May 24, 2004
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Waiting for Jan to return from bailing out Crystal, Nicole continues to wear the old lady costume while she baby-sits Shawn. Turned on by shirtless Shawn in his restraints, Nicole recalls her earlier memory in which she fantasized that Brady was in the cage. She slips up and says Brady's name and Shawn realizes the old lady isn't Jan after all. Shawn begs for her to set him free and with some gentle urging by fantasy Brady she nearly does. At the last minute she realizes she can't and Jan returns to tell Nicole that she's taken care of Crystal. Nicole's about to go when she warns Jan that Bo and Hope won't give up looking for Shawn. Delusional Jan says she's not worried, by the time they find him, she's certain Shawn will be in love with her. As Jan prepares to seduce Shawn again, determined Nicole realizes she needs to figure out a way to get Victor's incriminating evidence back from Jan. Once she does that and disposes of the twit, she'll be home free. Back at the mansion, the doorbell rings and Brady answers to jailbird Crystal. Nicole realizes she's not as home free as she thought.

Hope tells Bo about Sami throwing herself on Marlena's grave. Concerned for Sami, Bo wants to check in on Sami but Hope doesnt think its a good idea. Hope, still worried about Shawn, asks Bo to unofficially ask the men in blue to keep their eyes peeled for Shawn. During this, Jan, on her way to bail out Crystal, is stopped by Bo when she drops an envelope with cash. Bo doesn't recognize her and Jan scurries off.

As Bonnie practices lassoing her dog Max, Mimi calls Bonnie on her scheme to seduce Mickey. Mickey arrives and surprises Bonnie by giving her a piece of Maggies jewelry. Guided by her heart, Bonnie tells Mickey that she's unable to accept the pin and he insists. Mimi applauds Bonnie on her sudden conscience. After Mimi's gone, Bonnie vows that once Mickey is over his grief, she is going to get her man and not even the ghost of Maggie Horton will stop her.

Sami continues to grieve and Lucas tries to help her out of her bad place.


May 25, 2004
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Nicole is horrified that jailbird Crystal has shown up at Kiriakis mansion. Crystal lets it slip that Nicole owes her, especially after she took care of Marlena. Brady overhears this and asks Crystal to elaborate but Nicole covers and Brady tells Nicole he wants to hear what Crystal has to say. Nicole quickly alerts Crystal that Brady is Marlena's step-son. Nicole also tells Brady that she and Crystal go way back to her adult film days. Crystal spins a tall tale about gathering donations in Marlena's memory that satisfies skeptical Brady. Alone, Nicole lays into her old friend and explains they had a deal - Nicole got her out of jail and left her a load of cash. Crystal explains she wants more...after all, her friend "Nicky" seems to be doing well. Crystal informs Nicole that she's moving in and points out that if Nicole doesn't acquiesce, her studly boy toy will find out exactly what Nicole asked her to do. Brady learns they have a new guest and Nicole realizes she's got trouble.

After running into Alice at Salem Place, Marlena wakes up in Alice Horton's "living room." She thinks she is dead but Alice assures her that it is not the case. Marlena doesn't know how she got from "Salem Place" to Alice's house. Roman enters and tells Marlena that he carried her here. Marlena thinks she must be on her way to hell and that Alice and Roman are haunting her. Roman tries to get through to Marlena and tells her that she's not dead. He explains that someone built exact replicas of their homes in Salem and transported them here. Marlena suddenly realizes what Roman is saying: if the people she murdered were transported to this place, then she didn't really kill anyone. Alice tells her that's right -- she didn't kill a single soul.

John finds Kate at Basic Black and they reach out to each other about their dearly departed. John suggests they get a bite to eat.

Lucas convinces Sami to go to the Blue Note. Unfortunately for Sami, Bo and Hope also have the same idea. Lucas manages to get Sami out to dance and Bo wants to spend some alone time with Hope. He orders some champagne and just as they make a toast to Marlena hoping that she rests in peace, Sami overhears and flips out. She attacks her uncle Bo and slaps him. Bo tries to reach out to Sami but it's no use, she storms off. Bo and Hope decide to go home and Lucas tries to get Sami to calm down, just as she's about to, Kate and John arrive. Sami flips again and tells John that she's glad her parents are least now they can't be hurt anymore by John and Kate.


May 26, 2004
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Marlena tries to process that she is not dead nor is she a psychopathic killer. Alice and Roman are still alive. Marlena's shock grows when she sees Abe. Marlena passes out. Roman and Abe wonder how she will deal with the rest of the news. When Marlena revives, Abe convinces her that she did not kill him. Then Roman drops the bombshell: this exact replica of Salem is on an otherwise deserted tropical island. The truth is, they're trapped here as if in a prison... yet with all the comforts of home. Marlena reels again; it is all too overwhelming for her and she must be on her way to hell... to be punished for the terrible crimes she's committed. Blinded by tears, Marlena rushes out. Roman goes after her and tries to reassure her that everything he has said is true - she is just as much a victim as the rest of them. After a tour of the tropical island, Marlena realizes they're being held in a very elaborate prison. Marlena is beside herself, at the breaking point: does Roman have any idea who did this to them? Who sentenced them to this living nightmare?

Abe tells Alice how much he misses Lexie and he fears his wife will take the advice Abe gave her before he died. Abe always told Lexie, if he was killed, she should pick up the pieces, move on with her life and find another man to love. Now Abe fears that's exactly what Lexie will do... not knowing that he is still alive. He's desperate to get back to Lexie before it's too late.

Lexie struggles to move on with her life but cannot seem to set up a toy train for Theo for his birthday. Tek visits to see how Theo is doing and Lexie is grateful for Tek's help. Celeste arrives and privately tells Lexie she's making a big mistake leaning on Tek. Lexie assures her mother she's not ready to start dating but she thinks it's important for Theo to have a male role model in his life. Celeste knows from reading Tek's tarot cards that he is interested in Lexie. This gives Lexie pause she is not ready to date another man yet she is clearly drawn to Tek.

Sami attacks John and Kate at the Blue Note. Lucas, very worried about Sami, brings Belle in to help. Lucas thinks Belle can help Sami...Belle has a plan. She brings Sami to the graveyard and Sami rolls her eyes: does Belle think she should talk to their dead mother, and ask for family therapy? Belle shakes her head and explains that she asked someone to call Sami. Stunned, Sami takes Belle's phone and receives a call from Brandon. He tries to comfort her, and tells Sami she needs to move on...find another man to love. Sami hangs up and Belle wonders if Lucas could be the man for Sami. Sami is firm: she and Lucas will never have a future together. Lucas arrives and overhears.

After failing to convince Lucas that he does not want to end up marrying Sami, Kate tries to comfort a grieving John. She knows what he's going through. How will they ever live without Marlena and Roman?



May 27, 2004
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At Julies place, Julie is asleep and wakes up. She says Doug your not dead, your alive! 

Bo rolls over in bed to where Hope should be, but shes not in bed. He calls out her name, and she walks in with breakfast prepared. She asks him if he is all right? He says yes, he just woke up and she wasnt there. Hope realizes he is worried too. They discuss Shawn and what has happened to him. Bo says there is no accident reports or nothing unusual, and it has only been a day. Hope says something is wrong, she can feel it. Bo radios an officer he has out looking for Shawn, but there has been no sign of him yet. Hope asks if he has searched look out point? The officer says he has and there is no sign of him. Later, the phone rings and Julie says I know where he is! Hope thinks she is speaking of Shawn, but Julie says she means Doug. Julie cries that Doug is alive and she knows where he is! Julie begins speaking to Hope about how her dad is singing in the cabaret. Hope asks Julie if she is in bed, and Julie says she is. Hope realizes Julie is sleep talking, she is dreaming. Hope tells Julie that daddy is gone. Julie comes to and realizes everything was just a dream. She breaks down and says she wants to go back to the dream. Julie says she is sorry to have bothered her and hangs up. Meanwhile, the cop radios Bo back and says they may have picked up Shawns trail. The officer says they have found some tire-tracks near Kent Island that could belong to his bike. Bo asks him to search door to door and keep a lookout for his bike. Hope and Bo continue to wait for news on Shawn. 

At Jans place, Jan is on top of Shawns and is begging him to make love to her. She kisses him, but he turns away. She asks him what? Shawn says he cant. Jan says if it is because of Belle than his ex-girlfriend is about to become his late ex-girlfriend. Jan says she will kill that bitch! Shawn tells her not to say that. He tries to convince her that he does want to make love to her, but not like this. He says he wants to hold her in his arms and show him the love she deserves to feel. Jan goes to uncuff him, but soon realizes Shawn is just acting. Shawn swears he doesnt want to escape. Jan says she is sorry, she knows how he feels about. Shawn then asks Jan to unlock him because he cant go anywhere with the cage locked. Jan says she needs him to pass a test first, a test to prove that he really is over Belle. She wants him to swear he isnt in love with Belle. Shawn cant, and Jan says she knew it. Jan says Belle will die! Shawn says he is not a man of words, he is a man of action. He tells her to kiss him, and he kisses her back. Jan begs Shawn to make love to her now, and she takes off his pants! Shawn says they cant, this isnt perfect. Shawn says they need to shower, together. Jan says she loves the way his mind works! However, she has everything planned out, she has a long chain that just reaches the bathroom, and she puts the chain around Shawns ankle so he cant run off. Jan says she has made sure that shell never leave him. Suddenly, flashing police lights can be seen outside. Jan wonders what in the hell that is. Jan puts on here Mrs. B outfit and goes to the door. A cop is there, and Shawns bike is behind a wall. The officer apologizes for bothering her and tells Jan that hes looking for Shawn Brady who was driving a motorcycle. Jan looks over to where the motorcycle is parked and worries. Back upstairs, Jan has gagged Shawn, who tries to scream out.

At the Blue Note, Belle and Phillip run into John and Kate, who are dining. John goes off to talk to Belle while Kate talks with Phillip. Kate asks if this is a date? She hopes it is because she wants one of her sons to be happy. Phillip tells her mom to stop this. Meanwhile, Belle tells her dad that she thinks she only made things worse with Sami. Belle is also upset because she is missing her mom. Belle says there are moments when she feels that mom is still out there and alive. She says she thought getting Brandon to talk to Sami might help her, but she was wrong. Belle says Sami now wants nobody to love her again because she deosnt want to go through this pain again. Kate and Phillip approach, and Kate says she wants to make a proposition. They all have dinner together, and Kate makes a toast to Marlena. John ends up breaking down and he says he cant do this, and he needs to go home. John says he has to go face being alone at some point. John says his goodbyes and leaves. Belle thinks she should go with her dad, but Phillip says he thinks her dad wants to be alone right now. Belle then continues to wonder why Shawn hasnt called her yet. Kate says that is very thoughtless of Shawn. Belle says she thinks Shawn has completely given up on her. Belle says she need to go check on her dad, and she takes off. Kate cant believe Phillip let her go, but Phillip says he wont manipulate her in any way. HE says right now Belle needs to be with her father because her family is grieving. Phillip says he wont take advantage of the pain she is in, he wont. Kate says all is fair in love in war, sometimes you have to do what it takes. Kate says Shawn is handing him Belle on a silver platter and hed bee a fool not to take advantage of the situation. Phillip says something may have really happened to Shawn, but Kate tells him to stop worrying about Shawn and concentrate on Belle. Kate tells Phillip to make sure Belle falls in love with him.

At the penthouse, John sits alone and lights a candle for Marlena. He then has flashbacks of the good times with Marlena. He looks at a photo of her and says she is really gone and she is never coming back to him. Later, Belle shows up to be with her dad. John says he thought shed still be at dinner. Belle says she wanted to be here with him. She hugs him, and he is in tears. Belle says he is the only person she wants to be with tonight. Belle says mom loved him so much, and when hes with her she feels closer to her. Belle says she doesnt understand how it can be true that theyll never see her again. Belle tries to get her dad to eat, and she makes them some minestrone. John thinks he should be taking care of her, but she says she is fine. John is glad Phillip has been there for her, and he says the way Shawn has treated her through this is unforgivable. John tells Belle to forget Shawn because hes not worth it. Belle says she cant. John says Shawn is just like his father, and he tells her that she has suffered enough at the hands of the Bradys. John says he wont stand around and watch her be hurt anymore. Belle tells him that she loves Shawn, and she realizes now that her mom is gone that one cant count on love lasting forever. 

On the island, MArlena asks Roman are in tropical Salem Place. Marlena asks who did this, who came up with this plot? Roman says they dont know. Roman says for now they should be thankful that they are alive. MArlena says and she should be thankful that she is not a killer, but she wonders who wants everyone in Salem to think they are dead. Roman says they are trapped on this island with everything they need, but no way to communicate with the outside world and tell people that they are still alive. Marlena says she wants to know who did this, and if they know they could escape. Roman says there is only one person capable of something sadistic like this. Marlena responds Stefano! Roman says it makes sense. Marlena says he is dead, but Roman says DiMera could be alive and out there pulling strings, or it could be a plot he orchestrated before he died. Marlena says if Stefano is dead than they will never know his plan. Roman says true, and they could be on this island forever. Marlena asks why would Stefano kill Tony? Roman says the murders werent real, she never killed anyone. Roman says as far as they know Tony is still alive. Roman says he doesnt know where Tony is and he hasnt seen him here. Marlena asks Roman who else is here besides him, Alice and Abe. Roman says hell show her.

Abe is with Alice at her tropical house. He tells her that this place is unbelievable. Alice says its just like home. Abe says except for in the most important way. Abe says when he first arrived here alone it took everything he could do not to go mad. Abe says now their little community has grown, and now that Marlena is here perhaps the Salem Stalkers killing spree has ended. Abe says maybe they have seen the last of the victims. Someone arrives at Alices door, it is Doug! Abe asks what happened to him? Dougs hair is a complete mess, and he has what looks like blood all over him. Abe asks him how this happened? Doug says he made a big mistake. Marlena and Roman show up, and Marlena is glad to see Doug alive. Marlena asks him what happened to him? Doug says he tried to escape. He says he went to the edge of town and got blasted by the electric security perimeter. Roman says he warned him and all of them about it. Roman says if he tries to escape then he could really end up dead. Marlena dresses his wounds, and he asks how Julie is? Marlena says she misses him terribly, and she blames herself for his murder. Doug becomes upset and says this evil plot, why would someone want to do this to them! Roman says now that Marlena is here is maybe she can answer some questions theyve had. Abe says they think she must have been under some sort of mind control. Roman says her personality slowly changed over time, she forced John out of the penthouse, something he doesnt think she would have done on her own. Roman thinks she was being drugged and given some sort of hypnotic suggestions. Marlena remembers some of her strange dreams, such as the tiger dream. This time we hear a voice telling Marlena that she is the Salem Stalker, that she is guilty of all of the murders. MArlena says that it does make sense. Abe says it must have taken a long time to set something like this up. Marlena says she confessed to all the killings and she wasnt even sad or remorseful. She explains she couldnt remember any of the killings, so she agreed to take truth serum. She says she confessed to all the murders and her motives. Roman asks what she said? Marlena says she did it because she still loved Roman and was jealous of him and Kate. Roman says that is crazy, but Marlena says that is what she confessed. Marlena apologizes if she upset him by what she said. Marlena tells Roman that she loves John and misses him. Roman says he loves Kate and his love for her has only gotten stronger. Meanwhile, Doug tells Alice that maybe this isnt so far fetched as Roman and Marlena were hopelessly in love with one another for years. Doug says he wonders what being trapped on this island might do for their old feelings. Later, Marlena comes up with the idea that perhaps they arent the victims, perhaps the victims are the ones they left behind in Salem. 


May 28, 2004
The show opens with Bo and Hope, in there bedroom, still worried about Shawns whereabouts. Bo insists that if Shawn is out there than they will find him. Bo assures Hope that Shawn is probably camping out somewhere, and when he hears the news about Marlena he will return home. Hope wonders if when he returns home if he will still want to go join the Merchant Marines. She also wonders if he does. when he finally returns home she is afraid Belle will not be waiting for him. Bo says if Shawn and Belle love one another enough than they will make it through this. Bo reminds her that true love never ever fails. Bo says their son takes after both of them, and he remembers when Shawn took his bike to give Belle a joyride. Hope never knew about this and isnt pleased. Bo tells her that they dont have to live in fear anymore, the serial killer is gone, so Shawn will be just fine. Later, the officer radios Bo and says he has found no sign of Shawn. Bo tells that there is no point bothering people at this hour. He tells the officer to go home and check the rest of the homes out in the morning. 

At Jans house, the cop asks Jan, who is dressed as Mrs. B, to look at a photo of Shawn for him. She does and claims she hasnt seen him. She asks if he is a criminal, and the officer says no, just a missing individual. Jan keeps looking over to where Shawns bike is hidden. The officer asks what is bothering her, looks around, and exclaims Oh my God! Jan thinks he has seen the bike, but he just feels awful because he ran over her rose bush. She says not to worry it was half dead. The officer asks if he can look around back, and she says that would be fine. Back upstairs, Shawn remains tied up and gagged in bed. He tries to make a racket, which the cop actually hears. The cop asks Jan if someone else is here with her? She claims it is her troublesome kitties, but the cop says he would feel better if he could check it out. Upstairs, Shawn finally gets out of his gag and begins shouting Help, my name is Shawn Brady, Im captive up here and Jan Spears is holding me hostage! Eventually Jan returns and says he can cut that out, nobody can hear him through the door anyways. She says the cop is gone, they think that this place can be crossed off the list. She says this means they wont be back, which means no one will ever find him! She says now she has to go hide that stupid bike of his. She says when she gets back shell have to punish him if he is not good.

Phillip and Kate arrive at the penthouse to see Belle and John. Phillip doesnt know why they are here as John and Belle left the Blue Note to be alone. Kate tells Phillip that she thinks he protests too much about not wanting to take advantage of Belle, otherwise why would he be here? She tells him to give Belle a little credit, she wont let herself be taken advantage of. Kate says she just wants him to be happy. Phillip asks his mom to stop hounding him about this and not to bring it up again.

In the penthouse, Belle tells her dad perhaps he shouldnt move back here. Perhaps it would do him better to be elsewhere. She says she could help him pack up mom's things, but John says no, everything will stay the way it is. John says he knows it isnt healthy to keep this place a shrine to her, but keeping things the way they are is a way he can keep her love alive. The doorbell rings, and John asks if she is expecting someone? Kate and Phillip are at the door, and Kate barges in with some food. She says the two of them didnt even eat tonight, so she brought them something. John Kate, but says they are okay, he is okay. Kate says they just want to help them. She says when he lost Isabella he leaned on Marlena, so who will he lean on now? John says things are different now. Kate says she knows. She says Roman and Marlena were the loves of their lives, and now they have to find a way to go on without them. 

Belle and Phillip go out on the terrace, and Belle thinks his mom will be good for her dad right now. She senses Phillip may be uncomfortable here, and she says if he is than he doesnt have to stay. Belle admits that when she answered the door she overheard Kate saying something about his feelings for a girl, and she says it is selfish of her to ask him to be here with her. Phillip says he wants to be here. Still, Belle wants to know who this girl is that he has feelings for. He never answers, and tries to change the subject to love and soul mates. Belle says she doesnt think she believes in soul mates anymore. Phillip says he does, and he tells Belle what she and Shawn have is special. She thanks Phillip and says she doesnt know what shed do without him. Belle says Shawn is out there somewhere and she just hopes he is thinking about her as much as she is thinking about him. She says he has to come back to her and soon because he cant take this anymore.

Meanwhile, Kate talks to John about all the men that have been in her life before Roman and how she wasted so much time with him because she didnt feel worthy of him. John says of course she was worthy, but she says he doesnt know the half of what she has done. Kate tells John that he has had two great loves in his life, and after Isabella did he ever think he could find . . . John says no he didnt. Kate says he is still young, and John says so is she. Kate says Roman almost gave up on love. John says Roman died happy and that was because of her. Kate says if she had told Roman about her past sooner than they could have been happier together. Kate realizes John is in the dark about her past, and she confides her secret to him. Kate tells him that only a few people know the truth about her past and she really wants to tell him. He says she doesnt have to tell him, but she says she wants to. She tells John how she needed to find a way to support herself and Lucas, and then he came along. She says he was so rich and so powerful, and he set her up as a call girl. She says she was a paid whore, but that wasnt the worst of it. She says the mans she worked for was Stefano. John tells her that he is sorry. She doesnt blame him if he doesnt want to speak to her again, but he says it wasnt her fault. Kate says she should have known better, she thought Stefano was kind. John says look at his past, he is no one to judge, and he probably did far worse things for Stefano than she did. He also tells Kate that she did what she did for her child, so no one can blame her. Kate is stunned because Roman said almost the same thing to her. John says that means Roman understood. Kate says Roman was more upset that she kept it a secret than what she had done. She explains Abe found out the truth first and that is why she was a suspect in the murders. John says that doesnt matter, he believed her because he loved her. Kate is in tears and says she came here to comfort him. John says she is, and they are both counting the blessings they had. Kate tells John that it never struck her how much alike she and Roman really were. John says he doesnt know if that was by nature or design, but yes they were a lot alike.

On the island, Marlena and Roman arrive at her version of the penthouse on the island. She is a bit spooked by the amount of detail and trouble someone went to to make this an authentic replication. She says whoever did this must have unlimited resources, he must know exactly how they live their lives. Marlena says if it is Stefano . . . . Marlena then realizes something isnt the same, something is wrong. Roman asks her what is wrong? Marlena says she put a new picture of Belle on her desk, but it isnt here. Roman says this means whomever designed their prison didnt take any last minute changes into account. Marlena says there are no memories here, one cant fabricate that. Marlena when she comes here John, Belle, Sami, Eric, they arent waiting for her. She says they all think she is dead, and worse, that she is a killer and is evil. Roman says no one could think that, but Marlena says he wasnt there. She says so many people wanted her dead, Bo and Julie hated her. She says her family stood by her, but she is sure they had questions. Roman says they will get home, but Marlena asks how they will do that? Roman says they will think about it, but in the mean time they have all the . . . Marlena tells him not to say all the comforts of home because this place is creepy! Roman vows to protect Marlena, he says he will stay here with her and he wont let anything happen to her. He says hes sorry if this is awkward for her, he just thought it would be better here than at his house where they have more memories together. Marlena says she doesnt feel awkward around him at all. She says she wants to be here in case John comes to the island because this is where he will search for her. Marlena thinks he feels awkward around her, but he doesnt. He says they just have a past together, and he feels like hes betraying Kate because they will not have a chance to have a life and make their own memories. MArlena says it sounds like hes giving up, and he has to believe they will get off this island. They talk about the past, and how Marlena fell in love with John. MArlena says she fell in love with John because she thought John was him, it was like falling in love with Roman twice. Roman says that may be true, but in the end, she chose to be with John and not him. They continue to talk about what Stefano has done to them over the years, how they have been kept apart and alone for so many years. She says when they finally returned home, the both of them, things had changed in them because of what Stefano did to them. Roman says he understands. MArlena says they need to get out of here. Roman says they will, and she is the key. He says they need to find out the truth about who set her up and why. He says they need to start with her so called confession, and this may be very hard for her, but their futures may depend on it. Roman tells her that for him and Abe this is the case of a lifetime, and they have debriefed everyone who has come here. Roman says they need to get to the bottom of this motive of hers. She says the problem is the motive is true, she does still love him. Roman says he knows she loves him as a friend and the father of their twins, but her heart is with John and his is with Kate. She says she knows that, and she wants him to be able to move on with his life. She says his happiness is important to her, and they have to get out of here. Suddenly, an alarm sounds in the distance. Marlena panics and asks what is going on? Roman tells her that it is happening again. Roman says this happens when someone new comes to the island, which means someone in Salem is about to die and join them here on the island. 

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