cant make it work than no one can. Shawn says he hates to disillusion her. Mimi asks Shawn if he still loves her? He says yes. She tells him than he needs to talk to her. Shawn says he cant right now, and he goes inside to help Bonnie. Rex thinks it could be over for them, but Mimi says he hasnt watched Shawn and Belle fight and make up for most of his life. She says it isnt over and she wont let them break up.

Mimi calls Belle and says she has heard everything that happened. She tells Belle that Shawn is at her moms new bar and she asks her to come over. Belle says Shawn doesnt want to see her, but Mimi says she wont let her sit there alone and wallow. Belle says Phillip is with her, so Mimi demands to talk to Phillip. She orders Phillip to bring Belle to the bar right now and she wont take no for an answer. Back at the loft, Phillip tells Belle he has orders to drive her to Tuscany. Belle agrees to go. As she puts her sweater on, Phillip reads his fortune cookie which says love is his for the taking. She asks what his fortune said, and Phillip tells her. She says now all he has to do is fine the perfect girl. They then head over to Tuscany/Alices. 

Meanwhile, Bonnie ends up having a fantasy about Blue County performing at her bar as a bunch of shirtless cowboys dance with Bonnie. Those cowboys who arent shirtless soon are as Bonnie rips their shirts off! After her fantasy ends, Mickey shows up, and Bonnie gives him a big hug to console him. Bonnie tells him to come with her and shell show him something that will make him feel so much better. They leave, and Belle and Phillip show up. Belle looks at Shawn, but they dont approach one another. Mimi tells Belle that Shawn said he still loves her, so she shouldnt be stubborn, she should go talk to him. Belle says okay, but then realizes Shawn is gone. Outside, Shawn removes his purity ring and says he doesnt think hell be able to forgive Belle. Belle shows up behind him and sees this. Also outside, Bonnie gives Mickey his surprise, a sign that lights up and says Alices. Mickey loves it and gives Bonnie a hug. Julie shows up at this point and sees them together.


April 9, 2004
Jen is asleep on her sofa. She dreams about being back in the hospital, how Patrick asked her to hold his coin and how it miraculously saved her unborn child. Jen wakes up from her dream, and she sees the outline of someone standing in the doorway. She thinks it is Jack, and she asks if he has come back to her. It turns out it is only Patrick. Patrick says he didnt mean to disturb her. Patrick says he came in for a cupcake and saw she was asleep, so he covered her up and turned out the light. Jen says she was dreaming and she thought Jack had . . . Patrick says in a way Jack did come back to her, and it is only natural she thinks her guardian angel is here with her. Jen asks Patrick if he is her guardian angel? Patrick says hes not, and he thinks she should go back to sleep. Jen says no, she says Abby will be home soon so she be up when she arrives. Patrick offers to make her a warm glass of milk with a dash of vanilla while she waits. Jen is shocked and says Jack always made that for her when she couldnt sleep. She asks how he knew? He says it was a lucky guess that is all. Patrick says his mom made it for him as well when he couldnt sleep, and he says it was the only thing aside from TV dinners that she knew how to make. Jen apologizes for Julies complaining about his mom earlier, and she says she doesnt think Bonnie is a bad housekeeper. Patrick goes to make Jen her milk, and Abby comes home from her Grandpa Verns. Abby asks her mom how she is feeling, and Jen says she and the baby are fine. Patrick returns and sees Jen with Abby. He then looks at his coin and says he cant go through with this, he cant hurt Jen and her family. Later, Patrick heads to bed, and Jen thanks him for being here. After he leaves, Jen thanks Jack for sending Patrick. 

At Bo and Hopes, Bo gets off the phone with John, who is bringing the real killer into the hospital. Hope doesnt understand why John is being so secretive about all of this. Bo doesnt know what John thinks he is up to as he doesnt have the authority to do this. Bo says John is not a cop Hope points out that John is the one who has everything to lose if his wife is guilty. Bo says he doesnt care because it is very important they go by the book and do this exactly right. Hope tells Bo that he sounds like Roman and Abe, and she asks when was the last time Bo ever went by the book? Bo says he will do whatever it takes to make sure this monster goes to the death chamber. Bo goes to shower, and Hope makes a call to Sami to inform her what John is up to. Hope hopes that John can prove that Marlena is innocent because she says it would make things better for so many people. Hope then decides to call Shawn and let him know the news because it could be just what Shawn and Belle need. 

John is on his way to the hospital. In his backseat is a woman with her hands duct taped together as well as duct tape over her mouth. John says he cant believe he didnt figure it out sooner. He says that had the motive, means and opportunity, and her killing days are over! John says she almost got away with it, and Marlena even confessed to her crimes. John says now he thinks MArlena confessed because she over reacted to his accusations. John says to think she almost got away with it. He tells her that once they get to the hospital she will be arrested for the murders of all the dead. He says he will make sure she never harms anyone again, especially doc! Suddenly, the woman clobbers John on the back of the head, causing Johns car to swerve out of control. Once the car has stopped, the woman chokes John with his seat belt! John falls unconscious on his horn, and the woman struggles to escape. However, John grabs her, pulls a gun on her, and tells her that shes not going anywhere! John puts her back in the car and continues driving. He says first she will see the friends and family of her victims and then she will go to death row!

At Samis, Sami and Lucas wake up, and they end up kissing one another. Sami asks Lucas to make love to her, and he says he thought shed never ask. Lucas tells Sami that he loves her, and Sami says she is glad she realized that he is the only man she has ever really loved. Of course this is all a dream, and Sami is woken up when the phone rings. Hope calls Sami to tell her the latest news about John. Sami jumps to the conclusion that John has been arrested, but Hope says that isnt it. She says John thinks MArlena is innocent and that he has found the real killer. Hope says John is bringing her in as they speak. Sami and Lucas begin getting dressed to go to the hospital. Sami says she always knew her mom was innocent, but she is still worried that John will kill her mom as Celeste predicted. Lucas suggests that maybe Celeste was predicting what happened tonight. Sami says she knows John is involved with these killings and she knows she saw John push her mom off the balcony. Lucas tells Sami to drop her conspiracy theories. He suggests she give John and his mom the benefit of the doubt like shes been giving him lately. He says they have been working through a lot. Sami asks how he can be so sure. Lucas says earlier when he was sleeping . . Sami asks Lucas if he had the same dream she had? Lucas says he doesnt know, did she dream about this? Lucas then pulls Sami into a kiss! Sami says that is what she was dreaming about, but then says actually she doesnt remember and she tells Lucas they have to get to the hospital. Sami then darts out the door.

Bonnie takes Mickey out side of the restaurant and reveals an electric sign that says Alices. Mickey says it is perfect, and Bonnie hugs him. Julie shows up at this point and asks How can you? Mickey tells Julie to calm down, but she refuses and begins venting about this and Bonnie. Mickey asks Bonnie to excuse them. She says of course, but ends up spying on them from behind a bush. Julie says she thinks naming the restaurant after grandma is a lovely gesture, and shes sure Maggie would approve, but it is the style of the whole thing that bugs Julie. Julie says this is no way to honor grandma or Maggies restaurant. She says she thinks it will be a disaster letting Bonnie run this place and it will just disgrace Maggie and Alices memories. Mickey tells Julie that he wont let her talk about Bonnie in this way. Julie says Maggie would be doing back flips in her grave if she could see what Bonnie has done to her beautiful restaurant, and then to go and put Alices name on it! Julie asks if he thinks this is really what they would want? Mickey says this is what he wants, and he knows they would want him to be happy. Bonnie does a little cheer for herself and then goes back inside. Julie continues to rant and rave to Mickey about how the loveliest place in town has been turned into a truck stop. Mickey thinks Julie suspects he has lost control of his faculties out of grief, but he hasnt. He says everything he does is to keep Maggie alive in his heart. Mickey asks Julie if she remembers back when he first met Maggie. Julie says he had amnesia and was going by the name Marty Hanson. Julie remembers Maggie lived on her parents farm. Mickey says he was working there and on certain nights Maggie used to take him across the county line where there was a little country bar that had music and dancing. He says Maggie couldnt walk then, but hed lift her up and they would slow dance to all sorts of classic country songs. Julie says she had no idea. Mickey says long after they opened Tuscany, after they would close for the night, theyd put in a CD of old country songs and would dance. Mickey says they used to joke some day they would close Tuscany and open a place like the one they used to go to. Mickey reminds Julie that Maggie was always country, and that is why he is letting Bonnie runs this place the way she is. Julie says if Bonnie harms a hair on his head than he will hog tie her and roast her! 

Inside, Mimi tells Rex that she told Belle to go after Shawn. She says she hopes they are making up at this very minute, and hopefully nothing and no one will come between them again. Phillip arrives at this point and says I wouldnt be so sure about that! Mimi tells Phillip not to act like there is no chance for them. Phillip says Shawn doesnt forgive easily, and if Marlena does end up the being the killer than Shawn will hold Belle responsible for Alices death because of her lie. Mimi thinks they may need to have an intervention. Phillip says he hopes they work things out, but if Shawn cant forgive her than she is better off without him. Mimi asks how he can say that? She says if Belle and Shawn cant survive than is there any hope for the rest of them? Phillip says of course there is. Bonnie shows up and asks Rex to stop canoodling with the boss daughter and get back to work. Mimi says Rex is not her slave, he is a volunteer. She then drags her mom off to talk to her alone. Mimi scolds her mother for the way she has been treating Rex. Bonnie says Rex is cute and nice, but he is not Shawn. Mimi says if she went after Shawn and it turned out his grandfathers left him nothing, would she want her to drop him too? Bonnie says now she is getting it! Mimi says no she isnt, she is not like her. Mimi says it is obvious she is chasing after Mickey for his money, and everyone in Salem thinks it. Bonnie says Mickey doesnt, but Mimi says he will. Mimi tells her mom to cut her losses before she embarrasses her, Patrick, Conner and herself. She says it is only a matter of time before Mickey realizes who the real Bonnie is. Mimi walks off, and Bonnie says shell take care of Old Man Horton, and while shes at it shell make sure she ends up with Shawn. Mimi sees Phillip sitting at the bar and she says she knows just how shell do it. Bonnie asks Phillip what is wrong? Phillip says hes worried about Belle. Bonnie pours him a little bit of whiskey, and she toasts to the two of them getting what they want and deserve. Phillip wants to give Bonnie some money for the drinks shes been pouring, and Bonnie sees the photo of Belle in his wallet. She says she knew it, and she asks your in love with her arent you? Phillip says yes. Bonnie says his secret is safe with her, and she tells him that things arent rosy for Shawn and Belle so Belle could be his for the taking. She tells him (as she looks at Mickey) to go for it because that is what she is doing. Phillip decides to take her advice and goes to check on Belle. Mickey and Julie show up, and Mickey gives Julie the tour. Mickey shows Julie the mechanical bull, and he asks if she wants to sit on it? Bonnie watches them and decides it is time for her to take out the enemy. Bonnie sneaks over to the bull and removes an out-of-order sign on it. She then tells Julie to take the bull for a test ride. Julie doesnt think so, but Mickey and Bonnie egg her into it. Julie gets on, and Bonnie suggests Mickey turn the machine on. Julie says she would rather have Mickeys hands on the controls. Mickey eases Julie into it, and Mimi and Rex return. Mimi says she thought the bull was out of order, is it safe enough for Julie to ride? Mickey tries to turn the bull off, but it wont slow down. The bull speeds up with Julie on it, and she screams that shes had about enough now and she wants off!

Outside somewhere, Shawn takes off his purity ring and says he doesnt think hell ever be able to forgive Belle. Belle is behind him, and she asks if he doesnt love her anymore? Shawn says nothing, and Belle says she didnt realize it was such a hard question. Shawn says of course he loves her, but this is killing him. Belle says it is killing her too, and she asks if he will ever be able to forgive her? He says this isnt as simple as she makes it out to be, and he reminds her of the way she treated him after she found out about Jan. Shawn says he thought they would never get past that because she said for months that she didnt think she could ever trust him again. He says she did, but they promised from that point on to always tell one another the truth. Shawn says he thought they were able to build trust again, and he says now when he looks at her he thinks of two people he love that would still be in his life, her and Gran. Belle asks if he is saying there is no way she can change his mind, or does he not love her enough to forgive her. Shawn tells her not to put this on him. He says he cant tell her what the future holds for them. Belle asks what if her mom is innocent? Shawn says he really hopes that is the case, but right now he doesnt think that is possible. Shawn remembers seeing Belle in Phillips arms, and he says he wonders what other surprises she has in store for him. Belle says she has never lied to him before! Shawn says what about the fact that they have her dad claiming her mom confessed, her mom is saying that she didnt confess, and Sami is saying her dad pushed her mom but of course Sami is a born liar. Belle asks if he is saying dishonesty runs in her family? Belle says he cannot to compare what she did to her sisters lies to get men she is obsessed with. She says she is not her sister, not her father and not her mother. She is the same person he has known and loved. Belle then notices that Shawn is not wearing his purity ring, and she realizes Shawn has already given up on them. Belle says she never thought their relationship would end like this. Shawn says he still loves her, he just needs time to sort through his feelings. HE says in the meantime maybe she should hold onto his ring. She says no, she says he should keep it and take time to think. She says if he decides he doesnt want to speak to her again than he should drop it in the mail. Shawn says he wishes this wasnt so hard. Shawn says when he was little he always wanted to take care of Gran when he grew up, and he feels like he wasnt there when she needed her the most. Belle says that was because he came to check on her. Belle says she knows how he feels, and she says she still thinks her mom is innocent. Belle says she cant think of her mom as a murderer. Suddenly, Hope calls Shawn to give him the news about John. Shawn passes on the news to Belle that her mom is innocent, and her dad is bringing the real killer in. Belle realizes that means shes not responsible for her grandmother dying, and they hug. As they hug, Phillip shows up and sees them.

Everyone arrives at the hospital as John gets off the elevator with his suspect. He says Marlena didnt murder their loved ones, and he reveals who did to a shocked audience.

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