May 3, 2004
On the roof of the hospital Jan, still in her Dino costume, asks Nicole what she is still doing here? Nicole says she would like nothing more than to get the hell out of here before Marlena incriminates them. Jan says there is nothing they can do now as Marlenas going to say what shes going to say under the truth serum. Jan says what they need to do is go to Mexico. Nicole says she cant even leave the hospital as that damn Bo Brady has all the exits guarded. Nicole gets an idea and asks Jan for her costume. Jan says no way, so Nicole fights with her again. This time Brady discovers her attacking the Dino. Brady asks her what in the hell she is doing? Nicole says the poor thing tripped and fell and she tried to help her up, but the costume is so bulky. Brady helps Jan up, and he asks if she is okay. Jan says shes super duper, and she says she has to get to the get to the party in the childrens ward but to remember, and then she sings If we stick together well stay safe and free! Jan then skips off. Brady says hes been looking everywhere for her. She says she got some coffee and came back up here to breath the last bit of fresh air she might be able to enjoy. Jan hides and eavesdrops on them, and Brady says Marlena has been recounting all the murders. Nicole quickly blurts out but not Victors! Brady asks why she thinks that. Nicole says because the cops dont think Marlena did it. Brady says that is because Marlena has an alibi for that murder. Nicole reminds Brady that she was with him, so she couldnt have killed him either. Brady says the cops think she had an accomplice. Nicole says Marlena cant confirm that. Brady says of course not, not unless she knows something. Brady asks if she knows something? Nicole says of course Marlena doesnt know anything because there is nothing to know. Brady asks then why she thinks Marlena would implicate her? Nicole says MArlena has hated her since she got involved with her son Eric, so maybe shed pin the murder on her. Brady says Marlena cannot lie under truth serum, but Nicole says that Bo could twist things around in her head. Brady asks if Marlena would really make her suffer for a murder she didnt commit? Nicole says hello, she is a serial killer! Jan motions to Nicole to get rid of Brady. Nicole says she cant bear being there when Marlena frames her, so she asks Brady to go find out what is going on. He says fine and he leaves. Jan goes to Nicole and tells her that she sure played that dumb with Brady. Nicole says she is terrified that Marlena is going to name them. Jan says there is a simple solution to their problem, before Marlena names them, they should kill her. Nicole says there is no way they will get close enough to Marlena to kill her! Jan says she doesnt have a choice, she has to kill MArlena, and she got the idea from Marlena herself. 

In Marlenas room, Sami says her mother couldnt have just said that. Shawn lashes out at Belle and says her mom was married to his uncle, had children with him, and just admitted to murdering him in cold blood! Sami asks her mother why she killed daddy? John says there must be a reason because the woman he loves isnt a cold blooded killer. Bo says he just heard her confess to six murders without any remorse, she is a cold blooded killer. Sami asks why, and Bo says because he probably figured out she was the killer. Marlena tells Bo that he is not listening, Roman didnt know. Sami asks then why? MArlena says she killed Roman because she loved him. MArlena says she had fallen in love with Roman again and she wanted them to be together. John says that cant be true, she told him before they administered the serum that she loved him and was doing this for the family. MArlena says she lied, Roman was the man that she loved. She says isnt it ironic that at the exact moment Roman finally moved on was the exact same moment that she wanted him back. She says Roman moved on with Kate, and who knew hed choose nouveau riche trailer park trash over her, but he did, and she couldnt have that. Marlena says she tried to talk him out of it, but John stopped her. She says when he chose to go through with the wedding she had to kill him. Marlena says Roman was shocked that she was the killer, and he begged her not to kill him. Marlena says she reminded him that she had begged him not to marry Kate. She says he went ahead and did it anyways, so she went ahead and killed him. Marlena tells Sami that if she couldnt have Roman than she couldnt let anyone else have him. She says that is also why she had to kill Abe, he knew she was trying to keep Kate and Roman apart. Marlena says Abe kept standing in her way and wouldnt let Roman or John be hurt by her. She says Abe was going to tell Bo about it all, so she didnt have a choice. Hope asks what about Jack? Marlena says Jack was working closely with Abe, so who knew what he had known. Marlena says Jacks murder was a better safe than sorry murder. She says Maggie had seen her kill Abe, so she had to kill Maggie. Marlena says Maggie blabbed to Caroline, and Cassie figured it out by herself. Marlena says it snowballed and all got out of hand. Hope tells Marlena that she really is a monster. Sami says her mom just wanted to get back together with her dad, and the real monsters are the people who wouldnt let her. Sami says that John and Kate drove her do this! Kate asks Sami if she is insane? She just heard her mother confess! Sami says this is all her and Johns fault! The judge tells Sami that she has had it with her outbursts. She tells Sami to take thirty seconds to get this all out of her system and if she has anymore outbursts than she will spend the night in jail. The judge tells her to go, so Sami says her mom just wanted to be happy but they wouldnt let her. Sami says if her mom goes to death row than it is because they put her there. She says they are the monsters and deserve to die! Sami runs out, and Lucas runs after her, much to Kates dismay. Bo says they finally have a motive, and he tells John that he is sorry but he has no more excuses. Bo says Marlena committed murder in the first degree, and the judge says in this state the penalty is death. John tells Isabella that she can leave if there is too much, but Belle wants to stay. She says there must be more to the story. Shawn says she told them her reason. John thinks maybe they should finish this later, but Marlena says she wants to get this over with now. Bo suggests they continue on and cover the rest of the victims. Julie shows up and tells Hope that Mickey went home and Jen is doing much better now. She says Jen is home and resting, and she only came back to hear about Dougs death. Marlena says Doug was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. MArlena says Doug saw her coming out of MArlenas cubicle. She explains how she almost talked Doug out of thinking it was her, but he couldnt be fully swayed. Marlena says Dougs death really was the most slow and painful. We see flashbacks of Marlena killing Doug, and of Doug leaving the note at Toms tombstone. We then see Hope and Bo with Doug, and Hope begging Doug to stay with them. Julie tells Marlena that she is a murdering bitch and deserves to die! Julie then tries to strangle Marlena! Bo pulls Julie off of Marlena, and Hope asks her to leave. Julie says she wont leave until she hears what she did to Alice. The judge asks MArlena if she wants to press charges against Mrs. Williams. Julie asks for what? The judge says she attacked her! Julie says pardon her, she just listened to MArlena talk about how pleasurable it was to watch her husband die. Marlena says she is not upset with Julie because she would have done the same thing if someone was standing in the way of her happiness. Marlena laughs and says she did do that and that is why she is here! Kate decides she cant take anymore of this and leaves. Phillip leaves with her to take care of his mom. Bo asks her about Alice. Marlena says before they do shed like to thank Belle for lying to Shawn about being her alibi, which she knows was done out of love, and it gave her a little more time. Shawn says yeah, more time to go kill his great grandmother. Marlena says she isnt responsible for Alices death, Doug is! Hope asks how her father is responsible? Marlena says he is, and actually Julie is as well. Belle runs out, and Marlena explains the reason she had to kill Doug was because Julie told her that Doug knew who the killer was, and later this lead to Doug revealing her identity to Alice. 

Out in the hall, Brady runs into Sami on the way back to Marlenas room, and she tells him to let her go and runs off. Lucas shows up next, and he is following Sami. He tells Brady that all hell has broken lose as Marlena confessed to killing Roman because she still loved him. Brady thinks his father must be devastated. Lucas says Marlena killed everyone and has no regrets. Lucas says Sami blames his father and his mother. Lucas says he needs to go to Sami and make her accept the truth.

In the chapel, Sami asks God to strike down John and Kate and make them pay. Lucas hears this and says she cant mean that. Sami says like hell I dont! Lucas tries to make Sami see the truth about her mother and accept it. Kate walks in and tells Lucas that he needs to accept the truth that Sami is insane. Kate tells Sami that she heard her mother confess to killing those people and she deserves to die! Sami attacks Kate, and Lucas and Phillip hold Kate and Sami back from one another. Kate tells Lucas to look at the love of his life now, she has such potential to be a killer just like her mother. Sami says she should kill Kate as she has nothing else to live for. Kate says for once she is right, but maybe she should kill herself instead. Lucas says that Sami has Will to live for, and he tells Phillip to get mom out of here. Kate begs Lucas to come with her, but Lucas says he has to be here for Sami. Phillip and Kate leave, and Sami asks Lucas to leave her alone. Lucas asks her to let him help her, but she says no one can help her now. She asks Lucas to go and leave her alone. Lucas leaves Sami, and Sami breaks down.

Back outside of Marlenas room, Brady meets up with Belle. Belle tells Brady that this is horrible, not only has mom admitted to all of the murders, but she practically thanked her for helping her kill Alice. Belle says this isnt like mom at all, she has no feelings or emotion, it is like she is dead inside. Brady and Belle return to Marlenas room as she is explaining how Julie told her that Doug knew who the killer was. Julie blames herself for Dougs death, but Hope tells her not to. Marlena says it was a second stroke of luck that Julie also told her about her and Dougs pact to leave a message for the other person if they were ever confronted by the killer. Marlena says Doug actually did it, and she had to return to the scene of the crime to get the message. Marlena says stellar police work as always meant the note was over-looked. Marlena says she was too late and Alice found the note first. Bo asks how she knew Alice had it? Marlena explains how she hacked into the police mainframe and saw her on it. We see flashbacks of Alices death at Marlenas hands, and afterwards they decide to take a break. The judge tells Bo that shes glad they have this confession because now they can avoid a trial. She tells Bo that she has never encountered a killer so heartless, ruthless or remorseless. Marlena tells Belle that she knows how hard this is for her and she knows she wants there to be some explanation for all of this. John says there has to be an explanation, this isnt her. Marlena says this is her, this is the real her with no pretence or facade. Marlena says this is the woman hes been in love with all these years, and she asks him if he still loves her? Brady leaves when he sees Jan the Dino outside the room. He asks her if she has seen the girl on the roof he was with earlier. The Dino says no, and Brady says that isnt the voice he heard before. He unmasks the Dino and it is Nicole in the costume. Brady thinks she was trying to sneak out, and Nicole says that is what she was trying to do. She gets out of the costume but still refuses to go into the room. Brady goes in, and John says he still loves her and he doesnt believe this or what she said about Roman. MArlena says it is true, she doesnt love him she loves Roman. Marlena says she is the killer and there is no more explanation than what she has told them. Bo returns to questioning her, and he asks about Tonys death. MArlena says that was her finest moment as she had to be seen at the circus, but she also had to set the trap for Tony. She says she thought Tony being mauled would be a fitting climax for the Horton Foundation Fundraiser. We see a flashback of Tony getting attacked, and then her killing Tony in the hospital. Meanwhile, Jan sneaks in dressed up as a nurse, claiming she is here to check Marlenas vitals and give her more serum if need be. Nicole remembers Jan telling her that she was going to disguise herself as a nurse and inject an air bubble into MArlenas IV to kill her. Jan goes to do it, but John says there is no need for this because they are almost done, and Bo says he doesnt want her overmedicated. Shawn thinks the nurse looks familiar. Jan says in the mask they all look alike. Jan leaves, and Brady asks Nicole if she knows the nurse as she is looking at her. Nicole says she wanted to speak with her to ask her about the drug and how it works. Brady thinks Nicole should try telling the truth sometime. The judge says shell have the confession typed up and brought to Bo. Bo says it is done, they have caught the killer. Phillip comes back to check on Belle. Belle goes to him for comfort as Shawn watches. Shawn walks out, and Hope goes after him. Hope tells Shawn to go to her, but Shawn says he is going to leave town after all. Shawn says he has to get away. Belle walks out and hears Shawn say he is leaving. Belle thinks he is leaving because of her lie, and she cries to Phillip about this. Phillip tells her that maybe she is better off without him. Meanwhile, John says he cant believe Marlena murdered all those people because she was still in love with Roman. He thinks he should have seen the signs. Kate says they were all victims of MArlenas evil just like the others. John says the only difference is they are still walking around but are dead inside. Phillip comes over to check on his mom, and Belle looks at sHawn. Back in MArlenas room, Bo says there is one more question he has to ask MArlena. Nicole shows up and hears Bo ask Marlena if she killed Victor. Marlena is getting sleeping and groggy at this point. 


May 4, 2004
At Rexs place, Mimi tells Rex that she still cant get over Marlena confessing to all those people. Rex says he cant believe that at one time he thought that monster was his mother. Mimi says Marlena did give birth to him and  did love him, but he counts all the family members of his that she murdered. He says so many families will never be the same because of hers. Mimi says Belle and Shawn may not be able to survive this, and then there is Sami who will do God knows what when she finally has to face the truth. Rex says he doesnt really know Sami that well, and hed like to change that and get to know her better. Mimi says that is sweet but everyone who gets close to Sami ends up getting hurt. 

Sami is on her couch just laying there. Will brings her soup and tea and begs her to eat something. She just stares into space. When she finally speaks she tells him that he should be in bed. Will goes over to his dads and asks him to come help his mom because something is wrong with her. Lucas says he tried to help her earlier but she didnt want his help. He says maybe they need to give his mom some space, but Will says hes never seen her like this before. He says usually his mom throws a fit when shes mad, but now shes just staring into space. Lucas says he will see what he can do for her. Lucas goes in to check on Sami. He asks her if she is okay, but she doesnt respond. Lucas says Will is very worried about her. Sami says Will would be better off without her, everyone will be better off without her. Lucas tells her not to say that, but she says it is true. Lucas ends up telling her that maybe she is right, and maybe it would have been best if she died in the death chamber. She asks if he means it? Lucas says he only saved her life because of Will. He says he is sick and tired of feeling sorry for her, and maybe their son will be better without her. HE asks her if he realizes what she is doing to the kid filling his head with hopes of having a full time family, first with Austin and then Brandon. Lucas says now she is doing it with him, and he thinks she is trying to get back at his mother by making his life miserable like she did with Austin. Lucas says he thought he could never do worse than Nicole, but she has that whore beat. Lucas tells Sami that she is without a doubt the most heartless and selfish bitch he has ever met. Lucas also says hes going to take his moms advice and sue her for custody of Will because he doesnt want Will to be around her manipulative ways or her dementive mother. Sami says there is no way she will let him take Will from her. He says she doesnt love Will, she only loves herself. Sami says she loves Will more than anything and she will kill him before she lets him take her away. Lucas tells Sami to welcome back because they have missed them. Sami finally realizes what Lucas has done, she says he was mean and awful to get a rise out of her. Will comes in and asks if everything is all right because he heard yelling? Sami says she is fine, everything is fine. Will says before she wasnt there. Sami says she was gone but his dad brought her back in only a way that he could . Sami says she is fine, but could use a hug. Will gives his mom a big hug. 

At the hospital, Shawn tells his mom that he is leaving town and he is not looking back. Hope asks him not to make a decision right now and suggests they go back inside and hear what MArlena has to say about Victor. Meanwhile, Brady argues with Nicole about who really killed Victor and how the police think she is guilty. In Marlenas room, Bo tells Marlena to wake up and answer his questions because nap time is over. He asks if she murdered Victor? He asks her to answer his question. Marlena says she doesnt know, she doesnt remember Victors murder. John says Marlena was with them at Tuscany that night. The judge asks John to stop interrupting because she wants to hear the answer. Marlena says she didnt kill Victor. Bo looks out and sees Nicole at the door, and he says he thinks he knows who the killer is. John says they all know it is Nicole who killed Victor, but Bo says he needs more info to bring Nicole down. Bo asks MArlena if she can tell him anything about Victors death? MArlena says she thinks she can. Out in the hall, nurse Jan panics and runs off. Bo asks MArlena if she can tell him who killed his father? She isnt sure, but she has a suspicion. Suddenly, Lexie shows up and says that she needs to check on MArlena because the desk nurse said her heart rate is becoming elevated. Bo says she has already signed her death warrant, so if she has to die to name his fathers killer than so be it. Suddenly the monitors beep, and Lexie says shes becoming agitated and could go into cardiac arrest. MArlena gasps for breaths and ends up clutching her chest. The judge says that Bo's outburst was inappropriate and unprofessional. Bo says he believes Marlena knows something about his fathers murder and they need to continue questioning her. Brady comforts his little sister, who is worried that her mother is going to die. Meanwhile, Nicole finds Jan still hanging around. Jan says she tried to shut her up, but was unable to. Jan says she has done everything she can to keep Marlena quiet. Elsewhere, Shawn tells Hope that he has to leave, and he walks out. Belle sees Shawn leave without saying anything to her. She fears Shawn must hate her, and she tells Brady that she has to leave. Belle takes off, and Brady returns to taunting Nicole about how she is looking nervous. Lexie stops the drip of truth serum, but Bo still wants to question Marlena while the drugs are wearing off. She orders Brady to bring Nicole in, which he does. Nicole says she would be happy to be here to clear her name, and Brady reminds Bo of Nicoles alibi. Bo says it sounds like Brady is defending Nicole, and he asks if she is really that good in bed? Brady says he is out of line and dead wrong, he has never had a relationship with Nicole. Brady says Nicole has an alibi so she is innocent until proved guilty. however, he says if Nicole is guilty than he will be the first one in line to see her fry. Brady says he knows Bo was Victor's son, but he was his grandson and also loved Victor. BRady says no disrespect but he knew him better than Bo did. Bo says that doesnt mean he didnt love him, and he is convinced Nicole is the mastermind behind Victors demise. Bo says that is why he wants to keep questioning MArlena. Lexie says it is safe to question her, but he doesnt have much time left. The judge allows Bo to question Marlena, but threatens to stop him if he badgers or leads Marlena in any way. Bo asks Marlena if Nicole had any information about Victors death. Marlena says she doesnt. Bo says he believes Nicole had an accomplice, and he asks if she has any information to prove or disprove this theory. Marlena remembers running into Jan and Nicole, and she tells Bo that she believes there was an accomplice. Marlena says she knows who it was as she looks over at Nicole.

Belle catches Shawn outside of his loft. She asks if they can talk, but he says they already have talked and right now he has to pack. He says he is going in to pack his stuff and then he is leaving Salem. He goes into his lift and finds Mimi and Rex there. Mimi defends Belle to Shawn, saying she believed her mom was innocent and never meant to hurt anyone with her lie. Shawn says he knows that. Shawn says he is not in the right frame of mind to talk about this, so he tells Mimi to back off. Mimi tells Rex to try and talk to Shawn while she talks to Belle. Shawn packs up his things, and Rex asks where he is going and for how long? Shawn says he doesnt know and for Rex not to talk him out of it. Rex says he wont, and he understands why hed want to leave this town. Shawn says he is not running away, and hes not going to fall for this reverse psychology Rex is pulling. Shawn says this is something he just has to do. Rex says fine and hell stay out of his way. At Belles loft, Belle tells Mimi that Shawn hates her and will never forgive her for lying about her mom. She says if she hadnt lied than . . Mimi tells her not to go there, but Belle says it is true. Mimi says Shawn is being selfish because a horrible thing is happening to her family as well, but he is running away. She says Shawn will learn that he cant run from his troubles, they will follow him. Belle says she is what is bothering Shawn and she wont be following him. Rex comes in and says that Shawn is about to leave but went up to the roof to grab some CDs before leaving. Mimi tells Belle to go up there and talk to him. She goes to talk to him, and Mimi says if Shawn leaves now than he may lose Belle forever. She hopes that Shawn will realize what hes throwing away and not leave. Belle heads up to the roof to see Shawn. She asks him not to go, but he says there are too many bad memories here. She thinks she is one of those memories, but he says she isnt. Shawn says she is the best thing here, but he needs time alone to sort things out. Belle points to the names carved on the door of the roof and says all these couples faced problems but wouldnt let it get in the way of their love. Shawn says aside from his parents names, one half of all of these couples is dead. Belle asks Shawn if he is saying that she is dead to him. Is he saying that he doesnt love her anymore? Shawn says he loves her with everything he is and that will never change, but he just . . Belle says she is afraid that if he goes tan she will lose him forever.

Jan returns to her house and looks at the cage she has prepared for Shawn. She says it is almost ready and just needs a few more finishing touches. Jan finished up her love cage and says now all she needs is Shawn. She says it wont be long until she puts her plan into action. Jan looks at a doctored picture of her and Jan and says soon my love I will be kissing you all over your hot, hard body. 


May 5, 2004
Shorter summary due to my long day of research.
At the hospital, Kate, talks to Phillip about going after Belle. Phillip is angry with Shawn for blaming Belle for his great-gran's death when he should be blaming Marlena. Kate urges him to use this chance to seize his happiness. Phillip says he can't take advantage of Belle right now. Kate says he is her only chance to be happy. She says Billie is gone and probably never coming back, Sami has chased Austin out of town and soon she will destroy Lucas' life as well. She says he is her only chance to have any happiness and grandchildren. Phillip tells her that he's not going to take advantage of Belle, he will only be there for her as a friend. Phillip decides to go check on her now. After he leaves, Kate says she won't let Phillip throw his happiness away.

In Marlena's room, Marlena remembers seeing Jan with Nicole the night of Alice's death. She tries to name Nicole's accomplice, but can't. She just says she saw them. Her memories fade, and Lexie says the drug is wearing off and Marlena probably can't remember because she's had memory problems since the fall. Bo is furious but promises Nicole that they will find out who her accomplice is and bring them down. Brady steps forward and defends Nicole and says perhaps Marlena only said she did see Nicole because Bo put the idea in her head. Lexie says that is a possibility, which angers Bo. Nicole and Brady leave the room, and MArlena Bo asks her to sign the confession. Marlena says she will sign once her husband tells her what she confessed to. Shockingly, Marlena remembers nothing!  John asks for time alone with his wife, which the Judge grants. Alone, John shows her the confessions, which stun her. He explains how Marlena confessed to all the killings and she did so because she loved Roman. Marlena is shocked and says this can't be because she only loves him! Bo returns and says it is time.

Outside Nicole and Brady argue about whether she is guilty. Brady says he will believe she is innocent until proven guilty. Later, Nicole overhears Lexie talking to Bo about how they could give Marlena more truth serum later to get her to tell them more about Victor's death. Nicole panics and ends up running out of the hospital. Later, Marlena is brought out in an orange jump suit. She is asked to sign the confession. John asks her not to, but she says she gave her word. Marlena signs the confessions and hands them over. Marlena is dragged off to jail, and John tells BRady that this is not right. He says something is not right and he will not let the woman he loves die in jail!

Nicole heads to jail where she meets  Crystal. She tells Crystal that she is prepared to help her get out of jail and reunited with her little girl if Crystal does something for her. Nicole asks Crystal to finish the job and kill Marlena! 

On the roof of the lofts, Shawn explains to Belle that he will always love her and he won't stop, but he has to leave. She says okay and she says she won't stand in his way. They share a kiss, and Shawn promises he'll come back. She says he better come back to her. He wants to return his purity ring to her, but she says no. She asks him to keep it. He says it doesn't feel right wearing it. She says put it in his pocket then. She says she won't believe they are truly over until he returns that ring. He says okay and then leaves. Phillip then calls Belle to check on her, and she says she really needs him right now as Shawn has left.

  At the bar, Bonnie is reading a book called "How to Marry a Millionaire in 90 Days" She fantasizes about marrying Mickey when Patrick shows up. He catches her with the book and scolds her. He says she is taking advantage of Mickey and is going to embarrass Mimi and Conner. Bonnie defends her actions and claims that she has been involved with many lousy men but Mickey is the real deal. She says he is sweet and he cares about her. She tries to push him once again to go after Jen, but he says he can't because he's leaving town tonight. She says he can't do that, but he says it is done. He then finds some notes his mom was making and realizes she is planning to  steal Jen's bonds. He says she has figured out how much they are worth and how much they would be worth with interest, say in a couple of years after they had gone missing! He is furious with his mom and once again says he's leaving town tonight, but first there is something he has to do.  Patrick leaves and gets a call. He tells the person on the other end no way as he is leaving town! HE then takes off saying he has to make one quick stop. Meanwhile, Bonnie thinks she knows what Patrick is up to and won't let him get away with it. 

At the Horton house, Jen, Mickey and Julie are discussing the confessions. Julie is so angry with Marlena and with herself. She blames herself for Doug's death. Alice's ghost appears and touches Julie's arm. Julie calms down and says she feels Grandma's presence, and even smells her perfume. Mickey says Alice is all around them and this house. He then proposes a toast to their loved ones. He says Alice, Doug and Jack were not born Horton's but chose to marry into this family. He says the three of them will go on, they will be okay. Alice listens to Mickey and smiles. Later, Mickey asks Jen about her bonds and if she's put them someplace safe. Jen says she has and the house is locked up tight. Julie is suspicious and wants to check on them, so Jen and Julie head over to Jen's place. Jen looks for her bonds, which are gone! Outside we see a shot of PAtrick walking away from the house.


May 5, 2004
At Alices bar, Bonnie is counting a whole pile of money. She tells the bills that she loves them all, but some of these gentlemen are a little more well endowed than others, some are worth 100 and 50, whereas others are only worth 20. She says she wishes Patrick had stuck around and could see what a success she has become. She says thanks to Mickey Horton and the late great Alice Horton she is finally getting what she deserves.

At Jens place Julie and Jen search for Jens bonds, but they cant find them. Julie says they will turn up. Julie returns later and says she went to check on Patrick and see if hes seen the bonds, but hes not there, hes gone. Jen says shell be back, but Julie says no, Patrick is really gone, he's packed up and left. Mickey shows up later after learning Jens bonds and Patrick are gone. Bonnie also shows up and she says she came as soon as Mickey called. She asks what is going on? Julie says Patrick stole Jens bonds and has left town. Bonnie says he has not and hed never do such a thing! Julie says maybe he wouldnt but she would! Julie asks Bonnie if she took them. Bonnie says she did not come over here to be accused. She says she knows those were Jennifers legacy from her grandmother so she wouldn't touch them, they are sacred. Julie says she just bets Bonnie stole them and has them on her right now. Bonnie tells Julie to search her than. Julie suggests they call the police, but Bonnie says she cant do that. Julie asks why not? Bonnie says because her boy isnt here to defend himself! She swears he would not hurt Jen or Abby as he was found of them. Mickey says she used the word was, and he asks if she knew he was leaving. She says kinda, and explains how he told her earlier that he was thinking of leaving town. Mickey asks why she didnt ask where he was going? She says her boy is not like others, when he hits the open road he goes where his heart takes him and she has no idea when hell be back. Julie still calls the cops, who put out an APB on her. Bonnie is not happy about this, and as she tells Jen that her boy would never steal from her, Julie swipes Bonnie's purse and finds all the cash in there that she had earlier. She asks Bonnie what they have here?

Outside, Patrick remembers Jen thanking him for being here for her when she needed someone. Patrick tells himself that hes sorry, but he had no choice, and he has to go. Patrick thinks he should call Jen and let her know that hes left town, but then decides against it. He heads out and thinks he needs to put as much distance between him and Jen as possible. He looks at his coin, thinks how it saved Jen's baby, and tells himself maybe thinking positive will help him. Patrick goes hitchhiking, and ends up getting picked up by the cops!

Phillip shows up at Belles loft. She cries to him that Shawn is gone, and she hugs him. Kate shows up for some reason and sees Belle in Phillips arms. Kate approaches, she has a bag of groceries in her arms, and she says she was worried about Belle and offers to make her something to eat. Belle says that is sweet and invites both of them in. Belle and Phillip continue to talk, and Phillip says anything he can do he will. She says she doesnt know what shed do without him. Kate fixes them some dinner, and Belle thanks them both for standing by her considering what her mom did. They both tell her that they dont hold her responsible for what her mother did and no one should. Later, Belle goes upstairs to freshen up. Phillip thanks his mom for putting Belle at ease, but Kate says that is his influence. Phillip tells his mom not to start this, Belle loves Shawn, she always has and always will. Kate says all good stories must come to an end, and when one ends another begins. Phillip goes upstairs to check on Belle. She is in tears looking at a teddy bear that Shawn gave her for Valentines day. Phillip tells her that she doesn't need a toy, she needs a friend. Phillip holds her, and she cries that she is worried that she has lost Shawn forever. 

Hope returns home and sees a light on in the garage. She thinks someone has broken in. She bursts in with her gun drawn, but it is only Shawn. Shawn is on his dads bike and is ready to leave town. Hope says shes not going to let him leave town, she is going to stop him. Shawn says he is 21, and besides it isnt like he wont be coming back. Hope says leaving now may seem like the right thing to do, but if he leaves town now than he will regret it. She says Belle needs him, and she (Hope) needs him too. She says the family needs to be together right now. Shawn says his head is so screwed up right now that he is not good to anyone. Hope asks Shawn to at least wait until his dad comes home to talk to him and say goodbye. Shawn says he has nothing to say to his dad, to her, or to Belle. She tries to convince Shawn to stay here just one more night and sleep on it. She says who knows, he may wake up in the morning and feel differently about Belle. Shawn says Belle is history. He says he told her goodbye, it is over. She asks Shawn to think how he would feel if she was the killer. He says hes not going to play the what if game, but she wants him to stop being selfish and put himself in Belles shoes for just one second. She tells him to imagine if she was the one who killed all of the people she knew and supposedly love, where would he go for comfort? She says his life would be hell on earth if he didn't have Belle to turn to, and that is the hell he has condemned Belle to live in because he has abandoned her.

Shawn heads back to the loft, and Kate answers the door. He asks her why she is here? Kate says she was going to ask him the same question. Shawn says hes here to see Belle.

Nicole meets with Crystal in jail and tells her that Marlena is returning to lock-up tonight and she wants her to finish the job and kill Marlena. Crystal ends up seeing some man she likes behind Nicole, and Nicole asks her if she is paying attention? Crystal says she cant really concentrate on Nicole while she is feasting her eyes on tasty butt over there! Nicole looks behind her and sees Brady and John. Nicole panics and puts the hood on her jacket up. John heads off to try and pull some strings so he can see Marlena, and Brady sees someone and asks what they are doing here? Nicole things she has been spotted, but Brady sees an old friend Trish. He asks what she is doing here? She says career change and is working here. BRady says she probably knows why he is here As they talk, Nicole tells Crystal that she has to go and she cant let that guy see her. She asks Crystal to create a diversion so she can get out of here. Crystal says she is already doing her one favor. Nicole says if she is caught than everything is for nothing. Crystal agrees, and ends up starting a fight between some other inmates to create a diversion for Nicole. A fight breaks out, and the guards put the prison into lockdown, which gives Nicole a way to escape without being seen. She heads around the corner, but doesn't go very far. Later the lockdown is called off, and Nicole ends up spying on Brady and John. John tells Brady that the commissioner  is working on arranging for him to see Marlena. He says he wont leave until he sees her. Brady asks what he wants to do to pass the time. John suggests they talk, and he suggests they talk about Nicole. John cant help but notice that Brady always defends Nicole. Brady says he knows Nicole could be guilty but right now there is no hard evidence against her. He also asks if they can really trust the Salem PD He says they arent even willing to find out the whole story about what happened to Marlena, they are willing to sit back and let her fry. John says that Marlena is victim in all of this. Brady says like he told Bo,if Nicole is guilty he will be the first one to strap her in and give her the injection. Brady tells his dad he is being a little hypocritical because Marlena just confessed to nine murders but he is holding out hope and is determined to prove she is innocent. John says that is because he loves her, can he say that about Nicole? Nicole listens in and waits for Brady to answer the question. Brady tells his dad that he is way off base. He says he is fond of Nicole, and he also knows that Nicole and Victors relationship was pretty ugly. John says he wonders why Victor did what he did to Nicole. Brady says he just wants his grandfathers murder to be solved, he wants the book closed on Victors murder so he can concentrate on his work at Titan with the Isabella Toscano Concert Hall.

MArlena is returned to the holding cell, and the guard tells her that the inmates arent happy with her for hurting one of their friends. She says poor Tina and poor her because these girls arent the forgiving kind. One of the girls pushes Marlena, and the others laugh. The prisoners hear the sirens and the guard tells them lockdown! One of the inmates continues to push MArlena around, and Marlena tells her that shell be sorry she did that! Marlena gets up and the two women begin fighting! The guard gets a kick out of this and offers up Marlenas engagement/wedding ring to the winner of the fight. Marlena says that is hers and she wants it back! Marlena says if Commissioner Gordon knew what she was doing . . the guard says this is her cell block, her rules, her kingdom. She says she wants a nice dirty fight with lots of cheap shots! The fight begins, and other girls end up teaming up on Marlena. However, Crystal shows up and takes MArlenas side. MArlena and Crystal win the fight, and she asks the guard for her ring back. The guard does, and says her hubby is here but she is not going to let him see her. Marlena asks Crystal why she helped her, and Crystal says she is not the kind of person she wants as her enemy. Crystal asks if they can be friends? Later, Trish, Bradys friend comes to see Marlena. She says she has a surprise for her, and she takes Marlena too see John. Brady thanks Trish for doing this. She says she does what she can, but she cant always help. She tells Brady about the fight earlier and how if it werent for another inmate coming to her rescue, Marlena may not be alive right now. Nicole hears this and says Crystal has her back all right, and soon all her problems will be over. Back in the cell, Crystal decides to put phase two of her plan to kill Marlena into action. She realizes she will need some help and flirts with a guard named Earl. Back at the visiting center, John sees the bruises on Marlenas face and asks what happened. She says she doesnt want to talk about it. He says he needs to hold her, and he cant believe what is going on. HE says it is like some kind of nightmare. John says they are missing something here and he will find out what it is. MArlena says she did kill those people and she needs to pay for it. Marlena plays with her ring and she talks about how the day he gave this to her was the happiest day of her life. She says the ring should stay with him, it will be safer with him. She asks John to give it to Belle and tell her how much she loves her and wishes she could see her one more time. John says it will happen, but Marlena says she wont even get to see him again. Marlena cries that shes not coming out of here alive. John says he wont lose her, not now not ever! 


May 7, 2004
Days was pre-empted nationally today due to a news conference

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