February 9, 2004
At Samis place, Sami is in tears because she fears she and Lucas are screwing up Will because he doesnt think they are normal. Lucas says no kid thinks his parents are normal. Sami wants to prove to Will that they can be normal, and she says they are going with him on this camping trip! Sami calls Wills teacher and arranges for her and Lucas to go on the trip after all. Lucas tells Sami she isnt a bad parent at all. Lucas says perhaps going on this trip is what they all need. Will shows up from school early because it is a half day. He asks his parents what is wrong, they look like they are up to something. Sami tells Will that they are going with him on his camping trip. Will is not happy about this at all. Lucas and Sami tell him all the great things they will do together on the trip. However, Will fears Sami will chase the other parents around with a knife if they upset her just like she did at the Halloween party. Sami says that wont happen, and Lucas says hell keep an eye on Sami. Will eventually agrees to let them come, and they begin packing for the trip. 

Will, Lucas and Sami arrive at the campgrounds where the other kids, parents and teachers are. They learn from Wills teacher that all the kids will be sleeping in the "echo-tent," so the parents will have time to themselves. When Sami learns she will be staying with her husband as the teacher puts it, Sami says there is no way she is sharing a tent with this guy! Will hears his moms outburst and is not happy. Lucas tells her that she can sleep under the stars for all he cares. Pam, the phys-ed teacher, shows up and asks if there is a problem here? When she learns of Samis problem, she says there are no more tents, but she can sleep in her tent if she wants. Lucas and Sami excuse themselves, and Lucas tells her that she is embarrassing Will. Sami looks over and sees other kids teasing Will about his mom. Sami thanks Pam for her offer, but she says she is fine sleeping with Lucas. Sami and Lucas go to set up the tent, and later then end up arguing in the tent with one another. They argue over setting the tent up, and whether the tent is put together correctly. It is late, and they decide to go to bed. Sami warns Lucas that if anything slithers into her sleeping bag she will chop its head off! They turn out the light and go to bed. Suddenly, we see a snake slither into the tent! 

Shawn and Belle head back to the park to go to the circus. Belle thinks this is a bad idea because Horton is still on the loose, and the serial killer could come back. Shawn says that is what he is counting on. Neither one is aware that Jan is following them. Jan thinks once she helps Nicole get what she wants, Shawn will be hers. Back in the circus tent, Belle and Shawn search for clues. Shawn goes to investigate, and asks Belle to stay put and keep an eye out. Jan ends up messaging Nicole and says she doesnt need her, but Nicole blackmails Jan into continuing to help her. Jan is ordered to go meet Nicole, so she tells herself that she needs to work fast. Meanwhile, Shawn ends up finding a piece of fabric on the catwalks at the circus tent. Back down in the tent, Belle ends up screaming when a person in a hooded sweatshirt approaches her. Shawn swings to the rescue, literally, and tackles the person. It turns out it is just a circus worker. He threatens to call the cops on them, but Shawn and Bell talk him out of it. He says his mother is acting police commander while his dad is out of town, and they came here to look around the crime scene. The guy tells them to just be careful. Belle asks if they can go, but Shawn says no because he found something. He shows her the fabric that he found, and it still has a button on it. Later, Belle is back on the ground, and Shawn yells at her to look out as something falls from the catwalks.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole handcuffs herself to Brady in order to make sure he is with her when the next murder happens because then she will be proved innocent. Brady is not pleased with Nicole, and asks her where the key is. Nicole says it isnt that bad being cuffed to her. He asks why she is doing this? She quotes Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and says the world has turned on her so shes shielding herself with a drink and a tasteful accessory, Brady being the tasteful accessory, and the drink she already has in her hand! They argue about Nicole's lies, especially about her  lying about going to see Tony. Nicole says she explained that she went to Tony to try and convince him not to name her as the killer. She says Victor would do anything to turn him against her. Victor returns and says she has done that all on her own. Henderson is with Victor, and he has bolt cutters. Nicole says the cuffs are made of indestructible titanium. Henderson tries to cut them, but cant. Brady says he knows a way, picks Nicole up, throws her over his shoulder, and walks off with her!

At Marlenas penthouse, Celeste tells Marlena that ghosts keep visiting her and telling her that she knows who the killer is, but she doesnt understand why it is buried and why she cant name that person. John tells her that is why she is here. Marlena tells Celeste they will solve this together, they will catch and put the stalker away. When Marlena takes her hands, Celeste has a vision. Celeste says if you help me then I will wind up dead just like Maggie and the others! Marlena assures Celeste that she will be just fine. She says she will take very good care of her. Celeste says she knows she will. Marlena thinks they should go to her bedroom to conduct the session because she will feel more comfortable there. Marlena leaves to prepare the room, and John continues to assure Celeste that it will be all right. John says as soon as she names the killer then he will take care of her. Suddenly, Celeste gets another vibe. She says she feels the killer closing in, she will strike again and soon. Upstairs, Marlena grabs a butcher knife out of a box. She looks at it, and we see her eyes reflected in the knife blade. Marlena hides the knife under the pillow on her bed and heads back downstairs. She tells Celeste it is time. John assures Celeste, who still feels the killer is near, that she will be fine. Marlena and Celeste then head upstairs. 

Brady and Nicole show up at the penthouse to see John. Brady found out from John's secretary that he was here. He asks if this means everything is okay between him and MArlena? John says he hopes it will be soon. He asks why they are handcuffed, and Nicole explains. John tries to free them, but he says the lock is pick proof. Brady is furious, and John says Nicole is a piece of work. Nicole says she is doing them a favor, soon theyll have one less suspect to investigate. She then says they should go shopping, and they head out. After they leave, John thinks about Celestes premonition that the stalker was near, and he thinks it is Nicole.

Up in Marlenas room, Marlena begins her session with Celeste. Meanwhile, John gets a call and has to head out. Marlena puts Celeste under hypnosis, and under hypnosis, Celeste says she can see the killer, but she cannot make out the face. She says she is sure it is a woman. Celeste suddenly opens her eyes and gasps. She is still under hypnosis, but talking to the killer. She asks them how they could murder all those people? Celeste sees a face, but it is distorted. We see what Celeste sees, and it is Marlenas face through a warp. Celeste says she sees the killer, and she is wearing a blue coat! Marlena looks a her blue coat on the dresser. Celeste then says she has seen the jacket before and knows who it belongs too! Marlena puts the jacket away, and she asks Celeste for a name. Celeste cant produce a name, but says it is so close. MArlena tells her to focus. Celeste says she cant. Suddenly, we see Marlena holding the knife and standing in front of Celeste. Celeste tells Marlena that she cant do it. She asks Marlena to erase the name because she doesnt want to know who it is! She says she knows it is cowardly, but the killers knife is so close! She says she can feel the blade on her neck, and she doesnt want to die! Celeste begs MArlena to deliver her from this curse, get it out of her mind. Marlena approaches her with the knife and asks if she is sure this is what she wants? Marlena kneels down and says she can make sure she never utters the killers name. 

Nicole and Brady go clothes shopping. While they are shopping, Nicole gets a message on her PDA from Jan. She asks Brady to look the other way because it is private. Jan has told Nicole that she doesnt need her anymore, shell get Shawn on her own. Nicole threatens to tell Shawn that shes been stalking him, and she tells Jan to come meet her at Barons department store. She makes Brady put on a mask and earplugs, claiming she is shy about trying clothes on in front of him In reality, she is meeting with Jan and doesnt want Brady to know. Jan shows up, and asks Nicole for the key.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, someone breaks in and cuts the power off. Victor is alone in the dark and hears an intruder. He grabs a gun, and we see a shadow approach him from behind!


February 10, 2004
A little shorter than normal, sorry!
At the camp grounds, Sami screams when she realizes there is a snake in her sleeping bag! Lucas goes to get the snake and says hell kill it, but Sami says no. She says he cant kill it, and for him to just get rid of it. Sami screams her head off as Lucas tries to get the snake, and he tells her to hush. He says she will wake up the whole camp, and they are supposed to be proving they are good parents. Lucas says it is not poisonous, he knows from his days in military school. Lucas goes to get the snake, is bitten, days she should have paid more attention in class and passes out. Sami begs him to be okay and says she'll die without him! Lucas is fine, and has faked the whole thing. Sami is furious and says she thought he was dying! Lucas says he thought she didnt care, so why did she say she'd die without him? Sami says she doesnt want him to die that is all! As Lucas apologizes, they hear a twig break outside. Sami wonders what it was, and fears it is the tiger. Lucas says they spotted that tiger in Brookeville this morning, so they are safe. Sami doesnt think so, and she zips up their tent nice and night. Sami ends up freezing because she threw her sleeping bag out because of the snake, so Lucas offers to share his sleeping bag with her. She doesnt want to, but eventually does because she is too tired and cold to argue. Sami falls asleep and dreams about getting close to a certain part of Lucas body. However, she dreamed the whole thing. When she wakes up, Lucas says she was talking in her sleep. She asks what she said, but he won't say. Lucas giggles, and they end up in a tickle fight. Outside, Will finds the snake and says way to stir things up in there for my mom and dad

Nicole and Brady return home, and they continue to bicker about what they are going to do next. Nicole says she has to take a potty break. Brady says no way is he going in the bathroom with her. He demands she produce the key and unlock the cuffs. She says maybe she has the key, maybe she doesnt. Brady asks where she got these things anyways? Nicole says she asked Henderson to go to the adult store and get these. Brady asks if he also rented her life in porn while there. Nicole tries to hit him, but he stops her. He says if she hits him than he will hit back! She tells him that he is as horrible as Victor, he is a real Kiriakis. He apologizes and says he didnt mean to hurt her. Nicole thinks he did. Brady says maybe he did, but only because she is hurting him. They end up arguing and fighting, and then they fall onto the bed. Nicole says maybe she has made her bed, but he is going to lie in it with her! Brady says no way! Later, Nicole and Brady talk, and Nicole tells Brady that once upon a time he believed in the best in her. She says they were friends until Chloe came back and people accused her of these murders. Nicole says he has turned his back on her. Brady says he hasnt been a good friend, and for that he is sorry. Nicole thinks it is because of Chloe, but Brady says it is because of his grandfather. He says he knows Victor treats her badly, but he must believe he does so because she made him. He says he doesnt want to think the worst of his grandfather. Nicole says she is taking his side because he is family? Brady says he doesnt want to talk about this anymore, and that he is hungry. Nicole says they can cook together. Brady asks what? Nicole says the should look, so they head to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Victor has a gun, and John tells him not to even think about it. John grabs Victor from behind and tells him not to move a muscle! John says he was able to cut the wires to this system and sneak in, so the killer could just as easily. He says if Nicole is the killer than that makes it all the more easy for her to kill him, or his son who happens to live here. John is tired of Victors games and asks if he has concrete evidence that Nicole is the murderer? Victor says Nicole is the murderer, mark his words in case anything happens to him. Suddenly, John gets a 911 message from Belle, so he takes off.

Down in the kicthen, Nicole finds a bunch of stuff, but when she goes to open a can of tuna, she dumps it all over Brady and herself. Nicole begins eating the food off of his shirt, and she says she could just eat him up! Later, Nicole cuts their shirts off, and they end up getting in the shower together! Brady thinks this was her plan all along. Nicole says she tried to do something nice and make him dinner. They get into the shower, and Nicole says it is so steamy in here she can hardly feel a thing, but she can feel what he is trying to hide! She tells him not to be embarrassed, but if he was registering a little excitement than shed be worried. Brady suggest they not talk. Nicole cant wash her back, so he washes it for her, and she washes his. As they are in the shower they hear a gunshot! They head downstairs and find Victor dead with a bullet in his head. She screams Free at last! Of course that was all a dream. They head downstairs for real, and Victor is okay. He was napping on the couch and says he didnt hear the gunshot they heard. Victor sees they are wet and asks if they went for a swim? Brady says they took a dip. Victor tells Brady to keep an eye on Nicole. Brady says he will, and Nicole says she will make sure he doesnt take his eyes off of her! Later, when Brady is busy writing to Chloe, Nicole messages Jan and reminds her she was supposed to take care of Victor today! 

At the circus tent, someone in black gloves releases a sandbag, which fall on Belle! Shawn rushes to Belle, and she is fine. We learn Jan was the one who did it. Jan says Belle is worse than a cockroach, but shell find a way to kill her yet. Belle worries that the sandbag falling was no accident, and she thinks the stalker could be close. Shawn eases her mind and says he doesn't think the stalker would return. Jan hears this and says they think she is the stalker, and that she is not stalking Shawn. She says she only hurts people who deserve it, and Belle deserve it. Suddenly, Shawn senses someone is watching them. They decide to chase the person down together. Before they run after them, Belle sends a message to her dad. They chase Jan through the tent, and finally corner her. She is behind a silk screen, and has put on a clown outfit. Shawn confronts Jan, sees she is a clown, and he thinks he made a mistake. Jan skips off, and Belle says that is a creepy clown. Belle asks the clown to stop. Jan looks at them, and Belle asks to see her costume to make sure the button wasn't from it. Jan shows them the costume, and when Belle is satisfied, Jan runs off. Shawn asks Belle what she is thinking? Belle says that piece of fabric is interesting, it reminds her of something from Basic Black. John finally shows up, and he learns what they are up to. He lectures them about nosing around in this investigation. Belle says she is sorry, but they found a clue. John looks at it and says Oh My God! John says there is blood on the button, and he tells them not to go snooping around for anymore clue. Both John and Belle think the button is very familiar, and John says Oh my God no! John tells Belle to stay out of this from now on, and he rushes off. Meanwhile, Jan gets Nicoles message to kill Victor. She decides to use Nicoles job as practice for what shell do to Belle.

At the penthouse, Celeste asks Marlena to erase her memory. She says she feels so selfish asking her to do this. MArlena says she is just a human being, and she doesnt want to die because she knows that is what happens to those who know the stalkers identity. Celeste says she is so frightened. Celeste says Alexandra has lost her husband and her brother, should she lose her mother too? Marlena says of course not! Celeste says she already missed so much time with her daughter because of Stefano, should she be deprived of seeing her grandson grow up too? Marlena says she knows how she feels. Celeste tells Marlena that she is the only one who can save her from this burden and give her life back! Marlena stands behind Celeste with a butcher knife! Celeste gets another vision of the killer, and she says the killer is thinking about her right now, it is if she knows she is here. Celeste says she can see the killers blade! Marlena tells Celeste that she can make sure she has no more nightmares, she can make sure she rests in peace! Marlena holds the knife at Celeste, and Celeste continues to say she sees the blade of the knife, and she sees death stalking her (Marlena)! She tells Marlena that she will die! She says no matter what she does or says, Marlenas fate is sealed! Marlena says if she is going to die, then what does it matter. Why should they all die in pain? She says if she cant protect herself, than she needs to end it once and for all. Marlena thinks about killing herself, but she says she has too much to live for to die. Celeste repeats Marlena's statement "I have too much to live for", and then says she sees something! She says it is blue, and it has fallen off something. Marlena yells that she has already said that! Celeste then says theyre so close! Marlena asks who? Celeste says Belle, John and Shawn are so close to the truth! Marlena asks what John and Belle know? When Celeste says she doesnt know, Marlena lashes out at Celeste. She says nobody cares about her lies and premonitions, and nobody will ever have to hear them again! As Marlena goes to kill Celeste, John swoops in and tells Marlena to stop! 


February 11, 2004
Mickey is at Tuscany, which is completely empty of people and is dark. Julie and Doug show up to meet him. Mickey asks why she wanted to meet him here? Julie says she wanted to go over the inventory and decide what to do with everything, unless hes decided to reopen the restaurant and let Bonnie run it. Mickey says he doesnt know what hes going to do with the place, but he appreciates her wanting to help. Mickey says Valentines Day was always special to him and Maggie, they would celebrate their anniversary here. Mickey leaves, and Julie tells Doug that he forgot it was their anniversary. Julie wonders if Mickey should be alone right now. Doug says it is just what he needs. Julie hopes Bonnie will just leave him alone. Doug can't believe she has such a passionate dislike for this woman. Julie says she is nothing but a gold digger!

Shawn shows up at Mickeys place, and Bonnie answers the door. Bonnie sees that Shawn looks upset, and he says it is Belle. Bonnie asks what he did, did he knock her up? Shawn says no, Belle is not pregnant! HE says Belle is shaken up from an incident at the circus last night, and he wanted to surprise her with a romantic Valentines Day at Tuscany. Bonnie tells Shawn she knows how to get him exactly what he wants. They decide to get Mickey to open up Tuscany for Shawn and Belle. Mickey shows up, and he thinks Shawn is worried about him and is here to see him because of his anniversary, but he says it is not necessary. Shawn apologizes and says her forgot, and he feels selfish for thinking about his own relationship right now. Bonnie tells Mickey that Shawn wanted to put together a special something for Belle for Valentines Day. Mickey has a flashback of doing the same for Maggie, and he tells Shawn no. Mickey says the place just has too many memories for him top open up. Bonnie tells Mickey that Maggie would want him to open the restaurant for Shawn and Belle, what better way to keep their love alive than to pass traditions onto the next generation? Mickey eventually agrees, but then remembers he gave the keys to Doug and Julie. He says he has some extra keys in the bedroom, so he goes to get them. Bonnie convinces Shawn to let her come with him to the club to help plan his special night. She tells herself there is no way shes going to let Julie take over her club!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady works on the plans for the opera house while Nicole continues to send Jan messages through her PDA. Jan is at the Cheatin Heart when she gets Nicoles latest order to kill Victor. Brady asks her who she is sending messages to? Nicole claims she is talking to her lawyer because of what Victor is doing. She says she needs to be prepared in case Victor tries to leave her with nothing, or pin these murders on her. Meanwhile, Victor is on the phone and says he wants to make sure if he dies Nicole gets nothing, and that when his private safe is opened Bo is present. Nicoles PDA continues to beep, and she claims this is from Brandon and she asks for some privacy. It isnt Brandon, it is Jan. Jan is having reservations about killing Victor, but eventually agrees to do it. Jan asks when she should do it, and Nicole says right now! Jan says she is on her way over. Later, Nicole says she is bored and convinces Brady to go for a drive. They leave, and Victor makes another call about getting a locksmith to get the cuffs off Nicole and Brady. Nicole and Brady end up going to the Cheatin Heart. Later, Bradys pager goes off and he says they have to go back home. Nicole hopes by time she gets home Victor is dead. Back at the mansion, Jan sneaks in and clocks Victor over the head with a flower vase. Victor passes out at his desk as a result. It seems it was all a dream of Jans, she hasnt killed Victor yet. Jan does sneak into the house, and approaches Victor, who is all alone as Henderson has gone out.

At the camping grounds, Sami cant believe Lucas is asleep when she cant even get comfortable. Lucas rolls over and cuddles Sami. She says she warned him about him and his friend getting too close to her! Suddenly, Lucas begins kissing Samis neck! She asks him what he is doing? He says he is making all their problems go away. Sami tells him to stop it. Lucas asks her to look him in the eye and tell him that is what she wants. Sami looks at him, and they kiss. Sami stops them and says they cant do this. Lucas tells Sami that he has fantasized about making love to her a thousand times, and he knows she feels the same way. Sami admits that she wants him, and she begs him to make love to her. After they have apparently made love, Lucas asks Sami to marry him! HE says they should spend the rest of their lives together in the same house, with Will, and spending the rest of their lives driving one another crazy and having great sex. Sami says she cant say no to an offer like that! Suddenly, Sami wakes up from her dream, and she wonders what that was about. Sami decides to go for a walk to clear her mind, but Lucas follows and wonders what she is doing. She says she couldnt sleep because he was snoring. Lucas says right now he wants to take her in his arms. She exclaims "what!" Lucas says he wants to take her in his arms to warm her up because he thinks Sami is freezing. Lucas says they should go back in the tent. Sami says no, so Lucas says hell at least gather some wood and build her a fire. Sami can do that herself, but he says there is a tiger out there. Sami says he said that tiger was miles away, and he thinks she is is just trying to scare him. She says she has some wood to gather, and walks off. Sami ends up in a cave to find some dry wood, and she slips and falls in a pit. Meanwhile, Lucas worries about Sami, who has not returned. Sami is still in the put, and she is stunned when she sees Horton the Tiger looming over the pit! 

At the penthouse, Marlena tells Celeste that she will erase her memory, it is time to die. As she raises the knife, John bursts in and yells stop! Celeste breaks out of her trance, and John asks why she has that knife? MArlena tells John that she thinks he knows, and she thinks he knows she wouldnt hesitate to use it! Celeste runs to the other side of the room, and John says he should have come sooner, it is his fault. John thinks the only reason that Marlena has for the knife was for protection! Marlena says he is right, she grabbed the knife when she heard someone come up the stairs. Celeste asks why he came back? John says Shawn and Belle have found some evidence, and he shows them the fabric and button. Celeste says she had a vision of the killer wearing a coat made of that fabric. John say if they find out who this belongs to, they will find the killer. Marlena says it is very impractical searching for a blue suit or dress. John says she is right, but they have a secret weapon. John asks Celeste to hold the button and see if she can come up with anything. Celeste says she will try. Marlena tries to stop them and says this is a waste of time and they should focus on proven methods. However, John wants to try this. Celeste is getting nothing, and suggests they take it out of the bag. Marlena says that it is evidence, but John says hell risk it and allows her to do so. Celeste touches the button and fabric, and she says she can see them! John asks Celeste who the killer is? Celeste can see a person wearing the coat, but not their face. She tells John that the suit is from Barons department store. Marlena recalls buying the suit at Barons, and the clerk asked MArlena if this would be a credit card purchase? John calls up the cops and tells them that he needs to meet with the manager of Barons to discuss a break in the case. John wants to head off, and he wants Marlena to come because he thinks she will want to be there when they find out who the stalker is. Marlena says okay, gets her purse, opens it, and pulls out a gun! 

John, Marlena and Celeste head to Barons, and they find the suit in the store. The manager says this suit is the last one of about a dozen they had in stock. John asks her to make a list of all the women who bought this suit. The manager says that is not easy, but John doesnt care. He tells her to do it now. John has a feeling that they may be locking up the killer tonight! The woman makes up a list of all those who bought the suit with a credit card. John looks at the list, 2 are from the website, 1 is the police commissioners wife, 1 is a hospital board member, but the others were all bought with cash. John asks the woman to try and remember who she sold them to for cash. She says she'll try. Celeste tells John she's sorry this lead proved to be a bust, and she says it is late so they should just go. As they all decide to leave, the woman at the store IDs MArlena as being one of the woman she sold the suit to!


February 12
Bonnie and Shawn head to Tuscany to plan Belles surprise. Bonnie asks Shawn to help her out with a favor, she wants to convince Mickey and everyone else that she has what it takes to make Tuscany the best little country western bar this side of Nashville. She wants to include a few more people in on this party. Shawn reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, inside Tuscany, Belle is talking to Julie and Doug about setting up a romantic evening for her parents. Suddenly, Phillip and Tek arrive, and they are roped into helping Julie with her plan. Julie says she wants to prove to Mickey that it is time move on, to reopen Tuscany, and that she has what it takes to make Tuscany a four star restaurant. Belle explains her part in this to Phillip. Phillip asks if Shawn knows about this, but Belle says this is all a surprise for Shawn. The kids, and Doug and Julie head out to the truck to unload a piano, and then Shawn and Bonnie come in. Shawn asks Bonnie who these other guests are going to be? Bonnie says Mickey and all the Hortons. In her head, she says Julie will not be invited! Bonnie tells Shawn that he can invite the Bradys as well. Bonnie and Shawn take boxed of decorations into the store room, and then Belle and Julie walk in. Julie sees some horns Bonnie hung up, and she wonders what they are doing here. She removes them and asks Tek to throw them in the dumpster. Bonnie and Shawn, and Julie and the others continue to have near misses as they set up Tuscany and bring in supplies. Eventually, Shawn and Phillip run into one another, and when Shawn confides his plan to surprise Belle, Phillip says a lot of people are going to be surprised tonight. Shawn never says he is working with Bonnie, he just calls her the boss lady. Shawn thinks the boss lady roped Phillip into working here as well. Shawn leaves, Phillip walks off with Julie, and Bonnie returns and throws some of Julies napkins away because she says they are boring. Bonnie has also rescued her horns from the trash, hangs them back up, but later Doug finds them and throws them back out! Later, Shawn and Belle both leave to do another things, and Phillips shirt leaves with them apparently! Bonnie and Julie continue to have near misses, and continue to throw out one anothers decorations. Phillip gets caught in the middle when both Julie and Bonnie give him different things to put up. Eventually, Julie and Bonnie finally run into one another, and an explosion occurs! Julie asks what she is doing here? Bonnie asks Julie the same thing. Julie explains what she is doing. Bonnie says unlike Julie, she got Mickeys permission to throw a party here, and she calls Julie a bitch! Julie and Bonnie end up chasing one another around the restaurant throwing things at one another!

At the department store, the clerk IDs Marlena as being one of the woman who bought one of the suits. John asks Marlena why she didnt tell him? Marlena says most women have a simple dark suit, but John says this evidence could incriminate her. Marlena asks John if he is saying she is guilty? John says of course not, but this evidence was found on the catwalk where the killer planted the blood! Marlena remembers planting the blood on the catwalk, and we see her doing so through flashbacks. John tells Marlena that she is helping Celeste try and remember the killer, so she could be a target. Marlena says the killer wont hurt her. John asks how she can be so sure? John tells her to just check her suit out and then theyll be done with this. Marlena realizes if John sees her suit than he will now she is the killer.

They head back to the penthouse, and John cant find her suit. Marlena says maybe it is at the cleaners, and she says shell look for it. Marlena finds it and says it was under her trench coat. She then lies and says no buttons are missing. she shows it to John, but places her hand over the missing button. She then says there is something spilled on the coat, so she should send it to be cleaned. John gets a call from Belle, which he takes. MArlena claims she has a headache and would like to lay down, so John leaves her. He goes downstairs and meets up with Belle. Belle tells him about the party she is planning at Tuscany, and that she thinks he should bring Marlena. John isn't sure that is a good idea, but Belle says they shouldn't be alone. Belle asks about the fabric she and Shawn found, and he says it is from a suit at Barons . Belle says that is why it looks familiar, and she must have seen mom wearing a similar suit. John eventually leaves to head to see Tek and give him the piece of fabric. Belle heads upstairs to see her mom, and she finds her cutting up the suit she bought. Belle asks her mom what she is doing? She says that is the suit the killer was wearing, so why is she cutting it up? Marlena grabs the knife and holds it behind her back as she looks at Belle.

On the camping trip, Lucas wakes up and finds Sami still hasnt come back to the tent. He wonders what game she is playing now, and she refuse to chase after her. In the cave, Sami is terrified when she hears Horton the Tiger over the pit she is trapped in. Sami lets out a huge scream, which Lucas hears from the camp. Lucas rushes out of his tent towards the screams. Lucas tracks her screams to the cave, and he cant believe she went in there. Sami shouts out at Lucas to be careful, and he hears the tiger growling. Lucas manages to distract the tiger and get him out of the cave. (I think he throws a rock at the tiger, which falls into the pit and hits Sami on the head) He then rushes to Sami, who has been knocked at cold! When Sami finally comes to, she says she lost her wedding ring! Lucas asks what she is talking about? Sami says she lost her wedding ring, dont tell her that hes forgotten they are married! When Sami tries to get up, Sami finds her ankle is sprained. Lucas looks at it, and Sami tells Lucas that he takes such good care of her, and that is why she loves him so much.  Sami then asks Lucas to make love to her! 

Nicole and Brady arrive back at the mansion, and Nicole is apprehensive about going inside, and Brady notices. When they finally do, they find Jan standing over Victor. She has bloody hands, Victor is on the floor, and Victors head is bleeding. Jan says Nicole made her do it, if she didnt she would keep her from Shawn! Of course the scene was all in Nicoles head. Nicole and Brady go inside, and Victor is perfectly fine. She looks at her PDA, and Brady wonders why she keeps checking it. Nicole says she wants to see if Brandon emailed her back. She asks why Vic isnt dead yet. Jan, who is in the closet, says she just cant kill Shawns grandfather. Nicole tells her that she has no choice! Nicole tells Brady that shes tired and wants to take a nap, but Brady says he has work to do. Nicole says she doesnt care, she wants to take a nap! She tells him to take his work upstairs, so he does. When they get to her room, she takes off her clothes. He asks what she is doing? sHe says she sleeps better naked. Back downstairs, Victor hears noises and asks who is there. When he hears nothing he returns to his work, narrowly missing finding Jan. Jan grabs a flower vase like in her fantasy of killing Victor, and she goes to clock him over the head with it. Jan is ready to strike, but ends up chickening out at the last minute and runs off. Later, Jan hides when Shawn shows up to see Victor. 

Back upstairs, for some reason Brady takes his shirt off, and he and Nicole get into bed together. Brady tells her that nothing is going to happen. They lay in bed, and Nicole asks if he heard something. He says no, and asks if she is expecting to hear something? Nicole says no, she just hopes Victor is all right. Brady eventually falls asleep, and Nicole messages Jan via her PDA. Jan is once again hiding in the closet and hasnt finished the job because Shawn has shown up. 

Downstairs Shawn asks Victor to borrow the limo. Victor says that is not a problem, and hell have it stocked with flowers, chocolate, and romantic music. Victor remembers listening to these CDs with Caroline years ago, and he says he was never so much in love with someone. He tells Shawn not to lose his love with Belle. When Shawn finally leaves, Jan messages Nicole that shell go kill the geezer. 

Meanwhile, back Tuscany, Shawn has returned, and John shows up to see Tek about the evidence. He also talks to Shawn. Shawn gets the shivers and thinks Belle could be in danger. John says Belle is with her mother, she couldnt be any safer.


February 12, 2004
Lexie comes over to Jens house, Jen is cooking dinner for them. The dinner causes Lexie and Jen remember the barbeque dinner they had on the 4th when their husbands were still alive. Lexie thanks Jen for inviting her here because this day is too much for her to handle on her own. Jen shows Lexie the Valentine Abby made her. Jen says shes also invited Hope over because she is alone too. LExie says there is a big difference between their and Hopes situations, Hope knows Bo will be coming back to her. Jen says Hope is worried because she hasn't heard from Bo in awhile. Lexie says she doesnt need to minimize Hopes fears because she was married to a cop, but she knows where Abe is now, and Hope wouldnt want t trade places with her. Lexie says that when Bo comes home, Hope should make him retire. Jen says Hope is a cop too, and that they are just doing their jobs. Jen says tonight they need to take Hopes mind off Bo. Jen says she was supposed to show them Abbys school play on tape. Jen wants to show LExie just a snippet of it now, pops in a tape, but it turns out it is of her wedding day! Jen ends up in tears, and she apologizes to LExie. Lexie says she understands as she cries herself to sleep every night. Lexie says she has to burry her face in her pillows so that her mother doesn't hear her. Jen says it is just so hard to go through this pregnancy alone. LExie says the complications of her pregnancy must make it even harder. Jen says she tries to think positive, and LExie says there are religions that believe mind power can affect their bodies. Jen says thinking positive didnt save Jack, and she has a baby that will probably die. She says that will be one more thing to cry over, if she is alive herself. Jen lashes out at Valentines Day and says it is just a stupid holiday that makes single people realize how alone they are, and she says shes going to have to go on with  the rest of her life without her husband. LExie says she will be here for her, and they will get through this together. Lexie says they are better off than some, they can give their children homes, food and clothes. Jen says she knows that, but this day is just so hard for her. Jen says their lives will never be the way they were. Lexie says she knows.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady is in bed asleep, and Nicole messages Jan on her PDA. Nicole later realizes Victor may try and cut her out of his will. She realizes she could end up with a dead husband and dead broke. She then looks at Brady and says she would be happy to be broke if Brady loved her. She tells Brady that she loves him so much, and Brady says he loves her too (he is sleeping and mumbles Chloe's name) Nicole realizes he is sleeping, but says what the hell. When Brady asks Nicole to kiss him, she does! They kiss, and he wakes up. He asks what is going on here? She tells him to kiss her again because it was so nice, but he says he was dreaming. Nicoles PDA beeps again, and she says it is probably just malfunctioning. She looks at the message, and it is from Jan. Jan tells Nicole that Victors lawyer is here. Nicole panics, and Brady says hes sick of this PDA and grabs it from her to see who is text messaging her. Nicole demands he give her the PDA, but he says as soon as she unlocks the cuffs. Her PDA beeps again, and she offers to unlock the cuffs if he gives her the PDA. He says no, this is too much fun, besides she hasnt given him what he wants yet!

Downstairs, as Jan goes to kill Victor with the vase, Victors lawyer shows up with his new will that cuts Nicole out. Jan hides and listens in as Victor signs his new will. Victor says his new will arrived just in time because his wife is trying to figure out ways to kill him. Gene Briscoe warns Victor that before he cuts Nicole out of his will completely, he should know it could be grounds for divorce, and she could end up writing a tell-all book about him which would damage Phillips future. Victor says he knows, which is why he is leaving Nicole something special, a ticket straight to hell! Suddenly, Jans PDA beeps. She says she thought she had it on vibrate. Victor and Gene hear the beeping, and Victor orders whomever is there to come out. Jan says shes getting sick of Nicoles same old messages. Meanwhile, Gene asks if he should investigate? Victor says no, he thinks it is one of Nicoles gadgets beeping because the batteries need recharging. Victor ends up telling Gene about Nicole handcuffing herself to Brady to give herself an alibi for the next murder, and how she is preying on Brady. Victor decides to put the will in his safe, but Gene says he should have a copy. Victor says the safes at his law office arent Nicole proof, his is. He says he will make sure Brady is safe from Nicole. Meanwhile, Jan has fantasy about a shirtless Shawn urging her to kill Victor. Back in reality, Victor tells Gene that if anything happens to him to make sure Bo is present when the safe is opened. He says in addition to the will there will be a file and a video tape in there, and the Salem PD will be interested in them. He also wants Brady to see them so he knows what a conniver Nicole really is. Gene still wants a copy of the will, but Victor assures him that the safe is brand new and incredible secure. He says he had a new combination has been put in, and this one even the ISA couldnt crack. Gene asks what happened to his hand sensor? Victor says he realized Nicole wouldnt hesitate to cut off his hand to get in there. Gene asks what will happen if something doe happen to him, how will they get in the safe? Victor says Bo has the combination. Victor tells Gene tonight he plans to take a nice hot bath and read a good murder mystery. Meanwhile, Jan's fantasies of Shawn continue. Shawn kisses Jan and tells her to do it for him so that they can be together.

At Tuscany, John tells Shawn to relax because Belle is with Marlena, she is safe. Shawn says Marlena has been acting very odd lately. John says Marlena has been acting odd ever since Abes death, and he hopes being with Belle will do her good. John tells Shawn that his wife has a suit made out of the same cloth and in the style that the suit the button came from. Suddenly, John gets a call from Hope, who says she thinks she knows how to figure out who the killer is.

Hope is at the station working late. She calls Bo and leaves him a message asking him to call her when he gets this call. Hope begins to think about the case, and she tries to figure a connection between the victims. Hope thinks about what Tony said about the killer before he died, that the killer was a woman. Hope says if the killer knew all these men and women, than it must be someone she knows as well. Suddenly she exclaims Oh my God! Hope calls John, and later John and Shawn arrive. Hope hands John a piece of paper and tells him that he is looking at the name of the killer. She hasnt named the killer, but she has a list of names of women who all know the murder victims. Shawn thinks Belle is going to be next because someone tried to drop a sandbag on her at the circus. He begs to be a part of this investigation in order to keep Belle safe. Hope says no way, but John says with Bo away they could use someone like Shawn watching over Belle. Hope doesn't like it, but SHawn says than she and dad should have picked different professions because it is in his blood. Shawn decides to head over to Tuscany because he has a special date with Belle. Hope asks him to be careful, and he says he will. Later, John realizes Hope is worried about Bo. Hope says she hasnt heard from him. John says sometimes when your working in the ISA you have to cut off all contact with your loved ones. He says he may be somewhere where he cant get his phone to get a signal. However, Hope says he has a satellite phone. Hope fears the worst about Bo, but she knows in her head that this killer couldnt reach across the ocean and get Bo. John says all they know about this woman is that she is as lethal as they come, and amazingly shrewd. They talk about Valentines Day, and Hope says she was supposed to go to Jens. John thinks she should because she shouldnt be alone. Hope asks John if he will be alone? John says hes hoping Belle will talk Marlena into coming to Tuscany for a special dinner. Later. Hope heads to Jens and finally gets a call from Bo. She answers, but Bo says nothing.

At the penthouse, Marlena tells Belle that she wasnt supposed to see her cutting up the suit. She says she is sorry, and hopes she can forgive her. Marlena says she loves her and never meant to hurt her. Behind her back, Marlena holds a knife! Belle asks her mom what she is talking about, she knows shed never hurt her. Marlena tells Belle that she was always a pretty baby, and she was so proud carrying her down the street. Belle says she is proud of her too, and she asks what is wrong? Marlena says she has done some terrible things, some unspeakable things, and she (Belle) will have to suffer for them. Belle asks what she has done, has she had an affair? Belle tells her mom that she loves her and she can talk to her about anything. Belle says it is ironic that after all these years of listening to other peoples problems she cant talk about her own. Belle begs Marlena to tell her what is going on. Marlena says maybe it is time for her to confess. Belles phone rings, and it is Shawn. She says she can call him back, what is important now is her. She tells her mom how important she is, and how she is one of the most respected women in Salem, she is up there with Alice Horton and Hope Brady. Belle asks her mom what she wanted to confess. Marlena says she wanted to explain why she was cutting up the suit. Belle says she already knows why she did it, because she is guilty. Belle says she knows her mom is the serial killer, she killed all those people, all their friends. She says she killed Caroline Brady, Shawn's grandmother, the woman whose dress she was supposed to wear on her wedding day! She asks her mom how it feels to be the serial killer, and who she will murder next, her perhaps? Belle shouts at her mom that she is a killer! Of course this was all in MArlenas head. However, her dream seems to come true when Belle says she knows why her mom was cutting up the suit, she is guilty. Before Belle can say anymore, Shawn calls, and Belle answers this time. Shawn is furious and says he was upset when she didnt pick up earlier. She says she was in the middle of something. Shawn says he was worried about her. he thought she could be in danger. Belle says she is fine, but Shawn says she doesnt sound fine. Belle insists  she is, she is with her mom. Meanwhile, Marlena talks to herself and says she needs to kill Belle now because she has seen too much, she will figure it out any moment. Marlena tells herself that she doesnt think she could kill her little girl. She remembers letting John hold Belle for the first time after he found out Belle was his daughter. Belle continues to talk to Shawn on the phone, and she says she will meet him soon, she just wants to convince her mom to come to Tuscany. Meanwhile, Marlenas voice says Do it now, kill her! Belle finally hangs up, turns around, and shouts Oh my god, no! 

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