November 15, 2004

At Jack and Jens, Abby comes downstairs and asks where Dad is? Jen says hes not here, and he might not be coming home. Jen says hes missing again. Abby asks how did this happen? Why didnt she stay with him? Jen says when that wave came crashing down they were all separated. Patrick says it was a miracle her mom was able to hold onto her brother. Jen says if it wasnt for Patrick she and her brother would be dead too. Abby says she wont go through this again. She says it was her moms fault dad left in the first place and it is her fault now! Jen asks how can this be her fault? Jen tells Abby that she risked her life to go find him and bring Jack back to her. Patrick says they are still searching for Jack, Brady Black is with the coast guard now. Abby asks why Patrick didnt stay with them? Jen says the coast guard wanted all the survivors to get back, and she wanted to get back to her. Abby says she just wants her dad back, she cant believe he was alive this whole time. Abby says she knew and she never told her, she just sent her off to camp. Abby says if her mom could make it home then why not him. Jen says he tried, but Abby says she doesnt believe her. Abby says if only one of them could come home then why did it have to be her. Patrick says she doesnt mean that, but Abby says she does. Chelsea, Abbys friend, says she knows Abby is upset right now, but she has her mom and brother back now. Chelsea asks Abby if she doesnt remember how much she missed her mom? Abby tells Chelsea to shut up because she never had her parents die and come back and then die again. Abby says no one in this whole world has. Abby tells them all to leave her alone, and she runs upstairs. Chelsea tells Jen that shes glad shes okay, and she heads off. Jen asks Patrick what she does now? She says she cant go through this again. Patrick says she is a great mother, and he is here for her. Jen thanks him. She says Abby has had so much heartache as is, and her little boy may have to grow up without his father. Patrick tells her not to give up. Jen says she wont, and she thanks Patrick for being here for her. He takes her face in his hands and says hell always be here for her.

At Bo and Hopes, Bo gets off the phone with someone and tells Hope there is still no word on the survivors, but its not looking good. Hope cant believe Jen is going to have to tell Abby that her dad might be gone again. Bo says Marlenas family will be going through the same thing. Bo says he thanks God that he didnt lose her. Just then, Jan and Shawn arrive, Shawn is carrying firewood. Hope tells Bo that she still cant believe those two are engaged, and something isnt right here. Hope says Shawn belongs with Belle. Jan seems to hear what Hope has said, and she tells Hope that she knows she doesnt approve of her, but she loves Shawn. Jan says Shawn also loves her, and nothing will keep them apart. Shawn says he wishes theyd give Jan a chance. He says hes glad his parents are home, but a lot have changed since they have been gone. Shawn says he and Belle broke up, and now he is with Jan, so get used to it. Hope says but Marlena never killed anyone. Shawn says Belle still lied to him, and shes sleeping with his former best friend. Shawn says he wants nothing to do with her. Jan says she was there for Shawn when Belle broke his heart, and she is the one who took good care of him after his accident. Hope says shes not so sure about that. Hope asks Shawn if he is sure he is okay? Shawn says hes fine aside from just some memory lapses. Hope isnt so sure he is okay, and perhaps his head injury is what is causing him to act this way. Shawn says it is his life and to back off! Hope and Bo exchanged puzzled looks, and Shawn grabs his head. Bo tells Shawn not to speak to his mother like that and to apologize. Shawn says hes sorry, and he is glad to have them back again. He also apologizes to his father. They accept his apology, and Shawn and Jan work on getting the fire started. Hope talks to Bo and says he doesnt seem like himself. He says even if Shawn and Belle did have a fight, why would he take up with Jan? Jan goes to the kitchen to get her and Shawn some sodas, and she uses the chance to listen in on Bo and Hope. She stands at the kitchen door and spies on them. Bo says if Shawn and Belle are meant to be together then no one will keep them apart. Jan says wanna bet, if she gets her way Belle will be history and Shawn will be hears forever. Hoppe tells Bo that she still thinks Jan is up to something, and shes going to find out what. Jan returns with sodas, and she asks Shawn how long they have to stay here because she wants to be alone with him. She says she can warm him up without a fire. Shawn tells her to give it a rest because he wants to spend time with his family. He says his uncle, grandma and grand father are all missing, his family needs him. He asks if she is stupid or can she not see that? He then storms off in anger. Jan says if Shawn ever finds out that he tried to electrocute his grandpa munsterthen she is toast. She also says she cant let his cop parents bust her. She says desperate times call for desperate measures. Jan begins fake crying, and Shawn asks what is wrong? Jan says seeing him with his parents is making her think of her parents and how shell never see them again. Shawn comforts her and says he is sorry. Jan says she is going to go, and Shawn says hell take her home. Shawn tells his parents that he has to head out ands spend time with Jan. He gives his parents hugs and says he is glad they are home, and hes sorry about the bike. Jan gives Hope and Bo big kisses and hugs too and tells them welcome home! They leave, and Bo gets a call from Billie. Billie is talking all erratic, and he asks her to slow down and tell him what is going on. Bo says he has to go to the station because Billie has discovered something on the disk. Hope doesnt want him to go because she has a bad feeling about things. Outside, Jan thanks Shawn for taking her home. She says he wont regret it, and gives him a big kiss. She says shell never leave his side, and no one will ever come between them.

At the hospital, Belle is taking care of John. She tells him that shes sure the doctors will have him up and moving before mom gets home. Belle says mom will come home. John says that is right, and that is the spirit. He says they always have to keep believing. Belle says just like when they believed she was innocent when it seemed impossible. She says even if mom doesnt make it back, at least they know she is not the Salem Stalker. John says she will come home, and that Brady is still down in the Caribbean helping with the search. John says shell be all right, he knows she will be. They talk about mom and what she had to have gone through. John says it is all his fault, Tony was out to destroy him and everyone close to him. Belle asks what happened to Tony? John says hes gone and she doesnt have to worry about him anymore. She asks if he is sure? John says he killed him, and thats how he ended up this way. Belle asks if he was hurtthen how did he get away? John says Marlena and Roman saved him and put him on one of the rafts. Belle says she heard about the volcano and tidal wave on the news. She asks how they got separated? John tells her the story about how Marlena strapped him to the raft to save him. 

Elsewhere, Kate watches as Sami runs into Brandon. Sami says he was supposed to be gone, and she asks if he stayed in Salem last night. He says he did. She freaks out and says her life is over! Sami says Lexie said he left, why didnt he? Brandon says he did but his car broke down, so he had to stay. He says hes glad he did stay because it was Lexies birthday and boy did she get a surprise. Sami says she doesnt care and she tells him that he has to go. She tries to pretend hes a figment of her imagination, she closes her eyes and says this isnt real, but Brandon says hes still here. He tells her to calm down because hes guessing she hasnt heard the news yet. He says he has something important to tell her. He tries to tell her why he and Lexie came to the hospital, but she doesnt want to hear it. Brandon says she doesnt know when to shut up. A nurse tells Brandon that Lexie wants to see him, and Sami tells him to go run after LExie. She asks if they are getting hot-n-heavy again. Brandon tells Sami to forget it and have a nice life. He then walks off.

Brandon meets up with Lexie to see how Abes holding up. Lexie says he is not doing well. Brandon asks if Abe knows what the doctor said, that he might not get his sight back anytime soon. LExie says yes, and that hes trying to remain upbeat. LExie says this is breaking her heart. Lexie says shes sending him to a state of the art clinic for treatment. Brandon offers to stay in Salem and help her, but she says no. she says she doesnt want him running into Sami. HE says he already did. Lexie says she was afraid of that. Brandon tells her not to worry, besides Sami doesnt want him here anymore than Lexie does. Brandon says she went off on him about his spending the night here. Lexie says Sami is afraid of her mothers premonition coming true. Lexie says given the chance Sami will turn his life and hers upside down. Brandon says Sami is not his problem anymore, she is Lucas problem now. Later, Lexie says she has to get all these forms for Abes transfer filled out. They talk about how unfair this is to Abe as Abe missed so much of Brandons life, and now he may not get to see Theo grow up. Brandon says he is sure Abe will get his site back, and he is staying in Salem because Abe needs him. She says she still wants him to go back to Chicago. Brandon says not to worry, he will be so focused on Abe that he wont have time to worry about Sami.

Kate thinks that Sami deserves whatever she gets, and that shes not going to marry her son. She looks at her wedding ring and thinks about how Roman wanted her to make peace with Sami. Kate says she hates to break her promise to Roman, but she cant let Sami marry Lucas and make his life miserable. Lucas shows up and says he heard what happened and he cant believe it. He asks when it will stop? It turns out all Lucas was talking about was the news that the dead were alive, and some are missing at sea. Lucas says he cant believe they were all alive this whole time. Lucas says Roman wont give up until he gets back to her, and he asks if there is anything he can do. She says she is fine, and she asks how his job interview went. He says it was all right. He asks his mom if she has seen Sami around as he was supposed to meet her for a blood test. Kate says Sami was here earlier. Lucas asks if she knows about her parents, and Kate says she doesnt know. Lucas says hes worried because this could destroy her.

Lucas finds Sami and tells her that they need to talk. Sami says she has not had a good day. Lucas says he knows, and he understands. She is confused and asks what hes talking about? Lucas says theyll start with the good news, her mother is not the killer and everyone knows now. She says she knew it, and damns Bo for putting her in jail and causing her to be shot. He next says that is just it, Marlena wasnt killed, shes been alive this whole time. Sami asks what hes saying? She asks where her mother is? Lucas says no one was ever killed, they were all abducted and taken to an island by Tony. Sami asks if this is a sick joke? He says its not a joke. Sami cant believe this, and she asks about her dad. Lucas says hes alive too. Sami asks how does he know? Lucas says they all escape and were on their way back home, it was on the news. Lucas says he didnt catch everything, so doesnt know what happened then, but it didnt sound good. She says they are coming back though, but Lucas says they dont know for sure. Sami says her mom and dad will do anything to come back home, the news knows nothing. Lucas says they are missing, and she asks what he means. He suggests she talk to John about this. He says John was with them the whole time. Sami then runs off to see John.

Kate goes back and talks to John and Belle. She tells Belle she tried leaving messages for Phillip, but Belle says hes on duty at the base. Belle says hes going to be upset when he learns his dad is missing. Kate says she knows, and she is grateful she and Phillip have one another. Sami and Lucas soon show up, and Sami tells John to tell her where her parents are and what he has done with them. Lucas tells her to calm down. Belle tells Sami that this is not dads fault. Sami says her dad is still missing, as is their mom. Belle says so is her grandma Caroline, cousin Cassie (Blooper!, Cassies her half-sister), as well as Jack and Victor. Sami asks what about the others? Kate says the others are fine. Sami says so its her family thats missing again. John says they are doing everything they can to find them. Sami says it looks like hes just lying on his ass doing nothing! Lucas tells her to stop, and Belle says they need to pray and be positive. Sami says she is positive they will be found. She says she knew in her heart her parents were alive this whole time, and she still knows that now too. Kate says that is a good sign, and she suggests Sami thank John for going to rescue them. Sami says John didnt succeed. Sami says she blames Kate and John for this as neither of them want her parents to be found. Kate says Roman is her husband and she wants him back. Sami asks John what happened? As he talks to her, Kate warns Lucas not to get caught in Samis cross fire if her parents dont return. 

Lucas drags Kate out of the room to lecture her. Kate says Lucas is making all their lives miserable, and she begs him to get out of this doomed relationship. Lucas says he loves Sami and he wont turn his back on her. He warns his mother not to try and break them up because if she triesthen she will lose. Kate says shes going to check her messages, and Lucas returns to the room. 

Back in the room, Sami tells John that everything will be different when her parents come home. She says she bets all the time they spent together made them realize they are still in love, and that is why mom wanted nothing to do with him and isnt here now. Belle tells Sami to stop this. John tells Sami to stop lying to herself and face the truth. Sami says he and Kate are the liars, they want her parents gone so the two of them can be together. Kate returns, and she says Brady just called and hes coming back. She says they found something, and they are brining it back. Sami says its her parents, they are alive! 


November 16, 2004
The show was interrupted for Bushs announcement of the new Secretary of State half way through. I missed about ten minutes due to this. Ill try and fill in the blanks after I see the repeat on SoapNet later tonight.

At Mickey and Maggies, Doug says this is an awkward and difficult situation. Julie says and it all could have been avoided if someone listened to her or Celeste. Julie says actually someone did listen, Bonnie listened and she hustled Mickey off to the justice of the peace before Maggie could come back from the dead. Bonnie says she didnt force him to do anything; he married her of his own free will. Maggie says he married her too! Mickey says legally she is dead and Bonnie is his wife. Julie says Mickey is a lawyer so annul this sham of a marriage and go back to his one true love. Mickey says he cant do that, its not that easy. He says there has to be a legitimate reason for an annulment, and a wife returning from the dead isnt going to fly with the courts. Maggie cries and asks if that he is saying he doesnt want to be married to her anymore? Julie tells Mickey to annul the marriage and throw Bonnie out on her ashcan! Mickey says he cant, and he says Maggie is legally dead and his marriage to Bonnie is valid. Doug says they obviously havent validated the marriage in the bedroom, but he gets the idea that they have been canoodeling. Maggie says shed rather not hear about this, shed rather forget about it. Bonnie says she can assure them that Mickey will never forget their nights together, he was a real tiger. Julie says you trash talking bitch, and is about to attack Bonnie. Maggie says Julie no, this time the bitch is mine! Bonnie says lets get ready to rumble! Mickey steps in between them and says he wont have them fighting over him, as flattering as it may be. Julie says then he better choose, and he better choose Maggie! Mickey says this isnt as simple as it seems. Mickey tells Maggie that he does love her. He says when she died he wanted to end his life and join her, but Bonnie showed him that his life wasnt over and he could go on. He says he doesnt love one more than the other, and there is so much good about them both. Mickey says until this is resolved it is unfair that they ask him to choose. Maggie says he has been married to Bonnie for all of one second, she really doesnt know him anymore. Bonnie says then what is the problem, she (Maggie) obviously doesnt want to be with him anymore, so go. Julie says Bonnie is asking for a mouthful of fist. Doug says he sympathizes with Mickey because he doesnt want to hurt someone; hes in an impossible situation. Julie tells Doug that if she wasnt so happy he was alive she could kill him for saying that. (This is where the show was interrupted) Mickey tells Maggie he just cant divorce Bonnie right now, and he suggests they all live here until this is straightened out. Maggie ends up running off in tears, and Julie asks him how could he? Julie goes after Maggie, and she tells Maggie that this is not over by a long shot. Meanwhile, Bonnie tells Mickey that she knows how tough this is, but maybe its best if he let Maggie go. Bonnie says Maggie did the right thing by leaving just now; it is a woman thing which she can see more clearly. Bonnie thinks Maggie left because she no longer loves him. Doug says that is not true. Bonnie says well then she must have left because Maggie realized how great their love was and that that she (Maggie) was his past and she (Bonnie) is his future. Maggie returns and says theyll see about that. Maggie says Bonnie can take the master bedroom, shell be taking the blue room which shes renaming nightmare room because thats what shes going to be to Bonnie!

At the station, Bo meets with Billie about Tonys disk. He says Hope didnt want to come as she had a bad feeling about the disk, plus shes working on other things. Billie says she cracked the disk, and he wont believe what is on the thing. It has all the DiMera contacts, employees, payrolls, etc . . The disk has records going back to when Roman and Marlena were held by Stefano, and it has sections on Johns training. Bo says this might help John with the missing pieces of his past. Billie says some files have been deleted, and she hopes that the ISA will be able to retrieve the missing data. Billie says it will take the rest of her career in the ISA to follow up on these leads. Bo asks if she is leaving Salem? She says unless he can give her a reason to stay. Bo says he thought she was staying in town for her family, and he asks why she wants him to give him a reason to stay. She says shes not asking that, she was just asking if there was pressing matter on the force that might need her here. Bo says she doesnt have to go, Shane can assign anyone to work on this case, but Billie says she wants it. He says this work doesnt make a good life, but she says her job is her life, its all she has. Bo asks if that is the way she wants it.

At the hospital, Abe has been shipped off to a special clinic. Lexie tells Brandon if she could take Theothen shed go with him, but she cant. Lexie says they decided it was worth the sacrifice of being separated for a bit in order for him to get his sight back. Brandon says it is a good thing shes a doctor and knew what to do. Lexie doesnt know what has caused this sudden blindness, and she just hopes there is nothing else wrong with Abe. Brandon says until they find out then he will be here for her. Tek shows up and says the just got news about the others that are missing. Tek informs them that a backpack and clothing have been found near where the rafts went down, and Hope is telling John the bad news right now. He says hes sorry, and this is the last thing Abe needs. Tek asks about Abe, and Lexie says he is gone. Tek says hes sorry and goes to comfort her, but Brandon pushes him and says for him to keep his hands off Lexie. Lexie tells them both to stop this, and she asks for a moment alone with Tek. Lexie talks with Tek, and says she has to tell him something. (I never saw what was said due to the news interruption)

In Johns room, Kate says Brady is on his way back, and hes found something. Sami asks who they found? Kate says she never said they found someone, she said they found something. Sami thinks Brady is keeping mum because he wants to surprise them. Belle doesnt think her brother would do that, and neither does John. Kate says she got the impression it wasnt good news. Sami says that is because they dont want her parents to come back, but her parents will come home and they will be together. Hope walks in and says thats not going to happen. She has a bag of things with her, which she shows them. The bag is of their loved ones clothing. Sami says that could belong to anyone, but John recognizes MArlena and Romans shirt. Hope says Brady IDs Victor and Carolines clothing, as well as Jacks backpack. Sami says this doesnt prove anything. Hope says the clothes are blood stained, and the police labs are comparing the blood records against them. Sami says she wont believe it, there is no way her mom and dad are dead. Hope says shell go call the station and find out what has been learned. Sami accuses John and Kate of wanting her parents dead so they can carry on with their affair. Belle tells Sami enough, her dad could be paralyzed because he tried to save everyone. Kate says John killed Tony and allowed everyone to escape. Sami says that is what John wants them to believe. She says she bets John was just fending for himself and left her parents behind to die. Kate and John tell her to stop this lashing out in pain, shes just making things worse. Lucas says she isnt doing it to deliberately. Sami thanks Lucas for his pitiful attempt to defend her actions. Belle suggests Sami ask Lexie for something to calm her down. Sami says Lexie is the worst doctor on the planet, she is the one who pronounced them all dead. John says that was Tonys doing, he gave them a drug to make them appear dead. Sami says and who was Tonys sister, Lexie! John says Sami should be grateful nothing happened to her, she was getting close to Tony last year. Sami asks if they are saying this is her fault? Belle tells Sami that she is paranoid, she thinks everyone has it in for her. Just then Hope comes in, and she has the results. Hope says the blood matched all six victims. Sami breaks down in Lucas arms, while Kate, Belle and John comfort one another. 

Later, (after the news interruption) Sami lashes out at Belle for not showing her some support, and then she lashes out at Kate for telling Lucas lies about her. She returns to yelling at Belle about her liar of a father. Belle says her father loves their mother, and he loves her too. Sami tells Belle that her father has her brainwashed just like everyone else. Kate decides to head out, and Lucas says hes sorry about Roman. Sami also storms out of the room. Meanwhile, Hope returns Marlenas ring to John and says that they found it on the boat. John asks if she is sure Marlena wasnt on the boat, and Hope says she wasnt. John says he just felt she was, but Hope says the Japanese fisherman had no reason to lie to them. John still wants to hold out hope. Hope says they saw Stefanos corpse, and he killed Tony, so this cant be a DiMera plot . . . they are really gone.

Sami runs into Brandon in the hall, and he says he heard about her parents and he is sorry. She asks what he cares, and he says he does care, he cares about her. Sami breaks down and says he may be the only person who understands how she is feeling, and he comforts her. Lucas walks around the corner and sees this.

On the boat, Roman and Marlena wake up. They have been knocked out and their clothes have been changed. Marlena says their rescuers have left them and there is no reason to think theyll come back. MArlena says they could be held captive by Tony forever! Marlena realizes her arm is sore, and she sees theyve been injected with something. They wonder what they were injected with. Marlena says it could be anything, and who knows what will happen when it starts to affect them. Tony soon shows up with a gun, and Roman asks what they were injected with. Tony says he might as well tell them what he has planned because they cant do anything with it where they are going. Tony says they should be reaching their final destination soon. Roman asks where that is? Later, (after the interruption) Tony is gone Marlena tells Roman she knows what Tony is doing, hes given their dirty torn clothes, combined with the blood he took from them, and is going to make the others think they are dead. Roman agrees and says hes afraid they will give up searching for them. Marlena says Tony has won, they are at his mercy.


November 18, 2004
Running late, so this has been posted without proofing!
Hope calls Jen up and tells her the news about the missing, that they are dead. Jen says she cant believe this is true. Hope says she doesnt want her to be alone so shell come over there. Jen says no, she should be with Bo. Jen says shes not alone, Patrick is here. Jen says besides, she needs to go to Joe and Verns and tell them the news, as well as tell Abby. Jen tells Hope that she is glad she and Bo are okay, and Gram and Doug and Maggie. Hope says they love her and she and the baby and in their thoughts and prayers. Jen hangs up and breaks down into tears. Jen ends up looking at the pocket watch she gave to Jack and realizes hes not coming back this time. She wonders how shell tell their daughter. Patrick shows up with some tea for Jen, and he says he can go with her to Joe and Verns to get Abby. Jen says she needs to do this on her own. Patrick wishes there was something he could do. She says hes done a lot for her already. Patrick ends up getting ready to go out, and he finds Billie waiting at the front door. She is holding an envelope, and he asks what that is? She says it is the key to his past and his future. Billie tells Patrick that they just went over the computer files on the DIMera mainframe, and they have been sent to the London office for further checking. She says she didnt send his life story though. She tells Patrick that she came across his name and decoded the material, and she found all sorts of fascinating things about him. She gives him his files and says the ISA doesnt need to know any of this. Patrick realizes she knows everything on him though. Billie says yes, decoding things is her specialty, which is why she got herself kidnapped so that she could get access to the DIMera computer. Patrick asks now what? Billie says their mission was a success all in all. Jen shows up and asks how could it be a success when so many lives were lost? Billie says she didnt mean to discount the loss of innocent lives, but from the ISAs perspective Tony has been eliminated and key information gained. Billie says she heard about Jack and came over to say how sorry she is. Jen says she wanted so much for Jack to be alive, and she has given Abby false hope. Patrick excuses himself to get some wood for the fireplace while they chat. Billie tells Jen she cant stay for long, she has to go talk to her mom before going to London. Billie says shes glad Patrick is here for her. Jen breaks down again over the thought that shes lost Jack again. Patrick soon returns, and he sees Billie comforting Jack. Jen thanks Billie for stopping by. Billie says she doesnt have to thank her, Jack will be missed. Jen says Jack adored her, and Billie says she adored him right back. Jen goes to get ready to pick up Abby, and Billie looks at a photo of Jack and says how sorry she is that he wont be around. She promises Jack to make that Jen is safe and protected. Patrick says especially from him, isnt that what she means. Billie says if she needs to protect Jen from him then she will, but she doesnt think that is the case. She thinks that Jen will encourage him to turn his life around by example. Patrick says he appreciates her offer to hide his past, but he prefers to address his problems head on and not run away. She asks what he is getting at. He says he thought Bo was the love of her life, and Hope did say Billie is the only woman she felt threatened by. Billie says Bo is married with two kids, and there are some institutions once just doesnt mess with. Patrick says point taken. Billie says she supposes if she and Bo did have a child together, shed go about things differently. She ask Patrick if he would go after Jen if Jack was still alive. Patrick asks where that came from? Billie says they have all seen the way she looks at her. Patrick says like she said, some things a person shouldnt mess with. Billie says she likes him, and he asks if he can buy her a drink. She says maybe, so he says hell call her. Billie leaves, but says she has copies of his past if she needs them.

At Bo and Hopes, Bo is furious that their friends and family are going through this all over again. Bo says if DiMera was still alive. Hope says hes not, and theyll never hurt them again. Bo says they still took away part of their family. Hope says she knows. Hope says even though they are home, and they know Tony is dead, she doesnt feel like she can let their guard down. Hope says shes very worried about the disk, and asks what was on it? Bo says there was a lot on it, including what the DiMeras were planning to do with Patrick Lockhart. Hope asks what he found out about Patrick? Bo says he is clean, and the DiMeras hired him to get to them. Hope says she is glad he is clean because Jen is relying on him so much. Bo tells her not to get her hopes up as this whole disk could be a DiMera plan. Bo says as far as hes concerned the jury is still out on Lockhart. Bo says hes going to wait for Billie to get back to London and decode the rest of the disk. Hope asks if Billie is really leaving, and Bo says she is leaving Salem and is excited to get back to work. Bo says there are unhappy memories for her here. Bo ends up pulling Hope into his lap, and they kiss one another. Bo then carries Hope upstairs where they make love in the shower and in bed. Afterwards they talk about not looking back and being thankful for what they have.

At the hospital, Belle and Kate remain with John. Belle says Sami has run off and Lucas is looking for her. Kate says Sami doesnt know how much he loves her and how much he has done for her. Kate says the only one responsible for what happened was Tony. John says he should have protected Marlena. Kate says he did everything he could to protect them, and he killed Tony. She asks what more he could have done? Belle says Kate is right, and Sami has no right to blame him or anyone, so he shouldnt blame himself. John says he raised Sami and he loves her as his own, and it would hurt Marlena to see Sami this way. Belle says she hopes she just doesnt keep pushing Lucas away. John says hes worried about Sami, Lucas is good for her and hes afraid shell ruin this. Kate says Sami always pushes the men in her life away because she think they arent good enough. John says he doesnt think any man will be good enough for Sami as far as shes concerned. Kate says Lucas is crazy in love with Sami, but she doesnt love him. Kate says the only reason Sami is marrying Lucas is to get back at her. John asks Kate if she honestly thinks Sami would marry Lucas just to spite her? Kate says she does because Sami told her so. Belle says it was probably just Sami shooting her mouth off, and John says he thinks Sami loves Lucas. Kate says she may think she loves Lucas, but her heart belongs to Brandon Walker. Kate says she even bets Sami is with Brandon right now. Belle says she thought Brandon left, but Kate says hes back in town. Kate says she should go check on Lucas, and she apologizes if she upset Belle. Kate leaves, and Belle tells her dad that Sami does Lucas, but Sami has been thinking about Brandon a lot. Belle worries that Kate might be right about Samis feelings for him. John says if Brandon is the one for Sami then she better figure that out before she marries Lucas. John tells Belle that she should be studying for some finals, but John says she is a little more important than a geology test. John says he needs to call Carrie and Eric to tell them what happened, but Belle says she already did that for him. John ends up giving Marlenas wedding ring to Belle because he thinks she would have wanted him to have it. Belle says no, he should hold onto it. Lexie soon shows up to give John a checkup, so Belle heads out. LExie has the test results and says he has suffered severe trama to his spinal column, and there may be affects the cannot address medically. She says he may have to live with chronic pain for the rest of his life. She asks him to just rest for now because hes had a long day. He thanks her, but she says no thank you for help bring Abe back to me. Lexie leaves, and John looks at Marlenas ring and says he misses her.

Sami meets Brandon in the hallway, and Brandon tells her that he cares for her and is here for her. She breaks down in his arms, and Lucas catches them together. Sami pulls away, and he asks if she is okay. She says no. Lucas stays hidden and watches them. Brandon asks if she wants to talk about it? Sami says she couldnt take it anymore, listening to John how he tried to save his parents. Sami says John probably put them off the raft himself. Brandon doubts that, but Sami thinks John would have killed them if he learned they got back together on the island. Brandon says John got hurt trying to save them all from Tony, that has to count for something. Sami says she doesnt want to talk about this any more. He says fine, but she needs to talk to someone about this, perhaps Lucas. Sami says she cant talk to Lucas about her mom and dad. Lucas shows up and asks why not? Sami asks how long hes been standing there. He says long enough. Lucas says if she cant come to him then what kind of relationship do they have? She says they have a great one, she just didnt want to burden him with her problems. Lucas says they have to be there for one another in good times and bad. Sami excuses them, and she says she is sorry and she just had to get away from Johns room, and then she ran back into Brandon. He asks when Brandon returned? She says she doesnt know , and that he was just here. She says nothing is going on with them, and he says he knows. Lucas says hes actually glad Brandon was here because she may have done something stupid. Lucas says he loves her and is here for her. She says she loves him too. Brandon says he hates to interrupt, but he has to be going. Lucas says he had no idea he was moving back. Brandon says hes not back for good, he is just here for his dad. Brandon says Abe has lost his eyesight, so hes sticking around till he gets back on his feet. Lucas offers to get Brandon a job at the hospital while hes here. Brandon says thanks, but Kate has offered to fund one of his outreach programs so hell have her hands full. Sami and Brandon go out for some air, and Lucas can see something is bothering Sami. Kate soon shows up, and Sami says shes going to kill her! Lucas pulls Sami off of Kate, and Sami says Kate brought Brandon back to Salem to come between her and Lucas. Kate says she didnt, but Sami says she has proof. Sami says she used Johns company money to woo Brandon back, and when she tells John he will throw her out on her ass! Belle soon arrives and says Sami isnt telling her dad anything. Belle says she doesnt know what is going on, but she wont have Sami upsetting her father more than he already is. Sami says she should know that Kate is stealing from her fathers company, she used Basic Black money to fund Brandons charity. Belle says she knows because she approved it. Sami asks Belle how she could do this, Kate is using Brandon to get at her. Belle says she and Phillip oversee all the charities at Basic Black and they approved of Brandons charity because it helps needy children. Belle says it had nothing to do with her, and she didnt know Brandon was back in Salem. Kate says see she had nothing to do with this. Sami stil doesnt believe her. Kate asks Sami why Brandon being back in town is so upsetting if she is in love with Lucas? Lucas tells his mom to speak in private, and they leave. Belle tells Sami that Kate has a point, why does it matter if Brandon is back? Sami says it doesnt, she has moved on and so had Brandon. Belle hopes so, and she and Sami go. Elsewhere, Lucas hopes his mom is not lying to him or Sami about this Basic Black scheme, and he says if she does anything to jeopardize his happiness with Sami then she can forget she ever had him. Sami shows up and asks if he is ready to go? He says he is, and they take off. Eugenia shows up and asks Kate if she knows what she is doing, is destroying Sami worth it? In the elevator, Lucas tells Sami nothing can tear them apart, not even Brandon. Meanwhile, Brandon drops his wallet and out falls a photo of him and Sami. He remembers spending one Halloween with Sami. Later, Brandon sees a video surveillance camera monitor and he sees Sami and Lucas making out in the elevator. 


November 18, 2004
Julie and Doug are all dolled up for a romantic evening. Doug says hes been planning this night since he landed on that stupid island without her. He says champagne and caviar at the Salem Inn, dinner at the Penthouse Grill, and dancing at the Blue Note. They are interrupted by a phone call from Maggie, who wants to know if Julie has told Alice about Mickey and Bonnie? Julie says no, and she was hoping it would be annulled before Alice finds out. Maggie says no one could keep a secret from Alice for very long, and if tonight is any indication Maggie says this nightmare is getting longer by the minute. Maggie just found out that Bonnie has made alterations to her restaurant. She says Mickey is taking her over to show her. 

At Bo and Hopes, Bo and Hope are still in bed holding another. Bo says he was going to take her to lunch, but their nap has lasted a little too long. He says it is time to get back to the real world. Hope says shell shower and order them some Chinese food. She says they have a lot of bills to go through, and you think being presumed dead would stop the mail. Bo begins feeling guilty about what John, Jen and Sami are going through. He says he feels responsible for Marlenas death, after all he did send that sniper after Marlena. Hope tells him to stop right now. She says she revoked that order, and MArlena was killed by Tony and his volcano. Bo still feels bad as MArlena and Roman were afraid Sami would end up alone. Hope says thank God she has Lucas. Later, Julie calls Hope up and tells her what Mickey has done. Hope then tells Bo what Mickey has done, and Bo says he must have been out of his mind with grief. Hope points out that they have been where Maggie and Mickey are right now. Bo says Mickey will make the right decision. Hope says Maggie is on her way over to Alices right now, and Hope says she is going to go to support. Bo realizes that is why Hope is suddenly all dressed up. Hope asks him to come with her. Doug and Julie show up to baby-sit Zack, and Hope realizes they were planning to go out when she sees their garb. Hope says she never would have asked them to baby sit Zack if she had known, but Doug says it is okay. Hope says she has Chinese take-out they are welcomed to. Hope asks Julie why Mickey married Bonnie, and Julie explains the whole story to Hope. Doug says the island may not have killed Maggie, but when she sees what has happened to Tuscany, that might kill her. Bo and Hope leave, and Doug and Julie take care of Zack. Doug tells Mickey how proud he is of her for trying to protect Mickey and her family. He says Tom Horton would have been proud of her. Later as they sit down to dinner, Zack throws food at a kissing Doug and Julie. Julie says thats not polite, but soon Julie is yelling food fight! and the food is flying.

At Mickeys place, Maggie walks in on Bonnie and Mickey kissing. Maggie pulls Bonnie away from Mickey and tells her to get off of her husband, and she calls her a bitch! Mickey stops them from fighting. Maggie says Mickey is her husband, she married him first. Maggie says they took vows, and Bonnie says yes until death did they part! Mickey apologizes to Maggie for kissing Bonnie, but he says she has been dead for a year and he needs time to sort this out. Maggie asks Mickey how long were they married? Why does he need time to decide? Maggie storms out, and Bonnie tells Mickey that shes sorry and this mess is all her fault. She says maybe they should have the marriage annulled. Her attempt to use reverse psychology backfires when Mickey says maybe that would be for the best. Bonnies face distorts, and she asks if he wants to throw away everything they have? Mickey says he loves Maggie with all his heart, but he also loves her. He says who knew at his age hed be facing this predicament. He asks Bonnie not to go anywhere until he figures things out. She tells him to take all the time he needs. Mickey suggests they go show off Alices. 

Lucas and Sami are outside of Alices. Sami wants to go home, but Lucas thinks she shouldnt go back home because all shell do is look at that photo album again. He says he wont pretend that he understands what shes going through, but she has to eat and take care of herself. Sami thanks him for being here for her, and she apologizes for what she put him through today with his mom. They go into Alices, and Sami doesnt know if she is up for dancing. They then see Kate and Billie hugging. She thinks perhaps they should stay here awhile. Kate and Billie have a warm reunion, and Eugenia offers them a drink. Eugenia also tells Kate to think things through. Billie wonders what troubles Kate is telling the bartender, and she asks whose demise is her mother planning now? Sami walks up to them and says mine! Kate says her step daughter is accusing her of trying to break up her relationship with her step-brother. Billie says what? Sami says Kate is trying to break her and Lucas up. Kate says this is getting old, and Lucas says he agrees. Lucas and Billie share a hug and plan to get together later. Sami and Lucas go to their own table, and Billie tells her mom that she must be thrilled that Sami is engaged to Lucas. Kate says yeah right. Billie tells her mom to let this go, give them her blessing and chill out. Kate says a life with Sami will not make Lucas happy, just like a life without Bo wont make her happy. On cue, Bo and Hope walk in.

Elsewhere, Brandon and Lexie are eating on the patio of Alices. Brandon tells Lexie that he ran into Samantha again after she learned about her parents. Lexie says and she bets Sami ran right into his sympathetic arms. Brandon says she did, and hes glad. Lexie says she is playing a game with him, but Brandon feels for her because she thinks the only people who have ever truly cared for her are Roman and Marlena. LExie says if it was anyone else shed feel sorry for them, but not Sami. Lexie says Sami will use this as an inroad to him and she will eat him for lunch. Brandon says Sami is committed to Lucas, besides he isnt going down that road again. Lexie says he once told her that Sami was his soul mate and no one understood him like she did. He says that was in the past.

Maggie arrives at Alices and wonder what in the hell the noise inside is. She walks inside, dressed for Tuscany, and is stunned to see what the place has become. Bonnie and Mickey walk in, and Bonnie tells Maggie shell just love what shes done with the place. Maggie screams, and then faints. Mickey takes Maggie and sets her in a chair. Lexie soon rushes to Maggies side, as do Bo and Hope. Hope asks Mickey how he could do this to Maggie? Lexie thinks Maggie should go to the hospital for observation, but Maggie says shes had enough observation for a lifetime. She says she cant believe the restaurant she built with her blood sweat and tears has been turned into a honky-tonk brothel! Lexie says it is good to see her again, and shell check on her later. Bo and Hope offer to take her home, but she says shes not going anywhere. Mickey says hes so sorry. Bonnie says she is going to the bar and asks Maggie if she wants the rest of the tour? Maggie says no one wants to see her at a bar right now. Bonnie tells Mickey that she needs his help, and Maggie tells him to just go. Maggie tells Hope that everything her life was before is now gone.

Meanwhile, Kate tries to push Billie to stay here because her life is with Bo. Billie says no, her life is not here or with Bo. Billie says even Kate said that it was a mistake to try and push her and Bo together. Kate says that was before Bo became the reason she left Salem and the reason she thought she was dead. Billie says she is sorry, but that wont happen again. Kate says she has lost Roman and Cassie, and she needs her to stay. Billie says this is not about her (kate), it is too hard to be here and besides Hope doesnt want her here either. Kate says that is because she is jealous and afraid Billie might take her man away. Billie says she is not a home wrecker, and that Bo and Hope share two sons. Kate says she shares a daughter with him, and if Georgia was alive she would want her with her father.

In the bathroom, Eugenia and Sami get into a huge fight. Eugenia says after she was fired from the hospital she got a job at the police lab until someone found out she was the one behind the Sami Brady fiasco at the hospital. Eugenia says she has bounced from one lousy job to another since then, and her parents have been so disappointed given she wasted six years of her life in school to end up a coat check girl. Sami tells Eugenia she is sorry and she never meant for her to lose her job. Eugenia says some way, she will pay. Later Sami meets up with Brandon again, this time outside the bathroom. She is in tears and says she just had a confrontation with Eugenia, and she says Eugenia cant get over what she did just like he cant. Brandon says that is in the past, they have both moved on, and he has forgiven her. Sami hugs Brandon, and in walk Lucas and Lexie. Lexie tells them that they are both crazy! Lexie says shes going to see Abe, so Brandon says hell walk her out. Lucas realizes Sami and Brandon made up, and he says hes proud of her because in AA theyve been told to make verbal restitutions to those theyve wronged. Sami says in that case he cant marry her, at least not until she has apologized for her past sins. She says she knows she has said it before, but she has to make him understand how sorry she is. He says he knows, and hes sorry for what hes done to. He asks if they can get married now? Sami says shes glad they have this chance to start fresh and no one will come between them now, not even Kate

Patrick shows up at Alices and is reunited with Bonnie. Bonnie is glad to see him, and she tells Patrick about marrying Mickey. She says Max and Conner are moving into Mickeys house. Patrick says Maggie is very much alive. Bonnie says she knows, and they are trying to work that out. Bonnie says Maggie found her way home only to find a newer and younger Mrs. Horton. Patrick says Mickey and Maggie have been in love forever, they are a legend in this town. Bonnie says Mickey is the only man she has ever loved and she doesnt want to lose him. She says they need to celebrate and goes to get him a drink. Billie approaches Patrick and says this one is on her. 

Meanwhile, Kate says to Eugenia that if Brandon hugging Sami wont break up them, shell have to find something that will. Bonnie hears this and it gives her and idea. She starts a line dancing game in which when the music changes you have to switch partners, and that person becomes your soul mate for life. Bo and Billie eventually end up with one another, as do Hope and Patrick. Bonnie dances with Mickey, and she says they were meant to be together. Maggie is in tears. Patrick tells Hope that she doesnt seem jealous Billie is dancing with Bo. Hope says she and Bo belong together and Billie has no leg to stand on with him. Meanwhile, Kate realizes she knows just what she has to do to break up Sami and Lucas.

November 19, 2004
Belle and Phillip arrive outside of Alices. Phillip says things will go better than the last time they were here, and they need this night out. He says they have been through a lot these past few days, and nobody understands their situation better than they do. They go to go inside, only to run into Shawn and Jan. Belle says here we go again. Phillip asks if she wants to go elsewhere, but Belle says no. Phillip and Belle go inside, and Bo stops Shawn to talk to him. Jan says shell see him inside, and she vows to let nothing come between her and Shawn. She says shell stop his parents if she needs to. Bo talks to Shawn about how he and his mom are concerned about him, his motor cycle accident, his breakup with Belle, and how he got involved with Jan. Bo asks if he is doing the right thing? Shawn says hes made a huge mistake. Bo says its not too late to fix it. Shawn says he didnt make a mistake with Jan, his mistake was listening to his father. Shawn says hes not a kid anymore and he wants his parents to stay out of his love life. Shawn says Belle is his past, and she lied to him. He says Jan is his future and they are engaged. Bo asks if he loves her? Shawn says it is different than with Belle, but that is a good thing. Bo says you only have one true love in your life, is Jan his? Shawn asks Bo if he is serious? What about Carly? What about Billie? He says dad got Billie pregnant after mom came back, and he has the nerve to talk to him about one true love. He says he remembers when mom came back and he continued to carry on with Billie. Bo says it was complicated. Shawn tells his dad not to talk to him like he was a kid. Shawn lashes out as his dad and everyone else who has been telling him how to live his life and that he belongs with Belle. Shawn says Belle is with Phillip now, does he see her missing him? He says he and Belle wont be getting back together, it is over.

Inside Alices, Eugenia and Kate are toasting one another, and Sami watches them. Lucas asks if she is okay, and she says not really. Sami says she knows Kate is up to something. Lucas says even if she is, he can handle her. He says hell prove it right now. Lucas confronts his mom, who is telling Eugenia she knows just how to break up Sami and Lucas. Lucas asks his mom what she is up to? She says she is up to nothing and only wants the best for him. Lucas says Sami doesnt think so, and hes beginning to have his doubts as well. He warns his mother if she tries to break him and Sami up then she will lose him and Will. Kate says is not out to break them up and that she will prove it tonight, she has a surprise for him. Kate says Phillip just came in, so they will talk about this later.

Meanwhile, Brandon asks Eugenia if she and Kate are trying to break up Sami and Lucas? Just what is Kate planning? Eugenia asks how would she know what Kate is planning? Brandon tells Eugenia to tell Kate if she is going to use him to break them up, tell her forget it.

Lucas goes back to Sami and says Kate is being on her best behavior, and Sami should just try and ignore his mom. Lucas and Sami go over to talk to Maggie. Lucas gives her a big hug, and Maggie tells Sami how sorry she is about MArlena and Roman. Lucas says things are a little different around here now. Maggie sees a ring on Samis finger, and when she learns the news she gives them a hug. She says shes glad someone has good news. Maggie ends up in tears, and Lucas asks if she is okay. Maggie says it seems she has lost her husband, Mickey married Bonnie right before she got back. Lucas says well he can un-marry her, but Maggie says if that is what he decides to do

Hope confronts Billie in the bathroom about her dancing with Bo. She says Billie seemed very drawn to Bo. Billie says she was dancing with Patrick, she didnt ask to switch partners. Hope says she knows, and asks how it felt dancing with Bo? Billie says she wont lie, she still loves Bo and will never love anyone else. She says she wont try and come between Bo and Hope because she knows they belong together because they have two sons. Billie says she has been thinking about Georgia a lot lately, and how different her life would be if she survived. Billie says that is why she has to go back to London. Hope says if she wants a family than she can make it happen. Billie says she doesnt think so, and she has resolved to be alone forever. She says once youve had the best you dont want to be with anyone else. Billie asks Hope to be honest, if she (Billie) and Bo shared a family, and she was the one who gave up Bo, could she see herself with another man? Hope says no. Billie says that is the way she feels. She says she loves Bo and wont fall out of love with him. She says she has to leave Salem and throw herself into her work. Billie says for her it is Bo or nothing, and she guesses it has to be nothing.

Phillip and Belle head inside, and Shawn watches them together. Belle excuses herself to go to the bathroom, and Phillip gets an idea on how to make Belle feel better about her future and forget about Shawn. He says hes waited long enough. Meanwhile, Shawn is reunited with his Aunt Maggie, and she is stunned to learn Shawn and Belle have broken up and he is dating with Jan Spears. Maggie wonders what the world is coming to, and then she gets an idea. 

Phillip and Billie are reunited, and she tells him how sorry she is about Victor. Kate shows up and says Victor would have liked to see him marry Belle. Phillip says not now. Phillip tells Billie that theyll have to hang out and catch up, and Phillip walks off. Billie asks her mom if she hasnt learned to stop interfering in her kids lives yet? Kate tells Billie that she needs to stay and fight for Bo, she shouldnt give up and hand Bo over to Hope so easily. Billie says they have been over this a million times, it is over between her and Bo and has been over for some time. Billie says there is no way her mom will push her and Bo back together. Billie walks off, and Kate says that is what you think!

Out on the porch, Bo talks to Hope. He asks if she was jealous earlier when he danced with Billie. She says no. She asks what hes been doing, and he says he tried to talk to Shawn but he stormed off. Hope says this is all Jans fault, she manipulated Shawn somehow. Hope says she just wishes she could figure out what she did to her son. Hope says if they dont do something, Shawn and Belle will end up with the wrong people and they will be miserable.

Back inside, Maggie puts on Tom and Alices favorite song, and she asks Shawn to please ask Belle to dance. Maggie says it would make her happy, and she knows it would make Alice happy too if she were here. Maggie says miracles can happen. She says she knows he wants to dance with her, she can see it in his eyes. Jan watches and says she cant let this happen. Shawn looks over at Belle, and Kate and Billie watch what is going on. Kate says this is not good. Billie tells her mom to stay out of it. Jan goes to Phillip and says they cant let them get back together. Phillip says they arent on the same team, so stop talking to him like they are. He says besides, Belle will forget about Shawn by the time this day is over. Jan says if he has a plan to take out the big guns, now would be the time to do it. Shawn approaches Belle and asks her to dance, but she says that is not a good idea. He says it is only as a favor to Aunt Maggie, so Belle says she guesses she cant say no. Shawn and Belle dance, and as they do, Shawn says he owes her an apology. Kate tells Billie that she has to stop this, but Billie says she cant. Shawn apologizes to her for blaming her for his familys deaths, and he says if he had known her mom was innocent than maybe things would be different, maybe theyd still be together. Shawn soon begins arguing with Belle about her sleeping with Phillip, but she says he slept with Jan first. He says you still expect me to believe that? Belle walks off, and Jan runs into his arms. She says isnt this better? Meanwhile, Phillip dances with Belle, and he says he thinks it is time for some good news and for them to feel good about their future. He asks her to come with him because he wants to ask her something important. They head off to the patio, and Shawn watches them. He wonders what they are up to, and Jan asks why he cares? Shawn chases them down, and Jan follows. 

Phillip takes Belle out to the patio, and he says hes been wanting to do this for awhile. He says he knows their parents would want them to be happy, and that is why he is doing this. Shawn and Jan lurk in the background and see Phillip get down on one knee and propose to Belle! 

Lucas tells Sami that his mom has a big surprise for them, but that makes Sami worry even more. Lucas says he warned his mom that if she tried to break them up shed lose him and Will forever. Kate approaches them and says it is time for their surprise. Kate says she wants to make a loving tribute in Roman and MArlenas memory. Kate makes an announcement to all about how they will soon all get to know Sami and Lucas as they are planning a wedding which will be featured in upcoming Basic Black magazines. Kate says normally a brides parents pay for the wedding, but because of the tragic loss, she has decided to pay for the whole wedding, the reception, and a romantic honeymoon cruise. Everyone applauds, and Sami is in disbelief. Sami tells Lucas she doesnt know why Kate is doing this, but it makes her nervous. Sami does say as long as Kate wants to pay for the wedding, they should expand the guest list. Sami announces to everyone that they are all invited to their wedding. Brandon asks if this means hes invited too? Lucas excuses himself, and Sami asks if he really wants to come?

Meanwhile, Eugenia asks Kate what she is doing? She says it is all part of her plan, and the wedding will not happen. Billie shows up and tells her mom that they need to talk now. Billie tells her mom that she is proud of her, and that was a very nice thing of her to do. Kate asks Billie to stay for the wedding, but Billie doesnt think that is a good idea. Lucas shows up and asks her to please stay.

Bo and Hope return, and Hope gets the feeling that it is very important Billie leaves Salem right away. At the station, a guy finds a hidden file on the disk Billie Reed brought back. The man unlocks the file and says this is huge news for Bo and Billie. Back at Alices, Billie tells Bo and Hope that there is something she needs to tell them.

In the hospital, John is in pain and asks the nurse for more medication. She says she cant give him anymore because the side affects could be too great. He says hell risk it. She says shell be back to check on him later, and he should just try and rest. She leaves, and Marlena appears to John. Shes dressed in a doctors outfit, and she says shell never leave him again. He asks about the others, but she says all he needs to know is that she is here now. Marlena is glowing as she is with John, and when she touches his legs John says he can feel that. He wants to get out of bed and try walking, but she says no. She says she has a different therapy in mind. She takes off her doctors coat, and underneath is a negligee. She gets in bed with John, and they begin kissing. Suddenly she vanishes, it was all a dream. Just then someone in black comes into the room, and they approach John, who is dreaming. John continues to dream about Marlena, who tells him that she has to go. He says no, he wont lose her. John eventually wakes up, sees the person by his bed, and asks what in the hell are they doing here? He says he knows him. A skeletal hand reaches out, and Death begins attacking Marlena and leaves her a burnt corpse on the floor! Death then tells John that he is next! Meanwhile, the person in black approaches Johns IV and puts a drug into it! 

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