November 22, 2004
At the police station, two cops are looking at the hidden file. They say when Bo and Billie find out about this they will be blown away.

At Alices, Billie tells Bo and Hope that she is leaving Salem tonight. Celeste bumps into Billie, apologizes, and then gets a vibe. She tells Billie that she is making a big mistake! Billie says excuse me? Celeste says now is not the time for her to leave, the person she will love more than anyone in her life is right here in Salem. Billie says she knows what she is giving up, and she is making the right choice. Celeste says she hopes she doesnt regret this because the one who will give her life renewed purpose is very near. Billie tells Bo and Hope that the love of her life is near, but he belongs with her. Billie says that is why she is leaving. Bo says he knows this was difficult for her, and they both wish her all the best. Bo then gets a call from the station about the hidden file. Bo asks them to bring it to him at Alices. Hope asks what that was about, and Bo says he gets the feeling that the DiMeras are not finished with them. Billie thinks maybe she should stay, but Bo says no. He says theyll forward the information to her. She says okay and decides to go.

Brandon asks Sami if she really wants him to come to her wedding. She says sure, why wouldnt she. He says you tell me. She says she invited him. Brandon says this could be a fresh start for her, and it is best if he wasnt there. Sami says that is not true, and that she is determined to prove Celeste and her premonitions wrong. Brandon says the only one who can ruin her happiness is her, and he wonders why she wants him to come to her wedding. They head out to the patio to talk, and Sami tells Brandon that after their marriage ended she thought her life was over. She says she thought shed never be happy again, but Lucas makes her happy. Sami says she loves Lucas and he is the love of her life. Brandon says she said the same to him, and probably to Austin. Brandon asks if she is sure she is happy? Sami asks Brandon why he came back to Salem? Why was he outside of her apartment building looking up at her window the first night he was back. Brandon says he guesses he was curious. He says maybe he did come back because he still has feelings for her. He says its not surprising, they did plan to spend the rest of their lives together, but now she is doing that with Lucas. He says they have a son together and deserve to be happy. Brandon says what is important to him is that she is happy. She says then dont tell her that he still has feelings for her. Brandon says he cant change the past, and part of the reason he came back was to see if she was with the right person. He says she is, and he is okay with that, but he doesnt belong at her wedding. She asks if that is it, and he says yes. Brandon wishes her the best of luck, and he hopes she doesnt mess up this relationship like she did every one before. Brandon then leaves.

Lucas talks to his mom and says her offer to pay for the reception and honeymoon is wonderful. Kate says she wants to honor her promise to Roman. Lucas says he cant believe Kate Roberts wants his favorite son to live happily ever after with the woman of his dreams. She says she doesnt know about the favorite part, but yeah, something like that. Lucas says he keeps telling Sami not to worry about her, and Kate says they dont have to. Lucas says if only he could trust her, but he cant. Kate says she doesnt know what else she can do to show her support. Lucas wants his mom to promise that she wont sabotage his wedding.

Lucas finds Sami outside, and he sees she has been crying. He asks what Brandon said to her? Sami says inviting him to the wedding was a mistake, and hes not coming. Sami says she is crying because everything with Brandon ended so suddenly. Lucas asks what she is saying, that when she sees him her feelings come rushing back. Sami says there is a thing when she sees him, and she doesnt want there to be. She says she is afraid of it and afraid of losing him. She says she hates feeling this way, and it is all Celestes fault. Sami says Celeste predicted if Brandon stayed in Salem then her life would be ruined. She thinks Lucas is going to walk out on her. She says she loves him and wants to be with him, she is just trying to make him understand. Lucas says he understand what fighting temptation is like, and she is not alone, she has him. Lucas says all he asks is she tell him when he needs help and she be honest with him like she was tonight. He says theyll have a great life and a healthy marriage that will last. Sami says all she wants is to be with him.

In the kitchen Maggie fumes, and Mickey asks what is wrong. She says just everything. She says she thought something good could come out of tonight, she hoped she could get Shawn and Belle back together. She says it is such a shame when two people love one another and they are being kept apart by a bitch on wheels. On cue, Bonnie skates into the kitchen, literally, and asks Mickey how he can let her say that about his one and only legally wedded wife! Bonnie lunges at Maggie, but Mickey holds her back. Mickey says Maggie wasnt referring to her, but Bonnie isnt so sure. Maggie says she cant believe her housekeeper is not Mrs. Mickey Horton and she (Maggie) is the laughing stock of Salem. Bonnie says you said it, I didnt. Maggie asks why Bonnie is in these ridiculous roller skates? Bonnie says she was testing them out, she thought the waitresses would look hot in these. Maggie says her beautiful four star restaurant has been turned into a barbeque pit! Bonnie says and it hasnt seen better dates. Mickey reminds them that until they figure this all out they both promised to share the responsibilities of the house and the restaurant. Maggie says that is right and shes going to start right here in the kitchen. She says the menu may be lethal, but perhaps they can deep fry Bonnie! Mickey says lets skip the kitchen, and he says Maggies real talent is in greeting the guests. Maggie says yes, and fantasizes about greeting Mickey and Bonnie as they show up for dinner, Bonnie is drunk and snorting. Maggie says she cant do that because Bonnie donated all her gowns to charity. However she says a job she is perfect for is keeping the books. Mickey says fine, but Bonnie looks worried. Maggie tells Bonnie to hand over the books, so Bonnie begin dumping receipts and trash and paper everywhere. In the trash is someones W2, and she says shes been looking for that. Maggie asks Mickey how he could trust this woman? Maggie looks through the papers and says this makes no sense at all. Bonnie says she has a system, and Maggie says the IRS would love that explanation. Bonnie thinks Maggie wants to have her audited, and they start fighting over the receipts. Suddenly they both grab kitchen knives and begin chasing each other through the kitchen! Mickey tells them to put the knives down! They do, and he says obviously theyll have to hire an independent book keeper, and then theyll have to work out a schedule so they get along at home. 

Outside, Shawn and Jan watch as Phillip proposes to Belle. Belle says she wasnt expecting this, she doesnt know what to say. Shawn asks what they are waiting for, shes a slut and hes a snake, they are perfect for one another. Of course she wants to get married! Jan tells her to accept, and Phillip says theyd like some privacy. Shawn says dont propose in public if you want privacy. Jan says nice ring, and best wishes on her new life. Shawn says its not like she said yes, or maybe Belle doesnt care about marriage now that she gives it away. Belle storms off, and Phillip follows her. They go back inside, and he apologizes to her for springing this on her. He asks her to think about his question and hell be right back. He then walks off.

John is in his hospital bed sleeping as the mystery person injects his IV with something. John wakes up and his vision is blurry. He sees someone fiddling with his IV and wonders what is happening to him. A nurse comes in later to check on John, and he says someone was in here before she came in. The nurse says he hasnt had any visitors. The person in black hides in a closet and spies on John, who is freaking out. John begins to remember death telling him that he was next. John tells the nurse that he keeps having nightmares and asks for more medication, but the nurse says it isnt time yet. She says shell call Dr. Carver and see if there is something else they can give him. The nurse leaves, and the mystery person walks out of the closet. Later, Phillip shows up to check on John. They exchange condolences about Victor and Marlena, and Phillip says he is here about Belle. Phillip says he has good news, he hopes. Phillip says he proposed to Belle tonight. He says he knows he should have asked his permission first, but he just wanted Belle to feel better about the future. He also says this is not an impulsive move, he wants to do right by Belle. He asks John if he will give his daughters hand in marriage to him? John says they are both very young. Phillip says yes, but they have been through so much together. John says it would be irresponsible of him condoning Belle rushing into anything shes not ready for. John begins to act oddly, and Phillip asks if he should call the nurse? John says he just feels uncomfortable. John says if Belle will have him, all he asks is Phillip love and respect his little girl. John says Shawn hurt his little girl very badly, and he doesnt want Phillip to hurt her. Phillip says he wont, so John says he has his blessing. Phillip thanks John. Later after Phillip leaves, the mystery person continues to inject Johns IV. John sees Death once again, and death says it is time! John looks like hes having a heart attack, and the monitors go dead!

Back at Alices, Belle looks at her ring. Shawn approaches Belle and talks to her about her ring and her wedding. Shawn says she should definitely say yes, and Belle asks Shawn if he really wants her to marry Phillip? Shawn says why she is asking him, she slept with Phillip so she should let him try and make her an honest woman. She asks why he is doing this, why is he trying to hurt her? He says the truth hurts. She says this is not the truth, and she did not sleep with Phillip before his accident. Shawn says hes sick of hearing the same lie over and over, and she deserves Phillip.

Later, Phillip returns and says goodbye to Billie. Billie says Belle needs him so go. Phillip goes to see Belle, who is in tears. He tells her not to worry about Shawn, he is not worth her time. Phillip takes her out to the patio and tells her where he went. Phillip says he has his dads blessing, so what does she say? Will she marry him? Jan and Shawn are leaving Alices, and when Belle sees them making out, she tells Phillip that she will marry him. Shawn and Jan see Belle except, and Shawn does not look pleased at all. Phillip puts the ring on her finger and says e cant wait until they are married. Jan tells Shawn to take her home to bed, but he says he needs a drink and goes back into Alices. Phillip promises Belle that he will make her the happiest woman in the world. Later, Phillip talks about having kids and how they will be so beautiful because theyll look just like her. The only problem is, Belle imagines Shawn saying that to her. Phillip says he cant wait to marry her and asks if they should set a date? Meanwhile, Jan tells Shawn that cant let Belle and Phillip beat them to the alter. Shawn tells her to please shut the hell up.

Kate makes a last ditch effort to convince Billie to stay, but she wont. Kate doesnt like thinking about Billie out there all alone. Billie says she knows her mom wants her to be happy, but her mom cant make that happen. Lucas shows up and says she cant make any of them happy. Billie says she has to go, and she says goodbye to Lucas.

Brandon sits at the bar and talks to Eugenia. Eugenia tells Brandon in spite of everything he has going to him, she bets hes still thinking about Sami. He says he isnt thinking about Sami, but she says you could have fooled me. Meanwhile, Sami talks to Celeste and she asks what is going to happen now that Brandon stayed in town? Celeste says perhaps she was mistaken, perhaps everything will work out. Sami thanks her and runs off. Eugenia asks Celeste it that is true, and Celeste says Sami is her own worst enemy and she doesnt need Sami to be hers. Celeste says if Samis relationship with Lucas falls apart then it will be her own doing.

Billie says goodbye to Hope and Bo once again, and she heads off. The police show up with the file for Bo and Hope. They look at it, and Bo says oh my god! Hope asks what it is? Bo says they have to stop Billie, and tells Hope to look. Hope says this cant be!


November 23, 2004
Due to a very long day, this is a shorter summary typed after I saw the show.

Bo and Hope are stunned when they see the news about Billie that was found in the DiMera files. Bo attempts to call Billie on her cell phone, but Billie thinks it is her mom calling her to try and convince her to stay in Salem, so she doesnt answer. Bo then calls the airport and learns Billie hasnt checked in yet. Bo and Hope decide to split up to look for her, Hope deciding to head to Jens to see if she is there.

At the airport, Billie thinks about Bo and the times they've spent together since meeting on the island. We see lots of flashbacks of their scenes over the past few weeks.

At Jens place, Jen is frantic because she cannot find Abby, and Abby isnt answering her cell phone. Eventually Abby returns home, and Chelsea is with her. Jen is furious with Abby for being out past curfew. Abby tells her mom to chill out because she is home safe. Abby says if her mom had showed half of this concern for her dad than maybe hed still be alive. Jen says she fought for her father, but Abby says not hard enough. Abby ends up running up to her room, and before Jen can go up, Chelsea suggests she go talk to her. Later, Hope shows up to see if Billie is here. Jen says she isnt, and Patrick asks what is wrong? Hope says she and Bo found out news and they need to stop Billie from leaving town. Patrick heads out and joins Bo in searching for Billie, but they cant find her. Patrick asks what is so important, and Bo tells Patrick the secret, but swears him to secrecy. Later, Bo and Patrick arrive at the airport just after Billie's plane has left. Bo is devastated, and Patrick comments what this means for his marriage if it is all true? Bo assures Patrick that Back at Jens place, Hope fills Jennifer in on what she and Bo discovered, what Stefano did years ago. Jennifer is stunned and asks if this is true? Hope says she's not sure, but if it is, all their lives are about to change.

At Alice's, Mimi learns from Bonnie that Patrick is alive and so is Maggie. Mimi asks what this means for her moms marriage? Bonnie says Maggie will have to accept that she, Bonnie, is the one and only Mrs. Mickey Horton. Meanwhile, Rex is at the bar where Shawn is busy getting drunk. Jan informs Rex about Belle and Phillips engagement, and Rex is stunned. Shawn tells Jan to please shut up. Rex rushes over to Bonnie and Mimi and tells them the news. Mimi cant believe this. Bonnie says she always thought those two belonged together, and Rex says Bonnie may be right. Rex decides to go give Phillip and Belle his congratulations. Phillip and Belle are talking about their wedding, and Phillip wants to set a date. Belle says they cant, and she says she has school, work, and Samis wedding to think about right now. Rex shows up and congratulates them, but asks if they arent moving a little too fast? Phillip says no, not with everything they have been through. Phillip then asks Rex to be his best man, and Rex says yes. Later, Phillip gets a shocking call, and he tells Belle that everything has changed. Meanwhile, Bonnie tells Mimi this is great news because now all she has to do is get Jan out of the picture and Shawn is all hers. Mimi tells her mother not this again. She goes to talk to Shawn about admitting he wants to be with Belle, but he says Belle has her marine and he is with Jan now.

At the hospital, Kate arrives to see John, and Lexie fills her in on his condition. Meanwhile, John remembers death telling him it was time, and he falls out of bed and onto the floor. Kate and LExie rush in, and Lexie calls a code blue. A crash cart is brought in, and as LExie is about to shock John, John comes too. John tells them about seeing death, but Lexie says it was all a hallucination. John begs for more medication, but she says she cant give him any more and hell just have to tolerate the pain. Kate is in tears and tells John that she is here and she will take care of him. Kate eventually leaves and talks to Lexie outside. Lexie says given Johns reaction to the pain medication she has to discontinue it, and Johns pain is only going to get worse. Kate asks about Johns visions, and Lexie thinks perhaps John is feeling such guilt over Marlenas death that he wants to go be with her. Meanwhile, the mystery figure comes back and injects John's IV with the drug once again!


November 24, 2004
Another shorter summary due to a long day. 

Bo and Patrick arrive at the airport and find out the flight left, but Billie missed it. They decide to split up to search for her, and Patrick remembers Billie mentioning how she didnt want to leave her baby in the cold ground. He heads to the cemetery.

At the cemetery, Billie is spending time with Georgia and telling her how much she misses her, and how things would have been different if she had lived. Kate shows up with a Thanksgiving arrangement for Georgia and finds Billie there. Billie says she missed her flight and is taking a later one. Kate believes Billie stayed because she cant bear to leave Bo. Billie admits to her mom that she loves Bo and always will, but she cant break up his family. Kate says what if Georgia had lived. Billie says but she didnt live. Later, Patrick finds Billie at the cemetery and says Bo has some important news for her, so she should come with him.

At Jens place, Hope continues to talk to Jen about the possibility that Billies baby is alive. She admits Georgia being alive does worry her, but Georgia is an innocent little baby. Jen says shes not a baby any more, shed be a teenager by now. Later, Bo arrives as does Patrick and Billie. Bo asks Billie to sit down, and she says that is never a good sign. Bo tells Billie that they found a hidden file on the DiMera disk with information which they have no reason to be false. Bo says this information indicates Georgia is alive. Billie says thats impossible, but Bo says nothing is impossible when it comes to the DiMeras. Billie says our baby is alive, and hugs Bo. Hope looks worried, and Jen can see this.

At the Carvers, Celeste gets a vision of Sami and Brandon getting hot-n-heavy, and she says she new it, Brandon and Sami will end up together. Lexie hears this and forbids it to ever happen. She says besides, Sami is with Lucas now. Celeste says that doesnt matter, she knows what she saw. Later Lexie realizes with all her appointments with Abe and caring for Theo she forgot about Thanksgiving. In walks Brandon with a cooler, and he says never fear. Brandon just came from seeing Abe, and he promised his father that hed cook dinner for them. Brandon heads to the kitchen and looks for the recipes his mom gave him. He finds some old photos of him and Sami, and Lexie catches him looking at them. She is afraid he still has feelings for Sami, but Brandon says he doesnt. Brandon throws the pictures away and says he has to get over Sami.

At Samis place, Will has a homework assignment to list all the things over the past year he is thankful for. However, he cant find anything to be thankful for. Sami says what about his parents getting married? He says that is not going to happen, one of them will mess it up. Alice shows up at this point to help spread some cheer, as well as bring Sami some family recipes for Thanksgiving. Sami thanks her and asks her to come to dinner, and she accepts. Later, Will goes to a friends, and Lucas and Sami work on dinner. Lucas spills cranberries on Sami, and then wants to get frisky. She says they cant in the kitchen, besides Will will be back soon. He says theyll be fast, so they make love quickly on the counter. They make a mess of everything, and Will and Kate walk in as they are getting dressed. Lucas and Sami invite Kate for dinner, and she says shell come. Lucas walks his mom out and thanks his mom for coming. She says she wouldnt miss it. Kate then has a fantasy of her dressed as a pilgrim hunting Sami, who is dressed as a turkey.

Rex talks to Mimi about Shawn, and she decides to call Shawn and get through to him about Belle. Shawn and Jan have just made love and are sleeping when Mimi calls. Mimi asks Shawn to come back to Alices, and he says what the hell, hes out of beer. Shawn leaves, and he meets up with Mimi. She convinces him to talk to Belle, to give her a call. He calls her and asks if they can talk, and she says shes at the loft. Meanwhile, Jan wakes up and wonders where he has gone. She sees Belles door is open and is worried she is over there. Belle and Philip just arrived home, and Phillip has told Belle he may have to ship out immediately, that is what the call was about. Phillip takes off to his room when he gets another call. Jan shows up and talks to Belle. She tells Belle that Belle isnt the only one with good news, she is having Shawns baby! Belle cant believe it, but Jan says shes not pregnant yet, but they are discussing kids. Later, when Jan learns Phillip is shipping out, she panics because with Phillip away Belle will chase after Shawn. She pushes Belle to marry Phillip ASAP. She leaves, and Phillip talks to Belle about putting their wedding on hold until he gets back, but she says no. Shawn shows up, followed by Rex and Mimi, and as Shawn goes to talk to Belle he hears her and Phillip talking. Belle tells Phillip she doesnt want to wait to marry him, she wants to marry him immediately.


November 25, 2004
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November 26, 2004
At the hospital, Kate says the one thing she is grateful for this thanksgiving is that Brandon is back in town. She says he doesnt know it yet, but hes going to steal Sami away from Lucas. Meanwhile, Belle and Phillip show up, and Belle asks Lexie how her father is doing. Lexie says he is having a lot of pain, and now he is having hallucinations because of the medicine. Phillip asks if this is a common reaction, and Lexie says no. Belle asks if they can go in, and Lexie says they can.

In his room, John continues to struggle with his pain and is seeing things. The mystery person continues to inject his IV with a drug. John cries out no, and a crash can be heard. Belle and Phillip walk in Belle says Oh my God, no! John had just knocked some things off his table, and he is fine. Lexie sees Johns reaction has subsided, which she says is good. John asks if they were just in here, and Lexie says they just came in. He says he could have sworn someone was just here. Lexie says shell head off now, but says shell be back later to check on him. John asks why Belle and Phillip arent having a nice dinner? She says she wanted to spend Thanksgiving with him. Phillip also says he has news to tell him about his wedding to Belle. Phillip says he wants to marry Belle as soon as possible. John asks why the rush? He says hes been called back into duty, he is going into combat. John says hes sorry to see him go, but he is proud of him. He says they shouldnt rush this, but they both say its what they want. John asks for a moment alone with Belle, so Phillip leaves. John asks Belle if this is what she wants, or what he should be asking if is she over Shawn. Has she thought this through? Belle says she has and Phillip loves her. John says but she doesnt love him. John then gets hit with another pain, and Belle runs to get help. He wonders what is happening to him. The mystery man returns and injects Johns IV again. Belle and a nurse return, and when she gives him an injection he screams at her to stop. The nurse asks Belle and Phillip to leave, and they do. John asks the nurse if she was just in here, and she says no. The nurse leaves and John says he needs his Docs help. The mystery person finally jets out of Johns room. John once again begins having visions of Marlena. MArlena tells him to let the pain go, but he says he cant and something is wrong. He begs Marlena to help him. 

Meanwhile, Kate asks Lexie about John, and Lexie says he is doing better. Lexie invites Kate to Thanksgiving at her place if she doesnt have plans, and she says she is welcomed to bring anyone she likes. Kate thanks her and says shell keep it in mind. Later Kate says this is perfect and she knows just who shell bring. 

At Rex and Shawns loft, Rex tells Mimi that shes going to have to accept that Shawn and Belle are broken up. Mimi says she cant. Rex gets a call on his cell and it is his mom. He excuses himself because the reception is poor, so he steps out into the hall. Shawn is passed out on the couch, and Mimi says if only he had been able to talk to Belle. Jan confronts Mimi and says she should be thankful Shawn didnt talk to Belle. Jan says she warned her what would happen if she didnt stop interfering, so now shell have to tell Rex her secret. Mimi begs Jan not to do this, and Jan says fine, consider this her last warning. Jan says if she crosses her again then she will show her no mercy. 

Meanwhile, Kate invites Rex and Mimi to dinner at Samis. Rex says hed love to and he just needs to talk to Mimi. Rex goes back into the loft and tells Mimi about being invited to Samis for dinner, but Jan says they cant go. Jan says she and Mimi just decided to make Rex and Shawn dinner. Jan wakes Shawn up, and he has a serious hangover. 

Later, the gang heads over to Belle and Phillips place. Rex tries to talk some sense into Shawn about his drinking, but Shawn wont listen. Shawn decides to go drink his hangover off at the Cheatin Heart. As he is walking out he runs right into Belle and Phillip. Belle sees everyone in her place and wonders why they are here? Jan says they are making Thanksgiving dinner and they have zero cookware at their place. Phillip says hes glad everyone is here because he has something to tell them. He makes the announcement to everyone about his being called overseas and his and Belles decision to ship out. Rex congratulates them, and the champagne is broken out. As they all drink a toast, Shawn smashes his glass and runs out of the loft. 

Brandon is outside the Carver house working out after a jog. Celeste and Theo return from the Thanksgiving Parade, and he talks to her about her premonitions about him and Samantha. He wants to know why she keeps seeing them together. Celeste tells him that it is simple, Sami is locked with his destiny.

At Samis place, Sami is cooking dinner and Lucas says everything smells great, and he told her that she could do it. Sami says all she has to do now is turn the oven off and let the turkey rest. Unfortunately she puts the oven on broil! Sami says this thanksgiving will be perfect and shell prove she can be a good wife and mother. Sami sets the table, and Lucas says seeing her acting all domestic is turning him on. He begins kissing her and tells her to get into the bedroom right now! Later, Kate shows up and finds the apartment full of smoke. Will says mom roasted the turkey. Sami is in tears and says she has ruined dinner again and now they have nothing to eat. Kate says she has a surprise for them so they should get ready to go out to dinner with some friends. Will begs his mom to say yes because it could be their last chance to have turkey. Sami says okay, and she thanks Kate for saving the day.

At the Carvers, Brandon is serving dinner to the family. Lexie says there is so much food, too bad there is only four of them here. Outside Kate shows up with her gang, and Sami asks why they are here? Kate says Lexie kindly invited her and said she could bring anyone. Sami says Brandon is here. Kate asks if that is a problem? Sami says no, as long as Lucas is okay with it. Lucas says its okay with him. They all go into the Carvers for dinner, and Lexie tells Kate she knows what she is doing. She tells Kate that Brandon and Sami are not in love anymore, so she should just stop this. Kate says she doesnt believe that, Celeste doesnt believe it , and deep down Lexie doesnt either. Lexie says she wont believe it till she sees it. Kate says now is her chance, and LExie catches Brandon and Sami giving one another a look. Lexie says they should eat, and Brandon says they should say what they are thankful for.

At Jens place, Jen tries to talk to Abby, but Abby says there is nothing left to say. Abby says daddy is dead and hes not coming back. Billie appears, and we learned she stayed the night. Billie tells Jen that Abby will come around. Jen gives Billie some coffee and then goes to greet Bo, Hope and Zack, who have just arrived for dinner. Patrick also shows up and Billie talks to Patrick. She asks him if he has any contacts left in the DiMera organization to use them to find out about her baby. Bo says they dont need him, all they need is the disk. Bo says he will find the answers they are looking for today. Billie gives Bo a big hug, and Hope doesnt seem to like it. She puts on a brave face and says this is wonderful news. Bo says he talked to Specter at the ISA and he gave him a program that may help them decode the disk. They go to use Jens computer, and Jen asks Hope if she is okay. Hope says she has to be, if Bo and Billies baby is out there than they have to find her. Patrick thinks he may know how to help them. Bo and Billie go to work, but Jens computer crashes, and Billie begins to worry that the disk could be damage. Bo says hell head to the station and be back as soon as he can. Billie worries and tells Hope that she feels like her whole life is on that disk, if she losses it than she loses everything! Hope hugs Billie and comforts her, but she still has that look in her eyes. Later, Abby and Chelsea show up, and Abby says Chelsea is having dinner with them cause her folks are out of town. Jen tells Abby to set the table, and Abby tells her mom that shes being rude because Chelsea and Billie havent met. Abby introduces them, and Billie says Chelsea is one of her favorite names. Abby and Chelsea leave, and Hope brings out the baby to Jen because hes hungry. Jen offers to let Billie feed the baby, and Billie says shed love to. Outside, Patrick calls someone and asks them for a favor, he asks them to find out where Billie and Bos daughter is. Hope hears him on the phone and thanks him for trying to help. Hope says dinner is ready, and Bo shows up just in time for dinner. Billie asks if he found anything? Bo says he got into more of the encrypted files, and it is true, Georgia is alive. Billie hugs Bo and thanks him for the best Thanksgiving ever.

Marlena wakes up and is in a nice bed. Roman is next to her, and she asks where they are? He says he doesnt know, but it seems like a castle. Marlena says she remembers one of Tonys men drugging them and putting them on a plane. Roman says yeah, and they could be just about anywhere. Marlena then realizes they are chained together at the ankles. Tony shows up, Bart is with him, and Roman asks where they are? Tony says it is Thanksgiving, and he has a surprise for them. Roman says they are sick of his surprises. Tony says they are in a four star castle and they are acting very ungrateful. Marlena asks what he is planning now. He brings them Thanksgiving dinner, and then makes a comment about Sami (I missed what he said). Roman goes to attack Tony, and Bart stuns him and knocks him out. Marlena runs to him, and Bart says hes down for the count Doc. Marlnea tells Tony that she is sick of this, and he asks what she intends to do about it? She ups and decks Tony! Marlena makes a comment comparing him to Stefano, which upsets Tony. He says this is not a competition, and he is not his father, and they will never win. Tony says his patients with her and the good people of Salem is nearly at its end. He tells them bon appetite and then leaves. Marlena tends to Roman and tries to get him to wake-up. She holds him in his arms and cries that he has to be okay, the children need him and she needs him too. Roman eventually comes too. Roman says shes getting tired of that stun gun! He also says whatever Tony is up to, he doesnt intend to kill them because he would have done so by now. Roman begins laughing as he thinks about the Thanksgiving they went camping with the kids. Marelna remembers as she was talking to Roman about that trip when he was out cold. Roman wonders what Tony is up to, and Marlena says whatever it is he wont get away with it. She says they will get back to their families one way or another.

In another room we see Jack being thrown onto a bed. Bart tells him that hes been a bad boy, and that this is the third time hes tried to escape. Jack is drugged, and he calls out to Jen. Bart says his wife and kid are fine, too bad he cant say the same for himself.

Later, Tony watches MArlena and Roman enjoying their dinner and says he hopes they enjoys this Thanksgiving because it will be their last.

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