May 17, 2004
Summary posted as is without proofing, I am traveling home to Virginia right after the soap ends. 
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At Jans cottage, Jan continues to lust over Shawn, who is passed out and shackled to the bed. As Jan kisses Shawn, Shawn thinks about making love to Belle. He says Yes, I want to make love to you. Jan says this is happening quicker than she thought it would, and she says his passion wont be denied. However, when Shawn calls out Belles name, he enrages Jan. Jan grabs a pair of scissors and says she knows how to stop this, and she says he leaves her no choice. Jan begins cutting his clothes off and kissing his body. Shawn begins to stir away, and she says it is about time he wakes up. She tells Shawn to rise and shine, he can have it if he gives her a standing ovation! Shawn finally wakes up and sees Jan, dressed as an old woman, on top of him. He asks what in the hell is going on, what is she doing on top of him? Jan tells him one question at a time. Shawn asks where he is. She says he is where all his dreams will come true. Shawn asks who she is? Jan tells him to hold onto his pocket rocket because he has a big surprise. Jan pulls off her mask, and he is shocked to see Jan. Jan tells her love bunny that shes back!

At the church, Sami tells Lucas that Kate and John orchestrated her mothers death. Lucas says that is not true, Marlena was shot because she tried to escape. Sami says she had to escape, she had no choice. She says John may as well have pulled the trigger himself! Lucas tells Sami that is not true, John loves Marlena. Meanwhile, John tells Belle that she should pray for her mothers soul. Belle asks if she is at peace? John says he would like to think so. They say a prayer, and Belle says she cant believe her mom is gone. Belle says she was the best mom. We see a flashback of Marlena telling Belle how proud she was of her, and she quoted from the book she used to always read Belle as a child. Belle asks her dad what they will do? John says they will remember what she meant to them, remember the way she was, remember her inner-joy and unselfish love, and he says they will always be there for one another the way her mother was there for them. Sami sees this scene and tells Lucas that John is a hypocrite and a faker. Lucas tells Sami that he knows she will miss her mom, but she is not turning to anyone for comfort. Sami asks how she can grieve when John is pretending to be the poor victim. Lucas says he is sorry she lost her mom, but if she keeps pushing away everyone she will end up alone. Sami says she only wants to see justice for her mother. Hope and Bo return, and Sami tells him to get out! Hope asks her not to make this any more difficult. John says Sami is right and Bo should go. Hope says the man from the funeral home is here for Marlenas body. John says no, MArlena is not going anywhere. John says she is not going anywhere and there wont be an autopsy. Sami continues to blame Bo, Kate and John for her mothers death, which upsets Belle. Hope tells them all to stop fighting. She says instead of fighting they should be comforting one another. She says they all loved Marlena and are all in pain. She tells Sami to calm herself and show respect for her mother. Hope then tells John that Marlenas body needs to be taken care off, but she agrees with John and tells Bo that there is no reason for an autopsy. Hope tells John that he has to let Marlena go. John says MArlena will always be a part of him, he will never let her go. The mortician shows up to collect the body. John, Belle and Sami refuse to leave and they watch as Marlena is placed in a body bag and taken away. John comforts Belle, and he also reaches out to Sami. Sami tells John not to touch her, he wanted this to happen! Phillip goes to Belles side and he tells John that he will take care of Belle. John goes with the men to prepare Marlenas funeral. Bo tells Hope that no matter what he said in the heat of the moment, he didnt want this to happen. Hope says she knows that, but it did happen and he cant change it. Bo and Hope leave, and Sami says none of them will get away with this. Belle tells Sami to stop this. She says this is not the time or place for hate. Belle says she needs her help, it is something for mom. Sami says she would do anything for mom.

At the Carver house, MArlena appears to Celeste and warns her that everyone in Salem will die, the suffering is not over. She says everyone who betrayed her must die! Celeste asks Marlena what she wants from her? Marlena tells Celeste that she will be her messenger! MArlenas ghost enters Celestes body, and the deck of Tarot Cards flies through the air and all land on the death card!

At the Brady Pub, John is drinking with Shawn when Bo comes in. Bo and John begin arguing with one another. When John blames Bo for his wifes death, Bo reminds John of all the people Marlena murdered. Hope comes in and stops them from arguing. Bo tells John that he is sorry for what happened, so sorry, and the fact is they will never know what caused Marlena to kill. Shawn tells them all that they should be remembering the good times and not the bad. We are treated to MArlena and John flashbacks from so many years ago, including ones when John thought he was still Roman. John says he mourned Marlena once and she came back to him, but that wont happen this time will it. Later, Celeste shows up and talks with John. Celeste fears Marlenas spirit is angry. John says her spirit has every right to be. Celeste goes over to see Bo and Hope. She asks them to help her do everything she can to help Johns delicate state. Bo says he is the last person John wants help from. Bo gets a call from the prison, so he excuses himself. Hope tells Celeste that she seems nervous. Celeste tells her that she had a premonition about Marlena. Hope says MArlena is dead and the killings are finally over. Celeste says she hopes she is right. Celeste leaves the pub and says Hope is wrong, it is not over. Celeste says she must do everything she can to see to it that it all ends, and she must do it tonight. Back in the pub, John remembers his wedding to Marlena. John cries as he sits it the bar tossing back shots. Bo joins him, and they all (Hope and Shawn) toast a drink to Marlena. Bo calls her a dear friend, loving mother, and devoted wife. Hope says she hopes Marlena is at rest wherever she is.

  At the mortuary, the mortician begins to prepare Marlenas body. As he opens the body bag, the lights in the mortuary all begin to flicker. He wonders what is going on. As he is about to prepare Marlena, he is stopped because his assistant says some young people are here. He closes MArlenas body bag and lets the people come in. Sami, Belle, Phillip and Lucas arrive, and Sami has some clothes with her. Belle and Sami say they want to make sure that her mom is as beautiful now as she was before. Sami gives the mortician a photo of their mom with the way they want her done up. He says he will make sure she looks exactly this way. Belle gives him the clothes for Marlena to be dressed in. He asks if there is anything else? Sami asks if they can have one moment alone to say goodbye again. The man says he will allow it. Lucas and Phillip wait outside as Belle and Sami say goodbye. Sami unzips the body bag so they can look upon their mom. Sami continues to blame Bo, John and Kate for their mothers death. She says people are selfish and cruel and only think of themselves. Belle says that isnt true, but Sami says it is. Sami says even her beloved Shawn is not here when she needs him the most. Sami says Shawn will never come back, he lied to her. Sami says Shawn is cold and heartless just like his father, he wanted their mom dead. Sami swears that wherever Shawn is right now he isnt giving a damn about what is happening to her. Lucas and Phillip come in and they say that it is time to go. Neither of them want to leave, but Phillip says this isnt doing either of them any good. He says they need rest if they are going to make it through the funeral. Celeste shows up to pay her respects. Sami says she better not put some curse on her mothers soul. Celeste says of course not. Belle asks why she is here? Celeste says she wants to make sure Marlenas soul is at peace. Sami asks Celeste if she can conduct a sance for them, but Celeste says she cant do that. She tells Sami and Belle to go home. She says she is going to say a prayer and then she is going to leave as well. The girls eventually leave, and Sami and Lucas end up at the playground. Sami is reminded of her mother, and remembers better times with her. Sami breaks down into tears and finally lets Lucas comfort her. Back at the mortuary, Celeste lights candles all around Marlenas body. She then begins praying for her. A wind blows through the room, and Marlena sits up! Marlena tells Celeste that she needs to make them understand, to realize, that everything that has happened has been a lie!


May 18, 2004

Rex and Mimi head to the Brady Pub. The wind is blowing and Rex is eerily reminded of the night Maggie was murdered. They head inside where John still sits at the bar, and Mimi tells him how sorry she is. Grandpa Shawn asks what brings them here. She says they were coming to get some takeout, but perhaps it wasn't the best idea to come here right now. Grandpa Shawn says that is nonsense. Rex asks John if they could talk in private. John heads off to talk with Rex, and Mimi talks with Hope about how John and Belles world has been shattered. Grandpa Shawn offers to send some food with Mimi for Belle, and he goes to pack-up some stuff. Mimi asks Hope and Bo if they have talked to Shawn yet? Hope says no, and asks if Shawn has called Belle. Mimi says no. Hope says that isnt like him, he should have called Belle by now. Bo says they should give Shawn a call. Mimi says Belle has tried and thinks he is avoiding her, so maybe Shawn will answer for them. Hope calls Shawn, but he doesnt answer. She leaves him a message and asks him to call. Hope says the phone went right to his voicemail so either hes on the phone or he has it turned off. Mimi wishes she knew what she could do for Belle as she watched the whole thing on the news. Hope asks Mimi to keep trying to reach Shawn and that she'll do the same. 

Outside, a major storm seems to be brewing. Rex tells John that they need to talk about MArlena. John thinks that Rex wants to talk about what she did to his family, but Rex says that isnt why hes here. Rex tells John that he and Mimi just stopped by the morgue looking for Phillip and Belle, and he should know his wife is not dead. John asks what he is saying? Rex says he just meant that she is still alive in their hearts. Rex says the funeral home was filled with flowers, a lot of people love her and still love her. Rex says hes sorry if he got his hopes up. John says its okay because of all people he should know his wife is dead and isn't coming back.

Bo and Hope head home, and Hope continues to worry about Shawn. Bo says there are many explanations for why Shawn hasnt called, the storm could be blocking his signal, or perhaps he is someplace where he cant charge his phone. Hope is also worried for John as he has now lost two wives, two women he loved. She doesnt know how much more one man can take. Bo feels bad, but tells himself that after what Marlena did she is better off dead. Later, Bo finds Hope looking through an old photo album with pictures of Shawn. She says her little boy is all grown up, he is a man now. She also looks at photos of other family members, including Marlena. Hope says she regrets the time she lost with her family, but cherishes the time she had with them. Hope says she also misses the Fancy Face. Later, Bo presents Hope with some flowers, and she asks where he found flowers? Bo says he dropped the baby-sitter off and then stopped by the city park. Hope is stunned. Bo says not to worry, hell stop by City Hall and pay the fine in the morning. Hope remembers when Bo picked her Grans prize winning tulips for her. Hope wishes they could go back to then because it was so much simpler. Bo says it seemed simpler, but it probably wasnt. Bo and Hope make love by the fire, and Hope falls asleep in Bos arms. She ends up having a dream and remembers Celestes premonition about the wedding rings. Hope wakes up and cries to Bo that she just remembered Celeste once had a premonition that she would lose him. Bo says that wont happen, they dont have to worry about anything anymore. 

At the morgue, Marlena sits up and grabs Celeste. Marlena says everything that has happened has been a lie! Celeste begins praying for Marlenas soul, but she says her prayers cant bring her salvation. Celeste asks Marlena why she is haunting her, she is dead! Marlena says maybe she isnt dead after all? Marlena tells Celeste to stop fighting her because she will not win. Celeste asks what she wants from her? Marlena says she knows Celeste is the wise soothsayer, the one with the gift, but this time she is the one with the premonitions of gloom and doom! She says she wants Celeste to avenge her death. Celeste asks if she is saying that she is not the killer? Marlena says lets just say the worst is yet to come. Celeste asks who will die next? Marlena tells her that everyone in Salem will die! Celeste asks how they will all die? Marlena says she cant tell her that. Celeste says she is dead, so she cannot kill anyone else. Marlena explains that someone else will continue this reign of terror, the evil lives on. Marlena also says that the evil has a plan! John shows up at this point and hears Celeste talking to Malrena. He bursts through the doors and is shocked by what he sees. Marlena is still on the slab, and Celeste appears to be in a trance. John gives her some water and tells her to wake up. Celeste comes too, and she asks what happened. He says she almost fainted. John says this will sound crazy, but he swears he heard Marlenas voice and saw her shadow through the glass in the door. He asks what happened? Celeste explains that she came here to make sure Marlena was at peace. Celeste says the voice he heard was Marlenas, she is alive! John says there is no way it could have been her. John feels her veins and says there is no pulse. Celeste says she knows it sounds insane, but what if she isnt dead, what if she is in a deep coma like when she was poisoned? John begs Marlena to come back to him, and he begins performing CPR. The mortician shows up and asks what is going on? John says he thinks his wife is alive. The mortician says that is impossible, and proves so my stabbing her in the chest with a scalpel! They are stunned, and John says he will have his license revoked! The mortician tells John that his wife is legally and clinically dead! The mortician then storms out of the room. John thinks he must be imagining that he is hearing her, but Celeste says he knows what she saw and heard. She says if Marlena is somehow still alive they need a sign. The wind blows in the room and the candles begin to flicker. Celeste tells John that she is sorry and she didnt mean to add to his grief. She says it must have been a waking dream of hers. Celeste comforts John, and as she does, we see Marlenas finger move! 

Belle and Phillip return to the loft, and Belle sees she has no messages. She doesnt understand why Shawn hasnt called her. She tries to call him again, but he does not pick up. Phillip says maybe Shawn is somehow tied up. Belle leaves Shawn a message and says everyone is worried about him. She tells him that if he doesnt want to come home then fine, but at least call her. Phillip doesnt think Belle really feels that way. She admits she doesnt and was just trying to take the pressure off of Shawn and get him to call her. Phillip thinks Belle is exhausted and says she should rest. She says she cant, so he gives her a shoulder and neck massage. Belle thanks Phillip and says he is such a good friend. She thinks he should get back to the base, but he says he would never leave her. She says she wishes she could say the same thing about Shawn. Phillip rolls his eyes. They continue talking about Shawn, and Phillip tells Belle that he doesnt believe Shawn would just abandon her or his family. He says he just wishes he could track Shawn for her. Mimi and Rex walk in at this point, and Rex says he knows how they can find Shawn. Rex says he put a tracking chip in Shawns leather jacket months ago when Shawn was accusing him of being the killer, just to keep tabs on Shawn. They decide to use the chip to find him. Rex checks his status on his PDA and says that Shawn appears to still be in Salem! Belle thinks the worst has happened. Rex tries to pinpoint where he is, but he loses the signal. He says he hasnt maintained the system in a while, so the signal earlier must have been a false one. He says he is sorry. Phillip and Mimi both worry about Shawn because this isnt like him. They wonder where Shawn is. Phillip says maybe Sami is right, maybe Shawn has left her. Belle screams No! and runs out the door.

At the cottage, Jan reveals herself to Shawn. Shawn is shocked and cant believe Jan has done this to him. Jan asks Shawn if he missed her? He asks if this is a sick joke? Jan says this is no joke. Shawn tells Jan to let him go because he has to get back to Belle. Jan says he just said the un-magic word. Shawn says he needs to get to her because her mom was killed. Jan says she knows, and she feels a whole lot safer with the serial killer dead. Shawn says it doesnt matter if she was the killer, she was still Belles mother. Shawns phone rings, and Jan takes the phone. She refuses to let him talk to Belle or anyone. She tells Shawn that he will never speak to that little bitch again. Jan says she didnt think he would act this way. Shawn asks why she is doing this? Jan says because she is the woman he loves. He says he loves Belle. Jan says that is not true. She tells him that if Belle hadnt pushed her and caused her to lose his baby, then they would still be together. Shawn says that is not what happened. He says Belle did not push her, and the baby was never his! Jan ignores him and tells him that she has made plans for them. She takes off her granny dress to reveal a hot pink negligee. She also picks up a riding crop, snaps it, and tells Shawn The things Im going to do to you luva! She then jumps on him and begins kissing his body. Shawn says he cant do this, and he suggests they catch up first because this is a surprise to him. Jan says shes actually been watching him for awhile now. Shawn realizes all those times he was being watched it was her, and that she was the woman Marlena attacked in his bed. Jan says she took a hit for him. She says she has missed him. Shawn says he was worried about her last summer. Jan says he must have heard about her parents. She says in Europe her parents were reunited because of their concern for her, however, she never thought they would end up dead. She says when her parents were brought down from the mountain they were smiling even in death. Jan then shows him a picture of something, something we dont see. Shawn says he is so sorry. Jan says it is okay. She says she came back to Salem to do some house cleaning and set things right. She says that she inherited a lot of money, so the two of them will live here together until the end of time. She tries to have her way with him again, but he says he cant let her do this! She cant believe he is upset with her. Shawn says he cant commit to her until he can settle things with Belle. He says he needs to go to her and be with Belle just the way he was there for her when she loft her baby. Jan says no, their baby! He says okay, their baby. He promises Jan that he will come back to her if he will just let her go. Jan says that bitch Belle not only killed their baby, but she has brainwashed him! She says she will break Belles spell over him and kisses him all over. Shawn says Belle did not brainwash her, and he has to go to her now! Jan says no, and her little cupie doll talks to her and tells her that she must break Belles spell over Shawn because only then will he be hers. Jan tells Shawn that he leaves her no choice, she must give him a dose of tough love. Jan tells Shawn that hes not going anywhere, they are lovers now! Jan tells Shawn that she has big surprises for him!


May 19, 2004
Belle goes up to the roof of the loft and sees a chalk drawing there. Belle remembers that she and Shawn used some of Zacks sidewalk chalk to make a drawing. Belle traced the teddy bear that Shawn gave her for Valentines Day, and Shawn wrote Shawn Heart Belle on the bear's stomach. Belle told Shawn that she loved him too, and they kissed. A storm is rolling in, and it begins to rain. Phillip joins Belle on the roof, and she asks Phillip if he really thinks Shawn isnt coming back to her? Phillip says he just said that because he was angry with Shawn for leaving. Belle ends up going into mild hysterics over where Shawn could be and if he is okay. Phillip says she needs to get some sleep and tries to get her to go inside, but she sees the chalk drawing washing away because of the rain, so she throws herself over it to protect it. Phillip tells her that she has to stop this. He says there is nothing more she can do, it is up to Shawn to come back to her. They go inside and dry themselves off. Phillip is now shirtless, and Belle is in a bathrobe. Belle continues to hug and hold onto Phillip for comfort. Phillip tries to help Belle go to sleep, and he holds her in his arms. He says he will be here all night if she needs him. As Belle falls asleep, she says she loves him and calls him Shawn.

At the morgue, John tells Celeste that he just cant believe she is gone. Celeste feels that is her fault, she gave him false hope. As they discuss Marlena's passing, neither of them see Marlenas finger twitch. John thinks his wife is really dead, she is really gone. John pulls the scalpel out of Marlena, and the mortician returns. John asks if he's back to mutilate his wife some more? The mortician apologizes for what he did, and he says he is a man of science and he doesnt like suggestions of the occult around his profession. John says he didnt have to shove a knife in his wifes body to prove she was dead. The mortician says he needs to finish his work. John asks what he is going to do to his wife. The mortician says he needs to embalm MArlena, and he assures them that she is dead and wont feel a thing. He asks if he may proceed, but John refuses to allow the mortician to touch Marlena. John asks for yet another moment alone with his wife, which he is given. He tells MArlena that he has no other reason to go on living except for their children. He says their love is eternal and he will hear her voice in every beat of his heart. He refuses to say goodbye to her, and gives her a kiss. John leaves, and Celeste apologizes for making things worse for him. She says she just thought it was all so real, but it must have been a waking dream. Later, as MArlena is prepared for embalming, her eyes open! We see Marlenas blood going out one tube and embalming fluid going in another. MArlenas eyes are once again closed. The mortician stands over her and watches her as he eats a banana. Later, the mortician works on Marlenas makeup and appearance. 

At the mansion, Nicole is passed out drunk and is dreaming about killing Marlena. She is talking in her sleep saying Shoot Marlena, kill her, I want her dead. Shirtless Brady finds Nicole talking in her sleep, wakes her up, and asks who he is telling to shoot Marlena? Nicole wakes up and says Bo is the one who killed Marlena, not her. He asks what she is talking about? Nicole realizes he doesnt know, so she tells him Marlena tried to escape from prison tonight and was shot and killed by the police. Brady says that cant be true, someone would have called him. Nicole says it is true. Brady says this doesnt make sense. He asks Nicole if she is sure about this? Brady turns on the TV and sees that it is true. HE calls his dad and leaves him a message. Brady says he needs to go find his dad because he must be going insane. Nicole asks how she can help. Brady tells her to stop pretending she cares, she can do her happy dance because now MArlena will never be able to identify her as Victors killer. Nicole says she is not Victor's killer. Furthermore, Nicole says she is upset as well because Marlena could have cleared her name if she knew who the real killer was. Brady sees champagne bottles and says it looks like she has been celebrating. Nicole says she just grabbed the first thing she could find to drink. John eventually shows up to see Brady. John says he got Brady's message and meant to call him with the news. Brady says he is so sorry and asks if there is anything he can do for him? John says he can come with him to check on Belle. John says he doesnt think this has made the national news, so he will have to call Eric and Carrie. Brady goes to get dressed, he was in his jammies. Nicole gives John her condolences, and says look on the bright side, this way was much quicker than death row. John says Marlena was not responsible for any of the murders, unlike her who was responsible for Victors death. John says both she and her accomplice will go down for Victors murder. John says the only dead woman walking will be her! Brady returns, now dressed, and suggests they go. Nicole tells Brady to give Belle her best. Brady and John leave, and Nicole gets a call from Crystal. Crystal tells Nicole to post bail for her now. Nicole says it wont be that easy. Nicole says she cant just write a check or withdrawal a lot of cash. Crystal threatens to blow the whistle on her if she doesnt get her out. Crystal says she will tell the cops who masterminded the jail break and set Marlena up to die. Crystal says unless she wants to join her in this cell she better get her out. Nicole comes up with a plan which she says is totally nuts, but her only chance.

At Jans place, Shawn tells Jan that sooner or later he will get out of here. He says he loves Belle and wants to be with her. Jan tells Shawn Douglas if he is a bad boy then she will hurt him. She tells him to say he loves her and not Belle. Shawn tells her that she is totally psycho! She tells him not to call her psycho! Shawn says he didnt love her and never loved her. He says he only tried to help her and still will help her if she will let him. Jan says they had a baby together until Belle pushed her and killed it. Shawn says that baby was never theirs, she was raped by Paul Mendez in Puerto Rico. He says that is when her breakdown must have begun. Shawn says he lied to protect her and the child, so he said the baby was his. He says he never should have said that. Shawn reminds her that she fell and had a miscarriage. He says that when her parents died it must have further pushed her over the edge and to feeling all alone. He says he realizes that she is alone and scared, but he can help her. Jan says no, Belle is the killer, Belle is the liar. Jan says Belle killed their baby and lied to him about her mothers alibi. Shawn wonders how she knows about that. Jan says she was there when he told Belle that he could never forgive her and was leaving Salem. Shawn realizes Jan has been the person following him and Belle for months. Shawn cant believe she has been stalking them the entire time, and he realize she must have someone helping her. He says she couldn't have built this cage on her own. He asks who is helping her? Jan says she did it all herself, and she has been planning this for a long time. Shawn says when he gets out of here she will be the one living in a cage because the police will be coming for her. She says no, they will live in this love cage forever, and one of these days theyll get married. Shawn says he is not going to marry her, but she says he will. She fantasizes about showing up in a wedding dress and marrying Shawn, who is still shackled to her bed! Later, Jan shows up with their baby, which is actually her kewpie doll. She tells Shawn about her fantasizes, and he just stares at her like she is insane. Shawn tells her that if she lets him go now than he wont press charges. Shawn says right now he needs to go see Belle. Jan says he will never speak to that twit again, so get used to it. Shawn tells her that she is pathetic. Later, Nicole calls Jan, and Shawn screams for help when he hears Jan is on the phone. Nicole hears Shawn screaming and realizes Jan has kidnapped him. Jan tells Nicole that she finally has Shawn where she wants him, but she cant tell anyone. Nicole says she wont tell anyone. Nicole asks if he is in the cage? Jan says yep, and he has everything he wants. Nicole says he doesnt sound too happy. Jan says he is just playing a game. Nicole says she is nuttier than a fruitcake, but she does get the job done. Nicole has another job for Jan, she needs her to bail someone out of jail. Nicole gives Jan instructions to carry out, instructions we arent privy to. Jan then tells Shawn that she has to go run an errand but she will be back soon. Shawn continues to say he wants out of here! He wants Belle! Jan covers her ears and says la la la la la! 

Celeste is walking through the park and wonders why MArlenas spirit was filled with such anger. Celeste doesnt understand what MArlena meant when she said everyone in Salem was going to die. Celeste says her imagination must have been working overtime. Later, Celeste runs into Marlena! She appears just as the mortician has made her up. Marlena says she tried to warn her but shes not listening, everyone in Salem will die! Celeste says she wont listen and runs off. Elsewhere in the park, John and Brady talk about Isabellas death and MArlenas death. John tells Brady about how he could have sworn he heard Marlena talking at the mortuary tonight, talking with Celeste. Brady says none of Celestes mumbo jumbo has prevented one single death. Suddenly, Celeste shows up and tells John about her visit with MArlena and her premonition that everyone would die! Celeste insists that MArlena is right behind her. John gets up and goes to look where Celeste insists Marlena is.


May 20, 2004

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady asks Nicole why she is up before noon? Nicole, who is dressed in black, says she wants to go to the funeral. Brady says only friends and family are invited. She says she is a friend of the family. Brady says no offense but the family thinks she wanted Marlena dead. Nicole replies none taken! The phone rings, and Brady says it is for her, someone claiming to be her new best friend. The person is Crystal, and Nicole tells Brady to run off to his funeral because this phone call could take awhile. Brady leaves, and Nicole is furious with Crystal for calling her back here. Nicole says she is working on getting her bail money, and she threatens Crystal not to speak to anyone about Marlena or Nicole will will take Crystal down with her. Crystal says she thinks the police would show her a lot of gratitude for speaking out, and she tells Nicole if her offer doesnt pan out then she will find herself another one. Crystal hangs up, and Nicole cant believe this is happening. She cant believe she cant find herself a useful accomplice. She says now she has to take care of Crystal, but fortunately she knows exactly how to do that.

At Jans place, Shawn is still chained to the bed. Jan, in some Mrs. Brady (as in the bunch)  like outfit, shows up with breakfast for Shawn. She tells him to eat up because hell need all his strength for what she has planned for him today. She tells him that she worked very hard at this breakfast and she hopes he eats it, likes it, and doesnt make her upset. Shawn apologizes for the way he acted yesterday. HE says he had a long night to think about things. Jan is glad because she says she thought she would have to do something drastic to get Belle out of their lives for good. As Jan talks about how everything they need is here, Shawn attempts to reach the keys to the cuffs, but he cant. Shawn ends up asking Jan to uncuff him so he can hold her, so they can spend the rest of their lives together. Jan cries out oh yes! and jumps on Shawn and begins kissing her. Shawn districts her by saying they should sit around today and watch some movies. Jan says she knows exactly what movie they should watch. When the doorbell rings, she runs off and leaves her keys behind, which Shawn finally is able to reach. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives and demands Jan open up the door. Jan lets Nicole in, and Shawn begins yelling for help. Nicole can't believe what Jan is doing, and she tells Jan that she will let her to get back to what she was doing as soon as she gives her what she came for. Nicole needs bail money for her friend, but Jan asks why she should care? Nicole says if she goes down for Marlenas murder, what is one more. She says shell admit to Victors murder, and take her down with her. Nicole says Shawn wont like that she crispy fried his grandpa! Jan says shed like to help her, but she doesnt have the money. Nicole says she thought she was left a fortune? Jan says she was left a fortune, and she has been very busy with Shawn so she couldnt go to the bank last night. Nicole tells her to go to the jail and get her money now! As they are arguing, Jan hears noises upstairs and runs up to Shawn to see what is going on.

Sami and Lucas arrive outside the church for MArlenas funeral. Sami refuses to go into the church as she says her mom isn't dead and she wont let them bury her. Lucas tells her that she has to accept that her mom is gone. Sami says she cant believe both of her parents are dead. She says she is alone now, who will be there to love her and give her another chanca when she messes up. Will shows up and says they will because that is what familys do. Sami tells Will that she loves him, and as they share a family hug, Kate watches them.

Phillip and Belle arrive at the cemetery and look at her moms grave plot. She says this is where her mom will be for the rest of her life, next to Roman. Apparently Marlena never moved her burial place, and she is sharing a tombstone with Roman. Belle wishes more people could have been here as many people used to love her mom. She says now they think she is a killer and wont even miss her. Belle also says she thought Shawn would call today, or would come straight here. Belle wonders where Shawn is and why has he left her alone like this. Belle begins to blame herself for Shawn not being here, but Phillip says they dont know why he is not here. Phillip says Shawn maybe not be near a radio or TV and hasnt heard the news. She wonders if he knows his dad ordered the shot to be fired and is staying away because he blames his family. Phillip says he doesnt know why Shawn isnt here, but she will get through this with or without him. Belle yells that is not what she needs to hear! She says shes sorry for yelling, and she is glad he is here, it is just . . . Phillip says he understands, she would rather have Shawn. Belle says she is just worried about him and wonders if something bad has happened to him. 

Celeste is walking through the cemetery, and she says the creatures are restless. She then hears Marlena whisper dont let them take me, its not my time! Marlenas voice tells Celeste to help her before it is too late! Celeste says she has to stop John from burying Marlena! 

Inside the church Hope finds John standing at Marlenas coffin. She asks Father Jansen how long he has been here? Father Jansen says since dawn. John tells MArlena that he loves her so much and he will always love her. Hope joins John, who asks if Marlena is not stunning? Hope tells him that MArlena was one of the most beautiful women she knew, inside and out. John says he feels like she is still alive, and that when he woke up he could still smell her perfume on the sheets. He also tells Hope about Celestes supposed conversation with Marlena, and how Celeste feels her spirit is not at peace. John says he doesn't think she is at peace becuae he still believes Marlena is innocent and now he can never prove that.  John says today should have been a celebration of Marlenas life. Hope says it will be. Phillip and Belle come into the church, and Belle doesnt know how they will say goodbye. She hugs her father. Meanwhile, Kate continues to push Phillip to tell Belle how much he cares about her. Kate says Belle needs someone right now and he needs to stop being so noble. Sami, Lucas and Will arrive, and Will wonders if anyone else is coming. Sami says her mom deserves so much better than this. When Sami sees Hope she yells at her to get out because the police are who killed her mother! Lucas tells Sami that what happened to her mom was not Hopes fault. Sami says Lucas is right, it was Bo, John and Kates faults. She says her grandma was right, John killed her mom and Kate helped him do it. She says her mother is dead because of him! Brady arrives and wonders why Sami is acting like she is the only one who lost someone. Kate says as usual Sami is making this all about her. Sami rushes to her moms coffin and begins crying for her mom not to leave her. Celeste walks into the church and tells Marlena that she is here and she wont let them bury her! Celeste goes to John and says Marlena spoke to her again, but John wont listen to her again. John says she hears dead people and should be used to it by now. John says Marlena is gone and there is no doubt about it. John says he listened to her craziness last night and as a result searched the park all night, but he didnt find her. He says if anyone was to sense her presence, if she was to come back to anyone it should be one of those who loved her. John says they will lay Marlena to rest today, and if she doesnt approve, than she doesnt have to stay. John goes back to Marlenas coffin and tells her that he loves her. Meanwhile, Hope gets a call from Bo, who says Crystal may know more about MArlenas escape than she is saying. Later, Hope tells Kate that she must have mixed emotions about being here. Kate says John is her friend and what he is going through is much worse than what she has gone through. She says his life is now purgatory, and he doesnt deserve that. Belle, Phillip and Brady watch John, and Belle gets a call. She thinks it is Shawn, but it is just a wrong number.

Marlenas funeral begins, and Celeste continues to hear Marlena telling her not to let them bury her! John speaks about MArlena first, saying that it is very hard for the family that they had to arrange this service so quickly because certain family members like Carrie and Eric couldnt be here. John says Marlena would want to be remembered by the good things she taught them and did for them. Belle speaks next, and says her mom was the best listener and was the best mom. Hope speaks after Belle and says family and friends meant everything to Marlena. She says as a member of the Salem PD she is very sorry for their loss, and she is here to say she loved MArlena. Sami then speaks about her mom, and she talks about how she let her mom down so many times, including letting her die at Johns hands. Sami promises her mom that she will make sure that John, Kate and Bo pay for what they have done to her. 

Later, everyone moves out to the graveyard where the burial commences. Family and friends place roses on MArlenas coffin. Sami forgot to put Wills teddy bear in her moms casket, and she still wants to. She doesnt know how she can do this, how she can live without her mom. Lucas suggests they go, but Sami says she isnt ready to say goodbye. She says she needs a few more minutes with her mom. Elsewhere, Belle thanks Brady for saying such nice things about her mom. Brady says he just wishes he had said them when she was alive. John says she knew how he felt about her. Phillip says it was a nice service, and he asks Belle what she wants to do? Belle says she doesnt know what to do. Hope approaches and guves Belle a hug. She asks if they need anything? John says he appreciates what she has done. Hope says Bo wanted to be here but didnt think they would appreciate it. John asks if that is why her son hasnt shown up? Hope says she wishes she knew why Shawn wasnt here. Hope and Belle both discuss how worried they are about Shawn as neither have heard from him. Back over by Marlenas coffin, Sami tells her mom how she spent so many years being angry at her mom that she never took time to appreciate what she had. Sami says she wishes she could hear her mom say I love you one more time. Sami collapses on top of her moms coffin and begins sobbing. Meanwhile, Celeste arrives and says Shes here! In her coffin, Marlena wakes up and hears Sami crying. Outside, Sami hears pounding coming from the coffin, and she hears Marlena say Sami let me out of here! 


May 21, 2004
A little shorter than normal. I typed this a few hours after seeing the show, plus I missed the first 15 minutes, but apparently didn't miss too much. Using the end of yesterday's show and where I started today to fill in the blanks . . . 

  At the graveyard, Sami throws herself on top of her mother's coffin. Inside the coffin, Marlena hears Sami's sobs. Marlena bangs on the coffin, which Sami hears, and Sami hears her mother telling her to let her out. Sami goes nuts and shouts that Marlena is alive! Nobody believes Sami, nobody but Celeste. Sami goes to John and begs him to open the coffin. Lucas tells Sami that her mother is dead, and John says nobody wants Marlena to be alive more than he does, but it isn't so. Sami pleads with John to do this, and Celeste tells John that if he buries Marlena than he will be fulfilling Caroline's prophecy and killing her. John tells them to open the coffin. The mortician says he cannot, not without an exhumation order. John says she isn't even buried, and Hope orders him to do it, using her status as an officer. They open the coffin and Marlena is very much dead. LExie even checks Marlena out and says she's sorry but MArlena is dead. Lexie tells John to bury Marlena, put her to rest. John orders Marlena to be buried, which sends Sami into a rage. Sami once again blames John, Kate and Bo for murdering her mother. John finally lashes back at Sami and tells her that they are here to bury her mother, not to make a spectacle of themselves. He  says if she can't control herself than she should leave. Sami turns to Celeste to try and get her to stick up for what she believes, but Celeste says she's afraid that she fears Marlena's spirit is at peace now. Lucas remembers Will's teddy bear that he wanted buried with MArlena.  Lucas says MArlena bought this for Will when he was born, and Will always thought it was special because it had two different colored eyes. He says Will wanted his grandma Marlena to take it to heaven with her. Lucas places it in her coffin before it is shut and Marlena is buried. After the burial, Lucas and Sami leave, and John asks Phillip to take Belle home.

At Sami's apartment, Sami is in tears and continues to insist that her mother has been buried alive. She says she doesn't want Will to find out about this. Lucas says Will is with Kate and she will watch him and keep him from hearing any news as long as they want. However, he tells Sami that she has to accept that her mother is dead. Meanwhile, Belle and Phillip arrive at the loft, and Belle rushes to see if there are any messages from Shawn, but there aren't. She continues to wonder why he hasn't called.

Back at the cemetery, Hope goes to give John her condolences and says she wishes she could do something for him and Belle. John lashes out at her and her no-show husband for being to blame for Marlena's death. He also says their son obviously takes after his father, and if he can't be here for his little girl when she needs him the most than perhaps he isn't right for her. Hope defends Shawn and says this is not like him to be gone, she knows if he knew what was going on than he'd be here. BRady says that is a crock, Marlena is on the news every fifteen minutes, there is no way  he can't not know what has happened. Hope says that is all the more reason she is convinced something is wrong, something has happened to Shawn. John apologizes to Hope for snapping at her because she has been here for both him and Marlena, she gave Marlena the benefit of the doubt when no one else would. Brady tells his dad that perhaps they should head home. Meanwhile, LExie asks her mom if this is finally over, but Celeste says no. Celeste says the horrors have only just begun! In her coffin, Marlena wakes up and realizes where she is. She realizes she has been buried alive, and she begins to scream.

  At Jan's place, Jan runs upstairs when she hears a crash and finds Shawn, who has almost escaped. She prevents him from doing so and prepares to have her way with him until Nicole interrupts her. Nicole calls Jan on her phone and insists she go pay Crystal's bail. Jan goes downstairs and finally agrees to go pay Crystal's bail. Jan says that way she can be rid of everything standing in her way from marrying Shawn. Nicole jokes that if she marries Shawn than she will be Jan Brady. Jan says so what, who is Jan Brady? Nicole remains at the house while Jan is gone so that Shawn doesn't escape. She also uses the opportunity to search for Victor's will and the evidence. She ends up stumbling on Jan's "Mrs. B" outfit, which she puts on and heads upstairs to search. Shawn sees Nicole in the outfit and thinks she is Jan. He asks why she is wearing that again when he knows who she is. He also asks her why she is not speaking to him? Nicole thinks Jan may have gotten tricky and hid the evidence in the cage with Shawn, so she enters the cage to search for it. Once inside, she begins to fantasize that Shawn is BRady, and she jumps on top of him. Shawn tells her to release him so he can be with her, so he can make love to her. Nicole thinks it is BRady talking, so she almost lets Shawn out of the shackles. However, she snaps out of her fantasy and rushes off. She tells herself that she is losing it, she is turning into Jan! 

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