October 4, 2004
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Rex thinks he knows where Mimi has gone, and he decides to rush out after her. As he goes to leave, Kate shows up. Kate was on her way to the office and decided to stop by and see how his dinner with Mimi went. He says it was great, and he thanks her for her help. Kate asks if something is bothering him? He says Mimi is keeping a secret and he knows what it is. He explains about Mimi lying about the anniversary of their first kiss and leaving to do errands. He says he knows where she really went, and shows Kate the pad of paper. Kate says he needs to go be with her. Rex says he was going there when she arrived. Kate says Mimi needs him and hes going to have to be understanding.

Sami is going through photos of wedding dresses, flowers, cakes, etc . . Shes at her desk at Basic Black, and Lucas shows up. She tells him that shes glad hes here, she wants to pull out all the stops and have a huge wedding. She says shell have the wedding of her dreams, the perfect wedding that people will talk about for years to come. Lucas makes a face, and she asks what is wrong? Lucas says he has some bad news, this isnt going to work. Sami thinks Lucas is calling off the wedding, but Lucas says that isnt it. He says they cant have this huge elaborate wedding because they cant afford it. Sami says John said hed pay for it. Lucas asks when the last place she spoke to John was? Sami says awhile ago, and she admits he only agreed to pay for it because he didnt have a choice. Lucas says than they shouldnt take his money, should they. Sami says she guesses not. Sami says it doesnt matter, shes left messages for him and he hasnt called her back. Lucas says that is weird. He says he knows she wants her dream wedding, but they cant afford it. He says as far as a honeymoon they can go to the Salem Airport and look at the moon, but that is about it. He tells her that they have a kid and responsibilities, and with their families in mourning it isnt a good time. He suggests they have a small and intimate ceremony, what matters is they are together and their son is there. He says their friends and family will be there, it will be fine. Sami says she doesnt have any friends, and most of her family is gone. Sami says she always imagined her dad walking her down the isle, and her mom helping her with her dress. She says it will be the happiest day of her life, but part of her wishes it could be like the way she dreamed. Sami tells Lucas all about the books on weddings shes got, and there are ways to throw a big yet inexpensive wedding. Lucas suggests she get her dress from Belle, shes a designer. He also asks if she has asked Belle to be her maid of honor? Sami says she is just so unhappy right now because of Shawn. Lucas says Belle is still happy for her. Sami says true, but she also someone who isnt happy for her, Kate. Sami thinks Kate will only attend their wedding to make sure it doesnt happen. Lucas tells her not to say that. Sami says the two of them will never get along. Lucas says he hopes they will. Sami says Kate wont be throwing rice at her at the wedding, shell be throwing rocks. Lucas says earlier they discussed eloping, and they could still do that. Sami says no, she wants a big wonderful wedding. She says they can make it work, and the big wedding is what she wants. She says she wants to get married like a princess. Lucas says they will be getting married and that is what is romantic and important, not what they are wearing. Lucas says he loves her just the way she is. She says she loves him too, but she wants the fairytale wedding. She says she wants it to be like Diana and Charles. Lucas says that wasnt really a fairytale romance, and Sami says that is true. Sami tries to think of other famous weddings, J-Lo, Britney, but none of those people actually seem to ever stay married. She wonders why people cant get married and just be happy. Suddenly, Kate shows up and tells Sami that she bets Britneys marriage will last longer than hers and Lucas. Lucas asks his mom what she said? Kate says she said she hopes their marriage lasts longer than fifty-two hours. Lucas thanks her for trying to get along with Sami. Kate says her childrens happiness means everything to her. Kate asks Sami what all this stuff on her desk is? Sami says she thought Kate might like to help them plan their wedding. Lucas says they have been having a little trouble scraping together the capital for the wedding. Kate doesnt think she should be the one to foot the bill. Lucas says he isnt asking her to, hell take care of it. Kate says he cant use his Horton inheritance either because that is for Will. Lucas says he knows, but he does want to give Sami the wedding she deserves. Lucas says he loves Sami and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Kate says if Lucas is sure he wants to do this than she knows what they have to do. Kate tells them that the wedding can wait, they should save up for the wedding of their dreams. Sami says yeah, and in three hundred years theyll be able to afford half a cake. Kate says patience is a virtue. Sami thinks Kate should pay for the wedding since the parents of the bride pay for the wedding, and she got her fathers inheritance. Kate says Romans estate isnt out of probate yet. Sami says she is getting his pension though. Lucas says they arent taking his moms money so drop it. Sami says no! Lucas yanks Sami aside and tells her to stop this. Sami says normally she wouldnt want to take Kates money, but it is really her dads. Lucas asks what is better for their future, having the big wedding or fighting about it all the time. Sami says she doesnt want to fight. Kate still thinks they should wait and save up. Sami says Kate would be as happy as a clam if they waited until she was dead! Kate says marriage isnt anything to rush into, and perhaps it is for the best that they dont have the money right now. Kate has to head off for a meeting and says goodbye to them. Sami says she is convinced Kate is up to something, and there is no way shell let his mother get away with trying to convince them to wait. Lucas thinks she is being supportive, and if they want a big wedding than they have to wait. Sami says she has an idea to have the wedding she wants and now. Lucas says he doesnt think he wants to hear this.

Mimi is in the park on the phone with the Womens Clinic. They ask if she wants to cancel her appointment, and she says no. She asks them to keep it open as she is on her way. They ask if she has anyone to drive her home? She says shell take a cab, and she cant let her boyfriend find out. As she is leaving she runs into Lori and Arianna (the girl and baby she met at the hospital). Mimi asks how she is doing, and Lori says her boyfriend hasnt coming back and he isnt going to. She says she loves her baby and will give her a good life. Lorie says she doesnt want to keep Mimi, and she heads off. Mimi wonders what she is going to do.

At the hospital, Shawn comes face to face with Belle. Belle tells him how sorry she is about his parents. Shawn says it is because of her that they are all dead! Phillip tells Shawn that he knows hes hurting, but he cant let him talk to Belle that way. Shawn calls her a lying bitch, and Phillip grabs him and tells him to shut his mouth of hell shut it for him! Shawn tells him to do it and he will kill him! Lexie breaks up the fight and tells Shawn that he hasnt been discharged, so he cant leave. LExie tells him to get back to bed. Lexie gets a call and she has to leave. Phillip and Shawn exchange threats. Shawn says he should have been here with his family, but he wasnt because of Belles lies. Phillip says it was Shawns choice to leave town, not Belles. Phillip says even if he had left he couldnt have prevented what happened. Shawn says Phillip doesnt know. Shawn says his brother has to grow up without his mom and dad because of Belles lies. He says he wants nothing to do with her and as far as hes concerned she can go straight to hell. Jan tells Shawn that they need to get him back to bed, and she steers him back to his room. Belle charges into Shawns room and says he knows he is upset, but she lost her dad too because he was in the plane that went down with his father. Phillip says perhaps Shawn can show Belle some compassion. Shawn says if Belles father is gone than it is her fault too. He says her lie has caused all this pain and misery. He says she is her mothers daughter, she was a killer and she helped her take out most of his family. He says as far as he is concerned she is responsible for his familys deaths. Phillip says Belle is hurting, but Shawn says he doesnt care. Phillip says if he loved her than hed find it in his heart to forgive her. Shawn says he definitely doesnt love Belle anymore! He says he could never love Belle, not after what shes done to him and his family. Jan says Shawn loves him now, and she would never lie to him. Belle says she lied about how she lost her baby! Jan says shes learned from her mistakes. Jan says she and Shawn were planning on raising a family, and now they will both be there for Zack. Lexie eventually shows up and asks Belle and Phillip to step outside and for Shawn to get back into his hospital gown. Belle cries to Phillip that she has lost him for good. Phillip tells her that this isnt her fault no matter what Shawn says. Belle, for some reason, still feels sorry for Shawn. She says he only has Jan right now, and Jan doesnt know the meaning of the word love. She says it kills her that Jan is using this to get her hooks into Shawn. Meanwhile, Jan continued to tell Shawn that this is all because of Belles lies, and she will be his family now. She says they can raise little Zack together, and it will be practice for when they have their own family. Shawn thanks her and says he doesnt know how hed do this without her. He says she has been wonderful, but he doesnt want her to trust him because no one can count on him. She asks how he can say that? Jan says he is the best and he deserves the best. 

Rex shows up later and talks to LExie about Mimi. He thinks Mimi made another appointment to volunteer at the nursery, and he thinks babies mean a lot to Mimi right now for some reason. Rex thinks Mimi wants to have a family, but he thinks it is way too soon to think about having children. Rex says he cant find Mimi anywhere here, and he asks Lexie if she knows where Mimi might be? Lexie says no, so Rex continues searching. Lexie then gets a call from Mimi. Lexie asks Mimi where she is, is she all right? Mimi says she has a few questions before her appointment. She asks Lexie if she goes through with this, will she still be able to have another baby? Lexie says there are never guarantees. Rex hears Lexie on the phone with Mimi and asks to talk to Mimi. Lexie gives Rex the phone, and Rex asks Mimi where she is and what is going on? He says she got the date of their first kiss wrong. She says she must have just been confused. She says shell see him when she gets home, and she loves him, everything she does is because she loves him. Later, Lexie asks if Mimi needed to speak to her, and Rex says he doesnt think so. Lexie asks if Mimi is okay? Rex says not really, shes been upset over her brothers death. He says family means a lot to Mimi, and he thinks that is why shes been at the nursery a lot. He says he knows Mimi wants to have kids, and he thinks he knows how to surprise her.

Mimi returns home to the loft in tears. She tells herself that she cant believe she went through with it, her baby is gone, can she ever forgive herself? As she walks into the loft she finds Rex waiting for her. He tells her to rest and hell take care of her, she looks exhausted. He says he knows shes been pre-occupied lately, and he thinks she needs cheering up. He says he has a surprise that is guaranteed to make her feel better. He gives her a teddy bear and says he knows shes been thinking a lot about having a baby lately. He says shell make a fantastic mother someday. He says having a baby would be a great gift, but it is just too soon right now. He says he loves her so much that if she told him that she was going to have a baby right now that theyd make it work, theyd find a way. Mimi cries, and Rex says some day this teddy bear will be their babys. 

Nicole shows up at the police station and she tries to find out if Jan has been arrested recently. She asks if a young woman has been brought in on kidnapping charges. The policeman says no, and asks if she needs to file a report. Nicole says no, she just heard a rumor. Nicole recalls telling Jan to get out of Salem, but she refused as she was planning to kill Belle. Nicole says Jan cant kill Belle. Suddenly, Brady shows up and says he wants to know everything you know, and I want to know it now! Brady isnt talking to her though, he hasnt seen her. He is talking to Tek. Brady wants to know what is going on with his dad, he wants to know everything. Nicole spies on them as they talk. Tek tells Brady the whole story, that John and Bo took off without clearance. Tek says they ended up flying into military space and were shot down by a surface to air missle. Tek says no wreckage and no bodies were found. He says the military thinks the plan sank in tact, and the search has been called off because they have been presumed dead. Brady says his dad believed everyone was alive, so maybe his dad and Bo are out there. Brady says he has to go find his dad and save him. Tek says he cant let him do that. Tek asks him to let the authorities handle it, but Brady says hes lost his faith in them. He says if anyone is going to find his father it will be him. Brady says hes not telling his sister that the victims may all be alive. Tek says he cant tell anyone about this. Brady says he wont, he doesnt want to get his sisters hopes up. Brady says he will go find out what happened to his father, so he asks Tek to tell him everything he knows. Tek says okay, and he tells Brady about the message Bo got that he said was from Roman. He says they traced the signal to an uncharted island. Brady asks where it is, he has to go there. Nicole bursts in and says hes not going without her. Brady asks what she is doing here? She says she was worried about him and what he was up to. She says shes sorry about his father, but she wont let him go without her. Brady says he just lost Chloe, he doesnt know what hed do if he lost her too. Brady says hell charter a plane and go down there. Tek says bad idea, ever plane that has gone down there has been shot down. Tek says the military just wont let him fly through the airspace. Brady asks Tek to just give him the coordinates to the island. Tek says that information is classified. Nicole says she thinks she knows where it is. Tek gets a laugh out of this and asks what shes been doing, snooping around in here? Nicole says she is attractive and cops do her favors. As she distracts Tek, Brady takes a look at the folder with the information about the island. Brady finds out the name of the island, and where it is. Brady says hes going there, and Tek says he is going with him. Nicole says he wants to go, but Brady says no way. Tek and Brady leave, and Nicole runs after them. Later, Lexie shows up to see Tek and learns he went out of town and no one knows when hell be back.

Down in Key West, Brady and Tek have landed on some docks and are planning to use a hi-speed boat to get to the island. Tek says it is a long way to the island, so they should give the boat a once over before they leave. Neither of them realize that Nicole has followed them!


October 5, 2004
At the hospital, Belle cries to Phillip that Shawn has lost both of his parents and pushed her away. Phillip says he had no right to blame her, this is not her fault. Belle cant believe this is happening, how can her dad be gone, how can Bo and Billie be gone. She says every time she thinks it cant possibly get worse it does. Phillip says hes right here and isnt going anywhere. Belle says perhaps this has to do with his head injury. Belle says Lexie did say it might change his personality. Phillip says he hasnt been himself lately, but if hes been living with Jan all summer that wasnt because of the accident. Belle says if she loses Shawn forever she doesnt know what shell do. Phillip says Shawn said he doesnt want to be with her, so she has to get over Shawn. Belle says this isnt like him, but Phillip says he has been shacking up with Jan all summer. Belle asks if he is saying he doesnt think anything is wrong with Shawn? He says there is a lot wrong with Shawn, how could he choose someone else over here? He suggests they go home and he give her some TLC. Belle says she doesnt know what shed do without him. He says hell always be here for her.

At Rexs loft, Mimi is in tears. Rex asks her what is wrong? He says she needs to talk to him. He says he doesnt know what to do for her anymore, he's bought her gifts, made her dinner, planned a picnic for her. Mimi says it isnt him. Rex says than what is wrong? He says hes worried about them. He says if she cant tell him the truth than what kind of future do they have together? Mimi says she lied to him. She says she got pregnant and was afraid to tell him. She says she went behind his back and got an abortion, he killed their baby. Rex cant believe she made such an important decision without him. He says she killed their future! Mimi begs him to forgive her, but he says he will never forgive her and he never wants to see her again. Rex storms out of the loft and Mimi breaks down into tears, and it turns out it was all in her head. Rex asks Mimi what is wrong? She says her hormones are just out of whack. He asks why she is shutting him out? She tells him not to get like that, she hates it when he crowds her. She tells him to give her space and leave her alone. Rex says fine, if that is what he wants then he gives up. Rex leaves, and Mimi says she has to keep this secret. Mimi says she feels like shes made the biggest mistake of her life. 

Belle and Phillip return home and meet Rex in the hallway. Rex says something is up with Mimi and he doesnt know what. Belle says she must have done it. He says done what? She says Mimi has just been emotional lately and was afraid theyd have a fight. Rex says they did, and he thinks something is really wrong. He says Mimi is pale and exhausted, he doesnt know what is wrong with her. Belle says shell go talk to Mimi for him. Belle heads in to see Mimi, and Belle says she really went through with it. Belle says she should have gone with her, and she asks how she got home? Mimi says she took a cab home. Mimi says she didnt know it would be like this, she didnt know shed be in so much pain. Belle decides to call the doctor, but Mimi says no. Belle says this is her life here, something could be wrong. Mimi says it isnt physical pain, it is pain in her heart and soul. She says she killed her baby and she took away Rexs chance to be a father. She says if Rex finds out she had an abortion than he will never forgive her. Belle thinks Mimi should tell him the truth, but Mimi says hell flip. Belle says if she doesnt than shell have a dagger hanging over her head, over her relationship. Belle says she lost Shawn because she lied to him, dont let it happen to her. Belle tells Mimi that she has no idea what it is like to look at a future without the man you love. Belle asks what she can do for her? Mimi says there is nothing she can do for her. She says she cant even look at the bear Rex got her without being sick, but she cant get rid of it without telling Rex what she did. Belle tells her that every time she looks at a teddy bear, or a mom and a dad pushing a baby carriage, shell think of her baby. Belle says Rex deserves to know, and the longer she keeps it from him the worse it will be when it comes out. 

Rex and Phillip got to Belles loft, and Rex says hes sorry about Billie. Rex says he wishes he could have gotten to know her. Rex asks how Shawn is, and Phillip tells him that Shawn just found about his parents and blamed Belle. Phillip says he hopes she is over Shawn now, and he will never let anything come between him and Belle again. Rex says he feels the same way about Mimi. Phillip suggests they call a truce, and Rex agrees.

On the island, Bo finds Billie in a pool of water. He jumps into the water when he sees Billie in it. Billie screams and says shes not drowning, she was covered in mud and wanted to wash off! Bo says hes sorry. He says he needs to get back to Hope if she's okay. Billie cant believe Hope is on the island, and she asks how? Bo says it is a long story. Billie says she has a story to tell him too, but first she wants to go get dressed. Bo turns his head so she can get out of the pond. She heads off to get dressed, and then lets out a scream. Bo rushes to her aid, and it turns out she has a leech on her. She tells Bo to get it off of her. Bo burns the leech off, and then asks what she has to tell him. She says Marlena isnt the killer. Bo says that is old news. Bo explains who is on the island, and about the fake Salem on the island and the force field around it. As Bo names who has been brought or come to the island, Billie says she doesnt recognize the name Patrick Lockhart. Bo says that is a good thing and that he thinks Patrick is involved in all of this. Bo asks Billie what happened to here after he found her the first time? He says she was going to tell him something when they were shot by darts. She says she thought he might have been killed after they were attacked, and losing him would have been too much. Billie tells Bo that she will tell him everything, and hell never believe it. Billie says their plan is to bring everyone in Salem here, to destroy Salem as they know it, and to have total control of everyone. Bo asks who, and Billie says the DiMeras. Bo says he always suspected Tony, and he asks if she thinks Stefano is alive? Billie says everything tells her that Stefano is alive and is the mastermind. Bo says they have to stop him. Billie says Bo needs to save the people, get them off the island. She says shell stay here and search for clues. Billie tells Bo when she was in the compound she was given drugs to forget, but she remembers some. We see flashbacks of Billie tied to a chair and blind folded. She remembers hearing the person holding her say the countdown had begun and soon everyone from Salem will be facing their very own Armageddon. Billie tells Bo that they have to get everyone off the island before it is too late. Bo refuses to let Billie go off on her own. He asks what if she gets caught? Billie says theyll kill her. Billie says she knew when she was being held prisoner that they were going to kill her, and that is why she escaped the first chance she got. We see flashbacks of Billie being held prisoner and the voice saying Billie wouldn't be able to tell anyone anything she knows because dead people don't talk. Bo insists he stick with Billie, but Billie says no. Billie says this is her job as an ISA agent. Billie says Bo needs to get Hope and the others to safety. Bo says he wont let her go off and risk her life. Billie says if she dies than it is meant to be. Bo asks what she is saying? Billie says she hasnt had a great life, and falling in love with him was the only thing that brought her back from the edge. She says they werent meant to be, and it has been downhill since then. She says their baby is gone, but he has Hope and a family and a future. Billie says he needs to be with them, not her. Bo says he will be with them, but he wont turn his back on her. Billie asks him to let her do something positive, at least this will wash away some of the bad memories. Billie then gasps, and Bo sees she is bleeding. Billie collapses into Bos arms. Bo insists he looks at her wounds so she doesnt run off and pass out somewhere, so Billie takes her shirt off. Bo checks her out, and he says she should be fine, but he wont let her go out there on her own. Billie says and she told him that he should go back to Hope and raise his kids. She says she doesnt have that, but there is one thing she wants that will give her something to think about. He asks what, and she leans in to kiss him. Shockingly, Bo kisses her back! 

Elsewhere, Hope is exhausted, but keeps on searching for Bo. Patrick says it will be okay. Patrick tries to reassure her that Bo is just worried about Billies safety, and she wont lose Bo to Billie. He says Bo was only with her before because he thought she was dead. Hope says it isnt that simple. Hope tells Patrick about Billies baby, and how she never got over Bo. Hope says Bo does care for Billie, and Billie will use that to her advantage. Hope says every time Billie comes back into their lives it means bad news, and she doesnt trust her. Hope then sees someone in the distance and runs after them. It turns out that it is Roman and John. Hope doesnt know why they are here, she thought they were leaving without them? John and Roman say the plan changed, and they had to come out to look for the power source. When John and Roman see Patrick, Roman flips. Roman says he thought he was dead, and he is convinced more than ever that Patrick is working for Tony. Patrick says in the past he was a soldier of fortune, but now he works for himself. John says that is the most dangerous kind of person, at least a soldier of fortune will sell out to the highest bidder. Hope says she trusts him, but Roman and John dont. Hope says they dont have time for this argument again. Hope asks the others if they have seen a sign of Bo or Billie? Roman says they found her pendant, and Hope says so Bo wasnt hallucinating. She says Bo is in danger, either from the jungle or Billie. She says she is afraid that she might lose Bo. She thinks Stefano brought Billie here to break up her and Bos marriage. Hope wants to go after them, but John says no. John tells them that they have been shot at with darts, so it is best they go back because the jungle is dangerous. Hope and Patrick says they were shot at too, and Bo says both Bo and Billie were shot at and hit. Roman asks if they have seen Bo and Billie? Hope says just Bo, and she tells Roman the whole story of Patrick's hyperthermia and the cave. Roman says his it is just like his brother the hot head to storm off the way he did. Roman then asks how she got through the force field? She tells them about going to Tony for help and how she stole the clicker from him. Roman says Tony is in on this for sure. John wonders why Tony did it and what he has planned for them now? Roman says the important thing now is to get them all off the island. Hope tells them to take the remote and go, but John says even with the remote there has to be cameras all over the island. John says the only chance in leaving this island is to shut down the power to the island. Hope asks where the power source would be? John says they dont know yet. Patrick says he knows. Roman thinks this proves Patrick is in on it, but he says he meant they just have to follow the current. Patrick says when he was in the ravine he felt vibrations in the ground, it was the current. He says there are probably power lines under the island, all they have to do is follow it to the source. John sticks his knife into the ground and says Patrick could be right. Roman says he could also be leading them into a DiMera trap. Roman and John decide to continue looking for the source while the two of them look for Bo and Billie. Roman warns Patrick that if anything happens to Hope then he will answer two them. The groups then go their separate ways. Roman and John discuss that they dont have much time before DiMera makes his move. Roman says if they find the control center, they could be the ones who die. John says someone is going to die, the question is, who will it be. Meanwhile, Hope and Patrick stumble upon Bo and Billie kissing.


October 6, 2004
This has not been proofed yet due to the late hour! I've had a busy day and am running behind!
Lucas is still at Basic Black, Will is staying with Grandpa Shawn. Sami shows up and plants a huge kiss on Lucas lips. She says she just ran her idea on financing their wedding by the Basic Black attorney, Mr. Vern, and he thought it was a great idea. Sami says they will have a huge, fabulous wedding that people will be talking about for years to come. Lucas asks why that is important? She says because people have always pegged her as a loser in love, and this will show them. Lucas says this wedding is about more than impressing people, its about providing a family for their son. Sami says she knows that. Lucas says he knows she wants this wedding, and he wants to make her happy. Lucas asks how much this will cost? She says he doesnt have to worry about it, she has it all figured out. She says all they have to spring for is the wedding license, and if they donate all their flowers to St. Lukes theyll get a tax refund at the end of the year. Lucas thinks he should be filled in on what is going on. She says she will, but for now he has to wait and see. Meanwhile, Kate is getting a massage when her phone rings. She answers and it is Joel from Basic Black. Kate says this better be good. Joel warns her that Sami has called a meeting in her absence. Kate says shell be right there! Back at Basic Back, Belle shows up, and she is on the phone with Phillip. She says shell be here for awhile and with any luck shell work herself into a state of exhaustion and get some sleep. She says he is the best and shell see him later. Sami finds Joel and some guy working, and she asks why they are working so late? Joel says Mrs. Thing called an emergency meeting. Phillip says Kate isnt working tonight. They say she didnt set it up. Belle asks who then, and Sami shows up and says she did! Sami suggests the others go in and let her talk to her sister first. Belle asks Sami what she is doing? Sami says shed love for Belle to join them. Belle asks if she thinks this is appropriate? Does Kate no? Sami says Kate wrote a memo to everyone about carrying on and doing what they do best in order to honor John. Sami comforts Belle, and Belle points out that John raised her like she was his own. Sami says she knows, and that this is all wrong. She says why couldnt it have been Kate. Belle tells her not to say that, and she also thinks Sami will miss him. Sami says her dad did love Sami. Sami says she loved him too, and he was trying to fix things between them. Sami says it doesnt matter now, she is worried about Belle now. Belle says she just wants to focus on work. Sami says she could use her help planning her wedding. Sami knows it isnt such a great time to be asking her. Belle says she is behind in work, but Sami says she did already promise to design her dress, and she wants her to be her maid of honor. They head into the meeting, and Sami tells them that with John gone, investors will panic. Sami says they need to keep the company high profile right now, and she has come up with an idea for a promotion. Joel asks what they are promoting? She says her wedding to Lucas. Sami says they are going to offer their advertisers the option to underwrite the expenses, and in return their magazines will cover the story. Sami says her brother Eric can take all the photos, and maybe even the Fab five will come make-over Lucas and his apartment. The guy employee says this is a big waste of time, who does she think she is, J-lo? Kate shows up and says he is being way to kind, J-lo is a paragon of good taste and constancy (debatable!) when compared to Sami. Kate asks what is going on, why has Sami called a meeting in her private office? Lucas says Sami came up with a great idea, and Sami tells Kate about her idea. Lucas says it is a good idea, and Belle likes it too. Sami says Belles designs will be front and center, and Kate will get credit for being the mastermind. Kate asks what is in it for Lucas? He says he gets to marry the woman he loves. Sami thinks Kate is going to ruin this for her, but Kate says she thinks it is brilliant. She says she hates to say it, but it is a wonderful idea. She asks Lucas if it makes him happy, and he says yes. Kate says then lets do it. Later, Kate talks to Belle in private and asks how she is doing? Belle says she is numb, and she has almost nothing left to feel. Kate asks about Shawn, and Belle fills her in on Shawns choice. Belle says she has to accept that Shawn has moved on. Kate says some day when shes ready she will move on as well. Belle says one of these days she will wake up, feel okay, and move on. Kate says when she does that is when shell find happiness. Belle says stranger things have happened, look at Sami and Lucas. Kate says she knows, shes been looking. Kate talks about all the terrible things that Sami has done. Belle says maybe this proves that everyone gets their chance at love. Kate says Belle will too, and she is everything that is good and wonderful about her mother and father. Kate says her soul mate is out there and waiting for her. Belle says she always thought it was Shawn, she never thought hed choose to spend his life with Jan Spears. Meanwhile, Sami cant believe Kate liked her idea. Lucas says deep down she wants them to be happy, but Sami says she wants him to be happy. She thinks Kate wants her out of his life for good, and she doesnt trust him. Sami goes back in to see Kate and Belle and she overhears Sami talking about Shawn choosing to be with Jan. Sami is stunned and threatens to rip Jans head off for hurting Belle. Belle tells her no, she is done fighting. She says she and Shawn are through. Kate watches this scene and smiles. Sami says none of this makes sense, what did Jan do to him? Belle says nothing, he just blames her for every bad thing that has happened to him and his family. Belle says he told her that they were through, to get out, and he called her a bitch. Sami says shell teach him a new meaning for that word, shell bitch slap him so hard that he wont know what hit him! Belle says he is already recovering from a serious head injury, and she forbids it. She says its over, Shawn and Jan are lovers. Sami cant believe Shawn chose Jan over Belle. Belle says he made it crystal clear. In her office, Kate looks at a photo of Phillip and says she hates seeing Belle hurt, but in the long run it is for the best because Phillip and Belle belong together. She then looks at a photo of Lucas and thinks she has to find some way to end Samis relationship with Lucas for good. Lucas walks in as his mother says this, but didnt hear anything. However, he can tell by the look on her face that she is up to something. Meanwhile, Belle changes the subject off of Shawn and onto her wedding. Belle says she will look stunning, and shell design the bridesmaids dresses as well. Sami thanks her, and then asks Belle if she thinks Kates offer to back the wedding is legit? Belle says yes, she has pride in this company, and she thinks she wants her, Lucas and Will to be happy. Belle goes off to work. Sami returns to Kates office where Lucas is asking his mom if she is up to something. Kate swears she couldnt be happier for them. She goes off to see Vern in legal, and Sami tells herself whatever Kate is up to, shell find out about it.

In the jungle, Hope and Patrick catch Bo and Billie kissing. Hope asks if he is doing a little mouth to mouth resuscitation? She asks if this is why he wanted her to stay behind while he looked for Billie? He says he can explain, but she tells him to forget it. She says he can stay in this jungle and play Tarzan all he wants. Hope storms off, and Bo follows. Patrick says she must be Billie Reed, and Billie says the one and only. Meanwhile, Hope slaps Bo hard, calls him a bastard, and asks how he could do this to her! Bo says he deserved that, and she says he did. She asks why he did it? Bo says Billie has been through a lot, and this was nothing different than her sleeping with that man. Hope says he had hyperthermia and she did what she did to save his life. Bo laughs at the idea of a man getting hyperthermia in a rainforest. Hope says she did what she did to help him, what is his excuse? Bo says if he can understand her doing what she did to help Patrick, why cant she understand him helping Billie. Hope asks what was she suffering from, chapped lips? Bo says hes sorry and he made a mistake. He asks Hope to forgive him. Hope says she has been so worried about him. Bo says he is fine, and Hope says she can tell. Hope wonders why every time Billie shows up the same thing happens? Why do they find themselves at one anothers throats. Bo says no one will ever come between them, but Hope says he is so wrong. Hope says Stefano is not going to stop until he destroys them. Bo says she has that right, and he fills her in on what Billie told him. Bo says Dimera wont stop killing their family and friends until they are all down here. Bo says they need to put their jealousies aside and stop the DiMeras. Hope tells him about running into John and Roman, who are trying to get to the power generator and shut it down. Hope says they should go back to New Salem and get the others ready to make a break for it. Bo says he has to stay here and find Stefano. Hope says so he is not putting his family first again, and she wants to know if it is because of Stefano or Billie? Bo says his first priority has always been his family, and he is going after Stefano to protect them. He says he is doing this for them and their future. He says he has to do this, and she says with Billie. Bo asks Hope to trust in their vows. Hope asks if she should? He asks for her support, but Hope is angry. Bo says he chooses her, he always has and always will. Still, Hope wonders while hes protecting Billie, who will protect him. Bo hugs her and says he will be fine.

Meanwhile, Patrick talks to Billie and says he heard she was a femme fatal. Billie says shes not, but Patrick says that kiss looked pretty fatal to him. She says it wasnt supposed to happen. Patrick asks what, the kiss or Hope seeing it? Patrick introduces himself to Billie, and Billie says she has no intention of causing a rift between Bo and Hope. He says nice start. Patrick says he likes Hope, and he can only imagine what it was like for Hope to walk in on them kissing. He says Bo refused Hopes help and insisted on looking for her himself. Billie says the reason Bo kissed him is because she asked him to, she wanted the kiss. She says the kiss was for good luck, she wanted Bo to go back to New Salem and be with Hope while she hunted down the person behind this island. Still, Patrick says Bo left his wife to look for her. Billie smiles, and Patrick says she liked hearing that. Billie says it is nice to know when someone has your back. HE says especially if the person is Bo. Billie says the last time she was in Salem she and Bo didnt get along. Billie talks about being duped by Larry Welch, and that she was cleared of any wrong doings. Patrick says now that they have kissed and made up? Billie says there is no Bo in her future, nobody can break up Bo and Hope, it cant be done. Patrick says cant or shouldnt? Billie says wont, unless of course he has other ideas. Patrick asks if she thinks he is interested in Hope? Billie says she is a beautiful woman, and they seemed pretty comfortable earlier. Patrick says she was ticked when she caught her with Bo. Billie says shes trained to recognize body language, and she thinks Hope leans on his strong shoulders for support. She says he has a tough mask but underneath it all he is a rescuer. She also thinks Hope trusts him enough to confide in him. He says theyve been through some close calls. She asks how close? Has he kissed her? Patrick remembers kissing Hope when he was sick, and he tells Billie that she wouldnt understand. Patrick says when Hope and him left to find this island all they did was argue, they hated one another. Billie says that is a bad sign, when two people fight at first it usually means theyll end up married. Patrick says she is funny. Billie says neither one of them could come between Bo and Hope if they wanted to, which she doesnt want to. She says her main concern is finding the main control center and bringing DiMera to his knees. Bo and Hope walk in as she is saying this and he says the question is how will they do that? Patrick asks if they are sure Stefano is behind this? Hope says it is his MO, and Billie says she was kidnapped by his men and she heard them mention his name. Billie thinks the three of them should go back to New Salem and organize the escape while she goes to the compound. Bo says no way, and Hope says Bo should go with him. Hope says if Bo goes, she goes. Patrick says hes in too. Billie says they should just go before it gets dark. She later privately apologizes to Bo for the trouble, but he says it was his fault. He says he loves his wife, and she says she knows. He says as long as they have that straight than they will be fine. Hope and Patrick pack their stuff up, and Hope assures Patrick that she and Bo are back on track. She says they need to concentrate on getting DiMera and off this island. Patrick says getting off this island will be hard, but keeping Billie from interfering in her marriage will be nearly impossible. 


October 7, 2004
Shawn is at the hospital looking at a photo of Belle. He says it is because of her that half of his family is dead. He wonders why she had to lie to him. Jan walks in and tells him to forget about Belle, she just makes him upset. Shawn throws the photo away and says he never wants to hear the name Belle Black again. He says from now on it is just the two of them. Lexie then shows up with some papers in her hand and asks Shawn what the meaning of this is. It seems Shawn has decided to discharge himself, and she is against that. Shawn says he is tired of wasting time here, he wants to go home with his fianc. Lexie says it is a miracle that he survived let alone talking. She says his parents would want her to look after him. Lexie thinks this is Jans idea, and Jan gives her a dirty look. A nurse shows up and tells Lexie that she has a call, so Lexie has to excuse herself. She tells them not to go anywhere though. After Lecie leaves, Jan wonders if she is always such a bitch. Shawn gets dressed and later insists to Lexie, when she returns, that he is fine. LExie tells him to call her if anything happens, if he feels weak or dizzy, no matter what time it is. She gives him a hug and says take it easy. Jan says shell look after him, and she says she cant wait to get him home. He says hes not going there, hes going to the loft. Jan murmurs, but Belle is there . . . 

Mimi is on her couch cuddling with the teddy bear Rex bought her. She wonders how she could have killed the love between them. Rex walks in and asks Mimi what she is talking about? Mimi says she was just thinking about how she ruined the romantic picnic he has planned. Rex tells her not to worry about it. He sees she is shaking and thinks she is sick. He thinks he should call Lexie. Bonnie shows up to take care of Mimi, and she asks Rex to go out and get them some juice. Bonnie tells Rex that she'll take care of Mimi while he's gone. Rex leaves, and Mimi asks what she is doing here? Bonnie says Connor said she called crying, so she came over as fast as she could. Mimi says she had the abortion and she feels so horrible. Mimi asks how she will live with herself? Bonnie says she did the right thing, but Mimi says she didnt. She says she didnt tell Rex, she didnt give him the choice! She says she is a horrible person. Bonnie says she isnt, and she did what she did because she couldnt take care of a baby right now. She also says Rex told her umpteen times that he didnt want to have a baby right now, he wanted to focus on his career. Mimi says she could have told him and they could have made it work. Bonnie says if she had told him, he would have left her, and no man would want her because she would be damaged goods. Bonnie says he would have run off with her best friend and left her high and dry! Mimi asks her if she is sorry she had her, Patrick and Conner? Bonnie says no, they are the best things in her life. Bonnie does admit to Mimi that long before her father came into the picture she had an abortion. She says she was dating a guy for a couple of weeks, and when she wound up pregnant and told him, he ran off with her best friend. Bonnie says she left town to get an abortion, and when she returned she buried the pain. She says no matter how much she wanted that baby, she couldnt give the baby the life it deserved. Mimi asks her mom if she knew how much this hurts than how could she have told her to do it? Bonnie says because she loves her and wants her to have a good life. Mimi asks how will she get passed this? Bonnie says she will, and she will find happiness. Mimi says she doesnt deserve to be happy. Bonnie says she does, and in time she will learn to forgive herself. Bonnie says if she had had that baby than things would have been different for her. Bonnie says her father (Mimi's father) wouldnt have given her a second look if she already had a kid, and she would not have Patrick, Connor or her. Bonnie says every woman has the right to choose, and every day it will hurt a little less. Mimi says she just hopes Rex never finds out. Meanwhile, Rex calls Lexie to ask what is wrong with Mimi. Lexie says she cant tell him, but she suggests he talk to Mimi. Rex goes back to the loft with some of the Brady Pubs famous chicken soup. He says he called Lexie to find out what was wrong, but she told him to ask her. He asks Mimi what is wrong? Bonnie tells Mimi to tell Rex the truth. Bonnie says the truth is that Mimi is having female problems, hormone trouble. Rex says oh. Bonnie says shes going to take off, and she says goodbye. Rex tells Mimi that it worries him when she doesnt tell him when she is upset or if something is wrong. He says shed tell him if something was really wrong wouldnt she? He says a relationship cant work when both parties arent totally honest. She says she knows.

Brady and Tek arrive on the island and are heading through the jungle. Brady says there is nothing here but rainforests. Tek says looks can be deceiving, there is no telling who or what is in this jungle. We then see a shot of Nicole walking through the jungle searching for Tek and Brady. We see flashbacks of Brady telling Nicole she was not allowed to come. We then see flashbacks of Nicole following Brady and Tek to Key West and sneak onboard their boat. Nicole wonders what she was thinking because this place sucks. She says when she gets home she is so getting a massage. Suddenly a spider crawls on Nicole, and she screams. Brady and Tek hear her scream and search for the source. Brady and Tek both think the scream sounds familiar. Nicole ends up killing the spider and says when she was a kid she read that book 'Be Nice To Spiders,' and she says there was nothing nice about him. She then continues her search for Brady. Meanwhile, Brady and Tek realize someone is following them, so they hide in order to catch the person. They end up tripping Nicole with a vine and catch her. Nicole says Hi Brady, miss me? Tek is furious with Nicole for coming here, and he suspects she is up to something. Nicole says she came here to help them. Tek doesnt buy it because she is still a suspect in Colin and Victors murders. Tek demands to know why she came? She says she wanted to help Brady, and she didn't want to lose her only friend. Tek says she will just slow them down, and he wants to take her back to the boat and tie her up. Nicole asks Brady if he is going to let Tek do this to her? Brady says they cant tie her up and leave her defenseless. Tek says to take her with them is to sign their death warrant. Brady suggests they split up and meet back here tomorrow at sundown. Tek says okay, and to be careful and watch his back. Tek walks off, and Nicole plants a huge kiss on Brady! He tells her to stop and that they cant do this. She says he cares about her, and he admits he does. However, he says they have to concentrate on finding the others, and there is a possibility they may not make it off the island alive. Something in the jungle growls, and they run for it.

Tony and Bart are in the control center and are spying on Bo, Hope, Patrick and Billie. They also see John and Roman in the jungle. Tony says he has a plan, and smiles. He tells Bart to charge the machine to full capacity! Bart throws a bunch of switches (very Star Wars/Death Star like scene)

Bo, Billie, Hope and Patrick all in the cave and discussing that Stefano is obviously behind this. They all decide to go look for the compound and DiMera, basically this is all repeats of yesterday's argument between them as to who is going to go searching for Stefano and who will go back to town. Bo and Billie head outside, and Bo tells Billie that he loves his wife. She says she knows, and he says as long as they have that straight then they will have no problems. Hope and Patrick pack up there stuff, and Hope tells Patrick that she and Bo are back on track, so they should focus on getting DiMera and get off this island. Hope and Patrick head out to meet up with Bo and Billie when Hope realizes she forgot her flashlight and heads back into the cave. Patrick then says something is wrong. Elsewhere, John and Roman both realize something is spooking all the animals. John says its happening! Back to Bo and the others, Bo yells earthquake! The ground opens up, and Billie falls into the crevice. Meanwhile, Patrick goes to check on Hope, and they are caught amongst a bunch of falling rocks in the cave. Bo saves Billie, but then realizes that Hope and Patrick have been trapped inside the cave because a wall of rocks have sealed them in. Bo calls to Hope, and she hears him through the rocks. Hope says they are okay but they are trapped. Bo says hell get them out. Patrick says he thinks he knows a way out. He says Tony arrive here the night Jen gave birth and no one saw him come in, so there must be a hidden entrance. Hope agrees, and she tells Bo and Billie to go ahead and help John and Roman, because they could be unknowingly walking into a DiMera trap. Bo agrees, and he and Billie take off. Hope then looks around and sees Patrick is gone! Suddenly, Hope is pulled through the wall! It turns out Patrick is who grabbed her, and he pulls her out through the passage.

Bo and Billie head out to look for John and Roman. Bo is worried about Hope being left alone with Patrick, and he remembers finding them snuggling under the blanket. He asks Billie what she thinks about Patrick? Billie says he seems decent. Bo says there is something strange about him. Billie says Hope can take care of herself, Roman needs him now. Billie says Hope will be okay. Bo asks Billie what her life has been like since leaving Salem? She says she dated a few men, but being an agent doesnt leave you with much of a life. She says if she met the right guy though, she thinks she could make it work. Billie then gives Bo a look. Billie yells Bo! Hope will be okay, she is a strong and resourceful woman! Apparently Bo imagined asking Billie about dating other men! Bo says she is right, and they should move on.

Meanwhile, John says that was not a real earthquake, it was manmade. They survive the earthquake and continue to head on. They find tire tracks in the jungle and decide to follow them.  Later, Hope and Patrick come across two men in ski masks and attack them. It turns out just to be Roman and John, who found the masks in an outpost. They put them on in order to move about more freely.

Back at command central, Tony watches on a monitor as John says the earthquake was manmade, and says for once John is right. Bart asks if Tony wants to send them another one, but he says no. He wants to check on how the others are doing. Bart says the earthquake was cool, but he wants to fire up the cyclones. He says he'd like to see Maggie's face when a twister hits Salem. Tony says right now they have more pressing matters. He shows Bart an image of someone in a cell moaning and groaning. Bart asks if that is who he thinks it is? Tony tells him to go take a good look! Bart goes to a cell block and looks in the cell. The man inside screams at Bart, and Bart wonders how Stefano and Tony brought him back? Bart asks Tony how they revived him? As Tony is about to tell him, an alarm goes off. He sees on the cameras that John, Roman, Hope and Patrick are outside. He says prepare the holding cells because they are going to have company! Bart asks how he will take on John Black? Tony says they know his weakness, he would give his life for someone else. He says therefore it is time for someone to die!

Back in the jungle, someone shoots darts at the captives. Roman is hit and goes down, and Matrix John dodges the others and catches them! John yells that hell catch the others if they shoot, but a spying Tony says I dont think so dear brother! At headquarters, another alarm goes off, and this time someone has breeched the east parameter! Tony says no one will beet him at his own game! Tony says call out the reinforcements! Back in the jungle, John and Hope find themselves surrounded by Tonys men. 

October 8, 2004
At the hospital, Lexie tells Celeste that Tek and Brady went off to search for Bo and the others. She says she already lost one man she loves, she cant lose another. Celeste asks if she is saying she loves Tek? Has he taken Abes place in her heart? Lexie says if she did care for another man than she wouldnt be being unfaithful, Abe is dead. Celeste says what if Abe isnt dead, does she want to cheat on her husband? Lexie begins to cry about Abe. Celeste decides to read Lexies cards, but Lexie says she doesnt want to hear what her cards have to say. Celeste realizes Lexie is in love with Tek. Lexie says shes not in love with Tek, but she could be some day. Celeste says that is what she fears. Lexie asks why her mom wants her to be alone and unhappy? Doesnt she want her son to have a father? Celeste says of course she wants her to be happy, but falling for Tek would lead to great heartache. LExie says she is wrong, it would make her happy. LExie says Abe is dead, and she prays Tek isnt too. Meanwhile, Belle goes in to see Shawn and is stunned to find he is gone. A nurse says she cant be here. Belle asks where Shawn is, and the nurse says he discharged himself and left with his girlfriend Jan.

Shawn returns to his loft where Rex is. Jan returns with him, and Rex tells Shawn the living arrangements have sorta changed. He says Mimi moved in with him, and Phillip and Belle are now living together. Shawn remembers seeing Belle ask Phillip to make love to her. Shawn says he knows all about Phillip and Belle living together. Rex says he and Mimi dont take up much space, so he can still move back here. Jan says he doesnt want to be across the hall from Belle and her boy-toy, there is plenty of space at her house. Shawn asks if his room is still here? Rex says yes, so he could move back in. Jan says that would be a mistake. Rex says hes going to check on Mimi because shes sick, so hell be back. Jan tells Shawn he shouldnt move into a germ infested apartment. Rex says it is a female thing, its not contagious. Shawn says no matter where he lives he has to get a few things. Shawn goes to his room, and Jan knocks over Mimis purse purposely and says shell be right with him. She cleans up the purse and finds the abortion clinic slip. She realizes what Mimi did and decides to keep this information handy. She heads out, and Mimi shows up and finds the slip from the womens clinic is gone. Mimi says it has to be here. Rex says what has to be here? Mimi says she was looking for her work schedule to call in and says she couldnt work. Rex tells her not to worry, hell do that.

Shawn begins cleaning things out in his room. He finds a purple bear which he won for Belle, but she asked him to keep it. She says it would remind him of their love. Shawn then thinks about Belle with Phillip, and he becomes upset. Jan tells Shawn to throw out everything that reminds him of Belle so he can move on. Mimi shows up and says maybe he doesnt want to move on! Jan says this is a private conversation, but Shawn says it is fine. Jan leaves them to talk, and Mimi tells Shawn that she is still routing for him and Belle. Shawn says he and Belle are history, so the sooner she accepts it the happier she will be. Shawn heads back out to the living room, and he says he has to get things from Belles place. Mimi tells Jan in the end shell lose. Jan tells her that she better watch herself or shell find out what its like to lose a man first hand! Jan follows Shawn, and Rex asks what that was about? Mimi says she has no idea. 

Shawn returns to his loft, and he hears Phillip and Belles answering machine go off. He has a memory of being here before after escaping from Jan the first time and hearing the same message, the one Phillip made when he moved in. Jan asks Shawn if he is okay? He says yeah. He sees a photo of Belle and Phillip at the Penthouse Grill, and Shawn says he remembers seeing this happen. Jan begins to worry about Shawns memory, which seems to be slowly returning. Later, Belle returns to the loft and comes face to face with Shawn. Belle tries to talk to him, but he tells her to save her lies. He says he knows right here on this couch she asked Phillip to make love to her. She asks how he knows that? He says he saw it with his own eyes! Belle says that cant be, and he says so you did it. She says yes, well no. She says if he was here he would have seen she didnt go through with it. Shawn tells her not only is she a liar, she is a slut!

On the island, Tek finds Abe, who is sitting in his house reading, and they share a hug. Tek asks what is going on, and Abe fills him in that everyone is alive. Abe then asks how Lexie and Theo are doing. Tek says they are doing fine. Abe says how can Lexie be fine with her husband dead, unless Lexie has moved on. Tek says she has, which upsets Abe. Tek says she moved on and created a life for herself, but shes not involved with another man if that is what hes thinking about. Tek then complains that his arm hurts, and Abe helps him with it. Tek burned himself climbing over the force field. Tek asks Abe who he thinks is behind this? Abe says they think the DiMeras. Tek asks how they will find the others that have gone out into the jungle, and Abe says he doesnt know. Abe says he just hopes John and Romans mission is a success, because if they fail than they all may be doomed. 

Elsewhere, Brady and Nicole continue to trek through the jungle. Nicole asks if they can rest, but Brady says they have to find his dad and Bo. Nicole doesnt think they are alive, but Brady refuses to stop hoping. Nicole and Brady end up taking a quick dip to cool off, and then they find a jeep. They sneak into the back of the jeep and hide under a tarp. Men in black get into the jeep and take off. Nicole wonders where they are headed, and Brady says theyll find out soon. They end up somewhere, but they dont know where. They get out of the jeep, and Brady sees a search light, so he pins Nicole to the ground to avoid being seen. She says this isnt so bad! When Brady thinks it is safe, they get up. Brady says he thought he saw a sign over there and when the search light hits it than they can read it. They wait for the light to return, and then make a run for it.

Tony and Bart are in the command center, and an alarm goes off signaling intruders. Tony tells Bart to bring out reinforcements and seal off the area! Outside, Bo and Billie stumble upon the ambush Hope, John, Roman and Patrick have stumbled into. They save John and the others, but more men show up and a huge fight ensues. The Salemites get the upper hand on Tonys men. One of the men grab Hope and holds her hostage, but Billie, who ran off, returns with a gun and holds the gun on Tonys man. Billie tells him to go ahead and shoot Hope, hell be dead before she hits the ground. Back at command central, Bart says Billie has one up on them. Tony tells Bart not to underestimate him, what he has in store is amazing. Back outside, Billie tells the man not to do it. He says he knows what he has to do, so Billie shoots him! Hope is freed, when suddenly, someone begins shooting darts at the captives, and they are all hit and pass out. 

The hostages wake up in a large cell, which is apparently underwater given that there is a window and outside is the ocean filled with sharks. Bo yells for DiMera to show himself. A TV screen comes down from the ceiling, and on it is the palm tree and shield symbol. Soon Tony shows up on screen and he says he is here to welcome them to their new home! Tony says the looks on their faces are priceless. John says so it was him all along, he framed his wife, faked the deaths, and built New Salem. Bo calls him a sick son of a bitch. Tony says they should have kept him in jail why they had the chance. Tony explains that he was the one who injected all the victims with serum to make them appear dead, and he faked the wounds. He talks about killing Roman, and about Kates blood curdling scream. Roman says he will tear his head off when he gets his hands on him. Tony says he wont be able to do that considering right now they are 20,000 leagues under the sea, so there is no escape. He says if they try to escape, hell open the sea doors. Hope asks why he is doing this, for his father, for revenge? Tony says hell keep that to himself for now. He says they got themselves in this position; he gave them all the comforts of home if they just stayed in New Salem. He says right now the rest of their friends are in New Salem and they probably think they have all died. John says when he gets out of here, and he will, he is a dead man! Tony says they will meet again brother, only it will be in hell. Tony laughs and disappears from the screen. Hope worries about Zack, and she says Halloween is coming up and he wanted to be the shark from Sharks tail, the nice one that doesnt eat fish or people. Bo surprises Hope by returning her pendant that he found in the ocean. He tells her never to leave him like that again. Hope tells him that there is nothing Tony could do to tear them apart. Tony and Bart watch the captives, and Tony realizes he has been so stupid. He gives the order to pull tem out now! Back in the cell, suddenly something happens and all the captives feet are magnetized to the floor. Men come in and shoot Billie and Hope with darts and them remove them from the cell. Bo yells at DiMera and calls him a coward! Tony watches and says Bo will never see his wife or ex-wife ever again. Bart asks now what? Tony says it is time to begin stage three.

Back outside the compound, Brady and Nicole show up! Brady sees the palm tree and shield symbol, and Nicole says this place feels like Jurassic park. She wonders what this place is. Brady says he has no idea, but he intends to find out. As they walk, Nicole steps on a trip wire!

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