December 27, 2004

At the courthouse, Sami waits in a long line to get her annulment filed. She asks the woman in front of her if she can cut in line, but the woman says no. She gets a call from Lucas and whines about how long the line is. He says she can do it tomorrow, but she says no way. Sami wants this done today so they can get married before the end of the year. Sami finally gets to the counter only to find out the clerk is Eugenia! Eugenia tells Sami that she can't help her. Sami asks if she can't just stamp the papers and file it. Eugenia asks who she thinks she is, Britney? Eugenia tells Sami that marriage deserves more respect, and she tells Sami she'll have to go through the proper channels and wait. Sami storms off, and then gets an idea as to who might help her.

At church, Sami asks Father Antonio if he can be of help, but he says he has no say in matters of city or state. He suggests she just wait and not be so concerned about rushing into this. Sami says she just wants to marry Lucas. She remembers having a dream about being in the church and marrying Brandon. She goes to light candles for her parents, and she wishes they were here. She says she is so close to getting what she wants and she's about to mess it all up because she can't stop thinking about Brandon. Julie shows up and overhears her. Sami says eavesdropping in church is a sin. Julie says marrying someone you haven't given your full heart to is also a sin. Julie asks Sami why she wants to rush, and Sami says she has to beat Belle to the altar. Julie. Sami asks Julie if she knows anyone in the government who can help her, but she doesn't.

At the penthouse, Belle shows up to help her dad with his physical therapy. He's still in pain. She offers to call Lexie, but John says she's coming over later. He talks about how Carrie and Mike sent him some flowers, and Eric sent a card and some photos of Yosemite. She goes to look at them and sees he's thrown out a Christmas card. He tells her to leave it as it belongs in the trash. The card is from Sami. It has a photo of Roman and Marlena in it, and Sami wrote "Go to hell!" Belle can't believe Sami. John tells her to forget about it. He asks her to talk to him about her man. She asks Phillip? He says that is who he's marrying. John is concerned that she isn't over Shawn. Belle admits she isn't, but Shawn wants nothing to do with her. John is concerned Phillip is a rebound guy. She says at first that may have been what it was, but she now has genuine feelings for him. She also says Phillip loves her and knows everything as is, so she doesn't have to explain. She thinks a friendship is a good place to start with a life partner. John asks if Shawn came in the door and said he wanted her back, what would she say? She says she would say Shawn is the past and her future is with Phillip. 

At Basic Black, Phillip asks his mom advice on the wedding rings, and she thinks they are beautiful. She tells him that she's so glad he is marrying the right girl, unlike Lucas. Lucas walks in and scolds his mom after hearing her badmouth Sami. He says he warned her that she'd lose him if she keeps this up. Lucas says she doesn't have to root for Sami, but don't root against her. Lucas then storms out. Meanwhile, Billie is with Rex and they are working on determining if the message is from Georgia. Rex has found a secret embedded file along with the message. He asks why she hasn't told Bo yet. Billie says she has to be sure this is from Georgia, otherwise Hope will think she's just using Georgia to seduce Bo. Rex asks if that is what she's doing? Kate walks in and says if she's not planning on doing it, she's a fool! LAter, the envelope man arrives and delivers a message to Phillip. Phillip reads it and tells his mom that he's not going to be able to marry Belle.

At Jan's, Shawn wakes up with a huge headache. He asks Jan for a drink, and she gives him a bloody mary. He asks what she's trying to do to him? She says it is a little hair of the dog that bit him. She says he's going to have to do better if he wants to keep up with her when it comes up to drinking. We learn they went to the Cheatin Heart and did shooters all night. Shawn says he has to go over to his parents and give Zack his gift. Jan says she'll come with him. 

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope are in bed, and Bo is in pain. Hope finally discovers his wound, and when he tells her the whole story she is furious. They argue about Bo going to search for Georgia. She refuses to let him go out and search for Georgia again, let alone leave the house. He says she can't expect him not to go. She says he has money from Victor, he can hire a detective to go search. HE says Billie won't let that happen, she wants to do this herself as does he. Hope says he doesn't even know if Georgia is alive. He says he knows, and that is a horrible feeling. He wonders if Hope would be acting this way if it was any other woman than Billie. Later, Hope takes his temperature, and he's running a fever. She calls Lexie, who is stopping by later. Hope tells him to stay in bed. Shawn shows up with Jan, and she goes to see them. They drop off the gifts, and she sends Shawn up to see Bo while she talks with Jan. SHe wants Jan to return Shawn's bike, but Jan says he enjoys riding it as much as he enjoys . . . She says well, she'll talk to him about possibly exchanging it for something smaller. Meanwhile, Bo lectures Shawn about his behavior as of late, but Shawn doesn't want to hear it from a father who abandoned his mom and brother to run off with an ex-lover. Shawn storms downstairs and tells Jan they are leaving. Bo follows, and Shawn tells them that he is with Jan now so accept it. They leave, and Billie shows up. Billie tells Bo she got a message from Georgia so they have to go find her.

Shawn returns to Jan's place and makes love to her.

At Sami's, Sami is ranting and raving to Lucas about the paper issue, and how she will not wait to marry him. Some gifts have arrived, the first is a card from Kate saying a donation has been made in their name. Sami says that is tacky and thoughtless. The next is a fruit basket to Sami. She says the fruit is moldy, the wine is three dollars, the crackers are stale, and the cheese is a cheese product. When she finds out it is from John she's furious. Lucas says everyone at Basic Black probably got one, but she says not Belle or Brady. Lucas says it's not like she got him anything. She tells him about the card she sent John, and Lucas asks why she burned that bridge? He says she better not need a favor from him, and she says she wont. Just then Julie calls with an idea as to who can help Sami with her annulment, John!


December 28, 2004

Today's summary was written by William M.

Sami and Belle were once again at one another's throats. The two exchanged bitter feelings about one another's weddings. Sami was livid that Belle and Philip had pushed up their wedding date because Philip had to go into active duty. Sami believed that Belle only did it to beat her and Lucas to the alter. As the two bickered back and forth John heard it from upstairs and came down (And may I just say that Marlena's penthouse has never had a back staircase until John came down it with Lexie today. Its amazing how fast a remodel can happen in Salem, I wish my contractor worked that fast, but I digress.). Then Sami asked John to speed up the annulment but he said that he didn't have the power and also was still not feeling well enough. This sent Sami into a tailspin just as Kate and Philip entered with bad news for Belle and John. Sadly Philip had to tell Belle that he couldn't marry her.

With Billie's news that Georgia sent her a message via her PDA Hope once again believed that Billie was there to tear Bo and her apart. Billie was 100% sure that the message was sent by Georgia but Hope put in her two cents telling Billie that just because it was from a private PDA doesn't mean its not from the DiMera's. Hope also says  if Georgia could send her the message why wouldn't she confront her mother instead. Bo agreed, which infuriated Billie. In a fit of rage she decided that she would search for Georgia without Bo, which Bo told her not to do. She said she was a trained ISA agent and stormed out. On her way out of Bo and Hope's home Billie said to herself that it was good that Bo does not go because if anything happened to her (Billie) Georgia would still have one parent that loved her.

The wedding planner was on hand to help plan Philip and Belle's wedding. Rex and Mimi knew what the two wanted and to help them took it upon themselves to plan the wedding. While all this went on the planner flirted with Rex while Mimi daydreamed about all of her problems. At one point the planner asked Rex the reason for the rushed wedding, she commented that the normal reason she sees for a rush wedding is because the girl is P-R-E-G-N-E-N-T. This made Mimi very upset thinking about Rex and her aborted baby. The planner finished up with them as Mimi went into Rex's arms crying. As the planner walked out of the room she said "I hope everything works out well for the two of you. If it does, call me . . . if it doesn't call me anyway". She shakes her hand in a phone shaped gesture and walks out.

After a night of dreaming about Chloe Brady awoke to the sight of Nicole. He was disappointed and Nicole could tell, so being the loving kind woman she is she came up with an idea to get Brady's mind off of Chloe (hopefully for good!). While this went on Chloe was kicking herself over not telling Brady she was back in Salem. Nancy also was against Chloe keeping the secret from Brady and was pushing her to tell him and make him hers again. As this was happening Chloe turned on the Television and just who should be on, non other than Brady and Nicole. They were at St. Luke's church donating money for the Christmas season. Brady donated a house for a worthy family and toys for the children. Chloe was upset seeing Nicole with Brady and then she heard Brady say that this was all in the memory of his angel, Chloe Lane who had died this past year. Chloe then knew what she had to do.


December 29, 2004

At Jen's house, Billie is on the PC searching form information on Georgia. Patrick thinks this may not be a good idea, what if Georgia is adopted and happy? Patrick says Billie could disrupt her life. Billie says if Georgia was adopted then it was by someone on the Dimera payroll. SHe also says Georgia chose to contact her, so why would she if she was happy? Patrick suggests it is a Dimera trick. Billie says Tony and Stefano are dead. Patrick says she's assuming the body they saw was Stefano, and nobody ever saw Tony die. He also says once a DiMera plan is put in motion the DiMera underlings carry it out to the end. Billie is positive the message is real, and she decrypts the embedded file and finds it was sent from the DiMera castle. She decides to go back there. Patrick thinks it is a trap, but says he wants to go with her because she'll need back-up and Bo is in no condition to go with her.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo is sick in bed with a fever, and Hope orders him to stay there. Bo dreams about the castle and searching for Georgia with Billie. Meanwhile, Hope and Jen talk about their kids. Hope is worried about Shawn's drinking and behavior, and that he's still with Jan. She says the college sent them a letter and said Shawn could come back if he chose to. She says as soon as Bo is better they are going to sit Shawn down and talk to him. Jen is worried about Abby and the way she is acting out. Later they discuss the message Billie got from Georgia. Hope is more convinced than ever that the message is a hoax and this whole thing is a DiMera plot to break her and Bo up. Later, Billie and Patrick show up. Billie informs Hope that she has found more information about the message and she and Patrick are going to go search for Georgia. Hope thinks this is a great idea because PAtrick knows how the DiMera's think and work and they can look out for one another. Jen is concerned for PAtrick's safety. Bo hobbles downstairs and tells Billie that she is not going anywhere with Lockhart!

At Basic Black, Sami sits at her desk and mopes as the other's work on the wedding. Lucas shows up and scolds Sami for complaining about how she wanted to marry him before her sister got married. She wanted to show the whole town that she was capable of doing something right. Lucas points out she's already been married several times, so she did beat her sister to the alter. Sami says those don't count. Lucas tells her to just be happy for her sister. Kate and Eugenia spy on them, and Kate tells Eugenia to get to the psychic's because she feels Sami will be calling soon. Kate then confronts Sami, who is still whining about the wedding. Kate says she's sorry she's not a psychic and couldn't predict what would happen, but perhaps her marrying Lucas before Belle and Phillip just isn't in the stars. Kate and Lucas go into the other room to help with the wedding, and Sami calls the psychic. Eugenia is now with the psychic, and she instructs the psychic what to say to Sami. Sami is amazed as to how much the psychic knows about her current problems, and she asks if her sister's wedding will happen. The psychic says she sees a lot of upheaval coming up.

Meanwhile, Belle is freaking out as she doesn't have a dress or bridesmaid dresses, and she thinks this whole thing is turning into a disaster. Mimi decides they need a breather and they should go check things out at the church. Rex asks Mimi why she's taking her to the church? Mimi says she has a plan and if it works, Belle and Shawn will be back together. They leave, and the others continue working on the wedding. Phillip thinks they don't need a big wedding, what is important is he and Belle are married. He suggests they just go for a small wedding. Lucas says that would make Sami happy, and Kate mumbles all the more reason not to do it. Kate says they are going to have a big wedding, and with team work manage to pull everything off.

At the church, Celeste has arrived and has the invitation. She wonders why she was drawn here. The invitation bursts into flames, and she drops it. She wonders if this is an omen. She then looks down at the invitation, and it is whole. She says this is defiantly a sign. Meanwhile, Mimi and Belle check out the bride's room to see if there is anything they need to bring. Mimi points out the hope chest and asks what it is. Belle explains that it is Caroline's chest. Belle begins to daydream about marrying Shawn. Mimi opens it and finds Caroline's dress inside and she tells Belle her problem is solved, she can wear this dress. Belle says she cannot wear that dress. Back out in the chapel, Celeste is leaving when she looks up at the chandelier. She hears screaming, and she feels something horrible is going to happen at this wedding.

At Alice's, Shawn shows up to talk to Alice about his problems. He talks about his anger since the accident and how he is attacking everyone around him. She makes him realize he would normally talk to Belle about his feelings. He sees an invitation on the table to Belle and Phillip's wedding, and he can't believe they are getting married so soon. She asks him if he is going to do anything about it? He says she has given him a lot to think about. He leaves, and Alice looks at a photo of Tom and hopes things will work out. A bell rings, and Alice thinks it is a sign from Tom.



December 30, 2004
At Bo and Hopes, Patrick tells Jen that he can t go to the wedding with her because hes going to Europe with Billie. Hope thinks the idea is great because Patrick can be a big help, but Jen thinks it is dangerous. Patrick says theyll look out for one another. Bo shows up and refuses to let Billie go anywhere with Patrick as he could be working for the DiMeras. Bo says Patrick could lead Billie into a trap. Hope says he didnt believe the disk when it supported Patricks innocence, but he does believe it when it said his daughter is alive. Bo says hes not sure if the disk is telling the truth about his daughter, and he tells Billie that Georgia might not be alive and they should prepare for that. Billie believes she is alive, and she believes Patrick is a good guy. Jen says she believes the same thing, she trusted Patrick with her life in that jungle. Bo said Patrick lied to her for months, and do they really think it isnt a coincidence that he is here. Jen says his family lives here, and he is not working for the DiMeras anymore. Bo still doesnt like that he is in Salem and living in Jens garage. He then asks Billie what is wrong with her asking him to help find their daughter? Billie says he volunteered and shes not turning down an offer to help. Billie says they are going and there is nothing he can do to stop them. Bo says he cant stop her from leaving, but for her not to go with him. He asks her to wait a day or two and hell go with her. Hope says first of all he is not well, and second he has two sons who need him here. Bo asks Hope why she keeps talking to him like this. She says why could it be? Could it be because he keeps taking off and leaving his family behind for a lead he knows nothing about! Jen suggests they take a minute and hear what Billies lead is. Billie explains she found more coordinates on the DiMera disk, and she believes Georgia is in the vicinity of the DiMera castle. Billie says the information was well hidden and no one wanted it to be found. Hope says or someone expected her to find it. Billie says she did not come here to ask Bo to go with her, she came to inform him of her plans just in case something happened to them. Jen ask what could happen? Hope says if its anything like last time they could end up dead. Billie says its worth the risk. Hope wonders if it is worth getting killed for if the lead turns out to be false. Hope also says Billie didnt have to come here to tell Bo of her plans, she could have phoned .Hope thinks Billie came here on purpose, and she brought Patrick to push Bos buttons. Hope thinks that Billie knew Bo would insist on going with her, and that is what she really wants. Billie says for the last time she did not come here to ask Bo to come with her. Bo believes her, but Hope still thinks the whole thing could be a set-up. Billie says the bottom line is that Georgia could be in trouble. Hope tells Billie that if she is so determined to go find Georgia then go, but Bo isnt going unless she has hard evidence. Bo says he can speak for himself. Hope says he knows as well as she does that this is crazy. Billie thinks Hope doesnt want them to find their daughter. Hope says she resents that comment. Hope says if their daughter is out there then she wants her to find Georgia, but her husband isnt going without hard evidence. Bo says he wont turn his back on his daughter. Hope says shes not asking him to, she just wants him to use common sense. Bo says speaking of common sense why does anyone trust Lockhart? Billie gets a call, so she excuses herself. Jen begs Patrick not to go because if he doesnt go then Billie wont go, and Bo can stay home and he and Hope wont fight. Patrick says Billie will still go if he doesnt, so he has to go to help her. Jen then asks him to try and convince Billie not to go then, but Patrick says once she makes up her mind no one can change it. Billie ends up not going anywhere for a few days because the Basic Black jet needs service. She tells Patrick he can go to the wedding, Bo can go to bed, and Hope can stop worrying shes trying to take her husband. Hope says she is just saying they arent going about this logically. Bo says Hope is right and they should take their time and do this right. Bo asks to see the info, so Billie shows it to him. Jen comforts Hope and says it will all be okay. Hope just worries about Billie, and says everyone can see how hard she is fighting to find her daughter. Hope says it is nothing compared to how hard she will fight to keep her husband. Hope decides it is time for Bo to rest. Bo says the lead could be legit, and Hope says could be. Jen suggest to Patrick that they go get ready for the wedding, and Jen asks Billie if she is going now that shes staying in town? Billie says sure. Hope says shed like to go but shes going to stay here with Bo. Jen and Patrick leave, and Billie says shell go too since it is what Hope wants. Bo tells Billie that she is always welcomed here. Hope says she is sorry if she upset her before. Hope says she wants her to find her daughter, but there are so many unknowns and it is so dangerous. Billie says she is willing to take risks. Hope asks what good she will be to her daughter if she is dead? Hope suggests hey hire a PI to find their daughter, but Billie says no. Billie asks Hope what if their roles were reversed, would she hire a stranger to look for her daughter? Billie says they both know the answer to that question. Billie says she is a mother too, and she is trained to take the risk .Billie says this is what a mother does for her child. Bo says they understand but this isnt a risk she should take on her own or with Lockhart. Hope says they need to take time to work out a plan, and Georgia isnt in danger. Hope suggests she approach this like she is on an ISA mission. Bo tells Billie they arent giving up, and they will find her. Billie says they have given her a lot to think about. Billie leaves, and Hope kisses Bo. She tells him it is time to get back to bed. Outside, Billie makes a call and tells them to forget what she said earlier, fuel the plane, she is leaving tonight! 

At the penthouse John is struggling to walk. Belle and Mimi show up and Belle asks her dad to stop this because she cant stand seeing him in pain. He says he promised to walk her down the aisle, not only for himself but for her mom. John says he will keep that promise. Belle wishes her mom was here, and John says shell always be in their hearts. John wishes she was here too in order to see her marry the man she loves. He asks if she loves Phillip. Belle says he is everything she could ask for in a man, and he loves her so much. Belle says she just cant believe they pulled off this wedding before Phillip got shipped out. John says it is because they all want to see her happy. Belle says she knows, and they hug. Belle and Mimi decide to head over to the church. John says hell be over after he changes. John says that a limo driver from Basic Black is picking him up. John tells Belle that true happiness is priceless and that is what he wants for her and Phillip. She says she knows and she will be happy. Belle and Mimi leave, and John decides to make his dream to walk Belle down the aisle happen. He makes a call to an ISA buddy. The agent, who is named Mark, shows up. Mark tells him how sorry he was to hear about Marlena, and he asks John about his physical state. John says hes not doing well and asks him for medicine. The man says he cant give him drugs. John says that is where he is wrong Agent Sparrow, he can and will. John explains why he needs the drugs, but the agent says self medicating is the worse thing he can do right now. John says he is not a junkie looking for a fix, and he reminds Mark what he did for him in Paris. John says all he needs is something to get him through the wedding. Agent Sparrow eventually gives John what he needs. John thanks him, but Mark says now they are even. Mark says this goes against everything he stands for and the ISA stands for. He tells John he cant believe he would stoop this low. He tells John never to contact him again, their friendship is over! Mark then storms out. John ends up shooting up and says hes doing this for Belle. 

At the church, Phillip is in his dress blues. Hes nervous, and Kate tells him not to be worried or nervous. Kate tells Phillip how proud Victor would be of him. Phillip says his marine buddies should be here soon. Kate says she is so happy for him, and this wedding will be magnificent. She cries that she is just so happy for him. Later, Kate checks on Belle, and she tells Phillip that shes looking beautiful. Phillip worries Shawn might show up and ruin this for Belle. Kate says they dont have to worry about that, but she looks worried.

In the brides room, Mimi and Belle get ready for the wedding. Mimi thinks Belle should wear Carolines dress instead. Belle says that she was going to alter that dress for Sami. Mimi says Caroline wanted her to wear it. Belle says Sami is Carolines granddaughter. Mimi says and Shawn is her grandson. Belle says shes not marrying Shawn. Mimi says but you wish you were. Belle says she has told her time and time again that it is over between her and Shawn and she is with Phillip now. Mimi says please, you couldnt even tell your dad you loved Phillip. Belle says she can and she did, didnt she? Mimi says no you didnt, but how many times could she tell him that she loved Shawn? Belle says it doesnt matter. She reminds Mimi how many times she told her to move on with her life after Shawn left town, and now she is saying that was a mistake? Belle says she doesnt want to live her life wondering what might have been, so stop talking about it. Mimi says if she was truly over Shawn that would be one thing, but she isnt over him. She says Shawn and Phillip are her friends too, and she doesnt want to see them hurt. Belle asks Mimi if she is actually worried about her hurting Shawn after what he did to her? Mimi says it wasnt his fault, the accident is to blame. Belle says he dumped her for Jan, he doesnt want her anymore. Belle tells Mimi not to do this to her, she is marrying Phillip and she will be happy. Mimi asks if she is sure she doesnt want to wear Carolines dress? Belle says this is her dress (holding hers up), it is her design, and Phillip will be her husband. Mimi tells Belle to stop being so damn stubborn, it is not too late, think about Shawn. Mimi says it wasnt so long ago that she stood here and dreamed about living happily ever after with Shawn. Belle says she will live happily ever after, but she will do it with Phillip. Mimi says but she doesnt love Phillip, she loves Shawn! She convinces Belle to call Shawn. Belle calls Shawn and leaves a message asking him to call her because they need to talk. Belle ends up getting into her gown, and Kate comes to check on her. Kate tells Belle that she has a wonderful surprise for her. John walks in, with a cane, and he says he told her that hed walk her down the aisle. Belle thinks he shouldnt be doing this. Kate says it is amazing that hes walking. John says hes not in pain, and any he experiences will be worth it to see her walk down the aisle. Phillip yells through the door that he loves Belle, he cant wait to marry her, and to make all her dreams come true. Belle thanks him, and then hopes Shawn will call before she marries Phillip. Kate yells at Phillip to leave and not tempt fate. Phillip says nothing will ruin today, and Kate tells herself that is because she will maker sure Shawn gets no where near the church. Kate and John decide to leave and let Mimi and Belle make their last touchups. Belle ends up upset because Shawn hasnt called. She says Shawn is over and she needs to start getting excited about her wedding day. She says today is the start of the rest of her life with Phillip.

Shawn shows up at the loft, and Jan says shes been worried about him. She said he took off after they made love. Shawn says he needed to go think. Jan asks what he had to think about? Shawn remembers his talk with his Gran, and he asks her if she really wants to know? Jan says of course she wants to know, and she asks him to tell her where he was. Shawn says he had some things to think about. Jan says if something is bothering him then she wants to know. Jan says she is his fiance, if he cant talk to her then who can he talk to? Shawn remembers Alice posing the same question to him, and saying hed talk to Belle. Shawn tells Jan that there is nothing she can help him with. Jan suggests they go back to bed, but he says no. Shawn says Belle and Phillip are getting married right now and are making the biggest mistake of their lives. Jan says she knows Belle was his first love, and he thought they would be married, but she betrayed him. Jan says this is an end to a big part of his life, and she understands that. Jan fixes him a drink, which she drugs. She says she promises him that after the wedding everything will be better. Shawn looks in the paper for the wedding announcement to find out where it is. Jan gives him the drink, but he says its the last thing he needs right now! He asks what in the hell shes trying to do to him. She says he is tense and this will help him. Shawn ends up drinking the drink, and he thinks about marrying Belle. Shawn says damn it Jan, Belle cannot marry Phillip! Shawn says Phillip guilted her into this wedding. Jan says its none of his business. Shawn says he still cares about Belle and he wont let her throw her life away. Shawn walks off, and she asks where he is going? He asks if she is afraid hes going to the chapel to convince Belle to marry him? He says not to worry, hes going to take a shower and clear his head. Jan says by time hes done with his shower hell be in shape to go no where. She decides to go distract Shawn, and follows him to the bathroom. He apparently kicks her out of the shower, and she sees that someone called. She listens to the message and quickly stops it. Shawn walks out of the bathroom and asks Jan what she is doing? She says she was just erasing old messages. Shawn says he thought he heard Belle on the phone, did she call? Shawn plays the message, and he wonders what she wants and why Jan didnt tell him that she called? Jan says it doesnt matter and she is marrying Phillip. Shawn says he still has to find out what she wants. He calls her, and we see a hand pick up the phone!


December 31, 2004
Billie boards the Basic Black jet and says lets fire this baby up and get out of here. The man says that is impossible. She asks what he means? He says they dont have permission to take off just yet. Later, Billie says she is coming for Georgia, and this time she is prepared. Billie puts a gun in her boot strap. Later, after her call from Bo (see below), Billie calls the pilot and tells him to get clearance to take off immediately.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope serves Bo some soup. She says it was made by Alice, so not to worry. She says it will help him fight his horrible infection. Bo says hes not that hungry. Hope says they say feed a fever, so eat. Bo says okay and he eats to keep peace. Hope says what is keeping peace is him not running off with Billie again. Bo says Billie didnt try and convince him to go with her, and he is glad they were able to convince her not to go anywhere without him or more importantly with Patrick. Hope says you really care about Billie dont you. He says yes, and he cares about Georgia too, Billie is her mother after all. Hope promises shell be the best step-mother she can be to Georgia, but she wants him to take time to get better and not run off on a wild goose chase. Bo says he promised her that he wouldnt. Bo and Hope get a little frisky, and he ends up hurting again. Bo then tries to convince her to go to the wedding. She agrees to go only if he promises her to rest while shes gone. He says he promises, so she says shell go. She says she will hold him to his promise. Hope leaves, and Bo calls Billie. Bo tells her that Hope is coming to the wedding so theyll probably see one another. He also thanks her for not taking off tonight. The planes engines start to roar, and Bo asks what that is? She claims her car engine, but then the pilot says they are preparing for takeoff. Bo hears she is on the plane and is furious with her. Billie tells him to calm down. Bo tells her that shes not doing this! She claims she wont go and she will wait. Billie says shell talk to him tomorrow and hangs up. Bo knows she is lying and decides to take off after her.

At the castle in Europe, Jack is doing something with a candlestick and Bart shows up and asks what hes doing? Jack claims hes working out! HE then pretends to pump iron. Bart says well stop it as he has something to show him. Bart turns on the TV and says it is Jen and Patrick live from Salem and if he listens hell hear wedding bells. Jack sees them at the wedding, and Jack says it doesnt look like they are getting married. Bart says not yet, but they are shacking up. Bart says its only a matter of time before they do get married, and he says maybe Jen will change the kids last names to Lockhart. Bart pushes Jack over the edge, and Jack eventually attacks Bart! Bart escapes from Jack and he tells Jack hell be sorry, no dinner tonight and no dessert for the rest of the week. Bart leaves, and Jack grabs a candle stick and works on his escape plan. He basically uses the candle stick as the old bucket over the door trick. He calls for help, and when the guard shows up, the candlestick knocks him out! Jack says Bulls eye! 

At Shawns loft, Shawn hears Belles message and is angry with Jan for not telling him that she called. Shawn calls Belle, but Kate answers the phone and hangs up on Shawn! Shawn doesnt know this and thinks Belle just isnt answering. Jan says Belle wont have her cell phone on her while walking down the aisle. Jan makes Shawn another drugged drink, and she suggests they toast to Belle and Phillip. Shawn asks Jan why she did it? Why did she try and delete Belles message. He asks what she is up to? She says she just wants him to forget about Belle and let her go on with her life. Shawn downs the drink, and wonders what if this wedding is a mistake and Belle needs him? Suddenly Shawn passes out, and Jan says it is too late for him and Belle. Shawn dreams about Belle and their arguments over the summer. Shawn wakes up and tells Jan that he dreamed about Belle, and he knows something important is happening with Belle and he has to get to her. However, Shawn is thrown for a loop by the drugs, and he can barely walk. He says he needs some coffee, so Jan makes him some and puts booze in it! Shawn says it tastes weird, what is in it. She says its just one of those fancy flavored coffees. Shawn says he has to get to the church beacuse he has to stop the wedding. Jan says she wont let him do this, and he tells her to stay out of this. He says if she tries to follow him then they are finished! Jan begs him not to go, but he says he has to stop her. Shawn leaves, and Jan throws a hissy fit. Jan hopes the bitch is already married by time Shawn gets there.

At the church, Phillip tells Rex he keeps getting a bad feeling about this day. Rex says its just pre-wedding jitters. Rex says where is everyone: Brady, his sister, Sami? Rex thinks he knows what hes worried about. Rex thinks hes worried that Belle could get cold feet at the last minute. Phillip says that wont happen, and Kate says no it wont. Later, Phillip tells Rex that he just hopes Jan and Shawn dont show up. Henderson soon shows up and tells him how proud Victor would be. Kate says shes proud of him too because her baby boy is getting married, and both he and Belle will have all the happiness they deserve. 

Elsewhere, Jen and Patrick show up, and they are filmed by a man (working for the DiMeras). Jen thinks it is for the wedding, but Patrick is suspicious. He questions the guy, who says he has instructions to film all the guests. Meanwhile, Jen goes to the altar and thinks about her wedding night to Jack. Jen begins crying, and Patrick tries to comfort her. As he gives her a rose, they are filmed by the mysterious man. Jen says she didnt think shed be so emotional. Patrick says he is here for her.

Belle is outside with her dad, and the photographer is taking photos of them. Mimi realizes they left Belles phone, so she runs to get it. John asks for a few moments alone with his daughter, and he says her smile is looking forced. He thinks shes having second thoughts about the wedding. Does she still have feelings for Shawn? Belle says Shawn has moved on so she has to forget about him. John asks if that is what she wants? He says her happiness is at stake. Belle says she and Phillip will be happy, shes making the right mistake. Meanwhile, Mimi gets the phone and wonders why Shawn hasnt called. She brings it to Belle and says its ringing, it could be Shawn! Its only the bakery, and Belle tells Mimi that she has to forget about Shawn and move on. She says her mind is made up, shes going to marry Phillip and there is nothing Mimi can say to change that. Kate spies on them and is pleased. Later, John gives Belle some gifts from her mom. John gives her a locket that belonged to MArlenas grandmother, that is her something old. MArlena also prepared for the something blue, a garter. The something borrowed is a snowman charm. John says he gave that to her mom when he found out she was her mom. John says the something new is missing because Marlena was going to wait for the day to get the something new. John says he took care of that, and he gives her a pin of a bell with her birthstone in it. John says it is corny, but he couldnt resist. They hug, and John says she will always be their little girl.

Later, Belle gets a call from Nicole about the accident she and Brady were in (see below). Belle wants to postpone the wedding and come be with BRady, but Nicole tells her not to and that theyll see her at the reception. Belle says okay. Belle asks her dad if she is up to walking him down the aisle? He says yes. Mimi wonders where Shawn is. 

At the entrance to the church, Mimi tells Belle that this is it, is she sure? Belle says she is. They go to the end of the aisle, and Mimi puts her veil on. The wedding begins, and Mimi goes first. John then prepares to walk Belle down the aisle. The wedding march plays, and everyone stands. 

Brady and Nicole are coming back from a country inn where they booked Phillip and Belle a romantic weekend as a present. Nicole says the keeper recognized him, and he says he was there once before. Nicole tells Brady to slow down, and suddenly the car skids on the ice. The car crashes, and Nicole sees that Brady is out cold. She cries No! Brady! 

At the clinic, Chloe sees a paper and realizes Phillip and Belle are getting married, and Brady will be there with Nicole. Later the doctor tells Chloe that her test results are in and she can have the next plastic surgery. A nurse then comes in and says there has been a car accident and the woman brought her boyfriend here because there wasnt time to get him back to Salem. Chloe hears Nicole crying Dont you die on me Brady! 

Brady and Nicole are in a cubicle. Brady is okay, he just has a head wound. He wants to get to the wedding, but Nicole tells him to rest. She says she loves him so much and doesnt know what shed do without him. As Nicole kisses him, Chloe spies on them. Brady still wants to try and make it to the wedding. Nicole says the car is wrecked, and they wont make it on time. Nicole says shell call and let them know theyll make it to the reception. Nicole leaves, and Chloe looks in on Brady. Chloe goes to Bradys side, and she touches him. She calls out to him, but he is asleep. He says Chloe? Chloe disappears when Brady opens his eyes, and the doctor shows up to check on Brady. She says his girlfriend really loves him, hes lucky to have found his soul mate. Brady says he found his soul mate a long time ago, but she died. Brady says he still loves her as much as ever. Chloe hears this and smiles. The doctor asks what his girls name was, and he says Chloe. The doctor says she has a patient by that name and she is pretty amazing. Meanwhile, Nicole calls Belle and convinces her not to postpone the wedding.

The show ends with split screen shots of everything going on in different places (very 70s-Charlies Angels like, kinda like Jans jumpsuit in this episode). We see Jack in Europe escaping, Hope looking around, John walking Belle down the isle, and the final scene is Shawn taking off on his bike.

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