December 13, 2004
At the hospital, the person who startles Lexie from behind is Maggie. Maggie apologizes for startling her. She says she was here for a party in the childrens wing and wanted to stop in and see John. As they talk the mystery injector comes out of another room, they are now wearing scrubs and black gloves. Very inconspicuous! He or she sneaks into Johns room, and he or she is once again faceless. While Lexie and Maggie get coffee, the injector does something near Johns bed. It looks like hes taking pictures as something flashes. Meanwhile, Lexie fills Maggie in on Abes condition. Maggie tells her how sorry she is. Maggie asks how John is doing? Lexie says she doesnt understand it but he is reacting to every medication they try, they cant relieve his pain. Maggie asks if she can have a moment with John, she has something of Marlenas to give him. Maggie remembers Marlena giving it to Maggie and asking her to give it to John if anything happens as it would help him with the pain. Maggie shows it to Lexie, its a cross. Lexie says it is beautiful, but she never saw MArlena wear it. Maggie says it wasnt hers, it was Johns from his days in the priesthood. Maggie goes in to see John. She says she hates seeing him like this. He asks how she is and how Mickey is. She says she is fine and so is Mickey, but they are concerned about him. She says they want him better so he can come home for Christmas. John says he wants nothing more than that, but it wont be the same. Maggie knows he is missing Marlena, and she says she has something Marlena wanted him to have. She puts the cross in his hands. He takes it and cries.

In the hallway, Brandon continues talking to Kate. He says he knows what shes up to and it wont work. Brandon tells her that he is leaving Salem when this storm is over. Kate says hes not thinking straight, and its not too late for him to do something about Sami marrying Lucas. Later, after Brandon has left, Lexie tells Kate she knows what shes up to and it wont work. Maggie shows up after leaving Johns room, and she asks LExie to know her if there is any change. Kate and LExie go in to see John, and the mystery person spies on them from the closet. John is still in pain, and Kate asks Lexie to give him something. They go outside, and Lexie tells Kate that John may do better at home. She says they cant have him be at home alone. Kate says shell take care of John. She says that is what Roman and Marlena would want. Lexie says shed have to move in, would she have the time? Kate says shell do what she has to, and shell get a nurse to be there when she cant. LExie says if she could do this then shell discharge him ASAP. Kate says she can. Kate goes in to see John, and she says he will be going home soon and shell do whatever she can to help him. She holds him in her arms and says shes here, and she wont leave him. From the closet the mystery person records them on a camcorder. Later, once John is alone, the mystery person replaces some of his chart papers with new instructions, and he gives John another injection. A nurse comes in, sees he is in pain, and then gives John more medicine as it seems he hasnt had any. The mystery person then calls Tony from a pay phone. Tony says hes pleased as punch to know John is at the breaking point, and that John will soon be a mere shell of the man he once was. Tony says this is what he wants him to do next. Back in Johns room, Johns eyes roll back into his head.

At her place, Sami searches for the old annulment papers, but she cant find them. She has a memory of being in the car with Brandon and him telling her that he loves her still. She cant believe she is in love with two men. She says she has to find the papers. She looks through a note pad for something, and says she knew she had this somewhere. She then makes a call to the telephone psychic. The new psychic looks at her caller ID to see it is Sami calling. Sami says her voice sounds different. The psychic says she was just channeling a spirit from beyond, it sometimes changes her voice. Sami never catches on that its not the same psychic. Sami asks for help locating her annulment papers. The new psychic finds the old ones notes on Sami. Sami tells the psychic if she cant find the original annulment papers then she and Brandon will have to get divorced, and that will take forever. The psychic tells Sami to tell her everything on her mind. Sami tells her about the dreams shes been having, and about being caught in a snowstorm with Brandon. The psychic tells her to stick her big toe in the water and see how it feels. Sami asks if she is suggesting she cheat? The psychic says shes not a councilor so shes not suggesting anything, shes telling her what shes going to do unless she changes her own destiny. Sami tells the psychic about Celestes premonition. The psychic tells Sami if she loves her fianc and wants to be with him, then she needs to make that happen. Sami asks if that is it? The psychic say ahh, there is much more she needs to know about her future. Sami asks what, is it about Brandon? Lucas walks out at this point and asks who she is talking to? Sami says shell call them back in a minute, and she hangs up. Lucas asks what that was about. Sami says she called the late night shift at Basic Black to see if the annulment papers were there. She says she has to find those papers tonight. She says shes going there, and he offers to go with her. She says she can handle this and shell hurry back. She tells Lucas that she loves him and then leaves. 

At Basic Black, Sami once again calls the psychic. She once again asks where her papers are. The psychic says whatever she is doing she is getting warmer. Sami asks about the men and which one she will choose. She says she has feelings for two different men. As she talks, Kate listens in. Sami asks the psychic to tell her who she ends up choosing and save her the heartache. Kate says perfect, she can finally predict how Sami and Lucas romance will end!

At Hopes house, Hope continues to wait for Bo to call. She talks to herself about how she knows Georgia needs him and he needs to find his daughter, but they need him too. She wonders why she cant reach him, and then she gets an idea. She pulls out a satellite phone to try and get in touch with Bo. However, by time she calls him he has turned it off. Later, Brandon shows up to see Hope. She asks what happened to his eye, and he tells her the story. He says he also knows Bo and Billie left to go to Europe, and he thought hed come check on her. She thinks that is sweet, and she makes him some coffee. They talk, and Hope asks Brandon a personal question about him and Sami. She knows he and Sami broke up under unusual circumstances, they didnt fall out of love. She thinks they are a lot like Bo and Billie before she came back. She asks if it is possible to just end feelings like that. She knows that this is a personal question, but shes trying to figure out if it is possible to love someone like Bo loved Billie and then just end it. She then says or is it possible that a part of them never stops loving. She applies for burdening him with this. She says its just that so many horrible things have happened to so many couples lately. He says not everyones relationship. Hope says true, Sami and Lucas are happy, and hes moved on. Brandon says well hes moved at least. Hope asks Brandon if he is still in love with Sami? Brandon says he couldnt admit it to himself, and then he admitted it to Sami. Brandon tells her what happened, and he assures her that hes leaving town so he doesnt cause them trouble. Brandon says Sami and Lucas share a child, so he shouldnt worry about Bo and Billie because they have two children. Hope says Bo and Billie just found out a child together. Brandon doesnt know what to say. Hope says dont say two are greater than one. Hope says she and Bo will have to figure this out on their own, but she just hopes Bo and Billie think she is as decent as him. 

Bo and Billie are walking through the woods. Billie has some sort of hi-tech GPS which tells them that they are close, while at the same time scrambles any tracking devices. Bo and Billie proceed, and they spot the castle in the distance. Bo thinks with luck theyll find their daughter and a whole lot more. Suddenly two goons tell them to freeze! Bo tries to take them down, but he gets hit in the face. Billie turns into Rambo and takes the two guys down, and Bo helps her keep them down. Bo fears his phone led the goons to them, so he turns it off. As they continue walking they hear a bell going off at the castle and wonder what it is. Billie then begins to worry that the DiMeras may have brainwashed Georgia and she may want nothing to do with them. The next time we see them they are making their way to the castle. They approach the castle gate, and Billie begins working on some codes on the keypad entry system. She gets them in, and Bo suggests they take this slow. Billie says or . . and she runs, and an alarm goes off.

At the castle, Marlena tells Roman that she wishes there was a way to let John and Kate know they are here and alive. Roman says there could be a way, but it could be dangerous. Roman explains his plan off camera, and he says he knows its a long shot. Marlena says if Tony realizes theyve escaped then he may find them and separate them. Roman says he wont let him do that. Marlena says Tony hasnt given them any choice for months. She says they dont even have any hope; she has lost everything and everyone. She says she doesnt want to lose him too. She says she couldnt stand that, and she hugs him. Later, roman tells Marlena that he doesnt think they have to worry about DiMera for much longer. He asks if she is ready. She says yes, so he says here goes. He rings a bell by pulling on a cord. The guard shows up to check on them, and they pretend to be asleep on the floor. When the guard kneels down to check on Marlena, Roman knocks him out. He takes something from the guard, keys or a phone. However, Tony shows up with a remote and says if they try anything they will get their head pumped full of lead. Tony tells them not to worry, hes come to entertain them, not bury them. Tony says its showtime! Bart brings in a TV, and even has popcorn and licorice for the entertainment. However, Tony makes him leave and take care of the guard. Tony tells Roman and Marlnea that he has revelations for then. He shows them clips of Kate comforting John in the hospital. Tony leaves them, and Roman thinks the images are altered. Marlena says they must believe they are gone. Roman tells them that if he knows John and Bo, they have not given up on them yet. Marlena says shes not so sure, and she tells him to take a look. Marlena sees the cross in Johns hand, and she tells Roman what it means. She thinks they have given up. Roman says John and Kate need each other right now, just like they do. Marlena says now they know, nobody is coming for them. Marlena says they really are all alone here. Roman holds her as she cries.

Phillip and Rex continue to trek through the storm to find Belle and Shawn. Phillip and Rex arrive upon a scene and are shocked by what they see. They enter a barn which is empty, and he wonders where they are. Later they see another barn in the distance which is on fire.

At the barn, Belle and Shawn tell one another that they love the other. Belle asks Shawn to make love to her, and they begin to get it on. The next time we see them they are asleep in one anothers arms (did they or didnt they?) Suddenly, the barn catches fire! Shawn wakes up and ends up carrying Belle in his arms as they try and escape. The beams begin to fall down in the barn all around them. Shawn tries to run straight through, but the ceiling comes down on them! 

Later we see the paramedics have Belle and Shawn. One of the paramedics recognizes them as he went to high school with them. They put them in the ambulance, and Belles scarf falls onto the ground. Later Phillip and Rex arrive and see the barn has burned down. Phillip then finds Belles scarf as the ambulances take off.


December 14, 2004
At Basic Black, Sami is still on the phone with the psychic, who is panting. Sami asks the psychic what she is doing? The psychic is working out! However, she claims whenever she channels spirits her beating changes, and in her case she has two men inside of her. The psychic then begins to put on make-up and she tells Sami that she will have a bright future no matter what she decides. Sami asks why it has to be up to her, why cant Brandon just leave town? Kate spies on Sami and thinks this is perfect. Kate gets an email on her computer and goes to check it. Meanwhile Sami continues to talk to the psychic about how she still has feelings for Brandon. Lucas walks in at this point. In Kates office, Kate gets an email from Billie saying they arrived safely and have started searching for Georgia. Kate hopes their search helps them rediscover their love for one another. Back in the other room, Sami hangs up and asks Lucas what hes doing here? He says he left Will with a neighbor to come here. He says he has news, bad news. He tells her about Shawn and Belles accident. Sami wonders what Belle and Shawn were doing together. Lucas asks if she doesnt want to be there for her sister? Sami says shes fine, but Lucas says shes in critical condition and may be dying!

Later, after Sami has left Eugenia shows up and Kate tells Eugenia about overhearing Sami talking to some cheapo psychic. Kate says she has a new idea to make sure Lucas and Sami are history. They go to Kates desk, and Kate makes a call. Kate calls the psychic and says she knows she was just talking to Sami Brady. The psychic wonders if Kate is psychic too! Kate asks her what she told Sami. The psychic says she cant reveal that, it would be unethical. Kate offers to give her five hundred bucks to spill the beans. Kate says shell make it a thousand if she tells her something good. The psychic spills all, and Kate tells the psychic that Sami needs to be convinced her future is with Brandon and not Lucas. The psychic makes arrangements to come meet Kate. Later, Kate tells Eugenia she has a good feeling about tonight. She thinks Eugenia should head off before this psychic arrives, just in case she gets nervous about her ethics again. Eugenia says no problem and heads off. Kate then begins to believe she will finally split Lucas and Sami up, and hopefully Billie and Bo will be reunited.

At the hospital, Kate meets up with Lexie. Shawn and Belle are brought in, and Lexie tells Hope shell be out with more information as soon as she can. Mimi shows up after getting a message from Rex and Phillip about Belle. Rex wonders where she was tonight. Mimi says shell say later. Phillip doesnt understand why they were out there. Phillip says Belle just has to be okay. Hope tells them that theyll make it, they have to.

Belle and Shawn are in a room together, and the nurses say their blood pressure is dropping. The monitors begin to beep, and Lexie calls for oxygen. Shawn and Belle find themselves in a room bathed in white light. Belle says she was so afraid until he showed up. Shawn tells her that they will be together forever. Belle and Shawn look around and they see the doctors working to save them. Belle wonders what is happening to them. Shawn says dont worry, it will be okay. He says as long as they love one another theyll be together forever, and that is all that matters. Belle says she does love him, shes always loved him. They then kiss. 

Lexie comes out to talk to Hope and the others. She says they are alive, and will be fine. Lexie also says they can have visitors one at a time. Hope and Phillip go in, and Mimi meets up with the paramedic she went to school with. He tells her about finding Belle and Shawn naked together, and she realizing they were making love. She asks him not to tell Phillip what is going on as Phillip is Belles current fianc. The guy leaves, and Rex asks Mimi what is wrong. He asks why she was at Jans house? Mimi says he wont believe it. She tells Rex that she cant tell him about this until he talks to Shawn and Belle. She says this is going to change everything. Mimi promises Rex that she will be totally honest with him, but first she needs to talk to Belle and Shawn. Mimi tells herself if Belle and Shawn made love then she wont let Jan or anyone come between them. Later, Mimi asks Rex about them, and Rex says they never have to worry about being broken up. He promises Mimi that hell always love her.

Phillip sits with Belle, who calls out to Shawn. Hope is with Shawn, and he wakes up and sees his mom. Hope tells him that he will be okay. Shawn asks about Belle, and Hope says shell be fine too. Hope tells him to try and rest. Hope goes out and thanks Lexie for everything. Lexie says she was very lucky. Hope decides to try and reach Bo again. Brandon shows up and asks LExie about Shawn and Belle. She says theyll be fine. She asks how hes doing? He says hes waiting for the storm to break and then hes leaving. He says he needs to get out of here, he doesnt want to run into Sami again. Lexie wishes hed wait for the results of his head scan, but Brandon says hes fine. He says he got this injury because of Sami so he wants to get away before he gets another. Lexie agrees as she thinks Samis MO is destructive and deadly.

Hope calls and leaves yet another message for Bo. Brandon finds her and asks Hope why she looks so down, he thought the kids were okay. Hope says she still cant get a hold of Bo, but Shawn will be fine and thats all that matters. Brandon asks about Belle and Shawn possibly getting back together. Hope isnt sure what is going on. He says if those two love one another then nothing will keep them apart. Hope says spoken like a true romantic. She asks Brandon if hes still planning on leaving town? He says yes because Sami belongs with Lucas. He says they share a child, and thats a powerful bond. Hope says she knows, and she begins talking about Billie and Bo. She is afraid Billie may use her child to get closer to Bo. Brandon says she has to have faith that true love will always win out. Brandon says this maybe corny, but if her and Bos love is strong enough . . . Hope says no ifs, she and Bo do have that love and Bo knows his future and family is with her. He says there isnt much more to say then. Hope leaves, and Sami shows up. Sami was spying on them. She confronts Brandon about his feelings about everlasting love. Brandon says he believes in the kind of love that lasts forever. Sami talks to Brandon about her feelings for him. She says when he left her she thought her life was over, but along came Lucas. Sami says Lucas loves her, and she loves him. She says nothing has been more right for her. Brandon says then what is the problem? Sami admits she is afraid that their old feelings will come between her and Lucas. Brandon says it wont happen because hes leaving Salem tonight. Sami is shocked and asks why? He says she cant put an end to their part of her life with him hanging around. He says hes taking himself out of the picture. Brandon tells Sami that he still loves her. As he says this, Lucas finds them and spies on them.

Phillip remains with Belle, who finally wakes up. Phillip tells Belle he is very angry with Shawn right now, and he wants to know why Shawn took her out in the storm. Belle remembers she was driving when they crashed. She also remembers being in the barn with Shawn and them getting close. Phillip asks Belle if there is something she wants to tell him? Belle remembers making out with Shawn in the barn, and we see fuzzy images of them going at it. Phillip asks her once again what shes thinking about. Belle tells Phillip that there is something she has to tell him.

Hope is with Shawn again, and he remembers making out with Belle and her asking him to make love to her. Shawn tells his mom that this changes everything. Hope asks what he means, has he changed his mind about her? Shawn begins coughing, so a nurse comes to help him. Hope says shell go get Lexie. Lexie says Shawn will be fine, hell have a bad cough and a sore throat, but that is all. Hope then talks to Lexie about Billie and Bo. She wonders if her wanting Bo here is being unreasonable. Lexie says no. Hope then asks if she has any reason to be jealous of Billie? Lexis says yes. Lexie advises Hope protect her sons and her husband. Hope says Billie will never come between her family, she wont let that happen. Meanwhile, Shawn remembers more and cant tell if it was a dream or not. Shawn tells his mom that he has to see Belle, he has to talk to her about what happened between them. 

In the castle, an alarm is going off, and Bo and Billie have to hide from Dimeras goons. They hide in a room, and Billie finds all sorts of little girl baby clothes in it. She sees a blanket with the name Georgia on it. Billie says she was here. Bo wonders if she still is. Billie looks around the room and finds dolls and toys. Billie says she out grew these things a long time ago, and they missed it all. Bo ends up finding a photo of Georgia in the room. They look at the photo, and she is probably about three or four in it. They also find the hat she is wearing in the photo. Billie smells the hat and cries. She says fifteen years ago she gave birth to her daughter, they told her she was dead and she believed them. Bo says that wasnt her fault, the DiMeras did this to them. Billie wonders if she grew up here all alone, if she had friends or someone to love her. Billie wonders what kind of life she had. Bo says it looks like she was taken care of, but Billie says she needed her mom and dad not things. Billie thinks about all the things they missed with her, like her losing her first tooth. They end up finding her baby book and see she was healthy. Bo then finds something he thinks could lead them to their daughter. He finds a picture she drew, which indicates she could be in the turret of the castle. They decide to head upstairs. They leave, and someone in black follows them. They head to the top floor and look for her room, not realizing they are being followed. Bo eventually realizes they are, and they run and try and hide. A voice calls out stop right there. It turns out that the guard was yelling at a castle keeper, who was coming to clean the room. The guard says this floor and that room are off limits to all. The keeper and the guard leave, and Billie feels Georgia must be in there. Bo tells her this could be a trap. They open the door and head in. Billie gasps at what she sees.


December 15, 2004
At the castle, Billie and Bo locate a room they believe may be Georgias. Bo says it could be a trap, but Billie doesnt care. They enter the room, and Billie calls out to Georgia. We hear a voice say Mama? Billie thinks it is Georgia, but it turns out to be a doll. They look around and Bo says this is a room for a four or five year old, Georgia obviously hasnt been her for awhile. Billie sees that she grew up in the lap of luxury, but who was here to love her? Billie thinks she was incredibly lonely. She wonders where she is. Bo sees something that may give them the answers they need. They find a filing cabinet, but Bo says it could be booby trapped. He says if they dont know how to open it then could hurt them or whatever is inside. Bo decides to call the ISA about it, and warns Billie to keep her hands off of it until he gets answers. She says okay, and Bo leaves. However, Billie thinks shes cracked more complicated safes than this, and goes to touch the cabinet. Bo returns and says dont touch that! The cabinet explodes, and the whole room shakes. Bo wakes up, and the room is a mess and little fires are going. He finds Billie is out cold, and he says she cant die. He holds her in his arms and tells her to come back to him.

The psychic arrives at Basic Black to meet Kate. Kate asks the psychic to tell Sami certain things the next time she calls. The psychic wonders how Kate knows Sami will call again, is she psychic? Kate says no, she just knows Sami. Kate has a script for her to follow to make sure Sami stays married to Brandon. The psychic looks over the script and thinks it is good, but she makes a few changes to the way she would say it. She says besides being a psychic she is an actress, so she understands character development. Kate tells her to just say it the way it is written. The psychic says there could be a bug in her plan, it could be preordained that Sami is destined to be with Lucas. She asks why not let true love take its course? Kate says never! Kate tells the psychic to just read the script and leave the rest up to her. The psychic leaves, and Eugenia returns. Eugenia tells Kate that she has some bad news. Eugenia found out from her grandmother, who was at the hospital, that Brandon is leaving town tonight. Kate says hes said that before, but Eugenia says this time he has said his goodbyes.

At the hospital, Lucas listens in as Brandon tells Sami that he still loves her and probably always will, which is why he has to leave. Sami tells Brandon that she cant let him leave. Brandon says it is time for her to decide between him and Lucas. She says she wants to be with Lucas, he and Will are her future and her family. Brandon asks her if she is absolutely sure this is what she wants? Sami says she absolutely sure she loves Lucas and she knows he loves her. She says she doesnt know how she got so lucky. Lucas comes out and says he is the one who is lucky. Sami tells Lucas that Brandon was about to leave town, and she doesnt think he should. She tells him to stay here and spend the holidays with his family, because nothing is more important during the holidays than family. Lucas agrees and suggests he stick around. Sami asks what he says? Brandon says in a perfect world hed like to spend more time with his family, but her happiness is important too. He says look what happened tonight. She says that was due to a clerical error on her part, and she wont mess things up. Brandon says they still all need to get on with their lives, and he left town for a reason. He says hell leave and a never look back. Lucas says that is generous of him, and she says he is a great guy. Sami tells Brandon goodbye, and he tells her to have a good life. They walk off, and Lucas tells Sami hell give her a night that shell never forget. Sami says she loves him so much, and she hugs him. As she hugs him she looks back at Brandon. Brandon says goodbye Samantha, and he walks off.

Mimi talks to Lexie about Belle and Shawn. She asks if they will be able to leave tonight. LExie says it depends how well they are doing. Lexie says they were lucky, it could have been much worse, it could have been the end for the bother of them. Mimi tells herself it wasnt the end, it was a new beginning for them. She remembers what the paramedic told her, and she is positive they made love tonight. 

Hope is with Shawn, who keeps coughing. Shawn says he has to see Belle and talk to her about what happened tonight. Shawn isnt sure if what he remembers is a dream or real, but he says he has to talk to her. In her room, Belle remembers being with Shawn in the barn , and she tells Phillip that there is something she has to tell him. She tells Phillip that she thought she was going to die in that barn, and they were right not to waste anymore time. She tells Phillip that she loves him and wants to be with him. As they kiss, Shawn shows up and sees them together. Shawn wonders how he could have been so wrong, it must have been a dream. Meanwhile, Belle tells Phillip that she remembers dreaming about making love to the most incredible man while in the barn, and that man was him. Meanwhile, Lexie catches Shawn on his feet, and she scolds him and tells him to get back to bed. Shawn asks Lexie if he could have had a dream so real he swore it would happen? Lexie says it is possible given the amount of smoke they inhaled, as well as the hyperthermia. 

Shawn heads back to his room, and Hope asks what is wrong? Shawn says he needs to stop being such a romantic, and he is done with Belle. Hope asks what happened? Shawn says hell tell her what he remembers. He explains how they were going to Kent Island, why he doesnt know, but Belle got a call for them to go there. Shawn explains on the way there they crashed into a river, and he saved Belle. He says they went to a barn and he used body heat to keep her warm. He says he started a fire, which he should have paid more attention to. However he says he was paying so much attention to Belle, and it felt so right. Shawn says he thought they made love, but it could have been a dream. Hope asks what Belle said? Shawn says he didnt ask her, but she must have thought it was a dream too because she was kissing Phillip and couldnt wait to marry him. He says he is done with Belle. Hope tells him whether it was or wasnt a dream, he cant give up. She says if he still loves Belle then he cannot let her marry Phillip. Hope says the only reason Belle is with Phillip is because he broke her heart. Shawn asks how he can change her mind? Hope says he has to fight for her. She says when she came back and his dad was with Billie, she fought for him. Shawn says he is with Billie now looking for their daughter, isnt she afraid of losing him again? Hope says no because their love is strong enough. She tells Shawn his and Belles love is also strong, strong enough to last forever. Hope leaves Shawn to think. 

Belle continues to tell Phillip how she dreamt they were making love and how it was so perfect. Phillip says she was with Shawn tonight, is she sure . . . . ? She says it had to be him, she knows it was him as he is the only man shes ever been with. Mimi bursts in and says shes sorry but that is not true. Belle asks what she is saying? Mimi asks to talk to Belle in private, so Phillip leaves, but not before telling Belle to upset her. Mimi tells Belle she doesnt remember everything that happened tonight, she wasnt making love to Phillip, she was making love to Shawn. She also says it wasnt a dream, it was real. Belle says it had to be a dream, she is engaged with Phillip. Mimi says deep down she loves Shawn, and their real feelings came back tonight. Belle says no, she was dreaming of Phillip. Mimi tells her to get real, and she explains what happened and what the EMTs found. Belle says they were trying to get warm and nothing happened between her and Shawn. Belle says it had to be a dream. Mimi says it wasnt, and its time for her to wake the hell up and realize she belongs with Shawn. Belle says it could have been a dream, so Mimi suggest she go to Shawn and ask him. Mimi says if they both had the same dream then it has to be real. 

Mimi leaves Belle to think, and she talks to Phillip. Phillip tells Mimi that he knows she thinks Belle belongs with Shawn, but Belle loves him and he wont let anything get in the way of their future. Mimi says fate is what it is, a lot of couples think they are meant to be together but arent. Phillip tells her to just stay out of this. He also asks why she asked Shawn and Belle to go out in the middle of a raging storm. She says she cant tell him, but she will show him and the others because its the only way to make them believe it. Mimi warns him when Shawn and Belle see what she has found, they will be back together.

Shawn and Belle separately struggle to try and remember what happened in the barn between them. Belle keeps seeing Phillips face when she remembers it, but eventually she sees Shawns! Meanwhile, Shawn realizes his mom was right and he cant give up on Belle. Belle comes to see Shawn and asks him if he remembers what happened in the barn between them? Shawn says he does!

Brandon meets up with Lexie, who says his test results indicate he is fine. Brandon says hes going to leave, and hell go say goodbye to Abe and Theo. Lexie wishes he could stay for the holidays, and she asks who will cook Christmas dinner? LExie tells Brandon not to go, stay in Salem and avoid Sami. He says no, she was right, its not possible to avoid Sami. Lucas says he wont come between Lucas and Sami, and she made it clear that she wants to be with Lucas. As Hope listens in, Brandon talks about trying to come between people who share a kid. Hope hears Brandon admit that he thinks Hope is in for a rough time if Bo and Billie find their little girl because their lives will never be the same again. LExie says Bo will never leave Hope, and Brandon says that isnt what hes saying. He says Billie and Bo are bound to feel guilt over missing so much of their kidss life, and only Billie and Bo will understand what the other is going through. LExie still says Hope and Bos marriage is solid. Brandon says theyll see. Brandon leaves to make a phone call, and Lexcie finds Hope was listening in on them. Hope tells Lexie that Brandon could be right, and she may be in for a fight.

Lucas and Sami head home and begin making love. Unfortunately for Sami, she keeps imagining she is with Brandon! Brandon tells her that he knows how much she wants him and not to deny it. Lucas and Brandon keep morphing back and forth as Sami enjoys herself with two men! Afterwards Sami tells herself that she will be happy with Lucas, she loves Lucas. She says shell get married and live happily ever after. Lucas returns with a surprise, strawberries and chocolate fondue. As they enjoy it, she tells Lucas that she loves him and only him. Lucas morphs into Brandon and says she is lying to her lover, not good!


December 16, 2004
At the hospital, Phillip is searching for Belle, and Mimi tries to stop him from finding them. She tells him to prepare himself for Shawn and Belle to get back together.

Elsewhere, Bonnie, dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus, has Rex help her set up the hospital Christmas tree. Rex cant believe shes running another Christmas tree lot now that shes married. Bonnie says shes always the entrepreneur, and she has special connections with a supplier. Bonnie asks why he is here anyways, and he says to see Mimi. He tells Bonnie that Mimi is fine, but Belle and Shawn were in a fire tonight. Rex says they are okay, but Mimi is determined to get them back together. Bonnie tells herself over my dead body!

Bonnie finds Mimi and demands to talk to her about what is going on. Mimi tells her mom the whole story about Jan and what she did to come between Belle and Shawn. Bonnie cant believe Mimi cant be more like Jan because Jan is a girl who knows how to catch a man. Mimi tells her mother once again that she doesnt love Shawn, Shawn belongs with Belle, and she is going to spend her life with Rex. Bonnie says once Rex finds out about the abortion she will lose him and Shawn, and shell end up a big loser!

Rex is now with Phillip, and Phillip promises Rex that he will marry Belle before he ships out. He says there is nothing Mimi can do to stop that.

In Shawns cubicle, Belle asks Shawn if he remembers what happened between them in the barn? Shawn has memory flashes and says he does remember. Shawn says they need to face up to the truth. Belle tells Shawn that she remembers him saving her life tonight. Shawn asks if Phillip knows she is here? She says this isnt about Phillip, and he doesnt know what happened between them in the barn. Shawn says nothing happened between them. He says they were soaked so they used their body heat to keep each other warm. Shawn says thats all that happened. Belle asks if he is sure, he doesnt remember anything else? Shawn asks why, does she? She says she just wants to thank him for saving her life. He says he wasnt going to let her die. Shawn asks if that is it? Belle says she must have been dreaming. He says what? What was she dreaming about? She ends up saying she dreamt about making love to Phillip, which angers Shawn. Belle leaves, and Shawn is furious. He thinks his memory was a dream too, but Belles dream wasnt even about him.

Belle runs into Mimi and she tells her that she was wrong, they didnt make love at all. Belle says they were just trying to keep warm with their body heat, and nothing has changed and it never will. Belle says shes just glad she has Phillip in her life, someone who loves and respects her. Belle says shell never second guess her decision to marry him again. Mimi realizes she has to expose the truth about Jan tonight. Bonnie overhears this and says she cant let Meems ruin her one chance to have everything. 

Rex tells Mimi to just give up on reuniting them, but Mimi says she can prove Shawn and Belle were manipulated and torn apart. Rex says stuff like that only happens on Passions. He says this is real life, not a soap Mimi says he is wrong and she will prove to him that Belel and Shawn are meant to be together. Later, Bonnie warns Mimi that if she goes through with this then she will have a cold and lonely Christmas as lover boy will leave her in a New York minute! Mimi says she has to trust in true love and that it will win out. She says she cant keep lying to the man she loves and her friends. Bonnie says she could lose Rex, Shawn and Belle. Mimi says she doesnt care. Bonnie refuses to stand and watch her self destruct.

Mimi stops Belle and Shawn from leaving, and she says she has to tell them why she wanted them to come to the country house. She wants them to go to the house right now so she can show them, but Shawn says no way. Belle tells her to just tell them what is going on. Mimi says they have to see for themselves, and what they see will change their lives. 

Lexie looks at a chart for John and says something is not right, nothing they give him seems to be working. She asks a nurse for his latest CT scans and X-Rays. The nurse leaves to get them, and Lexie continues to talk to Hope. Hope feels lucky that Shawn is okay, but she says Bo should be here for his son. She cant reach him and she doesnt know why his phone is off. Lexie tells her not to worry; Bo will find Georgia and be home as soon as he can. Lexie says theyll be fine, unlike John. Hope says she knows, he has lost Marlena forever.

In his room, John has a vision of Marlena telling him that they will be together soon in eternity. John asks Marlena to help him. Marlena appears with a cross and says may God have mercy on his soul. She throws the cross at him, morphs into a demon/lion creature and then morphs into death! The faceless mystery man injects John again, and John begins to have a seizure. Lexie and Hope run into the room, and Lexie checks on John. Elsewhere, Celeste arrives and senses the angel of death at the hospital. Back in Johns room, John is alive, but insists he needs stronger drugs because hes dying here. Lexie says there is nothing else they can do for them. Lexie suggests he focus on someone else. Hope tells John about Belle and how Shawn saved her life. Hope insists she is fine and has nothing to worry about. John is angry though and says he wants out of here. Lexie says shes trying to do everything she can to help him. Lexie says shell go check on the X-rays, and Hope says shell go check on Belle and Shawn. She tells John to hang in there as he will get through this. As soon as they leave, we see that John has stolen Lexies keys! He says if Lexie wont help him then hell help himself. 

Outside Johns room, Hope gets the most awful feeling about Bo. Celeste appears and says right now both Bo and Billies lives are hanging in the balance! Hope asks Celeste to use her powers, and Celeste says she sees a castle in snow covered mountains. She also sees Billie almost being blown up, and Bo and Billie hanging onto a ledge for their lives. Celeste says they are having many close calls, and she senses a lot of tension and fear. Hope. Hope asks to tell her more. She says she sees them in one anothers arms, but she also sees two other people and they were once lovers. Hope thinks it is Bo and Billie, but Celeste doesnt know. She does see them kissing though.

Meanwhile, Belle catches her dad about to wheel himself out of his room. She asks what he is doing! Belle morphs into Marlena and says Belle is right., he shouldnt push himself. Marlena then morphs into death, who goes after John! John wheels himself out of the room and past Lexie and the others! Lexie doesnt see him because a nurse runs into her, and they drop everything they are carrying. LExie finally realizes her keys are gone, and asks to borrow the nurses so she can go to the drug supply room.

At the castle in Georgias room, Billie causes the cabinet to explode, and Bo rushes to her. He tells her not to leave him now. Billie recovers, and she wants to get the files. Bo says they dont have time, but Billie refuses to leave without them. Meanwhile, Bart orders the guard to find out where that explosion came from! They arrive at Georgias room, break in, but nobody is there. Bart says someone has been tampering with Georgias files, and he orders his men to find them. Bo and Billie climbed out the window and are on the ledge. Billie puts the files in Bos backpack, and they end up falling! Bo hangs onto the ledge, and Billie is hanging onto Bo! They manage to rescue themselves, and Bo scolds Billie for not listening to him. Bo thinks he hears something, but cant figure out what it is. They are apparently right outside of Roman and Marlenas room!

Marlena tells Roman that everyone has given up on them, even John and Kate. She says they were in bed together! Marlena says they have to find a way out of here. Suddenly they hear a huge explosion. Roman and Marlena think they are being rescued, so they start screaming for help. Eventually Bart and a guard show up and tell them to put a sock in it! Roman asks what the explosion was, but Bart plays dumb. Roman says even he isnt that dumb, and he asks what the explosion was. Suddenly Marlena sees something outside the window and says Oh My Gosh! Bart asks what her problem is? She says she just realized they are never getting out of here. Bart looks around to make sure everything is okay. When he gets near the window, Marlena smashes a crystal figure. She has obviously seen Bo and Billie outside the window. Bart tells her to be careful, and to keep their traps shut. He says no one can hear them anyways. Roman asks so what is the difference if they yell or not? Bart tells him not to play mind games with him. Bart and the others leave, and Marlena tells Roman she saw Bo and Billie outside! Roman looks outside and says he doesnt see anyone, but he sees footprints on the ledge. Marlena thinks they are here to rescue them. Roman asks why Bo would be with Billie and not Hope? Marlena doesnt know, she says maybe Billie was a captive to. Marlena hopes John is with them, maybe he is okay.. Roman says after seeing john in bed he must have nmade one hell of a recovery. MArlena cries, and Roman tells her not to cry. He promises her that no matter what happens, he will take care of her. He also promises shell never lose him, and he kisses her! 

Back out on the ledge, Billie hears the crystal smash and thinks it could be Georgia. Bo says right now they have to worry about getting back into the castle. They work their way around the ledge until they find an open window, which they sneak back into. Unfortunately guard tells them to freeze! Later, Billie and Bo are dressed as guards, and they take another guard out. Bo gets the keys and plan on breaking into the room MArlena and Roman are in! 


December 17, 2004
Mimi brings the others to Jans house to see what she has found. Jan is furious that Mimi came and brought them all. She paces around her house, which has been decorated completely. She eventually opens the door to Mimi and tells Mimi that she is the one who is nuts and she (Jan) has done nothing wrong. Jan says Mimi broke into her house tonight and should be locked up. Mimi says you wanna talk about being locked up? She drags the others inside, and Shawn gives Jan a big wet kiss. They head upstairs, and Jan jumps in front of the door to the room with the cage. She says they cant go in here. Shawn asks what she is hiding? Belle says they almost died to find out what was in that room, so she wants to know. Jan says they will be sorry they did this!

At the hospital, John gets into the dispensary and gets some drugs. Meanwhile, Brady and Nicole arrive, and Nicole runs into Brandon. She learns he is leaving and asks him not to go. Brady then sounds the alarm when he finds his father missing. They find him wheeling through the halls, and Lexie scolds him for being out of bed. He says she told him to push himself, so he is. Lexie says this isnt what she meant. She takes him back to his room, and she tells him that because the pain meds arent working they are taking him off so he doesnt develop a dependency. John asks what he is supposed to do? She says there is over the counter medicine. She promises things will get better with time and work, and a little faith. After Lexie leaves John to rest, John begins shooting up! Brady and Nicole come in, and Brady narrowly catches his father shooting up. He scolds his dad for wandering around the halls. John insists hes feeling better, even without the medicine. Nicole looks at his clammy appearance and knows John is on something. She has a flashback of her father forcing her to shoot up. She becomes upset and leaves the room.

Nicole talks to Brandon in the hallway. She knows he still has feelings for Sami. He switches the subject and asks how she is doing. She says better since Victor is dead, and she says he was right and she never should have married Victor. She talks about being with Brady and how special he is. She says Brandon deserves to find someone special to spend his life with. He says the same for her, but Nicole doesnt know if it will happen. She says she cant live up to Chloe in Bradys head. She does say with Chloe dead she may actually have a chance at getting what she wants for Christmas, Brady! 

Hope talks to Celeste about what she sees in her visions. She says she sees Bo and Billie together getting close. She also sees two people who were once in love kissing, but shes not clear if it is Bo and Billie. She also doesnt know if what she is seeing is the past or future. Hope eventually leaves, and Celeste wonders how she can tell Hope that she will lose Bo to Billie. Later Lexie talks to her mother, and Celeste says she feels Bo and Billie are destined to be together.

Hope goes to the docks to think about Bo. She looks up at their star, which is covered by clouds. She takes it as a bad omen.

At the castle, Marlena breaks away from Romans kiss. She wonders what they are doing, they are about to be rescued. She worries about Bo and Billie and why they were on that ledge. They hear keys in the door, but it turns out to just be a guard checking on them. Later Roman and MArlena discuss their first Christmas. She gave him champagne glasses and he gave her a beer stein. He says that is when they discovered how black velvet and how wonderful it can be. Roman promises Marlena that they will get out of here, and they hug.

Elsewhere, Bo and Billie break into a room and find it empty and a radio going. Bo thinks Billie is exhausted and needs to rest. He convinces her to take a nap, which she does. She dreams about the time Bo taught her to fish.

Elsewhere in Europe, Chloe and Nancy meet with her doctor, who believes he knows how to fix her face. He has found a leading clinic in the US near a town called Salem. Chloe refuses to go back to Salem, but Nancy wont let her say no. She asks Chloe what she is afraid of? Chloe is afraid that Brady will see her and hate her. Nancy says Brady loves her for what is on the inside and she has to believe in his love for her. Chloe says okay shell go back to Salem. 

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