December 6, 2004
The show opens with Brady and Nicole going at it hot-n-heavy in the shower. Nicole tells him that he is hers, all hers. As they kiss, Brady imagines he is with Chloe. He says I love you Chloe, and Nicole is stunned. They get out of the shower, and stand around in towels. Brady says hes so sorry. Nicole says it hasnt been a long time since he lost her, and he has a lot of unresolved stuff there. Nicole thinks this house is the problem, they need to get their own place and move on. She says Victor and Chloe are everywhere here. Brady says it wont work like that, everywhere he goes Chloe will be there. She says of course because Chloe will always be in his heart, but he says that isnt what he means. Brady doesnt want to be yet another man who hurts her. He says if he cant give himself to her body, mind and soul then they shouldnt be together. Nicole says he cant leave her as he is the best thing to come into her life. She says her dad made her do porn, she married Lucas for five million dollars, and then she married Victor. She says she gave up on love until he came along. Brady says she has everything to live for. She says the same for him, and that his life cant end because Chloes did. She says he has always been here for her when she needed someone, so its her turn to be there for him if hell let her. Brady thanks her for being here for him. Nicole says they could be good together, and she wants to be with him. She goes to leave Brady alone, but stops, turns around, and drops her towel! She asks Brady to make love to her. Brady takes Nicole to bed and they make love. Se they make love Nicole tells Brady that she loves him, but he cant say it back. 

In Austria, Chloe continues to look at the photo of her and Brady. She says shes sorry she let him think she was dead, but she wont let him see her like this. She says she will get better and she will come back to him. Chloe looks at the photo, and it comes alive. In the photo Brady tells her that hell always be there for her, no matter what. Chloe says he cant see her like this. Brady appears in her room and asks what she is afraid of? He says he will always love her and she will always be beautiful to him no matter what. Chloe dreams her face miraculously heals, as does her voice. She says he did this, and now she can sing again. As they begin to dance with one another, Chloe says they can have the future they always dreamed of. Nicole walks in, looking like a total hooker, and says think again because Brady is her. Chloe says in your dreams! Nicole says this is her dream, so it must be true. They argue over Brady, and Nicole tells Chloe that she let Brady think he was dead so she deservers to lose him. Chloe says she cant, and he reminds Brady what they meant to one another. We see lots of classic Brady and Chloe flashbacks, and Chloe tells Brady that he doesnt want to be with Nicole anymore. Brady ends up choosing Chloe and tells Nicole to get out because he never wants to see her again. Nicole tells them that she hopes they make hideously ugly music together for the rest of their lives, and then she leaves. Chloe thanks Brady for waiting for her, and they kiss. In reality Chloe is in bed and wakes up from her dream. She looks at the photo of her and Brady and begs Brady to wait for her and not let Nicole take him from her.

Hope is at Jens house as she has dropped Zack off with her tonight. Jen is happy to watch Zack because she and Bo need time alone. Hope wants to surprise Bo when he comes home tonight with a romantic evening. Hope is worried that until Bo finds Georgia he wont be spending a lot of time at home. Hope says she trusts Bo, and Hope says of course she does. However, Jen says Billie . . . Hope says Jen doesnt have to say it, she knows Billie cant be trusted. However, Hope thinks Billie is so wrapped up in finding her daughter she wont have times to be playing games with her husband. Hope just hopes everything will end happily for them all. Hope says if they do find Georgia, which she is praying for, she will be a step-mother. Hope also says Billie has never been a parent. Hope says the reality is Billie will need Bo as much if not more when they find Georgia. Hope says tomorrow she and Bo will need to have a talk with Shawn so he knows there is no tension between them. She says their family has a tough road ahead, but they will make it. Hope says the DiMeras didnt come between her and Bo, so Billie wont either. Hope then realizes shes being insensitive to Jen talking about her happiness. Jen says its okay. She says she is glad that she and Bo got to come home and live happily ever after. Jen also says shed rather think about anything else now. Jen says Abby still isnt doing well, shes behaving so badly still. She says she is glad she is here for Abby, and that Abby has Julie and Gran. Jen remembers how she grew up in bording school Jen then says Georgia will have her (Hope), but this is a girl who has been dreaming of being reunited with her parents for her whole life. Jen warns Hope that she (Hope) could be the one thing standing between Georgia and her dreams. Hope says if Georgia takes after Bo then she will be stubborn to a fault. Jen says if she takes after Billie then Hope better watch out! Hope realizes it is late and she needs to go. Jen says she hopes she hasnt upset her. Hope says Jen hasnt, and she wont let Billie come between her and Bo. Hope says Bo is coming home to her tonight, she is the woman he loves.

At the station, Bo and Billie are working, and they have found a castle in Europe where the DiMeras have had a caretaker on staff who has been paid to stay there. Kate asks when they will be leaving? Bo says probably sometime tomorrow, but Billie says shes not waiting another second. Billie says she is leaving tonight! Bo says they cant rush this, they need a plan first. Billie says shell have a plan by time the plane lands. Kate thinks they should go look for their daughter right now and not waste anymore time. Billie thanks her mom for the support. Kate offers to do anything she can for them. Kate has to leave for the night, and Bo tells Billie her mom doesnt know what they are walking into. Billie says Tony and Stefano are dead. Bo says the DiMeras orders will be carried out from the grave. He says they have to play this smart, they cant let their emotions get involved. Billie says the people holding Georgia may know about the disk, and they could whisk her away and theyll never find her. Billie says she cant risk that, so shes leaving tonight with or without him. Meanwhile, Kate makes a call and sets something up. Back in the office, Bo and Billie argue about her leaving. Billie says she is ISA so she outranks him, so he cant stop her. Bo reminds her what happened last time she was so gung-ho on going in guns blazing, his wife got caught in the middle of her mission with Larry Whelch. Bo also reminds her that how she was willing to sacrifice her life on the island because she thought she had nothing to live for, but now she has Georgia to think about. Billie says she is a mother now and every instinct tells her to go get her daughter and bring her home. She says she has gotten along fine without him for years, so she doesnt need him now. Bo says he wants to find their daughter just as bad as she does, so if he cant talk her out on going tonight then hell go with her. She smiles and gives him a hug. Kate returns and says she is sorry for interrupting but she just wanted to know if Billie was leaving. Billie says she is and Bo is coming with her. Kate is glad because she wants Billie to be safe. Bo says he still has to get them a flight, but Kate says that is already taken care of. Kate says the Basic Black jet is at their disposal. Billie says she can be ready in a half an hour. Bo says he needs more time, he needs to explain this to his wife. Bo leaves, and Kate has a suitcase packed for Billie .Billie finds a black negligee in it, and she asks what this is? She says a present from her mom, and she thinks Bo will like it! Billie says she is an ISA agent, and this is not about seducing Bo, its about finding Georgia. Kate says its about brining her family back together. She says she is praying they will bring Georgia home, and she prays she gets Bo back as well.

Bo returns home where Hope has planned a romantic evening for him. She is in a robe and negligee, and has candles everywhere and romantic music play. Hope asks Bo how it went. He says they have a solid lead. She says that is great. Hope says Zack is not here, so they have the hose to themselves. She kisses him, but he stops her. He says he cant do this, he has to leave. He explains what is going on, and Hope is stunned to learn Bo is leaving her to go to Europe. Hope asks if it cant wait until he talks to Shawn? Bo says he is sorry. Bo says she knows how important this is, and he says hell make it up to her. He goes to kiss her, and she pushes him away. He says he has to go pack now, and goes upstairs.

Back at Jens place, Jen looks at a photo of Jack and hugs it to her chest. Jen falls asleep and hears someone at the door. She thinks it is Jack, but is stunned to see who it is.

Celeste is in her bed and she dreams of Sami and Brandon getting married. She says this will be a night that Sami and Brandon will never forget. Out on the road, Lucas cant get through to the ambulance, and Sami fears Brandon is dead. Sami cries, and Lucas tells Brandon to come back to them. Brandon comes too and hes fine. Sami thinks they should take him to the hospital, but he insists he doesnt need to go to the hospital. He gets up and says no broken bones and no ribs cracked. Lucas says hes so sorry, but Brandon says it was the fog and it wasnt his fault. Brandon walks off for a minute to call for a tow, and Lucas tells Sami she seems freaked out. She says they just hit Brandon, he should be freaked out. Lucas says not for the reasons she is freaked out. Sami says she is not in love with Brandon, she loves him (Lucas) and wants to marry him. Meanwhile, Brandon tries to call for a tow truck, but nobody is picking up. Celeste calls Brandon and knows he was in an accident with Samantha, and he says before this night is over he will be with Sami. She warns him that he cannot change his destiny, look what running has caused. Elsewhere, Lucas and Sami are still arguing over eloping. Lucas thinks this was a mistake and he wonders why she is so afraid, could it be her feelings for Brandon? Sami says no, she says she is afraid because bad things happen to her. She says she wants to wake up married to him and she begs him to just do it tonight. Brandon returns and says thats not going to happen. He says whatever they are planning wont happen, there is a pile-up on the interstate and all the tow trucks are out there. Lucas car wont run because the airbag is deployed. Brandon tries his and it works, so he offers to give them a lift back to Salem. Sami doesnt want to go with Brandon, but Lucas says they have no choice. Lucas also reminds Sami they need a witness at their wedding, and if he is there then he and she will be convinced it is over between him and Sami. Lucas says maybe this is fate. She says now he is sounding like Celeste. Lucas asks what is she afraid if, is she afraid she wont be able to say I do with Brandon there? She says of course shell be able to say I do, and she says he is right and they wont waste anymore time. She says they can go and Brandon can be their witness. Lucas asks Brandon for a favor. Sami says they should get into the car first, shes freezing. Before they get any further, Brandon gets another phone call from Celeste. He says he is not at the justice of the peace, he is taking Lucas and Sami home. Celeste says she hears a song playing in her visions, which Brandon says was his and Samis song. Celeste says this means the fates are bringing them back together. Meanwhile, Lucas asks Sami why she stopped him from telling Brandon about their plans? She says it can be a surprise. They get into the car, and Lucas asks Brandon if he can take them out to Willow Green Way. Brandon says there isnt much out there. Sami says they have plans, and Lucas says it is a surprise.

They end up at the justice of the peaces, and Brandon asks where they are and why do they look so nervous? Lucas says this is the justice of the peace and they are getting married. They go into the justice of the peaces office, and Brandon says he cant believe this is happening. Sami says it is happening, she is marrying Lucas. Brandon says thats not what he meant. She asks what he meant? He says nothing, and to himself he cant believe Celestes vision is coming true. The Justice walks in and mistakes Brandon and Sami for the couple, and turns on the radio. On the radio is Brandon and Samis song! Lucas tells Sami to speak up and tell him which man shes marrying. Meanwhile, Celeste continues to be hit with premonitions of Brandon marrying Sami. She says more than one couple will be separated tonight!


December 7, 2004
The show opens with Belle at her computer. Mimi walks in and says she just got her e-vite, and she cant believe she is going through with this. Belle says they didnt have time to get formal invitations out, and she hopes the e-vite wasnt tacky. Mimi suggests a suggestion, changes the photo on Belles PC to one of her and Shawn, and says now it is perfect. Belle tells Mimi that Shawn made it crystal clear that he wants nothing to do with her, and that she isnt the same girl he fell in love with. Belle says Shawn isnt the same boy she fell in love with, and now he is with Jan. Mimi says this is wrong and what is his problem. Mimi says stupid question, Jan is the problem. Belle says she has a wedding to plan now, she cant worry about Jan. Mimi says but this is all Jans fault. Belle says Shawn wants to be with Jan and there is nothing they can do. Mimi says something is missing here, something had to have happened to Shawn this summer before the accident and after he went missing. Belle agrees, but shes tired of looking for answers. Mimi says she will get to the truth before Belle makes the biggest mistake of her life and marries Phillip. Belle says Shawn has chosen to marry Jan, its not like she locked him in a room and held a gun to his head and forced him to propose. Mimi says its like Jan gave Shawn a brain transplant. Belle says they cant put all the blame on Jan, Shawn ran off last summer and stayed away. Belle says Phillip was here for her, and when they finally got closer, Shawn came back and spied on her. Belle says she and Phillip even went to Jans country house and when he heard they were there, he had Jan lie to them to get rid of them. Mimi asks if Shawn said that or did Jan? Belle says Jan told them. Belle says they heard a noise, which Jan said was her cat. However, Belle says it was Shawn. She says the point is Shawn didnt even come out from hiding to confront them. Mimi thinks she knows why. Mimi says Jan manipulated Shawn into spying on her and Phillip. Belle asks how she knows that? Mimi says nothing, and Belle says it doesnt matter. Belle says she and Phillip will be getting married in a few days, and she asks Mimi to be her maid of honor. Mimi agrees, but still wishes she could get the goods on Jan. Belle says shes going to go work on her wedding dress. Mimi vows to find out what Jan spears was up to this summer. Mimi heads out, and Belle works on sewing her dress. She comes across yet another photo of Shawn she has lying around. She ends up cutting the photo up as she cries. 

Mimi heads to Jans country house to look around. She is shocked when she finds Jans love cage! Mimi looks around the cage and ends up finding some of Shawns things inside. She comes across his old wallet. She then remembers Belle saying it wasnt like Jan locked Shawn up and held a gun on him. Mimi continues looking around and finds a gun in a drawer, and she says that is exactly what happened. She also remembers Belle saying Shawn was at Jans place but wouldnt come see them. Mimi says now she knows why. She also finds the videotapes Jan made, and she realizes Jan was brainwashing Shawn. Mimi says she has to tell the others about that sick bitch. 

Jen has a dream that Jacks ghost appears to her. Jen then hears someone at the door. She thinks it is Jack, but it is Abby sneaking in. Jen is furious and says that the pep-rally ended over two hours ago, she missed her curfew. Jen tells both Abby and Chelsea to get inside because its freezing out. Abby sees her mom with a photo of her dad and lashes out at her mom for being overly concerned about Jack. Abby says dad is dead this time and hes not coming back.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope is not happy at all with Bo for leaving her, Shawn and Zack. Bo says he tried to convince Billie to wait, but she wouldnt. Hope says they cant plan something like this in a day. She says they cant just walk into a DiMera organization without a plan. Hope says he could get himself killed and he wont let him do this. Bo says hell be careful. Hope insists she go with him, but Bo says the boys need their mother and he wont be gone that long. Hope says Zack will miss him, and Shawn needs him too. Bo says he wont be gone long as they know where Georgia is. Hope says if she is there. Bo says he loves her and their family, but he has to go find Georgia. Hope asks him to promise that hell come back, and he says he promises. Bo says hell see her soon, and then he heads out. 

Hope goes back to Jens to pick up Zack. Jen asks what happened to her night with Bo? Hope says it is a long story. Hope sees Abby and Chelsea are up and says it is kinda late. Chelsea says she was supposed to stay over and work on a social studies project, but maybe she should go. Jen says no its fine. Chelsea says they should get to work, and Abby tells Chelsea that shes as bad as her mother. They head upstairs, and Jen says she is some parent. Jen says she just grounded Abby for breaking curfew, and now she is letting her friend stay the night. However she says Chelsea seems like a good kid and she hopes she rubs off on Abby. Hope and Jen eat some ice cream, and Hope explains to Jen what happened with Bo. Hope says she does want Bo and Billie to find Georgia. Hope says Billie will have primary custody, and it will be fine. She says theyll work it out. Jen says they will, but their lives will never be the same. Hope says no matter what happens, Hope knows Bo will still love her. She says she knows having a baby will be a dream come true for Billie, she just hopes it is enough for Billie. Hope says she hopes Billie doesnt use the child to get Bo back.

In Abbys room, Chelsea cant believe Jen bought her goody-goody act. Chelsea whips out some cigarettes, and Abby tells her no way she is going to smoke here. She talks about how her dad won an award for showing how tobacco companies target kids, and how smoking is a filthy habit. Abby refuses to smoke and if Chelsea does then her mom will smell it, so put it out. Chelsea says fine, and she has a better idea anyways. Chelsea says a senior at school is having a co-ed sleepover while her parents are out of town. Abby says she is grounded for missing curfew. Chelsea says theyll work around it. Abby doesnt know if she should do this, but agrees to go. Abby asks what they should wear? Chelsea says its time for an extreme makeover. They make themselves up like trashy hookers from an 80s movie. They put on lots of make-up, gaudy jewelry, and fake furs. Abby thinks their eye make-up is too dark, but Chelsea says the guys love this. Jen calls out and asks if they are ready for bed? When Jen comes in she finds the girls in bed with the lights out. Abby says they were asleep. Jen says she is sorry and leaves. Chelsea and Abby get out of bed and then decide to climb out the window and go party.

Billie waits on the plane for Bo to arrive. She looks through some papers and prays that Georgia is there. Billie begins dreaming about her and Bo sneaking into the castle and hearing a girl crying. Billie says she knows it is Georgia. Bo says this could be a trap. Some henchmen come out of no where, and Bo takes care of them. They go in and find a girl crying on the bed. Billie rushes to her and comforts her telling Georgia that she is her mom. Billie tells herself she cant wait much longer for Bo. Later Billie finds the black negligee her mother packed for her. Bo arrives, sees Billie with the negligee, and asks what that is? As usual he wasnt talking about the negligee, but a stuffed bear next to Billie. She says she bought it for Georgias grave the other night, but she decided to give it to Georgia when they find her. Bo calls up to the captain and says they are ready to take off.

Hope heads back to her place, pours some wine, and begin watching TV. She thinks she should probably go to bed. She says she misses Bo so much, and then daydreams about a naked Bo, covered by a bearskin rug, lounging by the fire and calling to her to come over. Suddenly Billie, in a white negligee, walks by Hope and goes to Bo. She thanks him for helping her find Georgia and for making them a real family. They then begin to make-out. Hope is woken from her dream by a call from Bo. Bo says hes sorry he had to take off, and he misses her already. She tells him to be careful, and Bo says he loves her. Before Hope can ask Bo not to let Billie manipulate him, Bo hangs up the phone.

At the castle, Jack has tried to escape once again, and failed. Tony is angry with Jack for interrupting his daily meditation ritual and sword purification ritual. Jack says nothing can clean the blood off of his sword. Jack says he will escape and get back to Jen and his baby. Tony, who holds a sword on Jack, says the only way hell be getting home for Christmas is in his dreams. Jack asks Tony how Cassie is because he hasnt seen her since they were drugged and taken off of the trawler. He asks where everyone else is as well? Tony says so many questions. Jack says well he is a prisoner, so he has all the time in the world. Tony says prisoner yes, but time no. Jack thinks if Tony wanted him dead he would have done so by now. Jack asks where Cassie is and who else is here. Tony says Cassie is dead and the others went back to Salem. Jack says hes lying, he heard a young girl crying the other night. Tony says he was probably dreaming of Abigail crying for him. Jack tries to run out the door, but Tony stops him with his sword. He holds the sword up to Jacks throat and says if he tries that again then he really will be dead. Later, Jack says Bart told him that Jen and the baby made it back to Salem. He wonders who else made it back. Tony says Patrick Lockhart survived and is living with Jen right now. Tony says Patrick will be a great comfort to Jen and be a good role model for Abby. Jack says this cant be happening! Jack says he has to get out of here and back to his family, but Tony says that wont happen. Tony then locks him back in the room.

At the Justices of the Peace, the justice mistakes Sami and Brandon as the couple coming to get married. Lucas tells Sami to tell the justice which man she wants to marry. Sami blurts out Brandon! Lucas asks what she said? Sami says what she was trying to say was that Brandon was her ex-husband, and Lucas is the man she wanted to marry. The justice apologizes for the mix-up, and he asks what kind of wedding they want? Lucas says the romantic package, and Sami asks for a different song to be played. Currently playing is her and Brandons old song (Back at One by Brian McKnight, thanks to everyone who wrote in about this!). Meanwhile, Brandon says this is just like Celeste predicted. The justice asks them to fill out some paperwork while he goes to do one last thing. Sami and Lucas kiss, and Sami then asks Brandon if he will be their witness. Brandon says of course, he just wants her to be happy. Lucas says she will be happy; shell be the happiest bride ever. Sami says she just wants this over with before something else bad happens. As Lucas says nothing bad will happen, the justice returns and says they have a big problem. He says he cant marry them. Sami says she knew it, she knew something would go wring! The justice tells Sami that her annulment papers werent properly filed, so shes still married to a Brandon Walker. Brandon cant believe this. The justice realizes the other guy with then is Brandon, and he says that is why he thought he and Sami were the perfect couple. He says Brandon was going to be the witness at his wifes wedding, thats a first for him. Lucas says not for long, they will fix this. Sami asks how this happened? Brandon says it happened because Sami dragged her feet so long and wouldnt sign the papers. Sami says she did sign them and send the papers in. The justice says she didnt fill her name in, and the people at the courthouse should have sent her a notice. Sami says she got something, but she just thought it was the confirmation and never opened it. The justice suggests perhaps Sami didnt want to give up on her marriage. Sami says that is not it, and she wants to marry Lucas. The judge says it is an easy fix if that is what she wants. Sami says shes getting tired of him! She tries to leave, but it triggers confetti to automatically come down on her and Brandon. Sami says great, what else can go wrong! 

Brandon, Lucas and Sami get back into the car. Sami is in the backseat in tears and thinks they will never get married. Lucas says theyll have this fixed tomorrow and then they can get married. Sami says this is a bad omen, what if fate is trying to tell them something. Brandon begins thinking about Celestes premonitions. Brandon looks back at Sami, and she looks at him. Lucas tells Sami not to cry. Sami says she doesnt want to be married to Brandon, she wants to be married to him.


December 8, 2004
At Jans place, Mimi is disturbed by how sick Jan is and she says she has to go tell Shawn and Belle what she has found here. At the loft, Belle is thinking about her talk with Shawn up on the roof. Belle gets a call from Mimi, and Mimi says she has something huge to tell her about Shawn and Jan. Belle thinks they broke up, but Mimi says no. Belle asks if they got married? Mimi says no, and she wont believe this. Belle asks so what the news is? Mimi says shell have to see it to believe it. Mimi tells Belle to come out to Jans country house. Belle says there is a huge snowstorm outside. Mimi says it wasnt bad when she got here, but Belle says it is bad now. Mimi says she will have to drive carefully. Mimi says shell call Shawn too as this may jog his memory. Belle says she is on her way. 

Belle leaves her apartment and runs into Shawn out in the hall. Belle asks where he is going? He asks why is she writing a book? He apologizes and says that was rude. He says he was going to find Jan. Shawns phone rings, and Belle says that is Mimi calling. She says dont bother answering, and she fills him in. Shawn says she should get a hat because it is cold out there. Belle says she will, and she wants to leave a note for Phillip so he doesnt worry. Shawn says she wouldnt want her soldier boy to worry. Belle ends up driving them as she isnt sure he isnt drunk. He claims hes not drunk, but Belle still doesnt want him driving her car. He says shed let Phillip drive. They end up arguing about Phillip, and Belle tells him not to start. She says she will marry Phillip and the only reason they are here is because she is worried about Mimi. Shawn wonders why she is even out there. Belle says Mimi has been saying weird things, and she thinks he was brain washed. Belle tries to convince Shawn that there are a lot of unanswered questions, and she thinks Mimi is right that something weird happen to him. Belle says she is curious as to what Mimi found. Shawn says hes not and if it wasnt snowing hed have her drop him off so he could walk back home. Belle then begins to worry that Jan may be at her house and have found Mimi. Later, as they cross a bridge, Belle hits a patch of ice. Shawn tries to help her get control of the car. She screams as the car skids off the road.

At the cottage, Mimi leaves a message for Shawn on his phone to come out to the country house. Jan shows up and is furious with Mimi for stealing her keys. Mimi says she accidentally took them, but Jan says and what drove out here to return them? Jan says she can have her arrested for what she did. Mimi tells Jan to give it up, she knows what she did to Shawn and she wont get away with it. Jan says shes done anything, but Mimi says she knows everything she did. Mimi says she knows she kept Shawn a prisoner in the cage, and how she taped Belle with Phillip and showed those videos to him to brainwash him. She says Belle waiting forever for Shawn, and she doesnt think Shawn was ever with Jan until after his accident and after he lost his memory. Mimi tells Jan that she is crazy, but Jan says no she isnt. Jan says Shawn stayed here because he wanted to because she could give him true love and hot sex. Jan says Shawn didnt want to be with Belle, he wanted to be with her. Mimi says she had to cage him to get him to be with her, and if he hadnt lost his memory then he would be able to tell them what happened. Jan says Shawn Brady fell in love with her and she knows someone who can prove it. Mimi asks who? Jan pulls out her Cupie doll and tells the doll to tell Mimi that Shawn loves her! Mimi tells Jan that she needs serious help. Jan says she is not crazy, and she attacks Mimi! They thrash around the room, and Mimi throws Jan into the cage. Jan acts like shes hurt, but then quickly locks Mimi in the cage! Jan tells her that if Shawn and Belle do show up here, they wont find her. Jan says the question is how to dispose of her. Mimi asks Cupie for advice, and Jan says that is a good idea! 

Hope is home drinking wine and thinking about Bo heading off to Europe with Billie to find Georgia. The furnace ends up going out, and Hope cries that she needs Bo here with her. Hope calls the furnace repairman, but he is backed up. Then the power goes out, and Zack begins crying as it is dark. Later Hope makes calls to the airport and finds Bos plane it off safely. She tries to call Bo, but he doesnt answer. She wonders if it is the weather, or because he doesnt want to be bothered by her. Later there is a knock at Hopes door, and she is shocked by who it is.

On the plane, Billie and Bo are asleep, and Billie is in his arms. Billie and Bo dream about their past. We see made up flashbacks of them living on the boat and talking about sailing around the world. Bo and Billie talked about what they want out of life, their dreams. Billie said she never thought that far ahead, she just wanted to get off drugs, get her life back together, and find her own apartment and job. Billie told Bo that he makes her very happy. Bo said ditto. Billie said if they live on this boat for the rest of their lives it is okay with her. Bo asked if it bothered her that there were so many memories of Hope here? She says no, and she couldnt and wouldnt try to erase them. Billie said theyd make new memories of their own. They also dream about making love, and Bo tells Billie he never thought hed feel this way again. Billie asked if maybe one day theyd get married? Bo said it could happen, even though when he was younger he never thought he was the marrying kind. Billie said she never thought shed ever want to have kids, but being around Shawn Douglas changed that. Bo said he was crazy about her, and she said she was crazy about him. She asked if he wants more kids, and he admitted that hed like a little girl so Shawn D would have a sister. Bo told Billie that he loved her with all his heart and soul and hed never leave her. Billie said she promised him right back. They later dream about getting ready for the premier party of Countess Willeminias new fragrance Bodacious. In reality they end up in a kiss, and eventually wake up. Bo asks Billie what she is doing? Billie says she was asleep and she is sorry, she didnt mean to kiss him. Bo says it was that perfume, he didnt know they still made Bodacious. Billie cant believe he remembers the name. He says she named it after him. Billie says it is still her favorite. Bo says it still makes him crazy. Billie says the reason she kissed him is because she was dreaming about when they were together. Bo says him too, then realizes his blunder.

Brandon, Lucas and Sami are still on the road. The radio broadcaster comes in to tell them about the worst storm to hit Salem in years, and for people to get off the road. Meanwhile, Sami remembers the events at the justice of the peace, and she and Brandon argue about being married to one another. Sami says she cant believe she is still married to him. Brandon says he doesnt want to be married to her anymore than she wants to be married to him. As they argue, Brandon doesnt watch the road. Sami screams tree! Brandon quickly hits the breaks, but they crash and wind up in a snow bank. Lucas and Sami are okay, but Brandon is out cold. Sami says not again! They tell him to come back to them, and he does. He insists he is fine. Sami says he is bleeding, but Brandon says it is the cut from the first accident, it just got reopened. Sami asks if he is sure he is okay, and he says he is fine. Sami rolls her eyes and makes a face. Brandon asks what thay look was, does she wish he had died? She says that is a horrible thing to say. Brandon says if he was dead then she and Lucas could go back to the justice of the peace and get married tonight. Sami says that is still a horrible thing to say. He says hes sorry. Sami says she already lost one groom on her wedding day. She says Franco was a jerk, but she didnt want him dead. Lucas suggests they try and start the car. The car starts, and Lucas suggests he and Brandon push the car back onto the road while Sami takes the wheel. Their attempts are futile, and Brandon begins to get dizzy. Sami says what will they do now, freeze to death? Lucas says there was a gas station always back, so hell go. Brandon says he can go, but Lucas says not with his head injury. Brandon says he doesnt want to be left here with Sami, and Sami says thanks. Lucas eventually goes, and Brandon turns the car off. Sami says she is freezing, so turn it back on. Brandon says the car is against the snow bank, the fumes would come back in and kill them. Sami says they have to do something to stay warm. Brandon suggests they could start making out. She says he has got to be kidding. Brandon says he is, he doesnt know any married couples who still make out in parked cars. Sami says she doesnt want to be married to him. She says she wants to be married to Lucas, and she isnt because of him. Sami says this is all his fault. He asks how this is his fault? She says he made that sick joke about making out to keep warm. Brandon says she and Lucas ran into his car, and then they tricked him into taking her to her own wedding. He says he wouldnt have minded being her witness because hed like to see her married to someone else other than him. Brandon says if she hadnt filled the papers out wrong they wouldnt be in this position. Sami says excuse her for making a simple error! She rails at Brandon for how he seems determined to make her miserable. Brandon ends up telling her that she is repeating history. He reminds her that when they were together she wanted a big wedding, but then ended up deciding they should elope because she was afraid something would break them up. He says she did the same thing with Lucas, so why was she so desperate to get married to Lucas? He also says he doesnt think the annulment papers were misfiled accidentally. Sami says that was the fault of a clerk at the county office, but Brandon says no it wasnt. He tells Sami that she knows what really happened. Sami asks what he is talking about. Brandon thinks she messed the papers up on purpose in order to get him back.

Lucas makes it to the gas station and tells the guy his car is caught in a snow bank. The man says he cant offer him a tow, he cant go out in a storm like this. Lucas asks if he can call someone else on his phone? The man says he can try, but people stuck out there tonight will probably remain stuck till morning. Lucas makes calls, and cant get anyone to come out in the storm. The garage attendant offers him a cup of coffee. He says hes sorry about his car and his friends who are in it. He says hed need a bulldozer or a tank to get them out tonight. Lucas then realizes who to call, and he knows Sami wont like this.



December 9, 2004
Hope opens her door and finds Julie and Doug standing there. She asks what they are doing here? They say they wanted to stop by and see how she was doing. She says she didnt expect them back till tomorrow. Julie says they heard about the storm and didnt want to get stuck in the mountains, so they came back early. Julie thinks they should call Alice because they arent going to make it to her place tonight. Doug asks if they can stay here, and Hope says sure. Doug asks if Bo wont mind? Hope says Bo isnt here. Doug jumps to the conclusion he is doing police work, then he realizes how cold it is here. Hope says the furnace broke, so Doug goes to take a look at it. Julie tells Hope that Grandma sends her hello. Julie thinks they should call Bo to let them know he has house guests. Hope says hes not at the station, hes not working tonight. Julie asks where he is? Hope says hes flying off to Europe with Billie Reed. Julie yells No! Doug returns after hearing Julie yelling and he asks what is going on? Hope explains the whole story to them, which shocks them. Doug asks how they know Billie didnt make up the story? Hope says Billie didnt find the evidence. She says the ISA and Salem PD found the file on a disk Billie made from the DiMera mainframe. Julie suggests Billie could have planted the file. Julie says Billie went to great lengths to get Bo back before. Hope says that was a long time ago, and Billie swore that this wasnt about her and Bo. Julie says how can it not be? Julie says having a child together bonds two people. Hope says she knows, but she also knows nothing will change between her and Bo. Hope says Bo is committed to her and their boys. Doug says of course he is. Julie asks if they are blind? She warns Hope that the same thing that happened to Maggie could happen to her. Julie says the worst thing for Bo to do is fly off on an adventure with his ex-wife who would do anything to get him back. Hope believes Billie is being honest and she trusts Bo, but Julie thinks she is being a fool.

On the plane, Bo and Billie argue over the kiss. Bo says the perfume got to him, he didnt know they still made Bodacious. Billie cant believe he remembers the perfume. Bo says it was named after him. Billie says it is still her favorite. He says it still makes him crazy. Billie says she was asleep and was dreaming about when the two of them were together. Bo says him too. He quickly says he probably only dreamed about her because of the perfume. Billie smiles and says probably. Billie asks Bo if it was a good memory or a bad one. He says it was a good one, and they had some good times. Bo says that was in the past though, and they can never go back there. Billie says she never said she wanted to. Bo says they share a daughter, and he will always be a part of their daughters life, but that is as much of her life as he will be. Bo says theyll never be together again. Billie says that he has made it clear he has his own family, and she doesnt want him anymore. She says she only wants to find Georgia. Bo says all he is saying is that they shouldnt take anymore trips down memory lane. Billie says once again that he is not the man for her, the man for her would never leave her especially after vowing not to before God. Bo says he made the same vows with Hope. She says she knows, and the point is they are over. Bo says he believes her, and she says good. She says he has moved on with Hope and she moved on too. He says she was still kissing him. Billie says he was kissing her too, and hes the one all freaked out by it. She says she doesnt know why she had that dream, but then realizing it is because of her mom. Bo asks what Kate has to do with this? Billie says Kate wants them back together. Bo says he thought Kate had learned her lesson about interfering in her kids lives? Billie says losing Roman and Cassie has caused her to regress. Billie says Kate not only wants to break up Lucas and Sami, she wants Phillip to be with Belle. Billie says Kate wants them back together too and she has told her to use Georgia. Billie tells Bo not to worry, she has told her mom they wont be together. Bo thinks she is protesting a little too much. He says he has hurt her before and he doesnt want to hurt her again. He says they will have to figure out some boundaries here. Billie says she already has, and she respects herself too much to go after a married man. Billie says while the past may come up because of Georgia, she has committed herself to raising Georgia as a single mother. Billie then wonders what Hope thinks about all of this, but says Bo will have to deal with that when he gets home .Billie swears to Bo that her only goal on this trip is to find their daughter. She asks if he believes her? He says he does. Bo leaves to get them some coffee, and Billie ends up pinching herself. She tells herself not to go after Bo, and she damns her mom for putting that idea in her head.

At the garage, the attendant tells Lucas he doesnt know who he called but he doubts theyll get here. He says Lucas can stay here on a cot in the back if need be. Lucas says theyll be here soon. Kate soon shows up. Kate is furious that Lucas ran off and married Sami. She asks why he eloped. Lucas says it is what Sami wanted. Kate says that figures! Lucas says she told him she wouldnt give him a hard time about getting married. Kate claims she is just upset he did it without telling her, especially after all the work that Basic Black has done for them. Kate says she was trying to get through to him earlier on the phone, but she couldnt with the storm. Kate tells Lucas the news about Billie and Georgia, and how Billie and Bo went to look for her. Later, Lucas explains he and Sami werent married because of a technicality. He also tells her about running into Brandon, and how Sami and Brandon are still back in the car. Kate finds this interesting and says they should go. Kate ends up driving them home, and Lucas is furious. He says they cant leave them back there, but Kate says someone will find them sooner or later. Lucas demands she turn the car around, and she agrees. Kate once again goes in the wrong direction, and Lucas tells her to stop the car right now. Kate says shes going another way, but Lucas tells her to stop the car and he will drive. Kate thinks he is afraid about leaving Brandon and Sami alone for too long, and if she is right, he should think long and hard about his relationship and how solid it is. She says he should thank his lucky stars he didnt marry Sami.

Back in Brandons car, Sami and Brandon are arguing over Brandon thinking Sami messed up the annulment papers on purpose. Brandon thinks Sami subconsciously wanted to get him back .Sami doesnt deny it, and Brandon asks if she wants to get back together. Sami says back then it was true. Sami says when she was forced to file the papers she was devastated, she wanted to stay married to him. She says she didnt want to believe he was gone and wasnt coming back. She says it took her a long time to get over him. He says it took him a long time to get over her. Sami is stunned, and she says her whole world revolved around him. Brandon asks if she feels the same about Lucas? She says yes. He says that isnt healthy, she shouldnt let her life revolved around a man. He says she is one of the strongest people he knows. Sami says all she has left is Lucas and Will. She says she lost Austin, him, her mother, father and grandmother. Brandon tells her that she needs to live her life for her. Sami says she knows that. She tells Brandon that he left her and wouldnt respond to her phone calls or letters. Sami says shes not blaming him, but she learned after that she can depend on herself and no one else. Sami says his leaving her did her a favor. Sami says she was trying to change for him even though he claimed her for who she was. He says he did. She says he didnt, but Lucas does. She says they were wrong to be together and had no right to get married. Brandon says they did get married and they still are. Sami says she doesnt mean to hurt him. Sami begins to worry about Lucas, and she says this is not how she planned to spend her wedding night. Sami tells Brandon that shes glad they have gotten things settled. Sami says she wants to marry Lucas. Brandon says once they get out of this storm they will get their annulment. Sami asks what he was doing out here anyways? He says he was avoiding something. She thinks he was avoiding her. He says he was avoiding Celestes latest prediction. He says she saw them together and told him he could outrun his fate, and she was right. Sami says shes starting to get weirded out by Celestes premonitions. Sami says she just wants to marry Lucas and live happily ever after. Brandon says she used to say the same thing about him. Sami suggests they change the subject, and wonders what is taking Lucas so long. Brandon asks if she is really that anxious to get away from him? She asks isnt he? She tells him to admit he is desperate to get away from her too. She asks why else was he out in the middle of nowhere. He says to stop Celestes prediction. She says why though, unless . .. Sami says it cant be true. She asks him if he still loves her, and he says he does.

At Jans place, Jan fakes being injured, and when Mimi goes to check on her, Jan throws her in the cage and locks her in! Mimi demands to be let out. Jan tells Mimi that she is too nice, she knew she let her guard down if she thought she was hurt. Mimi says Shawn and Belle are coming and will find her. Jan says if they show up she has no intention of finding her. Jan says the question is how to dispose of her. Jan consults her Cupie doll, and she says that is good. Mimi tells Jan that she is crazy! Jan tells Mimi that she wont stay in there forever, she just has to get ready first. Jan leaves, and Mimi says that chick is psycho! Mimi says she has to find a way out before Jan kills her. When Jan returns with a hypodermic, she finds Mimi is out! Mimi shows up with a gun and tells Jan she never took her keys back. She orders Jan to drop the syringe and crush it. Jan does, and it shatters (they make glass syringes still?). Mimi holds the gun on Jan, and she wants to know how she got Shawn here and in the cage. She thinks Jan drugged him or tricked him into thinking Belle was here. Mimi says by time Shawn got here it was too late, she had him. Mimi says the only thing she doesnt understand is how she got Shawn to love her. Jan says Shawn was her the entire time, but Shawn loves her and nobody can change that. Mimi says Shawn loves Belle and he always has, and whatever she did to him . . . Mimi remembers the accident and thinks Shawn has forgotten everything, and she fed him lies and convinced him they were together. Jan says Shawn was confused, but it didnt take him long to remember that he loves her. Mimi says she cant wait until Shawn sees all of this because he will remember everything. Jan says she wont say a word otherwise shell tell Rex everything about the abortion. Mimi tells her to go ahead and tell Rex, she is tired of the blackmail and she is tired of her coming between Shawn and Belle. Jan refuses to allow that, and she and Mimi begin struggling over the gun. Mimi gets the upper hand on Jan, and continues to hold the gun on her. She says as soon as Shawn and Belle get here then they will live happily ever after.

Belle and Shawns car crashes, and Shawn saves Belles life. They went into the river as she is all wet. He has brought her up onto the riverbank. Shawn kisses her forehead, but then realizes she is not breathing. Shawn quickly performs CPR on her. He tells Belle that she cannot leave him. She finally comes too, and Shawn hugs her. Belle doesnt remember much, but realizes he saved her. Shawn says it is cold and they have to get out of these wet clothes. Belle says her car is in the river and they are in the middle of no where. Belle says she is scared. Shawn holds her to comfort her. Shawn says there could be shelter on the otherside of the hill, so they have to get there. Belle says she cant do it, but he says she can. He says he cant lose her again, he will help her. 


December 10, 2004
At the hospital we heard a radio announcer talking about the huge storm which has hit the tri-state area, and if you dont need to go outside, dont.. The mystery injector once again drugs John, and then quickly rushes off into the closet. Lexie and the nurse come in, and Lexie ups the dosage of Johns medicine to help him. Johns monitor begins beeping, and Lexie sees his IV is dripping. John has a seizure, and Lexie says something is not right. She thinks that there is a rip in the bag and the solution was dripping out, so she orders a new bag and drip. John says he cant take much more of this, and he tells Lexie to forget the medicine because its not working. He asks Lexie what his odds are, be honest with him. Lexie says his injuries are healing, but she cant measure his progress because of the pain. She says they have to hope the new drugs will help with the pain and hell be able to start physical therapy. Lexie tells him to try and rest. Lexie and the nurse leave, and the injector comes back. It turns out the man injecting Johns IV is Tek! John asks Tek what hes doing? We then see a black and white flashback of Tek in a white doctors coat. Hes standing by Johns bed telling John to follow standard ISA operating procedures and disconnect his mind from his body to block the pain. Back in real time John says he cant disconnect, his body is shutting down. The injector leaves the room, this time we dont see his face. However, they are caught in the hallway by Lexie. Lexie asks what they are doing in her patients room? Johns monitor begins beeping again, and she has to go check on John. The injector then walks off. She asks a nurse to stay with him, and she chases down the injector, whose face we still havent seen. She demands to know what he was doing in Johns room. The man turns around, and it is Tek. Tek says he just came by to see John, that is all. Lexie asks if he just was in with John earlier, but he says no. Lexie says it must have been someone else. Lexie says then she must have seen someone else. Lexie goes back to Johns room, and we see a black coat has been stuffed into the trashcan. Lexie sees a reflection in the window to Johns room. She turns around to face the person and says Oh My God!

Kate and Lucas are still on the road, and Kate tells Lucas he is in denial about Sami not being over Brandon. Lucas says Sami loves him, she is devoted to him, and they will have a wonderful family life and future. Kate says in your dreams! Kate says the storm is getting worse and they should go back home. Lucas says they are just a little ways from the car, so keep going. Lucas knows she just wants to leave Sami with Brandon so they can get cozy. He says Sami and Brandon are over, and the worst that will happen is they will become friends. She says he is insane if he thinks that is okay, and she says he is not her son! Lucas says Brandon is good for Sami, he is able to calm her down when she gets in her moods. Kate says it sounds like Brandon would make the perfect husband for Sami. Kate thinks Brandon still loves Sami and that is why hes staying in Salem. Lucas says it doesnt matter if Brandon loves Sami because she doesnt love him. Lucas and Kate then arrive at the car. Kate prays they are naked in there and steaming up the windows.

In the car, Sami cant believe Brandon still loves her after all the times he said he was over her. Brandon says he wanted her to be happy, but he does still loves her. Sami asks why he wasnt able to forgive her then? He says she lied to him about something important, and he couldnt marry a woman he didnt trust. He says he isnt saying this to hurt her. She says hes not. She says she knows they had a wonderful thing and she ruined it. Brandon says it is in the past, and she is with Lucas and has found the happiness shes always wanted. He says that is what you want isnt it? She just talks about how he seemed to run from Salem and her. He says he did move as far away from her as he could, and he ended up dating a lot of women over in London. Sami says its great hearing how wonderful his life was after he left because hers fell apart. She says she lost her job, friends, and family. Brandon says at least she is happy now, and things turnout how they were supposed to. Sami is freezing, so Brandon holds her for warmth. Sami says she guesses things have turned out for the best. He asks what does she mean she guesses? She admits shes been having dreams about him lately. She says she realizes how that sounds, she is supposed to be marrying Lucas but she cant stop thinking about him. He asks if she is still in love with him to. Sami and Brandon come close to kissing, but they dont. Lucas shows up and asks what is going on here, and he tells Brandon to get his hands off his fianc! Sami says Brandon is injured so be careful. Sami then sees Kate and asks why Lucas called her? Lucas says she had the only car that could get out here. Kate thinks this is a cozy little scene they found them in. Sami says Brandon is hurt so they need to get him to the hospital. They pile into Kates car and head for the hospital. Brandon and Sami are in the back seat, and Brandon takes Samis hand. She quickly pulls it away and wont look at him.

Sami and Lucas eventually arrive back home, and Lucas find the furnace is out. She says they can go to bed and make their own heat. Lucas says thats right, tonight was supposed to be their honeymoon. Lucas says shes still married to Brandon, and he cant get over that. She says she still wants to marry him, and she wont let this technicality change her plans for tonight. Sami and Lucas make love, and its another orgasmic Sami scene. However, as they make love, Sami sees Brandon on top of her telling her that he loves her. She says she loves him too. She then sees Lucas saying the same thing to her, and she says she loves him too! Sami realizes she loves both of them, and she wonders what shell do.

Kate is the one who takes Brandon to the hospital, after dropping Sami and Lucas off. She asks Brandon what really went on between him and Sami? He says nothing, and he tells Kate that nothing would make him happier if he came between Lucas and Sami. He knows she brought him here for that, and he damns her for lying to him. Brandon tells Kate as soon as the storm ends he is getting out of Salem for good. 

At Jans house, Mimi holds the gun on Jan. She says shell keep her in her site until Shawn and Belle arrive and she can see all the insane things she has done. Jan says she is not insane, and the cage is part of her and Shawns intense passions for one another. Jan hints that it was a sex game, something they cant begin to understand. Mimi says she kept Shawn here as a sex slave, which makes her one insane chick. Jan says if shes so insane then she could grab that gun from her. Mimi warns her if she comes closer then she will kill her. Jan laughs and says she wouldnt hurt a fly. Jan lunges for the gun, they struggle, and the gun goes off. Nobody is hurt, and Jan gets the gun and holds it on Mimi. Mimi tells Jan that she can lock Shawn up, but she cant make him love her. Mimi thinks Shawn may even try and kill her when he learns what shes done. Mimi says Shawn will dump her and he will marry Belle. Jan laughs and says shes not the only one who did something extreme to keep her man, she locked hers up and Mimi killed her baby. Mimi says she cant compare what they did, she locked Shawn up and that is a crime. Jan ends up putting her gun down to get a drink, and she dares Mimi to take it. Mimi grabs it, and Jan says there was only one bullet in it, and it has been used. Mimi finds this to be true. Jan says now shell get her syringe and finish what she started. Mimi says she cant shoot her, but she can knock her out. She clocks Mimi over the head with the gun, and Jan faints. Mimi tries to call Belle, but the line is out of service. Mimi then calls Phillip to tell him that she needs his help because Shawn and Belle are missing. However there is so much static on the line that she doesnt know if he heard her. Suddenly, Jan comes to and once again attacks Mimi. They fight, and Jan tells Mimi that shes going to tell Rex about her killing her baby. Mimi breaks free from Jan and tells her to tell him! Mimi says shes sick of being blackmailed by her. She tells Jan she claims to love Shawn but she is hurting him by fighting to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Jan rants about Belle, and says if she really loved Shawn then they would have hit the sheets long ago. Jan says Belle had everything in life handed to her, she probably never had a bad hair day. Jan says Belle doesnt deserve to get everything in life for free, and that included Shawn. Jan says she loved Shawn more and she deserved him. Mimi says she doesnt know what love is and she almost feels sorry for her. Jan says she is the one who everyone felt sorry for, poor chub-chub Mimi with the measles and the brace face. Mimi says it is better than being the milk shake girl who let all the boys on the playground cop a feel. Jan says she did that to get to Shawns attention and it is better than growing up in a box! Mimi says at least she was close to her parents, they may not have had much, but they had each other. Jan slips up and says she is close to her parents too. Mimi says what does she mean as they are dead. Jan says yes they are, together in one body bag as they should be. Jan goes off on how she will be with Shawn forever. As they argue, Mimi gets fed up and knocks Jan out again. She says she should go find Belle and Shawn, and takes off.

Rex and Phillip return to the loft and find Belles note that she went out with Shawn and wouldnt be long. Phillip asks what she is doing out in the storm with Shawn. Phillip tries to call her, but he cant get through to her. Rex wonders what is upsetting him more, that shes in the storm or that shes with Shawn? Later, Phillip gets Mimis call, but all he heard was Shawn and Belle and Jans house. Phillip says they should go to the house, but Rex says its insane out there. Phillip says he can handle it, he was on the cross country ski team and besides, he knows a shortcut to Jans place. Rex and Phillip head out and come across the accident. They eventually arrive at the barn and think they must be inside the barn.

Shawn carries Belle to a barn. She is freezing, her lips are blue, and she tells Shawn shes so cold and she cant. Shawn says she can and to stay with him. Belle ends up passing out. Shawn tells her to come back to him. Belle finally comes too, and Shawn is glad. He realizes he has to get her out of her wet clothes. He finds a blanket and a wood burning stove. He asks Belle to get out of her clothes for him. She gets up and begins to take her clothes off. Shawn turns his back and works on getting the stove working. Belle doesnt remember what happened, she just remembers they were driving. She asks why they were out in the storm? Shawn reminds her about Mimis call to meet her at the country house. Shawn ends up taking his wet clothes off, and Shawn sees Belles reflection in the mirror. They wrap themselves in blankets and lay down by the fire. Belle is getting hypothermic, and Shawn remembers his dad telling him how he saved his moms life with body heat. Shawn gets next to Belle and wraps them up in the same blanket. Shawn tells Belle a story how they are at the Green Mountain Lodge drinking hot tatees in front of the fireplace. They soon fall asleep, and Belle dreams about the time she gave Shawn a sensual massage (recreated flashback). Shawn obviously is dreaming about the same thing. Shawn ends up grabbing Belles face, and she grabs his. They then pull into a kiss. Shawn says he loves her, and she says she loves him. Shawn and Belle begin to make love. 

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