March 22, 2004
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At the Horton House, Jen arrives to pay her respects to Doug. Sami and Lucas are still there, and Will is in the kitchen with Alice. Jen says she didn't bring Abby because Abby is still getting over her father's death and she doesn't think she could take another funeral. Sami asks if Abby is still blaming Jen for pulling the plug on Jack? Jen says that is none of Sami's business. Sami says she didn't ask to be mean, she was just concerned. Later, Jen feels her baby kick again, and Sami once again puts her foot in her mouth when she says Jen must be overjoyed to know her baby is still alive given the risk involved with her pregnancy! Julie tells Sami she really needs to choose  her words more wisely! Lucas thinks it is time they go, and both Jen and Julie thank them for coming. Later, Julie finally breaks down. She doesn't understand why Doug behaved the way he did these past few days, but thinks she knows who may be able to help her understand. Julie leaves, and Jen tells Alice that she wishes Grandpa Tom was here to help them. Alice says he is here, and he isn't much of a help. She explains getting a message from Tom which led her to the graveyard earlier, but his attempt to communicate was a dead end. Later after Jen has left, Alice feels Tom's spirit and hears him tell her to go back to the graveyard because the clue is there. Alice goes to Tom's tombstone and begs him to help her because another one of their family could be in danger. Suddenly, the wind blows, and Doug's clue is uncovered!

At Sami's, Will is concerned about Alice's state of being. Lucas says Alice is the toughest person he knows, but she has been there for all of them for so long and now it is their turn to be there for her. Will goes to bed, and Lucas confronts Sami about her feelings. He says he knows Julie's speech tonight touched her, and he thinks she wants to find love like Julie had with Doug, and perhaps she wants it with him. Sami admits she does, but she says she is too selfish to have love like Jen and Jack or Doug and Julie had. Lucas tells her that is not true. He says if she would let go of all her hatred, her hatred for his mom and for John, then she could have that love. Sami says she cannot stop hating John because she is convinced he will kill her mom just like her grandmother prophesized.

At the Penthouse,  John believes Marlena's reasons for why he suspected her to be the killer, and he begs her forgiveness. Marlena asks why he began to suspect her in the first place? John explains it was Tek's doing, and he talks about the hypnosis session and the evidence. Marlena asks why Tek would suspect her in the first place? He says he can show her and leaves the room for a moment. Marlena quickly looks at the gun in her purse and says she has a bullet with Tek's name on it! John returns with his laptop and shows MArlena the security camera at the church and the photos it took, which is why Tek began to suspect her. However, he says he knows now it can't be her. He does ask why she was in the cemetery, and she says she went to pay respects to Roman. John believes her and eventually leaves, but not before giving her a great big kiss. After John leaves, Marlena does a victory dance and says love is not only blind, but it is stupid! She says if she ever has to kill John than at least he will never see it coming! Later Julie shows up to ask Marlena for help. SHe says she doesn't understand Doug's behavior these past few days and she needs Marlena to help her figure it out. She explains to Marlena that she and Doug promised one another that if ever of them found out who the killer was they would warn the other or leave a note. Julie is convinced the note is out there and she wants to find it. Marlena warns her if she does she will go to the top of the killer's target list. Julie says the note has to be at the graveyard. Marlena remembers seeing Doug burying something in the dirt, and she realizes it is a clue to her identity. She blurts out that she knows where the note is. Julie asks where? Marlena says dirt was found under Doug's nails and so she thinks he wrote the killer's name in the dirt. Marlena says she probably erased it, and Julie is satisfied with her excuse. Later, Marlena says she has to find that clue . . . . 

At the station, Tek continues to suspect MArlena and believes John is possibly covering up for her. He asks Hope to look over all the evidence, which she does. Hope points out Marlena has an alibi, Belle; but Tek shrewdly points out to her that alibi is in question. He reminds her that there was a time between when Belle was with Shawn, when she paged Shawn, and when she went to be with her mom. Hope asks what about the poison dip MArlena ate? Tek says she could have poisoned herself with the right amount knowing she would be saved. Hope says she almost wasn't rescued though, the paramedic never showed because of accidents on the road. Tek says she may not have planned for that, but Hope says that is too risky. Tek suggests perhaps the grief of what she had done overwhelmed her and she tried to commit suicide, but when that failed she saw it as a sign from God that she was not meant to die. Hope says he still has no motive for Marlena. As they discuss this, John shows up and is furious with them for continuing to suspect Marlena. Tek explains he is suspecting everyone because he wants this killer caught and everyone must be looked at. John eventually cools down, and later Hope asks John if he can honestly tell her that Marlena is innocent. John says he would bet his life on it. Hope says his word is good enough for her. Hope and Tek both leave, and John looks at some of the evidence Tek has gathered, and it is obvious that John still has his doubts!


March 23, 2004
Hope pays a visit to Celeste on official police business. Celeste invites her in and asks how she can help? Hope explains the placement of the camera at Saint Lukes, and she asks why Celeste came to the cemetery the day after her fathers murder? Celeste says both she and Alice were summoned there by Tom Horton. Celeste says that Tom had a message for them from beyond the grave. Hope asks what the message was? Celeste tells Hope that all she saw was the word Horton, and then she saw Toms tombstone. Celeste says she was called to Toms grave, but there was a deeper and more sinister meaning to her vision. Celeste says there is no easy way to tell her this, but another Horton is going to die! Hope asks Celeste if she is sure? Celeste says she is. Hope asks if she knows who, but Celeste doesnt. Hope asks what her grandfather was trying to tell her grandmother, could it be that her grandmothers life be in danger? Celeste says she is not sure, all she knows is there is a threat to the Horton family. Celeste says Hope needs to be on guard and protect her family. Hope says she will do just that. Hope asks her to inform her of anymore premonitions she might have. Celeste says she will. Hope leaves, and Celeste is hit with a pain in her stomach. She goes over to her crystals and sees a vision. She sees MArlenas letter opener, but doesnt understand what it means.

At the station, John looks over the pictures from the security camera, and he wonders if the killer revisited the scene of the crime. He tells himself that the evidence against Marlena is piling up, but it cant be her . . . or can it? John begins to feel guilty about telling Hope that he was positive that Marlena was innocent. John says he is now withholding evidence, and if Marlena is guilty and the killer kills again, then what in the hell has he done? John decides to do something to find out for sure whether or not Marlena is the killer. John leaves. Later we see Tek looking at photos from the cemetery. Tek continues to suspect Marlena is the killer. 

John ends up going to Celestes place for some guidance. John apologizes for coming so late, but says he had no where else to turn. John says this will only take a minute. Celeste knows John is here for her help. Celeste thought John didnt trust her powers, but John says he is desperate. Celeste says just moments ago she felt danger, but that has passed. John says he needs to stop this killer, and it is up to him because he may know who the killer is. Celeste warns him everyone who uncovers her identity becomes her next victim. Celeste is afraid of learning the identity of the killer, but she agrees that they must stop this killer, they must not allow her to kill again. Celeste asks John to tell her the name of the person he suspects. However, she says before they proceed they must beware and prepare, the killer could be one step ahead of them! Celeste begins placing crystals, crosses and candles around the room for protection. Celeste says she is now ready to hear the killers name. John says this is harder than he thought. He says when he first told his theory to MArlena, she countered with one of her own, that Stefano has been manipulating him from beyond the grave and making him suspect a loved one. Celeste asks who this loved one is. John says it is his wife. John says he needs to know if the killer is his wife! 

At the penthouse, Julie thanks Marlena for being here for her tonight. Julie doesnt want to be a burden to Marlena, and Marlena says she isnt. Julie says she feels like there is something she could have done for Doug, but Marlena says there wasnt anything she could have done. Julie says she can still do something to help her husband, she can find out who did this to him. Julie remains convinced that there must be a clue out there. Marlena asks Julie if . . . but Julie cuts her off and says she knows what she is thinking. Julie says shes going back to that graveyard and retrace Dougs final steps. Marlena tells her that she is in no shape to do this, and she suggests she let the police find the clue. Julie says she is right, and to herself Marlena says she knows she is right and that is why she has to get over there and find that clue. Julie tells Marlena she just needs some time and a friendly shoulder to cry on. Marlena looks at Julie and tells her that she has to go! Julie asks if she is saying she has overstayed her welcome? Marlena says she just feels Julie should be at her own place, in her own bed, with all her stuff around her. Julie says she is right, and she thanks Marlena for being here for her and for her whole family. MArlena says she has been so glad she could help, and she shows Julie out. After Julie leaves, Marlena says she thought that blabbermouth would never leave! Marlena says she has to go get that clue Doug left before someone else finds it! On her way out she takes the letter opener she used to kill Doug with. Marlena says if someone has that clue, she knows what to do! 

At Tuscany, Bonnie is thrilled when a huge crate is delivered. When she goes to sign for it, the men delivering it cant believe Bonnie is the new manager of Tuscany. She says this place isnt called Tuscany anymore, and that this place is going to be a rip-roaring honky-tonk! Bonnie says this is going to be the place to come to get your whistle wet or to cut-a-rug; and that inside this crate is what just what is needed to de-Maggie Hortonize this place. Suddenly, Mickey shows up and exclaims What? Bonnie thinks Mickey heard her, but he hasnt. The boys have opened the crate, and inside is a mechanical bull. Mickey was referring to the bull, and he asks what that thing is? Bonnie says it is a mechanical bull, it will liven things up around here. Bonnie ends up putting on a little performance for Mickey about how the entire Horton clan is going to be looking to him now, and it is important for him to bring a little joy into peoples lives again after all this tragedy. She thinks this place can help do that. She also goes off on how shes going to be so big that one day shell have her very own Bonniewood. Later the two delivery men are shirtless and riding the mechanical bull while Bonnie dances with Mickey. Julie shows up and she wonders what is going on here. She tries to get their attention, but the music is too loud. She finally turns the music off and unplugs the bull. Mickey asks Julie what she is doing here. Julie says she was driving by and thought something was wrong when she saw the lights on. She says something is wrong here, and she asks Mickey how he can do this to Maggies beautiful restaurant? She thinks her family is falling apart, screams about the sacrilege going on here and says it is all Bonnies fault! Julie ends up breaking down into tears and Mickey comforts her. Bonnie tells the boys that it looks like her hoedown preview is over for the night. Mickey tells Julie that he meant no disrespect to Maggie or to Doug. Julie says she knows his heart is pure, but shes not so convinced about Bonnies heart! Mickey says all Bonnie is trying to do is bring some joy into the place. Julie thinks nothing can cheer her up, but Mickey thinks he can. Mickey says hes changing the name of Tuscany to Alices, which he thinks should give Julie the feeling that the Horton family is still going strong. He says they still have their matriarch to guide them, and he says Maggie and Alices old restaurant can come back to life in this place. Bonnie thinks that is very sweet, but Julie says no one asked her. Mickey excuses himself to do some paperwork, and Julie tells Bonnie that she is onto him and very soon Uncle Mickey will be too. Bonnie tells Julie that is a pretty mean thing to say, and she wont say anything mean back given her current situation. Bonnie tells Julie that she respects her situation, so Julie needs to respect hers. Bonnie says she is the boss here, she is running things, so Julie needs to keep her nose out of her life and her things. Bonnie walks off, and Julie is on the verge of tears. Later, Hope shows up at Tuscany to check on Julie and her Uncle Mickey. She calls Tek to check in, and she asks him to have some officers patrol her grandmothers house. Hope sees the bull and wonders what this is. Bonnie explains it is part of the places new look, and she asks Hope if she wants to go for a ride? Hope says no. She asks for Julie and her Uncle. Mickey and Julie show up, and Mickey tells Hope about changing the name of Tuscany to Alices. Hope likes the idea. Hope asks them about Alice, and Julie says she just left her at the house and she was fine. Bonnie and Mickey end up going to the back office to do some paper work, and Julie rants to Hope about how Bonnie is getting on her nerves. Julie tells Hope that she hopes Hope never loses her husband like she has lost hers. Hope says she doesnt know how shed be able to go on. Julie tells her to cherish every moment she has with Bo. Hope then begins to think about her times with Bo, and we see lots of classic Bo and Hope clips (The artist played during the flashbacks is Peter Reckells wife, Kelly Moneymaker). Hope says no one else in her family will die, this ends tonight! Hope takes off, and later Bonnie unveils a surprise for Mickey to thank him for trusting her to run this place. She has prepared a tribute to the Hortons and to Alice . . . She unveils a logo for the place. The logo says Alices Bar on it, and it has a cartoon caricature of Alice in a country western outfit with a lasso! Mickey says it is amazing, and it is very sweet of her to do this. Julie sees Bonnie hugging Mickey and is not happy. Outside Tuscany, hope makes a call to someone and says that she needs to see them, it is a matter of life and death!

At the cemetery, Alice asks Tom what he wanted to tell her, is it about the killer? Suddenly, the piece of paper with Marlenas name on it blows up on top of Toms grave. Alice looks at it and wonders what it means. She wonders if it is a warning, could Marlena the next victim? Dougs ghost appears to Alice and tries to warn her what his note means, but she doesnt hear or see him. Dougs ghost tells Alice not to trust Marlena because she is evil, she is not the same good-hearted Marlena they have loved and trusted. He tries to warn Alice to take the note seriously and not to let Marlena know she has the note. Meanwhile, Marlena arrives at the cemetery! Marlena begins looking around, but Alice has just left. Dougs ghost is glad Alice left, and he thinks Marlenas days of killing are over. Marlena looks for the clue, but realizes it is gone and someone has it. Marlena says whoever found the clue is as good as dead! Marlena then sees the security camera set-up, and she realizes how she can find the person who got Dougs clue. 

MArlena returns to the penthouse and uses Johns laptop to hack into the police security camera. She gets into his laptop on one try, his password was Forest Alamain. She looks at the photos and sees one of herself. She says Hello Marlena, dont you look lovely tonight! She tells herself that she looks marvelous, the camera does not add ten pounds like they say. Marlena erases that photo, and then finds a photo of Alice with the clue!

Alice returns home and begins to think about the clue. She wonders if Marlena could be the killer? She tells herself no, it just cant be! However , she wonders if it could be true? Alice says she has to get help. She reaches for the phone, but then drops the clue and the phone to the floor. It looks like Alice is in pain and is convulsing! 


March 24, 2004
At Jens place, Jen and Abby are making some cookies and cupcakes for Alice to try and cheer her up. Abby and Jen end up in a flour fight. Outside, Patrick is on his way back to Jens when he gets a call from someone. He says he didnt expect to be here this long, and hell let them know where he ends up after he leaves. He hears Jen scream and runs into the house to see what is wrong, not realizing he dropped a silver coin behind. The coin has a skull and crossbones on it! Patrick bursts into the kitchen to see what is wrong, only to have Jen throw a batch of chocolate cupcake batter all over him! Jen apologizes, but Abby laughs. Jen tells her not to laugh, but she too starts laughing at Patrick. Patrick takes his shirt off, and Jen gives him a towel to clean up with. Jen says shell go put his shirt in the wash. Patrick asks Abby what is going on here? Abby tells Patrick how she and her mom are making cupcakes and cookies for her grandma. Abby tells Patrick that there is a secret ingredient in them, love. Jen returns and says that is Alice Hortons secret for a happy life. Patrick remembers the cupcakes he had as a kid, snowballs which came right out of a box. Jen tells Abby that Patrick's mom probably didnt have time to cook, but Patrick says his mom never made anything from scratch, and neither has he actually. Jen and Abby offer to let Patrick help them. Patrick says that is very sweet of them. Patrick says he just came by to give her her key back because hes leaving. Jen tells him that he cant go! Jen thinks they may have done something to make him feel unwelcome, but he says that is not it. Patrick says he feels like he is taking advantage of her living here for free, but Jen says he isnt. Jen says she is the one who ran him over and she wont let him leave until he is 100 percent better. Abby says her mom is trying to say they like having her around. Abby remembers she left the sprinkles in her car, and she runs out to get them. Jen continues to try and convince Patrick to stay, and she asks why he came running in before? Patrick says he heard screams. Jen says if they had been in danger than he would have saved them, so he is earning his keep. Patrick still says he has to say no to her offer. Jen asks Patrick why he wont stay? Patrick says if he stays here much longer than people my get the wrong idea. Jen thinks that is not a problem because she is recently widowed, pregnant, and he is living in the garage apartment not her house. Patrick says her Aunt Julie really doesnt like him. Jen says Julie is actually her cousin, and she is suspicious by nature. Jen says Julie also isnt very fond of his mom. Patrick says not many people are. The oven beeps, so Jen goes to get the cupcakes out. Suddenly she is hit with a pain in her stomach. Jen thinks something is wrong with her baby. Outside, Abby finds the mysterious coin Patrick dropped and she wonders what it is. Abby hears her mom scream and runs inside. Patrick helps Jen out. Abby asks her mom what is wrong? Jen says it is the baby.

At the station Tek learns someone has broken into the Salem PD mainframe. Their computers freeze, and Tek orders an officer to call IT and have them shut down the mainframe. Tek knows this is the work of the killer, and heads out. Meanwhile, Shawn shows up at the station to see his mom after she called him. Hope is glad that he is safe. Shawn asks why she is so freaked out, has someone else died? Hope said not yet, but Celeste had another premonition. Hope says another member of their family is in danger, but Celeste didnt say who. Shawn asks how they are supposed to protect everyone? Hope says shes been going over all the notes and interviews, and that is when she remembered he claimed to have a theory about the killer. Hope asks Shawn to tell her the theory he had. Shawn says there are lots of theories about the killer. Hope knows Shawn isnt telling her something. She tells him to stop protecting who he is protecting and tell her who he suspected. Shawn remembers suspecting Marlena, and how Belle gave her an alibi. Shawn is reluctant to tell his mom, but she pushes him to admit that he thought the killer was Marlena. Hope begins looking through the evidence again, and she begins to wonder if Tek is right after all. Hope looks at Teks theory, and says Marlena was everywhere she needed to be to commit the murders when all the victims were killed. Shawn says what about Abe. Hope says they cant prove Marlena was in Colorado when Abe died. Shawn asks what about Cassies death, John and Marlena were out of town then. Hope says Green Mountain Lodge isnt that far away, Marlena would have had plenty of time to kill Cassie before leaving. Still, Hope says they have no motive for Marlena. Shawn asks what John thinks? Hope says John believes in his heart she is innocent, but John is a professional and says he will have to be absolutely sure about this. Hope ends up calling John and leaves a message with him to have him call her ASAP, it is about Marlena. Shawn realizes his mom finally suspects Marlena as well.

At Celestes place, Celeste tells John that it is impossible that Marlena is the killer. John says every clue leads him to his wife. He says he has never bought into her powers, but he has no where else to turn. John asks Celeste if his wife is the Salem Serial Stalker. Is she the Serial Killer (yes, they have many names for her it seems). Celeste says she doesnt know, but she does remember Marlena standing over her with a knife after she hypnotized her. John remembers that as well, but says Marlena claims she had it for protection, or did she? Celeste says she and Alice also ran into Marlena in the cemetery at the scene of Alices murder. Celeste says then there was Father Jansen, and she explains who he had a troubled woman in his confessional that he was searching for. John wonders if Marlena went to the church and to Father Jansen for Gods forgiveness. Celeste says it could be, and all these people have been killed by someone they trusted. Celeste says no one in Salem is more trusted than Marlena. Celeste says the evidence says she is guilty, but she knows MArlena and just cant believe it. John says she also has no motive. John begs Celeste to use her powers to determine if Marlena is the killer. Celeste says she cant do that. John asks why not? Celeste says she can try to commune with the spirits but there is no guarantee. John thinks her powers are bogus and that she has been fooling a lot of people with her nonsense, but Celeste says the spirits cannot tell her who the killer is because there are rules which prohibit the release of that information. Celeste says the spirits can guide them and give them hints, but that is it. John thinks this has just been a big waste of time and wants to leave. Celeste says there is one thing they can do, they can call upon the dark forces! John wonders why it always has to be the dark forces. They argue about what to do, and Celeste finally says she will call upon the dark forces to ask them if Marlena is the killer. She tells John to prepare himself to encounter the forces of darkness! Celeste opens up her chest and takes out her evil looking book. She warns John that unless he believes in what she is about to do, the dark forces will not answer him. Celeste begins to conjure the dark forces, and all the candles in her apartment burst into flames. John wonders what is going on. Celeste says the dark forces are here!

At the penthouse, Marlena says Get ready Tom, your about to have a surprise visit from Alice for your birthday, and shes not coming home! Marlena then remembers Celestes premonition that she would kill another Horton, and she hates that Celeste is always right. She says she doesnt want to kill Alice, and she wishes Alice would mind her own business. She says most women would be happy to be rocking or knitting at this point, not out visiting graveyards! Marlena says it is not her fault that Alice beat her to the grave and got the evidence first. Marlena gets ready to go out and see Alice, and she grabs her trusty letter opener. She says she shouldnt leave home without it because it brings her luck. As she is about to leave Tek shows up and confronts Marlena. Tek asks where she is off to this time? Marlena asks how he got into her building, she has a doorman and he should have been announced. Tek says he doesnt play by the rules, and neither does she. Tek says he knows she hacked into the mainframe. Marlena wonders to herself if shes going to have to kill this idiot too? Tek walks into MArlenas apartment, and he asks Marlena why she needed to get into their mainframe. MArlena says she doesnt know what he is talking about, and she says her husband is the tech person in the family. Tek asks to see her computer, but she says since he has no warrant he cant see it. Tek asks why he makes her so nervous? Marlena says he is a stranger to her and he has come into her house illegally. She threatens to tell the commissioner that he, a little known rookie, is harassing her. Tek says being a rookie gives him a fresh perspective on things, and he thinks she is the murderer! Marlena says the amount of psychiatrists who turn out to be serial killers is somewhere between infinitesimal and non-existent. She says she was the criminologist for the Salem PD for years, and it is cops like him who give the police a bad name. Tek tells Marlena to cut the crap and confess! He asks what Abe and Jack had on her? What about Roman, the father of her twins? Marlena says he is good at asking questions, but not good at getting answers. Tek says she is the textbook example of a serial killer, and he thinks she has gotten to like killing, she loves it in fact. MArlena says yes! MArlena begins to laugh and says killing is at the top of her list of favorite things along with taffy pulling and embroidery! Marlena tells Tek to get out and get through his head that she is not a killer. Tek says she will slip up and it is just a matter of time before she is caught. Tek leaves, but says he will be watching her! Marlena then calls the building security to get rid of Tek for her. Marlena gets ready to go back out, and she makes sure she has all her weapons before leaving. She sees a photo of Alice in the paper and says sentimentality hasnt stopped her from killing in the past, and it wont stop her now! She tells Alice that shes coming to get her!

At Alices place, Alice wonders if Marlena is the killer? She decides she has to call someone, but when she reaches for the phone she drops it and the note. Alice appears to be in pain! Alice passes out, and Toms voice tells her to wake up because it isnt her time, not yet! Alice wakes up, and Tom tells her that she is in danger. Alice then sees Toms face appear! Alice is glad to see Tom, but she doesnt know what to do. Toms ghost fades off. Dougs ghost comes to and tries to get through to Alice. He tries to convince Alice to turn Marlena in! Alice makes a call to the police station and asks for Hope. The idiot officer says Hope cant come to the phone, so he takes a message to have Hope call her right away. Alice thinks Hope will call her right back and then everything will be okay. She wonders why Marlena became a killer? When Hope fails to call her back, Alice thinks it is time for her to go to sleep. Doug begs Tom to help MArlena, and Alice sees his photo glowing. Tom tells Alice that MArlena is here! Outside, MArlena arrives and brandishes her letter opener!


March 25, 2004
Kate is at the office doing some work. She looks at a photo of Roman and says she misses him so much. Suddenly, Kate gets an instant message from "BradyRo," and it tells Bracelets that hes been waiting for her. Kate doesnt think this is Roman, and she responds to the person messaging her that it isnt funny. Roman messages her back and says she it is him and for Kate to meet him at his house tonight because he has a surprise. 

Kate heads to Romans place, and she asks Phillip to come with her just incase. She says she called the internet provider and Romans account is inactive, so she doesnt know if this is a sick joke or the real thing. Kate and Phillip go into Romans place, and Kate sees some flowers and a card addressed to her! The flowers are long dead, and Phillip wonders if this is a message from the killer. Kate realizes these were from Roman to give to her after the wedding. Phillip asks if she hasn't been back here? Kate says she has never been able to make herself come back. She opens the card and reads it. Roman thanks her for taking this leap with him and how words cant express how happy he is. Kate thinks she needs to stay her alone for awhile. She assures Phillip that she will be okay. Phillip says okay, but asks her to call his cell in case she needs him. Phillip leaves, the roses come back to life, and Roman appears to Kate. Kate wonders if this is real or a dream. Roman says it is real, and he has waited so long for her to come back. Kate says she wanted to come back but she just couldnt .Kate asks why he left her? Roman says he cant answer that, but he says it will get easier with time. Roman says she will heal and go on. Kate doesnt think she can, but Roman says she has to go on and live the life she was meant to. Kate says she wants a life with him, and she doesnt want to hear him say he has to leave her again. Roman says he has to go. Kate begs him not to go, not yet. She asks Roman to make love to her one last time. Unfortunately Roman disappears . Kate looks at the card again and finds another note on it from Roman who says he will forever be watching over her.

At Celestes place, Celeste opens her ancient book and begins calling the dark forces with a Latin chant. The candles in the apartment explode into huge flames, and Celeste yells that the forces of darkness are here! She collapses into Johns arms, and then awakens with black eyes! The demon in Celeste's body tells John that Celeste is not here, and the answers he seeks he must get from him! John asks if his wife is the Salem Stalker. The demon asks John if Marlena is capable of such evil, does she have it in her? John says of course not. The demon says but she is capable of hosting evil is she not? John remembers when Marlena was possessed all those years ago. John says she was capable once, but it wasnt her fault. The demon says perhaps the evil is still there like some dark tormenting virus waiting for the day it could rise up and live again. John refuses to believe that. He asks if his wife has been possessed again? The demon tells John to think back to the last time, what did it take then for him to believe? John remembers that it took him seeing Marlena floating above her bed. John says she hasnt been acting the same way. The demon says some would say she is acting much worse! John asks if his wife is the killer? The demon says he already knows the answer to that priest, and then the demon leaves Celeste. Celeste comes too, and John is disturbed that the demon called him priest. He says that is what Marlena called him when she was possessed. Celeste says if what they fear is true than John needs to prepare for the fight of his life! 

John heads to the church seeking advice and help from God, only to run into his old friend Father Jansen. Father Jansen tells him to have faith even in his darkest hour. John says he is afraid that his wide has been possessed again! Father Jansen asks why he feels that, has he seen signs? John says it isnt like before, but she has been acting strange lately. John asks Father Jansen about seeing Marlena in the cemetery the other day. The Father remembers looking for a woman in his confessional, and he says no it cant be! John asks Father if there is something he can tell him? Father Jansen cant break the seal of the confessional, but he urges John to find his wife while there is still time! 

Back at Celestes, Celeste wonders if Marlena could be possessed again. She remembers confronting Marlena before when she was possessed. Celeste says if it is true and MArlena is possessed by evil forces, there may be no stopping her this time! Celeste looks at her mirror and sees the name Horton written in blood. Celeste thinks shes already too late and that it has already begun! Celeste reads her tarot cards to find out who will be the next to die. She begins turning them over, and we see images or names of all those killed on the cards. When she gets to the last one she sees a photo of Alice! Celeste cries out for Alice.

At the station, Hope gets a page from Lexie telling her to come to Jens house. She thinks the baby must be in danger. Hope asks Shawn to stay here and call all their relatives to warn them about the danger, but she tells him not to call Gran because she is sleeping. Shawn begins to call the family, but does not see the phone message that Hope was to call Alice as soon as possible. Later, Tek returns and tells Shawn that it looks like he was right, he is convinced Marlena is the killer. Shawn says he was wrong about Marlena, but Tek says he just came from having a chat with Marlena. Shawn says John is going to be pissed off! Tek says it is time John accepted that his wife is the killer. Later, Phillip shows up to check on how things are going. The storm knocks out the security camera at the cemetery, so the boys decide to go find out what is going on.

At the cemetery, the camera has been fried by lightening. Tek decides to install a new one. Meanwhile, Shawn goes to his grandfathers grave to pray to him for help. He asks him to be there and watch over them and grandma. He asks Tom to protect their family from the killer.

At Jens, Lexie shows up to check on Jen and how she is doing (Jen called her). Jen has a hot water bottle on her stomach, and LExie asks who brought this to her? Patrick says he did, and asks if it was wrong? LExie says no and that he saved the babys life. Jen thanks Patrick, as does Abby. Lexie asks to speak to Jen alone, so Abby and Patrick go outside to see the storm. Lexie asks Jen to call Dr. Bader in the morning, and she asks what she was doing before the pains started. Jen says she was talking to Patrick, and she and Abby had a food fight. LExie tells Jen that she has to be careful not to get overly excited or engage in any strenuous activity. Jen says she wasn't doing anything she would call stressful.  Lexie says any stress could cause her to miscarry or worse! LExie says she doesnt want anything to happen to her, and god knows there has been so much death as is. Hope walks in and says it might not be over yet! Hope tells them about Celestes latest premonition, which Jen says is terrible. Hope asks what happened here, and she learns about Patrick saving Jen and the babys life. Hope says they are lucky Patrick was here. Jen says he is thinking of leaving, so Hope says theyll just have to change his mind about that. Outside, Abby shows Patrick the coin she found. Patrick says it is his coin and he didnt know he lost it. She says it is a strange coin. Patrick says it once belonged to pirates. The storm worsens, so they head inside. Abby tells her mom that Patrick was held captive on a pirate ship and has a coin to prove it. The girls get a laugh out of it, but dont take it seriously. Hope thanks both Lexie and Patrick for helping Jen. Lexie and Hope eventually leave, and Jen asks Patrick to reconsider staying here. Patrick says he cant afford it, and what money he does have is tied up. Jen asks him to stay here as a guest and a friend, and yes even a hero. Jen says she will feel safer if he is around. Patrick eventually agrees to stay. Patrick says hell go unpack his things and hell see her later. Jen looks upwards and thanks Jack for sending his friend to look after them.

At the Horton house, Marlena attempts to break in, but the front door is locked tight. Tom warns Alice that she is here! Marlena feels regret about what she has to do, and she says she knows Alice always wanted to die in her sleep. Marlena then knows how to kill her so that Alice will never know what hit her. Meanwhile, Alice sees Marlena outside her house and realizes she has come to kill her! Marlena beaks in and looks at a photo of Alice. She says Salem wont be the same without her, but like sands through the hourglass, eventually our time runs out! Suddenly, Toms ghost appears and disappears behind Marlena! Marlena heads to Alices room, and she tells herself that she didnt want to do this but Alice left her no choice! She sees a body in Alices bead, and she goes over to it. Behind Marlena, Toms ghost once again appears! Marlena then stabs the body in the bed with the letter opener! MArlena thinks the deed has been done, only to learn she has stabbed a bunch of pillows. Marlena says Alice has another thing coming if she thinks she can out fox her! Marlena heads downstairs and finds Alice in her chair. Alice tells Marlena that she has been expecting her!


March 26, 2004
A bit shorter than normal, as I typed this in the middle of the night. Sorry for any mistakes!
At Romans house, Kate hears someone coming in the front door, and she clocks them over the head with a vase. It turns out it was John. She asks what he is doing here? He says he came looking for Marlena. Kate asks why he thought shed come here? John tells Kate about Teks theory that MArlena is the killer. She says he cant possibly believe that, but John does. Kate doesnt think Marlena has it in her, and she asks why would MArlena kill all these people she loves and cares about? John says she might kill them if she was possessed by the devil again. Kate tells John that if that is true than he must go find Marlena before she kills again. John decides to head over to Celestes to see if she can be of help again.

  At Belles place, Belle has a nightmare and wakes up to a storm raging outside. Meanwhile, over at Samis place, Sami wakes up from her own nightmare, shes dreaming about Julie lecturing her about love. Belle gives Sami a call, and Sami tells Belle that she should come over and they can hang out. A spying Jan hears this and thinks Sami and Belle are going to have a slumber party. Belle heads over to Samis place, and Jan follows her. Jan spies on them as they talk. Belle is upset and tells Sami how she may have ruined her relationship with Shawn. Sami asks what she did? Belle tells Sami that she lied to Shawn about mom. Sami asks why, and Belle tells her the whole story, including Shawns theory. Sami says their mother is not the killer and that Belle did the right thing lying to Shawn. She tells Belle not to feel guilty at all. Later, they talk about Samis love life. Sami thinks there is little hope of her finding love. Belle suggests a guy to Sami that she is friendly with, but Sami says he is gay. Belle asks what about Shawn? Sami tells Belle that it is time for her to go now, and quickly shoes Sami out the door. Later, Sami calls Eric to tell him the theory Shawn has been spreading about their mother. Sami says it is ludicrous because mom was with him in Colorado when Abe died. Sami is stunned to learn that Marlena was not with him. Suddenly, Kate walks in and hears this. She says John was right, Marlena is the killer!

Back at Belles, Belle decides to soak in a nice hot bath. Meanwhile, Jan cant take it anymore and calls up Nicole. She says she wants Nicole to get her Shawn tonight. Apparently Nicole refuses to help Jan, so Jan says shes just going to have to kill Belle! Jan sneaks into Belles place and decides to electrocute her like she did Victor.

At Cemetery, Shawn prays at his Granpa Toms grave for guidance. Suddenly he says he knows what to do. Over at Celestes place, Celeste turns over her tarot cards and sees Alices face as the next victim. She says there must be something she can do, and she summons some of the dead. Roman, Caroline and Maggie all appear to Celeste. Celeste begs them to help her, but they say they cannot. They tell her dark forces are at work here. Celeste says she will do something then, and she decides to call John. A demonic voice screams out No! Celestes window blows open, and she is hit by a bolt of lightening. Fortunately Shawn arrives at this point and he helps Celeste. Miraculously, Celeste is okay. However, she warns Shawn that someone he loves is going to die tonight and shes afraid nothing can be done about it!

At Alices place, Marlena confronts Alice. Alice tells Marlena that shes been waiting for her, and she knows that she is the killer. Marlena says yes, and now you must die for knowing that! Alice begs Marlena to get help, but Marlena says she is a psychiatrist, she doesnt need help. Marlena demands Alice hand over the evidence against her, but Alice says she cannot do that. Alice says her Tom wont let her. As Marlena is about to stab Alice, Toms ghost appears and tells Marlena to get out! Maggie then appears and tells Marlena to get away, and calls MArlena a bitch! Roman then appears and tells MArlena that she doesnt want to this. Caroline also appears and tells MArlena that she treated her like a daughter and she poisoned her! Roman says it is time she faced what she has done. Tom once again tells MArlena to go, and his ghost chased her out! After Marlena leaves, Alice calls John and tells him that his wife is the killer!

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