May 31, 2004
At Jens place, Jen is putting medicine on shirtless Patricks wounds. Jen is feeling guilty that he was beaten up for her bearer bonds. She really wants to call the police, but Patrick says he wouldnt be able to identify them. Jen says they can at least call her cousin Hope and see if anything has been reported. Patrick says no, he doesnt want her put at risk. Patrick says she could become a target for every con-man out there. Patrick tells her to just focus on the baby. Jen says he is right, and Jack would have said the same thing. Jen says she has a lot of cleaning to do in the babys room. Patrick suggests she call his mom, but Jen says she wants to do this herself. Jen tries to get off the couch, but a cramp in her foot sends her falling into Patricks arms. Patrick offers to help her clean, but she says there is no reason for her to sit around like a beached whale. Patrick doesnt want her to exert herself, and threatens to call Lexie and tell her that shes overdoing it. Patrick reminds her what could happen, she could send herself into premature labor. He tells her that the best thing she can do for her baby . . . Jen stops him and tells him not to lecture her, he is not the one carrying this baby, he is not a parent, so he should butt out! Patrick says he is sorry and he didnt mean to upset her. Patrick says he just feels protective of her and the baby, and he is sorry as he isnt a father. He says he was the one who helped his mom out when she was pregnant, and he should no better than to tell a pregnant woman what to do. Patrick says one Saturday his mom was mowing the lawn and she started hemorrhaging. Patrick tells her that he just wants her to have a healthy baby, and he cares about her. Patrick says hell go to his place and put a shirt on. Jen tells him to stop, and she says she is sorry. She says she is just huge, she is uncomfortable, and she misses her husband. Jen says she doesnt know how she is going to raise this baby without Jack. Jen cries that he was the love of her life and now he is gone. Jen apologizing for snapping at him and then using him as a handkerchief. He says she is allowed, she has had a tough pregnancy. Jen says this time around shes going to have to be both mommy and daddy with the baby. Patrick says unfortunately she isnt alone there. Jen says she knows, which is why she doesnt want to sit around feeling sorry for herself. Jen says she knows how to raise a little girl, but a boy is something totally foreign. She then shows the book Abby got her for the baby. Jen says it is a book you can put pictures in and write letters to the baby. Jen says she filled out the mothers side, but Jacks side is completely blank. She says she wishes he could be here because he would know what to say. Jen realizes she has to wrap Theos gift, so she leaves to do that. Patrick pulls out his coin and asks What would you like to say to your baby Jack? The coin glistens in the light, and Patrick begins writing in the book. Jen eventually returns and says she will wrap Theos present and then she will rest until the party. She also thanks him for hearing her out. Patrick leaves to grab a shower, and Jen sees the baby book has been written in. Jen reads it and says she doesnt believe it. In the background, Patrick spies on her as she reads the entry. Patrick/Jack wrote that he was sorry he couldnt be there, but he is sitting on a star watching over them. He says the baby was made with love, and that he will be smiling down and loving them even if they cant see him. Patrick looks at the coin and says Jack is watching over the baby, and he will look over her.

At the station, an officer brings a package to Tek which is addressed to Lexie. Tek decides to check it out, and he finds out that the box was sent to Lexie by Abe before he died. Tek says it must be a gift from Abe, but the other officer says it could have information on the Collin Murphy murder. Tek takes the package and says there is only one way to find out. 

Celeste returns to LExies place and finds a note from Lexie. IT reads that Theo had a fussy night, so they are sleeping in, and shed like her mom to hang a few decorations for the party today. Celeste finds the bag of things Bonnie left for the party, things Celeste doesnt approve of. One is a piata shaped like a 1, which Celeste thinks will remind people of Cassies death. Celeste decides to put some streamers and balloons up instead. She wishes Abe could be here, and thinks maybe he can. She pulls out her tarot cards and begins dealing them. She begins turning over the cards and is shocked by them. She says this has never happened before. She reshuffles the cards and deals them again, but gets the same results . . .the cards are blank! She wonders what has happened to Abe, why cant she contact his spirit? Upstairs, Lexie sleeps and in her dreams Abe comes to her and wakes her up. He asks her if she knows what today is? She is dreaming of when Theo turned three months old. He has a little puppet for Theo, and he says this doesnt compare to what he has planned for Theos first birthday. Lexie comes down with the baby, and Celeste puts on a brave face for them. LExie can see something is bothering her mom, and she sees her cards are out. Celeste says she was thinking about Abe. Lexie says she was too, and she says Theo saw a photo of his dad and said dada. Celeste says babys are very sensitive, and she gets the idea to use Theo as a touchstone to communicate with Abe. Lexie doesnt like the idea, so Celeste drops it. Celeste asks who will be coming to the party? Lexie says Hope is working, but Tek, Jen and Patrick are coming. Celeste warns Lexie not to get too close to Tek or he will ruin her life. Lexie says Abe trusted Tek completely. Celeste says the man is interested in her, she saw his feelings for her when she read his cards. Lexie ignores her mom and asks her to start hanging decorations. She puts Theo down, and Lexie asks what else her cards said. Celeste says she thought she didnt want to know. Lexie says she thinks Tek is a great guy, but he is mysterious. She says he never asks anyone out. Celeste says perhaps he has designs on someone else. Lexie says she is in mourning still, and she barely knows the man. Celeste says he should keep it that way, and she fears Tek is keeping Abes spirit away. Tek just happens to show up with the package at that moment. Tek says he knows hes early, but a package from Abe arrived for her. Celeste fears it could be a bomb, but Tek says he scanned it and made sure that it really was from Abe. Tek says Abe arranged for it to be sent to the precinct today. Lexie goes to open it, but Celeste suggests they let Tek do it just incase. Tek opens it, and inside is a wrapped gift and a letter. The letter is for Lexie. Tek thinks he should go, but she asks him to stay. Lexie reads the letter, in which Abe states if she is reading this letter than it means he is dead. He says he found the perfect gift for Theo, and if he hasnt survived he will love them both for all eternity. He also asks Lexie to have a wonderful life, so if she finds a man she can love and who will love her and their boy, then he wants her to move on. Abe told her that he would always love her and hoped she would take his words to heart. Lexie drops the letter and sobs. Tek rushes to comfort her, and he looks at Celeste who appears angry. She rips whatever she is holding! Celeste asks what Abe said. Lexie says he just sent his love. Tek leaves for the station, and Celeste picks up the letter and reads it. She gets a feeling and tells Lexie that Abe is not dead! 

On the island, Abe wakes up and says the package, I arranged to have it delivered today. He says if Lexie opens it then he could lose her forever. Abe remembers writing Lexie a letter, in which he told LExie that he told her he hoped shed take his words to heart and love him for always. Abe tells himself that not only does Lexie think he is dead, he has given her his blessing to move on. Abe says he has to get off this island before it is too late.

Marlena is asleep on the couch at the penthouse. She dreams of the alarm going off, and Roman telling her that it meant someone new would be coming to the island soon. Marlena wakes up, and Roman comforts her. He tells her that it will be okay. Marlena says someone in Salem is going to die, and they have to stop that from happening. Roman says the people dont actually die, but Marlena says the suffering there is horrible. Roman says there is really nothing they can do, once the noise begins a new structure appears and then the victim shows up. Roman says it is important that they all stick together and help one another keep same. Marlena says it must be Stefano doing this and they have to stop them. Roman says the will. He says he and Abe are working on a way to contact the outside world, they are putting the clues the find together, and they are exploring the compound. Roman says for now they have to stay healthy, get sleep, and eat. Roman says he should fix her some breakfast. She says she can do that, but he asks her if she is sure? She says shell make something simple. Later, Marlena brings them breakfast, and she wonders if everyone in Salem will end up in club med hell. Marlena then notices the pajamas Roman is wearing, and the R.B. monogrammed on the cuffs. Marlena says she bought these for John but they had J.B. on them. Roman says he didnt notice, he found them in the bathroom and thought she left them for him. Marlena says she did, she took them right out of Johns dresser. Roman thinks their host is playing games with them. Roman notices a chocolate donut on the breakfast tray, and he says he hasnt had one since they were married. Marlena wonders what is happening here. Roman says it is like they have gone back in time, back when they were married. Roman wonders if that is what their capture wants. The doorbell rings, and they go to answer it. Its only Abe at the door, and he asks if he has come at a bad time? Marlena says no, Roman is just here keeping an eye on her. They invite Abe in and Marlena gets him some coffee. Abe notices they are walking around in their pajamas, and he tells Roman that it is strange seeing two people who used to be married, in their pajamas, in the home Marlena shared with John. Abe says he hopes Roman isnt getting too comfortable. Roman says he only stayed with Marlena because she was scared. Abe says he knows he is concerned about Marlena, and Abe fears that is what their hosts wants. Roman shows him the pajamas and tells him about them. Abe says their host is tempting him with the hopes of destroying their relationships in Salem. Abe tells Roman that he should keep a safe distance from Marlena. Roman says he will not abandon Marlena! MArlena returns and asks why they are fighting? Roman says Abe thinks their capture is trying to reunite them. Abe apologizes for upsetting Roman, and Roman says he is sorry too. Abe says the reason he is on edge is because he was thinking about Lexie. Marlena says the only man in Lexies life is Theo. Abe says today is Theos first birthday, and he has made a terrible mistake. Abe says he has sent her something that may cost him a second chance. Abe tells them that when he thought his life was in danger he put his affairs in order, and one of the things he did was to arrange for a package for Theo on his birthday, and a letter for LExie. Abe tells them about the letter, and Marlena says what he did was a beautiful thing and encouraged his wife to move on. Abe says he isnt dead, none of them are, so what if their loved ones move on without them? Marlena says Lexie isnt ready, and just because he gave her permission to move on doesnt mean she will. Abe says he didnt get to raise Brandon, which is why he wanted to encourage Lexie to move on and find Theo a dad. Abe says he should be raising his son himself. MArlena says they have to have faith that their spouses may be able to sense they are still alive. Roman says the longer they are here the easier it is for them to move on. Suddenly the alarm sounds again, and the door to Marlenas penthouse automatically locks. Abe says preparations are being made, soon they will be here. MArlena wonders how many people will have to die in Salem? Roman says one more for now, and Abe wonders who. Suddenly, a book falls off of the desk, and it opens to photos of various Salem couples. 


June 1, 2004
The first ten minutes of the show were interrupted in my area for a presidential conference. Also, this was typed with a migraine, so please forgive any errors!

On the island, Roman, Abe and Marlena look at a map of the island and discuss where the next house could appear. As they talk, Marlena asks if someone has left the island and not returned? They tell her it was Jack. Later, Roman worries about Sami and what she might do to John and Kate now that they are gone. The three end up searching for the newly built structure, which they end up finding. They find Jack and Jens house, but Roman says it has been here since Jack arrived. Abe says something is different. Marlena sees a plaque on the house that says Jack and Jennifer Devereuax, June 1, 2004. MArlena says that Belle made that for them last year when they were married. Roman says it wasnt here before, and it has todays date on it. Abe says they now know who the next victim will be. 

At Lexies, Celeste uses her cards to find out who the next to die will be, and in a vision she approaches a house that looks like Jens. Before she can get more answers, Lexie interrupts her vision. To apologize to her for getting upset with her. Celeste says it is okay, and they hug and make up.

At Jens house, Jen doesnt know how Patrick would know exactly what Jack might say. Patrick says he tried to write through Jacks eyes. Jen says that is sweet because she felt like Jack wrote the note. She thanks him so much for doing this. Jen realizes it is getting late and they need to get ready and head to Theos party. Jen leaves to prepare, and Patrick gets a call from the mystery man orders him to do what he has been told to do. Patrick looks at his coin and says he wont let anything happen to Jennifer or her baby. 

Jen and Patrick arrive at Lexies, and Tek is a bit suspicious of Patrick upon meeting him. They party commences, presents are opened, cake is eaten. Later, Tek asks Lexie what she knows about Patrick. She tells him what she knows. Tek swears he has seen Patrick somewhere. Lexie says she was suspicious of him at first, but he is taking good care of Jen and the baby. Patrick asks Tek to ask him any questions he has himself. Patrick says okay, he was in prison wasnt he? Patrick says he wasnt in prison, but Tek says the scar on his arm looks like a scar from a prison shank. Patrick says there are other ways of getting cut. Meanwhile, little Theo finds one of Celestes dropped tarot cards. She is taken back to her vision in which she is standing in front of a house. She wonders if the person who will die next is behind the door. This time Jen interrupts her from her vision. Celeste tells herself that she must find out who is behind that door before it is too late! Jen then sees Patrick with Tek, and she assumes Patrick is talking with the police. Patrick wasnt, but Jen finally fills Tek in on what happened with her bearer bonds. Before Jen can finish the story, Tek gets a call from the station which he has to take. Jen apologizes to Patrick, but she says she thinks the police should know. Later, Lexie asks Patrick to help open some jars of paint for the kids, and Patrick sets Tek up to dump paint all over himself. Everyone laughs at him, and Tek chases Lexie upstairs. This worries Celeste, who fears Lexie is forgetting about Abe. Meanwhile, Jen gets a cramp of sorts and ends up sitting down on the death card. Patrick gets a phone call from the mystery man, who is outside spying on him. Patrick heads outside and looks around. He tells the guy to stop following him, he will stick to the plan. The man says good because if he doesnt Jen and her baby are dead meat! Back inside, Celeste finds Jen resting on the couch. She looks at the death card and ends up having a vision of the house again. She enters the house where there is a coffin. She opens the coffin and inside is Jennifer! Celeste cries out No, Jennifer and the baby cant die next! A stunned Jen sits up when she hears this.

Upstairs, Lexie apologizes to Tek for laughing at him, and she tells him to take his clothes. She says shell wash them while he showers. He starts getting undressed, and she suggests he use the bathroom. After he showers, Lexie walks in with towels for Tek and gets a full view of his nakedness. Lexie walks out and looks at a photo of Abe. She says she doesnt think she can move on and leave him, even if it is what he wants her to do.

Lucas and Kate are taking a walk in the cemetery. Lucas asks his mom to try and give Sami a second chance. Kate agrees to try and repair things with Sami, but she still doesnt like Lucas and Sami having a relationship. Lucas swears Sami is changed, at least with her feelings for him. Kate asks Lucas if Sami has actually told him that she loves him. He says she has, at the circus. Kate says probably right before the tiger was going to attack her, which is when Sami said it. 

At Samis place, Julie drops by to check on Sami and see how she is doing or if she needed anything. Sami says shell feel better when Kate and John are in hell. Sami asks Julie what she used to use for inspiration when she wanted to make someone suffer. Julie tells Sami to get dressed and shell show her something. Julie takes her to the cemetery to see her mothers grave. Julie says this was a lesson that took her a long time to learn. Julie says whenever she was tempted to seek revenge she would come here to her mothers grave because in life her mother would help talk her out of it. Julie says this place reminds her of her mothers wisdom and guidance, which helps her. Julie tells Sami that in spite of what happened recently, her mother was wise, so she should talk to her and listen to what she has to say. Julie tries to convince Sami to let the hate go, but Sami says she needs the hate. She says she hates John and Kate because they set her mother up to be the serial killer. Julie says that is ridiculous, and she says John loves her and he is the only parent she has left. Sami says John is not her father and she will never turn to him. She says she has no one anymore. Julie says she should find someone because everyone needs someone. Julie suggests Lucas, but Sami says she doesnt have time for Lucas, all that matters to her right now is revenge. Lucas overhears this and is hurt. Kate is with him and she says they should go. Meanwhile, Julie continues to urge Sami to let go of her hate. Julie says she is wasting time going after John and Kate. She tells Sami to patch things up with them and follow her heart with Lucas. She asks Sami to call Lucas and tell him about the pain she is feeling. Julie leaves Sami to think. Sami goes to her moms grave and asks her what she should do. Sami pulls out her phone and decides to call Lucas.

Lucas and Kate return to Kates office. Kate hates seeing Lucas hurting. She says if he wants to still pursuing things with Sami then . . .Lucas says no way. He says he wants nothing more to do with Sami, he thought that she could change and that they had a shot. Lucas ends up storming out of his moms office, and Kate tells a photo of Roman that she has tried to work things out with Sami, but Sami has hurt Lucas for the last time.


June 2, 2004
At the Kiriakis' mansion, Crystal finds Brady on the patio stretching before his workout. She asks if he wants a workout partner, and says she can shock him with her skills on a Pilates mat. Nicole interrupts them and tell Crystal that she has better things to do than bothering Brady, such as finding a place to stay. Brady excuses himself, and Crystal tells Nicole that she likes it here and this is where she deserves to stay, especially after taking care of Marlene. John shows up and asks what she is talking about? Why is she talking about his wife? Brady returns and says everything is okay, Crystal is working at the free clinic and is raising funds in Marlenas memory. Crystal introduces herself as Crystal Delar. Nicole introduces John to Crystal, and Crystal says Marlena helped her in more ways that she can say. She also tells John that she can see where Brady gets his good looks. Nicole drags Crystal off, and John tells Brady that he wonders if Crystal is Nicoles accomplice in Victor's murder.

 Meanwhile, inside the mansion. Nicole tells Crystal to stay away from John unless she wants to go back to the big house. Crystal says this is the only big house she wants to live in, and she talks about how hot John is. Crystal says it would be awesome to have a threesome with John and his son. Later, as Nicole works on the computer, Crystal talks about Brady and how she has heard from the servants here that Brady has a girlfriend. Nicole says Chloe is the only obstacle standing in between her and Brady, and she is about to delete her from Bradys hard drive. Crystal asks Nicole what shes up to? Nicole says shes going to divide and conquer Bradys family, starting with Bradys sister Belle. She sets up a phony charity in Marlenas name to pull at Belle's heart strings. SHe says a certain man who loves Belle won't be able to resist helping her. She then she sets up charitys that Bo and Phillip also cant resist helping out. Crystal asks how any of this will help her get Brady? She says shes going to start world war three between them over how to divvy up Victor's fortune, which will leave that stupid opera house dead in the water! 

Back on the patio, John voices his suspicions about Crystal to Brady. Brady says Crystal and Nicole are just old friends, and besides Crystal just got back into town. He says he thinks it is nice the way Nicole took her in. John tells Brady he is so much like his mother, he tries to find the good in everyone. John says he, however, doesnt trust Nicole or Crystal. He thinks both of them could be Victors murderers and he doesnt like that Brady is staying here with them. John urges Brady to move out of here and get away from that black widow. John says if she murdered Victor than she is capable of anything. Brady says that is why he should stay here and keep an eye on Victors business. He says as long as Victors family is united against her, Nicole cant pull anything with Victor's business because they have vito power. Brady says he can handle Nicole. John says Victor said the same thing, and he tells Brady to take care. Brady heads back inside and hears Nicole and Crystal talking. He overhears Nicole say before the day is out Bradys family will be toast. He says that this is news to him! He asks what this is all about? Nicole says before the day is over, Victors heirs are meeting to discuss how to divide up his funds. Brady says that wont be a problem, but Nicole says even close familys can argue when millions of dollars are at stake. Brady asks her if she is trying to turn him against his family? She says no, she is just trying to prepare him for a possibility. She says if they all agree on what to do with the money than that is great. However, she hopes he isnt going to end up being disappointed.

Phillip comes over to the penthouse where Belle is staying. Belle says she feels like she has not only lost her mom, but Shawn to. She says she can't shake the feeling that Shawn isnt coming back to her. Phillip says that could be a good thing. She says that is a horrible thing to say, but Phillip says perhaps she is better off without him if he's going to be this insensitive. Belle says she has to believe he doesnt know about her mom and that is why he hasnt come back. Belle tells Phillip that him being here makes her feel better, and she says she doesnt know what shed do without him. Phillip says she never has to find out, and pulls her into a kiss. Of course it was all a fantasy in Phillips head. Belle is using her PDA to check her email, and she is shocked by an email she has received. A charity has been set up in honor of her mother, and she decides to do all she can to help this charity out. Phillip offers to make a sizable donation from his fathers funds, and she is thrilled and thanks Phillip. Phillip suggests she come with him to the family meeting and help him pitch this idea.

Kate is at her office hoping Phillip will find happiness with Belle. Lucas returns and he tells his mom that he cant believe Sami is so hell bent on getting revenge on her and John that she has no desire to be with him. Meanwhile, Sami calls Basic Black and asks the secretary if she may talk to Kate. She is put through to Kates office, and Kate wonders why Sami is calling her. Kate asks Sami what she wants, and Sami says she is coming over right away, she needs to see her. Kate wonders what Sami is up to, and she asks Lucas to stay her and protect her from Sami. Sami arrives and is shocked to see Lucas is there. Kate says she wanted him here as a witness and protection from her. Sami says she is here to apologize, that is all. Sami says she made ridiculous accusations against her (Kate) which werent true, and shes going to apologize to John too. Kate asks what caused this change of heart? Sami says Julie helped her, she straightened her out. Sami says Julie took her to her moms grave and told her to ask her mom for advice. Sami says she knows it sounds crazy, but it helped her look inside herself and see that she was letting rage and hate consume her. Sami says she wants Kate to accept her apology and find a way to get a long for her father's sake. She asks Kate if she is willing to try. Kate agrees, for Roman's sake, and they shake. Sami leaves, and Kate says Sami is up to something, she has to be. Lucas says maybe she is just growing up. Later, Sami returns and produces a letter that she wrote and was going to send to Kates associates. She says the letter exposes Kate as Stefanos whore. She says she was going to send it out, but realized it was wrong and wanted to give her the letter in good faith. Sami says it is the only copy, and she is very ashamed of herself. She asks Kate if she can forgive her? Kate says since she didnt send the letter there is nothing to forgive. Sami claims she wants to live up to the example her parents tried to set for her, and she only wishes she had done it when they were alive. Kate says she hopes she is being sincere because her parents only wanted her to be happy. Sami says she knows that, and she will show them all that she can be a different person. Sami then runs out of the room in tears. Lucas tries to go after her, but Kate stops him and says she hopes he didnt buy that pitiful performance! Lucas says he has to find out, and he runs off. Outside, Sami smiles to herself. Lucas ends up finding Sami, and he tells her that he and his mother overheard her at the cemetery today. He asks if she really meant it when she called him a distraction, is she and has she been lying to him? Sami says she isnt lying, and she begs him to believe her that she was just taking out of hate. Lucas doesnt know considering her past. Sami says she knows why he doesnt trust him. She says she knows now that she doesnt need revenge, she needs love. She tells Lucas that she needs him, she needs him to help her be a better person. Lucas says he wants to believe in her, and he will, but only one more time. Lucas says if he finds out that she is up to something than they are finished. He says this is the last chance for them. Sami says everything will be different for them. Meanwhile, John shows up and Kate fills him in on what Sami is up to. John says he doesnt trust her either, but if for real, this could be the one good thing to come out of MArlenas death.

Outside of Jens house, Jen tells Patrick about Celestes latest prediction, that she and the baby will die. Patrick tells her that Celestes premonitions have been out of whack lately, and he tells her that stress isnt good for her or the baby. Jen finds her door is open, so Patrick offers to check it out first. Patrick remembers the mystery man threatening Jennifer, and he doesn't want Jen to be hurt. Patrick goes inside, and Jen gets a call from Jack! Jen screams into the phone Jack is that you, say something! Julie shows up and asks why Jen is standing out here with the door open? Patrick returns and says Bonnie was in here cleaning and left the door open. Jen tells them all that Jack just called her and told her that he loves her. The others tell her that perhaps it was a crank call or a wrong number, but Jen says she knows it was Jack. She says the call was staticy, but it was his voice,. Jen says she has a message and she says maybe it is from Jack. However, nobody left a message. She then decides to check her email. Julie asks Patrick why he is still here, she thought he was leaving? Patrick says Jen asked him not to leave. Bonnie then asks Patrick where he got the cuts and bruises. He explains how he was injured by the men who took Jen's bonds. Bonnie says her son is a hero, and she tells Julie that she should be ashamed of herself for accusing her and Patrick of taking those bonds. Meanwhile, Jen screams out that she has an email from Jack! Jen goes to Julie and the others and tells them that Jack is alive and she can prove it! Jen says Jack sent her an email, and it has things only Jack would know. Julie tells Jen that she told them the phone call was staticy, so maybe it wasnt Jack on the phone. Julie tells her about the dream she had about Doug, but Jen says this is not a dream. Jen shows the letter that Patrick wrote in the baby book, and Julie is more convinced that Patrick is just trying to manipulate her. She says they could be behind the voices she is hearing. Jen says they would not have anything to gain, and besides Jack said things only he would have known. Later, Julie tells Jen that she found her diary wide open by her nightstand, so anyone could have read it and found out exactly what Jack would have said to her. Julie says Bonnie and Patrick could very well be behind this, but Jen says she knows she heard Jack on the phone. Julie says she doesnt know how that is possible, Jack is dead. Meanwhile, Bonnie asks Patrick if this is one of his scams? She says if it is, it is an awful scam because he is leading her to believe her husband is alive. Patrick says this is not his doing, but Bonnie thinks he may know who is doing this. He says nothing, and she tells him to keep his little secrets, but not to let anyone get hurt! Bonnie walks off, and Patrick gets a call from the mystery man, who says they are taking Jen out. Patrick says over his dead body! The man says they can arrange for that as well. Patrick vows to protect Jen and keep her from being killed.


June 3, 2004
At the penthouse, Belle asks Phillip why he doesnt tell the girl he likes how he feels, what does he have to lose? She thinks this is about Chloe and his fear of getting hurt again. She tells him if anyone deserves to be happy it is him. 

At Basic Black, Kate tells John how she adores Belle, and she thinks she and Phillip would make a sweet couple. Kate knows they cant tell their kids what to do, but she wishes Lucas would stay away from Sami.. John says he understands her concerns as hes worried about Bradys involvement with Nicole. John says Brady refuses to leave Nicole in that house. Kate warns him that Victor refused to leave Nicole as well, and look what happened to him. Kate says his family has had enough heartache, and she tells John not to let Nicole destroy his son. Kate talks about her children and how they take after her, always chasing unhappiness. She wonders if her children will always be drawn into relationships with people that hurt them? John says that isnt the story of her life, she fell in love with Roman. Kate says she did, but even that ended in tragedy. John says she needs to come up with a new coping mechanism, and he suggests they take a break and go out somewhere. She thanks him for being such a good friend. 

At the police station, Bo looks at an invitation and is upset that Nicole is throwing some party in his fathers name. He refuses to let Nicole use his fathers fortune to get away from murder, as he knows she used the money to hire someone to kill his father.

At Lexies place, Lexie re-reads Abes letter to her. She also remembers her moms prediction that Abe wasnt dead. She says it is crazy, but if it only could be. Lexie begins cleaning up the place, and she remembers seeing Tek naked in the bathroom. She says she feels so guilty about that. She says she knows Abe wants her to be happy, and for Theo to have a father, but Abe is her husband and she will love him forever. Lexie ends up calling Tek, and she asks him if hed like to join her for a drink at the Blue Note? Tek says he sure would.

At the mansion, Nicole tells Brady that shed be happy if they could all agree on how to honor Victors memory and divy up his funds, but shes just afraid his family will disappoint him. Brady says his family will honor his grandfathers last wishes, which was to have the concert hall built and for Chloe to return to Salem. Brady heads upstairs to change, and Crystal continues to moon over Brady. Nicole tells her to put her tongue back in her mouth! Crystal says she cant help it, he is so hot, as is his father. They argue over Crystals hormones, and Nicole warns her that if she says anything to John she will only be sending herself back to prison. Nicole tells Crystal to get out of here now. Crystal says she is going, but she asks Nicole to leave Bradys father for her! 

John and Kate end up at the Blue Note, and they talk more about their loved ones. John is still trying to find answers to why MArlena did what she did. Kate tells him that he may never find those answers, and John says he knows that. Kate tells John that right now she is finding helping him useful to her own recovery. She touches Johns hand and thanks him for being here for her, and for letting her be here for him. John sees Crystal across the bar, and ends up asking Kate to excuse him because he has to make a business call. Kate says shell head back to the office, and takes off. John then gives Crystal a look. John approaches Crystal, and she flirts with him and tells him how good he looks in the shirt he's wearing. He asks if she can buy him a drink, and she says can you ever!

Lexie and Tek meet up at the Blue Note for drinks, and as Lexie talks to Tek, she plays with her wedding ring. She tells Tek that she needs to be honest about why she asked him here, and she says she is using him. She says she wanted to get out of the house, but she didnt want to be alone and have someone to try and pick her up. She tells him that he knew Abe and he knows what he meant to her and Theo. She says she just cant let him go. Tek says she shouldnt have to. Lexie tells Tek about Abes letter, and she says she cant even take his ring off. She says it feels like he is still alive out there somewhere. She knows that is impossible, and she says hell always be alive in her heart and shell always love him. Tek says she has to do this in her own time, and he knows it will be awhile before she wants to see others. Tek says he is fine just being friends with her. Lexie thanks him, and they toast to good friends and to the future.

Back at the mansion, Bo shows up, and Phillip and Belle arrive shortly after. Belle asks Bo about Shawn. Bo says they havent heard from him, and they have people out looking for him. Bo doesnt think he knows about her mom, otherwise he would have returned. Brady makes a snide remark about Shawn, but quickly apologizes to Bo and says he doesn't want them to fight. Phillip asks if Shawn shouldnt be here for the divvying of the funds? Bo says Shawn gave him his proxy before leaving. Nicole soon arrives and suggests they get started. Brady asks if anyone has any concerns they want to bring to the table. Nobody says anything, and Brady says this will be easier than he thought. However, Nicole knows what she has planned for them all, and tells herself let the games begin! Brady hands out information on the concert hall, and he tells them about it. Phillip looks over the folder of information and says he didnt know the concert hall would cost so much, and he is concerned that it will suck up his father's money for years to come. Brady says Victor wanted this hall to be built, and he felt it would pay for itself. Bo says they need to think about what Victors real wishes were. Phillip says his father never liked Chloe, he made that very clear. Phillip says his father was only building this to bring Chloe back in order to keep Nicole away from Brady. He also thinks Brady is just living here and doing a job Victor made up for him. Phillip refuses to sign away his fathers fortune so that Chloe can come back to him, especiall considering Brady is lusting after Nicole, whom he refers to as the piece of trash. Phillip and Brady argue about Chloe, and Bo says there are plenty of worthy causes and he and Phillip were not ready for so much of Victors funds to go to this concert hall. Bo has another charity in mind, as does Phillip. Brady says this is what Victor wanted. Belle says shed like to say something. Brady thinks Belle will side with him because she'll want her friend Chloe to return, but Bo is clear that Belle does not get a vote. Phillip says he wants to hear her out. Belle says she doesnt think an opera house is worth fighting over, and she doesnt want to see it tear their family apart. She says she has to agree with Phillip and Bo on this one. Brady says Victor spent the last months of his life working on this, so why would they want to spend his money on things that are important to them? Bo says they need to think about how this money can help the most people, and he feels it would do more good going to other causes. Phillip tells Brady that if he wants to be with Chloe to go after her. Brady says he is not with Chloe because he put her career first, something Phillip was never able to do! Phillip says that is a crock because they all know he has been lusting after Nicole. Bo agrees with Phillip and says Brady has been protecting that lying bitch all along, his behavior has been appalling. Brady says he believes in innocent until proven guilty, and he reminds Bo he was the one who had his step-mother shot. Phillip tells Brady that he not only took his fathers money but his wife, and hes starting to think he wanted him dead too. Brady attacks Phillip, and everyone else breaks up the fight. Nicole suggests they just put the opera house project to a vote. It ends up being a tie, Brady and Nicole voting for the hall, and Bo and Phillip against it. However, Bo says he has Shawns proxy, so it is three against two. Bo tells Brady that hes sorry, and the meeting basically ends. Bo warns Brady to open his eyes to Nicole before he too ends up dead. Everyone leaves, and Nicole tells Brady that she is sorry. Brady says she did warn him, he just cant believe his family is determined to ignore Victors wishes. Nicole says they are jealous of him, he is the golden child who has Victors house, business and intellect. She says she is glad he just doesnt have his personality like those other cretins. Brady warns her not to disparage his grandfather in front of him, and he warns her if he finds out she had anything to do with his grandfathers death than he will take after his grandfather and have his revenge on her!

On the island, Roman and Abe discuss that Jen must be on her way to this island. Abe says Jack is out there, lost in the forest, possibly even dead. Roman agrees that Jack isnt the survivor type. Abe worries that even though Jack and Jen may be reunited, their children will grow up in Salem without them. Roman says they have to have hope that they will get off this island. Abe worries that if they dont get off this island soon, there may be nothing to go home to! Abe says as much as he hates thinking about Lexie being alone, thinking about her being with someone else is worse. HE thinks that is selfish, but Roman says it isnt. Abe says they cant let Stefano do this to them again, they have to find out if he is behind this. Roman says Stefano underestimates them, and they will get off this island. Abe looks at a photo of him, Lexie and Theo; and he says he is desperate to preserve his family. He says sometimes he wishes theyd show up here, which is a horrible life to wish on his family. Abe begins to wonder if the mastermind behind this whole thing is splitting couples in Salem up. He names all the people on the island, their significant others, and how they all thought theyd live happily ever after. Abe says what if the goal is to have their loved ones move on without them? Roman thinks about Kate and what shes doing. She says she knows Kate is probably working herself to death, and he knows who shell be working with. Roman says hes worried about how John may handle his grief. He says he and John do have the same taste in women. Abe is far more worried about Roman falling back in love with Marlena. He asks roman how long he thinks hes going to be able to be here with Marlena without his old feelings resurfacing? Abe wonders if theyve already started to resurface. Later, the two wonder who else will be joining them on this prison of an island.


June 4, 2004
At Rexs loft, Mimi and Rex are on the couch, and Mimi is rubbing ice all over Rexs chest. Mimi says she loves summer because she gets to hang around with her man and rub ice all over his hot body. Rex says he has homework to do. She asks what homework, he graduated. Rex says he applied to night school and got in. She asks what class he is taking? He shows her a book, and she says she wont let him do this. He asks why not? She says she doesnt want him to be a bartender. He says it is a good job with honest pay. He says hell be working a real job for the first time, and eventually hell be able to give her the life she deserves. Mimi says the only life she wants is one with him in it. Rex practices his drink making skills, and Mimi tells him that he is taking far to long to make a drink. Mimi shows him the right way to do it, which she learned from her moms many parties. Rex is impressed by her skills. He wants to make a drink for Belle, but she says Belle left a message saying she was going out with Phillip tonight. Rex worries and says he has a feeling that Phillip has a thing for Belle, and with Shawn gone, Phillip may make a move on Belle. Mimi says she confronted Phillip on his feelings for her and he denied having them. Rex still thinks Phillip is sensing an opportunity. Mimi says Philip is just a friend and is helping her through this tough time. Rex says still, he thinks Phillip is hitting on Shawns girlfriend. Rex says she was the one who told him to embrace his family, so hes going to stand up for his cousin. He says hes going to find Phillip and give him a piece of his mind.

Phillip and Belle return to Belle's loft after going out to dinner. Phillip thanks Belle for standing up to her brother tonight and thinking about what his fathers last wishes might be. She says she doesnt think this is about Victors last wishes, she thinks this is about Chloe. Phillip says maybe it is, and he talks about how he was such an idiot with Chloe. He says if he had another chance he would do things differently. Belle asks you mean with Chloe? Phillip says no. He tells her there is only one girl who holds his heart right now, and he wishes he could figure out how to tell her how he feels. Belle tells him to just tell this girl how he feels, what does he have to lose? Phillip says he doesnt want to make the same mistakes he made with Chloe. He says he cant screw this up, if he does he could ruin a friendship that means everything to him. Belle realizes she might know who this girl is, and says he has to tell her who this girl is right now! Phillip refuses to talk about this right now, and he says he just wants to help her. They hug, and Belle says she hopes things work out for him and this mystery girl. Phillip says he does too, and he says he has a confession to make. Phillip tells Belle that she does know who he loves, and it is time he tells her. Meanwhile, outside the loft Rex and Mimi argue about what Rex is about to do. Mimi finally tells Rex that right now Shawn is being a total bastard to Belle! 

At the Blue Note, John flirts with Crystal and orders them a bottle of expensive champagne. Crystal falls for Johns tricks, and he says this will be like taking candy from a baby. She asks him how he is doing given his wifes death? John claims he is coping. She says she knew Marlena, and she was an angel, but isnt he cutting the morning period a bit short? John says his relationship with MArlena was strained for months, and he thinks this is the best way to move on. He says he just wishes there was some way she could help ease his pain. She says maybe there is, grabs him, and pulls him into a kiss! John asks what he did to deserve that? Crystal says she has always had a big sympathetic heart for members of the opposite sex. Crystal also says she heard what a wonderful husband he was to Marlena, and that he would walk through the fires of hell for her. John says right now he is walking the fires alone. Crystal says sometimes the only way to navigate through pain is to lose oneself in immense pleasure. She asks him how would you like to lose yourself with me? John kisses her hand, which makes her giggle. John wonders why Nicole never mentioned her before, and he wonders why Nicole hid her away. Crystal has a flashback of Nicole coaxing her into setting Marlena up to die, and she tells John that she and Nicole just recently reconnected. John tells her that when he meets someone new, he wants to know everything about them.

At her place, Celeste decides to use her powers to find out who in Salem is in danger. She uses scrabble tiles and ends up spelling out SD Brady Danger!, which she realizes means Shawn Douglas Brady. She asks the spirits to tell her more, but they flip over her tiles. She thinks she should warn Bo and Hope, picks up the phone, but then realizes this news could devastate them as they have been through so much as is.

Bo returns home and is fuming. He tells Hope how the meeting about Victor's money went, and how he wont let worthy charities go unfunded so that Bradys girlfriend can come home. He says Brady should have more sense than to continue living there with that woman (Nicole), and he says when he puts her in jail that will take Nicole out of Bradys life. Bo apologizes for ranting, and he asks Hope what is bothering her? Hope is still worried about Shawn and why he hasnt contacted them. Bo says it will be okay, their son will come back to them. He says Shawn just inherited his wanderlust gene, but he will eventually change. Bo tries to convince Hope that Shawn will come back to them. He says it is a beautiful night out, so he thinks they should fire up the barbeque and have a cookout. Hope thanks him for trying to ease her mind. Bo leaves to get some steaks, and Celeste shows up at the front door. Celeste apologizes for coming so late. Hope asks if something is wrong? Celeste says she should probably tell Bo this  too. Hope says he just left to pick up steaks. Celeste tells Hope that she has troubling news about Shawn, he is in grave danger! She says she was contacting the spirits and they spelled out SD Brady Danger! Hope asks her if she could contact the spirit of her dad, Caroline or Alice? She says maybe they could help locate Shawn. Celeste says she is not prepared, but she will try. Celestes summons the spirits, and Celestes eyes go completely white. In an odd voice, Celeste says the spirits she seeks are not present. Hope asks the spirit she is talking to if they can help her find her son Shawn. Celeste/the spirit tells her that if she enters his world she must prepare for the answer she seeks. Celeste/Spirit tells her to find the spots and connect the dots! Celeste then passes out, and Bo returns with the steaks. He asks Hope what is going on here? Celeste and Hope explain how Celeste got premonitions that Shawn was in danger, so they contacted the spirits for help. Bo is skeptical because her premonitions never give any concrete facts. Hope says Celeste was just trying to help, she asked her to contact the family spirits to find Shawn. Celeste says the spirit she contacted had trouble contacting the spirits of their loved ones. Bo says maybe they were on vacation, or maybe she is losing her powers. Celeste is troubled because she was unable to reach Abe's spirit earlier. Hope says she still saw a spirit, and the spirit gave her a riddle. Hope says the spirit told her Enter his world if you dare, once inside you must beware. The answers you seek will not be complete. Find the spots and connect the dots. Hope thinks it must be talking about the loft, and she wants to go there and look for clues.

Celeste returns home and asks her tarot cards about the danger Shawn is in. She realizes Shawn can avoid the danger, but only if he acts quickly. 

At Jans place, Jan shows up with breakfast for Shawn. She has pastries for him, and is speaking in some lame French accent. Shawn tells her that he doesnt want her pastries, he wants the woman he loves, he wants Belle! Jan tells him that he is being very rude! She says she will eat the pastries herself, and then they will play French maid and escaped convict. As Jan sits on top of Shawn and eats her pastries, Shawn apologizes and asks if she will give him a taste. She says shell do better than that! Suddenly, Shawn grabs Jans arm. She asks him what he thinks he is doing? She tells him that he has been a very naughty boy, and she thinks he was trying to untie his sex toy. She takes some of her clothes off and tells Shawn that she has waited such a long time for this. She says part of her thought he didnt want to be with her, but her really does. She tells him that tonight is the night they will finally make love! Shawn begins fantasizing that he is with Belle, and Jan says little Shawn just woke up and she thinks he wants to come out and play! As Jan continues to have her way with Shawn, Shawn attempts to reach the keys, which are on the bed. Shawn finally gets the keys, unlocks himself, and knocks Jan out! 

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