April 12, 2004
At Alices Bar, Julie is thrown from the bull thanks to Bonnies schemes! Rex rushes to catch her, and Mickey decides to shut the circuit breaker off to the bull. Julie says this is the second time her life has been put in jeopardy today. She says earlier she got attacked by bats at Jens house thanks to Bonnies poor cleaning! Bonnie says Julie obviously has bats in her belfry, and she can help her clean them out. Julie tells Mimi that she never approved of violence as a problem solving device, but that was before she met her mother! Julie then lunges at Bonnie and grabs her throat! Rex breaks them up, and Mimi yanks her mom away. Mimi lashes out at her mom and tells her that Mrs. Williams could have sued her if Rex hadnt caught her after she flew off that bull! They bicker, and Bonnie says Julie is standing in her way of Mickey and is her enemy. Mimi tells her mom that she is her own worst enemy! Later, Bonnie brings Julie a drink, and she says she brought her the good stuff. Julie wonders if Mickey knows she is drinking his alcohol, and she accuses Bonnie of spiking her drink with arsenic. Bonnie is about to lash out at her, but Mimi drags her away. Mimi tells her mom that attacking Hortons isnt the way to get to Mickeys heart. Bonnie says no Horton will stand in her way when she is so close to getting everything shes wanted. She tells Mimi to worry about her own love life. Mimi says her life is just fine. Bonnie says Shawn is the man for her, not Rex. Mimi cant stand it anymore and tells Rex they are leaving. Mickey returns to check on Julie. Julie tells Mickey that he can honor any way he chooses, but Bonnie is a menace and will ruin the family name. She says Alice would never lend her name to this business. She says Alice believed in family values, not dysfunctional trash! Julie tells Mickey that either Bonnie goes or she goes! Mickey says he doesnt want either of them to go anywhere. He tells Julie that she is family, and he says Bonnie has been a good friend to him. He wishes they could be friends. Julie says no way. Bonnie says she is willing to try, but Julie says that is a lie. Mickey says perhaps things will be better in the morning. Outside, Mimi wonders how Rex could want to be with her after what her mother just did. Mimi says she could very well end up like her mom one day. Rex says she is nothing like her mom, but even a weird mom is better than having no mom, which is what he had growing up.

Nicole returns home to the mansion, and Brady confronts her with where she has been. Brady says she left her cell phone behind, and he shows her the text message on her phone. He asks who she met at the hospital, the person who helped her kill his grandfather perhaps? Nicole says she is not a murderer, so Brady asks where she was? She claims she met a friend in an abusive relationship in the ER. Brady says she doesnt have any friends. Nicole says there is a lot about her that he doesnt know. Brady asks what this friends name is? Nicole says shed rather not say out of respect for her friend. She tells him that there is no evidence against her, and his accusations and the cops are just out of hate. Brady says her hate for his grandfather makes her the number one suspect. Brady says her outing tonight was well timed as Tek stopped by to collect some evidence tonight. Nicole says Damn! Brady says he thought she didnt have anything to hide?

At the hospital, everyone is stunned when John reveals who he thinks the killer is. The woman is a trashy version of Malrena. She is wearing a black leather jacket, a red halter top, and trashy spiked jewelry. Everyone thinks the woman is Marlena. John says this isnt Marlena. Sami asks if this is her dead Aunt Samantha? John says this isnt her aunt. Bo asks who this is then? The woman says she can speak, so Bo asks who she is. Hattie says she is Hattie Adams! Hope asks why she looks like Marlena? Hattie says she is insulted! Hattie says  younger, thinner, and her blonde doesnt come out of a bottle! Bo says this still doesnt make sense, he said Marlena confessed. John says Marlena told him what he wanted to hear, and he thinks Marlena was afraid of him because of Celestes premonition. Sami says that is because he tried to kill her! John tells Sami that she only saw what she wanted to see. Belle tells Sami that her dad would never kill her mom! John says he thought about who had it in for the Bradys and the Hortons the most, nd he came to the conclusion that it must be the DiMeras. He says it all makes sense, Cassie lived in the mansion and probably caught onto the killer, which is why she was killed. He says things went horribly wrong though, and that is when Tony was killed. John  says it all makes sense, and Stefano has always used lookalikes. John rattles off all the names, Princess Gina and Hope, Kirsten and Susan. John says he also has an obsession with Marlena. Hope asks John if he met this woman before tonight? John says no, but he says he remembers a few years back Marlena got all spooked because she thought she saw her dead twin sister. Hope asks John how he found Hattie? John says he went to the source, and he tells them to brace themselves for exhibit B. John brings in Bart Bideabeck, Stefanos henchman. Bart says hello to them, and he says he knows them all, but they don't know him. He says that is the price he pays for being in the surveillance industry. He reveals that he spied on all of them for Mr. D. John tells Bart to explain to them what he told him. Bart says Stefano met Hattie a few years ago at  the Hudson Street dinner, and he says she resembled MArlena. He says Stefano got her a lot of surgery to look like Marlena, and even got her classes to walk and talk like a lady. Bart says they were supposed to get Hattie ready for her big day, but nobody really knew what the real plan for Hattie was. Bart says Stefano had to leave Salem and go underground, and he and Dr. Rolfe had to follow through with the plan. He says even when Tony returned and said Stefano was dead, he kept following Stefanos plan. Bo and Hope ask why he didnt come forward when the killings started. Bart says he was afraid, but now that he has exposed the plan, Stefano will probably kill him. Lexie grabs Bart by the shirt collar and asks him if her father is still alive? Bart says he operates like Mr. D is still alive, but he has not officially heard from him. Bo cant believe Stefano, the man that caused them so much hell over the years, left his empire in the hands of this nut! John accuses Hattie of being the killer, and Sami lashes out at her for framing her mom. Hattie says her mother isnt so perfect. She says Marlena broke Romans heart, and that is something she never would have done! Hattie says things were heating up between her and Roman, but then Mr. Dimera said she had to leave on the count of the murder. Hope asks what murder? Hattie says she wont tell them about the murder because she isnt getting whacked. Hattie says by time she returned to Salem that horrible Kate had taken her job. Hattie says poor Roman hooked up with Marlena, then with that Kate, and now nobody gets him because he had to die! Sami tells her not to even mention her fathers name, and she goes to attack her. Lucas pulls her off of Hattie, and Hattie shields her face and yells Not my nose! Everyone stares at Hattie, and Hattie lashes out at them all for being skinny and beautiful while she underwent the torture Stefano put her through, like sending her to a fat farm. She ends up grabbing some a donuts off of a plate at the nurses station, and she says she loves these things! Sami asks if she killed all those people out of jealousy? Hattie says she was never jealous of Dr. Marlena, her life was a train wreck waiting to happen. Belle says she cant stand this anymore, and she runs off. Both Shawn and Phillip follow her. Bo tells John there is still a problem, Hattie doesnt explain Marlenas behavior as of late, like her throwing him out of the penthouse. John says perhaps there have been times when they thought they were with MArlena, but really t hey were with Hattie. Hope asks Hattie if she has anything to say? Hattie says she does, but then starts chocking on a donut! John does the Heimlich on her, and she spits her donut out all over Sami! Sami is furious, and Lucas tells her that she has to get her anger in check, especially her anger at John. Sami says John railroaded her mother, but Lucas says John isnt the only one who thought Marlena was guilty. Lucas says John has been trying to save her mother, not kill her. Lucas thinks Sami should go tell John that she is sorry. Sami goes over to talk to John, and she is in tears. She says they should go tell John everything is okay.

On the roof, Phillip races after Shawn and Belle. He says he could have sworn someone was following them. Someone was, it was Jan. However, Phillip doesnt catch her.He says he must have been wrong, which goes to prove how lousy he was as an ISA agent. Phillip leaves, and Jan hides and spies on Belle and Shawn. Shawn apologizes to Belle, but she says he shouldnt. Belle says she lied to him, so it is not his fault. Shawn says he didnt give her much of a choice considering how he went after her mom. Shawn says this nightmare is over, and they still love one another. Shawn says he still feels the same way about her that he did a few hours ago when he proposed. Shawn says he will always love her. Jan, in tears, says she just blew it! Jan sneaks off and leaves Shawn and Belle alone. They end up talking about the ones they lost, and Shawn says his great-grandma was never angry about losing his great-grandfather because she always said he was still with him. Shawn tells Belle that Gran loved her so much. Belle says maybe if they have a little girl some day they can name her Alice. Shawn says that sounds nice. Shawn tells Belle that he still wants to spend his life with her, nothing has changed between them. He says they can spend their life together as planned. He says he will hold onto the wedding rings for the right time to propose to her. Jan returns home and looks through some files. She finds pictures of Shawn, the naked photos of Chloe, and Victors Will. She finds a knife and says she didnt think it would go this far, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do! She looks at a photo of Shawn and Belle, Belles fae has been cut out.

Back in the hospital, everyone goes into see Marlena, who is still out cold. John feels guilty for doubting Marlena, and he hopes she can forgive him. Sami leaves the room in tears, and Lucas goes outside to comfort her. Hattie looks at Marlena and says she needs some bronzer. Hattie says she is out of here, but John grabs her and says she isnt going anywhere. John says she has to go to court! Hattie thinks this is all some big reality show, and she says she is in and asks what she wins? John says this is no game, she is going to court where she will go on trial and end up on death row! Bo goes to arrest Hattie, but when he tells her that she has the right to remain silent, Hattie says no way and spits her gum out onto Bos forehead! Bo continues reading her her rights, but Hattie says she is not the killer. Hattie says she is innocent. John tells her that she is a liar. Hattie says she is not a liar, she has never told a lie and she wouldnt tell one to save her life. Hattie says she is innocent, and Roman would have been happy with her. She says MArlena is the liar and the killer, and she can prove it! Back in Marlenas room, Marlena is still unconscious.


April 13, 2004
Shorter Summary due to my long day.
At Jan's place, Jan gets a call from Nicole, who says she's coming over because they have trouble. Nicole arrives, and she tells Jan that the police searched the house and found a set of fingerprints, hers! Nicole asks Jan if she has ever been arrested, and Jan says she has. Nicole says all they have to do is run those fingerprints through the computer and her name will pop up! However, when Nicole realizes Jan was arrested when she was seventeen she realizes they dodged a bullet because juvenile records are sealed. Jan says since they have no way of suspecting her, they can't open the records, so they are home free. Nicole begins looking around Jan's place, and Jan knows what she is up to. Jan thinks Nicole is looking for the evidence. Nicole finds a photo of Shawn and Belle with Jan's face inserted where Belle's was. She tells Jan that she is crazy. Jan says she is not crazy! Jan says she worships Shawn and one day he will be hers. Nicole says that will never happen. Nicole keeps snooping around, and Jan tells Nicole that she'll never find the evidence or the will. Nicole asks "So they're here?" Jan says they are, but she's not going to tell her where. Nicole tries to convince Jan they need to lay low for awhile, and that she should leave town. Jan refuses to leave Shawn, and she tells Nicole she will give her the evidence and will as soon as Shawn is hers. SHe then asks Nicole to help her with a project in Shawn's bedroom. Nicole is puzzled. Jan says Shawn will be coming to stay with her very soon. They head upstairs where Jan is constructing an iron cage over a bed! With Nicole's help, Jan finishes her prison for Shawn.

On the hospital roof, Shawn and Belle discuss that if John is right about Hattie, than everything is okay between them! They hug, and Belle is relieved. They then head back downstairs to see what is going on with Hatiie. In the hospital lobby, Hattie insists she is innocent. She says the real murderer is Marlena. Hattie tells them all that she would never have killed Roman because she loved him, and everything she did was for him. Hattie says she didn't want this face, but she thought Roman would love her if she had it. She explains that when some of the victims were killed she was in a hospital in Europe having her surgeries. Bart verifies her story and even gives Bo the clinic and hotels Hattie stayed at. John says Stefano could have not paid those doctors off. Bart says there is another way to prove Hattie is innocent. Hattie tells BArt to keep his mouth shut, but Bart reveals that Hattie was in jail for a few months. It turns out Hattie was arrested before Christmas for shoplifting, and was in jail up until tonight when John picked her up. Bo checks it out, and it turns out Hattie wasn't lying. Bo says that unfortunately all John has done is proved that MArlena is the killer. Sami lashes out at John and says this was John's plan all along. She says he did this to throw suspicion off himself. Bo tells Sami to shut up or he'll arrest her for interfering in an investigation. He tells Lucas to take her out of here, which he does. Bo tells Hope that it looks like Marlena is guilty, so she will be arrested and tried in a court of law. John assures Belle that her mom is innocent. She says she knows that, and she knows he is not guilty as Sami is saying.   John goes to sit by Marlena, and Bo comes in and tells John he has to arrest Marlena. Bo cuffs Marlena to the bed. Bo and Hope leave and wait outside her room. Marlena wakes up and finds she is cuffed to the bed. She looks at John and asks why he has done this to her?

At Sami's Place, Sami goes into a rage and begins ripping John's photo out of the family photo album. Lucas tells her to stop this now! Sami ends up breaking down into tears. Later, after Lucas leaves, Sami continues to tear John out of photos and burn them! On the hospital roof, Belle goes to talk to Shawn. She asks Shawn not to tell her that he has given up hope on them. Shawn says he doesn't know what to say or believe, and he walks away from her. 


April 14, 2004
This hasn't yet been proofed! Sorry for any mistakes!
At Jans place, Jan puts the finishing touches on her bed and cage for Shawn. She says she cant wait until she gets him into her love nest because then hell finally see what hes been missing. Nicole asks Jan how shes going to get Shawn here? She also asks how holding Shawn hostage will make him love her? Jan says it will. Nicole tells Jan that she is crazy. Jan says she is crazy, crazy for Shawn, her future prisoner of love. Nicole tells Jan that Shawn isnt going to walk into that cage and make love to her. She also says his family will be looking for him once he goes missing. Jan says they wont look here. Jan says she has to get ready for the funeral. Nicole asks her if she is nuts? She says that place will be swarming with cops. Jan says when it comes to getting her man, nothing stands in her way. Jan comes down later dressed all in black, with a huge hat and veil, and tons of white pearls. She also has a white wig on and a cane to make her look like an old lady. Nicole laughs at her, but Jan says she needs to get Shawn here somehow and she wont let anyone stop her. Jan then walks out leaving Nicole behind in her house.

Bo and Hope show up at Shawn and Rexs. They dropped by before heading over to the funeral to check on him. Hope asks what is with all the boxes, is Rex moving out? Shawn says no, he is. Shawn tells his parents that hes decided to leave Salem. Bo asks him what he is talking about? Shawn says hes thinking about joining the merchant marines. He isnt sure, but he is leaving after the funerals today. Hope tells him not to do this, and she tries to get Bo to back her up. However, Bo says he understands what Shawn is going through and leaving Salem could be the best thing for him right now. Hope cant believe that Bo is encouraging Shawn to leave town. Bo says Shawn is a grown man, and if he wants to go than he should have their blessing. Shawn leaves to get ready for the funeral. Hope tells Bo that he may give Shawn his blessing to leave, but she wont. She says shes going to put a stop to this, and she walks out.

At Belles place, Belle reads the paper, which has her mom on the cover and reads Salem Stalker Arrested! Belle tells Mimi that she cant believe her mom could be the killer. Mimi gives Belle some coffee and says she needs it if shes going to make it to the funerals today. Belle says shes not going, Shawn doesnt want her there because he holds her responsible for his great grandmothers death. Mimi says they both know her mom cant be guilty, so how can Shawn hold her at fault. Belle says if she shows up there today, everyone will look at her as the daughter of the serial killer. She says theyll also blame her giving her mom an alibi which lead to Alice Hortons death. She says she cant face Shawn today, and she doesnt know if shell ever be able to face him again. Hope comes over to see Belle. Belle tells Hope that shes really sorry about her grandmother. Hope says she knows she is, and she doesnt blame her. Hope asks Belle why she isnt dressed for the funeral? Belle says she doesnt think it is appropriate that she go. Hope tells her that is ridiculous. She says Gran adored her, and no matter what Shawn says he does need her there. Hope says Shawn is angry right now, and whatever he has said to her is out of anger and grief. Hope tells Belle not to give up on Shawn, and if she wants a future with Shawn than she will have to fight for him. 

Back at Shawns place, Bo tells Shawn he doesnt want him to leave, but he understands. Bo gives Shawn the keys to his motorcycle. Bo says he remembers the day he rode out of this town, he remembers the sense of freedom he felt. HE tells Shawn it wasnt easy, but it helped him figure out who he is. Hope returns, and she tells Shawn that she wont let him leave. Shawn says he needs time on his own. When she learns Bo has given his bike to Shawn, Hope cant believe it. Shawn tells his mom that he needs to do this, he needs to experience life outside of statement. He thinks Gran would agree. Hope thinks Gran would not be telling him to go off on his own, especially not without talking to Belle first. Shawn says they are going to be late, so they should leave.

At the church, Mickey and Jen are with Julie. Julie cant believe this is happening. Jen says last night she dreamed Gran was here and that she came to her own funeral. Julie asks if Gran spoke to her, if she told her that Marlena did it? Jen tells Julie that in her dream Gran didnt name her killer. Jen say she didnt even mention it. Jen remembers her dream, in which Alice told them all not to be sad or frightened, but to lean on one another and love one another. Alice also told them to have faith that happier days lay ahead. Julie says after Doug died she thought the only way shed make it through this day is to have Gran to lean on. Julie says she was the soul of this family. Jen says she doesnt know what kind of person she would have become if she didnt have Gran to stay with after she left boarding school. We see a flashback of a very young Jen when she first came to the show talking to Alice. Jen says Gran is gone and shell never see her new great grand child. Mickey tells her that she will see him or her. 

At the hospital, Celeste shows up and meets with Lexie. Celeste asks Lexie if she could have been wrong about Marlena. Could it be that she is not innocent and is planning to kill again? Lexie tells her mom that she doesnt have to worry about this. She says as soon as Marlena recovers she is going to jail, and if she is the killer than she will get the death penalty. 

In MArlenas room, John is dressed up for the funerals. Marlena reads the paper and insists that this is a mistake! She swears she is innocent. John asks her why she confessed to her before falling off the terrace? John says if he hadnt stopped her, would she have killed him? John asks her to answer him? Marlena says she dpesnt remember confessing, she doesnt remember holding him at gunpoint, she doesnt remember any of it! Marlena asks John what will happen now? John says if they cant find some way to prove her innocence than she could be sent to death row. John tells Marlena that Sami is convinced he is the killer and he is trying to frame her. HE asks her if she believes that? MArlena says she doesnt, and she wishes he had the same faith in her. John says he hasnt given up on her. He says he cant believe she is a cold blooded killer, and he will get to the bottom of this all. Marlena asks John to take her to the funeral so she could say goodbye. Lexie walks in and says Over my dead body! Lexie says she is still furious that MArlena had the gall to go to Abe, Jack and Maggies funerals, she remembers her sitting there and crying her fake tears! Marlena swears to LExie that she didnt kill then. Lexie says they will leave that up to a jury to decide. Lexie tells John that she needs to examine Marlena, and she asks John to wait outside. Marlena tells Lexie that she is innocent, and she cries that she didnt kill Abe or any of them. Marlena says she needs to go to the funeral, she needs to pay her respects to the people she loves. Lexie says maybe what she needs is to get out of here to kill again. She asks MArlena if that is what she is really up to? Marlena says she knows her rights, she can sign herself out. LExie says she is also under arrest and cant just walk out.

John goes out and talks to Celeste. He asks her if she still feels that MArlena is innocent? Celeste doesnt know. John wonders if she has convinced herself that she is innocent, or if she was picking up in her belief in her innocence. We dont hear Celestes answer. John returns to Marlena, and LExie tells John that Marlena should not go anywhere. She says Marlena needs to rest and get her strength up for her first night in prison. Lexie leaves, and Marlena begs John to help her. She says she needs to go to the funeral. John doesnt think it is possible. He says even if she signed herself out, the police wouldnt let her walk out. Marlena says he could get the police to release her into his custody. John doesnt know about this. He says everyone is convinced she is the killer. Marlena says she is not, and she has to go. Marlena says she has to say goodbye and pay her respects to the people she loves. She asks John to please take her. 

Back at the church, people begin to arrive for the funerals. Belle arrives with Mimi, and Mimi refuses to let Belle run. Hope tells Shawn he should talk to Belle, he should at least tell her that he is planning to leave town. Father Jansen says the funeral is about to begin. Hope tells Shawn perhaps he will change his mind after the funeral, but Shawn doubts that. Phillip shows up and joins Belle and Mimi. Jen and Abby walk by, and Abby wonders what Belle is doing here when her mom is the killer. Jen tells Abby that Belle has every right to be here and that she is not responsible for what her mother has done. Jen also tells Abby to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Belle thinks she should go, but Phillip tells her that nobody blames her. Belle says Shawn does and he wont even look at her. Mimi says he is upset and grieving, so she needs to be here and show him that she is still here for him. Meanwhile, Shawn rants to his mom that he cant believe that she showed up. Hope asks Shawn if he plans on avoiding her for the rest of his life? Shawn says hes more convinced that leaving is the right thing to do. Jan then walks in, and people wonder who she is. 

Outside, Kate stands at Romans tomb. She says she will make sure that his murderer is not buried next to him! Celeste arrives and says she shouldnt be so quick to judge, no one knows for certain if Marlena is guilty or not. Celeste says only the dead know, and she is hoping today that they will give up their secrets.

Inside the church, Father Jansen begins the services for Alice and Doug. Various residents speak at the funerals. Bo talks about how he and Doug didnt get along so well at first, but their love for Hope brought them together. Bo also says he will miss Mrs. H. We see a flashback of when Alice helped Bo break Roman out of jail when Roman was accused of murder. Alice made a batch of drugged donuts to help him. Hope speaks next, and she says how Gran helped to raise her, along with her dad and Julie. Hope remembers when Doug gave her a gift her mom knitted her when she was a baby, a blanket for her crib. Doug says she loved this blanket, and he thought her baby might like it as well. Hope also remembers when Alice gave her some earrings for her wedding day. Alice says her mother wanted her to have these. Hope tells everyone that she knows now is the time to say goodbye, but Gran always said the ones you love are never far away, they are always in your hearts. Hope says Gran and daddy will always be with them. Jen speaks next, and she speaks about how none of them will ever forget Alice. Jen says Alice will continue to live on in their hearts, guiding them and showing them the way. We see flashbacks of Alice and Tom when they were very young and the show first began. We then see some of them as they aged together, for example dancing at Dougs Place. As Father Jansen leads everyone in prayer, Phillip takes Belles hand. Kate looks over and notices this. As the funeral concludes, Shawn goes over to thank Jan for attending. He asks what her name is. Jan doesnt say anything.

As Celeste comes into the church she sees Alices spirit. Celeste asks Alice if she has news? Alice says she does have news. Celeste asks if Marlena is guilty? Alice says she can only say that before the suffering is over, one more death will come to Salem. Celeste wonders how they can bare to lose another loved one.

Later, everyone gasps as John wheels Marlena into the church! Marlena is handcuffed to her wheelchair. 


April 15, 2004
Once again not proofed! Sorry for any mistakes!
Nicole is out somewhere filling her car up with gas when she notices she has a flat tire. She wonders if anything else could go wrong. She hears police sirens and panics, but they pass her. Brady shows up and asks what is the matter, a guilty conscience? Nicole says she has a flat tire and this station is self-service only. Brady says what a coincidence, he hit a pot hole up the road and his axl broke, and it seems there is no one here to fix it. Brady says he can change her tire if shell give him a lift back to Salem to attend the funerals. Nicole says deal, but makes him take off his shirt because he wouldnt want to ruin it by getting grease all over it. Nicole asks Brady why he is playing hooky from Salem when he has a funeral to attend? Brady says that he had a meeting with the man whose going to build the new concert hall model after the original burnt down. Nicole asks Brady if he gets a kick out of blaming her for everything? She says once upon a time she though he was her friend. Brady says he cant get over the fact that she lied to him morning, noon and night; and that she used him. Nicole says she will tell him the truth, the whole truth. Nicole says she is not proud of herself, but she did set fire to the model. Brady asks why? She says she was jealous of Chloe. Brady says that is ridiculous, she has more money than Chloe could dream of. She says that is not it, Chloe has . . . Chloe has a brilliant career, family, friends, people who love her, and she has him. Brady says Chloe and him built their relationship on love, trust, and commitment; things she would know nothing about. Nicole says Chloe didnt grow up in an abusive home like she did. Brady says no, she grew up in a string of foster homes and was made fun of at school. Brady says she also had leukemia and almost died. Brady says Chloe fought for herself and the life she had now. Nicole says there are two types of victims in this world, the good ones people root for and the bad ones like her. She says the good ones get reunited with their parents, where as she was forced to do porno films! Brady says he hears her all right. Nicole cries that nobody has sympathy for the bad ones, the dirty ones end up marrying abusive men while the good ones get happy endings. Brady asks if she wants him to feel sorry for her? Nicole says no, she takes care of herself, that is how it has always been. Nicole says when she set fire to that model she was lashing out at herself, it is the story of her life, she sets fire to things and she gets burned. Brady continues to fix Nicoles flat tire, and Nicole says she shouldnt have lied to him about burning the model. Brady asks her to just hand him the wrench because he is late for the funeral. Nicole swears she didnt kill Victor, she didnt have an accomplice, and she didnt steal the will. Brady tells her that she is like the boy who cried wolf, and she is once hell of the actress. Brady thinks she told him the truth about one little thing to lie her way out of a murder charge. Nicole says there is no evidence against her, but Brady says his grandfather told several people that if he ended up dead than she was responsible. Nicole tells Brady to check her bank accounts and see if she used any to pay off this assassin! Brady says he did, and no money was touched. Nicole asks how she could have convinced a hit man to do the job then. Brady laughs, and she realizes he thinks she used her body and sex. She says she thought he was a decent guy, but she was dead wrong. Brady says he hopes he is wrong, but if she conspired with someone to kill his grandfather than the truth will come out. He says someone had to have seen her with her partner. Nicole remembers that Marlena was the one who saw her with Jan. He says Tek has found a set of fingerprints all over the mansion, so it is only a matter of time before she is caught. Brady says if she is lying to him than she is as good as dead.

Bonnie thinks she should be at the funeral to support Mickey, but she has an appointment that could make or break this bar. She ends up saying a prayer to bless the bar and make it a big moneymaker. A man walks through the door and tells Bonnie that he has some bad news for her. He tells her that her liquor license has been denied due to the background check they ran on her. HE says she has a list of charges against her, and she has to be clean to sell liquor in this state. Bonnie tries to bribe him with her womanly charms, but he wont fall for it and leaves.

A mysterious man is hassling Patrick, who is supposed to be at the funeral with Jen. The man tells Patrick that it is time he gets with the program! The man tells him to do what he came to Salem to do. Patrick says he is not doing anything to hurt Jennifer. Rex shows up at this point and sees this little exchange. The mystery man walks off, and Rex realizes this is Mimis brother Patrick. Rex introduces himself and says Mimi is crazy about him. Patrick asks how long hes been here? Rex says not long, and he just thought he might need help because that guy seemed like trouble. Patrick says its nothing he cant handle.

Patrick and Rex go into the restaurant and find Bonnie crying. She says the bar is closed and always will be. Rex asks what she is talking about? Bonnie tells Rex if he is just here to get her permission to marry Mimi than the answer is still no. Patrick tells his mom to take it easy. Bonnie says he dream has gone up in flames. She says she wanted to make the best of this place, she wanted to do this for her children to make things up to them. She says now it is a bust, and she wonders why things cant ever go her way! Patrick tries to console his mom. Meanwhile, Rex gets a call from Mimi, who asks where he is? He asks if he missed the service? She says it came to a screeching hault, and asks where he is. He says he is at her moms bar looking for a watch he thinks he left here. Mimi asks if her mom is giving him a hard time? Rex says her mom is having a hard time with something. Mimi says shell be right over to do damage control. Meanwhile, Bonnie continues to try and convince Patrick to play the Jennifer card. Patrick refuses to take advantage of Jennifer. Bonnie thinks he should comfort the grieving widow, and he wonders why he is passing up an easy buck? She says she has seen the scams he has pulled. Patrick says that is because she taught them to him! Later, Mimi shows up and she talks to Patrick about her mom trying to wreck her relationship with Rex. She ends up telling Patrick how Rex has said when they are married and have kids, he wants mom to baby-sit. Patrick laughs and says what she will do, teach him how to play three card monte? Patrick and Mimi promise not to let the people they love get mixed up with their crazy mother, and they do some secret handshake they had as kids.

Meanwhile, Rex hears Bonnie whining about her problems and says maybe he can help. She doesnt think so, but then realize he can help her after all. Bonnie tells him that Mimi tells her that he is a genious, and she offers him a job here. Rex accepts her job offer.

At the church, Belle sees Shawn talking to the woman in black, and she thinks she should go talk to him. Phillip tells her not to crowd Shawn right now, she is doing enough by being here. Meanwhile, Shawn talks to Jan, who is in black and wearing a veil. He asks if she was a close friend of his grandmas? She nods. He asks if he knows her name? She ends up running out of the church, and Shawn follows her. Belle thinks something weird is going on and races out after them. Just then, John wheels Marlena into the church! Everyone gasps. Bo wonders what she is doing here. Hope wonders how John got her out of the hospital. Julie goes into a rage and goes after her and begins strangling Marlena! Phillip goes out to get Belle and tells her that her mom showed up so she should come back in. Back inside, Julie is pulled off of Marlena. John says she is not a threat, she is handcuffed to the chair. Julie says she is a killer and doesnt belong in the house of the lord. She screams May God strike you dead! Julie collapses into tears, and Bo asks John if he is out of his mind for bringing her here? He asks where the officer guarding Marlena is? John says he is right outside and swore he would be responsible for his wife. Marlena tells Bo not to blame John. She says she asked him to bring her here to pay her respects. She cries that she didnt kill Doug or Alice, she loved them. Belle says her mom is innocent and to leave her alone. She then gives her mom a hug. Later, Belle asks Phillip if he has seen Shawn. Phillip says no, and he doesnt care what has gone down between them, he should be here if he loves her, he should be here at her side. Belle returns to her moms side and stands up for her. She says her mom would never hurt anyone. Bo doubts that will ever happen with the evidence piling up against her. Bo says she will be facing a death sentence. Hope tells Bo to stop this because he knows very well that some of them still believe Marlena is innocent! Bo asks Hope not to do this, but Hope tells him that this is one of their dearest friends. Bo says that is why she got away with it for so long. Bo tells Hope not to delude herself, she fooled all of them. Bo says she went after Mrs. H, she IDd her killer! Hope says if she can reserve judgment, why cant he? Bo says because Mrs. H told John who her killer was. John says knows he has helped convict Marlena, but he believes she is innocent and will do whatever it takes to prove it. Belle thanks her dad for saying those things. John says he meant them, and he will get them through this. Marlena thanks them and says her family means everything. Julie says and now they have to bury theirs, so unless she wants to join them than she should keep her distance! Father Jansen reminds them all why they are here, and he suggests they go outside and conclude the funeral at the Horton burial plot.

Elsewhere, Shawn asks Jan how she knew Alice. Jan says, in a disguised voice, that Alice was very dear to her. Shawn asks if he can see her face? Jan says shes been crying and doesnt want anyone to see her like this. Jan tells Shawn that his great grandmother was very proud of him and would talk about the girl he would marry some day. Shawn says she really loved Belle. Jan says no, that wasn't her name. Shawn says Belle is the only girl, and that Gran was looking forward to their wedding. Shawn says he should get inside, but Jan tells him to wait. Jan says she remembers Alice telling her a story about some girl in Puerto Rico. Shawn says that was Jan, and he was never with Jan. Jan says she remembers Alice telling her that he made a great sacrifice for this girl and it must mean he had some feelings for her. Shawn says he felt sorry for Jan, but he was never in love with her. Jan says that Alice has good instincts and she thought that he and Jan had a future. Shawn says Gran knew that he didnt love Jan. Jan says Alice believed in commitment, and if he stepped up and promised the girl that . . . before she finishes, Hope calls out to Shawn. Shawn goes to his mom and says there is someone he wants her to meet! When Shawn goes to introduce Jan, Jan is gone! Hope says they have to get back to the cemetery because it is time for the burial.

At the cemetery, Father Jansen says a prayer for the dead. Marlena and John stay their distance, and Jan spies from the bushes. The family all place roses on the caskets and say goodbye to them. Later, Hope tells Bo that this is no time for Shawn to leave town, they need to keep their family together. The Hortons all band together, and Belle wishes she could be with Shawn. Phillip says he knows she is here. Hope goes to Shawn and tells him that his grandpa was proud to have him as his name sake.

Phillip gets orders to return to the base. He doesnt want to leave Belle like this, but she says shell be okay. Phillip tells her that if she needs him for anything to just call. She says he is a wonderful person and thanks him. Phillip leaves, and Belle goes to talk to Shawn, but he is already gone.

Meanwhile, Bo goes over to John and Marlena and tells them to leave! Marlena says she wanted to pay her respects. Bo asks if she gets pleasure out of seeing her victims buried on the very spot where she killed Doug? Marlena says she cant be the killer, she was in Colorado when Abe was killed. Bo tells Marlena that they talked to Eric, they know she came back to Salem on an earlier flight, and the airlines confirmed it. Bo says they have solid evidence she came back to Salem before she said she did, that is just more proof that she is the stalker! Later, Marlena tells John that she doesnt understand, she thought she came back to Salem after Abe was killed. John says Eric wouldnt lie, and neither would the airline records. Marlena wonders if maybe she is the killer? Marlena says maybe I am the killer!


April 16, 2004
At Alices, Bonnie is making herself and Rex some shots and complaining about her problems with the liquor board. He asks her why the state denied her a liquor license. She says it was bureaucratic bull, but together they will find a way to beat the system. Bonnie tells Rex how she is devoted to making her family richer than the Hortons and the Kiriakis combined. Bonnie and Rex end up a bit drunk, and Bonnie tells Rex that she doesnt want Mimi to know she got denied her liquor license. Meanwhile, Mimi tells Patrick that poor Rex just wants to have a set of real parents and the closest hell get is mom. She asks Patrick if there is anyone he likes enough not to bring home to mom, someone like Jen? Patrick says Jennifer is just a friend. Patrick then heads out. Mimi watches her mom and Rex continue to throw back shots, and she says this cant be good. Back at the bar, Bonnie tells Rex that shes sorry about coming down hard on him marrying Mimi while shes still in college. She says it has nothing to do with him, she really likes him. Mimi butts in and sends Rex to the kitchen to look for his watch, which he still hasn't found. Mimi then demands to know what her mom is up to. Bonnie says she just wants to get to know him better because he has potential. Mimi thinks she only sees Rexs potential to make her rich, and she says she wont let this happen. Rex returns and has found his watch. Bonnie says that is a pretty expensive looking watch. Bonnie offers Rex a job as a bartender, and he accepts. Mimi says no way! Mimi tells Rex that working for her mom will be a disaster! Bonnie tells Mimi that she worries too much. Rex accepts the job, and Bonnie says they will make a great team and go places. Mimi fears they will go to county jail. Later, Mimi retrieves Rexs watch from her mother, which she lifted. Bonnie says old habits die hard. Mimi says she will be watching her, she wont let her ruin her future with Rex. Mimi tells her mom that they are leaving now, and she tells her mother to be good. Bonnie tells herself why should she be good. She says with Rex on her side she can be rich, she can be a winner.

At the cemetery, Jen visits Jacks grave. She asks him to please watch over her and the family because it is so hard for her not to be strong without him. She says it is so hard not to see him, to touch him, to hear his voice. She asks Jack to please keep their baby safe. From the bushes, Patricks mysterious accomplice watches Jen. Later, a man approaches Jen from behind, but it is only Patrick. Jen tells Patrick he is tense, is something wrong? Patrick sees his accomplice watching them. He tells her that hes just worried about her and the baby. Jen says he doesnt have to worry because he is here, and she feels like Jack has sent him as her guardian angel. Patrick confronts his accomplice and tells him to leave Jen alone. The man asks Patrick if he is getting daffy on this girl? As they talk, Jen spies on them. The man tells Patrick that he has a job to do, and he walks off. After the mystery man leaves, Jen confronts Patrick and says he has some explaining to do. Jen says she swore she heard voices and someone say her name. She asks Patrick who he was talking to? Patrick claims he was talking with an old friend from the hospital and he was talking about her and how he wants her and the baby to be safe.

In the church, Belle wonders where Shawn has gone. She goes to pray. She prays to Alice, and she apologizes for lying about her moms alibi. She says she just cant believe that her mom is guilty. She then asks God to please help them get through this.

Back in the cemetery, Shawn chases after Jan. He asks her what her name is? Jan says everyone calls her Mrs. B. Jan tells herself that it stands for the future Mrs. Shawn Brady. Jan continues to tell Shawn that Alice told her that she felt he was destined to be with that Jan Spears. Shawn says he would love to stay and talk about his great grandmother, but he may be leaving Salem soon. Jan tells him that he cant leave! Shawn says he needs to get away and clear his head. Jan says she may be able to help him, and she offers him a place to stay at her country house. She gives Shawn the address but asks him not to tell anyone because she is a bit of a recluse. Jan says she is getting a bit tired, so she is going to get home now. She says she hopes he comes and visits her sometime. Later, Jan spies on Shawn as he talks to Belle. She hopes Shawn dumps Belle for good. Shawn tells Belle that he cant talk to her right now and he walks off. 

Brady and Nicole show up as the funeral ends. Nicole says she is upset she missed it as now everyone knows she isnt the serial killer. Brady asks what she is expecting, a public apology? She said it would be a start. Nicole looks around and worries about Jan, who was heading to the funeral last she saw her. Brady sees Marlena is here, and he wants to go to see what is happening. Nicole worries MArlena can ID her, and she tells Brady that they should go home. Brady says no way, hes not ready. Brady says he wants to offer his condolences and find out how MArlena got out of the hospital. He then drags Nicole with him to see Marlena and his dad.

MArlena is worried she could be the killer, and she says her own family could send her to death row! John says he wont let that happen! Marlena tells John that she loves him for wanting to defende her, but he doesnt think it is possible. Brady and Nicole show up, and Brady asks why they are here? John says Marlena wanted to pay her respects.

Back in the church, Julie tells Bo that the killer has struck again! They all rush to where Celeste is. Celeste is on the ground, and Julie thinks Marlena has killed Celeste. Bo says Celeste is alive. Celeste comes too, and Bo asks if she was attacked? Celeste says it was Alice! Belle brings Celeste a glass of water, and she wonders why Shawn isnt here to hear this. Celeste says Alice appeared to her and had news. Bo says he has had enough of this, her communications with the dead wont convict the killer, police work will. Bo leaves, and Julie asks what the news was? Celeste says the killings wont stop! Hope asks Celeste to tell them what Gran said? Celeste says that she said before the suffering is over one more death will come to Salem. Julie thinks the prediction will come true because she will kill Marlena herself! Mickey says Marlena is under arrest and she shold let the system do its job. Julie says she doesnt share his faith in t he system. Hope asks if Alice said who would die? Celeste says the dead cannot reveal those secrets. Celeste says Alices heart was broken in two and she was sure another innocent would die. Julie says shes heard enough and is going to stop t his now.

Back outside, Bo confronts both Nicole and Marlena about Victors murder. He says they both had motives to kill Victor, and they now believe the killer had an accomplice. Bo says the key question is who had the most to gain from Victors death. As Bo starts going off on all the evidence to John and Brady, Marlena tells Nicole that she remembers seeing her with Jan Spears last night. Marlena asks why she would be with Jan? Nicole says she just ran into Jan, she hardly knows her. Marlena thinks she was up to no good with Jan. Meanwhile, John tells Bo that even though they have supposedly arrested the killer, Salem isnt any safer. Brady agrees and says there could still be another killer on the loose. Bo says they are dealing with that now. John goes over to get Marlena and says they should go back to the hospital. Nicole says Marlena should return to the hospital as she probably does need medical attention after her fall. . Brady wonders why Nicole is so concerned about MArlena. Suddenly, Julie shows up and tells Bo to lock Marlena up before anyone else dies! Hope informs Bo about Celeste's prediction, and Bo assures them that nobody will die again because as soon as Lexie gives him the go ahead he will put Marlena behind bars. He calls Lexie and says hes sending Marlena back to the hospital and she is to be kept under guard and treated as a prisoner. He tells everyone that there is no way Marlena will take another life.

Elsewhere, Belle chases after Shawn and tries to talk to him. She says his mom thinks they need to talk. Shawn asks about what? Belle says she felt the service was beautiful, and Doug and Alice are a huge loss to all of Salem. She cries that she is sorry that she couldnt be there for him, and she is sorry that her mom showed up. Shawn asks why her dad brought her here. Belle says she doesnt know. Belle says maybe her mom is telling the truth, but Shawn tells her not to even say that. Belle says if her mom is the killer and her alibi caused Alices death, than she doesnt know how she will live with herself. Alice says Gran was his family and was always there for him and his family. Shawn says she says she cant live with herself, well she needs to think about how he is supposed to live with her. Belle asks Shawn to let her be there and help him grieve. Shawn says this is his family. Belle says she thought they were going to be a family one day. Belle tries to make Shawn understand how she is feeling. She says he always loved her mom as well, and she just cant believe these accusations are true. Shawn says he cant handle this now. Belle asks fine, when can they talk? Shawn says they cant because he is leaving Salem.

Meanwhile, Jan continues to spy on Shawn and Belle, and Nicole ends up finding her. She rips off Jans black hat and veil. Nicole tells Jan about Marlena, but Jan says Marlena has her own problems right now. Jan says nobody will find they killed Victor because luck is on their side. She says Shawn is coming to her house! Nicole tells Jan that she will never get Shawn into that love cage, and if she does, she will end up in jail because shell never be able to let Shawn go. Nicole also says MArlena is not stupid, they have to do something or they will wind up on death row.

Marlena returns to the hospital, and she asks John how she convinces them that she is not the killer when she is not even convinced herself. She also feels John is not convinced either. John says as much as it pains him, he knows what he saw at the graveyard and he knows what Alice told him. John says it is very possible that she could be convinced and given the death penalty. Marlena asks how they prove she is innocent? John says there maybe away. John says this could be a huge risk and it could cost her her life. Marlena says shell take the risk, she has to know if she is the killer. 

Back at the graveyard, Bo assures Julie that Marlena wont hurt anyone again. Hope asks what if Marlena is innocent and the killer is still out there. Bo says he is convinced Marlena is guilty, but he doubts she was involved in Victors death.

Elsewhere, Brady asks Celeste for some advice about Nicole. Celeste says she cant say if she is a killer, but she does say she sense lies and danger around her.

Mickey offers to drive Julie to Alices bar where a catered lunch is waiting. Julie says she cant eat until MArlena is off the streets. Meanwhile, Hope continues to believe Marlena is innocent, but Bo says she is guilty and he will prove it.

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