March 8, 2004
Celeste and Lexie head to the graveyard because Lexie needs to examine Dougs body. Lexie doesnt want to leave her mom alone, but Celeste says she will be all right. She says maybe if she prays she can find peace. Celeste heads into the church to pray. She goes into the confessional to confess her sins, only to receive a visit from Dougs ghost, who is on the other side of the confessional! Doug says he has been waiting for her. Celeste feels guilty about his death. She feels like she has let him down. Doug says she should not feel guilty, nothing she did led to his death. He says after he left her place he came here to talk to Addie for advise, and that is where he faced the killer. He says she denied her guilt at first, but later confessed her guilt, and that is when she killed him. Celeste asks if she will kill again? Doug says he is certain of it, and her next victim will be the most beloved person in all of Salem! Celeste asks who it is? Doug says she knows the rules, he cant give out that kind of information. Celeste wonders what kind of rules allow the dead to speak to her but not to help her. She tells Doug to break the rules, what is her daughter is the next to die. Doug wants to tell her, and says he will tell her. Suddenly, the confessional begins to shake. Doug says hes being warned not to speak, but he must do what he can to prevent the next death. 

In the graveyard, Bo begs John to give him something to go on. Tek tells John that he is the only one who has gotten close to the killer. John remembers thinking it could be Marlena. John says it was dark and he couldnt get a good look at the killers face. As Shawn mourns his grandfathers death, John wonders if Doc could have possibly done this.When he says this outloud, Bo asks John what he said? John says he said nothing. Bo gets the feeling that John isnt telling him something, but John says hes not responsible for his feelings. John says when he finds anything solid he will come to him. Bo says okay. Bo feels guilty because he promised Hope nobody would get hurt again, but now her dad is dead.

Lexie arrives and is torn up over the death of Doug. Meanwhile, Hope leaves Shawn alone to say goodbye to his Grandpa Doug. Shawn tells his grandfather that he will get this killer, he wont let anyone else get killed. Meanwhile, Lexie and Hope help Julie grieve. Lexie says they have to pray this is the last one they lose. Shawn says the killer will strike again, and he wont let them get away with it. Shawn is just glad Belle is safe at the loft. Julie thanks Lexie for coming to examine Doug because she doesnt want a stranger touching him. Lexie says shell be very respectful. Meanwhile, Hope asks Bo what is next on the list? Bo doesnt think she should work, but she says she has to work. Bo says okay. John says they have things under control, so hes going home to check on Doc. Bo asks what MArlena has to do with this? John says he just doesnt want Doc to find out about Doug from a stranger. Hope says Doug and Marlena were very close, especially when MArlena first came to Salem. Bo says he understands, but they need help here checking out the crime scene. John agrees to stay, and he just hopes MArlena is home asleep. Elsewhere, Julie tells Shawn that he doesnt think it is a coincidence that Doug was murdered near Addies grave. Julie says he probably came here seeking wisdom. When Shawn learns Doug knew the killers identity, he says they need to tell his dad. They go to tell Bo that Doug knew the identity of the stalker. Bo says he should have told them. Julie says he didnt tell anyone, not even her because he was afraid it was a death sentence.

Meanwhile, Lexie and Tek examine the body, and Lexie says the murder weapon wasnt a knife judging by the cut. Lexie says this must mean the killer was not armed when she came here and had to improvise. LExie says this killer is starting to slip up. Later, Lexie overhears Julie telling Bo that Doug knew the killers identity and went to Celeste. Lexie says her mother is alone in the church, she could be in danger. Lexie and John head to the church to search for her. In the confessional, Doug says he cannot reveal the killers identity or he may not be allowed to cross to the other side. However, he says if she is not stopped, one family will be destroyed for all time! Suddenly, Lexie opens the confessional door and startles Celeste. Celeste cries that they must find the killer before one family is destroyed for all time. John asks her what she means? Celeste says she just had a visit from Dougs ghost. Lexie says oh not again . . . . Celeste says she cant help it. She says Doug couldnt tell her who the killer was, but that the next victim is someone much loved and that it will destroy one family forever. John remembers possibly seeing Marlena in the graveyard. Lexie says she needs to get the to graveyard and continue searching for evidence. Lexie says the killer is getting sloppy, perhaps they can find some evidence against her.

Back in the graveyard, Tek works on Doug as Julie watches. Julie says he looks so peaceful. Tek says she shouldnt be here, but Julie wont leave. Tek comforts her as Bo comforts Hope. Shawn tries to call Belle, but only gets her answering machine. He thinks she must be asleep. Later, Celeste comes out and tells Hope and Julie how sorry she is for them, and if she could turn back the clock she would have forced Doug to go to the police straight away. She wishes she had forced the point. Julie tells her not to do this to herself, and Hope says she has done anything she could. Bo asks Julie, Hope and Celeste if they told anyone that Doug knew the truth. Julie says she did talk to someone . . . she talked to Alice. Celeste says she talked to no one. Julie than she remembers telling someone else, she told Marlena. Bo looks at John, who closes his eyes. 

At the penthouse, Marlena washes off the bloody letter opener and stares into the mirror. She looks like she is in a trance. Meanwhile, Belle shows up to check on her mom. She thinks Shawn will be mad at her for leaving the loft, but she needs to check on her mom. In the bathroom, Marlena touches her reflection in the mirror and looks puzzled. Belle enters the loft and is stunned when she sees mud on the floor. She races upstairs where Marlena is cleaning her shoes. Marlena hears Belle call out, and she hides her shoes under a towel and hides the letter opener behind her back. Belle bursts into the bathroom and says Your going to kill me . . . Marlena asks why she would say that? Belle says she tracked mud into the house. Marlena says that is okay. Marlena asks how Belle got in because the doorman didnt announce her. Belle says she used to live her, but Marlena says everyone is supposed to be announced, she's left instructions. Belle says that probably isn't a bad idea with this killer on the loose. Marlena asks Belle if she is out on her own this late at night? Belle says she is. She says Shawn had to go after his dad paged him about an emergency, and she didnt tell him that she was coming over because he still thinks she is the serial killer. Belle says since they are both here and awake, they should go watch an old movie. Suddenly, Belle sees what appears to be blood by the sink. Marlena wrestles with the letter opener she is holding behind her back, and she claims she just cut herself and is fine. Marlena suggests that they just go get a cup of hot cocoa. Belle wants it to be made like Grandma Evans makes it. Belle misses her Grandma Evans, and thinking about her makes her think about Shawns grandmother. Belle knows Caroline was special to MArlena. Marlena says she adored Caroline, she was her family. Belle says Shawn is crazy to think she could have killed her because she loved all the people who have died. Marlena suggests Belle head downstairs and start the cocoa and shell meet her. Belle leaves, and Marlena continues cleaning the blood up. She tells herself to get a grip, she cant lose it now. Marlena tells herself that Caroline had to die, and so did Doug, they had to be silences and murder was the only way. Later, Marlena serves Belle some cocoa. Belle wants to talk about Shawn and the killer. Belle hopes he is just reacting out of fear. MArlena says these things will work it out in time. Belle says she tried to point out that she was with them when Victor died. Marlena says Victors death was a surprise, and she suggests maybe Nicole is the killer. Belle ends up looking through an old photo album, and MArlena is disturbed when she sees a photo of her with Doug. Doug comes to life and asks her how he could do this to her, they were so close? Doug says brilliant as she is, she will be caught. Doug tells her that she will be found out and will lose everything, even her own life! Marlena asks Belle to put the photos away. She does, but then Belle begins to ask her mom about the serial killer. She asks her mom what kind of woman this killer is? Marlena asks Belle if she really wants to know? Belle says she wants to know what type of monster she is. Marlena says the question is not what is she, but who is she! Marlena tells Belle that she is looking right at her! MArlena ends up telling Belle that the profile of the killer fits her to a tee, which bothers Belle. Marlena drops her letter opener, and Belle asks why she had that in her pocket. Marlena says she had a lot of bills and letters. Belle ask Marlena to get back to the killer. Marlena says she is a very intelligent woman, probably educated, white and middle to upper class. Marlena says the killer is probably a housewife, a waitress, a nurse, or even a doctor. She says when the police catch her everyone will be stunned, it is on TV all the time. She says when she is caught, nobody can believe she is guilty. Belle asks her mom if she is kidding? MArlena says she is dead serious. Belle says she just cant believe this woman is so normal. Marlena says it is based on years of research, and serial killers are people too. Marlena says usually killers are men, but men and women killers are different. She says the motives of woman killers seem to have a mysterious need. Belle asks her mom, hypothetically, if she was the killer, than what would motivate her to kill? Belle says she would do it to control, to be in charge. Belle asks what about the victims? Marlena goes through the list and says the victims range from socialites, to family and friends, lost spouses and children, and sometimes the killer just kills because they hate someone. Still, Belle says this must be more than about control, what does the killer need? Marlena says the killer needs to be stopped, she cant help it and cant control herself. Marlena says if the killer confides in anyone, than someone else must die. Belle asks her mom what is happening to her? Belle thinks her mom is getting upset, and perhaps this wasnt a good thing to talk about. Marlena begins stumbling around, and Belle thinks her mom is going to faint. MArlena collapses onto the couch and tells Belle that she is the killer! 


March 9, 2004
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At the Kiriakis mansion, as Jan lies on Nicole's bed (I think she's still drunk), Nicole plans how to destroy the evidence. Nicole wants Jan to sneak the evidence out and burn it while she keeps Brady occupied. Jan says she thought she already got the evidence and destroyed it. Nicole says, as she has already mentioned, the locksmith returned before she could destroy the evidence. Nicole says she had to hide the evidence in the sofa cushion on the couch, and they better pray Brady hasn't found it. Jan says okay, and actually gets down on her knees and prays Brady hasn't found evidence that they killed people. Jan says they are going to hell aren't they? Nicole says they will appeal. Nicole says right now they are in trouble and God won't help them, she is the only one who can get them out of this. Jan seems distracted or confused by the plan, so Nicole explains it once again. She says Jan will sneak the evidence out of the room and throw it in the fireplace while she distracts Brady.

Downstairs, Brady gets a call from Shawn. Shawn asks Brady if he heard from Belle. Brady says he hasn't. Brady asks why he is calling so late, has something happened? Shawn says there has been another killing, his grandfather Doug. Shawn explains everything he knows that happened to Brady. Later, Nicole shows up and says she is cold so she wants to build a fire. Brady says not now, he just got some bad news. Brady says the killer struck again. Nicole asks who she killed now? Brady says that isn't funny, and the killer killed Shawn's grandfather Doug. Nicole says that is awful! She says poor Shawn, he's lost two grandfathers in one night. Brady wonders why she cares, she hated Victor and barely new Doug. Nicole says maybe it is just getting to her. She ends up building the fire, but she does it all wrong so Brady helps her. They build the fire, and Brady comments that she's built a fire the size of a bonfire. Nicole says these killings have chilled her to the bone, but it couldn't have come at a better time. Brady asks how she can find anything good out of this? Nicole says she doesn't mean to sound ghoulish, but she was handcuffed to him when Victor died, and she was here when Doug died. Brady says Victor did claim if anything happened to him she was to blame, but without that evidence he said he had he cannot suspect her. Brady says if only they could find that evidence. Nicole says he will never find that evidence! Nicole tells Brady that she is not guilty, she has airtight alibis. She says the only way she could have done this is if she had looney people carry out her murders like the Manson family. BRady says she is right, she can't be guilty. Brady wonders where the evidence is then? Nicole says perhaps he burned them? She tries to distract Brady while Jan sneaks in to get the evidence. Suddenly, Brady says he knows where the will and the evidence is, it has been in front of him the entire time! Nicole says there is no proof that the evidence exists. Brady says maybe not, but the will does. Brady says it has to be around here somewhere, and he will tear this place apart to find it, starting with this room. 

At the cemetery, Lexie and Tek continue to examine the body. Bo suggests Hope take Julie over to Alice's place, but Julie refuses to leave Doug. We see a flashback of Julie admitting she told Marlena that Doug knew who the killer was. Celeste asks John if he is all right? John says it is just the shock of Doug's death. When Celeste goes to comfort John, she gets a premonition that John knows who the killer is! John says he doesn't. Celeste apologizes and says she didn't mean to upset him. Celeste warns him not to go after the killer alone, she is deadly, and just like a black widow she won't hesitate to go after the ones she loves! John says if he confronts the killer, she will be the one who dies. John decides to finally leave and tell Marlena about Doug. Meanwhile, Bo tells Shawn to head home, and he tells Hope to keep watching Julie. Before John leaves, he promises Julie that he'll find the killer, no matter who she is. Later, Lexie and Tek discuss the evidence they have found, a boot print in the mud as well as the fact that the murder weapon was a long, dull blade. Meanwhile, Julie lashes out at Bo and Hope for being unable to catch the killer. They promise they will catch this monster, but Julie says they have been promising that for months now! She asks how many more people have to die before they catch this monster? Hope says Bo wants to find this killer as bad as she does, she has killed many of his family members too. Julie says she knows, and she apologizes. She says it is just as if Doug died for nothing because he wouldn't tell anyone what he knew. Julie tells Shawn, who still hasn't left, that his grandfather loved him. Shawn says he knows, and he knows Doug's spirit is watching out over him and his little brother. Shawn leaves to go call Belle again. Julie tells Hope that it is not like Doug to not leave some evidence behind trying to name his killer. Tek goes over the evidence gathered with Bo, and Hope and Julie insist Doug must have left some clue behind. Hope says she will not let her father's death be in vain. Bo promises to catch this maniac, and he says if he gets to her first she won't live long enough to go to trial.

Elsewhere, Celeste tells Lexie that she has a terrible feeling that there will be more tragedy before this night is over. Celeste says she believes the killer will be caught, but not before another death occurs.

At the penthouse, Marlena begins to become unstable on her feet. Belle says it looks like she's going to faint. Marlena stumbles, then collapses onto the couch, and finally admits to Belle that she's the killer! Belle stands there stunned by her mother's confession. However, we soon learn she hasn't heard it at all! Belle left the room to get her mom some water and some aspirin, which she gives to Marlena. Marlena takes them, but remembers her brutal attack on Doug. Belle says when she was brining her water she was saying something about the killer. Suddenly, Belle says she knows what is going on. Belle thinks her talking about the killer has upset her mother. Belle says she shouldn't have even brought up the maniac. Marlena says she isn't a maniac, she is a woman with a very clear mission. Belle says the woman is a monster. Marlena says she isn't. Marlena says this woman doesn't want to go on killing, but sometimes she feels she has no choice.

John arrives at the penthouse where he sees muddy footprints on the carpet. He sees the patio doors are open, and he finds Marlena on the patio. He asks Marlena what is wrong? John says whatever is bothering her she can tell him. Marlena asks "Can I? Would you understand?" Before she says anything else, Belle shows up. Belle suggests they go inside because it is cold out here. Belle talks about how they were talking about the murderer earlier, and she got so upset she fainted. John asks how long Belle has been here? Belle says for a little while. She says when she came here mom was upstairs washing some blood of her hand from a cut. John asks how the mud got here? Belle says that was her fault. John says he is sorry, he's just thinking like a cop tonight. Marlena asks why mud on the floor is making him think like a cop? John says he has some bad news, Doug Williams was murdered tonight. Belle says she needs to call Shawn. John says he is at the graveyard, that is where Doug was killed. Belle wants to go there, but John says no way. MArlena says it is okay, the killer won't strike again tonight. John asks how she can be so sure? Marlena says she has looked at the profile on her. Belle eventually leaves, and John says she didn't seem surprised to hear Doug was murdered. Marlena says she is stunned. John says Doug died because he knew who the killer was. He asks Marlena if she went out tonight? MArlena says she went out to take Belle some cold medicine, and then she came right home. John says Julie claimed she told her about Doug tonight. Marlena says she did, and she met Julie in her office tonight. Marlena says Julie didn't know who Doug suspected though. John tells Marlena that he loves her and thinks she is the greatest person in this whole world. He asks MArlena if there is something she'd like to tell him? Marlena says there is. She says she thinks he has guessed it already. Marlena cries out that she is the killer. John asks why? Marlena says it isn't important, but John says it is important. He asks why she killed all these people? She says she had to, she couldn't get caught! She says she had to protect herself to protect their family. John tells her that she needs help. Marlena says she knows she needs help, and she wants him to help her get it. Marlena hugs John and says she loves him, and she knows he loves her. She says she will get the help she needs and she will stop killing, but he can't call the police. John says he can't do that, he can't let her get away with murder. Marlena says she is sorry he feels that way, and she stabs John in the gut! As John collapses, Marlena continues to stab him! Of course this was all a dream in Marlena's head, she has not stabbed John. John once again tells Marlena that he loves her, but he knows Belle wasn't with her when Doug was murdered. He asks if she has something to tell him. MArlena says she has nothing to tell him. As she says this, she grabs the letter opener on the desk! Marlena asks John why he keeps staring at her in the way he is?  

Belle heads to the cemetery and tells Shawn she heard about his grandfather. She explains she was with her mom when her dad came home and told them. Shawn questions her about how long she was with her mom. Belle realizes Shawn suspects her mother killed his grandfather. Shawn says he is sorry, but everyone in Salem is a suspect right now. Belle says some more than others though. She says her mom loved Doug, she couldn't have done this. Belle says she has been with her mom for hours so she could not have killed Doug. Shawn believes her and says he trusts her and knows she'd never lie to him. He hugs her, and Belle feels guilty.


March 10, 2004
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At the Cheatin' Heart, Phillip is drinking when he learns a pretty girl across the bar has bought him a drink. He basically lifts his glass to her, but does nothing else. She comes over and asks if he is going to thank her. He says thanks. She asks him if he has a girlfriend? He says he wishes. She says maybe his wish will come true. She says her name is Madison, and she already knows who he is. She says she saw him on Love is Blind and is a fan. She asks what happened with the girl he picked? Phillip says she is taken, but he knew that when he picked her. She wonders why he picked a girl that was taken, unless he really likes her. She thinks Phillip likes Belle, or at least someone. Phillip swears he doesn't, but Madison says she can prove it. She asks for his wallet, which he gives up. She finds a photo of Kate in it, but Phillip says that is his mother. Deep inside Phillip's wallet she finds a photo of Phillip and Belle, and she says she knew he liked someone. Madison then urges Phillip that if he likes this girl to go for it.

At the Kiriakis' Mansion, Brady is searching the downstairs while Nicole watches.  Jan spies on them both. Brady ends up finding an envelope which .indicates Victor was setting up a trust fund for Phillip and the details would be in his will. Brady says this proves there is a will somewhere. Nicole says it obviously isn't down here, so he should check Victor's bedroom. Brady thinks Nicole is trying to get rid of him, so she says she'll go with him. They head upstairs, and Jan grabs the papers. She is nearly caught by  Henderson, and later decides to get out of the mansion instead of hanging around and burning the evidence as Nicole directed her to. Upstairs, Nicole tries to distract Brady with a seduction attempt, but he stops her. He thinks she is happy that Victor is dead and without the will or evidence she has everything she wants. Nicole says not everything, she doesn't have him. Nicole eventually leaves Brady to search Victor's room after giving him permission, after all this house and its contents are now hers.

At the cemetery, Shawn asks Belle if she is being straight with him, and she says she is. She swears she was with her mother when Doug was killed. Shawn says he believes her because he knows she wouldn't lie.  Meanwhile, Bo promises Julie that they will find this killer, and if he finds her first she won't need to go to trial because he'll kill her himself. Hope is worried and cautions Bo not to take the law into his own hands. Later, Shawn goes to talk to Bo, who thinks Shawn might have a theory. Shawn says it is nothing, he has been proven wrong. Tek suddenly announces that he has found a clue, dirt under Doug's fingernails. Bo doesn't think it is much of a clue and dismisses it. Suddenly, Doug's ghost rises and tries to persuade everyone  that he has left a clue for them to find. Julie feel's Doug's presence, but no one catches onto his clue. Hope and Julie say goodbye as Doug's body is taken away, and we are treated to some classic Doug, Julie and young Hope flashbacks. Later, Shawn overhears Julie talking about how she told Marlena Doug knew who the killer was. Shawn becomes suspicious again, and talks to Tek about his theory that Marlena is the killer, but says she was with them when Victor died, and Belle was with her tonight. Tek says sometimes clues can lead to false suspects, and if she has an alibi than he can't see how MArlena did it. Belle watches Shawn ponder her mother's guilt. Belle feels guilty, but tells herself that she knows her mom is innocent, so she is only protecting her.

At the loft, John questions Marlena and asks if anyone can provide her with an alibi for tonight. Marlena says they can't, she came home after seeing Julie and took the back elevator, so even the doorman didn't see her. John remains suspicious of his wife, and when she leaves to make some tea, he searches her closet for evidence that she is the killer. Marlena catches him and is furious. She knows what he is up to and says he can search this whole place but he will find no evidence. We see a flashback of Marlena burning her gloves and coat earlier in the building's incinerator. Marlena realizes John thinks she is the killer, and she says where has their trust gone, can their marriage ever recover from this? John says he is sorry, but for a split second tonight when he saw the killer he could have sworn it was her. Marlena cries crocodile tears and claims she doesn't think they will survive this, and perhaps it is best that they have separated if he can think this about her. John says he is not accusing her, it is just for a second he thought . . . . Suddenly, John says he knows why he thought he saw her at the cemetery tonight . . . . 


March 11, 2004
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At Rex's loft, Mimi and Rex are in bed together. Mimi hopes Rex isn't disappointed about having to come home early because of her mom. He isn't. They make love, and later Mimi goes on a rant about her mother. Mimi says her mom wants to bag a rich man, and now she is trying to convince Patrick to go after a rich widow. Rex can't help but wonder if Mimi is dropping hints that she wants to get married. She gets all flustered and says far from it! Rex tells Mimi that he really loves her, and he asks her to have dinner with him tomorrow. She says okay, they can have pizza, or Chinese, or . . . Rex says no, he wants them to go out to dinner someplace special.

At he Kiriakis' mansion, Nicole comes downstairs and finds the evidence is gone. BRady catches her looking for something, and he says she is looking very guilty. Brady asks her how it feels to get away with murder? Nicole says she didn't murder Victor or Collin, but Brady says the evidence suggests otherwise. Nicole thinks for a moment Brady has the evidence, but soon realizes he doesn't. She thinks Jan must have burned the evidence, and later after Brady leaves, she does a happy dance. Suddenly Victor's ghost appears and tells her not to be so happy because Jan has not destroyed the evidence. Nicole refuses to be haunted by Victor, but Victor says it is her own stupid mistakes that are haunting her! Elsewhere, Jan goes to burn the evidence in a fire a homeless man is using to keep himself warm by, but she doesn't when he counsels her not to. He says that looks like insurance to him. Jan realizes she can use this to insure Nicole doesn't try and kill her!

At the cemetery, Shawn and Belle are the only ones remaining. Belle is feeling guilty about lying to Shawn, and it appears as if she's going to confess, but she doesn't. Shawn tells her that he knows now he was wrong about Marlena because she would never lie to him.

At Sami's place, Lucas is doing push-ups and fantasizes about Sami. Sami snaps him out of his fantasy and asks what he is still doing here? He says he's not leaving until she answers his questions about her feelings for him. Sami thinks this is ridiculous, but Lucas thinks she wants him, in fact he knows it. Sami brings up the job in London Kate is offering her just to get her out of his life. Lucas knows about the job and then comes up with an idea. He suggests they both go to London, take the job as a team, raise Will, and have a great love life. He asks Sami what she thinks? BEfore she can answer, Kate calls and informs Lucas about Doug's death. Lucas informs Sami, who is a mess.

At the Horton house, Julie and Hope arrive to give Alice the news. Julie doesn't know how she will do this, it will break Alice's heart. Hope says ALice is a lot tougher than they all give her credit for. As Julie talks about how this could happen, she remembers telling only Alice and Marlena what Doug new. Hope says Marlena . . . . Julie asks if she suspects Marlena? Hope says no, but what if someone at the hospital heard her tell MArlena? Julie doesn't see who could have been listening as it was late and the place was very empty. Later, they give the news to ALice. ALice tells Julie that Doug will live on in her heart, just like Tom lives on in hers. Lucas shows up to give his condolences, and he says he's called his father Bill. Later, Shawn and Belle show up to pay their respects as well. Julie tells Belle to please tell her mother how sorry she is for her as well. Julie says Marlena loved Doug so, and he loved her. Julie thinks it must be very hard for Marlena because she loved so many of these victims.

At the penthouse, John tells MArlena that he knows why he suspected the killer was her . . . it was because of the doubts Shawn put in his head. Marlena laughs at the idea, and says she doesn't think their daughters 21 year old boyfriend is behind this. She tells John that he is no longer the man she fell in love with, he has lost faith in her if he could for one second believe she is the killer. As she rants about Caroline's prediction, Sami bursts through the door. She tells her mom to kill John now before he kills her. She hands her mom the letter opener and says do it and claim it was self defense! Marlena says she won't, and she orders Sami out to the patio where she can scold her. John looks at the letter opener and says if Doc really did kill all those people than the town of Salem would probably string her up! Meanwhile, on the patio Sami tells her mom that she has to kill John Black. Marlena says she won't, but Sami says nowadays it is kill or be killed!


March 12, 2004
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Bo shows up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Nicole. Nicole comes down, and she tells him that it must be hard for him to have lost his father and father-in-law in one night, as well as humiliating because he is supposed to be stopping the killings. Nicole tells Bo that he should stop wasting his time looking in all the wrong places, but she doubts a little lack of evidence will stop him from arresting her. Brady asks Bo if that is why he is here, does he have evidence? Bo tells Nicole she will be convicted, and she will be executed, and then she will go to hell. Bo says he has come here because Gene can't locate a signed copy of Victor's latest will, and the others have been destroyed, so Victor's estate will be decided in probate court. Bo says Gene will testify that Victor was going to divorce her and leave her nothing, and once she is convicted of his murder, she will not be able to profit off of her crimes. Brady asks Bo if he has evidence to convict Victor? Bo has no proof, so Brady tells Bo before he damns Nicole to hell find some proof. Bo says Nicole handcuffed herself to him for an alibi for the next murder, Victor told John if something happened to him it would be Nicole's fault, and that very same evening Victor died! Brady says it was a coincidence, but Bo doesn't think so. Bo says someone got into this house, passed the security system and passed all the staff. Bo says that person had help. Bo says Nicole provided the help, she had an accomplice! Brady says that he thought the police thought the Serial Killer was working alone. Bo says that is one theory, but at one time the Salem PD had seven suspects, some have died, and the others have been cleared. Nicole says she has an alibi, and she also has a brain. Nicole says her brain tells her that none of her seven suspects are guilty so it is time he moves on! Bo says they have considered all possible suspects. Bo also says he hasn't forgotten where she comes from, he hasn't forgotten about her father! Nicole strikes back and reminds Bo that his father Victor didn't live a virtuous life, and Shawn isn't the brightest bulb in the lot for pretending he was the father of Jan's baby. Nicole refuses to let Bo waste anymore of her time. She says this is still her house and she wants him out! Bo says this is a crime scene so he has every right to be here. Bo demands Nicole hand over her purse. She gives it to him, and he finds nothing. Nicole says if he is going to stay here, than she is leaving. 

Jan has decided not to destroy the will. She says Nicole owes her, and she knows how just how Nicole will pay up! Jan says she still deserves to live happily ever after. Nicole ends up finding where Jan is hiding out, which bothers Jan. Nicole also knows Jan still has the evidence, and she wants them back now. Jan refuses to give them back. Nicole warns Jan that if she left any evidence in her house than they are both dead! Jan assures her the evidence is not in her house, and she also won't tell her where it is until Nicole asks nicely. Nicole says fine, Jan knows what she is capable of. Nicole tells Jan to give her the evidence or she will kill her!

Back at the mansion, Brady lashes out at Bo for being suspicious of Victor back when he was alive. Bo says he was wrong, and he is sorry. Brady says it is too late. Bo says he was wrong about Victor, but not about Nicole He warns Brady that lives are on the line here, lives of people they love and care about. Brady says he wants this to end just as much as anyone, he wants justice, and he also wants to know what is going on with Nicole. Bo says Nicole has an anger inside her that is deadly, she has the eyes of a killer. Bo says he knows, he has seen it.

  Mickey and Julie show up at Jen's house to see Jen, but Patrick answers the door. Patrick doesn't know who they are, and he says Jen is resting because she didn't get much sleep last night due to a death in the family. Mickey says the death was this lady's husband. He apologizes and lets them in. Julie wonders who he is. He says he is Patrick Lockhart. Julie asks "Lockhart, as in . . . . " Suddenly Bonnie rushes in, grabs Patrick, and says "my baby!" Jen shows up to tell Julie how sorry she is for her loss. Julie wonders when all this killing will stop. Meanwhile, Bonnie cries crocodile tears on Mickey's shoulder and says it is just so sad! Patrick watches his mom's performance. Bonnie cries when will they be able to stop crying? Patrick ends up telling her mom she shouldn't drop in and get all hysterical, especially when they are in morning. Bonnie says she is an old friend of the families, and she tells them how sorry she is for them all, and she knows how they feel because her husband left her all alone with two children. Julie says she cannot take this anymore. Patrick drags his mom outside, and Julie asks Jen what they are doing here? Jen explains about her car accident last night involving Patrick. Julie doesn't like the idea of Jen letting a total stranger stay with her. Julie says their is a killer out there and she needs to be on her guard at every moment. Julie tells Jen that they have to make sure that this doesn't happen again! Jen says Patrick is not a stranger, he is Bonnie's son. Julie thinks the there is something wrong with that whole family. Mickey says Bonnie is a good person. Julie wishes people would listen to her. She says if Doug had gone to the police when she told him to, he wouldn't have died. She says if Maggie hadn't opened her door to the killer she could still be alive as well. Later the Hortons experience a bit of joy when Jen's baby begins to kick. Alice has now joined them, and she says God has given them the promise of a new life. She says this child is a gift, and faith will get them through these times. An upset Julie leaves the room, and Jen follows.  Julie doesn't think Doug's death was part of God's plan. She tells Jen that she wants to know why God didn't stop it and why God is doing this to all of them. Meanwhile, Alice asks Tom to help Julie, to help them all. Tom's spirit comes to Alice and tells her something. Alice says she hears him, and she is coming to him now! Alice suddenly leaves, and Jen wonders where she went. Julie doesn't know, and she wonders why they came back to Salem. Jen says they came back because it is her home. Julie says she doesn't want to die here, she does not want to lose another member of this family! Julie wonders where she will go now as she doesn't have a home. Jen says this is her home, but Julie says she has no reason to stay in Salem. Jen suggests Mickey let Julie run Salem. Julie tells Mickey how she enjoyed running Doug's place and Wings, and she would love to run Tuscany. Mickey says he understands, but unfortunately he signed it over to Bonnie Lockhart! Mickey says at the time Julie had a healthy income with Doug, and had vacation plans with him. He says he is sorry, but the paperwork has already been drawn up to give Tuscany to Bonnie. He also says it is a surprise, she doesn't know. Later, Julie continues to try and talk sense into Jen about Patrick. She reminds Jen what happened with Hawk Hawkins years ago. Jen says Patrick knew Jack, so she knows he is okay. Julie wishes people would listen to her. Julie ends up ranting about Doug, and she says she knows he must have left a clue. She says she thinks the truth is in front of them and they need to find it before someone else dies.

Outside, Bonnie asks Patrick why he is staying here, and why he didn't tell her he was coming back? Patrick says he was hit by Jen's car, which Bonnie thinks is amazing luck. Bonnie says Jen is from one of the wealthiest and well known family's in Salem! Bonnie wants him to sue Jen, but Patrick says he is not suing Jen. Bonnie says if he is not pulling an insurance scam then she must be going after her! Patrick says he isn't, but he knows she is going after Mickey. Patrick says he won't stop her from doing what she wants because he's not desperate for money. Patrick says he has plenty of money, and he'll be by later today to pick it up. Bonnie ends up a bit worried by Patrick's statement, but says nothing. She tries to convince Patrick that perhaps he should leave town since it really isn't safe in Salem anymore. Patrick wonders why she is trying to get rid of him? She says she isn't. 

Patrick and Bonnie go back inside, and Patrick thanks Jen for her hospitality but he's going to be going back home. However, Bonnie says she doesn't have Patrick's room ready, and he would have to sleep on the couch which wouldn't be good for his back. Jen insists Patrick stay here. Later Patrick confronts Bonnie and asks why she is trying to get rid of him? She says she's not, she's just looking out for him, and Jen is rich. Patrick says he doesn't need jen's money, he has his own, or does he? He finally realizes that his mom has blown his savings. Patrick asks how much did she blow? She says it isn't her fault. Patrick realizes she has lost all his money. 

At Celeste's place, Celeste thinks she is the only one who can possibly stop the killer. She uses her crystals to try and learn what will happen next, and is shocked by what she sees. Celeste asks for the  identity of the killer, but the crystals show her nothing. She asks for the name of the next victim then, and the swirling fog in the crystal circles spell out Horton . . . .Celeste wonders if it could be the tiger, but Celeste soon realizes another Horton is going to die.  The crystals will show Celeste no more. Celeste calls her gift a curse, and she begs for help so that she can save them. Suddenly Celeste hears someone call her name, and she sees a vision of Tom Horton's grave stone. Celeste wonders if Tom Horton is calling out to her, and she wonders if she is going to die since he is calling her name? Celeste realizes it is not her who will die, someone else is in mortal danger!

Alice has gone to Tom's tombstone as Tom directed her to. She says she has heard him, she is here! Later Celeste arrives and tells Alice that she has a disturbing message to give her. Celeste and Alice both admit Tom called them to this place. Celeste says there is something about this place, and if they don't find out what, someone very special to the Hortons will die!

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