June 7, 2004
Posted as is without proofing! I will try to proof this later tonight after I've packed for my trip!
Also, the last five minutes of the show were interrupted news on Ronald Reagan's death.

  Brady is on the porch using the punching bag when Nicole shows up in a bikini and a sarong. Brady looks at her and then continues working out. Nicole tells him that she feels sorry for him because Chloe may never be coming home thanks to Phillip and Bo. She asks Brady if hes broken the news to Chloe? She doesnt respond, and Nicole says she didnt think so. Nicole grabs Brady and says there are other, hotter ways to work out his frustration. She kisses him, and he ends up kissing her back. Nicole tells Brady to use her! Brady picks Nicole up, carries her to a lawn chair, and begins feeling her up! Of course it is all a dream in Nicoles head, Nicole is just standing there watching Brady box and is daydreaming it all. He asks her if she is okay, and she says she is fine, she was just thinking about the meeting today. Nicole says if Shawn was around things could have turned out differently. Brady says he would have voted against him too, just like his sister. Nicole says Belle just sided with Phillip, and she says Bo is the real enemy. She calls Bo a hypocrite for wanting nothing to do with Victor while he was alive, but now suddenly he wants to control his money. Brady says he thinks Bo just wants her out of the family. Nicole asks Brady what he wants, does he want her to leave? Brady says he believes in innocent until proven guilty, and if she is innocent, than she deserves everything that is hers. She thanks him, and once again says she could not have killed Victor because she was handcuffed to him that night. Brady says she still could have hired someone, and Brady tells her that his dad thinks that someone was Crystal. Nicole says Crystal maybe a lot of things, but she didnt kill Victor. Brady asks how long Miss Galore is planning on staying with them? Nicole says not much longer, hopefully shell find a guy and move far far away. Brady says if she wants her to leave, why doesnt she ask her? Nicole says because she owes Crystal big time. Nicole remembers asking Crystal to get rid of Marlena, but Brady thinks this has to do with her porn days. Nicole says Crystal protected her back then. Nicole then says even if she was Mother Theresa, everyone would still think she killed Victor. Brady laughs when he tries to picture her as mother Theresa. Brady then invites Nicole out for drinks and dancing as a thank you for voting for the opera house. Nicole accepts his offer and gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She also thanks him. 

At the Blue Note, a song comes on the radio, and Crystal says this is her song, so they should dance. John dances with Crystal, and Kate returns because she thinks she left some keys here earlier. Kate spies Crystal and John dirty dancing together and she is stunned. Kate asks if she may cut in, and Crystal tells Granny to beat it! John says she is family, and he tells Crystal to go back to the bar. Kate and John dance, and Kate asks him what is going on with him and this piece of trash? John says shes not just any piece of trash, and her assumptions are correct, hes trying to seduce her! He says it isnt what she thinks, hes trying to get information on Victors murder from her. John says he thinks Crystal is Nicoles accomplice! Meanwhile, Crystal asks the bartender who the broad dancing with John is? The bartender tells her that is Kate Roberts Brady, the president of his company. Crystal thinks that bitch is trying to horn in on her booty call! Crystal orders another drink, and orders once for Kate. Back on the dance floor, John and Kate discuss Crystal and Nicoles involvement. John says if they had anything to do with Victors death than he wants his kid out of his house! Kate says Crystal is dressed in designer duds, but doesnt look like the platinum card carrying type. They end up talking about family, and Kate informs him about the Kiriakis family meeting earlier, and how she suspects Nicole used the old divide and conquer routine. John smiles and Crystal, and he tells Kate that they have to figure out what happened because he wont let anyone else he loves be hurt. They talk about Phillip and Belle, and how they make a good team. John says Shawn, on the other hand, is not right for his daughter. Kate says they come from different backgrounds, and that can sometimes be a problem. He reminds her that she married a Brady. Kate says she just meant that Shawn seems to have inherited the wanderlust gene, and he has just run out on Belle when she needs him the most. John says he is fond of Phillip, but he also ran out when Chloe chose Brady. Kate says he didnt run out, he joined the marines. Kate says that transformed him mentally and physically, he is now a man. John says because of that she thinks Belle should be with Phillip? Kate says she does, she thinks Phillip would do anything to protect Belle. Kate says he reminds her a lot of him. John thanks her, and says ultimately Belle and Phillip will have to decide what is right for them, and eventually Shawn will probably come home. Suddenly, Crystal approaches them and ends up throwing a drink on Kate! Kate screams, and John tells her that it is lucky for her Basic Black is around the corner and she can go change. Kate understands John doesnt want her to make a scene. She tells Crystal to watch her back, and runs off. John then thanks Crystal because he never thought the old broad would leave. He says all she does is talk about business! John and Crystal then pick up where they left off. As they flirt with one another, Brady and Nicole show up. The bartender tells Brady that he has some invoices on his desk that need his attention, so Brady excuses himself. Meanwhile, John asks Crystal about Nicoles intentions towards his son. He asks if he should be worried? She says absolutely, Nicole is a killer! Nicole then spots Crystal with John and does not looked pleased at all! She exclaims Oh my God, Im dead! 

At Basic Black, Belle asks Phillip what kind of confession he has to make. Phillip says he does know the woman he loves, and he thinks it is time to tell her who she is. Phillip is very nervous, and begins saying how hes known this girl for a long time, and he didnt know how he felt about her until he left for basic training. Belle asks Phillip who this woman is? Phillip takes Belles hand, and as hes about to tell her, she stops him. She says she fells like such a jinx lately, and she thinks it is best if he not tell her who this girl is. She says shell just have to wait until the day he walks up to her and introduces this girl to her. Belle begins talking about Chloe, and how things didnt work out for them. Phillip is reminded of the concert hall, which he says was a bribe to bring Chloe back to Brady. Belle says she knows, and she says she just wishes there was enough money in his fathers account to help out all the charities. Belle begins to have a fantasy about running for the office of President of the United States, and how she promises to make sure every charity is funded. Phillip tells Belle that she would make a fabulous President. She thanks him and says she would make him his running mate. She says he is so dependable and she can count on him, unlike other guys. She wonders if she is the only person who has crazy daydreams. Phillip says shes not, and sometimes those dreams turn out not to be so crazy after all. Belles fantasy continues, but this time Phillip has his own fantasy. Belle names Special Intelligence Officer Phillip Kiriakis as her running mate, and he makes his own offer to her and proposes marriage. She accepts his proposal. Back in the real world, Belle knows Phillip is thinking about her. She says she wishes Shawn was thinking about her right now, and she once again begins wondering why he hasnt called. Phillip says Shawn will call soon, but Belle isnt so sure. She says each day that goes by she thinks they grow further apart. Belle changes the subject and shows Phillip some of her new designs. Phillip tells her that they are really good. Belle says she just wishes she could incorporate her work into a charitable role. Kate walks in and says there maybe a way she can do both. Kate tells Belle that she needs a new director for the Basic Black Foundation. Kate thinks her dad would say yes if she spoke to him. Belle says she would be honor, but she doesnt know if she could handle it with college. Kate says Phillip could help her, if hed like to accept the job as well. Phillip says he would, and an excited Belle hugs Phillip and cries were going to be working together! Phillip says its no presidency, but its a start. 

At the loft, Rex and Mimi are outside arguing. Rex wants to go confront Phillip for trying to move in on Belle, but Mimi says right now Shawn is being a total bastard to Belle! Hope and Bo show up at this point, and they overhear Mimi. Mimi quickly apologizes and she says she knows that sounded harsh, but shes just frustrated because no one has heard from Shawn. Hope says she isnt the only one who is concerned, she and Bo are afraid something may have happened to Shawn. Bo says they are hoping Shawn is still on the road, but Hope says until then they are going to check out Shawns room for clues. Mimi asks if there is anything in particular they are looking for? Hope remembers Celestes prediction, and Bo says they arent sure what they are looking for but think the answer could be in Shawns room. Hope says she cant stop wondering about the person Marlena stabbed the night she tried to kill Shawn, and she wonders if that person can lead them to Shawn. Bo and Hope go into Shawns room with gloves on, and Hope jokes about how mess of a cleaner he is. Rex and Mimi join them in searching for clues, and Rex and Mimi tell them both that they havent been in here, and Belle avoids coming in here as well. Mimi says they usually hang out in her room over at their loft. Belle finds an earring on the floor and wonder who this belongs to? Mimi says she knows! However, she says she cant recall exactly, and she just thought it looked familiar. Hope wants to hold onto it and see if Celeste can pick up vibes from it, but Bo picks up something else from it, a fingerprint! Unfortunately it is only a partial print. Rex, however, has an idea how to help them with the print. He scans the partial print into his computer and uses a program to manipulate the print so that the computer thinks it is a damaged file. They then run it through the system and get a match!

At Jans place, Jans cupie doll comes to life and tells Jan that her love slave is getting away! As Shawn frees himself, Jan cries out that she is hurt and needs help! Shawn frees himself, only to find out that Jan still has the key to the cage. Jan tells Shawn that hes not going anywhere! Shawn begs her to give him the keys, but she says no. Jan asks why she is doing this? Jan says she is doing this because of him! She says Belle ruined things between them, and she wonders why he dumped her for Belle? Shawn says he loves Belle. Jan says she loves him, and he says she is pathetic. Shawn grabs the key from Jan and decides to leave, until Jan throws a vase of liquid onto him. He begins to scream out in pain, and Jan says he gave her no choice! It was scalding coffee she threw on Shawn, and she shackles Shawn back up to his bed. Shawn tells Jan that his mind, body and soul belong to Belle, so she will never get what she is after. He begs Jan to let him go and he wont press charges. HE begs her to reconsider what she is doing. Jan says he is right and she has gone about this entirely the wrong way. Shawn thinks Jan is going to let him go, and he says "I'm coming home to you Belle."


June 8, 2004
I saw about 40 minutes of today's show while on lunch, so I'm building off of NBC's summary for today.
Jan is now dressed in a nurses uniform, and refers to herself as the naughty nurse. She tells Shawn that's she's gone about this in all the wrong way, and that she needs to kill Belle. Shawn begs her not to kill Belle, and he says if she spares Belle's life than he will give her what she wants, he will love her. Jan begins to have her way with Shawn, who, in a monotone voice says "Oh yeah baby, I'm so hot for you (or something to that effect). HE asks Jan to unlock his cuffs so he can make love to her, but she says no. She realizes this is just another trick of his, and she says Belle must die. Jan then heads off with her gun in hand.

At Basic Black, Belle and Philip are in Kate's office working together on selecting charities for donations from the Basic Black Foundation. They discuss charities, and once again return to discussing the Opera House. Belle ends up thinking that the mystery girl she knows and Phillip is in love with is in fact Chloe, and that he never got over her. He assures her that he is over Chloe. There is a knock at their door, and a man says some champagne and strawberries with whipped cream has been sent to them. Belle immediately hopes it is from Shawn, but then sees that it is from Kate. A note from her congratulates them on their new venture. Belle and Phillip celebrate, but then Belle is reminded that this food is special to her parents. She also once again begins thinking about Shawn.. Philip leaves to get papers from his car just as Jan arrives and points the silenced gun at unsuspecting Belle. 

On the island, Marlena is shocked when Victor Kiriakis appears at her door. Marlena thought Victor was really dead since he wasn't  one of her victims. Victor says whoever is behind this simply used the plot to kill him to their advantage. He tells Marlena that Nicole had Jan Spears kill him! Marlena is stunned as she thought she was the only one who knew Jan was back in town. She explains to Victor how she was counseling her. Victor says Nicole knew and she used Jan to kill her. Marlena wonders what Jan got out of it, and he says Shawn. He says Jan told him that she was after Shawn, and that Nicole promised to help her get Shawn if she killed him. Marlena is horrified and now worried about Belle's safety, as Jan could come after her as well as Shawn. Later, Victor assumes the evidence in his safe has been found and Nicole has been arrested. Marlena tells him the safe was empty! The evidence and Victor's will were missing, so Nicole got everything and is free. Victor is furious, and realizes that Nicole somehow beat him. He is upset as Brady is now living with Nicole, and he says he knows first hand if Nicole doesn't get what she wants from a man then she kills him!

At the Blue Note, Nicole is a wreck as she sees Crystal getting cozy with John. She thinks she is done for, and works fast. She "accidentally" spills a drink on Crystal, who is furious. Nicole says it was an accident, but Crystal says "yeah right!" Brady says it was an accident, Nicole does not waste vodka.  Crystal heads to the ladies room to clean up, and Nicole follows.  Alone with John, Brady worries his dad is getting involved with the wrong kind of woman and fills him in on Crystal's porno past. John believes Crystal could be Nicole's accomplice who murdered Victor. Brady says Crystal helped Nicole out back in their old porn days, and she is just repaying her. John thinks perhaps it is the other way around, perhaps Crystal helped out Nicole! John takes Crystal's glass to check her fingerprints against the unidentified set that were found in the Kiriakis mansion. In the ladies' room, Nicole warns Crystal to stay away from John unless she wants to wind up back in jail! Crystal refuses and talks about what a real man John is. Nicole realizes this is a booty call, and she asks why John? Crystal says John is the real deal, and she's been longing for that for awhile. Nicole tells Crystal that she will make sure she doesn't go to jail with her when she ends up arrested!

At Jennifer's house, Bonnie questions Patrick about what is bothering him. Patrick tells his mom that he has gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. He says he owes people money, and that they are pressuring him to set up Jennifer for some mysterious purpose. Bonnie tells Patrick to do whatever these guys want, but Patrick refuses to hurt Jennifer.

Abby is getting ready to leave for summer camp as Jennifer is at the computer hoping that Jack will contact her again. Abby finds her mom at the computer asking Jack to talk to her, and she wonders what is up with her mom. She covers with Abby and they share an emotional moment remembering Jack. Later, after Abby leaves, Jennifer is overjoyed and emotional as a text message comes through from Jack saying: it's Jack... and I'm alive!


June 9, 2004
At Jan's place, Shawn tries to break out and save Belle. He remembers her turning the radio on for him so he would be able to hear the news that Belle was killed tonight! Jan calls home and leaves a message letting Shawn know that she's at Basic Black, Belle is here, and her plan is going accordingly. Shawn has  a fantasy/nightmare about breaking out of the cage, rushing to Basic Black to try and save Belle, only to arrive too late and have Belle die in his arms. Shawn attempts to break out of the cuffs, and screams that he will do whatever it takes to save Belle, even if it means killing Jan. 

At Basic Black, Phillip excuses himself to get some things from his car. After he leaves, Jan shows up. Jan now has on a Carmen Sandiego like outfit,  and is brandishing a gun! She aims the gun at Belle and thinks once she is dead that Shawn will learn to love the one he is with. Jan pulls the trigger, but Belle moves and fortunately dodges the bullet. Because Jan has a silencer on her gun, Belle does not hear the gunshot. Before Jan can try again, Phillip returns and finds that Belle has decorated the place with a banner that says "Phillip and Belle, Best Friends, Best Fundraisers." He asks what this is about, and she says it is to keep them motivated. She looks at the files Phillip has brought up, and they go over some worthy charities. Jan wonders what she will do now, and decides to kill both of them! As she watches them, she sees them toasting to one another and telling one another how special they are. Jan remembers Shawn saying that if she killed Belle than he would never love her. Jan wonders if there is another way to destroy Shawn and Belle's love. She spies on Belle and Phillip as they work, and she gets an idea. She pulls out a digital camera and begins snapping photos of them. In the office, Phillip and Belle are drinking champagne, and Phillip has put on some mood setting music. Belle thanks Phillip for keeping her company, and she hopes she isn't keeping him from spending time with the girl he loves. He says she isn't. She asks who this girl is, did they go to school with her? Phillip says they did. She wonders if the girl went to any of the dances. Phillip says she did, and she is an amazing dancer, just like her. However, he says he never danced with her because he's not a good dancer. Belle says she can teach him, and she instructs him how to slow dance. As they dance, Jan snaps photos of them. Belle ends up dreaming that she is dancing with Shawn, and she pulls away from Phillip. He asks if he stepped on her feet? She says no, and that he is a great dancer. She says he'll have no problem getting this girl because he is great, has a body to die for, and she is going to prove to him that he is a great catch. She says she will make this mystery woman fall madly in love with him. Meanwhile, Jan reviews the photos she took of Phillip and Belle dining together and dancing. She says wait until Shawn sees his little virgin, who isn't so pure with a hunky marine around. 

At Jen's place, Julie and Mickey show up to check on Jen and say goodbye to Abby before she leaves for camp. Mickey says Jen is nearing her due date, and she is probably wishing Jack was here. Julie says it is more than that, she has convinced herself that Jack is alive! Inside, Jen tells Patrick that he just got a message from Jack, he said he was coming home to her before the baby was born!  She tries to show him the message she received on her PC, but it has vanished. Julie and Mickey walk in at this point, and they overhear Jen swearing that Jack is coming home. Patrick says the message is gone, and Julie and Mickey try and help Jen calm down. They change the subject to Abby, and they show her the gifts they have brought for her camp experience. Jen says Abby will love them, but what she really needs is for her father to come home. Julie suggests Jen go take a bath and relax. Jen says that is a good idea. She says she is a wreck and needs to clean up before Jack gets here. Jen goes to take a bath, and later returns and continues to insist to Julie and Mickey that Jack is alive. Mickey doens't understand why Jen is acting this way, and Julie begins to think someone is doing this to her on purpose. Julie thinks Patrick's baby book entry is what started this all, and she asks why he did that? He says he wanted to raise her spirits. Jen swears Jack's car just pulled into the driveway, so Patrick goes to check. Julie reminds Jen they sold his car, and Patrick returns and says no one is outside, and there is no car. Jen gets herself worked up over Jack, and ends up passing out. Patrick catches her before she falls to the floor. Patrick carries her to the couch, and Mickey calls Lexie. PAtrick then gets a call from the mystery man asking how Jen is doing? Patrick walks outside and asks the man (via the phone) what he is doing to her? Why are they making her think her dead husband is alive? Are they trying to gaslight her? The man says since he hasn't targeted Jennifer, he left them no choice. The man says blondie and her unborn child have to die! Back inside, Julie sits with Jen and says something is wrong, really wrong! She tells Mickey to have Lexie send over an ambulance!

  At Sami's place, Sami is researching the net to try and come up with a way to get rid of Kate. Shirtless Lucas shows up and asks if she has seen Will's glove because he needs it for camp. Sami says it is under the bed and she'll look for it later. Lucas tells Sami that he knows what she is up to, and she won't get away with it. He sees she is researching Martha Stewart and is planning a scheme. Sami says she is just trying to see how she got ahead, and she says she does want a career and to make something of herself. Lucas warns her not to end up like Martha. Sami says nothing like that will happen to her. Sami says she has goals, but she won't do anything illegal. She says she's been reading up on all sorts of smart female executives. Sami says his mom is a good example. Sami says Kate should even write a book, it would probably be a best seller because she is such an inspiration to women like her. Lucas finds this 180 she has done a bit hard to believe, but Sami says stranger things have happened, for example the two of them making love. They discuss their history, and Lucas is glad they are getting along now. HOwever, he wonders if he can trust that she has changed?

Meanwhile, in the hall, Kate shows up to say goodbye to Will before he heads off for camp. Will tells Kate that by time he gets home he thinks his mom and dad will be together, and they will be a family. He thinks Kate won't be too happy about that, but she says she just wants them to be careful and not make a mistake.

Back at Sami's place, Kate walks in and begs Lucas not to trust Sami because she is a pathological liar. Sami puts on a "poor me" routine, and thinks it is obviously to late for her to turn her life around, she was kidding herself if she ever thought she could make something of herself. Lucas tells her not to talk that way, and tries to give her a boost of self esteem. He says he won't give up on her, he is behind her goals to become a better person. Kate says she can't believe he is falling for this. Lucas says he wants to believe Sami meant it when she said no more lies and schemes. Sami, fingers crossed behind her back, swears that she meant it.  Lucas says he believes her, and gives her a hug. sWill comes in and sees Sami and Lucas sharing a tender moment. Will thinks everything is going to be great from now on. Sami tells Will now that she and his grandma have made piece they will be one big family. Sami and Will head off to Lucas's place so Will can finish packing, and Kate refuses to believe Sami has changed. Lucas, however, insists she has. Sami ends up listening in on Kate and Lucas' conversation, and Kate tells Lucas that she wishes he could find a girl more like Belle. She reveals her plan to get Phillip and Belle together, she gave them a job supervising corporate donations. Sami hears this and thinks it may be a way to get Kate into trouble. Sami ends up having a fantasy of Kate being thrown into the same cell with Martha Stewart, who is queen bee of the cell block. Kate ends up becoming Martha's slave, and Martha puts her to work cleaning the toilet! Sami ends up giggling, and Kate hears her giggle. Kate says that laugh is the Sami's "up to something" laugh! She thinks Sami is planning something. Lucas begs his mom to just give Sami a chance for him. Sami returns and tells Kate that she should really write her memoirs, how a small town girl made it big. Kate says she'll consider it. Sami leaves again, after picking up Will's backpack, and Kate gets the feeling that Sami just walked over her grave. She begs Lucas to protect her from whatever Sami is planning.


June 10, 2004
At Samis place, Kate continues to tell Lucas that Sami wants to eliminate her. Lucas tells her not anymore, loving him has changed Sami. Meanwhile, Sami continues to have  fantasies of Kate being in jail with, and tortured by, Martha Stewart. Lucas and Kate continue to argue about Sami. Kate says even if she does love him, she loves herself more. Kate also says if Sami had to choose between loving him and destroying her, shed break his heart in a minute. Lucas confronts Sami and tells her that they cant be a couple if she is still going after her mother, but Sami insists all she wants to do is dedicate herself to becoming a high powered executive like Kate. Sami ends up having another fantasy about Kate being arrested for embezzling Basic Black funds, and Belle and Phillip both turning evidence on her. Sami swooped in to save the company, and changed the name to Samanthas Secrets. Lucas sided with Sami and agreed to testify against his mother. As Kate was drug off by the cops, Lucas and Phillip shouted at her that they never wanted to see her again and that she was no longer their mother. Samis fantasy ends, and she asks Lucas if he can take Will over to his grandpa Shawns because she has studying to do. Out in the hall, Lucas says okay, and thinks Sami is really dedicated to making a new life for herself. Kate says Sami is dedicated, shes dedicated to ruining her life! Lucas says Sami has changed, and she needs them all now that she is an orphan. Lucas says she is changing, she is trying to bury the hatchet. Kate says she is trying to bury the hatchet in her back, and she is using him to do it!

Jan returns to her house, and Shawn asks Jan what she did to Belle? He asks if she killed her, and calls her a crazy bitch. Jan says she decided to spare Belles life. Jan tells him that she was all set to off blondie, and then she realized Belle wasnt a threat to her anymore because she doesnt love him anymore! She sings Belle doesnt love you anymore! but Shawn says she will always love him. Jan tells Shawn that Belle doesnt love him, and she is getting it on with his best friend Phillip! Shawn says that is a lie, but Jan says it isnt. She talks about how Belle thinks he has left her, and Phillip has been there to comfort her. Jan says this was bound to happen as they were not meant to be together because he and Belle are from different backgrounds, whereas Belle and Phillip are from the same background and are meant for one another. Shawn says this is a load of crap, but Jan says she has proof. Jan brings in her laptop and begins showing Shawn the photos she took of Belle and Phillip. Shawn says they are just having dinner so what. Jan says she doesnt seem unhappy for someone who is alone. She shows him pictures of them drinking champagne, but Shawn still refuses to believe it. Jan shows him more photos, and she shows him photos of them eating strawberries and whipped cream, as well as ones of them dancing. Jan tells him that Belle has moved on, it is in her body language and in the expression on her face.

At Basic Black, Belle tells Phillip that this girl would be all over him if she knew he was in love with her. Phillip says it isnt that simple, but Belle says it is because love is primal. Belle tells him that he needs to get the courage to tell this girl that he loves her. Phillip blurts out Its you Belle! Belle misunderstands, and thinks the reason Phillip is hesitant to tell this girl is because what has happened to her and Shawn, and what has happened between him and Chloe. She begs Phillip to tell this girl how he feels about her, do it for her. Phillip asks Belle if she has given up on Shawn? Belle says she doesnt know. She admits not knowing where Shawn is or if he is coming back does hurt. She says Shawn has to know how worried she is about him, but he hasnt called, so maybe he doesnt love her. Phillip says Shawn still loves her because there is no way any guy could ever stop loving her. Belle is in tears, and she thanks Phillip for trying to cheer her up. She tells him that she is her best friend and she doesnt know what shed do without him. Phillip says it is late and he should get her home. They walk home, and Belle ends up coming up with the perfect way to get Shawn to come back to her! She says this way is foolproof, and she has him to thank for giving her the idea!

At the Blue Note, Brady and John discuss Crystal and whether she is Nicole's accomplice. Brady says Crystal just got back into town, so it would be impossible for her to have killed Victor. John still wants to check her out all the same. He says is going to take the prints off of Crystals glass and see if they match the prints found at the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole and Crystal return to the table, and Crystal asks if they were missed? John actually excuses himself for the night, and Crystal tells Brady how hot his dad is. Nicole tells Crystal to shut up, and then she asks Brady what is going on? She asks why John is flirting with Crystal because he never flirted with her? Brady says maybe Crystal is his type. Nicole doubts that and says John is still in morning/ Nicole thinks John is up to something, and she wants Brady to tell her what he's up to. Brady says nothing, so Nicole tells Brady to tell his dad that hes driving down a dead-end street! Brady wonders why she is so nervous. She says shes not, she is just cranky and out of drink. Meanwhile, Crystal rants and raves about Johns rock-hard pecks and how shed do it with him in a minute for porn. Nicole drags Crystal off and says John does not want to do her, she wants to pin a murder on them! Crystal says if she goes back to jail, shell be taking her with her! Nicole says shell see her dead first!

John meets up with Tek and the new Assistant DA Ray Diaz. Ray tells John that hes sorry to hear of his wifes passing. John says he still doesnt believe she murdered all those people, and he says there has to be another explanation. He says he will find out what it is one day. Ray Diaz heads off, and Tek asks John what brings him by? John gives him the glass and says he thinks this might match the set of prints found at the Kiriakis mansion. Tek says that is a coincidence as Bo and Hope just found identical prints at Shawns place. John wonders what Shawn has to do with Nicoles accomplice? Tek says he doesnt know, but it may explain why Shawn is missing. Tek runs Crystal's prints, but they arent a match. John says he was almost sure Crystal was guilty, so Tek decides to run a background check on her just in case. 

Brady, Nicole and Crystal return home, and Crystal decides to stay in town in order to help John get over his mourning. She says shes going to slip into a thong and give John a call. Nicole drags Crystal off, warns her that John is ISA, and says if John learns what she did to his precious Marlena than hell bury her alive. Crystal says shes bored with this talk, Brady was going to take a swim so she wants to go look at this muscles. Nicole says Brady is hers, so back off! Crystal says fine, besides, shed rather have John. Nicole begins ranting about how she is surrounded by idiot losers who cant do anything right. She tells Crystal to get out of Salem, get out of her life! Crystal says she would be happy to leave, but she needs more money to live the good life like her. Nicole says fine, shell give her the money. Crystal says she also needs new clothes, jewelry, and credit cards without limits. Crystal says she needs these things, or she can go out on a date with John again and tell him everything! Nicole hands over everything Crystal demands, and then tells her to get out.

Meanwhile, John shows up and tells Brady that Crystal's prints didnt match the set found here. Brady says he told his father that Crystal wasnt guilty, and he asks if hes ready to give up? Suddenly, Tek calls John and says hes got the goods on Crystal and he wont believe what she did! John is stunned and tells Brady that Crystal was involved in killing his wife!

Sami heads to the Cheatin' Heart and meets up with Ray Diaz. He flirts with Sami, and she takes an interest in him when she learns he specializes in catching white collar criminals. Later, Lucas and Kate show up and catch them together. Lucas is furious, and Kate says she told him Sami was playing games. Kate assures Lucas that she didnt set this up, she thought coming here would help relax them. She asks Lucas if she knows who that guy is? He says no. Kate says this confirms that Sami cant be trusted and doesnt love him. She says Sami may care about him, but she would prefer to destroy people. Kate tells Lucas that Sami wants to hurt her, she is pure evil. Lucas says he is seeing things clearly now, Sami didnt mean a word of what she told him about making things work between them. Lucas tells his mom that Sami has made a whole career out of hurting them, but this is the last time, no more! Meanwhile, Sami and Ray continue to talk, and Sami questions Ray about his job. Ray says hearing her ask about his work is a total turn on for him. Ray gives Sami his number and address. He says he hopes she stops by because he'd love to show her his "briefs." Ray then ends up leaning in to kiss her.


June 11, 2004
No Show 

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