March 29, 2004
Kate walks into Samis place and says John is right, Marlena is the killer! Sami hangs up the phone (she was talking to Eric) and lashes out at Kate. She asks how she got in here? Kate says she came to check on Will, and she says Lucas gave her the key so she wouldnt wake her up. Sami thinks Kate is accusing her mother because she is upset that Roman married her mom first and loved her more, but Kate says it is true. Sami asks if she has been taking stupid classes with Shawn Brady? Sami says nobody will believe this, and if anyone she knows is a killer it is her (Kate). Kate says there is evidence against Marlena, and the police are preparing a case and they are going to arrest her mother! Sami doesnt believe Kate, but Kate says she heard it first hand from the person who wants to disbelieve it the most, her husband. Sami says John is the one who is going to kill her mom, and now he is just setting up her mom to take the fall. Kate says MArlena is the killer and she killed her husband! Sami says her mom was her fathers wife, not her. Kate says Marlena is killing people she loves, and she asks where Will is because he or Lucas could be next. Sami says John is the one they have to worry about, John and her are the liars. Kate says MArlena is not herself, something is wrong with her. Sami says her mother is a wonderful and loving person. She screams at Kate to get out of her house! She says John and Kate are the real evil and she will see to it that they are out of their lives forever.

Later, Kate makes a call to someone to tell them that she loves them and just wanted to hear their voice. It is obvious she called Lucas as she says his name .After she hangs up, Roman appears to Kate. Roman knows that Kate now knows the truth. Kate feels bad for him as he had to look into Marlenas eyes as she killed him. Kate says it has been so hard for her thinking about the way he suffered, and now it is one hundred times worse. Kate says Marlena loved him, and she was her friend. Kate says MArlena took him from her. Roman says she didnt, their love will never die. They kiss, and Roman disappears.

At Celestes building, Alice calls John to warn him that MArlena is the killer. John cant believe it, and he says he is so sorry. He instructs Alice to make sure all the windows and doors are locked. He says hell put an APB out on MArlena and he will head over there. On the way out John runs into Shawn, and Shawn asks what is going on? John doesnt have time to deal with Shawn, but Shawn insists on being filled in. John tells Shawn that the killer really is MArlena, and he tells Shawn to go to Belle now and make sure she is safe!

At Alices house, Alice tells Tom that she will bring this nightmare to an end. Lightening flashes and we see Marlena standing outside of Alices kitchen door. Alice looks over and sees MArlena as well. Alice asks God to give her strength. Marlena yells out Lizzie Borden took an axe, and hacked Alice Horton into snacks! Horton, Horton fits the rhyme, time to die and nows the time! (Dont think I got it exactly right, Ill have to go back and watch again). The door blows open and Marlena yells out Im back! Suddenly, Romans ghost appears to MArlena. She cant believe he is back, and he says he is her conscience. He asks why she is doing this? MArlena says to protect her family. Roman asks when it will stop? MArlena says tonight, but he says she has said that before. Roman says too many people have put the clues together, too many people know now. He says she is the only one who can end this. He says she is a helper and a healer, she is not this. MArlena cries that she is a good person. Roman extends his hand and asks her to let him help her. Roman tells Marlena to look at Alice, she has been family to her, she does not want to kill Alice. He asks MArlena to take his hand, and she does. Roman says this is who she is; she is a loving wife and an incredible mother. He says she taught her children right from wrong; she is a good person just like Alice. He says she has to make the right decision, so she should close her eyes and look inside herself. Marlena remembers her times spent with John and with Alice through flashbacks. However she soon remembers all the murders shes committed, and she says it is because of the people that she loves that shes doing this. MArlena says she cant give up this life she has, she knows what she has to do. Malena heads into Alices house, but Alice is gone. Marlena thinks she has got away, and she says she better not have told anyone what she knows. Romans ghost says it doesnt have to go any further, but MArlena says Alice has to die tonight! Marlena runs through the house looking for Alice. She knows Alice is still here because her car is here, and she yells out Your old Alice, you cant run! She tells ALcie to come out because she doesnt want to play this game with her! Marlena suspects Alice is hiding in the closet, so she opens the door and yells Gotcha! Alice is hiding in the closet, and Marlena talks to herself for a bit. We get the sense that she has lost her marbles completely at this point. Marlena says she (Alice) thought Tom wouldnt let her find her, but she did! Alice tells Marlena that she needs help. Alice says she said that before, is she having memory problems? Marlena says it is too bad she cant forget that she is the killer. Alice begs MArlena not to do this. Marlena says she is sane, she knows what she is doing. She says she didnt want to kill any of those people but she had no choice, she had to kill them!

Lexie arrives at her mothers house and finds Celeste passed out on the floor. Celeste comes too, and she cant remember what happened. Lexie suspects she was hit with electrical discharge from lightening. Lexie asks Celeste if she knows where she is? Celeste says in a town of horrors, a town without despair! Lexie says she is in Salem! Lexie asks her mom what she was doing before this happened to her? Celeste says she was communing with the spirits to get an answer about the killer. Lexie wishes she would stop doing that because a person is involved, not spirits, and this person is doing this out of their own free will. Celeste remembers that someone in danger is in danger, she was told who, but now she cant remember. Celeste suddenly remembers that Marlena is the killer, but there is more she is supposed to remember. She looks at her cards and struggles to remember.

Shawn is speeding towards Belles place. HE tries to call her, but she doesnt answer her phone. Shawn leaves her a message. HE asks if she is there, and for her to pick up the phone. She does not answer. John calls Shawn and asks him if he has gotten through to Belle? Shawn says not yet, and John says he cant get through to Alice. Suddenly a huge lightening bolt cracks and Shawns car goes off the road. Shawn ends up having to walk to the loft. Shawn keeps calling Belle, but she wont answer. He leaves messages telling her not to open the door to anyone, especially not her mother. He says hell explain as soon as he gets there.

Meanwhile, John is on his way to Alices. He thinks about Marlena and all the good times hes had with her, but he also thinks about the time she was possessed and committed so many evil crimes. John thinks he should have seen it; he should have helped her sooner. Suddenly, Johns car is struck by another car! John gets out of his car and sees it is Sami who hit him. John checks on Sami to see if she is okay, but she tells him not to touch her. Sami lashes out at John and says he is destroying her family. She says she knows what he is telling the world about her mom. Sami says he is the DiMera killing machine, not her mother. John says her mother is in trouble and needs help. Sami says he is just going to kill her and then say she tried to kill him. She cant believe she ever thought he loved them. Sami grabs a gun from Johns car and points it at John. John tells her that her mother is the killer and she tried to kill Alice tonight. John says that Alice called him and told him this. HE says Marlena needs help, and if Alice dies it is on her head! John decides to call someone to get Alice help, but Sami snatches the phone. He says she is going to regret doing that. She tells John that he thought she was the killer once, but she said she couldnt kill anyone unless they were a threat to her family. As she points the gun at him, Sami says she will kill to protect her family! John doesnt think she is capable of killing, but Sami says that shows how much he knows. John says he has to protect his family, he has to go help her mother. Sami says he is not part of this family! Sami says her mom kicked him out because she knows he is plotting to kill her. John calls her Samantha Gene, and she tells him not to call her that. She doesnt want him trying to bring up fuzzy memories from the past. Sami says he is not her father and she wont let him hurt her mom. John says he is the only one who can help her. John knows she wont shoot him, but Sami says she will shoot him, she wont let him kill her! Sami fires her gun, and John goes down!

At Belles place, Belle is soaking in the tub. Jan spies on her and says this is a more disgusting site than seeing Mr Kiriakis soaking in his tub, even after he was dead. She says when Belle is dead that will be the most beautiful thing she has seen. Belle continues to soaks in the tub and thinks about lying to Shawn. She says she has to tell Shawn the truth or this lie will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Jan, radio in hand, says Bye bye Belle! Unfortunately the radio wont reach the tub, the cord is too short. She goes looking for an extension cord and finds Belles days of the week underwear in one of her dressers. Belle hears Jan making noise and fears it is the killer. However, she convinces herself it was just the storm that she heard. Jan watches over Belle and holds an extension cord in her hand. She says she could arrange for Belle to face a more gruesome death. Belle gets out of the tub and looks around her apartment. Jan hides and listens to Belle talking to herself. Belle decides to get back in the tub, and takes a steamy romance novel. Jan thinks if it is warm water that Belle wants than she has just the thing. Jan hears Shawns messages come in, and she thinks even Belles own mother wants to see her dead. She says she would be doing her mother a service killing her. Jan heads towards the tub with the radio and the extension cord. As she is about to kill Belle the lights in the apartment flicker. Belle thinks it was just a power surge. As she soaks, Jan stands over the tub with the radio above her head. . .


March 30, 2004
At Bo and Hopes, Hope comes home to check on Bo and Zack. Bo asks what happened to her, she let him fall asleep and then disappeared on him. She asks if he is sure he and Zack are okay. Bo asks why they wouldnt be? What is going on? Hope says Celeste thinks the killer is going to strike again and it will be someone they love very much. Hope explains everything to Bo, including that Marlena is at the top of the list of suspects. Bo cant believe that MArlena is now a suspect in the murders. Hope says if she didn't know Marlena than she would suspect her based on Tek's evidence.  Bo says they cant be careful enough with this info, and he wants to put an APB out on her. Hope says John swears she is innocent and if he thought otherwise he would bring her in himself. Bo says John loves Marlena, of course he would say that. Hope realizes Bo thinks it is possible. Bo says if it is, John, Belle and Samis entire family will be destroyed. Bo tries to make some calls, but the storm has knocked out the signal to their phone. Bo suggests they go find MArlena and bring her in. Hope worries what if they are wrong, a womans life is at stake. Bo says a lot more is also at stake. He says they will keep this quiet until they know for sure. Bo says they have to end this whole thing now, tonight. 

At Belles loft, Jan holds the radio above the tub and is about to drop it in when all the power goes out. At the same time, Shawn arrives at the building and searches for Belle. As he runs into her apartment he walks past Nicole and Jan, who are hiding in the corner. Nicole has her hand over Jans mouth to keep her quiet. Shawn finds Belle in the bath, and he thinks shes dead. Shes not dead, just asleep. He wakes her up, and the power comes back on. Shawn says he has been calling and calling, but Belle says she has been in the bath. He asks why he came over here? Shawn says he has something to tell her. She suggests he wait until she is out of the bath. Before Shawn leaves the bathroom, Belle asks how long hes been here. He says just a few minutes, why? She says she thought someone was here, but she must have dreamt it. 

Outside the loft on the fire escape, Nicole asks Jan what she was thinking? Jan says she was going to kill Belle and let her mother the serial killer take the fall! She asks Nicole why she ruined everything? Nicole remembers sneaking into the loft and stopping Jan from killing Belle. After we see this little flashback, Jan says if Nicole hadnt stopped her than she and Shawn would be in bed right now making their own electricity. Nicole tells Jan that she is delusional. Jan says this was the perfect set-up and Nicole blew it! Nicole says no this would have got them both sent to jail, doesnt she think anyone would find it a little suspicious that Belle was killed the same way Victor was? As they argue, Shawn hears them and wonders if someone is outside. They keep quote and Shawn ends up closing the window.

Back in the loft, Shawn takes off his wet shirt, and Jan spies on him and gets all hot and bothered. Belle finally shows up in a robe and gives Shawn a towel. Belle says her bedroom window was opened and water got all over her floor. She says she doesnt remember leaving the window open. Belle says she has a feeling things are going to get much worse before the y get any better. Shawn says she is right. Belle wants to make some tea to warm up before they talk. Before Shawn tells Belle the news about her mom, Belle stops him and tries to tell him that she lied about her moms alibi. She tells Shawn that she loves him and would never do anything to hurt him. Belle tells Shawn that what she has to tell him has to do with her mom. Shawn says same with him, and he doesnt know how to do this. Belle asks what is going on? Shawn says Tek has put together a lot of evidence that connects her mother to the killings. Belle thinks Shawn told Tek and now Tek is investigating her mother based on his ridiculous theory. Belle asks how he could do this to her? Shawn says there are more people who are suspicious. She thinks Shawn told his parents, and he admits he told his mother. Belle says nobody would believe her mother is the killer, but Shawn says her father believes it. Shawn says he talked to John tonight and he is convinced Marlena is the stalker.

Back outside, Jan reminds Nicole that it is time she gets what she wants, it is time she gets what she deserves! Nicole says she is not going to stand out here and get struck by lightening while she drools over Shawn. Jan says it would be funny if she got electrocuted, you know, ironic. Nicole says about as funny if she through her off this fire escape. Nicole says they are going now, and she drags Jan off with her.

Kate bangs on Lucas door and screams at him to open up. Mr. Schneider, the building supervisor (One Day at a Time pun) asks what all the ruckus is about? Kate says shes worried about her son and asks him to open the door for her. HE does, and Kate walks in and finds Lucas passed out on the sofa with what appears to be blood all over his chest and shirt. It turns out it was all a dream in Kates head. Kate is still outside banging on Lucas door. Lucas shows up, he wasnt home. He said he had to go out and give Will his homework because he is at his Grandpa Shawns. Lucas and Kate go inside, and he asks what she is so worried about. Kate says they know who the killer is . . . it is Marlena! Lucas wonders what in Gods name would possesses her to commit these horrible murders? Lucas worries about Sami and wonders how she is. Kate says she went to the pub to get Will. Lucas calls over to the pub to make sure she is okay. However, he learns Sami has not shown up. Lucas tells Shawn to close the pub, lock all the doors, and kick everyone out because they think the killer may strike again tonight. Lucas says he will be there soon. Lucas puts on his jacket and decides to go find her. Kate says no way. Kate says Sami is in complete denial about her mother, and with any luck Sami will run into her mom and get the proof she needs first hand. Later, Lucas calls Samis cell phone, but she doesnt answer. Kate tells him to stop worrying about Sami. Lucas says hes going to find her, which angers and upsets Kate. She realizes how much her son really does love Sami. 

At Alices house, Marlena tells Alice that she is sorry and this shouldnt be necessary. She says someone just had to go play Miss Marple and discover the nasty note that Doug wrote, and so now she has to kill her. Alice tells MArlena that she will never get away with this. Marlena says all her victims said that! Marlena sits Alice down at the table in front of a plate of donuts. Marlena suggests she gets Alice some nice cold milk to go with her donuts. Marlena says she is not heartless, the condemned should be able to enjoy her last meal or snack. Alice tells MArlena that she doesnt want to do this. MArlena says they have established that, but she doesnt have a choice. Alice says of course she has a choice, she still has a brain doesnt she! Marlena tells Alice that she is feisty tonight! Alice tells Marlena to think of all the happy times they have shared in this house. Alice says she has been like another daughter to her and her Tommy. Alice says Tom thought of her like another daughter. Marlena says of course he did, Marlena Evans, practically perfect in every way (Mary Poppin's quote). Marlena says she has been a good friend, loving wife, great mother; and so much more! Alice tells Marlena that she is just very sick, but they still love her. Marlena seems to have an attack of conscience, and she asks how she can love her after what she has done? Alice says because they know this isnt her. She tells Marlena to stop the madness and let them help her before it is too late. We see MArlena leaving Alices place. She says My dear sweet Alice, a cup of tea, some words of wisdom, and even the promise of hope in the darkest of times. She licks some powdered sugar off her thumb and says and the most delicious donuts, they really are to die for! 

Out in the rain, Sami fires the gun at John, and John does a move straight out of the Matrix and dodges the bullet by bending over backwards. He then kicks the gun out of Samis hand and grabs Sami. Sami screams shes going to kill him with her bare hands, she wont let him hurt her mother. John says he is not the murderer, the killer is her mother! She says he is lying and screams at him some more. John holds her as she ends up breaking down. She soon begins raging against him again, and John finally gets sick of her and handcuffs her to her car steering wheel. Sami thinks john is going to murder her and her whole family. John says hes not going to kill her or anyone. John heads off as Sami screams for help. John tries to start his car, but it wont work. John tries to make a call, and finally gets through to Alices house. Alices machine picks up, and John begs her to pick up the phone if she is still awake. She doesnt, and he ends up trying to use Samis car, but Sami fights with him and says she wont let him hurt her mother. John says he is trying to help her mother, she is sick. Sami says John is the one who is sick, he is the one killing her whole family. John sees Marlenas car drive by, and he says its too late, shes come from Alices. John takes off on foot after Marlena as Sami begs him not to hurt his mother. John finally gets through to Bo, and he warns Bo that he should get over to Alices right now and he is going after Marlena. Bo tells John to be careful. Back at Bo and Hopes, Bo has to break the news to Hope that John thinks Marlena has killed Alice. Bo and Hope call an officer over to stand watch and protect Zack, and then they head off. Back in Samis car, Samis cell phone rings, but it is in the back seat and she cant reach it. Lucas eventually shows up and finds Sami handcuffed to her car. Kate is with him, and she begs Lucas to free her. Kate tells Lucas to leave her, her moms been trying to get rid of her for a long time anyways. Sami screams that her mother is not the killer! Sami tells Lucas that John is the killer and hes going after her mom right now. She says she wouldnt be surprised if Kate was in cahoots with him! Sami begs Lucas to find the keys to these cuffs because she has to stop John before he kills her mother.

Marlena heads home and says Alice has made her realize what she has to do to make things right. She thinks Shawn will be at Belles, so she should deal with them first, and then John. She says she has to deal with all the people who know she has been a very bad girl. She then takes a bite out of one of Alices donuts and says it is fabulous, she should have gotten the recipe! 

Jan and Nicole end up running into MArlena on the street outside of the building. Jan asks Marlena what she is doing here. Marlena says her daughter lives here. Marlena asks Jan what she is doing here, and what is she doing with Nicole? Nicole says she and Jan met in Puerto Rico. Marlena says she almost forgot about that, and Nicole says she and Jan just happened to run into one another. MArlena says she finds that hard to believe. Jan tells Marlena who cares what you believe, everyone thinks youre the Salem Serial Killer! Marlena says shes not, but if she was shed have a bone to pick with Nicole over Victors death. Marlena says Victors death is being blamed on the Salem Stalker (why do they keep using two different names in the same scene?), and she doesnt buy that. Marlena says it wasnt the killers MO. Nicole says she didnt kill her husband, she was handcuffed to Brady when the murder happened. Marlena says she must have hired someone else, and then figures out that person is Jan. Jan says theyll never prove it, theyll just blame it on the serial killer. Marlena says if the killer is caught she may deny responsibility and even have an excuse for where she was that night. Suddenly sirens can be heard, and Marlena says she has to dash now. Before she goes, Marlena tells them to keep their theories about the stalker to themselves! Nicole panics and thinks Jan is stupid for telling Marlena that she thought she was the killer. Jan says shes not the only one. Nicole says Marlena also thinks they are friends, and if she does go down as the killer she could tell everyone that she didnt kill Victor and blame them. All Jan can think about is whether Shawn could forgive her for killing his grandfather. Nicole says she thinks when all of this is over Jan should go away for a nice long rest.

John walks into the penthouse and finds Marlena curled up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea. Marlena asks John what brings him by? John tells Doc that it is over, he knows. Marlena asks what he knows? John says he knows she was at Alice Hortons. John asks if she killed Alice?  Back at Alices house, and they begin searching. They find footprints coming from the kitchen. Bo and Hope walk into the kitchen. They are stunned by what they find . . . . . Hope says "Oh no!", and turns to Bo and hugs him.


March 31, 2004
Lucas drags a hysterical Sami back to her apartment. Sami continues to scream that John is going to kill her mom, but Lucas says he isnt. Lucas says her mother is the killer and John is going to stop her. Sami demands to be let out of here, but Lucas refuses to let her go anywhere. Lucas wants to check on Will, but Sami says Will is not in danger her mother is. Lucas says Celeste said another Horton would die, and Will is part Horton. Lucas calls up the pub to check on Will. Kate is there, and Sami grabs the phone, calls her a psycho-slut, and tells her to keep John Black away from her mother. Lucas tells Sami to give it a rest, and he makes calls to other Hortons to check on them. When he calls Alices house, Tek answers. Lucas asks if there has been another killing?

Out in the rain, Nicole lashes out at Jan for letting MArlena realize they killed Victor. Nicole ditches Jan to go cover her own butt. Jan, left all alone, says she needs Shawn to help her now like he did after Paul raped her. Jan takes a walk and looks at some mannequins in a store window display. The mannequins are modeling swimsuits. She begins to daydream about being on some far away island with Shawn, and they become the mannequins. In her fantasy, Jan admits to Shawn about killing his grandfather, and her fantasy comes to an end when Shawn rips off her head and dumps it in a tank of piranhas! Jan wonders how she will ever get Shawn to love her now.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady is walking around the mansion. He says he cant sleep with a killer on the loose, possibly two killers. Brady ends up finding the burnt model of the opera house and says Nicole has been lying to him all along! Later, Nicole returns home and Brady confronts her with the burned model. Brady knows she burned it, and he reminds her that she agreed to fund this project. He says this was supposed to be in honor of his mother, but all she cares about is keeping Chloe away from Salem. Nicole remembers burning the model, but denies doing so. Brady tells her not to lie to him! Brady tells her that he also thinks she hired someone to kill Victor while she handcuffed herself to him! Before she can respond, Jan calls Nicole and says she is going to go to the police and ask for a plea bargain. Nicole tells Jan that she cant do that! Brady thinks she is talking to her accomplice, so he grabs the phone to see who she is talking to. His attempt to find out who is helping Nicole fails, so he gives Nicole her phone back. He tells Nicole that he is through being there for her! Brady walks off, and Nicole calls Jan back and tells her that she has ruined her one chance for happiness! Nicole tells her that it doesnt matter anymore because Marlena will give them up and they will both go down. Jan says she is supposed to get Shawn, but Nicole tells her that she is stupid if she thinks shell ever have him. Nicole suggests she haul her ass out of Salem now if she knows what is good for her. Jan refuses and says Shawn is all she has to live for. Jan tells herself Wait till you see what I have planned for you Shawn. Jan goes back to her place and looks at a photo of Shawn. She says everything she is and does is out of love for him. Jan says she cant live without him, and looks up where we see a noose hanging. Back at the mansion, Nicole plans to run, but she is caught by Brady trying to flee. He asks where she is going?

At Belles loft, Belle doesnt want to hear that her dad thinks her mom is the killer. Shawn says it is the truth, and her dad is going after her mother to stop her. Shawn remembers one of Celestes old premonitions, and it was something about lies would kill the love. Belle says she doesnt believe what Celeste says because Celste also said her dad would kill her mom. Shawn calls his folks to see if they are okay, and Hope tells Shawn about Alice. She tells Shawn to come over right away. Shawn asks if Gran is dead?

At the Horton house, Bo and Hope find Alice slumped over in her chair. She is out cold, and she isnt responding. Bo says she has a pulse, but it is weak. Hope begs her Gran to stay with them. Bo asks who did this to her, was it MArlena? Alice tries to respond, but she cant speak. The paramedics can be heard in the background, and Hope tells her Gran to hang in there because help is on the way. Hope cries that she loves her, and she will take care of her. Hope tells Alice that she is the prettiest woman in the world and always have been. She says her eyes are just so beautiful. Tek arrives, as does Lexie. Lexie attempts to save Alice, but it is too late for Alice. Bo orders Tek to search the house for evidence to nail this killer. Tek says Marlena strikes again, and Hope cries How could she do this? 

Belle and Shawn arrive, and Lexie announces that Alice is gone, they have lost her. Shawn hugs his mom, and Belle tells Shawn that she is so sorry. Shawn remembers when they came back from the Caribbean and returned Alices ruby to her. Later, Lexie finds out what killed Alice, a piece of a donut was lodged in her throat, she choked on it. Bo says this killer is a sick son of a bitch. Hope says her grandmother was a great woman who gave them all so much happiness. Bo remembers that it was Alice who convinced him that she was Hope and not Gina when she first returned to Salem. We see a flashback of Hope telling Alice that she had remembered everything. As they remember Alice, Toms photo begins to glow, and Alice spirit appears in the living room. Alice tells Tom that he has waited so patiently. Hope says her grandmother always wanted to be with her grandfather, and now she is. Toms hand reaches out to ALice, and Alice goes to heaven to be with Tom. 

Later, Sami and Lucas arrive and Sami is in tears. She thinks her mother is dead. Bo says not unless shes committed suicide, because her mother is the killer! Sami lashes out at Bo and says her mom is not a killer and that John is the only killer here. She says Celeste predicted that John would kill her mom! Lucas cant believe Alice is gone, and he goes over to say goodbye to her. Belle ends up telling Sami that the police are going to question mom. Sami says they are going to lynch her! Belle admits she almost told Shawn she lied about her alibi, but Sami tells her not to dare tell the truth! She tells Belle to keep her mouth shut because they are the only ones who know their mom is innocent. Sami says innocent people can go to death row, look at what happened to her! Shawn catches them talking, and he says he doesnt know how people can think Marlena is the killer when Belle was her alibi when his Grandpa Doug was murdered. Shawn asks his dad if he thinks Nicole could be the killer? Bo asks Belle when the last time she saw her mom was, did she hear from her tonight? Belle says she didnt. Sami ends up saying she wont stand her while John tracks down her mom and kills her, and she runs off. Lucas realizes Sami ran out, and he thinks shes only going to make things worse. Meanwhile, Lexie apologizes to Hope for her moms insane predictions which keep coming true. Later, Shawn tells Belle that it will be okay, she was with her mom when Doug died, and he knows she would never lie to him about something like that. Meanwhile, Bo continues to believe the killer is Marlena. Hope just cant see it; she cant believe Marlena is capable of this kind of violence. She also says Belle was with MArlena when her father was murdered, but Bo suspects she is lying about that. Hope says that would mean her grandmothers death is a direct result of Belles lie, and that Shawn would never forgive her for that. Later, Bo suggests Hope say goodbye to her grandmother before they take her away. Hope says she knows her grandmother is at peace now, and the tears she cries are for her because of all the times she will miss with her. Elsewhere, LExie comforts Lucas and says there will never be another woman like Alice Horton. Lucas realizes Sami is out there doing something dumb and dangerous, so he leaves to find her.

At the penthouse, John asks Marlena if she killed Alice Horton? Marlena says she was afraid this was going to happen. John asks if she is admitting her guilt? MArlena tells John once again that all of his suspicions of her are Stefanos doing, he has programmed him to destroy her and their love. John says Alice called him and told him that she was the killer. John says as much as he loves her, he knows Alice does not lie. He knows she killed Alice and asks how she did it? Marlena says she is not the killer and Alice has lied! John doesnt think so, and he says all of the victims trusted her and no one suspected her. He says Shawn was the first, and she tried to kill him but stabbed someone else. He wonders who that person was, and he knows she does too. John says Alice Horton named her as the killer and that is good enough for him. MArlena begs John to give her a chance to prove her innocence for the sake of their relationship and for the sake of their children. John tells Marlena that she used Belle as an alibi! John gets a call from Bo, and he learns Alice is dead. John asks if he knows how? Bo says not yet, but there is powdered sugar on his mouth and a plate of donuts near her. Bo asks if he has found MArlena yet? He says not yet, but he is about to. He tells Bo to keep his phone on, hell be in touch. Marlena asks why he didnt tell Bo she was with him? John says hes giving her a chance to prove her innocence, but if she cant, she has murdered her last victim. Marlena continues to try and convince John that this is all in his mind, and that she could never hurt Alice Horton. John says he can prove that she killed Alice. John pulls her gloves out of her purse and finds traces of powdered sugar on them. John says this is the evidence which puts her at the scene of the crime, she is guilty. Marlena tells John that hes become a very good detective, and she says t here is no point in lying anymore. Marlena says he is right, she killed Alice and the others. Marlena cries she is sorry and hugs him. She says she was scared and afraid, she needs his help. John says he is here for her, but Marlena uses the opportunity to grab Johns gun and she points it at him! She says Alice wont be her last victim tonight, and she asks if he has any last words? Marlena orders John out on the terrace. She says she was so careful, she never left any evidence behind and getting him to move out made it all the easier. Out on the terrace, John asks if she is going to shoot him? Marlena says no, hes going to jump. Marlena says everyone will think he committed suicide for thinking she was the killer. John says he still loves her, and he knows she loves him too and she doesnt want to kill him. John says she may think it is too late, but it is never too late. He says their love is eternal and will last even after he is dead. John distracts her, and then he lunges for the gun They begin to struggle over it. MArlena screams that he is not taking her in! Down below, Sami arrives and sees them fighting on the terrace. She cries that it is happening, John is killing her! As they struggle, Marlena loses her balance and falls over the penthouse balcony!


April 1, 2004
Shorter due to my long day . . . 
Outside of Alice's place, Belle comforts Shawn. Bo and Hope discuss Marlena being the killer. Hope says she just doesn't believe it, but Bo says if John suspects his wife than they have to take it seriously. Hope asks what about BElle being her mother's alibi? Bo says it is obviously a lie. Hope says she hopes not because that would mean Belle's lie led to her grandmother's death. Bo says if that is so, Shawn will never forgive Belle. Suddenly, Bo gets a call about a commotion over at the penthouse, so they all head over there.

We see a replay of Marlena tripping and falling off the balcony. She ends up hitting the awning over the doorway to the building, bounces, and lands on Sami! Lucas rushes to their side and ends up calling paramedics. Sami has blood trickling out of her nose, but she still manages to continue saying John has done this. When John shows up, she asks him if he is happy now? She says he killed her mother just like Celeste predicted! John says he didn't kill her and it was an accident. Bo, Hope, Belle and Shawn eventually arrive, and Phillip happened to be driving by and also arrives. The paramedics show up, and John tells Bo everything. He says MArlena admitted her guilt and he even found the evidence to prove she killed Alice, her gloves were covered with powdered sugar. Hope can't believe this, and Bo vows to bring her down for this. John says she is not in her right mind, but Bo says she is a monster and is not getting off on an insanity plea! Bo swears that he is going to send her to death row. Eventually, they all head to the hospital.

At the mansion, Brady catches Nicole about to leave and asks where she is going? Nicole says she's tired of this town and everyone in it, so she is leaving. Brady thinks she's running from the law, she's running because her accomplice is going to turn her in and she doesn't want to go down with them. Nicole says that isn't it, and she claims she is leaving because of him. She says she is tired of everyone accusing her of crimes she didn't commit. She says the only thing she is guilty of is opening her heart to him. She says she can't take it anymore, so she is leaving. Brady stops her and says if she is innocent than she shouldn't have to run. Before they get anymore into it, Phillip stops by with the news that Marlena fell off the penthouse terrace and has been rushed to the hospital, along with Sami whom she fell on. Brady and Phillip end up leaving, and Nicole realizes if Marlena dies than she can't name her and Jan as Victor's killers, and she'll take the wrap for Victor's death along with all the others. Nicole does a happy dance as she thinks she's going to get everything she wants. However, she soon remembers one loose end, Jan was going to turn her in.

At Jan's, Jan has decided to hang herself because she can't live without Shawn. Shawn ends up appearing to her in one of her fantasies, and he tells her that he can't do this. She says she can't live without him. She ends up telling Shawn how Belle has lied to him about her mother. When Belle turns up, SHawn chokes her for lying to him. Jan tells Belle to get out of her fantasy, and she tells Shawn not to ruin their happy life together by killing Belle. Eventually Jan snaps out of her fantasy and realizes that is all it is. She actually tries to hang herself, but something goes wrong and she falls to the floor. Just then the phone rings, and it is Nicole calling. Nicole tells Jan that MArlena has taken a nose dive off her balcony, so they are in the clear! Jan doesn't think so, but Nicole ends up promising her that she will get Belle. This keeps Jan satisfied for the time being. 

At the hospital, MArlena and Sami are both checked out, Marlena is in more serious condition than Sami. Bo and Hope continue to discuss Marlena's guilt and how it is going to tear Shawn and Belle apart. Bo thinks they need to tell Shawn the truth about Marlena, but Hope says right now they need to think about what they can do to help Belle and Shawn. John ends up having a talk with Belle about her mom and what happened. She is stunned to hear her dad say that her mom is the killer and admitted it to him. She doesn't understand how this could be. John says her mother is sick, and right now what she needs is their love. Sami, who is okay and in a wheel chair, sees Belle with John and thinks BElle better keep her mouth shut about her being mom's alibi because that is the only thing mom has to save her right now. Lucas shows up to be with Sami, and he says she has been discharged and he can take her home if she'd like. Sami indicates she wants to stay. Meanwhile, Phillip shows up, and Belle rushes over to him. She tells him that she is so glad she is here. She cries to him about her mom and how Shawn is going to hate her. Suddenly, Shawn shows up and rushes over to Belle. He thinks she is upset about her mom, but he says others were accused and acquitted. He says her mom has her as an alibi and that is all she needs. Brady goes to see his dad, and he asks him if it is true about Marlena. John says it is. Brady can't believe she killed all those people, including Victor. John says Victor's death doesn't fit the pattern, she most likely didn't kill him. Lexie shows up and has John sign some papers, and then she asks if it is true. John tells her not to do this to him now, and she realizes Marlena killed Abe. She wants to attack MArlena, but John reminds her that she has taken a Hippocratic oath.  Lexie cools herself down and is forced to save the life of the woman who killed her husband. The show ends with LExie telling everyone that MArlena's condition isn't good. She pulls back the curtain and we see MArlena connected to machines and in a neck brace.


April 2, 2004
At the hospital, Shawn tells Belle that he cant believe his Gran is gone. Meanwhile, Belle cant believe the police and her dad can believe her mom did this. She says none of this is making sense to her. Shawn says he doesn't believe it because he knows she was with MArlena when his grandfather was killed. Shawn says as soon as she wakes up they will get some answers. As Belle is about to confess her lie to him, Phillip shows up and says there is news about her mom.

Lexie apologizes to keep everyone for waiting. She has Marlenas results. Lexie says Marlena is stable and there is no internal bleeding. Lexie says the awning and Sami broke her fall and saved her life. Sami is glad her mother will live, as is John. Bo asks how soon he can question her? Lexie says as soon as she regains consciousness. Bo says the minute she wakes up he is going to arrest MArlena. Sami cries that her mom is innocent! Hope tells Bo not to rush to a judgement. Bo tells Hope that he wants her behind bars and on death row as soon as possible. He tells Hope that Johns evidence and word is good enough for him. Hope isnt yet convinced that Marlena is the killer, but she says if Marlena is the killer, than her reign is over. 

Kate shows up to be there for John, and Sami lashes out at Kate and John. She claims they set her mother up to take the fall for this and she wont let them get away with murder! She accuses them of being the killers, and she also accuses them of being lovers. Kate tells Sami that she needs professional help, but Sami vows to see them side by side in the death chamber. Sami storms off, and John says Sami will never accept the fact that her mother is . . . . John says he cant say it. Kate can, and she says Marlena is a killer! John leaves to talk to Bo, and Lucas checks on his mom. Kate rants about Sami once again making her life miserable, and she tells Lucas that she heard on the news he saved Samis life. She says that he should have let the little witch die! Lucas says she is the mother of his son, so he couldnt let her die. He also says she isnt his girlfriend, which Kate alludes to. Kate tells him to save it because they both know how he feels about her.

Elsewhere, Shawn says a prayer for his Gran. He needs some advice on what to do to help Belle, and he realizes what he needs to do. Shawn ends up leaving, and Belle cant find him. She fears he knows she lied and ran off. She says she wouldnt blame him if he never wants to speak to her again. Phillip says Shawn should be able to understand, and even if she wasnt with her mom the whole night, that doesnt mean she is the killer. Belle says she confessed to her dad though. Belle says she needs time to think, so she walks off. Kate sees Phillip was talking to Belle, and she tells Phillip not to make the same mistake his brother has. She tells him to find a girl who doesnt hate his mother. Find a girl who is the opposite of Sami, someone like Belle. Kate encourages Phillip to go after Belle because they would be perfect together. Phillip says he wont go after Belle while she was with Shawn. He says if something comes between them, that would be a different story. Kate asks if he thinks something could come between them? Phillip says he knows Belle lied to Shawn about something pretty major, but he says he hopes they work things out and he wont take advantage of this. Kate says perhaps Shawn and Belle arent meant to be, and perhaps she would have better life and future with him. She tells him to think about that.

Lexie goes into check on MArlena. She says today would have been her and Abes anniversary, so how could she take away the love of her life! Sami finds Lexie lashing out at her mother, and she defends her mother to Lexie. LExie says they will see what she has to say when she wakes up, which should be very soon. LExie leaves, and Sami tells her mom that she will be ready when she wakes up. She sees John and Bo standing outside her room, and she says she knows what she has to do.

Meanwhile, Bo says he found Johns gun in the bushes with Marlenas fingerprints on it, which match up with Johns story. Sami shows up and she says she will defend her mother and his case will go down in flames! Sami says this whole case is based on Johns testimony, so what if John is lying to protect himself or Kate. Sami says when her mom wakes up she will nail John as the serial killer and then he will go to death row! Sami says John is Stefanos mercenary, he is a professional hit man and a cold blooded killer. She says if anyone is guilty it is John!

Later, Sami ends up pulling Belle off to talk to her. Belle says she going to tell Shawn the truth about her lie, but Sami tells her over my dead body! Sami tells Belle that if she tells him the truth than she will lose him forever!

Mimi and Rex are at Rexs loft and have finished making love. They talk about waiting to get married, and Mimi says she is furious that he didnt propose to her. However, she says she is not angry with him, she is angry with her mother for changing his mind. Rex says that her mom was right, and that a wool ring isnt good enough for her. He says he just got caught up in the romance of Grandpa Shawns story, but he wants to prove himself to her before he proposes. Rex says he wants to be able to support her fully. Rex says until that happens he will shower her with the greatest gift he can give her, his love. There is a knock on Rexs door, and it is Shawn. Mimi cant believe Shawn is interrupting them. Rex opens the door stark naked, and Shawn yells Oh god! Shawn realizes what he has interrupted. Mimi and Rex eventually throw on some clothes, and Shawn asks Rex for help surprising Belle, but first he has some bad news to tell them. He tells them about Marlena being the killer. Rex says he thought Marlena had an alibi, and Shawn says that is why he thinks Marlena cant be guilty. Rex says he thinks Belle would lie for her mom, but Shawn says he and Belle promised never to lie to one another again after the Jan Spears incident. Shawn says he is going to ask Belle to marry him tonight. Shawn says he wants to give her hope and help her look towards the future. Rex asks what he can do? Shawn asks Rex for the Irish wool rings. Mimi is so happy for Shawn and Belle, and she hugs Shawn. Rex gives them to Shawn, and Shawn says hell give these back as soon as he gets Belle a real ring. Mimi warns Shawn that Belle has this idea about how she will be proposed to. Shawn says he wants to do this right, but he has the feeling if he and Belle dont get engaged tonight than they might never be. Shawn leaves, and Mimi and Rex discuss Belle and Shawn getting engaged. Mimi thinks it is romantic, and she says it is only right that they get engaged first. Mimi says nothing will ever come between them. However, Rex cant help but worry that someone has lied, whether it is Belle or John doesn't matter. Rex says he thinks Shawn is in major denial. Mimi says she wants Belle and Shawn to be happy, and she doesn't want anything or anyone to ruin this night for them. Rex tells Mimi that you cant start an engagement on a lie!

Julie and Mickey show up at Jens place. She asks if everything is okay? Julie and Mickey tell her about Celestes latest premonition that another Horton would die, and they say they wanted to check on her. Jen says Hope told her about it and checked on her earlier, and they are all okay. Julie and Mickey are glad to hear everything is okay with Jen because they cant take anymore bad news. Jen says they did have a scare earlier, and she says Patrick ended up saving her babys life. She says Patrick is a good guy to have around and he is going to stay here as long as he wants. Julie doesnt like her letting a stranger live her. Jen says he is Jacks friend and Bonnies son. Julie says and she is sure the rotten apple hasnt fallen far from the tree. Mickey defends Bonnie, and Julie tells them both that the Lockharts are out to use the Hortons to get to easy street! She asks if they are blind, is she the only one who can see what is going on? Julie runs out of the room, and Mickey feels bad that he has upset her again. HE asks Jen if she is okay. Jen says they have suffered so much loss, they cant bare another. Outside, Hope shows up and says this is the hardest thing shes ever had to do. Hope knocks on the door, and Jen invites her in. She informs everyone that there has been another murder, and it is Alice. Jen breaks down into tears, and Julie asks if every Horton has to die? Suddenly, Jen doubles over in pain! Hope asks Jen if she is okay, and Jen says she thinks so. Hope then tells them that they think they know who the killer is, and that John said Marlena admitted to him that she was the killer. Julie cries out "no!" and Mickey says "that cant be!" Hope says she understands how they feel, she doesnt want to believe it either. Hope explains everything to them about Marlena and Johns struggle tonight. Jen asks if there is any other evidence? Hope says mostly circumstantial at this point, but John says Gran called him to tell him that MArlena was the killer. Julie says Marlena didnt kill Doug, she did! She says she went to MArlena and told her that Doug knew who the killer was! Hope says she is not to blame, and the only one to blame is Marlena. Suddenly, Jen has another pain and she cries out. Hope says they need to get her to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Shawn arrives and before Belle can tell him about her lie, Shawn says he has a surprise. He takes her off to be in private. Lucas sees Phillip looking at Belle, and he tells Phillip if there is a girl he really wants to go for it. Kate says that depends on the woman! Kate says yes if it is Belle, no if it is Sami! 

Shawn takes Belle up to the hospital roof, and he says he wanted this to be done at lookout point, but at least she can see the stars from here. Shawn tells Belle that he wants her to be happy, and he wants to restore her faith in the future. He gets down on one knee and proposes.

Hope and the others arrive with Jen, and Lexie takes Jen to examine her. Jen begs Lexie to save her baby!

Meanwhile, Sami sits with Marlena and begs her to come back and clear her name. Sami says she needs her to keep her on track. Suddenly, Marlena opens her eyes! Bo and John walk in, and Sami begs her mom to tell them that she is innocent. Marlena looks up at John and she says she is innocent!

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