March 15, 2004
A shorter summary due to my long day.
In the church, Marlena goes into the confessional to speak with Father Jansen. She muffles her voice with a cloth and tells him that she has done some evil things, some dark things. He asks for more information, but she refuses to give any more. However, she says she has almost eliminated her daughter a few times out of fear that she knew her secret. Father Jansen asks if she is safe, and Marlena says yes. She says now her husband is the problem, and if he breathes a word about what he suspects to anyone she might have to kill him. Father Jansen says she needs help and tries to leave to confront her, but Marlena has locked him him. She tells him to keep his mouth shut or else, and then she slips out.

At the cemetery, Celeste apologizes to Alice if she has startled her with her prediction. Alice  asks Celeste if there is any way they can prevent this death? Celeste doesn't think so. The two of them end up praying. Alice says perhaps there is a way to stop the next death, perhaps they can appeal to the killer to turn herself in. Celeste says she feels like the killer has heard her wish, and then they turn around to find an upset Marlena standing there. Marlena claims she went to church to light a candle for Doug when she was overwhelmed with grief, and that is why she is upset. Celeste thinks it is because Marlena knows who the next to die will be. Then Father Jansen shows up and asks if they have seen a woman come out of the church recently? Celeste looks at Marlena and asks if this is the woman he is looking for? Father Jansen says no, but in a way yes. He says the woman he was speaking with is Deeply troubled and he fears what she may do. He says he wanted to send this woman to MArlena for counseling. Marlena says that would be fine, so Father Jansen leaves to search the churchyard for the woman. Meanwhile, Marlena asks Celeste why she thought she knew who the next to die would be. Alice says it is okay, they know she heard them talking earlier. Alice says Celeste has had a premonition that another Horton will die. Marlena thinks to herself "Oh no, I'm going to kill again!" Suddenly, Celeste gets the feeling that perhaps someone won't die, right now someone is very close to naming the killer!

In the park, Rex is looking at a jewelry ad in the paper. Shawn sees this, and Rex admits he wants to propose to Mimi, but he doesn't have the cash to get a ring and do it right. Shawn thinks he knows who he needs to talk to, and they take off. Meanwhile, Belle and Mimi meet up and Belle has a surprise for Mimi. She is taking her to the spa for the day. Mimi says she can't afford that, but Belle says Kate gave her a gift card loaded with treatments for Christmas, so it is her treat.  At the spa the girls get all sorts of treatments and daydream about their men proposing to them.

At the pub, Bonnie walks in and drops her mail before starting work. Julie walks in behind her and sees the letter from Mickey. She thinks about absconding with it, but before she can Bonnie catches her with it. Bonnie demands Julie fork it over, but Julie thinks for the sake of the family she should not get this letter. Bonnie grabs it from Julie and reads it. She learns it is an agreement from Mickey for her to run Tuscany. Bonnie tells her that she is sorry about her loss with Doug, but as for Tuscany, Julie can eat it! Julie leaves and begins to formulate a plan to drive Bonnie out of business so Mickey will give Tuscany to her. 

Back in the pub, Brady shows up to meet Phillip. Phillip says they need to talk about Nicole. Phillip says Nicole may not be the serial killer, but she did kill Victor, he is sure of it. Brady defends Nicole and says she was with him when Victor and Doug died, so unless he can get proof to stuff it. Phillip says he thinks Nicole may have had an accomplice. BRady says he's heard this theory before, but still there is no proof. Brady says unless they find proof, he feels the family owes Nicole and apology. Phillip says that will NEVER happen. Meanwhile, Shawn Sr. tells Shawn and Rex the story of how he was so poor when he proposed to Caroline that he proposed with a ring knitted by his mom out of Irish Wool, and she accepted. She knitted two of them, and those were their first wedding rings. Shawn Sr. says he never trusted them to Bo or Roman, but he wants Rex to have them. However, he tells Rex that there is a condition, which he whispers to Rex.

At the Salem Inn, Nicole meets with Jan and they argue about the evidence. Nicole orders Jan to hand it over if she ever wants to get  Shawn. Jan says as long as she has the evidence she is safe, and Nicole will do what she wants. Nicole says she can still send Jan to jail for killing Victor, and if Jan even thinks about turning her in for killing Collin than she'll take Jan down with her.. Jan realizing Nicole has set her up, calls her a bitch, and slaps her hard. Eventually Nicole and Jan realize the best way for them both to get what they want is to work together. Jan warns Nicole that if anything happens to her than her late mother's lawyer has instructions to send the evidence straight to Bo and Hope Brady. Nicole tells Jan that she thinks she knows of a way to get her Shawn, and they take off.

Back at the park, Shawn meets up with Belle and Mimi. Mimi takes off to go see Rex at the Pub. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn discuss Rex's proposal, and Shawn says all this talk of love and romance has made him realize they are missing out on something. Belle says "Oh my God Shawn, are you saying what I think your saying?" MEanwhile, BRady and Phillip arrive in the park, and they spy on Shawn. Spying on all of them are Jan and Nicole. Nicole tells Jan that she won't have to help Jan get Shawn because Phillip will do that for her. Nicole says Phillip is in love with Belle, and he will be the one to break Shawn and Belle up! 

Back at the pub, Rex goes  to see Bonnie. He tells her that he'd like her permission to ask Mimi to marry him. She says absolutely . . . not! She says there is no way she will let him marry her daughter. Outside the pub, Mimi shows up and sees Rex talking to her mom inside. She thinks this cannot be good. Just then someone shows up, and Mimi says "You've come back into my life!"

At the station, John finds Hope looking at a photo of Doug. He says he thought she'd be home. Hope says she needs to keep working. Hope questions John about what he saw in the cemetery, and realizes John knows something. John admits there was something familiar about the way the killer moved. However, he says who he thinks it could be can't be, and he fears his years with Stefano are affecting his thoughts. Hope thinks it is buried in his subconscious, and she knows who can help him. She wants to call MArlena, but he says absolutely not. He says he doesn't want her involved. Hope assumes he is afraid if he knows who the killer is it will place Marlena in danger, so she agrees not to call MArlena. Instead she calls Tek, and Tek places John under hypnosis. John remembers chasing the killer through the cemetery, and remembers that he got a look at the killer's face when she turned to look back at him. John is shocked to see Marlena's face under the killer's black hooded cape, and he screams out "Noooooo!"


March 16, 2004
At the Brady Pub, Bonnie tells Rex that she wants what is best for her little girl, so he cannot marry Mimi, absolutely not! Rex asks if this is because he is not a DiMera anymore? Rex says she used to like him, and he wonders if this is because he is not heir to a fortune? Bonnie says right now Mimi isnt ready to be married to anyone. Bonnie says Mimi is the first person in their family to go to college, and she wants to see Mimi graduate. Rex says she still could graduate from college, but Bonnie says Mimi is too young to be married! Rex says okay and leaves with his head hung low.

Outside the pub, Mimi is shocked to see her big brother Patrick, and they hug. Mimi ask what took him so long to get back here? Patrick says it doesnt matter, he is here now. He looks at Mimi and wonders when she got so gorgeous. He says guys must be lining up, and he asks if she has anyone special? Mimi says she does, Rex, who is inside with mom, which makes him nervous. Patrick thinks they should break up the powwow, but Mimi doesnt want Rex to see her just yet. She says they have a special date tonight and she wants to impress him. She says she is sorry to run off, and she will catch up with him later.

Patrick goes into the pub and confronts his mother. He demands she repay  him his money now! She says she doesnt have his money. Patrick sees that his mom has bought a new pair of hog skin boots, and he wonders how she could afford them. Bonnie says they are an investment piece, and she says soon she will be making ten times what she needs to pay him back. She reveals to Patrick that Mickey has signed over Tuscany to her and not that Julie Williams. Bonnie says she will make Tuscany a hit. Patrick asks when he gets his money? Bonnie says he sounds too much like his father, he always wants his dinner immediately. Patrick says he needs that money, he has some debts to pay. Bonnie says the answer to his problems are under his nose, Jen is rolling in dough. Patrick says Jen is a nice woman and he would never take advantage of her! Patrick also says he's not going to let Jen ever find out what kind of woman she really is.

Rex and Mimi head to the Penthouse Grille for dinner. Rex is in a tux, and Mimi has borrowed a dress from Belle. The enjoy a romantic dinner, and Mimi says this evening has been perfect and she knows it will get better. He asks better in what way? She thinks he is teasing her. She tells him that she always has a good time with him, and she likes him more so now that hes not as judgmental. Rex says she has always stuck by him and he will never forget that. Rex and Mimi take a walk down memory lane, and we see a flashback of when Rex gave Mimi one of the diamonds he made from his machine. Rex tells Mimi that she has been very patient with him, and now he has to ask her something very important. Before he asks her his question, Mimi runs off  to call Belle. She says he hasnt proposed yet, and he seems nervous. Belle thinks that maybe hes waiting till the end of the night to pop the question. Mimi says shes not sure, hes asked her every question under the sun. She says they have never talked this much, and she has never felt closer to him. Belle says that is a good thing, and she tells Mimi to stop talking to her and go back to Rex! Back at the table, Rex thinks about Mimi and about Grandpa Shawns story on how he proposed to Caroline. He also remembers the condition Grandpa Shawn told him about in order to have the rings he and Caroline used, which was to ask permission from Bonnie. Mimi finally returns to the table and asks Rex if there is anything else he wants to ask her? Rex asks her if she want dessert? Mimi soon begins to lose hope that Rex is going to propose to her.

Later that evening Rex takes Mimi home, and heads back to his place. A heartbroken Mimi calls Belle and feels Rex has changed his mind, maybe he doesnt think she is good enough. Belle tells her that she will come right over, but Mimi says she wont be good company and is going to bed anyways. Mimi goes into her loft and finds her mom waiting there. Bonnie comments that her date must have been awful considering the mood Rex was in when he left the pub. Mimi realizes her mom said something to Rex. Bonnie tells Mimi that she was looking out for her best interests and told Rex that she wasnt ready to get married yet. Mimi screams and chokes her mother!

In the park, Belle and Shawn discuss Shawn proposing marriage to her. Shawn isnt ready to ask just yet, but he says when he is ready he will make every wish of hers come true. Shawn once again apologizes to Belle for suggesting her mom could be the stalker. He says hes sorry he hurt her that way. Belle begins to feel guilty and decides to confess to Shawn. Suddenly Shawn remembers he has to deliver an envelope to Brady for Mickey, and he sees Brady across the way. Shawn asks her what she wanted to tell him? Belle says what she has to say can wait, so she tells him to go ahead. Shawn leaves, and Belle gets the above mentioned call from Mimi. After she ends that call she realizes she needs to tell Shawn the truth.

Meanwhile, Phillip and Brady are nearby still arguing about Nicole. Phillip goes into a little trance while staring at Belle. Brady calls him out and says he is a hypocrite for accusing him of having feelings for Nicole when Phillip is lusting after his best friends girl and his sister! Phillip says Belle is like a sister to him as well, but Brady doesnt believe him. BRady says that if Belle was his sister than what he would be thinking would be illegal! Shawn shows up to deliver the envelope to Brady, and he asks what is wrong? Brady says they were just discussing men who lust after women they shouldnt. Shawn gives Brady some papers from Mickey, and Phillip ends up leaving to go see Belle. Belle runs into his. Meanwhile, Brady talks to Shawn and asks Shawn if he and Belle made up. Shawn says they did, and he apologized for suspecting Marlena. Brady says Marlena is not only a respected psychologist,  but she is also married to an ex ISA agent. Brady says his dad could never be married to someone who was a serial killer and not suspect them. Shawn says he knows Marlena isnt the killer, Belle was with Marlena when his grandpa Doug died, and he knows Belle would never lie to him.

Meanwhile, Belle talks to Phillip about how he is doing? Phillip says he is hanging in there (in the light of Victors death). Phillip asks how she is doing, she looks upset. Bell gets another call from Mimi, and she learns Rex didnt propose. Later, Belle asks Phillip if it is ever okay to lie to the one you love if you did it to protect another. Phillip thinks something is going on with her and Shawn, and he says he is sure whatever it is they will get through it. Meanwhile, Rex shows up and tells Shawn tonight wasnt the right time to propose to Mimi. 

At the station, Tek asks a hypnotized John to tell them who he sees. John remembers seeing Marlenas face under the killers black hooded cloak, and he suddenly goes into convulsions! Hope tells Tek to bring John out, but John does not seem to be able to break out of the trance! Tek fears John is going into shock. In Johns mind, he remembers the good times with Marlena, and we see some John and Marlena flashbacks from over the years, including their wedding and their honeymoon. John finally collapses, and Hope fears they are losing him. Back in Johns subconscious, John finds himself trapped in a room and faced with two doors. A voice says he is at the point of no return and must choose a door. In the real world John is fading fast. John is asked by the voice to choose a door. John asks who the voice is and what he is talking about? The voice says he can return to his life married to the Salem Serial Killer and expose her, or he can choose the other door and stay silent forever. John says the choice is impossible, there is no way he can send the woman he loves to prison. Tek gives John a drug to save him, and John chooses to live. John finally comes to, and he asks what happened? Tek thinks it was his ISA training kicking in and shutting him down under hypnosis. Hope asks john if he saw the face of the killer? John remembers seeing MArlena, but says nothing. Later, Hope calls Bo to check in with him. Bo has had a camera installed at the church at Saint Lukes to monitor what is going on there, he has a hunch the killer would return to the scene of the crime. Hope says someone sending them the pictures now and she wants John to take a look at them. Tek begins downloading the photos of the women as Brady shows up. John thinks over all the evidence incriminating MArlena. The photos finish downloading, and John takes a look at them. They are of Alice, Celeste and Marlena. Hope asks John who the killer is?


March 17, 2004
This hasn't been proofed yet (due to the late hour, plus I still have to watch Passions)

At the loft, Mimi throws a tantrum after learning what her mom did. Mimi thinks her mom told Rex he couldnt marry her because she wants her to marry a rich man so she can be rich. Bonnie says you cant be happily married if your not rich. Mimi cant believe her mom of all people is giving her marriage tips. Mimi ends up in tears and tells her mom that she is only out for number one and she is not above stealing from her own kids. Mimi tells her mom that she never wants to see her again and to leave her alone. Mimi walks out, but soon comes back and says she lives her so Bonnie should leave. Bonnie refuses to leave until they talk this out. Bonnie says she has no regrets having her children, and she tells Mimi that she is her pride and joy. Bonnie knows Mimi is nothing like her or her rat fink father. Bonnie says she knew Mimi was always ashamed of her, but she always made sure she had good clothes for the new school year. Mimi says all she remembers if having to walk home from school because her mom forgot to pick her up. Bonnie says she was out working two jobs because her father couldnt hold down one job. She asks if Sexy Rexy has a job, no! Mimi says Rex is smart and can get a job, but Bonnie says he is an alien who landed in Salem in a space pod and was a then a Dimera and now a Brady. Mimi says she never cared who Rex was or where he came from when he was a DiMera, so it really is all about the money. Bonnie says you have to go after what you can in life and grab it, and all Rex does is find ways to get her in bed. Mimi says Rex is in mourning, his family was brutally murderd. Bonnie says that is another thing, Rex is bad luck .Mimi says the worst luck she ever had was being born a Lockhart. This causes Bonnie to break down, and Mimi says she shouldnt have said that. Bonnie says they shouldnt fight, they should be best friends. Mimi says Belle is her best friend, but Bonnie says Belle stole her man. Mimi asks what she is talking about, she loves Rex. Bonnie says it wasnt long ago she liked Kevin, and before that it was Shawn Brady. Bonnie says if it were for Belle she would be with Shawn. Mimi asks what happens to Belle when she steals her boyfriend? Bonnie says she can hook up with that Phillip guy. Mimi says oh yeah! Bonnie says she is just thinking about her future, and Shawns grandpa Kiriakis probably left him a lot of money. Bonnie says rich people are generous just like Mickey, and she tells Mimi her news about running Tuscany. Bonnie also talks about her plans to eventually marry Mickey, and she says if she married Shawn and Patrick married Jen, they could all run this town! Mimi tells her mom that she is seriously demented. Bonnie knows if something happened to Belle and Shawn, and if Rex wasnt in the picture, she would be Mrs. Shawn Brady. Mimi then gets a call from Shawn asking her to come down to the Cheatin Heart. Bonnie thinks Mimi is going to be with Shawn, but she says shes going to be with Rex. This upsets Bonnie, but Mimi doesnt care.

In the park, Shawn tells Belle that he knows shes bummed because of Rex didnt propose to mimi tonight, but he says Rex assured him that he and Mimi have a future. Belle says she is just upset because she cant help but feel things for everyone are going to get worse. Shawn says it will all get okay, but Belle is in tears. Shawn thinks Belle is not crying because of Rex or the others, but because of Marlena. Belle says she wasnt talking about her mom, but Shawn thinks this all stems from his suspicions of Marlena. Belle says that isnt the reason she is crying. Before Shawn can tell her, he gets a call from Rex asking him what to do about Mimi. Shawn says this isnt a short conversation and he is in the middle of something. Belle tells Shawn if he can help Mimi and Rex to do it, besides she needs to go see her mom.

At the police station, Hope asks John if he knows who the killer is? Brady walks in as they are questioning his father and he asks what is going on? John explains chasing the killer through the cemetery to Brady as Hope looks through the pictures. She sees Alice at Toms grave, and Celeste with Alice. She also sees Marlena and thinks she must be there to pay respects to Roman. Tek cant help but notice Marlena isnt near Romans grave. John defends his wife, and Tek tells him not to get upset. Tek thinks John is covering someone, and he asks John who he is protecting, is he protecting Marlena? Brady takes offense to that, and Hope says Marlena has never been a suspect for a reason! John gets a call and excuses himself, and Hope defends Marlena to Tek saying he has no proof, and he tells Tek to stop being so hard on John. Brady says Marlena has an alibi for Dougs murder, his sister Belle. Brady wonders if Celeste has any alibis considering she is always going around with her doom and gloom predictions. Hope says Celeste is a reach as well. Brady finds other pictures of people in the cemetery, and he says are they all suspects? Brady says innocent people are being killed and innocent people are being accused. Tek says if they dont find this killer quickly than more people will die!

  At the penthouse, Marlena tries to figure out who is a potential threat to her. She writes down Celestes name and remembers almost killing her, then she writes down Shawns name and remembers attempting to kill him, and finally she think about her own husband John. Afterwards she burns the list she wrote. Marlena calls John, she is the one who called him at the station, and she talks to him. She says she misses him, even though she sent him away, and she says his believing in her means the world to her. She asks if he still believes in her? John says nothing, and she fears he is having doubts again. She says she doesnt want to lose him. MArlena says these past few months she has missed him, and shes never loved anyone the way she loves him. John says he would do almost anything not to lose her. MArlena says she has to go and hangs up. Marlena looks at a wedding photo of her and John, and then she says she doesnt want to have to kill John. Marlena begins pacing around and fears she may end up hurting her family, and she says she doesnt want to do it.

Back at the station, John wonders what he is going to do. Meanwhile, Hope and Tek go over the photos, and Hope continues to defend Marlena. Hope says Marlena has an alibi, but Tek says it was her daughter and she could be protecting her. Marlena asks what about Victors death? Tek says Victor doesnt fit into the profile of the serial killer. Hope says she was in Colorado when Abe was killed, but Tek says he hasnt been able to prove that story yet. Tek says Marlena fits what they know about the killer, but Hope says nothing is more important to John than protecting the people of Salem, so if he knew who the killer was she believes he would tell them. John walks back in at this point with Brady, and Tek says if the killer thinks john can identify them than John will be the next victim. Hope asks John if he knows who the killer is? Brady interrupts and reminds them all that MArlena was poisoned at Carolines wake, since alibis dont seem to mean all that much around here. John asks Brady if he knows Marlena has an alibi? Brady says Belle was with Marlena, and she told this to Shawn. John is not pleased by this news and continues to have doubts about Marlena, but claims he cant name their killer.

Later, John tells Brady that Belle has lied to Shawn about being with Marlena when Doug was killed, he knows that. Brady asks what he is saying? John says protecting those you love is a primal human instinct. Brady asks if he is saying Marlena is the killer? John says he doesnt know who the killer is, but when he finds out he will make sure they never kill again!

Back at the penthouse, Belle arrives to Marlena. Marlena is glad to see Belle and asks what she needs? Belle says they need to talk about when Doug was killed. Belle says she lied to Shawn to give her an alibi. Belle says she hates what she has done and wants to tell Shawn the truth. Belle says she needs to know where her mom was. Marlena grabs the letter opener and thinks she may have to kill her. Marlena says when Doug was killed she was here, she was home. Belle believes her, but she would like proof for Shawn. Belle says it is killing her that she lied to Shawn, so she has to be honest with him. Marlena tells her no! Belle says she has always taught her to be honest. Marlena just wants Belle to feel comfortable, and she says if she tells Shawn the truth she might shatter the trust he has in her. Belle doesnt understand what her mom is saying, and then she notices the piece of burnt paper with names on it. Belle asks her mom if she burnt this? She asks why her fathers name is on this paper? Marlena says she was writing a letter to her father to tell him how she feels, but she couldnt find the words. Belle feels bad for her mom and gives her a hug. Marlena says it will all work out, and she suggests they go for a walk. Belle says okay, and she suggests they go to the park.

At the Cheatin Heart, it is Saint Paddys day. Phillip finds Rex drinking Green Beer and not liking it. Phillip tells him he better get used to Saint Paddys day now that hes a Brady. Phillip also says as his big brother he should beat him for letting a girl think he was going to propose and not go through with it. Rex realizes Mimi knew he was going to propose. He also wonders out how Phillip knows about the proposal when all he told was Shawn. Phillip says he found out from Belle, who found out from Mimi. Phillip tells Rex that for the smartest grad from Salem Univ he has flunked Women 101. Rex says he never wanted to hurt Mimi. Rex calls Shawn for help, and Shawn comes to talk to Rex. Rex is feeling like perhaps he and Mimi arent meant to be together. Madison shows up and asks Phillip if he has taken her advice? Shawn asks what advice would that be? Madison says Phillip could be out with the love of his life instead of here partying with the guys. Phillip casts her a look, and she keeps quiet. Later in private Madison apologizes and realizes his girl is with on of those other guys. Meanwhile, Shawn calls Mimi and asks her to come down to the Cheatin Heart and join them. He says Rex is here, and he really thinks she should show up. She agrees to come down. As Phillip plays pool, he fantasizes about being with Belle. Madison watches Phillip from the bar. Phillip goes to get some money and comes across the photo of Belle. Madison tells herself that Phillip has it bad. Outside the bar, Mimi and Rex have a reunion of sorts. Mimi says she knows what happened with her mom, and she set her mother straight. Mimi tells Rex that she is the luckiest woman in the world because he loves her. Mimi tells Rex that today is not only Saint Paddys day, but Saddie Hawkins day as well. She says that means the women get to do the asking, so she asks Rex to marry her!

Back at the park, Marlena and Belle take a walk, and Marlena tries to convince Belle to keep quiet about when Doug was killed. Shawn shows up, and Marlena decides to leave them alone for awhile. Marlena leaves, and she spies on Belle and Shawn. Shawn asks Belle what it was she wanted to tell him earlier? Marlena says if Shawn suspects she is the killer than Belle will end up morning Shawn, not marrying him!


March 18, 2004
Show interrupted several times for local news updates, I tried to fill in the gaps of what I missed with by best assumptions as to what happened! 
Outside the Cheatin Heart, we see a replay of Mimi proposing to Rex. Rex says he never meant to disappoint her or hurt her, and there is no one else in this world hed rather share his life with than her. Mimi asks if this means he is accepting her proposal? Rex says he wishes more than anything that he could accept her proposal, but he cant. Rex says he cant marry her. Mimi doesnt understand. Rex says he had a chance to think about it. Mimi asks Rex if they love each other than isnt that all that matters. Rex says no, as much as it kills him to say this, he is not the man for her. Mimi is stunned and cant believe this. Rex says he is not ready to be a husband to her, and her mom made him see that. He says he has no money and no job, so he cant marry her until he can give her the life she deserves. Rex says he is sorry, and Mimi says she is sorry too! Mimi runs off, but Rex races after her. Rex tells Mimi that he doesnt want her to give up on them. He says he loves her and has been in love with her from the moment he saw her. We are treated to more Rex and Mimi flashbacks, and Rex tells Mimi that she showed him the true meaning of love. Rex says he cant lose her and he never wants to. He says he cant marry her now, but he promises to get it together, and then when he can support her he says he will propose to her. Rex asks Mimi if she will wait for him to propose to her, and she says she will. They then share a kiss. Mimi apologizes for getting crazy on him, and she agrees that they arent ready to be married. She says she guesses she just got caught up in the whole fairytale. Rex says one day they will get married. Mimi says she knows they will, and she points to a sign. She sees some mistletoe hanging in the tree, and remembers they shared their first kiss under it. They then share another kiss.

At the station, John tells Brady that he wont believe Marlena is the killer based on circumstantial evidence or conspiracy theories, he needs cold hard facts. Brady says he wont find any facts because MArlena is not a serial killer. John changes the subject and asks Brady what he came to talk to him about. Brady says he needs a little fatherly advice, he is concerned about his future with Chloe. John says he thoughts things were going well between them, so what is the problem? Brady says the problem is Nicole. Brady shows his dad some legal papers to do with the concert hall, and Brady is afraid Nicole wont approve the funds necessary to finish the concert hall. John says unless she will willingly sign, he has to wait for the courts to settle this. Brady says that could take forever, and he refuses to allow Chloe to come home to no concert hall and sacrifice her career. He realizes hell have to do anything he can to make sure this concert hall is built. Before leaving, Brady tells John not to take Teks theory so seriously because he knows MArlena couldnt be the killer. John thinks to himself that he wish he did know that.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole shows Henderson the empty decanter of vodka and asks H what the problem is here? Henderson asks where should he begin? Nicole tells him he should not talk to her like that, and she says he is lucky that he doesnt toss his ass out on the street! He apologizes and says he will fill the decanter with her favorite vodka and check it hourly. Henderson leaves, and Nicole begins to rant and rave about how she is in charge of this house and she will have the respect of the staff. Victors ghost appears and tells her that will happen when hell freezes over! Nicole confronts Victors ghost and says she is going to inherit his empire and there is nothing he can do about it. Victor says maybe not him, but there are his sons Bo and Phillip, his grandsons Shawn and Brady, and then his nephew Justin (wow, a mention!). Victor says hes sure they will all speak up about the distribution of his assets. Nicole says as far as she is concerned they can kiss his assets goodbye! Victor says his family will never give up their blood rights to the likes of her! Nicole says she is his wife and is entitled to her share. Victor says that didnt work for Anna Nicole and it wont work for Ditsy Nicole. Nicole says she has an ace on her side, his grandson Brady. She says once she gets him into bed she will have everything. She says when that happens the first thing she will do is stop construction on this stupid concert hall of his. Victor thinks she should do that because than Brady will see her for the money grubbing whore she is! Suddenly, Brady walks in and asks her who she is talking to? Nicole says she was talking to herself, it is lonely here and everyone hates her. She says he is the only friend she has. Victors ghost tells Nicole that she doesnt even have him, and calls her a pathetic loser. Henderson returns with Nicoles vodka, and she claims the last thing she needs right now is alcohol! She says she could use a cup of tea or a pot of coffee. A puzzled Henderson says as she wishes and leaves to get her coffee. Brady says she is settling in nicely, and he offers to help her out anyway he can. Brady has some papers he got from Mickey which have to do with getting the necessary funds for the concert hall released from Victors accounts. Brady says her signature is required. Nicole knows once the hall is finished Chloe will return to Salem. Nicole looks over the papers, and she says that she knows Brady thinks she probably doesnt even want to sign these papers. Brady says he hopes she will honor his grandfathers last wishes and do this for him. Nicole claims she would sign the papers, but there are Victors other heirs to consider. Brady says the other heirs didnt have a problem with this when Victor was alive? Nicole says Victor is dead now, and money is money. She says she doesnt want any bad feelings to come between him and his family, and believe it or not she cares about him. She says he is the only one who stood by her when everyone accused her of killing Collin and Victor. Victors ghost says she did kill them! Nicole finally signs the papers, and Brady thanks her with a big hug. Brady says he will call the family about this, and he runs off to call Chloe. Victors ghost wonders what she is up to, and he calls her a devious little bitch! Victor thinks she is trying to tear his family apart. Nicole says she wont have to, his grandson will do that for her! Meanwhile, Brady calls Chloe with the good news as Nicole spies on him. She also tells Victor to go haunt an attic with Caroline. Victor warns her that if she hurts any member of her family he will see her in hell. She tells him to bring it on! Victor says he intends to do just that, and then vanishes. Nicole then heads to the living room and burns the model of the opera house. She says Bradys precious Chloe will never come home. 

At Bo and Hopes, Hope wakes Bo up, he fell asleep on the sofa. Hope tells him to go upstairs and sleep, but he says with this killer on the sleep he cant rest until she is found. Hope tells Bo that enough is enough, he is working too much. Hope fears that if Bo doesnt stop he will end up just like their friends and family, dead and in a grave! Bo tells Hope that he appreciates her concern, but lives are at stake and he is the one who has to stop this murderer. HE says he cant let people down. Hope asks Bo to stay home just for tonight, and he says hell stay home and rest for an hour. Hope gets him to agree to two hours, and she gives him a massage. Bo falls asleep again, and Hope covers him up with a blanket and gives him a kiss. She says he needs to sleep. Hope then puts her coat on and heads out. She says she cant let the killer destroy the man she loves or anyone else in her family, and she says whoever the killer is she is coming after her!

At the park, MArlena spies on Belle and Shawn as they talk. Marlena says if Belle tells Shawn the truth than she will end up mourning Shawn instead of marrying him. Belle finally confesses to Shawn that she lied to him about being with her mom when Doug died. Shawn asks Do you know what this means? Belle says she doesnt believe it, it cant be her mom. MArlena jumps out of the bushes and says it is true, she is the Salem Stalker. Belle says she cant believe this, and Shawn says he wont let her kill again, he will have her arrested. Marlena says no he wont, pulls out a gun, and shoots Shawn! Belle screams, and Marlena tells Belle that she told her not to tell him and to stop whining. Marlena says she always whined as a child and her whining has always drover her crazy. MArlena tells a crying Belle to shut up and aims the gun at Belle! Marlena then snaps out of her fantasy, yes it was a fantasy. Shawn is alive and tells Belle that whatever she has to tell him, he can tell her anything. Before she does, Shawn says they should go home to bed!

At the loft, Belle and Shawn are in bed (fully clothed), and Belle continues thinking about lying to Shawn. Shawn knows something is bothering her, and he thinks it is the problems Rex and Mimi are having. He thinks she is afraid the same thing could happen to them, and he promises that wont happen, he will be able to say the words when he is ready. Later, Belle finally admits to lying to Shawn about her mom, but Shawn doesnt hear her confession . . . he is asleep! 

John heads to the Penthouse to look for Marlena, but she is not there. He begins snooping around and says if the killer is MArlena that he has to stop her and get her help. John finds the letter opener and remembers Doug was stabbed with dull knife. Meanwhile, Marlena returns to the penthouse and realizes someone is inside when she sees the front door ajar. Marlena knows John is here, so she calls out to him. John shows up and asks where she has been? Marlena says she was out. John looks at her and says Oh my god, it is you! John says he remembers seeing her in the grave yard, and tells her about his hypnosis session with Tek. Marlena says hypnosis is not an exact science, and she hopes he didnt tell Tek what he suspects. John says no, but it doesnt matter because Tek already suspects her. John says that Tek is having a hard time getting anyone else to buy his theory. He says nobody believes she could hurt anyone. Marlena looks over at her purse where she has a gun stashed. Marlena tries to get to it, but John grabs her before she can. John asks why she isnt saying anything? She says she was in shock. John asks where she was just know, was she out killing? Marlena says she was with Belle, she just left her in the park! John decides to call Belle to confirm this, which shocks Marlena. Marlena cant believe John is doing this, how can he treat her like a common criminal? John says she is not a common criminal, she is a cold blooded murderer and it is time she confessed! MArlena says she cant believe this is happening, and she says it is like a dream. John says she is sick and needs help, and he wants her to admit it. He asks her why she did it, why she killed them? Marlena grabs the letter opener laying on the desk and says she is sorry, and she loves him. She says if he believes she killed all those people than there is only one thing left to do!


March 19, 2004
Sami is at her place when there is a knock at the door. It is Lucas, who is in a suit. Sami tells him that he looks nice, and she invites him in. Lucas is picking up Will for Dougs wake. Lucas looks at Sami, who is not ready, and tells her that she should go change. Sami says she is not going to the wake. Sami says she has had it with death and funerals, she cant stand going to another one. Lucas says Doug was family, but Sami cant help but worry about Celestes premonition and she fears the next wake she goes to will be her moms. Lucas asks Sami to calm down as she may upset Will if he overhears. He also asks Sami to please come to the wake because the Hortons are his family, and as much as this probably kills her to hear, she is his family too. Will comes out of his room all dressed up, and Will tells his mom that he wishes she would come. He says Dad is sad and if she was there it would help. Sami says she isnt dressed for it, but tells them to run along because they are already late.

  At the Horton house, Doug is resting at peace in his coffin and Alice comforts Julie. Julie says he looks so peaceful in his coofin, meanwhile his murderer is out there and is free to walk the streets and to kill again. Julie says Doug was so loved, and she is glad so many people came by to pay their respects (the wake is apparently winding down). Julie and Alice begin to think about all the lives Doug changed in Salem, and how Doug was originally a conman when he came to Salem. Alice says Doug changed after Addie gave birth to Hope. We are treated to some old flashbacks of Doug and Julie when Hope was still a little girl, and then flashbacks when Hope was a teenager and recently married to Bo. Julie says Hope always was daddy's little girl, and she tells Doug that he was a free spirit, so was she. Julie remembers how much of a troublemaker she was when she was young. Alice says she will never forget that! Alice says she had a rebellious side, but her parents were always gone so much and that is why she acted out. Julie says she and Doug were so alike, and that is what made them so spectacular. We continue to be treated to Doug and Julie flashbacks through the years. Later, Lucas and Will show up to pay their respects. Lucas tells Julie that hes sorry for her loss, and he is also sorry he didnt get to know Doug well. Julie says they would have loved one another. Julie talks about how they loved to travel around the world, and we see a collage of photos of them from all over the world (obviously personal photos of the Hayes). Will asks Julie if she could tell him some stories about their adventures sometime? Julie says she would like to tell him because it will make her happy to remember them. She says she wants to remember all the wonderful years they have had. The doorbell rings, Lucas answers it, and it turns out to be Sami! Lucas is glad that Sami has changed her mind and decided to come. Sami tells Julie how sorry she is, and she unfortunately ends up saying things that make Julie feel worse (like how Doug brought the tiger to town that attacked Tony and nearly ate her and Lucas). Sami apologizes and tells Julie that she and Doug had a wonderful love, a love like in fairytales, love that no longer exists. Julie thanks her for saying that, but she says that her statement is not true. Julie says fairytales arent real, and her romance with Doug was real life, not make believe. Alice tells Will they should go in the kitchen and get some cookies. Julie begins to give Sami a speech about her history with Doug. She says they were married three times! (We see a flashback of their weddings). Julie says she and Doug had many ups and downs in their relationships, and the downs can be pretty extreme, which is why the best sex can be after a big fight. Sami says she doesnt know about that, but Lucas says yes she does. Julie then encourages both Lucas and Sami to give into what they are both feeling. Lucas and Sami end up in an argument (Lucas tells Sami that he knows her better than she knows herself, which Sami denies), and Julie tells them time out! She thinks they are assuming love is easy when it isnt. She says it is hard work, but the results are worth is. She says you will wind up with a friend, companion and lover, and your life is amplified by sharing it with your own true love. Julie gives Sami and Lucas a speech about love, and we are treated to even more great flashbacks of Doug and Julie!  (If you didnt see the show on NBC, I highly recommend getting it from Downloads or watch on SoapNet at 7pm if you get SoapNet)

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John how he could possibly believe his wife is a cold blooded killer? John says he saw her, he saw her face in the graveyard. John says he is positive she is the killer, even though she is the love of his life. Marlena holds the letter opener behind her back as john accuses her of being the killer. Marlena says if he believes she is the killer than there is only one thing she can do. Marlena calls the police and orders John to turn her in, handing him the phone. She tells him if he doesnt turn her in than she will! On the phone we hear a man from Salem PD asking if anyone is there? John takes the phone and hangs up. Marlena asks John if he still believes she is the killer? John says this is the last thing in the world he wants to believe! However, he says he remembers seeing the killers face before she disappeared into the graveyard, and it was her! Marlena tells John that it is understandable why he thinks she saw her at the graveyard. She tells him that what he suspects is true, she is the killer! Marlena gets up, grabs her purse, and goes for her gun. John can't believe she is admitting this to him. She puts then the gun away and tells John that she is not the killer, but she knows why he thinks so. Marlena says he suspects she is the killer because of Stefano! John says to blame these killings on Stefano, a dead man, is absurd! Marlena asks John to hear her out. She explains that as long as he lives there will always be a small part of him controlled of Stefano. John says no, he broke Stefanos control. She says only to a point. She tells John that she believes she is the killer because Stefano taught him that anyone he loves will ultimately betray and destroy him. John says she is wrong, but Marlena thinks she is correct here. Marlena tells John that there have been nights when he has tossed and turned, terrified by nightmares. MArlena says he would say mantras in his sleep, parts of his indoctrination. She gives him examples of things he has supposedly said (about not being able to trust, how all relationships are doomed), and these hit him hard. MArlena tells John that Stefano never wanted him to be happy, he hated him because he was everything Stefano could never be: Strong, brave, handsome and loved. Marlena says Stefano wanted to control them both, and he didnt want them together. John tells her to stop this! Marlena tells him that the part of him who hates, who follows Stefanos orders is trying to take over right now. She tells him to fight it, fight with all the goodness that is inside of him. She asks him not to let Stefano split them up again. John believes MArlenas theory and apologizes to her. HE asks her if she can ever forgive her? She says yes, and they hug. John has tears in his eyes and says he is so glad the killer is not her, and now he can concentrate on finding the real killer.

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