July 12, 2004
On the pier, Jan hears Belle says that Shawn doesnt love her anymore and she has to accept it. Jan gasps when she hears this, and stands up out of excitement. Belle and Phillip are stunned to see her and wonder what she is doing here. Phillip asks when she got back, and Belle asks if she was spying on them? Jan says she dropped her earring in the fog and she didnt even see them. Phillip says once a liar always a liar. Belle asks when she got home? Jan says not long ago. Jan says she knows they didnt leave things on good terms, and she owes her an apology. Phillip says she owes half of Salem an apology. Jan says she went a little off the deep-end after Paul raped her and left her pregnant, and she is sorry about blaming her miscarriage on Belle. Jan says she was scared and Shawn was her only support at the time. Jan says she made a mistake and she has grown up a lot. Belle says she thought Jan went to Europe. Jan says she was in Europe with her parents, and over there they were killed in an accident. Belle says she had no idea and she is sorry. Jan says now she is all alone. Belle says she knows how she feels. Jan says she read about Belles mothers death, and she cant believe Dr. Evans was a serial killer. Jan cries phony tears and says her mother (Marlena) was always so nice to her. She asks how she could have killed all those people? Belle says no one knows. Jan says she wanted to come see her after her mom died, but she didnt think shed want to see her. Phillip says you got that right! Belle asks Phillip to let Jan finish. Jan says she is not the same spoiled brat they knew in high school, she has changed. She says losing a parent puts things in a different perspective, and she doesnt think she needs to tell them. Jan wishes they could put the past behind them and move on. Phillip tells Belle this is an act, but Belle feels sorry for Jan. She tells Phillip she isnt saying she trusts Jan, but she cant be mean to anyone after all the things that have happened. Belle asks Jan what her plans are now that she is back in Salem? Jan says if she told them, they wouldnt believe her. She says she is just going to wrap up things with her folks estate and then she will be going back to Europe. She then asks how Shawn is because shed like to apologize to him to. Belle says they dont know where Shawn is. Belle says he went on a road trip and they dont know where he is or when hes coming back. Jan tells Belle that he will be back because Shawn would never run out. She says he must be tied up. Belle sees Jans ring, and asks what it is? Jan says she is engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. She says she is over Shawn and is with a man who will love her for the rest of her life. Belle says congratulations.

Sami is at her place and is having nightmares of growing old, taking care of cats, and eating TV dinners. When she goes to take out her trash she runs into Manda and Lucas, who are on their way to play tennis. Manda tells Lucas that she doesnt need any cardiovascular exercise because he keeps her heart racing every night in bed. Sami ends up crying out in her sleep No Lucas! Sami ends up dumping her garbage all over herself (in her dream), and Lucas and Manda laugh at her. Sami says theyve had their fun, but she needs to talk to Lucas. She says she wants Will to stay with her this summer before he goes off to college. Lucas says Will wants to live with him and Manda, and by then theyll be in their new condo. Manda says she cant wait to move out of here, the people who live her are garbage. Lucas and Manda eventually head off, and Sami wakes up from her nightmare. She fell asleep with her ice cream, which has melted all over her. Sami heads to the bathroom to clean up. She thinks about Belles advice to take a chance on Lucas. She decides Belle was right and she needs to fight for Lucas. Sami heads over to Lucas place and rings the doorbell. When no one answers, she lets herself in with her key.

Meanwhile,  Lucas and Manda are in bed and just finished making love. Manda says she could do this all night, but Lucas says hes going to need a break. Manda asks what is wrong, doesnt she turn him on? He asks her what she thinks? When he looks at her, he sees Samis face. He tells her that she is the only woman hell ever want, and begins making love to her again. Manda tells Lucas that he is amazing. Lucas blurts out Samis name, which doesnt sit well with Manda. She asks him what he just said? Lucas swears he doesnt care about Sami and she is the only one he wants to be with. Suddenly, Sami walks in on them in bed! Manda asks what she is doing here? Sami doesnt answer, and Manda says she is outa here because this is too weird. Lucas asks her not to go. Manda says he promised her that there was nothing between them. He says there isnt, but she says she asked him over and over if he had feelings for her still. Lucas says they are history, so Manda asks why she has a key? Lucas says because they share a son. Lucas tells Sami she has no right barging in, but Sami says she rang the doorbell. Lucas says it is obviously broken! Sami asks how she was supposed to know? Manda tells them that they can fight after she is gone. He asks her not to go, but she says he is just like all the other men, he is a liar, liar pants on fire! Lucas says he likes her, but she says he called out Samis name while making love to her! Sami is shocked by this. Manda tells Lucas not to call or email her because it is over. Manda runs out, and Lucas asks Sami if she is satisfied? He tells her that she cant leave it alone can she, she cant stand to see him moving on. They begin to argue about Manda, and Sami asks if he really called out her name? Lucas says he didnt. Sami thinks Lucas was thinking about her the whole time he was with Manda, but Lucas says that is not true. Sami says he was using Manda to try and get over her. Lucas tells Sami that they were mistake, and she disgusts him. Sami says she never wants to talk to him again, and runs out of his place. Lucas decides to go over to Samis place to get his key back from her. From the hall he can hear her inside crying. 

Bo and Tek return to the station, and he is furious that Patrick got away with his wife. Tek wonders why Hope let Patrick take off, why did she go along with him. Bo says they can answer those questions once they find the plane. Tek gets to work on the computer trying to track the plane. Tek uses his ISA connections to track the plane. He realizes they are flying into restricted airspace, and says it is where the pentagon tests their latest missile systems.

On the plane, Hope tells Patrick that she doesnt like this. She worries about Bo and what he must be thinking right now. She asks if they can radio him and let him know she is okay. Patrick says no. He says whomever kidnapped her cousin knows what they are doing. He says their only chance to find Jen is to fly under the radar. Hope wonders whos neck hes trying to save, Jen or his? Patrick says he thought she trusted him. Hope says she is just worried about her family. Patrick offers to drop her off at the nearest airstrip so she can get back to them, but Hope says they dont have time. She says the sooner they get there the better chance they have to save Jen. Hope asks Patrick why he is risking his life for Jens, does he have feelings for her? Patrick says she is just a friend. Hope says he doesnt seem like the selfless type. Patrick says perhaps he is looking for some good karma. Hope sees some islands in the distance, and she says she hopes they get there in time. Hope thinks about Patrick jumping on the plane wing to try and stop the plane from taking off. She says that was a big risk to take for a friend. She thinks there must be more to his story. Patrick says it is boring, and as they talk, the radio comes on. They are warned to go back, but the radio is full of static and isnt working.

At a military base, we see a man warning them to turn back as they are flying into restricted military space. Bo calls the military and talks to them about the plane. He tells them not to shoot the plane down, and orders to talk to the commanding officer. The man says he will get him. Bo talks with Lieutenant Colonel Harley, who tells Bo that the plane is considered an enemy. Bo says his wife, a police officer, is on the plane. The Lt. says this is a highly sensitive area, any aircraft that does not respond and turn back is automatically gunned down. Bo asks them to send up a fighter jet to intercept them. The Lt. says he cant, once the plane entered their air space the computer launched a missile. He tells Bo that it is too late. 

Back on the plane, Patrick thinks the military are radioing them. Hope sees something she thinks is another plane, but Patrick says it is a missile! Patrick tries to dodge it, but it is a heat seeker and he says he cant dodge it forever. Back at the station, Bo and Tek watch (on the computer) as the missile hit the plane!

On the island, Jack carries Jen to a cave to get them out of the rain. Jen is worried about Jack, who has a horrible fever. Jack doesnt care and pulls Jen into a kiss. She says this is like a dream come true. Jen says if this was a dream theyd be warm and dry, and theyd have a bed. Jack thinks the angles must be looking down on them, but Jen says he is the angle. Suddenly, Jen is hit with a huge cramp. She thinks she could be going into labor and tells Jack he better get ready to deliver this baby right now! Jen tells Jack that it has been a difficult pregnant, but Jack tells her that she is strong and she will get through this, they will get through this. We see flashbacks of Jack delivering Abby in the cabin on Smith Island. Jack tells Jen that after everything theyve been through, birthing a baby will be a breeze. She says she was counting on an epidural. Jack says hes sorry about that, but she says she is just grateful that the baby will be able to spend time with his father. Jack asks if it is a boy? Jen says or her, she doesnt know. Jack and Jen do breathing exercises, and Jens cramps stop. Jack decides to get some dry wood and start a fire, but when he tries to walk he becomes dizzy and stumbles. She asks what is wrong? He says he is just a little off balance. Jack cant walk straight, so Jen asks him to come to her and sit down. Jack crawls to her, and she says he is burning up. Jack says he is fine, it is just the adrenaline. Jack ends up singing to the baby, and Jen tells Jack how much she missed him. Jack tells Jen that she loves her so much. Jen still doesnt understand how he is alive after they donated his organs. Jack says he cant explain, he can try, but first he gives back her locket that she buried with him. Jack says everything will be all right, and he promises to never let her go. Jack ends up building them a fire, and he asks Jen to tell him about Abigail. Jen says he needs to lay down and let her take care of him. Jack then asks Jen how she got here? Jen says she got his messages and did everything he asked. Jack says he didnt send her any messages. Jack says there was no way he could contact her from this island. Jen says she got emails, voice messages, phone calls. Jack says someone set her up, but she says no. She says there were details only he would know, and the pilot of the plane showed them a photo of them and a video clip of him. Jack says he cant explain any of it, but whoever got her here, he is just glad to see her. Jack says even if they are stranded, he is glad. Jen says they wont be stranded for long as she emailed Hope the registration number on the plane. She says Hope will track the plane and rescue them. Jack tells Jen that he has so much to tell him, there was no serial killer and everybody is alive! Jen asks Jack to rest, but Jack says this is important. He says the others . . . suddenly Jack passes out!


July 13, 2004
On the pier, Jan tells Belle and Phillip she is engaged to a wonderful man who knows the real her and will never leave her. Belle says her relationship sounds very mature, and she asks when she gets to meet this guy. Jan says she already knows him, and so does Phillip. They ask who it is? She says he is tall, dark and handsome, athletic, and has a steaming body! She says he is her prince charming. Belle says if she didnt know any better, she would think she was describing Shawn. Jan says she is. Belle is shocked and asks if she has seen Shawn? Jan says she only means the guy is like Shawn, but they are different. She says her boyfriend is dependable and attentive, he would never leave her. Belle sulks, and Jan apologizes. Belle says its okay, its not her fault that Shawn left town. Jan says of course it isnt! Phillip tells her to calm down! Jan says she is sorry, but she does have a reputation in this town. Belle asks what her man's name is, and Jan says she shouldnt tell them right now. She says the engagement is hush-hush and she should check with him before telling anyone who he is. Belle ends up asking Jan to be friends, they should put the past behind them. Jan says wow, Shawn was right, you do forgive and forget. They ask if she has talked to Shawn? She says she just meant when Shawn was helping her he tried to tell her how forgiving and understanding Belle was. Jan remembers that time Shawn was helping her, and how messed up she was. Belle tells Jan that she went through a lot, but Paul is dead now. Jan says Paul may be dead, but everything about that night is burned into her memory. Belle says that is horrible, and she suggests they all go back to her loft and get some tea. As they walk, Phillip suspects something is not right with Jan, and he vows to find out what it is. 

Rex and Mimi are in the bath together, and they plan on vegging in front of the TV all night and watching a Hitchcock marathon. Rex tells Mimi how beautiful she is, but Mimi asks compared to what? Mimi says she is his first girlfriend, he never got to sew any wild oats. He asks where this insecurity is coming from? She says he is a bartender now, so hell have tons of beautiful women throwing themselves at him. Rex says he cant control what drunk women do, and he only has eyes for her. Rex asks if this has something to do with Belle and Shawn? Mimi and Rex get dressed, and Mimi admits to Rex that he is right. She says Belle and Shawns breakup really got to her, she thought they were forever. Mimi says they have been in love their whole lives, they are perfect for one another. Rex says he doesnt know why they broke up, but he is not Shawn and she is not Belle. Mimi says if he hadnt thought Belle was his sister than he might be with her now. Rex says hes not with Belle and he doesnt belong with her. He says he is a guy who fell from a sky, he has a bizarre relationship with a mom he hardly knows, and he never knew his dad. He tells Mimi that she gets all of that, and that is why they are good together. He says what they have is real and is love. Mimi says he is right, and she doesnt want him to think she doubts him, but she knew Shawn her whole life and trusted him. She says look what hes done though. Rex says he believes that Shawn will come back to Belle and that they will be happy. Mimi tells Rex that she loves him, and they fall to the bed and make love. Afterwards, Rex heads to take a shower. He asks Mimi if she wants to join him, but she says she needs to de-prune from her day in the tub. Mimi heads out to the fire escape and looks out the window. She tells herself that she and Rex will be just fine, but she is still worried about Belle and Shawn. 

Belle, Jan and Phillip go to Belles loft, and Jan instinctively heads for Belle's door. Belle wonders how Jan knows which loft is her? Jan says she saw the loft listings downstairs. They go inside, and Belle explains how Mimi moved out and is living with her boyfriend, so Phillip is now living her. Jan comments "What is the world is coming to, Mimi shacking up with a guy?" Phillip turns on the stove to make some tea, and he asks Belle to crack a window because gas sometimes leaks out. Jan says shell do it. She cracks the window, and Phillip tells Belle that this girl is bad news. Meanwhile, Mimi, still sitting on her window sill, sees Jan in Belles apartment, and rushes over to find out what is going on. Back in Belles place, Phillip says Belles dad had special security locks placed on those windows, how did she know how to open them? She says these locks are common in Europe. Phillip and Belle go to check on something, and Jan says now that Belle and Phillip know she is back, she guesses shell have to kill them. Mimi shows up and says the only one who will die is her, and she chocks Jan!

At Samis place, Sami vows to cut men out of her life for good. Meanwhile, Lucas lets himself into Samis apartment, only to be clobbered by Sami with a bookend. Lucas falls to the floor unconscious, and Sami wonders what she did. She sees he is bleeding, so she brings him some ice for his head. She cries that she is sorry and she says she would die if anything happened to him. She says she is sorry she has been such a bitch to him lately. She says she is good at creating drama, but she doesnt handle it well. She tells him that all the things going on with her family have just upset her. She apologizes for sending him mixed signal, and she says Manda took advantage of him while he was in a vulnerable state. She tells Lucas that he cant leave her because he is the only man shell ever love. She kisses him, and he comes too. Lucas sits on the couch and holds ice on his edge, and Sami begins cracking jokes. Lucas thinks Sami barged into his apartment because she was jealous and she wanted to be who he was making love to. Sami ends up bonking Lucas on his head, and he cries out in pain. She apologizes and tries to look at his head, only to end up kissing him. She thinks he is okay, but he says he isnt. He says there is no medical cure for what he has, she has hurt him and that is why he got mixed up with Manda in the first place. Sami says she is sorry, which shocks Lucas. She says all her parents wanted was for her to grow up, and now that they are dead, she is still disappointing them. She says she wants to be the woman they wanted her to be, she wants to be a great mother and role model. She says she just doesnt want to be a secretary for the rest of her life, she wants to be able to take care of herself. Lucas says she does take care of herself, and maybe she should let someone else take care of her. Sami says every time she trusts a guy it turns out to be a mistake. Lucas says he knows she hated him with Manda, and he hated being with her too. He says he loves her and wants to be with her. Sami doesnt think that is a good idea, she doesnt want to get her heart broken again. She says she thinks they may be doing this for all the wrong reasons. Lucas says that happened the first time they had sex, this time it is different. He says they started out as friends, but they could be so much more now. He says they are grown up now and could be together because they love one another. Lucas says he heard what she said to him, she said she loved him. Lucas says making love is the best way for two people to express their love. Sami asks if he is saying he loves her? He asks what she thinks? They kiss, and Lucas asks Sami to promise not to be her own worst enemy. He tells her not to do anything Sami like to screw this up, let this happen naturally. Sami asks if he really thinks it could happen? He says he doesnt see why not, she just has to give them a chance to discover what they never had. Lucas picks Sami up and takes her to bed. Once they are in bed, Lucas calls out Mandas name. Sami is furious, but he laughs and says he just wanted to see if she was paying attention. To pay him back she tickles him. They soon end up making love, and their bed breaks! Lucas jokes that he knew sex with her was great, but he just felt the earth move! 

At the police station, Bo and Tek watch the missile hit Hope and Patricks plane and explode on contact! Bo loses it completely, and says this is not happening. Tek asks if there is someone he can call? Bo says no one, Hope will be rescued. Tek says he knows he wants to believe it, but she is gone. Bo tells him not to say that again or hell bust his face wide open. Bo brings another officer is and orders a search for the wreckage and his wife. Tek tells Bo that the plane is gone, there is nothing to look for. Bo says people have tried to convince him of that Hope was gone over the years, but they have always been wrong. He says his wifes name is Hope for a reason. Bo says they arent giving up on Jen, and they arent giving up on Hope. He says they could have ejected. Bo wants to go out and join the search, but Tek refuses to let him go. Bo says he is his commanding officer, so get out of his way. Tek says he has a job to do as well, and he asks Bo to step down. Bo says like hell he will! Tek grabs Bo to keep him from leaving, and Bo pushes him up against the wall. Bo gets in Teks face and says his wife is alive, he can feel it, so get the hell out of his way! Bo says he will not stop until he sees his wife and find out what happened to her. Tek continues to tell Bo that hes not thinking clearly. Bo tells him not to stand between him and the woman he loves. Tek asks or what? Bo decks him and walks out of his office. Bo asks an officer to radio the search party and tell them that he is coming out. Suddenly, Judge Fitzpatrick shows up and tells Bo that isnt going to happen. She says she knows what happened, and she came to check on him to see if he was okay. She doesnt think it is a good idea for him to go out and search because he is too involved. Bo refuses, but the judge says this isnt a suggestion. He says she cant pull rank on him, but she says she can. She tells him that he has had so much death to deal with, and he wont let him go off the deep-end during this mission if Hopes death is confirmed. The judge says he may put himself or the force in jeapordy. She tells him to hand over his badge. Tek shows up and asks to speak to the judge in private. In an office, Tek tells the judge he was worried about Bo at first, but he thinks Bo is okay. Tek tries to convince the judge that Bo is capable of this, but she says she has made her decision. Bo takes off while they are talking, and the judge is furious. She orders Tek to go with Bo, and says if Bo does anything to compromise the mission or the department than he is to arrest Bo. Tek says he understands, and rushes after Bo.

Bo and Tek take off in a chopper to search for Hope. In the chopper, Bo is positive he sees Hope. In the ocean, Hope clings to a piece of wreckage while fires burn around her. She is bleeding, and blood begins to seep into the waters. Later, the piece of board Hope was floating on is empty, and all that remains is a bracelet that Hope was wearing!


July 14, 2004
At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole is walking around d in a bikini top and holding a drink. She heads out to the pool to ogle Brady, who is having his nightly swim. Nicoles conscious (which is a mini version of her sitting on the rim of her drink) tells her to take a bite out of Brady, he is red hot and ready to pop. Nicole says hes not ready, but her conscious tells her that he is always flexing his muscles around her. Her conscious tells her to go for it as they are both nearly naked and all alone. Nicole says she wants him and she wants to have him right now. Nicole tells her conscious to go away because in two seconds Brady will be ripping off her swimsuit and making love to her. Brady gets out of the pool and gets a call from Chloe, spoiling Nicoles chance and the mood. Brady tells Chloe that hell have to call her back about the concert hall after talking to Nicole about it. He says he loves her, and good bye. Brady then tells Nicole that Chloes agent wants to book her up for months or years in advance, and if he doesnt start construction on the concert hall then she may never come home. Nicole tells Brady that she knows how to salvage the concert hall and save his relationship with Chloe. Nicole brings Brady a box, and offers it to Brady. He opens it and says he cant accept this. Nicole says it is the only way to guarantee Chloes return. In the box are pearls and diamonds and other assorted jewels. Brady tells Nicole that he does want Chloe to come back, but he wont take her jewelry. Nicole says Crystal took most of it already, but she took the junk. Nicole says this is the good bling-bling, and it is enough to break ground on the concert hall until they convince the others to come on board. Brady is touched that she would give up this money and power for him. She tells Brady that she would do anything for him. Brady says he wont sell her jewelry because they still dont know what will happen with his grandfathers will, and this could be all she gets. Brady says hell call Chloe back and tell her construction is on hold. He says shell get other gigs, but she probably wont be coming home anytime soon. Nicole tells Brady if she was Chloe she wouldnt need to be lured home, not if she had him waiting for her. Brady gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her that she is really sweet. Brady walks off, and Nicole sighs.

At Kates place, Kate is going over work when John shows up at her door. John says he is sorry for bothering her, but he didnt know where else to go. John says he needs her! Kate invites him in, and she asks him what is wrong? John says he has had a lousy evening and needs to talk to someone about Nicole. Kate doesnt think she is objective where Nicole is concerned, but John says he just needs to talk to someone. Kate makes him a drink, and he tells her about the lump on the back of his head that is killing him. She asks what happened to him? He says he doesnt know and he needs help figuring things out. He tells her that he has had suspicions there was something going on between Earl and Crystal, and he eavesdropped on them tonight and came away with the conclusion that they set Marlena up to die. Kate asks if he got proof? John says almost, but that is when someone came up behind him and bashed him on the head with a shovel. Kate asks if it was Nicole? John says Brady was with Nicole in the house, so it wasnt her. Kate says just like Brady was with Nicole when Victor was killed. John says he was so close to breaking Crystal and getting some answers. Kate says he could have been killed. John says hes not worried about himself; hes worried about his son. John says something is going on in that house. John says Nicole has already turned Brady against his family, and he seems to believe every word she says. Kate asks who could have hit him on the head? John doesnt know. Kate wonders if it was the accomplice who helped Nicole kill Victor. John doesnt know, but all he knows is Brady is totally on Nicoles side after this latest stunt. Kate says that is because Brady may be falling in love with Nicole. John refuses to believe that. He asks why Brady would fall for Nicole? Kate says love doesnt always make sense, when it happens it just does. John hopes she is wrong, and he says he should go. Kate thinks she has made him feel worse, but he says she didnt tell him anything he didnt know. John is really tense, and Kate decides to help John by giving him a massage, something she learned while in Hong Kong. John tells Kate that whenever he is with her he feels he can relax and be himself. She says she feels the same way about him.

At Belles loft, Mimi attacks Jan after hearing Jan says she would have to kill Belle and Phillip. Belle and Phillip walk in and tell her to get off of Jan. Phillip holds Mimi back, as she is set on killing Jan. Mimi says Jan broke into their apartment, but Belle says they invited her in. They explain running into Jan on the pier and inviting her here for tea. Mimi says this bitch is psycho, have they forgotten all the stuff she did to them, and will probably still do to them? Phillip asks Mimi how she got in here? Mimi says she came in through the window, and just in the nick of time. Mimi says she heard Jans evil plan. Belle asks what plan? Mimi says Jan said she was going to kill them. Phillip asks Jan if this is true? Jan says it is, shes going to kill them with kindness. Mimi says whatever! Jan tells Mimi that she and Belle have made peace. Mimi drags Belle off and reminds her of all the things Jan has done. Meanwhile, Rex shows up, and Jan asks who this is. Mimi says this is her boyfriend. Jan realizes he is Shawns cousin, and Rex says he is also Phillips half-brother. She says she sees the resemblance. Mimi once again starts going psycho on Jan, who tells Mimi to chill out! Belle apologizes to Jan for the way Mimi is acting. Mimi tells Belle not to apologize to her. She asks Belle how she can be relaxed around her given what she did to her and Shawn. Belle says Shawn is gone and he isnt coming back. Mimi tells Belle not to say that, and she asks her to check her messages. Belle says she cant. Belle says she went into a fit and broke her machine. Meanwhile, Jan thinks this couldnt be anymore perfect. She tells herself that she cant wait to tell Shawn that Phillip has moved in with Belle, but first she needs to make sure Phillip is ready to make his move. Meanwhile, Mimi takes Belle to her place and gives Belle an old answering machine to use. Belle says if Shawn hasnt called by now, he wont call. She says it is time for her to grow up and accept her life, which is a future without Shawn. Belle says it is over between her and Shawn. Mimi gives Belle a hug and comforts her. Back at the loft, Jan asks Phillip if she is still hot for that ghoul girl? Phillip says hes not, and he says not to call Chloe that. Jan says she was a moody bitch and didnt deserve him. She tells Phillip that he needs someone special, someone who understands and can appreciate him. Belle and Mimi return, and Jan tells herself that Phillip is so in love with Belle that it is pathetic. Mimi and Belle set up the answering machine, and Mimi tells Belle to record a message for Shawn. Belle says she and Shawn are over. She tells Phillip it is time they make it official. Phillip doesnt understand. Belle says Shawn isnt coming back, and she needs to accept that. She says he will never move in with her, and they will never have a future. She tells Phillip that she was thinking he could record his name on the machine to make moving in official. Phillip says he could do that. Belle asks Phillip to do the whole recording. Phillip makes a Phillip and Belle arent in right now, leave a message. Mimi realizes if Shawn calls and hears that, hes going to go nuts. Jan tells herself that is just what she is counting on.

On the island, Roman and Marlena are on their version of the pier. Marlena is reading a book, and Roman is pacing around. Roman says it looks like a storm is coming, so they should head in. Suddenly, they see an explosion in the sky. Marlena wonders if it was another plane. It begins to thunder, and Roman says it must have been a plane which exploded out there. Roman gets some binoculars and looks out to sea. Marlena says someone they know and love could have been on that plane. Roman says if there were, there is no way they could have survived. Roman eventually sees something and is stunned. He shows it to Marlena, and she sees the wreckage on fire. They wonder who could have been on that plane, and they wonder who the mastermind behind this island is. Marlena says the game is becoming real because now someone has died. She hates the person doing this to them, and she wonders when it will end. Roman says it has ended for someone. Roman tells Marlena not to lose hope as they will free themselves from this prison. Marlena says when he says it, she believes him. She also says she wants to see that sick bastards face when they all walk out of here. Marlena says this man has done his homework well, and she bets the mastermind thinks they will succumb to Stockholm Syndrome and will want to stay here instead of being rescued. Marlena says she thinks their host wants them to forget about their Salem and their loved ones in Salem and become content with life here on the island. Roman says there is no way he can forget his children or Kate. Marlena says she knows that, and every time she looks at him she thinks of John. She says it was her love for Roman that made her fall in love with John because she thought he was Roman. Marlena says when she finally realized he wasnt Roman, she still loved him. Marlena says she never stopped loving him (Roman), and over the years shes come to love her more. Roman says he loves her too and that their bond is eternal through their children. Marlena says not just because of their children. Marlena says when Stefano took him from her, she vowed to never fall in love with another man. She says she didnt fall in love with John Black, she fell in love with Roman Brady. She says she thought John was her long lost husband, and if she thought about it longer she would have realized it was a different love. Marlena says she was so desperate to have him back she overlooked any doubts she had at the time. Roman says then he came back, and she chose John. Marlena says he left town, she wanted to save their marriage, but what she did was unforgivable. Marlena says if he had stayed . . . Roman asks what she is saying, does she think he would have been able to win her away from John? Marlena says she guesses theyll never know. Roman says he has always regretted leaving Salem and not fighting harder for her. Roman says if he had, would it have made a difference?

Out at sea, we see Hope clinging to a piece of wreckage. There is blood in the water. Patrick gets to Hope, and suddenly sharks show up! Hope is bleeding and they are being attracted to Hopes blood. Up in the air, Bo and Tek are still on the chopper. A storm is coming in, and Tek thinks they need to go back. Suddenly, Bo sees the piece of wreckage Hope was on, but all that is left is her charm bracelet. They see that there is blood in the water, and Tek thinks the person must be dead. Bo says they could be wounded, and the water could be infested with sharks. Bo wants to go down there, but Tek says it is too risky. Tek says the storm is gaining momentum, it will make the search too difficult. Bo says he doesnt care. Tek ends up lowering Bo down via a cable. Bo calls out to Hope, and he eventually jumps into the water. Tek loses site of Bo, and thinks he is gone. Bo is swimming in the water and is looking for Hope. He finds pieces of the plane, and a family photo that is burnt. He continues searching, and finds Hopes charm bracelet on a piece of wood. He then cuts himself, and ends up bleeding into the water . . .

  Elsewhere, Hope and Patrick are now on another piece of wreckage paddling away. Hope is conscious, and Patrick explains how he used a trick an old sailor taught him, he stabbed one shark and caused them to attack one another. Unfortunately, the sharks come back. To make matters worse, Patrick says it is a great white! Patrick tells Hope to keep her hand and blood out of the water. Hope and Patrick end up hearing a helicopter, but Patrick doubts that the chipper will ever find them in this storm. Suddenly, the piece of wreckage breaks in two, and Hope is thrown into the ocean! Patrick swims to Hope, and tells Hope to keep her hand out of the water. They hold onto a crate, and Patrick says they need a distraction. Suddenly, the sharks swim away! Patrick thinks there must be a fresh kill elsewhere, and he says the tide is changing, they must be near shore. They decide to swim for it.

The sharks are distracted from Hope and Patrick by Bos blood, and Tek shows up dangling from the rope hanging from the chopper, and he shoots the sharks. Bo tells Tek to get him out of here, and they hoist Bo back up. Back in the chipper, Bo looks at the photo he found in the wreckage.

Back on the island, MArlena and Roman continue to talk on the pier. Roman tells Marlena that he loves Kate with all his heart, but she is the love of his life. He says he is glad they have found a way to be friends. Marlena tells him that she misses their children. Roman tells her not to worry, someone is bound to find them. Suddenly, Hope and Patrick climb up onto the pier and are stunned to see Roman and Marlena!


July 15, 2004
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At Belles loft, Jan tells Belle and Phillip they make a great team working together and living together, she always thought they made a great couple. Phillip asks how she knows they are working together if shes only been in Salem for a short time? Mimi says obviously Jan isnt telling them something. Jan says her parents estate supports several charities in Salem, and she is chair of them, so she probably saw Belle and Phillips name on paperwork. Mimi is suspicious and thinks Jan probably came back to sink her hooks into Shawn. Belle says Shawn is gone and they cant blame Jan. Jan says she has moved on, and she is engaged. Mimi cant believe someone would marry Jan. Rex asks when they get to meet him? Jan says they cant because he is in Europe. Mimi asks if they can at least see a picture of him? Jan says she has a picture of him somewhere. She looks in her wallet and finds a cut-out photo of her and Shawn, but says the photo must be in another wallet. Mimi doesnt believe her, and grabs her wallet. The only picture she finds is of Jans parents. Jan grabs her wallet and says her new fianc is helping her get over the loss of her parents, and she tells Belle perhaps someone new could help her get through her grief. She then remembers Phillip lost his father, and they never found out what happened to him. Phillip says they didnt, but he knows who is responsible: Nicole! Jan says she should be going, and she thanks Belle for accepting her apology. Jan heads off, and Mimi asks Jan how she can make friends with that girl. Mimi says Jan Spears is the same lying witch shes always been, and she can prove it. Belle asks how? Mimi says they should follow her and see what she is up to.

At Kates place, Kate continues to give John a massage. She tells him that he is really loosening up, she can feel the stress leaving his body. Suddenly, room service shows up and delivers a midnight snack for two. The man delivers their favorites: strawberries and whipped cream, and cookies and chocolate fondue. John pays the man, and both of them wonder who ordered this as neither one of them did. Kate calls the kitchen and asks who ordered the room service. The man says he made a mistake, the cart went to the wrong room. Kate says they should come get it, but they say it is compliments of the hotel for their trouble. We then see the room service man being paid off by a man in black. Back up at Kates place, Kate tells John that it was a mistake, but these deserts and champagne are all theirs. John and Kate chit chat, and then they decide to dig in. Kate says they should eat these foods in honor of Marlena and Roman. John likes that, and they toast to Marlena and Roman, as well as Belle and Phillip. As they enjoy the desserts, Kate ends up feeding John a chocolate fondue covered cookie. John gets chocolate on his mouth, and she goes to wipe it off, but realizes what she is doing. She stops and hands him a napkin. John then feeds Kate a strawberry covered in whipped cream. As John feeds Kate, he imagines he is feeding Marlena. Kate asks John how will they let them go, how will then not be sad with these memories? John says he doesnt know, it is something they will have to work through together. Meanwhile, out in the hall is the mysterious stranger in black. Kate tells John that she doesnt think he has truly accepted Marlena is gone and that is why he wont give up his investigation. John says he promised MArlena that hed prove her innocence. Kat says she doesnt think hes going to be able to do that. She tells him that he will never have the chance to prove anything with Marlena gone. John says it is the only way hell have closure. Kate is just afraid it will backfire. She apologizes for lecturing him. John says she is only doing it because she cares. Kate says that is what Phillip says, and he tells her that she needs to move on and find a new love. John says he is right. Kate says it is easier when you are younger, but at this point in her life she cant imagine starting over with someone else. John takes her hand and tells Kate that he thinks the two of them may be perfect for each other. Outside, the stranger in black sneaks off. Kate is stunned by Johns statement, but he says he is just grateful to have her as a friend in his life. Kate says she thinks they can be there for one another and they can be strong for one another. Kate decides to put on some music, and John asks her to dance. Kate is reluctant, but agrees. Suddenly, a special report comes on the radio about Hopes presumed death.

In the chopper, the pilot tells Bo and Tek that they will have to turn back because of the storm. Bo refuses, but Tek says they dont have a choice and there was no sign of Hope in the wreckage. Bo tries to jump out of the helicopter, but Tek stops him. Bo says he has to find his wife. Teks tells him this is suicide and to think about his son. Bo says Hope isnt dead, but Tek says they both must have died on impact. Bo says Hope isnt dead, he would feel it if she was. Bo says they have a connection and it has never failed. The chopper pilot says he has no choice but to turn around. Bo says he will return, but Tek tells her that Hope is gone, Celeste even had a premonition. Bo says Celeste is wrong and he will prove it. Bo says he will find his wife!

On the island, out in the jungle Jen attends to Jack, who has passed out. Jack is shivering, and Jen begs him to get well for her, Abby and the baby. Jack mumbles that Abby is at school and they need to pick her up. Jen says shell pick her up. Jen goes to get Jack some water, but Jack says there is no water. Jen says there has to be water somewhere, and they need to break this fever. Jack then mumbles that the baby is coming. Jen says the baby isnt coming and she isnt in labor. Jack suddenly stands up and tells her not to go. He soon collapses again, and begs her not to go. Jen says she needs to get him water. Jen runs off to get Jack some water, and Jack begins to hallucinate. In his hallucinations he is searching for Jen, and he finds her locket and it is covered in blood. Meanwhile, Jen is out searching for water when she cuts her hand, and ends up getting blood on her locket. Back to Jack, who hallucinates that he finds makeshift graves for Jen and the baby. Jack wakes up, and sees that Jen is gone. Meanwhile, Jen makes her way to a pond in the jungle and begins drinking some water from it. She then fills up a coconut to take the water back to Jack, as well as drenching her shirt in water to cool him off with. Elsewhere, a delirious Jack is stumbling around the cave looking for Jennifer. He wonders if it was all just a dream and she was never really here. Later, Jack realizes the locket is gone, and he remembers he gave it to her. He says she is here, or she was here. He realizes she is out in the jungle and he decides to go find her. Jack races out of the cave and ends up falling over a cliff! 

Meanwhile, Roman and Marlena pull Hope and Patrick up onto the pier. Hope is stunned to see Roman and Marlena, and she panics. She tells them that they are both dead, so she must be dead to. Roman tells her that she isnt dead. Hope asks how they got back to Salem? Patrick says this isnt Salem. Hope says something is very wrong here. Roman says she is right about that, and he welcomes her to their nightmare. Hope says she saw them both die, and Patrick asks how this is possible and where they are? Marlena says they will answer their questions later, but first they need to make sure they are okay. They get some blankets for them, and Roman asks Patrick who he is? Marlena says this is Bonnie Lockharts son, he was living with Jennifer. Marlena introduces Roman to Patrick, and he seems a bit paranoid when he learns Roman is a cop. Roman asks Hope how she got here? Hope says they were looking for Jennifer, she crashed on an island out here. Patrick says they flew into military airspace and were shot down by a missile. Roman suggests they all go to the Brady Pub. Hope says so they are in Salem. Patrick asks if this is a sick game? Marlena says theyll tell them everything on the way, and they head to the Brady Pub. Hope wants to call Bo, but Marlena says she cant. She says they are all trapped here. 

The gang all arrive at the Brady Pub, and they take Hope inside to be reunited with her family. Caroline is working at the bar, and they hug one another. Hope hopes this isnt a dream, and Caroline says it isnt. Caroline says she has missed her, but shes not happy to see her because if she is here, then she may never see Bo again. Hope asks what she means? Roman says Caroline is just worried because everyone here has been separated from a significant other. Hope still doesnt understand what is going on here. Marlena tells Hope to relax, they will tell her in time. Marlena says it is just a lot to absorb. Hope says she wants out of here, but Roman tells her that there is no way off. Caroline asks how Bo is? Hope says he is fine, but he is probably angry with her for taking off and not letting him know where she was going. Roman says very soon he will thinks she too is dead. Hope says this cant be happening, if Bo thinks hes lost her, this will kill him. Marlena tells Alice that she thinks she knows what Hope needs. Caroline takes off, and Marlena decides to find Doug. Meanwhile, Roman decides to question Patrick. Alice walks into the pub, and when Hope sees her, she faints into Patricks arms.


July 16, 2004
Jan returns home to Shawn-in-a-cage, and she tells him about meeting a couple of love birds today, Belle and Phillip. She says she hasnt ever seen a couple more in love, except for them of course. Shawn says Belle and Phillip arent in love, but Jan says she saw them with her own eyes tonight. Shawn doesnt believe that because Belle hates her guts, but Jan says that is ancient history. Jan says she and Belle are new best friends, and Belle and Phillip are now living together. She tells Shawn that those two love birds are definitely nesting! Jan says shell prove it to him, hands him the phone and tells him to call her number! He does, and she grabs the phone and says she didnt say he could talk to her. She puts the phone on mute and holds it up to the cage for Shawn to listen to. Shawn hears the message on their machine. Shawn is devastated, and Jan tells him it is time to concentrate on his future with her.

At the loft, Mimi thinks they should have followed Jan to see what she was up to. Belle says Jan has grown up a lot since she left, and whatever has happened to Shawn isnt Jans fault. Phillip tells them to both chill, and he tells Rex to put on some music. Unfortunately, when Rex turns on the radio,  they hear the news about Patrick and Hopes apparent deaths. Mimi breaks into tears, and Belle consoles her. Mimi doesnt understand what is going on, how could this happen? Rex says hell look on the internet, and he checks via his PDA and finds the news story about them being shot down in military space. Mimi doesn't understand why they were on a plane or flying into restricted air space. The story just sends Mimi further off the deep end. Belle and Mimi reminisce about how when they were young they always seemed to annoy Patrick by leaving Barbies everywhere or breaking his skateboard. Mimi says even when Patrick was across the world, she and Conner could always count on him. Mimi says her brother was always there for her. She says she missed him so much when he left home, and now she just cant believe this. Mimi turns into Rexs arms and says she wishes she could tell him one more time how much she loved him. Belle says Patrick knew that she loved him. Mimi realizes she has to tell her mom. Rex says hell be there with her, and they leave. Belle says she cant believe this is happening again. She says when horrible things like this happens it is good to be with the person you love. Belle worries about how Shawn will take the news as she knows what it feels like to go through this pain. Later, Phillip makes them some tea. Belle wonders how it happened, why was Hope on a plane with Patrick? Phillip says Patrick is a shady character, and none of it makes sense. He says there is more to this story than they know. Belle says it doesnt matter, nothing will bring them back. She then begins worrying about Shawn again. They head out for air, but Belle hears the phone ringing. She wants to go back and see if it is Shawn. They head back in, but by time they get to the phone, the caller has hung up. Belle wonders if it was Shawn, and she says when he finds out that his mom died, he has to come home.

At Alices, Bonnie is worried about Patrick and turns on the radio. Julie shows up and tells Bonnie that her son Patrick is a murderer, Jen is gone and she isnt coming back! Bonnie defends Patrick and says last she heard Patrick and Hope went off to search for Jennifer after getting a clue to her whereabouts. Julie tells her that she is a curse on this family, and if anything happens to Jennifer or Hope than it is because of Patrick, and he will pay for it. Bonnie tells Julie that according to Celestes latest psychic radar, Jennifer, Patrick and Hope are all doomed. Julie thinks perhaps Bonnie would finish her uncle off by strangling him in their honeymoon bed! Bonnie says she (Julie) is the only one who she will strangle! As they lunge for one another, Rex and Mimi come in and break up the fight. Mimi then gives them the news that Patrick and Hope are dead. Bonnie loses it, and Mimi comforts her. Rex comforts and equally upset Julie. Julie ends up lashing out at Bonnie and says this is her and her sons fault! Her little girl is dead because of them! Mimi doesnt understand what Julie is saying because Patrick would never hurt anyone.

At the station, Bo refuses to accept that Hope is dead. John shows up to give Bo his condolences, but Bo says hell find his wife. He says they have lost too many people that they love, and it has to stop. John says Kate wanted to come, but she didnt want to see him grieving. Bo says hes not grieving because Hope isnt dead. John tries to reason with him, but Bo says his wife isnt dead. John says hell have his jets search the area for him, but the outcome will be the same, he doesnt think anyone has survived. Bo appreciates his help and thinks they will find Hope alive. John says the plane was shot down by a military missile. Bo continues to say he will find his wife alive. John makes calls to have his men search for Hope, and Bo wishes Shawn would call. He says Shawn cant face any more loss, he cant add Hopes name to the list of the people his boys have lost. John says what he has to say might anger him, but he has to get Hope out of his mind because she is not what is important. Bo cant believe him. John says he doesnt think Hope is alive, and if she survived the plane crash, she wont be able to survivor the shark infested waters. John says what is important is to find out who is behind this, and what happened to Jen as well as Hope. Bo says they are obvious being toyed with, people are being treated like pawns on a chessboard. Bo asks John if he thinks maybe Stefano isnt dead? John says it wouldnt be the first time. Bo says whoever is behind this wont get away with it! He says they cant lose anymore people that they love.

Out in the jungle, Jack searches for Jen. Meanwhile, Jen is trying to get back to Jack when her water breaks! Jack hears Jen screaming, and he tries to find her. However, he is suddenly hit with major head pains. Meanwhile, Jen realize she isnt in labor, she just spilled the water from the coconut! Jen begins heading back to the cave, but becomes lost and starts walking in circles. Suddenly she sees something and thinks she must be hallucinating. She finds Jack passed out, and she two passes out next to him,

  At the island version of the Brady Pub, after Hope comes too she is reunited with Alice. Maggie also shows up, and Roman lets Hope know that her dad is here too and Marlena has gone to find him. Hope is glad to see them, but Maggie says if she is here than she is trapped as well. Hope tells them not to worry, she has a plan to get them out of here. Hope says she and Bo have a special connection, Bo will know she is alive. Roman reminds her that when she came back before as Gina, it was ALice, not Bo, who believed she was Hope. Roman says her psychic vibes wont help, look at Celeste, she was wrong about everyone dying and has no clue they are alive. Hope insists Bo will know she is alive. They all tell her that they all have gone through this stage where they think their loved ones wont believe they are dead, but they are dead to Salem. Roman says this island is inescapable, and anyone who tries puts themselves in danger, just look at Jack. Hope asks what happened to Jack? Maggie tells Hope the story of Jacks escape through the force field, and how they found his bloody knapsack in Salem Place. Roman says not only is Jack probably dead, but Jen probably is as well. Patrick wonders if Jack could have survived and got a message to the outside world. Roman doubts it, but Hope says Jen was receiving messages from someone claiming to be Jack. Hope says they believe it was a set-up, but Jen boarded a plane which crashed somewhere near here. Maggie and Roman remember the plane crashing a few days ago, and they fear it was the plane Jen is on. Hope switches the topic of conversation and asks them if they know who their island host is? Roman says the only one they can think of is Stefano DiMera. Patrick says Stefano is dead. Roman says hes risen from the ashes before, or its possible that someone is taking over for Stefano, and he thinks he knows who. Hope asks who, and Roman says he thinks Tony knows a lot more about their situation. Hope is stunned to learn Tony is here. Maggie says she hates to defend a DiMera, but Tony claims to be a prisoner and his scars from the tiger mauling are convincing. Roman says he and Abe are skeptical. Hope is glad Abe is alive, but then remembers Lexie getting the letter from Abe telling her to move on. Roman says Abe is desperate to get back to Lexie before she moves on. Maggie says they all miss their families, and she asks how Mickey is doing? Hope says Mickey misses her, and they hug. Roman asks Patrick how he is mixed up in all of this as the rest of them are family. Patrick says he is Bonnies son, and his sister is dating his son. Roman tells Patrick that he will find out what he is up to. Roman talks to Hope, and they both discuss their suspicions of Patrick. Meanwhile, Patrick plays with his pirate coin.

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