February 23, 2004
At Tuscany, Julie and Doug are cleaning up the mess from the Valentines Day party. Julie is furious that Mickey gave that bimbo with the bullhorns keys to Tuscany for Valentines Day. Doug says it wasn't like she was specific when she told Mickey what she was planning, and he says it was funny watching her chase Bonnie around here with an arrow stuck on her head. Julie says shes glad he found it amusing, but if that woman has her way she will take Mickey for all hes worth. Julie cant believe Mickey actually took that woman home. Doug says Mickey is a grown man and knows what he is doing, and he took her home because there is a killer on the loose. Julie ends up saying she could kill that Bonnie Lockhart. Doug asks her not to say with the killer on the loose. Julie just says seeing Bonnie dance with Mickey was disgusting, and she doesnt understand how Bonnie thinks should could take Maggies place in Mickeys life. Julie says that Bonnie is trying to seduce Mickey to get to his wallet. Doug has had enough of this and says they should just go home because he is tired. As they are leaving they see the blood soaked roses. Julie thinks the killer could be out there planning to kill again. Doug says he wishes they could find out who this killer is and stop them. Later, Doug and Julie head home and drift off to sleep. Only Doug doesnt have happy dreams, he begins to dream about the killer! Doug remembers questioning Marlena at the circus about her whereabouts, and then seeing Marlena come out of Tonys cubicle. Doug stirs in his sleep as he dreams about Marlena and the killer. Doug wakes up and says Marlenas name!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Jan continues to hide in Nicoles room and to have shirtless Shawn fantasies. Jan asks Shawn to make love to her, so he carries her to the bed. While in bed, Jan tells Shawn that she killed Victor for Nicole. Shawn ends up telling Jan that he would have loved her anyways, but now he will never love her. Jan snaps to, and she says Shawn can never find out the truth, and that Belle is next on her hit list. Jan remembers killing Victor, and she says when she kills Belle she will make sure he suffers even more.

Meanwhile, Phillip and Kate arrive at the mansion after learning Victor has died. They walk in on Nicole being arrested by Bo. Phillip calls Nicole a dirty bitch and goes to attack her, but Bo stops him. Nicole maintains she is innocent, but Bo tells her that his father named her as a suspect in his death. Hope says it doesnt look like Victors death was an accident. Nicole says than it was the killer, and she has an alibi, she was naked in bed and hand-cuffed to Brady! Brady says he and Nicole were together, but he was not naked. Phillip cant believe Brady was sleeping with Nicole, and Kate also thinks Nicole killed Victor. John agrees with them as well, it has to be Nicole. Bo asks Nicole why she was handcuffed to Brady? Nicole says she knew she was a suspect in the killings, so she handcuffed herself to Brady for an airtight alibi for the next murder. Brady says he was handcuffed to Nicole when Victor was probably killed because the lights flickered and then the power went out. Nicole says the locksmith was also with them, so he is also her alibi. Kate thinks it is very convenient that she was cuffed to Brady at the same time Victor died. Phillip says someone else must have been in the house, he wants an explanation! Bo assures Phillip that they will find the person who did this to Victor. Meanwhile, Belle and Marlena question Shawn to see if he still believes Marlena is the killer. Shawn says all he knows is that MArlena wasnt here when Victor was killed, but this killer is very smart. Shawn and Belle give Phillip their condolences, and then they go upstairs to talk in private. Elsewhere, Hope asks Bo not to push himself. Bo decides to call Tek at the station to see if hes found any evidence, only to find he has a message on his phone from Victor. The message is Victor asking Bo to meet with him in the morning so that Victor could give him the combination to his safe. Victor said  he didnt think he would be killed tonight as Nicole is handcuffed to Brady. Hope says hat pretty much clears Nicole. 

Later, Gene Briscoe shows up to pay his respects and to speak to Victors family about his will. Victor says he changed his will in case he met an untimely demise. Gene says Victor left Brady and Phillip were the executors of his will because he didnt think Bo would want anything to do with the Kiriakis Estate. However, he says he wanted Bo to be there at the reading of the will because his safe, when opened, would contain proof of who killed him. Kate gloats that it looks like Nicole is going to go down for murder after all. Nicole demands Henderson show Kate out, but Henderson says no. Nicole says she is Victors widow and is in charge of this house now. Gene says that is not so. Gene says he cannot divulge the contents of Victors will until it is read, but he is familiar with it and can say Nicole is not, and will not, be in any position of authority in this house. Gene also reveals that the new will is in the safe, as well as other documents, and the combination was just changed. Bo says Victor was supposed to give the combination to him, but he died first. Gene suggests they all meet here tomorrow to open the safe and read the will and any other contents. Bo and Hope decide to go search Victors room, and Nicole thanks Brady for being here and being her alibi. Brady says he wont be much help to her when that will is finally read. Nicole is left alone, and begins drinking. She realizes she has to get into that safe and get her hands on that will and the evidence. Nicole heads to the safe and is caught there by Bo. He asks what she is doing? Nicole claims she was checking the safe to make it was secure. Bo says she looked like she was breaking into it, and she is looking awfully guilty right now. Bo tells her no one will get into that safe until the morning, and then they will all learn what Victor had to say about her. Bo leaves the room, and Nicole wonders why getting away with murder has to be so complicated.

Elsewhere, Phillip is furious with Brady. He says he let Victor get murdered. Phillip says that Victor was making his new will out while Brady was in bed making out with Nicole! Brady says that is not true. Phillip tells Brady that it wasnt enough he stole Chloe from him, now hes stolen his dads trophy wife. Phillip suggests maybe they both wanted Victor dead! Brady then attacks Phillip. On the patio, John finds MArlena thinking. He asks if she is okay? MArlena says she cant help but wonder if Shawn will tell his parents that he suspects she is the killer. Marlena says if Shawn tells his parents than they would have to investigate them. John says he thinks Shawns theory is so far fetched that nobody will believe it. Marlena thanks him for the faith he has in her, but she doesnt deserve it. John asks her why she would say that, she doesnt have any reason to feel he should doubt her does she? Before Marlena answers, they hear Brady and Phillip fighting and rush to break the fight up. MArlena tells them that no matter how upset they are, fighting is not the answer. She demands they both apologize to one another, which they do.

Brady goes to Nicole and tells her that he knows why she is upset about the cops getting into that safe. Brady says he knows his grandfather had evidence on her, and he knows about her lie about visiting Tony before his death. Brady thinks he should go tell this to Bo right now. Nicole begs him not to, and she insists she is not the killer. Meanwhile, Kate talks to Marlena, and Kate says she is convinced Nicole murdered Victor and has to be the serial killer. Kate says she was in the same room with the person who killed Victor and all the others. Marlena says it is ironic, isn't it?

Upstairs, Belle and Shawn end up arguing in Nicoles room as Jan hides in the closet. They continue to argue about Marlenas guilt or innocence. Shawn suggests they just calm down and go back to her place. Belle says no way , she does not want to be with him tonight. They continue to argue, and Belle says obviously Shawn doesnt love her as much as he says he does. She says this situation has already broken up her parents, and now look at them. Shawn asks if they are breaking up? Belle says she is just glad they never had sex! Jan hears this and smiles. 

Later, Bo, Hope, Shawn and Belle all head downstairs. Before Shawn and Belle are about to leave, Hope stops Shawn and says she got a message from him earlier that he had information about the killer. She asks Shawn what it is? Shawn looks at Marlena, and then says he had a theory about the killers identity, but that the more he thought about it, the more he realized it couldnt be true. Shawn says he doesnt want to waste their time. They say okay, and they head off. Shawn tells Belle that he didnt say anything because he doesnt want to upset anyone anymore. Meanwhile, John apologizes to MArlena about upsetting her by telling her about Shawns theory in the first place. Marlena says as Shawn was making his accusations, she was thinking about Celestes premonitions. She says if he became suspicious of her that would give him reason to kill her. John says that wont happen. Marlena walks off, and John tells himself that it cant be her, he just knows it cant. Later, Belle and Shawn say goodbye to John and Marlena. As Marlena hugs Belle she thinks to herself that no one will ever catch her, and anyone who tries is dead. 

Nicole heads upstairs to see Jan and tells her that Victor rewrote his will, and it is now locked up in his safe. Nicole says Victor was determined to send her to jail using the evidence that she shot Collin. Jan says oh my god, you really are a killer. Nicole tells Jan that she is in up to her neck as well, so she should keep her mouth shut unless she wants to end up on death row side by side with her. Nicole has a vision of the reading of Victors will and his safe being opened. Gene takes out a DVD that victor made, and Gene plays it. Everyone watches as Victor says his wife to Nicole is a sham, and she has been written out of his will. Victor then reveals Nicole killed Collin and that he helped her covered up. Victor says if he is killed than Nicole did it either by her own hand or a hired one. Finally, Victor says he believes Nicole is the serial killer. Gene says as Abe was about to arrest someone for Collins murder, Nicole must be the killer. Bo arrests Nicole, and Brady tells her that she will get exactly what she deserves, the death sentence. Nicole snaps to and says she cannot let that happen.

Outside, Bo and Hope. begin to wonder who else might know who the killer is. Hope says she wishes Celeste could have helped them, and she wonders who else can name them. Hope begins to worry for the safety of herself and others.


February 24, 2004
Patrick uses Jen computer to research everything he needs to know abut Jack and Jen. Unfortunately for Patrick, Jen catches him on her PC! She asks him what he is doing up so late, and why he is on her computer. Patrick makes up some excuse (I missed what he said). Jen remembers how Jack used to stay up to the wee hours working on stories. Patrick opens his big mouth and says that is the kind of dedicated reports Jack was, he was a real a champ and would let nothing stop him from getting the story. Jen says she thought he only met Jack one time, so how does he know so much about him? Patrick says there is evidence all around this house about Jacks life, he just inferred things about Jack from what he's seen. Jen says she is sorry, she didnt mean to make him so defensive. Patrick asks if he makes her nervous, him being a stranger in her house. Jen says she knew her husband, so he isnt a stranger. Patrick says he could be the killer, but Jen says he wasnt even in town when the killings started. She says it is good he is here, it is good to have a big strong man around just in case. Jen begins to think about her baby and worries about him or her. Patrick assures her that her child will be just fine, and when he or she is born it will be like having a little piece of Jack back. Patrick decides to fix Jen a bowl of ice cream to help her. She asks if he feels up to it? He says he does, and he goes to fix her some ice cream. Jen sits down and thinks her baby has to be all right. She knocks something off the chair, (I think it was Patrick's wallet), and she exclaims Oh my gosh! Patrick returns and says he can explain, but she was stunned because she felt the baby kick. Patrick realizes he is still safe, and he tells Jen that this is a good sign.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole tries to break into the safe, only to find Jan sneaking around the place. Nicole tells Jan that she has to get out of here and leave Salem. Nicole says they cannot be seen together, and if Jan is caught here, people will figure out what they have done. Suddenly, Brady shouts down to Nicole whos there? Nicole shoves Jan out the door, and Brady comes downstairs. Nicole claims she cant sleep and was just talking to herself, she does that sometimes when she is troubled. Nicole then tells Brady that she has a confession to make. Nicole says she secretly wished Victor dead several times, and she feels horrible now because she did love him once. Brady tells her to go to bed, and he heads up to his room. Nicole returns to the safe and tells herself that shes going no where until she figures out the combo to this safe. Nicole searches around for clues, and finds Victors day planner. She decides to try various important dates to see if they are the combination, such as Phillip and Bos birthdays. Nothing works, so she continues going through his desk. Brady catches her and asks what she is doing? Nicole says she was just remembering Victor, and she brings up how Victor is in heaven with his mother now. She says the only difference is his mother died so young, and she asks how old his mother was when she died? Brady says he doesnt want to talk about this, so he heads back to bed. Nicole continues rifling through victors things until he finds something with Isabella's birthday on it. She tries it, and she screams I cant believe I did it! She opens the safe, and a bunch of gas shoots out of it. Nicole ends up passing out after breathing in the fumes! Of course Nicole just imagined that, and she said it would be like Victor to have the safe booby trapped. She carefully tries Isabellas birthday, but it doesnt work. She says she needs to get into that safe and change the will and destroy the evidence in there. Nicole continues to have visions that she is arrested for Collins murder and is told by Bo that she is the front runner for being the serial killer. Nicole says she only killed Collin in self defense, she didn't kill anyone else. Jan comes forward and claims Nicole forced her to kill Victor. Nicole is handcuffed and taken away. Nicole snaps out of her vision and says she cant let that happen. Nicole continues to have visions about being thrown in jail with an inmate named Bertha. Bo tells Nicole that he thinks she will have some good times with bertha. Nicole begs not to be left here with Bertha. Bertha asks Nicole why she doesnt like her, because she likes her! Bertha tells the new girl has to wax the floors and clean thr toilets, as well as give her a manicure and a backrub. Nicole asks what she gets in return? Bertha gives Nicole a big bear hug. Nicole screams, both in her vision and in real life, which causes Brady to come running. He orders her to go to bed, and she says okay. As she heads upstairs she thinks to herself that shell blow this place up if she has to stop that will from being read.

Marlena is in the park and is thinking about Belle and Shawn. Marlena says Shawn is a problem, and problems need to be eliminated. She says the only question is, what is the best method of disposal? MArlena remembers how she killed all the others, and she holds up a knife. As she sits on the park bench, a cop approaches her from behind! The cop tells Marlena that she should be out here at this time at night with the killer running around. Marlena hides her knife and she says she can take care of herself. The cop says it is a free country, but dont say I didnt warn you. He tells her to go home and go to bed. Marlena tells herself Not until I take care of Shawn Brady.

Over at Shawns place, Shawn is sleeping in bed when Jan breaks in. Jan approaches a sleeping Shawn, who is dreaming about kissing Belle. Shawn ends up grabbing Jan, in his sleep, and pulls her into a kiss. When Shawn opens his eyes he is stunned. When he hopes his eyes, nobody is in the room! Shawn gets out of bed, looks around, and then wondered how that kiss could feel so real. He wonders if Belle is here? Jan is under his bed and says the ice princess is not here, and she could never kiss him like that.

Marlena heads to the loft and sneaks towards Shawns door. Belle catches her there as she is dumping the trash, and she thinks MArlena came to see her. Belle invites Marlena in, and Marlena tells Belle that she is worried about her. Belle says she is so upset about Shawn, and she cant stand the horrible things he is saying about her. Belle says she thinks this is the end of Shawn and her. Marlena says it is the end for Shawn, that is for sure! There is a knock on the door, and it is Shawns. Shawn asks if she was over at his place? She says no, but he says he could have sworn . . . Shawn sees she is with Marlena. Shawn tells her that he loves her, but she tells him goodnight and slams the door in his face. Shawn says he knows what he has to do. Meanwhile, MArlena and Belle continue their talk about Shawn. When Belle coughs, Marlena suggests she take some cough syrup before she gets sick. Marlena tells Belle to go upstairs and get some medicine and she'll look for some vitamin C in the kitchen. Belle goes upstairs to look for some, and Marlena grabs the set of keys to Shawns place. She tells herself that Belles problems with Shawn are about to be over. Belle comes down with cold medicine, and Marlena says she doesnt seem to have any vitamin C or Echinacea. However, she did make her some herbal tea. Belle tells her that she is the best mom, and Shawn is so wrong about her. Marlena tells belle to get some rest, leaves and then heads over to Shawns apartment. Marlena lets herself in with the keys she stole, and she walks over to Shawns bed, holds up the knife, says he shouldnt have guessed he was the killer, and then stabs at the body in Shawn's bed. We see blood flow from the body under the blanket, and we see blood on the knife. Marlens says that is the end of Shawn Brady!

At Bo and Hopes, Bo is beating himself up over Victors death. He says this killer is taking away his family members one by one, and he says perhaps pop is next, and then him. Hope tells him tomorrow the safe will be opened and they will have proof who the killer is. Bo says he is afraid this woman is so smart she could worm her way out being caught. Bo wonders how far shell go not to get caught. Bo and Hope get into bed, but Bo cant sleep. Bo wants to go to the mansion, but Hope says it is too late. She also tells him that he doesnt have to sleep, and she kisses him. Later, Bo continues to think about the safe and the answers that are inside. Bo says he will make sure that maniac is brought to justice. Shawn end up showing up at Bo and Hopes, and he tells his dad that he needs to talk to him. Hope goes to check on Zack to give them time. Bo thinks Shawn is upset about Victor, and he says tomorrow when they open that safe they will find the killer. Shawn says that is why he is here, he is here about the killer. Shawn says he shot his mouth off about something and upset Belle. Bo asks what this has to do with the identity of the killer? Shawn says he told Belle that he thought he knew who the killer was, and that it was someone she cares about. Bo tells Shawn if he has a theory than he better tell him. Shawn doesnt know if it is a theory or a crazy idea due to all the killings. Shawn says he doesnt know what to do. Bo says he cant give him advice because he doesnt have much to go on. Bo asks Shawn why he told Belle he thought the killer was someone she cared about? Shawn says he wanted to protect her. Bo says that is understandable, and he suggests Shawn tell her that he made a mistake. Shawn says hell go do that tonight. Bo suggests he wait until the morning as waking her up in the middle of the night might not help his cause. Shawn leaves, and hopes to himself that he is wrong about who the killer is. Hope returns from checking on Zack, and she tells Bo that when he looks at Zack just remember that his mother and brother live on in Zack. She says tomorrow when they get the evidence, all the deaths will be avenged. Bo says he wont lose another family member to this killer. Hope asks Bo if he thinks the secret to the killers identity is in the safe? Bo says Victor wouldnt lie to him, if he said there was proof in that safe than there is. Hope hopes they can unmask this killer before she gets a chance to kill again.


February 25, 2004
Local news interrupted the show several times today
At Samis place, Sami is having dreams about making out with Lucas. She ends up moaning outloud as she dreams about making love to Lucas. Lucas comes running, because he thinks she is in pain! Sami asks him what he is doing here? Lucas reminds her that she suffered a fall tonight, he says he hard her moaning, and he asks if she is in pain. Sami says no, so Lucas asks why she was moaning. Sami says it is none of his business! Lucas says she was having a dream about making love to him! She asks how he knows it is about him? Lucas says who else got her hot and bothered tonight? (I missed part of this story due to the news interruption) When the show came back, Sami was telling Lucas that she is protecting herself from being hurt again, from being hurt by him. Lucas understands, and as they talk, Sami learns about Victors death. Sami cant say she mourns Victor as he was always threatening her. However, she ends up realizing Nicole is the prime suspect, and if Nicole is the killer, than she may have killed her family members to make her suffer and she could be next! Lucas tells her that she wont die, he wont let her. Sami asks where Will is, is he alone? Lucas says Kate is with him, shes helping him with a school project. Sami makes a snide remark about Kate hating her as much as Nicole does. Lucas then tells Sami to take her robe off and get into bed, which she does. Lucas stays with Sami as she goes to sleep. He tries to comfort her as she cries about how nobody loves her and he was right about her, she has always tried to force love.

At Belles place, Belle falls asleep on the couch and dreams about her arguments with Shawn as of late. She wakes up from her dream and tries to call Shawn, but there is no answer. She leaves a message on his machine and asks him to come over so they can talk. Over at Shawns place, Marlena stands over Shawns bed with a bloody knife. She says Goodbye Shawn Brady! Marlena hears Belle leave a message for Shawn, and she says she is sorry. She says Shawn was a danger to her just like Abe, Maggie, Caroline and Cassie; she had no choice but to kill him. Marlena leaves, and the body under the bloody sheet moves!  Marlena sneaks out of Shawns place and heads to the park, Marlena says she is sorry for what she did, but one day Belle will thank her for what she did for her. MArlena mumbles that she loves her daughter more than she could ever know, and she will never leave her. 

Back at Belles place, Shawn shows up with roses. She lets him in, and she says she left a message because she wanted to talk to him. Shawn says he is sorry, he hurt her and that is the last thing he wanted to do. Belle asks if he is admitting he is wrong about her mom? Shawn says he has known her mom since he was little, and she has raised a terrific daughter, a daughter he hopes will be his family one day. Belle says his mom is a forgiving person and she doesnt think she is angry at him, just upset that someone could think that about her. Shawn says he was talking to his dad earlier, he did not tell his dad his theory, but his dad made him realize he is being stubborn and that perhaps he is just being affected by the number of people being hurt by this killer. Shawn says he knows now that even if you become suspicious of people you've known your whole life, you cant stop trusting the people you love. Belle says she doesnt want that to happen to her either. Belle tells Shawn that she called him and left a message with him because she didn't want their angry words to be the last ones they said to one another. Belle and Shawn tell the other that they love the other. Shawn hugs Belle, and she says he feels warm. Belle says she is getting a cold, and perhaps he should stay at his place tonight. He asks if that is what she wants? She says no, so he decides to go grab a few things from his place and hell be right back.

Belle decides to head over to Shawn's to get some aspirin from him. She walks into his apartment and calls out to Shawn, but he doesnt answer. When she sees the bloody sheets on the bed, she lets out a scream. Shawn shows up and demands Belle go back to her apartment and lock the door. She says she would feel safer with him. Shawn leaves with Belle, and Shawn says he thinks this is a warning because the killer feels threatened by him. Belle tells Shawn not to go there, her mom did not do this. Shawn says if his spare keys are in her apartment, than he swears he will never doubt her mom again. They go to Belles place, and Belle finds her keys are back where they are supposed to be. Shawn says he is satisfied, and he decides to look around her place. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, it is Marlena. Marlena has brought her some chicken soup and Echinacea. When Shawn comes downstairs, Marlena looks stunned to see Shawn. Belle and Shawn ask her what is wrong? Marlena says she is surprised to see him here after their fight, that is all. Shawn says they made up, and Marlena says goody! Shawn then apologizes to MArlena for what he said before. She thanks him. Shawn says hell explain everything after his mom gets here. MArlena asks what happened? They tell Marlena about how someone broke into his place and tore up all his sheets. Shawn says he thinks it was the killer. Marlena ask why they would target him, and how did they get in? Shawn says they dont know, he thought someone may have used Belles key but it is still here. MArlena remembers sneaking back in to replace the key. Marlena tells Belle that she doesnt want her to stay here, she wants her to come home with her. Belle says she will be safe here with Shawn. Belle says she is worried about her mom going outside on her own, but Marlena says she is fine. She tells them to both take care, and she leaves. Marlena worries about who was in his bed, and what they saw.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole is soaking in the tub and thinking of how to get into that safe. Victors ghost appears and says shell never get into his safe, and he laughs at her. Suddenly, Nicole sees blood all over her hands, and she cant get it off. He then picks up a CD player and tells her that she should see how it feels to fry, and he throws the CD player into the tub with her! Meanwhile, Brady calls Chloe to tell her about his grandfathers death. As they are talking, Brady hears Nicole let out a scream. Brady tells Chloe that hell call her right back, and he runs off. Back in Nicoles tub, Victor tells Nicole that justice has been served curtsy of the great beyond! Brady bursts into the bathroom and finds Nicole out cold in the bathtub. Nicole is okay, she had just fallen asleep. She wakes up and is frightened. She tells him that Victor came to her, and she was killed just like he was in this very bathtub. Brady says it was just a dream, but Nicole says it felt so real. Brady then realizes Nicole is bleeding! Her hand is bloody, just like it was in her nightmare. Nicole cut herself on the side of the tub, and Brady patches her up with a first aid kit. (The show was interrupted at this point for a local trial) When the show returns, Brady asks Nicole why he should blame her for his grandfathers death? He says Victors death is the only murder she has an alibi for! He says tomorrow when the safe is open than hell know what to believe about her. Nicole tells Brady that he loves how pragmatic he is, and she puts the moves on him. Brady says he needs to go call Chloe, but she says she has something to tell him. Brady says he is done playing games with her, he doesnt want to hear anything she has to say. Nicole says he is going to hear what he has to say. She says Victor has no evidence on her in that safe, if he did he would have shared it with someone by now. Brady says fine, even if she isnt accused, where is she going to live now that she has a fresh start? Nicole asks what he cares? Brady comments about how he is going to be with Chloe, she will still return to Salem because the opera house will be built. He says Victor saw to that. Nicole throws out a comment about how he doesnt have to let Victor dictate his life or relationships anymore , he is out of their lives and no longer controls them. Brady says she doesnt sound like she believes that, and walks off. Brady calls Chloe back and explains what happened. Chloe seems a bit unhappy that he saw a naked Nicole. Brady says that is not what matters, and he says after the funeral for his grandfather he is going to come see her in Europe. Meanwhile, Nicole returns the to tub, and she hears noises. She thinks it is Victor coming to haunt her again, and she tells him to get away from her. Suddenly, a bloody hand reaches out for Nicole! It is Jan, who is bloody. Nicole asks what happened to her? Jan says the killer got her! Jan remembers seeing Shawn leave and then sneaking into his bed (after getting naked). She remembers getting under the covers and then being stabbed. Nicole asks her who the killer is, but Jan collapses!


February 26, 2004
John shows up at the mansion to check on Brady before he turned in for the night. Brady is awake, he cant sleep because every time he closes his eyes he sees Victor. John asks if his murderer is here? Brady asks if he is talking about Nicole? John says damn straight he is! Brady says Nicole could not have killed Victor because she was with him at the time, but John says she could have gotten someone else to kill Victor while she was handcuffed to him. Brady asks who could Nicole have found to kill Victor? John thinks Nicole is possibly the serial killer, and that Victor has the same evidence Abe may have had. He reminds Brady that it was  Abes death that started all of this. John knows Victor has something big in that safe, and he asks where the black widow is. Brady says she is upstairs in her room. John says shes probably sleeping like a baby. Brady says no, she is having nightmares. John says that is another sign of her guilt. John says if Nicole is the killer than all of this will be over soon. Brady says Nicole, even with all her faults, is not a cold blooded killer. Brady says he has seen another side of her, the scared little girl who wants someone to love her. John says that side could be just an act, and the real Nicole is a cold killer who wont stop until she gets what she wants. Brady says Victor would agree with him because he was always saying that he didnt know the real Nicole. Suddenly, the locksmith returns to examine the safe. John realizes how hard it is to get into this particular safe, which makes him even more convinced Victor has some shocking evidence inside. Later, John asks Brady what hes going to do now that Victor is gone? Brady says after the will is read hes going to go visit Chloe. Brady then asks his dad how Marlena is, she looked tense earlier. John says she is going through a lot of rough stuff. Brady can imagine, especially with Shawn accusing her of being the killer. John asks Brady not to repeat that to anyone. Brady says he wont, and it's not ike anyone would believe it. 

Upstairs, Nicole tells Jan that she cant die like this, not here, or she will be busted! Nicole wakes Jan up by throwing water on her. Jan is completely covered in blood from the killer stabbing her. Jan asks Nicole to help her, go get something to stop the bleeding. Nicole gives her a towel to put against her wound. Jan sarcastically says thanks, shes all better now. Nicole asks who the killer is? Jan says it was dark and all she saw was a shadow. She says she was hiding under Shawns sheets to surprise him, but she got the surprise. Nicole cant believe she went to see Shawn, what was she thinking? Jan says she was thinking him being broken up with Belle was her chance to take him. Nicole asks what she was planning to do, jump his bones and yell surprise? Jan says something like that. Nicole says he wouldn't have had sex with her after breaking up with the love of his life. She says she is looney tunes and she cant believe she got involved with her. Jan says she owes her, and she wants to be paid now. Nicole asks Jan if she is absolutely positive she didnt see the killers face? Jan says she didn't, and she bets the killer thought she was dead and that is why she left. Nicole worries that the killer may have seen Jan. Jan tells Nicole to stop thinking about saving her own ass and help her. The wound is pretty bad, and Jan says she could bleed to death. Jan asks Nicole to take her to the hospital, but Nicole says shes not taking her anywhere. Nicole says she cant be seen driving her anywhere, and they sure cant let anyone know she is in town. Jan accuses Nicole of wanting her to die to get rid of her, but Nicole says that isnt what she wants. Nicole says she thinks she has a solution, and tells Jan to wait here. Jan asks God not to let her die when she is so close to getting what she wants. Nicole returns and plans on stitching Jan up with her traveling sewing kit! Jan refuses to let Nicole stitch her up. Nicole says she can either go to the ER and lose Shawn, die here, or let her stitch her up. Jan realizes she has no choice but to let Nicole stitch her up. Nicole has some booze which she says this will be their antiseptic and pain killer all in one. Jan downs some of the booze, and Nicole says that stuff numbs the pain like nothing else. Nicole produces a bullet that belonged to a dear departed friend named Larry, and she tells Jan to bite on it. Nicole says here goes, and sews Jan up. Jan asks why the killer came after her? Nicole says the killer obviously went after Shawn. Jan thinks she needs to warn Shawn that he is in danger, but Nicole thinks that Shawn will figure that out when he sees the blood in his bed. Jan still thinks she should warn him, but Nicole asks how she will explain how she ended up in his bed? Jan realizes Nicole is right. Nicole says they have bigger problems to worry about, like what will happen when they open the safe tomorrow. Jan ends up drunk as a skunk, and she tells Nicole that there is big trouble in the safe for Nicole! Nicole finishes stitching up Jan, and then hides her in the closet to keep her under control. In the closet, Jan remembers seeing Victor talking about the safe with his lawyer. Jan says that is Nicoles problem, not hers. She then passes out. 

Nicole heads downstairs and finds the locksmith working on the safe. John tells Nikki K. that they are all interested in what is in this safe. Nicole says the only thing he is interested in is sticking her with a murder wrap. She says she is not guilty, and tells Brady to tell that to his father. Brady says they will all get the answers they want as soon as the safe is opened.

Hope shows up at the loft to find out why Belle and Shawn have called her. Shawn shows his mother the crime scene. Hope asks Shawn if he is all right? Shawn says he is fine. Hope asks who did this? Shawn tells her that he thinks this was the killers work. Hope asks why the killer would come after him? Shawn says because he is a Brady obviously. Hope says they will go over this scene and find something to nail this lunatic once and for all. Tek is called to go over the crime scene, and Hope asks if there is anything he can tell them, no matter how silly it may seem. Shawn says there isnt, and later Belle thanks Shawn for not telling them what he thought. Shawn says they shouldnt get into this right now. Belle realizes that Shawn still suspects his mom. Shawn tells belle that he just wants to wait and see what they find. Belle says she cant believe him. Tek returns and says lipstick and makeup were on the pillow, and there were multiple strands of dark hair in his bed. Belle asks Shawn if he had a girl in his bed tonight? Shawn says no woman was in his bed, but Tek says the evidence disputes that. Shawn says this is crazy, and he says he thought someone was in his room earlier and he kissed them, but when he woke up nobody was there. Shawn says that is when he left and went to her apartment. Hope says two people broke in here tonight, the person in Shawns bed and the person who stabbed him. Hope and Tek leave to gather more evidence, and Belle demands to know who Shawn had sex with tonight! Shawn says he did not have sex with anyone tonight, and he has no idea how that evidence got there. Belle tells him to be truthful with her, and she thinks Shawn accusing her mom of being the killer was his way to break up with her so that he could go have sex with this other woman. Shawn says that he never wanted to break up with her, he never wanted to think her mom was the killer, and he has no idea how this evidence appeared in his bed. Shawn says they should focus on who broke in here tonight, and what happened to them. Tek returns and he says he thinks he could answer that. They say the victim got away, and the assailant is of average strength and probably between 57 and 58. Shawn becomes even more suspicious of Marlena, and thinks he should tells his mom. Belle begs him not to say anything about this to anyone. She says if he loves her, than he wont say one word. Later, Hope fears for Shawns safety. She says it is obvious that he is in danger, he is the killers next target. Hope says she doesnt understand, and she suddenly gets the feeling that someone she loves will be the next to die.

At Doug and Julies, Julie wakes up and finds Doug sitting in the chair. Doug tells Julie that he knows who the killer is! Julie asks Doug how he could possibly know who the killer was? Doug remembers seeing Marlena come out of Tonys room. Doug tells Julie that he saw the killer come out of Tonys cubicle after injecting him with the drug that ended his life. Julie asks who it is? Doug says it is someone they know and care about, but he refuses to tell Julie who it is. Julie asks why he cant tell her? Doug says he has to be sure before he makes accusations, too much is at stake here. Julie says she thought he was sure, but Doug says it just doesnt seem possible. Julie tells Doug that if it is the woman he suspects than they have to stop them. Doug says if this woman finds out he told her, than she could be at risk too. Doug says he knows what he has to do to find out if this woman is the killer, so he will do that and then go to the police. Julie tells Doug that this is too dangerous, he cant breath a word of this to anyone because if she learns that he knows who she is, than he is as good as dead. Doug says he understands she is scared, but if this person is the killer than she needs to be stopped. Julie agrees, but she doesnt want anything to happen to him. She says this woman is unstoppable, she has killed people who thought they knew her identity. Julie wants to know what Doug means when he says he had to be sure? Doug says nothing. Julie knows she is thinking about poking around, and Julie tells Doug to go to Hope. Doug says he knows of someone who can help her, and he decides to go see her now. He tells Julie to go back to bed and he will be back soon. Doug tells Julie not to worry. After Doug leaves, Julie gets a visit from Maggies ghost! Julie realizes this is not good, and she hopes she is dreaming. When Maggie doesnt leave, Julie realizes she isnt dreaming. Julie asks why she is here? Maggie says she is here about Doug, he is in danger. Maggie says she, Caroline, Cassie and Caroline all died because they were a threat to the killer. Julie asks who the killer is? Maggie says she cant tell her that, all she can do is warn her that if the killer knows what Doug is doing than no one can save him.

Elsewhere, Doug knocks on someone's door, and tells them that hes sorry to bother them so late. Doug says he knows who the killer is, and they are the only one who can help them.


February 27, 2004
At Lucas place, Will is wearing an Indiana Jones hat to do an archaeology project for his science class. Lucas and Kate are both helping Will out with his project, which is to build a sarcophagus. Lucas thanks Kate for helping him out with Will. Kate says she wouldnt want to be anywhere else. Lucas realizes he doesnt have a glue stick for his glue gun, so he heads to Samis place to get one. Kate then sees the photo of Sami, Lucas and Will on the fridge from their camping trip. Kate asks Will about the photo. Will explains it was taken on his schools family camping trip. He says the years before they never went, but this time they went. Will tells his grandma how they were disorganized, signed up at the last minute, and had to share a tent and a sleeping bag! Will jokes there wasnt a lot of sleeping going on though. Kate doesnt want to ask, but she asks how he knows they didnt get much sleep? Will says he put a snake in their sleeping bag to try and get his parents together. Will explains his mom ran off and got trapped in a cave with the tiger from the circus, and dad rescued her. He hopes the trip will finally be what brings his parents together. 

At Samis place, Sami is watching a sappy romance movie on TV and crying. She thinks about when she almost made love to Lucas in the cave. Lucas shows up and asks if she is okay? Sami says she has insomnia, and she thought a late night movie would help, but shes more awake than ever., Lucas has come over for a glue stick to help Will out with a science project. Sami wants to come help because she loves being crafty, but Lucas says his mom is there helping. Sami ends up finding some paint, but squirts it all over Lucas shirt, forcing him to take it off. sHe offers to wash it for him, but he says it is oil based paint, it wont come out. Lucas says he has other shirts, unless she prefers him shirtless. She says she doesnt know what hes talking about. Lucas thinks she does, and he tells her to admit how she feels about him. Sami says those are his fantasies, and the only thing she feels for him is annoyed. Sami says looking at his naked chest and rock hard abs does nothing for him. Lucas says fine, from now on she should stop sticking her chest in his face! Lucas tells Sami to have a nice life and not to be too lonely without him. He walks out, and Sami looks in the mirror and tells herself that she does not have feelings for Lucas! Later, Sami ends up seeing Lucas head on her teddy bear, and she screams. Sami throws her teddy bear on the floor and tells Lucas to stay away from her! Sami grabs her teddy bear and finally admits she is in love with Lucas, and she doesnt know what shes going to do.

Lucas returns to his place, and Kate asks where his shirt is? Will asks if mom ripped it off his bod? Kate says she is shocked at Will! Lucas says Sami just spilled paint on it, that is all. Kate and Will have finished up, and Will heads to bed. Kate confronts Lucas about what is going on between him and Sami. Lucas tells her not to worry, Sami has made it crystal clear she has no feelings for him. Kate wants to celebrate, but Lucas is down and Kate can see that. She realizes Lucas is not as happy about this as she is. Lucas admits he cares about Sami, and he says something is going on between them.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Hope talks to Shawn on the phone, and she says when his father learns what happened to him fonight he will go ballistic. Hope suspects Nicole is behind it, and she thinks Bo will to. Inside the Kiriakis Mansion, Bo has shown up and waits for the locksmith to open the safe. Nicole realize the entire Salem PD must be outside her house. Bo says damn right, and when they get that safe open, they will bust her for murder! Bo tells her that she could save them a lot of trouble if she would just confess. Nicole refuses, so Bo says shes under arrest! Hope walks in and says he cant arrest her yet, but she warns Nicole that he will be able to arrest her once the safe is opened. Hope tells Nicole not to leave the house. Nicole heads upstairs and panics. Meanwhile, Hope fills Bo in on what happened to Shawn tonight. Bo realizes Shawn is the killers next target, and he says shes dead! He orders the locksmith to get that safe open now!

Upstairs, Nicole looks at a photo of Victor, says she hates him and damns him to hell. She then shatters the photo. Bo walks in and confronts Nicole about hating Victor. Nicole says she hates him for leaving her. Bo doesnt buy that, and he accuses her of being the killer. He then tells Nicole to meet the woman who can ID her as the serial killer. Nicole turns around and sees Hope. Nicole says Hope cant ID her as the killer unless she saw her committing a murder. Bo reminds her that Hope was attacked by the killer in the evidence room, and Hope has information on the killers build. Hope asks Bo to lay on the bed, she gives Nicole a brush, and tells her to pretend to stab Bo. Nicole thinks this is stupid, but plays along. Hope takes measurements, and Bo asks based on the evidence from Shawns apartment, could Nicole be the killer? Nicole asks what happened at Shawn's? Bo tells her to shut up. Meanwhile, in the closet Jan panics. She has a fantasy of herself and Nicole breaking out of prison, only to be shot down by Bo, brandishing a Tommy Gun. Back in the bedroom, Nicole learns what happened at Shawns place, and she says there is no way she could have gotten out of here, to Shawn's place, and back without being seen by at least one cop. She says it is illogical. Bo says this killer is evil and has gotten away with murder after murder. Bo says that killer is her. He thinks she hired someone to kill his father, but he thinks she killed all the others herself. Bo says she will go down for murder. Nicole says what they are doing to her is illegal, and she orders them out of her room. Bo warns Nicole not to go anywhere because the cops surrounding the house have been ordered to shoot to kill. They leave, and Nicole says she needs to get into that safe. Suddenly, Jan stumbles out of the closet and says she knows the combo to that safe.

At Alice's place, Julie is going crazy with worry. Julie goes to see Alice, and she tells Alice that she got a visit from Maggie, and Maggie says Doug is in terrible danger. She tells Alice that Doug thinks he knows who the killer is. She says she tried to convince him to go to Hope, but he went off to go see someone else. She says after he left is when Maggie came to her. Julie says she cant get a hold of him, and she is so worried. Julie calls Doug and leaves him yet another message. Julie finally realizes she has to make the call no one ever wants to make. Julie contacts someone and says she needs help, she feels Doug knows who the killer is and she needs some advice. Julie asks Marlena if she can come see her?

Doug shows up at Celestes place and asks her for help. Celeste tells Douglas that she has been expecting him! She invites Doug in, and he sees candles all over the place. Doug asks if she is in the middle of something? She says she has been sensing vibrations all night, and she fears the killer may strike again. She warns Doug if he knows the killers identity he could be the only one who can stop them, but it may also end up costing him his life! Doug says he is willing to take the risk, but he must make sure this person is really the killer. Celeste asks Doug to sit down, and to light a candle. He does so, and he asks what the significance of the angel candle is? Celeste says the white light she gives off will save his life! Celeste opens up a channel to the dark side. The windows blow open, and breeze sweeps through the room. Celeste tells Doug that soon he will have the answer he seeks! Celeste tells Doug to ask his question. Doug doesnt want to endanger her by saying the name out loud. Celeste says she has thought of that. She gives him a bag of crystals, tells him to place them in a circle, and if he suspicions are right than the persons face will appear in the center of the circle. Doug asks if the killer is the person he thinks it is? In the center of the crystals, Doug sees the killers mask, which fades away to reveal Marlenas face! The wind stops blowing, and Celeste says the dark spirits have left them. Celeste asks Doug if his suspicions were confirmed. Doug says they were, but it is so hard for him to believe. He asks if the spirits are ever wrong? Celeste says she is afraid not. She asks what he will do now? He says he is going to the police, but Celeste fears Doug is in grave danger. Celeste decides to read Dougs cards, and she tells Doug that the cards indicate if he does not answer for all his actions and inactions than death will come! 

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