December 20, 2004|
The show opens at Bennies Christmas tree lot. Jen shows up and sees Max dressed as a reindeer, and she tells him that he is the cutest thing shes seen. She gets a call from Abby, and Jen says shes picking out their tree and they will decorate it tonight. Abby apparently whines to her mother about something shes doing or wants to do. Jen says Abby has a curfew and she doesnt care what others are doing, she is to be home by eight! Abby then hangs up on Jen. Jen opens up her wallet and sees a photo of Jack in it. She says they need him so much. A man shows up to help Jen, and he tells her that her Christmas tree has already been paid for.

At Jens house, Patrick is taking care of the baby. Bonnie shows up with a tree for Patrick. He asks his mom what he owes her. She says fifty for the tree, one hundred and twenty for delivery and set-up. Patrick asks what this is, the send Bonnie to Nashville fund. She cries about how she dropped everything for him, and he treats her like this? He says hes sorry, and pays her the money. She then wants to discuss his plans to get Jennifer. She says if he can get Jennifer, maybe Mimi can land herself Shawn. Patrick doesnt want to talk about this, and he asks why she is running her Christmas tree scam this year when shes married to Mickey? Bonnie says shes not scamming anyone, she is being an entrepreneur and Mickey likes that. She says she will make her money and then take her husband to Nashville for their dream honeymoon. Patrick takes care of the baby, and Bonnie is proud of him for being such a good caretaker. She talks about how she never really had a man around the house, and his father wasnt even dead. She thinks Jen cant live without him, and she thinks soon Jen will need him in her bed as well. Patrick tells his mom to stop this because Jen isnt ready for another relationship. Julie shows up and says she couldnt agree more. Julie ends up telling Bonnie that anyone who has ever been in love doesnt get over losing their loved one after a few weeks. Bonnie asks Julie if she is saying shell ever been in love? Patrick says ladies . . . . and he asks if Julie is here to see Jen? Julie says no, shes here to see her Auntie Bonnie to talk about the Christmas tree lot. Patrick leaves them, and as they argue, someone shows up outside and is peering in the windows. Patrick realizes someone is outside. He catches the person, who happens to be Chelsea. Patrick asks what she is doing? Chelsea says shes waiting for Abby to get home, and she didnt want to come to the door and get Abby in trouble for being late. Patrick tells her to wait inside. He asks why they arent together? She says Abby went home with this hot guy named Blake. Patrick asks if this guy has a liscense? Chelsea says yes, well a permit. Chelsea looks around and impressed that he has really decorated. She says a man who helps around the house is impressive. Patrick excuses himself to finish up, and heads back to the living room. He begins hanging some mistletoe. 

Back at the tree lot, Julie and Bonnie are arguing about donating the proceeds from the tree lot to the Horton Foundation. Julie says they dont have time to stage another fundraiser, and she is a Horton now and has obligations. Bonnie eventually agrees to do it, but only if Julie works for her. Julie asks what she wants her to do. Bonnie tells Julie to get into costume and sell sell sell! Later, Bonnie disposes of some tags from her trees, which indicate where they really came from (a US park service). Bonnie then gets a call from Eugenia, and she says shell be right there. Julie shows up dressed as a Jalapeo, and she asks where the Christmas tradition in this is? Bonnie says where she comes from it is a tradition to hang a bunch of Jalapeos in the tree. Bonnie says she has to run over to Alices because the heater is broken, so she is in charge. Bonnie tells her happy tree selling! 

Jen runs into Alice at the tree lot, and Alice asks how she is. Jen says she is trying. Jen says Christmas was so special to Jack, and he was very sentimental. Jack talks about how he saved every card they ever got, and how he wanted to make eggnog from scratch one year. Jen says even last year when they thought they had lost Jack he left her a special gift, her baby boy. Jen says now she has lost him again, and she has to be a mother and a father to a child, but sometimes she cant even get out of bed. Jen asks how she can ever hope again. Alice says it will work out in the end.

Jen returns to her house as Patrick is hanging some mistletoe. Jen tells the place looks great. Abby walks in the front door, and Jen is furious with her for being late. She asks where she has been? Abby says with her friend Blake. Jen asks if she knows him? Jen says when she tells her that she has a curfew it doesnt mean she walks in 10, 20 or 30 minutes late. Abby says it wont happen again. Jen says shes right, because shes grounded. Abby says if her dad was here he wouldnt have grounded her! Abby then runs up to her room.

Back at the tree lot, a police officer shows up to buy some trees. He asks for a tarp, and Julie points to where they are. The officer finds Bonnies collection of tags. He confronts Julie and asks her if she is in charge here. Julie says yes, so he arrests her for the destruction of US property. Julie cant believe this, and a kid snaps picture of her being arrested.

At the cottage, Jan warns Mimi to get away from that door! Mimi says its time for them to find up what Jans been up to. They burst into the room and find a miniature village and train set up, and Kewpie is the conductor of the train. Jan says they ruined Shawns surprise. Mimi asks where it is? Jan ask where is what? Mimi says Jan will tell them the truth even if she has to choke it out of her! Mimi attacks her, and Rex pulls Mimi off of Jan. Mimi says it has to be here somewhere, and she takes off to search. Phillip and Rex run after her. Meanwhile, Shawn stays behind and senses something. Belle asks Shawn if he is okay? Shawn looks at a lamp, which he remembers seeing through bars. 

Elsewhere, Mimi asks Jan where the cage is? Jan suggests she keep her mouth shut unless she wants to look at the Yule log all alone this season. Mimi asks where the cage is. Jan says cage, what cage? Mimi realizes if she tells them the truth then they wont believe her without proof, and theyll probably think she is the crazy one. Jan tells Mimi that she doesnt have any proof about what shes (Jan) been doing, but she has proof on Mimi. Jan pulls out the abortion clinic slip. Mimi says she and Rex will survive this, their relationship is strong enough. Jan says fine, she can go tell Belle and Shawn what she knows, and shell tell Rex. Jan says she agrees that it is time everyone knows the truth.

Rex and Phillip go back to the train room, and Rex begins enjoying playing with the train. He says he and Cassie missed all this growing up. He talks about doing something like this for his own kids. He admits that he and Mimi have talked about starting a family, and he thinks hes changed his mind about having a family sooner rather than later. Mimi returns, hugs Rex, and says she is so sorry! She says she never meant for this to happen. Rex asks why shes so sorry? Mimi says shes sorry for making them come out here for nothing. Rex asks what she thought theyd find here? Mimi say she thought something big, Jan wouldnt let her in here earlier. She says she thought it was something big and had to do with Shawn. Jan says all it was is her grandmothers snow village. She says its an heirloom, she doesnt even trust the cleaning lady around it. Shawn continues to have memories, including Jan handcuffing him to a bed. Shawn ends up saying Jan is lying. Shawn says he remembers being locked up in this room! 

At the castle, Victor and Caroline are in their room, and Victor is handcuffed. Victor knocks over some perfume as he makes his way across the room. He listens to someone outside of the door. He remembers when he and Caroline heard the explosion earlier. Victor thinks an intruder is in the castle, and he wonders how to get their attention to let them know they are here. Caroline wakes up and asks why she smells her perfume? She is now handcuffed too. Victor apologizes as he knocked it over. Caroline says she was sleeping so soundly, and dreaming about their last picnic on the island. Caroline wonders why Tony brought them here, what did he want? Victor doesnt know but says at least they are together. He then hugs her. Suddenly, Caroline senses Bo is nearby and may be in trouble. Later, Caroline and Victor have been moved into another room. Caroline senses something and says dear god no!
In another part of the castle we see Bo and Billie traveling through air ducts. Bo suddenly smells his mothers perfume! Billie says a lot of people have that perfume, and perhaps he is imagining it. Bo says hes not imagining it. Bo decides to see what is in the room, but Billie says hes always telling her these things could be traps. Bo says hell chance it. When he goes to open the door hes delivered a huge shock! As Bo is knocked out, the guards come around the corner! Billie pulls Bo into the air ducts to hide, and she sees the guards pass by looking for them. In the air ducts, Billie smells the perfume. She decides to see what is going on. As she gets out, she is knocked out by a guard! The guards end up throwing Bo and Billie into a pit by orders of The Count. Later, Billie wakes up and doesnt see Bo. She uses her flashlight and sees he is trapped below her in a pit


December 21, 2004

Posted without proofing! I'll try and proof it later, but no guarantees!
Nancy and Chloe are on the plane, and Chloe is dressed in black funeral attire. Nancy suggests Chloe . . . .Chloe says no, shes not calling Brady. Nancy says it will lift her spirits. Chloe says the only thing that will lift her spirits is if the doctor puts her back together in one piece, until then she wants nothing to do with Brady. Chloe goes into the bathroom and looks at her face. She imagines Brady shows up, and she tells him not to look at her. Brady says he doesnt care about her scars, she is still beautiful. Brady says he needs her in his life and he will always love her. Brady vanishes, and Chloe thinks about what the apparition said to her. When Chloe leaves the bathroom a little girl sees her and screams. Nancy rushes to help Chloe, and she tells the little girl, who calls Chloe a monster, that is her daughter. Chloe is upset because that little girl saw her for who she is, an ugly monster. A steward asks if Nancys daughter is okay? She says there is someone who could help, but her daughter wont call him. Nancy opens the door and tells Chloe that it is time she got some sense talked into her. Nancy says they are going back to their seats and she is going to call Brady. Chloe admits she wants to hear his voice again. 

Nicole looks around the mansion, which has been decorated. She says its almost ready for a Christmas to remember. She heads upstairs to do one last thing. Brady comes in thr front door, and he looks miserable. He looks around and says the place looks incredible, there is only one thing missing. He begins daydreaming about Chloe. He kisses her, but then she vanishes. Nicole walks downstairs dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus. He says the place looks fantastic, how did she do it. She says she nearly gave Henderson a coronary, but when youre a Kiriakis you get things done. Nicole holds up Mistletoe and says Merry Christmas Brady. He says hes sorry but he cant do that. She knows he is thinking about Chloe. He says he is. He says when he was coming home he dropped his phone, and it dialed Chloes voicemail. He says it was odd hearing her voice. He says he knows she is gone, but he feels like Chloe is out there and needs him. She says Chloe is dead, but he says he still feels her presence. He says when he walked in he felt as if Chloe was standing right next to him. Brady begins remembering spending last Christmas with Chloe, via flashbacks. Nicole tells Brady that she has done everything she knows to help him move on, but she is fresh out of ideas. She says if he wants to pine after a dead woman then go ahead. Nicole says she couldnt compete with her when she was alive, and she cant compete with Saint Chloe now that shes dead. Brady tells Nicole not to go, but she says she cant share him with a ghost. Nicole leaves, and the phone rings. Brady answers, and Chloe says Hello Brady Brady asks Chloe?

At the Christmas tree lot, Julie tells the officer she has done nothing wrong! Julie and Doug show up, and Hope asks what is going on. Hope demands to know why her half-sister and step-mother has been arrested? He says she is being arrested for stealing government property. Julie says she didnt! The cop asks them who did? Bonnie returns and finds the tags are gone, she came back to destroy them. She then sees that Julie has been arrested, and she hears Julie say if the trees are stolen then her aunt Bonnie did it. Bonnie remembers buying the trees on the black market. Julie yells there she is, there is the crook! Julie confronts Bonnie and says no wonder she handed this lot over to her. Bonnie says this operation is one hundred percent legit, but Hope says it isnt. She asks Bonnie where she got the trees. She says from a guy who supplies the local girl scouts, and some from a guy in a pickup truck. Julie wants Bonnie arrested for being a crook. Bonnie says Julie is one to talk, if the cops would do a check on her theyd see she already has a criminal record. Bonnie says she knows all about her stealing the fur coat. Julie says she was fifteen! Bonnie says who knows what else she has stolen since then. Julie tells Doug to remember the time they were on parkland and cut down a tree and didnt know? She says theyve been involved in this before. Bonnie hears this and thinks Julie is the one trying to set her up! Hope asks why Bonnie thinks Julie is setting her up? Bonnie says Julie came here and begged her to donate the proceeds to the hospital. Bonnie says Julie probably planted the tags too. Bonnie says Julie has been out to get her ever since she got involved with Mickey. Julie says Bonnie is a money grubbing whore who took advantage of Mickey. Bonnie says thats it, and she attacks Julie! Doug and Hope pull them apart, and Hope tells them both to stop. Hope tells them both that they can both be convicted and charged. She asks if they want to do hard time? Julie has a nightmare about being thrown in jail with Bonnie. Julie says she is innocent, and she asks Bonnie where she got the trees. A cop tells them good news, the guy selling the hot trees has been apprehended and he sold to other lots as well. He says them that they are off the hook. Hope tells Julie that she is sorry. Bonnie says hey shes family too, but Julie says not for long! Hope says shell be back and take care of the paper work. Julie is convinced Bonnie knew the trees were hot, but Doug says she cant prove it. Julie says she can do something though, and asks to borrow Dougs cell phone. Julie makes a call to someone and tells them to get down to Bonnies tree lot as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Bonnie tells Max that the coast is clear now, and she tells him that they cant get rid of Bonnie Horton that easily. 

At Jans house, Shawn says Jan is lying, it is all coming back to her. Shawn remembers being locked up in this room. We see flashbacks of Jan, dressed as Mrs. B, bringing Shawn into the cage. Jan tells Shawn that he is confused, but he says he is clear on what happened. He remembers Jan, in a negligee, handcuffing him. Belle asks what Jan kept locked in here all summer? Shawn says me. Belle says oh my god! Jan admits she did take Shawn prisoner, and he loved it. Mimi thinks now that the truth is out that Shawn and Belle can get back together. Jan says Shawn loved being locked up, it was a game they played. Mimi says she cant believe this, and she asks Shawn what he remembers. Shawn says all he remembers is the handcuffs, and he doesnt know much more. Mimi says the handcuffs werent for pleasure, but Shawn says he doesnt know. Phillip says hes had enough, he and Belle should go. Jan says no, she has presents for them. Belle and Phillip says fine theyll stay. Jan says goody! Mimi asks Jan, in private, if she hasnt done enough to ruin Shawn and Belles relationship? Jan says shes just getting started. Jan says it is time to open gifts, and Belle and Phillip should go first. Belle says they dont have anything for her, but she says she didnt expect them to. She says she wanted to do something nice for her friends. Jan says so much has happened this year, and she thinks they need to remember to be thankful for what they have. Mimi says shes going to barf. Belle and Phillip open their gift, which is a wedding album and a camcorder. She tells them not to say no, this is their first wedding gift. She says whenever her parents fought they would pull out their wedding album and looked at it to remind them of their love. Mimi says now shes really going to barf. She then goes to Shawn and says this is for you. She gives him a key, and Shawn asks if it is what he thinks it is? She then unveils his brand new motorcycle. Shawn says this is unbelievable, where did she get it? She says she had to pull strings, and it is the bike he always wanted. Belle says Shawn cant accept this, she wont let him! Belle says given his accident he cant take this. Shawn says he can, and Phillip tells Belle that she cant stop Shawn from killing himself. Belle runs off in tears, and Jan says they could exchange it. Shawn says no way, this is great and he wont let one accident keep him from riding again. Rex tells Mimi she sure knows how to push Shawns buttons. Mimi tells Jan that shes an evil bitch! Jan says she aint seen nothing yet. Mimi says shell tell them everything, but Jan says all the evidence is gone. Jan says shell twist anything Mimi tells them into a pretzel, and nobody will find any evidence. Rex ends up spotting a key or a screw, and when Mimi says this is now her proof! 

Phillip asks Belle if she is okay? She says she just doesnt like seeing Shawn acting so wrecklace. Phillip says Shawn will be fine, but Belle isnt so sure. Phillip says he loves her so much. He says she cares about Shawn even though he hurt her so badly, she is so kind and generous. Phillip says he knows she is worried about him, but Shawn only changes when he wants to. He tells Belle that she has to let him go.

At the castle, Jack is shackled to the wall. Hes doing a crossword puzzle and is bored with it. A guard shows up and brings Cassie to keep Jack company. The guard tells them to enjoy their visit, but dont get any ideas about escaping. Cassie and Jack discuss hearing the explosion, and Jack thinks something is going on and they need to hope someone has come to rescue them. Cassie tells Jack that the DiMera mansion had tons of secret passages, and she doesnt think Tony would live anywhere without them. Jack says she is onto something, and she suggests they look for one of the passages and get out of here. Cassie eventually says there is no passage here, and not only is no one coming for them, those who tried could be dead. Jack refuses to give up. Cassie says she knows he wants to get back to her family, and she wants to get back to Rex. She worries that Roman and Caroline may not have made it, but Jack says he thinks they are okay and Rex is wanting her back home. Jack comes up with a new plan to let the intruder know they are here. He says they have to get a note to them, but hell need her help.

In the dungeon, Billie hears slithering sounds, shines her light down into a put, and sees Bo is stuck down there with snakes. Bo eventually comes too, and Billie tells him to climb! As Bo works on it, Billie looks for another way out. As Bo is climbing a spike comes out of the wall and he is hit by it in the chest. Billie finds a way out, and she pulls Bo out of the pit. Bo ends up collapsing! Billie holds him and tells him not to die on her ! She says theyve come this far, Georgia needs him. She says his family back in Salem needs him, and she needs him too. Bo comes too, and then he checks his chest wound. He pretends like hes okay and follows Billie out of a secret passage.


December 22, 2004
On the airplane, Chloe places a call to Brady, but Brady thinks it is a sick joke. The call ends up breaking up due to static. Chloe hangs up, and tells her mom that it was a bad connection. Nancy says theyll have to try again when they get closer to Salem. Chloe says it felt so good to hear his voice. However, she refuses to call Brady again until after the surgery, and she asks Nancy to honor her wish.

At the mansion, Brady says it did sound like Chloe, and he wonders if it is possible that shes still alive. Outside the mansion, Nicole places a call to Brandon and says she needs to talk to him. Brady runs out to tell Nicole what happened, only to find Nicole speeding off in her car. Brady calls back the number that called him, and Chloe answers. He asks if it is her? Chloe panics and gives the phone to Nancy and makes her cover. Nancy claims she called earlier, and to wish him a Merry Christmas. Brady says he thought she was Chloe and she was trying to call her. Chloe tells Nancy to say shes coming home with Chloes ashes, and Nancy does so. Nancy says shell call him when she gets settled in, and hangs up. Brady looks through some things and 

Back on the plane, Nancy says she doesnt like lying to Brady. Chloe says she knows, and she thanks her for respecting her wish. The pilot then says they are beginning their approach into Salem International airport.

At the tree lot, Max is chewing on a bone, and Bonnie is smoking and downing the booze. Mimi and her pink hat show up to tell her mom that everything is falling apart and she doesnt know what to do. Mimi explains everything to her mom as to what happened at Jans. Bonnie says the battle may be lost, war is not yet over. Bonnie tells Mimi that she needs to toughen up and beat the bitch at her own game. Bonnie says she needs to take away Jans power by telling Rex the truth. Mimi says if she tells him then shell lose everything. Bonnie says not necessarily. She says whatever Mimi says is better then what Jan will say to him. Mimi says she has a point. Bonnie says there may be a way she doesnt have to tell Rex. Bonnie says she needs to get dirt on Jan, stalk her and until she slips up. Suddenly, Rex shows up and asks Mimi where in the hell she has been? Bonnie then sees that Julie is talking to Maggie, and she says this cant be good.

Meanwhile, Julie the Jalapeo is trying to stretch. Sami shows up, and Julie tells Sami not to ask.. Sami asks Julie for help, saying she is the only one who can help her. Julie asks what is wrong. Sami says Brandon still loves her and she doesnt know what to do. Julie asks if she still loves Brandon? Sami says she does, but she also loves Lucas. Julie suspects that Sami knows what she really wants, she just needs to reach deep down and admit it to herself. Sami says she makes it so easy. Julie asks what she loves about Brandon. Sami says hes gorgeous, smart, and wants to be there for her. She asks what about Lucas, Sami says hes all those things, her sons father and her soul mate. Julie asks if they need to continue? Sami says no, and she thanks Julie for helping her. Julie has to head off, and Sami ends up seeing Brandon.

Nicole meets up with Brandon at the tree lot, and she asks Brandon for help. She talks to him about Brady and how he cant get over his dead girl friend. Nicole says she doesnt think she can compete with a ghost. Brandon says its only natural that hes still grieving her, and she has to give him time to heal. Brandon says when the time is right hell want to move on with her. Nicole thanks him for making her feel better. She wish he didnt have to leave, but he says he has to. She says she knows, and tells him to keep staying away from Sami Brady. Sami listens in as she hears Brandon say hes leaving. Brandon and Nicole leave, and Sami watches.

At the tree lot, Hope checks her messages and finds one from Jen asking her to stop by and help decorate the tree. Maggie shows up and asks Hope if she is okay? Hope say she thinks Bo is in trouble.

Later, Maggie meets up with Julie and asks why she had to come down here? What was so important that she had to get out of bed? Julie says tonight is the night she takes her husband back from Bonnie Lockhart. Little does Julie know, Bonnie is spying on them. Julie tells Maggie to go home and use sex on Mickey, show him that nobody can compete with her. Bonnie says that is what she thinks! Bonnie grabs her boobs and says Come on girls, we have work to do! Bonnie asks Mimi to take over the lot for a while, and she runs off.

Bonnie returns home to secure her place in Mickeys life and bed. She sneaks into Mickeys room and into his bed. Maggie shows up and decides to do the same thing! She then sneaks into the room after Bonnie is already in bed with him. She slips in on the other inside. Both Bonnie and Maggie get under the covers, so they dont see one another. Soon Max shows up and jumps into the bed as well. Mickey, who has a night mask on, begins screaming Woah woah woah! Mickey finally takes off his mask, and says someone naught is under his sheets. He asks who is disobeying the house rules. Bonnie comes out and says she and the girls just wanted to please her. Maggie then says she and her girls are craving him to. Mickey asks if they are up here with him then who is licking his toes? Max the dog then shows up and licks Mickeys face. 

At the airport, Sami runs into Brandon. Brandon asks Sami what shes doing here? Sami didnt want Brandon to see her. She says she came to make sure he was leaving. He says he knows there is no place for him in her life. They say goodbye, hug, and he tells her to go home to her family. Sami leaves, and Brandon goes to board his plane. 

Nicole returns to the mansion, and Nicole apologizes to Brady for pressing him to move on so fast. He says he knows now that Chloe is gone forever and isnt coming back, and he is starting to realize that. Brady tells Nicole that she is the one he wants to be with. Nicole asks if he is really sure? He says yes. Brady then kisses her. He says he wants to be with her, only her. He gives his hand to her, and she takes it. He then picks her up and takes her upstairs.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Nancy get off the plane, and Sami sees Nancy walk by. Sami wonders what Nancy is doing back and who was the creepy girl in black with Nancy. 

At Jens house, Patrick assures Jen that things with Abby will get better. Jen isnt so sure, and she tells him that the last thing he needs to be worried about is Abby as it isnt his problem. Patrick says he likes Abby and he likes helping her. Jen thinks hes done enough and will want to be with his own family. He asks Bonnie? She says no, doesnt he want his own wife and kids? Patrick says he hasnt thought about it, and he doesnt know what he wants. He says hes keeping his options open, and hes saying in Salem. She says he is welcomed to stay in the garage apartment. He says thank you. She tells him not to thank her yet, she has something big to ask him. She says she and Jack discussed this on the island, and it could change his life. Patrick asks what it is? Jen says they talked about their sons godparents, and they want Hope to be the godmother and him to be the godfather. Patrick says hed be honored. Jen thanks him, and says there is one more thing. Jen also says they want to name their son Jack Patrick as his name. Patrick says she doesnt have to do that, but Jen says her son and her wouldnt be alive if it werent for him. She says he has done so much for them. She says she hopes he doesnt mind. They then hug.

Chelsea goes up to Abbys room, and tells her that she now knows who she wants to have sex with for the first time. Abby asks who, and she says Patrick. Abby says he is too old for her, and she is jail bait. Abby asks how shell even get him to notice her? She says watch and learn, and she unplugs Abbys stereo.

Back downstairs, Hope shows up, and Chelsea asks if Patrick can come try and fix Abbys stereo. He says sure. Jen and Hope begin talking about their husbands. Hope says she hasnt heard from Bo yet. Hope is worried about Bos safety, but Billie too. Hope decides to call Shawn to find out where he and Zack are.

Patrick helps fix Abbys stereo upstairs. They thank him, and he leaves. Abby cant believe Chelsea. Chelsea says she wants Patrick and doesnt care who her competition is. Patrick goes back downstairs, and Jen thanks him for helping Abby. Jen says she wishes Abby would open up to her. Patrick comforts her, and Chelsea sees this. She realizes Jen is her competition!

At the castle, Bo and Billie have escaped the dungeon and want to check out the room that was electrified. Bo is still suffering from his wound, and we see a replay of him getting shot at with a spike or something, which came out of a hole in the wall.

In their room, Jack decides to write a note and slip it under the door for someone to find. Cassie asks what if one of the guards sees it? He says he doesnt know, hes just making this up as he goes. He says its a shot, and he slips the note under the door. Later a guard comes to get Cassie, and she runs off. The guard chases her, and he doesnt see the note. Jack continues to hope someone will find his note so he can get home to Jen, Abby and baby Jack. 

Meanwhile, Bo and Billie are hiding and hear the guards talking about a girl who has been acting up, she even bit one of their arms. Billie thinks it is Georgia, but Bo says they dont know that. Billie sees Bo is in pain and demands to know what hes hiding. He finally shows her the bite, which is bleeding. Billie takes a look at his wound, and she says this is really bad. She says it will need more than a band aid, he has metal in there that needs to come out of hell bleed to death. He tells her fine, get it out. She says shes not a doctor, but he says it has to be done. He sees some vodka in the room, and he also says theyll need a needle and tread. Bo says hell walk her throw it. She uses the vodka as an antiseptic, and to get Bo a little drunk for the pain. Bo bites down on a belt as Billie cuts the metal out. Billie says hes losing a lot of blood, but he says just get it done. Bo makes it through the make-shift surgery, and Bo insists they continue looking for Georgia. 

Bo and Billie head back into the hall and once again hide when they hear the guards coming. Bo ends up grabbing Billie and pulling her into a kiss. The guards sees them making out and just walk on by. Billie picks up a bunch of papers that she dropped (from the filing cabinet I guess), and sees that Georgia isnt here and was abducted when she was three years old. They then run from the guards, not seeing Jacks note.


December 23, 2004
At the castle, Tony shows up to see Jack, and he has a gun pointed at Jack (Jack had tried something). Tony tells Jack if he tries anything again then hell get the shock of his life. Jack asks what is going on with the explosion? Who is in the castle? Tony tells him that Bo and Billie were here, but they didnt find anything. He also says if they alert the police it wont matter because they are on the DiMera payroll. Tony tells him that things are looking hopeless, and he bets he wonders how Jen is doing. Tony says he has a surprise for him, and shows him a video of Jen with Patrick. Jack watches as Jen tells Patrick that this isnt his problem, but he tells her that he wants to help her. Tony says someone has a rooster in his hen house, and perhaps Jen wont be so lonely for the holidays after all. Later, Jack decides to find out if anyone else is a prisoner. He begins shouting Hello can anyone hear me? Nobody answers though. Jack says he has to get home before Patrick Lockhart hi-jacks his family.

In their room, Marlena is worried that not only are they going to not get home for Christmas, but they won get home at all. Roman tells Marlena that he promised to get her out of here and he will. Marlena says everyone thinks they are dead, and they are moving on with their lives . She says even John and Kate have moved on. Roman says they wont lose them. Marlena says unless they already have. Later, Tony shows up with a TV and says he has a brand new reality show for them to watch called trading spouses! They watch a video of Kate at the penthouse with John, and they see Kate has luggage. Tony says it looks like Kate is moving in right in time for Christmas! He turns the TV off and says that was almost as good as Fear Factor. He leaves them to themselves, and Marlena is in tears. She thinks John and Kate have moved in together, and she wonders what is happening. Roman says he doesnt know. However, he says they know something Tony doesnt, that life is about love and not hate. Roman and Marlena then share a kiss.

Bo and Billie head out of the castle and plan to return to Salem. Bo is still in pain, and Billie thinks they should get to a doctor. Bo says no, he has just enough time to make it home to his family and nothing will stop him. They head to the airport, and Bo learns the Basic Black jet is grounded and the commercial flights are booked up. Bo says they arent going to make it, so hell have to call Hope and give her the bad news. Bo calls Hope to tell her that they didnt find Georgia and hes having trouble getting home. He says it may take a miracle for him to get home, but he wont miss Christmas or their anniversary. She is glad he remembered their anniversary, and he says it was the happiest day of his life. She asks how Billie is, and he says shes hanging in. Their call is eventually cut off by static. Billie excuses herself and says shell be right back. She leaves, and Bo tries to figure out who can help them. As it appears Bo is nodding off, a man shows up and asks if the seat next to Bo is taken. Bo says no. The man says he is late and if he doesnt make his rounds then there will be many disappointed children. Bo says he knows as he is trying to get home to his wife and kids but isnt so sure it will happen. The man tells him not to be so sure, it is Christmas Eve, the time when miracles happen. The man introduces himself as Wenceslas. Bo asks like in the Christmas carol? He says yes, and they sing the song (Good King Wenceslas). Bo asks what he does, and he says hes into charity for children. Bo makes a donation to him. Bo says he needs to make sure he gets some home. The man asks how Beauregard Brady will do that? Bo asks how he knew his name? The man says his luggage tag. Bo says oh yeah, well anyways he needs to work on getting a flight. The man says it would be easier finding a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer. Bo ends up failing to find a way home, so the man says theyll have to arrange for his own transportation. He gives Bo a compass and says it always helped him to get home. Bo opens it, and lights shine all over the place. Bo says you live in the North Pole? The man is now gone, and we hear a heart Ho Ho Ho 

Meanwhile, Billie ends up calling her mom and says they havent found Georgia, but they know she was here. She also says the Basic Black jet is out of commission and there are no commercial flights. She asks her mom to send her a jet so she and Bo can get home, but Kate says no. Kate tells Billie to use this chance to her advantage. Billie asks if that is what shes doing with John, she got her message that she was moving in with him. Kate tells Billie to just enjoy the holiday with Bo. Billie thinks about kissing Bo and wonders what if they did spend the holiday together. Billie goes back to Bo and finds he is asleep. Bo wonders where the old man is, and he thinks he must have been dreaming. Bo tells her about his dream, and Billie says too bad it was just a dream. Billie thinks it might be impossible to get him home, but Bo thinks the old man was right, perhaps believing in miracles could be just what they need. 

At Jens house, Jen is missing Jack. She ends up yelling to Abby to turn down her music. Abby yells at her mom to leave her alone. Later Abby decides to go out to the mall. Jen says she is still grounded so back up to her room. Abby says this will be the worst Christmas ever! Abby storms upstairs, and Jen says at least they agree on something.

At the Brady pub, Sami and Lucas are sitting in a booth. Sami reads a tabloid story, apparently about her, and gets upset. He tells her not to worry, they are going to file those papers first thing when the office opens. Sami says yes, and Brandon has left town so nothing will spoil their Christmas. Later she talks about their wedding, and she says she wants to be married before Belle and Phillip. Lucas says this isnt a race. Sami says she just wants the day to be perfect. Lucas says it will be, and she says of course it will be because shes marrying him. Sami then looks at the tabloids, and she gets upset when she sees a story about her and Brandon and Lucas. The waitress comes along and asks if they are ready to order. Sami says yeah, shell have Brandon and Eggs. Lisa the waitress says shell bring her bacon and eggs. Lucas says he wants nothing, he lost his appetite. As they argue about what Sami said, Eugenia spies. Sami says its just a slip up, she is upset over not getting the papers filed. Lucas says if she is thinking about the guy then they have a problem. Lucas says if she cant sort her feelings out for Brandon then they should postpone the wedding. Sami says she loves him and only him, but he ends up walking out on her. Sami cries, tears up the tabloids, and wishes Brandon would get out of her head and leave her alone. Sami heads outside, and Lucas is standing there. He says they need to talk. He says he thought about what he said to her, and he thinks now is time to give her her Christmas present. She opens it up, and its a silver heart pendant. The inscription says Sami, my love, my live, forever. Lucas then puts it on her. Lucas says these arent just words, he loves her and he knows she loves him. Lucas says they belong together and he cant wait to marry her. As they kiss, Eugenia watches and says Kate wont like this one bit. 

Kate calls Eugenia and they do a little plotting to make sure Sami and Brandon stay married. Kate then goes into the penthouse, with all her luggage. She finds John on the floor in pain, and she runs to him. She helps him back into his chair, and he says he was trying to walk so he could walk Belle down the aisle. He doesnt want Kate here with him as she should be with her own family. Kate says she wants to be here. Kate talks about their family members. She cant wait for Belle and Phillip to be married, but if Lucas marries Sami it will be a mistake. Later, a package arrives for John and its from MArlena. It is a clock, which she ordered for him. It is inscribed and says John, our time together is so precious. However, it turns out it was sent by Tony and has a camera inside! The camera films them and sends the images to Tony, who shows them to Roman and Marlena. Later, Kate looks at a photo of Sami and ends up putting it into a desk drawer. She then puts a photo of Phillip and Belle in its place. John looks around and says its starting to look more like Christmas. He says Doc always liked decorating this place. Kate says she believes Roman and Marlena would want them to be here for one another. John says he thinks that too, and they lean in and share a kiss (a little more than a peck, but not much).

At Hopes, Hope is hanging the stockings when she hears a Ho Ho Ho! She runs to the door thinking it is Bo, but it isnt. It is Shawn, who is dressed as Santa. Shawn wanted to bring over the kids gifts. He is dressed as Santa to volunteer at the homeless shelter. She tells him that is wonderful. They hug, and Shawn remembers it isnt just Christmas but her anniversary. Shawn says he is sure Bo is doing everything he can to get back to her. Later, Hope gets the call from Bo saying he doesnt think hell make it home. 

Hope goes to Jens house and they wrap gifts together. Hope tells Jen that Bo may be spending Christmas and their anniversary with Billie. Hope says they need Bo here as his son is getting in all sorts of trouble. She then apologizes for complaining because she knows Bo is coming home. Jen says its okay, and shes going to have to deal with the fact that Jack isnt coming home. Later, Hope is gone and Jen is alone. She puts the wrapped presents under the tree. Abby once again tries to sneak out, and this time she seems to succeed. However she decides not to leave. She goes to her mom. Jen asks where she is going? She tells her mom that she doesnt want to fight anymore. Jen and Abby then hug.

Hope returns to her house. She puts Zack down for a nap, and then hopes Bo will be able to get home. Hope ends up curling up on the couch.


December 24, 2004
Brady is at the Pub and looks at the angel in the Christmas tree. The face morphs into Chloe. Nicole knows he is thinking about Chloe. She says he can tell her. He says he is sorry, he knows she is gone, but he feels like if he turns around shell be standing right there. Nancy and Chloe are outside the pub, and they are spying on them. Chloe sees Brady is with Nicole, and Nancy says he doesnt look happy. She tells Chloe to tell Brady that shes alive, but Chloe says she cant. She says she wont show herself to Brady until her face and voice are healed. They hide when Brady comes out with Nicole, and they overhear Brady telling Nicole that he has a surprise for her. Nancy tells Chloe that Brady thinks she is dead and wont wait forever. Nancy says if she loses Brady to remember this was her choice. 

Rex and Mimi meet up with Belle and Phillip at the loft. They are headed off, and run into Shawn and Jan. Shawn asks if today is the big day? Phillip says no not yet. Shawn says knowing Belle shell keep Phillip waiting forever, and shell never deliver.

At the penthouse, John and Kate are wrapping gifts. John thanks Kate for everything she has done. Kate says she should be thanking him for welcoming her children into her home. John says Phillip and Belle are about to be family, and he wouldnt be here in his own place if it werent for her. Sami and Lucas show up with Will, and Sami is furious to learn Kate is living here in her mothers home. Sami asks if John invited Kate into her moms bed? Lucas tells Sami to relax as his mom is here because John doesnt have anyone else to help him. Sami says he has his precious princess Belle, but shes too selfish and thinks only about her wedding. Lucas says Belle was happy for her when she got engaged so return the favor. Sami sees that her picture is missing from the desk and she says they got rid of her mom and now she is next. Belle and company have shown up, and John promises Belle that hell walk her down the isle. Meanwhile, Nicole and Brady show up. Nicole thinks shes going to ruin his familys Christmas, but Brady says she makes him happy. They go inside, and Lucas and Phillip are shocked. Phillip confronts Brady and says how could he bring her when his fathers grave isnt even cold yet? Sami says the Greeks must have had some word for sleeping with your step-grandma. Lucas says its time to go to his family, and Sami says thank God. She says soon theyll be able to forget this family existed. Rex and Mimi have to go as well, as Mimi has to watch over her moms Horton coming out holiday party. John stares at Nicole and tells Kate that he thinks she is going to ruin his sons life. Nicole tells Brady that now that Sami is gone she is the one getting the evil eye. Brady says they dont know her, and tonight everyone will know how much she means to him. He says Merry Christmas Nicole, and gives her a small black box! Meanwhile, John gives Belle a gift, which she thanks him for. They are earrings that belonged to Marlenas. Marlena wanted Belle to have them for her wedding. Later, Belle asks Brady if he is moving too fast, but he says no.

At Bo and Hopes, Doug reads Twas the Night Before Christmas to Zack. Meanwhile, Hope and Julie are arguing about Bo being stuck in Europe with Billie. Hope says it isnt Bos fault, but Julie thinks Billie will use her child to get Bo back. Julie says with Uncle Mickey behaving like a loon, and now Bo off in Europe, she just doesnt get it. Doug asks the ladies to hold it down! They say they are sorry. As he gets to the part where Saint Nick lands on the roof, we hear something hit the roof and see suet falling down the chimney. Hope thinks it is Shawn Sr, and they think hes gotten himself stuck in the chimney. Santa shows up at the front door, and Hope sees who it is. Zack runs off to get Santa cookies and milk, and everyone leaves Bo and Hope alone for a second to reunite. Hope hugs him, and he winces. She asks if he is okay, and he says yeah. She tells him that this is the best Christmas present ever. Bo explains he used the ISA to set them up on a military transport flight. They kiss, and Doug says I see mommy kissing you know who!

At the Horton house, Mickey, Maggie and Bonnie show up. Bonnie and Maggie are bickering. Mickey says the other night was a mistake and it cant happen again, so no more three ways, or four ways counting the dog. Julie shows up, pushes Bonnie away, and tells Mickey that they have to talk. Jen, Patrick, Abby and Chelsea show up. Billie is at the Horton house and thinks she shouldnt have come because she isnt family. Billie promises Jen that all she wants is to find her daughter, so Jen says there is no problem with her being here. Shawn and Jan show up, and everyone says Merry Christmas to him. Jan insists on hugging Shawns parents, and then she goes to get a drink. Bo asks about the new bike, and Shawn says Jan got it for him. Bo is furious as he crashed his bike and has a DUI. Bo says hell be lucky if he has a license after appearing in court. Hope says it is Christmas. Bo says he knows and he wants Shawn to live till New Years. Shawn says he hasnt talked to his dad in weeks, why is that? Shawn says thats because hes been running around with Billie looking for his bastard daughter. Shawn asks why Billie is even here? Hope holds Bo back, and Jen comforts Billie. Bo tells Shawn to apologize, but Shawn thinks his dad should apologize for walking out on mom and Zack! Hope tells Bo that shell talk to him. Billie apologizes to Bo, and he says no hes the one who is sorry. Bo says he isnt feeling good either. Billie tells him to go to the doctor, and he says he didnt want Hope to worry. Billie cant believe he hasnt told her? Julie asks if she is keeping secrets from his wife? Meanwhile, Shawn tells him mom that she shouldnt have to spend the holidays and her anniversary with his ex. Shawn walks off with Jan, and Hope thinks her son is blind. Jen then talks to Hope and tries to help her calm down. Jen says she was the one who invited Billie, and Hope says it is fine. Billie overhears Hope say Billie is a part of their lives forever now. Billie decides to leave, but Hope says wait. Hope tells her that she is sorry they havent found Georgia. Billie says they will find her, and she has nothing to worry about because Bo is committed to her and their sons. Billie leaves, and Julie tells Hope not to trust a word Billie says. As Billie is leaving she runs into Lucas, Sami and Will. Billie says they didnt find Georgia, and they tell her that shes sorry. Lucas asks her not to leave, and she tells her to go see Mom. Billie doesnt know where she is, and Lucas says she moved in with John Black. Billie makes a face. Rex and Mimi show up to the party, and Mimi is glad to see Patrick. Patrick says Conner is also here (hes hiding I guess). Bonnie sees that everyone is leaving, so she decides to make some kind of speech. Bonnie thanks Alice for making her feel so welcomed, and they should all just skip ahead to the hanging the balls. Bonnie brings out her own custom ball, and it is gigantic and looks like it was made with a bedazzler. Everyone hangs their ornaments. Maggie hangs hers next to Mickeys, as does Bonnie. However Bonnies ornament is so heavy that the tree falls over! Fortunately Patrick saves the tree, and Maggie says Bonnies ornament needs a diet! Mickey says theyll put it on another tree. Julie is delighted that Bonnie bombed. Julie and Doug hang their ornaments, as well as Addies. Bo and Hope hang theirs. Shawn has returned and he hangs his, but not anywhere near his parents ornaments. Jen then hangs her and Jacks ornaments. Abby hangs hers and then Jen hangs the babys ornament. However she stops and asks Patrick to hang his god sons ornament. Bonnie is pleased because she thinks it means they are moving in on one another. Lucas and Will hang theirs, and Julie tells Sami that shell have an ornament next year. Alice goes last and hangs her and Toms ornaments. 

At the hospital, Maggie and Bonnie are dressed as elves, and Mickey plays Santa. Jen reads the Christmas story to the kids at the hospital. The Hortons at the hospital begin to sing Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

Everyone heads to Saint Lukes for services. Nancy and Chloe show up, and Chloe is wearing a cloak. Sami sees them and says What is she doing here? Chloe hides and Sami asks Nancy why she is back in Salem. Brady and Nicole arrive and Brady hugs her and says he knows. Phillip and Belle show up, and Belle gives Nancy a hug as well. Belle says nobody told her she came back. Brady says he should have told them all. He tells them she is here to spread Chloes ashes. Belle and Phillip ask if they can be there too. Nancy says she just wants them to have a Merry Christmas, and she runs off. Brady gets the weird feeling that Chloe is near (shes hiding in a confessional or something). Everyone begins taking their seats, and Sami has a flashback to marrying Brandon at the Justice of the Peace. Bo and Hope share a kiss, and Billie is forced to watch them. Billie then gets a message on her PDA that says Merry Christmas mom, love Georgia. Everyone else begins taking their seats for the service. A mysterious man with an envelope shows up and says this news will ruin Christmas for so many people. Brady wonders who that is, but Nicole says she doesnt know. Brady says not the man, he sees Chloe rushing off. Brady decides to rush after her. Chloe is calling her mom to tell her that shell meet her mom and joy later, she wants to be near Brady a little longer. Brady spies on her as she talks. Everyone else begins singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful. 

John stays behind at the penthouse and is forcing himself to try and walk. He ends up falling over and damns himself. He ends up shattering things with his canes, and Kate runs to help him. John says he is okay and if he can just work through the pain then hell be able to walk. Kate tells him that it will be okay. She gives him a hug.

At Alices house, we see Alice setting up the nativity. She then looks at a photo of Tom, and then turns to the camera. She says those we love, near and far, may the blessings of this day be with you now and all the days of your lives.

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