February 15, 2004
Lucas and Sami are still stuck in the pit in the cave. Sami is delusional and tells Lucas that he is her husband and the father of her son, she loves him and always will. Sami begs Lucas to make love to her right here, right now. Lucas asks how many fingers he is holding up, and she says two fingers. She says she knows she hit her head, but she is fine. She begins kissing him and Lucas tries hard to resist. Lucas says he wants to make love to her more than anything, but he cant. Lucas tries to explain that she has fallen and hit her head. Sami says she knows, and when she woke up she didnt have her wedding ring on. She sees he doesnt have his ring on, and she realizes she isnt remembering something. She asks if they are getting a divorce? Lucas says no, they were never married. Sami says that cant be true, she knows she loves him and that they are soul mates. Sami tells Lucas to look her in the eyes and tell her that he doesnt love her. Lucas cant say it . . . and Sami says she can see it in his eyes, she can feel that he loves her. She presses him to admit it, and he does. Lucas tells Sami that hes always loved her, and shes the only woman hes ever loved. Sami tells him to show her that he loves her, make love to her. Lucas says he cant, and as he tries to push her away, he falls into another pit! Sami screams out to Lucas, but Lucas doesn't answer. Sami says this can't be happening, she loves him and she knows he loves her and some day they will be a family. Lucas is okay, and he climbs out of the pit. He says he finally knows how she feels about him, and that helped him hang off and get back to her. Lucas says now that they know the truth, they will have a real life, a real family. Sami and Lucas kiss, and the clothes start to come off! Sami once again asks Lucas to make love to her. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady refuses to give Nicole her PDA. He says she hasnt given him what he wants, so why should he give up his fun? She responds by giving him a kiss! Brady eventually pushes her away and says this is wrong. Nicole says it felt right to her, and they should keep going and see what happens. As they continue to kiss, Nicole grabs her PDA. Brady catches her, and says his grandfather is right about her, she will use her body to get what she wants! Nicole slaps him and says damn you and your grandfather to hell. She is furious with him for making her feel cheap. Brady says he is sorry for the cheap shot, but all of this could have been avoided if she had told him the truth about Tony from the beginning. Brady says he told her he would help her, but she lied to him. Nicole says she wanted to trust him, but everyone she has ever known has let her down. Nicole hands over her PDA and tells him to go through it, read everything, maybe hell find her little check list on who she is going to kill next. Brady hands back the PDA and says he is sorry. Suddenly, Brady gets a call from the locksmith who is on his way over. Brady tells Nicole to get dressed because they are going to be waiting for him when he arrives. Nicole hopes Jan hurries up and kills Victor while she is still cuffed to Brady. Downstairs, the locksmith arrives, and Brady thinks they should go into Victor's office and do this. Nicole says no because they shouldn't disturb Victor. Brady doesn't listen and barges in. When they go into the office, Victor is not there. Nicole thinks Jan has failed her, and she tries to stall the locksmith from trying to pick the lock. She says this this a waste of time, nobody can unlock these cuffs.

Meanwhile, Victor thinks he has beaten Nicole because if she does try and kill him, his new will is in the safe and will show her. Victor heads upstairs to the tub, and Jan continues to see fantasy Shawn urging her on to go kill Victor and prove how much she loves him. Jan grabs the vase of flowers and follows Victor upstairs. Jan sneaks into the bathroom where Victor is soaking in the tub and listening to classical music. Jan cant seem to do it, and sits on the side of the tub. Victor asks her who she is? Jan says she is his worst nightmare. Jan turns the music down, and Victor remembers her as the troubled girl from Phillips high school. Jan says her name is Jan, and her troubles are about to be over! Victor realizes why Jan is here, Nicole has sent her here to kill him. Jan says she and Nicole are friends. Victor says Nicole is a liar and is using her, Nicoles only friend is Nicole. Jan says she doesnt want to do this but it is the only way she can help Shawn. Victor says That cold blooded killer is going after my grandson? He tells Jan whatever Nicole has offered her, he will double it. Jan says she doesn't want money, she wants Shawn's love. She says she is doing this for her man, for his love. Victor tells Jan that she is delusional, a crazed little girl and he will make sure that she never comes within 100 feet of his grandson. He calls her a poor little girl and says many people have tried to kill him in the past and failed, so he hopes she's not going to try and kill him with a flower vase. Jan says she's not, she prefers electroshock therapy, and throws Victor's CD player into the tub with him. Victor convulses, and Jan makes a comment about how she didn't think it would smell so bad. 

Back downstairs, the cuffs come off as the power in the mansion surges. Brady walks the locksmith out. Back in the bathroom, fantasy Shawn shows back up and is happy with Jan. Jan says if he thinks this is bad, wait until he sees what she does to Belle.

Phillip brings Kate to Tuscany, and she is not pleased. Kate says she cannot do this, she cannot go in there. Phillip says he knows she had a lot of bad memories here, but maybe it is time to start focusing on the good memories. He says this is were she and Roman were married, and this is were she spent many happy times with Roman. He asks her mom to go in with him for Valentines Day, but she says no way. She says there is no reason for her to be here on Valentines Day. Phillip asks if she is sure about that? Phillip tells his mom that he is worried about her. He says he didnt bring her here because it is Valentines Day, he brought her here to hang out with their friends. Phillip tells his mom that it is time to start living her life again. He says she holes herself up in her office and does nothing but work. Phillip says as her favorite son it is up to him to help her. Kate says she appreciates his concern, but this is the only way she knows how to deal with this. Kate cries that she still cant believe he is gone, she lost her husband and the daughter they never had. Kate says if she ever meets the monster who took them away from her, she will kill her! Kate ends up in tears, and she tells Phillip that he is right, she does need to stop hiding away from the world. She also says Tuscany does have a lot of happy memories for her, so she agrees to go in.

Inside Tuscany, John and Shawn wait for Marlena and Belle to show up. Shawn calls Belle (details below) and later talks to John. John is worried about Marlena. John says Marlena is beating herself up for not being able to stop the killer. He says she thinks she could have prevented all of this if she had only been able to help Maggie remember. Shawn says MArlena did the best she could. John says he just hopes MArlena will decide to come here tonight. Shawn says Belle can be very persuasive, so Marlena may show up. John says he doesnt know, he knows his wife, and when she makes her mind up there is no going back.

Later, John is surprised to see Kate and Phillip arrive. He is glad to see Kate here. Phillip leaves to say hello to Shawn, and John says he'll take good care of Kate. Kate looks around, and John asks if she is okay. Kate says she will be. John knows it is hard for her to come back here. John says that he has a piece of good news, they have a clue that could lead them to the killer. Kate asks John to make her pay. John says she will pay all right. Kate asks how he and MArlena are doing? John says he was hoping she would be here tonight, but it doesnt look like she will be. Kate says she should be grateful because Sami isnt here with Lucas. Kate says she hopes Lucas stays as far away from Sami as he can. Meanwhile, Phillip talks to Shawn, who continues to feel Belle is in danger. Phillip asks if he called her? Shawn says he did, and she is with her mom.

At the penthouse, Marlena continues to struggle with her emotions. Belles cell phone rings, and it is Shawn calling her. Belle takes the call, and Shawn feels like something is wrong. Belle says she is with her mom, and she is fine. Belle insists that there is nothing to worry about. Marlenas voices tell her to take care of Belle before it is too late. Marlena holds the knife and looks at Belle. Marlena doesnt think she can hurt her little girl. Marlena remembers giving birth to Belle in the Horton Cabin, and she remembers when John first got to hold Belle knowing she was his daughter. Meanwhile, Belle tells Shawn that she just needs a little more time to convince her mom to come to Tuscany. Shawn says try hard because John will be bummed if Marlena doesnt show. Belle finally gets off the phone, turns around, and screams Oh my god no! MArlena is on the floor. She comes to and says she only fainted. Belle runs to get her mom a glass of water, and MArlena grabs the knife. When Belle returns, Belle asks her mom what she is doing with that knife? Marlena says she had it for protection, and she was about to put it away. Belle says she doesnt understand this, shes cutting up clothes and stashing carving knives in her bedroom. Belle asks why she is doing this? MArlena says she knows why. Belle says she cant keep blaming herself for these murders, she cant blame herself for Maggie not remembering or for owning the same suit the killer does. MArlena says it is more complicated than that. Belle says she wants to help her, and dad does too. Marlena says she doesnt want Johns help, and as long as the killer is out there nothing will change. Marlena tells Belle that she shouldnt be here tonight, she should be with Shawn. Belle says that is why she is here. She says there is a party at Tuscany, and shed really like her to be there. Marlena thinks this is John's doing, but Belle says this was her idea. When Belle says she will call and cancel her plans with Shawn to stay with her if shed like, Marlena says no and agrees to go. Belle hugs her mom, and Marlena sees that her hands are covered in blood from cutting them on the knife! 

Belle and Marlena show up at Tuscany, and John gives her a rose. Belle runs off to Shawn, and Marlena asks if Tuscany is open again? John says just for tonight. John asks if she is okay because she looks upset. Marlena says she has a lot of her mind. John says he was hoping tonight he could help her take her mind off her troubles. John has a special song played, and he and Marlena share a dance.  Meanwhile, Belle talks to Shawn and explains what was going on with his mom. She tells him about finding her mom cutting up her suit that looked like the one the killer had, and she even has a knife in her bedroom to protect herself. Shawn becomes suspicious and looks at MArlena. Belle looks at her parents and sees them dancing, so she gets Shawn to dance with her. Shawn cant help but continue to stare at Marlena. Shawn thinks about everything that happened tonight, and thinks something is not right here.  Elsewhere, Phillip brings Kate a box of roses. Kate thinks they are from him, but he says he didnt. Phillip says the boxes showed up and there is one for every woman here. Kate opens her box, and the roses are covered in blood. Kate screams. Belle runs to her box and they are the same. Belle is stunned, and Shawn says he doesn't believe it. Shawn says he knows who the killer is. Marlena hears this and grabs a knife from a nearby table. Shawn tells Belle that the killer is her mother!


February 17, 2004
In the cave, Lucas and Sami are making out in the pit and throwing articles of clothing in all directions. Sami asks him to make love to her, and they take off their tops. Lucas tells Sami that she is so beautiful. As they go to make love, Sami ends up having a panic attack, and then snaps out of her delusion. She asks Lucas what he is doing to her, and she slaps him! She accuses him of taking advantage of her, but Lucas says he is not Alan Harris (the guy who raped Sami years ago). Lucas tells her that she begged him to make love to her. Sami doesn't believe him and walks off. Lucas follows her, and Sami tells her to stop walking because she hit her head and needs to be see someone. Sami says she doesn't need a shrink, but Lucas says he meant a doctor like Lexie. Sami and Lucas end up at the campsite, and they find everyone is gone. Sami begins screaming for Will, who comes running. He says they learned the tiger was here so they packed up and went back to the busses. However, he says he wouldn't let them leave without them. Will asks them where they have been, what happened to them?  Sami says it doesn't matter and she just wants to head home and sleep in her bed. Will mentions something about Valentines Day, but Sami comments that she doesn't need or want any of that mushy love stuff.

At Jen's house, Hope and Lexie are having pepperoni pizza with Jen. Jen thanks them for staying here for Valentines Day because she doesn't think she could get through this day alone. Hope decides to give Bo another call because she's still worried that he's not returning her calls. Suddenly, there is someone at the door. Hope tells them to be careful answering the door because there is still a killer on the loose. However, it is only Celeste. Celeste says she's had another premonition which concerns the tree of them, which is why she had to run right over. The women are frightened because of Celeste's track record recently, but Celeste says this is a happy premonition! She says she say three rings, wedding rings, for each and every one of them. Lexie says Abe put this ring on her finger, and she is not taking it off. Jen says she married Jack twice and that is enough for her. Lexie thinks it is a sign that their husbands will always be with them, but Celeste says these rings are new ones. Hope says she is already married, so what does this mean for her? Celeste tries to get her vision again and she tells Hope that she sees her very happy, but Bo is not in the picture. Hope asks if she doesn't see Bo, than who does she see? Celeste says she doesn't know, and she doesn't see Bo at all . . . Hope worries even more and begins calling Bo's ISA contacts in Europe. The contacts say they will call Hope as soon as they can. Later, the women head out, and Jen starts her car (presumably to give them a lift home). Suddenly, Hope gets a call from the ISA and learns nobody can get in touch with Bo. Meanwhile, Jen is in her car when  over the radio comes the song played at her and Jack's wedding, which brings back many memories for her. She says Jack is her husband and she'll never marry again no matter what Celeste says. Jen ends up in tears, goes to back up, and runs into a man walking across her driveway! 

At the Kiriakis Mansion, the lights keep flickering, which Brady thinks is odd. He decides to go check on his grandfather, but Nicole says he is probably just sleeping. The locksmith demands to be paid for her services, which Nicole does The locksmith charges her for the service, extra for coming late at night, and then more for having to make a special key to open the locks. Nicole says this is highway robbery! The locksmith leaves, and Brady laughs that was a really expensive alibi considering nobody turned up dead.  In the bathroom, Victor is in the tub and is motionless after being electrocuted by Jan. Jan says she can't believe she killed someone, and she says Nicole better keep her promise and get her Shawn. Jan heads out of the bathroom, and suddenly the lights in the mansion go out. Elsewhere, Brady heads to the bedroom to check on Victor. Nicole follows him and tells him not to go poking around anywhere he doesn't belong. He opens the door, and Jan hides under Victor's bed. Brady heads to the bathroom to check on Victor, and Nicole keeps screaming at Brady to stop. As he's about to go in, she blurts out "No!" Brady asks what is the matter with her? Nicole says Victor is soaking in the tub, and that is where he brainstorms, so if he messes with him now than Brady could find himself feeling Victor's anger. Nicole tells him to go fix the circuit breaker, so BRady leaves to do just that. Nicole finds Jan under the bed, and she asks her what they are doing. Jan says she killed Victor by throwing the CD player in tub. She wants Nicole to pay her back because she's killed for her twice now, first her father and now Victor. Nicole tells her to get out before the lights come back on. Jan says she promised her Shawn and she wants him! Brady shouts "Nicole are you in there with someone?" Jan hides in a closet, and  when Brady returns, the lights come back on again. Nicole claims she was just talking to Victor, who is locked in the bathroom. Brady pounds on the door and calls out to his grandfather, but Victor doesn't answer. Brady heads downstairs to get something to break down the door, and Nicole orders Jan to hide in her room because with all the commotion going around now it is not safe for her to sneak out now. Suddenly, Brady screams to Nicole to get in here and help him. She rushes in and finds Victor in the bath, and she says "Oh my god, he's dead"! Brady leans over him and says "no, he's not!"

At Tuscany, John calls Tek to have him come in and investigate the bloody flowers. Meanwhile, Phillip apologizes to Kate for this happening to her. John vows to get to the bottom of this because he thought this party would be a healing opportunity for them all. Marlena says so many people have died, and now the killer has sent another warning. She says she is afraid and asks John to hold her. Later, Marlena realizes Shawn is missing, so John leaves to find him. Marlena looks ate the bloody roses and pricks her finger. She ends up sucking the blood off  of it! Later, Kate cries "when will this be over?" Marlena says it will get better, each and every day . . . As she comforts Kate with a hug, she says to herself "it will get better until your life is over . . . Roman paid the price for marrying you, but you are the one that deserves to die!"

Outside of Tuscany, Belle and Shawn argue over Shawn's statement that MArlena is the killer. Belle reminds him how wrong he was about Rex, and what he is saying can hurt people, especially her family. Shawn says he knows that, so she tells him to stop saying it. They get into a huge yelling match, and Belle demands Shawn take it back. He refuses. Belle tells him that he has to take if back if he can't prove it, but Shawn says he can and will prove it. John shows up as they are fighting and learns Shawn has accused Marlena of being the killer, and he is not pleased at all. John tells Shawn that he cannot prove this theory of his, so he is out of line. Shawn tells John that he was trained as an officer, he was trained to look at the facts and be objective, but he's ignoring them because they are talking about his own wife. He begins to point out the suit that MArlena owned was owned by the killer, and that MArlena cut the suit up and was caught doing so by Belle. John says he checked the suit out and there was no missing buttons, and Belle says her mom cut the suit up because she was angry and feeling guilty because she owned the same suit the killer did. Belle says perhaps her mom was framed by the killer like Tony was with his PDA. Still, SHawn thinks Marlena just hasn't been acting right lately, something John himself has stated. Belle says she hasn't been acting right lately either, none of them have. John asks if he has anymore? Shawn says Marlena had access to drugs to kill Caroline and Tony, and she was in Tony's cubicle when he died. Shawn says she has no alibi for the murders, and he says nobody is looking at her because she is Marlena Evans. Belle says nobody is looking at her because she has no motive! Belle says she won't sit around while he has another one of his witch hunts. Belle walks off in tears, and Shawn warns John that Belle is not safe and needs to be protected. John says his daughter doesn't need protecting from her own mother. John goes to comfort Belle and asks if she wants to come back inside with him. Belle says no. John heads back into Tuscany, and Belle looks at Shawn and just shakes her head. Belle once again lashes out at Shawn and tells him that perhaps the killer is zack since nobody suspects him, or maybe it is his mom. Shawn says his parents are cops, but Belle says her dad was a cop and she trusts him and his instincts. She says her family has been through hell, and he is adding to their suffering. Shawn says he would give anything for her not to have to go through this. Shawn says he won't tell the world and ruin MArlena's reputation, he is only going to tell his mom. Belle says if he loves her that he won't do it, but she realizes he's going to do it anyone. She says she will never speak to him again and runs off.

Back in Tuscany, Marlena asks John what is wrong, what happened? John says he is just wondering what is next for them all. Kate says she'll never bee able to look at roses the same way again. Phillip comforts Kate and tells her not to let this killer spoil everything nice for her. Meanwhile, Marlena looks at a knife and remembers killing Roman. John looks at her holding the knife and remembers what Shawn said. Marlena asks what is wrong? John says he remembers his cop training and how he was trained to be objective and look at the facts. John remembers SHawn's words about Marlena, and Marlena asks John why he is looking at her like that? John says he's just been thinking about all the suspicions going on, especially the ones about Celeste's premonition. Marlena tells him that she never believed he would actually kill her. Meanwhile, Kate thanks Phillip for bringing her here to try and cheer her up. Suddenly, Kate looks over at a ghostly apparition that appears, and she says "Roman!" 


February 18, 2004
Shorter summary due to a long day . . . .

At Jen's place, Jen is stunned when she runs over a man in her driveway. She runs to check on him, and begins to have flashbacks of when she went over the bridge and Jack saved her life. She starts hyperventilating. Lexie and Hope tell her that she has to calm down and think of the baby. Jen says all she wants right now is to be with Jack. Jen passes out, and we hear her voice says "I'm coming to you Jack." Lexie and Hope attend to her, and Lexie says they are losing Jen too. They urge her to think of Abby and her gift from Jack. We also hear Jack's voice telling her to hang on, and she opens her eyes.

At the hospital, Patrick and Jen are both being looked examined. PAtrick, the man Jen hit,  insists on seeing Jen after he learns she is with child. He asks how she is. Jen says she is fine and should be asking him that. She says she is really sorry and to let her know if there is anything she can do for him. Later, Jen is found to be okay and finally gets dressed. Hope has to go to the station as she got a call, but Jen wants to wait around to see how Patrick is doing. Lexie says it could take awhile for Patrick's labs to come back, so she should go home. Meanwhile, Patrick gets a call on his cellphone, and he argues with the person on the other end. He says he is in Europe where they can't find him. Later, Lexie and Jen hear Patrick screaming in pain. Lexie rushes into his room, and then calls out for help.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole and Brady find Victor in the tub. Brady says he is still breathing and wants to help him, but Nicole says if he touches him he could be electrocuted. Brady says he'll take care of the power problems and he tells her to call the cops. As Brady is leaving, Nicole fakes a call to the cops. She then urges Victor to die. Brady returns and insists they perform CPR on Victor, which they do. Victor hangs on long enough to say Nicole's name. Brady wonders why. Nicole claims she and Victor just had unfinished business, that is all. Nicole calls the cops again, this time it seems for real, and she sounds shocked that they didn't register her first call. However, by this time it is too late, Victor is dead. Brady collapses into sobs over the body of his grandfather.

Outside of Tuscany, Belle and Shawn continue to argue. Belle tells him that he has no proof that his mom is the killer. Shawn says he's going to get that proof. He says he's going to tell his mother about her suspicions and let her investigate.

In Tuscany, John continues to think about Celeste's premonition that he will kill Marlena. He says he would never do it, but to himself thinks what if he had no choice? He thinks about Shawn's accusations, and he tells himself that he will not believe it. He says he trusts his wife and believes her. He asks MArlena to let him take her back to before all this happened, back to before she went to Colorado . . . Meanwhile, Mickey gets a visit from Maggie's ghost. Maggie came to him because it was their anniversary. Mickey says he has missed her so much. Maggie notices the changes around Tuscany. He says he opened it for Valentines Day. She comments that the changes aren't really to her liking, but she tells him that he has to move on and live his life. She comments about Bonnie and hopes she is taking good care of him. Elsewhere, on the patio Roman visits with Kate and urges her not to let his murder ruin her memories of their wedding day. She cries that she misses him so much, and she asks why he left her? As she is crying out to ROman, Marlena and John show up and hear her. They are stunned. John ends up asking Marlena to remember back to the night before she left for Colorado. She does remember , he made her a nice dinner and they danced. John asks her to dance with him now, which he does. Mickey and Maggie also dance with them, as do Roman and Kate. Marlena cries and says it is like it was. However, when the ghosts disaapear, Marlena is sent back to the real world. She cries to John that for a moment it was like they never left them, and she misses them all so much. 

Back inside, Belle comes back in and Phillip can see she is upset. Belle tells him that she can't talk about it right now. Later, Phillip decides to take his mom home. Bonnie is upset that people are leaving before they have even eaten dinner. She thinks she did a lousy job cheering people up, but Mickey says she did a good job cheering him up. He wants to spread the cheer, so he asks Bonnie to dance. As they dance, Bonnie sees Shawn come in and looking unhappy. Bonnie goes to talk to him and tells him to let the argument go and ask Belle to dance. He tries, but they only argue. Marlena sees this and asks John what is going on, why are they arguing? She begs him to tell her the truth. John says Shawn thinks he knows who the killer is . . . he thinks the killer is her! Marlena is stunned, and looks down at the knife used to cut the cake, and finally back at Shawn.


February 19, 2004
At the hospital, Lexie checks on Patrick and screams for someone to come help her. Patrick is moaning in pain, and when he stops, Jen fears he is dead! LExie says he isnt dead, Patrick just tried to move too much and got a back spasm. Lexie says she gave him some muscle relaxants to help with the pain. To ease Jen's fears she says she doesnt think Patrick is badly injured at all, buts some bumps and bruises. Jen goes in to talk to Patrick, and he lays a guilt trip on her. Patrick says he was supposed to play for the US soccer team, but now he may never play soccer again. Jen feels horrible, but Patrick says he was just pulling her leg. He says he wanted to see if the old saying it only hurts when it laughs is true, and when he laughs, he says the saying is true. Jen says she doesnt think that was very funny. Patrick says sometimes when he is in pain he uses humor to lift his spirits. He says aside from the pain he is okay. Jen says thank god. He asks if she is relieved he is okay because she thinks now he wont sue her? Jen asks if he is going to sue her? He says no, and that this is as much his fault as it is hers. HE says he is just glad she wasnt hurt either. Later, Lexie shows up and tells Patrick that there could be a problem. Jen worries it is a medical problem, but Lexie says it is a financial one. Lexie says he doesnt have insurance. Patrick says he can put this on his credit card, but claims his wallet is missing (it isnt, we see it is in his jacket). Patrick thinks someone must have taken it after he got hit, so Jen ends up telling Patrick that shell take care of the bill. LExie tells Patrick that he should go home and rest, but Patrick says he just got to town and doesnt have a place to stay. Jen offers to let Patrick stay with her, which LExie doesnt seem to approve of. LExie takes Jen outside and tells her that this is not safe. Jen feels guilty about what has happened, but Lexie says that is no reason to take him home with her. Jen says her mind is made up, Patrick will stay in the guest apartment over the garage. Jen says she is a good judge of character and doesnt see him as a threat. She says she appreciates Lexeis concern, but shes made up her mind. Jen goes to tell Patrick that she has decided he is coming home with her. He doesnt want to, but accepts her offer.  Jen and Patrick head to Jens house. She tells Patrick to make himself comfortable while he gets the keys to the guest apartment. Patrick once again has a back pain attack, and Jen rushes to his side. She thinks they should go back to the hospital, but Patrick says he just needs to rest and maybe have some nice hot tea. Jen goes to get him some tea, and Patrick springs into action. He rifles through Jens purse and address book.

At the mansion, Nicole tells Jan that the bastard is dead, now all they have to do is get her (Jan) out of here and they are home free. She orders Jan to hide in her room, and then she goes to see Brady. Brady thinks they should call the police. Nicole asks why, does he think this was a crime? Brady admits he doesnt know what happened, he doesnt know if it was an accident or the killer. Brady says he doesnt think the killer did this, and this could be an accident, but there may be foul play involved. Brady says that is why he needs to call the cops. Brady decides to go into Nicoles room to call the cops, but Nicole says he cant go in there. Brady says he needs to call the cops, so he goes in and calls his father and leaves a message on his voice mail asking John to call him. Jan is hiding under the bed, and Brady spots something suspicious. Nicole sees shoes under her bed, which is what Brady sees, and she says it is just an old pair of shoes. She finally gets Brady to go out in the hall, claiming she needs to change. Brady jokes she wasn't shy about getting naked in front of him before, but he leaves. Jan and Nicole end up in another argument, Jan is angry that Nicole insulted her shoes. Nicole tells Jan that they have to get her out of here before the police show up. Jan says she knows that. Nicole wants to know how she came up with the idea of murdering Victor by electorcution. Jan says it just seemed like a good idea. Nicole says it was brilliant, it will look like an accident unless they catch her in here! Brady knocks on Nicoles door and asks her who she is talking to? Jan rushes to hide in the closet, and Nicole claims he just heard the radio. Brady asks why she has the door locked? Nicole claims she has the door locked because she was changing. Nicole heads out to see Brady and says he wishes he hadnt called the police because there is something important they must do first. Nicole and Brady tell Henderson what has happened, and she asks him to inform the rest of the staff. Henderson asks if Victor was murdered, and if he was, is the killer in the house still? Brady says if Henderson was murdered the killer would be long gone by now. Later, while waiting for the cops, Nicole is a nervous wreck. Brady asks her why? Nicole says she is upset, but Brady says she hated the man. Nicole says once upon a time they did love one another, and now he is gone. Nicole cries crocodile tears, and Brady comforts her. The police finally arrive, and Jan fears the worst. She says if she gets caught, Nicole is going down with her! Meanwhile, Brady tells Nicole not to worry. He knows she is fears she will be accused of Victors death, but they were handcuffed together. He says her weird plan worked out exactly like she wanted it to, so she is lucky. Nicole says she is a widow, she wouldnt call that lucky. Brady says the cops will search the house, which worries Nicole. Nicole knows if Jan is found, Jan will turn her in.

Outside somewhere, Hope is grabbed from behind by a gloved man. She fends them off and holds them at gunpoint only to realize it is Bo! Bo has flowers for Hope, and he wanted to surprise her. Hope thanks him and she says shes sorry if she hurt him. Later, Hope checks her messages and gets one from Shawn. When Shawn says he has news on the killer, they head off to Tuscany.

At Tuscany, Shawn decides to call his mom and tell her about his suspicions of MArlena. Belle warns Shawn if he does this than it is over between them, and she isnt kidding. Shawn says he doesnt have a choice, all the facts point to MArlena. Meanwhile, MArlena panics when John tells her that Shawn suspects she is the killer. Marlena looks down at the knife on the table that was used to cut the cake. MArlena asks how Shawn could do this to Belle, and then she faints. Belle runs over to her mom and asks what is wrong, has she been poisoned again. John says she just fainted. Belle asks why? John says he told her that Shawn thinks she is the killer. Belle tells Shawn to look at what he has done to her mom! MArlena comes too, and she ask Shawn if she said that thing? Shawn says he did, and he thinks he can prove it. MArlena asks Shawn how he could believe she would do anything so awful? Shawn says he doesnt want to, but Belle thinks he is getting a sick satisfaction out of this. Marlena asks Shawn if he believes she could kill someone in cold blood? Shawn says no, so she asks him what he believes then? Shawn says hes just trying to figure it all out, hes just looking at the facts. Belle says the facts are that her mom is a wonderful person and has dedicated her life to healing and saving lives. Belle says she has spoken to countless patients of her mother's who have all said her mom save their life. Belle and Shawn continue argue about Marlena. Belle says Shawn is upsetting her mother. Shawn says this is upsetting him too, and he is conflicted as well, but he cannot ignore the facts. He wants to know what MArlena was doing destroying her suit the killer may have warn if she wasnt guilty? Belle says they have been through this, she was disgusted that she had a suit identical to the killers and she couldn't look at it let alone wear it ever again. Marlena says that is right. Belle says she loved the people that were killed, and they loved and trusted her. Shawn says that is right, they did love and trust Marlena, and they would have let their guard down around her. The argument continues, and John finally tells Shawn to leave now. Shawn walks off, and Belle apologizes to her mom. She says she doesnt understand how Shawn can say he loves her but say so many hurtful things. She tells her mom the truth is she wouldnt be able to go on without her, she is the one who helps her through all her rough times. MArlena tells Belle how important she is to her as well, and she says she is sorry about all of this because she knows this isnt how she wanted things to turn out. Belle says she knows these murders are making them all crazy, but she cant believe Shawn would say such horrible things about her. She says she doesnt understand how anyone could think the most wonderful woman and mother in the world could be a serial killer! Later, John tells Belle that considering Shawns irrational behavior, perhaps she should rethink her relationship with him. Belle asks her dad if he is saying she should breakup with Shawn? John says he would never tell her what to do, but she needs to think about having a relationship with someone who could accuse her mother of all these murders. Later, Belle catches Shawn leaving a message for his mom to come to Tuscany as soon as she gets this message. Belle is furious with Shawn She says he has ruined her Valentines Day, and she says she is finally seeing how wrong she has been about him. She says he is a stubborn pig headed accuser, and when her mom is proven innocent, will he accuse her next? Shawn says he knows she is not capable of murder. Belle says her mom is no more capable of murdering someone than she is. Bo and Hope finally show up, and Bo reveals Billie is still missing. Hope asks Shawn what news he has about the killer? John butts  in and says that Victor told him he believes his life is in danger and he thinks the murderer is Nicole. Before Shawn can give his theory, Brady calls and tells John that Victor is dead. John relays the message to the others, and Marlena says that is not possible! She asks what happened? John says he doesnt know, and he suggests they leave and find out. 


February 20, 2004
At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole is furious with Jan for screwing up and not leaving when she told her too. Nicole says it is too late for her to go because the cops are here now! Jan freaks out as she doesnt want Shawn to know what she did, and thinks maybe she should claim Nicole made her do it. Nicole tells Jan that if she breathes one word of this to anyone then she will find the most gruesome way for her to die! Downstairs, John and Marlena comfort Brady. Bo, Hope, Shawn and Belle also show up as well. Bo asks Brady for details about his death. Brady says apparently a CD player fell into the water. Belle tells Shawn that if this is the work of the stalker than it means her mom is innocent, and she says it will be too bad it took someone dying to prove him wrong about a woman he has known his whole life! Meanwhile, MArlena tells John it is so sad that Brady has lost his grandfather like this. When she says it obviously was an accident and not the serial killer, John asks why she says that? Marlena says there is no motive for Victors death. John says all they know right now is that the killer is a very sick and twisted person. John questions Brady about Nicole, and Brady says that Nicole and he were being released by the locksmith just as Victor died. John asks how he can be so sure? Brady says the lights flickered at that moment, so that must have been when it happened. Meanwhile, Hope tells Bo he should take himself off this investigation. Bo says no way, and he wants to go upstairs. As he is about to go up, Lexie comes down. She didn't know Bo was back, but she is glad to see him. Lexie was called to examine the body, and she reveals to Bo that Victor may have died due to accidental electrocution, but at this point she wont rule out murder. She says he may find evidence of murder, but it depends on whether he can prove that the CD player fell into the tub or was dropped in. Brady tells Bo that the door was locked from within, and he had to climb up the trellis just to get in. Bo says that may be how the murderer got in and out. Brady says the problem is  he also had to turn the alarm off to get into the window, it was still on. Brady asks who was in the house at Victors time of death. Brady says him and Nicole, and Nicole was with him the entire time. He says Henderson was here, as was a locksmith working on unlocking the handcuffs when Victor was killed. Bo decides to go question Nicole. John asks Brady if he is sure he isnt covering for Nicole? Brady says not when it comes to his grandfather's death. Through the whole ordeal, Shawn keeps an eye on Marlena, and Marlena notices Shawn is staring at her. Upstairs, Jan is feeling guilty over what she has done, and she fears it may cost her Shawn. Meanwhile, Bo insists on seeing Victors body. He is taken to see the body, which is covered with a sheet. Elsewhere, Brady finds Nicole and says the police and others are here. Nicole says she wants to be alone, but Brady says an investigation is going on and they are going to want to talk to her. Nicole says she cant talk to the police like this, she needs to change! Brady says who cares what she is wearing. Nicole says she has an image to maintain as Victor's widow. Nicole goes back to her room and finds Jan is gone! Jan eventually turns up, and as they argue, a cop knocks on the door to search Nicoles room! Nicole makes Jan hide on the balcony while she lets the officer search her room. When he hears someone outside, he asks what that noise was? Nicole says it was nothing, and he checks it out, but doesnt see Jan outside. The officer finally leaves, and Jan returns. Jan is freaking out and tells Nicole that if she gets busted she will take Nicole down with her! Back downstairs, Shawn continues to suspect Marlena and says his grandmother was killed when she was alone. John says Caroline was poisoned, whereas Victor was electrocuted, so that means the killer had to be there at the time of death. Belle tries to get Shawn to admit he is wrong, to admit her mom is not the killer. MArlena tells them to stop this now. She tells Belle not to let these arguments over her cost them what they share together. Marlena says that Shawn is right to suspect her given the facts, and she is not the slightest bit offended. Belle and Shawn talk, and she asks him what he is thinking. Shawn says he hopes the serial killer is to blame for his grandfathers death because that means there is no way it could be her mother. Brady shows up and hears this, and he lashes out at Shawn. He asks Shawn has he lost his mind? Marlena tells Brady  to calm down. She says this whole situation is like the witch hunts in the early days, everyone is accusing everyone. John says MArlena is right, they need to be calm and stick together. Belle suggests she and Shawn go outside and finish talking. Outside, Belle tells Shawn that she has figured out what he is doing, he wants her to break up with him! He says that is not what this is about, he doesnt want to break up with her. Shawn says he just wants end this nightmare and protect her. Belle says hes not protecting her by calling her mom a whacked out killer, and if he keeps this up they wont have a relationship at all. Back inside, Brady tells Marlena that he doesnt know how she managed to stay calm with Shawn accusing her like that, and he says it must be all those years dealing with patients. Brady says he knows that she couldn't hurt anyone let alone do a sick thing like kill the people she loved. As Brady talks about the murders, Marlena remembers almost killing Belle. Upstairs, Hope asks Bo to stop being a cop for a moment and take the time to say goodbye to Victor. Bo does as Hope asks, and he says goodbye to his father. Bo pulls the sheet off his face, and he tells Victor that he knows hes judged him harshly over the years. He says he knows he loves his mom, and that she loved him, and that she would want him to find out how he died. Bo tells Victor that he will make this right, he will find who did this to him. Later, Bo and John go to check out the crime scene. Lexie decides to head home, but not before giving Hope a few encouraging words. As Bo and John look around, Bo becomes convinced that this was no accident. The paramedics get ready to take Victor away, but Brady stops them and asks for a minute. He says goodbye to Victor. Brady tells Victor that he was larger than life, the great Victor Kiriakis, but he got to know the man behind he name. Brady tells Victor that he will miss him. Shawn also says goodbye to Victor, and he promises to find out who did this to him if his death wasnt an accident. Shawn says he doesnt care who she is, this killer will pay with her life! Back upstairs, Nicole changes into a black dress to act like the grieving widow. Jan comments about how nobody will buy her act. Nicole says some things back about how she needs to be presentable to the family. When Jan learns Shawn is here, with Belle, Jan becomes upset. She says Shawn is hers, so she will go get him right now. Nicole stops her and says shes not going after Shawn tonight, not with all these cops around. She says if Jan is caught they might play connect the dots, and then shell never get Shawn. Meanwhile, Henderson speaks to Bo about the CD player. He says they were all under strict orders to keep the CD player far away from the tub because Victor wanted to be sure the player was never knocked in the tub. Later, Jan has another one of her shirtless Shawn fantasizes. Back downstairs, Belle and Shawn continue to talk, and Belle is disappointed when Shawn still wont retract his beliefs about Marlena. Marlena looks at Shawn and tewlls herself that Shawn is becoming a problem, and problems need to be eliminated. Elsewhere, one of the cops tells Bo he has searched the whole house, and there is no sign of the alarm being tampered or tripped. Bo refuses to believe Victors death was an accident. Meanwhile, John tells Bo that he paid a visit to Victor earlier, and Victor had said that he believed Nicole was the killer and that if anything happened to him to look no further than Nicole. Nicole finally comes downstairs and plays the part of the grieving widow. Bo thinks Victors words are good enough for him, and he arrests Nicole for Victor's murder! 

At Jens place, Patrick looks at some of the photos of Jen and her family, and then he goes snooping through her purse and her wallet. Jen returns and catches him, and she asks him what he is doing? Fortunately his back is to Jen, and she was referring to him being off his feet. Jen insists Patrick sit back down and rest as the doctor ordered. Patrick sits down, and Jen serves him tea and cookies. Jen tells Patrick about her family, and she shows him the pictures. Patrick recognizes Jacks photo. Patrick claims he and Jack were buddies. She asks how they met? Patrick says he met him at the Indy Speedway one day, and they hung out that day and it was one of the best days of his life. He asks where Jack is? Jen looks down, and Patrick thinks they must have split up. Jen says no, that isnt it. Jen says Jack died, he was murdered by the Salem serial killer. Patrick says he didnt know, and he is sorry. Patrick says he only knew Jack for one day, but he could tell the kind of man he was. Jen breaks down, and Patrick comforts her. Later, LExie drops in to check on Jen, and she tells her about Victors death. She also asks Jen about Patrick. Jen says he is still here. Lexie thinks Patrick is bad news, but Jen says he is very nice. Suddenly, a shirtless Patrick limps out and thanks Jen for making him feel at home, and he says hello to Lexie. Lexie looks at Jen disapprovingly. Jen helps Patrick over to the couch, and Jen asks Lexie if there is anything Patrick shouldnt be doing? Lexie says Patrick shouldnt get into any position that would hurt his back! Jen walks LExie out, and LExie once again warns Jen about what she is doing. Lexie tells Jen that between them shes not sure Patricks Back is really hurting him all that much. Jen believes him, and she says in a way Patrick is making him feel better. She says Patrick knew Jack, but didnt know Jack was dead. As they talk, Patrick limps over to the desk and finds the newspaper clippings about Jacks death. Patrick tells himself that it really is all in the timing.

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