January 26th
Due to a migraine, I'm building off of NBC's summary today. I've added my own details to their original summary.

The Horton Foundation's circus is in full swing. It is a race against the clock as Tony takes the center ring and attempts to expose The Salem Stalker. This doesn't sit well with Celeste who predicts a particularly gruesome end for Tony. John and Hope also want Tony to stop this, but he says he is a marked man as is, and if the consequences of NOT going through with this are far worse than if he doesn't. Tony asks for everyone's attention, and he says he is about to name the killer! He is unaware that a bucket of blood teeters above his head. Tony tells everyone that he is not the killer, the killer is a woman and a member of one of the most prominent families in Salem. He also says the killer is here with  them! 

Meanwhile, our masked killer unleashes Horton the tiger. Using a drugged dart, the killer turns docile Horton into a ferocious beast and puts all in attendance into jeopardy. In their hand, the killer holds a remote control which seems to control the bucket above the center ring. The killer drops the remote when they have to flee to avoid being seen. The tiger ends up on the prowl, and many citizens don't even know he is with them. The tiger handler finally realizes the tiger is missing, and he warns John and Hope. They ask him to go find Doug and Julie to warn them and evacuate the tent. The handler leaves, runs into the unmasked killer, and asks them for help. The killer ends up knocking out the handler. Meanwhile, John and Hope get their hands on a tranquilizer gun, but it is quiet old. As they are about to shoot the tiger, Malrena arrives and is petrified. The tiger almost pounces her, but John saves her. Hope rushes off after the tiger. John wants to stay with MArlena, but she tells him to go get the tiger. After John leaves, Marlena jets off. 

Brady finds Nicole holding a plastic bag, which contains a black sweatshirt in it. She swears she found it. Suddenly, the tiger shows up, so they hide in a wardrobe. The tiger attacks the wardrobe and ends up jamming the lock, locking them in.. Afraid of the tiger, Nicole wants Brady to make love to her and forces him into a kiss. He eventually stops her, and the two are discovered by Victor.

Sami, Lucas, Doug, and Julie look for Will who has run off because Sami, once again, has said the wrong thing. that she could kill someone. Sami and Lucas find Will near the clown car, and Horton finds all three of them. Will climbs to safety up a latter, but Sami and Lucas are forced to find haven in a clown car. Lucas wants to go out where the tiger is to warn everyone, but Sami, fearful, says he can't go. She slips and tells Lucas she loves him. He asks her what she said? She quickly backpedals and says she said Will loves him and doesn't want to lose him. Lucas says okay, but before they leave this car, there is something he wants to do. Lucas then pulls her into a kiss!

Elsewhere, Shawn comforts a distraught Belle. Belle is upset about her parent's fighting, and about all the death around them. Shawn says if Tony is right in his hunch, than this all may be over soon. Belle asks what about Celeste's premonition? Shawn says John would never kill Marlena. Belle asks what if it was a freak accident?

In another part of the tent, Bonnie has lost her contact lenses and can't find the clown glasses she borrowed. She has a close run in with the tiger, which she thinks is just an alley cat. She finds the killer's remote control device and unknowingly releases the bucket of blood teetering on the catwalk above Tony - - this lures Horton to Tony. In appreciation for a job well done, the killer quietly hands Bonnie her glasses and walks off.

Back in the center ring, despite many warnings, Tony is attacked by the tiger in front of everyone! 



January 27 - NBC's Summary (Ack, Dustin lost his!)
Everyone is horrified as Tony, about to name the killer, is attacked by Horton the Bengal tiger. John tries to shoot it with a tranquilizer dart but the gun jams. The killer disables the lights and the tent is plunged into darkness. When the emergency lights come on we see that the tiger has dragged Tonys body off. 

Hope orders the tent to be cleared and the hunt is on for Tony, the tiger and the killer. John orders Marlena to hide someplace safe until the tiger and the killer have been caught. He also orders Philip, Shawn, and Rex to take Belle and Mimi to safety.

Bonnie, Mimi, Kate, Belle, Sami, and Julie take refuge in the empty tiger cage. Kate and Sami continue their sniping and Bonnie, Mimi, and Julies nerves are frayed. Belle sneaks out to try to help.

While Doug and Philip try to get the backup generator working, Hope, Shawn, Rex and John, armed now with a different tranquilizer gun, continue the hunt. They see a figure and tackle it - it turns out to be Lucas, having gotten Will to safety.

We play near misses as Marlena and the tiger menaces the women in the cage. To protect them, Sami locks herself and the women in the tiger cage. Bonnie accidentally sets the straw next to the cage on fire with a cigarette butt. Hope, with Philip and Rex, battle the flames. Shawn notices that Belle is missing and goes off in search of her. Finally, the fire is put out and the women are saved.

The killer knocks out one circus worker as he gets the keys to the tiger cage in order to free the women. Doug and Lucas happen upon him and the killer passes by them as Doug continues to search frantically for the keys.

The tiger threatens belle! Shawn and John both distract the tiger to try to save Belle. The tiger attacks John, who is locked in a life and death struggle with the savage animal. Finally, Shawn is able to take a shot and scares the animal off with a tranquilizer dart. John is injured, but not seriously. Marlena appears along with the group from the cage, so grateful the tiger did not harm Belle.

Lexie refuses to leave the tent until she has found Tony - he could still be alive. She and Celeste sneak off to search for him and they are briefly caught between the tiger and the killer; John and Hope save them. In the end, Lexie and Celeste find Tony; he is still alive. Paramedics are called and rush him to the hospital. John prays that Tony survives at least long enough to name the killer.


January 28 - NBC's Summary (Ack, Dustin lost his!) 
In the aftermath of the tigers rampage and circus fire, the tiger has gotten away and is still at large. Hope finds a discarded syringe and now knows the keys to the double locks on the tiger cage were stolen. Hope is convinced The Salem Stalker premeditated all these crimes. John and Hope ask Marlena to speculate from the list of circus attendees as to who could possibly be the killer. Unless its Nicole, Marlena has no idea.

Tony is rushed into the ER. Devastated that her brother could be dying, Lexie calls a code blue and works intently to save his life. Later, Tony is stabilized and Lexie is confident he will pull through and name the killer. John and Hope arrive to question DiMera. Tony opens his eyes and struggles to speak. He is just about to i.d. the killer when Lexie stops the interrogation - Tonys monitors are going crazy, he needs to rest and get his strength back before answering questions. 

In counterpoint, Celeste gets major vibes that Tony will not make it; evil is near and the killer is about to strike. We see the killer, disguised in a white doctors coat and latex gloves break into the hospital drug storeroom and steal a syringe and a lethal drug. There is an officer outside Tonys cubicle but he allows the doctor to enter. The killer is about to administer the deadly drug, as Tony opens his eyes and recognizes his assailant. A huge moment as the identity of The Salem Stalker is revealed!

Nicole and Brady return home to find Victor with a police officer. Nicole blurts: am I under arrest? Victor explains the police are keeping Nicole under surveillance in case they need to question her about murder cases in town. The cop mans his post outside. Brady tries to come to Nicoles defense but Victor says he can prove Nicole is a killer. As he goes for the evidence in the safe Nicole gets rid of Brady. Alone with Victor, Nicole swears she is innocent but Victor is confident Tony will give testimony that will send her to death row. Brady tells Nicole he believes she is innocent.

Belle has convinced Shawn to get checked out for smoke inhalation at the hospital. Marlena agrees to watch over him. When she returns, Belle encourages Marlena to reunite with John. Marlena, trying to help her daughter, tries to enlist John in helping Belle through their separation but John still doesnt understand why they are apart.

Rex feels guilty that he believed Tony was the killer. Bonnie faints to get Mickeys attention and he brings her to the hospital for tests. Julie is suspicious of Bonnies intentions and Mickey tells Julie to stop reading into the situation. Bonnie asks Mickey to take her home with him and Julie fears Mickey is getting in over his head.


January 29, 2004
Jan is in a raincoat and is hiding outside of Belles loft. She wonders when they will return from the circus, and how long Shawn can possibly stand to be with Belle. She daydreams about kissing Shawn at a kissing booth while Belle watches and screams. Belle and Shawn finally return home, and Belle decides to reward Shawn for saving her dad from that tiger. She tells him to take off his clothes! Jan says if Belle thinks shes going to make love to Shawn then she is sadly mistaken! Shawn strips down to his boxer briefs and Belle gives him a massage. Jan laughs at Belle and fantasizes about giving Shawn a real massage. After she gives him his massage, Jan decides to make love to Shawn! Back in the loft, Shawn tells Belle that he loves her, and they begin making out. Later, Belle returns from the store with a bag of things. She says while she was out, her dad called and nothing has changed. Shawn says whoever this killer is, he hopes she rots in hell. Belle makes them some smoothies or something, and Belle also got Shawn his car magazine and comic book. Shawn and Belle kiss some more, and Shawn apologizes for bringing the mood down by talking about the killer. For once, Belle is optimistic and says very soon everything will be back to normal. Shawn says he prays she is right.

Victor calls the hospital to find out Tonys status. Unfortunately for Victor, they wont tell him how Tony is doing. Meanwhile, Nicole is relieved that Brady has offered to help prove she is not the killer. He tells her the real killer is out there, and they will find them. Nicole asks how they are supposed to find the killer when the Salem PD cant? She also says thanks to her husband the only suspect they have is her. She says soon Tony will wake up and name her as the killer. Brady tells her that shes being a little too paranoid. Brady says Victor wouldnt involve Tony in this because they arent exactly friends. Nicole says Victor would do anything to get rid of her, and if she was dead it would solve all of Victors problems. Brady says how does Tony fit into this? Nicole says Victor and Tony cut a deal, if Victor handed over a suspect than Tony would make sure Victors hands stayed clean. Brady says the two of them will prove she is being framed because she is innocent. Brady asks if she is innocent? Nicole says not entirely. Brady asks her if she is saying shes the killer? Nicole says no. She says what she meant was that Victor loved her once, but she made him hate her because of something she did. Brady asks her what she did? Nicole says she had an affair with Collin Murphy. She says she knew it was wrong, and she ended it. She says only it didnt end, and Collin blackmailed her for five million dollars, which she paid him. She says Collin was going to destroy her whole life, and she says she couldnt let that happen. She says this whole thing started because she wanted to protect what she had with Victor. Brady asks her why she did it? Nicole says she doesnt know. She says maybe she wanted one last fling. She says it was a horrible mistake as she lost her job, her dignity, her heart, and any chance of finding happiness. She then tells Brady that Victor shot Collin on their wedding night! She says he shot Collin as a warning of what would happen to her if she ever left him. Nicole tells Brady that Victor said he would frame her for Collins murder, and he has a file of planted evidence on her. Brady says he cant believe this, how could he do this to her? Nicole says that if Victor gets her implicated as the Salem Stalker, nobody will believe that she didnt kill Collin. Brady says he will put a stop to this now, and goes to confront Victor. Nicole says one down, one to go! Nicole says while Brady takes care of Victor, she will go take care of Tony. She says she cant let him name her as the killer, no matter what she has to do. Meanwhile, Brady confronts Victor and asks how he could frame Nicole for taking the fall for all these murders? Victor says the woman is playing him, but Brady says Nicole told him everything. When he accuses Victor of killing Collin, Victor says he is skating on thin ice. Victor goes to show him the file, but Brady says he knows he doctored that file to make it look like Nicole killed Collin. Victor decides to call Nicole in here to settle this, only to learn Nicole is gone. Victor thinks Nicole has gone to kill Tony, so he decides to race to the hospital to stop her.

At the hospital, Celeste insists to Hope, John and Lexie that the killer will strike again, Tony will die. Hope assures Celeste that Tony is safe because a guard is standing outside his door. Celeste points out that the killer got to Maggie and Caroline and they were also guarded. Hope tells John to go check with the guard, and John agrees to do that. Lexie convinces Celeste to rest in her office. Celeste lays down on the coach and thinks maybe all she does need is some rest. She closes her eyes and falls asleep. Celeste ends up having a dream that Tony calls to her to tell her who the killer is, but before he can, the killer comes for him. Celeste turns around and sees the killer, mask and all, standing there. Celeste tells herself that this is only a dream, but Tony says it is real and in minutes he will be dead. Celeste wakes up and tries to get to Tony, but she finds herself locked in Lexies office. The window blows open, and the wind blows. She tries to call someone, but the phone is dead. Celeste thinks someone is keeping her a prisoner. She finds a photo on the ground, and when she looks at it it is of Lexie and skeleton. She drops the photo, and LExie finally returns. She asks her mom what is going on? Celeste says it is too late, Tony is finished. 

We see a replay of the killer using their medical badge to go into Tonys room. The killer is wearing a doctor's coat and holding a syringe. Tony looks up at them and says he knew it was them all along. Marlena looks down and tells Tony that he is just too smart for his own good. Marlena tells Tony that hes beaten death so many times, but now he is flat out of luck. She tells him to prepare to meet his maker. Tony attempts to reach for the call button, but hes unable to reach it. Marlena asks Tony if hes trying to say something. She says she thinks hed like to ask her why. Marlena says their beloved Cassie had the same question as she was pleading for her life. Marlena says Cassie wouldnt understand, and neither would he. Marlena says she is impressed he figured out it was her, nobody else did but Cassie. She says he would have caught her if his ego hadnt gotten in the way. She tells Tony that he is just like Stefano, and real showman. Marlena realizes Tony is reaching for the call button, so she takes it away from him. She says nobody will save him, not even his heroic half brother John. Suddenly, Hope and John show up outside the room to check on Tony. Marlena tells Tony that John is no use, he cant hear him. Back outside, Hope leaves to make a call as John talks to the guard. He learns that a doctor is in with Tony, but the guard doesnt know who the doctor was. John goes in and checks on Tony, who is alone. Tony attempts to point Marlena out to John. Marlena is hiding in the room next door! LExie comes in and tells John that she told him not to bother her brother. Hope shows up and explains why they are here, and LExie apologizes for jumping down Johns throat. Meanwhile, Marlena returns to Tony and she says that was close. She gets the injection ready and says this wont be half as much fun as watching Horton tear him apart. She tells Tony that this drug will slowly paralyze his body, and it will be excruciatingly painful. She explains the drug will collapse his lungs and stop his heart, but hell have enough blood and oxygen in his brain to know he is dying. She tells him that he is probably wishing he never came back to Salem! Tony spits in her face! Marlena says this phoenix has risen before, but he will never rise again! Marlena then injects the drug into Tonys IV. Marlena tells Tony to go to hell, gives him a big kiss, and walks out of the room! Meanwhile, John and Hope make up a list of people who are allowed to see Tony. Hope tells John to take a break and go see Belle. John says Belle is having a hard time with all of this, especially considering their family has split up. John says unless Tony names the killer, Marlena will never believe he is not going to kill her. Elsewhere, flowers show up for Tony, and the drug begins to take its affect on him. Marlena returns to the supply room where she disposes of her gloves, coat, and syringe. She gets her purse and heads back out to the hospital. John grabs her and asks her where she has been? Marlena says she was in the chapel praying for Tony. Meanwhile, Nicole sneaks in to see Tony when the guard takes a break to call his girlfriend. Nicole says Tony doesnt look so hot. She asks if he plans on naming her as the killer? He says nothing. so she says she is not the killer, and Victor is setting her up. Nicole drops her purse, and an earring falls out. Nicole asks tony who the killer is? Before he can answer, Tonys machines begin to beep! Nicole realizes this isnt good and runs out. Everyone in the hospital hears a code blue called for Lexie, and they know it is Tony. Lexie races to save Tony, and everyone follows. Victor and Brady arrive, and Brady says they are too late. Victor says it may be too late for Tony, but not too late to get answers. Lexie gets his heartbeat back, but his blood pressure continues to drop. Lexie tries to buy Tony more time for Tony, enough time for him to name the killer. Marlena ends up telling Lexie that this is a mistake, she shouldnt be doing this! She says this is unethical, Tonys body is shutting down, they should let him die. Lexie says Tony has been trying to tell them all day, and Lexie gets Tonys approval (through a nod) to give him a drug to buy him more time. LExie asks Tony to tell them who it is. Tony looks around and stops at Marlena. Meanwhile, Brady and Victor catch Nicole. Victor accuses her of trying to kill Tony, but Nicole says she didnt and he cant prove it.


January 30, 2004
At the hospital, Lexie doesnt understand why Tony is suddenly agitated. John begs Tony to tell them who the killer is. Lexie administers adrenaline to him so that he can have some time to name the killer. Tony comes too, and when asked who the killer is, he looks at Marlena. John and Lexie dont pick up on what Tony is trying to signal to them. Tony becomes more and more upset as he remembers Marlena administering the drug to him. Tony attempts to tell them that it is Marlena, but he cant speak. Lexie says it is like his body is being paralyzed. Tony once again remembers Marlena told him that the drug she was given would paralyze him, and it would be painful. Celeste tells Tony that if he cant speak than find another way to give them a sign. Tony ends up grabbing Marlenas wrist! 

Elsewhere, Victor and Brady confront Nicole, and Victor asks what she has done to Tony. Nicole says she hasnt done anything, but Victor doesnt believe her. He says she is a killer. Nicole remembers being in with Tony and accidentally dropping an earring or something under his bed. Nicole continues to insist that she didnt come here to kill Tony, she came here to talk Tony out of naming her as the stalker. Victor orders Brady to make sure his wife doesnt disappear while he goes to check on Tony. Victor leaves, and Nicole asks Brady who he is going to believe? Brady tells Nicole that Victor confided in him about what she did. Nicole swears she is not the stalker and that Victor is trying to set her up. Brady asks her if she could go back in time, would she erase her affair with Collin? If she still had her five million dollars, would she still want to be with his grandfather? Nicole says she had that money when he asked her to marry him. Brady says fine, all things equal, would she still want to be Mrs. Victor Kiriakis? Nicole says truthfully if she could have what she really wants, she would give up the Kiriakis' name, mansion, and everything that goes with it. Brady asks what she really wants? She says a man she can be herself with, a man like him. Brady is surprised, and he says he is sorry. Nicole says of course he has nothing to say because he doesnt believe her, he doesnt trust her, and hed never be with her. She swears to Brady that the one thing he can believe is that Victor is trying to railroad her.

Back in Tonys room, Tony has grabbed Marlenas wrist. Marlena says she is right here, he is holding her hand, is there something he wants to say? Tony wants to tell them all that she is the killer, but he cant speak. Tonys grip on Marlena gets weaker, and Tony flat lines. Lexie tells everyone to get out while she works to save Tony. Victor shows up and asks what is going on, is Tony dying? John tells Victor that he is losing his fight. Later, Marlena finds John wondering out loud why Tony grabbed his wifes hand. Marlena tells John that she can explain that. Marlena says it is a common phenomenon for people who are dying to have a memory from the past, so he probably remembered the feelings he used to have for her. John believes her excuse. Meanwhile, Victor talks to Celeste about what happened. She tells Victor that Tony was unable to speak to them, all he could do is grab Marlenas hand. Back in Tony's room, Lexie has to pronounce Tony dead. Lexie comes out and announces that Tony is dead. Marlena is the one who rushes to Lexies side to comfort her. Back in the room, Tony sits up in his bed and damns Marlena. He swears she wont get away with this! Tony, who is a ghost, calls out to Celeste. Celeste is lead by Tonys voice to LExies office. Celeste finds Tony waiting for her in the office. Tony assures her that he is quite dead, and the only reason he is appearing to her is to get her help in stopping the stalker. Tony tells her that with his assistance, they will bring this killer to her knees! Celeste doesnt know what is going on, and she wonders if he is really here. Tony says he is, and he wants to know if she will help her. Celeste asks how she can stop the killer? Tony says hes not asking her to wrestle her to the ground, just expose her. Celeste says no, that she doesnt want to know who it is. She says everyone who learns the killers identity ends up dead! Tony tells her that she already knows who the killer is, all she has to do is connect the dots! 

Meanwhile, Marlena is stunned when she learns from LExie that Lexie has ordered a toxicology report. Lexie says she needs answers about her brothers death, she seems it is like he had a deadly toxin in his blood. John asks if she is saying the killer poisoned Tony? Lexie says it is a possibility. Victor overhears this and thinks Nicole has struck again. Victor goes into Tonys cubicle (Tony has been moved by now) and he finds one of her earrings on the floor.

Victor returns to where he left Brady and Nicole, and he tells them that Tony is dead. Nicole says he cant be, he is the only one who can clear her. Victor laughs and accuses her of killing the man. She says she didnt kill him, but Victor says he lied to them and told them she wasnt in Tonys room. Victor shows Brady and Nicole the hairclip of hers that he found in there. Brady is furious and asks Nicole if she was in Tonys room. Nicole says she was in there, and she lied because she was scared. Nicole swears she didnt do it, and she runs off in tears. Victor is glad that Brady didnt run after her this time, and he says he hopes Brady has learned his lesson. Brady says she lied to him! Victor replies welcome to the club! 

Elsewhere, Marlena continues to console a grieving Lexie. She says she will be right here for her through this whole ordeal. LExie is told by a hospital employee that Dr. Scully (X-files!) is ready to begin the autopsy. Lexie thanks him. Marlena asks Lexie if she really wants to do this. Lexie is positive. She says she wants to know how that monster murdered her brother. Lexie leaves, and John tells Marlena that they need to talk about Tonys death. John says Tony wont be the last, and he thinks she knows who the next Victim will be! Marlena asks if this is a sick joke? John says no, he thinks her experience as a criminal psychologist could help them come up with a profile of the killer and who their next victim may be. John says if Tony was able to come up with the killers identity, between the two of them they can come up with the killers identity. Marlena says okay, and she says shell go to her office and get to work. John stops her from leaving and says they need to sit down and have a conversation about them and their marriage. Marlena walks off without saying a word. Marlena heads by LExies office where she hears Celeste screaming at Tonys ghost that she just cant do it. In Lexies office, Tony tells her that she will be all right. Celeste says she just doesnt want to die. Tony tells her that she wont die as long as she uses the knowledge she already possesses. Tony tells her to reach inside and look within! Tonys ghost then vanishes. Marlena knocks on the door, and Celeste answers. MArlena asks if Celeste is all right? Celeste says she is okay. Marlena asks if she wants to talk. Celeste says she wouldnt believe her, but Marlena asks her to give her a try. They head to Marlenas office as Marlena whispers why dont you give me a try!

Down in the autopsy room, Tony and Dr. Scully perform the autopsy. Lexie also receives a report on Tonys cardiac episodes. She reads the report and says Oh God no! Later, Lexie goes up to see John. She tells him that she has found something, and he wont believe it. 

At Belles loft, Shawn is once again fiddling with Belles radiator. He says it is so hot in here it is like they are at the beach! Belle says make that a nude beach, if he hadnt fixed that valve than she may have started stripping! Shawn says maybe he should open that valve back up then! Shawn and Belle then end up in a tickle war. They then see a report on the TV about Tony, which they watch. The news show rolls a film of Tony being attacked, and Belle winces. When the reporter reports that Tony has gone into cardiac arrest, they realizes Tony may die before they name the next victim. Belle fears that if Tony doesnt name the killer, than her parents dont stand a chance at getting back together, and none of them stand a chance against the killer. Belle says until the killer is caught, her dad will be a suspect in many peoples minds, especially her moms. Shawn says her dad has been ruled out because Tony said the killer was a woman. Belle says when they catch this woman she hopes she suffers for what she has done. Later, Belle and Shawn are lying in bed together. Belle is talking to Shawn about how she wishes her mom would wake up and realize what is going on with her dad. Shawn tries to cheer her up and they end up in a pillow fight. There pillow fight is spoiled when they hear Mimi and Rex making love through the ventilation system. Belle begins to fantasize about making love to Shawn. Suddenly, John calls the loft and informs Shawn, who answered the phone, that Tony is dead. 

Mimi and Rex return to their loft, and they also see the news report about Tonys attack. They learn that Tony is in critical, but stable condition. Suddenly, the reporter says Tony has gone into cardiac arrest. Rex says he did this, this is his fault. Mimi tells Rex that Tony still loves him like a son, so they should go to the hospital. Rex tells her no way. Mimi tries to persuade Rex to go to the hospital, but he doesnt want to. HE tells Mimi that she is the only family he has left now, and he carries her to bed. Rex and Mimi make love, and afterwards they reminisce about their romance and the first time they kissed and made love. They both tell one another that they have their whole lives ahead of them. Rex decides to go to the hospital after all and ask for Tonys better forgiveness. They get dressed to go to the hospital when Shawn and Belle show up. Belle is in tears, and Shawn is looking sad. Mimi and Rex figure out that Tony has already died. 

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