January 5, 2003
Bo, Hope and John catch Tony lurking outside of Tuscany, and then they hear Kates screams. Back inside Tuscany, Kate walks out of the kitchen covered in blood! Celeste realizes this is just like her vision. Tony has been brought inside by Bo and the others at this point. Bo orders Tony to be cuffed, and some others to search the grounds. John asks Kate if she is hurt, and Bonnie thinks the blood is just from the cake. Kate says it is Roman, and she points to the kitchen. John , Bo, Hope, Marlena and Sami head into the kitchen, and John sees a pool of blood under the table. He lifts the table cloth up and reveals Romans body covered in blood! Everyone gasps at the grizly scene. Lexie looks over Roman's body and begins examining some of his wounds. Lexie says Roman died only a short time ago. Tek is on the scene as well, and Lexie finds the bride and groom decoration from the cake stuffed in Romans mouth.

Back out in the main part of the restaurant, Bo lunges at Tony and says hell have his head! Everyone pulls Bo off of Tony, and Hope tells him that if he kills Tony than he is no better than him. Shawn says Uncle Roman wouldnt want him to do this. Bo knows Shawn is right, and that Roman would tell him to trust the system and let it work. Bo says the system let him down again, Tony got out on jail and murdered his brother because the system failed. Tony is missing a cufflink, which proves Tony has been here long enough to kill Roman. Tek says that Roman was killed with a single edged blade, and then a cop finds a samurai sword in the bushes outside. LExie lashes out at Tony and tells him that he is not human. She wishes she would have caught onto him earlier because she would have been able to stop him from killing so many people. Celeste pulls Lexie away and tries to calm her down. Hope tells Lexie not to waste her anger and energy on Tony. Celeste says other people need her help now. Lexie goes to get her medical bag, and Bo and Hope go to be with Grandpa Shawn. 

Marlena comforts a devastated Sami. Sami says she had so many things to say to Roman, and she needs him so much. She asks her mom what they will do without him?
John goes over to Marlena and Sami, and Sami lashes out at John and tells him to leave them alone. She tells John that she knows he is glad Roman is dead, and she wants him to admit that he wanted Roman gone. John tries to say that's not true, but Sami won't let him talk and tells John that he lives to see her suffer, and she tells everyone to leave her alone and runs off. MArlena tells John to leave her alone because there is no way she will accept help from him now. Marlena then walks away from John.

Chloe is in shock and tells Brady that she knew this was going on, but it didnt seem possible. Brady comforts Chloe as Nicole watches. Nicole tells Victor that shes been studying some faces here, and some people arent too upset by Roman's death. Nicole and Victor flash back to Nicole burning the evidence against her, and Nicole tells Victor that she saved both of their asses, so he has to do something for her. Victor asks what she wants. Nicole says she wants to know how soon they can get out of here. Later, Victor sees everyone blaming Tony for the murder, and he tells Nicole that she got a break tonight. Brady shows up and asks a break from whatt? Nicole says Victor just meant that there is a murder she isnt a suspect in. BRady tells her that Tony had no motive to kill Collin, but Victor says Collin was a Brady and that is reason enough. Nicole asks Brady if he can find out if they can leave, since they arent suspects. Brady says that isnt up to him, and he walks off. Victor tells Nicole to show a little more compassion, but Nicole says that would make her look suspicious. Nicole says she is happy Roman is dead, and she knows he is too.

Kate is in denial about what has happened, and she thinks Roman will be okay. She says they will take Roman to the hospital and everything will be okay. Lucas and Phillip are with Kate and try and help her deal with what is going on. Chloe offers to help Phillip with his mom if she can, but he says there isnt, but thanks.

MEanwhile, Grandpa Shawn goes into a frenzy and collapses! Hope calls for Lexie, and Lexie rushes to him. She asks if he is in pain, and he says no. Shawn says he just cant breath. Lexie says he is just hyperventilating, and Shawn will be all right. Bo asks him how he feels, and Shawn says he feels like a foolish old man. Bo tells him not to feel that way, and not to scare them again because they need him. Meanwhile, Rex lashes out at Tony. He says he has been watching him, and he probably wouldnt care if the old man (ie Shawn BRady) died. Rex asks why he did it? Why did he kill his sister and his father? Tony tells Rex that the is smarter than that, think like the person the DiMeras created and not like a Brady. Rex says his father was a Brady, and he killed him! Rex then walks away from Tony. 

Tek returns with the tapes from the wedding videographer. He tells Bo and John that he'll look over them to see if  Tony was on any of them. Meanwhile, Lexie wants to give Kate a sedative, but Lucas says he gave her some brandy earlier. LExie tells Kate to go home and rest, but she refuses to leave without Roman. 

Elsewhere, Nicole thinks Victor wished Shawn Brady had a heart attack when Caroline was alive because then he could move in on the widow. Victor calls her a heartless bitch! Nicole says she doesnt have to take this, and tries to leave, only to be told by a cop she cant leave without John or Bos okay. Nicole asks Victor to get them out of here, so Victor asks Bo if he and Nicole can leave. Bo says they can. Victor tells Bo that he is sorry for his loss, and then he tells Kate he is sorry for her loss and to call if there is anything he can do for her. 

Later, Brady, Chloe, Mickey and Bonnie are all cleared to leave by John. Bonnie tells Mickey that she doesnt want to go home because Conner is at a sleepover, so she doesnt want to be alone after this awful murder. Mickey invites her to come home with him, so she accepts. Meanwhile, Brady and Chloe tell Shawn and Belle that they are heading out. Brady asks about Marlena, but Belle says Sami is the one she is really worried about. Belle feels this could finally throw Sami off the deep-end.

Marlena finds Sami crying in the bathroom at Tuscany. Marlena tells Sami that she shouldnt be alone now, and she shouldnt hide her feelings. Sami tells Marlena that she wont, and that this is her and Johns fault! Sami cries that no one would listen to her when she said this would happen. Sami cries that her father is dead, he is gone forever, he will never call her peanut again. Sami says shell never get to show him that things would work out with Brandon, and hell never be there for any special moments with Will. Sami tells her mom that it is all her fault. Sami throws the bouquet at Marlena and she runs off. Samis words echo in Marlenas head, and she throws the bouquet Sami shoved in her face in the garbage. 

Sami storms through Tuscany and lashes out at Tony for doing this to her. John tells her not to do this, but she tells John to back off. Sami lashes out at Tony and says she thought there was some good in him, but she was wrong. Marlena shows up and slaps Tony and tells him that he always said he wasnt his father and he was right, he is worse than Stefano. John tries to be there for Marlena, but she pushes him away and storms off. Sami tells John that it is obvious Marlena doesnt want him! Belle ends up upset when she sees her mom push her dad away. Marlena offers Sami a drink to calm her down, but Sami tells her not to try and help her. John tells Marlena that perhaps she and Sami should go home. Marlena tells John not to tell her what to do, it is his fault that Roman is dead! He says this is not his fault, but she says it is because he made her accept this marriage to Kate. He says she can't be serious, she can't really think she would have been able to stop Roman from marrying Kate if she told him she didn't approve. Marlena says he played on her guilt and made her accept this wedding. Sami says that it is too late for her parents to get back together, but at least her mom now knows what an evil bustard John is. John tells Marlena not to listen to her, but Marlena says she listened to him and now her husband is dead!

Meanwhile, Tek tells Bo and Hope that there is no sign of Tony on the tape, and if they cant get evidence to link Tony to the murder then . . .Bo says they will get the evidence, they will prove that Tony killed his mother and his brother. 

Rex comes over to check on Grandpa Shawn. Shawn hugs Rex, and a puzzled Rex asks why he did that? Shawn says he is Romans son, and his grandson. Shawn tells Rex that he is much a Brady as any of his children and grandchildren are, and he loves him for that and always will. Later, Rex cries to Mimi that for the first time he knows what it is like to have a family, to feel unconditional love. He says he never got to know his father, and now he never will.

Elsewhere, Lexie asks Celeste if this is over? Celeste says she sees nothing else, and she hopes this nightmare is over. Celeste confronts Tony and asks if he did this? Tony never answers her.

Kate is trying to clean herself up and says Roman is going to want to be leaving soon, so she can't look like this. Phillip and Lucas continue to worry about her. Meanwhile, Sami, Marlena and John all still arguing. Suddenly, Romans body is brought out on a gernie. Sami bursts into tears, and John holds Marlena back and says he is not her husband anymore. Kate finally realizes Roman is dead when she sees his body. She tells him that she loves him, and that they were supposed to start a life together today. Kate says she doesnt know how she is going to say goodbye to him, and she breaks down. Bo pulls her away from Roman, and Romans body is taken off. Bo orders Tony to be taken away. As Tony is dragged off, he yells that it isnt over and that Roman wont be the last to die.

At Mickeys house, Mickey walks into his bedroom and finds Bonnie is in the bathroom taking a shower. He tells Bonnie that he brought her some pajamas and will leave them on the bed for her. Mickey goes to leave, only to stop when he sees at a photo of Maggie. Bonnie comes out in a towel, and she says she didnt know he was still here. He is embarrassed, but she says it is not like she is naked. Bonnie says she feels better now that she got all the blood off of her, but she doesnt want to go home to her empty house. Mickey tells her to stay here in his bed. Bonnie is confused, but Mickey says the guest room is too cluttered with paint supplies, so hell sleep in there. She says that is so gentlemanly of her. She says if she needs anything shell just whistle, shell put her lips together and blow. Mickey says hell see her in the morning, and she says shell have breakfast waiting. 

Brady and Chloe go back to the mansion, and Brady is down in the dumps. Chloe knows he is upset because he had a history with Roman. She says they just have to live life like today is all they have. Brady tells Chloe that he cant believe he ever let her go. They tell one another how much they love the other and then they kiss. Brady and Chloe make love, and later discuss the murder. Brady says Tony must be the guilty party because he doesnt know anyone else more twisted and consumed with hate. An eavesdropping Nicole overhears this and says "evil is in the eye of the beholder Brady, and nothing will stop me from getting what I want! 


January 6, 2003
At the Police Station, Bo looks at a picture of Roman and cant believe hes burying another family member. Hope tells him that she knows nothing she can say can make him feel better. She says Tony is locked up now, and even though it wont bring back the people they love, he wont take anymore. Bo says Tony said more people would die, but Hope says he is just being arrogant. Hope says he will be convicted, but Bo says he will kill Tony before he gets a chance to be convicted! Hope tells Bo not to do this. Bo says DiMera doesnt deserve to live. Hope says that is up to God, and that is what Caroline would tell him. She also tells him to think what his brother would tell him. Bo says Roman wasnt just his brother; he was his friend and conscious. Suddenly, Bo gets a call from the commissioner and is asked to take over as acting commander. Bo asks to get back to him after he thinks about it and talks to his wife about it. Bo tells Hope that he cant take his brothers place. Hope asks Bo that if Roman and Abe could talk to him, what does he think their advice would be? Bo says they would tell him to stop whining, get the job done, and make Salem a safe place again. Bo looks at the picture of Roman and he says he wont let him down, hell see this through to honor him and the people he loves. Bo calls the commissioner back and accepts the position. Later, Bo finds a file Roman was keeping on him. Bo reads through the file and exclaims What the hell! Bo says Roman had a whole file on him since he began on the force, and Roman praised Bos work, in spite of his attitude problem. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole is looking like hell. She goes to get a drink and sees blood on her hand. The blood vanishes, and she pours herself a drink. Victor notices her hands are trembling, and he asks if she killed Roman tonight the same way she killed Collin last New Years Eve? Nicole says she wouldnt tell him even if she did. She reminds him that he covered for Collins murder, so he should be down on his knees thanking her for what she did tonight. Victor asks her what she did? Nicole tells Victor that shes putting him on notice; she always gets what she wants so dont stand in her way!

At Tuscany, Sami lashes out at Kate. Sami says Kate knew this would happen if she married her dad, yet she did it anyways. Sami suggests Kate just married Roman to get her hands on his pension. Lucas tells Sami to leave his mother alone because she just lost her husband. Sami says her mom is the one who lost her husband, the love of her life, and now her parents will never get back together. Lucas refuses to let Sami do this, and he drags her off and lectures her. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Kate not to let Sami get to her. Kate tells Phillip about the promise she made to Roman to try and make peace with Sami, and to treat her like a daughter. She says she said yes because she thought hed be there with her to help, but now she doesnt know how to honor her promise to Roman.

Meanwhile, Marlena tells John that whatever he was going to say, dont. Marlena says she needs to call Carrie and Eric. John says he will do that, but she says she needs to because they are her family. Elsewhere, Belle feels bad that her mom is blaming her dad for Romans death. As Belle is rambling, she notices Shawn is hurting. She says she is sorry and asks how he is. Shawn leans on Belle and says his family is being destroyed one by one. Later, Belle goes to her dad and asks him to make everything okay with mom. John says he doesnt think everything will be okay with her mom. Belle asks her dad if he and Marlena will break up over this? John doesnt know, so Belle tells him that Mrs. Brady would tell them right now they need to do all they can to hold onto the ones they love. Marlena returns, and she says that she couldnt get a hold of Eric. Belle asks her mom to stop for a minute, but MArlena says Eric needs to know that his father is dead. Belle talks Marlena about what is going on and she tells her that they are a family and need to stick together. When she talks about Shawns uncle Roman, Marlena says Roman is not just Shawns uncle, he is her husband. Belle says John is her husband, and they are her family. Marlena walks off, and Sami lashes out at Belle and tells her that her father ruined her family, and he turned their mother into a whore. John tells Sami to shut the hell up, but she says her father is dead because of him. Later, Sami and Marlena both lean on one another for support. John and Marlena then leave together. Outside of Tuscany, John tells Marlena that they have to talk; they cant let this thing split them up. Marlena says this is not a thing, her husband was murdered. She says they had children together. John says he is her husband, and he is the father of her children too. She says this is not the time for petty jealousy, and she walks off. Sami tells John that she hopes her mother leaves him before Celestes vision comes true! She tells him to stay away from her mother, and she runs.

Elsewhere at Tuscany, Mimi talks to Rex and says shes sorry he lost another family member, but at least now it is over. Celeste says it isnt, Tony was right to say more would die. Mimi asks Celeste who she thinks is next. We never hear Celestes answer. The next we see them, Mimi is saying she wants to take Rex home, but he says he wants to talk to Kate first. He goes off to talk to Kate, and Shawn comes over and talks to Mimi. Mimi tells him that Celeste is still predicting gloom and doom. Shawn asks what Celeste is saying now? As he asks, Celeste looks at them and says there is so much pain in their future. Shawn once again asks what Celeste said because he says she has been right all along, so they need to start listening to her? Once again, we dont hear her premonition

Rex goes to see Kate, who has changed into a new dress, and is wearing Romans gift. Rex talks to Kate and tells her that the gift Roman gave her is beautiful. She says it is a Brady heirloom and he wanted her to have it. He says that is only right because she is a Brady now. Kate says so is he. As they talk, Lucas and Phillip ask if Rex is giving her a hard time. Kate says no. She says they are all her sons, and she wants them to all get along. Kate tells Rex that shes sorry he never got a chance to know his father because she feels he is a lot like him. She tells Rex that if he needs anything to call her. Kate leaves with Lucas and Phillip, and Mimi asks Rex what Kate said? Rex tells her, and he says she treated him like a mother would. Mimi is happy for him, and she decides to take Rex home. Mimi tells Shawn that shell be staying with Rex tonight, and Shawn says hell stay with Belle. Belle and Shawn decide to head back to Belles place.

Celeste watches the police bag the samurai sword as evidence. She sneaks around Tuscany and looks at the evidence when the police leave. She sees the sword and the killers mask. Celeste ends up opening the evidence bag, and a light shines out of it and into her face. Celeste puts on gloves, and she takes out the mask. She puts the mask on and begins to see Romans attack through the killers eyes. Celeste realizes that Tony is not the killer, and they have arrested the wrong person. She says more lives will be taken!

Lucas and Phillip take Kate back to Romans place, which has been decorated for their wedding night by Roman. Lucas and Phillip both offer to stay here with her. Kate tells Lucas that Will will need him tonight, and Lucas realizes she is right. Phillip stays with Kate, who tells him that life is so unpredictable and they cant waste a moment. Kate says her love is gone forever, but Chloe is still alive and she knows Phillip still loves her. Phillip says she loves Brady now, and hell never let her go. Kate tells him never say never. She tells Phillip not to be left with nothing, to go after his love. 

At Samis place, Sami is in bed crying her eyes out while Will makes her some warm milk and takes care of her. Sami thinks she should be taking care of him, not the other way around. Will says she has had a hard day. Sami tells him so has he, he lost his grandfather. Sami promises Will that she will never leave him, he will always have her. He cries that she better not because he needs her. Will stays with Sami as she sleeps, and later Lucas shows up and checks on them. Will tells Lucas that mom needs him, and he begs his dad to help her. Lucas says he will. Lucas tells Will to go to bed and get some sleep. Sami cries for her dad in her sleep, and Lucas wakes her up. Lucas tells Sami that Will is worried about her and asked him to make sure she was okay. Sami thanks Lucas, and she cries that she is scared to be alone. She asks Lucas to stay with her tonight. Lucas gets into bed with Sami, and Sami cries on his chest as he holds her. She says her dad is gone and shell never be able to tell him how sorry she is for the horrible things she said. Lucas tells her to cry and let it all out. 

We see a woman dressed all in black in an apartment, and she looks at a photo of Belle and Shawn. The woman turns out to be Jan, who stole the key to Belles place before Christmas. Jan says Belle cant give Shawn what he needs, not like she can. Jan gets undressed, and then puts on the negligee that Shawn bought for Belle for Christmas. Jan says she can wait till Shawn sees her in this, and she begins playing with her hair. Jan hides in the closet when Shawn and Belle come home. Belle says she looked for the negligee he gave her to wear, but she couldnt find it. Shawn gets up to get the tea kettle when it whistles, and Belle shouts out Shawn look! Jan panics as she thinks shes been caught, but Belle only discovered the photo of them, which has been smashed. She wonders who could have done this. Shawn says the wind probably knocked it over. Belle just thinks this is a sign, and she worries that they could be next. She fears that tonight could be the last chance for them to be together. She asks Shawn to make love to her. Shawn tells Belle that he knows she is scared, but they will have a future together, no one can stop that. In the closet, Jan smiles. Shawn tells Belle that it will be okay, but Belle says her dad cant even promise her that, so neither can he. She says there is no way to know the future. Jan tells herself that she knows the future, and Belle wont like it.

At Rexs place, Mimi is worried about Belle, but says she is with Shawn and he is taking care of her. She asks Rex how he is doing? Rex says he is confused. He says he hated Roman, but Roman turned out to be a good guy. He says he loved Tony, and he turned out to be a murderer. Rex says that people always seem to be leaving him. Mimi says she will never leave him, and shell do anything for him. He asks her to make him forget, and they make love.

At the penthouse, John tells Marlena that he loves her. She doesnt say anything back to him. John says he knows how broken up she is over Romans death, but Tony is responsible for his death .Marlena says Roman is dead because he married Kate, and she could have persuaded him to wait but she listened to him. John says she really does blame him, even though it doesnt make sense, but Roman is gone and she will never forgive him will she? John tells her that he knows she blames him, so just say it. Marlena says if he knows, she doesnt need to say it. John asks her if she wants him to move out? Later we see John with his bags packed. Marlena is crying over a box of things, and John asks her if she is sure this is what she wants? Marlena says it is. John says he was hoping when she saw his bags were packed that this would be the last thing she would want. Marlena says she needs time to think, and she cant do that with him here. Marlena sass this is what she wants, so John leaves. Marlena looks at a photo of Roman and wonders why he had to die. 


January 7, 2004
At the loft, Jan spies on a sleeping Shawn and Belle. Shawn wakes up and looks around the apartment. He gets out of Belles bed and heads into the bathroom, where he finds Jan in the shower. Jan tells Shawn that shes been waiting for him. Belle wakes up and finds Shawn gone, and she hears the shower running. She heads into the bathroom only to catch Shawn and Jan in the shower. She exclaims What in the . . ! Of course it was all a fantasy of Jans. Jan is still spying on Shawn and Belle, and Shawn wakes up for real this time. Belle wakes up too, and she asks him what is wrong. He says nothing. He says hes going to get a glass of water and for her to go back to sleep. Belle goes backs to sleep, and Shawn heads to the living room. He looks around and could have sworn someone was watching him. Jan makes a noise from her hiding place, and Belle shows up and asks him if something is wrong? He says he heard a noise, and it must be the radiator again. Shawn and Belle discuss the events of last night. Shawn says it still doesnt feel real. Belle is worried about her parents, but Shawn says her mom loves her dad and she doesnt need to worry. Belle cant help but feel Shawn is worried about something else. She thinks hes worried about her and how she acted last night. Belle says she knows if they made love it would have been a mistake. As they talk about waiting, Jan cracks jokes about Belle. Later, as Belle and Shawn dress, Jan sneaks out. Shawn tells Belle she should go see her parents and put her mind at ease about what is going on with them. She says that is a good idea. Shawn leaves, and Belle ends up finding her negligee on the floor. She wonders why its on the floor? Meanwhile, Shawn continues to be stalked by Jan as he is leaving the building.

Kate is in bed crying, when Roman suddenly tells her not to cry. She looks over and sees Roman in bed with her. She asks if it is really him? He asks where else would he be after his wedding night. Kate tells him that she had the most awful dream, and she says she dreamt that he was murdered. She asks Roman to promise her that she wont lose him. Roman says that he loves her so much, he is right here, he has her in his arms, and he is very much alive. Kate says the dream just seemed so real. Roman says what is real is that he loves her and will never leave her. As they go to make love, Kate wakes up from her dream. Kate cries that he cant be gone because he promised her that theyd be together forever. Kate says eternity is all that is left for them now, and she knows what she has to do.

At the penthouse, John shows up to see Marlena. He rings the doorbell before coming in. Marlena opens the door and cries Oh my gosh youve come back! Marlena and John look at one another for awhile, and John asks if she is okay. Marlena says she didnt sleep very well. John says she looked happy to see him. She says she was surprised that was all. John says he packed in such a hurry that he forgot some things. Marlena asks why he didnt just use his key? He says she made it clear she needed time alone. MArlena tells him to get what he needs. John was hoping they could talk, but Marlena says nothing has changed. Marlena says she was going to go to church and pray for Roman. John asks her not to push him away, but she says she has to go to church and pray for her husband. MArlena then runs upstairs.

Kate and MArlena run into one another at church. Kate says it seems like they both had the same idea. Kate says she talked to the funeral director about the Brady burial plot, more precisely Romans burial plot and the one next to his. She tells MArlena that her name is still on that plot, she needs her permission to transfer that plot over to her. Marlena tells Kate that she was only married to Roman for a few hours, whereas she was married to him for years and has children with him. Kate says she had children with him too, but Marlena says what they had was stolen DNA! Kate says that is true, they did have a lot stolen from her. However, she says she is Romans wife, and when the time comes she wants to rest beside her husband. Marlena says she will think about it. Kate says there is nothing to think about, Marlena is married to John and should be with him when the time comes. Marlena says she doesnt know how she feels about that anymore. Kate cant believe this is happening. She tells Marlena not to lose her husband over this. Kate wonders what is going on with MArlena. Marlena says she knows she could have stopped Romans death and his marriage to her if she had tried. Kate says Roman marrying her had nothing to do with his death, and that he was killed because he was a cop and a target. Kate says she is Mrs. Roman Brady, and no one can take that from her. Kate asks Marlena why she thinks she is still Romans wife? Marlena says she married Roman here in this church, and she thought that marriage would last forever. She says if she hadnt let him go than all this pain would not be happening. Kate says she doesnt know that, but Marlena says she believes it. Kate tells her that they both have too many people counting on them to let this come between them. She says they should go check on Will, Sami and Lucas. Marlena agrees to come with her, but she doesnt want Kate to upset or hurt Sami. Kate says she wont, and she tells Marlena that her last promise to Roman was to try and get along with and look after Sami like a daughter. Marlena says she will look after Sami! Kate knows that, and she tells MArlena that she is worried Sami may try and use Lucas to destroy her.

At Samis place, Sami and Lucas wake up in one anothers arms. Lucas goes to kiss her, but she stops him. She wonders what he is doing, and she says that thing touching her better not be what she thinks it is! It ends up just being a hot water bottle. She asks why this is in the bed? Lucas says she was crying and shivering last night, so he thought it would comfort her. Sami tells Lucas how her dad was so important to her, how he was the only one to support her no matter what she did. As she continues to cry about her dad, she ends up wondering what Lucas is doing in bed with his shirt off. Lucas says he got hot last night so he took off his PJs. Sami thinks he is naked under there, but he has boxers on. He says he remembered she got a laugh out of his last pair, so he wore some more (these ones are chili pepper boxers). Sami suddenly remembers Will, but Lucas says he went over to a friends this morning. Lucas says Will wants them to spend time together, to be closer, and to be alone. Lucas crawls on the bed up to Sami and tells her that hes going to give her something she needs, so she should relax and close her eyes, and wait for the surprise! The surprise turns out to be breakfast in bed. She is pleasantly surprised, and she says this is just how her dad used to make her breakfast. He says he didnt mean to upset her, he just wanted to do something nice. Sami wonders what will happen to her? Lucas says she will grieve, but she will be okay. He tells her that she has a lot of people around her who care about her. She says oh yeah, who? He names those who care about her, and includes himself. Sami admits that he can be sweet when he wants to be. Lucas says hes damn sweet, and shes lucky to have him. Lucas says she might not like him as a person, but he is a good father. He also says Will needs both of his parents in his life, and he asks if she wants to call a truce? Sami wonders what he is trying to pull, and then accuses him of trying to use Will to get her into bed! Lucas says he is not trying to get her into bed, and that she thinks a lot of herself. She says he is the one always walking around shirtless and showing off his six-pack abs. Lucas wonders why she notices things like that. Lucas accuses Sami of checking him out and wanting him. She says that is not true, but Lucas thinks it is and they end up in a tickle fight. Lucas throws her onto the bed (it breaks, was that a blooper.) Lucas wont stop tickling her until she admits that she wants him. As they are on the bed romping around, Kate and Marlena arrive! Lucas and Sami are stunned, and they ask why they didnt knock? They say they did knock, but no one answered, and they heard screaming. Kate drags Lucas off and says she cant believe he is doing this. She tells him that that he cannot do this, he has to put a stop to it. She says she will not let Sami destroy them, she has lost a husband and she wont lose a son. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Sami that she is vulnerable and Lucas could be taking advantage of her. Sami says she doesnt want to talk about that, and she asks how she and John are doing. Marlena says that is none of her business, though she does say John moved out. Sami says she knows it must have been painful, but it was the right thing to do. Sami says she never loved John, and it is sad that it took losing dad for her to realize thiat. As Sami comforts her mom, she says she has gotten her revenge on John, and now she will go after Kate.

Back at the penthouse, John is about to leave again when Belle shows up. She asks how mom is doing? Is she upstairs? John tells Belle that there is something she should know. He says he and her mom are taking a break, as of last night he moved out. Belle says she cant believe this. John says her mother thinks this is for the best. Belle says he cant let this happen. John comforts her as she cries. Belle realizes another one of Celestes premonitions have come true (Romans death), and she worries about the one in which John kills Marlena. Belle, in tears, asks her father if she will kill her mom?

Celeste is home asleep and is dreaming about seeing through the eyes of the killer. She wakes up from her nightmares, and the wind blows open her window. Romans ghost appears to Celeste and tells her to warn Bo that the danger isnt over. Roma tells Celeste that she needs to tell Bo that they have arrested the wrong person. Maggie appears to Celeste and tells here that Roman is right, Tony is innocent. Roman tells Celeste that she knows Tony is innocent, and Maggie tells her that she also knows who the killer is! Roman and Maggie tell her that she knows who the killer is and she must warn everyone. Celeste says she doesnt know who the killer is, but Maggie tells her that it is buried in her subconscious, so she needs to do whatever it takes to discover the truth. They tell her that she has the key to solving this, and she is the only one who can. Celeste fears that she could be a target if the killer knows this. She says she doesnt want to share their fate. Roman and Maggie warn her that there will be many more victims if she does not solve this mystery!


January 8, 2004
Shorter than usual, typed after I saw the show
At the station, Shawn is talking with Bo and Hope about how he feels he is being followed by someone when all of the sudden Tek shows up. Tek has some bad news, there is no blood on the samurai sword. He tells them without hard evidence, Tony will walk. Meanwhile, Jan has followed Shawn to the station and is caught by an officer. She claims she came to give her condolences to the Brady's. The officer goes in to tell this to Hope, and she suggest the young woman sign the book of condolences, which Jan later does. As she is signing the book, Shawn sees her from behind and thinks she looks familiar. Jan runs off, and Shawn looks at the book she signed. Jan used an alias, but the handwriting seems familiar to him. Shawn takes off after Jan, and Bo continues to fret over the fact that they have nothing to use against Tony. He decides to go pay DiMera a visit. 

At Mickey's, Mickey is enjoying the huge breakfast Bonnie has made. She tells him that he really didn't need to sleep in the extra room, they could have slept together. Realizing her blunder, she says she just meant that the bed was big enough for the both of them. Bonnie tries to talk about her ideas for Tuscany to Mickey, but Mickey says he really has no money to invest right now, and he has bigger things to worry about than Tuscany. Mickey heads off to get some antacids, and Tony calls. Bonnie answers and asks Tony what he wants. Tony says he wants to hire Mickey as his lawyer. Bonnie laughs and says he couldn't set a price high enough for Mickey to take his case. Tony says he's willing to pay a 1 million dollar retainer fee up front, for starters. Bonnie is stunned, and she tells Tony that she'll try and get Mickey to agree. Later, Mickey is stunned when Bonnie tells him about Tony's offer, and says no way. Bonnie tells him that if he took Tony's case, it would be a sure way to make sure Tony fries.

At Lexie's place, LExie is worried about Celeste, whose blood pressure is sky rocketing. Celeste says it is because of the visitors she has. Celeste tells Lexie that ROman and Maggie came to her and told her that Tony was innocent, and she had to find the real killer. Lexie tells her that this is nuts. She begs her mom to drop this, but Celeste says she must do what she has been asked. LExie says it could make her a target, and Celeste says that is a chance she'll have to take. They head to the park, and Celeste gets another vision when she sees the Salem Spectator. The headline morphs from Tony being arrested as the killer, to Tony being freed and cleared of all charges against him. She continues to try and convince Lexie that Tony is innocent, but LExie won't listen. Later, Mickey and Bonnie show up in the park, they are out jogging. Bonnie sees Lexie and Celeste and goes to talk to them. When Bonnie learns of Celeste premonition, she calls Mickey over to hear it. Celeste pleads with Mickey to help Tony because he is innocent. Later, we see Jan running through the park, and Shawn is hot on her tail!

In jail, Bart comes to see Tony. Tony tells Bart that the police have arrested the wrong man, and he has a plan to get out of here. He tells Bart that he will strike a deal with the killer! Later we see Tony calling Mickey, but talking to Bonnie, as described above. Bart asks Tony if he has lost it? Tony says it is all part of his plan, he will get his enemies to do all his work for him. Later, Bo shows up to question Tony. Tony knows Bo wants him to admit he is guilty, and he says he might have to plead guilty just to avoid the death sentence, even though he is innocent. He says a DiMera just can't get a fair trial in this town. Bo tells Tony it is not their fault that no lawyer will represent him. Suddenly, Mickey arrives and announces to a shocked Bo and Hope that he will represent Tony!

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole walks in on Brady and CHloe sharing a moment, and Brady ends up throwing her out. Nicole is furious, and exchanges heated words with Victor. She tells Victor that one way or another she will have Brady, and then she will move onto the other members of his family like Phillip and even Shawn. He threatens her life if she hurts anyone in his family. Nicole laughs at him and decides to head out to find the perfect weapon with which to use to bring down the Kiriakis empire! Meanwhile, Chloe and Brady resolve to not be apart this year, when Chloe gets a call from Madam Marin about an offer. She is shocked and says she'll get back to her. She tells Brady that she has been offered the lead in an opera company for an entire season, which means she will be part of the official cast album. Brady realizes she has to take this opportunity. CHloe doesn't want to after saying she would stay with him this year, but he won't let her say no. She asks him to come to Europe, but he says he has too much to do here. He says they will be fine because they are committed to one another again. He says he will visit her, and he knows eventually, when the opera house is done, she will return to Salem a big star, and she will return to the man who loves her. Chloe says she has one problem with leaving him and Salem, she doesn't know if she wants to leave him in the same house as Nicole!


January 9
Lexie shows up at Jens place with some baby clothes for her. Lexie says she knows she doesnt need them for awhile, but she just couldnt wait to bring them over. Jen thanks her for bringing them over. Jen pulls out one of the shirts, which says Daddys Super Star on it. The shirt brings back painful memories for Lexie. Lexie, who is in tears, thinks she shouldnt be here. Jen says she should, but Lexie says it is because of her family that this has happened to Jen. Jen says that her brother did this, not her. LExie says her father is an awful person, and she did horrible things as well, for example taking Hopes child. She says sometimes she thinks she is getting what she deserves. Jen tells her not to think that way. LExie says even her mom is going insane with her premonitions, and she doesnt think she can take it anymore. Jen tells her that she can because she is strong. Jen tells Lexie that she has friends who care about her, and she is here for her if she needs her. LExie says she cant rely on her because she needs to resolve her problems with Abby, and she needs to take care of herself without any added pressure from her. Jen says she would never pressure her, and she asks what is going on? Lexie admits that she is jealous of Jen for having another baby because she and Abe were trying to, but it will never happen. Lexie says she hated herself for feeling this way, but Jen says she has every right to feel this way. She says she is jealous of Hope because she still has Bo, and she is jealous of her grandma for having a long and wonderful marriage with her grandfather. Jen tells LExie that they both shared the most awful thing that could happen, but they can also share the joys of their children. Jen says she hasnt been pregnant for a long time, and she will be leaning on her as a friend and a pediatrician. LExie says she will be there for her, and she thanks her for saying what she needed to hear. Lexie asks Jen how she is feeling, and Jen says she feels great. She says if she hadnt heard the heartbeat than she wouldnt even think she was pregnant. Jen tells LExie that this baby is the first thing that has made Abby smile since Jack died. Jen says Abby wants to be a family again because of this baby. Later, Abby and Alice come downstairs (they were upstairs working on the nursery), and Abby asks Lexie if she could baby-sit Theo sometime so she could get practice. LExie says sure, and Jen suggests Lexie leave Theo here where shell be around, just in case. Later, Abby tells Jen perhaps they should postpone the Horton Foundation Benefit this year because of her pregnancy, and because Bo and Hope are working on the serial killer case. Jen says no way because she loves working on that benefit. They go back to discussing the baby, and Abby wonders when the next ultrasound is. Jen says not for a few weeks. Lexie says she has an idea. They all head to the hospital, and Lexie gives up an ultrasound. Lexie begins the ultrasound, and Jen can see something is bothering Lexie. Lexie says she is just having trouble finding the heartbeat, but she finds it. Some odd sounds can be heard, and Lexie tells Jen that something is wrong with the baby.

Shawn continues to chase Jan through the park, and they end up at the Kiriakis mansion. Shawn runs into Nicole outside of the Kiriakis mansion. Jan is hiding in the bushes. Shawn tells Nicole about the girl following him. Nicole asks who it could be. Shawn says he has no idea. Nicole sees Jan in the bushes, and she says well if it isnt a long lost friend. Shawn asks what? Nicole says she was speaking about him of course and how he never seems to visit her anymore. She remembers when they were in the islands and there was that one girl who always followed him. She asks what her name was? Jan? Shawn realizes the girl following him reminds him of Jan. Nicole asks if Jan is even in the country? Shawn says no, she is in Europe. He says the girl just reminded her of Jan. Nicole asks if he thinks Jan would ever come back. Shawn says no, she has no family or friends here. Nicole says he was her friend, but he says not a very good one. Jan mumbles that Shawn was the best friend she ever had. Nicole says she should have been the one to help Jan after what her dad did to her. Shawn takes off because he has to meet Belle, and then Victor comes out to scold Nicole for fawning over Shawn. He refuses to let her hurt another member of her family, and he threatens to make an alliance with Tony DiMera to get rid of her if need be.

At the penthouse, Belle apologizes to her dad for asking him that question. John says it was an honest and important question, and she wouldnt ask unless she believed he might hurt her mother. John has something to show her, but first he wants to know if she is afraid of him. She says of course she isnt, and shes sorry she even said anything. Belle says this whole thing is a nightmare. She tells him that he is the only one in their family acting normal these days. John says he cant explain Celestes prediction, and he knows all of Celestes other premonitions have come true. John tells Belle the reason Marlena doesnt want to be with him right now is because she is blaming herself, not him, for Romans death because she is guilty. Belle asks what he means? John says she is guilty of leaving Roman, and she is blaming herself for Roman living an unhappy life for so long. John feels bad and says her parents problems shouldnt be hers. John says Marlena is everything to him, and without her he doesnt know who he is or what he could become. Belle comforts her dad, and John apologizes for laying all this heavy stuff on her. John has an envelope, and it is what he wanted to show her. Marlena saved every card the kids ever made, and they look through them. Belle finds one to John from Sami, telling him that he was the best dad in the world and she loved him. Belle says she always knew, but never really understood how much of a family he was with Sami, Eric and Carrie. John says he still loves them as much as he ever did. Belle says now Sami wants him and mom to be apart, and she is probably happy this is happening. Belle fears history will repeat itself again and their family will be torn apart this time. John says he wishes he could tell her the future, but he cant. John tells her that all married people have problems, and he tells her not to worry about them and just be happy with Shawn for now. Belle prepares to leave, and John says that when he married her mother they took vows, and he doesnt intend to break them. Belle says bye, and leaves. 

Belle and Shawn meet one another in the park, and Belle tells him that her dad has moved out. She says she thought now that Tony was arrested things would get better, but they are only getting worse. She thanks him for being here for her. He says he always will be here. Jan spies on them and says wanna bet! As Jan says she hates Belle, Nicole sneaks up on Jan. Jan thanks Nicole for not blowing her cover. Nicole says she helped Jan because she wants her to help her! 

At jail, Tony gets another visitor; after Bo, Hope and Mickey have left. This time his visitor is Marlena! Tony asks what he did to merit this private visit. Malrena says she was married to Roman, she was a police psychiatrist, and so she has special privileges here. She says she is here to make sure he pays! Marlena tells Tony that she wants him gone so that all the people she loves doesnt have to live in a world with him anymore. Marlena says she will make sure he never hurts another human being. Mickey walks in and asks Marlena what she is doing? Marlena says she just wants Tony to know what is in store for him, and when she testifies she will let everyone know that a quick death is not what he deserves. She tells him that he deserves to live in a small, dank cell devoid of human contact and human comforts. She says then he can die, and after he is dead he will spend an eternity in hell! Tony thinks Marlena is not a very objective witness. Marlena tells him that he is evil, and she doesnt understand how he could kill all those people. Tony says he didnt, but the answers she seeks are very straight forward. Tony says their killer is afraid of being caught, and that is why they kill again and again. Marlena tells Mickey to go home because this man isnt worth his time. Mickey says he has to be here, he is Tonys counsel. Marlena says no, she cannot let him do that. Mickey says they cant prove Tony is the killer, and they cant say that he is the killer until he is convicted. Marlena says something more must have happened to make Mickey take on this case. Mickey remembers Celestes warning, but says nothing to MArlena. Marlena tells Mickey that they will be advisories in court, so he might want to leave the room because of what shes about to say. Mickey leaves, and Marlena tells Tony that he has torn the soul out of this town. Tony says he is innocent, and if she doesnt help him than she will have the blood of others on her hands, and then she will die! Marlena asks him if he is threatening him? Tony says no, the threat is her husband so he hears. Tony says that premonition must have had some impact on her, but she says it was rubbish. Tony calls her profession rubbish, and he says if Celestes premonition didnt disturb her, why did he ask her husband to move out? Marlena asks why he cares what happens to her? Tony says he doesnt, but their lives are connected after the terrible things his father did to them. Tony then begins talking about how John destroyed his chance at a family with Kristen just as he destroyed her family. Tony then tells MArlena that she has the power to save them all by helping to free him. She says she will not set him free! Tony says she knows he is innocent; he was her friend before she decided to make him an enemy, and in her heart she knows he is not the killer. Marlena reminds him that he left her husband in a sauna to die. Tony says he may not follow the rules John and the Bradys do, but the Bradys break the rules as well. Tony says he has an advantage the others in this town dont, he knows something that nobody else does, he is not the killer! He also says he was so close to catching the killer the night that Roman was killed. Marlena rebuffs his statement claiming he was lurking in the bushes with a sword. He says with all his intelligence, does she think he would hide his own sword in the bushes? He says that was sloppy, and he is not sloppy, and he is not guilty. However, he says if she lets an innocent man go to jail and let a guilty one live to kill again, than she is guilty! Suddenly, marlena gets a call from john, who says he has packed everything and wont be here when she gets back. John tells her that he loves her, but she cant say it back. She tells him that she has to go, and she hangs up on him. Tony tells Marlena that she seems to be holding herself in high esteem lately, and he asks if her actions, in her professional opinion, would be narcisissm or just plain ego? Marlena ends up telling Tony to go to hell, and she leaves.

Back at the penthouse, John takes one final look at a photo of him and Marlena and then heads out.

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