November 1, 2004
Trick-or-treaters show up at Samis place, and she tells them they all look great in their costumes. She asks to see their masks, and they hold up masks of Brandon! She slams the door on them, and we see they are wearing regular masks after all. Kate asks if she is okay, and Lucas says she looks pale. Sami says the costumes just creeped her out. Kate says she knows what it is, it is Brandon! Lucas says Sami said she was over Brandon. Kate says Halloween was special for Brandon, he always had a party for the sick children at the hospital. She says those memories must make this holiday painful for Sami. Sami says not really, and when questioned about why she was upset she claims it is because Will is growing up and wont want to go trick-or-treating much longer. Kate thinks Sami is a bit high strung, and she suggests Lucas go get her some tea. He goes to the kitchen, and Kate tells Sami not to lie to her. Kate says she knows her dirty little secret, she is afraid to commit to Lucas because she is still in love with Brandon! Sami says she is not in love with Brandon! An image of Brandon shows up and tells her that she is a liar and she cant even admit the truth to herself. Sami tells his image to shut up! Kate asks what she just said to her? Sami says she wants to shut up about Brandon. Kate says she obvious struck a nerve or she wouldnt be so upset. Lucas brings Sami some tea, and she thanks him. Kate asks where Will is? Lucas says they went trick-or-treating earlier and then he dropped him off at the party at Alices. Kate suggests they go to the party because it may be just what is needed to perk Sami up. Kate tries to convince them to go join Will at the party, but Lucas says no way! Lucas says he has a job interview in the morning, and he needs a good job to support Sami and Will. Kate says of course, and she agrees that Sami shouldnt be allowed out of the apartment without him. Lucas says he never said that, and they start arguing. Sami tells them to forget it because she is tired anyways. Kate says she thought Sami wanted to be more involved with Basic Blacks fundraising. Lucas asks his mom why she is pushing this? Kate says she just thinks Sami should get out of the apartment and away from the fumes. Sami tells herself that whatever Kate is up to, she is not falling for it. Kate asks Sami what she says, does she want to go? 

Trick-or-treaters show up at Lexies, and Brandon gives them candy and reminds them to brush their teeth. They ask who he thinks he is, the dentist? He says no, he just wants to make sure they have all their teeth when they come back next Halloween. We then see Eugenia approach the door with a flyer, and she says she hopes Kates plan works. Inside Lexies, Brandon tells Lexie that he wishes she would smile. He asks if it is problem that he is here? Lexie says shes just worried about him running into Sami. Brandon says they will cross paths eventually. Lexie asks Brandon to be honest and tell her if he is still in love with Sami. Brandon says he thinks hell always love Samantha. Lexie cant believe this, and Brandon says there was a connection there and they were perfect soul mates. She asks how he can say that, hes him and shes Sami! Brandon says she doesnt know her like he does. Lexie asks what hes saying, that two people are destined to be together? He says it should have been that way, but Sami destroyed their relationship because she didnt trust him enough to be honest with him. He says Sami made her choice, and she has moved on with Lucas. Lexie says she still doesnt trust her and thinks she could sink her claws into him if she finds out he is here. Brandon says they will find out. Brandon says it is a beautiful night and he is going to go for a walk. As Brandon getting ready to go out, Eugenia slips the flyer under the door. It is for a Halloween party at Alices bar, and it is a fundraiser for the Basic Black foundation. Brandon says he should go to show his support. Meanwhile, Celeste is using Crystals and asks for a signal to know Abe is safe. The crystals begin to burn inside, and she thinks this means Abe is at the gates of hell. She says so many lives are in danger! Later, Celeste tells Lexie about her troubling premonitions. Lexie tells her mom not to upset her anymore than she already is! She says shes worried enough about Tek as is. Celeste says Tek is alive, just as all the others are, but they are in great danger! LExie says she doesnt want to talk about it. Lexie turns on the TV, and there is a news report about a volcano about to blow on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean. The news report says it could be one of the most powerful eruptions in a hundred years. Celeste remembers her crystals and thinks that is where their friends and family are! Celeste says if they dont get off that island soon then they all really will be dead. Lexie makes a call to the police about her moms prediction, and basically is laughed at. Lexie says the officer at the station was very polite and took down all the information, up until the part when she starting talking about dead people being alive and on the island! Celeste says she is the police commissioners wife (blooper?) and they should treat her with respect, but Lexie says the former police commander, and that is the only reason the officer didnt hang up on her. Lexie says she is no longer going to listen to her vibes because they are driving her crazy. Celeste says she is the only one who knows what is going on, and nobody will listen to her. She says she cant even get her own daughter to believe her. Later Lexie says she is going out because her mom is making her crazy with her predictions, and she asks her mom to watch the boys (the missing Zack is staying with them). Celeste says shell check on the kids and they will be fine, which is more than she can say for those on the island. 

Brandon arrives at the party at Alices, and Will sees him. Will says mom cant know he is back in Salem because it will ruin everything between mom and dad. Will puts his mask back on, and its the wolf man. Brandon tells him cool costume, and Will just growls at him. Will refuses to let Brandon come between his parents. Brandon goes up to the bar and is flirted with by Bonnie. She says if she hadnt just got engaged then shed be all over him. Eugenia later shows up and glad to see Brandon has come. Brandon continues talking to Bonnie, and Bonnie thinks he looks familiar. She asks if he wasnt all hot and heavy with Sami. Brandon says she could say that. Bonnie says she could also say they were married. Brandon says yes, for all of five seconds. He says it is a long story, and she suggests he tell her all about it. Meanwhile, Will calls his grandpa Shawn and asks if he can come get him because hes bored. Shawn says in a half an hour, but Will says he needs to go now! Eugenia calls Kate and says Brandon is here, and he looks bored and might leave! Bonnie remembers her hostess Eugenia was in on some scheme with Sami involving paternity tests. Brandon says that is old history. Still, Bonnie says he and Sami were . . . Brandon says soul mates. Bonnie says if that is true than he has to get Sami back. Brandon says it is too late, they have both moved on. Bonnie tells him to be honest with himself and admit he still loves Sami.

Will returns home, and he asks where everyone is? Lucas asks why he isnt at the party? Will says he thought it would be fun to eat popcorn with them and watch a scary movie. Lucas says his mom isnt here, she went to the party to be with him. 

Kate drags Sami to the party at Alices, and Sami doesnt know why she let Kate talked her into this. Sami says she doesnt trust her. Outside, Kate says she is trying to bury the hatchet with her and make peace. Sami asks why she mentioned Brandons name every five seconds? Kate says she was wrong to do that, and she just doesnt want to see Lucas hurt. Sami says she wont hurt Lucas. Kate says she believes her and wont mention Brandon again. Sami still wonders what Kate is up to and is hesitant to go in. Kate says nothing, and if she loves Lucas and Brandon is in her past than there is nothing to worry about. Back inside, Brandon runs into Eugenia and gives her the cold shoulder. Eugenia says she is renting out costumes and masks to raise money. He asks if this means she has changed? Eugenia says she never wanted to keep Samis secrets, she was being blackmailed. Brandon says it would have been nice to know that before he took Sami to the alter. Eugenia says she is sorry, and at least he got it annulled. She says shell make it up to him by giving him the perfect costume. They go off, and Sami and Kate show up. Kate tells Sami there is nothing to worry about and she is being paranoid. Kate tells her to kick back and have some fun. Eugenia sees Sami and says she is in charge of costumes tonight and she has a perfect one for her. Sami says she is in costume; she is the paranoid soon to be daughter in law of the wicked witch of the west. Sami eventually relents to get into costume. Bonnie then announces that it is time for the couples dance for Charity, and their costumes have been pre-selected based on their costume numbers. Sami, who is a witch, sees she is lucky thirteen of course. Brandon comes out as a knight, and he is number thirteen as well. Brandon and Sami meet up and begin dancing and looking into one anothers eyes. 

On the island, Hope and Billie end up surrounded by lava. Bo returns, and he says hell get them out of there. Hope screams that there is not much time! Bo tells her not to move as the lava is all around her. He says hell be there in a second. Bo puts a tree over the river of lava, but when he steps on it, the tree bursts into flames! Hope tells Bo to forget it and go back, but he refuses to leave without her. Bo uses a vine to swing across the lava to them, and he tells them both to grab onto him. As they swing across the lava, the vine breaks.

Marlena waits on the docks with Patrick. Patrick is tied up to one of the poles. It is raining volcanic ash on them, and tremors keep occurring. Abe and Roman show up and say they have no choice but to untie Patrick. He says they have no choice but to untie him, though they dont trust him. Patrick says he only did what he did because Tony gave him no choice. John shows up and says they will never know that because Tony is a dead man. The other captives soon show up, and Caroline continues to tell Nicole that she knows what she has done, and when she gets back to Salem she is going straight to jail! Victor is on a cot and is unconscious. Brady is with him, and Caroline soon goes to his side. Brady goes over to Nicole and tells her that they are about to leave, and it will feel good to get back to Salem. Nicole says she cant wait to get off this island, but shes not going back to Salem. She says she cant go back to being Victors wife. He tells her that she needs to respect her vows, and its not like Victor can accuse her of murdering anyone. Nicole fears Victor will tell Brady the truth about Jan once he wakes up, which means theyll never have a future together. Roman checks on his ma, and she is worried about Bo, Hope and Billie. She says they have to wait for them. Later, Roman says Jack, Jen, the baby and Cassie are on the speedboat; and Abe has gone to get Alice, Maggie and Doug. Abe returns and says the others are on the rafts. Suddenly, Brady says he thinks Victor is waking up. Caroline tells Nicole once Brady learns the truth about what she and Jan did than hell want nothing to do with her! Victor tells Brady that he has to tell her about Nicole Brady says she saved his life. Victor tells him not to believe. . . and they he passes out. Meanwhile, Patrick wants to go check on Jen and the baby, but Abe says that is Jacks job. Patrick tells Abe not to give him orders, and Abe says he forgot that is Tonys job. Patrick says Tony is dead and is no longer calling the orders.

In the compound , Bart is stitching up Tonys leg. Bart talks about how amazing the Phoenix ring is, it really brought him back to life. Tony says he is very much alive, unlike his father. He says he is the true phoenix, and he will always rise from the ashes. He also vows to get his revenge on the good people of Salem because in the end he will be the last man standing! Bart doesnt think he should stand at all on his leg, but Tony says to just get his briefcase. Bart asks you mean the super duper? Tony tells him to just get him the briefcase otherwise hell be dead before John Black and his mates! Tony vows to succeed where his father failed and control Salem, and then who knows. Bart says right, but first order is finding the briefcase. He says briefcase first, world domination second. An alarm begins to go off, and Tony says it is his briefcase. Tony finds the briefcase behind a computer, and Bart takes in from him. He wants to open it, and Tony yells at him not to. When Bart tries to open it he is given a huge shock! Bart says that briefcase packs a wallop! Tony says let it be a warning to him, nobody touches this case but him. He says that zap is nothing compared to the jolt he has for the Salem refugees. 

Abe and Roman go out into the jungle to look for Bo, Hope and Billie. Abe says he doesnt want to call off the search, but time is running out and if they wait any longer than they might all die! Back at the docks, Doug tries to assure Caroline that Bo wont let them down as he has saved Hope so many times as is. Abe and Roman return and say they have to go, and that there was no sign of them. Caroline and Doug beg Roman and Abe to wait just a little longer. More tremors occur, and Roman tells everyone to get into the rafts. Doug says no! Caroline says they have to wait for the others. Roman says it could be too late for them, but Bo says it is never too late! Caroline is pleased that Bo, Hope and Billie are alive and turned up. Roman says they can celebrate later, get in the rafts. Suddenly, Tony shows up and says they arent going anywhere! Bart is with him and has a gun pointed at them all. Marlena says your alive! Tony says of course, and he hopes they arent leaving his party so suddenly.


November 2, 2004
At Samis place, Will tells his dad they should go to the party and get mom. Lucas tells Will that they cant go to the party because he has an important job interview in the morning, and as soon as Sami realizes he isnt there than shell come home. Will says he isnt so sure, and Lucas says what was that? Will says nothing. The doorbell rings and Will hopes it is Sami, but it is just trick-or-treaters. Lucas tells Will he needs to get to bed because it is a school night, but he refuses until mom comes home. Lucas says that might be any minute, but again Will isnt so sure. Will says they need to go back there and get mom or he (Lucas) might lose mom forever. Lucas asks Will what is going on, what is he afraid of. Will says hes afraid something might happen to spoil their happiness, and he reminds his dad of the disaster of last Halloween at his class party when mom attacked the other people. Lucas says that is all behind them, and Will says that is his point. He says he thought theyd spend this Halloween together making a new start of things. Lucas says Will is right and they should use this Halloween to start over and celebrate together. Lucas says theyll go find his mom and then they are coming home. 

At Alices, Kate and Eugenia watch as Sami dances with Brandon. Kate cant wait till Sami realizes who she is dancing with. Eugenia asks what if Brandon walks out when he learns he is dancing with Sami? Kate says it doesnt matter, all that matters is that Sami look into his eyes and falls in love with Brandon all over again. On the dance floor, Sami asks her prince charming why he is here. He says for the party, and she asks if he is alone. He says he is. She asks him what his name is?

Mickey and Julie show up, and Bonnie is glad to see Mickey actually came. Julie says this is a very difficult day for her Uncle Mickey. Mickey says Maggie died a year ago tonight. Bonnie says she knows, and she lit a candle for her at Saint Luke's. Shes also glad he came here because the last place he should be is in that house. They soon end up discussing the volcano about to blow, which has been all over the news. Bonnie cant help think about Patrick being near there, and Mickey comforts her. Bonnie continues to hold out hope that Patrick is still alive. Julie is sympathetic and says she knows how Bonnie feels, she has lost many of her family members. She lists them, including Maggie who she says was Mickeys one true love and always will be. Bonnie excuses herself to continue her role as MC. Bonnie says that it is time for the costume contest. Meanwhile, Mickey tells Julie that Maggie is gone and she isnt coming back, so hes moving on with Bonnie. He says he never thought hed be happy again, and he will marry Julie whether she likes it or not.  Meanwhile, Bonnie ends the costume contest and suggests they continue dancing. Sami dances with Brandon again, and she wonders who this guy is because she feels so connected to him.

Lexie shows up and talks to Kate about the volcano, and how her mom is getting more wacky premonitions about the island. She says her mom feels Abe and all the victims of Marlena are alive and on the island. Kate says its impossible, they cant be alive. Lexie says as a doctor she knows, but she also knows their husbands bodies werent in their graves. Kate says she doesnt want to think about it, not tonight. Lexie says her mother truly believes Abe isnt dead, and she wants her to think twice before moving on with her life. Kate says Abe and Roman are gone, they have to accept it. Lexie asks if she has honestly accepted that Roman is gone? Has she tried to move on without Roman? Kate remembers almost being with John, but says shed rather not talk about it. LExie switches the subject to Brandon, and tells Kate she knows she is using Brandon to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate denies it, but Lexie doesnt believe her. Lexie says Brandon has to be here somewhere. She spies him dancing with Sami, and she is furious. Kate says maybe they dont know theyre dancing with one another, they are both wearing masks. Lexie accuses Kate of setting this up. Kate tells Lexie that she is paranoid, how could she arrange for this? Lexie says maybe she couldnt have, and she thinks this has Sami written all over it. Lexie goes to Brandon and Sami and tells Sami that there is a call for her and she should go take it. Sami says okay, and thanks her prince charming. She then scolds Brandon for dancing with Sami Brady. Brandon takes his mask off and had no idea it was Sami. Brandon says he isnt going to get involved with her again so not to worry, but Lexie tells him to put his mask on and go!

Lucas and Will show up to get Sami. They run into Kate, and Will tells her they have to find mom and get her out of here. Sami runs into them, and she says she just went to answer the phone because she was told she had a phone call, but no one was there. Sami thinks Lexie did it to get her away from that guy, and she wonders who he was. She then realizes she knows who it is. When she sees Brandon walk by, Sami says shell be right back and chaces after him. Lucas wonders where Sami is going, and Kate says she hasnt a clue. Sami chaces Brandon down outside and asks him why he didnt tell her that he was back in town. She takes his mask off, and looks surprised.

Elsewhere, Mickey and Bonnie tell Julie their news, they are flying to Vegas tomorrow to get married! 

On the island, Tony confronts the Salemites as they are about to leave. Bart has a gun and holds it on them. Tony cant believe they are leaving his party so soon. Bo whispers to Patrick and Billie to get to the rafts and get the others far away. John tells Tony that he is a sick man to do this for revenge. Tony says revenge is just the icing on the cake, his real plan is something none of them could imagine. Bo tells John that they need to keep Tony distracted so the others can get away. John tries to distract Tony and asks what Tony is up to. Tony says hell be happy to tell them what awaits the rest of the world. Tony tells them all not to bother trying to escaping, they arent going anywhere. John and Roman ask how he survived the bomb? Tony tells them that the bomb was meant to kill him. Roman asks what he is talking about? Tony says a traitor tampered with it and reprogrammed it to blow up him, and he orders Bart to shoot and kill Patrick. Bart says he cant shoot a man in cold blood. Patrick says his only regret is that the bomb didnt kill him. Tony says so you admit you rigged it? Patrick says he couldnt stand by and let him kill all these people. Bo says yet he could still program the volcano to blow them all up. Patrick says he delayed the eruption to give them all time to escape. John says that the numbers are against Tony, and Bart couldnt shoot him all. Bart says he can try, and Tony is his boss and signs his paycheck. Bart says he who wears the ring, wears the ring. Tony tells them all to shut up, they will all die, even the idiots out on the boats. Tony begins rambling about his plans, and John says stuff it because they are out of here. Marlena wants to hear what he has to say, and Roman asks what is in his briefcase? Tony says power, power to control the world! Tony says first things first, Patrick must die. Patrick tries to run, but Bart tells him not to move! Bart says they are making him nervous, and he may start firing at any moment. Marlena tells Tony that he cant believe he is capable of this, he is not this heartless. Tony tells Bart once again to shoot Patrick. When Bart cant do it, Tony takes the gun and decides to do it. Bo and John say hell have to kill them all. Tony says this is ridiculous, theyre all going to die anyways. Tony says hell tell them the truth first, it is more than about revenge. Tony says he has accomplished what his father couldnt, and now hes on to rule the world. Roman and Bo tell him that he is ridiculous, and Bo says he has lost it. Tony says they are fools for underestimating what he is capable of. Tony says he pulled off the scam of the century, and the repercussions will be felt for years to come. John still doesnt understand how hes going to control the world. Tony says by harnessing natural energy such as the tides, the weather, and the volcanoes. Tony says he has technology that will wreak such havoc. Roman asks what kind? Patrick says computer programs like the one he used to activate the volcano. Tony says as well as deadly viruses. Tony says if John and Marlena had been loyal to Stefano, they could have shared in this glory. He then says it is time for Patrick to die. Patrick says he can kill him if hell let the others go. Tony says he is so noble, but no. Suddenly Maggie shows up and asks what is going on? The men use the distraction as their chance to take down Tony. Tony holds a gun on Bo, but Hope gets his briefcase and holds it over the molten lava. Bo tells Tony if he twitches, his case gets fried. Tony damns Maggie. Marlena asks why she came back, and she says she forgot her wedding band. John and Bo tell Patrick to get the others to the raft. John, Bo, Roman Hope and Marlena stay behind, and Tony tries to bargain. He says if they give them the case hell let them all go. Bo says how generous, and tells Hope to drop the case. She does, and Tony screams No! Tony says now she will have to watch Bo die! A flare goes off, and Tony is distracted. The men then disarm him, and Bo says that means the rafts are safely away from the island. John tells Tony that it is over, but Tony says it is never over and the DiMeras never lose! Tony has his hands behind his head, and behind his head he is holding a switch of some sorts. Tony reveals to them that he has yet another trigger for the volcano. John points out hell kill himself, and Hope asks if he doesnt care about his own life. Tony asks why should he care, all his hard work has been destroyed except for one great plan, their destruction. He says this is his last chance to take them out in a blaze of glory. Marlena says its not too late and they can get him help. Tony says he doesnt want help, and he tells MArlena she doesnt even have time to say goodbye to her loved one because she cant figure out if it is John or Roman. Tony then goes to press the button.


November 3, 2004
Mimi, who is in bed, recalls Jan blackmailing her about not saying anything to Shawn or else she will lose Rex. Mimi tries to figure out who could help her, and realizes she is her only hope. Later, Rex wakes up and finds a note from Mimi saying she went to see her mom, and he worries something must be wrong. 

At Alices, Bonnie is cleaning the bar and singing the wedding march song. Max shows up, and shes glad to see her dog. She talks to Max about marrying Mickey and how wonderful he is. She says he has been there for her like no other man has, and his money wont be bad because it will help her pay off all her bills. However, she says his bitch of a niece Julie might interfere with her marrying him. She fears Julie will call Mickeys daughters and try and use them against her. Later, Mimi shows up and Bonnie tells her about the plans to marry Mickey tomorrow in Vegas. Bonnie says she has finally arrived. Mimi says she can see how happy she is, so she is happy for her. Bonnie is excited and says it is too damn good to be true considering where they were last year financially. Mimi asks if she really cares about him, this isnt just about the money? Bonnie says she really does love him, and she thinks he is her one true love. She says if Dr. Phil is right and they only get one true shot at love, then she will do everything she can not to screw it up. Mimi says she found her one true love and she blew it! Bonnie asks what is wrong, so Mimi tells her mom about Jans blackmailing her. Bonnie says shell kill that witch! Bonnie says she can pay Jan off, but Mimi says Jan has money and she wants Shawn. Bonnie says she already has him. Mimi says she doesnt know how long she can keep him, and she is just plain nuts. Mimi tells her mom about Jan shredding Phillips marine uniform and making him think Shawn did it. Mimi says Jan is now making her choose her happiness over Shawn and Belles. Bonnie says maybe this is for the best, that it is a blessing in disguise. Bonnie says perhaps she should tell Rex about the abortion in order to find out what kind of guy he is. Mimi says she knows what kind of guy he is, and if she tells him that she had an abortion without telling him than he will dump her. She says her mom got her into this, but Bonnie tells Mimi it was always her decision. Mimi says now it is Jans decisions. Bonnie suggests it is fate, and maybe this means she should be with Shawn. Mimi says she does not love Shawn, and Rex is her one great love and she is petrified of losing him. Rex shows up and asks why shed be afraid of losing him? Mimi asks him to excuse them for a moment, and Bonnie and Mimi end up arguing. Bonnie thinks Mimi should tell him about the abortion before he hears it from Jan. Mimi says she cant do it, so Bonnie says she will tell him. She goes to Rex and says there is something he should know. 

Elsewhere in Alice's Lexie urges Brandon to put his mask on and leave, so he does. Meanwhile, Sami sees Lucas and Will and is confused because she was just told she had a phone call. She thought the call was from Lucas, but soon realizes it wasn't. She wonders why Lexie would lie to her, it must have had something to do with the man she was dancing with. She wonders who it was and realizes it was Brandon. Sami sees her masked dancing partner walk by, and she chances him down. She damasks the man outside Alice's and says you! Back inside, Kate tries to convince Lucas that Sami obviously has a wandering eye and is going to break his heart. He says he doesnt think Sami will hook up with some random guy while hes standing right here. Kate says he should follow her and prove her wrong, so Lucas says he will. Lucas runs after Sami, and Will fears his mom will really screw this up. Back outside, it turns out the guy isn't Brandon, and she wonders what happened to him. She wonders where he went? Lucas shows up and asks who she is talking about. She says it was just someone she thought she knew from high school. Lucas is worried because obviously she was chasing some guy who was holding her attention. She says he is the only man who could ever have her attention. They hug, and Will convinces them to leave. Lucas goes to say goodbye to his mom first.

Back at Alices, Kate and Eugenia discuss using Brandon, which Eugenia feels bad about. Kate, however, says once Sami has jilted Lucas, Brandon will abandon her and she will be all alone. Lucas returns and tells his mom they are leaving, ands the man just turned out to be a friend from high school. Lucas leaves, and Kate wonders what happened to Brandon. Eugenia shows up later and asks what happened? Kate says Sami and Lucas left, and she hasnt given up yet. Kate says once Sami remembers she loves Brandon it will be all over for her.

Sami, Lucas and Will return home, and Will tells Sami that he knows she was dancing with Brandon tonight. Sami wants to go out, and Will knows she is going after Brandon. He says he hopes she thinks long and hard about what shes going to do before she ruins her last chance of happiness with his dad! Will says if he finds out she is going to go look for Brandon than hell never forgive her. Lucas returns and asks what hell never be forgive for?

Lexie finds Brandon walking around outside near Alice's, and he says he has lost his car keys. She tells him to take her car, but Brandon  says hes not running away from Salem or Samantha. He says hes not going to fall for her games, and hes not going to ask her to marry him, so Lexie needs to stop worrying. She says its not him shes worried about, its Sami! Lexie says she is afraid what Sami might do, including drugging and dragging him down the isle! She says if Sami learns he is in town than she will not be able to think about anything else but him! Brandon says Sami is with Lucas, but Lexie says only for now. She says Sami will come after him, and then hell rue the day he listened to Kate and came back.

At a military base, a man discuses the volcano with his captain. He says that if anyone is anywhere near the volcano when it erupts than they are as good as dead. He also says they are looking at the island itself breaking apart and causing a tidal wave of epic proportions. 

On the island, Brady has flashbacks of Caroline sitting with Victor, she's telling him that hed be all right. Victor had begun talking about Brady and how he had to tell him something. Brady wonders what Victor wanted to tell him. Nicole shows up, looks at Vic, and thinks it would be a shame if he fell off the raft. The volcano begins acting up, and Brady and Nicole are pushed into one anothers arms and kiss. Caroline shows up and is furious with them for flaunting their relationship in front of  the injured Victor. Brady explains what really happened, but Nicole says they dont have to apologize. Another tremor occurs, and Brady leaves to get more food and supplies. Nicole tells Caroline that she is a bloody hypocrite for passing judgment on what she does with Brady when she does the same with Victor. Nicole says for such a supposedly upstanding married church going woman, she really is a low-rent bottom feeding whore! Caroline then slaps Nicole! Nicole says she finally hit a nerve and has pissed of the Brady Matriarch. Caroline ends up in tears as Nicole lays into her about committing adultery with Victor. Caroline tells Nicole that she is a heartless harlot! Nicole asks Caroline who she is going to pick when they get home, Shawn or Victor? Victor, who is now awake, tells Nicole she will be sorry for talking to Caroline that way. She tells him not overdo it. Victor grabs Nicole and says not to underestimate him! She says he is hurting her! Victor says when he tells Brady about Jan Spears she will be hurting a lot worse! Brady returns and asks if anyone cares to tell him what is going on here? 

On the pier, John has apparently fallen down a shaft with Tony. Roman tells Marlena that Bo and Hope have gone looking for a way in. MArlena wonders what could have happened. We see flashbacks of yesterday when Hope dropped the briefcase into the lava, Bo getting the upper hand on Tony, and Tony revealing his detonator. John and Tony struggled over it, and that is when they fell down the shaft. Roman tells Marlena not to worry, they will find John. 

Down below, John wakes up, and Tony roles over and stabs him in the shoulder with a knife. Tony says as his father always said, an eye for an eye! John lunges for Tony, and his DiMera ring glows and shocks John. Tony says he cant be killed. John recovers, gets up, and looks around. They are in what appears to be a Buddhist temple, it's Tony's Zen room. He asks what this place is? Tony says this is the place where he murders him in cold blood! Tony then draws a samurai sword! Tony offer John a sword, and as they prepare to battle, an alarm goes off. Tony shows John a view screen to John and they see Roman and John coming down stairs. Tony says in order to save Marlena, John will have to kill him! John and Tony then begin their duel Marlena and Roman show up at a door to the Zen room. They can hear John and Tony inside. Tony tells John that if MArlena opens the door she is as good as dead! John yells at Marlena not to come in because its a trap. Roman keeps Marlena from going in, saying they have to listen to John. John and Tony continue their duel, and Tony says hell take such pleasure in killing him and then watching the woman he loves die! John has these weird visions of Marlena, as if his life is passing before his eyes. John finds strength in them and begins to kick Tonys butt! He does some major crouching tiger hidden dragon moves on Tony. Tony says it seems fathers killing machine has been reborn, and its time for a distraction. Tony opens the door revealing Marlena, and John rushes to save Marlena from Tony. John ends up throwing a dagger across the room, and hits Tony in the neck. Suddenly a beam falls on top of John, and pins him. Marlena and Roman run to help him, and then they see Tony push the button trigger the eruption! 


November 4 2004
The first few minutes were interrupted for a news conference
At Alices, Mimi keeps her mom from telling Rex about the abortion. Mimi feeds Rex a phony bologna answer and she says she is just being insecure about losing him because of what happened with Shawn and Belle. Later, Mimi warns her mother not to tell Rex about the abortion. Bonnie assures Mimi she wont ruin this for her, but Mimi fears Jan will. She says shell end up losing Rex and her friends. Mimi and Rex dance together. Meanwhile, Bonnie damns Jan for messing with her little girl.

Lexie sees Kate and Eugenia talking, and she is convinced Kate is behind what happened here tonight. Brandon tells her not to do this, but Lexie says she was a cop and she was trained to look for motives. Kate has the best motive to break Sami and Lucas up. Brandon thinks perhaps he should have a talk with Kate. Brandon confronts Kate and accuses her of setting this whole thing up to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate says he is insane, why would she give him a million dollars to come back here when she could hire a hit-man for a fraction of the cost. Brandon says shes not falling for her innocent act, he saw Lexie and Theo so now hes leaving. She accuses him of running away from town and from Sami. She thinks he is still in love with her. Brandon says it will never happen and he leaves. Later, Lexie ends up telling Kate to stop meddling in Brandons life. Kate plays innocent, but Lexie knows Kate would do anything to keep Sami away from Lucas, just like shed do anything to keep Sami from Brandon. Lexie tells Kate to consider herself warned! Lexie storms off, and Kate says sorry but very soon Sami will be a plague on Lexies family and not hers. 

At Samis, Will tries to play peacekeeper between his parents. He tells his dad nothing is wrong, and all that matters is that they are a together. Lucas says he overheard them talking, and he knows Brandon is in town and that is why Will wanted him to go get his mom from the party. Lucas asks Sami if that is who she was dancing with, and if that is who she chased after? Sami says yes, and Lucas wants to know why. Lucas says maybe she isnt over him, and if that is the case, then they will never get married. Will says they have to get married. Sami says she didnt know Brandon was in town, and she didnt know she was dancing with him. She says she didnt even want to go to this party until his mother . . . Sami then realize Kate has set her up and she wont let her get away with it. Sami sends Will to bed so he doesnt hear what shes about to say. Lucas says he wont have her blaming his mother. Sami says it all fits! Sami says his mom drove her to Alice, she was there as was Eugenia. Sami says they were scheming to get back at her. She also says when she fainted earlier it was because she thought she saw Brandon. Sami says Kate must have come up with a Brandon mask of some type. Lucas tells her that she has lost it, and his mom wouldnt go through all that trouble. Sami says she would. Lucas says it doesnt matter if she did or didnt do this, what matter is how she responded to him. He says she chased him down and he wants to know why. She says she doesnt know, and she loves him and him only. She says Brandon is out of her life. Lucas says she better not. He says he has to go to bed because he has a job interview in the morning. Sami asks if everything is okay between them, and he says that is up to her. Sami is left in tears. 

Brandon goes for a walk and ends up near Samis building. Meanwhile, Sami looks out her window and sees Brandon on the street.

At the military center, the coast guard realizes there are people in speed boats and rafts the volcanic island.

Out at sea, Everyone is on the rafts or in the speedboats trying to flee the island. Jack and Jen are in a speedboat with their baby. Jack jokes they have had worse vacations, for example the cruise of deception. Jen says aside from the boat blowing up, that was one of the best times of her lives. Jen talks about Abby who must think she has lost everything. She says she never thought they would actually get off the island and get home until now. Jack says they are going home, and Abby will want to know her brothers name. Jen asks if he has any ideas, and he says he does. He tells her the name, and she love it. He says he borrowed the name from himself (I guess they named the kid Jack), and she says it is okay because she wanted to name the baby Jacqueline if it was a girl. Jack goes to check on Alice because things are getting rough. Suddenly, the boat shakes, and Jen cant see Jack anywhere! She screams his name.

On one of the rafts is Victor, Caroline, Brady and Nicole. Brady doesnt know why Victor is angry with Nicole, but refuses to have this discussion right now. Brady decides to swim out and check on the others. Once he is gone, Nicole begs Victor for mercy. She says she loves Brady and begs Victor to let them be happy. Victor says she is an adulterer and a murderer. Nicole says she didnt kill Collin, and that he is on the speedboat heading back to Salem. She tries to claim she didnt attempt to kill him either, but he doesnt believe her. She says she has made mistakes, but they are in the past. She says she is better person now because of Brady, and if she loses him she doesnt know what will happen. She tells Victor that they cared for each other once. She begs him to let her have this chance to turn her life around. He asks how she can ask him such a thing? She says she wants to turn her life around, and Caroline says if she wants to turn her life around than Brady must know everything. Nicole says she cant because he will turn on her. She begs Victor not to make Brady hate her. She asks if he can forgive her. Victor realizes she really loves Brady, and he does believe everyone should get a second chance. However, he says everyone but her deserves a second chance, and Brady deserves to know the truth about her and he will! Brady returns, and then the raft rocks and Brady says its as if the ocean rocked beneath them. They then see the tidal wave headed for them!

On another raft is John, Marlena and Roman. John is seriously injured and is laying down. He tells Marlena not to worry, hes not in as much pain anymore. MArelna tries to comfort him and says they will be home soon. Roman tries to convince Marlena and Roman a rescue craft will be coming soon, but John says nobody in their right mind would come near this place. Later, Roman dives into the water to check on the others, and he promises Marlena hell be back soon. John says now that they are alone she can tell him the truth. John wants to know if he is paralyzed. Marlena says she doesnt know for sure. She tries to change the subject to what has happened here and in Salem. She says if he hadnt come here for her, or if she and Roman had died, then she would have wanted him to find happiness. She says Kate is a wonderful woman. John tells Marlena only her, but he feels the same way about her and Roman. John says if something happened to him, or if he never found her, then he understands how they could get together. John says he knows Roman would be there for her. Marlena says they will be all right, they will get home. Roman returns and he says they have decided to get the rafts together and tie them together. Suddenly, John realizes he cant move his legs at all. Just then they see the tidal wave.

Yet on another raft we find Bo, Billie and Hope. Billie begins thinking about losing her baby, and Hope asks what she is thinking about? Billie says just getting back to her life and her job at the ISA. She says she wont be hanging around Salem. She says shell see her mom, Will, Phillip and Lucas, and then shes heading back to Europe. Bo asks what she is talking about, she has to spend some times with her friends and family. Later, Brady shows up and he and Bo go off to check on the others. Hope and Billie talk, and Billie lets Hope know that Bo does love her. Billie says she understands how Hope feels, and if she and Bo had ended up together she wouldnt want her around either! Hope says when she puts it that way, I hope your stay is short! Billie says she loves that they can be honest with one another. Bo then returns to the raft, and a tidal wave heads straight for them!

November 5, 2004
At Samis place, Sami looks out the window and see Brandon walking on the side walk below. We hear a woman call out to Brandon to stop, and he thinks it is Sami, but its not. Brandon then heads to Lexies place. Meanwhile, Sami is now walking on the street wondering if Brandon still has feelings for her? She says she did feel the chemistry between them when they were dancing, so the connection is still there. She says but there is no way they are getting back together as she is with Lucas now and is happy. She says she should go talk to him and make sure he realizes that is perfectly clear.

At Lexies place, Lexie hopes Brandon didnt go to see Sami, and then she starts worrying about her moms predications that Abe and the others are in danger from the volcano. She turns on the TV and starts watching the news, which is reporting on the volcano. The news talk about several small crafts in the area of the island, but everyone on board may be lost. The news says a coast guard boat has been dispatched to the area to search for survivors. Lexie begins to pray, and there is a knock at the door. She rushes to answer and it is only Brandon. She thought it would be someone else, Abe for example. Lexie asks where he went after the party, and he says Samanthas. Lexie cant believe him, but Brandon says he realizes now that he has to forgive Sami. LExie asks why? Does he want to get back together with her? Brandon says no, and he has decided not to move back to Salem. Brandon also says he wont accept Kates offer if it means using him to break up Sami and Lucas. Lexie is happy, but says shell miss him. She suggests he not leave right away, that he at least stay the night.

At Alices, Bonnie looks at her ring and thinks about hitting triple sevens with Mickey, and after tomorrow shell be Mrs. Mickey Horton. Julie shows up and tells her not to count her lucky stars yet, she has a different future in mind for Mickey. Mickey soon shows up, and Julie has Mickey sit down with Celeste. Julie asks Celeste to tell Mickey his fortune. Celeste says she doesnt know, but Julie says it could be important. Celeste says very well, but the future may change from day to day, and the living and the dead may exchange places. Julie asks how that is possible? Celeste begins reading the cards, and she says there will be many tears shed tonight. Suddenly, Celeste is sprayed with water, and she says its another premonition. She said first fire, and now there is a new danger, water and drowning! Bonnie says this is turning her into a wet blanket. 

Mimi and Rex are dancing at Alices, and Mimi cant stop telling him how much she loves him. She says she needs to be honest with him; she never wants to lie to him. Rex asks why shed say such a thing, unless shes lied to him already. She says she never wanted to lie to him. Before she can confess, Bonnie pulls her away and asks Celeste to read Mimis cards. Celeste tells Mimi that there is a secret that could destroy her life. Rex becomes interested, and he says if Mimi wont tell him what has been bothering her than the cards might. Celeste sees a great love in Mimis life, and she thinks it is Rex. Celeste isnt so sure as she sees mixed signs, an old love with which she has a long history. Bonnie thinks it is Shawn. Mimi says stick a cork in it, and she says the only other man she ever dated was Kevin from high school, but the only man she has ever loved is Rex. Celeste picks up more vibes, but this one has nothing to do with Mimi. Rex worries that maybe there is another man in her life. Mimi tries to assure Rex that he is the only man she wants and could possibly love. Rex asks Mimi to promise him no secrets. She promises and says if she lost him she doesnt know what she would do. Rex and Mimi head home, and when Rex wants to make love, she says she cant! Rex ends up sweet talking her, and they kiss and cuddle. 

Back at Alices, Julie tries to talk to Mickey about how he is making a mistake. Mickey says the girls were very supportive, they dont like seeing him alone and miserable. Celeste approaches them and says she has just had a powerful sensation about Maggie! She says she is sorry, but he may lose his beloved Maggie all over again! He says Maggie died a year ago, but Celeste says that is not true. Celeste says Maggie is fighting to come back to him, Maggie is not dead! Bonnie takes Celeste aside and tells her that she is giving Mickey false hope, Maggie is dead. Celeste says Mickey and Maggie share a powerful love, and powerful love can work wonders. Bonnie tells Mickey not to listen to Maggie, but Julie says what if it is true, what if they are all alive. Bonnie says using this against Mickey is down right cruel. 

Sami shows up and asks Celeste for help, she needs to know if Brandon will come between her and Lucas. Celeste asks why it matters, unless she still loves Brandon. Sami swears she is over Brandon, she just needs to know if he will cause problems. Celeste says very well, and she reads Samis cards. Celeste says this is not good. She says if Brandon stays in Salem tonight, her life will never be the same. Sami says there must be a mistake, but Celeste says the cards have spoken! Sami says that is a pathetic premonition and her cards are broken. Celeste tells her to ignore her advice if she wants to. Sami decides to go talk to Brandon, if she can only find where he is. Celeste says he is staying with Lexie. Sami says figures, and Celeste asks if she is jealous? Sami says no. Celeste continues to tell her that if Brandon doesnt leave tonight than it does not bode well for her. Sami says than shell go talk to him and make him leave.

Celeste goes back to Julie, Mickey and Bonnie, who are arguing over Maggie. Celeste tells them not to be so sure Maggie wont be coming back from the grave. Bonnie says she is Mickeys fiance, and they are going to Vegas tomorrow to get hitched. Mickey says hes made a decision. Mickey tells them all that if he found out that Maggie was alive then it would be the happiest day of his life. However, he says he cant live his life on hopes, and he is not getting any younger. He says Bonnie makes him happy so he will marry her. Celeste tells them that their future will be clearer in the light of day. Mickey and Bonnie leave, and Celeste says Maggie may still be alive. Julie says she hopes he comes back in time to keep Mickey from making the biggest mistake of his life. Meanwhile, Bonnie secretly worries what if Maggie is still alive. She decides to get Mickey to Vegas and marry him tonight.

Back at Lexies, LExie once again prays for a sign about Abe and Tek, and this time Sami shows up! Sami says she has to see Brandon, she has to make sure Brandon leaves town tongiht!

The coast guard is out at sea, and their boat is being rocked by the waves. The captain says anything smaller than a sizable boat wont stand a chance in these waters. The coast guard watches as all the rafts and speedboat drop off radar. They get to the location where the boats and rafts were, and one of the men sees some wreckage and some bodies. The captain asks if anyone is still alive? 

John is on his raft calling out to Marlena, but she and Roman are no where in site. On his raft, Bo calls out to Hope, both Hope and Billie are gone. He dives into the water to look for them. And on his raft, Brady is the only one remaining. He calls out to Nicole, and she calls back. She yells at Brady to save her. On the speedboat, Patrick grabs Jen and keeps her safe as she screams for Jack.

Back on the coast guard boat, Maggie is the first one rescued, followed by Hope, Jen and the baby (I think the man says Alice is down below). Jen says she saw Jack go down with the others, and they have to get to him. Patrick has been rescued, and he wants to go after Jack. The coast guard tells him no way. Brady and Nicole show up next, followed by John on a stretcher. John asks about Marlena, but no one has seen her. John says she saved his life, and we see a flashback of Marlena strapping John to the raft to save his life and saying she loves him. MArlena then jumped into the water, because the raft couldnt hold them both, and she disappeared. Maggie says they have to keep the faith that they will be reunited, that is what Alice always said. Someone else is brought in and they say this one needs to be pronounced dead. When they pull the blanket back, it is Bo! Hope refuses to give up on Bo, she says he saved her life and went back to save Billie. We see a flashback of Bo rescuing Hope from the water and giving her CPR. After he saved her he dove back in for Billie. Hope begs Bo to come back to her because she and his sons need him. She gives him a kiss, and he springs back to life. Later the captain says Doug Williams (actually, I got several emails saying he was refered to as Bill, his real name) has been found and hell be okay. He says they are still looking for the others. He comes back later and says he has a list of all the survivors and those who werent so lucky. The man says two more have been found, Abe and Tek. He says the others are presumed dead. He reads the list, Victor, Caroline, Cassie, Roman, Marlena, Jack and Colin.

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