July 5, 2004
At the NASCAR races, Belle continues to make her plea on national TV asking Shawn to please come home. Kate shows up and asks Phillip how could he do this? What has he done? Belle continues her speech to Shawn, telling him how she is not angry with him, and she loves him and wants him to come home. She concludes by asking Shawn, or anyone who has seen him, to call an 800 number. Phillip thinks to himself that Shawn doesnt deserve a girl like Belle and never will. Kate asks Phillip why he did this, why he sponsored this car for Belle? She asks if he thinks Belle will be better off with someone other than him? Kate tells him that he is just making things more difficult for himself in the long run, what Belle needs is him and not Shawn. Phillip says Belle doesnt feel that way. Kate says when Shawn comes back will Belle be able to trust him? She says Shawn is just like Bo was at his age, always running off and doing what he wants. She says Roman and Shawn told her how Bo's actions used to break Caroline's heart. She asks if  Belle should have to wait 15 to 20 years for Shawn to decide when he wants to settle down? Kate says she isn't the only one who thinks he and Belle would be good together, her own father agrees and is furious with Shawn. She tells Phillip to stop wasting his time and energies on this and focus on the woman he loves. Belle hears this and says his mom is right, he has been amazing, but he needs to focus on the woman he loves. Phillip asks what shed say if he told her that he was looking at her right now? Kate tells her to tell them who it is. Phillip ends up saying that right now Belle is the only girl he cares about, she is his friend and he cares about her. Belle says that is sweet, but he should be with the woman he loves. Phillip says maybe one day he will. Belle waits around for Shawn to call, and Phillip argues with his mother about Belle. Phillip says even if Shawn doesnt call, he is not going to make a move on her until he knows Shawn is completely out of the picture. Phillip says if Shawn does call then he better have one hell of an explanation for where he has been. Kate says unless he is ill or being held prisoner, there are no excuse for his actions. Suddenly, a man tells Belle that Shawn is on the line for her. She says her plan worked! She runs off, and Phillip thinks that is it, its over. Kate says no its not, she and Belle will be together one way or another.

At Jans, Shawn is sulking in the cage and thinks Belle has left him. Jan walks in and sees Belle on TV. She cries out No! Shawn asks what is wrong, and then sees Belle on TV. Shawn asks her to turn up the TV, but Jan turns it off. She says he shouldnt watch that tape of Belle and Phillip anymore. Shawn says that was Belle on the TV, and she wasnt with Phillip. He says Belle was talking to the camera. Jan tells him that he has become delusional, but Shawn says she is the delusional one. Shawn says she can lock him up, brainwash him, and keep him here for fifty years; but he will never stop loving Belle. Jan cries You really mean that. Shawn thinks Jan is finally realizing that he will never love in her. Jan asks what about their baby, but Shawn says it wasnt their baby. Jan says he wanted it to be, he wanted her to keep the baby by the man who raped her. She tells him that he promised to stay by her and take care of her and the baby. Shawn says he thought it was the right thing. Jan says she kept the baby for him, he said hed be there for her. Shawn says he was there for her, he got his parents to let her move in with them after her mom kicked her out. Jan says then he dumped her for Belle. Shawn says that is because she lied about the miscarriage. They begin arguing about what happened, and Jan says he went back to his little life with Belle and she was left with nothing! Jan says everyone thought she was a terrible person. Shawn says he never thought she was a terrible person, he thought she was a victim. Jan says he was the only one. Shawn says he is a very forgiving person, and so is Belle. Shawn tells Jan that he will help her if he lets him out of this cage. Jan says shes not ready to let him go just yet. Shawn says fine, at least let him make one phone call to Belle and his parents to let them know that he is okay. He says if she cares about him than she will let him do this. He promises not to tell anyone where he is, he just wants them to know he is okay. Jan says perhaps she should let him make the call.

At the station, Tek is working on tracking the messages sent to Jen from Jack. Lexie feels responsible as she should have trusted her first instincts about Patrick. Tek gets a fax and hopes it is good news about Jennifer, but it isn't, the search for her has been called off. Lexie continues to blame herself, and she tells Tek the story of how she fell for Patricks stories and believed he might be good for Jennifer. Tek says they still dont know if Patrick is involved, so she cant blame herself. Meanwhile, Bo has brought Bonnie down to the station for questioning. Bonnie continues to say she doesnt know where Patrick is or what he is doing. Bo has a huge file on Patrick, but Bonnie says she doesnt know where Patrick is. Bo thinks she does because Patrick took off from Jen's after she did, but only  she came back. Bonnie says Patrick has been nothing but protective of Jennifer. Tek shows up and gives Bo a message. He is upset and tells Bonnie that her son could be in a lot more trouble than they thought. Bo says the search for Jen has been called off, which means there is a good chance Jen may not be found alive. Bonnie says Patrick couldnt have had anything to do with that. Bo asks if she is sure? He asks her how well she knows his son? Bonnie admits that he has always been a bit of a loner. Bo says Shawn and Mimi grew up and she never mentioned him, and all the years they have known Bonnie she never once spoke of Patrick. Bonnie says Patrick is much older than her other children, and he left the nest early. She says she and her son were not that close, she was young when she had him and she didnt give him the attention he deserved. She says she doesnt know where he went or what he was up to those years he was gone. Bo says he could be a killer, but she says she did not raise a killer. Bo tells her that she doesnt know, and if she doesnt start talking than Jens blood could be on her hands. Bonnie tells him nice trick, but shes not going to fall for it. Bo says he is giving her one last chance to tell him anything she knows. Bonnie remembers talking to Patrick about the mystery men who ordered him to come to Salem and set Jen up, but he refused. Bonnie tells Bo that he is right, Patrick isnt who he says he is. Bonnie says Patrick is Jens knight in shining armor, he has saved her life many times! Suddenly, Bo gets word that Patrick is holding Hope hostage. Bo and Tek race off, and Bonnie cries there must be a mistake, they are going to kill her son! LExie says they wont, but doesn't listen and goes into hysterics. Lexie tells her to calm down. LExie has to go to the hospital due to an emergency, so she calls Celeste and asks her to come keep Bonnie company. Bonnie then thinks Celeste can use her powers to convince the others that Patrick is innocent.

In an alley, Patrick attempts to explain why he stole the coin to Hope, and how he is the only one who can save Jens life. Hope asks why he is wasting time with a coind when Jen needs help? He says it can heal people. and he can't explain. Hope asks to see the coin, so he hands it over. She asks where it came from? He says it is a long story. She says he can tell them down at the station then. Patrick says if she takes him to jail than he is signing Jens death certificate, if Jen is alive than he is the only one who can save her. Hope gets a message from Commissioner Gordon, the search for her has been called off, which means they think Jen is dead. Hope tells Patrick that he is under arrest for robbery, kidnapping, and possibly murder. She then cuffs him. Patrick says Jen could still be alive and he is the only one who can save her. He asks her if arresting him is worth taking that chance? Hope tells him nice try, and calls Bo. As she is calling Bo, Patrick suddenly gets himself out of the cuffs Hope placed on him, and he grabs her gun. He then points the gun at her and tells her to put the phone down. She says he wouldnt dare pull that trigger. He says he will, and fires! He only fires a warning shot, and says he is an excellent marksmen. Patrick asks Hoppe to take off the remaining cuff on him, and ends up cuffing Hope with them. He then uses her PDA to find what he is looking for. He says he knows what he needs to go find Jen. Hope asks what he is taking about? He says he is sorry, but he wishes he could trust her. Meanwhile, the pawn shop owner sees Patrick holding Hope hostage and calls the cops to tell them. Back in the alley, Patrick and Hope hear sirens headed their way. Bo shows up in the alley and looks for Hope and Patrick, who are hiding in a dumpster. Patrick tells Hope that if she makes one sound then her cousin is as good as dead!

On the island, Jen ends up stumbling over a cliff and hangs on for deer life. Jack hears her screams, and races to get to her. Jack arrives at the crash site and finds some of Jens belongings. He realizes that Jen is here, and begins calling out to Jen. Back at the cliff, Jen hears Jack calling out to her. Jens grip begins to give way, and she begins to remember Jack saving her from the car crash on the bridge. Jen remembers Jack urging her to fight for Abby. Jen decides she needs to fight this time like she did last time. Suddenly, Jack shows up and tells Jen that he is here and he will save her! Jen looks up and sees Jack at the top of the cliff.


July 6, 2004
At the mansion, John tells Brady that everything is set up to trap Crystal. Brady asks how this is going to work? John says he hired Earl to install a new security system, and once Crystal is reunited with her old partner in crime, it is only a matter of time before she exposes the ring leader: Nicole Kiriakis. Inside, Crystal and Nicole run into Earl, and Crystal and Earl are shocked. Back outside, Brady says even if Crystal and Earl meet up, he wont hear what they say. John says that is where he is wrong, and he has a plan. We see flashbacks of John paying Earl and asking him to install a computer chip inside the Kiriakis security system. Brady asks if the chip is a bug? John says no, it is a bug and a camera! He says once installed hell have a ring side seat to all that is going on in there. Brady says this is illegal. John asks him whose side he is on? Brady says his, but this is still illegal. Brady also says if Nicole even suspects she is being watched then he will have a hard time getting her to admit to anything. They continue argue over whether or not Crystal and Nicole Marlena up. Brady says he just cant find a motive in this, why would Nicole and Crystal want Marlena dead? John says that is what he intends to find out.

Back inside, Nicole asks who this man is and what is he doing here? Crystal says this is her security guard Earl. Nicole asks what hes doing messing with her security system? He has he was hired to do a job by John Black. Nicole demands he explain everything to her. Earl eventually realizes that not only did Crystal set him up to lose his job, but Nicole was in on it with Crystal. He thinks they worked together to whack Johns wife. Nicole threatens to call the cops, but Earl warns them that John Black not only hired him to do this job, he was asking a lot of questions about his wifes death. Nicole and Crystal have a private conference on what to do. As they talk, Earl tells himself he doesnt care what John is up to, and those two bitches can rot in hell because he needs the money. Earl goes to install the chip, but Nicole catches him and figures out that it is a bug.

Back outside, John thinks the bug should be in place, and tries to turn it on. However, it isnt working. Nicole walks out and asks if his troubles have something to do with this? She then holds up the bug. She tells John that she knows what he is up to, and she cant believe Brady knew about this all along. She asks what happened to innocent until proven guilty? John says Brady had nothing to do with any of this, but Nicole says he went along with it. She tells him that she thought he was the one person she could trust, but obviously she was wrong. John says for someone who says she is innocent she seems obviously shook up. He asks what she has to hide? Nicole says nothing! John says hell be getting out of here for now. Nicole asks if he isnt forgetting something? She drops the bug, smashes it, and says whoops! John leaves, and Brady tells Nicole that she was right and what his dad was trying to do was wrong. He says he just isnt himself these days. Nicole says a lot of people arent, and she asks how he could betray her? Brady says he wanted to prove him wrong and prove to him that she was innocent. Nicole says she is sorry for getting angry with him, and it means a lot to her that he believes in her innocence. Brady says he does, but if he is wrong about her and she was involved in Marlenas death, than he is finished with her. Nicole says right, and heads inside. Nicole realizes she has to find a way to neutralize Crystal, and she says she knows just what to do.

Elsewhere, Crystal tells Earl that John is playing him for a fool, and if he found out Earl had anything to do with Marlenas death. Earl says that was all her and her friend, and he says he should tell John everything he knows because he may pay well for it. Crystal says if he does then he wont live to see a dime of it! Crystal takes Earl outback, and he says she can threaten him all he wants because he's not scared of her. She says she wouldn't hurt him, it is Nicole he needs to worry about. Earl says he is not scared  her either, he has all the cards the way he sees it. Crystal says she is innocent and it isnt her fault that Marlena stole his gun. He says the hell it isnt! As they talk, John spies on them! Crystal tells Earl that it is time they tell the truth, and Earl says she is a smart girl. Crystal says the truth is that MArlena snuck in and took his gun and locked them in while they were in bed doing the nasty. She tells Earl to hell with Laura, he can do so much better than her. Earl realizes he is screwed, and he says he will keep his mouth shut for the time being. Earl walks off, and Crystal says she will take care of everything. She walks off, and John comes out of the bushes. Meanwhile, Earl takes off, and Brady follows him.

In the alley behind the Pawn shop, Hope and Patrick hide in the dumpster while Bo and Tek search around for them. Bo cant find any sign of them in the alley, so he decides to check elsewhere. Hope bangs the dumpster to get Bos attention, and he returns. Bo approaches the dumpster, but a cat jumps out so he ignores the dumpster. Tek shows up, and Bo tells Tek that Patrick is gone and hes taken Hope with him. Bo says if something happens to her . . . Tek says it wont. Bo and Tek leave, and Hope calls out to Bo. Patrick quickly muffles her mouth, but Bo heard something and has spun around. Bo calls out to Hope, but when she doesnt answer, he thinks he is just hearing things. Bo and Tek leave, and Hope calls Patrick a bastard. She eventually breaks free from him and once again yells out to Bo, but this time hes long gone. Patrick ends up cuffing Hope to her car steering wheel, she is out cold. He says hes sorry for this but Jen needs him, and only he can save her. Hope eventually wakes up and realizes Patrick has taken her trashed her radio and taken her PDA. She then realizes she can track Patrick through her PDAs GPS.

Patrick returns to the airport and finds boxes with the palm tree logos on it. He says he is right on schedule. Suddenly, a man with a gun confronts him and says then again he could be late! Patrick beats the guy up, takes his clothes and gun, and then heads off. Meanwhile, Hope speeds towards Patrick in her car and thinks about how Jen defended Patrick to her. We see various flashbacks of Hope talking to Patrick and to Jen about Patrick. Hope vows to find Patrick, and then gets a gun out of her glove compartment. Patrick gets into the plane and prepares to take off, only to end up being surprised by Hope! Hope is pointing a gun at him and threatening to blow his head off!

At the station, Bonnie is worried about Patrick. She tells God that hes been so good to her lately, so she asks him to tell her that her son will be okay. Celeste shows up and says that is impossible, God cant give her the answer she wants. Bonnie tells her that she thought she was coming her to comfort her, not scare her. Celeste says she was struck by a terrible vibration on the way over, and she thinks something terrible will happen. Bonnie wonders if she ever gets any positive feelings. She asks Celeste to tell her if her son will be okay? Celeste says there is a way, but it is dangerous. Celeste locks the door and tells Bonnie that if they want to find out if Patrick is a killer, they need to take a trip into the future, to the end of his life. She says she needs to hold Bonnies hand, as Bonnie is his mother and is where Patricks life began. She also says they need an object of Patrick's. Bonnie has one, a brush which he brought back from one of his trips and said it belonged to pirates. Celeste says this will do. Celeste begins their journey into the future. All the lights in the office go out, and Celeste tells her to prepare herself. They end up walking through some time ripples and end up at the church where a coffin is lying. Bonnie thinks this means her son is going to die. Celeste says they cannot be sure Patrick is inside until they open it up. Bonnie cant believe this, but Celeste says it is the only way to end this journey. They approach the coffin together, and they see Bo in a pew. Bonnie wonders what he is doing here? Celeste says she is beginning to have a very bad feeling about this. There is an American flag over the coffin, and they open it. They look inside, and they scream! Inside the coffin is Hope! Theyre journey ends, and Celeste asks if Hope is really going to die? Celeste says she doesnt understand why this didnt work, why did Hope appear instead of Patrick? Bonnie realizes she made a mistake, this brush isnt Patricks, it is one she borrowed from Hope at the opening of Alices. As Celeste says Oh dear God, Hope Brady is going to die, Bo walks in and hears her!

On the island, Jack shows up at the cliff and tells Jen that he is here and he will save her. She says she knew he would come. He says he wont lose her or their baby, and he reaches down and grabs Jens hand. Jack pulls her up, and she says she cant believe it is him, and they kiss. Jen says she has been waiting for him, shes been waiting and praying that it was true. Jack says hell always be alive in her heart, always watching over her and Abigail and the baby. Jen asks what he means, hes talking like he is dead. Jack tells her to be strong, and he vanishes. Jen cries out No! You cant do this! You have to be alive! Of course Jen is still hanging on the cliff, and she says she needs Jack! Back at the crash site, Jack finds Jens luggage tag and calls out to her asking where she is. Jen continues to slip down the vine she is holding, and she once again hears Jack calling out. She doesnt know whether to believe it or not. As Jens grip continues to give way, Jack continues to search for Jen. Jen hears Jack calling to her again, and she realizes he really is alive. Jen cries out to Jack, and he hears her. Jack looks over the cliff and sees her hanging on for dear life. Just as she slips, he reaches out to her.


July 7, 2004
I missed the first 5 minutes of the show, sorry!
At the station, Bo tells Bonnie that if anything happens to his wife he will hold her responsible, and he tells Celeste that he doesnt want to hear any more out of her. Bo and Patrick leave to search for more clues, and Bonnie says she has a bad feeling and this could all be her fault. Celeste asks how this is her fault? Bonnie says she took something from Patrick that didnt belong to her, and that seemed to be the start of this mess. Celeste asks if this has to do with Jennifers kidnapping? She says no, so Celeste says shes not to blame. Bonnie says still she has done bad things, she has put herself ahead of everyone else, so if Jen or Patrick do die than she is to blame. Meanwhile, Tek breaks into Jens internet account and it is filled with nothing but messages from Jack. Tek theorizes if the messages are fake, then maybe the crash is too in order to throw them off. Bo wonders what Patrick has to do with any of this? Suddenly, Bonnie walks out and up to Bo. Bo asks if she knows what is going because if Jen dies then Patrick will be arrested as an accessory. Bonnie thinks about her talks with Patrick about the men pressuring him, and Bo asks her once again what she knows? Bonnie says all she knows is according to Celeste that Patrick is in as much trouble as Hope is. A cop interrupts and says there is an open channel on the police radio, and Bo thinks Hope did this so they could trace her. Bo and Tek go to work on tracing the frequency. Meanwhile, Bonnie asks Celeste if Patrick will die? Celeste says it doesnt look good for Patrick or Hope.

At the races, Belle takes the call from Shawn, which turns out to be a local radio jock who was just prank calling Belle. Belle ends up in tears, and Phillip comforts her. Phillip ends up telling Belle that the way he sees it, Shawn hasnt called because of one of two reasons . . . 1: something has happened to him, which he thinks is unlikely because there are no hospital or morgue reports. 2: Shawn is choosing to ignore her message and not get in touch with her. Belle says Rex was right about him, he is not her friend at all, he is just taking advantage of her! She says he came back to Salem and picked her for his date knowing she was with Shawn. He asks her why she went on that show? He says it was because she and Shawn were having troubles, and when he left Salem, Shawn was playing savior to Jan Spears. Belle thinks he has just been buying time to put the moves on her. Phillip tells Belle that he doesnt understand why she lets herself be treated like dirt by Shawn. Phillip says Shawn disappeared and isnt coming back! Phillip tells Belle that he thinks she is headed for a major emotional disaster if she keeps investing all her hopes in a future with Shawn Brady. She is furious with him and tells him to get away from her! Phillip says it makes him sad that she feels this way about him and doubt his motives and sincerity. Phillip says all hes ever done is care for her, but if she feels this way about him than fine. Phillip says hes going back to the loft and packing his stuff up to leave. Phillip storms off, and Belle damns Phillip for saying those horrible things.

At Jans house, Jan watches the TV (which she has turned away from Shawn) and sees Belle at the races being prank called. Jan says she is a total idiot. Shawn asks Jan if she will change her mind and let him call Belle, but Jan says Belle hasnt thought about him since she hooked up with Phillip. Jan then puts in the video of Belle dancing with Phillip and makes Shawn watch it again. Shawn wont look at the TV, so Jan threatens to come in that cage and staple his eyelids open. Shawn ends up pushing over the TV, and it blows up! Jan then gets a call from Nicole and heads out, leaving Shawn alone. Shawn attempts to break out of the cage, but realizes it is pointless. He then begins having memories (or fantasies) of being with Belle. He thinks about them watching the stars on the rooftop, and proposing to her. Shawn tells himself that he has to get out of here and back to Belle!

At the mansion, Nicole has a nightmare that Crystal ratted out everything to John, who confronted Nicole with everything he had on her. Nicole snaps out of her nightmare, pours herself a drink, and then talks to her reflection about what to do. Her reflection tells Nicole that John isnt the one she needs to worry about, she needs to worry about Crystal. Her reflection tells Nicole that she needs to convince everyone that she is Crystals victim rather than accomplice. Nicole calls Jan and orders her to come over because it is a matter of life and death. She threatens to make a phone call to Shawns mommy and daddy to let them know where he is, so Jan agrees to come over. Jan shows up, and Nicole says they need to talk about coming up with a way to deal with Crystal. Jan says Crystal is not her problem. Nicole tells her to think again. She informs Jan that she had Crystal set up Johns wife to be killed, and if she goes down, she will take Jan with her for killing Victor! Jan says she and Crystal should get a medal for killing the Salem Stalker. Nicole says she agrees, but Marlena was Johns wife. Nicole says she needs a problem taken care of, and only Jan can do it. Jan asks if she is asking her to kill John and Crystal?

In the barn, Crystal tries to attack John, but he grabs her and pins her down. She says she likes a man who likes to play rough, and she asks Big John if he wants to get nasty in the barn? She then gives him a kiss! He says he cant believe she got paid for this! This ticks Crystal off, who pushes him away and runs for it. John lassos her, and she threatens to scratch his eyes out. John then decks Crystal! He says she left him no choice. John then ties an unconscious Crystal to a support beam in the barn and says she will tell him everything he wants to know! He throws water on her to wake her up, and she cant believe he hit a lady. John says she is no lady! He demands she tell him how his wife died and her part in it. Crystal slaps John, and John tells her that she is being a bad girl!

  On the plane, Patrick tells Hope that she is pretty resourceful, she got out of the cuffs, tracked him here, and even managed to get herself another gun. She says speaking of guns, hand hers over. He claims he left it in the car, but she finds it on him and says that is one more lie shes caught him in. She orders him out of the plane, but he says hes not going anywhere but after the bastards who kidnapped Jen. Hope doesnt believe him, but Patrick says he may be the only one who can find and save Jen if she is still alive. Patrick swears to Jen that he is not lying, and he is not involved, but he is the only one who can save Jen. Patrick says he is taking off and the only way to stop is to shoot him. Hope tells him that she will shoot him. Patrick tells her to do what she has to do, but he will do what he has to do. The show ends with Hope firing her gun!

On the island, Jack holds onto Jens hand, but she is slipping. She says she cant believe he is alive and she has found him, but she cant hold on. She tells Jack that shes so sorry, and that she loves him. She then slips from his grasp and falls! Fortunately, Jen falls to a ledge below and survives! She says she is okay and she thinks the baby is too. Jen says she cant believe Jack is alive and that she has found him. Jack says he is alive, and she did find him! She asks how this can be, he had brain damage, she was there when he died, they donated his organs, they buried him. Jack says it is a long story and there are a bunch of unanswered questions, but he is alive. Jack tells Jen to stay put because hell get to her. As Jack looks for a way to et to Jen, the ledge Jen is on slowly begins to collapse under her! Jack cant locate a rope, so he puts the seatbelts from the plane together to form a rope. Jack realizes Jen may not be able to climb in her condition, so he says hell come down and get her. She tells him that he cant do that! He asks why not? Jen says he is hardly Tarzan, and she reminds him the last time this happened and they were stuck on a ledge together. Jack says he can do it, he's seen it done. Jen says he's seen it in movies, and no he cant do it. She says she wishes his friend Patrick Lockhart was here because he could get them out of this. Jack tells Jen that he has no idea who Patrick Lockhart is.


July 8, 2004
At the loft, Phillip is packing a bag. Belle walks in, looks at him, then walks over to the phone. Phillip tells her that there are no messages from Shawn. Phillip tells Belle that hes sorry for what the radio shock jock did to her. She says she was handling it and would have been fine, except he picked that moment to tell her that Shawn didnt care about her anymore. She says hes told her that before, but this was the last straw, she couldnt take it anymore. Phillip says she doesnt have to, hes going to pack his stuff and hell get out of here. He says he gave a forwarding address to Mimi, so she doesnt have to deal with him at all. Belle says he doesnt have to do that. Phillip says he knows certain people, namely Rex, have accused him of biding his time to make a move on her. HE says they are wrong, and he thought they would always be best friends. Phillip says he should just go. Belle tells him to wait. She says she came here to find him and say she was sorry. She says she is sorry for the way she treated him. She says she wasnt mad at him, she was mad at herself and Shawn. Phillip says he knows, and it upsets him to see her unhappy. Belle says she told Shawn when he was leaving town that she was independent and would be okay, but shes not. Phillip says her mom was arrested and then died, she needs all the people who love her to be here for her. Belle thanks him for understand and supporting her when she doesnt deserve it. Phillip says the only person who needs to apologize is Shawn. He asks if she has finally realized she is better off without him? She says no, that is not what she is saying. Phillip reminds her how everyone told him he was a fool to continue chasing after Chloe, but he couldnt imagine his life without her. Belle says what happened with Chloe was different, she was with Brady. Phillip thanks her for reminding him. Belle also says before Shawn left he told her that he loved her, and she cant imagine her life without him. Phillip says he knows that, but there is some reason he hasnt called her, and they know he is not dead or injured. He says maybe he did join the merchant marines after all, maybe he isnt coming back to Salem, so maybe she should move on. Belle says she cant move on without him, and no matter how bad things were between them when he left, they would have worked them out. She tells him that he cant possibly understand because hes never really been in love. Phillip is insulted by that remark. She tells him that if hed ever been in a real relationship, one with someone he planned to be with for the rest of his life, than he wouldnt be telling her to quit. Phillip says hes not the only one who thinks she is wasting time on Shawn, everyone else sees it. He tells her that she needs to move on with her life and make her mom proud, not waste her energies on Shawn. He also reminds her that he stood by Chloe when she had Leukemia, so she shouldnt tell him that he has no idea what it takes to stand by someone and love them. He says Shawn is the one who has no concept of love, and she needs to forget about him and move on. She tells him not to say that! She then tells Phillip to leave. He says hell go, and if he is wrong, and Shawn comes back, he hopes they can still be friends. Belle ends up slamming the door in his face, and he says he tried. Belle then goes and checks her messages. She ends up throwing the machine across the room when she has no messages. 

In the Kiriakis barn, Crystal asks John to let her go because she hasnt done anything. John tells her to cut the crap. He says he heard her talking to Earl, he knows about the keys and what they planned for his wife. Crystal says she has no idea what he is talking about. John tells her they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Crystal informs John to do his worst, but before he starts, he should know a lesson she learned in prison. She says whenever someone wants information from you, they will find a way to get it. However, no matter how hard that person beats you, you cant tell them something you dont know. She says she doesnt know nothing about Marlenas death except for what she told him before. He tells her to save her lies! Crystal tells him that his wife was a killer, and no matter what he does, he cant change that. John tells Crystal that she will go back to jail, and she might even get the death penalty. Crystal says Now ladies and gentlemen, it is time for lets make a deal! John says that is a fact. John says if she tells him who was behind the plot to murder his wife than hell have her death penalty taken off the table. Crystal says he doesnt have that kind of clout. John says he is ISA, so he does. John says if he helps put Victors murder behind bars then people will be grateful. Crystal says she was in prison when Victor was killed, she had nothing to do with his death. John says he thinks the same person who set Victor up to die set his wife up. Crystal says she doesnt see a connection. John says her thinks Marlena was killed to keep her from naming Victors killer. He asks who killed his wife and who killed Victor. Crystal says she thinks she knows. I missed hearing what she says, the next time the show returns, they are arguing about Brady chasing after Earl. John tells her that Earl will probably turn evidence on her, but Crystal says that is bull. John continues to tell Crystal that she is facing the death chamber and she knows it. He asks her if the person she is protecting worth dying for? Crystal says no, and he wins. She says shell tell him everything she knows. 

In the Kiriakis mansion, Jan tells Nicole that she wont do it. Nicole tells Jan that she doesnt want her to whack John and Crystal. Nicole says she needs Jan to help make her look like shes been victimized by Crystal. Jan says that shell enjoy, and she suggests they put cotton in her mouth so she doesnt knock out any teeth. Nicole says she doesnt want her to beat her up, she wants her to tie her up and make it look like Crystal did it. Jan says that is boring, but says what the hell. Nicole instructs her on how to tie her up, and Jan still wants to give her a fat lip or something. Nicole tells her to hurry up, they are running out of time. Jan wonders what if by some weird coincidence Crystal is already talking to John? She says that would make all of this look pretty stupid. Nicole says hopefully John is no where near Crystal and shell be long gone before her does. Nicole not only ties Nicole up, she duct tapes her to the chair. Nicole tells her to get out here. Jan says she forgot to tape up her mouth. Nicole says no way. Jan says then she better start screaming until someone finds her! Nicole says she sees her point, and tells Jan to tape her up. Jan tells her this is stupid, if Crystal confesses then she is going down. Nicole tells Jan then she will go down with her! Nicole says she wont think twice about handing her over to the cops if Crystal gives her up. Jan realizes that means she wouldnt get to be with Shawn. She tells Nicole she is totally ungrateful, and she is sick of her threats. Jan says she has done nothing but mess up her plans, she never did make Shawn love her like she promised. Jan tells Nicole that she is a danger, and if she is dead, nobody can do anything to hurt her! She says if she killed her, then everyone would think Crystal did it. She tapes Nicoles mouth shut, and Nicole tries to beg for her life. Jan pulls out a knife and says she doesnt know why she didnt think of this sooner. 

Tek and Bo are driving around and searching for Hope and Patrick, Tek is tracking Hopes radio frequency. Tek tells Bo that he knows hes worried given Celestes premonition. We see a flashback of Celeste telling Bo what she knows, and Bo lashing out and saying if Hope died than Patrick was to blame. Bo tells Tek that he doesnt believe in that psychic crap, if Patrick has her then there is a possibility he has lost her forever. Bo doesnt understand why Hope went out on her own, why didnt she wait for backup. Tek says it is what he would have done. Bo says that is different. He says Patrick obviously isnt working alone, and he doesnt know why someone would want to kidnap Jen. Bo says whoever did it has money and resources. Tek wonders how Lockhart fits in. Bo says he doesnt know yet, but when he finds him he will make Patrick talk. Tek eventually gets a lock on Hope, and he says they are at the airfield north of Salem. They speed there, and Tek calls for backup. Tek feels Patrick must have an accomplice because Patrick doesnt have a pilots license, so someone must be flying the plane. Bo worries that Hope could be outnumbered.

On the plane, Hope tells Patrick that she will shoot if he doesn't get off the plane. Patrick ignores her and prepares to takeoff, so she fires the gun and hits the side of cockpit. Patrick asks what she is doing? Hope says that was to show him that she means business, her next shot wont miss. Patrick says if she shoots him than they will lose Jen. Hope says he keeps saying that, and she asks why he thinks he can find her when the police cant. Patrick says he has more information. Hope thinks that means he is in on the plot, but Patrick swears he is not. Hope asks Patrick to show her some proof. Patrick uses Hopes PDA and shows her a map that will lead them to Jennifer. Patrick says Jen emailed her the registration number of the plane (Hope says she never thought to check her email), and he ran it through the FAA records and found out where the plane was coming from. He says the plane has been making roundtrips from Salem to a chain of islands in the Caribbean. Patrick says he is going to these islands, and he needs a favor from her. He asks her to keep the cops off his tail. Hope thinks they should let the authorities deal with this. Patrick says by then Jen could be dead. The cops show up, and Hope thinks it must be Bo. Meanwhile, Tek and Bo show up, and Tek uses binoculars to see into the plane. He sees Hope is holding a gun on Patrick. Back on the plane, Patrick tells Hope these people are smart and will see a search coming, but if they act now he can get in there and save Jen. Hope says Jen needs Bos help, but Patrick says the more people involved the more dangerous. Hope agrees to let Patrick go, but says she is going with him. As the plane gets ready to take off, Tek shoots one of the tires out. Bo then speeds in front of the plane to stop them from taking off. Hope tells Patrick to stop, but he refuses! Patrick takes off, and Bo and Tek watch the plane zoom over them.

On the island, Jack insists to Jen that he does not know any Patrick Lockhart. Jack tries to get the seatbelts strung together, but it isnt working. Jen tells him about how he met Patrick in Chicago and spent the day with him. Jack says he doesnt remember Patrick from Chicago, even when he was there pretending to be gay. Jen thinks he is just tired and that is why he doesnt remember. Jack says it isnt important, and theyll talk about him another time. It begins to rain, and Jack tries to get a rope together out of vines to reach Jen. They chit chat about how much theyve missed one another, and how much Abby has changed. Jen says Abby has been so strong for her, but at night she hears Abby crying in her room. Jack asks Jen if Abby knows she came looking? Jen says no, she is at camp and she hopes they will be back before she returns home. Jack tells Jen hes sending down the vine to her and she is to wrap it around her waste so he can pull her up. Jack asks God to give him the strength to save Jennifer. Jen hopes this works out better than the last time they tried this. We see flashbacks of Jack and Jen from years ago when Jack saved Jen from a cliff ledge. Jen ended up pulling Jack down onto the cliff with her. As Jack begins to pull Jen up, the not-so-dead Captain Davies shows up and begins chocking Jack! Jack ends up dropping the vine, which catches onto some rocks, and leaves Jen dangling for her life! Jack ends up beating off Davies, and then grabs the vine to pull Jen back up. Unfortunately, Davies comes back, pushes Jack, and he falls off the cliff with Jen! Davies says I got you both and then actually does die. Jack is holding onto the edge of f the cliff, and Jen is safe on the ledge again. Jack tells her to grab onto his feet and hell pull them up. She says she cant reach him. The ledge under Jen continues to give way, and Jen tells him so. The show ends with the ledge giving way and Jen screaming.


July 9, 2004
Lucas dreams about dancing with and kissing Sami. However, it turns out he is with Manda at the Blue Note. Sami's face morphs into Manda. Manda asks what he means he misses her, they have been together for like the past 24 hours. He says but it has been ten minutes since she was in his arms. She tells him he is so cute. He goes to get her a drink, and she checks her make-up in the bathroom. Phillip is at the bar and tells Lucas not to waste his time with the wrong woman. Lucas asks who says he is with the wrong woman. Lucas says he is one to be giving advice, his love life is the one that has tanked. Manda returns, shes been paged by hospital. She says she needs to go call and check in. She gives Lucas a kiss and she leaves. Phillip says they seem pretty tight. Lucas says they havent left one another's side for 24 hours, aside from coming out here to get a bite to eat. Lucas says he intends to take her back to his place later tonight. Phillip cant believe Lucas is listening to mom, dumping Sami, and having a fling with a cheap girl. Lucas says he didnt listen to mom, and she isnt a cheap girl. Lucas says she is a nurse. Still, Phillip says he thought he was in love with Sami and he is throwing it all away. Lucas says he saw how Sami was all over that DA guy that night here. Phillip says she didnt shack up with the guy, unlike him who is going to bring this girl home for the second night in the row. Phillip asks how Sami must feel since they are right down the hall form her, or doesn't Lucas care? Phillip takes off, and Manda returns after making a phone call, and she says the crisis has been averted. She says they should finish their drinks and return to his place. They kiss, and Lucas once again imagines hes with Sami.

Sami is on her couch watching some sad movie and crying. She screams at the TV Dont let him go, cant you see he loves you! She tells herself she has to get a grip as this is only a movie. There is a knock at the door, and it is shirtless Lucas. She asks what he wants? He says he came to say he was sorry, he never should have hooked up with that bimbo nurse. He says he only did it to forget about her, and he asks her to forgive him and take him back. They then begin kissing. Of course it was all a fantasy, and Belle is really at her door. Sami asks Belle what is wrong? Belle cries everything is wrong, my life is over! Belle apologizes for losing it and realizes Sami has been crying too. Sami gets them some ice cream, and they talk about their boy problems. Belle tells Sami what she did on national TV to get Shawn back, but that he hasnt called her. Belle says she guesses it is over, Shawn doesnt want to see her again. Sami tells her that she is better off without Shawn, and there are other guys out there. Sami says Phillip for example, he is crazy about her. Belle says Phillip is just a friend, and she knows he is in love with another girl. Sami asks if she knows who this girl is? Belle says no. Sami tells her to wake up, she is the girl that Phillip is in love with! She says Phillip has a crush on her, shed be blind not to see it. She says that is the first thing he did when he came to Salem, he went on that game show 'Love is Blind.' Sami also says now that Shawn is out of the picture he has moved in with her. Belle says he needed a place to stay and she offered the place to him, that is all. Still, Sami says there is only one way to find out, she should ask him. Belle says that is a good idea, and she says shell do that. She then changes the subject to Lucas. Sami says Lucas is out messing with some other girl. Belle asks if he took that girl home? Sami says he did,  and she is smart and successful, the kind of girl he could take home to mom. Belle tells her to do something about it. Sami asks what she can do? Belle wonders where her sister is, when has Sami Brady ever given up without a fight? She tells her to go to Lucas, tell him that she made a mistake, he might take her back. Sami says he might reject her. Belle tells her sister if she doesnt take chance then shell end up all alone. Belle says she should go and find Phillip and work things out with him. She says she doesnt want to lose him, and she knows Sami doesnt want to lose Lucas. Belle leaves, and Sami fantasizes about preparing a romantic dinner for Lucas (in her negligee no less). Lucas arrives in a tux, and Sami apologizes to him and says she hopes they can start over. Lucas says he is sorry too, it is too late, he is with Manda and Will is already falling in love with his new step-mother. Manda arrives in a wedding dress, and they head off to get married. Sami snaps too, and says she could lose Lucas forever if she doesnt do something now. Later, Sami hears Lucas and Manda walking to Lucas apartment. Manda asks Lucas why he always stopping to  look at this one door, is she keeping him from being with Sami? On the other side of the door, Sami listens to their conversation. Lucas swears it is just a habbit because hes used to stopping in to say goodnight to his son. He swears hes not thinking about Sami, and that he is through with her. They kiss, and Sami sees this through the peephole.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Jan runs off before killing Nicole cause Brady walks in. She knocks Nicoles chair over, and knocks her out in the process. Nicole finally wakes up, and Brady takes the tape off her mouth. He asks who did this to her? Nicole says she went out of control, she thought she was going to kill her? He asks who she thinks? She says her good friend Crystal.

In the barn, John asks Crystal if the person she is protecting worth dying for? She says no, and shell tell him everything she knows. Someone then knocks John out with a shovel, and Crystal thanks them, but asks who the hell they are? It is Jan, who unties Crystal and introduces herself. Crystal realizes Jan is the other accomplice. Crystal asks if she killed John? She says no. Crystal asks why she is helping her? Jan says they dont have time and she needs to get out of here. Jan leaves, but Crystal stays behind to share a moment with her handsome hunk. She tells John that she is sorry things ended up the way they did because they would have been great together. She kisses him, and says so long. As she tries to go, John wakes up and grabs her. He tells her that she isnt going anywhere! John says she didnt want to do this the easy way, so now they have to do it the hard way. Fortunately for Crystal, Jan returns and saves Crystal once again. She tells Crystal that she is tired of saving her sorry ass. Crystal asks why she keeps doing it? Jan says if one of them goes down they all go down. She says the only way to prevent that is to send John Black to an early grave. Crystal refuses to let Jan kill John, and drags her out of the barn. She tells Jan that she just cant off that guy, she wont let her turn grade A beefcake into ground chuck! Jan says if he wakes up and sees them they are both dead meat! John wakes up again, and Jan and Crystal run and hide. John stumbles out of the barn, and walks off. Crystal realizes Jan really is a killer, she offd the old man. Jan says so what, she helped Nicole kill Marlena. Crystal says she didnt have a choice, Nicole is cold and heartless. She says if Brady doesnt put out soon, he will be her next victim. Crystal realizes she needs to skip town, and she asks Jan if she will do the same. Jan says no, she has a very good reason to stick around.

John goes into the mansion and asks where Earl is. Brady says he got away. John then says he almost had Crystal where he wanted her until her friend came to her rescue. Nicole says she did no such thing. Brady tells his dad Nicole is innocent this time. He explains finding her tied up by Crystal. John says they should go find Crystal before she gets away then. Brady and John go out looking for Crystal, but she is long gone. Nicole says she is on the run and shes not coming back. John says something isnt adding up, if she didnt knock him out, than who did? Nicole says she has no idea. John thinks it is probably Nicoles original accomplice and decides to fingerprint the shovel (Jan was wearing rubber gloves this time though). John heads off, and Nicole thinks she has dodged another bullet. She gives Brady a hug and thanks him for believing in her.

  Jan Spears ends up on the pier, but hides when Belle and Phillip show up. Belle says she was just coming to look for him, and he says he was just coming to find her. He says he is sorry for what he said about Shawn, but hell be out of the loft by tonight. Belle says he doesnt have to go, she wants him to stay. She says it is hard for her to be alone right now, shes lost her mom and Shawn. She says he is right and she needs to accept that hes not coming back, at least to her. She says she owes him an apology, he was trying to help her see the truth. She says all he has ever done is look out for her and she is grateful for that. Phillip agrees to stay and be her roommate. Belle says Sami had a crazy idea about the two of them. He asks what she said? Belle says it is totally ridiculous and she is wrong. She says she needs to move on and accept Shawn doesnt love her anymore. Jan gasps and stands up (I think she saw a rat), and is seen by both Belle and Phillip. They are in shock and wonder what she is doing here.

On the island, Jack and Jen hold onto the cliffs. Jack tells her not to let go. She says she cant hold on anymore, and she tells Jack to tell Abby that she loves her. Jack says he wont lose her! Jack, with super human strength, pulls himself up and saves himself. Jen makes it back to the safety of the ledge, and then JAck tries to figure a way to save Jen. Jack goes off looking for something, and the ledge under Jen continues to crumble. Jack ends up using a tree limb to try and save Jen. He moves the tree branch over the chasm and climbs down a vine hanging from it to Jen. She grabs onto him, and he pulls them up to safety. Jen and Jack make it to the cliff top, and it begins to rain. Jack tells her that he is here and nothing and no one will ever take her from him again. They then share a kiss.

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