July 26, 2004
The summaries for the rest of this week may be short and posted at later times. 

Shawn is still trapped in his cage, and he screams for help. He hears Belle downstairs questioning Jan as to where Shawn is. Downstairs, Jan asks how they found her here? Phillip says he traced her call. He asks if she isnt going to let them in? She says she was just leaving and suggests they take a walk. Phillip hears a noise and asks if someone is in there? Jan closes the front door, walks outside, and says that sound was her cat in heat. She says sometimes he sounds like a person when he screeches. Belle doesnt care about her cat and she asks Jan where Shawn is? Jan says they can talk about it on their walk. Jan grabs Belle and pulls her along, causing Belle to fall and hurt her knee. Phillip says Belle is hurt pretty badly, and that they need to get inside and clean her cut. Jan says it is just a little scrape, but Phillip says it could get infected. Jan tells Phillip it is really nice how much he cares for her, and Belle is lucky to have Phillip. Belle says she and Phillip are just friends, she loves Shawn. Phillip tells Jan to open the door and let them in. Jan lets them in, and she excuses herself to get them what they need. Jan heads upstairs to check on Shawn, who is passed out. We see a flashback, Jan gave Shawn a drugged beer, and hes been asleep the whole time. In his head, Shawn is still screaming out for help. Shawn dreams that Belle and Phillip come to his rescue, and Jan gets what is coming to her. Jan returns to Belle and Phillip, and Phillip bandages Belle. Belle asks Jan where Shawn is? Jan says she will tell her the truth. Jan says she went to a drive, and she ended up at a coffee shop about fifty miles north of here. She says she ran into Shawn, who was putting air into his tires. Belle asks what Shawn said? Jan says Shawn told her that he knew about Belles mom, and that he left a message for his dad. Belle says he did leave a message, but he didnt mention her or his own mothers death. Jan says she did mention Belle to Shawn, and what he said was such a shock that he didnt mention his own mothers death. Belle asks what he said? Jan says that he said There is no blankety-blank way he will get back with Belle. Belle is in tears, and Jan says perhaps this is all for the best because now she knows where she and Shawn stand. Phillip tells Jan that he doesnt believe her, and Shawn would never tell her something like that. Phillip thinks Jan is hiding something and he says they arent leaving until they find out the truth.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole spies on Brady, who is out at the pool and on the phone with Chloe. He says the concert hall has been shot down by his family, and since there is nothing keeping him in Salem, he can come to Europe and be with her. Nicole hears this and says she has to stop Brady from leaving. Chloe is apparently reluctant to ask Brady to come to Europe because with her work she wont have much time with him, plus his career is in Salem. Brady says if he cant bring her career here to Salem then how are they to be together? Nicole hopes Chloe tells him not to come and that it is over. Brady eventually has to go, and he says hell call her later. Brady sits down by the pool, and Nicole comes out with a drink. Nicole says she thought she heard him on the phone. Brady says he was, he was on the phone with Chloe. Nicole asks if he will see her anytime soon? Brady says no, shes not coming home, and the only thing that is happening right now is Chloes career. Nicole says it shouldnt matter if they really love one another. Brady says they do love one another, Chloe is just very busy right now. Nicole says she doesnt understand why Chloe is choosing her career over love. She says nothing could keep her from the man she loves. Brady says he cant ask Chloe to give up her career, and he says she has a talent and needs to use it. Nicole says she has nothing against Chloe and the choices she has made, but she does things different from her. Nicole says Chloes career is number one in her life, and he is number two. For her, she would put a man before her career, and BRady knows how much she values her career. She tells Brady if love isnt fifty-fifty then the whole relationship is doomed. Brady says Chloe is dedicated to this relationship, and she loves him enough that she wont let him make sacrifices for her. Nicole says that is just it, Chloe is using him, she doesnt want him unless he can give her the concert hall. Nicole says love should be a good thing, but lately hes been miserable. Nicole tells him that Chloe is ruining his life! She then runs off. Nicole returns later to apologize, and he says hes sorry too. They hug one another, and then end up sharing a kiss. Nicole then asks Brady to make love to her! Brady pulls away and says hes sorry, he cant do this.

At the cemetery, Marlenas coffin has been exhumed, and Sami remembers hearing her mom calling out from her coffin. Lucas asks Sami if she is okay? Sami says she isnt, and she says this is a sacrilege and desecration. Bo says they are ready, and John asks Doc to forgive him. They open the coffin, and it is empty! Sami thinks her mom was buried alive. They look at the lining of the covering, and it is all torn. Sami is furious and tells John that this is his fault, she told them that she was alive. John says they opened the coffin and looked at her, she was dead. Bo asks John if he knows what happened? Shawn Sr. shows up and asks what is going on here? He says he was at the church and saw them out here. He asks if nothing is sacred, what have they done with MArlenas body? John and Bo say they dont know. John says the plot has not been disturbed, and the seal on the coffin was not broken until now. John begins talking about the mortician and what he did to MArlenas corpse, including embalming her. John thinks Marlena is dead and someone took her body. Bo thinks he might know who, he thinks this is the work of a grave robber exacting revenge on the stalker. John says no, there would be signs her plot was tampered with. Sami points to the torn lining and says it proves Marlena was alive when they buried here. John suggests they go find out what happened to Marlena, and they head off to question the mortician. 

John, Bo , Sami and Lucas head to the funeral home to see the mortician. He asks if there has been another death? John says no, they just dug up his wifes grave and it was empty. The mortician acts stunned, and he says this is highly irregular. He insists that Marlena was dead, she was embalmed. Lucas says the lining in the coffin was torn up. The mortician says Marlena was not buried alive. Bo threatens to get a search warrant and search this place. The mortician asks for what? John says for answers. He then grabs the mortician by the neck and asks what he has done to his wife? John lets go of the mortician, and threatens to do worse to him than a choke hold if he doesnt start talking. The mortician says he needs to go check his files. He walks into his private office, closes the door behind him, and then a gunshot is heard. Bo goes to open the door, but it is locked. They break the door down, and find the mortician has killed himself. John says they will never et the answers they need, not out of him.

On the island, Abe, Roman and Marlena are at the pub, and Victor and Caroline are walking outside of the pub. Victor apologizes for the kiss they shared earlier, and asks if she can forgive him from taking advantage of her. He promises hell never do it again. Caroline tells him that this is not necessary. Victor says he loves her and he already lured her away from Shawn once with terrible consequences. Caroline says it at least produced Bo. Victor says that is true, but their love must stay in the past. Caroline says she always knew he was one of the good guys. Victor says he wishes Roman knew that. Victor thinks Caroline should go in and be with her family, but Caroline says they are all prisoners on this island and they must all stick together.

Inside the pub, Roman tells Marlena and Abe that he doesnt trust Patrick, and he thinks Patrick knows a lot more about the island. He thinks Patrick may even know who the mastermind is. Marlena continues to remember being buried alive, and she is overwhelmed by the memory. Roman says somehow they got her out of that coffin and brought her here. Caroline and Victor walk in and asks what they are talking about? Marlena says they were talking about how they all got here. Roman says for example, he saw his mother in the casket, he was positive she was embalmed. Victor says they were all dead, so what really happened? Marlena tells them what she remembers. Roman wonders how Marlena escaped, how they all escaped, and who did this to them. Marlena asks how they all could have been buried alive and then survived it. Abe says he thinks he knows. Abe reminds them when Vivian buried Carly alive, she gave her a drug to simulate death. He wonders if the same thing happened to all of them. We then see a replay of Marlena in her coffin, praying, and hearing the odd sounds around her and the sense of falling. Caroline says she remembers waking up right here and having Maggie explaining where they were. Victor says the same thing happened to all of them, and he wishes someone in Salem would find a clue to them. Roman says Jen was lead here on the belief Jack was alive, and Hope and Patrick followed her. He says is hopeful others will arrive, but he just hopes they wont be trapped here like them. Roman still thinks Patrick holds some answers, and Abe says they will make him talk. Abe thinks Hope could use a break guarding Patrick, and he decides to go over and watch Patrick. Later, Roman begins to theorize that the undertaker must be in on this, and if someone questioned him than they might figure out the truth. Marlena wonders what would cause anyone to question him.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Victor talk with themselves in the corner, and Roman gets upset when he sees them together. Victor tells Caroline that he loves her and always has. HE says he knows she is faithful to Shawn and that they cant be together. They begin talking about their family back in Salem and how they all must be feeling. Later, Victor feels Caroline could be in danger as their ordeal may not be over yet, so he thinks he should stay with her to make sure she is safe. Caroline is stunned by his offer. Roman overhears the offer and says he can stay with his mother, but Caroline says Marlena needs him. She says Victor can stay here and nobody need worry. Victor says he is looking forward to a home cooked meal because without his servants he is at a loss. Suddenly, Abe returns and announces that Hope and Patrick are gone!


July 27, 2004
At Jans place, Jan tells Belle she knows this hurts, but now she knows the truth and she can move on with her life. Phillip thinks Jan is lying because Shawn would never confide something like this to her, he would call Belle and tell her himself. Phillip thinks she is up to something, and he asks what she is up to? Jan goes to her purse and finds her gun. She thinks she and Phillip should talk in private. Belle says no, if she has anything to say she should tell her to her face. Belle and Phillip begin questioning Jan as to why if she knew this she kept it from Belle? Jan says she didnt want to hurt Belle, and she says the reason Shawn chose to tell her is because Shawn said he didnt want to see or speak to Belle ever again. Jan says Shawn said hed never forgive her for lying about her mothers alibi and he still blames her for Mrs. Hortons death. Belle asks Jan for all the details. Jan repeats the entire phony story for Belle. Jan says there was also one more thing, and it isnt something she doesnt think Belle will want to hear. Belle asks Jan what else Shawn told her? Jan says that Shawn is joining the merchant marines as soon as possible, and he has no intention of returning to Salem. Phillip says he doesnt believe her for one minute. Phillip drags Belle out of the room and tries to convince her that Jan is lying. Jan thinks Phillip is a stupid oaf because she is trying to help him get the girl of his dreams and he is screwing it up. Belle and Phillip confront Jan again and Belle says this is all so hard to believe, how does she know she saw Shawn without proof? Jan says shell give her proof, reaches into her purse, and grabs her gun! However, she hands Belle a red box, and says this is the proof she saw Shawn. Jan says she doesnt know what it is, she didnt open it. Belle opens the box, and inside is Shawns purity ring. Jan says that Shawn gave her the box to give to Belle. Belle ends up in tears, and Phillip comforts her.

Upstairs, a drugged Shawn begins to come too, and he hears Belles crying. Shawn fully comes to and can hear Belle talking to Jan through the vents. HE tries to signal her by throwing a glass of water at the vents. Back downstairs, Phillip asks what that sound was? Jan says her furnace, it should have been fixed. She leaves the room, and Belle continues to cry to Phillip. Phillip asks if there is anything he can do? She says she can tell him Jan is lying. Phillip says there is a way he can prove she is lying. Upstairs, Jan tells Shawn it is time for him to take another nap, and she plunges a hypodermic into his leg! 

At the Kiriakis mansion, we see a replay of Nicole asking Brady to make love to her, and Brady pushing her away and saying that he cant. Nicole tells Brady that she has feelings for him and she wont apologize for kissing him and making a move. She doesnt understand how he could want to be with a woman who would rather be in a dusty opera house than with him. Brady says he and Chloe have a different relationship than most people. Nicole tells Brady that he has made all kinds of sacrifices for Chloe, but what sacrifices has she made for him and for their relationship? Brady says Chloe calls him whenever she can. Nicole says so he is in love with a pen pal? Nicole thinks he is the one stuck in this house while Chloe flirts all over Europe. Nicole asks why doesnt he get in a plane and fly to Vienna? Brady asks how she knows where Chloe is, she was eavesdropping. Nicole says she was, and she thought shed be driving him to the airport by now. Nicole then gets into the pool and begins splashing water onto Brady. She gets out of the water and asks if he finds her sexy? He says he does find her beautiful and desirable. She asks if hed like to take a dip? Brady says no, and that he will not cheat on Chloe. Brady then heads off, and Nicole says theyll just see about that. Nicole makes a call to someone and tells them that she is paying them top dollar to produce the evidence on Chloe that she needs.

At the morticians office, Tek has shown up to examine the scene. They wonder why the mortician killed himself over this, especially when there was a way out of the office. Bo asks Tek to call Lexie and have her come over. Bo tells John that they will go through his records and find out what happened to Marlena and why. John suddenly smells smoke, and they go into the adjoining office and find the file cabinets on fire! The files that were burned were those of people buried over the past year. Tek theorizes that Marlena may not be the only body missing, the mortician could have been running a racket and sold many of the bodies. LExie shows up and is shocked at the site of the mortician. Bo tells her not to worry about him, and he and John explain what has happened. John has a few questions for Lexie, and she says shell tell him anything he wants to know. Meanwhile, Celeste has come with Lexie, and Sami asks Celeste to try and get a reading from the bear. Celeste holds the bear and senses that MArlena was buried alive. Celeste tells Sami that they were right, Marlena was buried alive! Sami faints, and Lucas catches her. Sami comes too, and Celeste tells Sami about her vision. Sami says the reason the lining was torn was because she was trying to claw her way out. Sami says her mother must have suffocated to death in that coffin, and now her body is missing. She says she also knows who is responsible! Back in the other room, Bo and John question Lexie about examining Marlenas body. Lexie says Marlena was dead, she knows when someone is dead. Suddenly, Sami bursts into the room and attacks Lexie, claiming she killed her mother! John and the others pull her off Lexie, and Lexie claims she is innocent in all of this. Sami says she is not innocent, she is evil and hated her mother. Lexie says that she (Sami)  had the mortician open Marlenas casket at the funeral, they all saw that she was dead. Lexie says Marlena killed all of their love ones, yet they arent accusing her for the sins of her mother. Lexie tells Sami that at some point she will have to face that her mother is dead and was a murderer, otherwise she will have her committed! Sami still wants Lexie arrested for having her mother buried alive. Sami then turns on John and says he was supposed to have loved her, but he let her die! John assures Sami that MArlena is dead, and he and Celeste remember what the mortician did to MArlenas body, he rammed a scalpel into her chest to prove she was dead. Sami says if she is dead than were is her body? John thinks some wacko out there is getting kicks off stealing Marlenas remains, but Sami says her mother is still alive. Bo promises Sami that theyll find out what happened to her mom and make whoever did this pay.

On the island, Caroline gives Victor some of her rhubarb pie. He loves it but says it tastes a bit different. Caroline says it could be the soil, or maybe theyve been here that she has perfected it. Caroline asks Victor if he would want to stay here forever? Victor says no, he is concerned about his family. Caroline knows Bo will be strong for the boys. Victor wishes Bo could be there for Brady because it is only a matter of time before Nicole puts the moves on Brady. Caroline says Brady is a good boy, and if he decides to wait for Chloe than there is nothing Nicole can do. He says she could kill him, but Caroline says that wouldnt advance her goal. Victor says the best thing would be for Chloe to come back to Salem, but with the concert hall on ice, that isnt going to happen.

Roman and Marlena are taking a walk, and Marlena is upset because she wants to be out there looking for Hope. Roman thinks Patrick knew how to get through the forcefield and Hope followed him. Marlena worries Patrick could have taken Hope hostage and to their island host. Roman says that could be, and if that happens, maybe Hope can figure out who it is. Abe shows up and agrees, and he says their host is only human and will make a mistake sooner or later. Roman says their captor is no ordinary person considering what he has done, and this plan wasnt hatched over night. Roman says this person would have needed a lot of help. Abe says the more people who are involved, the more chance there is for a mistake. Marlena says they have always survived Stefanos plots in the past, so they can survive this. Marlena says she just wishes someone in Salem would find out where they were. Roman and Abe begin to try and figure a way out of New Salem, and Abe wonders if there are underground tunnels in New Salem just like there are in Salem. MArlena says it would make sense, and she recalls Tony told them that on DiMera Island there were tunnels that connected the islands. Roman says that is assuming they are on one of DiMeras islands. Tony appears and says they assume correctly! Roman asks Tony to tell them what he knows, if hes not involved in the plot, how do they know he is on his fathers island. Tony says he doesnt know for sure, but he was on his terrace looking up at the stars, and he realized this island fell 25 degrees south of a nebula. He says after his fathers death he found several satellite photos of islands his father owned, and one of them could be this island. Abe says so he is saying Stefano owns this island? Tony says no, Lexie now owns it! Victor and Caroline show up, and they join in the questioning of Tony. Tony assures them that Stefano is dead, but Marlena says Yea, and I murdered everyone here! Tony tells them that there is a way off this island, but just as in any challenge, their will be winners and losers. Tony says the question is which ones will get off this island to the ones they love.


July 28, 2004
At Jans place, upstairs Jan tells Shawn it is time for him to take another nap, and she plunges a hypodermic into his leg. Shawn passes out, and Jan checks for a pulse. She then kisses his hand and says its true what they say, you only hurt the one you love. Down in the living room, Phillip is positive Jan is lying, but Belle says only her and Shawn knew about their ring promise. Phillip decides to have Tek run a fingerprint check on the box and see if Shawns prints are actually on it. He tells Belle to keep Jan preoccupied while he heads off and gets their answer. Later, Jan returns, and she asks where Phillip went? Belle says he needed to call the base, but he couldnt get a signal on his phone so he drove into town. Jan says he could have used her phone, and she wonders what they are up to. Belle says they arent up to anything, the only reason they are here is because she called and said she saw Shawn. Belle asks Jan if what she said was true, did she see Shawn? Jan says she wishes she could ease her pain and say it was a lie, but she cant. Jan says shell call her a cab and they can talk later. Belle says she thought she would have good news on Shawn, and the funny thing is, when she first arrived here, she thought Shawn was here. Belle says she thought she and Shawn had a special connection like his parents do. Jan says Shawn isnt here, and she obviously doesnt have a connection to Shawn. Belle tells Jan she is so lucky to have found a good man. Jan then begins describing her man to Belle, and her description is Shawn to a T. She also says shes glad her guy isnt into the whole purity thing. Belle says their rings were about commitment. Jan says her guy is committed to her because once her guy gives his heart, he gives it forever. Belle says if she didnt know any better, shed think her fianc was Shawn. Jan says it is! Back upstairs, a drugged Shawn dreams of Jan coming in to seduce him wearing a black leather suit, but Belle shows up dressed like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, and she chips Jans head off!

At the morticians place, Sami continues to lash out and blame those around her for what happened to MArlena. Sami thinks either Lexie made a grave error, or she lied about saying her mom was dead. Sami says Lexie was in on this conspiracy with John, Kate and Bo; and now that she and Lucas know the truth they will probably be next on their list. Lucas tells Sami to stop it, but Sami tells Lucas that they killed all of them. Lucas tells her that she is talking crazy, and nobody hear aside from the mortician had anything to do with her mom. Sami says they have to do something, they have to find her. Bo tells Sami if they want them to find her mothers body than she has to let them do their work. Bo asks Lucas to take her home, but she refuses to go. Bo says the sooner she leaves and lets him do his job, the sooner she will get her answers. Sami says she will leave, but whoever did this to her mother will pay! Sami and Lucas leave, and Bo asks Tek and Lexie to examine the mortician and see if he killed himself or if it was murder. John stops Lexie and asks her if it is possible when she examined Marlena that she didnt know, or didnt admit, that she was still alive. Tek jumps to Lexies defense, and John apologizes. He says he just hates the idea of Marlena being buried alive and gasping for air. Lexie says it is okay, and she understands. Bo tells John that he will find out what happened to Malrena, and he thinks Jen, Hope and Patrick fit into this somehow, and there is a larger picture here. Suddenly, Celeste remembers the vision she had of Marlena in which she said everything that has happened was all a lie. Celeste says she didnt know what she meant at the time. Celeste says she didnt think much of it after the mortician proved to them that she was dead. Bo says if Marlena is still alive, he thinks he knows what happened. Bo remembers the herbs Vivian gave to Carly to make her appear dead, and Bo says MArlena could have been given a drug to make her feel dead and impervious to pain. However, Bo says Marlena was still shot in the heart, so she couldnt have survived. Bo says perhaps the mortician was selling human organs on the side. Tek and Lexie confirm that the mortician killed himself, and Lexie says he must have been very frightened to do this. Bo begins to wonder who could be behind all of this. Suddenly, Celeste cries out No, it cant be! John thinks Celeste is getting a vibe that Marlena is innocent, and only one person could be behind all of this. LExie says this cant be. Bo says they all want to believe he is dead, but there is only one person who could be responsible. John says if Marlena is out there than Stefano has her.

In Salem Place, Phillip runs into his mom, and he passes on the supposed news about Shawn. Kate says this is incredible news, and now he can be with Belle. Kate tells him to make his move before Shawn comes home. Phillip refuses and says he wants Belle to be with him because she wants to be. Phillip says if Shawn does come back to town, than he will fight for Belle. Kate says he will lose. Phillip says he wont do anything underhanded to get Belle. Kate tells him sometimes the ends justify the means, but Phillip says that may work for her, but not for him. Kate says all is fare in love and war. Phillip reminds her how far that got Billie with Bo, or Nicole with Lucas. Phillip says he went down that road with Chloe, and he doesnt want to go down it again. He says if she cant accept it, than they have nothing more to say to one another. Phillip sees Tek walk by, and he gives the box to Tek. Kate tells Phillip that he is throwing away his one true chance at happiness.

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Lucas tries to convince Sami that John, Bo and Lexie had nothing to do with this because they wouldnt have gone to the trouble of having her moms body exhumed. Sami says she doesnt know what to think about it, but what she does know is she hates him and never wants to see him again! Sami then storms off. Lucas follows Sami home, and they continue to argue with one another. Sami tells Lucas to just get out and leave her alone. Lucas says she is making a mistake, he loves her more than she ever knows, but if he leaves hes not coming back. Sami tells him fine by her! Lucas asks her if this is sure this is what she wants? Sami tells Lucas he is the one who ruined this, he turned on her. Lucas says he has done nothing, she is just freaking out because she is scared. Sami says she has a right to be, and she is convinced John and Kate are the killers. Lucas says he gives up on trying to help her. Sami says he had his chance to help her, but it is too late. She tells him to go, so he does. Sami then breaks down in tears. When Lucas finds a letter from Will, he decides to take it over to Sami. He catches Sami praying to God about how mean she was to Lucas, and that she doesnt know why. She asks God to forgive her, and to help her do better. She says she will try hard to be a better person if he will bring her mom back safely. She says shell do anything if he will just bring her mom home.

On the island, some of the gang is walking through Salem Place. Marlena asks Roman and Abe if they think Tony is right, that this is a game and not all of them will make it off the island alive. Roman says he could be partially correct, they may not all get off alive. Abe and Roman say both Jack and Jennifer could be dead. Marlena says sometimes she thinks they may have all been better off if they died. Abe and Roman are shocked. Marlena says she doesnt really mean she wishes they had all died, but shes just afraid that the longer the stay her the more likely they will start to turn on one another. Roman says that will not happen, they will escape. Abe thinks there must be a way past the force field, and he says he will find it. Roman tells Abe that just escaping the fake Salem and into the jungle, it doesnt mean theyll end up getting home. Roman says they still dont know what happened to Jack. Marlena says they have to keep trying because the longer they are here because the longer they will accept their fate, and the more likely they are to do things that will hurt them when they return to Salem. Roman thinks she means like mom and Victor. Marlena says yes, fear is a motivator to cause two people to turn to one another for comfort, especially if it someone they have a bond with. Roman says then they better get out of here soon, but he thinks escape is too dangerous, and they should wait for rescue. Marlena asks how when they cant contact the outside world? Roman says there maybe a way, and tells them to follow him.

In the jungle, Hope and Shirtless Patrick are trekking through the jungle looking for Jen. Hope says theyve been trekking through this jungle for hours, and she wonders how big the island  is. Patrick asks Hope to put her head back and open her mouth, and she asks why? He tells her to do it, and he pours some water off of a leaf into her mouth. Hope wonders if they will ever get off this island, and she hates to think what her family is going through. Hope thinks Patrick knows what is going on here, but Patrick says he doesnt. Hope and Patrick spot the wreckage from the plane, and they find Davies corpse. Patrick has a flashback of a meeting with Davies, who warned him to do what he was told or hed regret it. Hope asks Patrick if he recognizes this man? Patrick claims hes never seen this man before in his life. Hope decides to check the wreckage, and Patrick ends up searching the pilots body and taking his gun. Hope is unable to find Jen anywhere, and then suddenly part of the plane falls on top of her!

Meanwhile, Jack lays on the edge of the ravine, and we see a flashback of Jennifer falling into the ravine. Later, Jack hallucinates and sees Jennifers ghost in the ravine. She says she is at peace and is happy, but she misses him. She asks him to come to her, be with her. Jack ends up walking to the edge of the ravine, and falling over! Jack ends up clinging to the side of the cliff and trying to climb back to the top. Jack eventually makes it to the top, and that is when he spots Jen lying on a small ledge on the other side of the ravine. Jack yells at her to hold on because hes coming to save her. Jack looks around and then wishes he knew how to get to her.


July 29, 2004

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady approaches the bar for a drink. Nicole thinks hes coming to join the party. She offers to fix him something, but he only wants some seltzer. She says some alcohol might do him good, it may make him finally make a move on her. She says he could take her right here if he wanted to. He tells her to knock it off. She says hes only angry because he wants her. Brady says her trashy come-ons dont work on him anymore, so give it up. Nicole tells him that she was just playing, and she tells him that he should be on the next plane to Vienna. Brady asks her if she really expects him to just hop on a plane to Vienna? Nicole hands him a ticket and says his flight leaves tonight. Brady cant believe she bought him a ticket to Vienna. She says she is a hard core romantic, and she knows you cant fight true love. She tells him that he needs to actually live for once. Brady says for once she is giving him good advice. He says if he is going to make this plane, he needs to pack. Brady leaves, and Nicole hopes her plan goes accordingly otherwise Brady could end up in Chloes bed and it will be all her doing. Nicoles cell phone rings, and someone on the other end tells her that they got it. Nicole thanks them and says she will take care of the rest. Later, Brady comes down and is about to leave, and Nicole acts all nervous and tells him to go. He realizes something is wrong, but she says nothing is wrong, she is just watching her favorite TV show. Brady thinks Nicole is blocking the TV for a reason, and he begins fighting with her to let him see the TV. Brady watches the TV and sees Chloe on the TV show with a man. Brady asks who the man is? Nicole says he is the hottest young tenor in Europe, and the gossip is that Chloe and the tenor are doing more than singing together. 

At Sami's place, Lucas spies on Sami as she prays to God to help her be a better person and to bring her mother back. She says shell do anything to have her mom back, even give up her own happiness. Lucas tells Sami that she deserves to be happy. Sami tells him to spare her, she doesnt need him, not now and not ever. Sami says she doesnt appreciate him eavesdropping on her, and she tells him to get out. She slams the door on him, but he wont leave. He says he has a reason for stopping by, and shows her the letter through the peep hole. Sami opens the door and begins reading the letter, which is from Will. Sami says he got first place in an archery competition. Sami says she misses him so much.  Lucas says maybe they can go up and see him this weekend, they can take a drive up there. Sami says that would be awesome, but she cant tell him about what has happened to MArlena. She begins crying, and Lucas comforts her. Lucas says they dont know what happened to Marlena, and Sami says that is the worst part. She says if her mom is alive, than were is she and who has her? Lucas says he wishes he could fix things and make things better for her, but it will work out. Sami asks how he can say that. She says her mom was body snatched, and she doesnt even know if her mom is alive or dead. Lucas says Bo and John will find out what happened. Sami refuses to listen to Lucas take their side again, and she tells him to get out. Lucas thinks she is yelling at him because she doesnt want to cry. Lucas says he heard her praying earlier. Sami says she doesnt pray, and the only thing she would pray for is to ask God to send whoever did this to her mom straight to hell, which happens to be where he belongs as well. Lucas says hes trying to help her, but she wont let anyone help her. Sami says all she knows is that everyone who has ever loved her has left her. Lucas says it doesnt have to be that way, she needs to stop pushing people away. Sami asks him how to love someone enough to convince them to stay. Lucas tells her to stop lying and manipulating people, that is why people leave her. Sami says love is supposed to conquer all, but all it does is kick her in the teeth. Sami tells Lucas he is just like every other man, he was ready to cut out and leave her. Lucas says he is different and he can prove it. She asks how? Lucas asks Sami if shell marry him! 

At Jans, Belle tells Jan that it sounds like her fianc is Shawn. Jan says that it is. Belle says Phillip is right, she is still in love with Shawn. Jan says of course she still loves Shawn. Belle cant believe Jan is doing this to her after she poured her heart out to Jan. Jan says Belle didn't let her finish. Jan says that she will always love Shawn for what he did for her, but she isnt in love with him. She says she has found a man with all of Shawns qualities and more, that is what she meant. Belle apologizes for flipping out on Jan, she says it is just not like Shawn to walk out on her the way she did. Jan says perhaps she didnt know Shawn as well as she thought she did. Jan says Shawn seems different now. Belle says she cant believe she didnt think about this before, whatever is going on with Shawn must be psychological. Jan says she better not be saying Shawn is crazy. Belle says psychiatrists dont call people crazy, and she says she thinks Shawn has fallen into a depression and he is acting ways that he normally wouldnt. Jan says Shawn didnt seem depressed, and in fact he was flirting with some other girl at the coffee house. Belle asks why Jan didn't tell her this before? Jan says she didn't want to hurt her anymore than she already did. Jan tells Belle that Shawn and this girl road off together. Belle calls Jan a liar because Shawn doesnt pick up strange girls. She thinks Phillip was right and she has made up this whole story to torture her! Jan says she isnt, and she tells her that Shawn told her all about the fight they had in the hospital chapel about how they promised never to lie to one another, but she lied to him about her mothers alibi. Belle thinks Jan is telling the truth and Shawn really doesnt love her. She doesnt know that Jan spied on them when they had that fight.

At the Java Caf, Kate continues to push Phillip make his move on Belle, and once again he says he wont take advantage of Belle. Kate says she just wants one of her children to be happy! Phillip says Belle cant move on until shes over Shawn, and he doesnt think that will ever happen. Kate says sometimes people need permission to move on, and she asks Phillip if the fingerprints on the ring box match Shawns, will he make a move on Belle? Phillip doesn't answer. She wonders why all her children have to be so stubborn and hard headed. Phillip says they take after her, and one of her kids is very happy right now. Kate says Lucas is being a fool if he thinks that little tramp . . . Kate realizes she has promised not to speak ill of Sami, and she tells Phillip about the promise Lucas made her make. Phillip thinks Lucas forcing her and Sami to get along is a good idea. Tek shows up, and he says he hasnt got the results yet, but hell have them sent to him as soon as they come in. Kate tells Phillip that if Shawns prints are on that box, she hopes he will tell Belle how he feels. Phillip pays the check, and he warns his mother if she keeps trying to turn Lucas against Sami than she will lose him. Kate says that wont happen, she will make nice with Sami, and Sami will ruin their relationship all on her own by being the self-destructive bitch she is.

John, Lexie and Celeste meet Bo in Salem Place. John asks Bo why he asked them to all meet him here? Bo says there are too many eyes and ears at the PD, he doesnt want anyone to know about their suspicions. Celeste points out they should be careful about what they say here as well. John wonders what Stefano wants with his wifes body. Bo says they have no proof that it is Stefano. Lexie says Stefano is dead, her brother told her and she doesn't think he'd lie to her. Celeste says he is alive, she has known for some time, but she didnt want it to be true. Celeste tells them about the ashes from Stefanos urn spilling onto the floor at the DiMera mansion and how she didnt get Stefanos vibe from them. Bo says the ISA ran tests on them and the ashes never matched Stefano conclusively. John says they dont call him the phoenix for nothing. Bo says they all believed he was dead, and that is what Stefano was counting on. John says he has to bring home Marlena safely, even if she is still dead. Bo says he knows how he feels, Hope is still out there somewhere as is his son. John asks Celeste if she can use her powers to see if they can determine if their loved ones are still alive. Celeste says she can if they give her an item that belonged to their loved ones which she can use to tune into their life force. They hand over key chains that belonged to their wives, and then Tek shows up. Bo explains to Tek that they think perhaps Stefano isnt dead and could be the key to what happened to Hope and Marlena. Tek says hell start looking into it. Suddenly, Celeste cries out, and the keychains begin to smoke. Celeste says she feels Hope and Marlena have been in the same place recently. Lexie asks if they are in heaven, and Bo asks are they still alive? Celeste says she has lost her vision. Kate and Phillip show up, and Kate asks what is going on as they seem to be interrupting something? John says it will come out sooner or later, and he says there is news on Kate. Meanwhile, Tek and Lexie begin talking about Marlena, and LExie is upset that she may have mispronounced Marlena dead. Tek says she was mortally wounded, there is no way she could have survived. Lexie says there just seems to be no end to their suffering. She says it has been a year since she lost Abe, and it just hurts so much. Tek tells her that she can count on him, and they share a kiss. Celeste and Bo see them kissing, and is unhappy. LExie pulls away from Tek and says shes not ready for this yet, Abe is still in her heart. Tek says he knows, and he can wait for her. Bo sees Celeste is uncomfortable, and he says Tek is a good guy, and Abe has been dead almost a year. Celeste says when she looks at Tek and Alexandra, she sees an aura of disaster for both of them. Later, Tek tells Bo that the last sign of Stefano was in a seaside town called Harmony. Meanwhile, John tells Kate what has happened, and she comforts him. She tells him if there is anything that she can do. John asks her not to say anything to Phillip because he might say something to Belle, and she has been through enough as is. Kate says she wont say a word. John returns to Celeste and asks her if she has felt anything more? Celeste says she cant say whether Hope is dead or alive, and wherever Marlena is, she is in the company of all the other dead. Later, Phillip gets the results delivered to him on the fingerprints, and he says unbelievable when he reads them.

On the island, Roman, Abe and Marlena head to Abes house, where there is a pile of electronic kids toys in Theos room. Roman says they are going to use those toys to get off this island. Roman says they will put together a radio or signaling device. Marlena tells Roman that he is a genius and he might just save their lives. Abe brings down a bunch of Theos toys, and Roman suggests they get to work. Roman hooks everything up to Abes laptop, and basically turns it into an SOS signal. Roman says it should run as long as the batteries hold out. Abe says hell search this house, and all of the stores on this island for every battery out there.


July 30, 2004

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Nicole watch the TV tabloid show. The reporter on the show says that Chloe is gaining a reputation in Europe as the heartbreak diva, and her new victim is tenor and maestro Enrique Pantana. Brady is hurt by the news report, and Nicole turns the TV off. Nicole says she is sorry, and she asks if he is okay. Brady says she has nothing to be sorry about, its not true. Brady says Chloe would never be unfaithful to him. Brady says Chloe has no spare time, she doesnt have time for having affairs let alone a string of them. Brady says this doesnt make any sense, and this report is nothing more than media hype or trashy gossip. Brady says hell call her to prove it. Chloes personal assistant answers the phone, and Brady is hurt that he has no idea who he is when he says he's Chloe's significant other. Brady asks when Chloe will be available? Georgio says shes very busy, and he mistake Brady for some other guy. Brady wonders how many guys CHloe is seeing. Brady ends up hanging up the phone, and Nicole asks him if he is all right? Brady says now he knows why Chloe didnt want him to come to Vienna. He tears up his plane ticket and says she got her wish, hes not going. Nicole says she is sorry. Brady wonders how she could do this to him. Nicole says she shouldnt have bought the ticket, he shouldnt have encouraged him. He says she was just trying to help, and this situation has made him see her in a whole new light. Brady says this whole time she has been the only one on his side. Nicole says she will always support him. Brady wonders why Chloe cheated on him, did she figure they would never see one another again? Nicole says success changes people, but that is no excuse to hurt him. Nicole says shed never hurt him. Brady decides to go for a swim and cool down. Before he goes he thanks her for caring for him. She says he is the only one on her side as well. Brady and Nicole both decide to head out to the pool to take a dip together. Brady says he knows what its like to be lonely, and hed be lying if he didnt know what it was like to be tempted to take comfort in someone elses arms. Nicole says that is her fault, she shouldnt have kissed him. Nicole says in spite of everything she has done, ha has shown remarkable self control and remained faithful to Chloe. Nicole begins stroking his body and says she wishes she had a man as committed and devoted and as loving as he is to Chloe. They almost kiss, but instead of a passionate kiss, Brady gives her a peck and says he can always count on her. Brady heads out to the pool, and Nicole makes a call to Georgio, Chloes personal assistant. She thanks him for saying all the right things, and shell wire him the money in the morning. She also asks him to keep Chloe from seeing the stories she planted, and not to let Bradys calls to Chloe get through to her. She says with a little luck, Brady will be hers in no time.

At Jans house, Belle is upset after Jan basically recites word for word what Shawn said to Belle in the hospital chapel. Jan claims Shawn told her about the fight, and Belle thinks Jan has been telling her the truth about everything. Belle says Shawn doesnt love her anymore, and she has to accept it. Jan comforts Belle, and smiles behind her back! Belle wonders how this could happen, why does Shawn hate her so much. Jan leaves the room, and Belle follows because she wants to know where she can find Shawn. Jan heads into the bedroom where Shawn is caged, and Belle tries to open the door. The door is locked, and Belle asks Jan if she is in there? Shawn begins to stir awake, and Jan tells Belle to wait for her in the living room. Later, Jan heads to the living room to meet Belle, and Belle asks why her door was locked? Jan says it wasnt, it was just stuck because of the humidity. Jan asks when Phillip is coming back? Belle says there is no harm in telling her what is going on, and she tells Jan what Phillip is up to, that he left to try and figure out if she was lying or not. Phillip returns, and he says he has the proof that will tell them whether Jan was lying about Shawn or not. Phillip tells Belle that hes sorry, but Shawns prints were on the box with the purity ring. Belle says Jan was telling the truth after all. Jan remembers handing Shawn the empty box in order to get his prints on it. Jan tells Belle that she is sorry, and she knows how she feels. She asks Belle if she will be okay? Belle says she doesnt know. Phillip comforts Belle, and Jan slyly records them! Jan asks Belle if there was one thing she could say to Shawn right now, what would she tell him? Jan says it might seem strange to ask, but this may help her to get her feelings out. Belle says it is over between her and Shawn, she doesnt want to see or hear from him again. She hugs Phillip and thanks God that she has him. She tells Phillip that he as always been here for her in ways Shawn never was, and she doesnt know what shed do without her. Belle says she loves him, and he says he loves her too and will always be there for her. Jan says when Shawn hears this it will make him forget all about Belle. Upstairs, Shawn wakes up and begins screaming to Belle for help. Jan goes in to see him and she says they are gone. She says Belle just left with Phillip, they are inseparable. Shawn doesnt believe her, so she plays him the tape she made of Belle telling Phillip how she loves him and how it is over between her and Shawn. Jan says there is just something about true love that brings tears to her eyes. Belle and Phillip leave, and Belle says she feels so alone. She asks Phillip to hold her, and he does. He tells her that shell never be alone, he is right here and always will be. 

At Samis place, Lucas asks Sami if she will marry him. She asks if he is messing with her? Lucas says he is serious, and gives her a kiss. Lucas tells her that he wants to marry her, he wants them to be a family. Sami says she wants that to, but she is afraid. Lucas he knows she is afraid and scared because shes lost everyone shes ever loved. Lucas tells Sami that he wont leave her, unless . . . Lucas says they both have issues to work through before they can be fully committed to one another. Sami asks like what? Lucas says when they first met they were friends who became partners in crime. Lucas says they both lied and manipulated and schemed to get what they wanted, and she was great at it. Sami asks if this is supposed to be romantic? Is her heart supposed to be melting as he tells her everything that is wrong with her? Lucas says he just doesnt want there to be anything between them, and before they can really be together they have some major truth telling to do. He also says their relationship isnt typical, there was a time when they hated one another. HE says they have both made mistakes, and they both need to work to improve themselves. HE tells Sami that she cant be the same manipulative bitch that shes been in the past. Sami says she cant believe he is saying all of this. Lucas says hes saying this because he cares about her. He says the bottom line is that the old Sami has to go. Lucas says there is a certain Sami he fell in love with, and he doesnt see her that often. Lucas says the vengeful Sami has to go. Sami thinks Lucas is saying shes not good enough for him. Lucas says he just doesnt want her to end up lying and manipulating again, he doesnt want her trying to destroy his mother. Sami says she agreed to a cease fire, as long as mommy dearest keeps her end of the bargain. Sami says she doesnt trust Kate though. Lucas says that is her problem, she needs to learn to trust his mother and give her the benefit of the doubt. Sami gets all fired up, and Lucas assures her that he will make sure his mother doesnt hurt her. Lucas thinks if his mom saw the real her than she would feel different. Lucas tells Sami that she is the only one who can change herself. Lucas says he wants everyone in Salem to see her the way he sees her, a beautiful woman trying to improve her life. Sami says this isnt a one way street, he needs to make some changes too. Sami asks if she will get to see a new and improved Lucas? Lucas says he is trying to learn from all his mistakes, and he thinks they can make each other better people. Lucas tells Sami that he knows she is hurting, but she needs to stop lashing out at people around her and blaming them. Sami says she knows her mom is gone and someone is to blame. She also thinks everyone thinks of her as evil Sami, the daughter of a killer. Lucas says she is a great person and so was her mom. Sami says she has lost everyone she has loved, and now he is saying if she isnt careful that he will leave her too. She tells him that they should just forget about it, they should just skip to the end so no one gets their hopes up. Sami says she is too young to be alone. Lucas says she isnt alone, she has him. Sami says maybe she should be alone, maybe this is Gods cosmic lesson for her. Lucas says it is not to late for her, her parents are still watching her and they want her to love and be loved. Lucas also says he knows she can be the woman her mom can be proud of. He says he loves her and will never leave her, but she needs to promise to be totally honest with him from now on. He asks her if she can do that? Lucas says she doesnt have to answer now, she can take time and think about this. He says he wants the answer to come deep from within her. Lucas tells her to let him know if she can make this commitment. He leaves, and he hopes Sami will tell him yes. 

On the island, Hope is examining the plane when suddenly the tail end of it falls on top of her. Patrick runs to her aid. He tries to lift it, but she is unconscious and cant free herself. HE tells her that she has to wake up and help him. Hope manages to give him her hand, and he reaches down and pulls her out from under the plane. Afterwards, Patricks shoulder is injured and sore. Hope says he saved her life, and he says she can thank him later. Hope thanks Patrick now, because he could have wakes away. PAtricks shoulder is now bleeding all down his arm. Patrick tells her they need to go keep looking for Jen. Patrick puts his shirt back on, and they continue trucking through the jungle.

Meanwhile, Jack pulls himself up onto a ledge in the ravine, and then he sees Jen laying on a ledge on the other side of the ravine. Jack yells out that he will save her, and then says he wishes he knew how. (Funny side note, Jacks beard is less bushy today). Jack considers using a bamboo shoot to pole vault himself to Jen, but Hope and Patrick show up on the other side of the ravine and yell at him to stop. Jack stops, and is shocked to see Hope. Jack tries to tell Hope that Jennifer is below them, but Hope cant hear him. He points down, and they spot her on a ledge below. Hope asks what happened to Jen? Jack says she fell! She was crossing a rope bridge and it collapsed. Patrick and Hope begin arguing who will go down to rescue Jen. Hope says she will go because Patricks shoulder is injured, and having two people stuck down there will do no one good. Patrick weaves some branches together to make a rope, and he lowers Hope down to the ledge. She tells Patrick to give Bo and her sons that she loves them in case she doesnt make it out of this alive. 

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