May 10, 2004
The first 10 minutes were interrupted in my area for a presidential news conference.
At the Kiriakis' mansion, Nicole gets a call from Crystal and they discuss Marlena. Crystal says it isnt done yet. Nicole says she told her that Marlena had to be taken care of tonight! Suddenly, shirtless and sweaty Brady walks out and asks what this she saying about Marlena? Nicole hangs up, and Brady asks what she was talking about Marlena for? Nicole says she wish he didnt hear that. She reveals to him that Marlena is on the board of directors at Titan Industries and they cant send out the year end reports to their investors with her glossy 5x10 and bio in it. He asks what the phone call was about then? She says she was ordering Marlena be removed from the board and replaced with someone else, him! Brady says that is quiet an offer. She says not to say anything yet as she still needs the boards approval, but she doubts they wont deny elevating Victors grandson. Brady asks her why she is doing this for him? Nicole has a steamy fantasy about making love to Brady, and she there are many reasons, but she says in order to achieve Victors goals she will need a partner. Nicole says she feels confident that he is the man for the job. Brady says he would love to be on the board at Titan, but he doesnt know. Nicole tries to convince Brady that by being on the board he could have a lot of influence over existing projects and future ones, including the concert hall. Nicole says she has many ideas for the concert hall, and she says she even wants to mount a huge publicity campaign with Chloe as the star. She says she knows she and Chloe haven't always gotten along, but she has many battles ahead of her and a battle with Chloe is not something she wants to pursue. She then shows Brady some report shes come up with. Brady says he always knew she was smart, but this stuff is brilliant. She thanks him and just hopes Phillip and Brady dont throw a monkey wrench into this. He says they wont because they dont know anything about running multi-billion dollar corporations. Brady says hell go upstairs, take a shower, and then call Chloe with the good news. Nicole talks to herself and thinks once Marlena is dead nobody will be able to stop her. 

As Marlena lays in her cell bunk she thinks about all the good times past. We see flashbacks of John and Marlena from years past. We see when Marlena gave John a watch which was inscribed To JB for giving me time. She says he gave her time with her children and with Roman. We then see a flashback of when John gave Marlena a necklace with a tree charm, which John said was symbolic. John said when they get back to Salem he was going to plant some trees to symbolize their life together. MArlena remembered saying that one day she would give it to Belle, and then she would give this to her daughter. She stops dreaming and wonders how her whole life lead up to this? Later, Marelna hears some noises outside of her cell, and when she goes to check what is happening, her cell door is open. Crystal shows up and tells Marlena that there is a gas leak so they have to get out of here. Crystal explains that Trish the assistant warden ordered everyone out, and she came back in to do one final sweep and remembered that she was here. Marlena says she doesnt hear sirens, so Crystal says that is because the wiring is so old it may spark and explosion. She says they have to get out of here, but Marlena says shes not going. She says she will die no matter what, either here or in the death chamber. Crystal tries to convince her to post-pone death just one more day with the hopes of seeing her children and the man she loves just one last time. MArlena agrees that she would like that, so Crystal grabs her and says lets go! They head up to the roof, and Crystal claims she is dizzy and doesnt think she can make it. She asks Marlena to unlock the next door for her and carry her out. Marlena goes to unlock the door. Suddenly, Crystal whacks her over the head and screams die die die!

John goes to the loft to check on Belle. Belle isnt sure how they will get through this all, and she says if mom is freed how will people accept her and forgive her? John says they will, but then realize this is about Shawn. Belle says Shawn left town, he left her, to think about things. John asks if he is still blaming her? She says he says he isn't, that he blames himself, and that he just needs time. John says if Shawn isnt man enough or capable enough to give her the support she needs than she is better off without him. Phillip and Kate are still at the loft, and Phillip hears Johns advice to Belle. John offers to have Belle come stay with him, but she says she doesnt want to stay at the penthouse. John doesnt want her alone as Mimi is not here, so Kate suggest Phillip stay the night. Phillip says he wouldnt mind, and Belle and John thank him. They go upstairs, and John thanks Kate for her kindness. Kate says she doesnt blame him or Belle for any of this, and she has always thought of Belle as a second daughter. John says he is glad Belle has friends at a time like this. Kate says he has friends too. John thanks her for saying that. Kate says they can talk about Marlena if he wants to. John knows it is hard to muster sympathy for her in this town and amongst her especially. John says he is worried about her, that Marlenas spirit is broken and she doesnt think shes going to make it out of jail alive. Kate says MArlena is a strong woman and will be able to handle herself. John says until she is executed. John says he cant believe how strong she (Kate) is, she just heard Marlena admit to killing Roman and now she is here comforting Belle. Kate says Marlena was her friend and she trusted her, but they both heard what Marlena said. Kate says it is okay to be angry and blame her. John says he cant blame her, he will never blame her. Kate says as much as he doesnt want to believe it, Marlena confessed and is guilty. Kate asks John if he really thinks there is a chance she is innocent. John says he thinks she committed the crimes, but believes there is an explanation. John says he will keep fighting until he frees her.

  Meanwhile, upstairs Phillip tries to help Belle relax by watching a movie, but it just reminds her of Shawn as they used to watch the same movie together. Belle says that she should be comforting him right now as he is the one who has lost family members. Phillip says he wishes she didnt have to go through this pain either. Belle asks how he gets up and go on with his life? Phillip says he barely knew Cassie, and he wasnt on good terms with his dad. He says he hasnt been to his dads house since he died. He says part of that is because of Nicole, and part of it is because he doesnt want to be reminded of him. Phillip says he thinks that is what gets him through the days. Belle understands what he means. She says everywhere she looks she is reminded of Shawn and her mom, the two most important people in her life. She says SHawn gave her this teddy bear, and then she picks up a scarf and says her mom gave this to her. Phillip suggests she lie down and close her eyes. She decides to try, and she asks Phillip to hold her. He holds her and tells her to close her eyes and go to sleep.

Shawn goes to the Cheatin Heart, orders a bear, and then overhears some man speaking about Jennifer. The man talks to the phone about someone about how her husband and grandfather left Jen a fortune, including the bearer bonds. The man says these bonds are like cash and as soon as they trade them in they will make their next move.

A cop brings Patrick to Jens house and says he picked this guy up hitchhiking out of town. Julie calls him a grifter and wonders what kind of person they have invited into their lives. Jen says she invited Patrick in, and she defends him and says he could have sued her when she hit him with her car, but he didnt. She also says he has become a godsend to her and her baby. Julie says instead of suing her, he just took from her. Patrick asks what they are saying. Julie reveals that Jens bearer bonds were stolen, but Patrick says he didnt take them. He tells them to look in his knapsack if they want. Julie tells him not to because he doesnt owe them a thing! Patrick says he has nothing to hide, but Bonnie says it is about the principle. She says she is protective of her family and she suggests they look in Julies purse because she was a thief in the past. Julie says they arent discussing her teenage years! Patrick says he really doesnt mind if they look through his things. The cop says he did and they arent there. Patrick says that is because he didnt take them, and he asks Jen if she believes him? Jen says she doesnt know what to believe, so much has happened tonight. Patrick says that he knows this looks bad. He says he didnt leave to upset her, and he didnt take those bonds. Julie says he could have mailed those bonds to an address in another state, which is where he was probably heading! Julie thinks the cop should arrest both of these two as they were probably a team. Bonnie says she has taken about enough from her!  Bonnie begins calling Julie names, so Mickey plays peacemaker and suggests the cop look around for evidence. Julie says both Patrick and Bonnie have keys to this house, there fingerprints are everywhere, what evidence is to be found? The cop still goes outside to look, and once he is gone Mickey asks Jen what she wants to do? She asks what he advises? He says it would be very hard to make these charges against Bonnie and Patrick stick, and if they didnt take the bonds, they may never know who did. Jen says she doesnt know what or who to believe. Meanwhile, Patrick thanks his mom for sticking up for him. She tells him not a problem, and then she asks him if he took Jens bonds? Patrick says he didnt take the bonds, and wonders if she did. Julie announces to all that there is no signed of forced entry, so it must have been an inside job.


May 11, 2004
Jan has a fantasy of Shawn shackled to her bed. He asks her if she really thinks shell get away with this? She tells him she will because she has the perfect plan. Jan puts on a black negligee, and she says Shawn will never be able to resist her in this. She continues to fantasize about Shawn, who she ends up whipping  and telling he is bad and naughty because he keeps talking about Belle. She says this is her fantasy so Shawn should be behaving the way she wants him to. Shawn finally says he wants her, and she says she knew it would only take a little push to get him to admit his true feelings for her.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Shawn overhears Patricks mystery man talking on the phone about Jens bearer bonds. When the man goes to leave, Shawn gets in his face. The man asks Shawn what his problem is? Shawn acts like he is drunk, and manages to lift the guys keys off him to keep him from leaving. The mystery man leaves, and Shawn makes a call.

At Jens house, Julie tells Mickey not to talk like that, she says that they will find the bonds. She asks Patrick and Bonnie if they will let one another take the blame for the other's crime, or perhaps they are working together? Jen says this is her fault for letting the bonds sit around the house and for being so trusting. Jen then runs out the front door. Julie comes out to check on Jen. Jen says she knows she shouldnt be upset over money, but that money was her grandmas and she trusted her with it. Julie says none of this is her fault, but Jen says she keeps trusting the wrong people. She says first Marlena and now Patrick. She does say she is haing a hard time believing Patrick would do this to her. Meanwhile, Shawn calls the house, and Patrick answers. Shawn tells him about the guy at the Cheatin Heart talking about stealing Jens bonds. Patrick doesn't want to upset Jen anymore than she is, and he tells Shawn that hell take care of it. Shawn wants to call his parents, but Patrick says hell take care of this. Patrick remembers (through a flashback) the man ordering him to do what he had to do, but Patrick refused to hurt Jen. Patrick then takes off. Later, Julie and Bonnie continue to argue over who took the bonds. Jen returns and says Patrick is gone again. Julie says that is because he stole her money and she wont see him again. When Julie continues to nag on Bonnie, Bonnie flips and begins choking Julie! Mickey and Jen stop the fight, and Julie says she is going to press charges. She asks Mickey if he will take her case? Mickey says he is a defense attorney, he cant prosecute another person. He also says none of this is helping Jen.

Back at the Cheatin' Heart, Patrick catches Shawn about to call the cops, so he stops him. He tells Shawn that he will take care of this because he owes it to Jen. Shawn asks if he is involved in this? Patrick says no, but he is a suspect in stealing the bonds. The man returns and claims he lost his keys. The bartender says he doesn't have them, and the man gets violent. Patrick confronts him and says they should take this outside and asks him to cough up the bearer bonds. The guy says no because he took them because Patrick didnt follow orders. He says if he doesnt start following orders than there will be more trouble! Patrick and the guy begin fighting, and Shawn comes to Patrick's aid. However, Shawn is a bit stunned when Patrick lets the guy get away. Patrick says they got what is Jens and that is all that is important. He asks Shawn if he wants to come with him to return the bonds, but Shawn says he was on his way out of town so he will pass. Later, Shawn gets a call from Jan, who is talking in as the old woman he met at the funeral. She asks Shawn to do her a very big favor. She says she is all alone at her house and she heard someone trying to break in. She says the police told her that it was her imagination, but she knows what she heard. She asks him to stop by and check things out. Shawn says he can stop by for a few minutes and check on things. As Shawn is taking off, the mystery man makes a call and says Jennifer Devereux will have to pay big time for Patrick's mistake.

Patrick returns to Jen's place with the bonds, and Julie thinks that is proof he took them. Patrick says he didnt, and he explains how Shawn called earlier and heard someone at the Cheatin' Heart talking about stealing Jens bonds. Patrick says he and Shawn took care of the guy and got the bonds back. Mickey asks why he didnt call the police? Patrick says Shawn tried, but their time was running out and the Salem PD is a bit busy right now. HE says they can call Shawn and check it all out with him. Jen thanks Patrick, but wants to know why he left without telling her? She says he has to know how much she wanted him to stay. Bonnie hears this and smiles. Jen asks Julie to apologize, and she does so reluctantly. Jen says she should have known she could have trusted Patrick. Bonnie claims she is glad this is all cleared up because she wouldnt want anything but her lowlife ex-husband to tarnish their good name. Julie mumbles that you cant tarnish trash.

At the loft, Phillip finds his mom washing Belles dishes. She asks why he isnt with Belle still? Phillip says things got a little too close for comfort. Kate basically urges Phillip to sleep with Belle. Phillip tells his mom that her obsession with him and Belle is not doing anyone any good, and it is quite creepy. Kate thinks he is the one who is obsessed. She tells him that Belle needs someone with her right now, and he knows how important honesty is to Belle yet he is keeping his true feelings from her. Kate tells Phillip to either take Belle upstairs and help her fall asleep, otherwise he should leave. Kate says he should stop leading Belle on if he doesnt have feelings for her. Phillip says he is not leading her on, and he is not going to be with a woman who has feelings for someone else. He says he went through that with Chloe, he wont go through it again.

Belle soon comes downstairs, and John asks why she isnt resting? Belle says she had a nightmare about visiting mom in jail. Belle tells her dad that they cant lose her! John tells Belle that even if her mom did these things he believes she isnt responsible. John says he will protect her mothers life and he will find the truth. John says he knows her mom has the answers inside of her. Belle asks her dad if he is even going to be able to visit her? John says he will find a way. Still, Belle fears her mom wont even survive one night in jail, and she fears something will happen. John says believe it or not Marlena is safe where she is tonight, as odd as that sounds. John looks at a scrapbook of photos and says they will be a family again. However, Belle looks at a photo of her and Shawn and says she doesnt think things will be the same again. John tells Belle that if it is the real thing with Shawn than it will work out. She asks if he is saying he shouldnt give up on Shawn? John never answers. Kate comes over to talk to John, and she tells him that she and Phillip will take care of Belle tonight. Meanwhile, Phillip talks with Belle. Belle looks at some photos of them back in High School. She says they were so happy back then. Phillip says they had problems back then, Chloes leukemia, Mimi being homeless, and Puerto Rico. Phillip tells Belle that she is much stronger than she thinks and she will get through this. Belle thanks him, but wishes she could believe it. Phillip tells Belle it is late and she should get to bed. Belle thanks Phillip for being here and says she doesnt know what shed do without him tonight. Belle heads upstairs, but not before telling Phillip that there are pillows and blankets in Mimis closet. Later, John gets a call from Hope about Marlenas escape. John rushes out, but not before telling Kate and Phillip not to let Belle listen to the news. They dont understand why as he didn't tell them about MArlena's escape.

Bo and Hope head to see Marlena. Bo thinks Marlena may have remembered something about Victors death. When they go to see her they find her cell empty and open. Bo calls for a guard, and Trish shows up. Trish doesnt know how she got out as she was accounted for during the last head count. Bo puts the prison into lock down and orders the cops to do whatever it takes to make sure this killer doesnt kill again.

On the prison roof, Crystal bashes Marlenas head with a gun and asks if she isnt dead yet? The sirens begin to blare, so Crystal leaves the gun next to Marlena and runs off. Marlena comes to and remembers Crystal leading her up to the roof. Marlena sees the gun next to her, which she picks up. Marlena tries to open the door to the stairs, but Crystal has locked it. 

Crystal returns to her cell, and Earl (the guard) asks if his keys and gun are here? Crystal says no and she says that psycho killer Marlena must have taken them. She then pulls Earl into her cell and closes the door. She tells him to keep his mouth shut otherwise the warden will learn theyve been hooking up and hell lose his job. Bo, Hope and Trish show up, and Trish asks why Earl is in the cell? Crystal says that psycho Marlena stole Earls keys and gun and locked him in here. Bo makes a call to all units and says the escaped killer is armed and dangerous! Crystal tells Bo how Marlena had some evil look in her eyes, like the look she had the night she killed poor Tina. Bo says he wont let her hurt anyone else, and gives the shoot to kill order if necessary. Hope is stunned and asks Bo if Marlena is shot and killed will he take responsibility for it? Bo says hed be happy to. Hope says to think about what this order will do to her family? She says MArlena is their oldest friend and she may not be responsible for her crimes. She asks Bo if he wants to be responsible for her murder? Bo says not to compare Marlenas death to the death of their loved ones. Bo says Marlena will die sooner or later, and as far as he is concerned, the sooner the better! Hope still doesnt like this, and she tells Bo if Marlena dies and new facts come to light, he will regret it. Bo says he will not stand here and argue with her while Marlena possibly kills again. Bo says he has a killer to capture and walks off. Hope calls John to warn him about Marlenas escape, which upsets Bo. Bo says John will just want to help Marlena and he could get himself hurt. Bo makes another call and basically orders Marlenas death. HE tells the men to stop her by any means necessary. Hope asks Bo what he wants to do, does he want to see MArlena dead?

Back on the roof, MArlena calls out for help, but is shot at by a sniper! Marlena ends up in tears crying about how much she loves her family, and how sorry she is for the people she murderd. She still doesnt remember killing them or why she killed them. As gunshots continue to ring out she says she doesnt want to die! Marlena says John my love, whatever I said under the truth serum, I love you and I need you. Marlena tries to show them that she is surrendering. She stands up with her hands in the air, but a gunshot is fired and she falls down!


May 12, 2004
Not yet proofed!
At Jens house, Mickey and Julie leave, and Jen says she is so glad that this night is over. Bonnie left with them, and she just hopes Bonnie and Julie will be able to get along with one another. Patrick has still decided to leave, and he tells Jen that this is goodbye. Jen tells him that he cant leave, he hasnt said goodbye to his mom. Patrick says she is used to his coming and goings, he never stays in one place for long. Jen thinks Patrick is leaving because she suspected him of stealing, and she says she really didnt. Patrick says that is not why he is leaving. Patrick says he better be going. Jen asks Patrick if he got a good look at the guy who took the bonds because maybe he should give the police a description. Patrick says Shawn will take care of that. Patrick says he should go, but she tells him that she doesnt want him to go. Jen tells him that he has made such a huge difference since he came into her and Abbys lives. She tells him that he has saved the day more than once, as well as the life of her baby. She says she doesnt know what shed do without him here. Patrick says she is better off without him, with him gone her life will go back to normal. Jen doesnt understand what he means. Patrick says he has to go, and he will miss her and Abby. Jen gives Patrick a hug before he leaves. After he leaves, Jen paces around. Abby comes downstairs and says she cant sleep. Jen asks Abby what is upsetting her? Abby says she is just thinking about stuff, but she knows something is upsetting her. Jen says its been a bit of a rough night. Abby asks what happened? Jen tells her about MArlenas confession tonight. Jen says it was hard to hear because it brought back all of the memories of her dad. Abby asks if the baby is okay? Jen says the baby is fine. Abby knows that is because of Patricks help. She asks where Patrick is? Jen tells her that Patrick left. Abby asks where he went? Jen doesnt know and says he just said it was time to move on. Abby cant believe she just let Patrick go. Abby says aside from the baby he has been the only good thing to happen to them since dad died. Abby wonders if he left because of her web search. Jen says that has nothing to do with it, he left for reasons that were his own. Jen doesnt know why, but he thinks there is something he wasnt telling her. Later they discuss Marlena and why she did all this. Jen says nobody understands why MArlena really did this, and they may never understand why. Abby wishes Patrick didnt have to go because she knows he made her feel happy, and she would like to have known more about him. Jen says shes sure shell here from him at some point. Jen tells Abby that it is time for her to go back to bed. Abby tells her mom that she loves her and heads back upstairs. 

Patrick heads to the Cheatin Heart where he meets up with the mystery man. Patrick tells the guy that hes done with Jen and hes leaving Salem. The man says he cant let that happened. He says his taking the bonds was a warning to him to get back with the program. Patrick says he told him from the beginning he wouldnt hurt Jen. Patrick tells the man to stay away from Jen or he is a dead man! Patrick leaves, and the man sends some guys after him to beat him up. The other man grabs Patrick from behind and begins chocking him with a wire. He tells Patrick to say a prayer because his time is up. 

Back at Jens, Jen hears tires screeching outside. She looks outside and exclaims Oh my gosh! Jen rushes outside and finds Patrick outside on her doorstep. He is unconscious and bleeding from the mouth. Jen cradles him and calls out his name. 

At Samis place, Lucas makes her some kettle corn. Lucas says Will is looking for a movie for them to watch as a family. Lucas tells Sami that he appreciates her letting him stay up late so they can spend time together as a family. Sami feels guilty about shutting down in front of Will earlier. She says she feels like shes going crazy, like shes not herself. Lucas says she just found out that her mom was the serial killer and killed her father. Sami says she doesnt want to hear it again. Sami gets a chill and fears that her mom is not going to make it out of jail. Lucas tells her not to think that way, but Sami says her mother is facing a death sentence. Lucas says they still dont know why she has no memory of the crimes, so there must be mitigating circumstances that can sway a judge. Lucas tells her that John believes that so why cant she. Sami says with John helping her she is in more trouble than she thought. Lucas tells her not to start in on those accusations. Sami wonders if it is true that her mom killed all those people, including her dad, because she loved him. She says if so, than her role model for love is completely screwed up. Sami says she doesnt believe in love anymore, how is she supposed to believe love will work out when it always turns tragic and horrible. Lucas says that is not true, it doesnt always turn out bad. Lucas asks her not to give up on love, to keep believing. He tells Sami to give love a chance, give them a chance. Lucas tells Sami that he thinks they can have a real relationship. Sami tells him not to say that. Lucas asks why not, because she is scared or afraid to be happy. Sami says her feelings for him are and have always been very screwed up. She says he is like family, he is her sons father, yet sometimes she does want things to work out between them. However, she says sometimes she feels like she wants to kill him and that scares her. Lucas says that her life wont automatically turn out like her moms, and he says he believes they can have a great future if they open their hearts to one another. Sami isnt sure about this relationship, but Lucas tells her not to think of it as a relationship. He then tells Sami to just stop talking, and he kisses her. She kisses him back. Will eventually comes out of his room with a DVD. Sami goes to put more salt in the popcorn, and Will asks his dad if mom is better now? Lucas tells him that she is going through a tough time. Will tells his dad that he can tell him the truth, he doesnt have to lie to him. He asks his dad if Marlena will end up on death row? Lucas says he doesnt know. Sami returns and overhears Will saying his grandma is really going to die, isnt she? Lucas says things dont look good but they cant give up on her. Lucas tells Will that John is trying to clear her name so they have to hope for the best. Sami tells Will that his dad is right, that wasnt her mom in that hospital room confessing, she wasnt herself. Sami says they just have to keep hoping and praying. Will suggests they watch the movie, but when he turns on the TV, they see the news about MArlena escaping. They see a news shot of Marlena on the roof being shot at by the cops. Sami is devastated by the news report, which indicates the shoot to kill order has been given.

At the mansion, Nicole is drinking and waiting for a phone call, which eventually comes. Nicole asks Crystal what is going on down there? Crystal says the plan is on track and before the night is over the cops will put more holes in Marlena than a slice of swiss cheese. Nicole says that is excellent news. Brady interrupts and asks who she is talking to, her partner in crime? Nicole tells Brady that this is getting insulting, she cant even check her messages without him accusing her. Nicole says she is tired of everyones accusations because there is no proof or evidence against her. Brady says if Marlena takes truth serum again she may yet implicate her and her phantom accomplice. Nicole tells Brady to just leave her alone. Brady tells Nicole that he wants to believe she is innocent and she is a good person. Brady says his dad still believes in his step-mom. Nicole says that is because John loves Marlena, whereas he feels nothing for her. Brady says his dad would give his life for Marlena, but he doesnt think he would go that far for her. Brady says right now he just wants the truth about his grandfathers murder. Nicole decides to check her PC for new email, but really checks for some late breaking news on MArlena. She ends up seeing a live shot of the prison standoff online, but doesnt tell Brady what shes watching. She does tell him that she is sure that things are going to improve for her, and that MArlena will never testify against her.

At the prison, Marlena wakes up after falling down, but continues to be shot at. She doesnt understand why they wont let her surrender. Marlena tries to get back into the prison, but the door is still locked. The cops find her and once again begin shooting at her.

Meanwhile, Bo radios for information about what is going on. The cops say Marlena has a gun and it looks like shes prepared to open fire. Bo tells them that if this woman makes any threatening moves they are to shoot to kill. John shows up, hears Bo give this order, and is furious. He attacks Bo and says he wont let him kill his wife! A guard pulls John off of Bo, and Bo warns him to watch his temper because he cant help his wife if he is behind bars. John refuses to believe Marlena is a threat and he says something is not right about this situation. Bo says she confessed and if she gets away she will keep killing. John says she is in a secured location so let him talk to her. Bo says no way, he has a duty to protect the people of this city. Bo says everything he is doing is by the book. John says he is taking this too far and Marlena may be innocent and she has no conscious memory of committing these murders. John asks Bo to stop talking to him as a cop and talk to him as a friend. John says he can convince Marlena to surrender. Hope asks Bo to let John try. Bo says she could kill him. He says she wont, but hell take the risk. Meanwhile, the cops says that Marlena still has her gun aimed at them but they cant get a clear shot at her. Bo orders a helicopter with their best marksman up in the air. Bo says the shoot to kill order still stands. John tells Bo that he cant let him do this, and John races to the roof. Bo wants to stop him, but Hope tells him to let John go. Bo says MArlena is a killer. Hope tells Bo that John loves her and doesnt want her to die, he would do the same for her. Bo says this is about a deranged killer who he will not allow to kill again. Bo then chases after John.

Back on the roof, the cops continues to shoot at Marlena, who runs around and hides behind various things. Marlena cries out for help. Meanwhile, John heads to the roof, but the door is locked. He calls out to Marlena and tells her to hang on because hes coming. Bo shows up and tells John to stay away from that door. Bo says he cant let John go out there. John tells Bo the only way hell stop him from going out there is to kill him. Meanwhile, the helicopter with the sniper goes up, and MArlena tries to surrender, but they think she is trying to shoot at them. Marlena continues to cry that she never meant to hurt anyone. She cries out to John that she needs him to come help her. Back inside, Bo and John continue to fight. Hope shows up and distracts Bo so John can rush out there. John breaks down the door and rushes out. Bo gives the order to hold their fire, but the static interferes and the cops hear that they should shoot to kill. John races out to the roof, and Bo continues to try and tell the cops to hold their fire. MArlena runs toward John, and the cops shoot her square in the chest just as John gets to her! MArlena collapses into Johns arms as he cries out..


May 13, 2004
Shawn arrives at Jans house to check on who he thinks is a friend of his grandma's. Inside, Jan has put on an old lady disguise, including makeup and a fake nose. She says Shawn will not know it is her until it is too late. She opens the door and asks him to come in, but he says that isnt necessary because he knows what is going on. Jan is shocked, but Shawn says he saw a raccoon going through her trash and he thinks that is what she heard. Jan says she feels so silly, but he says he doesnt mind doing a favor for one of his grandmas friends. He says he has to head off now, but she asks him not to go just yet. She says she has a surprise for him. She says she just made some scones and tea for him and she wont take no for an answer. He says he can stay for a little while, and he comes inside. With her back to Shawn, Jan puts a drug of some sorts in his tea. She asks Shawn to bring the tea over to the table, which he does, and she brings the scones over. She gives him his tea, and she puts on some music. She tells Shawn to drink up. As they are drinking tea, a news report comes on about Marlenas death. Shawn thinks he should call Belle, but when he gets up he is dizzy. Shawns phone is ringing, and he says it must be Belle. He tries to get to his phone, but keeps knocking things over. Jan watches him and smiles.

At Rexs place, Mimi surprises Rex with a massage. Rex tells her that he loves her for doing this but it wont work. Rex says he cant stop forgetting about Marlenas confession, and he doesnt know what happened to her and where everything went so wrong. Mimi says she doesnt know, but asks him to promise her that they will be together forever. 

At the loft, Shirtless Phillip is looking around the kitchen for something. Belle comes down, she's unable to sleep, and she asks if she can help him find something? Phillip says he heard her walking around upstairs and he thought he would make her some smores. Belle says Shawn used to make her those to make her feel better. She wonders where he is and if he is coming back. She says she is afraid he is gone forever. Phillip tells her to forget about Shawn because he doesnt deserve her! Belle is stunned, but Phillip says he has to be honest because he cares about her. He says Shawn is being a jerk for leaving her right now considering what she is going throug. She tells him to think about what Shawn is going through, he had to listen to her mom confess to killing half of his family. She says she wont cry over Shawn, and she thinks they should watch a movie. Phillip remembers John telling him not to let Belle turn on the TV or radio. He tells her that a movie isnt a good idea. He says he will run to the store and get some things to make smores, but makes her promise not to turn on the TV. She swears she won't, but then gets online to check her email. Once online she sees the news footage  of her mom being shot. Later, she  watches her mom say goodbye. She cries out, and Phillip shows up and comforts her. When Marlena dies, Belle screams that she cant die! Rex and Mimi run over to Belles place when they hear her screaming. Mimi asks what is wrong? Belle says they just killed her mom. They offer to be here for her twenty-four seven. She says she just wants to know why. Belle says she should call her dad and she needs to talk to shawn. She decides to call his cell because she thinks he will return when he finds out what happened. She calls his cell, and as she does, Phillip shakes his head. Shawn doesnt answer his phonme, and she wonders what shell do without him. She wonders why she keeps losing all the people she loves.

At Samis place, Sami is in hysterics. Lucas has put Will to bed, and he wont let him or Sami watch the TV. Sami says she has to know what is going on and turns the TV on. Sami  and sees a replay of Marlena being shot, and she  ends up passing out into Lucas arms. Lucas puts her on the couch and puts a cold cloth on her head to try and revive her. When she comes to she thinks she dreamt that her mom was shot. Lucas tells her that wasnt a dream. Sami cries that she cant lose her mom! She turns on the TV and watches her mom say goodbye to her. Lucas comforts Sami and she cries out. Sami asks her to tell her this is a bad dream. Will hears the commotion and comes out. He asks if grandma is dead? He learns she is, and he wants to know why. Lucas says they dont know. Sami suggests they all pray for Marlena, which they do. Sami guides them and asks God to have mercy on her moms soul and to remember the good things about her. She also asks for Marlenas sins to be forgiven, and to help them through this difficult time. Later, Lucas puts Will to bed and thanks Sami for putting Will first just then. He says Will is lucky to have her as a mother. Sami says she was lucky to have her mother, but now her mother is gone and someone will have to pay.

On the prison roof, John cradles MArlena and cries out. He says this isnt happening. Bo screams at the men to hold their fire and to get the choppers, including the news choppers out of here. John uses his shirt to stop Marlenas bleeding and tries to get a response from her. Lexie shows up and helps to try and save MArlena. Marlena wakes up and looks at John. John tells her that she will be okay, but she says no she will not and that she is drying. 

Lexie arrives and takes Marlena on a stretcher through the prison, but Marlena is bleeding into her lungs. Lexie says there is only one thing she can do to save Marlena, but it is risky. John tells her to do whatever it takes. She says shell need help, so LExie and John leave for a moment, and  Bo and Hope tend to Marlena. A news reporter shows up and decides to try and get an interview with Marlena. Bo tells her to get out of here, but Marlena says she has something to say. She says she wants to say goodbye to her children. She tells Belle that she knows Belle cant begin to understand what is happening as she doesnt understand it herself. She asks Belle not to let this cost her her chance at happiness and true love because they dont always get a second chance. Marlena tells Belle that she loves her. Next Marlena talks to Sami and tells her that this will be the hardest for her. She says she has let Sami down and for that she is sorry. Marlena says she is sorry she wasnt there for her when she needed her. Marlena says if she had been things may have been different for her. MArlena says she will pray that Sami finds the strength and courage to go on and to be the best she can be. Marlena asks her to do that for her. She says if she does everything she has wanted in life will be hers. John and LExie return and continue to work to save MArlena, but Marlena says she is dying. She says she wants to say she is sorry before she goes. She tells them all, her family and friends, that she loves them and is sorry she put them through so much pain and suffering. Hope holds Marlenas hand as Marlena says she wishes she could undo everything but she cant. She says even her dying cant help them heal. She says she takes full responsibility for everything, though even that wont ease the pain. Marlena asks John to take care of her children and her family. She tells John that she loves him. Marlena asks John to promise her that hell love again and hell find happiness. MArlena begins to slip away, and John and Lexie work to save her, but ultimately she dies. As she dies we see a flashback of John and Marlena moments through the years. Lexie says she is gone, and she tells John that she is so sorry. John strokes Marlena and says she is the love of his life and they did this to her because they think she is a monster. He says he swore to prove her innocence, but how will he do that now that she is gone? Meanwhile, Lexie tells Hope that she did everything she could to try and save MArlena. Lexie is paged and she says she has to go, but the corner is on his way. Hope tells Bo that they found Marlenas gun, and Bo says that proves he stole the gun. Hope says they will never know why she did any of this, and if only he hadnt given the shoot to kill order. John hears this and says My wife would still be alive! John says his wife is dead because of Bo! Bo says he takes full responsible for his actions. He says if Marlena had escaped she would have killed more people. John says that he knows Bo is happy because he wanted her dead and now she is! Bo says he didnt want this to happen and he is sorry for his loss. John doesnt believe that and thinks Bo wants to go have a drink and celebrate. Hope decides to call the corners office and see what is taking them so long, but John says she wont let anyone touch his wife. He picks her body up and says he's taking her someplace where nobody can touch her or hurt her again.

Outside of  Jens place, Jen cradles Patrick and asks if she is all right. Patrick comes too and looks around. She wants to call an ambulance, but he says no. He says he has to go. When he tries to get up he ends up collapsing into her arms. She takes him inside, and she asks what happened. He says he got mugged, but she says she saw him thrown out of a car. She says this is more than a mugging and she knows what is going on. Patrick's shirt comes off as Jen cleans him up, and she says she knows whoever stole her bonds beat him up as retaliation. She wants him to go to the hospital, but he says no. He says he has no health insurance and hell survive. He also says reporting this will only make things worse. Jen asks if she can at least page Lexie and have her come over. Patrick says sure. When she goes to call Lexie, Patrick tries to leave. She sees this and orders him to sit back down. Later, LExie comes over and checks him out. She says he has serious injuries and the police should be called. Jen tells her that Patrick doesnt want the police involved. In private, Lexie tells Jen that she finds this very strange and she fears Jen could be placed in danger by Patrick. She tells Jen to get this man out of her life tonight. LExie offers to take Patrick to the free clinic and the homeless shelter, but Jen says no. Jen says this is her home and she wants Patrick here with her. 


May 14, 2004
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At Jens, Patrick is half-passed out on the couch. Jen tells Lexie that she appreciates her concern, but she cant throw Patrick out onto the streets. Lexie tells Jen that she thinks she is making a big mistake. Patrick comes too and says hes leaving, but Jen says she will not let him go. LExie offers to take Patrick to the free clinic, but Jen tells her to stop this now. Jen says Patrick was beat up because of her. LExie doesnt buy the bearer bonds story, and she wants to know the whole story. She asks Patrick why doesnt he tell them the rest of the story. Jen says Patrick has done nothing to make her suspicious, but Lexie says he has. She says Patrick was the victim of a felany but has yet to report it, and she wants to know what he is hiding. Patrick says he cant ID the thugs who did this, plus he didnt want Jen all over the news and her inheritance. Patrick says that will make her a target to every lowlife out there. Patrick says she and the baby are important to him, to everyone. Lexie says she really hopes he has Jens best interest at heart, and she apologizes if she seems suspicious. She says she just cares about Jen. Lexie says it is late, so she should go check on Theo. Jen walks Lexie out, and Jen thanks LExie for coming over. She says when she paged her earlier she had no idea about Marlena. Lexie says she is glad that it is all over now. Lexie tells Jen to be careful with Patrick. Jen swears to Lexie that he really is a good guy. Lexie leaves, and Patrick still insists on leaving. He tells Jen that he wont let her stop her. Jen tells him for the last time he is not going anywhere. She tells him to sit down and rest and she is going to make him some soup. She goes into the kitchen, and Patrick gets a call from the mystery man. He says he hopes Patrick has gotten the message and that it is time for Patrick to do the job he was sent to Salem to do, target Jennifer! Patrick says he will not hurt Jen, so the man says next time blondie may get the beating! Patrick hangs up, and Jennifer returns with some water for Patrick. She says she hopes he changes his mind about leaving, and he says it looks like he doesnt have a choice. 

John carries a dead Marlena through the streets of Salem. People see her and exclaim Its the serial killer! Bo and Hope follow behind John. Bo eventually stops John and says they have to take Marlena to the morgue. John says over his dead body. He orders Bo to get out of the way because hell never hurt his wife again. John says his wife is dead, there is nothing else he can do to her. Bo tells John not to make him . . .John asks what he will do, call in sharp shooters to gun him down? He says that is the only way he will stop her. John continues to walk on, and Hope tells Bo to let him go. Bo wonders just where he is going. John takes Marlena to the church and places her body on the altar. He gives her a kiss and says he couldnt help her in this world, but he will see to it that she finds peace in the next. He begins placing candles around MArlena when Bo and Hope show up. Hope thinks they should call Belle and Sami to let them know what happened. Hope tries Belle, but her phone is busy. She hopes he is talking to Shawn and that he is on his way back. Hope calls Sami, and then gets through to Belle. She tells them both that John is here with Marlena. John continues to place candles all around Marlenas body. John says a prayer for Marlena, asking God to watch over Marlena and to grant her mercy and let her rest in peace. John says they may never know the truth, but he will go to his grave believing that she is not guilty of these unspeakable horrors. John then wonders what he will do without Marlena as her love transformed him and made him whole. He says when she needed him most, he failed her. John says he will never forgive himself for failing her. Meanwhile, Hope asks Bo why did he give the shoot to kill order.

At the loft, Shawn wont answer his phone and Belle worries something is wrong. Phillip says what is wrong is that Shawn isnt here for her. Phillip tells Belle that Shawn should have never left her. Belle wonders if Shawn is ignoring her on purpose. There is a knock at the door, and Belle hopes it is Shawn. It is Kate, who came back as soon as she heard the news. When she learns Belle has been trying to call Shawn, she tells Phillip that he has to stop her. The phone rings and this time it is Hope. Belle asks what happened to her mom. Hope says she is so sorry. Belle asks where her mom is now. She says her dad brought her to Saint Lukes. Belle says she will be on her way over.

At Samis place, Sami says someone will pay for killing her mother, she will find justice for her mother. Sami says her mother was set up, they made her sign the confession, and then they shot her. Sami cries that her mother should still be alive! Lucas tries to make Sami realize that John loves her mom and tried to save her, but Sami says he killed her mother. Sami gets Hopes call, and Sami lashes out at Hope for having to watch her mother being gunned downed on TV. Hope says she is sorry and it wasnt meant to happen. Hope lets Sami know that John is at Saint Lukes with her mother. Sami says he has no right to touch her. Sami tells Lucas that they have to go to Saint Lukes right away and get that bastard away from her mom! 

BAck at Saint Luke's, Sami and Lucas walk in right as Hope asks Bo why he gave the order. Sami says shed like to know the same thing, and she asks her uncle how he could. She says he told his men to hunt her mother down like and animal. She tells her uncle that what he did was cold blooded murder and she will make him pay for it! Hope says Bo tried to stop the order, but the police misunderstood. Sami says he never should have arrested her in the first place as her mom was an innocent victim. Bo says her mother was never innocent, and he says he had a job to do. He says she escaped and stole a gun. Sami says this never would have happened if her father was alive, and she says Bo might as well have pulled the trigger himself. Sami rushes into the church, and Lucas apologizes to them for Sami. Bo wonders if Sami is right, could Roman have prevented Marlenas death. Kate, Phillip and Belle show up, and Kate sees Lucas with Sami. She tells him that hell never learn will he? Belle and Phillip are still outside, and Belle is afraid to go in and see her moms body. She says she keeps praying this is a horrible nightmare that shes going to wake up from. Back in the chapel, Sami sees her moms body. John turns and looks at her. He tries to comfort her, but she tells him not to touch her. She says he is the one who should be dead! She tells John that it is his fault her mom is dead just as much as it is Bos. John says he tried to save her moms life, but Sami says he turned her in. She says he set this whole thing in motion. She says he told on her because he wanted her dead! John says that is not true, and he was determined to prove her innocence. John says he would have died in her place, but Sami says that he is a liar. She says he never loved her and never deserved to be with her. Belle finally walks in and says that is not true, and she says now is not the time to blame one another. John hugs Belle and says right now they need to pull together as a family. Sami tells John not to use that word in front of her when he destroyed her family! Sami says her mom was the one who bound them together, and now that she is gone they have no family! Lucas comforts Sami, and John continues to hold Belle as she looks at her mom. John tells Belle that her mom loved her so much. Belle says she saw her on the news saying goodbye. Belle says she doesnt know what they will do without her. John says they will get through this. Belle says she needs to say goodbye, and she approaches her mom. Belle kneels by her mom and everyone watches her. Hope tells Bo that she doesnt know what shed do if she lost him, and she asks Bo to hold her. John asks Phillip to take his daughter out for air because he doesnt know how much more of this she can take. Phillip says he will take care of Belle and not to worry about her. They leave, and Kate tells John that she is sorry for him. Kate says no one knows more than her how much he loved her. She hugs him, and Sami accuses them of conspiring to kill her mother so they could be together. Lucas tries to convince Sami that John loved MArlena and was there for her until the end, but she wont listen. Sami tells Lucas there will never be a chance for them as long as he believes John and his lies! Meanwhile, John returns to MArlenas side. He says he knows the answer is out there, and if only he could have found it sooner. Bo tells Hope that it is finally all over, and now they can start to heal and get on with their lives.

Outside, Belle tells Phillip that this cant be real. Phillip says he knows she feels alone right now, but she isnt. He says he will be there whenever she needs him. She thanks him. Belle wonders how Shawn could let her go through this alone. Phillip says she isnt alone, he is here and will take care of her. She says he is such a good friend and she doesnt know what shed do without him. Kate sees this and is pleased.

At Jans place, a dizzy and drugged Shawn wonders what is wrong with him. A disguised Jan says he should lie down, but Shawn says it is Belle calling about her mom, she needs him. Shawn ends up passing out on the floor. He comes to, and doesnt know what is wrong with him. Grandma Jan says perhaps he had too much to drink. Shawn says no, and he asks what was in that tea. Jan says nothing but herbs and some honey. Shawn says something is seriously wrong with him right now. Jan says he has to go see Belle. Jan blurts out, in her normal voice, No you cant! Shawn is alarmed by the change in her voice. Shawn says Belle neads him, and goes for his phone. Jan takes it from him, and he wonders what she is doing. Jan says he can wait to talk to his Belle. Jan tells herself if it is the last thing she does she will make Shawn forget about Belle. She also wonders why the drug is taking so long, and decides to help it along. She decides to whack him over the head with a poker, but he finally passes out. Jan says he is all hers, and smacks him on the bottom! Jan drags Shawn up to her love cage and puts him in it. She says her fantasy has finally come true. As she thinks about him and touches his chest, he calls out Belles name. Jan is shocked and says he will regret saying that! Jan shackles Shawn and says he is hers now, and she will make sure he stays hers forever! Jan begins taking off Shawns clothes and kissing his body. 

At the Carver house, Celeste waits for Lexie to return home. She ends up seeing the serial killer mask on the table and it goes up in flames. The mask disappears, and Celeste wonders why she had such a vision. Celeste goes over to her tarot cards and turns over the death card. She realizes the nightmare isnt over! Later, Lexie shows up, and Tek is with her (why is Tek in LExies house?) Tek is in workout clothes and says he should get to the station and see what is going on (why is Tek dressed that way?) As Tek and LExie talk about Theo, Tek had brought him a football, Celeste continues to read the cards. Lexie and Tek head up to check on Theo, and Celeste screams at something. Marlena has appeared to Celeste, and she is wearing a black hooded robe. Celeste asks her why she has come back? MArlena says she has come to warn her, the danger is not over, the suffering has not ended. Marlena says more people will die, and she must prepare herself and everyone. Marlena tells Celeste that everyone in Salem will die!

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