June 14, 2004
On the island, Marlena sits on her terrace and makes an entry into her diary about the island and how strange it is, yet at the same time beautiful and peaceful. She knows this is not her home, and she says her heart is breaking because she misses her family. She writes that she is being held here against her will with her victims, but in fact she was not the Salem stalker and she did not kill anyone. Marlena worries that the longer they remain here, the more likely people are to forget them back in Salem. As Marlena continues to write, someone with a machete opens her door and enters her penthouse. The person confronts Marlena, and it turns out that it is Maggie. Maggie welcomes Marlena to their little fantasy island. Marlena is overjoyed to see Maggie, and they hug and cry. Marlena says she is so sorry for all the pain and agony she had to go through thinking she had killed all those people. Marlena thinks it must have been hard for her to think her best friend had killed her! Maggie says when she arrived Jack and Abe informed her of what was really going on. Maggie says she wanted to be here when she arrived, but she was clearing paths through the jungle with Jack. Maggie says she and Jack got separated in the jungle, and Jack hasnt yet returned. Marlena says Jack is resourceful and will find his way back, especially since it appears Jen is coming to the island. Maggie is shocked by this statement, so Marlena explains all the signs that point to Jen showing up very soon. Maggie wishes they knew who was doing this to them. Marlena says they may know soon. Marlena says it is a comfort to have her here. Maggie says she just wishes they were with their loved ones back home to comfort them. Maggie asks how Mickey is doing? Marlena says he misses her terribly. Maggie says she misses him so much, but it must be harder for him. She says she wakes up every morning with hope that this will be the day she will get off this island. She says Mickey thinks she is dead, so he doesnt have any hope. Maggie also says he doesnt have anyone to care for him and help him around with daily chores. Marlena says Bonnie has been helping him. Maggie says Alice told her that. Maggie says she thinks it is harder for a man when the woman dies first. Marlena says statistically men almost always remarry. Maggie says Mickey would never do that, he always told her that she was the only woman for him. Maggie says if she knows him, he is at home listening to classical music right now. Maggie says once they defeat the monster who has done this to them then they will be able to put their arms around their husbands again. 

Julie is at the hospital with Jennifer, who is resting in her room. Julie is on a payphone with Mickey, who has gone home to try and find Jennifers new health insurance card. At Mickeys place we see that Mickeys house is a mess. He searches for Jennifers insurance file, and he eventually finds it and the card. He also finds a photo of Maggie. Bonnie shows up and spies Mickey looking at Maggies picture, and she tells herself that this wont do. Bonnie knocks on the kitchen door, walks in, and explains Patrick told her that he was here looking for Jens insurance card. She looks around and asks what happened here, he should fire his housekeeper. Mickey says he was working last night, and hes sorry he messed everything up after she just cleaned it yesterday. Bonnie says it is good she stopped by then. Mickey asks why she stopped by? She says she has his dry cleaning and his rhinestone cowboy outfit for the opening of Alices later this week. Mickey says he forgot about his laundry because Maggie used to take care of that. Bonnie decides to fix him something to eat, and she says she made him a casserole and put it in the oven for him yesterday. Mickey forgot to take it out, and Bonnie finds it has been burnt to a crisp. She says it is a good thing that his oven has automatic shut off. Bonnie says she can call Mrs. Chows and have some Chinese food delivered, but Mickey says he has to get over to the hospital. Bonnie, however, says he isnt going anywhere! Bonnie says Jennifer is resting, and Patrick said he would call if there was a change. Mickey says Jen needs her insurance card. Bonnie doubts the hospital will kick a Horton out! Mickey says good point. Bonnie orders him to go put on his rhinestone cowboy suit, and then she tries to call for some Chinese. She uses Mickeys cell, and somehow Julie called at the same time and the lines got crossed. Bonnie placed an order with Julie, thinking she iss the Chinese place. She ends up saying that this is Bonnie Lockhart calling, but soon she hopes it will be Bonnie Horton. She places an order, asks for a pu-pu platter, some triple X fortune cookies, and says if her delivery boy hears fireworks coming from the house it is just a cowboy breaking in a new filly! Julie gags, and Bonnie tells her it sounds like shes coming down with a cold. Mickey returns in his cowboy suit, and he says he just talked to the hospital on the phone and she says Jen is doing better. He wonders why Julie hadnt called him on his cell. Bonnie says she doesnt know. She says she just used it to place a food order, so maybe she called while she was on the phone. Later, Julie returns to Mickeys house to find it a complete mess. She also hears country music coming from the living room, and Bonnie and Mickey talking to one another. Their talk sounds dirty to Julie (Oh Mickey you have such rhythm, dont worry if you bend to the left too much, faster Mickey faster). She tells herself that going in there and seeing this could cause her to go blind, but she cant let that woman seduce her uncle. Julie bursts into the living room, eyes covered, and tells them to stop this disgusting behavior! It turns out that they were only dancing. Mickey asks Julie what gives her the right to barge into his house, what was she thinking? Julie says she didnt mean to interrupt, but Bonnie thinks she did. Mickey says Bonnie was teaching him the Texas Two-Step. Julie says she just came by to tell him the news. Mickey asks if she hadnt ever heard of a phone? Mickey says he called the hospital and knows Jen is okay. Julie goes to leave, but stops and tells Mrs. Horton not to expect her pu-pu platter to show up. She says she did try and call, but Bonnie was already on the phone, and she is not going to stand by and let Bonnie pull off her plans. Julie heads off, stops to looks at a photo of Maggie, and she says that she will stop this woman from getting her hands on Maggies husband. 

On the pier, Phillip tells Belle that maybe she can take a break from thinking about Shawn for tonight. Belle says she wishes she could. She then says she knows how to get Shawn to come back to her, and she calls someone for help. She tries to call her dad, but hes not picking up his phone. Phillip asks how her dad can help? She doesnt want to talk about it until she knows it could work. Phillip says hell help her find her dad then, and they take off.

At the Blue Note, Lucas and Kate watch as Sami flirts with Ray Diaz. Lucas refuses to be made a fool of. He tells his mom that Sami is a skank, and that its official, they are over! Kate says she knows this is hard for him, but it is better he knows now. Lucas says he trusted her. Kate tells him not to beat himself up over this because this is really her fault. She says she has a weakness for trusting the wrong people, and she has passed it down to him. She begins talking about her past and the wrong people she has trusted. She tells Lucas that she knows he and Sami share a history, and that they have a son, but maybe that is all they were meant to share. She tells him not to ruin his life for the sake of Wills happiness because he (Will) wont be happy in the end. Kate tells Lucas that it is time for him to move on because Sami clearly has.

Meanwhile, Sami talks to Ray about his job and white collar crime in Salem. He tells her about a case in which a woman was given the chance to run a friends company, and she ended up embezzling from the company. Ray says the woman made one mistake, she entrusted the companys charity funds to the boss daughter. Ray says the daughter, an over-achiever, found out what the woman was doing and turned her over to the cops. Sami imagines Kate as the woman as Ray is telling her the story, especially when Ray says this woman was so desperate not to go to jail that she offered him sex in return. Sami ends up thanking him for all the info, and gives him some kisses on the cheeks. Belle and Phillip show up and are shocked to see Sami kissing this guy. Lucas is also shocked, and says he has had enough. He confronts Sami and Ray and asks what is going on here? Ray asks who he is? Lucas asks Sami if she will tell him, or should he? Ray asks Sami who this is? Lucas says he is the father of her child! Ray thinks he should go, but Sami says he is not her husband. Lucas drags Sami off, and asks what is going on? She says this isnt what it looks like. Lucas says she was kissing him! Sami says she kissed him on the cheek, and it was only a thank you for giving him a hot tip. Lucas thinks they should leave and talk, but Sami says she needs to stay and talk to this guy. Lucas begs her to leave with him, but she says she cant. 

Meanwhile, Belle and Phillip meet up with Kate, and they all wonder what is going on with Sami and this guy. Belle says she warned Sami not to do something that could cost her the most important thing in the world, love. Belle excuses herself, and Kate pushes Phillip to tell Belle the truth about how he feels about her. She says she has so many regrets, and she feels he should tell the woman he loves how he feels about her. Belle returns, and tells Phillip to listen to her mom. She tells Phillip that she and Shawn have blown it, as have Sami and Lucas, so he shouldnt follow in their steps. She tells him to talk to this girl.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Crystal stuns Nicole by telling her that shes not leaving Salem. She says shes not going to trot across the globe looking for a rich man when there is one here in Salem. Crystal tells Nicole that if she can have Brady than there is no reason she cant take a ride on the John mobile. She says she wants John Black and shes going to have him. She decides to call Mr. Black up and invite him over for a skinny dip. Nicole tells her that she is not going anywhere near John Black because after a few more drinks she might open up and tell everything to John. Nicole tells Crystal she is going to go to the airport and get on a het. Crystal refuses to leave until she gets her some of that John-John! Nicole says John will want nothing to do with her if he finds out she had anything to do with his wifes death. Crystal says she didnt kill Marlena! Nicole says she set her up and left her for dead! Nicole and Crystal make threats to one another, and Crystal refuses to accept Nicoles meager bribes considering what she could get from a wealthy man like John. 

Meanwhile, John is stunned by Teks news, and tells Brady that Crystal was involved with a killing, his wifes! Brady asks how that can be? John explains that Crystal is a convicted felon, and the night Marlena was incarcerated, so was Crystal Galore! Brady asks what she was in for? John says the question should be what wasnt she in for. John says she was in jail for long enough that she wasnt involved with Victors death, but she was in jail with Marlena. John speculates that Marlena could have known something about Victors death and Nicole could have had Crystal kill her. Brady says the police killed Marlena, how could Nicole or Crystal be involved? John doesnt know, but he says he will find out.

Crystal and Nicole show up, and she is glad to see John is here. She says this is a surprise. John says he has a surprise for her too, and he asks what she had to do with his wifes death? Crystal says she doesnt know what he is talking about. John says he knows she was in jail with his wife, and after she was released she ended up living here with Nicole. When he says he knows she was prisoner 11856, Crystal says there should be a 9 on the end of that because those two last numbers are her favorite! John asks her once again, what did she have to do with his wifes death? John pushes her to tell him what he knows. Crystal cries out that all right, she will confess, it is because of her that MArlena is dead!


June 15, 2004
On the island it is night time, and Marlena and Roman are on the penthouse terrace. Marlena thanks Roman for sleeping in the guest room and making her feel safe. Roman says they have to look after one another. Roman asks what she has in her hands? She says it is her journal, she found it here and has been using it to keep her sane. Roman asks Marlena to try and remember what happened before she supposedly died. She becomes uncomfortable and starts squirming. Roman tells her that their survival could depend on it. Marlena says her memory isnt reliable, but Roman says she may have a clue to who orchestrated this. Marlena says Duh, Stefano! Roman says maybe, but they have to investigate every angle. Roman asks her if there is anything that stands out about her final day in Salem? Marlena remembers being set-up by Crystal, who claimed they had to go that night because there was a gas leak. She also remembers Crystal knocking her out with a handgun. Marlena tells Roman that someone wanted her dead, they wanted to kill her. We see flashbacks of Marlenas death, and Marlena cries that she wishes there was some way John could know she was alive. Roman comforts a grieving Marlena. Roman says John knows how much she loved him and that she would never hold him responsible for what happened. Marlena wonders who Crystal is working for, their host or someone else. Roman says he doesn't know. They also talk about Jack and how he has gone missing, or at least Maggie had said he went missing. Roman says perhaps that was their hosts plan, or perhaps Jack found a way out. Marlena hopes he has found he way out of this island. Abe shows up and says he wishes that was true, but he has found evidence that indicates otherwise. Abe found Jacks knapsack near Slaem Place, and it was covered in blood. He thinks it maybe a warning ferom their host to all of them. Abe is also convinced Jen is coming here very soon. Marlena worries that Jen may lose the baby if she learns Jack is dead. Abe wonders if that is what the host wants?

At Jens house, Jen is home again and wearing a bathrobe. Lexie is with her and wishes she had stayed at the hospital, but Jen says Abbie wont leave for summer camp in the morning unless she knows it is safe for her to go. Lexie can't help but wonder if the messages from Jack is also why she wants to be here. Jennifer swears Jack has been trying to contact her. Patrick comes out from the kicten and has brought Jennifer some milk and cake. Jen gasps and says that is Jacks birthday cake. She asks Patrick where he got this? He says it was on the kitchen counter. Jen says she forgot that she put in the order for Jacks cake last year because he loved it so much. She said she wanted him to have the exact same cake this year. Jennifer becomes even more upset when she learns the cake was cut and the icing was licked off the top. Jen says that is just like Jack. Lexie calms Jen down and then goes upstairs to check on Abby and see if she cut the cake. Jen begins to have a breakdown and wonders what is happening to her. Patrick tells himself that he thinks he has a good idea. Lexie returns and says Abby is a sleep, and Patrick suggests Abby cut the cake and ate the icing. LExie has to go, and Jen thanks them for both looking out for her. She also says she is not crazy. Before leaving, Lexie asks Patrick to look after Jen and make sure she stays calm. As Jen sleeps on the couch, Patrick tries to call the mystery man. The man doesnt answer, and Patrick says theyll have to kill him before they hurt Jen or her baby. Later, Patrick falls asleep, and Jen hears a voice calling to her. She goes to her computer and gasps Oh my God, it is you!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Crystal says she cant take it anymore, it is because of her that his wife is dead. Brady thinks they should call Bo and have an official statement taken, and Nicole pretends to be shocked that Crystal was in jail. John asks what she did to his wife? She says the worst thing imaginable, she killed her with kindness! Crystal says she should have ignored Marlena, but instead she stood up for her! John demands she explain everything that happened. Crystal says she was only in jail on a minor offense, and she recognized Marlena from the free clinic. She says she tried to reach out to her, but she was like a different person, she just snapped and killed that girl. She says when they brought her back later, Veronica and another girl tried to steal her wedding ring, and they got into a fight. Brady asks why she didnt tell any of them this before? Nicole says because she wouldnt have helped her if she knew she was in jail. Crystal says telling people you were in jail isn't exactly something worth bragging about. John wants to know more about Marlenas last hours. Crystal says the Marlena he knew and loved died long ago. She says it wasnt the bullet that killed Marlena, it was his betrayal. Brady says his father would never betray MArlena and he stood by her when everyone else turned on her. MArlena says she was hurt and angry because John turned her in to the authorities. Crystal says rumor had it that she got a hold of a gun and was planning to break out and come after him. Crystal tells John that Marlena wanted him dead. Nicole says this proves that neither of them were involved in Marlenas death, and the sniper that shot Marlena probably saved his life. John says he still thinks they were somehow involved, and he will find the evidence. John storms off, and Brady follows him. John asks Brady to move out, but Brady says he cant. He says not only are the investors calling night and day in a panic, but he still needs more proof before he stops giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt. John says he is just like his mother.

At the Blue Note, Belle urges Phillip not to wait, to tell the girl he loves that he loves her. She asks Phillip to promise her that hell talk to this girl. Meanwhile, Sami tells Lucas that she is working on an important research project. He asks what kind of research project involves kissing this man? She says this relationship is completely platonic. Lucas says they need to go somewhere and talk, and he asks why she is with this guy? Sami says all she can tell him is that she cant go with him. Lucas says fine, and he gives her an ultimatum, it is either the other guy or him. Sami says she will go home with him but she has to finish this conversation first. Lucas says no way, it is now or never. Sami says they arent exclusive, they only slept together. Lucas says he thought they were so much more. Sami says they are. Lucas says they arent, and he says goodbye. Lucas then storms out of the Blue Note. Phillip goes after Lucas, and Kate says goodbye to Belle. She also tells her that she appreciates her being a good friend to Phillip. Belle begins to wonder who will keep Sami out of trouble now that mom is gone. Sami continues her talk with Ray, who has only one thing on his mind. Sami stops him from kissing her and continues to grill him about white collar criminals. He asks why she is so interested in white collar crime? She says it is for a course shes taking at Salem University. He says she feels like a straight A student to him, and he asks if she wants to go back to his place for a nightcap? Sami says sure, but first she has to stop by the pharmacy. Ray says he has protection, but Sami says she needs to pick up some antibiotics. She says her last boyfriend gave her something, and she doesnt want to give him anything but love. Ray ends up saying it is late and he has court in the morning, so he has to go. He runs off, and Sami laughs. Belle shows up and tells Sami this isnt funny. Sami asks what Belle is doing here? Belle says shes keeping her from making the biggest mistake in her life. Belle and Sami argue about what Sami did to Lucas by kissing that guy. Sami says it wasnt a big deal, he was helping her with some research and she thanked him with a little kiss. Belle says it is a big deal, and she tries to talk some sense into Sami. Sami asks why she should take advice from her? She tells Belle that her boyfriend is missing and she is spending all her time with Phillip! She wonders how Shawn would feel if he saw her with his best friend? Belle says Phillip is just a friend, but Sami says she may be smart, but she is still dense about a lot of things. Belle says Phillip knows she loves Shawn and is committed to working things out with him. She asks Sami to please make up with Lucas because they are soul mates. Belle realizes it is late, and she says she needs to call the office about some Basic Black charities. Sami offers to buy Belle a drink and hear about her new job at Basic Black. Belle informs Sami about her new job, and Sami asks about the details of approval for all these donations she is making. Belle says Kate has final say on how much money goes to what charities. Belle has to go, and Sami thinks she and Lucas will be find once she buries his mother!

Lucas returns to his place, and Phillip and Kate are there. Kate trash talks about Sami, which hurts Lucas. Phillip tells his mom to stop because Lucas loves Sami. Kate says no he doesn't. Lucas says he loves Sami so he doesnt want to hear her talking bad about Sami. However, he does say that he knows there can never be anything between them. Kate says she is sorry, but he says no shes not. Phillip says after Will goes to camp perhaps they can hit the clubs together and meet some women. Lucas says all he wants is Sami, and Phillip knows what it is like when someone gets under your skin. Kate understands and says she doesnt think shell ever find someone like Roman again, but he is young and he needs to move on with his life. Lucas continues to pack for Wills trip, and Phillip asks his mom if she really thinks shell never fall in love again? Kate says Roman was it for her. She says she has to get back to work now because her work is her life, that and her boys. Kate leaves, and Phillip thinks about Belle. Phillip eventually leaves as well, and Lucas, left alone with his anger, throws a glass against the wall.

Kate takes a walk along the pier and thinks about Phillip asking her if she would never fall in love again. Kate says it would have to be a special man, someone as loving as Roman. Suddenly, John appears out of no where! Kate asks what hes doing here? He says he needed some air. He fills her in on what hes learned about Crystal, and what she told him about Marlena. He asks Kate if he betrayed MArlena by turning her into the police, did Celestes premonition come true, did he kill her? Kate says absolutely not, and she refuses to let him blame himself. She says he was there for her until the bitter end, and she doesnt know any other man who would do that. She says no, she does know one, Roman. She tells John that she told him before how much he reminds her of Roman. She pulls him into a hug and tells him that he did the right thing and not to let anyone tell him otherwise. 

Back at the mansion, Nicole tells Crystal that she cant believe how she turned the tables on John and managed to make him feel guilty. Crystal says while she was in jail she read a lot of pulp fiction, so she knows how to work a man. They share a drink, and a toast. Nicole says John still isnt off their back yet. Crystal says she never runs out of ploys, she is like a cat with nine lives. Nicole looks out at shirtless Brady and says she only needs one life with Brady. 


June 16, 2004
On the island, Maggie, Alice and Doug look at Alices photo album. They are stunned by how meticulous their host is right down to recreating the latest photos in Alices book. Doug sees a photo from his and Julies last cruise, and Maggie sees a photo from the night Tuscany opened. Maggie says it is a shame Tuscany is sitting all dark and closed. Doug says Mickey opened it for Roman and Kates wedding, and on Valentine's Day . . . Maggie asks him to continue. Doug says on Valentines Day there was a little disagreement between Julie and Bonnie. Maggie asks what her cleaning lady has to do with Tuscany? He explains the fight Julie and Bonnie got into over the decorations at Tuscany for Valentines Day. Maggie thanks God Julie was there to keep Bonnie from desecrating her beautiful Tuscany. She thinks everything is back to normal. Doug smiles and tells her that Tuscany was still closed when he left. Alice says when she left Julie wanted to run the restaurant and manage it. Maggie hopes Mickey agrees to let Julie run it because then everything would be perfect when she returns to take it over again. Maggie leaves to get them some tea, and Doug tells Alice that he didnt want to say anything in front of Maggie, but Julie is convinced Bonnie is making a play for Mickey and Tuscany, and he is falling for it. Alice says she just hopes when they back to Salem everything will be just as it was.

At Alices bar, Bonnie hangs up the liquor license, and she tells Mickey how tonight will be the greatest night of her life. He says she worked hard for it, but she says he made it happen. She tells Mickey that thanks to him all her dreams are coming true, and she pulls him into a kiss! Bonnie tells Mickey how happy he has made her, and she pours them a drink, which she calls a depth charge (also known as car bombs in some circles, a shot of Jack Daniels in a Guinness). Later, Bonnie begins telling Mickey about the menu for Alices, burgers, fries, fried chicken, and buckets of beer! Bonnie says this place will be wonderful, but for him not to worry because she will do Maggie proud. Mickey says if Maggie was here he thinks he knows what she would say. Bonnie interrupts and thinks Maggie would be happy that the place wasnt sitting around gathering dust. Mickey says he does think she would be happy about the place. Bonnie says she thought the world of Maggie, and she thinks the world of him. She says she wants to thank him for everything he has done for her, she wants to give him a very special ride that is guaranteed to change his life. She takes him for a ride all right, a ride on her mechanical bull!

At Rexs place, Rex is looking out the window. Mimi walks out of the bedroom with a bad case of bed hair. Mimi asks Rex what hes looking at? He says Phillips car is in Belles parking space. He thinks Phillip has been there all night. Rex says he wont let Phillip get away with stealing his cousins girlfriend. Rex is about to tear out of their apartment, but Mimi grabs him and tells Rex not to do this. She says that Belle is onlys interested in Shawn, and Phillip is interested in some mystery girl. Mimi says she was suspicious too, but Phillip convinced her that he was only a friend.

Over at Belles loft, Phillip stayed the night, and Belle wakes up and calls her dad and asks him to call her as soon as possible. Phillip asks Belle if she thinks this very mysterious plan of hers will work. She says it has to. He asks what if it doesnt? She says it has to work. Phillip asks her to try not to think about Shawn today, and at least try and smile, which she does. She also thanks him for staying here with her last night, and says she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Phillip ends up looking in the paper for a place off the base to stay. He says hes taking a leave from the marines to work at Basic Black, so he needs a place closer to work to stay. Belle says she knows the perfect place for him to live, right here with her! Belle says Mimi is practically living at Rexs place, but she wont stop paying rent here because she signed a lease and feels guilty. She says he could move in here and pay rent to Mimi. She says it is the perfect plan, and asks what he thinks. 

Later, Mimi and Rex show up at Belle's loft. Mimi asks why they called them over, what is going on? Belle says she was wondering if she would be willing to rent out her half of the loft? Mimi says it would be a great idea, she would save a ton of money and wouldn't have to work two jobs! She thinks this is great news, and Rex says he is all for it. Mimi says Rex just got a job at Alices Bar, and the opening is tonight so they should come. They say they will. She then asks who she is renting to, and she says it better not be that girl Alexis because she is not funny at all (Small inside joke about Cassie?). Phillip says it is him who will be renting the loft. Mimi is shocked, but Rex isnt. Rex says Phillip cannot move in with Belle! Belle doesn't understand why Rex is so angry. Rex tells Phillip that he knows why hes so hot to move in with Belle, it is because he is hot for her! Mimi and Belle try and cool the boys down. Belle privately assures Rex that she and Phillip are completely platonic. Rex says okay, and he trusts her. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Mimi that nothing is going on, but if Shawn doesnt come back soon he will lose Belle. Mimi says Shawn will come back. Rex and Phillip leave, and Belle laughs at Rexs suspicions. She says she has never heard of anything so crazy. Phillip rolls his eyes.

At Jans place, Jan continues to torment Shawn by telling him that Belle is not even looking for him, and that she has moved on to Phillip. She has the photos of Belle and Phillip hung all over, and she says the look on Belles face is that of a woman in love, and she is not in love with him. Shawn says Belle is not in love with Phillip, they are just friends! Jan says Belle is a lying, two-timing slut! She says shes been trying to tell him this for awhile but he wouldnt listen, and now she finally has proof. Jan says decides Shawn needs to take a shower and goes to undress him, but he says he can undress himself. She puts a chain on his leg that is long enough for him to reach the bathroom. She then goes around the back of the cage and unlocks Shawns handcuffs. She tells him to enjoy his shower, but not to try anything funny. Shawn heads into the bathroom to take a shower. Jan offers to join him in the shower and make sure all the parts he cant reach get squeaky clean. He says no thanks, and she says it is his loss. Shawn waits for Jan to leave the room, and then he starts soaping up the cuff around his ankle to try and slip out. Unfortunately, Jan returns and catches him. She asks him what he is doing? He demands Jan give him the key, and then tackles her!

At Jens place, Patrick shows up for breakfast. Jen has overslept, and she realizes Abby missed her ride to camp. She yells upstairs for Abby to come down. Patrick finds a note and tells Jen that she should read this. Jen does, and she says This is terrible! Abby got a ride with a friend, and she says she wanted to say goodbye to her. Patrick says she would only have hugged and kissed her a thousand times and just made her late. Patrick also says the note says she will call her mom as soon as she gets to camp. At the bottom of the note Abbey put a  PS her love to Patrick, all her friends think he is a hunk and so do their moms! Jen realizes shell never be able to ask Abby about the cake now. She tells Patrick that she knows in her heart that her husband is alive and will be coming back to her. Patrick tells Jen that he knows it is hard to accept it, but Jack is dead. Jen says Julie tells her that it is her hormones causing her to think this way. Patrick says it makes sense, but Jen says she feels so scared. Patrick decides to make her breakfast instead, and he tells her to sit down and rest. Jen sits at her computer, and a message from Jack pops up. The message says Its Jack, I am Alive, And I Want You To Come To Me Jen asks if it is really him, and he tells her that it is and for her not to believe what anyone tells her. She asks him for some proof, so he sends her their wedding vows. Jen thinks it is Jack, and she asks what she can do to get to him. Jack instructs her to go to the old abandoned airfield outside of town, be there at 9 sharp, and dont tell anyone. Meanwhile, Patrick calls the mystery man and asks why he is gas lighting Jen? The man says he refused to help, so he better stay out of it. Patrick says he cant do that. Patrick tells the man that hell have to kill him to get to Jen. The man tells Patrick that can be arranged. Later, Jen goes upstairs and begins packing a suitcase. Patrick hears something coming from Jens room, and he catches her packing. He asks what she is doing? She says she cant tell him and there is no time. He tells her to stop because she is going no where! 


June 17, 2004
Sami is banging on Lucas door telling him to open up. She hears the smoke alarm go off, and bangs on the door even harder. Lucas opens and she runs in and asks where the fire is? Lucas says he was taking a shower and the steam from the shower set the fire alarm off. He asks what she is doing here? Sami says she is looking for Will. Lucas says Will isn't even here. Sami notices Lucas doesnt have a towel on, so he hides behind the kitchen counter. He says he had a towel, he just dropped it trying to gte to the door. Lucas gets dressed and then asks Sami why she is here anyways? Sami says she got a message from Will to meet him here, and then she heard the smoke alarm going off. She says she was worried for her sons life. They end up arguing over Sami kissing the guy in the bar, and how Lucas feels he cant trust her. He says he is through with sluts like her! Sami tells Lucas fine, besides she has big plans for the summer, so she doesn't need him. She says shes going to become so successful that shell make his mom look like a two bit hooker. She then says she forgot, she already is one! Sami has a flashback to her fantasy of Kate being arrested for embezzling, and she says she will make all her dreams come true this summer. Lucas tells Sami that he just broke up with her, doesnt that affect her? He says he thought they were moving towards a great future together, but obviously she doesnt give a crap. Suddenly, Will walks in and asks if that is true? He asks his mom if she doesnt want them to be happy? Sami turns the conversation around and tells Will that he lied to her, he told her there was an emergency. Will says she lies sometimes too, and he just wanted them to be a family. Sami thinks Will needs to grow up and accept that they may not be a family. Will says he is going to spend the night at his friends because the buss for camp leaves early in the morning, and they arent exactly early risers. Lucas says he can get him to the bus on time, but Will says this way they can go out to the party at Alices tonight and have a nice time, and then they can sleep in tomorrow morning. Lucas says they will go to the party, but not as a couple. Sami leaves to get Will some things for his trip, and Will begs his dad to make it work with Mom, use the summer to make it happen. Sami returns with some last minute things for Will. They say goodbye to Will, and Will tells his dad that they have an understanding. After Will leaves, Sami asks Lucas what Will just mean? Lucas says Will wants something they cant give him, congratulations, they are going to break their sons heart! Sami says he is the one who broke up with her, but he says this break up is on her! Sami and Lucas end up in a huge fight, and Sami says with Will gone she doesnt have to see him until September! He says fine with him, and tells her good riddens! Sami storms out of the apartment, and Lucas slams the door behind her.

At Alices, Julie complains about Bonnies style of food, which she calls Tex-Wretch. Bonnie says her chef has won the  down home cook-off three years in a row! The smoke alarm in the kitchen goes off, and she runs in to take care of things. Julie says let the disaster begin! Bonnie comes out of the kitchen and it turns out her chef passed out in a pitcher of margaritas and burnt the food. Julie and Bonnie end up getting into a cat fight when Julie says I told you so and calls this place a tacky tribute to her grandmother. Mickey breaks up their fight and asks Julie for a huge favor, he asks her to cook for the opening tonight. Julie tells him no way. She says she could have opened a four star place for him, but that plane has flown. She wishes him luck with this place. Mickey tells her that this opening is a fundraiser is for the foundation her grandparents dedicated their lives to, and they will honor Alice, Doug, Addie, and all the others tonight. Julie says this is emotional blackmail! Mickey asks if it is working? He tells her to at least do it for her grandmother. Julie says Bonnie offered to cook, but Mickey says her plate is too full. Julie says yes, but with what she won't say! Mickey says he knows her feelings are hurt because she wanted to run this place, but when he chose Bonnie she (Julie) was planning to travel the world with Doug. Julie says things have changed and now there are no more plans for her! Mickey asks Julie to think about all the people who are working here and need these jobs. Julie tells Mickey to stop playing his violin. She says to honor their family and the Horton Foundation she will cook dinner. Bonnie tells him to grab an apron and shell go over the menu with her. Bonnie starts telling Julie how hot things need to be, but Julie says she is the chef and she will cook her way! Bonnie says it has to be her way, country fried. Julie says it will be gourmet! 

At Jans place, a naked Shawn tackles Jan and tries to get the keys from her. However, Jan once again gets the upper hand on Shawn and locks him back in his cage. She also steals his clothes from him and gives him some pants which are way too small. She tells him perhaps hell just have to go naked then. He ends up putting on the clothes she gives him, which is a baseball uniform for a nine year old. However, he tells Jan that hell never give into her because Belle will never stop searching for him. Later, Shawn sees someone pacing outside the door and it looks like Belle. Shawn begins screaming to her for help.

John is at work typing on the computer. Kate shows up with coffee and tells him that she cant believe he pulled an all nighter. John has been up researching Crystal and what happened to Marlena. She says she hopes he finds out what really happened to Marlena, but what will he do if he doesnt find those answers? John doesn't want to think about that. He tells Kate that he knows Crystal was in jail when his wife was there, but he also has sworn testimony from a guard that Crystal was in lockdown the whole time. John and Kate bond over their loss and hurt, and John tells her that being able to talk to her really helps. She says she understands what he means. She says she thinks that is why Phillip and Belle are getting closer. John admits he thinks theyd make a great couple and that Shawn Brady is not right for his little girl after the way he up and left her. Kate says all she wants out of life now is to see her kids happy, and she thinks Lucas is finally wising up to Sami. Kate says her job and her sons are what her life is about now. John says he and Roman werent the greatest friends, but he admired him, and the bottom line is they both lost two wonderful people. Kate asks what they will do with the rest of their lives, cry? John suggests they take a break from life and go to the opening of Alices together. He says Belle and Phillip will probably be there together. Kate says there could be a lot of people there who might not like seeing them out together. John says so what, and he says if she goes alone then hell have many men hitting on her. She says she cant think about another man, and he says he cant think about anyone but MArlena. Kate agrees to go with him and to hell with what others think. John tries to call Belle to tell her that they are coming, but she isnt answering her phone. He decides to go over to the loft, and Kate comes with him.

At Belles loft, Phillip returns from his workout, hes all shirtless and sweaty. Belle is upset over Shawn not coming home, and she tells Phillip that sometimes she misses him so much she can hardly breath. Belle says as weird as this sounds, she knows what happened to her mom and her Uncle Abe, but with Shawn she doesnt know what happened and it gets worse every day. Phillip says he would do anything to help her, and maybe him moving in with her isnt the best idea. She says he is the only thing keeping her sane right now so he has to move in. She says she really needs his friendship. She wonders why her dad hasnt gotten back to her yet. Phillip asks how her dad is doing? She says he is still trying to figure out what happened to her mom, and he really needs a friend right now. Later Phillip offers to try and help Belle with her plan by using his ISA training, but she says shed rather wait and have her dad help her with it. Phillip says if Shawn does come back, how will he feel about him living here with her? We never hear Belles answer, the next time we see them Belle is helping Phillip move his things in. Phillip ends up having a fantasy about making love to Belle, and she asks what he is smiling about? He says she had a really good idea asking him to move in, that is all. Phillip goes out to his car to get some more stuff, and Belle finds their old high school year book. She opens it up and says this is exactly how shell find Shawn! Belle takes off, and we see the yearbook was opened to a page with a picture of her and Shawn on one page, and Jan Spears on the other. Phillip returns and finds Belle has vanished. He sees the yearbook open to a photo of Jan, and he says thank god she is gone. Then he has a puzzled look on his face.

At Jens place, Jen is in her room and packing her suitcase. Patrick catches her and asks what she is doing? Jen says she doesnt have time to explain. Patrick tells her that she is not going anywhere, he wont let her. Patrick tells her that Jack is dead. He reaches to grab her, only to rip the valentine from Jack that she was holding in her hand and looking at earlier. Jen claims she is not going to meet Jack, she is packing her suitcase for when she needs to go to the hospital. Jen and Patrick end up arguing over whether Jack was trying to contact her. Patrick says perhaps someone out there is playing with her, but she doesnt know how anyone could know these intimate details about her life with her husband. She looks at Patrick and asks him if there is something he isnt telling her? He says yeah. Patrick tells Jen how living here with her and Abby has changed him. He says in his house they didnt talk, they just yelled. He says seeing how she is with her family has changed him. Jen says she has loved having him here as well. Patrick asks why she says that in a past tense, doesnt she know they dont want to lose her? Jen says this may be way out of line, and then she asks Patrick if he is interested in her? Patrick says he is her friend, and he wont stand by and let her be deceived. He says shes not going to be magically reunited with her husband. Jen says she knows that last message was from Jack, and no one else could have sent that message. Jen says she is fine and he doesnt have to worry about her. Patrick says if she wont protect herself than he will do it for her. Jen says that is not his job. She tells him that he has already done so much for her and Abby, and she will never forget what hes done or him. Patrick says this sounds a lot like goodbye. Jen says she isnt going anywhere because she still has the fundraiser to attend tonight. She says shes going to finish packing her hospital bag and she suggests he take a shower. Patrick heads off, and Jen says shes sorry for lying to Patrick but Jack is waiting for her. Later, Patrick catches Jen putting her suitcase into her car. He asks if her labor started, or is she going to Jack?


June 18, 2004
Lots of scene jumping going on at the party at Alices, so a lot of the little incidentals were left out.

Patrick catches Jen putting her bag into her trunk. He asks what she is doing, has her labor started or is she going to meet Jack? She says neither; she is putting the bag in her car so she doesnt forget it when it is time. She swears she is not going anywhere but to the opening of Alices tonight. Patrick says he doesnt want her to think that he doesnt believe her, but . . . Jen assures Patrick that she is only going to the party, and she assures him she has no other plans. She says after the party she will come home and get plenty of rest as the doctor ordered. Patrick says okay, but doesnt look like he believes her.

At Rexs loft, Rex and Mimi are dressed up in their western duds for Bonnies party. Mimi wonders if Belle and her new roomy will be coming to the party. Rex thinks if Belle should be going to the party with anyone it should be Shawn.

John and Kate arrive at Belles loft and discover Phillip moving in, which surprises them. Belle shows up and tells her dad that shes glad to see him because she has a plan to bring Shawn home with his help. Belle says she remembers Shawn is a big NASCAR fan, and that there is a race coming up he wouldnt miss. She says if her dad could get her on air she could send a message to Shawn. John asks Kate and Phillip to give him a moment alone with his daughter, so they leave. Belle asks if there is a problem? John says he can get her on TV, but he doesnt know if Shawn deserves it. Belle says he still cant be angry with Shawn, but John says he is. Belle says there has to be a good reason they havent heard from Shawn. John says if he was hurt or lost they would know by now. He says her mothers death has been all over the news, so they should have heard from him. Belle says it might not be national news, so he may not know. She begs her dad to help her, so he says he will, but on one condition. John says if this doesnt work, and Shawn doesnt come back, he wants her to promise him that she will move on with her life. Belle says Shawn will come home, he has to! John calms Belle down and suggests they just go to the party tonight and have a good time. Meanwhile, Kate tells Phillip that he is going to lose Belle. Phillip says he wont, and in time, Belle will see that he would never hurt her like Shawn did.

At Alices, Bonnie and Mickey are in their rhinestone getups for the opening of Alices. Bonnie is in a tizzy because Julie wont cook her kind of food. In the kitchen, Julie is on a mission to class this place up, starting with hors douvres. She says by the time her guests get to her pt, Bonnies goose will be cooked. Meanwhile, Bonnie continues to remain all upset and uptight because she wants this party to be a smash. She daydreams about becoming Salem Style Magazines woman of the year, accepting the award, and thanking her new husband Mickey Moneybags Horton. In her fantasy, Julie was their servant! Bonnie snaps out of her fantasy and refuses to let anything deter it from happening. She rushes into the kitchen, and accidentally knocks over Julies dish, which spills all over Julie. Julie goes to change, and Bonnie tastes what Julie is making and thinks shes trying to put her out of business. She grabs the hot sauce and begins spiking Julies food.

The guests begin arriving at Alices. Julie and Patrick arrive, and Julie asks Jen how she is feeling. Jen swears she is fine. Julie is worried about Jens belief that Jack is alive. Jen says she did hear from Jack, and in fact she got another sign. She tells Julie about the birthday cake, which worries Julie. Julie asks Jen to sit down and relax, and then she goes to Mickey. She tells Mickey that she thinks Jennifer is losing it! As Mickey tries to talk to Jen, Patrick gets a call from the mystery man asking him if he is having fun yet? Patrick tells him to stay away from Jen. The man tells Patrick that time is running out for both her and her friend.

Meanwhile, Mimi catches her mom up to something, and she wonders what. Bonnie says she is about to set the world on fire! Back in the kitchen, Julie tastes her food and goes berserk because of the spices. She knows Bonnie did this and vows to make her pay. Back at the bar, Bonnie doesnt like Rexs uniform, so she rips his black cowboy shirt off and has him work in a wife-beater. Julie comes out and confronts Bonnie with what she did to her food. She has brought the food out and thinks they should let all the guests sample the food and flee in pain. She says then this place will be a huge bust! She serves up some grub to Uncle Mickey, who looks like he has a heart attack after tasting it! Bonnie tells Mickey not to die on her, and Julie asks if it is a stroke. Mickey says the food is hot as hell, and he loves it! He says his mouth is on fire and it is delicious! Bonnie feels victorious and starts the party. 

John, Kate, Phillip and Belle show up, and Bonnie puts Phillip to work at the bar in a wife-beater with Rex. The party kicks into high gear, with John and Kate enjoying themselves together, and Belle and Phillip taking a spin on the bull. Mickey and Bonnie hit the dance floor (as the song Red Neck Woman plays). Mickey tells Bonnie that they have a hit on their hands. She says she couldnt have done it without him, and she thinks they make a good team. Julie is a sourpuss about what is going on because she has been beaten by Bonnie. 

Later, Belle tells her dad that he is glad he is hanging out with Kate. John says she understands what he is going through. She says it almost looked like they were having a good time. John says she looked like she was having a good time with Phillip. Belle says he is a good friend, and she doesnt know what shed do without him. John asks Belle if there is a possibility that she and Phillip could be more than friends? Belle says no because she loves Shawn, and Shawn is coming back.

Jen goes outside and sees the star that Jack always made a birthday wish on. As she wishes to see him again tonight, someone is spying on her from the bushes, and another person grabs her from behind! They guy who grabbed her was Patrick, and he says he was worried when he couldnt find her. She says she was just out here wishing on a lucky star. He suggests they go back inside, which they do. In the bushes was the mystery man, who says Jens luck is about to run out.

Back inside, Kate pushes Phillip to make his move on Belle tonight. Phillip cant believe his mom is trying to push him to sleep with Belle! Phillip tells Kate that Belle is not ready, so he is not going to put any moves on her. Kate says Belle will only think of him as a friend forever if he doesnt tell her how he feels about her. Phillip walks off, and then asks Belle to dance with him. They hit the dance floor, and John and Kate watch them. John ends up asking Kate to dance, and they join their kids on the dance floor. On the dance floor, Phillip tells Belle that there is something she needs to tell her.

At the bar, Bonnie tells Rex and Mimi about the big surprise guests coming to the party. Rex and Mimi celebrate by dancing, and Bonnie and Mickey take a spin as well. Julie watches with loathing. Jen and Patrick end up dancing as well, and Jen tells Patrick that Jack never liked dancing, he only did it for her. Patrick tries to warn Jen that perhaps these messages from Jack are from someone who wants to hurt her. He says if that is the case, he wont let them hurt her, he will keep her safe.

At Jans place, Shawn sees Belle outside the door pacing, and hears her telling Jan that she hopes Shawn never comes back to Salem because she is in love with Phillip now. Shawn cant believe this, and tells Belle to turn around and tell him that to his face. Belle has her back to him, and she says she cant bear to look at him, but she has given herself to Phillip, they have made love and she loves him now. Shawn tells Belle that Jan was right, she never loved him and Jan loves him more than she ever did. Jan, in a blonde wig, runs into the room and tells Shawn that she does loves him! Shawn says he doesnt love her, and she couldnt fool him with that stupid wig. Yes folks, it was Jan in a Belle wig trying to impersonate Belle. Shawn tells Jan that he doesnt care about those stupid pictures, he trusts Belle and Phillip. Jan says he is a fool, and begins signing Belle and Phillip sitting in a tree . . . Shawn tells Jan that she is crazy. Jan says no he is crazy because he is in love with a girl who is about to lose her head to another man! As she says this she tears the head off her cupie doll. Jan suggests to Shawn that she get him a blow-up Belle doll, because thats the only Belle hell ever be with. Shawn tells Jan that she needs help. Jan says yeah, the last shrink she went to turned out to be a serial killer. Jan ends up slipping up and saying she has also killed. Shawn asks her who he killed? Jan says she killed Belle, shows him the cupie doll, and says she ripped off her head! Jan tells Shawn that unless he vows to love, honor and cherish her forever, than she will keep him her prisoner for the rest of his life! Shawn tells Jan that hell never love her, and if she thinks he ever will, than she is crazier than he thought. She tells Shawn that he is the crazy one if he thinks Belle is going to remain true to him. She tells Shawn that Belle and Phillip are Salems next super couple, and shes going to prove it! 

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