February 2, 2004
At Samis place, Lucas is hanging around and wont leave until Sami admits that she loves him. Sami remembers telling Lucas that she loved him at the circus, but she claims she said Will loves him and that perhaps he only heard what he wanted to hear. Lucas says that would be the worst news of his life. He says she locked him in a port-a-potty and threw knives at his mom! Sami says she wasn't hurt! Sami says if he doesnt care about her, than why is this so important to him? She tells him to go home, but Lucas wont leave until she admits that she loves him. Lucas tells Sami that this is her chance to make a major breakthrough. He says he knows  her better than she knows herself. Suddenly, Kate knocks on the door and asks Lucas if he is in there. Sami lets Kate in and asks her to get her son out of her. Kate and Sami exchange nasty words, and Lucas eventually leaves with his mom. Sami ends up in tears, and Will shows up to comfort her. Will heard everything she, dad and Grandma Kate said to one another. He also thinks his mom is crying because she loves his dad, but is afraid to say so because he might not love her back. He tells her not to be afraid. Sami says she knows he wants them to be a family, but she cant make that happen .She tells Will to go back to bed. Will tells Sami that dad does love her, he knows because dad told him. She asks for specifics? Will says he heard dad say it in his sleep, but Sami says that doesnt prove anything. She tells Will get back to bed, but he says he cant sleep. They decide to make cookies. Will asks about Grandma Kate not liking her, and about her trying to kill Grandma Kate at the circus. Sami says she didn't try to kill Kate, but comments that if she and Lucas ever got together it would kill Kate. Sami then gets an idea.

Meanwhile, Kate and Lucas go to dinner at the pub. Kate asks him why he is spending time with Sami. Lucas says he was at Samis because Will was having nightmares. Kate tries to convince Lucas to move away and take Will with him. Lucas says he wont take Will from Sami because Will loves her. Kate fears that Lucas has let Sami get under his skin. Later, Lucas returns to Samis place and finds Sami and Will up, watching TV, and eating cookies. Sami tells Lucas that she is so glad to see him, and pulls him into a kiss. Kate walks in and is shocked by what she sees.

At Belles loft, Mimi talks to Belle. Mimi thinks she should be at the hospital with Rex, but he doesnt want her there with him. She says he didnt think Tony would die, and he wouldnt go to the hospital to see him because he felt like a hypocrite blaming him for the killings. She says they were making love when Tony died, so she is afraid this going to haunt them forever. She says Rex has lost his sister, his father, and the man he thought was his father; she doesnt know how much more Rex can take. Belle says Rex is lucky to have her, but Mimi says Rex needs a lot more than she can give him. Mimi says she and Rex got together before they really knew one another. She says sex really complicates things, and she wishes she had waited like her and Shawn. Belle says waiting is complicated too, and a lot less fun. Mimi stresses to Belle that she should wait until she is married because she deserves it to be as wonderful as it should be. Later, Belle ends up telling Mimi that she cant believe she is saying sex isnt all that it is cracked up to be because she can hear her and Rex through the walls. Mimi is embarrassed. Mimi says sex is great, but what she is talking about is being in control of your life and body. She tells Belle that if she waits till after she is married it will be worth it. Belle asks Mimi if she is having doubts about her and Rex? Mimi says sometimes she does. Belle says she always thought if she was ready to have sex, shed be ready to marry, but that is not the case. Belle says she is so not ready to be married. She says marriage is also not a guarantee that two people will be together forever. Mimi knows this is about her parents, and she says her parents have just got caught up in Celestes premonition. Belle says she has always tried to be the good girl, but with her parents split up, she doesnt care what they think anymore. Belle also admits to Mimi that sometimes she wonders what if she doesnt like making love to Shawn, and it turns out to be one huge let down. Mimi tries to convince Belle to wait, but it seems Belle has made up her mind not to. Belle suggests they head to the hospital to find Rex, because that is where Mimi should be.

At the hospital, Lexie reveals to Hope and John that Tony was murdered. She says what pushed him over the edge and caused his death was a drug administered into his IV. She says the drug was called atropine, which causes paralysis. Hope wonders how this happened with the guard on duty. John asks if it could have been an accident, but Lexie says no. She says this was the stalker keeping Tony from telling the truth. She also says the killer left them a calling card. Hope asks what Lexie means? LExie says the killer didnt have time to plan or research in order to find the right drug to use. John and Hope also realize Caroline was poisoned as well. Lexie says the killer must be someone who works here, who they trust, but why would she do this?

Later, Rex shows up, and Lexie comforts him. Rex is feeling guilty over abandoning Tony. Rex says he just wished he understood him better. Lexie says Tony was a very complicated man. Rex says he thought he would be okay. Lexie says he would have, but someone snuck into the cubicle and poisoned Tony. Rex is furious and wonders what Tony and Cassie knew that he doesnt, what good is it to have a genius IQ if he cant use it when he needs it the most, what good is it to live when everyone he loves is dead! Lexie continues to comfort Rex. 

Shawn shows up, and he learns how Tony died from Hope. Hope seems to be loosing faith, as she says they dont seem to be able to keep anyone alive. Shawn says it is like the killer is a ghost. Hope says she is very real. Shawn asks if dad can find Billie, can she help them? Hope doesn't know, but she says the best place for his dad right now is out of Salem considering two police commanders have already died. Shawn says hell stay with her, and hell help her anyway he can. Later, Hope questions the guard about those who went into Tonys cubicle.

In MArlenas office, Marlena asks Celeste what is troubling her. Celeste tells MArlena about her gift and how something is preventing her from seeing the killers face and naming them. Marlena asks Celeste why she thinks she knows who the killer is? Celeste has a flash of the mask, the tiger, and Marlenas face. She says she definitely knows the truth. Celeste begins chanting why? over and over. Marlena tells Celeste to come sit down and take some long deep breaths. Marlena checks her pulse and says it is racing. Celeste says there is evil all around them, so why cant she find out who the killer is? Marlena remembers this happened to her on New Years Eve, and she suggests this maybe a tumor, a blood disorder, or a psychiatric issue. Celeste says this is not a medical problem, this is her gift. Marlena tells her that there has never been a study to prove ESP exists. Celeste reminds her that she believed her when Abe came to her and told her to testify at Tony's hearing, and she believed Carolines warning that John would kill her. Marlena begs Celeste for more information about what John will do to her. Suddenly, John walks in and asks what is going on here? MArlena says she didnt know he was here. John gives them the news about Tonys death, and how the killer is probably someone on staff at the hospital. Marlena just shakes her head. 

Back out in the hall, Marlena arrives and comforts Rex. Lexie says Rex wants to view Tonys body, but Marlena thinks that is a bad idea. Rex says Tony had something to say to him, and he should have listened. Rex insists on seeing Tony, so Lexie goes with him. Meanwhile, the guard tries to describe the doctor he saw to Hope. When he sees MArlena, he points her out and says that is her. He thinks she should be arrested, but MArlena says she was just checking on Tony. She claims she brought him some holy water from the chapel, and Hope and John believe her. Marlena also says anyone on the street can get a lab coat, but John says the killer isnt just anyone. Hope asks Marlena to think back and tell them if she saw anything that could help them. Marlena says there was something, she has something important to tell them! She says a nurse came into the cubicle when she was in there, and the nurse didnt say anything to her. The guard swears he didnt see a nurse, but Hope doesnt believe him. She tells him that he is on unpaid leave affective immediately. John asks Marlena if the nurse could have been Nicole Walker? Marlena claims the nurse had a mask on, so she cant say who it was or whether she did anything wrong or not.

Lexie and Rex head to the morgue, and Rex visits with Tony. He wonders who did this to him. He says he will think like a DiMera and figure this out. Later, Rex talks to Shawn. Rex says he knows hes a Brady, but Tony told him to think like a DiMera. Rex thinks that maybe what helps them to nail this killer. Rex and Shawn agree to stick together until the end. Belle and Mimi soon show up to be with their guys. 

Meanwhile, Celeste tells Lexie that she shouldnt be here  right now. Celeste is worried because she has not only lost a husband, but now a brother. Lexie is feeling guilty for not being able to save the victims. She says she is blaming herself for what happened to Tony. Celeste tells her not to. Celeste tells LExie about her visit from Tony and how he told her she knows who the killer is. Lexie says Maggie thought the same thing, and she thinks she knows how to help Celeste figure out who the killer is. LExie suggests she go to MArlena for hypnosis. Celeste doesnt know why she didnt think of that. However, when Hope learns what Celeste knows, she tells her to be careful because Maggie also knew the killers identity. Lexie thinks she was wrong to suggest this to her mother, and she says Celeste shouldnt do this. Celeste says she must.

Elsewhere, John tries to talk to MArlena about what is going on with her. John says he has found out something about her, he has realized something important to her. John holds her and then asks her why? Marlena tells John that she is sorry. John tells Marlena that she was so close to the killer, she could have died tonight. Marlena realizes John doesn't know the truth, and she plays along with what he believes. 


February 3, 2004
Jen and Julie head over to Mickeys place for dinner. Julie is telling Jen how she doesnt like this Bonnie person at all, she doesnt think Bonnie is right for Mickey. Bonnie ends up answering the door, and she says she and Mickey are glad they could make it for dinner. Julie is not pleased. They go inside, and Jen says Alice and Abby couldnt make it. Bonnie offers them a drink, but Jen says she cant drink. Julie refuses and says it feels so odd to be served alcohol in this house. Bonnie knows Maggie didnt drink, and she says she is not a boozer, but she does need something after that tiger attack at the circus. When she rants about the tiger and all the people it went after, Julie says the tiger is not a killer. She says the tiger was used by the killer as a murder weapon, and right now it is roaming in the woods. Julie says her husband and animal control are looking for the tiger right now. Bonnie decides to bring out some of the food, and she puts on some country music to lighten the mood. Julie is highly annoyed by Bonnie and everything about her. Mickey asks Jen how she is feeling. Jen says she is feeling tired, and there is no change with the risk involved in her pregnancy. Julie decides to turn the music off because it is giving her a headache. Mickey decides to go check on Bonnie and see if she needs a hand in the kitchen. Mickey leaves, and Julie thinks Maggie must be turning over in her grave. Bonnie returns with chips and dips, and Mickey shows up with lemonade. Julie thinks that lemonade an odd choice for this time of year. Jen says she always enjoys fresh lemonade. Bonnie says it isnt fresh, it is the powder mix. Bonnie says she likes the powder mix because it is sweeter. Bonnie tells them to dig in, and Julie ends up burning her taste buds off because of the peppers Bonnie put in the dip. When drinks her lemonade, she finds it has been spiked with booze. Mickey decides to try some of the dip, and Bonnie feeds him chips! Julie worries about what Mickey is eating because he didnt used to eat like this with Maggie around. Bonnie says there is more to life than tofu and carrot sticks. Julie says speaking of food, has she thought about what he will do with Tuscany? Mickey says he hasnt. Bonnie says she has, and she knows what should be done with Tuscany. Bonnie says she thinks Tuscany would make a great down home country western bar. She talks about all the changes that would need to be made to the place. Julie ends up annoyed and she asks Mickey if he would really change a place so near and dear to Maggies heart? Mickey says the only time anyone has been there since Maggies death is since Roman and Kates wedding, and he doesnt know who would want to come back after that. He says reinventing the place could help, but Julie disagrees. Julie says leaving it the way it is is what Maggie would want. When Mickey asks who would run it, Julie says she would love to run it. Bonnie almost chokes on her salsa when she hears this. Mickey asks if she has the time? Julie says she does, and she has the experience from running Dougs place. Bonnie gets all upset and asks Mickey to help her in the kitchen. Julie thinks Bonnie is after Maggies precious restaurant, but Jen says maybe she just got excited over an idea she had. Jen and Julie disagree about Bonnie and her intentions. Jen thinks shes helping Mickey move on, but Julie thinks Bonnie is a gold digger. In the kitchen, Bonnie sees Julies gloating face on her ham. She puts an apple in her mouth to shut Julie up, and she thinks Julie is just jealous of her. Bonnie serves dinner, and after dinner Bonnie and Julie have coffee and talk one on one. Julie thinks shell finally learn what Bonnie is up to. While they talk, Mickey and Jen clean up. Jen uses the opportunity to talk to Mickey about updating her will. He asks why she feels the need to do this? Jen says she does not think she is going to die, but she just wants to be prepared. Mickey agrees to help her. Meanwhile, Julie confronts Bonnie and tells her to leave Mickey alone! When Bonnie sees Mickey and Jen returning, Bonnie fakes tears to get Mickeys sympathy,

At Lucas place, Sami kisses Lucas, and Kate demands to know what is going on here? She orders Sami to answer or shell have her arrested for assault. Will asks Kate why she would have his mom arrested? Kate says she didnt mean she would, and that she just was surprised to see Sami lunge at his father. Will says they werent hurting one another, they were just kissing. Both Lucas and Kate want to know why Sami was kissing him. Sami says it all started today at the circus. Sami says when they were trapped in the clown car and thought they would die, they talked about love, and Lucas kissed her. Will cheers, Kate does not! Lucas says it was just a heat of the moment kiss, but Sami says he kissed her because he wanted to. Will thinks this is awesome. Lucas thinks there has to be something more going on. Sami says there is. She says that life and death situation may have brought out feelings they didnt know they had, so she kissed him to test to see if she felt anything. Lucas asks what was confirmed when she kissed him? Sami says she is not sure. Will says she should kiss him again, but Lucas says no. Lucas tells Will to go to bed, but Will says he cant because he has a report for school due tomorrow. Sami asks why he didnt say something earlier? HE says he forgot, and besides, what is more important than his parents getting back together. Lucas offers to help Will with his report, so they head to his place to work on his computer. They leave, and Will asks his dad why he thinks mom kissed him. Lucas says he thinks she acted on an impulse, she kissed him without thinking. Will begins to have hope for his parents, and he thinks his mom really likes his dad. Back in Samis place, Kate asks Sami what she is up to. Sami says shes not up to anything. Sami also says she owes her an apology and hopes she can forgive her. Kate thinks Sami is once again playing a game, but Sami swears she isnt playing a game. She says she didnt know Kate was standing there when she kissed Lucas, and it must have been a shock to find out she and Lucas have feelings for one another. Kate says now she knows she is up to something because she isnt sensitive like this. Sami thinks Kates promise to her dad is a bunch of BS because she isnt even going to try to get along with her. Kate says now she knows Sami is playing games. Kate and Sami end up getting into an argument with one another. Kate thinks Sami should just leave Salem because Lucas and Will would be better off without her. Sami tells Kate she is a whore and justified her whoring by saying she had to support Lucas. Kate tells Sami that she is evil, and she is only leaning on Lucas because she knows it will hurt her. Kate says the person she will really hurt is her son. Sami says that is not true, and if she wants Lucas then she will have him. Kate asks if she really wants Lucas, or if she just wants to hurt her. Suddenly, Lucas returns and says that Tony has died. Sami doesnt understand how this happened because he was stable. Kate says the killer is obviously on the loose and it is only a matter of time before they strike again. Sami asks Kate if that is a threat? Kate says she is just stating a fact. Kate says she needs to go, and she asks Lucas to walk her home. Out in the hall, Kate says she will be okay because she has a guard watching her, but she wants him to be careful with Sami. Lucas says he will. Lucas returns to Samis place and demands she be honest with him, what was really behind that kiss.

At the hospital, Lexie interrupts Marlena and Johns little hug session. LExie asks MArlena to help her mother uncover who the killer may be. Marlena asks Celeste if she wants her help, but Celeste says no! Celeste says the last persons help she wants is hers! Marlena asks why she doesnt want her help? Celeste says knowing who the killer is could make her a target. Lexie says that wont happen because they will go to the police the minute they know anything. However, John fears it is a possibility that Celeste could become a target. Suddenly, Celeste begins having a premonition, and she stares at Marlena. Marlena asks Celeste why she keeps looking at her that way? Celeste looks at Marlena and says It cant be true! LExie asks what she sees? Celeste says the killer is going to strike again, and if she names her, the killer will come after her! AS Lexie calms Celeste down, Marlena seems to roll her eyes. Lexie asks her mom if she knows who the killer is? Celeste says she doesnt know, but she continues to see frightening visions. Suddenly, Celeste says it is Marlena, she sees death all around her! 

Meanwhile, Belle tells Shawn that she needs a break from all of this, and she asks him to take her home and make love to her. They kiss, but Shawn says they arent going to do this. Shawn says she is too upset right now. Belle says she wants to be close to him, but he says they are close every night. He says he will hold her in her arms tonight just like he has every night. They go to leave, but run into Celeste and the others. Belle hears Celeste says she sees death around her mother, and she asks why? John asks if Marlena will be the next victim? Celeste says no, she only said she sensed death around her. John thinks it may have to do with MArlena being near Tony when he died, but Celeste says that is not it. She says seems to be death hovering over Marlena. John decides MArlena is in danger and he is not taking any chances, so he says he is moving back in with her tonight. Marlena tells him no, he is not! Belle begs her mom to let her dad move back in with her, and she says she doesnt believe Celestes premonition about her dad killing her mom. Celeste says Caroline was very clear about her prediction. Belle tells Celeste that she doesnt believe her, and that she is crazy! Marlena tells Belle that she is okay, and that she needs time alone to deal with everything. Marlena tells Belle that sometime when they have time alone they will talk about this. Marlena takes Belle off to freshen up, and John apologizes to Celeste for the way his daughter acted. Celeste says Belle has a right to be frightened, they all do. Celeste says she sees death around MArlena. Shawn says but you said she wouldnt be the next victim. John says that doesnt mean she wont die. Meanwhile, Marlena promises Belle that the killer wont come after her. Belle says she cant protect her (Belle) or herself from this killer. Marlena promises her nothing will happen to her. Belle asks if she can promise her others will be safe. Marlena says she cant. Belle doesnt think her mom can promise her that she will be safe either, but MArlena says she can, and she never breaks her promise. Meanwhile, John asks Celeste if she has sensed anything else. Celeste says no, at the moment she gets nothing. LExie asks if she has a feeling about the next victim? Celeste says she doesnt know who it will be, but death will come again to Salem!


February 4, 2004
At Mickeys house, Bonnie bursts into fake tears after Julie tells her to leave Mickey alone. Mickey runs to her side to comfort her. Julie tells Mickey that this woman is twisting him around her little finger, and he is a fool if he falls for it! Bonnie cries that she would never take advantage of Mickey, but Julie doesnt believe her. Mickey tells Julie that Bonnie is a guest in his house and he insists she treats her with respect! Bonnie smiles when Mickey stands up for her. Jen tries to play peacemaker, and she suggests she makes them some more tea, and she asks Julie to help her. Julie tells Bonnie that she wont get away with this. Bonnie says she has never had a Horton speak to her this way! She says she is leaving, but first she will clean his kitchen because shed never leave him with a dirty house. Bonnie storms off, and Mickey tells Julie shame on you! Julie says she is concerned about him, everyone is. Mickey says that doesnt mean she should go after Bonnie Lockhart. Julie asks Jen for some help, but Jen says no. Jen says their family has been under siege for months, and she doesnt think they should fight amongst themselves. Julie tells Mickey that he has changed so much since Maggie died, and not for the better! Jen tells Julie to stop this. Julie tells Jen to look at Mickey, and she critiques his country western attire. She says she doesnt recognize the clothes he is in, and it is all that womans fault! Bonnie listens to them as they argue. Jen tries to calm Julie down, but Julie continues to say Bonnie is taking Mickey for a ride and when shes done with him she will leave him high and dry. Julie then realizes Maggies collection of porcelain figures are missing. Jen says her Egyptian statue is missing as well. Julie wonders where all Maggies treasures are. Mickey says Bonnie put them away for safe keeping because she thought they might depress him. Julie wonders if she is keeping them safe in a pawn shop! Mickey says Bonnie would never pawn Maggies things! Meanwhile, Bonnie remembers selling Maggies things at a pawn shop. Bonnie says Julie is going to ruin everything. Bonnie searches her purse for the pawn ticket and says she has to recover those knickknacks by morning or she is toast! Back in the living room, Julie continues to try and convince Mickey that he is vulnerable and people like Bonnie might take advantage of him. Jen says what Julie is saying is that he should not to be pressured into making any big decisions right now. Julie says yes, for instance, turning Tuscany into a honky-tonk! Mickey says Bonnie is helping him through the transition, and afterwards he wont need her as much. Bonnie hears this and panics. Bonnie goes and asks to speak to Mickey privately. They leave, and Julie continues to think poorly about Bonnie. Jen tells Julie that she knows she wants what is best for Mickey, but she has gone too far. Jen thinks Julie is taking her traumatic day out on Bonnie. Jen tells Julie that there is no danger of Mickey falling for Bonnie. Julie says it is ridiculous to think Bonnie could replace Maggie. Jen says she knows what Mickey is going through, and she understands how the littlest thing can keep you going day to day. She thinks that is what Bonnie does for Mickey. Julie switches the subject to Jens pregnancy. Jen says she will carry this pregnancy out because it is a gift from Jack. In the kitchen, Bonnie tells Mickey that she is upset for him. She says her family wants to put him in a rocker, but he is not ready for that yet. She says she has seen this happen with other families, when the family treats a man like a geezer he starts acting like one. Mickey assures her that wont happen. Bonnie asks if she should come back tomorrow, or if hes worried about what his family will think. Mickey tells her to come by. Meanwhile, Julie once again begins to think about Bonnie, and how to get rid of her.

At Samis place, Lucas demands Sami tell him what that kiss was about. Sami says it was just a kiss. She says it is late and he should go home, but he refuses. Sami says it has been a long and difficult day and she doesn't want to talk anymore. Lucas asks Sami if she is doing this to freak out his mother? Sami says she kissed him because she has real feelings for him! Lucas wants to continue talking about this, but Sami doesnt. Lucas says he needs to know what that kiss meant because she is the mother of his son. Sami asks besides that, does he have romantic feelings for her? Lucas says he felt something when she kissed him, he is a man afterall. Sami asks if he felt anything more than physically. Lucas tells her to go first. Sami says sometimes she is attracted to him, but she doesnt know if it is just physical, or is she is just lonely. Lucas says thanks. Sami says they have been around one another for awhile now, and when she sees him without his shirt on . . Lucas finishes her statement and thinks it turns her on. Sami says she is a woman with a pulse, and he is always looking for an excuse to take his shirt off in front of her. She says she isnt blind, she can see hes been working out a lot lately. Lucas says there are other ladies he works out for. She asks if he is seeing someone, but he says no. She thinks if seeing him so often is getting to her, than it must be getting to him. She asks him once again if he is attracted to her. Lucas wonders what she is doing, is she toying with his and Wills emotions? Sami says she would never toy with her sons emotions. She also thinks Will deserves to be with a family with two stable parents who love him. Lucas says he does to, so he wants her to stop jerking him around. Sami says she knows what it is like to live without a parent, and she doesnt want Will to go through that. Lucas says than they should stick together. Lucas asks Sami if she wants to be a couple? Sami says she is just trying to focus on being a better person right now. She remembers her own teenage years, and she doesnt want Will to suffer the pain she did. She says she wants to know if she has feelings for him, and that is why she kissed him. She said it was stupid, and he should go check on Will. Lucas says not until they finish here. Lucas asks her if she wants to be together, or is she just playing games. Sami says she doesnt know what she wants. Lucas says they could run another test, and they go to kiss again. However, Sami stops him and says they cant do this. She says she doesnt know if she can see herself dating him. Lucas says she is the crazy woman, he cant see himself dating her. Sami and Lucas end up arguing, and Sami almost hits Lucas, but he stops her. Lucas wonders why they do this to one another. Sami says she told him that she didnt want to have this conversation. She accuses Lucas of having it bad for her, but Lucas says she is the one who has it bad. She cant believe she kissed him, and runs off to brush her teeth. Lucas heads back to his apartment.

John takes Marlena to the penthouse. He wants to look around, but she says no. She says she didnt want him to escort her home, and there is no point in him going upstairs. John says he is going to look around here to make sure she will be okay. Marlena says she will never be okay, she is the killer! John says he think he understands what she is trying to say, she feels she could be the killers next victim. Marlena tells him to just leave. John promises Marlena that he wont let her be the next victim, he will stop this maniac. John touches her arm, and she freaks out. She tells him not to touch her. John thinks he should at least sleep on the couch, but Marlena says no. She says shell lock the doors and put on the alarm. John says Maggie said the same thing. Marlena says she wont let anyone in, Maggie was far more trusting than she is. John begs Marlena to let him stay here, if not for him than for Belle. He says Belle is worried sick about them, she just wants them to be a family again. He asks her what she wants. She says she wants him to go. She says she doesnt need a body guard, she made that clear to Belle, because the killer will never hurt her. John says shes already been poisoned once. Marlena says it was an accident, probably an accident. John says he loves her, doesnt that count for anything? Marlena tells John to get out, and she runs upstairs. A puzzled John finally leaves. 

At Basic Black, Kate looks at a photo of Lucas. She hopes Lucas doesnt fall for Samis lies. She wishes Tony had only named Sami as the killer before he died. She suddenly gets and idea, and says maybe there is still a way to bring Sami down. Kate says if she could prove Sami was the one who killed Tony . . . but she would need good evidence that she was at the hospital. Kate sees a photo of Roman and she wonders if she should keep her promise to him, or if she should stop that witch from getting to her son. Later, Kate hears someone come into the office. She grabs an ashtray to clock the person, but it only turns out to be John. She asks him what he is doing here? She is finishing up some work. She also admits that shes having bouts of insomnia, so she would rather work than lay in bed and toss and turn. Kate says at nighttime she thinks about Roman and the awful way he died. John tells Kate that he is sorry. Kate talks about her love for Roman, and how it was snatched away from her. John says hes been a bit lonely himself since Marlena banished him from the apartment, but it doesnt compare to what shes going through. John tells Kate that hes not comfortable with her working here alone with the killer out there. Kate says she doesnt care if she lives or dies, and she has nothing to fear unless the killer is Sami. John says it isnt Sami. John says all they know about this person is that she is a criminal mastermind. They discuss who it could be. John says Victor thinks it is his wife. Kate says she could believe that, unless it really is Sami. John says the killer isnt Sami. Kate says he is right, but Sami is still a snake. She tells John about finding Sami kissing Lucas., and she thinks Sami is doing this to get to her. John says Lucas is too smart to fall for Samis tricks. Kate says there is one trick he doesnt know. Lucas feels guilty that he hasnt been able to give Will a real home, and Sami knows that.

Back at the penthouse, Marlena looks through a scrapbook of paper headlines about all her victims. When she gets to Romans headline she feels a sense of guilt. We see Marlena kill Roman, but this time we see her face when she does it! Marlena says Roman never should have married Kate, that was his fatal mistake. She then looks at a drawing of the eyes Maggie made, and the drawing is superimposed over Marlenas eyes. She turns the page again, and this time sees an article from the Intruder about Celeste. The article wonders if Celeste will lead them to the killer. Marlena says if Celeste realizes she is the killer, than she is dead! MArlena looks over at a photo of John, and she remembers him vowing to catch the killer. Suddenly, blood begins to drip down the photo of John! It turns out the blood is Marlenas. Marlena was clutching a scalpel and she cut herself. Marlena bandages her finger, and she says she cant lose John because hes always been so good to her. She cleans up the picture, and she says she has to stop all this killing. She thinks John is the only one who will understand, so she has to find him and confess. 

Back at Basic Black, John and Kate continue to talk about their family, and the killer. John talks about how Celeste may be close to naming the killer, and Marlena is going to help her. He says this scares him because either her or Marlena could be the next victim. Kate wonders why the killer would take so many victims. She wonders if the killer is killing to cover up their murder of Abe? John says it has to be more than just that, there must be some deep seeded motivation. Kate thinks sometimes she should have been able to do something to save Roman. John tells her not to think that way, and he comforts a crying Kate. As he is comforting her, Marlena shows up and sees them together. She says even John betrays her, and we see she has a scalpel in her hands! Kate asks John what is driving this maniac to kill? John says what if the woman feels her lover is being unfaithful, or some other woman has taken her man from her. As he says this, Marlena approaches them with the scalpel!


February 5, 2004
At Belles loft, Belle and Shawn are in bed. Belle wonders how much longer the killings will go on. Shawn says it will only take one slip up by the killer for them to be caught. Shawn tells Belle that she needs to take her mind off the killings, but Belle says she is afraid she will wake up to horrible news. Shawn says he has a surprise that might help. Shawn says he was going to give this to her on Valentines day, but she thinks he needs it now. He gives her a small black box. She opens it and inside is a cross. Shawn says it was his grandmas, she kept it in her hope chest. Shawn tells him that tradition was important to his grandma, she wanted them to get married and have their names engraved on the family chalice. Belle asks if this means they are engaged? Shawn says they are engaged to be engaged! Unfortunately, Belle finds herself losing faith in relationships and marriage because of her parents. Shawn says his parents have found their way back to one another many times, so he believes John and Marlena will too. Still, Belle says what if Celestes prediction comes true? She says she cant face her own future if her parents marriage ends up in a horrible murder. Shawn says that wont happen, but Belle says he cant tell her that for sure. She gives the cross back and says she is not ready for this type of commitment. Shawn says her parents wont be split up forever because when two people love one another as much as they do than they are meant to be together. Shawn says they have had their rough spots with Jan. Belle says she is glad Jan is long gone and she hopes she never comes back. Belle says with all this stuff going on she cant deal with Jan spears. Shan suggests they forget about Jan and think about good things. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor works overtime to prove to Brady that Nicole is the killer. Brady says he cant believe that, and they argue about it. Nicole eavesdrops and hears Brady ask his grandfather why he doesnt go to the police with this evidence? Victor says he hasnt turned the evidence over because Nicole would lie her way out of the situation. He says the proof that she killed Tony is not concrete, and hell need more solid proof to nail her. Victor says hes working on building a solid case against Nicole and then hell turn it all over to the police. Nicole says she wont let Victor get away with this. Victor leaves to make some phone calls, and Brady grabs Nicole, who he knows was spying on them. Brady tells Nicole that he swore to them she was no where near Tony's cubicle. Nicole says she lied, but only because Victor would have used it to make her look guilty. Brady tells Nicole that she does a damn good job of that on her own. Brady asks Nicole if she killed Tony. Nicole says she didnt, but Brady says he cant believe another word she says. He says he wont protect her or defend her anymore, she is on her own from now on. Brady says if she ends up on death row than maybe that is where she belongs. Nicole begs Brady not to give up on her. She says he is her only friend, and she needs him to protect her from Victor. She says if Victor has his way, hell have her convicted of every crime in Salem. Brady says it is too late now. He says hes going upstairs to call Chloe. Victor returns and confronts Nicole. He gloats that nobody is going to come to her rescue anymore, her world is crashing down around her. He says he will finally get her out of his and Bradys life, and soon shell be in jail on death row where she belongs. Nicole tells Victor that he is making a big mistake, and hell never get away with it. Victor says he will, and this just goes to show shell never win when going up against him. Later, Brady talks to Chloe on the phone about how things are going. Chloe asks about Nicole, and Brady says Nicole has been secretive lately and is staying out of it. He ends the conversation, and Victor asks how Chloe is. Brady says she is fine, and he misses her. Victor tells Brady to concentrate on Chloe and let him handle Nicole. He says that murdering tramp will be out of their lives for good very soon.

Elsewhere, Jan is on her computer cutting Belle out of some digital pictures she took and putting herself in them. Later, Nicole shows up and asks Jan if she has let anyone know she is in town. Jan says just her shrink Marlena. Nicole thinks Jan is a fool for telling Marlena that she is in town. Nicole asks Jan if she is a total nut job, because if she is, she cant use her. Jan says she is not crazy, she just wants Shawn. Nicole says okay. She says it is important to their plan that she keeps a low profile. Jan says Nicole needs her help more than she (Jan) needs her, and she thinks she knows what Nicole wants . . . Brady! Nicole says her agenda is not a topic for discussion, and she is in charge here. Nicole sees Jan's doctored photos of her and Shawn, and she laughs and asks what is next, a shrine to Shawn? Nicole asks Jan what she is planning? Jan says when the time is right she plans to let Shawn know she is back in town, and he will dump Belle for her. Nicole tells Jan that she is living in a fantasy world! Nicole says Shawn will not pick her over Belle. Nicole says she will help her get Shawn if Jan helps her get what she wants.

At Basic Black, Marlena spies on John as he comforts Kate. She has a scalpel in hand. She says Kate didnt deserve Roman and she wont ever get her hands on John! Suddenly, Kate tells John a big secret . . . she thinks Marlena is out of her mind! Marlenas mouth drops open when she hears this. John asks what she means? Kate says she thinks MArlena must be crazy to turn her back on him. John says Marlena is very stressed right now, but he is keeping a close eye on her. Marlena says she was stupid for thinking she could confess to John, if he knew the truth, John would send her to death row, and Kate would take John from her. She says shes going to have to stop this now. Suddenly, John hears a sound and thinks someone else is here. He orders Kate to go in her office and lock the door while he looks around. MArlena races into a stairwell to  hide. John enters the stairwell and knows someone is there. MArlena dashes off and out of a door. John heads back into the office and startles Kate. He then finds Marlena in the hallway, and asks her what she is doing here? She says she came to leave him a note. She says she is sorry about the way she has treated him, and she wanted to apologize and tell him how much she appreciates his being understanding and supportive. Marlena asks what is going on here? John says nothing outside of the fact that he could have killed her tonight! John says they have all been on heightened alert because of the killer. Marlena knows, and says she just thought about Celestes prediction when he said he could have killed her. Kate heads off to her place, and MArlena asks what is going on with him and Kate. John says nothing, he was just comforting her. Marlena says okay, she can understand that. She says she hopes he can be understanding of her too. Marlena says she wants to tell him something, actually she wants to make more of a confession. Marlena says she shouldnt have intruded on his time with Kate, but she needed time with him. John says it is okay, and nothing is more important to him than her. John says he knows hes been guarded lately, but never in a million years would he hurt her, and he knows she would never hurt him. The camera pans down to the scalpel in her pocket.

Sami catches Lucas working out without his shirt on. She asks him what his feelings for her are. He says he hates her, and that she is a scheming, manipulative bitch! Sami clocks him over the head with a barbell and tells him to admit he loves her or die! This was obviously Sami's dream. Then the dream/fantasy flashes to Sami and Lucas in bed about to make love! Lucas tells Sami that he wants to show her how he feels, so she should close her eyes. When she does, Lucas throws a pie in her face! Suddenly, Lucas wakes up and hears will screaming. Sami and Lucas run to Will, who had a nightmare that the tiger got his parents. He says he doesnt want to lose them, and he wants them together. He says he knows they like one another even if they wont say it. Will asks his dad to stay here tonight because mom is having trouble sleeping too. Will finally goes to bed, and Sami and Lucas are left alone in one anothers presence in their undies. They look at one another, and then Lucas says he should probably get back t his place. Sami stops him and asks him not to go. She says she needs him! Lucas asks if he heard right? Sami bursts into tears and says shes sick of the games they have been playing. Lucas sits her down and gets her some milk. She says she thought he hated her. Lcuas says he doesnt hate her. Sami says she knows they were playing head games earlier, but none of it matters anymore because if they lost Will then she couldnt go one. Lucas comforts a crying Sami. Kate shows up at this point and spies on them. Kate says she has to put a stop to this once and for all.


February 6, 2004
Sami wakes up and finds Lucas on the couch. She has a short fantasy about making out with him. She snaps too and decides to make some coffee. As she is making coffee, Sami continues to fantasize about making out with Lucas. In her fantasy, Lucas ends up throwing Sami onto the kitchen table and ravaging her! Lucas snaps her out of her dream. He says hell be back later to take Will to school. As he is leaving, Sami asks him not to go! She ends up thanking him for staying with them, and she offers to make him breakfast. He says okay and decides to stay. Sami ends up having a black and white fantasy of having a perfect home life with Lucas and Will. It is like out of Ozzie and Harriet. However, a little birdie on the window sill tells her that she and Lucas arent like Ozzie and Harriet, they are more like Ozzie and Sharon! Her daydream turns into a nightmare when Lucas turns into a bumbling Ozzie! Sami ends up in a bad mood and tells Lucas to make his own damn breakfast because she is no Sami-homemaker! As they argue, Will shows up and learns his dad stayed over. He thinks they have gotten together, and decides to call the landlord to get rid of Lucas apartment. The landlord is . . . Mr. Mertz (Fred Mertz, I Love Lucy). Lucas stops him and says hes getting ahead of himself, he is not moving in. Sami goes to put Wills lunch in his backpack, and she finds a form for a camping trip in his backpack. They ask when he was going to tell them about this trip? Will says he wasnt. Sami looks at the form, and she says they (her and Lucas) could both go on this trip. Will doesnt want to go camping with them, he says he was going to tag along with another normal family. Will doesnt want to talk about this anymore, and he says hes going to school and his friends parents are giving him a ride. Will then walks out of the apartment. Out in the hall, Will crumples up the form and says he can forget about his parents ever getting married or him having a real family. Back in Samis place, Sami thinks that have devastated their son. Sami sobs, and Lucas comforts her.

In the park, Nicole is telling herself as soon as she takes care of Victor, she will make Brady so happy. She sees Jan show up, and Nicole says that little wench will help her get everything she wants. Nicole apparently explains her plan to Jan, but we don't hear the plan. Jan says she cant do this and tries to walk away. Nicole says she will do this if she wants Shawn. Jan says shell get Shawn back on her own. Nicole says that wont ever happen, she'll make sure of it! Jan says she will do it, but she doesnt want to go to jail. Nicole says she wont if she does what she says, and if she doesnt than shell make sure she never gets Shawn Brady! Jan says Shawn is hers, and she attacks Nicole! Nicole gets the upper hand on Jan and pins her to the ground. Jan agrees to keep their deal and help Nicole.

Back at the mansion, Brady tells Victor that if he thinks Nicole is the killer than he needs to go to the police. Victor says he needs irrefutable proof that she is the killer. Brady says someone could die before he gets the proof. Victor says that he knows there is an element of fire they are playing with here. Later, Victor gets a call from Nico and learns Nicole has gone missing. Victor demands he find the blond tramp. Victor fears Nicole is probably planning her next murder, and that he is Lethal Lolita's next target. Nicole walks in, hears this and says and your not going to stop me! Brady thinks she is the killer, but Nicole says she isnt. She says Victor is trying to frame her, which is why she needs Brady to guard her day and night. Nicole tells Brady that he is going to be her alibi for the next murder, so she handcuffs herself to him! Nicole says it will be the two of them together for as long as it takes to clear her of murder.

At the hospital, Lexie is looking over a folder. She then looks at a photo of herself and Abe on her desk. She tells Abe that she misses him so much. John shows up to talk to Lexie about Marlena. Hes worried about her. He says Celestes premonitions are getting to her. They discuss what is going on, and Lexie talks about how she is feeling guilty that she hasnt been able to save anyone. John says she is not to blame, the killer is. He says when he finds the killer he will make sure she suffers and never inflicts anymore pain on them! LExie fears what could happen if the killer learns her mother may hold the key to their identity. John tells her not to consider that, but LExie cant help but worry that her mom could be next. 

At Celestes place, Celeste wakes up and receives a visit from Abes ghost. Celeste asks if she is dead? Abe says no, but unless she names the killer, than she there will be more death soon. Abe then shows Celeste a coffin! He tells her that the killers identity is locked in her subconscious. Celeste begins to cry, but Abe tells he that she is brave person. Celeste asks who is in the coffin? He tells her to see for herself. She opens it and begins to sob. Screams come out of the coffin, and she tries to run off. Suddenly Lexie shows up, and Lexie says Oh my god, Abe! She hasn't seen Abe though. It turns out the glass in a photo of Abe is cracked. She asks what is going on here? Celeste says Abe came to her, and he showed her a coffin. She says Abe told her that she had to find a way to name the killer or else. She says when she opened the coffin it was the most horrifying thing she ever experienced. She says there was so much death, so many screams of people in agony. Celeste says it made her realize she must do whatever she can to name the killer! LExie says she wishes Abe would appear to her again. Celeste says Abe is still here, he is right here. Lexie stands up, and Abes ghost stands before her. LExie cant see Abe, and Celeste asks Abe why he doesnt appear to her. Abe says it would cause her such pain. Celeste says that is not true, it could give her the strength to go on without him. Leie ends up asking Celeste what her latest premonition was about, who is the next victim? Celeste says she fears she is! Lexie says than she shouldn't work to name the killer. Suddenly, Abes ghost walks through LExie. Lexie feels Abes presence, and she tells Celeste that they will do what Abe wants. Lexie says shell call Marlena and to get her help in uncovering the killers identity.

At the penthouse, Marlena dreams about killing Abe, and we see her shoot Abe. She says, in her sleep, Im sorry Abe! We then see Marlena kill Jack. Marlena cries out that she didnt mean to hurt Jennifer, but she didnt have a choice. She then remembers Maggies death, and Maggie begging for her life. Then she remembers what she did to Caroline. As she cries in her sleep, John shows up at the penthouse and hears her crying out. John runs up to the bedroom, and Marlena sits up in her bed. She tells John that she has a confession to make. She says she didnt mean for it to happen, she didnt mean for all those people to die! John soon realizes Marlena is still asleep. John tries to wake her up, and he finally does. She asks what he is doing here. John says he stopped by to see her and she was crying in her sleep. He asks her what is going on? Marlena asks John what she said. He says she was saying she didnt want the people to die. He thinks she was just dreaming about the murders, and he tells MArlena not to blame herself. He says this isnt her fault. Marlena says that is not true, she is responsible for all the killings! John says that is not true, but Marlena says if she could have helped Maggie name the killer than she could have stopped all of this. She says she has let everyone down. John says that is not true. HE says he hates what this has done to them, and when he gets his hands on this killer he will make her sorry. Suddenly, Lexie calls up and tells John that she thinks her mom is ready to name the killer! She asks if Marlena will be able to see her, and Marlena tells them to come right over. John thinks this could end it all . . and MArlena wonders if it will also be the end for Celeste? Later, Lexie and Celeste arrive. Celeste thinks they should not be intruding, but Marlena says she is glad she came. LExie ends up getting paged, and she has to go. LExie asks MArlena to take care of Celeste. Marlena says shell take very good care of her!

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