April 26, 2004
Sami and Lucas are in bed and are kissing and snuggling. Meanwhile, Kate bangs on Lucas door and alls out his name, but he doesnt answer. She ends up hearing moaning coming from Samis apartment, so she bursts in on them in bed! Sami moans that this is like a dream, but Kate blurts out no its a nightmare! Sami lets out a scream when she sees Kate, and she tells her to get out! Lucas tries to do some damage control with his mother. Kate says she feels sick like shes going to pass out. Lucas tends to his mother and asks her to eat something. Kate takes the food and throws it at Sami. She says now she feels better! Sami is furious with Kate for throwing food at her. Lucas helps clean Sami up, and Sami cries that Kate has ruined their whole evening. Kate says that is for all the insults she has thrown at her about her call girl past. Kate accuses Sami of using her body to lure Lucas into her bed, and she says Lucas doesnt love her he just lusts after her. Kate says before long Lucas will hate her just like he always has. Sami ends up in tears. Lucas tells Sami to calm down, but she wont stop crying. Sami says Kate has a key to her place and she wants it back. Kate says she still has more to say, but Lucas says no. Lucas says this is Samis apartment and she doesnt want her here, so she has to go! Kate says she is his mother, she sacrificed her dignity to give him the best of everything and this is the thanks she gets? Kate says if she walks out that door . . . .Lucas tells his mom not to make him chose between her and Sami. Kate leaves, and Sami hugs Lucas. Sami says his mother hates her and she will do everything to keep them apart. Lucas says she has already tried and failed. Lucas says he doesnt want to talk about his mom anymore, he wants to enjoy being with her. Lucas puts on some music and asks Sami to dance. Sami and Lucas dance around the apartment, and Sami giggles as he twirls her. Suddenly, a news reports comes on detailing MArlena was rushed to the hospital after a stabbing at the womens detention center. Sami panics, and they head off to the hospital.

At the hospital, Mimi tells Phillip and Shawn that the test results came back. Shawn asks what is wrong with her? Belle says the doctors cant find anything wrong with her mom to explain why she may have killed all those people. Belle says now her mom will be found responsible and sent to death row. Shawn says he is sorry. Belle asks if he really is sorry? Shawn asks how she can say that? He says she is the one who is pushing him away, and he wonders if this is why? Belle says she loves her mom, and every time it seems like they get hope that her mom isnt the killer than he is there for her, but when things change he walks away. She says she doesnt know if he is really going to be here for her when she needs him. Shawn says he has already told her that hes not leaving because he wants to be here for her, but then he finds her in Phillips arms. Belle says she cant be responsible for everything that goes wrong between them. She says her mom could be executed and she thinks he is happy about it. Shawn says that is not true, but Belle says no matter what he says she can see it in his eyes, he wants the killer to pay, he has always said that. Belle says this is her mom and she will always love her no matter what she has done. Shawn says he knows that. Belle says he still was going to leave town when she needed him the most. Belle ends up saying that he claims she doesnt blame her, but she says she blames herself. She says she trusted her mom when perhaps she shouldnt have. She says her mom taught her to love, and if she cant trust her moms love, than whose love can she trust? She tells Shawn that right now she should be in there spending what could possibly the last moments she has with her mom, but instead she is arguing with him. She says if he doesnt understand that than perhaps it is time for both of them to move on with their lives. Shawn says he would never keep her from supporting her family, and she would never keep him from his. Belle says if they were to get married it would be their family, and she doesnt think his family could accept her mom. She says she wont turn her back on her mom.

Meanwhile, Mimi tries to lecture Phillip about spending so much time with Belle and what people might start thinking. Phillip jokes what might her mom think about the time they spend together? Mimi says a hunky rich marine like him, shed probably love it. Suddenly, Kate shows up in tears. Phillip asks what is wrong? Kate tells Phillip not to wait, not to sacrifice his happiness. She tells him to find happiness and give her grandchildren. She says he is her last chance for any happiness and justice in this life! Kate tells Phillip that if he can find happiness with Belle than to go for it, even if it means breaking up her and Shawn. Phillip tells her to stop asking him to go after Belle with Shawn standing ten feet away. She says fine. She says she afford the strength to play matchmaker anymore because she needs to save her strength for battling Sami.

Hope tells Bo that she isnt sure giving Marlena truth serum is the right thing to do. Hope says Marlena agreed to take the truth serum with out any hint of an argument. Hope says it seems like Marlena is more desperate than any of them to get to the truth. Hope says she has never seen accused killer more remorseful and desperate than Marlena. Hope tells Bo that this killer is cold blooded and calculating, and Marlena is not showing that behavior right now. Bo says that she is because she playing them all. He lists all the evidence they have against Marlena and asks Hope how much more convincing she needs? Hope says she just wants it to make sense. Bo says if they give her the truth serum than she will get the answers she seeks. Bo says he wants to see MArlena sent to death row and see her put to death. Hope asks Bo to think about what Roman, his mother and Gran would say? Bo says they would probably want him to be forgiving. Hope says that is right. She says MArlena is family and if Shawn ends up marrying Belle . . . Bo says there is no way that monster in there will ever be family ever again! Later, Bo talks with Shawn about what is going on. Shawn tells his dad how he blames himself for a lot of this, if he had realized Belle couldnt have been with her mom then . . Bo says he knows how he feels.

In Marlenas room, John tries to convince MArlena not to take the truth serum. MArlena asks him why he doesnt want her to take the drug? Does he think she will incriminate herself? Does he think she is guilty? He says that the drug could be dangerous, but Marlena says she is a doctor and it isnt dangerous if administered correctly. John says he knows what he heard when she confessed to him, and whatever is buried in her subconscious could be twisted under the influence of the drug. John says she could be put to death, and he doesnt want to lose her. MArlena says she needs to know if there is some reason that would explain why she may have done those things. She says she knows there is no one test that can determine whether or not she is crazy, but right now she can discern right from wrong, and she needs to take responsibility for her actions. John says how she can be responsible if she doesnt remember! Marlena says perhaps she cant remember because she hit her head. She says even so, before when she was doing these terrible things she had to know what she was doing was wrong. MArlena says she needs to know the truth. She says if she is guilty than she wants this all to be over now. Marlena says she cant recall doing those things and that bothers her. John says cold blooded killers dont love or worry, and she is doing both of those. He says he doesnt remember what he did before coming to Salem, and he doesnt care because her love has healed him. Marlena says it isnt the same, she has to go on facing the friends and families of her victims. John says love can heal anything, she taught him that. HE asks her to just let him love her. John says he understands what it is like not to know and not to confront the horrors from the past. MArlena says she knows they need time to find the truth, but that is not their decision, it is Bos and the DAs. John says they dont even know if she is guilty. He says if she says anything incriminating under the truth serum than it is over for her. He says that hes not testifying against her, so if she doesnt take that drug than she is guaranteed to walk free. She says she would go free to hurt him or Belle or Sami. She says she cant do that, she needs to know the truth because she loves him that much!

  Hope comes into MArlenas room and asks John if she can talk to Marlena. He says okay, and he leaves them. Marlena says this is certainly uncomfortable isnt it. Marlena tells Hope that she knows what she thinks she did to Alice and to Doug. Hope says she remembers when she almost destroyed her marriage because of what Stefano did to her. Marlena says that wasnt her fault. Hope says she doesnt think this is her fault either. She says if this is another game of Stefanos than he is the one who needs to pay. Marlena says she was given a full body scan and she had no chips in her brain, and Stefano is dead so they cant blame him. Hope tells Marlena that she will have to be strong enough to ask for and find forgiveness. MArlena says she cant help but notice that Bo is here, and she says she knows Bo doesnt feel the same way about forgiving as Hope does. Marlena says she cannot ask for forgiveness or understanding from anyone. Hope tells Marlena that she doesnt think she should take the truth serum. Marlena thanks Hope for saying that, and she takes her hand. Marlena tells her that she cant tell her what that means to her. Marlena says the truth is healing and they all need it. She says for better or for worse this is what they have to do.

Sami shows up at the hospital, and she is ranting and raving about how the cops cant give her mom this truth serum. She says if her father was here he would not do this. She says if they make a mistake and send her mom to her execution it isnt like they can ask for a do-over. Belle shows up and is glad Sami is here, and John also shows up to see Sami. Sami asks John how they can do this to mom, how can he let her take this serum. John says he has tried talking her out of this but she wont listen to him. He tells both Sami and Belle that he will need their help with something, but they need to listen to him first. John says he has appealed to MArlena every way he knows, but it isnt the same as coming to them as a family unit. John tells Sami that he knows she feels her family has been destroyed, but he needs her to join with them for her mother. Sami says she would do anything for her mom. The three of them then go in to see Marlena.

Meanwhile, Kate asks Lucas if they are still talking? Lucas says he is if she is. Lucas asks why she is here? Kate says she heard a news report that MArlena was going to take serum. She says she wanted to be here to find out what happened to Roman, why she killed him, what his last moments were like. Kate remembers the night when he fought with Sami and then asked her to make peace with Sami. Kate says she has tried, and maybe if Roman had lived than it would have worked out. She says she is grieving for Roman, for Cassie, and for him. She says he will be dead soon because that is what Sami will do to him. Kate says if she has to watch him die a slow death at Samis hands than she will die to.

John, Belle and Sami go in to see Marlena. Marlena says she is glad to see them. They ask about the truth serum, and she says she has to take it to understand why she committed these murders. Sami says that is why they are here. Sami says if she takes this truth serum, and she confesses, she will be sent to a maximum security prison and they wont see her again. Sami says this could be the last time they are together as a family. John tells her that they are a family, and she needs to make a decision to protect her family. He says if she sacrifices herself than it will be the worst loss to this family. Sami says John is right, and she says loving her is more important to her than hating John. John says Eric, Carrie, Brady and Will also need her in their life. John asks her not to leave them. MArlena looks at them all and cries.


April 27, 2004
Not proofed! It was a long research day and I decided to post a long summary!

At Jens house, Jens trying to get her wedding ring off but is having a devil of a time because her fingers are swelling. When she finally gets it off, it flies across the kitchen and down the sink! Meanwhile, as Patrick talks on his cell phone, Abby tells him that he can use their house phone. He quickly hangs up his cell. Abby says they dont get cell signals in the house, so if he needs to use the land line he can. He thanks her but says he doesnt want to wrack up international charges on their house line. Abby sits down at the computer to do her homework, and she says her mom is supposed to help her but shes cleaning up the kitchen. Patrick says shes supposed to be resting. Abby says tell her that! Patrick heads into the kitchen to find Jen taking apart the sink and screaming. Patrick says her that she shouldnt be doing this. She is crying about how this shouldnt be difficult but she is messing it and everything else around here up. Jen ends up breaking down into tears. She apologizes for falling apart. He asks what is wrong? She explains about her ring going down the drain and how she cant get it out because he is useless as ever. Patrick says she is not useless, she is pregnant and raising a daughter. He says hell get the ring and she should go help Abby. Jen heads off to check on Abby, and Patrick calls back the person he was talking to. Jen asks Abby what her assignment is? Abby says she has to use the internet to compile a biography of a not so famous person. Jen says that is interesting and she could be good at this. Abby comes up with an idea, she decides to research Patrick since he sounds like hes had an exciting life. Jen says she cant research Patrick without his permission because it would be like spying. Abby says that is what reporters do isnt it? Jen says she should at least ask, but Abby says Aunt Hope did a background check on Patrick when he first came to stay here and she is not doing anything different. Abby says this is her homework and shes going to do it. Jen says she guesses it is okay, so Abby does a search. Jen also tells her that any personal searches about Patricks life is off limits. Abby ends up finding Mimi Lockharts home page. Jen decides to make Abby a grilled cheese sandwich, which is what she always made Jack when he was working. She heads into the kitchen where shirtless Patrick is working on the sink. Jen stares at him, Patrick catches her staring, and she says she is sorry, she just came to get Abby a snack. She tells him that hes pretty handy. Patrick says he learned it all growing up in the old Lockhart house, the one they lost. HE begins to talk about going to school in Europe for awhile and living with a host family. She talks about Abbys assignment and how she is researching him. Suddenly, Abby bursts in and tells her mom to get away from Patrick because he is not who he says he is! She shows her mom what she found on Patrick, including a hearing for his bail! The article indicates he was involved in a senior swindle, but Patrick says he can explain. He says the real conman was Erin T Wisnewskie, and he stole his identity. Jen says she and Jack did a show on identity theft. Abby asks how they know he is telling the truth? Patrick says Hope did run a criminal check on him. Jen tells Abby that she learned a valuable lesson, a good reporter always checks the facts out. Jen says he almost forgot and gives Jen her ring back. Jen thanks him and tells Abby that a thief wouldnt have given this back. Abby says she is sorry for accusing him. Abby finishes up her internet report, and then she and Jen go upstairs to do her math homework. Patrick then sneaks onto the computer and begins searching for himself. He finds all sorts of articles on him being involved in a smuggling scheme and somehow miraculously erases the article from the London Times website! 

At the hospital, Kate gets off of a payphone after making a call. Lucas continues to talk to his mom and he tells her that he wants to be here for her when MArlena recounts Cassie an Romans murder. Kate says he is here, but with Sami. Lucas says Sami is grieving for Roman is much as she is. Kate says Sami blamed her for all these deaths when in fact it was her mother. Lucas says Marlena hasnt convicted, but Kate says MArlenas cell mate ended up dead within an hour of her arrival. She tells Lucas that he is choosing to take up with the black widows daughter. Lucas tells Kate that he knows she is meddling in Phillips life and get him to steal Belle away from Shawn, and Belle is Marlenas daughter. Kate says Sami and Belle are not the same person, Sami is her mothers daughter, that is the only explanation for the way she turned out. 

Shawn tells his dad that hopefully the truth serum will give them some explanation for what has happened. Shawn says he is hoping the truth serum indicates that she is not responsible for her actions. Bo says it might not turn out that way. Shawn says than he doesnt know how he and Belle will get passed this.

Hope talks to Lexie about how she doesnt want to railroad Marlena. Lexie says if Marlena goes through with this than it is her choice. Lexie says they need to get to the truth. Lexie says her father was obviously planning something unspeakable with Hattie, but they know Hattie is not the killer. Lexie says her father could have had another plan, and they need to find out what it is.

Later, Tek shows up with some truth serum for them. When Lexie mentions this drug relaxes the body and will rule out them being charged with coercion, Tek looks at her for using police talk. She says she used to be a cop and left the force years ago. She says she couldnt take the corruption and justice go undone, whereas Abe was patient and always trusted in the system. 

In MArlenas room, MArlena tells her family that she has to do this. She says she doesnt want to leave them, but the more doubt she sees in peoples eyes the more doubt she feels herself. She says she knows there are risks, but she is praying this all turns out fine. She says they have to know the truth tonight. Sami tells her mom that she is the only parent she has left. Marlena says they have to know the truth. Sami says she doesnt blame her, and neither does Grandpa Shawn or Eric, so how could anyone else? Sami tells her mom that she knows she hasnt been the best daughter and a big disappointment, but she is the reason she has made it through all the bad times. She tells her mom that she never gave up and always gave her faith in herself. Sami says her life might finally be turning around, but not if she loses her! Sami begs Marlena to stay with them, to see her happy, to see Belle and Shawn walk down the isle. Sami reminds her how hard she fought to come back to them when Stefano took her away. Sami says she doesnt see that fight in her now, so she asks her to get that fight back for them. MArlena says that her family is everything to her, but she cant help but wonder if they dont want her to take the truth serum because they are afraid of what she might say. She says she is trying to be brave and get to the truth, and she needs them to not take away her courage. Bo, Hope and the others walk in with the serum, and he says it is time. Sami says no! Marlena tells Sami that she is praying they will get to have a miracle and find out what really did happen. Lexie brings in monitors to monitor Marlena. Sami is worried, but MArlena says she is in good hands and trusts Lexie. John asks Bo for a few minutes alone, so the non-family leave. Sami and Belle also leave to give Marlena and John some time. However, before Sami leaves, she says she has one last thing to say. Sami says she has experience with this drug because they gave it to her in the death chamber. She tells her mom that she cant lose her again. She says this is their last chance to see her before they take her to die. Sami then begs John that she has to ask him one last favor. She asks John to break her mom escape from this place tonight! Marlena says no, and John says Bo would shoot first and ask questions later. John says even if he did get her out of here they would spend life on the run. Sami thinks John is just being selfish and doesnt want to take the risk. She says she was beginning to think he actually did love them, but if her mom dies it will be his fault just like the premonition! Sami runs out, and John says if he could help her he would. Marlena says Sami was wrong to ask him to break her out, and right now the only way to get to the truth is to take the truth serum. She asks John to promise her that if she confesses that he wont argue with her and allow it to be admissible in court. She asks him to respect her decision because it may be the last one she makes. She says if she confesses she will plead guilty. She says there will be no need for a trial, and sparing them all the pain is the most loving thing she can do for them. Marlena tells John that in his heart he knows she is right. She says she has hurt everyone so much and she needs to do this. 

Sami runs out of the room and into Lucas arms. She cries that shes already lost so many people, she cant lose her mom too. Meanwhile, Belle talks to Shawn and says her mom is going through with it. Shawn says once they know the truth they will deal with it. Belle says she hopes they can deal with it. Belle says even if her mom is guilty she will still pray for her, and she will pray for them. Later, Belle and Sami spend time together in the chapel praying. Sami tells Belle how guilty she is feeling about dreaming about her own future when Mom could die. Belle learns about Sami and Lucas being together, and she says she is very happy for her. Sami asks where Shawn is? Belle says he decided to leave town. Belle says if mom ends up being guilty she doesnt know how she and Shawn will work through this. Sami says if she and Lucas can work things out, so can she and Shawn. Later, Shawn shows up and puts his hand on her shoulder. Shawn and Belle pray, and Sami prays for her mom and to ask for her own wedding, one that might actually happen. As Sami goes to leave she is greeted by Lucas. Sami says this is the first time that she hasnt faced a terrible situation by herself. Lucas says she has lots of strength on her own, but she probably should eat something. Sami thanks Lucas for being here with her and for being with her. Lucas suggests they go to the cafeteria to get some food. Meanwhile, Belle asks Shawn if she wants to come with her to hear her moms confession. He says he wouldnt want to be anywhere else. He says he hopes they get the answers they need. Belle hopes they get ones they can live with.

Judge Fiztpatrick shows up, and Hope asks Bo what is going on? He says he has asked the judge and her stenographer to witness her statement. He says he doesnt want Marlena to somehow go free if she does confess, he doesnt want her to see the light of day again! Bo goes into Marlenas room and asks her to sign the consent form, which she does. She then tells John that if this is goodbye to please remember that she loves him. Marlena tells everyone that if she did those unspeakable things that she is deeply sorry. Belle and Shawn show up, and Marlena says whatever she says will impact all of their lives. Marlena says she just prays it is what they need to hear. LExie says she is ready to begin!


April 28, 2004
Mimi shows up at Alices Bar and Grill. Someone shoots a a rubber toy dart across the room, and hits a heart on a billboard displaying all the specials. The heart tells her to follow a line on the ground, and Mimi ends up in the kitchen. Rex has a surprise for Mimi, he has hired a chef to make them dinner. Mimi is stunned when she sees her favorite chef in the kitchen, Rocco DiSpirto. Rocco prepares Mimi and Rex a spaghetti dinner to the tune of Fever. Mimi thanks Rocco for the dinner and tells him that she loves him. Rocco says shes going to make Rex jealous. After he leaves, she thanks Rex for the best night ever. Rex says the night isnt over. Rex locks the bar up and puts on more music for them to dance to. Later they make love on the floor of the bar! Afterwards, Mimi begins talking about Marlena and the truth serum and how she feels for what Belle and Shawn must be going through now. Rex is stunned and asks why she didnt tell him earlier!

At Jens place, Abby has gone over to her friends house to do homework, and Jen apologizes to Patrick for Abbys mistake earlier with her internet search. Patrick says it is all in he past. Patrick decides to replace the gasket on Jens pipes, and of course he has to take his shirt off to do this. She asks if she can help, and he asks her to shine a flashlight down under the sink. Outside, Mickey brings Bonnie with him for the reading of Alices will, which upsets Julie, who shows up as well. As Julie is lecturing Bonnie how the reading of a will is a somber occasion, not a ho-down, they hear a scream. The run into Jens house where they find a very wet Jen and Patrick. Julie asks what is going on here? Jen gives them the quick version of what happened, and she leaves to get some towels. Julie asks her Uncle Mickey why Bonnie is here? Mickey says she was over at his house fixing his dinner and he brought her over. Jen returns with some towels, and she asks her uncle if she invited him for dinner and forgot? He says no he wanted to go over her grandmothers will with her. Julie asks if the rest of the family shouldnt be included? Mickey says hell call them later individually. Patrick tells his mom that they should give the Hortons some privacy, and he heads to the other room with his mother. Julie tells Mickey to wait and goes to check the door to make sure Bonnie isnt listening on the other side. Mickey tells Julie Horton Williams to put a sock in it! Julie says he never talked like that before he started hanging out with the queen of the underclass! She also asks Jen how long has Jack been dead because she is letting Patrick walk around like a pin-up boy! She asks Jen what she is thinking? Jen says she's thinking about asking her to leave! Julie apologizes and says perhaps it is just the reading of the will that is getting to her. Mickey says none of them want to do this, but he might as well get it over. Meanwhile, in the kitchen Bonnie tries to listen in on what is going on. Patrick stops her and tells her to stop scheming before she ruins Conner and Mimis life. Bonnie says she has spent the entire first half of her life working hard, so she deserves to spend the second half happy and in the lap of luxury. Patrick says she is taking advantage of an old man. Bonnie says she makes Mickey happy so what is wrong with letting him make her happy. Bonnie says she will not let Julie ruin this for her. Patrick says she will ruin it herself! Meanwhile, Alice says Abigail will receive a trust fund like Will, Shawn and the others, but Alice also wanted Abby to have something special. He gives Jen a piece of paper, and Jen begins to cry. Alice left Abby her prize winning cookie recipe. Julie is left Alices jewelry, some real-estate, and her shares in Titan industry. Jen is left some stocks and real-estate as well as some barer bonds. Bonnie hears this and realizes the bonds are worth a fortune. Julie warns Jen to keep them under lock and key because Bonnie would love to get her hands on them as they just like cash. Julie says she wouldn't be surprised if Bonnie is listening at the door right now, and goes to check. Bonnie comes out with a plate of food, and knocks Julie over! Bonnie apologizes, and Mickey says it was an accident, but Julie doesnt believe it. Jen tells them all that she just got a message from Hope and Marlena is about to confess under truth serum. Patrick and Bonnie both say they will come for moral support. Bonnie sees the bonds on the table, but Julie grabs them and tells Bonnie that finders keepers must be her favorite saying! Bonnie tells Julie that she better put them someplace safe because she hears they are good as cash! Bonnie says Mickey is waiting and walks off.

At the hospital, Nicole worries what will happen when Marlena takes the truth serum. She fears Marlena will reveal everything about her and Jan murdering Victor. She tells Brady then need to go stop his step-mother from taking the truth serum. Brady says it is too late, shes already started. Nicole says they have to stop this. Brady asks why this is so important? She says she feels for Marlena because Bo is going after Marlena just like he did with her, he is railroading her! Brady says Bo is a cop and isnt above the law, plus he says MArlena has agreed to do this and his dad wont let Marlena be subjected to anything wrong. Brady says at least theyll know if Marlena is innocent or not. Brady says he would like to know what happened to his grandfather, and he thought she wanted that too. She says she does, so he says they should go find out.

Upstairs, a mysterious person is walking around in a T-Rex costume. The person looks into MArlenas room, but is told by a cop guarding the room to move alone. In the room, Bo reminds everyone that he and Hope will do the questioning, and he asks John if that is clear. John refuses to let Marlena do this and tries to talk her out of this. The Judge tells John that if he doesnt cooperate than she will have Captain Brady clear the room. He says fine, and asks for another moment with his wife. As John tries to convince Marlena not to do this, Hope tells John that they need to have a word. Hope tells John that she hopes Marlena isnt the killer, but they may not find out unless MArlena does this. Meanwhile, Marlena thanks Lexie for being such a professional about all of this. Lexie warns Marlena that if she did kill her husband than she may not be able to control her anger, she may hurt her the way she hurt Abe! John goes to Marlenas side, and Marlena tells John that shes always loved the way he has protected her, but he cant do that this time. 

Outside Marlenas room, Brady and Nicole show up, and Bo begins questioning Nicole about how her accomplice is doing. Nicole insists she is not a killer and has no accomplice. Bo says as soon as Marlena confesses to all the murders accept Victors than he will come after her and her accomplice. Bo knows someone else was in the mansion the night Victor died because they left their fingerprints everywhere, and he says that someone killed Victor on her orders. He says she is not to leave the hospital because he will be taking her into the station after MArlena confesses. The T-Rex skips off after Shawn BRady, and Nicole knows it is Jan in the costume. She runs after Jan and stops her from following Shawn. Nicole tells Jan that they are both close to being nailed for Victors murder. Jan says if Shawns dad comes after her than Shawn will protect her. Nicole tells Jan that she is crazy. She tells Jan to get the hell out of this hospital now, but Jan refuses. Jan says she wants to comfort Shawn. Nicole says no way, and begins fighting with Jan. Shawn shows up and sees them fighting, and asks what Nicole is doing? Shawn says this person is here to help cheer up sick children! Nicole says the dino ran into her and she is just upset about Marlenas confession. She says she is afraid what she might do if Marlena admits to killing her husband. She tells Shawn she realizes this must be hard for him too, so if he needs to talk shes here. She hugs him and Jan thinks Nicole needs to keep her hands off. Shawn leaves, and Nicole tells Jan that she is not here to drool over Shawn!

Later, Nicole heads up to the roof where he finds Nicole standing on the ledge. He thinks shes going to jump, pulls her off, and the two land on top of one another and share a kiss. Brady pushes her away and asks why she did that? Why does she always have to use kissing to try and solve her problems! Brady thought she was going to jump, but Nicole says she was just living on the edge. Brady wonders why Nicole is so scared of Marlenas confession. She says nothing, so he says hes going to go listen and find out himself.

Bo goes into MArlenas room and tells John his time is up and it is time to start the questioning. Marlena is administered the drug, and Bo asks her to think back to the first murder. Marlena says they should go back further to the first attack. Marlena admits to attacking Bo and Hope at the Basic Black fashion show. Hope says they were almost killed in that attck. MArlena says she did her best, but it is hard getting the knack of murder. She says she did better the second time. Bo asks when she returned from Colorado, did she go straight to the penthouse? She says she did, and John wasnt there the first time. She says she was feeling on top of the world. She says there was a note on the bed and corsage telling her to meet him at the church for Theos christening. She says she realized she had time to unpack and take a shower. She says she opened her suitcase and that is when she saw it. Inside the suitcase was the mask she wore as the killer. Marlena says that is also when she realized she had no choice, she had to kill Abe! 


April 29, 2004
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At the hospital, Jen tells Patrick that she has to know if Marlena killed Jack. Patrick is worried about the stress this will put on her. Meanwhile, Mickey tells Julie he just cant believe Marlena killed their loved ones. When Bonnie tries to move in on Mickey, Patrick stops her and says Mickey has Julie to comfort him. Bonnie says she wont let Julie keep her from Mickey, and then she urges Patrick to go after Jen. She says she knows he has feelings for her. Jen approaches at this point and asks what she just said? Patrick says they are just worried about her and the baby. Jen says she is fine and is worried about LExie and the pain she is going through right now. Jen says her turn will be coming up soon, soon she will know the truth about Jack's death.

On top of the hospital roof, Lucas finds Sami standing alone. Sami is still convinced her mom wont confess, and she says she doesnt want to talk about this anymore. Lucas says fine, but they need to talk about taking responsibility for their son givin their relationship. Lucas says they are in a relationship arent they? He asks her if she regrets making love because he doesnt. They kiss, but Sami pushes him away. She says she knows what he is trying to do and he should forget it. Sami runs off, and Lucas chases after Sami and they end up back in the hospital. As Sami continues to insist to Lucas that her mom is not the killer, Mickey Bonnie and Julie approach her and Mickey says that is not the case. Mickey says MArlena has confessed already. Sami says this is a set-up, John is framing her mom and she runs off. Lucas runs after her, and Julie feels bad for Lucas being mixed up in that family. Bonnie says when two people are meant to be together there is nothing you can do to stop it, right Mickey? Mickey suggests they just go into the chapel and offer prayers for the victims and their families. Julie says that is a wonderful idea as she wants to say a prayer for Jen and the baby to be safe. 

In Marlenas room, Hope asks Lexie if she is all right, they could get another physician to finish this if need be. Lexie says she will do it, she needs to be here. Meanwhile, John wishes he could have talked Marlena out of this, but Bo says she wanted to do this. Bo continues questioning Marlena, and they recount Marlena saying she returned home from Colorado early, she unpacked her bag, she saw the mask and that is when she knew she had to kill Abe. MArlena explains how she headed over to Abes house and watched him from the bushes with the mask on. She says she knew Abe would never suspect her so it was perfect. We see her remove the mask and approach Abe. Abe was shocked to see her. She asked if he has been safe and taking precautions. Abe said he was and he had her vest on. Suddenly MArlena pulled out a gun and points it at him. HE says he doesnt understand? Marlena says she knew this would take this by surprise. Abe asks her what she is doing? MArlena says then she shot him, she killed Abe Carver. LExie is in tears and Hope holds her. LExie tries to lash out, but Hope holds her back and tells her to let her go on. Bo tells her to go on. Marlena says just as she was about to shoot Abe, Abe asks her to tell Theo and Lexie how much he loves them. Then she shot him. Marlena says she knew Abe was wearing a bullet proof vest, so she had to aim very carefully. As he lay dying, Abe asked her why? She then held the mask up to her face and says  she left him to die. Lexie asks how she could do that and why! Bo says theyll get to the motives later, first he wants a full confession. Belle turns to Shawn and wonders how they will get through this. 

Lexie leaves the room and talks to Jen. Lexie tells Jen that she has wanted to know how Abe died for so long and now she knows. She begs Jen not to go in there as in her condition she may not be able to handle it. Jen says she has to know how Jack died and why. Lexie says they still dont know why though. Tek offers to take LExie to the cafeterri and get some ice cream or comfort food. She thanks him, and she tells Jen that shell be back soon. 

Back in Marlenas room, John says the woman he loves is not a killer and there must be a reason for this. Bo and Hope discuss what MArlena has already admitted to. Hope says she cant believe Marlena wanted them dead. Bo says she is a killer and deserves the death chamber. They continue with the questions when Jen comes in. Bo asks if she killed Jack, and she says she did. She asks Jen if she wanted to hear his last words? Bo asks Marlena about Jacks murder, and Marlena recounts how she did it. She says Jack never knew what hit him, and killing Jack gave her a feeling of freedom. Marlena remembers leaning down over Jack to hear his last words. Marlena told him to spit it out because he didnt have too long to live. Jen asks what he said, and MArlena says that he said Jennifer is waiting I cant be late. MArlena say she told him that Jennifer would have a long wait, shed have to wait until hell freezes over! Jen loses it and tries to attack Marlena! Bo holds her back. 

Outside, Julie asks Mickey if he is prepared to go in after Jen and listen to Marlena talk about Maggie. Mickeys ghost appears to Mickey, and he begins rubbing his face. Julie asks Mickey if he is all right. Mickey says he will be when this is over.  Meanwhile, Bonnie asks Patrick if he told Jen that he cared for her? Patrick says he knows better than to take her advice about the opposite sex. Bonniie says if hes not careful than he will miss his chance with that girl.

Elsewhere, Sami continues to tell Lucas that she believes John and his mother framed hers, so he should start thinking about how hes going to feel when his mom is on death row. LExie and Tek show up, and Lexie tells Sami to stop this and accept that her mother is the killer. Lexie says she heard it from her own mouth, she killed Abe. LExie says MArlena is more of a monster than she is! Sami runs off in tears. Later, Lexie tells Tek that Abe would have been proud of him for being the first cop for suspecting MArlena as the killer. Lexie goes to the chapel to pray, abd Abe appears to her and says he has a message for her. Abes ghost tells her that she needs to remain strong not only as a doctor but as a mother to Theo. Abe tells LExie that she has to move on, she has his permission and her blessing. Lexie says she cant let him go. Abe says she will always love him in her heart, but she is ready to move on. Abe says he will always love her, and he vanishes. Tek shows up and asks LExie if she is ready? LExie says she is ready. Lexie is then beeped and says she has an emergency.

Sami bursts into her mother's room as Jen is going nuts after hearing Marlena confess. Sami says her mother is being framed! The judge says this may not be a court of law, but she doesnt have to put up with this. Sami insists her mom is being framed, but the judge says MArlena has confessed to two murders. Belle tells Sami that it is true, their mother cant lie under the serum, she confessed. Sami says Bo and Hope want to send their mom to the death chamber and she has chosen her boyfriend and them over their mother. John tells Sami that she doesnt belong here, but Bo suggest Sami stay and hear the confessions with her own ears. 

Jen leaves, and this time Mickey goes in to listen to Marlena recount Maggies death. Marlena admits to killing Maggie. Lucas shows up to hear this confession. Marlena says killing Maggie was just so easy, Maggie was pretty gullible and it was like leading lambs to the slaughter. Lucas asks Sami if she believes it now, her mother is a cold blodded killer. Marlena says she cant believe how easy it was to kill Maggie. We see Maggie inviting MArlena into her house, and Maggie setting the alarm and saying the killer cant get in now. Marlena told Maggie that it was good do know nobody could hurt her. Mickey tells MArlena that Maggie trusted her and he took her from him! MArlena says she had to kill Maggie because Maggie saw her eyes when she killed Abe, and the eyes tell everything as they are the windows to the soul. We see a flashback of Marlena going to leave the scene of Abes death, wearing the mask, and running into Maggie. Maggie screamed when she saw Marlena.s eyes. Marlena says she had to finish the job, and she thought her choice of weapons was inspired. We then see Marlena bludgeon Maggie with the bottle after Maggie realized Marlena was the killer. Bo questions her about going after Mickey and officer Kent after killing Maggie, and she admits she did. Lucas tells Sami that her mom is guilty, but she says no. She begs her mom to tell them that this is not true. Sami then lashes out at John, accuses him of being the killer and says she wont let him get away with it. She then rushes out of the room. Meanwhile, Belle begs Shawn for forgiveness for lying to him. Shawn says he was afraid this would happen and he just doesnt know how he will feel about her or their relationship after this

Jen goes up to the roof, and Patrick goes with her. He asks her how she is feeling. Jen says she doesnt know what she is feeling or how. She says she just feels numb. She says hearing those words coming from MArlena made her feel like she was there and could see it happening but was powerless to do anything. She says she blames herself for not being able to protect or worn jack. Jen suddenly has a pain and ends up passing out. Patrick catches her . Patrick takes Jen to the ER, and LExie checks on her. LExie does an ultrasound, and then excuses herself to get the chart. Patrick stays with Jen at her request. Patrick pulls out his trusty coin, claiming he found it when he thought he lost it. He gives it to Jen and hopes her that it will help her again. Later, Jen ends up telling Patrick that she hasnt had a cramp for a while, and she says this coin really works. Patrick says yes it does. Lexie returns and Jen says she is feeling better. Lexie says that is good and it could have just been Braxton-hicks brought on by stress. Jen says that could have been it, and LExie tells Jen to take care of herself.


April 30, 2004
The soap was interrupted a good chunk of today due to a special report on Michael Jackson. Also, this has not been proofed, so sorry for any mistakes! (My research grant deadline is tomorrow, so my life to normal soon!)

  At Alices bars, Rex asks Mimi why she didnt tell him that MArlena was taking truth serum. She says she was a little distracted by Roccos presence here, and besides she didnt want to ruin his night. Rex says he deserved to know, he thought she always told him the truth, perhaps he cant trust her. Mimi says she just got caught up in his surprise and she forgot to tell him. Rex says he is sorry and he is just a little on edge at the thought about the truth coming out about Cassie dying. Mimi says she didnt think he might want to be there, she didnt think it would give him closure. She suggests they go to the hospital. He says he wants to go, he wants to know why MArlena did this.

At the hospital chapel Phillip finds Kate praying. Kate says she came here to prepare herself for Marlenas confession. She says it makes her so angry every time she thinks about how Marlena has ruined her life by killing Cassie and Roman, and now Sami is out to ruin Lucas life. Phillip says she cant think anything serious will happen between them. She says she found the two of them together in Samis bed. Kate swears she will turn the tables on that little slut.

Sami continues to swear to Lucas that her mom is innocent, John and Kate have set her mom up. Lucas tells Sami that she has to see the truth, her mother is guilty! Sami asks what hes going to do, slap some sense into her? Lucas says he only hit her because she was hysterical, and he tells Sami that they could have a great life and relationship together. HE says that he knows his mother is a problem for them and for her, and he knows his mother has done some horrible things in the past, but she is blaming his mother so she doesnt have to accept what her mother has done. Sami says his mother is a terrible person whereas her mom . . Lucas says he is trying to be here for her, but it wont get any better for her until she accepts the truth. Sami says the truth is his mother is a killer and she and him put her on death row! Lucas says he knows and he thinks about that every day of his life. Sami says this was a mistake, the two of them together isnt going to work. She says she cant let her mom see her like this, and she tells him to forget it. Sami runs off, and Kate arrives and tells Lucas for once to listen to Sami and forget it. Lucas says he isnt going to fight with her about Sami now because he just had to listen to MArlena confess to Maggies murder, and soon it will be her turn. Phillip shows up and is in shock that Marlena is confessing. Kate says right now Sami is in there defending her mother and trying to implicate her, and this is the woman he wants to be with. 

Back in MArlenas room, Hope asks MArlena why she killed all of those innocent people! John asks them to tell them why she did this. MArlena says Maggie asked the same thing, and Caroline probably would have asked the same thing if she had the time. Marlena admits that Maggie was talking to Caroline and she couldnt wait around for Caroline to put it together, so she eliminated her. Hope asks if that is why she tried to stab Shawn. Marlena says she did try and stab Shawn, but she doesnt know who she ended up stabbing. Sami returns as Bo asks MArlena about Carolines murder. Marlena says shell tell them the whole story but they wont like it. Unfortunately due to Michael Jackson, I missed her confession about Caroline. When the show returns Will is in tears after showing up and hearing Marlena confess. Sami lashes out at Kate and thinks it was her idea to send Will in there as a part of her plan to take Will from her. Kate says she would never hurt Will. Sami takes Will off, and Lucas thinks he should be with them. Kate says he should be with Will but he should stay far far away from Sami! Kate doesnt have time to fight with him as it is her turn to go in there and listen to Marlena confess.

Belle and Shawn are in the hospital chapel. Belle knows Shawn blames her, and she says because of her he didnt have a chance to save his great grandmothers life. She asks how they will live with that? Shawn says he doesnt know, maybe they cant. Shawn says he should go back in there for the sake of his parents. Belle prays and asks God why this is happening.

Back in Marlenas room, the judge is upset that Grandpa Shawn showed up with Will and exposed Will to Marlenas confession. Bo says it is okay, and he asks his dad to stand outside because he doesnt think his heart can handle the stress. Bo asks Shawn to take Will home and hell fill him in later. Shawn agrees so that Bo isnt worried about him. Shawn tells Bo that he would make Roman proud because nothing meant more to him than seeing justice done. Before leaving Shawn tells Marlena that Caroline and Roman loved her, and they didnt deserve what she did to them, and Roman didnt deserve her. John defends Marlena, but Shawn says Marlena had everyone fooled. Shawn says after her execution he hopes she roasts in hell! Shawn leaves, and Rex shows up to hear Marlenas confession about Cassie. Kate comes in and joins Rex. Kate tells MArlena that if she killed her daughter Cassie, what is to stop her from killing Sami! Hope warns Kate that the judge could hold that threat against her. Kate apologizes, and the judge orders Kate to control herself. Bo begins questioning Marlena about Cassie. She recalls it was near thanksgiving and she had gotten confirmation that the twins were not her children, they were Kates. She also says the twins had known about it for months but lied about it. Marlena says Kate had Roman and she had the twins, who didnt want her. Marlena says she was very angry with Kate about that. Bo asks why she didnt kill Kate? Marelna says she was careful and methodical, she only kill those who could incriminate her. Marlena says when Cassie confronted her she had told her that she had not told Rex or Tony because she wanted to protect them. Bo asks what Cassie said she was going to do with the information. Marlena says she told her that she was going to the police, duh! Marlena says she played along and convinced her to stop her from killing because she was resourceful about what she had done. MArlena says Cassie was smart, but in the end she wasnt smart enough and became a big turkey. We see a flashback of Cassie falling out of the piata. Marlena says it also almost worked out that Kate was convicted as she had the perfect alibi, she was with John out of town. She said she was free to plan her next murder, Romans. 

Sami and Lucas talk to Will. Will asks if Grandma Marlena really killed all those people? Sami suggests he not judge his grandma just yet. Lucas says they should let the courts decide, and if she did commit these crimes than she isnt the same woman who they loved and loved them. Will asks why she would do this? Sami says they dont know yet. Lucas tells Will to get some rest tonight and theyll all work this out tomorrow. They send Will home with Grandpa Shawn. Sami thanks Lucas for what he said, and she says she doesnt think she can handle any I told you so right now. Sami runs up to the roof of the hospital. Lucas follows her and talks to her about being there for Will. Sami says she cant think about committing to him as a couple right now. Lucas says it is okay, they doesn't have to decide on that now. However, he says she does have to come to grips with the evidence against her mom for Wills sake. He tells Sami that she has to admit it. Sami cries and says shell admit it, her mom is the killer. She cries, and he holds her. Sami says she did kill all those people, but she refuses to believe her mother killed her father. Sami says it is impossible for her to do that because in the eyes of God and the church they were still a family. Sami says she knows that for a fact and she is going to go down there and make her mom admit it. 

Outside of Marlenas room, Kate talks to Lucas and Rex. Rex asks to have a moment alone with their mom. Lucas leaves them, and Kate is shocked that he refered to her as her mom. Rex says that is what she is to both him and Cassie. Kate says he has lost so much and it just isnt fair. Rex says he and Cassie were wrong to wait so long to ask her and roman to be a part of their lives. He says it is too late for Cassie, but hopefully not for him. Rex and Kate hug. Rex goes to talk to Mimi. He says he has heard enough and he wants to leave. Mimi says she wants to take him home and hold him all night long. He thanks her but says there is something he must do first. Rex goes to the chapel to pray for Cassie, his father, and even for Marlena. Mimi tells Rex that he is such a good man, he is definitely Roman Bradys son.

Back in Marlenas room, John asks to question Marlena. The judge allows since she doesnt see what could help her at this point. John asks about her eating the poisoned dip at Carolines wake. He asks why she would poison herself. Marlena says she thought a close call would keep people from suspecting her, but the EMTs were late and she almost died. Marlena says that is when she realized she could become the most famous serial killer of all time, a petty goal but one she was determined to achieve. Kate returns to hear MArlena confess to Romans murder, and Phillip goes with her. Bo begins talking to Marlena about Romans murder. Marlena says she chose his wedding day to kill Roman because he was her ex-husband after all. Bo asks why the blood was put in the wedding cake? Marlena says it was a warning, she was hoping that Roman would leave Kate. She says he refused and married her, so he had to kill her to make sure there was no honeymoon. We see a flashback of Marlena killing Roman and stuffing the cake topper into his mouth to cause him to stop breathing. Sami and Lucas show up at this point, and Sami says it just cant be true! Lucas tells Sami that he will help her get through this. Meanwhile Kate tells Phillip never to have to feel this pain, to find the love she and Roman had. Bo is infuriated and tells Hope that if it is the last thing he does he will see Marlena pay with her life. John doesnt know how hes going to save his wife now. Sami lashes out and asks her mom to tell her how she could do this! She screams Why would you kill daddy!

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