August 2, 2004
Shorter than usual due to a migraine. Sorry for any errors or details left out!

At Alice's Bar, Bonnie is drowning her sorrows in booze, and and a sign on the door says closed due to death in the family. Someone walks up behind Bonnie, and she smells roses. She turns around and finds Mickey standing there with a bouquet of yellow roses. She tells him how wonderful he is for coming here to cheer her up. Julie arrives, and she tells her uncle not to fall for this. Julie says Bonnie and her son are the reason they have lost Jennifer and Hope. Julie and Bonnie begin to argue, but Mickey puts a stop to it. He says they have all lost loved ones, and he tells Bonnie that the meaning of the yellow roses is for hope, just like woman put up yellow ribbons in hope that their loved ones will come back from the war safely. Bonnie is cheered up by Mickey, and she tells him that she loves him. She offers to go make him some chili, and she excuses herself. Julie tells Mickey that if Bonnie doesn't kill him, than her cooking will. Mickey says he happens to like Bonnie's cooking. Suddenly, an explosion occurs in the kitchen. Bonnie comes out and says there is a problem with the chili. Mickey says it is okay, they will go out for dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Bonnie throws the fact that Mickey wants to take her out in Julie's face. However, Mickey makes reservations for three and insists all three of them go out to eat.

At the loft, Belle and Phillip return home, and Belle is devastated over losing Shawn. She runs off to her room to cry, and Kate shows up to tell Phillip once again that he needs to make his move on Belle now. KAte learns Shawn and Belle are through, and she thinks now is Phillip's chance to be with Belle. Phillip says he doesn't know if that will ever happen. Kate says it can happen if he takes the offense. She tells him to take Belle out for dinner, and to impress her by wearing his dress blues. He considers it, but says his uniform is at the base. She tells him to go get it then! Later, Phillip decides to take his mother's advice. He tells Belle that tonight they are going out, and he'll be back soon. The next time we see Phillip he is in his military uniform buying flowers. He tells the woman selling flowers that he needs something special, he's trying to mend a broken heart.

At Sami's Place, Sami has a dream in which she is dressed as the wicked witch of the west, and Lucas is dressed up like a devil. They are arguing with one another over Lucas' proposal, and how he will only marry her if she changes. Sami snaps out of her dream and ends up furious. She goes over to Lucas' place to confront him about his unromantic proposal and how he will only marry her if she changes. He says that is not what this is about. He says he wants to marry her because he loves her, but they have to do this right. He says he is going to have dinner at the Penthouse Grill tonight  because it is his birthday, and he'd like her to join him and give him her answer.. She says she'll give it serious thought. He tells her that if she says no, than this door is closed forever

  Sami returns to her apartment, and Kate shows up looking for Lucas. Sami says Lucas is over at his place. Sami is dressed in her bathrobe and doesn't look like she's going anywhere. KAte and Sami end up exchanging nasty little comments to one another, but phrase them sweetly or subliminally to try and keep up appearances that they are keeping their truce. Kate goes over to Lucas place with a bunch of presents for him. Lucas is getting all dressed up to go out to dinner, and when Kate mentions Sami's attire and that she must not be joining them, Lucas says that  he has his answer. She asks what he is saying, he didn't . . . Lucas says yes, he proposed to Sami. Kate can't believe this and ends up fainting! Back over at Sami's, Sami realizes accepting Lucas' proposal will give Kate a coronary. She has a fantasy of Kate keeling over when she hears her accept Lucas' proposal. There is a knock at Sami's door, and Sami runs to see who it is. She thinks it is Lucas, but it is Belle. Belle is in tears and cries that she has lost Shawn forever!

In the jungle, Hope and Patrick argue over who will go down and rescue Jen. Hope decides it should be her because she is not injured, and he is. Patrick lowers Hope down to Jen as Jack watches from the other side of the cliff. Jen finally wakes up and sees Hope and Patrick above her. Jen ends up teetering dangerously on the edge of the ledge. Patrick is forced to pull Hope back up when the attempt to get to Jen fails. Hope wants to try again, but Patrick says no and this time it is his turn. She refuses, so Patrick decks her! Patrick then decides to try and lower himself. Jen sees Patrick trying to scale down the cliff on his own, and she screams at him to stop! Jack hears Jen call out Patrick's name, and he thinks she could be in danger. He says he has to get to Jen, and tries to find another way across the ravine. Meanwhile, Hope comes too after being decked by Patrick, and she looks down but doesn't see Patrick or Jen! Hope begins screaming to Jack for help.


August 3, 2004
At Samis place, Sami opens the door expecting Lucas to be there, but it is Belle, and she is in tears. She says it is over between her and Shawn. Sami invites Belle in, and Belle tells Sami the whole story that Jan told her. Sami says Jan is lying, she has to be. Belle says Phillip checked it out and Shawns fingerprints are all over the ring box. Sami says she is sorry. Belle says she always told her that Shawn wouldnt come back, and she was right. Belle says it is officially over between her and Shawn. Sami tells Belle that this sucks, and she comforts her. Sami says she (Belle) got dumped, and Lucas gave her the most insulting marriage proposal on earth, it must be a full moon tonight. Belle is stunned by Sami's news  but Sami says she wouldnt marry Lucas if he was the last man on earth. Sami tells Belle about Lucas lousy proposal, and how she told him that she wanted to be wined and dined. Sami says Lucas took the hint and decided to take her out to the Penthouse Grill and propose. Belle says she doesnt looked dressed to go out. Sami says that is because shes not going out. Belle tells Sami that she needs to go out with Lucas, he is her soul mate. Belle thinks that the reason her other relationships with Austin and Brandon didnt work out is because she belongs with Lucas. Sami doesnt think that is true, and she tells Belle that Lucas said some horrible things about her. Belle says maybe whatever he said wasnt wrong, and she tells Sami that the reason she lost Brandon and Austin is because she lied to them, and Lucas just doesnt want that to happen. Belle tells Sami that if she loves Lucas than she shouldnt blow it. If she doesnt express her true feelings to Lucas, then he wont wait around forever. Belle tells Sami to take it from her, love doesnt last forever. Belle asks Sami if she wants to live without the man of her dreams? She says of course not, so Belle tells her to go get dressed! Belle heads out, and Sami still tells herself that shes not accepting Lucas proposal.

Over at Lucas place, Kate recovers after fainting, and she asks Lucas why he is punishing her like this? Lucas says he is not punishing her, he is trying to marry the woman he loves. She says he needs to change his mind about this otherwise hell ruin his life marrying that bitch of a woman. Lucas says so much for your truce with your step-daughter. Lucas says in 56 minutes hell know whether or not Sami will make him the happiest man on earth. Kate says she wishes she could talk him out of this, but Lucas says she cant. Kate says she just came from Sami's place, and she doesnt think Sami is coming out with him. Lucas says they will see. Kate decides to head off, and says goodbye to Lucas.

Out in the hall, Belle and Kate run into one another. Kate tells her that she is sorry about Shawn, and she asks if she is going out with Phillip tonight? She says she is and that shes on her way to get dressed. Belle walks off, and Kate goes in to check on Sami. She finds her curled up with a book, and she is pleased. Sami ends up telling Kate to leave, and she slams the door in Kates face. Kate says it looks like Sami isnt going out tonight. She says Lucas will be upset, but in the long run it will make Lucas happy. Kate walks off, and Lucas heads to Samis apartment. He hopes she is dressed, and when Sami opens the door, he is stunned. 

At the loft, Phillip returns and decides that his mother is right, Belle needs someone who can treat her with respect. He looks for Belle, but she is gone. Outside, Mimi and Rex show up, and Mimi is still in mourning. Mimi wants to go spend some time with Belle, so they head into the loft where they run into Phillip in his dress blues. Mimi asks why he looks all spiffy? Phillip informs them of his plans to take Belle out to dinner. Rex accuses him of trying to steal Belle from Shawn, and he decks Phillip! Phillip says hes going to wish he hadnt done that! Mimi tells them to stop this, and Phillip explains that Shawn sent his purity ring back to Belle. He says he was going to take Belle out to dinner to try and cheer her up. Rex says Mimi wanted to spend the evening with Belle, so they should all just go out to dinner. Belle shows up, and Mimi and Belle end up comforting one another. Mimi says shes so sorry about Shawn. Belle says shell be okay, and shes sorry about Patrick. Belle asks what they can do? Phillip says they were all thinking of going out to dinner. Belle thinks that is a good idea. Belle says she just needs to dry her tears and get ready. Meanwhile, Rex thinks Phillip is just waiting to make a move on Belle. Mimi says after Shawn, a man like Phillip is just what Belle needs.

At the station, Tek and John hack into the DiMera computer server in order to try and find out if Stefano is alive. Unfortunately the connection ends up being lost before they can find out anything. Tek says if Stefano is behind all of this, then hes already killed half the town and done God knows what with his wife. Tek asks John who he thinks Stefano might come after next? John says you! Tek asks why Stefano would come after him? John says because he is getting close to Lexie. Tek doesnt understand. John says Stefano wont like it, and someone else who has a problem with it is himself! John says he was tempted to smack him upside the head when he saw him kiss Lexie in Salem Place. Tek says he never would have gone near Lexie if it werent for Abes note. John doesnt know about the letter, so Tek informs him. Tek says he thinks that he and Lexie can have a real relationship when she is ready. John apologizes and says he just feels protective of Abe. He says the truth is the man is dead and it is time for Lexie to move on. Tek says shes not the only one, and he says Kate and him also have to move on. Later, Kate shows up to see John and find out if he has heard anything about Marlena? John says nothing. Kate tells him how sorry she is. Suddenly, a policeman comes in and tells Tek that they are picking up a strange signal on the emergency band. Tek checks it out, and it is a weak SOS. However, Tek says he cant pinpoint it as there is sunspot interference with the satelitte. 

On the island, Roman and Marlena are at the penthouse. The transmitter is now with them and is still sending out SOS signals. Marlena is sitting on the couch with Roman, but she is asleep. She dreams of being in her bed and making love to John, who soon morphs into Roman! Marelena wakes up, or so we think. She is in her room and it is dark, and a pounding sound can be heard. Then Marlena wakes up for real, she is on the couch with Roman still. She asks Roman to hold her. As he does, someone spies on them from the terrace. Roman comforts Marlena and assures her that he won t let anything happen to her. Marlena asks Roman if he thinks their signal will actually reach anyone? He says he hopes so, and he hopes moving it here to the penthouse will help as it is higher up and may help send out the signal. Marlena tells Roman that he should get some rest, and she says she can watch the gizmo. Roman says hed rather not rest right now. He says he cant sleep until they find a way off this island. Later, Marlena worries about Jen and if Hope or Patrick have found them. Roman doesnt know, but he thinks someone is sending them a message to stay put. MArlena asks Roman what if their host picks up the SOS signal? Roman says he and Abe considered it, but they decided they had to try. Roman then spots someone on the balcony, and he catches Cassie spying on them! Roman brings her in, and she says she just wanted to see the machine. She says Grandma Caroline and Victor told her about the machine earlier. She says she hopes it works because she misses Rex so much. She tells Roman, who she calls daddy, that she cant take this anymore. Marlena offers to get them some lemonade, but Cassie says shell get it. She leaves, and Marlena thinks something is wrong here. She says she hates to say this, but Cassie is a manipulator. Marlena says Cassie have never called him daddy before. She thinks Cassie could be working for Tony or for Stefano. Roman tells Marlena that Cassie is not spying on them. Marlena asks how he can be so sure? She says Cassie could have been programmed. Roman says he and Cassie have built a relationship while here, and he thinks Cassie now knows what separates the Bradys from the DiMeras. He says she is glad to be a Brady now, and she reminds him of Kate. Marlena apologizes for being so suspicious. Marlena then begins to worry that their device might not contact anyone, and they could be stuck here forever. Roman says at least they have one another. In the background, Cassie continues to watch them.

In the jungle, Jen remains stuck on the ledge, and she calls out to Hope. Hope hears Jen, but she doesnt know where Patrick is. Patrick is then shown hanging from the side of the cliff. Suddenly, he slips and loses his grip on the vine! Hope continues to call out to Jen and Patrick, but nobody answers her this time. She then calls out to Jack, and he doesn't answer. The camera pans down, and Jen is still on the ledge and she is crying that her baby is coming. Suddenly, Patrick climbs up onto the ledge with Jennifer! Jennifer sees his arm is bleeding, but he says not to worry about it. Jen is in tears and she thinks both her and the baby are going to die. Patrick tells her that she is not going to die and neither is the baby. However, he tells her to stay still because if her placenta was to rupture then she might go into labor. Patrick holds her to try and keep her warm. Jen cries about Jack and the baby, and how much she loves them. Suddenly, Hope shouts down to Patrick, and he says he can hear her. Patrick says they need help getting out, and if Jen is moved to suddenly she could go into labor. Hope asks how to get through the forcefield? Patrick shows her the coin and tells her to use this. He explains that she needs to jam the code box with a random code of even and odd keys, and then throw the coin into the field. He then throws the coin up to Hope. She misses catching it the first time, but catches it the second time he throws it. Patrick also urges her to get to the forcefield before dark. Hope takes off, and Jen cries that the baby is coming! Meanwhile, as Hope heads through the jungle, someone mysterious is following her! 


August 4, 2004
Mimi and Rex are outside their loft. They have gotten all dressed up to go out to dinner, and Mimi worries because they cant afford the Penthouse Grill. Rex says he has some cash stashed away from all his bartending gigs, so it will be okay. Mimi asks Rex to just promise her that he wont get into it with Phillip tonight. Mimi says she is so angry with Shawn for what hes done, and perhaps he wasnt right for her all along. Perhaps, she says, Belle needs someone like Phillip.

At Belle and Phillips loft, Phillip looks at a photo of Shawn and Belle and says Shawn doesnt deserve her. He says as soon as shes ready to hear it, he will tell her that he loves her. Meanwhile, Jan calls and Belle answers the phone. Jan asks how she is doing, and Belle says she is getting ready to go to dinner at the Penthouse grill with Phillip, Rex and Mimi. Jan says that is a coincidence, her fianc is taking her there tonight. Belle says she has to go, and she and Phillip meet up with Rex and Mimi outside the loft. Belle tells them all that she just got a call from Jan, and shes going to be at the grill tonight with her fianc. Belle says it looks like they'll get to meet the mystery man at last. 

At Jans place, Jan tells Shawn good news, shes decided to let him see Belle. Shawn cant believe it, but she says she is going to let him see Belle on her computer. He asks if she has cameras all over Salem? Jan says she is going to prove to him that he has lost Belle to Phillip. She tells him they are so hot they may even go for an R or X rating tonight! She tells him to have fun watching Belle in Phillips arms! Jan then takes off.

At Titan, Brady and Nicole are working together. Nicole realizes she has left a crucial report in her office, so she goes to get it. Meanwhile, Kate and John show up, they are dressed for dinner, but have come here because John wants to talk to Brady. John goes in to see Brady for a moment, and he tells Brady that he wants him to quit working here immediately. He asks Brady to come work at his family's business, Basic Black. Brady says this business is also his familys business and he cant turn his back on it. He also says he and Nicole work well together. John says it all boils down to Nicole doesnt it, he has chosen his grandfathers widow over his own father.

Meanwhile, Kate looks in her purse and finds a photo of Lucas. She hopes he wont make the biggest mistake of his life tonight. At Samis place, Sami answers her door in a bathrobe. She tells Lucas that shes not marrying him, not now and not ever. Lucas cant believe her, and he says he never wants to see her again starting right now! Sami says hes got it, and slams the door in his face! However, this was all in Kates head, it never happened! Nicole ends up finding Kate in the hall, and she asks if she is confused because she doesnt work here anymore? Nicole then tells Kate that she will still bring her down, and she will do it now that Victor is dead and not around to protect her. Kate says Bo is still alive, and he thinks she is a murderer! She tells Nicole that Bo will put her away, and the only thing shell be doing is prison laundry.

At Samis place, for real this time, Lucas knocks on the door and Sami answers in her bathrobe! Lucas thinks he has his answer, but she tells him not to go. When she takes off her robe, underneath she is all dressed up to go out with him. He asks if this mean she is coming to dinner, and she says yeah. They then share a kiss.

At Mickeys place, Julie is all dressed up for dinner. Mickey is glad she is coming with him and Bonnie to dinner because he thinks she and Bonnie can learn to be good friends. Bonnie shows up, and she looks like some kind of glitter covered country singer from the fifties! She has poofy blonde hair and a powder blue dress on that is covered in rhinestones. Julie is stunned, but Mickey tells her that she looks very impressive. Bonnie says she wanted to make sure she turned heads tonight, and Julie says she will! Julie then fantasizes about telling the manager at the Penthouse Grill that a working girl might show up tonight dressed in cowgirl duds and accompanying her Uncle Mickey. When Bonnie finally shows up, she is escorted off the premises! Julie smiles when she thinks about her fantasy, and all three of them head off to the Penthouse Grill.

Belle, Phillip, Rex and Mimi arrive at the Penthouse Grill, followed shortly after by Jan. Jan sees them all sit at their table, and she begins talking to herself as if she was a reporter giving live commentary on what is happening at the Penthouse Grill. We soon learn as she talks, it is sent via live feed to her computer! Her ring is not only a camera, but a microphone; and her earrings send Shawns voice to her. She shows Shawn how happy Belle and Phillip are together. As she does, Mimi catches her and calls her an evil bitch. She thinks she is up to something as her fianc isnt with her. Jan says hes not here yet. Mimi calls her by her full name, Jan Britney Spears, and says she is such a liar! As they talk, Shawn hears Mimis voice and yells to her for help, hoping she will hear him somehow. The hostess tells Jan that her fiance called and says hes running late, so she should order without him. Jan tells Mimi she told her so, and then walks off.

Meanwhile, Phillip and Belle are alone at the table, and Phillip says he hasnt told her just how he feels. She says of course he has, and she thinks he is talking about the special girl in his life. Phillip says he is, and he is practicing on her. Belle tells Phillip not to worry, she knows he will end up happily ever after.

John and Kate show up for diner, and Rex and Mimi come over to say hello to her. Kate is happy to see them, and she tells Mimi how sorry she is about her brother. Later, John and Kate talk, and she thanks him from coming to her rescue with Nicole back at Titan. She says it was very gallant of him. He says he has to look out for the people he cares about. She says she understands, and she begins ranting about her children and the mistakes they keep making. She tells John that Lucas is planning to propose to Sami tonight, in public, if she agrees to come to dinner. Suddenly, Lucas shows up, and he is alone. Kate is relieved, until Sami walks in behind him. Later, Lucas takes Sami out to the terrace and proposes to her!

Meanwhile, Belle and Phillip see Sami come in, and Belle tells Phillip it must mean that Sami is going to accept Lucas proposal. She is so happy she gives Phillip a hug, which Shawn sees via Jans spy cam. Suddenly, Rex confronts Jan and makes a comment about  her interesting jewelry.

Mickey, Bonnie and Julie show up. Mickey says he has reservations for three, but the manager says he cannot seat this woman! Julie smiles, and Bonnie looks stunned. However, it turns out the table he was going to seat them at is not appropriate, he wants them to have the best table in the house! He thinks Bonnies dress is a masterpiece, a work of art! Bonnie giggles and calls herself royalty, and Julie is aghast that the man likes her outfit. Later, Mimi ends up confronting her mom about what she is doing as her son just died! Bonnie makes a comment that Patrick would want her to keep living.

Back at Titan, Nicole tells Brady that he knows his dad probably tried to get him to quit. She asks what he decided? Brady says he is still working here isnt he? She is pleased that he told his dad off. She says she just ran into Kate in the hallway, and she and John left arm in arm for a dinner date. Brady doesnt think it is a bad idea, and he asks Nicole out to dinner. She says shed love to, and accepts. Nicole and Brady arrive at the penthouse grill, which ends up souring Johns mood. 

On the island, Victor and Caroline arrive at the Brady Pub. They are having a good time together, and Victor comments that right now he is so happy he doesn't care if they never see Salem again. Roman walks in and doesnt look happy at all. Roman then notices letters on the table, and Caroline says they look like invitations. He goes through them, and they each have one of their names on it. Maggie shows up and says she got an invitation as well, but she hasnt opened it. Roman opens the invitation, which invites them for cocktails and dinner, as well as a slice of life, at the penthouse. They realize that is Marlena's place, and they wonder what is in store for them tonight.

At the penthouse, the SOS device continues to run, and Marlena hopes that someone hears the message. As she waits, someone in black arrives at Marlenas door! They are carrying a gold box, and they open her door! However, the person in black soon backs away and walks off. Back inside, Marlena becomes drowsy. Suddenly, we see a black glove release a snake into Marlenas penthouse! Meanwhile, Roman and Maggie arrive outside, and they hear Marlena scream. They rush inside, and curled up on the floor is a snake! Roman tells her not to move, and he takes care of the snake. He throws it off the balcony, and then comforts an upset Marlena. Maggie found an invitation to Marlena in her kitchen, and it is like all the others. Marlena wonders what is going on here, what is happening? Maggie also says in the kitchen is a huge buffet table filled with all sorts of food. Marlena says this is impossible, how could someone do this with her here? Maggie suggests maybe she was asleep, but Marlena says she wasnt. She says she was writing in her journal the whole time. She also says whoever did this must have seen their device. Roman says maybe, or maybe not. Roman suggests they all get dressed for this party. Later, people begin to arrive for the party, and Roman asks to talk to his mother alone. Caroline knows he disapproves of Victor, and she says he just cares about her and it is comforting. She assures him that she is not being unfaithful to his father anymore than he is cheating on Kate by living her with MArlena. Roman says he has to stay here because the machine is here, but she says pish posh. She tells him the situations are no different, so put that in his pipe and smoke it! Suddenly, Marlena sees something shocking, drops her wine glass, and asks if that is who she thinks it is?


August 5, 2004
A bit shorter than normal due to my long day. 
At the Penthouse Grill, various couples continue to enjoy their evenings. Mickey talks to Julia about how wonderful Bonnie is and how beautiful she is to him. He says hes having thoughts he should be having, and she asks like what? Mickey says she'll find out, and he decides to go ask Bonnie something. Julie rolls her eyes. MEanwhile, Mimi asks her mom how she can be here like this given her son just died. Bonnie insists Patrick isn't dead, he is still alive. 

Belle sees Sami arrive and she thinks this means Sami has accepted Lucas' proposal. Phillip and Belle hug, which Shawn sees thanks to Jan's spy camera. Meanwhile, Rex finds Jans earring on the floor, picks it up, and comments that it looks like spy gear. Shawn hears Rex talking, so he screams for help, and Rex hears something! He thinks the voice sounds familiar, and he asks Jan who is on the other end of this, and why does she have it?. She says it is a transmitter, and claims  her father designed it for ISA, and she wears it as a reminder of him. He asks what it is transmitting? She says nothing, it just picks up things from time to time. Mimi ends up interrupting their conversation, and insists they dance. 

Meanwhile, Kate vents to John about Sami and Lucas, and John vents to her about Nicole and Brady. Kate thinks Sami is just doing this to get under her skin, and she wants to put a stop to it. John says if she does that than she risks losing Lucas forever. John tells her she should also consider giving them her blessings, but she says no way. 

Brady, who is with Nicole, notices his sister with Phillip and heads over to talk to her. Nicole notice Jan and tries to hide behind her menu. Brady goes to talk to Belle about her being on a date with Phil. Phillip excuses himself to let them talk. As he leaves, Phillip makes a snide remark that he hopes the opera house is going well. Brady asks if she is on date with Phillip? She asks if he is out with Nicole? Brady says they are just friend, but he cant say the same about her and Phil. She says he is helping her through a rough time, and she tells him about Shawn dumping her. Brady says she should forget about Shawn, and he thinks Phil has a hidden agenda. She says he doesn't, and he is in love with someone else. Brady says yeah, sure. She questions him about Nicole and asks if something happened with Chloe? Brady says she is moving on, and so is he. Belle heads off, and Nicole comes over and asks Brady to dance.

Lucas takes Sami out to the balcony where a romantic private dinner is set up. He gives her a simple proposal, and she laughs and says he has to do better than that! She says he has to woo her, she needs to know he spent more than ten minutes planning to ask her the most important question of her life. She says he has till midnight to do better, and then she takes off. Lucas wonders if hes made a huge mistake. Philip comes out to congratulate, but Lucas says she didnt say yes, and explains what she said to him. Phillip says so do it! Do whatever it takes. Kate shows up and says that worst advice ever! Lucas warns her once again not to make him chose between her and Sami. Lucas walks off, and she feels if Sami says yes than she will lose Lucas.

Lucas goes to Julie for a favor. Lucas says he needs her help, and he fills her in on his failed proposal. He asks how Doug would have done it, what advice would he give him if he was here? Julie says she knows what Doug would say, but is he game?

Meanwhile, Sami finds John alone and she asks if he is out on the town with Kate again? She says he's not wasting anytime is he.  He tells her to stop it and sit down. She does, and he says he knows about the proposal. She thinks Kate has brainwashed him into being against her and Lucas, but he says no. He says this marriage would make her mom very proud and happy. She runs out of the room crying, and he goes after her. She cries in his arms, and she says she misses her. Sami  says she cant even go talk to her grave and talks to her because her body is gone. Sami asks what they have done with her? John says he doesn't know. She says this is just  like the last time she disappeared when she was a little girl. Sami remembers thinking of John as her father, and she says shes glad Belle doesnt know what has happened. John says they should keep it to themselves. Suddenly, Belle shows up and asks what they are hiding from her.? Sami says Belle deserves to know, and she says mom promised to pay for the wedding and honeymoon if she ever got married again, and John is is trying to renege on the offer. Belle tells her dad that she cant believe him, and she asks Sami if she is going to accept? Phillip shows up, and they both encourage her to say yes. John then offers to pay for the wedding, and Belle and Phillip go to dance. John thinks she could be his kid after all, that was quick thinking. They both smile, and John agrees to pay for it and says that is what fathers are for. 

Belle and Phillip dance, and Belle ends up pulling Phillip into a kiss as they dance. Phillip pulls away and asks what about Shawn. She says forget about him, he is the man shes always loved. Of course its all in Phils head. As they dance, Jan continues to send Shawn feed, and Shawn damns Phillip for doing this to him.

Meanwhile, Kate meets back up with John, and they hit the dance floor. The Jitterbug comes on, and most of the couples decide this is a little too fast for them. Suddenly, Mickey and Bonnie hit the floor and everyone watches. Julie is of course horrified and downs a drink.

Sami searches for Lucas and wonders where he is. She thinks he ditched her and goes to leave, but he finds her and says he has a surprise for her on the dance floor. Lucas pulls Sami out in front of everyone to  proposes to her. Kate shakes her head, and Lucas makes a speech about his and Samis history, and how this difficult year led them to turn to one another and fall in love. Lucas says she is reluctant to marry him to trust him, so he begins singing "When a Man Loves a Woman." We end up seeing lots of classic Sami and Lucas flashbacks, and the show ends with him getting down and proposing to her

On the island, at the penthouse Caroline, Victor, Roman and Marlena are curious as to what their host has planned. Suddenly the TV turns on, and they see all their friends and family out at the Penthouse Frill. The feed suddenly stops, and Alice and Maggie show up. Later, the feed returns, and they see John and Sami hugging, which makes Marlena happy. Maggie sees Mickey and Julie, and then it goes out again. Roman wonders why their host is torturing them this way. Alice says their host is making a point, life is going on without them. Maggie refuses to believe Mickey is moving on, she thinks he must be putting up a brave front. The feed comes on again and she sees him jitterbugging. Maggie asks what he is doing with her housekeeper? She is stunned when Alice says it looks like they are on a date. Later, Marlena and Roman see Kate and John dancing, and they are equally as hurt.


August 6, 2004
Bo is at the station, sporting a black wife beater, hoping to find some sign that Hope is still alive. Tek shows up, and Bo hears the odd frequency on the computer. Tek says it is nothing, probably just sunspot. Bo asks Tek to leave it on and let him listen to the pattern. Bo says he wants to see if it changes. Tek says okay, and then he sees Lexie out in the other room and goes to check on her. Lexie says she was hoping he would be here because she needs him. LExie talks to Tek about Marlenas body, and her mothers vibes. Tek tells her not to worry about her mothers premonitions, he only trusts cold hard science. Lexie cant help it, and she worries that her father could be alive, he could be behind all the deaths of the people she loves. Tek asks Lexie if she really believes her father is behind all of this? She says it makes sense, he was obsessed with MArlena and he hated the Bradys and the Hortons. She says she tried so hard to see the good in her father, and she loved him so much, but this is something he might do. LExie says what everyone said about her father is true, he is a monster. She says she thought no matter what he was capable of, he would lay down his life for his own family, however look what he has done. She says he killed his own son, and he made her a widow. Lexie says if her father is alive and out there then God help them all. Tek says they have no proof her father is behind this. She asks then who is? She asks who is behind this? They discuss the fact that this is a far reaching conspiracy, and Milbower the mortician was obviously in on it. LExie says her father has to be behind this, who else has this power? She wonders why she ever trusted her father. Tek tells her not to blame herself, this has nothing to do with her. Lexie says everything that has happened, all the deaths, MArlenas body going missing, she has tried to stay strong but she cant. Lexie breaks down in Teks arms, and Tek says he will be here to help her. Suddenly they move in for a kiss!

Meanwhile, Bo listens to the signal and thinks it sounds familiar. Bo ends up losing the signal, but manages to get it back. Bo is confused, so he places a call to John about the odd signal. John says he and Tek heard it earlier. When Bo learns where John is, he decides to go see John. Before he leaves, Bo is convinced he has heard this signal before. Later, the signal all together disappears. Bo wonders if Tek was right and it was just sunspots.

At the Penthouse Grill, everyone is shocked by Lucas proposal. Nicole is stunned and says she doesnt know who the bigger fool is, and if Sami says yes than this will be a match made in hell. Belle wonders why Sami doesnt say yes, and Phillip says because she is making him sweat, it is typical Sami. Jan continues to send feed to Shawn of Phillip and Belle. As Belle watches Lucas and Sami, she dreams of Shawn proposing to her. Kate prays that Sami will say no, and Lucas finally asks Sami if she is going to leave him on one knee all night? Kate tells John she knows he raised Sami, but she is a little . . . . Meanwhile, Rex tells Mimi when he asks her to marry him, not to leave him hanging. Mimi says she wont say no, and when the time comes, shell probably say yes before he finishes asking her! Jan then tells Shawn she has to turn off his feed because someone might hear him, but who knows, maybe proposal fever is catching and Phillip will propose to Belle before the night is over. Suddenly, Sami gives Lucas his answer, she says yes!

Later, Belle asks Sami if she is sure about this? Sami says she is, but Belle wonders by the way she made him wait so long. Belle says she was dead set against marrying Lucas earlier, so what changed her mind? Sami says he swept her off her feet. They then talk about Shawn, and Belle tells Sami it is over and even if Shawn came back and begged her to marry him, shed say no. Jan sends this feed to a devastated Shawn. Later, Mimi and Rex decide to cut out, and Belle and Phillip decide to leave as well. Belle tells Jan she is sorry she didnt get to meet her fianc because it sounds like she knows him. Jan tells Shawn Oh believe me Belle, you do! She tells Belle that her fianc is a great guy, he is a lot like Phillip in a way.

John congratulates Lucas and hopes he knows what hes getting into. Lucas asks John if he thinks hes making a mistake? John says no, and he is happy for him and has agreed to pay for the wedding and honeymoon. Meanwhile, Kate goes to Phillip and says Lucas has thrown away his life, so now he is her only hope. She says he is her only chance to have a happy future and grandchild. Phillip says he is tired of her acting like he is the only one her future counts on. Rex confronts Kate and says he is her son too. Kate says she is sorry, and she is happy for him and Mimi. She says Sami just gets to her. Kate says it means a lot to her to have a second chance with him, and she says his happiness does matter to her and she does love him. She gives him a hug and tells him never to doubt her love for him.

Brady congratulates Sami on finding happiness, given how long shes been after it. Sami tells him that was a cheap shot, and she says hell never find happiness if he keeps panting after the merry widow slut of Salem! Brady says it is nice to know getting everything shes ever wanted hasnt mellowed her.

Later, John and Kate dance, and he tries to convince Kate to go congratulate Sami. He says hell go with her. Meanwhile, Sami hates seeing John with Kate and she says it is like they are spitting on her parents grave. Lucas reminds her of her promise to try and get along with his mother. Sami says he is right, and she wont let anything ruin his happiness. John and Kate approach Sami and Lucas, and she wishes them success and happy marriage. Neither Lucas nor Sami believe her, and Sami asks what the hell she wants?

On the island, Doug and Abe arrive at the party at the penthouse. Roman fills them in on what has been happening. Doug asks where Maggie and Alice are? Marlena says Maggie saw Mickey with Bonnie, and it upset her, so they left. Marlena says they all want to believe their loved ones are waiting for them, but Doug says they think they are all dead. Abe says that is all the more reason they have to make sure this machine keeps sending out its signal. As Roman checks on the machine, Victor tells Caroline he really wants to see what is going on with Brady and Nicole. Caroline says she was shocked to see Jan there. Victor says he doesnt like that she is hanging out with Phillip and Belle, and he cant believe Nicole hasnt gotten rid of her yet because she is a danger to Nicoles freedom. As Roman and Abe talk about the others out in the jungle and whether they are alive, Tony arrives and says he doesnt think they will find any sign of them alive. Roman asks if he knows what happened to them, but Tony says no. He says he just thinks there is little chance they will survive. Tony asks what this gathering is about, and Roman tells him that their host is playing a game with them. Caroline tells him about the video feed they are being shown, and Tony says obviously this reality show is meant to hurt them. Doug tells Tony to just tell them how to get off the island. Victor says Tony wont hone up to anything. Tony says he has nothing to confess to, he does not know how to get off this island. He then sees their SOS machine and asks what it is? He asks if it is a communication device? Roman explains what it is, and Tony says it is clever. Victor asks Tony if he is going to help them get off this island or not, but Tony says he cant. He says if he was behind this, than he never would have revealed himself to him. Tony realizes the machine isnt sending Morse code. Abe asks Roman when he changed the machine? Roman says it is a signal he and Bo came up with as kids, he just hope Bo picks up on it. Later, the feed picks up, and Victor hates seeing Brady and Nicole getting closer. Roman and Marlena see Lucas with Sami, and then they see Kate and John bonding. Tony comments about how it seems John and Kate are turning to one another to ease their pain and sorrow. Roman tells him to shut the hell up, nothing is going on between John and Kate! Tony says sure there isnt, any fool can see that. Abe says he doesnt see LExie, is she there with anyone? Roman says they havent seen Lexie, they dont think she is there. Abe is relieved, but Tony tells him not to expect LExie to mourn him forever because she has needs and desires. Abe says of course he doesnt expect her to mourn him forever because he is alive! Abe says they will get out of here and they will make him or whoever is behind this pay! Abe says the phoenix will not rise again. Suddenly, the live feed stops. Roman says it must mean there wasnt something they werent meant to see. Victor and Caroline decide to leave because they say this is just torturing themselves. Abe says Victor is right, and he doesnt know if he could handle seeing Lexie with someone else. Roman and MArlena go out to the terrace, and Roman tells Marlena that John and Kate are just spending time with one another as a soruce of comfort. MArlena says she knows, and she thinks if John were to move on, that Kate would be a good choice. Roman says he would feel that way if he was dead, but hes not. Roman says that is why they have to get back to Salem. Marlena breaks down and asks what if it doesnt work? Roman stops her from crying by pulling her into a kiss. Roman quickly apologizes, and he says he is sorry for doing that. He says he just remembered when they were married, and she would get upset, she said it would help when he kissed her because she couldnt worry about anything else. Marlena says it still works, and they laugh. Suddenly they hear a noise, go back inside, and find Tony has broken the SOS device. He says he fell on the table and hes afraid it is broken the device, but not to worry because hes fine!

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