June 21, 2004
Hope is at Shawns loft and is thinking about him and where he could be. Hope talks to Bo on the phone about the danger Shawn might possibly be in given the evidence linking Victors possible killer to Shawns loft (via the earring). Hope eventually heads out and buys a paper. She then sees a pawn shop window and notices a pair of earrings in the window similar to the one found at Shawns apartment. She goes in and has the store clerk look at the one she found and compare it to the ones in the window. His earrings are knockoffs, whereas the one Hope found is real silver. He says whoever owns the earring Hope has didn't buy them from him. As they talk, on the counter sits the teddy bear Marlena was buried with! Hope sees the bear as she is leaving and looks at it. She knows she has seen it before, but she doesnt know where. She decides she should buy the bear, so she does. Hope says shes not sure how, but maybe the bear can help her.

At Jans, Shawn is in the cage wearing his too-tight baseball uniform and is tearing up all the pictures of Belle and Phillip that Jan has hung up. Shawn tells Jan that Belle isnt in love with Phillip. Jan says she will prove it to him, and she will make him forget all about Belle. She says one day hell love her 10,000 times more than he ever loved that airhead slut. Later, Jan looks through her jewelry box and realizes she is missing an earring. She then finds an engagement ring, shows it to Shawn, and tells him that they are getting engaged! Shawn says he will never ask her to marry him. Jan pretends to be Shawn proposing to her, and then she plays herself and accepts. She then tells Shawn congratulations, he is now her fiance! Shawn says he is unavailable, he is committed to Belle. Jan says if he is talking about the purity vow then Belle has broken it. Shawn doesnt believe her, so she asks how hed like to see what is going on with his very own eyes? Shawn says that is a great idea and he asks Jan to take him back to Salem. Jan says it is an interesting idea, she does want him to see Belle cheating on him. He says they should go, so Jan says okay they have a deal. Shawn thinks hes finally going to get back to Belle. Jan leaves, and then returns with a laptop. She has brought Salem to Shawn with a direct video feed from Alices, which is airing on Public Access. Jan shows Shawn images of Belle and Phillip dancing to prove Belle has it bad for Phillip. 

At Alices Bar, the party is in full swing, and couples are dancing. Belle and Phillip are dancing, and Phillip tells Belle how excited he is to be living with her. Belle says she is glad to. As they hug, Kate watches and tells herself that she has to find a way to get those two together. Sami and Lucas walk in, and Kate thinks Lucas is back with Sami. Lucas decides to go over to say hello to his mom. Sami tells him he should because she may not be around for long. Lucas shoots her a look after that comment. He asks what she means? Sami says she knows what it is like to lose your mother, and Kate wont be around forever. Kate approaches them and asks if they are back together? Lucas says he and Sami came together only because she had car trouble and he gave her a lift. He assures his mom that he knows what kind of a slut Sami really is, and he walks off. Later, Kate is overjoyed when she sees Lucas talking to another girl. Lucas begins flirting with a girl named Manda, who is the new VP of nursing at Salem University. It also happens to be her birthday. Lucas tells her happy birthday and that hed love to help her celebrate.

Sami watches Lucas with Manda, and Belle asks her why she doesnt stop them? Sami says she doesnt care that is why. She changes the topic and asks Belle what is going on with her and Phillip because she saw them dancing earlier. Sami asks her if she has given up on Shawn? Belle says she hasnt given up on Shawn just like she (Sami) shouldnt give up on Lucas. Belle tells Sami to get out there and fight for her man. Sami has another fantasy about marrying Lucas right after Kate is put in jail. Sami tells Belle not to worry because she knows what she is doing. She then sees something shocking and drags Sami off with her. Sami has found a bin of teddy bears, and one of them looks like the bear Will buried with Marlena. Sami cries that she is gone and shes not coming back. Belle says shes not, and they need to accept that. Belle remembers she was supposed to buy teddy bears for one of the Basic Black charities. Sami questions Belle about the foundation, and Belle asks her why she is so interested? Sami says she just wants to improve herself and climb the corporate ladder. Belle says a career is important, but not as important as love. Belle asks Sami what if Lucas moves on, and marries another woman. Belle says that woman will not only get Lucas, but shell get the future she was supposed to have. Sami says she gets it, and she wont let that happen. Meanwhile, Lucas and Manda go to the bar for a drink, and Sami moves in and talks to Manda when Lucas runs off to get Manda a drink. Sami tells Manda not suspect a long relationship with Lucas because hell be gone by the second date, and she tells Manda not to let him get her knocked up the way he knocked her (Sami) up! Sami tells Manda that she can never get him to come visit their son, and he is out with a different woman every night. Manda walks off, and Lucas returns. He asks Sami what she said to Manda? Sami smiles and walks off.

Bonnie tells Mimi that she has finally pulled it off, she is a hit. Rex shows Bonnie the bar receipts so far, and he says the night is still young! Bonnie says she will surprise Salem every night of the week at this rate!  Meanwhile, Julie sits with Mickey and hates seeing Bonnie in such a good mood. Mickey says she has a right to celebrate, she put a lot on the line. Julie says sure, your money and your reputation! Julie says she doesnt want to think about Bonnie right now because she is far too worried about Jen. She says Jen has somehow convinced herself that Jack is alive.

Jen dances with Patrick, and Patrick vows to Jen if someone is out there trying to hurt her than he will keep her safe. Jen says she appreciates his concern, but Jack got in contact with her tonight, it is okay because he is going to meet her tonight. Patrick asks what she means? Jen says she just has a feeling that Jack is watching over her right now. She tells Patrick that he is being very over protective and it is not necessary.

Lexie and Tek join the party, and Jen goes over to talk to them. Tek gets them some drinks, and Lexie asks Jen if she has gotten any more messages from Jack? Jen says no, and she swears to Lexie that she is not crazy or imagining anything. Lexie tells Jen that she understands what she is going through because she wishes Abe was alive, but hes not, and neither is Jack. Jen says she just wants to feel like Jack is with her. Lexie says Jack will always be a part of her, Abby and her baby. Jen has a flashback to when Jack delivered Abby. Jen cries to Lexie that she cant have this baby without Jack. Lexie says she knows it will be hard, but she should stop thinking about that. She tells Jen that she doesnt need any added stress right now. As Jen and Lexie talk, Bonnie confronts Patrick about how he is in over his head with the gangster who is after Jennifers fortune. Bonnie tells Patrick to let Jen go and save his own skin. Patrick refuses to let Jen get hurt. Bonnie tells Patrick that he cant protect Jen if they are both dead! Bonnie storms off, and Tek confronts Patrick about some digging hes done into Patricks past. Tek tells Patrick that there are significant gaps in his background, it looks like someone erased the files from a datatbase. Patrick remembers doing just that, and he tells Tek that he has nothing to hide. Tek and Patrick return to Lexie and Jen, and the Bonnie comes over to tell them that she has a surprise! 

Hope shows up, and Belle tells Hope her idea about using the NASCAR Races to get a message to Shawn. Hope thinks it is a great idea, and she decides to call Bo and tell him. Meanwhile, Rex tells Phillip that Belle belongs with Shawn, so Phillip shouldnt be moving in on Belle or moving into her place. Phillip says Shawn disserted Belle, and that is something hell never do! Phillip storms off, and Kate goes over to Rex and tells him that perhaps he should stay out of this because it is Belles decision to make. Rex tells Kate, who he calls mom, that hes a Brady now and he has to look after Shawns best interest. Kate says Phillip is his half-brother and he deserves his loyalty too. Rex says Phillip is betraying his best friend, he should respect Belle and Shawns love. 

Bonnie ends up calling everyones attention to the stage where she introduces the band Lonestar. Lonestar performs their song T.G.I.F. After their performance everyone ends up doing a bit of line dancing. As people line dance, Hope talks with Jen about how shes doing. Jen tells Hope how grateful she is to her and her family for how much she has supported her. Hope tells Jen its not like shes going anywhere! Hope excuses herself to try and call Bo again, and Jen sneaks off to meet Jack. Later we see Jen driving in her car and saying "I'm coming to you Jack."

On the island, a mysterious person in black makes their way into Jack and Jens island home. Meanwhile, Abe and Roman are out on patrol, and they approach Jack and Jens house. They dont think Jennifer is here yet. Roman says he isnt looking forward to telling her that Jack may have been killed trying to escape this place. Roman also wonders who their host is, and when they will meet him or her. Abe and Roman head into Jack and Jens house and decide to check it out just in case. They decide to look around and see if they can find some clues. As they search, a mysterious figure is in another room spying on them! Abe and Roman eventually leave, and outside they talk about who could be behind this. Abe says if it is Stefano, what about Tony? Roman also wonders how Stefano could let his own son be mauled by a tiger. Suddenly, Abe sees a shadow in Jack and Jens house, and he says someone is in there. They decide to go see who it is. They burst into the house, and Abe and Roman comes face to face with the mysterious stranger in black, who cartwheels into the room! The stranger takes out Roman, and then faces off with Abe.


June 22, 2004
Julie walks outside of Alices bar and looks up to the Heavens to talk to Doug. She says he should have seen Bonnie Lockhart for throwing herself at Uncle Mickey. Julie does admit that she has to give Bonnie credit, it was her idea to call Sarah and Melissa in Nashville and have then book Lonestar to come sing here. Julie says Doug would of loved it. Julie says she cant figure Bonnie out, one minute she is a tart, the next minute she actually seems to have a heart.

Back inside Alices, Mimi sits at the bar and tells Rex that she cant believe her mother actually pulled this off. She thinks Rex must be her lucky charm. Rex says she is good at this. Mimi says her mom is the worlds worst business person, so its not like one of her plans to actually work. Rex says her moms dream has finally come true. He asks Mimi if she hasnt ever had a dream? He says he knows he has, and begins telling her about his sexual dreams involving her. She tells him that she gets the picture, he can stop.

Bonnie continues to dance with Mickey, and Julie approaches them and says they certainly can cut a rug. Julie then tells Bonnie that shed like to apologize to her. Mickey asks why? Julie says because she was wrong. Bonnie is stunned. Julie says the tribute Lonestar made to the family was beautiful, and she is sorry she has not been supportive. Mickey thanks Julie. He gets a call from a client and has to excuse himself. Bonnie tells not to worry because she will take good care of Uncle Mickey. Julie says she knows she makes him happy. Bonnie says so when they get serious she will be cool? Julie tells Bonnie that he has helped Mickey get through a rough time, but there is only one woman who will own his heart. Mickey returns and says Julie is right, Maggie is the only woman he could ever truly love. Bonnie ends up chocking on a piece of candy she was sucking on. Julie says Mickey and Maggies love only comes once in a lifetime. Mickey says he has to go talk to the councilman, and Julie tells her that Mickey will never love her. Bonnie says Maggie stifled the animal in Mickey. She says Mickey had a rebellious streak when he was young and she knows it is itching to come out. Bonnie says he will take a ride on the Bonnie mobile and enjoy it. Julie ends up telling Bonnie she is not Horton material and she will do everything she can to keep her from conning her way into this family. Bonnie calls Julie a hypocrite because she was married to a conman! Julie goes berserk and attacks Bonnie! Bonnie and Julie end up in a huge catfight. Rex and Mimi break up the fight, and Bonnie rushes off to have a cigarette. Mimi decides to head home and write a paper for summer school. She asks Rex to keep an eye on her mom. Mimi leaves and runs into Julie, who is back outside. Julie tells Doug that didnt work out the way she wanted it to. She feels like she has let Doug down, and she says it is back to plan A, she will destroy Bonnie Lockhart if it is the last thing she does! Back inside, Bonnie downs a shot and declares war on Julie Williams.

Patrick finds Hope and asks if she has seen Jen. Hope hasnt, and Patrick is worried because she is no where to be found. They go outside and find her car is missing. Patrick is worried, so Hope calls Jens cell phone. Jen doesnt answer. Patrick tells Hope that he didnt mention this earlier, but he thinks there is someone they should call. Patrick says they should call Lexie to see if Jen has gone into labor. Hope calls the hospital and neither Lexie nor Jen are there. Patrick then wonders if Jen got another message from Jack. Hope asks what he is talking about. Patrick explains the messages Jen has gotten and how she must have bought into the hoax. Hope suggests they go out and look for her. They end up heading to Jens house and tap into her computer to look for clues. However, Jens files are protected by a password. They try and crack it, but nothing works. Hope ends up finding the notepad Jen took notes on, and she says she knows where to find Jen. They learn Jen is on her way to the old airfield, so they take off to find her.

Jen is driving to the abandoned airfield. She says shell be there very soon Jack. Suddenly a bright light shines in Jens face, and she wonders what it was. She realizes it was a light from the airfield. Jen arrives at the Salem airfield, and leaves her cell phone in her car. She waits around and remembers the last time she saw Jack alive. She also remembers pulling the plug on Jack, and she begins to wonder if this is all a trick. She says she has to get out of here. As she is going to leave, someone shows up. Jen asks who is there? It turns out to be a bunny rabbit. Jen tells herself that Jack is dead and this is just a cruel joke. As she is about to leave a plane lands. Jen once again gets hope that Jack is alive. Jen goes to the airfield and sees a plane and its pilot. She meets the pilot, Captain Oscar Davies. Jen asks if he knows where her husband is. The pilot says Jack is waiting for her and they have to go. Jen refuses to go unless he answers some questions. She questions him, and he says there isnt much time for this. Jen says her husband died, he is gone, so there is no way she is getting on that plane until he can prove her husband is alive. The captain tells her to do what she has to do but he has to get out of here. He says he isnt supposed to be hanging out here. Jen says this doesnt make sense, her husband is dead. The captain says Jack never really died. Jen tells him if he can prove that Jack is alive then she will get on the plane. The captain shows her a photo of him and Jack in a jungle somewhere. She realizes Jack is alive because the locket Jack is wearing was buried with him. She asks the captain to take her to her husband.

On the island, we see a replay of Roman and Abe confronting the man in black in Jack and Jens house. The man kicks Romans butt and then faces off with Abe. He kicks Abes butt too, until Roman gets up and knocks the guy out. They damask him, and are shocked to see it is Tony! Abe thinks their suspicions were right and the DiMeras were behind it. Abe wonders what they should do with him. Roman throws some water on his face and tells Tony to wake up. Tony gets up and tells them to stay away from him. Abe says not until he tells them what they want to know. Abe tells him to start explaining. Roman asks Tony if he is the reason they are here? Tony says he doesnt know what they are talking about. He says he was stumbling around and came across this house. He says it looks like Jack and Jennifers house. He says he was checking it out and they surprised him. Tony says he was just a little shocked considering he thought they were both dead. Abe says that is a good one since he faked their deaths. Tony says he didnt have anything to do with faking anyones death, he was a victim of the Salem Stalker like they were. Tony says he woke up in the jungle and all he had in his possession was a tigers tooth, which is what he had when he was killed. Tony says he got up and he just followed the moon and ended up at an exact duplicate of the DiMera Mansion hidden in the jungle. He says he rested there, and then he went out and explored the jungle. He says in the jungle he found a compass, set a course, and he ended up here. Abe looks at it and Roman calls Tony a liar. He tells Tony to take them to Stefano. Tony says his father is dead and is resting in his urn back at the real DiMera mansion. Abe says that someone orchestrated all of this, and he and his father are the most likely suspects. Tony says he is a victim like them. Abe says this compass he found was Jacks, and he says it even has a inscription from Jen. Roman says Jack left to try and find a way out of the jungle and he used this compass to try and escape. We see a flashback of Jack, who is dressed like Indiana Jones, telling Abe and Roman that he had to get off this island and be there when Jen had their baby. Abe says this compass meant a lot to Jack, so he would not have casually dropped it. Tony says he found it and that is the truth. Maggie walks in and says she doesnt believe him, and she asks what he did to Jack? She then slaps Tony across the face! Tony says and he thought Horton the tiger was ferocious! Maggie says she and Jack were in the bush together, and no one was more determined to get off the island than Jack. We see more flashbacks of Jack telling Abe and Roman that he was leaving to search the jungle. Abe and Roman asked him not to do this, but Jack was determined to go. Maggie supported Jacks decision and decided to go with him. Maggie was dressed ready to traipse through the jungle, and she told Jack they should go out and kick some butt! Abe asks Tony where he found the compass, and Tony tells them it was near Salem Place. Abe says that is the same place they found Jacks backpack. Maggie begins to worry and says they need to find Jack before Jen gets here. Tony asks how they know Jennifer is coming? Maggie explains the clue they found, the plaque with Jens name on the front of the house. Maggie recounts how she and Jack were moving through the jungle and they came upon these high-tech poles radiating a force field. Jack realized it was the parameter to New Salem, and he thought their host lived outside the parameter. She says about that time the alarm went off and they knew someone else was joining them. Suddenly the power went off, and Jack slipped through. She says before she could follow him, the power returned. Maggie says Jack is out there somewhere and is in danger. Roman says theyll get Tony to turn the power to the field off and go look for Jack. Tony asks what if he cant? Roman says than hell die trying! Tony says death threats wont motivate him. He says he is a prisoner like them, so they will have to just put up with his presence. Maggie says she just wants Tony to look at the poles, to look at the logo on the poles because maybe he can identify it. Tony says if it isnt the phoenix than he cant help her. He says he thinks someone else can, and she is anything but a DiMera. Elsewhere, we see a shot of Jack who is passed out in the jungle somewhere.


June 23, 2004
At Alices, Lucas finds Manda and gives her the drink she asked for. He asked where she disappeared to. Manda says she still has both of her shoes and shes not looking for Prince Charming. Lucas asks her what is the matter. She says Love them and leave them Roberts, isnt that what the ladies call you? Lucas asks her who shes been talking to. Sami spies on them from the bushes. Manda says she doesnt know her name, but she says he got her pregnant. Lucas knows it was Sami she was talking to. Lucas says they were very young when it happened, but they have a terrific kid as a result. Lucas assures Manda that his child is his number one priority and he sees him every day, but he and Sami never got married. Manada asks why not? Lucas says she has a history of problems at the altar, shes been married several times for about five minutes every time. Lucas says he loves his son, but he and his mom were not meant to be. Manda says she thinks shell take that drink with him now. Sami continues to spy on them as they share drinks together. She ends up fantasizing about Lucas proposing to her. She wonders if it is really over for her and Lucas. Rex shows up and tells her that is up to her. Meanwhile, Lucas gives Manda a kiss on the cheek for her birthday, which Sami sees. Sami tells Rex to get lost and go back to planet freak. Rex says he knows they got off on the wrong foot but hed like to fix that. He knows she is in love with Lucas. Sami says she is not, but if she was she wouldnt tell Kates son. Rex tells Sami that Lucas might be moving on, and he knows how to get him back for her. Meanwhile, Lucas continues to talk to Manda, and they plan a lunch date at the hospital after the Horton foundation meeting. Lucas ends up having a fantasy about Sami begging him not to move on because she loves him, but he tells her that hes moved on. Lucas snaps out of his fantasy and ends up kissing Manda to forget about Sami. Elsewhere, Rex encourages Sami to stop shooting Lucas down and go after him. Rex leaves, and Sami thinks Rex is right, it is time she makes her move. She goes to see Lucas, only to hear him assuring Manda that he is through with Sami and there is no reason he ever needs to spend time with Sami. Kate hears this and is pleased. Rex hears Kate voice her pleasure and asks his mom how could she?

Outside of Alice's, Julie vows to bring Bonnie Lockhart down and she says she knows just how to make it happen. Julie turns around and finds Mickey standing right there. Julie thinks she has been caught and says she can explain. Mickey says he doesnt care what caused her to apologize to Bonnie, he is just proud of her. Julie says it was nothing, really. Mickey says it was. He asks her to come in side and join him and Bonnie in a toast. Julie says she cant. Mickey says if Maggie were here she would want them to all sit down and talk about what is troubling them. Julie says if Maggie were here than this place would still be Tuscany and Bonnie would be nothing more than his maid. Mickey says but Maggie isnt here and neither is Doug. Mickey says they are dead and they arent coming back. Mickey apologizes for being so forceful with her, but he says they cannot live in the past. Mickey says Maggie has been dead for almost nine months and he needs to be around people. Julie says she understand what he is saying. Mickey says if he sat and home and thought nothing about Maggie then hed be dead in a week. He says he will never stop loving her, but he knows Maggie would want him to move on with his life. Mickey thinks Doug would want her to do the same, and he suggests they go inside and share a glass of champagne.

At the bar, Bonnie says she will take care of Julie Williams, she will turn Mickey against her. Kate hears this and tells Bonnie that she would be making a big mistake. Kate tells Bonnie that coming between two Hortons is a bad idea, trust her. Kate changes the subject to Rex, and she thanks her for giving Rex a job. Bonnie says Rex is eye candy, he is a hard worker, and he has business savvy. Kate says he is also in love with her daughter Mimi, who Kate says is a terrific girl. Kate says Mimi did a lot of things for Rex to make him feel welcomed, more than she did. Kate says Rex is her only link to Roman and she hasnt reached out to him the way her husband would want her to. Kate says what has caused her children the most suffering has been her involvement with the Hortons, and she says she wouldnt want her to suffer the same thing. Bonnie asks why she is so worried about the Hortons, they are a good family. Kate says they are a good family, but Bonnie shouldnt be the one to bring chaos into their family the way she did when she had an affair with Bill Horton. Kate tells Bonnie that shes not judging her, she respects her because she has had the success of the year here. However, she is taking a huge risk pitting Mickey against Julie and she could very well lose everything. Bonnie says she cant lose a thing, this place is her dream come true. Kate tells her to stay away from Julie then. Kate tells her the story of how she seduced Bill Horton and took advantage of his wifes mental problems. She says eventually it all blew up in her face. She says she tried to turn Bill against his family and convince him that she was the woman for him, not his wife. She says that was her mistake because hell hath no fury like a Horton scorned. Kate gets a call and excuses herself, and Mickey and Julie return. Julie acts civil to Bonnie, and says she thinks they should get everything out in the open. They all drink up, and Julie thinks they should tell Uncle Mickey what else happened hear? Julie asks Bonnie if she wants to tell him or should she? Bonnie tells Mickey that she has been a complete and total bitch to Julie and she needs to apologize to her. Bonnie says she is sorry and hopes they can be friends. Kate sees this and gives Bonnie a thumbs up. Bonnie smiles and tells herself that she will bury the hatchet right in Julies back.

Hope and Patrick race to the airfield to try and stop Jen. Hope wonders who would do this to her. Hope says something like this could push Jen over the edge and cause her to lose the baby. Hope looks at Patrick and thinks he knows more than he is telling her. Patrick says he isnt keeping anything from her, and he wants to find Jen as much as she does. Hope says if he knew she was in trouble than why didnt he call the police? Patrick says he just thought it was all the grief she was feeling. Patrick says they better not hurt Jen. Hope asks who he is talking about? She says if he knows who is doing this to Jen than he should tell her. Patrick says he doesnt, he has just read about these scams. He talks about how these people operate, which he learned about from watching television shows late at night when he couldnt sleep. Hope says Jen has a lot of friends and family looking out for her. Patrick says when he caught her packing her suitcase he questioned her, but she lied so sweetly to him and said it was for when she went into labor.

At the airfield, Jen looks at the photo of Captain Davies and Jack. Jack is wearing the locket he was buried with, and she asks him to take her to her husband. However, she begins having doubts and says this photo could have been doctored. Captain Davies says her husband is alive, but if they dont move than her husband could wind up dead very soon. Jen looks at the photo again and says this photo has been altered. She says she was the editor of a newspaper and she can tell when something has been photoshoped. She says this is a cut-n-paste job. The captain says it isn't a cut-n-paste job, it is humid in the jungle and it was just a poor printing. He says if she doesnt believe him than she can check out his digital camera as the photo should still be on it. Jen asks him to get it, so he says hell be right back. He goes into his plane, and Jen looks at the plane which has the symbol of a palm tree on it. She says it is an interesting symbol. Jen thinks she needs to call Hope, and she walks to her car to get her phone. The captain grabs Jen and says she isnt going anywhere! Jen says she was just going to get her cell phone, but he says she doesnt need it. She says she needs to stay in contact with her doctor. Jen walks off, and the Captain yells there wont be any reception where she is going. He also says in case she gets any crazy ideas, he shows us that he has a gun. Jen arrives at her car just as Patrick is trying to call her. She answers, but Captain Davies grabs her phone from her! He takes the battery out and tells her this is for her own good. He tells her that if she wants to see her husband again than come with him. Jen says she still doesnt know if her husband is alive. Davies shows her the camera with the photo of Jack, and he also has a recorded video message from Jack. Jack asks Jen to listen to Davies and do exactly as he says. Jack says hell explain everything when she arrives.

On the island, the islanders continue to confront Tony, who insists he is a prisoner here and theyll have to endure his presence. Maggie says all she wants him to do is look at the poles and try and identify the symbol on them. Tony says if it isnt the phoenix than he cant help her, although there is someone who might be able to help them. He says she is anything but a Dimera. Abe asks who that would be? Suddenly a glass breaks, and everyone turns around to find Marlena standing there (she was shocked to see Tony and dropped what she was carrying). Marlena says she brought Jen some flowers and a note in case she arrived tonight. Marlena asks if Tony is behind this? The others explain what they know about Tony and what hes been up to. Marlena asks Tony where Stefano is? Tony says he is in an urn. Tony says the last time he saw her she gave him a lethal injection. Tony says she is the reason they are on this island. He says she is taking orders from someone and he wants to know who. Tony thinks she is in cahoots with whoever orchestrated this. The islanders defend MArlena and say she was a victim and she suffered the most, she was brainwashed into thinking she was a killer. Marlena says she was under some sort of mind control and she doesnt remember killing anyone. Marlena says she was taken to jail, she was shot by the police, and she was buried alive. Maggie says the DiMeras are behind this, and him sneaking around is proof of it. Tony cant believe this and says when he was alive they all believed he was the killer when it was Marlena. Maggie thinks Tony is just trying to shift the blame. Tony tells them all to think about it, Marelena is part of a larger plan. Tony says she was programmed to kill, and this time she could be programmed to kill for real. Roman says his father programmed her, and Tony says it is possible. Marlena says she would know it if she was programmed. Tony says he think she does know, and he says she wont fool him again! Marlena asks the others to allow her to talk to Tony alone. They ask her if she is sure about this? She says she is sure. They leave, and Marlena tells Tony that she is not the villain. He asks how she knows? She says she died a slow horrible death and experienced every moment of it. She asks him why she would set up her own death to be transported here. He says that is a good question. Marlena says if she is behind this scheme, what was her motive? Tony doesnt know. Marlena tells Tony that she knows she was brainwashed because in her sleep she would overhear a voice telling her that she was the stalker. She says it sounds like Stefano to her. Tony says it does have his father written all over it. Marlena says they were friends once, and he is Carries step-father and Johns half-brother, so like it or not, they are part of each others lives. Tony asks her what she wants from him? She says she wants the truth, is Stefano alive? She says if he is alive then look what he has done to him, his sister, and to Rex and Cassie. She says he cant trust him. She asks tony to tell her the truth. She says if he is a victim than he has to help them. Marlena says the only way out of here is to band together and fight. Tony tells Marlena that she is right about one thing, the phoenix has risen!

Outside, the others talk and wonder if Stefano is alive, or if he set this in motion years ago. Roman says he doesnt know, but maybe Tony is pulling off his fathers last hoax. Abe says he knows Lexie will be glad to know her brother is alive, but he was happier when he thought Tony was long gone. Maggie has to leave and heads off to check on Alice. Elsewhere in the jungle, Jack lays on the ground and we see his fingers twitch. Later we hear a large cat growling at Jack, and Jack opens his eyes. The cat roars again, and Jack screams!


June 24, 2004
At Alices, Rex hears Kate voicing her pleasure over Lucas moving on and away from Sami. Rex tells his mom that Sami and Lucas love one another so how can she be happy that they arent together? Meanwhile, in the bathroom Bonnie resists the urge to smoke and shoves some gum in her mouth. She tries to calm herself down and says shell lose everything if she doesnt make nice with the Hortons. Bonnie then hears Sami hiding a stall crying. Bonnie asks if she wants to talk? Sami cries that her life sucks! Bonnie says life isnt perfect. Sami asks if this is an attempt to cheer her up? Bonnie says she's telling it like it is. Bonnie asks Sami where her Sami Brady spirit is? Sami says it is buried with her family! Bonnie thinks Sami needs help and decides to turn her frown upside down. Bonnie tells Sami that before she had success here, she cleaned houses, and she talked to many people in Salem who had a lot to say about her. Sami thinks this isn't something she wants to hear. Bonnie says many of them spoke fondly about her, including her Grandma Caroline. Bonnie says her grandma had always hoped she would marry Lucas Roberts. Bonnie says Caroline was also planning to give Sami her hope chest in hopes it would speed things along for her and Lucas. Sami cries that she has ruined things with Lucas already, but Bonnie says there is still a chance for her if she does something about it. Sami decides to take Bonnies advice and do something about it. Sami returns to the bar only to see Manda and Lucas take off to his place. Kate tells Sami that she has lost, Lucas will never be hers!

Hope and Patrick are on t he way to the airport when something happens causing Hopes car to swerve out of control. The next we see of them, they are on the side of the road with a flat tire. They try to call Jen, but dont get cell reception where they are. Patrick and Hope work to change the tire as fast as they can. After Patrick changes the tire, he gets a call. Patrick says he has reception after all. Hope wants him to call the police, but Patrick says they are the only ones who can save Jen now. The call was from the mystery man who said it was too late, Jen is gone! Hope wonders who Patrick was talking to. She suspects it is about Jennifer, but she says they dont have time to argue about this. They get back in the car and take off. Patrick tries to call Jen again, but her phone is going to voice mail.

At the airport, Jen watches Jacks message on Davies digital camera. Jen doesnt know if she can trust Davies. Davies tells her to trust her husband! The pilot loads her things onto the plane, and Jen remains suspicious of Davies. She remembers the pilot taking the battery out of her cell phone, but she said she was prepared. She puts a spare battery in her cell phone, and then she jots down the number on the side of the plane in her palm pilot to email to Hope. Jen boards the plane, and Captain Davies calls someone and says everything is going to plan and Jen doesnt suspect a thing! As the plane is taking off, Patrick and Hope show up. Jen asks Davies to stop the plane, but he refuses. Hopes car races next to the plane, and Patrick jumps out of the car and onto the planes wing!

Celeste is at Lexies house dealing tarot cards. She gets the Lovers card, and wonders who it is about. She looks at a photo of Lexie and Abe, and the picture of Abe morphs into Tek! Celeste does a reading to try and find out more about Tek. She says the cards are unclear, so she decides to consult a higher power. Outside, Tek walks Lexie home. Lexie says she had fun tonight, and she thinks Abe would be happy to know she is enjoying it with him. LExie is carrying around the letter, and she wonders if she should move on with Tek. Tek tells her that they dont have to rush anything, they have all the time in the world. He apologizes and says he didnt mean for that to sound the way it did. She says she understands what he was trying to say, and she thanks him. She says she should go inside, but ends up dropping her letter from Abe. Both she and Tek bend down to pick it up, and soon find themselves in a hot kiss! Tek apologizes and blames it on the alcohol. He says hell see her later and then takes off. Lexie goes into her house where Celeste is waiting for her. Celeste knows what is going on with her and Tek, and she is upset about what she has found out about him. She did some research on Tek via the internet as well as through a well connected friend. Celeste has put together a little file on Tek for Lexie. The file shows that Tek has had a string of women in his life. Lexie says it just means he hasnt found the right woman yet. Theo cries, so Celeste goes to check on him. The doorbell rings, and it is Tek. LExie asks Tek if something is wrong? He says he lied, he kissed her because he wanted to, not because of the alcohol. Tek tells LExcie that she is an amazingly beautiful woman. He says goodnight and leaves.

On the island, Marlena tells Tony that if he is a victim than they need to band together and fight. She asks him to tell her the truth about his father. Tony says she is right about one thing, the Phoenix has risen! Marlena screams out "No!" Roman and Abe come running in, and Marlena says Stefano is alive! Tony says he only said the Phoenix had risen, not that Stefano was alive. Tony reminds her what she said to him as she stood over him with a syringe, and he says despite her efforts to kill him, he is one Phoenix who has risen! Marlena says she is sorry. Roman says she doesnt owe him an apology, she didnt know what she was doing. Roman thinks Marlena should head home, but Marlena says she doesnt want to go. She wants to know why they are dismissing her? Tony says it is because Abe and Roman want to interrogate him and possibly beat him to submission or death. Marlena tells Roman that he cannot do that! Roman says after everything he and the DiMeras have done to them he does not want to take Tony back to Salem with them when they escape this island. Tony says once again he is a victim as well. Abe asks MArlena and Roman to let him talk to Tony alone, so they leave. Abe tells Tony that he was the first person killed, and his computer and files were destroyed after his death. He says apparently he knows something about their host, and when he finds out who their host is, vengeance will be his! Abe tells Tony that he doesnt know why he has done this, but think about his sister Lexie and Theo. He says they have no one back in Salem. Tony asks how he is ssop sure about that? Tony ends up telling Abe what happens if he finally makes it off the island to find Lexie sharing his bed with another man? Abe punches Tony, and the two end up in a huge fight. Roman and Malrena hear the fight and race in. Tony says hes sick of explaining himself to them all and he says he doesnt have to. Tony says he didnt have anything to do with this, and he doubts his father did either. He shows them the scars he has from the tiger and asks if they really think his father would have allowed this to happen to him?

Jack is in the jungle as a large cat growls over him. Jack is apparently sick and delusional, and daydreams that Jen comes to his rescue. We begin to see, in Jacks mind, him running through the jungle and trying to get to Jen. He continues to fantasize about Jen showing up and helping him overcome obstacles he faced, such as swinging across a chasm. Jack also dreams about finally returning home to Salem in time for Christmas, only to see he has a son and find Jen kissing Patrick under the mistletoe!


June 25, 2004
At Alices, the party continues. Lucas and Manda are slow dancing, and Sami is at the bar downing beers as she watches them. Rex tries to talk to Sami about what she should do, but she tells him to shut up and mind his own business! Bonnie tries to tell Sami to go over there, but Sami tells Bonnie off as well. Lucas looks over and sees Sami at the bar staring at him. Lucas goes over to gloat to Sami. He tells her that Manda is a nurse at Salem University, and that means she knows how to deliver the TLC daddy needs! He also says her plan to turn Manda against him failed, and she understands why Sami said those horrible things about him because her name and games are famous in this town. They argue, and Sami tells Lucas that she isnt the one who dumped him. Lucas says no, she just cheated on him. Sami says she was talking to a guy in a bar! Lucas says she was kissing him! Sami and Lucas both tell one another to screw themselves, and Lucas says he doesnt know why he is standing here talking to her! Lucas storms off, and Sami does the same. Rex cant believe how stubborn Sami is. Bonnie says she tried to help, but she gives up. Meanwhile, Sami runs into a woman who asks Sami who "he" is? She asks Sami if he is the one who got away? Sami asks the woman what thinks she is interested in a jerk like Lucas? The woman says by the expression on her face. The woman says her name is Lane, and she says just like her she is a loser in love. Sami says she is not a loser! Lane says she (Lane) sure is. Lane offers Sami some advice. Lane tells Sami how she had this guy who she adored and who adored her, but she was ambitious and had goals she wanted to accomplish before settling down. Lane says she gave up the guy for the other, and she got so caught up with getting where she wanted to do at work, her boyfriend split. Lane says she thought she could do whatever she wanted and love would wait for her, but she was wrong. Lane thinks Sami may be making the same mistake, which could be the biggest mistake of her life. Lane warns Sami if she doesnt go after love now than shell end up with nothing but a title and pay check to keep her warm at night. Sami thanks Lane for sharing her story. Meanwhile, Lucas and Manda share a kiss, which sends Sami running out of the bar in tears. Manda and Lucas leave to go to Lucas place, and Bonnie thanks Lane for trying to get through to Sami. She tells her the drinks are on the house! Rex overhears this and tells Bonnie that she is a real romantic. Bonnie tells him to keep his mouth shut about this. Rex tells Bonnie what she did was smart and nice. HE asks why she doesnt want anyone to know what she did? Bonnie says she has a reputation to uphold. 

Sami returns to her apartment and cries. She looks at a photo of her, Will and Lucas from their camping trip. She remembers the agreement she had with Lucas about them breaking up, and she cries some more. Meanwhile, Lucas and Manda arrive at Lucas place. Manda is still a bit worried about Sami. Lucas says not to worry, their relationship is over, in fact it never even started. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Crystal and Nicole catch Brady heading off to the party at Alices. He invites them, and Crystal says okay! Nicole says thanks but they are going to spend a nice quiet evening at home. Brady takes off, and on his way out he calls his dad. John is at work and is researching Crystals involvement with Marlenas death. He says that Crystal was a lot more involved than she is letting on. Brady tells his dad that hell be right over. Back in the mansion, Crystal and Nicole argue about Crystal drinking too much. Nicole says when she drinks she talks, and she might blab about Marlena. Crystal says no one here is listening or cares! Crystal says she is bored and she wants to go out. She says she wants to go party at Alices, and with any luck Bradys hunky dad John Black will be there! Nicole tells her that she cant go to see John, and she should just take the jewels and the credit cards she offered her and run. Crystal says that would be like holding up a big sign saying Im guilty. Crystal says besides John bought her story, she knows men. Nicole says she doesnt know John Black. Nicole says he is a spy and he could have pretended to buy her story in order for her to let her guard down. Crystal says she has a masters in male manipulation, and John black fully swallowed her thesis. Crystal says she fooled John just like she played that guard Earl. Nicole asks what if Earl talks? Crystal says they dont have to worry about him, if he admits he made it with an inmate hed be fired and his wife would kick him to the curb.

At Basic Black, John informs Brady that the gun that was found with Marlena belonged to a guard who was found in a holding cell with Crystal Galore. John asks Brady if he thinks that is just an amazing coincidence? Brady says that doesnt sound like a coincidence. John says the guard claimed Marlena knocked him out, stole his gun, and locked him in the cell with Crystal. John says he thinks someone set Marlena up to die. He wishes he could talk to the guard Earl, but he has been suspended and is a bit ticked off about it. Brady asks if he has a plan? John says he does, he is going to become Earls new best friend and his benefactor. Later, Earl shows up to meet with John and Brady. Earl is a bit drunk, and he says things havent been so good lately. He says hes been suspended from his job, and his wife isnt being very understanding. Earl says if this has anything to do with his wife he has already told the higher ups everything he knows. John says he knows, and just feels bad about him being suspended. John says that is why hed like to offer him a job here, at least until he is reinstated at the jail. John questions Earl about being locked in the cell with Crystal Galore, and he insists that it was MArlenas doing and Crystal was innocent. John tells Earl that he believes him, and he suggests they go have a drink and talk about his job. HE asks Earl to wait outside for him, which Earl does. John then calls up the Kiriakis mansion and talks to Crystal. He asks her to meet him for a drink, and she agrees. They decide to meet at Alices. 

Back at the mansion, Nicole asks Crystal who in the hell she is talking to? Crystal lies to Nicole and says she is talking to her Parole officer. After she gets off her phone, she says the parole board just keeps checking up on her, which is another reason she cant leave town. Nicole tells her please, she has enough money to disappear! Crystal says if they arent going out to party than she is going up to bed. Later, Crystal sneaks out of the mansion to go to Alices! Nicole hears someone leave and goes to check on Crystal. She finds Crystal is gone, and fears if she does something stupid then they are both dead.

Back at Alices, John, Brady and Earl show up. John just waits for Crystal to show up and see Earl. Brady asks how he knows Crystal will show up? John says what porn star would pass up a stud like him? Earl hits the bar, and John and Brady find themselves a table. Later, Crystal shows up and she and Earl see one another. John realizes something is going on, and he tells Brady that hell need his help with this one.

On the island, Maggie tells Alice that Tony is alive, and she informs Alice that Tony had Jacks compass which he found in the jungle. They both worry about Jacks safety, and Jens arrival on the island. Maggie wonders if their host realizes the risk he/she is putting Jen and her unborn child in by trying to bring her here? They continue talking about Jack, and Maggie says she had her doubts about him marrying Jen after the way Jack hurt Melissa. However, she says Jack turned around and became husband material and a good father. Maggie says Jack deserves a chance to see his new baby, they all do. Maggie says they have to pray that Jack is all right, and that he reaches Jennifer before whoever is doing this brings her here. Maggie says she hates to say this, but could Jens baby be the reason she is being brought here? What if their host wants the baby to be born in captivity? She says she would never wish this fate on an innocent child. She worries if Stefano is behind this, what will he do to this baby? Maggie says there are no medical facilities here, and Marlena is the only doctor. She says what happens if Jen gets here and has complications? Alice says all they can do is hope that their loved ones in Salem have figured out what has happened and can stop Jen from being taken.

At the airport, Jen yells at Davies to stop the plane, but he refuses. Outside, Hopes Mercedes-Benz speeds along side the plane, and Patrick jumps onto the wing! Davies refuses to stop and says her friend is just going to get himself killed. Jen goes up to Davies and tells him to stop the plane. Davies pulls out a gun and says he doesnt want to hurt her, but he will if he has to. He orders her to get back to her seat! Meanwhile, Hope drives her car in front of the plane in order to try and get Davies to stop. Davies decides to take off, and pulls back on the steering. Jen is knocked out when she hits the floor of the plane, and Patrick lets out a scream as the plane soars up. Patrick falls from the plane, and luckily lands in a pile of hay. Hope gets to him and they both watch the plane take off. Patrick says they have to go find out where they are taking Jen. Hope wonders what he knows about all of this. Meanwhile, up on the plane, Davies goes to check on Jen when she isnt responding to him. He sees she is out cold on the floor and worries something could be wrong. HE shakes her and asks if she is okay, but she doesnt respond. He says they wont be happy about this!

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