April 18, 2004
Kate runs into Lucas outside Samis place. Kate asks why he wasnt at the funeral? Lucas says Sami got sick so he needed to be there for her. Kate thinks Sami is just manipulating him again, but Lucas says she is really sick and he is bringing her some medicine. Kate says the only thing wrong with Sami is that she is selfish and needs to grow up. They open the door to check on her, and she is passed out on the floor. Lucas rushes to her side, and Kate says Thank God she is dead! Lucas helps Sami up, and Kate cant believe she is going to survive. When Sami says she is feeling sick, Lucas explains to his mom that earlier Sami was feeling faint and her stomach hurts. Kate says she knows exactly what is going on, she thinks Lucas got her pregnant! Lucas tells her not to be ridiculous, and Sami says now she really is going to be sick, but Kate says they did it once before! Sami remembers begging Lucas to make love to her in the cave, as does Lucas. Kate sees they are thinking about it, and she says this is disgusting! Kate says Sami ruined Austins life and not to let her ruin his. Lucas says Sami was in a bad way when he came over earlier. We see a flashback of Sami crying to Lucas that she was having a nervous breakdown. Kate tells Lucas not to fall for Samis cheap theatrics. Sami lashes out at Kate and says she is positive that John is the killer and is framing her mom, and that she is in on it! Lucas says his mom would not kill her, but Sami says she tried once before when she framed him for Francos murder. She says if It wasnt for Lucas shed be dead! Kate says and they would have been all the better. Sami goes nuts, and Lucas tells his mom that she really hit a nerve. We see another flashback from earlier when some reporters from the intruder showed up and asked Sami if she had any advice for her mom if she is sent to death row considering Sami was once there. Kate says she already read about that, and shows them the evening edition of the intruder. Sami looks a the paper and wonders what if her mom does go to death row. Lucas tells her that he and Will will help her through this, but Sami lashes out at Lucas for brining his mother here, and she tells them to get out! Out in the hall, Kate tells Lucas to wise up and get away from Sami. She tells Lucas now is the perfect time to go for custody of Will. Lucas says he wont take advantage of her situation, and she is the mother of his son. Kate tells him not to give him that bull. Kate says if he hasnt had sex with Sami yet than he needs to understand what his true feelings for her are. Kate says he just feels sorry for Sami, that is all. She tells him to get out of here and get custody of Will. Sami opens the door and hears this, and she screams Lucas you wouldnt dare! Kate tells Lucas that Sami is no example for Will, he would be better with no mother than with Sami for a mother. Lucas asks his mom to think about what she is saying, how many children has she had taken from her? Kate tells Lucas to think about Will for once, they could move to a nice house in the suburbs. Sami cries that he cant take Will from her because shes already lost most of her family as is. She then lashes out at them both, slams the door, locks it, and begins to drink. Sami cries that she is losing everyone she loves, so what does she have to live for. Back out in the hall, Kate tells Lucas that Sami will take him down with her. Her life is a downward spiral, and he has to get himself and Will away from her.

At the cemetery, Belle reacts badly to Shawn telling her that he is leaving Salem. She says he cant because then she will lose her forever. He says he needs time to think, time out of Salem. He says he is thinking about joining the merchant marines. Belle tells him that he could be gone for years, and she begs him not to go. Belle tells Shawn that if she loses him now than shell never forgive herself. Shawn says it isnt her fault, it is his. Shawn says he promised to protect his great gran, but he failed her. Belle asks if he knows his mom is leaving. Shawn says she does. Belle asks what she thinks? Shawn says she is a mom, what does she think his mom thinks?

Bo and Hope are outside Alices bar. Hope thanks Bo for coming here. Bo says it is the least he can do. He feels like he failed her family, a family he promised to protect. They argue a bit about Marlena when Bo tells Hope that MArlena is the killer and they need to accept it and find out why. Hope says she just cant believe Marlena is the killer. They also argue about Shawn leaving Salem, and Bo says Shawn is right to be mad at Belle and he wouldnt blame him if he never forgave Belle. Hope feels that Shawn is running away.

Mickey brings Julie to Alices bar where he has a lunch prepared for them. Mickey asks Julie to come inside with him, which she reluctantly does. Mickey walks in and Bonnie hugs Mickey and says she is so sorry she couldn't be at the funeral today. She says lunch will be right up, she had her new chef make them his specialities. Julie says that it she smells like burning boots in here. Celeste comes in, and Bonnie says she looks like she has seen a ghost. Celeste says the spirits are restless, evil is here. Julie says yes and it is in the kitchen, the luncheon from hell! Celeste reveals her prediction to Bonnie, that another loved one will die. Later, everyone enjoys Bonnies lunch, all except Julie. Julie takes a bite and says it is too spicy! She yells for water! When the chef comes out to see how they like his food, Bonnie fires him! She jokes that once should never mix business with pleasure as the chef was an old flame of hers.

Later, Belle and Shawn arrive, and Hope says she is glad they came. Belle talks to Hope about Shawn leaving. Belle tells Hope that doesnt want Shawn to leave town either, and she wants to say she is sorry again. Hope tells her that she has nothing to be sorry about. Hope also says running away never solves anything, and she hopes he will stay. Meanwhile, Bo asks Shawn if hes still leaving town, and he says he is. Suddenly, Bo gets a call from the cop guarding Marlena that John has taken Marlena out of her room! Bo, Hope, Shawn and Belle leave; and Celeste worries that if MArlena is possessed again than she could be innocent. Bonnie says You mean you know who made her do it? Damn!

  At the hospital, John tells Marlena that he fears she could be possessed again. We see some flashbacks of Marlena when she was possessed. Marlena says she cant be possessed again, but John says if she is than shes not responsible for what she has done. We continue to see more flashbacks of the time Marlena was possessed. Marlena begins to worry what if she is possessed again and what if she killed all those people? She says if it is true than she doesnt think she can live with herself. John says hell go and get the help they need. Suddenly, Marlena sits up, her eyes are glowing, and she projectile vomits at John! She then breaks the handcuffs chaining her to the bed and flies at John, who she begins to chock. John is left dead, and Marlena laughs over him. However, it turns out to all be a nightmare. John has returned with soup, and she says she hopes it isnt split pea soup. He says it isnt. Marlena tells John if she is possessed than what will they do? John says the will get through it together just like they did last time. Marlena doesnt understand how her being possessed gives them hope. John says it would absolve her of guilt, but Marlena thinks the people of Salem wont be able to forgive and forget. John says their faith in God saved them before, as did their love. John says the last time she went through it it was well documented. She asks what they do now? John says they find out if she is possessed. Marlena says she will do whatever she has to in order to find out the truth.

At the hospital chapel, John and Marlena wait for Father Jansen to arrive. Hope and Bo burst in, and Bo is furious with John for taking Marlena out of her room. John says they are about to find out if Marlena is guilty or not. Shawn and Belle wait outside and Belle is frightened. Back inside, Father Jansen arrives to test MArlena. Marlena asks him if it is possible she is possessed again? The father says it is because her soul is susceptible because she was already possesed. Belle and Shawn come in, and Belle tells her dad that she needs to be here for her mom. Marlena suggests they get on with it. Father Jansen begins chanting in Latin, and when he holds up a cross to Marlena, she has a stunned expression on her face.


April 20, 2004
Typed after I saw the show, so a little less detailed than normal.
At the hospital chapel, the sight of Father Jansen's cross makes Marlena jittery. Hope wonders if Marlena is possessed again, and suddenly a cool breeze sweeps through the chapel. Father Jansen recites some Latin versus, and MArlena's eyes begin to glow and she says "Hello priest!" Belle flips out, and MArlena calls to her daughter. She begs Belle to come and help her. Belle runs to her mom's side, and Marlena begins to choke Belle! Marlena tells them all that she's going to hell and is taking Belle with her! Bo and Hope have guns drawn and are prepared to shoot Marlena, and Shawn screams at them to do it. John rushes to his wife and tells her to fight this evil and to let their daughter go. Bo manages to pull Belle away from Marlena, and Father Jansen exorcises the demon. Marlena passes out, but has not died. He says the evil is gone, but then reveals that Marlena was not possessed. He says that he had to perform a demon invocation on her to determine whether she was possessed. He says if Marlena was possessed than the two demons would have battled it out for control of her, which was not the case. He assures them that the evil is gone from Marlena and her soul has been properly closed off from evil. John is furious, and has to explain to Marlena what has happened after she regains consciousness. Marlena realizes that means she must have killed all those people on her own. Bo realizes this too, and decides to arrest Malena. John asks him not to, but Bo says if she can fight off a demon than she is strong enough to go to jail. Hope asks Bo to show mercy, but Bo says she showed no mercy to all their friends and family when she killed them. 

At the loft, Mimi calls Phillip over to talk about Shawn and Belle. She wants his help in getting the two back together. Phillip isn't so sure about going along with Mimi's plans. She asks him why not, doesn't he want them to be together? Phillip looks at a photo of Belle and says all he wants is for Belle to be happy. Mimi says good, than he'll help her. She says she'll go get Shawn and talk some sense into him, and he should go find Belle and talk to her. Phillip says okay, but once alone says some plans are meant to be broken, and he can't do this. Later, Shawn arrives at the loft after getting a 911 message from Shawn. Shawn asks if something is wrong with Belle? Mimi says no, and asks if Belle isn't at the hospital. He says she was, but then she ran out after what happened. He explains how Marlena has been arrested and taken to jail. Mimi can't believe this. MEanwhile, Belle goes up to the roof and finds a tape player up there. She says this is what she and Shawn used to dance to. She pushes play, and her and Shawn's song (I'll Be) begins to play. She turns around and finds Phillip standing there. She rushes into his arms and cries about how her mom has been arrested and Shawn has left her. Back downstairs, Shawn hears his and Belle's song playing up on the roof, so he rushes up there. He finds Belle with Phillip and says obviously he has interrupted something, and he was stupid to be worried about Belle who is obviously just fine. 

At Alice's Bar, Bonnie is in a bind as this place will flop without a liquor license. Rex shows up and he says he may have found a way. Rex says if she makes someone else CEO of this place than they can have the license in their name. Bonnie thinks that might work, but then she realizes she'll have to explain why to Mickey. She considers lying to him about it until a man delivers a registered letter to Mickey from the liquor board. She flips out, but she still considers lying to Mickey. She says he doesn't have to know, and she tells Rex that he can be the CEO and license holder. Rex thinks she should tell Mickey the truth because Mickey values honesty. HE also says Mickey was the license holder when Maggie ran this place. Bonnie says that makes sense because Maggie was an alcoholic, but she wonders how she will ask Mickey to do this. Mickey shows up and asks what she needs to ask him? Rex makes himself scarce, and Bonnie shows him the letter. He asks why she has been turned down for a license? Bonnie explains it was because of something she did long ago. She feeds him this long sob story about how she had just started cleaning houses, she didn't have a long list of clients, and her husband was a good for nothing. She says her babies were starving, so she stole some bread and milk from the corner store. She says she was caught and given probation. Bonnie says that is why they won't give her a license, and she asks Mickey if he can keep the license in his name. He says of course, and screams and kisses him. She thanks him for doing this and says she will make him and her mother proud. He says he knows she will. Later the two dance to some country music. 

Outside of Sami's place, Kate continues to try and urge Lucas to go after full custody of Will. She says Sami's life is headed in a downward spiral right now. Lucas says Sami is having a hard time dealing with all of this, she feels like she has no one left, but she has them. Kate says excuse me? Lucas reminds Kate of the promise she made to Roman to look after Sami. Lucas tells Kate to do t his for him, for Will, and for Roman. Kate sighs and says fine. They go in to check on Sami, who has been drinking. Lucas tells her that booze won't solve any of her problems, and he tries to take the bottle from her. She ends up splashing booze all over him, and he tells her to look at what she's done. He tells her to use him as an example as to why she shouldn't be turning to booze right now. Sami screams that she has nothing left and they are trying to take her son. Lucas says that isn't what is going on, but Sami continues with her insane accusations against them, including how Kate is working with John to frame her mom. They continue to scream at one another when Will shows up. Will tells them to stop fighting! Sami tells them all to leave her alone and runs into the bathroom. Will asks his dad what is going on as he smells booze on his dad. Lucas says he isn't drinking, his mom is. Will worries that now both of his parents are drinking. Lucas says his mom will be okay, but he needs to go to his Grandpa Shawn's for the night. He tells Will to go pack a bag, which he does. Kate wants to call child protective services on Sami, but Lucas tells her no way. Lucas asks her to take Will over to his Grandpa Shawn's while he takes care of Sami. She says okay and leaves with Will. Later, Sami comes out and begins crying how she has lost everything and just wants to drink. She tells Lucas to take Will because he'll be better off without her. Lucas tells Sami to stop this now, but she is screaming and crying. Lucas says she is hysterical and there is only one thing he can do. As he slaps Sami, the cops show up! The cops say a neighbor called the cops on them, and they arrest Lucas for domestic abuse! 

At jail, John tells Marlena that he knows she is innocent and he won't stop fighting until he proves it. They hug, and then Bo takes Marlena off to be booked.


April 21, 2004
Due to my need to finish some school work I haven't  proofed this! Sorry for any mistakes!
At Samis apartment, Lucas is in handcuffs, and the officer asks him if he understands his rights as theyve been read to him. Kate shows up at this point and asks what is going on. The officer explains that Lucas has attacked this woman. Kate says this is ridiculous and if any one should be arrested it should be this woman. She says this woman attacked her son. The officers say they know what they saw, and Lucas tries to explain why he hit Sami. The officers say there is no excuse for abuse. The officers asks Sami to come with them to make a statement and press charges. They go to take Lucas off, and they ask if there is a child in the home? Kate says this is not a home, her son and this tramp are not together. Sami asks where Will is, and Kate uses this to point out what a horrible mother Sami is. Lucas tells Sami that Will went to her grandfathers earlier. The officers say they have to put this into the report and notify family services, but Lucas violence is the issue. Kate says her son is not violent, and she points out that he is a Horton and she is the wife of the late police commander. Sami begins crying about her dad, and Kate tells Sami that she made a promise to her father but as of now that truce is officially done! Sami says it has been done for a long time! Kate tells Sami that this is war!

Jan shows up at the loft and is angry that Shawn has not come to her country house. Nicole is with Jan and tells her to forget about Shawn for a minute and focus on how they take care of Marlena. Nicole says if Marlena talks someone will put the pieces together. Jan ends up going off on another Shawn tangent, and Nicole tells her that she is a complete whack job. Nicole says shell take care of doctor Evans herself!

On the rooftop, Belle asks Shawn not to go. She says she heard the song and thought he was here, but it was just Phillip. She says she just needed a friend to talk to. She asks if she is not allowed to cry because her mom was arrested, is she not allowed to pray and hope that her mom may be innocent? She says her life is falling apart and all she wants to do is run into his arms, but she cant. She says he is right, the only person she can blame is herself. Shawn says he told her that he didnt blame her, but she says he is still leaving. Belle says he has lost so much, but so has she. Belle says all she needed was a friend to talk to. Shawn asks Phillip if that is all he is, just a friend? Belle cant believe Shawn is implying something romantic is going on between them, and she asks him if he is crazy? Belle tells Shawn that she loves him. Phillip tells Shawn what his deal is, he dumps her but God forbid she talk to him? Shawn says he didnt dump her, and he tells Belle that he still loves her. Shawn says he just needs time. Phillip tells Shawn what about Belle, is she just supposed to wait for him to come home? Phillip tells Shawn that hes known for years that hes been waiting for a chance to be with Belle. Phillip tells Shawn not to be ridiculous. Phillip says he is leaving town, he is breaking up with Belle. He says Belle needs to get on with her life now that he is leaving. Shawn says he just needs time to think and get his life together. Phillip says so does Belle, and she needs someone to lean on and talk to. He says that person should be him, but if he cant handle the job than he should step aside. As they argue, Jan spies on them. Belle tries Shawn not to be angry at Phillip. Phillip tells Belle that she is not to blame because it wasnt her job or Shawns job to catch the killer, it was the cops job. He says Cassie and Tony figured out who the killer was, but Salems finest was totally clueless. Shawn tells Phillip to stop talking bad about his parents or else. Phillip tells Shawn to bring it on. Phillip points out that while his parents let the killer slip through his fingers, he ran around accusing anyone and everyone of being the killer. Phillip tells Belle if her mom is the killer than something is obviously wrong with her, she is not in her right mind. Shawn says that is easy for him to say. Phillip says he lost his dad and his sister, but he is not blaming Belle. Phillip says it was his parents that screwed up and he screwed up big time. Shawn says he already knows he is to blame, and that is why he cant look Belle in the eye, and that is why he has to leave. Phillip tells Shawn that he is taking the easy way out, he is running away. Belle tells Shawn that if he doesnt want to be here than leave. She tells Shawn that she really hopes she finds the piece he is looking for. Belle walks off, and then lets out a scream. The boys run to her, and it turns out that she just fell after thinking she saw someone following her (it was Jan). Belle leaves to clean up her scrape, and Phillip and Shawn continue to bicker. Shawn accuses Phillip of been trying to take Belle from him ever since he came back to Salem. Phillip says he has never hurt Belle the way he has, he has never put Belle first. Shawn says he doesnt understand what Belle ever saw in him. He says Belle needs a real guy, not mommy and daddys little sailor man! That sets Shawn off, and Shawn attacks Phillip. Belle returns to find the boys fighting and she asks what they are doing? She screams at them to stop, and Belle sees Phillip deck Shawn hard.

In jail, Marlena is finger printed, has her mug shot taken, and is then taken to say goodbye to John before she is taken to county lockup. John asks MArlena if she is okay. She says no. She says all those people are dead, and she doesnt remember confessing. John says that could be because of her fall. Marlena says if she is guilty than she doesnt deserve to go to jail, she deserves to die! John says she is not a killer and he will prove her innocence. Bo says it is time for Marlena to go. John tells her to be strong and that he loves her. Marlena says she loves him too, and she is taken away.

Marlena is taken to lockup where she is given extra security and put on suicide watch. The other girls in the pen refer to MArlena as fresh meat. They ask her what her name is? One of the inmates says that is Marlena Evans, the doctor of death, the one that killed all those people. Marlena asks the girl if she knows her? The woman says she is a graduate of that youth at risk program she used to run. She lashes out at Marlena and says all her help landed her here. One of the other woman knows her, she says Marlena testified against her in trial and that is why she is in jail. Later dinner is served, and MArlena doesnt eat. The woman from Marlenas old youth group asks if she doesnt like the food or the company. Marlena asks her what her name is, and she says Crystal. Crystal tells Marlena that maybe she had more influence on her than she thought as they both have a life of crime going on. Crystal is told she has a visitor, so she heads off to see her visitor, who turns out to be Nicole. Crystal asks Nicole how she knew she was in here? Nicole asks when she isnt. Crystal wonders how Nicole ended up on easy street considering they have the same background and grew up in the same neighborhood. Crystal reveals she was busted for mistaking a cop for a customer and says she is stuck in here with no money and waiting trial while her mom is out there taking care of her kid. Nicole says she can help her out, but Crystal wonders what Nicole wants in return. Nicole says there is one little thing she can do for her. Nicole tells Crystal what she wants her to do, she wants her to kill Marlena! Crystal is in shock and doesnt think she can do it. Nicole says she will pay her a whole lot of money, and besides its not like MArlena isnt on her way out as is. Nicole says shes be saving the tax payers a lot of money.

Back in jail, the inmates continue to torment Marlena. Crystal is brought back in, and she tells the others to lay off Marlena because Marlena is hers! Crystal whispers something to some of the other girls, and they all begin to pick on MArlena. A huge fight ends up breaking out, and Marlena begins screaming for help. The guard seems to care less and watches what is going on, thinking Marlena is only worried about herself. Marlena sees someone take hold of a spoon and raise it above her.

  Back at the station, Hope asks John to relax. John says he cant because Marlena is so fragile right now. He fears she is going to crack. Hope says he cant help her if he cracks first. She says they need to meet with the DA and go over all the evidence against Marlena. John says that is going to be a waste of time, and he refuses to say anything to the DA or testify against his wife. Hope tells John that hes already given a statement, he cant recant now. Bo walks in as John says nobody can force him to testify against his wife in a court of law. Bo thinks John doesnt want the truth to come out. John says most of the evidence is hearsay, and without him they have nothing. Hope says if John doesnt testify than MArlena will walk. Bo adds in that shell walk and kill again. John tells Hope that he thought she was on his side. Hope says she believes in the system, and if Marlena doesnt go to jail than he is the one who will look guilty. John says fine, he will gladly go to prison in her place. Bo says Marlena murdered nine people so she can handle herself on the cell block. John says if he doesnt get MArlena out of there than she will die! Bo asks John who will be safe if Marlena was out on the street again? HE says Brady, Sami or even Belle could be next. John says shed never hurt her daughter, but Bo says she butchered Cassie, a child she gave birth to. Bo says she also went after Sami and she pulled a gun on him. Bo says he will have to explain at the next funeral that he is to blame. Hope asks John not to do this. Suddenly, Lucas is brought in, followed by Kate and Sami. Bo asks why Lucas is in cuffs? Kate says it is Samis fault as usual. The officers explain what happened, and Hope asks Lucas how he could slap Sami? Lucas says he only did it because she was out of control. Sami is crying how she wants her mommy and daddy. Kate asks Hope if she can do anything, but Hope says she cant because the officers saw it all. Bo talks to John about Sami and how she is a wreck. Bo asks how Sami or anyone else can recover if Marlena doesnt go to trial. John says that wont help Sami, and Sami hates him enough as is. Bo tells John if he cares about Marlena at all than he will see this through to the end. John tells Bo that he is asking him to sentence his wife to death. Bo says if he doesnt, how many more innocent people will he be sentencing to death. Hope tells John that she wants to believe in Marlena, but they have to let the system determine if she is guilty or innocent. Bo says if Marlena walks her life will be ruined, there will be finger pointing and whispering about her. Sami demands to know where her mom is. She realizes Marlena is in jail, and she blames John. Hope tells Sami that they will work to find out what the truth about her mom is. Sami says she doesnt believe in the system, the system let her down and sent her to death row. Sami has a flashback of Lucas saving her from being executed. Sami says she will never forget how she felt that day, and she wont forget how her mom stood by her. Sami says she would do anything to trade places with her mom right now. She says she could handle jail, but her mom wont be able to survive. John tells Sami that the DA has no case without him, and he is not going to testify. He says if he doesnt testify than her mom will walk free. Sami is shocked by this. An officer tells Sami that he needs her statement now. Sami hears Lucas explaining his side of the story to the cops, and she hears him say he loves her. Sami is moved, and tells the officer that she is ready to make her statement. She tells the officer that everything Lucas said is true. Lucas and Kate are shocked when Sami defends Lucas to the cops and refuse to press charges. Kate thinks Sami is up to something and is playing a game, but Lucas is touched and thanks Sami. Meanwhile, Bo gets a call and informs Hope and John that someone in the holding cell has been stabbed, and they are dead. John says Its Marlena! The show ends with a shot of the women in jail lying on the ground, and MArlena is among them


April 22, 2004
Sami and Lucas return to Samis apartment. Lucas thanks Sami for what she did as he really wasn't looking forward to a night in jail. Sami says she is sorry things went that far, and Lucas says hes sorry he slapped her. Sami says she knows he wont do it again, and she is embarrassed for the way she freaked out on him. She doesnt understand why she has a tendency to blame him when things go wrong in her life. He says he is an easy target. Sami says her life is a mess. They go inside Samis place, and Lucas asks Sami if he can get her anything. Sami says no. She asks Lucas what he thinks will happen with her mom? Lucas says he doesnt know. Sami wonders if they will let her go if John doesnt testify. Lucas doesnt think Bo will allow that to happen. Sami says they have to let her mom go, she wont be able to handle it on death row. Sami wonders if she has been wrong about John all along. Lucas says John loves her mom, and she has to know that in her heart. Sami doesnt want to talk about this anymore. Lucas suggests they go to bed and hope there is better news in the morning. They continue to talk, and Sami assures Lucas that she would never take Will from him because she knows Will needs him. Lucas says he feels the same about Will and her. Sami wonders if Lucas has really forgiven her for everything shes done to him over the years, like lying about Will being his son and lying about him abusing Will. She says he should hate her. Lucas says he should, but he doesnt. Sami apologizes for everything. Lucas says theyve been through a lot, they are like an old married couple. Lucas talks to Sami about her drinking to solve her problems. She says she wont do that again. Lucas says if she does feel like drinking again when she is alone and down, she can come to him and lean on him. He says he knows she needs him, and it only makes her human. Lucas says he needs her too, and they hug. Lucas says right now they both need something to take the edge off. Sami is shocked, but Lucas says he just meant some hot chocolate. Sami thinks that will keep her up, so Lucas says hell make some chamomile tea them. He tells her to get in her jamies, get into bed, and hell bring the tea into her. She thanks him for being here. Later, Lucas brings Sami her tea, and she asks him to stay and spend the night. Lucas says he doesnt know, lying in bed with her isnt fair to him. Sami says she doesnt want to be alone. Lucas says hell lay on top of the covers, but she says she wants to feel his body next to hers. Lucas says that is a bad idea, but Sami says it is a good idea, the best shes ever had. She then begins to undress him. Lucas says it feels like she is coming onto him. Sami says there is no maybe about it, she wants him! She then pulls him into a kiss. Lucas fears he cant do this, he wont be able to stop if he stays. She doesnt want him too, but he feels like he could be taking advantage of her in her state. Sami begs him not to go. She says he heard what he said in the police station, he almost told the cops that he loves her. She asks him if he loves her. He says he does. Sami asks how he can leave her? Lucas says he is trying to be the man she deserves. Sami says she needs him to stay here and make love to her right now. Lucas asks Sami if she is sure? Sami says she is, and that she loves him. They kiss and begin to make love.

On the roof of the loft, Shawn and Phillip continue to fight. Belle screams at them to stop this. When Shawn is hit hard by one of Phillip's blows, Belle asks Phillip why he would want to hurt Shawn? Phillip says Shawn came after him first! Shawn says what happens between him and Belle is none of his business. Phillip says it is when she comes to him crying. They continue arguing about whether Shawn has dumped Belle or not, and whether Phillip has always been after Belle. They end up fighting again, and Mimi hears the commotion and walks upstairs and screams at them. One of them accidentally hits Mimi with their punches, and she falls over. They run to Mimi, but Belle tells them to get away because theyll only make things worse. Mimi comes too and asks what happened? Shawn says he hit her, and he is sorry. She asks them why they were fighting? Phillip says Shawn is accusing him of moving in on his territory. Mimi says that is crazy and she says she asked him to help her get them back together. Belle says she told him that but he didnt believe her. They continue to argue until Mimi tells them all to be quiet. She says she was listening to radio when they broke in with a news bulletin. She says there was a stabbing at the correction facility, and Belle's mom is involved.

At the holding cell, John, Bo and Hope show up. They learn someone had a knife and woman was stabbed. John fears Marlena has been killed, but the guard says Marlena wasnt a victim. Marlena tells John that the woman attacked her, but the women all say Marlena attacked them with a knife. The guard tells John that it was his wife who stabbed and murdered her fellow inmate! She reveals the woman Marlena has allegedly killed to them by pulling the sheet back and revealing her. The woman was Tina, the drug user, who had asked MArlena earlier to help her get drugs.  LExie arrives to examine the body, and Bo asks where the murder weapon is. The guard hands it over, someone turned a spoon into a shank by sharpening the end of it. Hope says that isnt something Marlena would have time to make as she's only been here a few hours. John asks Marlena what happened here, obviously she didn't do this? Bo tells John not to coach Marlena on what to say! Bo talks to the other inmates, who all finger Marlena. John says they just have axes to grind with Marlena, but Bo says he trusts them more than he trusts Marlena. Hope asks if they are questioning the witnesses now or waiting for Lexies report? Bo says they are talking to them now before they have time to plan their stories. John thinks Bo has already made up his mind about Marlena. Marlena says these women have a history with her and all resent her, and as she talks about how they are blaming her for their problems. When she says it is a classic example of tranference, Bo tells Marlena to stop with the psycho babble. Bo says here she is just another inmate, and he questions the inmates. The inmates make up stories about how Marlena tried to buy them off by promising to get them things if they play ball with her. One inmate, Rita, says she saw everything. She says Tina  needed a fix and offered the shank for some drugs, and Marlena agreed to get her the drugs. Rita then says that the doctor went nuts as if she was in a trance and she started attacking them all. Marlena says they are lying, and she says she was the one who called the matron when the fight broke out. The matron says she saw nothing, and all the other woman back up Rita's story against MArlena. Bo decides to file an additional charge against MArlena. John says these women are lying, but Bo doesnt believe they are lying because they have nothing to gain. John asks why Marlena has the one with all the bruises? The guards say they attacked Marlena when they came in and saw Marlena with the knife. Marlena says that isnt what happened! John asks what did happen? Marlena says all she remembers waking up with blood on her and then the guards attacked her and cuffed her as the other inmates jeered them on. Bo says hes had enough of Marlenas I dont remember crap. Later, Lexie tells them all that the woman had multiple stab wounds and was a drug user. Marlena says she didnt kill her, but the inmates say they all loved the dead woman and they had no problems getting along with one another until she came along. Marlena still cant recall exactly what happened, so John suggests she might have a tumor. Bo tells John that he is just desperate at this point. John says he is looking for an explanation for irrational behavior. He says his wife is not a killer, and she is not stupid enough to kill someone in front of witnesses. The inmates continue to say they know what happened, Marlena killed Tina. John asks Hope for help and to think about how Marlena has helped her over the years. Bo says that help was canceled out when Marlena killed her father and grandmother. John says it is possible MArlena could have a condition, and he begs to let Lexie run some tests on Marlena. Hope says it could give them some answers, so Bo agrees to let Lexie run the tests. Bo tells Marlena that this is her last chance!

John is at the hospital waiting for news on MArlena. He tells Hope that he thinks this is all a dream, but Hope says that she is afraid that they are both very much awake. Belle shows up after getting her dads message. Belle asks how her mom is? John doesn't know how to tell Belle, so Hope informs Belle of the latest accusation against her mom. Shawn is with Belle, as is Phillip and Mimi. John explains to them that she is in the hospital doing some tests on Marlena because she doesnt seem to remember anything sense her fall. Shawn says amnesia is a pretty weak argument, even his Uncle Roman would even say that. Phillip takes offense at Shawn's statement, but Belle tells Phillip that it is okay because Shawn obviously wants her mom to be guilty. Belle fears her mom maybe crazy. John says right now they are just trying to determine what is wrong with her mom, and no one is saying she is crazy. Shawn and Hope talk in private about Marlenas guilt of innocence. Shawn doesnt believe she is innocent. Hope says Bo is convinced of Marlenas guilt, but she cant help but think something bigger is at work here. Hope sees Phillip with Belle, and Shawn says Phillip is moving in on Belle. Hope asks if he is sure about that? Hope says Phillip has always been his and Belles friend, and he did ask Phillip to be there for Belle when he couldnt. Shawn says she is right and he has been a jerk. Meanwhile, Belle talks to Mimi about how her family does have a lot of mental problems, for example her aunt Samantha and her sister Sami. She wonders if it is a genetic disorder in her family, and she says it could be a matter of time before she loses her mind. Belle wonders what she is going to do, what is going to happen to her family? She says nobody deserves to be brought into this family, especially not Shawn. Meanwhile, Shawn apologizes to Phillip for earlier. He says hes been a good friend to Belle and to him. Shawn then goes to talk to Belle. Belle tells Shawn to stay away from her, she cant be with him now. Belle then walks away. Elsewhere, John continues to wait for MArlenas results. Hope tells John that he needs to prepare himself to accept that MArlena is probably the killer. John still refuses to testify against Marlena and no one can make him. Bo shows up and says he doesnt need his statement to convict Marlena since she murdered Tina. Bo says they are going to be his star witnesses. Marlena is wheeled back to her room, and Lexie says shell have the test results soon.


April 22, 2004
Shorter than normal due to my long day. All the details may not be 100% accurate as I was a bit distracted while watching the show.
At the hospital, in Marlena's room, Marlena asks John to do something for her, help her die! John tells her not to talk like that ever! Marlena says she has no hope, and she is facing a death sentence as is. John says he believes she is innocent and he won't stop working until he proves it. Marlena becomes so agitated that a nurse ends up sedating her. 

In the hall, Hope and Shawn discuss Shawn and Belle's relationship. Hope tells Shawn that he has given up on Belle, he hasn't been there for her. Hope says Belle was willing to fight, but he wasn't. Both Hope and Shawn admit that neither of them blame Belle for Alice's death, but Shawn says his anger has pushed her away. Hope tells him to go to Belle and try and work things out. He says he will. Later, Bo and Hope discuss MArlena and her possible guilt. Bo says he won't stop until Marlena is put to death, which is what she deserves for committing all these murders.  

Belle and Mimi discuss Belle's fear that she will wind up going insane like her mother and Aunt Samantha. She says nobody deserves to be brought into this family, especially not Shawn. Belle says she can't be with Shawn, and she sure can't bring a child into the world with him because that child's grandmother will be the Salem Stalker. Belle ends up running off. Mimi talks to Phillip about how well he helped her out. Phillip says he cares about Belle and if Shawn isn't going to be there fore her than he will be. Mimi tells Phillip not to do this . . 

In chapel, Belle prays for her mother, and for herself. She doesn't know how she will ever face Shawn knowing that her mother killed his family members, or knowing that one day she could go insane as well. Shawn shows up to see Belle and talk with her. He says he was wrong to attack Phillip earlier, and he was wrong to blame her. He says he is here for her and he is not going anywhere. She asks how he can be here if he's joining the merchant marines? Phillip says he's not. He says he's staying in Salem. She says that perhaps now she needs time to think Shawn says that is okay, and he will give her the space and time she needs. He says when she is ready he will be waiting with the Irish wool engagement rings. As they talk, Phillip spies on them. Later, Mimi confronts Phillip about spying on Belle and Shawn. She warns him that he's only going to get hurt if he keeps this up.

LExie's reveals to John, Bo and Hope that Marlena's tests are all negative, there is no medical reason why she committed these murders. Belle overhears this and runs crying into Phillip's arms. Mimi sees this and sighs, and Shawn also witnesses it and rolls his eyes. Meanwhile, Bo decides to haul Marlena back to jail, but John refuses and tells Bo that he'll have to go through him. Bo threatens to arrest John. John backs off and cries "What am I suppose to do, she's my wife!" Mimi butts in and suggests MArlena take truth serum. Bo and Hope think it is a good idea, but John says no way in hell will he allow this. Bo says it is her only hope. Marlena overhears them discussing it and she agrees to take it. John tells her that she can't do this, but she says she has to know if she killed nine of their closest friends. 

  At Sami's, Lucas and Sami make love. Afterwards, Sami jumps up and rushes out of her apartment. Lucas fears she has had regrets. She later comes back with breakfast for them. She assures Lucas that she isn't having regrets. They talk about what this means, and agree to keep their relationship a secret, especially from Kate and from Will. They both agree that they don't want Will to get his hopes up. Later Sami suggests they watch a movie, but Lucas tells her to shut up and kiss him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole hears a report on the radio that a woman in the prison has been stabbed to death. She thinks it is Marlena, and she says "Two down, one to go!" BRady hears this and wonders what she is talking about? She says nothing, and then informs him about Marlena's death. Brady is stunned and quickly calls his dad. He later tells Nicole that Marlena is not dead, another inmate was killed. Nicole panics, and Brady wonders why she looks worried? She says she is just upset because the radio report misled her. She also says she wonders who the poor girl who died was. Brady also tells Nicole that his dad says the cops are trying to get MArlena to take truth serum. She flips out when she hears this, fearing it will lead to Malrena revealing she and Jan killed Victor, and she says they have to stop them! Brady agrees, but wonders why Nicole cares. Nicole says what the cops are doing is wrong. Nicole and Brady decide to head down to the hospital to see what is going on.

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