June 28, 2004
At Alices, Bonnie is adding up the bar totals and putting money into a bank bag. She then puts the bag into her jacket and walks off. Mickey and Julie show up to check the cash register totals and find it almost empty. Mickey says this doesnt make sense. Julie thinks it does and suspects Bonnie. She questions Rex as to who has been behind the bar, and he says some of the other bartenders and Bonnie. Julie confronts Bonnie about the empty register. Bonnie says of course it is empty, shes been cleaning it out all night. Julie cant believe she is admitting to it. Bonnie says the money is locked in a safe in the office. She says she has been making cash runs every half hour all night, shes not leaving that much money lying around. Mickey asks how much they took in? Bonnie tells him a total of 100,000 dollars. She shows them a receipt of all the totals, and Julie asks what the 975 dollars at the end is? Bonnie says she donated that from the sales of booze and food to make it out to an even 100,000 dollars. Mickey tells her that was very nice of her. Julie apologizes to Bonnie, and Bonnie says apology accepted. Julie storms off, and Mickey tells Bonnie that he is proud of her and she did a wonderful job tonight. Mickey tells her that hes glad she took over this restaurant, and he is glad she has become such and important part of his life. He then gives Bonnie a kiss. Bonnie cries that she doesnt deserve him, she is a total fraud. Bonnie says she was tempted to keep some of the money for herself, and she only gave it to the foundation to impress him. She says being around him makes her want to do the right thing, but she is not a good or honest person. Bonnie says the truth is he is too good for someone like her. Bonnie then runs off in tears.

At their table, John and Brady watch Earl sit at the bar and get hammered. John thinks it will be all the easier for Earl to blab the truth when he is drunk. Brady and John discuss Crystal and Nicole, and Brady ends up defending Nicole. Brady says Crystal protected Nicole when she was a kid and they worked in porn together. John says that maybe true, but he thinks Crystal has something on Nicole. John thinks if he can get the goods on Crystal than she will turn over what she knows about Nicole. John says Marlena confessed to killing nine other people, but not Victor. John says he thinks Nicole killed Victor and Crystal killed Marlena to shut her up before Marlena could take the truth serum and reveal any more about Nicole. Brady says Crystal didnt kill MArlena, they both know who killed Marlena. John says he thinks Crystal set Marlena up and before this night is over he may be able to prove it. Brady says hell help him nail Crystal, but he wont play games with Nicole, he has worked too hard to earn her trust. John says he always claimed if he learned Nicole was involved in Victors death than hed be the first one cheering for her execution. John thinks Brady doesnt want her to be guilty. Brady says he doesnt. John asks if he has feelings for her? Brady says he doesnt. Brady asks his dad what he wants him to do? John tells him to go back to the mansion and do what he can to get Crystal back down here. John goes to the bar and talks with Earl. He wants to go over some of the things on his record before her gives Earl a job. John questions Earl about the night his wife escaped. Earl gets upset and says he wont pin that on him, so he can take his job and shove it! Earl takes some of Johns money for cab fair and storms off.

Rex calls Mimi to check in, and he says he has seen her mom in a whole new light tonight. He says Julie even tried to pick a fight with her mom, but her mom wouldnt have it. He says he thinks success has given Bonnie a whole new outlook on things.

At Mickeys house, Julie shows up with Mickeys briefcase, which he left behind at Alices. She sees his cowboy boots are in the hall, and worries about him. She ends up hearing moaning coming from Mickeys room, and she runs in to check on him. She finds Bonnie and Mickey in bed together. Julie cant believe this and asks how he could do this to Maggie? Mickey says he loved Maggie with all his heart, but it has been nine months and life must go on. Mickey says he and Maggie discussed this, they promised one another not to spend the rest of their lives in morning for the other. Julie says but with Bonnie Lockhart, how could you! Julie ends up running off in tears.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Crystal returns, and Nicole is furious at her for going to Alices bar. Nicole asks why she went? Nicole says John called her and invited her. Nicole asks if John questioned her? Crystal says she didnt see John, she saw someone else, Earl! Nicole asks if Earl saw her, and Crystal says no. She asks if John saw her, and Crystal says no again. Nicole says she has to make sure she never goes near that guard again, and she knows just how to guarantee that she doesnt! Crystal asks how? Nicole tells her that she can no longer go out, she cannot leave the mansion grounds. Crystal says she might as well be back in prison. Nicole says she will be if John learns out that she set Marlena up to die. Nicole tells Crystal she should have left town when she had the chance, but now they are in this to the bitter end. Brady shows up and asks the ladies if theyd like to come down and join him at Alices. Nicole says No freakin way! Brady asks why she doesnt want to come to Alices? Nicole says it is late, they have had enough to drink, and they dont feel like fighting off rednecks. Crystal tells Brady she is tired, and he says they dont know what theyre missing. Brady leaves and then calls his dad to tell him its a no go. John says Earl ended up storming off anyways. John says hell have to figure out another way to get Earl and Crystal together.

On the island, Marlena is snooping around Jack and Jens house. Roman, who is out on his patrol, finds her. Roman asks Marlena why she is wandering around at night? Marlena say she couldnt sleep, she was unnerved about what happened tonight with Tony. Roman says the jury is still out on Tony. Marlena says shes also worried about Jack and Jennifer. Roman says he and Abe hope someone back in Salem can stop Jen from leaving. MArlena doesnt know how anyone can stop her if they dont know what the plan is for her, and if she (MArlena) is here, how will Jen arrive here? Roman says right now they are at the mercy of their host, and he thinks things are only going to get worse. They discuss the possibility that when they finally get off this island, the ones they love may have moved on without them. Roman asks what the psychiatrist in her says about this? Marlena says the text books say that one will always mourn the loss of a departed mate, but the mind and heart have an extraordinary capacity to heal, and in order to survive one tries to fill the void of the loved one with a love just as strong. Roman says this means they cant waste any time, and he and Abe have been working on an escape plan. Roman and Abe think that their houses are probably bugged and they are probably being followed as well. Suddenly, something moves in the jungle. Roman asks who is there? It turns out it was just Maggie, who also couldnt sleep and was worried about Jack and Jen. Maggie says they just have to hope he can get off this island. Marlena says she hates to say this, but she doesnt know if they will ever get off this island. Roman says there has to be a way off, if they dont, then the people they love will move on without them. Maggie says as much as she loves Mickey, she hopes he does find love with someone new. Roman asks her if she is sure? Maggie says she may never get back home, and love should be selfless, so she should want her partner to be happy. Suddenly, everyone on the island hears a plane overhead. The wonder if it is Jack with help, or Jen being brought here. Roman says the plane is moving way to fast, and it is probably just a private aircraft that is off course. They hear the plane crash, and Roman says they cant get to it because of the force field. He says even if they could get to it, he doubts anyone survived that crash.

On the plane, Jennifer wakes up after her fall, and she asks Captain Davies who is flying the plane? He says it is on autopilot. He asks if she and the baby are okay? Jen says her baby fine, but then she remembers poor Patrick hanging onto the wing. Captain Davies said Patrick is probably dead. Jen asks if this is a trick, is her husband dead? Captain Davies says he doesnt know, and she should shut up until they get there. He then returns to the cockpit. Jen yells at him to return the plane around. Meanwhile, Davies calls someone and says they are on their way now, and nobody will find out where this plane is headed. Jen tries to keep herself calm, and then she remembers her cell phone.

At the Salem airport, Patrick and Hope arrive at the control tower and try and track the plane Jen is on. Hope continues to try and question Patrick about what he knows about this plot. Before he answers, the airport traffic controller is shocked by what he sees on the radar. The radar has four planes are showing up on the screen, and they are all moving towards different points. Suddenly, Hope gets a call from Jen, which she puts on speakerphone. Jen is relieved to learn that Patrick is okay. Hope asks Jen to look out the window and tell her if she sees anything she recognizes. Jen looks outside and says she cant see anything but water. Hope asks Patrick if he knows who is behind this. Jen tells Hope that Patrick tried to warn her that this was a set-up, but she didnt believe him. Hope thinks if Jen stays on the line they can trace her cell phone transmission. Meanwhile, Davies realizes something is interfering with his radio, and discovers Jen on her cell phone. Davies orders her to give her the phone, but Jen refuses. Jen tells Hope to trace the call and find her.

Back on the plane, Davies and Jen argue over the phone, and the phone ends up going into a tailspin! Davies says they have hit a pocket of blind turbulence. He rushes to the cockpit to try and get control of the plane. Jen straps herself in, and the plane crashes! Back at the airport, Hope and Patrick hear the plane crashing over the phone, and they see the plane vanish from the radar. Hope cries Not Jennifer!

Back on the island, Jack is out in the jungle and seems to be passed out still. He holds onto a locket with his, Jen and Abbys photo inside. Jack comes too and begins having flashbacks of being on the catwalks above the vat of acid and almost dieing. He also remembers saving Jen when her car went over the bridge. Jack tells himself that he has to get back to Jennifer. He puts the locket around his neck, sits up, and then a snake slithers out from the tree above and wraps itself around him. Jack ends up being strangled by a large boa constrictor! Jack remembers they had one of these on In the House and if you relax and dont move the snake will leave. The trick works, and the boa constrictor moves on. Jack then says Snakes, I hate snakes, an ode to Indiana Jones, who Jack is dressed as. Later, Jack hears the plane crash and tries to get to the site.


June 29, 2004
At Jans, Jan brings Shawn the sports paper, and asks him if he is a hungry sailor boy? Shawn ends up grabbing Jan around the neck, pulls her tightly against the cage, and orders her to hand over the keys! Jan cries she is choking him, and hands over the keys. Jan pushes Jan across the room, and she falls down after hitting a dresser and knocking over a lamp. He unlocks himself and she cries out that she loves him. He tells her to shut up because he never wants to hear her voice again! Before he can leave, Jan clobbers him over the head with a vase. She knocks him out, and says she didnt want to hurt him, but she couldnt let him get away. Shawn doesnt come too right away, and at first she think he is playing possum. When he doesnt respond, she worries about what she has done to him. She shakes him and says he cant be dead! Shawn eventually begins moaning, and Jan tells him that he has been another naughty boy. She says he wont get any ice cream after that stunt. She asks him why he wants to go back to that loser Belle? Shawn looks up and asks who Belle is? Jan says Belle is his slut of an ex-girlfriend, he hates her guts because she is taking up with his best friend. He says he doesnt remember, and she says perhaps this is a good thing. Jan tells Shawn that he left Salem to forget about Belle. She tells him that this calls for an extra special treat, and shell be right back. Jan leaves, and Shawn looks at the photo of Shawn and Phillip. Jan returns with breakfast, and she says they should start the day all over again. She takes the photos of Belle from him and says they dont want to talk about the B word. Jan asks Shawn if he knows who she is? Shawn says nothing, and Jan worries she hit him too hard. Shawn looks at the ring on her finger, and he says of course he knows her, shes the woman hes going to spend his life with. 

At Basic Black, Belle is convinced her plan to go on national TV will work and that Shawn will come back to her. John says if Shawn was going to come back, wouldn't he have come back by now. Belle says she believes in Shawns love for her, and she knows this will work. Belle asks her dad if he will be there when she goes on air? He says no, hes trying to clear her mothers name and get Nicole out of his brothers life for good. John tells Belle that he is convinced Nicole is dangerous. Belle says she could give Brady the loft back, but John says Brady has the means to get his own place, but Nicole has a hold on him somehow. John vows to break that hold. He also wishes Belle luck today. John says if that boy has a brain in his head, than he will come back to her. Belle calls Hope to check in with her to see if she has heard from Hope. Hope says she hasnt, but she and Bo thinks her idea is a brilliant one. Hope wishes she could be there to support her but she and Bo are working on a case. 

John heads to Earls house. He says he is here to apologize to him for coming on strong last night with the questions about his wifes death. John says he knows his wifes death was not his fault, and he wants to make things up to him. John says the job he offered him still stands. Earl says he doesnt want any favors from him. Earls wife shows up and calls him a lazy bum for turning down work. She asks John what the job is and how much it pays? John says he wants Earl to do some consulting work on the security system at the place his son is staying, and hell pay him the same salary he was making at the prison. Earls wife says hell take it. Earl thinks hes going to regret this.

At the mansion, Crystal catches Nicole ogling Brady, who just got out of the pool. Crystal says she needs some eye candy too, and wonders where John works out. She says she could watch him soap up in the showers. Nicole tells her not to be a fool, if John has his way they will be toast! Brady walks in and asks if that was a confession? Nicole says they all know his dad is trying to prove a link between Crystal and MArlenas death, but she was in lockup with a guard, so why wont his dad just give up? Brady says his dad specializes in cracking airtight cases, but Crystal has an alibi so she is innocent, right? Crystal says she hates guns, she breaks out in hives when she gets near them. She asks what his dad is doing today because shed like to spend some time with him. Brady says his dad asked her out last night, but she stood him up. Brady asks if she is so hot for his dad, why didnt she go out last night? Crystal says she was sick as a dog last night, but Brady says she didnt look sick then, and she doesn't look sick today. She says it was one of those 24-minute things, it was gone as soon as it came, just like some men she knows! Brady walks off, and Nicole wonders if Brady is working with his dad because he is asking too many questions. Crystal says it is obvious she is not smart enough to come up with a plan to set-up Marlena, any judge can see that. Nicole says she better just hope John never learns about her dead with Earl the prison guard. Nicole says John is getting way to close, so she needs to pack and head off to the Cayman Islands. Crystal says fine, and goes upstairs. Nicole says one accomplice down, one to go! Nicole wishes she could just get Jan out of the country. Later, Nicole ends up having a steamy fantasy about making out with Brady on the terrace. They are pouring champagne over one another and licking it off them. Meanwhile, outside John and Earl arrive. John tells Earl how he is concerned about his sons safety here, which is where Earl comes in. He orders Earl to get in there and start checking things out. Later, back in the mansion, Nicole is about to shoe Crystal out the door, having booked her a one way first class ticket, when they both come face to face with Earl! Earl and Crystal both say "you!" and Nicole says "Oh no!"

Brady shows up at Basic Black and talks to Belle. She tells him how worried she and dad are about him, but he tells her not to be. Brady says she is the one trying to get her boyfriend to come home, and he doesnt think Shawn will be happy to learn Phillip is living with her. He says Phillip has a long history of taking advantage of people. Brady says Phillip doesnt want Shawn to come home to her, and if and when Shawn comes home, there will be a lot of trouble between them! They end up in a huge argument, and Belle tells RBady that she just lost her mom, and now she could lose him because Nicole is dangerous. Brady says he will be fine, Chloe is coming home, and they will find out the truth about Nicole once and for all. Later, Belle gives Phillip a call and tells him that she really needs his help.

Julie shows up to check on Uncle Mickey. Mickey is all giddy and giggly, and he says he feels like a kid again. Julie cant believe he was intimate with that thing! She asks what about Aunt Maggie? Mickey says she was the love of his life, but he has to move on. Julie says he isnt moving on, he is sinking! She says she cant believe he is letting this piece of trash, this gold digging man eater use him! Julie says by time she is through with him he wont have a nickel left! Mickey says at least hell go with a smile on his face. Bonnie walks in and thanks Mickey for sticking up for her. She also tells Julie off to her face instead of behind her back. Mickey says Bonnie is right, and Julie owes her an apology. Julie refuses to apologize and she tells Mickey hes libido is in overdrive if he cant see what she is doing to him. Bonnie thinks she should go because she isnt wanted, but Mickey says Julie is the one who is not wanted here. Mickey asks Julie to leave until she can apologize to Bonnie. Mickey gets a call, which he takes, and Bonnie and Julie end up arguing. Julie says she knows what she is doing. Bonnie tells Julie that she hasnt taken birth control in years, so she could end up in a family way! Julie says yuck! Mickey then gets off the phone and says something terrible has happened to Jennifer.

Hope meets up with Bo and gives him the news on Jen. She says they have lost so many family members, they dont know where their son is, and now Jen is gone. Bo says Belle will go on air today to reach Shawn, and they will work on finding what happened to Jen. Hope thinks they needs to start by questioning Patrick. They go into Jens house and find Patrick on Jens computer playing some of Jacks message. Hope hears it and says that sounds like Jack's voice. Bo and Hope demand he fess up to what he knows. Patrick says he doesnt know anything, and he just cracked Jens password and found all the messages from Jack. Hope asks if he knows anyone who was in on this. Bo has a bad feeling about Patrick because he came back to Salem after years of being gone and suddenly he lives with Jen? Patrick says he has family here, and Jen said she felt safe with him here. Hope says that is true. Patrick also says he wouldnt have risked his life jumping on the wing of that plane. Bo decides to look at the computer to see what Patrick found, and Hope decides to call the family about Jen. Later, Julie, Mickey and Bonnie show up, and Julie accuses Patrick of being responsible for what has happened to Jennifer. Bonnie says if Jen had a hangnail it would be her families fault. Julie says Jen didnt get these messages from Jack until after Patrick moved in, and they could have gotten all this information from her diary. Bonnie says they also didnt take the bearer bonds they were accused of, and Patrick risked his life to get those back. Hope says Patrick did risk his life for Jen last night, and she does think he cares about her, but if he knows who is doing this he needs to tell them. Hope gets a call, and Bonnie asks Patrick if he knows who has done this? Patrick tells his mom not to worry, and he says he is going to protect Jen and her baby, but Bonnie thinks he is making a big mistake. She tells him not to do anything stupid. Bonnie walks off, and Patrick says hes going to find Jennifer, and he knows exactly how hell do it. He then takes the coin out of his pocket and looks at it. Meanwhile, there is still no word on Shawn or Jen. Hope says she did a background search on Patrick when he moved in here, but it turned up nothing. Bo says he thinks Patrick is responsible and they will find out what he is hiding. Mickey decides to take Julie home, and Hope says they will let them know as soon as they hear anything. Hope says they wont give up hope, and they will make sure that Jen gives birth to that baby right here. Bo tells Hope they should get out of here too. Bo wants to go to the station and check out Patrick. Hope wants to stay here and keep an eye on Patrick. Bo doesnt like that idea, but Hope says she can take care of herself, and she will be careful. Bo tells her to check in with him and not to run off with him looking for Jen. Hope says she just hopes by the end of the day their son will be home and Jen will be as well. 


June 30, 2004
Belle meets up with Phillip at the NASCAR races. She thanks him for coming and says she doesnt even know if this idea will work. Phillip says she hasnt even given her plan a chance to work yet! Belle thanks him for being here for her. He says she is his friend. Phillip gets a look on his face, and Belle thinks Phillip is thinking about the woman he loves. Phillip has a fantasy that he and Shawn are racing for Belles heart. Belle asks Phillip what he is smiling about? Phillip tells her that he has a surprise for her. He tells her to close her eyes, which she does. Phillip leads her to a a car and tells her to turn around. She opens her eyes and on Casey Mears car is written Shawn Brady Come Home Belle Misses You! She asks who did this? Phillip says he sponsored the car to help her. She says this must have cost a fortune, but he says her happiness is priceless to him. He then introduces her to Casey Mears. She tells him that it is so nice to meet her, and she thanks him for doing this for her. She says he is her boyfriends favorite NASCAR racer. Casey says hell win this race for her and Shawn, and asks for a kiss for luck. Belle gives him a kiss on the cheek. Belle thinks that this will definitely work, Shawn will come home to her. Belle thanks Phillip for doing this and for being here for her the whole time Shawn has been gone. She says she doesnt think she could ask for a more caring, loyal, and generous friend. Phillip says her happiness is the most important thing to her, and if Shawn is smart he will come running home to her. He tells her that she deserves a man who will never let her down or hurt her. Belle says she wants the same for him, the woman he loves doesnt know what she is missing. She says he would be the perfect boyfriend, he has gone from a spoiled rich kid to a man who put his life on the line for his country. She says he also works for charities, and he is modest. Phillip says enough about him, and asks if she is ready to go on TV? She says as ready as shell ever be. The race begins, and Belle prepares to go on TV. Belle just hopes Shawn is watching. 

At Jans place, Jan asks Shawn if he knows who she is? Shawn looks at the ring on her finger and says she is the woman who he is going to spend the rest of his life with. He says she came to rescue him didnt she? He asks her to unlock the cage so they can be together forever. Jan says she cant wait to be with him either, and they should take all their clothes off right now! Shawn says no, and Jan tells him that she knew he was faking this amnesia. She tells him to wake up and smell the low-fat latt, the whole time he has been gone, Phillip and Belle have been enjoying one anothers company. Jan decides Shawn should watch the tape of them dancing at Alices again. Jan tells Shawn to admit it, say Belle is a slut and a liar and that she never loved him. Shawn says that is not true, and she is the liar and the slut! Shawn says he loves Belle and trusts her, and he knows shed never be unfaithful. Jan tells herself it is time to play hardball, so if she has to bring the wash in, so be it. Shawn eventually yells at Jan to turn the video off. She asks if he finally believes that Belle and Phillip are together? She tells him to admit it, Belle has fallen head over heels for Phillip. Later, Jan says shell have mercy on him and turn it off. She puts on the NASCAR races for him because she knows he likes it. She then says shell go get him some popcorn and beer. Jan leaves, and Shawn doesn't pay attention. He just looks at the photos of Belle and Phillip. He thinks she has left him and sits down to sulk. There is no sound on the TV, so Shawn doesnt hear her message Belle is giving. Jan returns and sees Belle on the TV and worries.

At Jens place, Bonnie tells Patrick that she doesnt want him to end up like Jen. She asks him not to do this to her as she is a nervous wreck as is. She says she is starving and heads into the kitchen. Patrick removes his coin and says hell find Jen and he knows how. Patrick heads upstairs to Jens room to see if there are more clues. Bonnie comes out of the kitchen, she had packed up all Jens food so it wouldnt go to waste. She see Patricks coin on the table and takes it. She thinks it was Jens and that it would serve as her housecleaning payment for the week. Patrick returns, sees that the coin is gone, and sees his mom taking off in her car. He is furious and chases after her.

Outside of Jens, Lexie meets up with Hope, who informs her on Jens kidnapping and the plane crash. Hope asks if Jen and the baby survived the crash, can they survive long enough to be rescued? Lexie says she cant answer that as she doesnt know, but this was a high risk pregnancy and they didnt know if theyd be able to save her or the baby. Lexie says after this trauma, even if Jen did survive the crash, the prognosis for the baby wouldnt be good. Hope says the Salem killer is supposed to have been stopped and they are supposed to be safe, but Shawn and Jen are both missing. Hope thinks they need to go question Patrick, but when they go inside, they find him gone. They head out back and see Patrick taking off in his car. 

At the station, Tek tells Bo that someone tampered with the data regarding Patrick's background. Bo is upset because time is running out for Jen. Tek says hell have the ISA do a search on Lockhart and hell have them forward him the results ASAP. Bo says he just hopes Belles plan works because they could use some good news today. Bo heads to his office and begins making calls to officers about finding Jen. Lexie calls Bo and passes on an urgent message from Hope, Patrick slipped away and Hope went after him. Lexie says Hope said shed call if she needed backup. Lexie says Bonnie left too, and they think she went after Patrick.

Bonnie goes to a pawn shop to sell the pirate coin. The guy says it is from the Caribbean and from the 18th century. Bonnie asks how much he will pay for it. He says fifty dollars. She says no way, she needs at least 100. The guy says its a deal, and Bonnie sells him the coin. Bonnie leaves, and Patrick catches her outside the pawn shop and asks what she has done! As they argue, Hope spies on them. Patrick is furious to learn his mom pawned his coin, and orders her to hand over the money. He goes inside to buy the coin back. Bonnie storms off, and inside the pawn shop Patrick tries to get the coin back. The pawn shop owner wont return it, he says the coin is hundred of years old and can get thousands of dollars for it. Patrick smashes the glass and takes the coin. The owner pushes his alarm and yells Your going down!

Hope ends up chasing Patrick into a back alley. He tries to jump a fence, but she pulls a gun on him and tells him to freeze! Hope asks what he stole? He says there is no time and he is doing this for Jen. Hope doesnt believe him and says he is under arrest. Patrick says she has a choice to make, does she be a good cop and arrest him, or let him go and save Jen? He tells her that if she puts him in jail than she is signing Jens death certificate.

Bo arrives at Jens place with Tek, and he meets up with LExie. Lexie says she hasnt heard from Hope since she took off. Bo searches the house, and Tek talks to LExie about the kiss. He says he was out of line and he is sorry. Lexie says it is okay. She says she is still in love with Abe and she just isnt ready. Tek says he understands and says it was a mistake. He apologizes, and she accepts. Lexie then tells Tek that her mother googled him to research his history with women, and the results werent good. Lexie says her mom doesnt think she is dating material. Tek says she is right, shed be foolish to get involved with him. Meanwhile, Bonnie returns, and Bo says he has to ask her some questions about her son. She says she doesnt know where Patrick is. Suddenly Bo gets a message from the ISA on his PDA, and he tells Bonnie that her darling boy could be a killer!

On the island, Abe and Roman are patrolling, and they still have not seen any sign of Jennifer. They discuss the plane crash in the jungle, and Roman doesnt think the person could have survived the crash. Abe says they cant be sure the plane was Jens, but Roman thinks it makes sense. Roman says he knows someone who might be able to help them. The doorbell rings, and it is Tony. Roman grabs Tony and demands he take them out into the jungle to find their host, as well as Jack and Jen. Abe calms Roman down, and Tony once again says he is a prisoner just like them! He says he wants to get off this island just like the rest of them, and he is all for an escape plan. Abe thinks if they can get to the plane crash site than they will all be home free. Abe says the plane could have a radio and they could use it to send out a mayday and get off this island. Tony thinks it is a good idea and he says hes willing to give it a try.

Out in the jungle, Jack works to get to the scene of the plane crash to find out what happened. Jack says if someone survived that crash then he has to help them. Jack ends up walking in circles, and then begins hallucinating about Jennifer. Jack hears a scream in the distance, and realizes Jennifer is on the island.

At the plane crash site, Jen is unconscious and trapped underneath some of the plane wreckage. Parts of the plane are on fire. Jen eventually wakes up, and she cries out My baby! Suddenly, a huge iguana approaches Jen! Jen tries to get out from under the piece of wreckage shes trapped under, and she does. The iguana ends up running back into the jungle, and Jen realizes she made it. Jen looks around and finds Davies is dead. She lets out a scream when she sees him hanging out of the cockpit. Jen finds her purse in the wreckage, and she gets the digital camera out which belonged to Davies. She then watches the message from Jack again. Jen ends up walking off, not paying attention to where she is going, and walks off a cliff! She screams, and ends up hanging onto a vine for dear life! 


July 1, 2004
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July 2, 2004
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