November 29, 2004
At Samis place, Lucas makes Sami some breakfast and asks her to please eat. Sami is upset because Kate set her up with the whole Thanksgiving at the Carvers thing. She tells him that he knows it is true. Lucas says this isnt working. Sami panics, but he tells her there is no problem between them, the problem is between her and his mom. Lucas says he thought they could get along, but he was wrong. Lucas says he will handle his mother. Lucas decides to head out to deal with his mother. Sami tells him good luck, and to give her hell. Sami then remembers a moment at Thanksgiving with Brandon, and realizes she has to get Brandon to leave Salem and leave her alone.

At the hospital, John is still in pain from all the drugs hes been given. He remembers seeing death reaching for him and telling him to come with him. He snaps awake, grabs a mans hand, and says they are killing him! It turns out it was just a male nurse, and he tells John to calm down. As John says someone has been here and is trying to kill him, the mystery person watches from the closet. After the nurse leaves the man comes out and injects Johns IV with more of the drug.

Elsewhere, Lexie is with Abe, who can now see again. Abe has just been discharged from the clinic, and has a prescription for some meds. He says he just wants to get it filled and then they can head home. Brandon shows up after getting a message they wanted to meet him. Abe says he is a sight for sore eyes, and Brandon is glad his dad can see again. Brandon says this is a miracle, but Abe says there is bad news. Abe says he can see for now, but its probably just temporary. Abe says he will go blind again, and it will most likely be permanent. Brandon asks if there is nothing that can be done? Lexie says he has some eye drops to slow the loss, but Abe says it wont delay the inevitable. LExie says they arent giving up, and shes consulting with an eye surgeon to see if there is a remedy. Abe says hes going to take in every moment he can with his wife and children. Abe tells them all that this is not the end of the world, and he is lucky to be alive and back home with the people he loves. He says some of the others arent so blessed. Abe and Lexie head off, and Brandon makes a phone call. Sami shows up and interrupts his call. She says she really needs to talk to him about Thanksgiving and the moment they shared. Sami says she felt sparks between them, and she says she wants him to know she wont let him come between her and Lucas. Brandon says he wont, but she needs to be honest with herself. She says if she still has feelings for him then she should postpone her wedding to Lucas. Sami says she cant, if she does then Kate will destroy them. She says she wont let anyone or anything stop this wedding. Brandon says the only one who can screw this up for her is her, he isnt going to interfere. Sami says shes glad they had this talk. Sami thanks him and gives him a hug. She walks off, and Lexie shows up in the background and doesnt like seeing them together. 

Meanwhile, Abe goes to check on John and narrowly catches the mystery man in Johns room. John asks Abe if something is wrong? Abe squints and his vision is blurry, so he cant see the person in the closet. Abe says he is fine, and he tells John how sorry he is about Marlena. John says Marlena wouldnt want to see him stuck in this bed, he has to be up and around for the kids, he has to walk Belle down that isle. Abe tells him to hang in there for the people he loves. Lexie checks on John later, and she says she cant give him anymore pain medication right now. He says hell deal with the pain if she can fix his legs and get him walking again. She says there isnt too much she can do right now. He says he wont give up, and she says that is a good attitude to have. She tells him to rest, which makes him laugh because hes been trying to. She leaves, and the mystery man comes back to give John more drugs. John remembers being on the raft with Marlena. John looks up at the mystery person and says he was wondering when hed see them again. 

Lexie meets up with Abe and Brandon again, and Abe says he has some news. Abe says the surgeon confirms that he will be blind again and there is no way surgery can help. Abe says he wants to make the most of the days of sight he has left, and he wants to make the most of this holiday season. Abe says they are together again and no one will separate them. He says all he needs to get his prescription filled and hell be ready to go. Abe takes off, and Lexie breaks down. Brandon ends up comforting Lexie.

At Belles loft, Phillip shows up and says he has a gift for her. He asks if she is okay because she seems preoccupied, and she says shes a little worried about the way Shawn stormed out on Thanksgiving. Phillip says he thought it was a good thing. Belle says she is just worried about him, what if he gets in another accident? Phillip says they would have heard, and he tells her to stop doing this to herself and think about the future. He says they are getting married. Kate shows up and hears Phillip say this, and she says that is wonderful! Kate looks at the ring, and she asks Phillip why he didnt tell her that he was going to propose? Phillip says he wanted to make sure she said yes first. Kate asks when the date is and she wants to help. Phillip says they dont have much time, they are just going to have a small quick wedding. She asks why they are in such a hurry, Belle isnt? Belle says no! Phillip says hes been called overseas to combat. Kate says no, she says she will not lose him. Phillip tells her not to worry about him while he is gone, and this is the reason he joined the marines. Kate says she just lost her husband and her daughter, she doesnt want to lose him too. Phillip says she wont, having Belle waiting for him when he gets back is all the incentive he needs to come home safely. Lucas shows up, he says Kates office said she was here, and he says they needs to talk about Sami. Lucas pulls Kate outside and tells Kate that he knows she set up that dinner to get back at Sami. He tells his mother that if she keeps this up then hell turn his back on her. She says she doesnt want to see Sami hurt him. Lucas says he loves Sami and she loves him, so there is nothing she can do to stop them. Kate says fine, and she says her real concern right now is Phillip and Belle and their wedding. Lucas realizes they are engaged. Meanwhile, as Phillip is tell Belle how he cant wait to marry her, Belle imagines it is Shawn telling her the same words. Belle says she cant wait to marry him either. Lucas and Kate return, and Lucas congratulates Belle and Phillip. He also learns about Phillip being shipped off. Phillip asks his mom to help give Belle the wedding of her dreams as they dont have all that much time to work with. Kate asks if they set a date, and Belle says yes. Belle says they want it to be the same day as Samis wedding. Sami walks in at this point and flips out on Belle. She says no way is this going to happen! She says Belle is supposed to be her maid of honor, was she planning on giving her a rain check? Belle says she is sorry but it is the only day that works for them. Sami says there are plenty of days to get married. Kate says Phillip is getting shipped overseas, so Sami should be happy for her sister and show some compassion. Lucas says there is no big deal, theyll just move their wedding back a few days. Sami says no, that is there wedding day. Kate asks what the problem is, why cant she delay her wedding? She asks Sami if she has no heart? Lucas tells Sami it is no big deal. Belle asks Sami if she will postpone her wedding? As Sami looks at Belle and Phillip she imagines she is looking at them through a target! Sami lashes out at Belle for betraying her and says she should start calling her Carrie! Phillip tells Sami to get mad at him if she needs to be mad at someone, but she says it is obvious her sister is trying to ruin her wedding. Lucas tells Sami that she is going too far, and he asks why this date is so important because they dont have invitations or anything. Lucas says it is no big deal if they postpone it. She says she doesnt want to postpone their happiness. Belle suggests they share the wedding, they can have a double ceremony. She says her dad can walk them both down the isle. Sami says John isnt going near the church on her wedding day as she hates him for letting her parents die and she wishes he was the one that was dead! She says she will never let John walk her down the isle, in fact she hopes he never walks again! She says she hopes more than anything that he wallows in pain for the rest of his life! 

Hope shows up at the county jail where she finds Shawn in a cell with a massive hangover. She asks if he is okay, and he says yeah. She says wait until his father finds out what he has done! She says she has told him time again how dangerous drinking and driving is. She says he could have been hurt or killed someone. Shawn says he is sorry, but she says not good enough. She asks what he was thinking? She says he is facing serious charges, not only for drunk driving but for resisting arrest. Shawn says he doesnt remember the resisting arrest part. She asks if he remembers spending the night in the drunk tank? Shawn says yes, and he remembers the horrible smell of the toilet. Hope asks why he refused to allow the cops to call anyone last night? She says she only knows he was here because a friend recognized him, and his father will hit the roof when he finds out about this. Shawn says perhaps they shouldnt tell dad, but she says think again. Hope tries to call Bo, but hes too busy trying to find Georgia to give her the time of day. He tells her to handle Shawn! Shawn comments that it is typical his dad is too busy, but Hope says this is not typical. She says he is working with Billie, and they just found out the baby she had may be alive. Shawn says what, and then says that is some bad news for her! He says Billie is now going to be around for good. Hope thinks about Billie once telling her how her life would have been so different if Georgia had survived. Shawn says he finds it odd that she and dad lecture him over his breakup with Belle when their own perfect relationship isnt so perfect. He thinks they are the last people on earth who should be lecturing him about his relationship, especially since Dad is out searching for his bastard daughter. Hope tells him how dare he talk about his sister like that! Shawn laughs and says sister? Are you kidding me? She asks him why he is so angry, and she thinks this has to do with Jan Spears. Shawn jokes that he maybe she has brainwashed him. Hope says he was not like this with Belle. She wants to know what happened between him and Belle. Shawn says Belle is engaged to Phillip and he is happy for them. Hope says now this all makes sense, why he went and got trashed. Shawn says he is glad Belle is marrying Phillip because he can now enjoy his life with Jan. Shawn says Jan is better for him anyways. She says no way does she believe that, and she tells Shawn that he needs help. She asks if he realizes what this arrest will do to him, to his dreams of becoming a lawyer. Shawn says he isnt going to law school and hes already dropped out of college. Hope asks why he is doing this, he is throwing his future away! She asks what hes going to do for a living, become a full time drunk and get himself thrown in jail to pass the time? She hands him the phone and orders him to call his father and tell him what hes done. He says hes not playing this game. She says it isnt a game, if he wants to destroy his future then be man enough to tell his father. Shawn says she insists on treating him like a little kid, and Hope says because he acts like one. She tells him to call his father and tell him everything. Shawn says fine. Bo is too busy for Shawn, and Shawn gloats to his mom about this. 

Bo and Billie are at the station and they are hard at work searching for clues about Georgia. Billie thinks they should take a break and rest, but Bo says no. He says they have to find their daughter. Bo suggests they go over what they know. Bo says the DiMeras wanted their daughter so bad that they had operatives with her in the Bayou who told her that their daughter was stillborn. Billie says she held her, her daughter was so tiny and beautiful. She says how she could not know she was alive? Bo says it isnt her fault, and he should have been there with her. Billie says that she must be a teen by now, and God knows what kind of a life she has had. Bo says they will find her. Billie thanks him, and she says she is grateful for him being here with her. Bo says they share a child and that changes things. He says they will find their daughter. Billie says it makes her feel good to hear him say that, and she pulls him into a kiss. Of course the kiss turns out to be a dream of Billies. Billie snaps too, and she feels like she has let her daughter down, and they have lost so much time with her. She says they dont know where she is or who is raising her. Billie says what if she was brought up like Rex and Cassie in a cold sterile environment. Bo says she could have grown up with loving adoptive parents. Billie says then what, they show up and try and take her away? Bo says they have a lot of unanswered questions and they just have to keep searching. Bo gets a call from Hope and she wants to talk about Shawn, but he says hes expecting a call from the ISA and has to keep the line open. He asks Hope to deal with this and he says hell call her later. Later Bo decides to check in with Hope, but Billie finds something on the CD and says she thinks she found what they are looking for! Bo checks out what she found, and it looks like she found some coordinates. Billie says she is out there somewhere, and she wonders how this perfect stranger will relate to them. She also worries about Georgia learning about her past. Bo says she has turned her life around and their daughter will be proud of her. Billie thinks shell look up to him. Bo says what is important is that they find her and let her know she has parents who love her. Billie wonders how shell react to the fact that they arent married. Bo says they did love each other at one time. Billie thanks God they both survived because their daughter will need them. Bo then realizes he knows how to crack the code on the CD. As they are working, an officer shows up and says Shawn is on the line. Bo tells the officer to take a message and hell call him back. Bo ends up plotting the coordinates on a map and says soon theyll know where their daughter is.


November 30, 2004
At the hospital we see the mystery person once again injecting Johns IV. John has now been shaved! John dreams of Marlena tying him to the raft and disappearing. John looks up at the person and says he was wondering when hed see them again. It turns out Brady is standing next to him now. John tells Brady welcome home! The mystery man is in the closet. John thanks Brady for staying in the Caribbean and searching for Roman and Marlena. Brady says he just wishes he could have found them all. John asks if there is a chance? Brady says no, they found DNA evidence of all the missing. John says hed never put anything past the DiMeras, but Brady says they are all dead. John says he loved Marlena, and now the two women he loved were gone. Brady tells his dad not to give up on love. He says he was ready to give up on love after he lost Chloe, but Nicole changed his mind. John says this isnt making him feel better. John begins to squirm in pain, and Brady asks if he is okay? He says he has to be okay to walk Belle down the isle. John tells Brady that Belle is marrying Phillip Kiriakis.

Jan shows up and asks a nurse if her fianc is here? Nicole spies on Jan as she talks to the nurse. Afterwards Nicole confronts Jan and tells her that she has some bad news for her. Jan asks if something has happened to Shawn? Nicole says she doesnt know where her boy toy is. Nicole says the bad news is that she cant blackmail her anymore, Colin Murphy wasnt killed by her, and Victor died tragically at sea. She says John saw both of them, so did Bo, Hope, Brady and Tek. Jan says shes still not off the hook, she can still tell Brady that she tried to get her to attempt to kill Victor. Jan stomps off to find John, and Nicole says shell put that bitch in her place.

At Belles loft, Sami lashes out at Belle and says shes not getting married on the same day as her because she does not want John at her wedding. Sami says shed rather have a gorilla walk her down the isle, and she hopes John never walks again and suffers in pain for the rest of his life. Belle runs out in tears, and Lucas asks how she could do that to his own sister? Kate says that was classic Sami, and Lucas just got a preview of the rest of his life. 

Out in the hall, Mimi arrives as Belle and Phillip are talking. Belle says she needs to talk to Mimi alone, and she asks Phillip to go tell Sami to leave because shes not welcomed in her house until she takes back what she said. Mimi says they should go into her loft for some privacy. Mimi says Shawn isnt back yet. Belle is worried and says hes been drinking a lot and could have gotten into another accident. Mimi tells Belle to admit that she still loves him. They head into the loft and Mimi tries to talk Belle out of marrying Phillip. Mimi says she is still in love with Shawn, and she is rushing into this with Phillip when shes not ready. Belle admits maybe she should postpone the wedding.

Meanwhile, Phillip delivers Belles message to Sami. Sami says great! She says she is going to the hospital to get the blood test results so that they can get married on the day they planned, and she wont let anyone stop them.

At the jail, Jen arrives and tells Hope that Uncle Mickey is working on getting Shawn out now. Jen yells Good Morning! at Shawn, who groans about his head. Jen asks Hope what Bo said? Hope says he doesnt know yet, hes busy. Shawn says busy looking for his bastard daughter with his ex-lover. Shawn is eventually taken for arraignment, and he tells Hope not to come because he doesnt need her help.

Shawn arrives home to his loft, and before he goes in Jan shows up and asks where he has been? He says it is a long story. Jan says she knows just how to make him feel better, and she kisses him. In Mimi/Rex/Shawns loft, Mimi tells Belle that she and Shawn belong together, and deep down they still love one another. She tells Belle if shes having second thoughts then she cant go through with this wedding to Phillip. Mimi says if she goes through with the wedding and marries Phillip then she will regret it for the rest of her life. Jan and Shawn walk in, and Shawn wonders what she is doing here. Mimi says they were talking. Belle says it is okay, she doesnt belong here, so shell go. She leaves, and Jan tries to convince Shawn to go apply for a marriage license with her because they cant let Belle and Phillip beat them to the alter. Shawn says he cant talk about this now because he has a splitting hangover. He walks off, and Jan confronts Mimi and says she knows what she was doing. Jan tells Mimi that she has warned her not to push Belle and Shawn, and if Belle and Shawn get back together then shell tell Rex about the abortion. Jan says Mimi can kiss Rex goodbye, shell end up all alone! Jan says she holds all the cards and there is nothing Mimi can do to stop her. Jan says she should go get Shawn some vodka, and then hell be in the mood for some good hot sex. Jan runs out to the store, and Mimi says she cant let Jan get away with this. Mimi decides to put her mothers forgery lessons to work. She begins writing a letter to Jan from Shawn. When Jan returns she sees Mimis forged letter. It says before they can get a marriage license they need a blood test, so she should meet him at the hospital. She sings Were getting married! and runs off. Mimi says her mother would be proud, and she decides to get Shawn ready to see Belle.

Back at Belles loft, Lucas has to go, but he tells Phillip and Belle that he wont let Sami ruin their wedding. Kate says she just hopes Sami wont ruin Lucas life. Mimi ends up calling over to the loft and asks Phillip to help her move a heavy bookcase because Rex isnt home and she needs a big hunky man to help her. He says she called the right man and hell be right over. He suggests his mom and Belle work on the wedding while hes fone. Kate says that is a great idea. Belle is a little down and tells Kate that she always thought shed be planning her wedding with her mom. Kate says she will do anything she can to help her. Belle needs advice, but feels odd talking to Kate about this. Kate tells her not to be. Belle says she is afraid she is rushing things and wonders if she is moving too fast. Kate asks if Shawn wants to get back with her? Belle says no, he wants nothing to do with her. Kate says she knows Phillip truly loves her and wants to be with her, and she needs to follow her heart. Belle thanks Kate and says her mom would have given her the same advice. Later, Kate has left and Shawn shows up to talk to Belle, and he says Mimi said she wanted to see him. Belle says they need to discuss something before they marry Phillip and Jan. Belle says she knows Phillip loves her, but she has strong feelings for Shawn still. She says if he still feels the same way about him then she cant go through with the wedding, she cant marry Phillip. Meanwhile, Mimi tries to keep Phillip away from the other loft so Belle and Shawn can talk. Phillip tells Mimi hes moved the bookcase five times, hes tired of moving it around. 

Sami arrives at the hospital to check on her blood test results. Meanwhile, Brady drops in to check on John and see how hes doing. John is glad Brady is back. Brady leaves, and the mystery man gases John with a spray can and then injects his IV with more drugs. Outside the room, Nicole asks Brady how his dad is doing? He says he is handling it as well as scan be suspected. As they discuss what could have happened to Roman, Marlena and the others, Sami listens in. Nicole says it looks like from the clothes and blood they were eaten by sharks. Brady says he hopes not! Brady says he would rather they have drowned before the sharks got them. Sami freaks when Brady says they may have either drowned or been eaten by sharks. Sami attacks Brady for letting her parents die and saving his whore of a step-Grandmother. Brady says she wasnt there, and they did everything they could to save everyone. Sami doesnt believe him and blames Brady and John for killing her parents, and she wishes the two of them as well as Belle and Nicole would all just burn in hell. Sami then runs off.

Meanwhile, John continues to have weird hallucinations. This time hes seeing what looks like an Asian style red devil mask (It actually looks like a Barong mask which makes no sense, as Barong is a good spirit). John attacks the person in front of him, who turns out to be Brady. Brady thinks he should go get a doctor, but he says he doesnt need a doctor. He asks Brady to stay, and he says hes still worried about Nicole. Brady says Nicole is not a killer and he trusts her. 

Jan runs into Nicole at the hospital and asks if Shawn is here. Nicole says she really cant seem to keep track of him. Jan says she and Shawn were supposed to meet here for wedding blood tests. Nicole cant believe that poor boy is marrying her, and she says Shawn has no idea the horrible things she has done to him or his family. Jan warns her if she tells Shawn that she will take her down. She says if they both want to keep their men then they have to keep their mouths shut!

Sami goes home, and Lucas walks in and asks what she is doing, this place is a mess! Sami says she wants to elope! He asks what is up with her, what isnt she telling him.

At Hope and Bos, Hope and Jen walk into the house. Hope talks to Jen about how Shawn is out on bail, but this is only the beginning of his legal troubles and this will have lasting consequences. She wonders what is wrong with her son. She says she talked to Lexie about his head injuries and if they could be behind his behavior, but Lexie feels he has made a full recovery. Jen says that leaves only Jan. Hope says Jan reminds her so much of Billie years ago when Billie was a schemer. Hope says all she wanted to was get off the island and home to her family, now she has more issues than ever to deal with. She says not only Jan and Shawn, but Bo and her step-daughter. Hope just hopes Billie will put all her focus into raising Georgia and forget about focusing on Bo. Hope says she and Bo are going to have a long talk when he gets home about Shawn and Georgia. Jen tells Hope that since she lost Jack she has realized how hard it is to raise a teen as a single parent. She tells Hope that shes going to have to be realistic, Billie will want Bos help and she will probably stay in Salem just for Bo. Hope knows Bo wont want to be separated from Georgia again once he finds her because that is the kind of man he is, but he wont leave her or their two sons. Hope says Bo will remain committed to her and not Billie, not in the same way. Hope calls Bo again to see when hes coming home, and he continues to give her the brush off. He says he has to leave the line open, and hangs up. However, he doesnt hang up the phone completely, and Hope hears Bo tell Billie that Hope understands why he has to be here, and that Billie can count on him right now. Later, Jen is upset that Bo isnt here for Hope. She says she has lost her husband and it makes her angry that Bo isnt here for Hope when she needs him.

Bo and Billie continue working on finding Georgia. Bo has discovered that the coordinates are to a DiMera safe house near the Canadian Border. Bo makes a call and finds out that there is no info on the building, it burned down twelve years ago. Billie asks if this means Georgia is dead? Billie does some searches and finds that the fire was believed to be arson, and while several people died, nobody under 18 was injured. Bo says so Georgia couldnt have been there, and he feels she is still alive. Bo says she could be almost anywhere, and she could have been adopted. Billie says that means Stefano chose someone to raise their daughter. Bo needs authorization to search computer adoption records for Georgia, and he makes a call to Judge Fitzpatrick. They have to wait until she is out of court to process their request, so Bo decides to head home and check on Hope and find out what is going on with Shawn. Billie thanks him and says Hope has been amazing understanding through all of this. Bo leaves, and Billie talks about being a mom. She says she knows who she needs to talk to about this, and she makes a call to her mom. Kate shows up and is glad to see Billie stayed in Salem, and she thinks she stayed to fight for Bo. Billie tells her mom to sit down because she has some shocking news. She tells her mom about Georgia. Kate is thrilled and she says finally she will be a family with Bo, and Hope will be out of the picture once and for all.

Bo finally arrives home, and Jen heads off. Hope explains what happened to Shawn, and he asks why she didnt tell him? Hope says every time she called he was too damn busy with Billie to speak to her! Hope says she understands how incredible this find is for him, but he is turning his back on their family. She says not only was Shawn arrested, but he has dropped out of school and doesnt seem to think Bo gives a damn about him. Bo says Shawn is not a kid anymore and he has to learn from his own mistakes. Bo says they should have left him in jail. Hope says there was no they, it was only her, so she had to make a decision. Hope thinks maybe he wants Shawn left in jail because he doesnt have time for him right now. He says it could take years for him to find Georgia, but what about them? Are her sons going to lose their father because of Georgia? Is she going to lose him because Billie cant keep her hands off of him?


December 1, 2004
Nicole and Brady arrive home at the mansion, which is dark and empty. Nicole knows Brady is worried about his dad. Brady says hes in so much pain, and seeing him at the hospital like that is just unreal. He also thinks about the hell Abe is going through right now. He then talks about Belle marrying Phillip and Shawn being engaged to Jan. He wonders what Jan did to get Shawn to dump his sister. Nicole says is talking like Jan is some conniver who has brainwashed Shawn. Nicole defends Jan and says she has been through a lot in her life with her parents dying and her (Nicoles) father raping her. Brady asks why she is defending her, are they friends? She says she feels responsible for what happened with her dad, and she knows what it feels like for everyone to think youre the bad girl. Brady says everyone was wrong about her, and since he cant help his dad, hell help his sister. He says hes going to find out what Jans been up to since shes been back and who shes been associating with. Nicole panics, and she talks about how Belle is with Phillip now and they seem happy. Brady says Shawn treated Belle poorly, and he still doesnt understand why Shawn turned to a lowlife like Jan. He also says Phillip isnt his favorite person in the world. Nicole says she knows he doesnt get along with Phillip because of what happened with Chloe, but he needs to stop dwelling on his sisters love life. Nicole suggests they go take a hot shower and wash the memory of that horrible island away. She says then they can have cook make them dinner, and then drift off to sleep in a gorgeous bed. Brady says that sounds real good. He apologizes to her for not paying enough attention to her lately. He says she has been a big help to him and he is grateful. She says she thought she meant more to him, and she wondered if they would end up together. Brady says he honestly doesnt know what is going on between them, and he is having a hard time looking towards the future right now. He says it hasnt been long since he lost Chloe, and then there is the loss of those family members on the island. Nicole says she feels bad for those who theyve lost; but they are here, they are alive and they are young. Brady says he knows, and he says he just needs to rest and get some sleep and then hell be able to focus on the future. Nicole tells him not to forget about them. He tells her as if he could. Brady takes a shower, and as hes lathering up, Nicole joins him and kisses his shoulder. She says she knows he wanted to be alone, but she loves him too much to leave him alone. She kisses him, and he kisses her back.

At Samis place, Sami is running around packing, and she tells Lucas to get moving. Lucas tells Sami that they arent eloping. He says she has always wanted a big fancy wedding, so what is going on. Sami says she and weddings are bad luck, and she wants to marry him tonight. Lucas says she seems upset, and he thinks something is going on that shes not telling him. He asks why she is in such a hurry to get married. Sami says she doesnt have time to explain, and if they dont get married tonight then they might not have the future they want. Lucas asks what about the fancy wedding she worked so hard to get paid for? Sami says she doesnt care about it anymore. Lucas says he wanted to elope in the first place, but she talked him out of it. Lucas says he wont do this without Will because he wanted to see them marry. She says she just wants a quick boring wedding at the Justice of the Peace and a cheap hotel room for a honeymoon. Lucas says she must really be nuts to give up a fabulous honeymoon his mom offered to pay for. He asks what this is really about, is this about sharing her wedding with Belle? Sami says she wont stand there and watch the smug look on Johns face as he walks Belle down the isle when neither of her parents can be there. She blames John for her parents death, and he tells her not to dig up this again. She says she has lost everything, but he says she hasnt lost him. She says if he wants to marry her then they will elope tonight, that is her final offer. Lcuas wants her to level with her, and he suggests they go out for dinner and calm down. She says shes not going to calm down. He asks if this has anything to do with Celeste wacky premonition about Brandon staying in Salem and ruining their happiness? Is she afraid of Brandon? Sami says shes not afraid of Brandon, shes afraid of herself screwing this up. She says she is her own worst enemy. Lucas tells Sami if they elope then she will regret it. Sami says the only other choice is to seclude herself till the ceremony. He says she cant be serious, but she says she is. Lucas laughs, and she says this isnt funny. She says she is being serious and he knows she is capable of doing something to ruin their relationship. Lucas says he cant wait to marry her, but he wants to do it right. He wants her to go out and celebrate with him. She asks if he hasnt been listening? He says its only dinner, an hour and a half, what could go wrong? 

Abe, Brandon, Celeste and Lexie arrive at the Penthouse Grill for an evening out. Lexie says they dont need a night out on the town, but Abe says he does after eating all that hospital food. He says he wants to celebrate with his family and beautiful wife. Abe talks about his sight, which upsets Lexie. Abe says its going to happen and they have to face it. He says he wants to soak everything in because one day soon hell miss the precious gift of sight. Brandon ends up toasting to the bravest man he knows, his father. Abe says he likes the sound of that, and he calls Brandon son. Brandon says he regrets leaving so soon after revealing the truth and not being able to spend more time with him. Abe says he understands why he left, he didnt want to be near Sami and her lies. Lexie says that is why hes staying away from her while hes back in town, and Brandon says he is. Celeste says it doesnt matter how strong his intentions are, fate is at work, and his fate is intertwined with Sami. She says this was settled the moment he decided to stay in Salem. Later, Abe and Lexie share a dance and kiss. As they are dancing, Celeste gets hit with a vision, and she tells Brandon she saw him with Samantha, and that it is the fulfillment of the other vision she had earlier. She says it will happen tonight, and she saw the two of them in front of the justice of the peace! She says when they left they were married. He says he has told her before he has no intention of going near Sami. Suddenly, Lucas and Sami show up!

Phillip arrives at his loft and realizes he left his keys over at Mimis place. She isnt answering her door, and he thinks she is at work. Jan shows up and teases Phillip about being stuck in the hall. He tells her to shut up, he says he locked his keys in Mimis place and needs to get them. Jan lets him in and tells him to get his keys and gets out. Jan asks where Shawn is, and Phillip asks how should he know, he doesnt care where Shawn is and neither does Belle. Jan asks where Belle is, and he says she thinks shes in the loft. Jan worries Shawn and Belle are together, and she tells him that he should be just freaked out about that as she is.

In Belles loft, Belle tells Shawn that she loves Phillip, but not the way he loves her. She says she cant marry Phillip until she knows how he feels about her. She asks Shawn if he still loves her? Shawn says dont marry Phillip. Shawn then says marry him or dont marry him, hes not playing this game with her. He says he doesnt care anymore. Belle says he will deny it, but when he looks at her she can see into his heart. She says she can feel their connection, it isnt the same, but it is still there. She asks if she is wrong? He says shes not wrong. He says they have a connection, how could they not. She says she has so many wonderful memories of them, and she cant forget them and wouldnt want to. We see a flashback (fake) of them at the last blast dance together. Belle opens a box and says she still has her purity rings. Shawn flashes to seeing her kiss Phillip, and says she missed her chance to use those with Phillip, they skipped over that. Belle asks why he always tries to hurt her, to humiliate her? He asks what she expects? She says she expects him to remember what they shared. She says she still has feelings for him and wants to know if he still loves her. He asks what she wants him to say, to do, does she expect them to go back? She says no, and she doesnt want to go back. She just wants to know how they feel about one another. She says she wants him to think about it and meet her later on the roof. She says theyll either get back together or know it is really over. Shawn grabs her and it appears hes going to kiss her, but then Phillip walks in and is furious. He tells Shawn to get his hands off her! Jan shows up, and she tells Belle to leave Shawn alone. Belle tells Shawn to go and she says theyll talk later. Shawn storms off, and Jan asks where he is going? Meanwhile, Phillip thinks he knows what was going on, and if hes right, they need to talk. Belle says she will be honest with him, there is something unfinished between her and Shawn, and shes trying to understand why she feels so confused about what she and Shawn feel for one another. Phillip asks where this is going. She says she doesnt know, but she cant turn off feelings shes always had. Phillip says she is a romantic and always has been, but Shawn is not the same man she used to be in love with. He says if she cant see that then hell have to be the strong one. He says if she doesnt want to lose him then shes going to have to make a choice once and for all. He says hes been patient and compassionate, and he believes she loves him. He tells her to get together with Shawn one last time, and if she feels she wants to be with him, then it will be over between the two of them. He says this isnt what he wants to happen, he wants her to be his wife and the mother of his kids, but he only wants that if that is what she wants too. He says he doesnt want her to marry him when she has regrets about what might have been. He says every time they kiss and make love he has to know shes not wishing he was Shawn. She says he is wonderful. He says that he thinks they have been through so much, and that they have something between them. He says he doesnt have time for games anymore, it is time for the truth. Phillip says he thinks Shawn is treating him horribly and she is letting him. He thinks she is beating herself up over lying to Shawn. He thinks she needs to talk to Belle and get things straight before she moves on with him. Phillip wants her to be honest with him about her feelings for Shawn, and if she is, hell be out of her life forever.

Over at Shawns loft, Jan tells him to stay away from Belle, she is bad for him. She also asks what she was doing over at Belles place when he was supposed to be at the hospital. He says he wasnt there, and Jan realizes Mimi set her up. Jan says shell have to put a stop to Belle and Mimi. When Jan learns Shawn is going to go talk to Belle again, she makes him drink his orange juice, which she has drugged. He says he needs to take a nap first to get rid of his headache. She says sure sweetie. Shawn drifts off to sleep, and Jan goes to work on her computer. She ends up playing the tapes she made of Belle and Phillip together. A groggy Shawn hears the tapes.


December 2, 2004
Rex and Phillip are at the gym working out, and they discuss Belle and Shawns upcoming talk. Phillip says at first he didnt like the idea, but now he is okay with it because hes sick of Shawn interfering in their relationship. Phillip says if it will make Shawn go away then good. Rex asks what if they decide to work things out? Phillip says then hell have no choice but to walk away. Rex asks if hes willing to give up on Belle. Phillip says if he has to yes. He reminds Rex of the mess he went through with Chloe and trying to force her to love him when her heart was with Brady. Phillip says he wont go through that again. He says if her heart belongs to Shawn then he has to accept it. Rex says that would be a mistake. Rex says Belle has been through a lot the past few months and is confused. He says Shawn has treated her like dirt, so why should she want to be with him. Phillip says he thinks the same way, but he wont fight for a relationship that is not meant to be. Phillip says Belle has to decide what she wants. Rex and Phillip hit the showers, and Rex eventually takes off. Phillip fantasizes that Belle is waiting for him in the showers. She tells him that it is over with Shawn and he is the one she wants. They begin making out in the showers. Phillip snaps to, and hopes Belle makes that choice.

Belle is pacing in her apartment and thinking about her conversations with Shawn and Phillip the day before. Belle says she needs to know if what she and Shawn had is over, for both herself and for Phillip. Mimi shows up and asks how things went with Shawn? She says okay, and they are going to talk later. Mimi thinks this is good news and Shawn is coming to his senses. Mimi asks if she needs to distract Phillip again, but Belle says he knows about it and approves. Mimi says she glad everything is out in the open, and she hopes they get back together. Mimi says if they dont, then she hopes she finds out why Shawn hooked up with Jan. Mimi then gets the idea that Jan may have brainwashed Shawn. Belle thinks Mimi is kidding, but Mimi isnt. Belle says there is no way Jan could have brainwashed Shawn, shes not that bright. Mimi says she is conniving, and she was capable of getting Shawn to propose to her. She also recounts all her high school schemes to Belle. Mimi says Shawn has changed and she thinks Jan has to do with it. Belle says she needs to go talk to Shawn now, and Mimi wishes her luck. 

At Shawns loft, Belle is brainwashing Shawn by playing the audio tapes she recorded. Shes also drugging Shawns juice and making him drink it. Shawn end up lashing out and screams No! He throws his cup across the room. Shawn cant get images and Phillip and Belle out of his head, and Jan realizes her plan is working fine without the drugged juice. When Jan tries to approach him, Shawn says you did this to me, and he begins chocking her! Shawn eventually lets Jan go, and Jan stops the audio tapes. Shawn asks what happened, and Jan says he tried to strangle her! He says he did what? She says he was sleeping and had a bad dream, and he tried to strangle her. He says hes so sorry. She asks if he remembers what he was dreaming about? Shawn says no, but whatever it was must have made him very angry. Shawn remembers he was supposed to meet Belle on the roof. Jan tells herself that Shawn can go to Belle now, but that little bitch wont get him back. As Shawn heads to the roof he cant stop thinking about Phillip and Belle in bed together. Meanwhile, Mimi walks in on Jan talking to herself, and Mimi demands to know what she has done to Shawn. Mimi knows she has done something to Shawn because there is no way hed dump Belle for a psycho like her. Mimi wants to know what she did to make Shawn spend his life with a crazy bitch like her. Jan says she is not crazy, and she slaps Mimi. Mimi and Jan end up in a huge catfight!

Phillip returns home to his loft, and he realizes Belle must be with Shawn. He then sees a photo of him and Belle together, and he says sometimes love means letting go of the one you love the most. Phillip says he doesnt want to lose Belle, and he wants to be her only man. Meanwhile, Belle waits on the roof for Shawn. She thinks hes not coming, and she looks at their initials on the door. As she goes to leave, Shawn shows up. 

At the Penthouse Grill, the Carver dinner continues. Abe says this has been an incredibly difficult year for them all. Abe proposes a toast to his lost friends, to loves that never dies and to the future. Brandon cant help but think about Celestes premonition that he and Sami would be married. He looks across the way and sees Sami and Lucas having dinner. Lexie sees them too and thinks Sami has some nerve crashing their party. Brandon excuses himself, and Celeste follows. Abe asks if he has missed something? Lexie says no. Abe begins squinting and his vision goes blurry. Lexie realizes his sight is fading, and she says they dont have to stay. He says he wants to. He knows something is bothering Lexie. Lexie says he is right, and it is Sami.

At their table, Lucas notices Brandon cant take his eyes off of Sami. Sami says it doesnt matter, he is the only one here she has eyes for. They kiss, and then end up dancing. Brandon watches them dance, and Celeste tells Brandon that her premonition is coming true and he will be with Sami before the night is over. Brandon says that wont happen, and he walks off. Celeste says Brandon can deny it all he wants, but he and Samantha are destined to collide. Meanwhile, Lucas and Sami continue to dance, and she says shell excpect nights like this after they are married. He says they arent even married and shes making demands. She says shes not demanding . . . he tells her to shut up and kiss him. As they kiss, Brandon continues to watch them.

Lexie ends up tells Brandon they need to talk and yanks him out to the terrace. She says she has seen him staring at Sami and he needs to stay away from her. Brandon says he has no intention of getting near her. Brandon says even if he did want to get involved with Sami, there is nothing she and Lucas can do about it. 

Meanwhile, Sami dances with Abe, and she is glad the eye clinic was able to help him. He says they werent and that hes still going blind. Sami says she is so sorry. He tells her not to be, he has his health and the people who love him. Abe tells Sami that hes sorry about her parents, and she thanks him. Sami says there is something shes been meaning to say to him. Sami apologizes for her behavior before he died. Abe says its okay, and from what he hears everything worked out and she is happy with Lucas. Sami says she is. Abe says he was afraid she wasnt over Brandon. Sami says she is over Brandon and one hundred percent in love with Lucas. She then asks would it surprise him if she said she lied and was still in love with Brandon? He asks if she still loves him? Sami says shell always have feelings for him, but she knows Lucas is the man for her and she is totally in love with him. She also wants to give Will a good family home, something she didnt have. Abe says she had John, and she lashes out at John for murdering her parents. Suddenly, Abes vision fails again, and Abe begins stumbling around. He falls down, and Lexie runs to his side.

Lucas confronts Celeste about her wacky premonitions, and he wants to know what his future with Sami is. Celeste says his future isnt what he expects. He asks what she means? Celeste says she didnt mean to alarm him, she just meant his relationship will never be boring. She tells Lucas to live his life the way he wants to, that way hell never have regrets. Celeste returns to her family, and Brandon thanks her for not telling Lucas what she saw. Celeste says she only told him the truth, his future with Samantha begins tonight. He asks why he should believe her? Celeste has another vision of him and Sami in front of the Justice of the Peace, and she says destiny has spoken. Brandon says no way, and if he has to hell get in his car and leave town tonight.

At the station, Billie is still working on finding Georgia. She says she doesnt know where to begin to look for him. Kate walks in and suggests she start by getting Bos help. Billie says Bo is at home with his family. Kate says Georgia is his family too, so she needs to call him. Billie says no. Kate says she will need all the help she can get finding Georgia, and it isnt to much to ask him to come help. Billie says he has helped her all day, and it is late and he has a family who needs him. Kate says she and Georgia need him too. Billie says shes not going after a man she cant have, she learned that lesson and thought her mom did too. Kate says once she has her daughter back she will want his father back too. She says Billie needs Bo, and Georgia will need him too. She tells Billie to stop putting Hopes family over hers, she needs to find Georgia and get Bo back.

At Bo and Hopes, Bo returns from a quick trip to the station, and Hope is furious with Bo for not paying attention to their sons. They argue over Shawn being in jail, and his finding out about Georgia. Hope says she supports him finding Georgia, but it could take a long time. She says when his family needs him will he be there. Bo says Georgia is his family too, and he is trying to take care of all his responsibilities. He says he cant be in two places at once. Hope asks if he is choosing Georgia over their son? Bo says yes. Hope says she cant believe this, but Bo says his daughter needs him more now. Hope says he doesnt know that, she could be living a wonderful life. Bo asks how shed feel to know she had a kid out there who was kidnapped by Stefano. She says the same way he does. However, she says they have a son who needs them. She says he dropped out of school and wants to live off of his trust fund with Jan Spears. Bo says hell talk to Shawn tomorrow, but Hope says they need to talk to him tonight because this is important! Bo says he will talk to Shawn tomorrow, and hell deal with this better when he has slept. Hope says he didnt see Shawn this morning; their son has never been this big of a drinker. Bo says he is responsible for his own actions. Hope says she just hopes Shawn doesnt get in more trouble tonight like he did last night. Bo says he said hed talk to him, but Hope says only after he deals with Georgia. Bo says he cant turn his back on Georgia. Hope says shes not asking him to, she just wants him not to turn his back on them. Bo says hell go look for Shawn right now. Suddenly, Billie calls with news on Georgia. He asks if they found her, but she says not yet. Billie says they are looking for her in Georgia, and they think Stefano may have been hiding her there. Bo says it could pan out. He asks if she is burning the midnight oil. She says it is the plan. He offers to give her some help, but Billie says shes okay. Bo stays with Hope, and he tells her that hell go find Shawn and talk to him. Hope says no, he was right, maybe they should talk to him in the morning. Bo asks if she is sure, and she says yes, let him cool off. Bo and Hope then begin to kiss.


December 3, 2004
At Bo and Hopes, Bo and Hope are dressed to go out, and he says even though he promised her a night out, hed rather not go out to the Penthouse Grill. She says she doesnt mind and she says she could order something in for them. Bo says he has a better idea, and he kisses her neck. They share some wine, and Hope toasts to finding Georgia and bringing her home. Bo thanks her, and he apologizes for not being there for her and Shawn. Hope says she doesnt blame him for being worried about Georgia. Bo says he blames himself for what happened to Georgia, he should have been there for Billie and Georgia. Hope sits Bo down and talks to him. He says the DiMeras are gone now and out of their life forever. She says he is on his way to finding Georgia, and when he does shell be a part of his life again. He says shell be a part of her life too, and Hope says she knows. Bo says theyll be there for her together because they are a team. Bo and Hope then begin to make love by the fire. However, they are interrupted by a phone call. Bo says he better get it. Bo answers and it is Billie with news on Georgia. Bo says hes on his way, and Bo tells Hope that Billie may have found Georgia. He says he has to go, and hell make this up to her. He says hell be back as soon as he can. She tells him not to worry about it. 

At the mansion, Brady is dressed and remembers Nicole coming onto him in the shower earlier on. We learn that Brady pushed Nicole away and told her that he couldnt do this. Brady tells himself that he did the right thing, he cant be making love to Nicole. Nicole shows up and she asks says who? Nicole is wearing a green evening dress, and she says she doesnt know where the problem is. She says they already have made love and there is no going back. Brady says he knows, but they rushed things and he thinks they need to start fresh. Brady asks Nicole to dinner to the Penthouse Grill. She says shed love to go out on a date with him. Brady says hell pull the car around. Nicole does a private little cheer, and she thinks this means Brady likes her. Nicole then looks at a photo of Chloe and says he is finally over her.

At the Penthouse Grill, Celeste touches Brandons hand and shows him her vision of him and Sami in front of the Justice of the Peace. Brandon says he doesnt know how she did that, but it is wrong and he wont marry Samantha tonight. Brandon says hes leaving, hell get in his car and drive out of town. Celeste says he can run but he cant hide from fate.

Meanwhile, Sami and Abe are dancing, and Abes vision goes blurry and he collapses. Sami screams for help, and Lexie runs over. Lexie asks Sami what she did to Abe. Lucas helps Abe to a chair, and he says he just lost his vision for a second. Meanwhile Sami tells Lexie that she didnt do anything, but Lexie tells her not to ruin Abes last moments of happiness otherwise she will make her life miserable. Lexie walks off, and Sami says she hates that bitch. She says if Lexie wants to make her life miserable then two can play that game. Lexie goes to Abe and she asks what Sami did to him. Abe says she didnt do anything, he just lost his balance. Tek then shows up, with a date, and he shakes Abes hand and says it is good to see him out. Tek introduces his date Jackie to them, and Lexie seems a bit jealous. She says he didnt tell them he was dating, but he says this is their first date. Jackie goes to the ladies room, and Sami asks Tek if he wasnt dating someone else before he and Brady went to the island? Abe asks if he knows the other lady? Lexie gives Sami a glare. Abe asks who it is, why the big secret? He laughs, and Jackie returns so Abe hushes up. Lucas thinks he and Sami should let the Carvers get back to their evening. Sami tells Abe it was good to see him and she is glad he is doing okay. Lexie whispers to Sami that she is dead! Lucas drags Sami off and scolds her for what she was about to do to Abe. He says he is hurting enough as is. Sami says he is right, but Lexie just makes her so angry. Sami says next time shell be a good girl and turn the other cheek. Lucas suggests they take off because he has a surprise for her. They leave, and Celeste feels this is going to end badly. Lucas gets a call and learns everything is set up.

Nicole and Brady show up at the Penthouse Grill, and before they go in, Brady shows her the star he named for Chloe before she died. He says he wonders if she is up there and looking down on them. Nicole says if she is shed want to give him a kiss. Nicole then kisses Brady. Nicole says he is always telling her how Chloe would want him to be happy. Brady says he is happy, and she makes him happy. Sami shows up and sees them kissing. She says Victor isnt even cold and hes already doing his whore of a wife. She also says poor Chloe must be spinning in her grave. Lucas shows up and asks what is going on. Brady says Sami is shooting her mouth off as usual. Brady says he doesnt expect much from Sami, but he will not tolerate the way she is treating Belle. Brady knows she pitched a fit over sharing a wedding day, and he scolds her for being selfish. He tells Sami to show a little class for once. Sami says this from a man who is screwing his grandfathers widow! Lucas tells Sami enough, but Brady says they are going. Brady and Nicole head inside, and Lucas is furious with Sami. He says hes calling the Justice of the Peace and canceling this whole damn thing. She asks what he just said? Lucas had made arrangements for them to elope tonight. Sami says she wants to marry him tonight, and she hugs him. They head off in their car.

Brady and Nicole go into the Penthouse Grill, and Brady hears a song. Nicole asks what is wrong? Brady says this is the last song Chloe sang before she died. Nicole and Brady return to the mansion, Brady was obviously bummed out by hearing Chloes song. He says hes sorry. Nicole says if they are to have a chance then they have to do something. She says this may be crazy, but come with her. She takes him out to the patio and lights a candle sitting on a patio table. She says they need to exercise Victor and Chloes ghosts, because they are everywhere they go. Brady says he doesnt want them out of his life. She says she wants them to rest in peace so that they can live and love again. They end up holding hands and saying prayers for Victor and Chloe. After they are done praying they share a little peck on the lips, and they go back into the mansion. From the bushes we see someone is recording them as they head upstairs. 

Brandon gets into his car and takes off. Meanwhile, Lucas and Sami are driving to the Justice of the Peace. They are discussing how Will may be upset hes not here, and Sami realizes Lucas had this planned all along and thats why he wanted her to get dressed up. There is a snow storm raging outside, and both Lucas and Brandon complain about the visibility conditions. Suddenly Lucas hits his breaks and Sami screams. Lucas and Sami are okay. Lucas goes to call 911, and Sami goes to check on the other driver. Sami opens the car door and Brandon falls out. Sami cries Oh my God Brandon, I cant lose you!

On the pier, Celeste is walking and has a flash of Sami, Lucas and Brandons car accident, and she cries out God no! (She has is right before we see the accident happen and the same scenes unfold)

At Rexs loft, Mimi confronts Jan about what she has done to Shawn to get him to dump Belle and be with a crazy bitch like her. Jan and Mimi end up getting into a huge catfight. Jan begins chocking Mimi and says shell make her sorry she said that. They begin brawling all over the loft, and Mimi takes Jan down. Mimi tells Jan its over, and so are her days of screwing with her friends. As they continue to argue, Mimi sees the video of Belle and Phillip on the computer. Mimi is stunned by it. She realizes she has been spying on them and videotaping them. Jan says yes, and that porn show has made Shawn hate Belle more than he already does. Mimi thinks she has been using this to brainwash Shawn. Jan says Shawn took that video footage himself, but Mimi doesnt believe that. She says if she doesnt believe it then shell tell Sexy Rexy about his baby who she sent to permanent summer camp.

On the roof of the building, Belle asks Shawn why he is looking at her the way he is, what is wrong? She tells him to talk to her. Shawn says hes sorry but hes made a huge mistake. Belle says no she made the mistake, she should have insisted they talk a long time ago. Belle says she cant marry Phillip until he can look her in the eye and tell her that its over. She asks him if he can honestly tell her that? Shawn asks if they end things between them, is she going to take sloppy seconds from Phillip? She says its not like that. She says she loves Phillip, but its not the way she loves him. Shawn says she talks about how much he hurts and humiliates her, but has she thought about how much she has hurt and humiliated him? He says she hooked up with his best friend the second his back was turned. Shawn says she lost her virginity to him after swearing she wanted to save herself for marriage. Belle says she was hurt, and he was with Jan. Shawn says he blamed her for his great-grans death, right or wrong she should have given him time to come to terms with it. Shawn says instead she hooked up with the first guy who came her way. Shawn says hell never get that image out of his head. He says the two of them together, no matter how hard he tries hell never forget it. Belle says so he really doesnt love her anymore. Shawn says he really doesnt. He says she isnt the same girl he fell in love with, and he cant pick up and forget what happened. Belle says she gets that and she got her answer. He says hes sorry it isnt the one she wanted, and he leaves. Belle one again looks at the initial on the door. She then gets a call on her cell from Phillip. She says she got her answer and she is free to marry him.

Shawn returns to the loft, and Mimi asks how his talk with Belle went. He says he and Belle are through and now it is time to focus on other thing. Shawn grabs and kisses Jan. Mimi grabs her keys and walks out. Outside she sees shes taken Jans keys by mistake. She then gets the idea that these may come in handy, and she takes off.

In Austria, Chloe looks at a photo of her and Brady. She tears herself out of the photo. She says she is sorry but she cant let him know that she is alive. She says she cant let him see what shes become. She holds a cracked mirror up to her face, and we see a scar running down her forehead. Nancy shows up later and turns the light on, but Chloe tells her to turn it off. Nancy says Craig is coming for Christmas and is bringing her sister. Nancy says he wants to call Brady, but Chloe says no. Chloe says she doesnt want Craig, Joy, or Brady to see her. Nancy says they love her, and Brady would be thrilled to know she was alive. Chloe says but shes not alive, and the person she was is dead and a monster has taken her place. She says all the surgeries and promises are doing nothing for her, and she says she should have just died in that accident. Nancy goes to the cafeteria to get some food for Chloe, and she says on the way back she ran into one of her surgeons. Nancy says the surgeon wants to try some reconstructive surgery on her. Chloe says nobody can reconstruct this. She finally shows us her face, which has scars going every which way across it. Until now she kept it hidden under her hair. Later, Nancy plays a song that Chloe recorded before the accident. Nancy says it is beautiful and was just released in the States. Nancy thinks she should send Brady a copy. Chloe says nothing. Nancy tells Chloe her face will get better, but Chloe doubts it. She says she has scars and an infected incision that is not healing. Chloe says she has accepted that her life is over. Nancy says no it isnt, not if she doesnt give up. He tells her to fight because she is not a quitter. Chloe begins to remember Brady urging her to fight when she had Leukemia. She then begins to daydream that Chloe is with her and urging her to fight for the two of them. Chloe ends up taping back together the picture she ripped up earlier, and she tells Nancy she wants to go home to Brady. Nancy says that is wonderful and wants to go call Brady, but she says not until she is back the way she used to be. 

We see an image of a castle sitting on the edge of some cliffs, birds or bats fly by it. It looks like its stock footage from some old vampire movie. Caroline and Victor are shown in their room, and Caroline tells Victor she always wanted to see the medieval castles of Europe, but this isnt what she had in mind. Victor says if that bastard DiMera would show himself again then they would get some answers. Victor says if he has to be trapped somewhere, hes glad it is with her. Caroline says she doesnt know what shed do if he wasnt hear. Tony shows up in a black cloak, and he says he comes bearing gifts in the spirit of the season. He says its a little something to remind them of their loved ones back home. He has brought them love birds to remind Victor of what is going on back home. Victor asks what he is talking about? Tony says his wife and his grandson of course. He says a thank you would be nice, after all he sent all the way to Bodego Bay for these beauties (reference to The Birds). Tony jokes that he will call them Nicole and Brady. Victor says hes well aware Nicole has her claws in Brady, but he wont be fooled by her for long. Tony says he either underestimates his dimwitted grandson or his wife. Tony says Nicole is more than a pretty face, she has a heart and soul. Tony says Nicole came to him and begged for his help because she thought he (Victor) would frame her as the serial killer and turn her against Brady. He says all he could give her was the I feel your pain and Id like to help, but Im dying here routine. Caroline asks if he really would have helped her? Tony says he did, he killed Victor for her. He also says not only is Nicole involved with Brady, Jan is involved with Shawn! Tony says Nicole is a woman after his own heart, she wont stop till she gets what she wants, and what she wants is Brady. Victor tells Tony he will get out of here one day, and he will keep Nicole from ruining his grandsons life. Tony says he may be too late. He then shows Victor a video, broadcast over the net, of Brady and Nicole heading upstairs to get busy! 

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