March 1, 2004
At the Kiriakis mansion, in her room Nicole worries about how to get into the safe in the living room. She says she needs get in there and get her hands on Victors will and the evidence Victor had on her. Drunk Jan says she saw Victor open that safe earlier, and if she knew Nicole wanted in so bad she would have said something about it earlier. Nicole is stunned that Jan knows what is in the same, and how to get in it. Nicole leaves to get them some coffee, and she returns and finds Jan wearing one of her negligees. Drunk Jan says she thinks Shawn will like this. Nicole tells her to concentrate on the safe because she needs the combination to the safe. She forces Jan to drink some black coffee in order to sober up. Jan is still too drunk to remember the combination to the safe. Nicole tells Jan that if they dont get into that safe, than they will both go to jail. Nicole says instead of Shawn for a roommate, Big Bertha will be her roommate. Jan concentrates and tries to come up with the combination. Nicole tells how she saw Shawn earlier, he was outside and shirtless. Nicole says he was all sweaty and his muscles were rippling. She gets Jan all hot and bothered over Shawn, and then tells Jan that if she doesnt remember the combination, not only will they end up in prison, but Belle will end up with Shawn! Jan doesn't like the thought of that happening.

Downstairs, Bo and Hope wait for the locksmith to open the safe. Bo gets a call from Lexie, who asks to talk to Hope. Lexie informs Hope about how Jen is letting the stranger she hit with her car stay with her. Hope is shocked, and she tells Bo what Jen has done. Bo says that doesnt sound like Jen to him. He suggests Hope run a background check on this guy, and Hope thinks that is a good idea. Suddenly, the locksmith announces he has one more bolt left before the safe can be opened. However, as hes removing the last bolt, it triggers more bolts to fall into place! He says this is going to take longer than he thought. The locksmith worries that without the combination . . . Bo tells him not to even think that. Hope makes a call to Jen about Patrick, and later decides to check this guy out. She thinks Jen is way too vulnerable right now. Bo tells her that she should go because it looks like this is going to take awhile. Later, the locksmith finally disables the safe and says it is ready to open. Bo thanks him, turns around to find Nicole standing there, and he says gotcha!

At Jens place, Jen is asleep on the couch and Patrick is on the phone with someone. He continues to claim he is in Europe and will call them when he gets back to the States. Jen catches him lying to the person on the phone, and she asks why he is lying to that person? Patrick says he promised some car collector that he would help them to rebuild a car engine when he got back from Europe, but he cant because of the injuries from the accident, and he doesnt want to lose the work with the economy the way it is. Jen feels like her hitting him has put him out of work, and she feels guilty. Suddenly, Jen gets a call from Hope about Patrick. Hope is not pleased with what Jen is doing. Jen says Patrick is harmless, and besides he and Jack knew one another. Hope doesnt like the sound of this and she says she is coming right over. Meanwhile, Patrick calls his mother Bonnie. Patrick says he is coming home, and Bonnie does not look happy by the news. Later, Jen tells Patrick that her cousin Hope is coming over and  wants to meet him. Patrick says he understands, but suddenly pulls a muscle and says he should go take a hot shower. He says to send Hope up to the apartment when she gets here and he will answer her questions. Hope arrives, and when she learns Patrick had a bout of pain after learning she was coming over, she becomes even more suspicious of him. Hope asks how she is doing? Jen says she felt the baby kick tonight. Hope says that is great. Jen says Patrick felt it too. Hope is worried about Jen, and she says this guy could be a con man. Hope says she needs to get back to Bo, but she does want to question this Patrick. She heads upstairs, where Patrick is just getting out of the shower. Hope knocks on the door, and Patrick tells her to come in. He purposely lets her see him naked. Patrick says he knows why she is here, and this is his way of letting her know that he has nothing to hide. Hope tells him to put something on and shell meet him downstairs. Hope heads back downstairs and waits with Jen for a dressed Patrick to come downstairs.

Mimi and Rex are finishing making love at Green Mountain lodge. Rex surprised Mimi with a romantic getaway instead of going to the Tuscany party. Rex isnt sure how hes going to pay for this, but says if he has to wash dishes for the rest of his life than it will be worth it. Mimi says that is the sweetest thing hes ever said to her. Mimi tells Rex that she loves him, and they make love again. Mimi tells Rex that he is a wonderful lover, and she asked where he learned that upside down thing? He says it was in some mens health magazine. Later, they end up talking about Tonys death, as well as Romans. Rex feels bad for Kate, but Mimi says Kate is a survivor. Mimi tells Rex that he is a lot like Kate, he takes chances and throws caution to the wind. Rex says some people would call him and impulsive hot head. Mimi says she calls him sexy. Suddenly, Bonnie calls Mimi to give her the news that Patrick is back in town. Mimi says that is great news, but Bonnie says no it isnt. She says she is in big trouble! Bonnie tells Mimi something we do not hear. Mimi tells her mom that shes on her way. Mimi ends up telling Rex that they need to go back home, her mom is in trouble. Back at Bonnies place, Bonnie tells her dog Max that she is in big trouble. She says she had done something bad, and Patrick is going to be angry with her. 

At Celestes place, Celeste turns over the death card. Doug asks if that means what he thinks it does? She says it can have many meanings, but in this case, yes it means just that. Celeste tells him that he must go straight to the police. Doug says he cant do that. Celeste asks why he wont do that? Doug says it is just so hard to believe this woman is the killer, and if he is wrong it could destroy her life. Celeste says if this woman is innocent than she will be cleared just like the other falsely accused have been. Doug thinks he should confront her and see what she has to say, but Celeste thinks that is foolish. She says he must go to the police! He agrees to go right to Hope. Celeste says she will keep the candle lit to keep him safe. Doug tells Celeste that the next time he sees her it will be all over. Doug heads out to find Hope, but says first he needs to see someone else. Back in Celestes place, the angle candle bursts into flames! Celeste tries to find Doug, but he is long gone.

At her office, Marlena waits for Julie to come and see her. She remembers talking to Julie on the phone, and Julie telling her that Doug claims he knows the identity of the Salem Stalker, but wouldnt tell her. Julie finally shows up, and she tells Marlena that Doug knows the identity of the killer and is on his way to the police right now. Marlena questions Julie about what she knows, but Julie says Doug wouldnt tell her anything to keep her safe. MArlena says that is smart because everyone who knows the identity of the killer dies. Julie asks if that means Doug will die? Marlena says not if the killer doesnt know he knows, but if Doug tells others, than countless people may have to die. Julie tells MArlena that she sounds like she knows how the killers mind works. Marelena says they are one in the same. Julie gives Marlena a stunned look. Marlena says she means she is working with the Salem PD on this case, and she has to climb into this womans mind to figure out how she works. Marlena says this woman is very crafty and refuses to be caught. Julie suddenly gets a message on her PDA, and it is from Alice (yes, Alice now has a PDA). Alice tells Julie that Celeste has been trying to get in touch with her. Marlena calls her own beeper and then tells Julie that shes afraid shes been paged and she has to go. Julie understands, and thanks Marlena for her help. Julie leaves, and Marlena puts a letter opener in her purse and heads out. 

Julie shows up at Celestes place, and Celeste fills her in on what has happened. Julie is upset because he was supposed to go straight to Hope. Celeste also warns Julie that the killer is onto Douglas, his life is in danger. Julie doesnt understand how the killer knows? Julie says there are dark forces at work here, it was only a matter of time before Doug comes face to face with her. Suddenly, a cold wind blows into the apartment, and Celeste cries out in pain as if she's getting another vision.

Marlena heads to church and steps into the confessional. She tries to confess to the priest. Marlena muffles her voice and says she is trying to fight her urge to hurt someone. She says she wants this person to suffer great pain. The father says he must stop her if this is what she wants to do, and when he goes to look at Marlena through the confessional window, she is gone! Outside of the church, Marlena runs into Doug! Doug has come to Addies grave to talk to her. Doug looks over and sees Marlena watching him. Doug approaches Marlena, who grabs her letter opener. Doug says he was looking for her because he has some questions to ask her. Marlena says she was looking for him as well!


March 2, 2004
Shorter due to my long day.
At Jen's place, Hope questions Patrick about who he is. Patrick finally admits he is PAtrick Lockhart, as in Bonnie's son and Mimi's brother. Hope asks why he is not staying with his mother? Patrick says he and his mother had a bit of a falling out. Jen encourages Patrick to call his mom, which he does. He lets her know where he is, and he says he loves her, which touches Jen's heart. Hope still isn't convinced Patrick is on the up-n-up, but Jen is satisfied. She tells Hope that she wants to help Patrick, she feels by doing so she is helping Jack out. Hope gets a call from Bo about the safe, and she says she'll be over shortly. Hope tells Jen just to be sure she's going to stop by Bonnie's place to ask her a few questions.

  At Bonnie's, Mimi asks her mom why she is upset by Patrick's return, what has she done now? Bonnie admits to borrowing some of Patrick's money and not returning it. Mimi gets a sense of dejavous. SHe scolds her mom for once again trying to get rich quick. Patrick calls to let Bonnie know where he is staying, and she is pleased to learn he is with Jen. Later, Bonnie thinks if she can get her hands on Mickey, and PAtrick on Jen, than their family will clean up! She says she'll be the new woman in town, and Julie and Doug will have to step-aside. Later Hope arrives to question Bonnie about her son and if he's ever been in trouble. Bonnie says no, and Mimi says Patrick is a good guy. Hope eventually leaves, and Patrick calls back. He says he is still at Jen's, which pleases Bonnie. Bonnie tells Patrick to go after Jen. Patrick says Jen is a good person and he's not going to scam her. Bonnie says Jen was left a lot of money by her husband, so he would be wise to go for that jackpot as she has always taught him. Mimi gives her mom a disapproving glance. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, everyone waits for the safe to be open. When it finally is, it only contains some blue prints, a birth certificate, and a passport; no incriminating evidence. We see a flashback of Nicole trying to woo the locksmith, who ends up leaving to get a different tool from his van. Nicole quickly got into the safe, with the combo Jan gave her, and retrieved the evidence. She was stunned by it, and quickly had to hide it when people returned. Nicole ends up spotting the folder with the evidence peaking out from a chair cushion she hid it behind, so she sits in it and professes her innocence to all. She says obviously Victor was full of it. She asks Brady to get her a drink refill and hands him her glass. Suddenly, Brady says he knows what is going on here.

At Celeste's place, Julie desperately tries to get a hold of Hope. Celeste panics when Doug's angel candle is blown out, and then gets the feeling that Doug is currently face to face with the killer. She says he is in grave danger and they must get to him. Julie finally learns from Jen that Hope has gone over to Bonnie's place to question her, so she decides to give Bonnie a call. 

At the church, Doug confronts Marlena and accuses her of being the serial killer. Marlena tries to cover and tells him that he must be mistaken. Doug doesn't think so, and he says if he is right and she is the killer, she needs help and it is up to him to stop her. Marlena asks why he thinks she is the killer? Doug says it came to her in a dream. Marlena says he as well as half of Salem has gone certifiable. Doug says he remembers seeing her come out of Tony's cubicle with a syringe. Marlena says she is a doctor, she was giving him medication to ease the pain. She says she is a doctor, she heals people, not takes lives. She also says she was with them at Tuscany when Victor died, so how could she be the killer? Marlena basically convinces Doug that he is mistaken. Doug says he feels like a fool, but Marlena says many other people have been accused and they made it threw the accusations. Marlena says even she believed Celeste's premonition that John was going to kill her, but she knows now that isn't true. Doug apologizes to Malrena, but she says he didn't say anything to anyone, so no harm has been done. Suddenly, Doug remembers there is one thing he has to clean up. He says he left a message with Hope that he knew the name of the Salem Stalker, and when she gets that, she is going to want to know the whole story. 


March 3, 2004
At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo is suspicious of Nicole and suspects she has the missing evidence from the safe. Brady thinks Nicole knows more than she is saying, and Bo agrees. Bo thinks she got into the safe before them, but the locksmith says nobody could have gotten into the safe before him unless they knew the combo. Nicole says maybe Victor destroyed the evidence he had on her because it was all lies and he didnt want to falsely accuse her. Bo doesnt believe that, but Brady says maybe Nicole is right. Brady says maybe the evidence wasnt real, and maybe Nicole isnt the killer. Bo says she is the killer, but Nicole says that is a lie! Suddenly, Hope calls Bo. She asks if he got the safe open. He says yes, but it is a long story. Hope fills Bo in on the missing Doug, and how Doug could be in danger. Bo says hes with Nicole, and hell keep an eye on her. Later, Brady tells Nicole that he wont be convinced of her innocence or guilt, not without proof, and he is convinced she broke into that safe. Nicole asks how she could have broken in when she didnt have the combo? Nicole ends up telling both Bo and John to get out of her house, but Bo says there not going anywhere until they know she is the killer. Bo says they will search this house top and bottom, but Nicole says no way. She says she is still Mrs. Kiriakis, and she is in charge. She says there is no evidence, and they cant arrest her, so she insists they get out of the house! Bo gets a call from the station about Doug, and he orders all officers except the ones to guard the mansion to look for Doug. Nicole says if the killer is after Doug and he is in trouble, than it is physically impossible for her to be stalking Doug right now. Brady says Nicole makes a good point. Nicole says she did not kill Victor, and with those cops out there, she cant sneak out. She asks how many times the killer has to strike before she is proven innocent? Bo and John finally agree to leave, and Nicole thanks Brady for sticking up for her. Brady still wants to know where the evidence that was supposed to be in that safe was. Meanwhile, John tells Bo that there is a slim possibility that Nicole isnt the killer. Bo asks who is then? John says all they know is that they dont know where Doug is, and if the killer has found him, he is in trouble. Later, Bo gets a call from Julie about Doug. He has to go, but tells Nicole that the cops will be watching her.

Bonnie shows up at Celestes place to talk to her. Bonnie says her son Patrick is back in town, and she needs to know what is in his future. Celeste is glad Bonnie is here because she doesnt want to be alone tonight. Bonnie hopes it isnt going to be one of those nights again. She says if her deck of cards is stacked with the death card, than she is out of here.  Celeste says Doug is in grave danger, and they must call forth the dead to help them protect Doug. Romans head appears to Celeste in the angel candle and he tells Celeste that she is the only one who can save Doug. As Celeste talks to Roman and questions him, Bonnie goes on and on asking Celeste for a potion to make Mickey forget about Maggie. She vows to make Mickey hers and let no one stand in her way. Suddenly, Maggies ghost shows up and she says shell just see about that! Bonnie gets a chill and tells Celeste that she should go before Maggies ghost shows up, but Maggie appears and stops Bonnie from leaving. Maggie, who is once again in her fairy godmother outfit, calls Bonnie a strumpet and tells Bonnie to leave her husband alone! She says she wont let Bonnie sponge off Mickey and take his hard eared money. Bonnie says she is just trying to help Mickey out, but Maggie doesnt believe her. Maggie says shell need a lot more than a love potion to get Mickey under her spell. Bonnie says she is half way there. She says Mickey has kissed her a few times, and she thinks he liked it. She says it was a little taste of something he has been missing for awhile! Bonnie says she was her guardian angel, and asks her to shine a little light on Patrick. Maggie says she knows what she is doing, she wants to marry Mickey for his money, and she wants Patrick to marry Jens for hers! Bonnie says she grew up dirt poor and is ready for a new life, a new life on easy street. She asks Maggie if she is in? Maggie says she will not approve of this scheme of hers. She warns Bonnie that some dreams can turn into nightmares. Bonnie says she doesnt care, she wants it right now. Maggie, who has a wand with her, waves her wand, gives Bonnie a warning, and finally disappears. Meanwhile, Roman tells Celeste that he has to find Doug now, she has to stop this killer. Celeste says she cant, she doesnt know how. Roman says if her own concern is saving herself, than she is signing Dougs death warrant. Roman says Doug is with the killer as they speak, but his time is running out. Suddenly, Celeste gets a vision of a graveyard, and she thinks that is where Doug is. Roman tells Celeste to call Hope now. Celeste begins crying that she sees more death, more death. Bonnie returns and tells Celeste to make that potion Maggie proof.

Hope returns to the Horton house, and Julie tells her that Doug knows who the killer is and she thinks hes gone after her himself. Hope calls the station to see if Doug is there. They tell her no, but he left a message for her saying he knows who the killer is. Hope puts an APB out on her father. Later, Julie tells Hope about Maggies ghost coming to her tonight and telling her that Doug was in grave danger. Hope calls the station again to check for news, but there is none. Julie says she has a very bad feeling about this. Hope says the killer has been busy tonight, and they have evidence she tried to attack Shawn earlier. Julie asks why Shawn would be a target, does he knows the identity of the target? Hope asks Alice to call or text message everyone in Salem who knows Doug to see if they know where he is. Hope then tells Julie what she has to ask him may be very painful. She asks Julie to close her eyes and sense if daddy is in danger or pain. Julie says he is in terrible danger right now. Suddenly the phone rings, and it is Celeste. Celeste warns her that Doug is in the cemetery and is in grave danger. She says the killer is about to strike again! Hope tells Julie that she is going to look for Doug, and she asks Julie to stay here and call Bo because daddys life depends on it. Suddenly, Julie gets the feeling that she has been stabbed in the chest. Julie calls Bo to tell him about Celeste premonition, while Hope races to the cemetery.

At the cemetery, Doug tells MArlena that hell explain everything to Hope, that he was mistaken, and that he knows she isnt the killer. Marlena doesnt want her name brought into it, but Doug says as a cop Hope will want to look everything over. Doug says Hope will want to know why he suspected her. Marlena says he has to do what he has to do, and so does she! She asks if anyone else knows about his suspicions. He says no, but he did go to Celeste for help. Doug says she turned over her damn death card. Marlena tells herself that Celeste hasnt been wrong about one of her victims yet. Doug says he didnt tell anyone his suspicions because he didnt want to ruin her good reputation if he was wrong. Marlena begs Doug not to name her, but he says other people have been named and exonerated, so why does it make a difference. Marlena says it matters to her. Doug laughs and asks why, unless she really is the killer. MArlena breaks down and says she has to talk to someone, she is scared and desperate. She tells Doug that it is true, she is the serial killer. He asks how, why? She says she doesnt know. She says she couldnt stop herself, she felt threatened. Doug tells Marlena that she needs help, and Marlena says she knows that. She says she wants help. Marlena says she almost tried to kill Shawn, and even her own daughter Belle. Doug asks MArlena what happened to her, how could she have killed into such a brutal monster. Marlena says she doesnt know. Doug starts going down all the victims she killed, and he asks her how could she do these horrible things. Doug says she has caused so much pain and suffering to people he knows she loves. MArlena cries that she is sorry. Doug says it is over, and they have to go to the police and turn her in. Marlena stops crying and gives Doug a look. Doug asks if she is all right now? Marlena says no shes not. Doug tells MArlena to call Hope. Marlena says she will. Suddenly they hear sirens, and Marlena says it sounds like someone is in trouble. Doug goes to call Hope, but he forgot his cell phone. Marlena claims she doesnt have her phone, but says she knows a payphone near here. She says there is a shortcut through the cemetery, and they head in there.

In the cemetery, Marlena begins to look at the headstones of all her victims. She asks Doug to pray for them. Doug says okay, and gets down on his knees to pray. Doug finishes his prayer, and then Marlena tells Doug she is not going to spend the rest of her life in jail. Doug says she needs to be in the hospital, she needs help. MArlena says that Celeste is right when she predicted his death, and now that prediction is about to come true. Marlena raises a letter opener as the show ends.


March 4, 2004
At Lucas place, Lucas catches Kate making a few corrections to Wills project. Lucas wants Will to do his own work. Kate says if she had let him do his own work it would have taken a miracle for him to have graduated from high school. She makes some jokes about professions and Lucas' lack of one. Lucas says he plans on looking for a job today, and he says he needs a good job with benefits to provide for his family. She hopes he isnt including Sami in that family. Lucas says he hasnt ruled that out. Kate tells Lucas that if he gets involved with Sami than he will end up dead and in a coffin! Later, Lucas surfs the web for job openings, and finds one at Basic Black. He wonders why his mom didnt tell him about this job, but then realizes hed be working with Sami. He also realizes he would be in a management possession and could give her orders all day long. Later, Will walks out of his room, and Lucas asks why he is still up? Lucas says he needs to talk to his dad about his sociology home work. Lucas says he didnt think they studied that until high school. Will says they are studying human sexuality, and he has questions about his conception. He knows he wasnt planned, and he wants to know if his dad loved his mom. Lucas tells Will that he was born out of love, and that is all he needs to know. Will wants his dad to tell his mom how he feels about her. Lucas says he cant because she doesnt want him. Will says he must be blind and deaf, of course his mom wants him! Will encourages his father to go to his mother and tell her how he feels.

At Samis place, Sami cant stop thinking about Lucas. She writes and entry in her diary about how every time she closes her eyes to sleep she thinks about Lucas. As she writes about Lucas, she realizes this is not helping. There is a knock at her door, and she hopes it is Lucas. Sami even primps herself for him. Unfortunately it is Kate. Sami asks what she is doing here? Kate says shes come to take care of something, her! Kate asks Sami to let her in so they can talk. Kate walks in, and she begins discussing Samis job. She lets Sami know she has done a lousy job so far, and shes decided it would not be for the best if she continued in her current position. Sami thinks shes being fired, but Kate says she is not. Kate says there is a job opening that would suit her well, and she would be able to use her creative skills and would no longer be under her supervision. Kate gives her the job description, which is amazing, until she sees this job is in London. Kate says that is right, and she asks Sami if she will stay in Salem where everyone hates her guts and the killer is killing off her family, or will she go to London where Brandon Walker is about to relocate? Sami asks how she knows where Brandon is? Kate says she just knows. She says London would be great not only for her and for Will, she says Will could go to the finest schools. Sami asks if she wouldnt even miss Will? Kate says of course she would, but she also wants what is best for him. Sami seems to entertain the idea, until she remembers Celestes prediction about her mom being killed by John. She refuses to run out on her mom. Kate says her mother would want what is best for her, and she would not want her to give up this once in a lifetime opportunity. Sami decides to think about it and excuses herself. Later, Lucas goes to Samis place and is stunned when Kate answers the door. He asks what she is doing here? She says she is speaking business with Sami. Lucas thinks she is trying to come between him and Sami, and he says she is wasting her time if she thinks she can keep them away from one another. Sami spies on them as they argue, and she realizes Kate offered her the job because she is afraid Lucas is getting close to her. Sami wonders if Lucas really thinks they could have something together.

Bo and John race to the cemetery, and Hope heads to Celestes place. Bo calls Hope and asks why she has gone to Celestes? Hope says she is hoping she might have more information for them to go on because nobody can find her father anywhere. Bo says they will find him. Hope heads in to see Celeste, who is desperately trying to keep Dougs candle lit. She talks to Hope about Dougs visit and how the spirits confirmed his suspicions about the person he believed to be the killer. Hope can't believe this, and she asks Celeste how she could not asked him who the killer was? Celeste says she was afraid to ask, she was afraid to know! Celeste says she did what she could, and she urged Doug to go to the police and she even called her. Celeste says she thought Doug was going to the police when he left, but then she saw the vision of Doug in the cemetery. Celeste manages to light the candle, and she says Doug will be safe. Hope says her father is missing, and she expects her to believe her fathers life depends on this candle? Suddenly, the candle bursts into flames. Celeste relights the candle after the fire goes out. Hope begs Celeste to try and use her powers and see what she can find out about her father or the killer. Hope says they need to know who the killer is, it is the only hope for her father. Celeste tells Hope about her crystals and suggests Hope use the crystals and her own convictions to see if the answers she seeks will appear to her. Hope doesn't know how crystals are supposed to help her. Celeste says she also met the killer once, so she may have answers buried inside of her.

In the cemetery, Doug puts up a fight against Marlena. The cops show up, and Doug says her murdering spree is over! Suddenly, Marlena hears John say Hold it right there! Unfortunately for Doug, John and Bo have spotted Julie. Julie has come to look for Doug, and as she talks to Bo, Marlena and Doug struggle. Marlena pushes Doug into an open grave and jumps in with him. Bo tells Julie to stay put while they search the cemetery. Julie goes to Tom's tombstone and she asks him to help Bo and John find Doug, and then she begins calling out to Doug. Doug wakes up and hears Julie calling him, but he also sees MArlena is in the grave with him. Meanwhile, Bo and John tells Julie that Doug isnt here, so they decide to leave. Back in the grave, Marlena tells Doug that she couldnt have planned this better. She says a couple of stabs and hell be dead and buried! They rumble in the grave, and Doug really puts up one hell of a fight. Doug knocks MArlena doug and kicks the living crud out of her. They they wrestle over the knife, and Doug manages to escape the grave. Doug runs to the church and screams for help, but the church is locked. MArlena comes after Doug, and she stabs him in the throat! 

Meanwhile, Bo, John and Julie leave the cemetery, and Bo calls Hope. Bo hasnt found anything, and Hope says coming to Celeste was a waste of time. Suddenly, Celeste has a vision. Celeste gets a vision of Tom Hortons name . . . . on a tomb stone! She says Doug is at Toms grave, and that is all she sees. Bo turns his car around and heads back to the cemetery. Hope leaves, and laterCeleste has a vision of Toms gravestone, and then Dougs!

Back at the graveyard, Doug pushes Marlena down and runs for it. Doug crawls into the bushes where he hides.. MArlena searches for him, wondering where he is. Marlena says he is asking for it, and she will make him so sorry when she finds him! Doug finds a piece of paper and writes Marlenas name on it with his own blood! Bo, Hope, John and Julie show up, and they search for Doug. John is close to discovering Marlena, who is hiding behind a tombstone fears she may have to kill John. She says to herself Dont make me do this John! John is called away by Bo, and barely misses finding MArlena. Bo has discovered blood on a grave. Doug has collapsed behind a grave, and he tries to call out for help. He ends up crawling to Tombs tombstone and buries his clue there, the slip of paper with Marlenas name on it. Meanwhile, Hope is on the other side of the tombstone asking Tom to help them find her father. Suddenly, Hope is grabbed, and she screams! Hope finds her father and cries out. Bo calls for the paramedics, and John spots someone watching them from the bushes. John sees the figure flee, and he says Doc?


March 5, 2004
Building off of NBC's summary because of my long day, plus my local NBC was having sound issues during the show!

At her place, Celeste consults the crystals and is shocked to see a vision of Doug being stabbed by the killer. She screams and says if she is the only one who can stop this killer than so be it! Celeste opens up a chest and light pours out of it. From the chest she takes an archaic leather bound book. Celeste opens the book and begins to chant. The chant she recites allows her to tap into the killer's mind. Celeste tries her best to learn the killer's identity.

Bo and Hope spot Doug and go into rescue mode as Hope begs her father to hold on. Bo asks Doug to give him a name, just one word; but Doug is unable to speak. Hope urges him to tell her the identity of the killer but he dies leaving a devastated Hope behind. Meanwhile, Julie enters the chapel to look for Doug, unaware he's lying near death in the graveyard. She says a prayer for Doug's safety, and Doug's ghost appears to say goodbye to Julie. Julie and no words are necessary as she folds into his strong arms and sobs. She eventually asks him why? He says it is his time. She asks who did this to him, but he says he cannot tell her that. Doug tells her that he will be with her "Always" and sings to her as he fades away. Later, Hope meets Julie in the chapel and they comfort each other.

In the cemetery, John realizes the killer is still nearby. He sees a figure run off and says "Doc, no, it can't be!" John and follows her on foot into a crypt. John recognizes the crypt as the entrance to the rumored catacombs beneath Salem. He messages Tek to let him know where he is. He calls out that this is the end for her. A hiding Marlena says it is the end, for him! Marlena sees an axe on the wall and goes to grab it. Suddenly she is hit with an intense headache. She realizes someone is trying to get into her mind. She says she is stronger than they are, and succeeds in preventing Celeste from finding out her identity. Marlena then traps John  in an old grave robbers pit. The walls begin to close in on John, but with Tek's help, John manages to escape the crypt but he's too late to catch the killer. Later Bo questions John and Tek and asks John if the killer was anyone he recognized. John says he did not recognize the killer. Bo asks if he saw anything, perhaps a shadow or a silhouette that may have looked familiar at all? Meanwhile, Marlena returns to the penthouse.

At the loft, Shawn finds a sleepless Belle on the fire escape and they talk about the murders. Shawn urges Belle to keep Caroline's cross close to her heart because it will protect her, but she accidentally drops it. Shawn retrieves it and she thanks him. He asks her to please where this, it will keep her safe. An upset Belle realizes Shawn still suspects her mom.  Shawn steers the conversation elsewhere. Shawn receives a page from Bo and exits. Alone, determined Belle has an idea on how to clear her mom's name.

At Sami's place, Lucas gets a page and has to go check on some DiMera business. Kate can't believe he is still working for them. Lucas says he'll be back, and when he returns, they will finish this conversation about her sending Sami to London. Sami reels upon learning the only reason Kate offered her the job in London was to keep her away from Lucas. Sami hangs this over Kate's head, but when Lucas returns, Kate tells Lucas that Sami doesn't care about him, she was playing him in order to hurt her.  Lucas, covering his hurt over the prospect, orders Kate out and he calls Sami on her actions and asks her to reveal her true feelings once and for all.

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