July 19, 2004
Sami and Lucas wake up in bed together, and Lucas begins kissing Sami. A storm is raging outside, and they tell one another that they love each other. Sami says but dont ever call her Manda again! We see a flashback of Lucas little joke on Sami the night before. Sami says her mother would probably say he did it because he is still angry with her and they have unresolved issues. Lucas says he was angry, but he isnt anymore. He says he doesnt want to waste anymore time with her. Sami gets up to make breakfast, and Lucas works on fixing Samis broken bed. Sami tells him perhaps he should leave the bed on the floor for safetys sake. Sami makes Lucas french toast, and he tells her that is sweet of her, and he calls her honey. Lucas tells her perhaps she should just come back to bed. She asks if he is afraid of his cooking? He says he loves her cooking, but she says she has never cooked for him. She says the cookies she burnt don't count, and while she did make Thanksgiving dinner, they never got to eat it. Lucas says he was talking about last night, breakfast can wait. He says they should work up an appetite. Sami says she has already done that. As she makes his toast, she accidentally grabs salt and puts it in the egg batter instead of sugar! Sami serves up breakfast, and Lucas ends up having to choke the toast down. Lucas tells her that it is delicious, and he asks if she makes it for Will like this. She says he has his with maple syrup. Lucas continues to eat Samis ruined toast, and she is clueless something is wrong with it. Sami says she is so happy right now that she could stay home and make him lunch and dinner. Lucas smiles and asks if she is going to have any. She says no, she had way too much ice cream last night. Lucas starts chocking, and she asks if he is okay? He says it went down the wrong pipe. Sami ends up talking about Belle and Shawn, and they end up in an argument about who was at fault in the break up of Belle and Shawn. Sami thinks Belle did nothing wrong, but Lucas says she lied to Shawn. Lucas says it is hard to forgive someone for lying. Sami says he forgave her for all her lies. Lucas says that is because he loves her. Sami says perhaps Shawn needs to realize he loves Belle. Lucas says perhaps Shawn has realizes he doesnt love Belle as much as he thought he did. Sami says that cant happen, but Lucas says sometimes things dont work out between people. Lucas ends up finishing up the French toast, but Sami has a few more slices and insists he eats up! Lucas ends up eating it, and she says if it is that good then she needs the last bite. HE tries to stop her, but she gags. She feels like an idiot, and she realizes she put salt instead of sugar. She asks Lucas why he didnt say anything? Lucas says it wasnt that bad, he has a higher tolerance for sodium than she does. Sami is touched that Lucas didnt want to hurt her feelings. She tells Lucas that she loves him so much. The two end up sharing a sexy shower together.

Phillip is in the bathroom and it is full of womens things. Suddenly, NuBelle walks in on Phillip, who is in a towel. Belle is embarrassed, but he says it is okay. He says they are roommates now and they will have to learn to share. Phillip says there is only one bathroom, so theyll have to make this work. He says hell finish up at the sink,  and then she can use the sink while he showers! As they share the bathroom, the news about Hopes death comes on the radio. Belle feels bad for Shawn, Mimi and Bonnie. Phillip says the only thing hes learned from this whole thing is how precious life is. Belle says she is being selfish, but she cant help but think about how this tragedy might cause Shawn to call. She thinks hell have to come back after this. Phillip reminds Belle that Shawn was not there to help her when her mom died. He thinks she has some sick addiction and no matter what happens she always crawls back to Shawn for more. He tells her that it would be terrible for her to go back to Shawn after all the hurt hes caused her. He tells her that shes being self destructive. Belle ends up upset, and Phillip ends up apologizing for going off. He says they are going to have to learn not to get into this personal stuff. Belle agrees, and Phillip decides to get in the shower. Belle stays in the bathroom while Phillip showers, they end up talking about personal stuff once again. Belle says she thought they just agreed not to talk about personal stuff like Shawn? Phillip says they are friends and they cant ignore this, it was a stupid idea. Phillip asks Belle what she will do when Shawn comes back. She says shell ask him for answers. Phillip thinks shell probably forgive him and take him back. She tells him thanks for making her feel desperate. Phillip says she is desperate, desperate to have him back. The doorbell rings, and Belle runs to answer thinking it is Shawn. It is only Kate with breakfast for them. Phillip comes out, and when she sees both of their states of undress, she asks if she is interrupting anything. Phillip says she isnt interrupting. Kate says she just heard about Hope and she feels bad for Bo. Belle says this is going to be hard for many people. She says she still hasnt accepted what happened to her mother, and there are times she thinks it never happened. Kate says the reason she came here was to hopefully gets some good news. Belle asks what kind? Phillip says his mother means she thought Shawn may have called. Belle says if he doesnt call than something must have happened to him. Kate asks if she thinks Shawn has been killed too? Belle panics and says nobody has said it out loud! Kate apologizes. Belle says she knows something has happened to Shawn and she thinks the reason he hasnt called is because he cant. However, she says she never thought he was dead. Belle says she needs to shower, and she runs off. Phillip tells her mom nice work, and he asks what in the hell she was thinking? He asks if this is her new strategy, to be as insensitive to Belle as possible? Kate says Belle needs to learn to move on, as does he. She says they have all been through too much pain, and all she wants is for her children to find love and happiness. She says Lucas has gotten Sami out of his life, and now he needs to find a future with Belle. Phillip says as soon as Shawn calls it will be over. He says he will call, he will come back, and Belle will go back to him. Kate tells him to fight for Belle. She tells him not to give up. Phillip says you cant fight an enemy like love, and he knows that because hes never loved anyone like he loves Belle. Kate says she knows that, and she had that kind of love with Roman. Phillip says Roman is dead, and she needs to move on as well. He asks her to consider John Black. She tells him not to be foolish. She switches the subject back to Belle, and she tries to urge him to fight for Belle. Belle eventually returns, and Kate tells them that she has to go by and see Lucas. Kate leaves, and Belle continues to worry about Shawn. Belle says Shawn has to call, and he has to come back to her.

At the station, Bo is worried sick about Hope. John shows up and Bo knows what he is going to say, Hope couldnt have survived and they have exhausted every means of finding Hope. Bo says his head tells him they are right, but his heart wont accept it. Shawn Sr. shows up and tells Bo as difficult as it is, he has to let Hope go. Bo asks his pop to go home because he has work to do, he cant rest until he knows what happened to Hope and Jen. Bo cant come up with any new leads, but he thinks if they can find where Patrick, Hope and Jen were headed; then they will find out who is behind this. John asks what will happen if the person behind this turns out to be Patrick? Bo says than his only regret is that he didnt kill him when he had the chance.

On the island, Hope, Roman and Abe question Patrick, but Patrick wont talk. Roman tells Patrick that he will talk to them. Roman ends up grabbing Patrick and screaming at him when Patrick wont give them any answers. Hope pulls Roman off of Patrick and says he is a cop and to not behave like this. Abe thinks Patrick has been through this before, and he asks how he learned to withstand such questioning? He says he learned from withholding information from his mother when he would break curfew. Abe calls him a smartass. Patrick tells them that he is the only one who can rescue Jennifer, so they should let him go. Roman says they cant get through the force field, so if he thinks he can find Jennifer, than he must know how to get around it. He says he doesnt. Abe tells Patrick that he thinks he knows a lot more than what he is telling them, including who is behind this. He tells Patrick to start talking or nobody is going anywhere. Patrick says they are wasting time, they should be looking for Jennifer. Alice shows up with a batch of donuts, and Abe continues to question Patrick. Patrick insists he knows nothing. Abe asks if he is ignorant, or too scared to tell them the truth? Patrick says he just wants to leave and find Jen, and he has to go alone because if they all disappear they will be missed. Abe and Roman wonder how he knows they are under surveillance, which is something they have only suspected. Abe asks Patrick to prove to them that he is as innocent as he claims he is. Meanwhile, Hope talks with Alice about what is going on here. Hope is amazed by how perfect their houses have been replicated. She says it is almost like an episode of the twilight episode. She says it is an endless living nightmare and they could be stuck here forever. Hope and Alice go back to where Abe and Roman are questioning Patrick. Patrick still wont tell them anything. Roman asks Hope what she thinks about Patrick, afterall she put her life in his hands on that plane. Hope says he thinks Patrick really does care about Jen. She knows he isnt telling them anything, but if they let him go, they may find Jen. Roman says keeping him here could be the key to find out who is keeping them here. Hope votes that they let him go. Alice says if Patrick wanted to save Jen than hed be honest with them. He says he has, but Alice doesnt believe him. Abe and Roman decide Patrick stays. Patrick tells them they will be sorry, unless they let him go, Jennifer and her baby are doomed!


July 20, 2004
Shorter than normal due to an extremely long day, typed after I saw the show.
At the station, Bo still refuses to accept that Hope is dead. John tells him that he understands, he didn't want to believe it when Doc died, and part of him still has a hard time believing it. However, he says Bo has to accept that Hope is gone. Later, John and Bo head over to Bo's. Bo picked Zack up from his dad and brought him home (Zack is getting big!) Zack asks where mommy is, and Bo tells him that she's not here right now. Bo then sees a teddy bear on the couch and wonders where it came from, why would Hope buy this for Zack? Bo thinks the bear looks familiar, but he doesn't know why. They continue to talk about love and loss, and Bo says that when Marlena died these horrible things were supposed to stop, but they haven't. He says Jen is kidnapped, and then Patrick drags Hope off. Bo tells John that something terribly wrong is going on. Later, Bo returns to the station and looks at a photo of Hope. He says he still can't accept she is gone, but if she has died, than the best part of him died with her.

At Sami's place, Sami and Lucas are in the shower when Kate arrives. She has cookies for Will and was going to give them to Lucas to send to him at camp (only a parent can send them things), but then she realizes he may still be with Manda and she doesn't want to ruin that. She decides to give the cookies to Sami. Kate rings Sami's doorbell, and Sami gets out of the shower to answer. Kate explains she is dropping off cookies for Will, she didn't want to interrupt Lucas and Manda. She gloats to Sami how Lucas and Manda are wonderful together, and that Sami will probably end up all alone. Eventually Lucas walks out of the shower in a towel, and Kate screams when she realizes what is going on. Lucas has had it with their fighting and tells them that it has to stop because the ones being hurt by this are him and Will. He tells Sami that she has to try and get a long with his mom and stop trying to get revenge, and he says Kate has to stop goading Sami on and pushing her buttons. Sami agrees to shake Kate's hand, but Lucas catches her with her fingers crossed. He warns Sami if she can't get along with his mom, maybe they shouldn't be together. He also warns his mom that if she makes him choose between the woman he wants to be with and her, than she will lose. Sami and Kate finally agree to try and get along. John then shows up to see Sami, and Kate leaves. John says he has something to show her, and shows her the bear. He asks if it looks familiar. She gasps and asks where he got this. He says it was at Bo's. Sami says this is Will's bear that MArlena gave him. Lucas says they buried this bear with Marlena. JOhn is in shock by this statement.

On the island, MArlena shows up as Hope, Abe and Roman are still questioning Patrick. Marlena tells Hope she looked everywhere for her dad, but she can't find him. However, she says she's sure he'll show up soon. Marlena then asks if she can try talking to Patrick alone, so they allow her to. However, he won't tell her anything. MArlena says she believes Patrick cares about Jen, but he is hiding something. Hope agrees. Hope thinks perhaps they should let Patrick go, but Roman and Abe refuse. Patrick claims he has to go to the bathroom, so Abe takes him up and guards the door. Patrick jumps out the window and tries to flee, but Roman catches him. Roman brings Patrick back and they tie him up. The whole captive thing causes Marlena to remember being buried alive, and how Sami buried a little bear with her. However, she doesn't know where that bear is now. Later, ABe and Hope leave because Hope wants to inspect the forcefield, and Roman continues to talk to Marlena about what she remembers. MArlena remembers hearing Sami talking to her, and realizing she was being buried alive. Roman asks about the stuffed bear, but Marlena doesn't know where it is. Roman worries when Abe and Hope don't return, so he decides to go look for them. He asks Marlena to guard Patrick, and he gives her a letter opener to defend herself. Marlena brandishes the letter opener, and she gets a sinister look in her eyes. PAtrick asks her if she is okay?

By the forcefield, Abe demonstrates the power of the field by throwing a branch at it, which sends sparks flying. Hope notices a control box with a red light and a number panel. She thinks it is the key to disabling the field. Abe says they will never be able to figure out the combination. Hope asks him to throw another branch at the field, which he does. Hope notices the light on the box goes off for ten seconds, and she hypothesizes that the field is temporarily disabled and has to reset. She wants to try and run through, but Abe thinks it is a bad idea. She convinces him it may be the only way. They put Hope's theory to a test, and Hope ends up being electrocuted by the forcefield! 

In the jungle, Jack wakes up and finds Jen by his side. She is burning up with fever. He decides to go get her some food and water, but falls into a pit. When he doesn't return, Jen goes looking for him and finds him. He tells her that she must go get help, but she asks how? He reveals not only is everyone of Marlena's victims alive, they are living on this island in a replicated Salem. Jen doesn't want to leave him, but he convinces her that they have no choice and she must go for help not only for him, but for herself and the baby.


July 21, 2004
At Jans place, Shawn is pacing in his cell and is thinking about hearing the message on Belle and Phillips machine. Suddenly, Jan walks in and she is dressed as a cheerleader. She makes a comment about wanting to be prepared to cheer him on when he slides into home base, and then does a cheer for Shawn. Jan cheers  S is for sexy, H is for hot, A is for awesome, W is for wow, and N is for never going to leave this place again as long as you live! Shawn says that was great, but she needs to let him go so he can talk to Belle before she makes a huge mistake. Jan says she thinks Belle already has. Shawn says no, he and Belle talked and she swore that she would never be with Phillip. Furthermore, he says they both promised to talk before either one decided to end the relationship. Jan tells Shawn that is just it, he hasnt called her since he left town. Jan shows him a picture of Belle and Phillip together, tells him they make a great couple, and she walks out of the room. She realizes neither Belle nor Shawn will ever give up on one another, unless they both know it is over for a fact. Jan tells herself that she knows exactly what to do! Jan goes to her computer and watches a video she has recorded of Shawn. She decides to edit the video and some of the audio she has recorded in order to give Belle the shock of her life. She plays the message she as spliced, in which Shawn says hello to his parents and apologizes for not calling, but his cell phone died. He says he heard about MArlenas death, and he tells his mom and dad that he loves them, and to give his love to Zack. Jan then laughs that Shawn forgot to mention Belle, which will devastate her. Back in his cell, Shawn tells himself that he knows exactly how to take care of Jan spears. When Jan returns, Shawn manages to slip a rope around her neck and he begins to choke her!

At Titan, Gene Brisco shows up to pay Brady a visit about the concert hall. Gene says the hall is dead in the water unless he can get the other members to approve the project. Brady says if his grandfather was still alive he would prove to the others why this hall is so important. He thinks his grandfather is counting on him, as is Chloe. Brady call Bo about meeting, but Bo says hes in the middle of an investigation. He also calls Phillip and asks him to come to Titan for a meeting, but Phillip says no. Brady asks them both to at least hear him out, so they both agree.

Elsewhere, Nicole is tired of seeing Victors name plate on the door as CEO. She tells Marie to remove it, but Marie says perhaps they should wait until the board names a new CEO. Nicole asks why wait, is she still afraid of the old man even though he is dead? Marie says Mr. Kiriakis was a wonderful man. Nicole says she was married to the man, and he was not wonderful to her. Nicole tells Marie that the sooner she realizes there is a new sheriff in town, the better off shell be. She tells her to call maintenance and have his name plate removed. Marie says that would be sacrilegious, Victor built this company. Nicole says it is a company, not a church. Brady shows up and says he agrees with Marie, she is making a mistake. He asks why she wants to replace the name plate? Nicole says this isnt a historical landmark, and she needs an office, and she wants this one. Still, Brady says Victor Kiriakis is a name people trust, he built this company. Nicole says Victor is gone and life has to move on. Brady ends up dragging Nicole into the conference room to talk to her. He tells her that if she wants to succeed at this company than shell have to prove to everyone here she wants to carry out Victors visions, not replace his name on a door. Brady tells her to prove herself by helping him with the concert hall. Nicole says she thought this was dead in the water? Brady says it was, but they have one last chance to save it. Nicole asks if he has changed his mind about her offer of using her jewelry? Brady says no, it wouldnt fund one day of work on the hall. Brady says he has called a meeting with Bo and Phillip to try and talk to them again. Nicole thinks to herself this meeting will never work, and she will be one step closer to getting what she wants: Brady!

Phillip and NuBelle arrive at Titan together, and Bo shows up and sees them together and thinks Belle has moved on from Shawn to Phillip. Belle says Phillip is her new roommate, that is all. Belle then tells Bo that she is sorry about Hope. Bo says Hope is alive, and Shawn will come home to all of them. Phillip thinks they shouldnt be having this meeting now, but Bo says it is important, Victor wouldnt his fortune squandered on this concert hall. Brady opens the door, walks out into the hall, and says Victor wanted this hall built. He tells Bo that  this is his last chance to honor his fathers wishes and keep Victors sons and grandson on the same side. Bo says they all took a vote on this. Gene Briscoe returns, and he suggests they all calm down and go inside the conference room. Bo asks Gene if he is in on this? Gene says he is here to moderate in the interest of a family truce. They head inside, and Bo asks why Nicole is here? Brady says she is Victors widow and has the right to be here. Brady announces today is the final deadline for funding the concert hall, and he says this hall is about more than bringing Chloe home. He asks them to think about what Victor wanted, he wanted to honor his daughter. Bo says Brady didnt know his mother, but he knew her well, and she would want this money to help needy people. Brady says this project meant a lot to Victor, and it means a lot to him. Brady asks why they cant honor Victor and Isabellas memories? He says he doesnt want this family divided, and neither would Victor. He begs them to reconsider and approve the concert hall. Bo agrees to think about it, and he leaves the room. Belle and Phillip go out with him to discuss the matter. Bo decides to call home quickly, and he discovers Shawns message which Jan planted. Bo tells Belle that Shawn called, and he lets her listen to the message. Belle is upset because Shawn didnt say where he was or when he was coming home, he did mention he knows about her mom, but he didnt even mention her name. Belle cries, and Phillip consoles her.

Meanwhile, Gene tells Brady it was a nice speech, and at least he tried. Brady wonders why his family wont approve of the concert hall. Gene says he thinks the problem is Nicole. Nicole had left the room, but is now eavesdropping on them. Gene tells Brady that as long as Nicole is a part of this family, the only thing everyone will agree on is to disagree. Nicole tells herself that is why she and Brady will end up rich and all alone. Later, Bo tells Brady that his answer is still no, and he heads off. Phillip then comes in and says he and Belle are heading out, and his vote is still no as well. Gene tells Brady that he gave it his best, and to call if he needs him. Everyone leaves, and Brady tells himself that it is over. He says not only will the concert hall not be built, but Chloe wont be coming back to Salem. Nicole tells Brady to relax, his future is bright and he will go a long way. To herself, Nicole says she is going to be right by Bradys side and no one will stop her.

On the Island, outside the Brady Pub, Caroline is gathering rhubarb. Victor shows up and hopes she is going to make one of her famous pies. Caroline suggests he can help her make the pie. Victor is still worried about Nicole and what she is doing to his entire family. They head into the pub, and Victor says according to Hope, Nicole has pitted Brady against Bo and Phillip. Caroline says Nicole is in love with Brady, but Victor says she is obsessed with him, and that is what frightens him. Victor says if Brady doesnt fall in love with Nicole, she might kill him. Caroline says they better hope he does. Victor says he wont, he loves Chloe. Caroline says it is possible to love two different people, and there was a time when she loved two different men. Caroline tells Victor that it didnt work out between them, but who knows what would have happened if he stayed in Salem back then. She says it is possible that with Chloe gone, Brady could fall for Nicole. She also says it is possible that Bradys love for Chloe could be his best defense against Nicole. Victor says he just hopes Bo and John will know how dangerous Nicole is, but Caroline says when it comes to love, people hear only what they want to. Victor says that is true, and Brady is a lot like his mother, he is too trusting and fair. Victor says Nicole is smart, she wont leave evidence behind to incriminate herself. Victor wished he had cut Nicole loose when he had the chance, but Caroline says he loved her and that is why he didnt. Victor says no, hes only loved one woman his whole life. Caroline touches his face, and she says she is flattered. Victor says who knows how different their lives would be if he stayed in Salem. Caroline says separation from the people you love is very difficult, so Bradys situation is not unlike theirs. Caroline remembers how protective he was of her before she died back in Salem, and how respectful he was. Victor says he never wanted to upset Shawn or her family. Caroline says they have a history together, they share a son, and she wishes he could have spent more time with Bo. Victor says hes grateful for the time he had with Bo. He says he enjoyed being part of his childrens lives, and he wishes he could have been more a part of her life. He says if he could go back and change his mistakes, he would.

  Out by the forcefield, Hope is electrocuted as she tries to run through the field. Roman shows up, and Roman and Abe work to save her. Abe remembers his days as a paramedic in Chicago, and he applies some of the techniques he used back then to help Hope. He takes some leaves from a tree and and places them on her lips. Abe says the sap acts as a natural sedative, and Hope soon comes too. She is unhappy that she didnt make it through as Jen needs her. She tries to get up, but Roman says she needs to rest. Hope says she is fine, and they help her up. Hope says there must be a way around the thing. Roman thinks without the right equipment they cant break the code. Hope says the have the key, and she is going to go get it.

Meanwhile, Patrick tells Marlena that she is making a mistake, and he is not involved with some conspiracy with their captor. Marlena says so far all they have is his word, and it isnt worth much right now. She also says Roman and Abe are trained to find missing people, he is not. She says that she just hopes they find her soon because that forcefield is almost impossible to get through. Patrick says she is wrong, and she realizes that he knows a way through the forcefield. Patrick says all he meant was that if Jack found his way through, so can he. Marlena says Jack slipped through during a power outage, it was a fluke. She says Jack could have been killed by now, but Patrick says he doesnt think so. He says perhaps Jack is fine, and perhaps his backpack and compass were planted by their captors as a warning not to follow in Jacks footsteps. Marlena says perhaps, or perhaps he has been sent here as a spy or an assassin. Patrick says he is neither one of those! He asks her to let him go and hell prove it. He says if Jack and Jen are alive then hell find them and bring them back safe. She asks why hed risk his own life for theirs? Patrick says because it is the right thing to do, and in the past he hasnt always done the right thing. He asks Marlena if she will convince Abe and Roman to let him go? Marlena tells him that those are noble words. Patrick tells her that she of all people should understand about giving people the benefit of the doubt, given she was the Salem Stalker. Marlena says it is not her decision to make. Patrick says if she lets him go then he will break through the paremiter. Hope walks in, followed by Abe (Roman is gone), and she asks how he will do that? She tells Patrick that she is fed-up with him, and she demands the code to shut down the forcefield. Patrick says he doesnt know the code, and he has nothing more to say to them. He tells them to go ahead and kill them. Abe says that is quite a bluff, he should be careful what he asks for. Hope asks to talk to everyone outside, and she asks to talk to Patrick alone. Marlena thinks it is worth a try, but Abe doesnt like it. Marlena convinces Abe to let Hope try, and she gives Hope the letter opener. Hope goes back in to talk to Patrick, and he thinks Abe has sent her in to kill him. Hope tells him that she is not going to kill him. She puts the letter opener down and tells Patrick that she wants some answers. Patrick says he wouldnt hurt Jennifer, but he cant tell them anything. Hope tells Patrick that shell let him go, but only if she goes with him. Patrick says no way, but she says he has a choice: she goes with him, or he stays here.

Meanwhile, Roman, Abe and Marlena head to the Brady Pub. Abe plans on going to pay Tony a visit to question him some to see if he knows anything about Patrick. Back inside the pub, Caroline tells Victor that there is no going back to fix things. Victor tells Caroline that he still loves her, and his love for her runs deep. She begins to cry, and he apologizes for upsetting her. She says it is comfort having him here, and he says he feels the same way. The two then share a hot kiss! Outside, Roman becomes upset when he sees them kissing. He wants to put a stop to this, but Marlena says he isnt forcing himself on her. Marlena says he thinks they are lonely, and there is no harm in an innocent kiss. Marlena says they may never see their families again, so is it wrong to take comfort from one another?


July 22, 2004

Belle and Phillip return to their place, and Belle finds she has no message from Shawn. Phillip says he is sorry, but she says he knew this would happen all along. Belle says it is her fault Shawn left town, and now he doesnt even know his own mother is gone. Phillip says it is Shawns own fault he is not here, and he asks if he can help her in any way? Belle just cries on his shoulder. Belle says she wishes she could repay him for his kindness. Phillip says she doesnt have to, but Belle says she wants to. Belle then kisses Phillip.

At Jans place, Shawn has put a rope around Jan's neck and pulled her up to the bars of the cage. Shawn chokes Jan and tells her that if she doesnt give him the keys than she will die! Jan manages to elbow Shawn, and he doubles over in pain. She says she cant believe he tried to kill her, she is really losing respect for him. He says he doesnt want her respect because he doesnt love her. Shawn says he loves Belle. Jan says Belle has moved on, but he refuses to believe that unless he hears Belle say it. Jan says that can be arranged.

Later, Jan shows up at Belle and Phillips with a digital recorder in order to capture Belle saying Shawn is through with him. Inside, Phillip is just imagining Belle kissing him, and Jans knock at the door bursts his fantasy. Jan comes in to see them and check in on Belle to see if she is okay. Jan asks Belle if she has heard from Shawn. Belle says he finally called, but not her. She says he called his parents and he is okay. Jan says she must be relieved, but Belle says he didnt even mention her. Jan thinks Shawn is an insensitive jerk, and she says Belle must be so over him right now. Belle says she doesnt know, but she does still love him. Jan says this is none of her business, but this isnt the first time that Shawn has hurt her. Jan says Shawn's lie about him being the father of her baby was his idea. Phillip tells Jan to cool it. Belle says she and Shawn still have a chance, and Shawn knows what he has to do to end this relationship. Jan asks what he has to do? Phillip tells Jan perhaps she should go now.  Jan tells Belle that if she ever wants to talk she is here for her. Jan leaves, and Phillip asks Belle what she meant when she said Shawn knows what he has to do to end the relationships? Belle tells Phillip to just butt out! She apologizes for snapping at him. Phillip tries to help her realize it is time to move on, but she says she cant. She says she and Shawn have an agreement which is just between the two of them.

Back at Jans, Jan wonders what Belle meant by her comment that Shawn knows what he has to do to end it between them. She tries to figure out what would force Belle to believe it is over between her and Shawn. She then realizes what she has to do. She calls Belle up to tell her that she knows where Shawn is!

At Samis place, Sami tells John that is Wills bear and he asks how she got it? He says he found it at Bos house. Lucas explains that he put that bear in Marlenas coffin, it was buried with MArlena. John is stunned and asks if he is sure? Sami remembers the bear being put in Marlenas coffin, and she says she is sure the bear was put in the coffin. She then lashes out at John for doing this. She thinks John took it to make sure Marlena was alone in her grave, to punish her because he thinks she was the killer. She tells John that she hates him for this and will never forgive him. John asks if she is sure this is the bear? Sami says it is, it even has the tear in the leg she stitched up. John says something isnt right here and he will find out what is going on. John thinks they have to go back to Marlenas gravesite. Lucas says hell go with him, and Sami says she wants to go. John says no, but she insists. They all head out to the cemetery.

At the cemetery, Sami looks at the grave and says it doesnt look like the plot has been tampered with. Lucas says Sami has a point. Sami worries what if someone stole MArlenas body as well the bear. John says the only way to find out is to exhume her body. Sami says she wont let him do that.

On the island, Roman is upset that his mother and Victor are sharing a kiss. Marlena tells Roman that his mother is lonely, the two of them (Caroline and Victor) may never see their families again, is it wrong for them to take comfort from one another? She asks if there is anything wrong with not wanting to be alone? Roman says no. Marlena tells Roman that she is glad he is here. She says she doesnt miss John any less, but having him here is a comfort to her. He says he feels the same way. Marlena becomes upset, and she says she cant bear the thought of never seeing her family again. She says she wishes there was a way they could know they are alive. Roman cant get the bear MArlena was buried with out of his head. He asks if she is sure the bear wasn't with her? Marlena says when she woke up, the bear was gone. She says one minute she was in a grave, the next she was in Salem Place. Marlena says wherever the casket is, the bear is too. Roman says maybe not, maybe the bear is back in Salem and will make it into the right hands. Roman says he doesnt remember anything that happened to him after . . . so maybe if she could go through it one more time something might pop up. Marlena says she was buried alive, it was the most horrible experience of her life. Marlena remembers being trapped in the coffin, and saying the lords prayer. She says at that time she heard a machine, a whirling sound. She says the next thing she knew, there was a clicking sound, like she was switching tracks, and then she started to fall! Marlena says the next thing she remembers was a bright light blinding her. Marlena says all she remembers is feeling like she was falling through the belly of hell. Abe shows up and says she may be right. She asks what he is saying ,that he is in hell? Abe says no, but Saint Lukes Church and Cemetery are built over underground tunnels, used for the underground railroad, and their captor could have used them to transport the bodies out of Salem. Marlena remembers chasing John through the underground catacombs the night she killed Doug. Marlena says whoever was causing her to kill must have told her about the tunnels. They all just hope some clue will lead them to investigate the graves.

Elsewhere, Hope tells Patrick that shell let him go if she comes with him. He tells her no, and that if he takes her with him, she could die. Patrick says it is dangerous out there and he wont have time to watch over her. Hope says he doesnt have to watch over her, and something could just as easily happen to him. Patrick says she is right, but if something did happen to her, he wouldnt forgive him. He tells her that she has a husband and two sons, she cant risk her life. Patrick says he doesnt have a woman in his life or dependants, so he needs to go alone. Hope leaves to get some air, and she tries to figure out what to do. Doug shows up and asks her what her heart tells her to do? Hope is overjoyed to see her father, and rushes into his arms. Doug asks her what the story behind her arrival on the island is, and she explains it all to him. As she does, inside Patrick works to escape. He struggles to break out of his bonds, which he finally does. Back outside, Doug tells Hope that he doesnt think she should let Patrick go because he could be the key to finding out who is behind this island. Doug tells Hope he is dirty and sweaty, so he excuses himself to quickly clean up. Hope goes back inside, and she finds Patrick is gone! She ends up finding him by the forcefield, and she tells him that he can run but he cant hide. Hope thinks Patrick knows the combination, as he was trying to crack the code, but Patrick claims he was just trying different codes. Hope sees he has his coin and wonders what it has to do with this. Patrick says it is too complicated to explain. Hope lunges for the coin, and they fight over it. The coin is sent flying through the air, lands on the forcefield, where is temporarily creates a hole in the field! Patrick rushes through, and Hope is stunned. She tells him to wait for her, but Patrick then knocks the coin out of the field with a stick. Hope quickly jumps through the hole, and she refuses to return to New Salem. She says she is going to go find her cousin, and asks if he is coming or not? 

In the jungle, Jack manages to find the strength to get up and try to climb out of the put hes trapped in, but he soon ends up passing out. Meanwhile, Jen runs through the jungle in search of help. She follows the sun to head west, but suddenly she is hit with a cramp! Jen finds some food and eats, and she thinks she was just having hunger pains. Unfortunately, she is hit with another pain, and she tells her baby that he/she cant come yet, he/she needs to wait a little while longer. The pains subside, and Jen continues to make her way through the jungle. At the same time, Jack finds the strength to climb out of the put. Meanwhile, Jen sees something she doesnt believe, a way out! Jen finds a rope bridge which crosses a huge ravine. She looks down and sees it is a ten mile drop. She tells herself not to look down, and slowly makes her way across the bridge. The boards are rotted, and begin breaking under her weight. Suddenly, the rope begins to fray! Jen hears Jack calling out to her, and Jack shows up. Jack tells Jen not to move, to stay where she is. Suddenly, the rope bridge breaks!


July 23, 2004
At the loft, Jan calls Belle and says she knows where Shawn is, and she'll stop over later today to tell her. Phillip doesnt trust Jan and vows to prove that she is up to something. Phillip tells Belle that Jan hates her, and if she cant have Shawn then she wont want anyone else to have him. Belle says Jan is engaged to someone else now. Phillip says Jan was just here questioning her about Shawn, and he doesnt buy that considering how long Shawn has been gone, the first person he runs into is Jan Spears. Belle says Jans parents just died, she doesnt have anyone. Phillip says feeling sorry for Jan is what got Shawn into trouble. Belle says she just wants to hear what Jan has to say, and if she can help her find Shawn, than Jan will be her new best friend. Phillip tells Belle that she is too trusting. He says he learned a lot in the military about dealing with others. Phillip says she needs to know her enemy and never let her enemy come to her. Belle asks Phillip what he is planning? Phillip asks how shed like to help him give Jan the surprise of her life? Later, we see Phillip on the PC trying to track down Jans address. He tracks here to Red Oak Lane on Kent Island. They remember her parents had a weekend house out there, and Jan had birthday parties there as a little girl. Belle thinks she is staying there because it reminds her of her parents. Phillip thinks she could be staying way outside of town because shes up to something.

Shawn is pacing around his cage, and he is talking to himself about how much he loves Belle. Belle shows up in his fantasy and tells him that they will be together again very soon, today even. She then kisses him through the bars. Shawn tells Belle that when he heard about her mom, he wanted to run straight home. He says he couldn't because Jan drugged him and handcuffed him to the bed in this cage. Belle tells Shawn that they will be together before the end of the day, he just needs to be patient. Belle then tells Shawn that shell always be here for him, and she fades away. Meanwhile, Jan calls Belle and says she knows where Shawn is, and hes okay. She says she will stop by the loft later today and give her the news in person, they shouldnt have this discussion over the phone. Jan then hangs up, and she goes to check on Shawn. Shawn is daydreaming still, and he ends up kissing Jan! When Shawn realizes he is kissing Jan, he is furious. He tells her that she is a raving nut case and he wants nothing to do with her. Jan says they obviously still have more deprogramming to do, she needs to break the hold the cult of Belle has on him. She tells Shawn that Belle is over him, and the last time she saw Belle and Phillip they were planning the perfect future together. Jan beginnings singing Phillip and Belle, sitting in a tree . . . . Shawn tells her to shut up. He says Belle will never love Phillip, and he will never love her! Jan says she is very good at getting what she wants, and right now she wants to help her new best friends be happy. Shawn refuses to believe her, but she says she has proof that Belle is preoccupied with her new life. She tells Shawn the two of them need to move on and live happily ever after just like Belle and Phillip are doing. Jan then skips out of the room. She returns later and tells Shawn she is going to Belle and Phillips place, she was invited over. She thinks she should bring them a housewarming gift. Jan talks about how competitive Belle is since she told her and Phillip that she was engaged to the man of her dreams. She says perhaps Belle will ask Phillip to buy her a ring just to spite her. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and she wonders who that could be. She heads to the front door, and Shawn begins screaming for help. Shawn's screams can be heard faintly from the first floor of the house. Jan opens the door, and is stunned to see Belle and Phillip. Jan asks how they found this place? Phillip says they remembered she had her birthday parties here when she was younger. Belle asks Jan where Shawn is? Back up in his cage, Shawn hears Belles voice and screams for help.

At the cemetery, Sami tells John that she wont let him exhume her mothers body. John says they have to know if she is in there. John asks Lucas if he is positive this bear was buried with MArlena. Lucas says he is sure, Will wanted the bear to be buried with Marlena. John says if the bear was removed, than her body may have been as well. He says he will get an order to exhume the body. Sami tells John no way, he has ruined her mothers life enough as is. She says he broke up her marriage and cost her her life, she wont let him touch her mother. Sami begins attacking John, and ends up breaking down into tears. Lucas grabs Sami and asks her if she doesnt want to know the truth? Sami says she knows the truth, John caused her mothers arrest and death. John says that is not true, and he still believes Marlena is innocent on some level. John says they need to know, and hes going to get the court order. John walks off, and Lucas tells Sami that she needs to know the truth as much as John does. Sami is hurt that Lucas is siding with John over her, but Lucas says he isnt siding with anyone. Sami says if he wont help her, than shell stop John herself!

Bo is at the office working and refusing to give up on finding Hope. Tek comes in and he tells Bo that he has bad news. He hands Bo a report, which is on the remains of the wreckage. Tek says one of the pieces of the wreckage had blood on it, and it matches Hopes. Bo says it doesnt mean anything, and Tek still hasnt given him concrete evidence. Tek tells Bo that she is gone and he needs to accept it. Bo says until Tek can show him Hopes body, he will keep looking for her. John shows up and asks Bo for help because someone is messing with MArlenas grave. Bo asks how he knows? John tells him that the bear they found at his house was buried with Marlena. John says he needs a court order to exhume her body. Bo says right now he is preoccupied with looking for real live missing people. John says he doesnt need his help, he just needs a court order and a few diggers, he wont waste his time. John says whatever happened to his wife may have something to do with Hope. John says Marlena was his family, and he more than anyone owes her. Suddenly, Sami bursts in and tells her Uncle Bo to stop John, to let her mom rest in peace. Bo says John is Marlenas next of kin, so there isnt anything she can do. Bo says they have to find out what happened. Sami says what happened was that he had her shot and killed, and now John wants to dig her up and torture her even more. Bo asks John if he is sure he wants to do this? John says something has happened to Marlenas grave, this bear was buried with MArlena, and now it is not. Bo asks if he's sure this is the same bear. Lucas confirms it is the same bear, and Sami tells him that he is a traitor. Lucas tells Sami that they need to find out what happened, something is wrong and somebody has to investigate. Tek thinks it could be someone taking revenge on the Stalker. Sami says her mom isnt the stalker, she isnt guilty of anything. Bo decides to get the order, and Sami tells Lucas that shell never forgive him for this.

Back out at the cemetery, Sami is lashing out at Lucas for joining John and Bo in this freak show. Sami says her mother has been through enough as is, she cannot let John desecrate her mothers grave. Sami yells at Bo and John that they cant do this to her mother!

On the island, Jack is stunned as the rope bridge Jen is on breaks and sends her crashing down into the ravine. Jack screams out Jens name and asks if she can hear him? Jen does not respond. Jack says she has to be somewhere down there. Jack tries to think of a way to get down to Jen. Jack takes off his belt and loops it around a stick. He then uses the stick as a hook to try and pull something up, but he plan (whatever it was) fails. Suddenly, a weak Jack looks like hes about to pass out. The next we see of Jack, he is pulling himself up the cliff face (did he fall?) He then sees that Jens locket is caught on his jacket sleeve, it must have been on the cliffs somewhere. We then see flashbacks of Jack and Jen moments from long ago, such as Jen seducing Jack in the office, and Jack telling Jen that he loved her (for the first time). We then see Jack dressed as santa when he proposed to Jen, and Jack and Jens first wedding. More flashbacks follow, such as Abby as a baby. Jack thinks Jen is gone, and he mourns her.

  Elsewhere, Patrick decides where they should head to in order to find the downed plane. Hope wonders how he knows so much, but he says he is just going on a hunch. Hope tells him to stop lying, she just saw him deactivate that forcefield. She asks him if he is working for their host, does he know who kidnapped her cousin? Patrick tells Hope that he will tell her the truth. Patrick says before he came back to Salem he met this guy, and he owed him a lot of money. Patrick says he was broke, so they made a deal. Patrick says the man ordered him to come to Salem and target Jen. Hope realizes the car accident when he first came to Salem, when jEn backed into him, it was a scam. He says it was. Patrick says he also never met Jack before. He says Jennifer felt guilty, and she though he knew Jack, so he was in the perfect position to take advantage of her. Hope asks Patrick what his assignment was? Patrick says he was supposed to target Jen, to bring her down. Hope slaps Patrick! She says there was a mosquito on the side of his face, but he deserved the slap for targeting Jen. Hope says Bo, Roman, Abe, all the others were right, she shouldnt have trusted him. She asks him what happened next? Patrick says Jennifer was kind and caring to him, she reminded him of his sister Mimi, so he couldnt go through with it. Hope asks why he didnt just leave? Patrick says he tried to several times, but then her bonds were stolen. Patrick says he was caught by the cops leaving town that night, and accused. Patrick says that is when Shawn called about hearing a guy at the Cheat-n-Heart bragging about stealing her bonds, so he went out to get them back. Patrick says that is when he realized the danger Jen was in, so he stayed to try and protect her. Hope asks why he didnt tell the police? Patrick tells Hope that she was there, she saw him risk his life for Jen. Hope still says he traced the plane here, and he deactivated the field, so she thinks he knows more. Hope asks him who the mastermind is, who is holding them hostage here? Hope says if he is going to tell her the truth, that he needs to tell her all of it. Patrick says he doesnt know what is going on here. She says he should have confided in Abe and Roman that he knew how to get through the forcefield. She asks why he kept all of this to himself? Patrick says if he told them then everyone in this compound would escape, and everyone would be out there and in jeopardy like Jack. He says it is dangerous out there, Jack probably got eaten by a wild animal, and the same thing could happen to her. He says that is why she needs to go back to the pub and leave this to him. He says whether she believes him or not, meeting Jen changed him. Patrick says before he was always out for himself, but Jen was kind to him and now he owes her. Hope says she wishes she could believe him. Patrick tells her to believe it, to think about her family and to go back to the Pub. Hope continues to refuse to go back to the pub, and she tells Patrick that for his sake he better not be lying to her about betraying his orders and wanting to protect Jennifer.

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