January 12, 2004
Please excuse any errors, as I have not had a chance to proof this!
At the hospital, Lexie tells Jen that there is a problem with the baby. Jen asks what she means, what is wrong with her baby? (I missed what Jen was told by Lexie about the baby due to a news interuption). Jen is stunned and says she should have known she shouldnt be happy, she shouldnt have told anyone until she knew the baby was okay. She cries that she just thought, with Jack gone, that the baby was a gift and would be healthy. Lexie tells her that they dont know anything for sure. Jen says they know the baby may not survive, and if she doesnt terminate the pregnancy her life could be at risk. Jen doesnt know how she will decide, and how she will tell Abby. Jen asks Lexie what the chances of her carrying the baby to term are. Lexie says not good, and if she tries . . . well she needs to think about Abby who needs her. Jen realizes LExie is saying she could die if she doesnt terminate his pregnancy. Lexie says they will order a special ultrasound and then shell be able to make a better decision. LExie says from what she has seen, terminating the pregnancy may be the only way to save her life. Jen says no way, there is no way she will end this pregnancy. Lexie apologizes if she has sounded insensitive. Jen says she hasnt, she is a doctor. LExie says she is also her friend, and her heart is breaking for her right now. Lexie says she will get Alice and Abby for her. 

Out in the waiting room, Abby talks to a nurse about how excited she is about the new baby. Later, Lexie shows up, and Alice tells her that Abby has gone to get a drinl. Alice asks if everything is okay? Lexie says Jen needs her right now. Alice goes in to see Jen, and LExie stalls Abby from going in. Jen tells Alice that she feels like she is being punished. Alice tells her to wait for the test results, but Jen thinks she already knows what they will say, and then shell have to make the second most difficult decision of her life. Alice says she can do it, and whatever she decides they are all here for her. Jen says she doesnt know if she has the courage or strength to get through this. Lexie comes back in to see Jen and Alice, and she says Abby is ready to come in. Lexie says she will take the tape to Dr. Bader. Jen tells LExie that she knows the risk, but this is Jacks baby and she says this is the way she was going to keep Jack forever. She says she cant end this pregnancy, she cant kill Jacks baby. Abby rushes in and says it is bad enough that she killed daddy, she cant kill his baby too!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Chloe wake up in bed together. Chloe asks if that was his way of trying to convince her to stay? Brady says they both know she has to go do this, but he just had to hold her in his arms again. I missed a portion of what happened here do to the eagles. The gist is that Chloe told Brady she would, if he wanted, ask Madam Marin to replace her. Brady says he would love for her to stay, but he cant let her pass this up. He says he can come visit her, but she says that is not enough. Brady tells her that she needs to do this, she cant give it up. Brady tells Chloe that she needs to get packed so he can get her to the airport. Chloe says they have time. Chloe tells Brady that she is used to living on the road, and she has learned to pack very quickly.

Elsewhere, Victor and Nicole have a heated argument, and Victor tells her that he can make sure she goes down, proof isnt that hard to get. Nicole asks if he is saying he will frame her for the killings? Victor says hes going to Tonys hearing, so she should behavior herself while hes gone. He also tells her to leave Brady and Chloe alone. Victor leaves, and Nicole says while the cats away . . .

Later, Chloe and Brady are getting ready to leave for the airport. Nicole spies on them as they kiss, and she says Chloe is disgusting because she cant keep her hands off of him. Brady asks Nicole if he has seen his grandfather? Nicole says he is at Tonys hearing. Brady says he wanted to tell him that Chloe is leaving today. Nicole asks so soon? Why? Chloe explains why, and Nicole tells Chloe that before she leaves she would like to say something. Nicole says she wants to apologize. She says she is very sorry for the way she has been behaving, and she just wants to say she is sorry. Both Nicole and Chloe thank her for saying that. Nicole say she isnt all that bad, and she asks them to stay right here because she has something to do before they go. Nicole has the cook whip up something special for Chloe for the plane. She says it is a salad and some fresh muffins. Chloe thanks Nicole, and Nicole tells her to fly safe and break a leg. Nicole says she is glad they could put all the ill feelings behind them. Chloe tells Nicole that if she gets her drinking under control, maybe she could get counseling and she can work things out with Victor. Nicole says she will be swearing off the booze. Brady and Chloe head off for the airport.

At the airport, Brady and Chloe say goodbye to one another, but Brady decides he wont let her go, so he is coming with her. A spying Nicole is not pleased to hear this. She says if Brady goes it will ruin everything! Chloe tells Brady that he has to stay here, and he knows that. She says as much as they hate being separated again, it is the right thing right now. Brady agrees with her, and they share a kiss as Chloes final boarding call is announced. They tell one another that they love one another, but neither one can say goodbye. Instead, they tell one another that theyll see the other soon. A spying Nicole says Brady wont be lonely for long.

At the courthouse, MArlena and John argue over Marlenas blaming John when she should be blaming him for Romans death, or Tony. Marlena says she already spoke to Tony, and she told him to go to hell. John asks if that is where shed like him to go as well? MArlena says Tony tried to convince her to testify on his behalf that the killer was still out there. She says he is a sociopath, he has no sense of right or wrong. John says she still hasnt answered his question, does she still blame him as much as she blames tony for Romans death. Before she can answer, Victor shows up and says hello to them. Marlena goes inside, and Victor asks John if Kate is coming? John says shes not coming, and it is better she not show up. Victor agrees.

Inside the courtroom, Bo is furious with Mickey for defending Tony. He tells him that they will prove Tony is a murderer, and his client will go to the Death Chair. Mickey suggest they let justice take its course. Bo tells him not to give him that bull. He says the DiMeras have hated the Bradys for as long as they know. Hope tells Bo not to do this. Tony tells Bo what is sad is that hes so blinded by hatred that he cant see the truth. Tony says he is innocent and the killer is still out there. Tony says he tries to tell Roman that, but he wouldnt listen. Hope ends up telling Bo to come with her and sit down. On the way back to their seats, Hope tells Mickey that she hopes he loses this case because Tony is guilty. Bo and Hope return to their seat, and Celeste asks Mickey why he didnt tell them about the ghosts? Mickey says that would just weaken his credentials and Tonys case, so Tony will be found innocent or guilty based on the evidence. 

Marlena sits behind Tony, and Tony asks her if she will change her mind? Marlena says no way. John and Victor walk in, and John sits on the opposite side of the courtroom. The Judge takes the bench and announces that this is a hearing to determine if Count Anthony DiMera should be held and tried on six counts of murder. When she says Mickey Horton has asked that the charges be dismissed due to lack of evidence, Bo flies off the handle and says they have enough evidence to put that scum away for life! The judge quickly slams down her gavel and calls order. She tells Commander Brady that he knows she does not tolerate such outbursts, and she say he will speak only when spoken to. DA Chang calls Bo to the stand to detail the evidence against the accused. Bo is asked why he believes Count DiMera is the serial killer? Bo says he was found fleeing the scene of the murder, he was dressed like the killer, and they discovered his sword at the scene of the crime .He says the sword was consistent with the wounds of the latest victim. He also tells the court about Tonys PDA containing the serial killers message. Victor and John discuss how things are going, and Victor says things dont look good for Tony. Meanwhile, Roman comes to Celeste and tells her that she has to do something because tony is not guilty. She turns around, and Romans ghost says maybe he can convince her. Sitting next to Roman is Abe. Abe tells Celeste to do the right thing because the people they love are still in danger. Roman and Abe tell her that Tony could still be convicted. They watch the trial, and currently Mickey is questioning Bo about the forensic evidence he has. Bo says they dont have any forensic evidence placing Tony at any of the other scenes, but he still has no alibi. Mickey says none of the other suspects have alibis, and they can't place him in the room where the murder happened. Mickey knows the supposed murder weapon has no blood on it. Bo says they still have the PDA evidence, and he was there when Tony threatened his brother and said for him to watch his back or the killer would get him. Bo is asked to step down, and he reluctantly does so. Roman says his brother sure is a hot head. Roman and Abe say the DA has nothing, and Abe says that is because Tony is not guilty. Abe tells Celeste that she holds the key to naming the real killer. Mickey puts Tony on the stand, and Tony swears that he does not know how the messages got on his PDA. He says he did not create them, and he assumes he was framed. He also says the night he was at Tuscany he was trying to catch the killer and exonerate himself, but his plan backfired. Bo says he is lying and is guilty as sin. The judge orders Bo to sit down, and gives him a final warning. She says if Bo disrupts the proceedings one more time than she will have him held in contempt. Abe tells Celeste to do something now before it is too late. Celeste walks out of the courtroom, but Roman and Abe follow her. They tell her that they know she is scared, but they are here to help her. Back in the courtroom, the DA says she wants to call Thomas Tek Kramer to the stand, but he is running late. The judge decides to take a fifteen minute recess. Bo is confident that when Tek gets here they will have the evidence to put Tony away.

MArlena heads outside the courtroom where she sees Celeste talking to thin air. Only Celeste sees and hears the ghosts. Marlena asks Celeste who she is talking to? Celeste says she is talking to Roman and Abraham. Celeste tells Marlena that she knows she cant see them, but she must feel their presence. Celeste says they are right here in front of her. Marlena says she cant see anything. Tek rushes in, through the ghosts, and into the courtroom. Celeste tells MArlena that Abe and Roman are here, they have both appeared to her. Marlena asks her what they want? Celeste tells her about her visit from Roman and Maggie telling her that Tony was not the killer, and Abe came to help convince her. She says they swear to her that the killer will kill again, and that she knows who did it and it is up to her to stop the killer. Celeste says she doesnt know how to do that. 

Back in the courtroom, Victor and John continue to talk about the trial. Victor says it could be possible that Tony is innocent, and that he (John) and Bo are thinking with their heart and not their head. John asks him what he is saying? Victor tells john that he was a cop, and he knows they dont have a case. John asks Victor if not Tony, than who? Victor says he doesnt know, but he believes it is a woman behind the murders. John asks him why he thinks that? Victor says the various weapons, the MOs, the fact that some killings were planned whereas others were sloppy. John asks which woman he thinks it is? Victor says hell leave that up to the police. John changes the subject and thanks Victor for bringing Chloe back to Salem. He says he doesnt want to speak ill of his wife, but Nicole was getting a bit too close to Brady. Victor tells John not to worry, he is going to get rid of Nicole and she wont be a problem anymore. Later, Tek arrives, and he takes the stand. Tek shocks everyone and says they have no evidence placing Tony at any of the murder scenes. Furthermore, the murder weapon used to kill Roman was the knife used to cut the cake, not Tonys sword! Bo says this is impossible! Mickey moves for immediate dismissal of this case, and Bo pleads with the judge not to do this. The judge understands Bos position, and she says shed be more likely to reach a ruling if someone else spoke on behalf of the defendant, either to vouch for his innocence or swear to his guilty. Neither Mickey nor the DA have anyone to speak. Suddenly, Marlena walks in and says if it would please the court she would like to be heard. Tony looks at her and smiles.


January 13, 2004
Had a very busy day, and still have much to do, so I didnt put as much detail into the summary as usual.

Jan meets Nicole in the park, and Nicole tells Jan that the stalking has to stop now. Jan says shes stalking no one, so Nicole threatens to call Shawn up right now and tell him that Jan is back in town. Nicole does call Shawn, which upsets Jan. Fortunately for Jan, Nicole doesnt rat her out. Nicole wants Jan to pay her back for not ratting Jan out. Jan asks what she wants, but Nicole says theyll get to that later. Nicole wants to know what Jan is doing here. She explains her parents are dead, and that Shawn is the only one who has ever really cared about her. She says she needs Shawn now, and she is the only one who can give Shawn what he needs. Nicole tells Jan that guys dont dig chicks who stalk them. Jan says she isnt stalking Shawn. Nicole and Jan argue about what Jan is doing. Nicole thinks Jan needs a plan, a good one. Jan talks to Nicole about how much Shawn means to her. Nicole offers to help Jan get Shawn if she helps her out later down the line. Nicole promises Jan that the tricks shell learn from her will change her life. Jan agrees to work with Nicole, who promises her that shell have Shawn all to herself! Later, Jan talks to a picture of Shawn and thinks she will soon have Shawn all to herself. She tells him that it wont be long until they are together forever.

Shawn is working out at his place when he gets the feeling that someone is once again spying on him. He sees his front door, open, and he thinks it is Rex. However, nobody answers him. He goes to his front door, baseball bat in hand and it turns out to be Belle. She had on headphones, so she didnt hear him calling her. Belle asks Shawn if he is mad at her. Shawn says hes not mad. Belle asks what is going on then? Shawn says he thinks someone has been stalking him. He explains what went down at the station, and how he followed a strange girl to the Kiriakis mansion where he ran into Nicole. Suddenly, Nicole calls Shawn, claiming to check on him. Belle doesnt like that Nicole is calling Shawn, and Shawn assures her that he is not attracted to his grandfather. Belle says she just thinks of Nicoles horrible father when she thinks of Nicole. They get into talking about Jan, and Shawn says the girl at the station looked a lot like Jan. Belle tells him to relax because Jan is in Europe and will never get between them again. Later they talk about Belles parents, and Shawn assures her that her mom will ask her dad to move back in very soon. Belle says not if he kills her first! Shawn says there is no way her dad will kill her mom. Belle admits that every day she wakes up and is afraid it has happened. Belle says for the first time in her life she doesnt know if her parents will make it. 

At the hospital, Jen asks Lexie if there is a chance she is wrong? Lexie says she thinks Dr. Bader will just agree with her findings. Jen says she doesnt know if she can kill Jacks baby. Abby hears this and screams at her mom. She says she killed her father and now shes going to kill his baby. Jen wants to talk to her, but Abby says no, and that she hates Jen. Abby then runs out of the room. Lexie says shell take the video to Dr. Bader, and if she sees Abby shell try and talk to her. Jen worries what Abby might do. Alice says Abby just needs space. Jen says this baby was the one thing making things better between her and Abby. Jen says she knows life isnt fair, but it is bad enough that she lost Jack. Alice tells Jen not to make a decision now. Jen says she knows there is hope, but her mind keeps going to the worst case. Lexie returns to give Jen some more facts and then they need to discuss her options. Lexie Lexie tells her baby that it is likely or possible that the baby will be deformed. Lexie says there is no way the baby will be born healthy. Jen says she cant terminate the pregnancy just because of that, and she says she will stay home and care for the baby. Lexie says they are talking about a baby being born without limbs or without vital organs. Jen says she cant believe this is happening. She says this was supposed to be her miracle baby. LExie says it is still early on, so they can wait and see. Jen says it might be easier for her to make this decision if it were just her, but she has to think about Abby. Lexie tells Jen that there is more news, there is a good chance that if she doesnt terminate this pregnancy, she could die as well as the baby. Jen feels perhaps this baby is not only a gift, but a sign. She says maybe she is supposed to be a sign of hope for other women going through the same experience. She says maybe there is a larger reason as to why she got pregnant. Lexie fears Jens decision could cost Jen her life. Lexie leaves, and later Abby returns and asks her mom if there is something they can do to save the baby? Jen holds Abby close to her. Jen thanks Abby for her support. Abby tells her mom that the hospital can save the babys life. Jen says sometimes people dont always make it, but Abby believes the doctors will be able to help the baby. Jen says she will do everything she can to keep the baby, but it might not be possible. Abby doesnt want to hear that and ends up running out of the room. Meanwhile, Lexie goes out to the waitroom and talks to Alice. She tells her that it doesnt look good for the baby.

At the trial, Marlena asks to be heard. The judge asks if her testimony is crucial, and Marlena says it will be. Hope goes out to see Celeste and asks what is going on with MArlena? Celeste says Abraham and Roman have requested Marlena testify on Tonys behalf. Celeste tells Hope that Tony is not the killer. Meanwhile, John asks Marlena what she is doing? Marlena says she has been asked to speak in Tonys defense, she is fulfilling Romans wishes. Marlena goes to testify, and shocks everyone when she says she is testifying for Tony. She is asked why she is speaking up for him? Marlena says she did believe Tony was guilty, but know she knows she was wrong. The DA objects to MArlenas testimony considering her closeness to the case and even to Tony considering they thought they shared children. The judge overrules, and Marlena is allowed to testify. Marlena says she believes Tony is innocent. Marlena says she thinks the evidence shows Tony is not the killer, and she wants Tony to go free. Bo stands up and is furious with Marlena. He says Roman loved her, and she turned her back on him and is turning her back on him again with her actions here. Bo says if Tony kills again the blood will be on her hands! The judge reprimands Bo once more, and then thanks Marlena for her testimony. Marlena is allowed to step down, and the judge calls a recess until she rules. 

Bo asks Victor for a favor and asks him to find out what Tony is up to. Victor says he cant do that. Victor explains that he and Tony have an agreement to stay out of one anothers way. He does say he can talk to Tony and see if he can find out something. Victor speaks with Tony, and Tony assures Victor that he is not the killer. Victor says he thought he wasnt. Victor says he has a theory that the killer is a woman. Tony says that is fascinating because he has the same thoughts himself. As they discuss this, Nicole walks into the courtroom. Victor looks up at Nicole as Tony asks who the killer could be?

John confronts Marlena. When he grabs her, she tells him not to manhandle her! John wants to know why she has done this? Celeste tells John not to blame Marlena, she is only doing what Abe and Roman wanted. John learns about Celestes latest vision and cant believe this. Marlena defends her actions and says she has done the right thing. John asks what if Romans message to Celeste was wrong? John says if Tony is guilty and does kill again than the blood will be on her hands, just like Bo said. Marlena and John argue about the killer, when John says he would be able to protect her and keep her safe from the killer, Marlena tells John that he is the one she needs to be afraid of! John cant believe she thinks he will kill her. John ends up asking Celeste if she still thinks he will whack his wife? Celeste it is written, he will kill his wife!  


January 14, 2004
At the courthouse, everyone waits for the judges ruling. Hope asks Bo to prepare himself to accept the ruling, whatever it may be. Bo asks her what she's trying to say? She says if he reacts badly than the judge will report him to the commissioner. Bo says he doesnt care what the judge does. He says if it werent for Tony, Roman and Abe would still  be alive. Meanwhile, Tony and Victor discuss the woman who could be the killer. Tony says this woman is not only ruthless, but soulless. He asks Victor if he knows who the woman could be? Victor says he has his suspicions. Tony offers to take this femme fatale out for him if hed like to share his suspicions with him. Tony says Victor's hands would be clean. Victor says hell think about that offer. Nicole spies on their meeting and says Victor better not implicate her in the murders. Elsewhere, Celeste tells John that he will kill Marlena. John says this is insane, and he realizes Marlena believes Celeste. John swears to Marlena that hed never intentionally hurt her. HE asks what he can do to change her mind. She says he cant do anything. Court resumes, and the judge makes her ruling. The judge says there is no reason to hold Tony for trial, and he is set free. Bo asks the judge how she could let him go? The judge tells Bo to listen carefully and get it through his head, there is no evidence against him. She tells Bo that if he has any new evidence than she will be happy to rehear the case. Bo says he is a DiMera, that is enough. The judge says she cannot arrest someone because of their last name, their skin color, or their religion. She says that is what makes this a free country. Bo is furious with the judge, and the judge is equally displeased with Bo. She says she will be calling the commissioner in the morning about his behavior. Bo offers to give her the commissioners number! The judge tells Tony that he is free to go. Tony is congratulated by Victor, and they agree to stay in touch about the killer. Tony then thanks Marlena for stepping forward. Marlena says he should thank Celeste. Marlena walks off, and Tony asks Celeste why Marlena helped him?  Meanwhile, a man in black roams the stairwells, and he has a rope in his hand! Marlena thinks John has left already, so she goes to leave. The elevator isnt working, so she decides to take the stairway. In the stairwell, the lights flash. MArlena calls out to see if anyone is there. Suddenly, someone grabs Marlena from behind! 

Bo and Hope are walking home through the park, and Bo is still venting about DiMera going free. Hope tells Bo about Celestes latest vision and why Marlena testified. When Hope says she believes Celeste, Bo says they are all nuts. Hope says something made Marlena change her mind about testifying for Tony. She says she wants to believe Romans spirit came back to help them, and she would think he would want to believe it to. She says she would like to believe if something happened to him then he could come back to comfort her. Bo says nothing will happen to them. Hope says she hopes he is right. Hope and Bo then head home. Bo thinks he should go into the station, but Hope tells him no. She says she already called in and Tek is taking care of business, so they can stay home and spend time with Zack.

Elsewhere in the park, Nicole warns Victor that he better not rat her out as the killer. She says if he tells Tony that she is the killer than he will kill her. Victor is less than sympathetic. In fact, he suggests they go back to the mansion and plan her funeral!  In another part of the park, Tony and Celeste discuss the killer. Tony asks Celeste if she thinks he is the killer? Celeste says she does not believe he is. Tony thanks her for convincing Marlena to testify. She says he is thanking the wrong person. She tells him that it was Roman and Abes ghosts who convinced Marlena to testify. Celeste explains to Tony about their visit to her, and how the killer is still out there somewhere. She hopes the police can catch the killer before he kills again. Tony reveals to her that he and Victor believe the killer is a female. Celeste thinks they should tell the police, but Tony says no. Tony says he wants the killer to worry about him because hell has no fury like a DiMera scorned! Celeste says he cant let himself become a target for the killer. Tony says he has been studying with a Zen master recently, and his teacher has taught him that even the killer will eventually make a mistake. Tony says when she does, he will be there to catch her.

Nicole and Victor return to the mansion, and Victor warns Nicole once again to stay away from the men in his family. Nicole wants answers as to what Victor is up to. What did he mean they were going to plan her funeral? Victor hands her a drink, which she sips. He says he meant exactly that, and that she is sipping her last meal as they speak! She asks if he has poisoned her? HE says no, he hasnt. Nicole confronts Victor about his conversation with Tony about the killer being a woman. Victor laughs at her paranoia. She threatens him, so he decides to call Tony and tell him that she killed Collin and is also the Salem Serial Killer as well. Nicole says he cant do that, and pulls a gun on him. She says the staff is gone for the day, so if he makes that call then hell be joining Caroline in the hereafter sooner than he knows! Victor thinks she is bluffing, and says she doesn't have the guts.  Victor picks up the phone, and  Nicole fires her gun!

The next time we see Marlena she is tied to a chair and gagged, and John is the one who has kidnapped her! She is in tears, and John says he had no choice! Marlena asks him what he is doing? He has a rope in his hands, and he asks her what it looks like? MArlena says Celeste was right, he is going to kill her! John unties her and says he swore to her that he wouldnt hurt her, and he wont. Marlena asks why he kidnapped her? He says he couldnt think of any other way to get her to talk to him. A furious Marlena slaps John when she is finally freed. John says he deserved that, but he had to come up with some way to get through to her. MArlena says she is listening now, so what does he have to say? John says he doesnt think Tony is innocent, and he doesnt want to lose her. MArlena ends up in tears and says she is just so scared. John says Of me . . and she says "yes, of you." She cries what if Celestes premonition comes true, what if you kill me? John wants her to believe he wouldnt kill her. Marlena says the killer has not only destroyed lives, but her faith in him and their marriage. John says he knows shes having a hard time accepting Roman is gone. Marlena says life without Roman is unimaginable to her, he was her husband, friend, and father of her children. Marlena also thinks about the other victims and how important they were to her. Marlena says she is just so scared. John comforts MArlena. John asks who this killer is and what is he doing to them. When John says Victor thinks it is a woman, she is stunned. They consider the female suspects on the list, and think hard about Nicole.

Outside the Lockhart house, Mimi is on the phone with her big brother (suddenly she has a big brother). She says she wishes he could come home and meet Rex. Her brother asks about mom and Connor. Mimi says mom is still coming up with weekly scams to get rich, and her latest one is to get rich off of Mickey Horton. Mimi walks into her house and hears her mom talking about Mickey being one million richer thanks to her. She is furious with her mom and says she knew she was scamming Mickey. Bonnie says she is not scheming, she is helping Mickey. She says thanks to her Mickey is one million dollars richer. Bonnie is packing a bag, and Mimi asks where she is going? She says shes going to collect her DiMera money and build her Country Western Bar. Mimi says there is no way shell get that money, Mr. Horton will probably donate the money to his family's foundation. Bonnie says he wont be donating any money because Mickey is a little strapped for cash lately. Bonnie then begins saying how she feels sorry for Mickey all there in that big comfy bed by himself. Mimi asks how she knows about his bed? Bonnie says she had a sleepover. Mimi makes a face like she is totally grossed out, which she is. She thinks her mom had sex with Mickey. Bonnie says she is still pure. Mimi doubts that. Bonnie says she is pretty close considering her father rarely touched her! She says the only action shes getting is from the gadgets she bought on the internet, which she says she has Samantha on 'Sex in the City' to thank for! Mimi tells her mom Too much information! Bonnie tells her daughter to relax because she has not slept with Mickey. Mickey calls Bonnie to let her know that he won the case. Bonnie says they have a million reasons to celebrate, and she says shell meet him at her house. When Mimi learns Mickey won, she says the killer is still out there. Bonnie gets rid of Mimi by asking her to go pick up her little brother because she doesnt want him walking home with the killer still out there. Mimi leaves, and Bonnie reveals her sexy leopard pattern dress, which looks more like a slip than a dress! She says if Anna Nicole can get herself a rich old husband, so can she! Bonnie heads out, and Mimi returns home with Conner (who we dont see because he's in the kitchen). Mimi wonders where her mom has run off to, and then realizes she has gone to Mickeys. 

Bonnie heads over to Mickeys place, and she has her bag as well as a bag of groceries. Bonnie looks around and says she could get used to living here. Then she realizes this is the kitchen where Maggie . . . . She tells herself to think positive if she wants to get that money to start her bar. Bonnie sees Maggies photos and says she was a sweet angel, but soy products and fat free cheese wont cut it around here any longer. Mickey arrives home, and he tells Bonnie that she didnt have to come here. Bonnie says they have to celebrate. Mickey shows Bonnie the bonus check Tony gave him, and extra five hundred thousand dollars. Bonnie is stunned. She daydreams about coming home from a hard day of work and listening to Willie Nelsons My heroes have always been cowboys. Suddenly, Mickey shows up in a cowboy outfit to take her away. Before he takes her away, he plants a kiss on her! When Bonnie snaps out of her fantasy, she kisses Mickey for real! Mickey asks her what she is doing? She says she is sorry, she was just daydreaming. She makes Mickey some cocoa, and ends up spiking it. Bonnie puts more booze in it when he says he plans on donating the bonus money to the Horton foundation. She says that is very generous of him, and has more fantasies about hitting the Mickey Horton jackpot.



January 14, 2004
I did not get to my hotel in time to see Days today :( This summary is from
I will make an effort to watch Days tomorrow if I can! Also, when I'm on my cruise next week, on days I can watch the show I'll post a recap on an online journal which I can update from the ship!

The shock of Roman's death continues to affect the inhabitants of Salem. In the park, Marlena learns from heartbroken Carrie [on the phone] that due to the immediacy of the funeral, she will not be attending. Tony receives instructions from Stefano regarding Rex - he needs to make amends with his young ward and calls Marlena for help. Marlena refuses and Tony moves on to plan B.

At the loft Rex puts on a brave front and confides in Mimi that he is sorry he never got to know his real father, Roman. Shawn and Belle learn that Marlena testified on Tony's behalf and that DiMera is free - Shawn relays this info to Rex. Angry, he intends to stop Tony; he starts to exit but is thrown when he finds Tony at his front door. Tony attempts to extend an olive branch and professes his innocence. Rex harshly tells Tony that he is a Brady and that his life as a DiMera is over. Outside, Tony looks at the instructions from Stefano and muses that Rex doesn't realize how big of a mistake he is making. Shawn, Mimi and Belle tell Rex how proud they are of him and Shawn lets Rex keep a jacket he inadvertently put on. They bury the hatchet and Shawn welcomes Rex to the Brady family. Rex gets another headache and Mimi thinks it could be a sign that the killer is going to strike again.

Hope and Jennifer talk about the possibility of Jennifer having to terminate Jack's baby. Lexie gets a call from Celeste who informs her of Tony being set free. The line breaks up and Celeste feels the killer growing restless. Celeste thinks that the killer is going to strike again. Later Celeste shows up at Jennifer's and goes into a trance in which she walks through the park and is unable to remove the killer's mask. Concerned for her mother, Lexie tells Hope to call Marlena ASAP. Marlena arrives and eventually pulls Celeste out of her trance and Celeste says she saw two piercing yellow eyes.

Tony faces off with his Japanese Zen master. Stefano wanted his son, Tony, and his young ward, Rex, to train with master Hanzo Hattori. Unfortunately Rex is not included in this equation anymore and Hanzo gives Tony what he calls the instruments of his opponent. Hanzo warns Tony they are instruments of a real killer: a tiger claw and tooth.

At the Kiriakis estate Nicole shoots at and misses Victor. Victor refuses to tell Brady the truth about Nicole trying to shoot him and Nicole uses this to her advantage - Nicole tells Brady that Victor killed Colin.


January 16
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Family and friends gather at the funeral for Roman, and Hope is shocked when the priest says they are burring Bo Brady. Hope looks at the tombstone and sees Bos name on it. Hope wakes up from her nightmare. She dozed on the couch before heading out before the funeral. Bo asks if she wants to talk about it. She just asks him to hold her.

Tony is meditating at his house, and in his hand he has what appears to be a tooth. Meanwhile, Marlena dreams, and wakes up. She says you killed Roman and have come for her! She sees a tiger ghost in front of her, and she says they are the eyes of a killer. Suddenly, the ghost tiger jumps on MArlena! The tiger vanishes, and MArlena stands up. She is in a weird room with psychedelic lights. Roman appears to Marlena, and he says he has come to take her home. Marlena takes Romans hand, and she says she is sorry she hurt him. Roman says before he takes her, he needs to know if this is where she wants to be? Marlena looks up and sees a doorway in the clouds.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Celeste interrupts Tonys zen state, and he almost slices her with his sword! He asks her what she wants? She tells him that she thinks together they can discover what is going on. Celeste tells Tony about her vision looking through the killers mask, as well as the eyes of a beast, which she believes is a tiger. Tony looks at the teeth he was holding, which are now covered with his blood. She asks Tony if he knows what this vision of a creature means? He thinks he does, and he shows her the bloody tooth in his hand. Tony says his Zen master asked him to meditate and choose his enemy. He says this is what he received. They realize that a tiger will be unleashed upon the next victim. Celeste says there is no time to waste, they must find the answers or someone else will die.

At the church, Kate looks at the photo of Roman on his coffin. She says in those few precious hours she was happier than she ever disserved to be. Lucas says that is not true, she and Roman deserved to be happy, she did not to deserve for Roman to be taken away. The father tells Kate that Roman would be presenting the flag to Romans next of Kin. He says Bo can present it to her, unless she wants it to go to one of his children. Sami lashes out and says it should go to one of his children because she is not really Romans wife, in Gods eyes Marlena is. Kate says Roman wanted her to make peace with her, and she will do everything she can to keep that promise. Kate tells Sami that Roman loved you, and he didnt like knowing she was angry with him. Kate tells Sami that he believed in her and never stopped. Kate tells Sami that she is sorry the both of them didnt have more time with her father, and she means that. Kate says as much as she wants to, she cannot hate her because she is a part of Roman. Kate breaks down into tears, as does Sami. Kate ends up running out of the church, and Lucas tries to comfort Sami, but she runs out too.

Shawn and Belle arrive, and John tells Shawn that hes sorry about his uncle. Shawn thanks him. Shawn goes to see his family, and Belle tells John about Tonys visit. She says Tony swore that he was innocent and he believes the killer is a woman. John says that is based on Victors theory, and there is no evidence to prove it. Belle says if it is true than . . John knows where this is going. John asks her if she really thinks he is the killer? Belle says she never thought for a second that he was the killer. John says hes not so sure about that. He says right now they need to stick together as a family and love one another. Sami runs by them, and Bell asks her if she wants to talk than she is here. Sami says no, and continues running outside the church where she cries for her dad. Meanwhile, Belle and John wonder where Marlena could be. They decide to go to the penthouse to check on her.

Jen lights a candle, and Abby prays at the alter of Mary. Jen sits with Alice and she says she said a prayer for Roman, as well as one for the baby. She hopes that wasnt wrong. Alice says she said one too. Jen is afraid for the baby. Alice tells her to trust in the lord. Alice says she does, but how could God take this baby from her, or how could she?

Out in the graveyard, Mimi and Rex talks. Rex looks around at all the new graves, and he is unhappy because he feels he does not deserve to call himself Romans son, and Roman deserved a lot better than him.

Back in the church, everyone gathers. Shawn Sr. says Kayla couldnt make it because Stephanie got sick. Kim is there for the funeral, and Bo and Hope have arrived. Shawn tells Bo to be strong. Hope is still jittery, and Bo says it was just a dream. Hope says she feels like there is no such thing as just a dream anymore. 

Kate comforts Will. Will says he was going to take him fishing over spring break. Kate knows he was looking forward to that. Sami almost lashes out at Kate and blames her for her fathers death, but she doesnt because of Will. The priest asks if they are ready to begin? Shawn Sr. says he doesnt know if everyone is here. He wonders where Marlena is. Rex and Mimi show up, and Rex wants to sit in the back, but Mimi tells him that he should sit with the family. Unfortunately, Sami doesnt want to see Rex. Rex says he was wrong in the way he treated Roman, and if he could do it over again . . Sami says he cant, and he should get the hell out of here. Shawn D tells Sami that Rex is a Brady and has every right to be here. Rex is hit with a headache, and Sami calls him a freak and says he doesnt belong here. Shawn Sr. tells Samantha that she is not the only one allowed to love and mourn her father. He tells her to sit down and be quiet! Suddenly, Doug and Julie arrive! They apologize for not getting here sooner. Sami notices her mom is not around, and now John is missing. She wonders what is going on.

The funeral for Roman begins, and Bo speaks about his big brother. He says Roman was a hard act to follow in school. He says Roman was a straight A student, captain of the football team, and president of the student body. He says trying to live up to Roman was impossible, so he didnt, he rebelled instead. HE says the butted heads a lot, but they grew up to be good friends. He says he respected his brother, and knows hell never be half the man he was. He says that they are all saying it was tragic that Roman died on his wedding night, but there is some comfort knowing that Roman died happier than he was in a long time.

At the penthouse, Belle and John arrive. John asks Belle to go into her room and check on her. Belle walks in and lets out of a scream. John comes in and asks why she screamed. Belle says she thought she was dead. MArlena is in a deep sleep and finally wakes up. However, her night gown is shredded by what appears to be a large cat! MArlena is angry that they brought her back from her dream. Marlena pulls herself together and says she needs to get change. Belle cant take it anymore and lashes out at her mom for the way she is treating John. She says she doesnt care what Celeste says, dad would never hurt her. She begs her mom not to throw their family away over something that is not true. 

Back at the church, Romans wife is invited to come forward and speak. Suddenly, Marlena walks in, with Belle and John, and she hopes shes not to late to speak for Romans children. Marlena speaks and reads a letter from Eric. The letter talks about how he and Sami were so young when they lost her and dad, but then he was returned to them. He says now fate has taken him away from them again, forever this time. Eric says that they will always love him, and he was the greatest. Marlena says, speaking for herself, that she is sorry and wishes things had turned out differently. She says Roman will always remain alive in his heart. The priest concludes the funeral with a speech. John tells Marlena that he is sorry, and she hugs him. People finally begin to file out of the church. Abby asks Alice if she will ever not be sad? Alice says things will get better, but Abby has a hard time believing that.

Back in the cemetery, everyone arrives to bury Roman. Uniformed Police Guards surround the coffin, and everyone is stunned when Romans tombstone has both Roman and Marlenas names on it! Marlenas grave marker has no date of death on it, only birth. John asks how this happened? Kate says Marlena wouldnt give up the plot next to Romans, but she didnt know her name would be put on the stone. Marlena says this is her fault, and she is sorry. She then walks away from John and over to Romans coffin. The police guard fires gunshots in honor of Roman, and Bo gives the flag to Kate. Kate tells Bo to give it to Sami, which he does. Bo gets beeped, and realizes he has to go. Hope wants to go with him, but he tells her and Shawn to go to the pub. As Hope looks at Romans tombstone, she still sees Bos name on it! Meanwhile, John talks to Marlena. Marlena says she is just scared and losing faith. Suddenly, everyone hears a cat roar! They wonder what it is. Doug and Julie say it is a surprise they brought back to Salem with them. Everyone goes to see there surprise, which is a Bengal Tiger! 

Back in the church, Sami is praying for and to her dad. She says she prayed they wouldnt be a family with Kate, but she didnt mean for it to come true this way. She is feeling guilty. She says she misses her father and she is sorry. Lucas comes to be with her, and walks her out of the church. After they leave, Kate comes in. She looks at her wedding band.

Hope asks Jen how she is doing, is she okay. She says she is, and it feels good to be here. They talk about Bo and how Hope is worried. She says worrying wont do her any good. Hope just hopes this is over soon.

At Bos house, Bo is stunned to find Agent Spector waiting for Bo. Bo asks what he is doing here? Agent Spector reveals he is now agent of the ISA. He says someone dear to him is in danger, and only he can help her. Bo asks if it is Hope?

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