August 9, 2004
Missed the first few minutes of the show today . . .

At the Penthouse Grill, Bo meets up with John to talk about the signal. They go out to the terrace, and Bo tells him that there was a signal coming over the Police Computers, it wasnt Morse code, but it was familiar to him. John says so basically they have to figure out what the code is, what the message is, and who sent it! Bo thinks it could have come from the plane Hope was on, but John says he is grasping at straws. John says the plane and the black box were blown to bits.  Bo says the only way hell get answers is to get the signal back and put it on tape. John says if he can get a tape of the signal than he will have the ISA analyze it. 

Meanwhile, Kate gives Sami a hug, which pleases an onlooking Lucas. As they hug, they exchange threats to one another, and call each other bitch! After the embrace, Kate says that one person who will be very happy about this news is Will. Sami agrees with Kate, as does Lucas. Lucas tells Sami that they should go to Wills camp and give him the news right away. Sami thinks that is a great idea because she doesn't want to wait until the end of the summer to tell him.

Phillip and Belle are slow dancing, and as they dance, Belle dreams she is dancing with Shawn. Belle ends up getting a little too close to Phillip, kisses him, and then quickly apologizes. She says she was thinking about Shawn, and she is sorry. She thinks shes never going to get over Shawn. Phillip says she will get over Shawn one day, hes been there, he knows. He says she wont have to go through this alone either, hell be here with her every step of the way. Phillip says Shawn deserted her, but he wont. 

Later, Belle and Phillip talk to Kate, and she says she hopes one day Phillip will be happy as Lucas is, and perhaps Belle can help Phillip out. Belle says sure, what are friends for. Phillip tells his mom one engagement at a time! Belle asks where her dad is, and Kate says hes on the terrace with Bo. Sami walks over, and Belle congratulates Sami. Sami asks Belle to design her dress for her, and Belle says she'd love to. As they talk about the dress, Kate cant believe Sami is going to wear white. Sami says of course she is, and then she says she forgot Kate wore off white. Kate says she wore ivory. Sami and Belle take off to talk dresses, and Lucas thanks Kate for trying to make this work. Later, Sami and Lucas decide to call it a night and head home in order to get an early start to see Will tomorrow.

Back on the terrace, Bo confronts Phillip about hanging out with Shawns girlfriend. Phillip says hes doing what Shawn isnt, hes being here for Belle. Bo gets angry with Phillip for disrespecting Shawn. Phillip says there is something about Shawn he doesnt know, so Bo tells him to spill it. Phillip tells him the whole story, which Bo thinks is suspicious. He doesnt think Shawn would have done this, but John says hes just grateful to Phillip for being a good friend to Belle. Bo asks if Shawn knows about his mom, and Phillip says he doesn't think so. John and Bo go get a drink and let Bo have some air. Bo refuses to believe his son would have sent back Belle's ring. Bo looks up at the stars, sees that her star is shining bright, and says it is like a sign. He hopes she can see the star wherever she is amd he hopes she isnt giving up as well. Bo knows she is alive and he say he will find her wherever she is. He says he wont give up on her until she is back in his arms.

Later, Phillip takes Belle home, and John talks to Kate about what a great son he has. She is proud of him, and she tells John that she also feels luck to have him (John) at a time like this. John and Kate hold one anothers hands.

Lucas takes Sami home, and they share a kiss outside of Samis apartment. Sami then tells Lucas thank you for a lovely evening, and slams the door in his face!

At Jans place, Jan asks Shawn which of the live feeds was his favorite? The one when Belle said it was over between them forever, or the one when she said shed never marry him, even if he begged? He asks why she tortures him like this? Jan says she prefers to think of it as tough love. She asks Shawn which one he liked the most? She begins playing the clips again in order to torture Shawn some more. Shawn says he cant believe Belle moved on so quickly, but it is only because she (Jan) played God with their lives. Jan says he hasnt been gone that long and Belle has already moved on. She asks what she has to do to prove to him that Belle is over, videotape them making love? She says she didnt want to have to do this, but hes going to need to see the R rated version. She tells him that she bets Belle is wild in the sack, and she and Phillip dont have any purity rings to keep them from bumping and grinding all night long! Shawn lashes out at Jan, and Jan leaves and says shell give him a chance to calm down.

At Titan, Nicole looks at a report which Brady is printing up, and asks Brady what he did? Why did he do this? Nicole says her name is on this report, why? He says she worked on this as much as he did, so she deserves the credit. She realizes he is giving her her job back, and she is stunned. She tells him not to do this, the board might not like it. He says he knows she wants to work, and he knows she is bored, so he asks her to take the job. Nicole says she will. She thanks Brady for doing this. She says this is special to her because it is a vote of confidence from the one person she admires most in this world, him. Nicole begins to cry because of what Brady did for her. He tells her that she is making much to big a deal out of this, and if shes going to cry every time he does something nice than maybe he has to be mean to calm her down. She says maybe it is Lucas and Samis engagement that is causing her to be so emotional. She says everyone is pairing off, it is like Noah's arc, everyone but her that is. She says she was about to give up on happiness until this happened, she says she has given him a second chance. He says he had no idea this would make her so happy. Nicole says one thing would make her happier, to have him. Brady says he is embarrassed now. HE tells her that she has done some nice things for him too, trying to send him to see Chloe and then shielding him from the tabloid report was very unselfish of her. Nicole goes to kiss him, but backs off. She cries and says she doesnt know what she was thinking, this wont work between them. Brady says theyll never know unless they try, and he pulls her into a kiss.

On the island, Hope is in the jungle attempting to get back to New Salem when suddenly she passes out! As she lays on the ground, someone walks up to her and stands next to her. It is a figure, probably a man, in jungle fatigues, but we never see their face. As she stirs awake, the person backs away from her. Hope tells herself that she needs to keep going, she needs to get help for Jen and the baby. Hope ends up passing back out, and the person watching her pulls a machete out from their belt! However, he ends up stabbing something on the ground near Hope (a spider or lizard). Meanwhile, Hope hears Bos voice as he is talking in Salem, as he is telling her to listen to the sound of his voice and use it to find her way back to them. Hope gets up and runs into the jungle. Hope finally makes it back to the force field, and she follows Patricks instructions on how to disable the force field. The force field ends up showering sparks, and she screams.

At the penthouse, the islanders are upset after Tony breaks their SOS machine, which they think he did on purpose. He tells them that he doesnt want to rain on their parade, but if someone has received their signal, wouldnt they have radioed back by now? He also says if Stefano is behind this island than it would have a protective barrier to keep any signals from getting off the island, that is why their cell phones dont work. He says look at it this way, he has saved them weeks of disappointment. Suddenly, a sound beeps, and Marlena says it came from Tony's coat. Abe searches him and finds a working PDA on him. Marlena says perhaps they can use it to call home! Abe tries to use the PDA to call out, but he cant get a signal. Tony laughs and says the beep was only an indication the battery is low, and the PDA hasnt worked since he got here. Abe says hes right, the battery is low, Tony may be telling the truth for once. Tony takes his PDA back and says next time they want to borrow something to just ask. Roman asks him to leave so they can get to work fixing their machine. He says fine, but before he goes there is something they should know. HE tells them that their escape attempts really are pointless, but he wishes them luck fixing their gadget. Abe says they will have it up and working in no time. Tony leaves, and he mumbles that he isnt going to like this! Doug decides to go search the parameter before turning in for sign of the others. Before he can leave there is then a knock at the door, Marlena answers, and it is Hope. Hope stumbles in and says they need help! She then passes out!


August 10, 2004
Phillip and NuBelle are walking home through the park when Mimi and Rex spot them. Mimi and Belle excuse themselves to enjoy some girl talk. Mimi tells Belle that it was sweet of Phillip to take her out tonight. She says he has been very good to her. Belle says right now she is worried about Sami and Lucas, she is afraid Sami lied to Lucas about accepting his proposal, and if she did, he wont forgive her. Mimi asks why would Sami lie?  Belle thinks Sami said yes only to drive Kate crazy. Belle says Sami could regret this because great guys dont come around that often. Mimi wonders if Belle is now talking about her sister or herself. Belle says she tried to do everything she could to get Shawn to come back, but Mini says shes speaking about Phillip. Mimi says she understands that she hasnt gotten Shawn out of her heart, but she needs to move on, and why not with Phillip? Belle says they are just friends. Mimi says Rex thinks Phillip is in love with her, and she says Phillip is totally hot. Belle says she already asked Phillip if he loved her, and he said no, he loves some other girl. Mimi says she bets if she left her door open by mistake one night that Phillip would come pay her a visit. Belle says he wouldnt.

Meanwhile, Phillip tells Rex whatever thought he has to keep it to himself. Rex tells Phillip that he thinks he only wants to get Belle into bed, and he needs to back off! Rex and Phillip argue, and Phillip asks why he is the bad guy when Shawn is the one who hurt her? Rex tells Phillip to just admit hes been secretly in love with Belle the whole time. Phillip says he wont admit anything because it is none of his business, and besides it isnt true. Phillip then notices the girls are no where to be seen. Elsewhere, two guys approach Belle and Mimi and try and give them beers. Phillip and rex show up, and they go nuts and begin beating the guys up. The girls scream at them to stop, but the boys wont let up. Phillip forces the one guy to apologize, and he does. Rex does the same with the other guy, and the guys said they were just being friendly. Phillip and Rex tell them to get out of here and not to come back. Mimi and Belle then scold them for being macho jerks. They say they were fine and could have taken care of themselves. 

The next we see of the gang, they are back at Belles. The girls are still scolding the guys for what they did. Mimi tends to a cut on Rexs hand, and Belle offers to sew up a rip in Phillips jacket. Phillip takes off his jacket and gives it to her. Mimi decides they need to leave Phillip and Belle alone, so she convinces Rex to go back to his place. Rex doesnt want to leave Phillip with Belle, but Mimi thinks Phillip could be just the guy Belle needs. After they leave, Phillip catches Belle looking at an old birthday card Shawn gave her. Phillip tells Belle that she shouldnt sleep alone tonight, so she needs to go upstairs and get ready for bed because hes going to give her a surprise. Phillip heads out of the loft, leaving Belle wondering if Phillip really does have feelings for her. She wonders what she will do. Later, Belle heads upstairs and begins trying to figure out what to wear. Soon, shirtless Phillip shows up with a stuffed dog for her to take to bed, so that she doesnt have to sleep alone. Belle thanks him and she tells him to go find the girl he is in love with and be with her. Phillip says he cant, hes waiting for the right time. Belle says he is adorable, and she is relieved. She says she thought that he wanted to . . . she quickly says never mind and for him to forget it. She hugs him and tells him that he is the best friend. Later, Phillip, who cant sleep, fantasizes about being with Belle. Phillip soon snaps himself out of his fantasy, and begins lifting weights. Belle hears the clanking of his weights from her room, investigates, and begins watching him work out. 

Mimi and Rex return to their place where they enjoy a make-out session and a shower. As they shower, Mimi feels bad for Belle because she is alone. Rex says she has Phillip, who obviously wants her. Later, Rex and Mimi take their love making to the bed. 

At Samis place, Sami kisses Lucas, says goodnight to him, and shuts the door in his face. He opens the door, walks into her apartment, and asks if he has missed something here? Lucas says she is treating him like they just had a not so good first date. He wants to know what in the hell is going on. Sami tells Lucas that everything he did tonight came straight from his heart, but she cant say the same. She says she accepted his proposal under false pretenses. Lucas is furious and asks what she is saying? Sami says when she was getting dressed to go out with him, she wasnt going to accept the proposal. She says she was only going to go out and say yes because she thought it would kill Kate. Lucas cant believe this, and he thinks that is why she made him propose in front of everyone. Sami says she wanted a real proposal, and she wanted Kate to see. Lucas is furious and tells Sami to forget he proposed, he never wants to see her again and as far as hes concerned she can spend the rest of her life alone and miserable. He storms out of her apartment, and she rushes after him. She tells him not to go, but he says he shouldnt have proposed, and there is no way he will marry her now. She tells him to give her a chance to explain. She says he is always criticizing her faults, well he has a short fuse and never listens. She asks him to come in and let her explain! She invites him back in, and he listens to her. She says what she said was true, she only went out with him to make Kate suffer. Lucas thinks this was all a sick joke, and he calls her a sadistic bitch. She tells him to let her finish. Sami says when he propose to her, she was touched because she knew his feelings for her were real, and hers for him were real as well. She says she realized how much he loved her and how much she loved him. She says she realized she couldnt ruin her one chance for true happiness, so she answered from her heart. Sami says when she said yes she meant every word of it, and it wasnt about Kate. She says she loves him and she hopes he still wants them to have a future together. Sami says she will understand if he is mad and doesnt want to see her again, but she had to tell him the truth. Lucas gets up and ends up pulling Sami into a kiss. Sami says she cant wait to marry him, and she says her ring is so beautiful. Lucas says it was the best he could do. She thinks they should turn the lights off so she can look at it in the moon light. They head to the window, kiss, and enjoy their happiness. They soon disrobe one another and make love. 

On the island, Abe and Roman discuss the mastermind, who they think is DiMera, and they think Tony is working with him. Meanwhile, Hope shows up at Marlenas penthouse and says they need help, they may die if they dont get help, and then she collapses. They put Hope on the couch, and Doug and MArlena tend to her. Abe and Roman wonder how Hope got through the force field. Roman says Patrick must have known, and Abe says he also must have shown Hope, so she might be able to get them out of here. Meanwhile, Doug worries as to why Hope is not coming to. Marlena doesnt know, but she doesnt think her injuries are life threatening. Hope finally comes too, and Abe and Roman question her about what happened. Hope only says that they have to rescue Jen before the baby comes. Hope tells them that Jen and Patrick are trapped on a ledge in a ravine. She says Jack needs help too, and Jen could go into labor. Hope says she will lead them to Patrick and Jen. Hope gets up, but quickly collapses into her fathers arms. They put Hope back on the couch and wait for her to come too again, but Doug worries that it could be too late for Jen and the baby by then.

Out on the ledge, Patrick tries to keep Jen calm, but she says she is worried about the baby. Jen is also worried about Hope and Jack. Patrick says if Hope got back to the others than they will probably wait till daybreak to come for them. Jen says Jack may not last that long, but Patrick says he will fight because he knows she needs him. Jen says Patrick is right, Jack never gives up. Patrick says in the meantime they will be safe here until help comes. Suddenly, Patrick notices the ledge is starting to crumble! Patrick tries to keep this from Jen, but she soon finds out. Suddenly, Jen cries out that her baby is coming and hell have to deliver it! Patrick thinks he needs to climb back up to the ledge because it will take wait off this ledge and buy them some time. Patrick climbs back up the cliff face, and Jen begins screaming when more contractions come. The ledge continues to crumble, causing Jen to scream for help. Patrick ends up reaching down to Jen, and she grabs onto his hand as the last of the ledge begins to crumble. 


August 11, 2004
Posted without proofing! Sorry for any mistakes!
At Rex and Mimis, Rex wakes up and finds Mimi crying. Mimi says she cant believe her brother is gone, and she just wants her family back together. She wonders how she will ever get over this. Rex says she wont. She asks if she will feel this way forever? Rex says the pain you feel when you lose someone you care about never goes away, but in time it does get better. Rex says he still misses his sister every day, but he feels better now compared to what he felt when he first lost her. Mimi says she doesnt mean to bring up this bad stuff, and she is trying hard to be strong. She says it just hurts so much, and she doesnt know how Rex dealt with it. Rex says he doesnt know what he would have done if it wasnt for her, so he will help her get through this. Rex and Mimi begin going at it, and Rex asks if this is what she wants? She says of course it is, but Rex thinks this is all out of escape. Mimi says ignoring things is the Lockhart way. Rex says talking helps to, and he suggests she talk about Patrick when they were kids. Mimi says she was pretty young when he moved out, but he always protected her. She says he was a rebel too. She remembers when they took their one and only family vacation, which almost ended in disaster because of him. She says her mother one a trip to an island, which turned out to be a hell hole, mosquito infested island which probably wasnt even on the charts. She says while her parents were throwing their money away in the casino, she and Patrick went on a safari in the jungle looking for the Temple of Doom ala Indiana Jones. She says he nearly lost his life after stumbling into a nest of banana spiders. Rex says those are one of the most deadly spiders in the world. Rex says if Patrick was bitten he could have died. Mimi says he was bitten, and he had to be flown to Miami to be treated. She says if she hadnt pulled him out of the nest in time he might have really died. Mimi says Patrick never got over his fear of spiders, and the doctors said if he was bitten again hed never recover, he would die a slow and painful death. Later, Mimi thanks Rex for helping her, and she says she is feeling better, and they end up kissing.

At Jans house, Jan continues to play the tapes for Shawn and tells her about all the things they are going to do in bed together. Shawn tells her to shut the hell up. Jan says he should be thanking her, now he knows what is going on between them. Shawn says nothing is going on, they arent in love and arent doing anything! Jan asks him if he is sure about that? Shawn says Phillip is his family, and Belle is his girlfriend, there is no way theyd ever hook up. He says they were only out to dinner as friends! Shawn then excuses himself to go take a shower, the only other thing he can do in this cage other than sleep. Jan says she will do whatever it takes to make him see the light. Jan spies on Shawn as he showers, and she ends up taking off all her clothes to join him in the shower. However, it turns out to be a fantasy in Jans head, and she knows Shawn will never give her a chance as long as he thinks Belle is saving it for him. Jan says the only thing left for her to do is to go back to the loft and shoot Belle and Phillip!

At Belle and Phillips loft, Belle spies on Phillip, and he ends up grabbing her and flipping her over his shoulder! Phillip is shocked, and sorry that he attacked Belle. Belle came down to get a fan, and he says she shouldnt have sneaked up on him. Belle says she is sore now, so Phillip puts her on the couch and gives her a massage. He also says he knows what will make her feel better, and pulls her into a kiss! Of course this was all in his head. Belle asks Phillip what hes going to do to make her feel better? He says whiskey, it is the best anesthesia if you have no medical supplies on hand. She says shell take hers with diet soda, so Phillip fixes her a drink. He also offers to give her a massage to help her back pains. Meanwhile, Jan shows up outside on the fire-escapes with her camera and begins taping them. Shes apparently sending the feed straight to her PC, where Shawn watches. Shawn says he has to get out of here before Belle does something she regrets. Back at Belel and Phillips, they hear Rex and Mimi going at it loudly! There is a heat wave on, so they all have their windows open as the AC isnt working. They giggle when they hear Mimi and Rex doing it. Belle then asks Phillip to tell her about sex and what it is like. Phillip says they are friends, he cant tell her about stuff like that. Belle says she doesnt want him to tell her, she wants him to show her. She tells him to make love to her right here and right now, and pulls him into a kiss. Back at Jans, Shawn watches Belle and Phillip kissing.

Back over at Mimis, Rex is asleep, and Mimi suddenly feels a pain in her stomach. She goes into the bathroom and notices she is bleeding. She wonders what is going on. 

On the island, its a full moon, and a skull is superimposed over the moon. At the penthouse, Roman and Abe need Hope awake and alert to help them, and Roman and Abe ask if there isnt a drug or stimulant they could give her. Marlena says there is a drug, but it has a risk, if she gave it to Hope than she might not wake up at all. They ask if she has the medicine, and she says she does at her real home, so she should here as well. She looks in her bag and finds the drug, which is adrenaline. She looks at the bottle and says it should be safe, unless the medicine has been tampered with by their captors. Abe asks if she can tell if the drug has been altered, and she says no. Roman says they cant take the risk. Doug suggests they test it on him, and if it is lethal they will find out. Marlena tests it on Doug, and nothing happens. As she goes to give it to Hope, Doug suddenly collapses! Hope finally wakes up and asks what they have done to Doug? Abe says he has a pulse, but it is weak. Roman explains to Hope what they did, and she begs her dad to wake up. Doug comes to, and he is fine. Marlena says all that happened was that he got a little light headed from the adrenaline. Hope and Doug are both glad each other is fine, and Hope says they have to get to Jen. Abe asks they will, but how did she get through the forcefield? She tells them it was Patrick and a coin he had. Abe and Roman still dont trust Patrick, but Hope says she does. She says she doesnt think Patrick would do all of this if he was working for their host. She says this doesnt matter, they are wasting time and they need to get to them. Abe says that he and roman will take it from here. Hope says she is the only one who knows where they are! Marlena tells Hope to listen to them, she is only conscious because of the drug she gave her. Roman says she wont do anyone any good if she collapses out there. Hope says okay, she will explain where Jen is and she will give them the coin. Hope then realizes she has lost the coin! 

Out in the jungle, Patrick is holding onto the edge of the cliff with one hand and is pulling Jennifer up with the other. The ledge under Jen crumbles, and she screams. Jen tells him that hes going to fall! Jen manages to find footing on what is left of the ledge. Patrick tells Jen to think about Jack, Abby and the baby and to use that strength to help herself and help him. He tells her to think about the coin, but she says that Hope has the coin. Patrick says the coin had no power, it just helped her focus her thoughts. He says she needs to focus her thoughts now, it is all mind over matter. Jen tries to calm herself and stop her contractions. She tells the baby now is not the time for him or her to come. As Patrick tries to pull Jen up, a tarantula begins crawling towards his hand. Jens contractions stop, and then she sees the spider on his hand. Patrick realizes it is a banana spider, and if it bites him he is dead. Jen tells him to do something, flick it off! 


August 12, 2004
Once again I haven't proofed this! Sorry for any errors!
Mimi remembers having stomach pains and bleeding, so she makes a call to her mom. Bonnie answers the phone, in an annoyed voice, and Mimi says nothing. Apparently Mimi hung up right as Bonnie, who took awhile to get to the phone, answered. Mimi doesnt want to bother Belle because she has enough problems of her own. 

Outside of Belles loft, Jan continues to film Phillip and Belles love fest and sends it to her computer, which an angry Shawn watches. In the loft, Phillip kisses Belle, and then he asks her if she really wants him? She kisses him back, and he says he doesnt want her to do something shell regret. Belle says she has questioned herself for years, and she is done with the questioning. She says she just wants to live, and she wants him to make love to her. Phillip picks Belle up and carries her upstairs. Jan tells Shawn that she guesses they are taking it upstairs, and because the fire-escape doesnt go high enough, hell have to use his imagination! Phillip and Belle head up to her room where the begin to kiss one another. Belle looks like she has doubts on her face, but doesnt stop. Phillip takes off her bra, and they begin to go at it. Meanwhile, Jan sends images of herself to Shawn asking him if he can imagine what is going on in the bedroom upstairs? She says oops, I forgot, you cant because Belle never let you make love to her. She tells Shawn that she is the one who has remained true to him, unlike that slut Belle. Jan says Belle jerked him around for years, and now she is upstairs surrendering everything to Phillip. Shawn tells her to shut up! Jan says Belle is the one betraying him with his best friend and his uncle, this is completely incestuous! Shawn says hes not listening to her anymore! Jan says maybe she can open the window, sneak inside, climb up and show him what hes been missing. Jan opens up the window and climbs into Belle and Phillips place. Upstairs, Belle and Phillip hear someone downstairs, so Phillip goes to investigate. He finds Mimi downstairs, and she came over to talk to Belle. Belle comes down, and Mimi realizes she may have interrupted something. Jan has snuck back outside, and she tells Shawn that Mimi interrupted and she bets Phillip could kill her now. Back at Jans, Shawn goes nuts, and as he shakes the cage, one of the bars falls lose. Shawn then begins going to work trying to escape. Back at Belles, Jan packs up her things and takes off, while Mimi feels embarrassed about what she interrupted. She says shell head off, but Phillip leaves to take a shower so Belle and Mimi can talk. Mimi tells her that she is so sorry, but Belle says nothing happened. Belle asks if she wants to talk? Mimi says it is late and they can talk later. Mimi runs out of the loft, and Belle begins to think about the events of tonight with Phillip. Belle sits on the couch and sips something from a cup. Phillip eventually returns from his nice cold shower, and hes draped in nothing but a towel. Phillip asks what Mimi wanted? Belle says she didnt say, she left because she thought she was interrupting. Belle tells Phillip that she never should have had that drink. She says her back does feel better now, and its late so shes going to go to bed. Phillip says hes just going to watch some TV. Belle says shell see him in the morning then. Belle heads upstairs, and Phillip sits on the couch. 

Back at Jans, Shawn hides the broken piece of cage when Jan returns. She asks if he missed her? He says yeah, like the plague. Jan tells Shawn if he is bummed out than it is his own fault because he wouldnt believe that they were doing it. Shawn says he doesnt want to talk about this anymore, he just wants to sleep. She says fine and heads off. After she leaves, Shawn goes to work trying to pry off more of the cage bars. 

Mimi heads over to her moms place, and Bonnie asks if there is bad news about Patrick? Mimi says it cant get any worse, he is gone. Bonnie says his body has not been found so she is not giving up on him! Mimi thinks she shouldnt be here, but Bonnie says of course she should because she needs to talk. Bonnie thinks Mimi is upset about Patrick, and she says they just need to pray that he will come back. Bonnie tells her about how once Patrick ran away and was gone for two days, she told God she would give all her toys to the poor if Patrick would come back. Mimi says shes not here because of Patrick. Bonnie asks if she had a fight with Rex? Bonnie says she told her so, and she needs to set her sights elsewhere, for example towards becoming Mrs. Shawn Brady. Mimi tells her not to start. Bonnie says shes just looking out for her future. Mimi says she may not have a future! Bonnie asks what she just said? Mimi says she loves Rex, but she will not have a future with him. Bonnie asks what this is about really? Mimi says she should just go before Rex wakes up and worries. Bonnie asks what is going on? Mimi asks what her grandma died again. Bonnie says uterine cancer. Mimi cries, and Bonnie asks her what is wrong. Mimi tells her mom about bleeding a lot when she went to the bathroom. Mimi says she might have cancer and could die like grandma. 

At the penthouse on the island, Hope searches for the coin, which she has lost. She says it is the only way to get through the forcefield, and she says she has to go back to the jungle and look for it. Roman and Abe tells her to think to were she last had the coin. Hope says the coin is the only thing that will allow them to get through the forcefield and to Jen. Doug asks Hope when she last saw the coin? She remembers using it to disable the field, and she was blinded by the electrical charge. She says it must be still on the ground. Doug and Abe decide to go look for the coin, and Roman remains behind to work on the transmitter. However, Roman tells them not to go on a rescue mission without him. Hope insists on going with them because only she can lead them to Jen and Patrick. Abe says first things first, he and Doug will go look for the coin. Marlena cares for Hope, and Roman works on the transmitter. Roman explains to Hope what he is doing, and she hopes Bo gets the signal. Roman manages to get the machine fixed, and he says they cant tell Tony about this because he may sabotage it again. Roman realizes the signal isnt as strong as it was before, and he doesnt know how long it will keep working. 

Doug and Abe head to the force field and look for the coin. As they search, they hear a scream in the distance, and Doug wonders if it was Jen. Doug eventually finds the coin in the ground. Abe says hell go back and tell the others. Doug wants to go look for Jen and Patrick themselves because he doesnt want to put Hope in anymore danger, but Abe says he promised Roman he would go back. 

Doug and Abe return to the penthouse and tell them that they found the doubloon. Hope insists on going with them through the jungle, but Doug says no way. Hope says she is the only one who can lead them to Jen and Patrick. She says it is too difficult to explain, but she made marks on the way and will recognize her own path. Abe says Hope is right, and Marlena says she will go too in order to help Jen. Doug wants to go as well, but Roman tells him that he needs to stay here. Roman says someone has to protect Maggie and Mrs. H, but Doug says Maggie has turned into an Amazon, she carries that huge machete everywhere she goes. Roman says the machine needs to be protected as well. Doug doesnt want to, so Abe tells him as the commander of the real Salem PD he orders Doug to stay in Fake Salem. Doug finally agrees to stay. 

Roman, Marlena, Abe and Hope head back to the force field. Hope tells Roman how to disarm the force field. She jams the code box, and Roman throws the coin at the field. However, it doesnt disarm! Hope says something is wrong. They try again and nothing happens. Roman thinks their host has figured out what they are doing, and he has fixed it. In the bushes, we see the mysterious figure watching them. 

Down in the ravine, Jen tells Patrick not move because there is a tarantula on his hand. Patrick says it is a banana spider, one bite and hes dead. Jen tells him to flick it off! Patrick begins to lose his grip on the ledge, butt he regains it and the spider is gone. She says no it isnt; now its crawling on her! Patrick flicks the spider off of Jen, and he once again begins to lose his grip on the ledge. To make matters worse, Jen begins having more labor pains. She tells Patrick that the contractions are getting closer together. Patrick comes up with the idea of having Jen climb up him as if he was a ladder. She says shell try, and it works! Jen gets to the top, and then Patrick follows after almost falling himself. After pulling himself up, Patrick finds Jen passed out at the top of the cliff. He tends to her, and she finally comes to. She asks what happened, and he says she must have fainted due to the labor pains. She asks if Jack or Hope have returned, but he says not yet. Patrick ends up carrying Jen to a cave. Jen apologizes to Patrick for doing this to him. He tells her not to worry because now he knows what it is like to carry this kid. Jen laughs, but then gets hit with another contraction. Patrick decides to build a fire in the opening to keep the animals away. Patrick says maybe Hope and the others will see the smoke and track them. Jen is hit with more pains. Later, a now shirtless Patrick brings Jen some water. Jen is now delirious and thinks Patrick is Jack. Jen thinks Jack is with her and is telling her that he delivered Abby, so he can deliver this baby. Jen pulls Jack, who is really Patrick, into a kiss. She is then hit with another pain and says the baby is coming!


August 13, 2004
At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole finds Brady swimming in the pool. She remembers Brady pulling her into a kiss earlier in the week when they were at Titam. Brady gets out of the pool and approaches Nicole. He says hes glad shes here. She says she is too because now they can pick up where they left off. Nicole pulls Brady into a kiss, but he pulls away and says he cant. She asks what he means, he kissed her at Titan. He says that kiss shouldnt have happened. Nicole says but it keeps happening. She says she knows why she kissed him, so why did he kiss her? He says he kissed her because he wanted to, but it was . . . She says she knows, a mistake. She says let her guess, he kissed her in the heat of the moment. He says he's sorry.  She says speaking of heat, she is burning up. She pushes Brady into the pool, and he says he didnt mean to hurt her. She says she is okay, and he says hes feeling guilty for leading her on. She says he should! Nicole joins Brady in the pool, and she says it is cold. Brady says it isnt bad once you get your entire body wet, and he dunks her. When she comes up, she says her top fell off! Brady ties her top back on, and he tells Nicole that she deserves better than this, and he cant do this because of Chloe. Nicole says he deserves better than Chloe. Brady says he still loves Chloe, and he wont be unfaithful when he doesnt even know what happened. He says hes tired of guessing and decides to call Chloe.

Chloe gets into her limo after a performance in Vienna. She has some white roses with her. Her driver tells her that Vienna loves her. She says it is all very flattering, but her heart belongs to Brady Black. Chloe thinks about the last time she saw Brady. Later, it begins to storm outside. Chloe asks her driver how long before they get there? He says not much longer. He says it is a shame that all flights were grounded, but the benefit for the concert hall isnt until tomorrow, and she will be fine. Chloe gets a call from Brady on her cell phone. Suddenly, the driver swerves his car to avoid and oncoming truck, and the car goes off the road! Back at the mansion, Brady is stunned when Chloes phone goes dead.

At the Lockharts, Mimi tells her mom that she thinks she has cancer of the uterus and she is going to die just like Grandma did. Bonnie tells Mimi to go to the doctor in the morning, but until then, try not to panic. Suddenly, Rex shows up, and Mimi tells her mom not to say anything. Bonnie says she wont, but she wouldnt have to keep secrets from Shawn Brady! Mimi lets Rex in, and Rex says he woke up and got her note that she was here. He asks if something is wrong? Mimi says nothing is wrong, why? He says he wonders why she came over here so late. Bonnie says she needed a favor, she needed Mimi to pick up Connor from his sleepover and take him to day camp. Mimi says everything is okay, its just been a long day. Rex says he knows, but he has something that might cheer her up. He hands her a piece of paper, which shocks her. Bonnie tries to look at the paper, and it is some kind of contest he won. Rex explains he entered a science contest, and he won a cash prize. He wants to take Mimi to Hawaii next winter with the winnings. She cries shed love to, and breaks into tears. Rex asks what is wrong, he thought shed be happy. Bonnie says she is happy, that is why she is crying. Mimi says shes just never had a man love her so much. Rex says he doesnt get it, everything is going their way and she is so sad. Mimi says she is happy for him. Rex says it is late, so they better get back home. Mimi tells her mom that shell do what they talked about tomorrow. Mimi and Rex leave, and Bonnie asks God to take her instead of Mimi.

John shows up at Basic Black to do some work. It is late, and he is surprised to find Kate is also working. Kate says she was just trying to keep busy. He says that is why he is here, and he has a feeling it will be like this for a long long time. John says he hasnt been able to sleep since finding out Marlenas body was taken. Kate says Sami thinks Marlena was buried alive, but John says no, she is gone and shes not coming back. Kate asks what he will tell Belle? He says he doesnt know, and Marlena would know how to handle this. Kate understands. She says when she was with Roman it felt like her future was filled with hope, but now she doesnt have a future. A thunderclap is heard, and Kate decides to get going because of the storm. Kate gives John a peck on the cheek, and she leaves. Later, a guard tells John that someone went up to the roof. John thinks he knows who is up there and says hell check it out. John finds Kate up on the roof. She says she was right about the storm, it looks like it is going to a bad one. John says this roof probably isnt the best place to be. He tells her to come back down with him. Kate asks John if he thought she was going to jump? She says she is much too big of a coward to take that way out. He says she is not a coward, she is one of the bravest and strongest women hes ever known. John says she is a good woman. Kate begins to cry, and she says he is a good man. John says Doc made him that way, but now he finds himself questioning who he is and what he might become. She tells him not to be ridiculous. John says he was Stefanos assassin. Kate says he has wonderful children and made Marlena happy. He says and she made Roman happy, happier than he ever saw Roman since he stole Marlena from him. Kate tells him not to blame himself for what happened, he and Marlena were the great loves of one anothers lives, and Roman was the great love of her life. She says they cant come to grips with the fact that theyve lost the centers of their beings. John says only the two of them understand the pain the other is going through. Kate touches Johns cheek and says Marlena and Roman would want them to be happy and to work through this. Kate gives John a kiss on the cheek, and then they end up sharing a passionate kiss! It begins to poor, and John takes off his shirt and then wrips off Kates blouse! The two begin to really go at it as it pours on them. 

  On the island, Hope, Marlena, Roman and Abe are standing in front of the force field, and Hope is unable to disable the force field using Patricks technique. Someone in the bushes watches them try and fail. He then clicks a button on a gadget he has, and the force field shuts down. Roman thinks they should go, but Abe says this could be a trap to kill them by turning it back on when they walk through. Roman says they have to take the chance, so Abe tests it. When they realize it is safe, they all slip through. Right after they get through, the force field turns back on. They realize they were let through, and wonder if they will be able to get back later. Abe says theyll think about that later. The gang begins trekking through the jungle when suddenly Roman falls into a pit! To make matters worse, there are sharp wooden spikes in the pit! Abe lowers himself down to help Roman, who has only impaled his foot. Marlena goes to his aid, and she works bandaging his foot up. She says he cant walk on this foot, but Roman says he has to get to Jen. He tells them to find him something to use as a crutch. Marlena tells Hope and Abe to go ahead, she will stay with Roman. She gives Abe and Hope some supplies to help with Jen, and they say they have paramedic training and will be okay. They take off, and Roman asks Marlena what his foot looks like? Marlena doesnt want Roman to see the wound, and she tells him to stop moving and let him do her job. She puts antiseptic on the wound, and Roman insists on looking at the wound. Marlena tries to distract him, and she ends up pulling Roman into a kiss. Meanwhile, Abe and Hope continue through the jungle, and she is able to find her trail markings. They walk on, unaware they are being followed by someone who is messing with their trail! 

In the cave, Jen hallucinates and thinks Patrick is Jack. Patrick realizes Jen thinks he is Jack, so he plays along. Jen asks Jack to lie next to her, so he says he will. However, he pulls away from her, and she asks what is wrong, does he not love her anymore? Jen asks Jack if he loves her, and Patrick says of course he loves her. He says however hed rather a real doctor deliver this baby, and hed rather they not have it in a cave or a cabin. Jen laughs, and she says it hurt. Patrick asks how he can make the pain go away? She says he needs to hold her, kiss her, show her how much he loves her. Patrick ends up pulling Jen into a kiss! Jen says if she doesnt make it through this, if they dont make it through, at least theyll go together. She then remembers Abby. Patrick tells her to stay calm, no one is going to die. Jen then begins to remember all the dangerous situations she and Jack have been through together (flashbacks of the car hanging over the cliff, the acid vat, and more recently the rope bridge collapsing). Jen says theyve had some amazing adventures together, and Patrick says they will have many more. He says nothing is too much for the amazing Devereuxs, and that would be a good name for them should they ever join the circus. She tells him not to make her laugh and just kiss her. Patrick hesitates, and she tells Jack to come kiss her! Patrick leans in and kisses her. Jen gets another contraction, and she says it wont be much longer now. Patrick tells himself that Hope has to get here and fast because he cant deliver this baby. 

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