November 8, 2004
Sami shows up at Lexies house to see Brandon, and gets read the riot act by Lexie. Lexie demands to know if Sami has feelings for Brandon, and Sami says yes she does. Sami says she has strong feelings for him, which is why she wants Brandon out of town. She says if Celeste is telling the truth about Brandonthen her happiness could be ruined by his staying in Salem. Sami tells Lexie that Brandon has to leave town tonight. Lexie says she hates to disappoint her, but she has asked Brandon to stay the night. Sami says she and her mother are doing this on purpose, and that they are trying to ruin her life! Sami says she wont let them do this to her, and she begins chocking Lexie! She lets go of Lexie and decides to go find Brandon, but Lexie says hes not upstairs. Lexie says Brandon turned her offer down and didnt stay. Lexie tells Sami that shell have to ruin her future all by herself, and tells her goodnight. Sami leaves, and Lexie says she has to keep Sami away from Brandon. Just then, Brandon comes down the stairs. He asks if someone was here as he heard voices. Lexie says she was just watching Law and Order. Brandon was spending time with Theo, and he says it made him realize he wants to spend one more night in Salem. Lexie is stunned, and he says one night wont make a difference. He asks Lexie if there is a problem? She says no, she just thinks he should go back to Chicago. She says they will come visit him often, its not far away. Brandon says he can tell she is hiding something, so cut the crap. He asks if this is about Sami? He realizes it is, and wonders what she thinks. He asks if she thinks hes going to run out for a nightcap with Sami and some hot sex? Brandon says he has told her it is over between them. Lexie says as long as he stays in Salem he will be drawn to her. Lexie says Sami will run into him, and then shell pull one of her old tricks. She says she cares about him because he and Theo are all she has left of Abe. Brandon says nothing will happen, and his family is here so he cant stay away from Salem forever. He says he wants to see his mom and Nicole. He says he hasnt heard back from Nicole, and asks where she is. Lexie says she may be out of town. Brandon says the point is Sami is with Lucas now and that is where she belongs. Still, Lexie fears Sami may still sink her claws into him, so she begs Brandon to leave. Brandon eventually agrees to go, and packs a bag. He says he wishes he could have stayed longer, but she says he made the right decision to leave. She thanks him for doing this for her, and she says they will visit him soon. Lexie tells Brandon that she loves him and he heads off. Lexie says Brandon just has to find someone special to be happy with. She then looks at a photo of Abe and wishes he was here because she and Theo need him so much.

Meanwhile, Lucas goes to Samis place and realizes she is gone. He says she has gone to see Brandon, and hes through with her. Lucas says he cant marry someone he doesnt trust. Will hears this and says no! Will tells his dad that he cant give up on mom so easily, he cant let Brandon win. Sami returns later, and Lucas asks where she has been. She says she went to the store, but it was closed. Lucas knows she is lying and that she went to see Brandon. Sami says she did. He says he knew it, its over, hes not marrying her. She asks for a chance to explain, but he says no more chances. He says he is sick of listening to her theories about his mom and Eugenia trying to set her up. Sami says it is true, and does he really think the whole thing was one big coincidence? She says it was all a set-up. Lucas says five seconds after saying she loved him tonight she was out the door running after Brandon. He says she is predictable, and he cant believe he is falling for her old games. Lucas says he wants her whole heart otherwise he wants nothing to do with her. Sami tells Lucas to listen to her. She says she went to LExies to make sure Brandon was gone. She says she didnt even see him, hes left town. She asks what he has to do to convince him that Brandon is not a problem for them. She swears the only reason she went there was to make sure he left town. She says it is like why she burned his stuff earlier, she did it to get rid of any memories or thoughts of Brandon. Sami says she just wanted to be 100% sure he was out of her head, heart and Salem. She says there is only room in her heart for one man, and that is him. Sami tells Lucas that he is the only man she could ever love. She says she has made so many mistakes, and has ruined every relationship shes been in because she has been selfish, but she doesnt want to do that to him. She says she wants them to be a family with Will, she wants Will to have two parents that he can depend on, and she wants him to have a wife he can trust to be faithful. Sami says she will always love him with all of her heart as long as she lives. She says she is so afraid of losing him, and if that would happen she doesnt know what shed do. She says she doesnt think she could live without him. Lucas says he loves her and he does want to marry her. They kiss, and head back to the bedroom to make love. 

On the coast guards ship, Abe meets up with the others. Abe says Tek saved his life, he really owes him. Hope says Tek saved Gran and Maggie too. Hope asks where Tek is, and Abe says they have him on oxygen down below. Abe asks for the bad news, and Bo tells Abe the list of those missing and presumed dead. Hope cant believe theyve lost them all over again, but Bo refuses to believe they are gone. He says he wont believe it without bodies, this isnt happening again. John says no its not, and they need to get out there in the water, but Brady tells his dad that hes in no shape to go anywhere. Abe fears that Victor isnt going to last long out there, and Jen begs them to go search for Jack because her baby needs his father. Abe, Bo, Brady and Patrick prepare to search, but the coast guard tells them no way. The coast guard says there is no need to risk their lives, they have sent out a deep sonar probe to locate anything else out there. Bo says theyll sit tight for the time then, and Hope says they just have to pray the coast guard saves the others. Nicole whispers under her breath that she hopes Victor isnt found. Brady asks if she said something? Did she just say she didnt want Victor to make it? Nicole says she wont lie, and she says her future would be brighter without Victor in it. She says she loves him and wants to be with him, but Victor wont let that happen. Brady says theyre talking about his grandfather, how far would he go to see him dead? Nicole says she could have killed Victor back on the island, but instead of crushing his skull with a chunk of concrete, she saved him. Brady says he remembers, and he knows shed never kill anyone because shes not capable of murder. Meanwhile, Bo worries about the others. He thinks his mom and Victor may not be able to survive, but the others are strong. Bo asks why them, why do the Bradys have to suffer? He says even with the DiMeras dead, will this ever end? Later, Bo tells Hope has checked on Billie and she is weak, but her condition is improving. Bo says Billie also still has the computer disk with Tonys plans on it. Bo says even with Tony dead, the information on that disk on how to control world power sources is very dangerous. Bo says they must get that disk to t he ISA. Elsewhere, John prays to God for Marlenas return. Later he asks the coast guard commander what the latest is? He says they have radioed everyone in the area and none of them have found any more survivors. He says one ship hasnt responded, a Japanese trawler. John thinks maybe they are busy rescuing people and that is why they havent yet responded. John says the rest of them could be on the boat. Abe says with the weather conditions their radio may not be operable. John says he doesnt care, he wants that boat to be contacted with. The coast guard agrees to go rendezvous with the boat, and everyone hopes the others are onboard. 

A Japanese fishing boat picks up Roman and MArlena in their net, and they look very dead! They arent dead at all though, and are taken to a small room. Marlena thanks them for saving them. Roman asks the fisherman if they found others? They nod, but dont understand English. They think he is just thanking them and have no idea what he is asking (subtitles indicate this). Marlena tells Roman that she is so scared for John, she doesnt think he could have made it through the waves. Roman tells Marlena that they have to face the possibility that they are the only two who survived. Marlena says she needs to know if John is all right and if theyll be together again soon. Roman says he understands, hes worried about his family too. Roman says Cassie cant even swim. Marlena says she is sorry, but Roman says it isnt her fault. Roman says this is DiMeras fault. Roman says he hates to think about losing Cassie, but if they did, how is he going to tell Kate? Roman says they need to find out about the others, but when he tries to leave the room theyre in he finds it is locked! Roman worries, but MArlena says Tony is dead and cant hurt them. Marlena has a bad feeling as Tony could have left instructions for their destruction. Roman says it is a possibility. Marlena says they need to come up with a plan, and Roman says he has an idea. 

Elsewhere on the boat we see Caroline tending to Victor. She asks God to please help Victor pull through. She says she thought she lost him until the Japanese fishermen rescued them, and she wonders if they are the only two survivors? Victor is very pale and white looking, and says he feels like hes in heaven. He asks Caroline about the others, but she says she doesnt know and they need to pray. Victor gets up and decides to go check to see if anyone else has survived, and he finds the door is locked! Caroline thinks it is just stuck until she tries it. She says they have locked them in! Victor feels they have been locked in on purpose, and he wonders why. He begins banging on the door and demands to be let out. Caroline asks him not to get to upset and to think about his heart. 

In another part of the ship, Jack is tending to someone and tells them that they have to make it. The person starts coughing, and its Cassie! Cassie asks where she is and what happened? Jack says theyve been picked up by a Japanese trawler, and the people dont speak English so he doesnt know who else survived. Cassie wonders if it is bad to be glad Tony is dead, and Jack says no. Jack tries the door only to find theyve been locked in. Jack begins to call out and asks to be let out because the door is locked. Cassie says she has a bad feeling about this, and Jack says so does he. He says something is going on and it is not good.

We see Bart on the ship dressed up as a Navy man. He says thanks to the counts escape plan, he survived, but the count wasnt so lucky. He says he has his orders though, and none of his enemies will get out of here alive. Bart spies on the Japanese fisherman and learns that the radio is not working on the boat, which means the survivors cant call for help and wont get off the boat alive. Back in Roman and Marlenas room, a they talk in walks Bart holding a gun! Bart says the captain would very much like to see them. In walks Tony, who tells them not to leave on his account because they dont want to miss the killer reunion!


November 9, 2004
Sami wakes up and finds Lucas and Will are gone. She finds a note from Lucas, who tells her last night was wonderful and he now knows she is over Brandon. He says they let her sleep in, and he dropped Will off at school on his way to his job interview. Sami remembers Celeste telling her about his premonition about Brandon staying in town, and Lexie insisting Brandon left town. Sami says Brandon is gone, and now she, Will and Lucas will be a family.

Jan and Shawn show up at the loft, and they run into Belle in the hallway outside the two lofts. Belle thinks they are up early, and Shawn says he just came back from Salem U. She asks if he is registering early, but he says no hes dropping out and getting his money back. Belle says she cant believe this; he was going to be a lawyer and work for his Uncle Mickey. Shawn says he woke up and realized there were better things to do. Jan says they have enough money, Shawn doesnt need to work. Shawn says he can live off the Horton and Kiriakis trust funds, he has woken up and realized school is a waste of time. Belle cant believe him, and she doesnt like this new Shawn. Shawn says he doesnt care what she thinks. Jan says she loves the new Shawn, and he loves her. They kiss, and Belle gets a call from Sami. Sami asks her to come meet her for breakfast and discuss the wedding. Belle says its not a good time. Shawn tells her to do whatever the hell she wants because he has nothing more to say to her. Shawn and Jan go into their loft, and Belle agrees to meet up with Sami.

Jan and Shawn sit on the couch in the loft, and Shawn reads the paper. Jan tells Shawn they should move back to her country house where they can be alone. Shawn says that would be nice, and Jan is pleased. She says they wouldnt have to worry about running into that bitch Belle or her marine, or be bother be Rex and Mimi. She says theyll finally be alone. Shawn says right now they are alone, so they should take advantage of it. Shawn then uses the opportunity to get it on with Jan! They make love, and as Jan talks about their future, Shawn rubs his head. When she talks about moving to her place, he lashes out and says he doesnt want to talk about this anymore. She asks if he doesnt want to get away from Belle and Phillip? He says of course. Jan says they should begin planning their wedding, but Shawn says there is no reason to rush. Jan asks if he is okay? He says yeah, but there is a lot of stuff he doesnt remember. He says he doesnt even remember asking her. Jan says she has her ring and he asked her. Shawn says he believes her. Jan says they should at least think about starting to plan for the wedding. She says she wants to make him happy. Jan begins kissing on his neck, and Shawn continues to rub his head and wince. 

At Abes house, Celeste shows up because Lexie called her. Lexie asks her mother about her premonition about Sami and Brandon. Celeste says she did tell Sami that her future was at stake if Brandon stayed in town. Lexie says Sami showed up here last night and basically attacked her and accused the two of them of trying to ruin her life. Celeste asks if Brandon stayed, and Lexie says no he went to Chicago .Lexie offers to make her mom breakfast, but she says she has to go run errands. Celeste leaves, and Brandon walks down the steps. LExie asks him what hes doing here? Brandon says his car broke down outside of town, so he came back and spent the night. He says he didnt want to wake them, so he used the key she gave him, which he forgot to give back. He asks Lexie if she isnt glad to see him? She says honestly no. She says she doesnt want to see him be hurt by Sami. He says hed have to be involved with her. Lexie says he may not have a choice. He says of course he has a choice. Lexie says not according to her mother, and she tells him about her moms prediction. Brandon says well the night is over and they didnt see one another. Lexie says maybe he wont be hurt, and maybe she should have asked him to stay after all. Lexie says her moms prediction only said Samis future happiness would be ruined, it said nothing about his. She says seeing Sami miserable would make her so happy. Brandon tells her not to worry about Sami, and he asks to borrow her car to run some errands. She says sure, and then Brandon realizes it is Lexies birthday. He says hes sorry he forgot, and she says dont worry. She says she doesnt feel much like celebrating anyways. After Brandon leaves, Lexie looks at a photo of Abe and cries that she wants him back.

Sami meets Belle at the diner Faye used to work at. Sami is in a good mood, and Belle asks what has her so happy. She says Brandon is no where near Salem. Sami tells her sister about Celestes premonition. Belle thinks it is silly and says the only person responsible for Samis happiness is Sami. Sami says she knows, so Belle asks why shes so freaked out? Sami says Celestes premonitions about the Salem Stalker all came true. Belle says so what, the real issue is her feelings for Brandon. She says if Sami still has feelings for Brandonthen she cant marry him. She says that is what she finally realized about Shawn. Sami and Belle get down to the business of planning the wedding. Belle has ideas for reworking Carolines wedding dress for Sami. She says Caroline really wanted her to wear it, and then she remembers she was going to wear it when she married Shawn. Belle fantasizes about her wedding to Shawn. Belle soon begins to cry, and Brandon shows up and hears a young girl crying. He wonders if he should go offer help. The waitress tells him not to worry about them, so Brandon orders some pancakes. Meanwhile, Sami tells Belle not to think about Shawn, he is blaming her for things that are not her fault. Belle says it was her fault, she lied about mom and because of that his grandfather died (not a blooper, referring to Doug). Sami says what she did she did for family, and she still believes mom is innocent. She tells Belle to forget about Shawn, hes obviously forgotten about her. Belle says Sami is right; she needs to forget about Shawn and move on. Sami says when she was with Brandon she thought he was the love of her life, but he wasnt. She says she found love again with Lucas, and she thinks Belle will find love again soon. Sami asks her about Phillip, but Belle says it is too soon. Sami remembers she has a meeting with Father Jansen at the church, and she runs off. Sami leaves and narrowly misses running into Brandon. Brandon ends up canceling his breakfast because hes running late for his meeting at Saint Lukes.

Bonnie cant get Celestes premonition out of her head that Maggie is still alive. Bonnie is on the phone with the airlines, she and Mickey got bumped from their flight to Vegas the night before and she is trying to get a flight out today. The airlines tell them there are no seats on any flights, which upsets her. Mickey shows up and asks Bonnie who she is yelling at? She tells the person on the phone to call her back ASAP, and she hangs up. She tells Mickey that she is upset because she wanted to wake up to be Mrs. Mickey Horton. Mickey says maybe her not being able to book a flight is an omen, maybe they arent supposed to get married this morning. Bonnie ends up freaking out, almost lights up a cigarette, but instead calls Celeste for help. She asks Celeste to come over and bring her cards. Celeste shows up and doesnt know why she is here given the way Bonnie treated her last night. Bonnie apologizes and begs her to read her cards again and tell her about Maggie. Mickey shows up and asks why Celeste is here? Bonnie says she asked her to come over so she could apologize for calling her readings a bunch of bologna. She tells Mickey to go finish getting dressed so they can go get married. He says okay, but doesnt know why shes in such a rush. After he leaves, Celeste reads Bonnies cards. Celeste says nothing has changed, she still sees Maggie very much alive and coming home soon. Celeste swears it is true, and Bonnie says this is not good. Bonnie tries to get rid of Celeste, but Celeste knows Bonnie is up to something. Celeste tells her not to do something she will regret. Bonnie tells herself the brass ring is in reach and she will grab it, she will be Mrs. Mickey Horton! Mickey returns all gussied up in his rhinestone outfit, and Bonnie tells him the airlines havent called but she has a better idea. She grabs Mickey and drags him out the front door.

On the coast guard ship, Maggie tells John that he shouldnt be on his feet. John says he is fine. Maggie asks if he took any medicine. He says no, he wants his head clear when they rendezvous with the Japanese trawler. Abe shows up and asks John to come have breakfast to keep his strength up, but John says he needs to focus on the Japanese trawler right now. The coast guard says perhaps they shouldnt check out the trawler, John needs medical attention because if he doesnt get itthen he could end up paralyzed. He says the others need medical attention as well. He says if their loved ones are on the boat, they are safe. Abe says they took a vote to check out the boat before heading back, and John says they want to know if their relatives are alive or find proof they are dead. Maggie says she cant wait to be home, to put her arms around Mickey and to call her daughters. Maggie says she wants to throw a big party at Tuscany when they get home. Abe remembers Lexies birthday is coming up, and he wonders what to buy her. John thinks just walking through the door will be enough. Suddenly, Abes vision becomes blurry, but he doesnt say anything about it. Abe says he cant wait to see LExie and hold his boy. Abe says not only are they alive, but the truth about the stalker will be revealed. Maggie says Marlenas good name will be cleared. John says Marlena is alive, he can feel it. The coast guard captain says they are approaching the Japanese trawler. Maggie prays that the others will be safe and on the trawler.

On the Japanese fishing boat, Marlena and Roman wake up, and they both remember their encounter with Tony the day before. Roman and MArlena discuss how Tony could be alive, and what hell he has in store for them now. Bart shows up later, and he says he had the guys in the kitchen make them coffee and eggs for breakfast. Bart says they were actually making green tea and sushi until he straightened them out. Roman asks Bart where the others are, and if they are alive. He also asks where Tony is? Bart says hes nursing the neck wound the late John Black gave him. MArlena asks if John is dead? He says he doesnt know, he is just assuming. He tells them not to get their hopes up about any of the others still being a live. Roman says even if Bart did know he wouldnt say, hes too afraid of Tony. Bart says thats right, he is afraid of Tony. Bart says he just works here, if they want answers theyll have to talk to Tony. Roman says fine, go get him. Bart says no can do, he has his orders. Later, MArlena and Roman hear the coast guard outside asking for permission to come aboard. They think they have been saved.


November 10, 2004
On the Japanese trawler, Bo, Hope and Abe search for their friends. One of them men insists they only have fish onboard, but they are welcomed to search. Bart watches them from around a corner, and when Roman and Marlena scream for help, Bart orders them to shut up. He makes them follow him elsewhere. Marlena ends up dropping her ring in the hallway, and they are put below by Bart. Once alone, Marlena says she did something that might help them, or it might hurt them. Roman asks what? She says she dropped her wedding ring, but if it gets into the wrong hands it may do more harmthen good. She says what if Tony finds it? Roman says the have to hope that someone else does

Meanwhile, Bo, Hope and Abe show up and Hope finds a ring in one of the fishing nets and asks the fisherman to explain this to her. She says this is MArlenas wedding ring, and it wouldnt be on board if she wasnt. The fisherman says he has no idea how it got here, and he suggests that since it was in the net it could have been pulled out of the sea. Bo says along with the woman with it, where is she! The man says he doesnt know, perhaps the wave pulled it off her finger. The coast guard captain believes him and says he has no motive to lie. Abe says he is right, maybe they need to face the fact that the others are dead.

Back in the room they have been put in, Roman and Marlena hear a helicopter outside, and they see their loved ones boarding the helicopter from the coast guard boat. They are unhappy to see the others leaving without them, and begin screaming to be let out. Tony listens to them scream and says they have no clue what he has planned for them next, for them or their friends. Roman tells MArlena that they cant let Tony get to them. Marlena says she just cant stand that hes controlling their lives again. Roman says they are still alive and they will get out of here to be reunited with their loved ones. Tony walks in and says they will reunite with their loved ones, but will it be in Salem or hell? Tony says their loved ones have left. He says the searched the ship but they couldnt find these hidden compartments. Roman says they will get out of here. Tony says yes, but in the meantime enjoy themselves! Tony leaves them, and Roman says they will get back to Salem, but until then, they still have each other.

In Salem, Celeste is reading the paper when suddenly her crystals begin to glow. She says there is great apprehension among the spirits, and as one chapter comes to an end, another one begins.

Bonnie drags Mickey to the Justice of the Peace to be married. He doesnt understand why they just dont wait and have Elvis marry them in Vegas like she wanted. She says she doesnt want to wait, and he asks why? Julie shows up and asks yes why? Bonnie asks if Julie followed them? Julie says she saw them speeding down the parkway and wondered what they were up to, so yes she followed them. She asks Bonnie why shes so hell bent to get married today? Does she know something they dont? Mickey thinks they should take time and do this the way she wants, but Bonnie says no. Bonnie says she wants to marry him today, right now because she loves him. Mickey says he knows she does, and theyve gone about this all the wrong way. Mickey says hes made up his mind and they arent getting married. She asks what he means? Mickey asks Julie to leave them be for a moment. Julie says okay, but dont let Bonnie talk him out of his decision! Mickey says he loves Bonnie and they dont need a wedding or a big fancy wedding, they can live as companions. Bonnie says she is touched hed live in sin for her, but she doesnt want to ruin his good name or tarnish his familys reputation. She says she wants to be his wife. Mickey says if it will make her happy then they can get married. Mickey goes into a room to get the paperwork started, and says shell be right in. Bonnie pulls out a cosmetics mirror to freshen up. She ends up dropping it, and it shatters. Bonnie says not another seven years! Julie shows up and says it seems like an omen to her, and she walks into the room where Mickey went. Bonnie vows she will marry Mickey and there is nothing anyone can do to stop her. Bonnie goes in, and the Justice of the Peace starts the ceremony. When asked if anyone has just because why these two shouldnt wed, Julie cries out. However she says its just a Charlie Horse and to go ahead. Julie says to herself that she objects, and knows Maggie would too. Meanwhile, Maggie arrives home and calls out to Mickey, but he doesnt answer. She walks into the living room and is stunned by what she sees. She says oh my god, no!

Belle is walking outside and remembers Shawn telling her that he was dropping out of school. Belle says she has to get over Shawn, if he wants to drop out of school and be with Jan then so be it. Belle heads to Bo and Hopes house for her play date with Zack, and shes stunned when Shawn answers the door. She explains to him that shes been coming over to play with Zack so he isnt so lonely. Shawn invites her in, and they sit down and play with Zack. Shawn grabs his head again, and she asks what is wrong. He says not much, he just cant believes hes here and his parents arent. Belle says she understands, she hasnt been back to the penthouse since her parents died. Shawn says hes been thinking about selling the house, but he doesnt know yet. Shawn also says he doesnt know how to tell Zack their parents are gone. Shawn looks at an old picture of him and his parents. He says he has so many memories of them, but Zack wont have any. Shawn says hes too young to remember all their traditions, like decorating the Christmas tree or sailing around the world in the Fancy Face. She says maybe he can make new family traditions with Zack, theyll have their own family memories to share. Shawn says he doesnt think so, not without her in his life. Shawn rants and raves about his parents being gone, and then he apologizes to her for the way he treated her back at the loft. He says he knows she was only concerned about his dropping out, and he hopes shell accept his apology. He says he really is sorry. He is hit with another headache, and she again asks what is wrong. Shawn says it is nothing, his head has just been hurting since the accident. Belle thinks he should get it checked out, but he says no. He has to go take Jan shopping and asks her if she can take Zack back to Lexies? Belle says she will. Shawn gets ready to head out only to run into Hope and Bo! Hope screams, and they all hug one another.

Brandon shows up at St. Lukes to meet with the father. The sister says shell let him know he is here. Brandon looks at the paper and sees Sami and Lucas wedding announcement, and he thinks about his past with Sami. As Brandon goes in to see the father, Sami walks in and wonders what he is doing here. She says she thought she left Salem? She asks the sister if that was Antonio? The sister says yes, he is back in Salem while Father Jansen is away. Sami says she hasnt seen him since junior high, last she heard he left for the seminary. Sami says she always thought he was so hot. Sami apologizes, but the sister says she isnt the first woman to comment on his looks. Sami says she came here in hopes of meeting with Father Jansen about her wedding. The sister says shell check his appointment book, and she drops it. Sami narrowly misses seeing Brandons name on the book. Later Sami gets a call from Kate, and she answers the phone and says Samantha Roberts. Kate says she isnt a Roberts yet. Kate asks Sami when she is coming into work. Sami says she is busy planning her wedding to her son, which is Basic Black business. Kate tells her to just get here within thirty minutes. Sami asks why, is Brandon there? Kate says she has no idea what she is talking about. Sami then gloats to Kate that she knows everything she is up to, and tells her it wont work because Brandon left Salem last night according to Lexie.

Meanwhile, Brandon meets with Father Antonio. Father Antonio and Brandon are old friends, and Antonio is subbing for Father Jansen while hes on sabbatical. Brandon explains he wanted to meet Father Jansen to talk about his charity work with kids, and he hopes Antonio will come onboard his project. Later on his way out Brandon slips right by Sami, who is yelling at Kate on the phone. Neither one see the other. Sami meets with Father Antonio and talks about taking classes for her marriage. Antonio says hes happy shes getting married, but she could have signed up for everything over the phone, she didnt have to come in. Sami says she has a problem and wanted to talk about it. She admits shes been thinking about her ex-husband lately, fantasizing about him. Father Antonio asks about her being able to marry in the church given she was married. Sami says her marriage was annulled, so she never made it to the wedding night with either of her husbands. Sami says she wants to get married but she cant stop thinking about her ex husband. She asks if she is going to hell. Father Antonio says shes not going to hell for having impure thoughts about another man, but they need to know why she is having these thoughts. He asks Sami if she is satisfied with Lucas, does he fulfill her. Sami says he does, she loves him and he is a good father. Father Antonio says perhaps she should talk to her ex and find out why she is thinking about him. He says if she figures out what it is that is missing in her life with Lucas, and if she can do without it, only then she can proceed with her marriage to Lucas.

At the Carver house, Lexie looks at photos of Abe with Theo and wishes he was here. Celeste calls up to check if LExie and Theo are okay. Lexie says yes, why? Celeste says she feels the spirits are wrestles. Lexie says not on her birthday! Celeste is very worried, so Lexie asks what her cards say? Celeste says she has been afraid to ask, but checks them. She says a change has been set in motion, one that will affect all of their lives.

Kate is at the office and calls Lucas up to wish him luck for his interview. She hopes to herself that Lucas gets the job because it will make him one of the most eligible men in Salem and pretty soon hell forget all about Sami. Later she talks to Sami (per the previous paragraph), and then Kate tries calling Brandon. Shes upset when she only gets his voice mail. She then calls Lexies house to ask her if what Sami told her was true. Celeste answers the phone, and Kate asks her about her premonition involving Sami and Brandon (Sami told Kate about it). Celeste says it was true, so Kate asks her if she can consult her cards and give her more information? Celeste does, and then gasps. She tells Kate to go to the hospital right away! 

Kate arrives at the hospital as Celeste instructed her too. She remembers Celeste telling her the person she loves and will spend her life with is in the hospital. She thinks it is Roman, walks in, and sees John lying in the bed!

Back at the Carver house, Brandon has planned a birthday party for Lexie. She goes outside to check on her mom, who ran out to her car, and Brandon follows her. They are stunned when Abe walks up to them. Lexie says this cant be, he is alive. Abe says hes come home to her. LExie runs into his arms and screams. 



November 11, 2004
At the justice of the peace, Mickey and Bonnies marriage ceremony continues. When the justice asks if anyone knows any reason why they shouldnt be married, Julie shoots up out of her seat. She says its just a charlie horse and for them to continue. However, when they arrive at the I do part, Julie finally yells out stop! She says Mickey cant do this, she wont let him. Mickey drags Julie outside and says he has had it with her. He says he cannot take her behavior anymore, and he wants her out of his life. Bonnie hears this and cheers to herself, and Julie cries that she cant believe he is turning on his own family for a cheap gold digging floozy! Mickey returns to the justices office and says they should continue, but the justice says its too late and he cant marry them. He says he has another appointment, and his next opening isnt until next week. Bonnie says they need to be married today, so the justice suggests vegas. He says good day, and she wonders how this could be happening. Mickey says it may not be in the cards for them to be married today. Bonnie worries that Celestes prediction could be true.

Maggie returns home and is stunned by what she sees. Doug is with her, and he asks Maggie what is wrong? Maggie sees her fern is dead and she cant believe it. She wonders what happened to her poor plant. We see flashbacks of Bonnie putting her cigarettes out in the fern and pouring beer into it as she danced around the house! Doug asks if she isnt taking this just a little too hard? Maggie says Mickey wouldnt let this happen unless something was seriously wrong. Doug and Maggie are unable to get in touch with Mickey or Julie. Maggie decides to call Alice to see if they are over there. Meanwhile, Julie shows up and decides to apologize to Uncle Mickey by writing him a note as she cant bear to loose another family member. Doug shows up, and Julie is stunned to see him. At first she asks him to give her a pen so she can write a letter to Mickey, but then she realizes Doug is alive. As he hugs her, Julie faints. She comes too and is shocked to see both Maggie and Doug. Maggie asks where Mickey is? Julie says they have to find him and stop him before its too late! Julie says they have to get to the justice of the peace, and Maggie asks why would Mickey be there? Suddenly Bonnie carries Mickey over the threshold. He says that is his job, but she says turnabout is fair play. Maggie watches in disbelief as Bonnie gives him a big kiss!

At the Carver house, we see a replay from yesterday of Brandon setting up a party for Lexie, Lexie going outside to greet her mother, and Abe showing up. Brandon. Celeste and Lexie cannot believe their eyes. Abe says hes come home to her. Lexie runs into his arms and cries. He says he loves her so much, and she says she never stopped loving him and he is the only one for her. Tek watches this reunion from the bushes. He comes out from hiding and they all go into the house to talk. Lexie says she is sorry and she didnt see him outside. Lexie hugs Tek and thinks he brought Abe home to her. Tek says it is a long story. Abe tells Lexie that he never died, and Marlena didnt kill him. He says hell explain it all later as best as he can, and all that matters is he is alive. Lexie says her mom tried to tell her that he was alive, but she didnt want to get her hopes up. Celeste said she only had her best interests at heart. Abe says he is impressed, and Celeste has made him a believer in her powers. Celeste says not all is foolproof, but shes never been so happy to be right about anything. Abes vision begins to blur again, and LExie asks if he is okay? He says he is fine. Lexie asks Abe who was behind all of this? Abe says this isnt easy, but the mastermind was her brother Tony. She asks why he would do this, to think she trusted him. She says she thought he loved her. Abe says he is incapable of love and is as cold blooded and ruthless as Stefano. He says the world is better off without them both. Lexie suggests they talk about other things and let nothing spoil this day. Brandon suggests they turn Lexies birthday party into a combination welcome home party. Abe continues to lose his site, and Lexie asks if he is okay? He says he just hasnt had much sleep. Meanwhile, Brandon talks to Celeste about Tek. Celeste says Tek is the man Lexie was seeing. Brandon says if Tek doesnt get the hint and leave Lexie and Abe alonethen hell have a talk with him. Celeste says he has his own problems, by staying in Salem he has opened Pandoras box and inside is Sami. Suddenly, Abe becomes dizzy and starts stumbling around. He falls to the floor and cries he cant see, he is blind!

At the Brady house, Bo and Hope are reunited with Shawn and Zack. He is stunned, and Hope sees his head bandage and asks if he is okay? He says hell tell her later. Hope tells Belle that her dad is okay and hes at the hospital. Hope says dont get alarmed, hes okay. Belle asks where they have been? Bo says perhaps her dad should tell her that. Belle leaves, and Hope talks to Shawn about why he left Salem and where he has went. He says he doesnt know, which puzzles Bo. Shawn says its a long story, and hes sorry. Hope says she is glad he and Belle are back together, she heard they were broken up. Shawn says they are, and they are dating other people. Hope asks who he is dating? Jan shows up and says surprise. They are stunned, but not as stunned as when Jan reveals not only are they dating but they are engaged. Hope says this cant be. Shawn confirms that he is engaged to her. Hope says she wants to hear it from Shawn. Shawn says he hooked up with Jan when he left Salem, and he was with her the whole time. Hope asks what happened as when he left that night he was going to see Belle. Shawn says she didnt want to see him; at least that is what he was told. When Jan starts speaking, Bo tells her to shut up because they want to hear it from their son. Shawn says she is just trying to help him. Hope asks why he cant tell them? Doesnt he remember something so momentous as an engagement? Shawn says he was in a motorcycle accident, and ever since having brain surgery his memory has been foggy. Shawn says he wants to hear about them, so they tell him that Marlena was innocent after all and all the victims were alive until recently. Shawn says so Belle didnt cause his familys deaths. Jan says she still lied to him and slept with his best friend. Bo asks what that was? Shawn says nothing. Bo also informs Shawn that Victor and Colin Murphy were alive as well. Jan freaks out and wonders how this could be, she fried him alive. Shawn asks why Tony did this? They say to get even with them by separating them from their loved ones. Bo and Hope explain about the tidal wave, and those who didnt make it back. Jan is relieved to hear Victor is dead as he cant talk. Jan comforts Shawn and says she is so sorry. Hope wants to tear Jan away from Shawn, but Bo stops her. He says something is wrong, why is Shawn with Jan? Hope says she doesnt know but she intends to find out. Jan and Shawn leave, and outside Jan tells him that she is here for him. Shawn says he just cant believe that Marlena never killed anyone. He says this changes everything. She asks what he means? Shawn says he cant talk about this now. Jan says she is sure she can . . . He tells her to stop and that he needs time. Shawn walks off, and Jan follows him. Back inside, Hope tells Bo that she is worried about Shawn and this Jan thing. Bo says he is too, and maybe now that they are back . . . . Hope says even though they are back, everything has changed and nothing will ever be the same again. 

At the hospital, Kate remembers Celeste telling her that she needed to go to the hospital because the person she loves and will spend her life with is in the hospital. She thinks it is Roman, only to find John in the hospital bed. She is glad to see him and says she thought she lost him too. John tells Kate that Roman and Marlena are . . . She asks what about them? John says they were with him. Kate asks what he means, they really were alive? She asks if he brought them home? John explains to her about the tidal wave, how everyone was alive, but seven were lost in the tidal wave. Kate says she knows Roman is alive and she will go find him. John says as soon as he is okay he will go look for them, but as much as he hates to say it, there is only so much they can survive. Kate says not to say it, and how will they get through losing the people they love all over again. John says they will get through this together, and in the meantime they will pray for another miracle. John explains the story to Kate, how Tony had gone mad and was out for revenge ageist them all, especially him. John says Tony was out to punish him for taking Kristen away from him. Kate says at least both Stefano and Tony are gone. Kate asks how Roman was, and if he missed her. John remembers talking to Roman about him and Marlena almost making love. John just says that Roman missed her desperately and couldnt wait to get home. She asks about Cassie, and John says Roman and Cassie were getting very close. Kate says Rex will be glad, and then she realizes she has to tell Rex that Tony was responsible for this. She also says hell have to tell Sami and Belle the news too. Kate says it will be a comfort to Belle to know her mother wasnt the stalker. John says no she wasnt, she was just held a prison on an island. Belle walks in, hears this, and thinks both her mom and dad are alive. She asks where mom is, and John says he has to talk to her about something. John says he did find her mother and everyone else alive. He says they were being held prisoner by Tony. She asks how this is possible? He says hell try and explain that later, but first he has some bad news. She asks what? He tells her about the Tsunami, and how her mother is gone again. Belle breaks down, and John holds her. Belle asks what if she is still out there? John says if she isthen he wont stop looking, and he will find her and bring her home if it is the last thing he does. Meanwhile, Kate goes out into the hall and mourns Roman all over again.


November 12, 2004
At Mickeys house, Bonnie carries Mickey through the door and over the threshold. He says that hes supposed to be the one carrying her. Bonnie says since he swept her off her feet that turnabout is fair play. They kiss, and Julie says God no he married her! Maggie cries married her! Bonnie sees Julie and wonders what she is doing here, and then she sees Maggie and asks how she can be here. Mickey turns around, and Maggie asks how could you! Mickey says it cant be! Bonnie says its not, shes dead. Julie says no she is alive, and so are Doug, Alice and Jennifer. Mickey says he must be dreaming. Maggie hugs him to make him realize its not a dream. Bonnie tells Maggie to get her paws off her husband! Maggie says he is her husband They begin fighting over Mickey, and he stops them. Mickey says this isnt making any sense. Doug fills him in on the quick version of the story. Maggie says she finally has been able to come back home, and he is married to Bonnie! She asks how this happened. Mickey says they were going to go to Vegas and get married, but their flight got canceled. He says then they went to the Justice of the Peace, but Julie delayed it and they almost missed that chance because he had another appointment. Mickey says Bonnie convinced him to fit them in and marry them. Bonnie asks Julie why she is here as she thought Mickey told him to stay out of their lives. Julie says she came back to apologize! Bonnie says this is her wedding day, and she wants Mickey to do something because its being spoiled. Maggie says she was afraid this would happen. She talks about seeing them on TV at Tuscany thanks to Tonys evil schemes. Maggie says she knows Mickey needed someone to take care of her. She says she just hopes Bonnie took better care of Mickeythen her plant! Bonnie tells Mickey that she knows he is happy that Maggie is alive, and she wants Maggie to know that shell always be welcome in their home. Maggie cries our home! Both Maggie and Julie attempt to attack Bonnie, but Mickey and Doug stop them. Doug suggests they go home, but Julie says she cant leave now, not with Bonnie here. Doug says that Mickey was lonely and he thought Maggie was dead. Julie asks if he is saying he understands why Mickey did this. Meanwhile, Bonnie pours herself a drink, and Maggie is furious that there is alcohol in her house. Maggie says she hates to ruin Bonnes wedding day, but you really can only come back from the dead once. Mickey asks what he can do to help, and Maggie tells him to inform Bonnie that this is her home! Maggie says Bonnie can put her tacky little stamp all over the place, and even on Mickeys wardrobe, but this is still her home. She says she is surprised there isnt a stuffed Buffalo head over the fireplace. Bonnie says now she has gone and ruined Mickeys wedding present! Maggie says Mickey is her husband and he is a lawyer, so ask him who his real wife is. Bonnie says she knows he is a lawyer, and she knows Maggie was officially declared dead so she is the one and only Mrs. Mickey Horton. Maggie begins bawling, and Bonnie suggests they all celebrate their marriage since they are here. Doug once again tries to get Julie to leave with him, but she says she cant go and leave poor Maggie. Maggie sees Bonnie is wearing her diamond engagement ring, and she is furious. Maggie says to think she risked her life for her wedding band on the island, and Mickey just gave away her engagement ring. Bonnie says it is hers now, possession is nine tenths of the law. Bonnie says she should thank Mickey as he updated that tired old setting. Bonnie says she has been dead for over a year now, did she expect him to sit around and wait for her to come back? Maggie says yes! Mickey says when he lost her he didnt know what to do, and Bonnie was here and took care of him. He says he couldnt even bring himself to eat, yet she cooked for him. Maggie hopes she at least kept him on his low fat diet. Bonnie says she didnt as Maggie was starving the poor man on her tofu diet. Maggie asks if she is trying to kill him? Julie says not until after the wedding. Maggie then points out that until they have consummated their marriage,then Mickey is still hers! Julie knows they have done the wild thing, and she tells Maggie that they have. Bonnie tells Maggie that Mickey is hers now, body and soul. She says he stays up all night to keep her satisfied! Maggie faints and Doug catches her. When Maggie comes too she says oh its true, its like the island only worse. Maggie says she should have fired Bonnie a thousand times over, but she thought she needed the job. Maggie says she was a poor housekeeper, she failed the white glove test! Julie says this isnt all Mickeys fault, Bonnie prayed on his grief! Bonnie says Julie is just jealous because no one came after her. Julie says shell have her know . .. Doug says what? Julie says nothing. Bonnie tells Maggie shes still a good looking dame so she wont have any problem finding another guy. Maggie says she doesnt want another guy, she wants her husband! Maggie runs upstairs, and then comes downstairs and says all her clothes are gone! She says all thats left in her dresser are these, and throws panties at Bonnie. She says those were a surprise for Mickey tonight. Julie asks Mickey if he can do something? Mickey says he doesnt know what to say. Doug says he can only have one wife, so hes going to have to choose. 

Jen, baby and newly shaven Patrick arrive back home. Jen says it feels good to be home. She thinks about all the people having reunions with their families, and she says that Jack just has to be alive. She says they have to have find him, and why hasnt anyone called? Patrick says hell find out, and he begins making calls. Unfortunately there is no news. Jen still refuses to give up hope as Jack should have died a hundred times back on that island, but he didnt. Jen cries, and Patrick says he is so sorry and he is sorry for his part in all of this. He says he thought they could get away from that island, and he never should have worked for the DiMeras. Jen doesnt blame him. She says he could have been killed by Tony for betraying him. Jen says he has proved himself to them all that he is on their side. Patrick says he still has a lot to prove to himself, but he thanks her. Jen decides to check to see if there are any messages from Jack in her email. Patrick says those messages were hoaxes. Jen says she knows Jack is alive, she can feel it. Jen checks her email and says Oh my God its Jack! Patrick looks at them and says these are dates from the day she left for the island, these are old messages. Jen is disappointed, and she says she doesnt know how to tell Abby about Jack. Patrick thinks he should give them time alone, so hell go gather up his things from the garage apartment. Jen says no, please dont go. She says she doesnt want to seem needy, but Abby blamed her for her dad leaving the first time. Jen says Abby counted on him during those times, and perhaps it would be a help to have him here now in case she blames her once again. He says hell stay as long as they need him. Jen doesnt know what to say to Abby when she doesnt even believe Jack is dead.

Abby and her new friend Chelsea show up outside. Abby complains about her stupid Aunt Julie always checking up on her. Chelsea thinks they should just go to the mall, and Abby says why not as it isnt like anyone would miss her. Abby says she should drop her things off, and looks for her key. Chelsea says dont bother, her front door is open. They walk in thinking Julie is here to check on Abby. Abby sees Jen and is stunned. Jen runs into her arms and hugs her. Jen says she is here and shell never leave her again. Abby says she thought she was dead, and that she prayed so hard for her to come back. Abby says she never thought it would do any good since her prayers about dad werent answered. Abby asks if she is okay, and Jen says she is and she has a lot to tell her. Jen says Patrick came after her and was a real hero. Abby tells him that shes glad he is okay too. Abby introduces Chelsea to Patrick and her mom, she says she met Chelsea at camp and they go to school together. Jen asks if she is okay, and Abby says yes and Aunt Julie has been taking care of her. Abby asks what about the baby, and Jen says her brother is upstairs. They go up to meet him, and she says he looks so much like dad. She asks if he is okay, and Jen says hes perfect. Jen lets Abby hold her brother, and she tells him that hes the best thing that has happened to her family in a long time. Abby asks what his name is? Jen says that she and her dad decided . . . Abby says what? Dad didnt know about the baby when he died. Jen says there are so many things she has to tell her. Jen says her dad was on the island with her, and so was Bo, Hope, Doug and her grandma Alice. Abby says oh my God, dads alive! Jen puts the baby down in his crib, and Abby wonders where her dad is. She says he must be hiding, it must be a surprise. Abby thinks hes upstairs and she runs up there. Jen doesnt know what to do and she says she never should have said anything. Patrick comforts her as she agonizes over telling Abby about her father.

Lexie brings Abe to the hospital, and they are in an exam room. Abe says he says hes sorry for ruining her birthday. Lexie says he didnt ruin it, he made it the best day of her life. Abe asks what is wrong with him? Lexie says she doesnt know, but shes called in an optomologist. Abe holds LExies hands and says that this is the happiest day of his life. He says he missed so much of Brandon growing up, and he thought hed miss that with Theo. He asks if it is too much to ask that he be able to see again, to see Theo grow up. He apologizes for feeling sorry for himself, but Lexie says it is okay. Abe says Tek told him that he looked after her and Theo when he was gone. Lexie remembers kissing Tek, but does not tell Abe. The doctor who Lexie called shows up and she says she has the results. Lexie says shell be right back, and leaves the room.

In the waiting room, Tek talks to Brandon about Lexie and how she seems very scared. Brandon asks just how close did he and Lexie get when his father was missing? Tek says they are just friends. Brandon says he saw how he looked at Lexie, and he doesnt want to see Lexie or Abe hurt. Tek says he and everyone thought Abe was dead, and he was there for them when Brandon wasnt. Brandon asks what that means? Teks says hes not the one that had an affair with Lexie a few years back when Abe was alive and in the picture, so maybe Brandon is the one with the issues! Lexie shows up and finds Brandon and Tek arguing, and she asks what they are arguing about? Brandon says her. She asks why, and Brandon says its nothing. Tek leaves to check in with the station, and Lexie demands to know what his argument was about. Brandon says the guy just rubs him the wrong way. Lexie says right now they have to stay calm for Abe. The doctor comes out and tells Lexie and Brandon that Abes condition could be very serious. Lexie goes back in to see Abe, and Abe says hell be okay. He says the only thing that matteres is his coming home to her. He says he just wishes he could see her face again, and Theos. Abe says hell beat this, and he will see her again. Lexie says yes you will. 

Kate is walking through the halls and sees that Brandon is still in town after all. Meanwhile, Sami meets up with a nurse and shows the nurse her engagement ring. The nurse says it is nice, and asks if she is eloping again? She says no shes having a huge wedding and everyone is invited, well almost everyone. The nurse makes a snide remark that she would rather wait until she knows she has found the right man. She then asks Sami what she is doing here, wasnt she banned from the hospital after what she did? Sami says her fianc the head of the Horton Foundation and the Hortons are like royalty around here. Sami says soon she will be one. Sami says she is going to get everything she wants, shes going to be Mrs. Brandon Walker! The nurse morphs into Brandon, and he asks if that was a Freudian slip or did it come straight from the heart? The nurse once then asks if that was a Freudian slip or what, would she rather marry Brandonthen Lucas? Sami says she is sure she wants to marry Lucas, and Brandon is gone from Salem and out of her life. Sami says even if he was, Lucas is the man for her and they will have a perfect life. The nurse says well she wishes her luck this time, she heard what happened with all her other weddings because they all make the papers. Sami says every other marriage problem she had was Kates fault, and she wont let Kate reun her marriage to Lucas. Kate hears this and says wanna bet? Kate approaches Sami, and Sami asks what shes doing here? Kate says she has some very bad news for her. Sami and Kate start trading insults, and Sami ends up telling her that Brandon is gone so nothing will ruin her wedding. Kate says she wishes her all the best, and shell even give her a preview of her future. She tells Sami to head upstairs and see whose waiting in the waiting room because she wont believe her eyes. Sami goes upstairs and says Its you, what in the hell are you doing here?

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