October 11, 2004
At the loft, Shawn tells Belle that she is not only a liar but a slut too! Belle thinks this is the accident that is causing him to act this way, but Shawn says the accident just knocked some sense into him. He says she slept with Phillip. She says that is not true, but Shawn says he saw it with his own eyes again and again. He says he saw her with Phillip eating strawberries and cream at Titan (Blooper, it was Basic Black), dancing at Alices with Phillip, snuggling right here on the sofa with him, and at Green Mountain Lodge. Belle asks how he saw those things? Shawn says he just did. She says he got the details all wrong. She asks what was he doing, spying on her? She asks how he could possibly have seen her. Shawn doesnt know, but he knows what he saw, and he knows he cant trust her. Belle says he is getting everything wrong, and something is seriously wrong here. She says there are two things he cant trust, he cant trust Jan and he can trust his own memories. Belle asks how he cant possibly remember where he was if he was watching them? Belle asks Shawn if he is sure he was really even here? He says he had to have been here, otherwise how could he have seen all those things? Jan says she is the one Shawn cant trust! Belle says she cant believe he was here all those times and didnt come to her when she was worried sick about him all this time. She asks why didnt he come home when he found out her mother was dead, or did he decide she deserved it? Shawn says he did feel terrible and he did want to come to her. Jan says every time Shawn tried to come here he found her in Phillips arms. Shawn says everything ended when he found her making love to Phillip at Green Mountain Lodge. Belle says they didnt make love, and why is it okay for him to be in bed with Jan when she never made love to Phillip. Jan says Shawn only moved on when he realized she has betrayed him. Shawn says he saw her, he heard her tell Phillip to make love to her. He asks her if she ever gets sick and tied of lying? She says she didnt make love to Phillip, she stopped before they did because she still loved him. She says she has lost everything, does he know how that feels? She says of course he does, but he made them both go through this alone because he left town. She asks why he didnt call anyone? She says perhaps he should ask himself how and why he ended up with Jan? She also says she notices that every time she asks him something, Jan answers for him. Jan says that is because he cant remember and is trying to figure things out. Shawn still says Phillip moved in with her, they were on the sofa together, and they shared a bed. Belle says hes already made up his mind, he doesnt want to talk, all he wants to do is accuse! Belle says when he left he never called or wrote, she actually waited for him. She says he is the one who moved on with someone else. She says all she wants is a chance to explain. He says she is a lying slut, there is nothing to explain. Belle says she cant believe hes acting this way, and she hates him! He says not as much as he hates her.

On the island, Abe gives Tek the grand tour of Salem and then they return to his house. He asks Tek if anyone in Salem knows what is going on? Tek says Lexie knows his and the others coffins were empty, but none of them could imagine any of this unless they see it with their own eyes. Tek asks Abe if he really thinks the DiMeras are behind this? Abe says who else could do this? Abe talks about when he first ended up here he was the only one here, and he thought he was dead and in purgatory. Abe says he currently has Doug watching the mansion to report if Tony leaves, and Maggie is working to get everyone together for their escape. Abe wishes Tek didnt let Brady and Nicole go off on their own, but Tek says he is as stubborn as John. Tek says he could go look for them, but Abe says no. Abe questions Tek about Lexie, and Tek says she thinks he and everyone else are dead, she pronounced them dead. Abe says he seemed uncomfortable earlier when they were talking about Lexie. Abe asks Tek if Lexie has met someone that she might be interested in? Tek remembers all the time he and Lexie got close over the past months, and he says he has been spending a lot of time with Lexie and Theo. Abe thanks him for spending time with them and looking over them, and he asks if she is seeing anyone? He says she spends most of her time with her mom. Abe asks about the letter he wrote to her. Tek says he delivered it, and she was very emotional when she read it. Abe is afraid Lexie is eventually going to move on with her life. Tek tells Abe that Lexie loves him, shell never forget about him. Abe says than it is important they get the rest of the islanders back to their wives and husbands before they move on without them. Suddenly, Doug shows up and says Tony is missing! Doug sees Tek and learns Brady is here as well. Abe says theyll fill him in later, bur for now what is going on with Tony? Doug says he went into the mansion when he saw no movement inside, and there was no Tony in the mansion. Abe says that means hes gone after John. Tek thinks they should escape, but Abe says no because Tony might do something horrible to those they left behind. Abe says no one leaves unless they all go together.

In the compound, Bart and Tony watch the men as well as his mystery guest. Tony says the holding cells are becoming very crowded, so he hopes they wont be having anymore uninvited guests. Bart says the ladies are comfy in their cell, and he wonders what Bo has that he doesnt. Why cant he get two hot ladies like them? Tony says there are some mysteries theyll never understand. Bart asks Tony what is up with Patrick, is he with them or against them? Tony says it remains to be seen, but for now he is a traitor to the cause. When John gets zapped by the force field trying to escape, Bart says John just got fried! Tony says yes, its positively shocking! Later, Tony becomes suspicious when he doesnt see Patrick and John on camera. He says it is time to find out what side Patrick is on. Tony tells Bart to go check on the women again, and he goes to take care of something else. 

In the holding cell, Bo accuses Patrick of being a DiMera spy. Patrick asks why he was thrown in here then, to make him look good? He says he is no spy and asks what he can do to prove it. John says he cant, and Roman says they dont believe him. Bo says he is a spy and he told Tony their every move. Patrick says he has risked his life trying to save Jack, he came here to save Jen, he delivered Jans baby. Bo says he is a real boy scout! Roman says they should think of a way to get out of here, but when John tries to escape, he is zapped by a force field. Tony appears on the TV and tells John that every time he tries to escape, the charge will increase! Bo asks where Billie and Hope are, and Tony says they are safe. Roman asks why hes doing this to them? Tony says he doesnt want to ruin all the surprises at once! Roman, Bo and John discuss getting out of here to disable the power source to the island, which they think is their only chance at escaping. Patrick asks how they will get out? Bo says there is an air vent, but Patrick says it is too high to reach. John has a plan and tells Bo and Roman to talk in front of the camera while he and Patrick get to work. Bo asks if they should include Patrick in on this plan, and John says they dont have much of a choice. He then asks Patrick to hoist him up, and he begins to tamper with the camera. Later, Tony shows up with his men. He tells them that he does not know Patrick, so he demands Patrick come with them so they get to know one another. Tony and his men leave with Patrick. Roman and Bo are convinced Patrick is up to no good, but John isnt sure given his help with the camera. John, Roman and Bo then work to reach the airshaft by forming a human ladder. John says they have to work quick before Tony notices he redirected the camera.

Tony and Patrick talk in the control room as Bart holds a gun on Patrick. Patrick asks if this is necessary. Tony says he likes to keep up appearances. Tony asks Patrick whose side he is on, and Patrick says his of course. Tony says he was hired only to direct Jennifer here. Patrick says no, he was blackmailed. Tony says he was still on the payroll, and he brought way too many people here ahead of schedule. Tony says now that cop Tek is onto them, and he knows the bodies are missing. Patrick says the people may be here early, but they are under his control. PAtrick also says Tek knows nothing, and his (Patricks) loyalties are still to the DiMeras. Tony says he doesnt believe him. Tony says he let the good people of Salem use his coin to get through the field, and he forced him to take these people prisoner! Tony says he is hardly loyal. Patrick says he is and he can prove it.

Back in the cell, before the men can get into the airshaft, Tony shows up with Patrick. He says nice try, but his loyal soldier Patrick told him what they were up to. Bo says he knew Patrick was no good. Tony says actually he has been very good; it is them who have been very bad. Tony says they must be punished. Tony tells John to step forward, but John doesnt. Tony says he can always magnetize him to the floor, but he knows John will cooperate because he has Billie and Hope and many sexually depraved minions. Bo damns DiMera, and he tells them not to make him do something hell regret! Tony says hes been reduced to B-movie dialogue. Bo says Patrick will pay for this. Tony says more clichs, and just know Patrick has been paid well. Tony tells them not to think about going through the airshaft again because its been electrified! Tony then leads John out of the cell.

Outside the compound in the jungle, Brady stops Nicole just as shes about to go over a trip wire. He then sees the security camera is about to catch them, so he pulls her into the bushes. Nicole enjoys being in such positions with Brady, pinned to the ground by him, but he says this is not a joy trip. He says he is here to find his father. They end up running for it, narrowly escaping the camera. They end up locating the compound, and Brady says they need to go in. Nicole says no way! Brady asks for hairspray, and she asks why her hair is fine. He says give it to him! She does, and he sprays the hairspray and locates where the security lasers are. Nicole says hes not Johns son for nothing. Brady and Nicole sneak through the lasers, and then discover an airshaft. She says shes not going in there, at least not first. Brady works to open up the airshaft as Nicole watches.


October 12, 2004
The puppy was NOT being very cooperative while the soaps were on today, so there may be small errors in this given I had to keep her out of things and couldn't pay full attention to the soap.
Lucas and Will are tasting wedding cake at Basic Black. Lucas gets it on Samis face, and licks it off with kisses, so Sami does the same to Lucas. Sami says its all so good, and Lucas says it will be tough to decide. Sami says that is what happens when you deal with the top chefs in the world. Sami says this is her dream wedding, not only dont they have to pay for it, but they get to pick everything out themselves. Lucas says they still have to agree on things. Sami says if they dont agree on something just remember shes the bride, and besides he doesnt care about the wedding anyways. Lucas says he never said that. Sami wants to get back to business, and they end up horsing around and throw cake all over one another. Once again they end up kissing one another, after they have smeared icing all over one anothers faces. Sami says their life together will be so perfect. Lucas says it already is. Sami wishes Belle could just be as happy as they are. Later, Lucas has a surprise for Sami. Will shows up in a tux, and Will says he feels weird. He doesnt want to wear this to the wedding, but Lucas says he will wear it. Lucas then asks Will a very important question, will he be his best man. Will says no way! He quickly says he means yes, for sure. Will says this is so cool, theyll finally be a real family, and everything will be perfect. Sami cries and Lucas thinks it is because she is happy. Sami says no, shes crying because everything is terrible! He asks what is wrong? She says she just feels so old, why it took her so long that they belong together, that she belongs with the father of her child. Will says hes been telling her that since he could talk, and it just took her awhile to catch on. Lucas tells her to calm down, it is time for them to move forward with their lives and have the wedding of their dreams. She says she is still scared; look at the number of weddings that have blown up in her face. She asks what if she is jinxed? Lucas says she is not jinxed! He says they will have a picture perfect wedding. She asks how he knows, and he says he just does. She asks what about his mom? Lucas says she is trying to get along with her, and she agreed to let them have this wedding. Still, Sami says they never really even dated, its not like they are young and in love. Lucas says they are in love and he will prove it to her Will asks if he should leave? Lucas says no. He decides they should go out on a date, and he tells her to use one of Basic Blacks designer dresses. She says it can be like their first date. Lucas says better yet, it will be like they are going to the prom. Sami gets all excited, and Will tells his dad way-to-go. Lucas tells Will that hell call Grandma Kate and Will can stay with her.

Lucas and Sami go on their prom date at Alices, and Lucas says it looks like their prom date has a bit of a western theme. Sami says the first song that comes on they are going to be out there cutting a rug. Lucas runs off to do something, check on their table I think, and Sami runs into Eugenia. Eugenia is working there ands is not pleased to see Sami. Eugenia says she lost her job at the lab because of her, and she never got to thank her. She wonders what Sami is doing for work; shes not still at the hospital is she? Sami says she got fired from the hospital, and now she is an executive in training at Basic Black. Sami also says she is engaged. Eugenia says she just gets all the breaks doesnt she. When Eugenia sees Lucas she is glad to see him, and she says they should go out for a drink sometime. He says he cant, hes engaged. She asks to who, and Smi says to me! Eugenia says she cant believe it, then again she should the way her life is going. Lucas goes to get Sami a drink, and Sami tells Eugenia that since she wont be invited to the wedding she can read all about it in Salem Style magazine because this will be the wedding of the century. Lucas returns with a drink for Sami, and he toasts to their wedding and future. Eugenia tells herself that Sami should suffer for what shes done, she may have to lose that fine fianc.

At Rexs loft, Mimi has a dream that Rex shows up with a gift for Mimi. He says he knows she is pregnant, he snooped and looked at her medical files at the hospital because he was worried about her. He asks why she didnt tell him? Mimi says nothing, and Rex asks her to please tell him that she didnt kill their baby! Rex is furious with her for aborting their baby, and he says she lied to him. She says she is sorry, but he says it is too late. Rex walks out as she cries for him not to leave her. Mimi is woken from her dream by Rex. She cries out Rex please dont leave me! Rex tells her shes just having a nightmare, and hell never leave her. She says with what is happening with Shawn and Belle, she is just worried. Mimi tells Rex that she has to get those two back together. Rex agrees to help her if that is what she wants, so she suggests they go see them.

At the loft, Belle and Shawn continue to argue. Shawn says not only did she lie about her mother, leading to the deaths of his family and parents, but she lied about having sex with Phillip. Belle says she didnt have sex with him, but Jan says she did have sex with Phillip and she can prove it! Jan asks where Belles purity ring is? Belle doesnt see what that has to do with anything, and she points out that Shawn returned his ring through Jan. She asks Shawn why he did that? He says he doesnt remember? Jan says she knows, he asked her to do it to avoid an ugly confrontation between them. Jan says he said that since she wasnt faithful to him, he didnt have to be to her. Belle calls Jan a liar, but Shawn tells her not to blame Jan for any of this. Shawn says his is all Belles doing, all of it. He tells Belle that he will never forgive her. As they argue, Rex and Mimi show up, and Mimi tells them to stop this. She asks Shawn if he doesnt remember his love for Belle, a love they all thought would last forever? Jan tells herself that Mimi will regret this. Mimi tells them to think about their love, think about all the memories they have shared, dont throw it all away. Jan asks to speak to Mimi alone, and she drags her off. She tells Mimi that Shawn is her fianc, but Mimi says Shawn and Belle belong together. Jan says they dont and from now on she will do everything she can to keep them apart or else! Mimi says no way, and she accuses Jan of taking advantage of Shawn after his surgery. Mimi says obviously Shawn is a few sandwiches short of a picnic basket. Jan says Shawn loves her, so Mimi says Shawn isnt the only one who has lost it. Jan says Shawn loves her, he wants to marry her, they will spend the rest of their lives together. Jan thinks about when she told Shawn how to propose to her, and she says Shawn loves her. Mimi says when Shawn wakes up hell dump her and go back to Belle because they are meant to be together forever. Jan says like her and Rex? Mimi asks what she is talking about? Jan says she and Rex will be ancient history unless Mimi does exactly what she tells her to. Jan ends up letting Mimi knows that she had an abortion and hasnt told Rex. Mimi is stunned, and Jan says from now of she will be her and Shawns biggest champion and it is her job to keep Belle and Shawn apart! Meanwhile, Belle talks to Shawn about whether they can get past this. Shawn says he cant forgive her for lying to him. Belle points out given that he left her and came back with a fianc; she also has every right to hate him too. Shawn says Jan helped him when he learned about her and Phillip, and he doesnt know why but he cares about her. Belle asks Shawn if he loves Jan the way he loved her? He says nothing, and she says she knew it. She knew he didnt feel the same way about Jan. 

At the compound, Tony asks Bart what the security status is. Bart says John is in solitary confinement, and their special guest is lying around like a corpse. Bart says wouldnt it be ironic if he was dead while all the others were alive. Tony asks what about the outside parameter? Bart says all entrances are secured; even the airshaft is electrified and will fry anyone trying to get in. Later, Bart almost catches a glimpse of Nicole and Brady on the monitors, and Tony tells him to go out and make sure the outer parameter is secure. Bart heads outside, and Tony tells Patrick that this security system is state of the art. He says isnt it wonderful working for the DiMera organization? Patrick says he didnt have much of a choice. Tony then asks Patrick to go check on their other guest and make sure the cell is secure and the drug hasnt worn off. Patrick leaves, and Tony says if he betrays them than he is a dead man! 

Outside, Nicole and Brady work to open the airshaft and sneak in. Brady works on the airshaft, and Nicole spots the camera. She quickly pushes him down into the bushes when she sees the camera about to catch a glimpse of them. After the camera pans by, Brady gets the cover to the airshaft off. Tonys men show up, and the two are forced to hide until they leave the area. Brady decides its time to go into the vent, and he asks for the hairspray again. Nicole tells him not to let anything happen to him, and that she loves him. He says he wont let anything happen. Nicole realizes he didnt say he loves her back. Brady and Nicole head into the vent and sneak past the lasers. Suddenly, a huge shock blinds the screen. We see Nicole and Brady laying on the ground, and a hand in a black glove turn off the switch to the air vent security. Brady and Nicole come to, and Nicole apologizes to Brady for being a klutz. Brady uses the hairspray again, and finds the lasers are now gone. Nicole asks what happened? Brady says it is like someone turned off the power to the security system. She asks if it is safe, and he says there is only one way to find out. Brady and Nicole continue to move forward, when suddenly Brady plummets after turning a corner! Nicole doesnt see him fall, and she too ends up separated from him. She calls out to him, and he is laying at the bottom of the shaft. He is alive, and he calls back to her. She asks if he is all right? He says he is fine, but she shouldnt take this drop. He tells her to keep moving and hell find his way back up to her. She tells him to be careful. As they both separately move on, they are shocked by who they see! 

Back at the command center, Patrick returns and tells Tony that he thinks they have a problem. Patrick says the people in the cells are very quiet. Bart says all the prisoners are accounted for. Tony says the men see him as a traitor. Bart points out Billie and Hope dont know that, and Tony realizes that will come in handy. Tony suggests Patrick rest up because hes going to get to know Hope and Billie very well!


October 13, 2004
At the loft, Shawn and Belle continue to argue. Shawn says she has no idea how he feels, what happened to her mother was her own fault, and what happened to his family was her mothers fault and she helped her to kill them! He says on top of losing his family he lost her too. She says she waited all summer for him, but he calls her a liar. Shawn says Jan was there when he needed someone. Belle says he still cant say he loves her though. Shawn says love is over rated; he used to say he loved her and where did that get him? Belle says he has made it clear that he doesnt love her, but how could he sleep with Jan and marry her if he doesnt love her? Shawn says his relationship with Jan is none of her business. Shawn says now if shell excuse him, hes going home. Shawn then walks out on Belle.

Meanwhile, Jan warns Mimi to support her or else Rex will learn about her abortion. Mimi says this has to be a nightmare, but Jan says it is real. Jan says she is Belles best friend and shell listen to her. Jan tells her to talk to Belle and tell her that the lie she told Shawn is too big for him to get over. She then orders Mimi to say Shawn is hers or she will lose Sexy Rexy for good! Mimi never actually says it though. Jan tells her to convince Belle to loose Shawn or else! Jan says if she thinks Shawn is giving Belle a hard time than wait until Rex turns on her. Mimi has a fantasy that Rex announces to all of Alices that Mimi had an abortion and lied to him about it. He dumps her publicly and then pours beer all over her. Mimi says she cant do t his, and Jan says it isnt that horrible. She says everyone will be happy, shell get Shawn, Belle will be with Phillip, and Rex wont know about her secret. Jan says it would suck if after the abortion she was infertile, but Rex will never know what she did if she helps her. 

Mimi goes back to Belle, and Belle thanks her for being such a good friend. Mimi looks worried, and Belle asks if something is wrong? Mimi says everything, and she talks about having the abortion. Belle says she wont judge her and she will be here for her. Belle tells Mimi not to worry about her and Shawn right now, she (Belle) just needs to face the facts that she and Shawn are over. Mimi damns Jan for doing this to her. Mimi says she is so sorry this all happened, and she doesnt know what shed do if she lost Rex. Belle says she tried to explain everything to Shawn, but he doesnt believe her. She says she is still in love with Shawn, and asks Mimi what is she going to do? Belle says maybe Jan is the reason he is acting like this. Belle says if it all made sense she could accept it better. Belle asks Mimi if she thinks there is still a chance for her and Shawn? Mimi says it isnt healthy for her to be here moping around here, she should get out and get her mind off Shawn. As they head for the door, Belle thanks her and says she is such a good friend and is always on her side. Belle asks Mimi what she thinks she should do? Should she move on without Shawn? 

Shawn goes back to his loft, and he wonders why there are so many things he cant remember. Jan says Lexie said he may never remember them. Shawn says he remembers so many things so clearly. He remembers all the times Phillip and Belle were together, but he doesnt understand why he didnt confront them. Jan tells Shawn being here is not healthy, so he should come back to her house for good. She says they were so close all summer. Shawn remembers Jan onto of him begging him to make love to her, but that is all. Jan says she even had a hot little nickname for him, she called him her prisoner of love. Shawn then remembers telling Jan to kiss him. Jan says she cant wait to have his naked body next to hers in bed again, and she wants to fall asleep with him and wake up in his arms. She asks him if he can give her one good reason they shouldnt be living together? Shawn says he can, he doesnt love her. Jan says he does love her, he just doesnt remember it. Shawn says the thought of another relationship right now is not a good idea. He says the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. Jan says he is so sweet and this is why she loves him. She says if he gives her a chance, shell make him remember how much he loves her. Jan suggests they go back to her place.

Jan, Shawn, Mimi and Belle all leave the apartments at the same time and face one another in the hall.

At Alices, Rex is working and Kate shows up. Kate has brought Will to give him some dance lessons given the upcoming wedding. Will isnt so sure, and he asks his grandma if she is here to spy on mom and dad, is she planning on breaking up the wedding? Kate says she only wants his parents to be happy. To herself, Kate says that means they cant get married. Will ends up going off with Rex to ride the bull, and Eugenia sits down next to Kate. Eugenia watches Sami with Lucas and says it is time for her to lose her man. Eugenia damns Sami, and Kate is intrigued. They begin discussing how they both hate Sami. Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas see Will on the bull, and Sami asks how he got here? He says grandma Kate brought her. Over at the bar, Eugenia says Lucas is a great guy, and Kate says yes and he deserves better. Kate suggests they work together to bring Sami down. Sami notices Kate and Eugenia talking and she wonders what those two bitches are up to. Kate and Eugenia continue talking and Kate says that they have to keep Sami from getting married. Eugenia is shocked, but Kate says the only way to beat Sami is to sink to her level. Eugenia says Kate sure is a find, and Kate offers her a job at Basic Black if she needs one. Eugenia says thanks, but she worked in the same building as Sami once before. They form a partnership, and Eugenia gives Kate her phone number. Kate says she may be needing her services very soon, and it was nice chatting with her. Meanwhile, Sami worries what Kate and Eugenia are up to. Lucas says nothing, and he says right now his mom is teaching Will to dance which proves she is behind this idea. Lucas tells her to stop worrying because he has another surprise for her. He puts a blindfold on her, and Rex hits the lights. Lucas says shes going to love this. Rex tells everyone that Lucas and Sami are engaged, but both had messed up proms, so they are making up for lost times. He presents the king and queen of the prom. They dance, and Will tells his grandma that they are great together. Kate says they have wonderful futures to look forward to, and softly says apart. Im guessing the song Sami and Lucas dance to is called Now That I Found You, and it sounds like Leanne Rimes to me. 

At the Brady Pub, Abe and Tek show up, and Caroline knows Tek is a police officer from the real Salem. Tek says he came with here Brady, and he says Brady is still out in the jungle somewhere. Caroline says that isnt too reassuring, the others are out there looking for Billie. Tek is shocked to learn Billie is alive and on the island. Victor says the men are resourceful, and he has faith in Brady. Victor asks Tek if he has any other information? Tek says they have a little. Abe says Doug was watching Tony, and Tony disappeared. Victor hopes Brady finds John because he doesnt want him out there alone. Tek says Nicole is with him, and Victor is not happy. Tek informs them about Chloes death, and Victor says hes sure his grieving widow is taking advantage of Brady.

In the compound, Brady climbs through the air ducts and finds his father in a cell. John is stunned to hear Brady call out, but pretends like he doesnt notice him because of the cameras. John asks how the hell he got here. Brady says its a long story. Brady says hes coming in, but John says no! John says there are cameras in here. John jams the camera and somehow puts it on a loop, which gives Brady time to get into the cell without being seen. John cant believe Brady got in because this place is supposed to be impenetrable, and the air duct is electrified. Brady says the power was cut. John fills Brady in on everything, Marlena is innocent and everyone is alive. Brady asks who is responsible, and John says Tony. He also says Stefano is probably alive as well. John says they have to get everyone out of the compound. Brady says Nicole is here too, and she is somewhere in the air ducts. Brady asks how they will get out of here? John says they may have to face going back through the air ducts, which is what they do. They crawl through the ducts and come upon a very large fan, which is off. John hopes it doesnt come on, and Brady says it was off when he came through. John says hell go first, and begins to climb down to the fan. Suddenly the fan comes on, and John ends up sliding towards it! Brady tries to grabs his dads hands and tries to pull him up shaft and away from the fan, but John keeps sliding closer to the fan!

Elsewhere, Nicole is crawling through another air duct, and she ends up getting claustrophobic. She breaks through a grate and jumps down into a holding cell below. The drop causes her to knock herself out, and as she stirs on the floor and calls for Brady we see she is in the cell with the mystery man. Nicole wakes up and looks at the man and wonders who she is. She rolls him over and sees it is Colin Murphy! Nicole lets out a scream.

Bart is in command central reading a comic instead of watching the cameras. Tony finds him and scolds him for not watching the monitors. Bart assures him that everyone is accounted for, and then he asks Tony what the next big reveal is. He asks what the most shocking plot twist is since MArlena wasnt the killer and none of her victims were dead. Tony says hell tell him. Tony tells him, but we dont hear the secret. Bart asks when it will happen? Tony says very soon, and when it does all the people of Salem are in for an awful surprise. Later Tony wonders what is wrong with the camera in Johns cell. Bart says he hit the wrong button, and they see John pacing. Tony thinks John is just planning his escape. Bart and Tony hear someone screaming, and they wonder what it is. Tony says he intends to find out.


October 14, 2004
At Alices, Lucas and Sami finish their prom dance. (Tina and Cherine wrote in about the song, its "Now That I Found You" by Terri Clark) Sami says this is better than any prom in the whole world, and she cant wait to marry him. She says it will be like a fairytale, a storybook ending. She asks if he is happy they are having a big wedding? He says he is happy that she is happy, and hes happy that she and his mom are working together on this. He thinks this proves his mom is on their side, but Sami tells herself that Kate is not on her side and shell prove it.

Kate continues to talk to Eugenia, and they vow to make Sami pay big. Later, Sami confronts Kate about being cozy with Eugenia. Kate says she heard Eugenia was having hard times, so she offered her a job, but she turned her down because she didnt want to work near Sami. Eugenia tells Sami she lost her job at the hospital because of her, and now Sami has everything, but her day will come! Eugenia walks off, and Sami tells Kate to tell her the truth, its obvious she and Miss Hold-A-Grudge are up to something. Will shows up and says mom promised not to fight with Grandma Kate anymore. Lucas shows up and asks Sami and his mom if they are fighting again? Sami says Kate is up to something again, and she will prove it. Lucas pulls Sami away from Kate and says this round is over. Lucas and Sami get their coats, and Sami tells Lucas not to tip the coat check girl (Eugenia). Lucas and Sami leave, and Will thinks his mom is right and his grandma hates Sami. 

Sami and Lucas head back to Samis place, and as they get it on, Sami sees Kates image show up. Kate tells Sami that Lucas will never love someone who hates his mom. She says shut up, puzzling Lucas. As Sami kisses him to try and forget about Kate, Kate says eww those onion rings gave her bad breath! Sami thinks she should go brush her teeth, and she ends up yelling at Kate to get out of here! Lucas asks Sami what is the matter with her. She says she is sorry, it is just her insecurities causing her to act out. She says she knows as long as they are together they can handle anything. Kate vanishes, and Lucas says he will always be here for her. They end up falling onto the bed and making love, and its very intense! Afterwards Sami says if that was just a preview than she cant wait for their honeymoon. 

Shawn and Jan show up and Shawn orders some beers. Rex thinks he shouldnt be drinking after brain surgery, but Shawn tells him to get him the beers. Jan says she was looking forward to them going home, but Shawn says that wont happen. Jan tries to convince him to go home, and she talks about how hot it was when they made love. Shawn has flashes of him and Jan getting hot-n-heavy, and he says he remembers. Jan remembers too and says it was easier when he was tied down. He says he doesnt want to be tied down, he just got out of the hospital so he wants to be free. Jan tells him to come home to their bed so she can give him some sexual healing.

Mimi and Belle are outside of Alices. Belle says shes not up for this, but Mimi says they need to get her mind off of Shawn for the evening. Mimi says she called in reinforcements, and Phillip the Marine shows up (in dress blues as usual). They all head inside and Belle sees Shawn with Jan. Mimi feels bad, but Belle says she is okay. Mimi goes to talk to Rex, and Phillip tells Belle she is handling things really well. Belle says she doesnt want to think about this anymore. Belle sees Sami and Lucas and she hopes she finds that kind of love some day. Phillip says she will.

Mimi talks to Rex, and Rex asks if she is okay. She says yeah she is fine, but secretly she remembers Jan blackmailing her. Rex says Jan and Shawn dont belong together, but Mimi thinks they should stay out of it and mind their own business. Rex is shocked and asks what changed her mind? Mimi says she has something important to tell him.

Shawn sees Belle with Phillip, and Jan tells him to ignore belle because she is just trying to get her hooks into him again. Shawn says he will get all his memories back. Shawn goes to play some darts, but some guy says he was waiting for the board. Shawn says no one was here, and the guy says he went to get a beer. Shawn says he lost his place then. Shawn and the guy end up getting into a fight, and Belle fears Shawn will get himself killed. Phillip steps in to break it up, and he and Shawn almost come to blows. Belle asks Shawn what he is thinking; Phillip was just trying to help. Shawn says he was handling things fine. Phillip suggests to Belle they go home because its obvious shes no longer comfortable here. Shawn seethes, and Jan says he doesnt love Belle anymore, he loves her now. Belle tells Phillip that she wants to stay. Phillip says okay and hell give her a night she wont forget. Shawn ends up grabbing Jan and pulling her into a kiss, which Belle sees. 

On the island, the residents of New Salem are at the pub. Abe tells Tek that they have to get their friends ready to move out in a moments notice. Abe thinks about what is worse, them being a prisoner here or their loved ones thinking they are dead. Tek says they wont be here for much longer, once John and Roman find the others they will get off this island. Tek looks over at Victor and Caroline and says he has some bad news for them. Abe asks what? Meanwhile, Victor talks to Collin about Nicole and his hatred for her. Caroline wishes he would tell Abe or Tek what Nicole has done. She says shes frightened of him when he gets this way. Victor says the only person he needs to be frightened for is Nicole. Victor says he has said too much to her as is. He also insists he deal with Nicole because hes never relied on the authorities to solve his problems before. Tek then tells Caroline and Victor he has some news he should have told them before. He says Shawn came back to town but was in a bad accident. He says LExie performed surgery and saved his life, but he was different after the surgery. He says Shawn dumped his girlfriend ands is now engaged to a girl by the name of Jan Spears.

At the compound, Nicole lets out a scream when she rolls Collin over. Collin just lays there. He lifts his head up, closes his eyes, and then slumps over. Nicole just stares at him in disbelief. She takes his pulse and realizes he is still alive.

John and Brady continue to struggle in the air duct. John slides further down the shaft towards the fan. Brady extends himself down the shaft, and John grabs his leg and climbs up using Brady as a human ladder. John then pulls Brady back up. John asks if there is another way out of here? Brady says no, and he says that fan wasnt on before. Brady says they have to find Nicole and find out if she is okay or not. They end up jamming the fan and slipping through it. Brady says they need to find Nicole, so John tells him to do that while he goes and shuts the power off and frees the others. They split up, agreeing to meet outside at a certain location.

Tony and Bart hear the scream, and they go to check out who it is. Meanwhile, Hope and Billie are tied back to back in chairs in their own cell, and they hear Nicoles screams. They wonder who it is. Billie says if it is someone who has come to find them, chances are Tony will find them first if they keep screaming. Hope says she sounds scared to death, but Billie doesnt blame her. Hope wonders what Tony has planned for them all. She says if he wanted them dead than he wouldnt have knocked them out. Tony bursts in and asks what is going on and who was screaming like a banshee? Billie says it was her, they were fighting. Billie says they dont get along and now he has her tied up to this bitch! Tony tells them to keep it down otherwise their will be repercussions! Tony leaves, and Hope says bitch? Billie says she was trying to sell it, and whoever was screaming is someone Tony wasnt expecting to show up. Hope and Billie decide to try and escape and help the others. Billie says first they have to clear up something about Bo and what she saw earlier. Hope says Bo told her everything, and she wants to know if Billie is here to destroy her marriage? Billie says no. Hope asks why she kissed him them. Billie says she wasnt sure shed see Bo again, so she was saying goodbye. Hope says it looked more than a goodbye kiss. Billie says she wanted to see if it would still affect her. She says shes been with a lot . . a few guys since Bo, but shes never felt anything as deeply as when she was with Bo. Billie says he was her one great love and she wanted to see if it still felt the same. Hope asks if it did? Billie says she realized she still had feelings for Bo, and shell never get over him.

Bo has been throws in solitary confinement, and he hears a woman screaming in the distance. Bo tries to figure out how to get out of the cell and find Hope. He takes a spring from the mattress/bed and uses it to deactivate the electric cell door. Tony walks in and says if he tries that again hell increase the voltage so that Bo gets fried. Bo asks who was screaming earlier, Hope or Billie? Tony says he seems as concerned about Billie as he does about Hope. He asks Bo which one he wants to see survive? Bo damns him, and Tony says if Bo doesnt choose than he will make the choice for him. Tony then leaves the cell, and Bo makes another attempt at the door. Before her does though, John calls out for Bo to stop! Bo looks up and sees John in the air vents. Bo says they need to find Billie and Hope, one of them was just screaming. John says it was Nicole, and it is a long story as to why shes here. 

Tony heads to check on Collin, and Nicole hears Tonys voice outside saying their special guest has a visitor. Nicole climbs back into the airshaft, and Tony and Bart show up to check on Collin. Tony realize the camera isnt scanning, and Bart says it is probably just jammed. Tony says it is time their patient gets another injection, and Bart drugs Collin. Bart ends up making a mistake, and Colin begins seizing. Back in the air vents, Brady grabs Nicole from behind and clasps his hand over her mouth.


October 15, 2004
At Alices, Bonnie looks around and is preparing the place for a benefit for Salems homeless shelter. She says if all goes as plan, before this day is over her new house will be the big Horton House on the hill. Mickey walks in, and she says she will be Mrs. Mickey Horton, not the hired help.

Julie and Mickey show up and ask Shawn Brady what he thinks he is doing? Julie says Lexie told them that he checked himself out of the hospital just after brain surgery, and she asks since when did Jan become his girl? Meanwhile, Belle insists to Phillip that she wants to stay and have a good time with him. Phillip ends up getting involved in a bet to beat the bull riding record. He gets on the bull as everyone begins to hoot and holler. Shawn watches him with contempt. When Phillip beats the record, Shawn decides to try and break Phillips record. Belle and Jan tell him not to do this, but he doesnt listen to any of them. Julie screams if he falls and hits his head it could kill him! Julie signals to Mickey, who is dancing with Bonnie. Mickey tells Bonnie that he should go find out what is wrong, and hell be back. Bonnie ends up fed-up with Julies interference, so she calls someone and tells them that this is his lucky night.

Mickey learns from Julie what Shawn is up to, and he says Shawn has a mind of his own, what can he do to stop him? Julie says fine, then shell have to try. Shawn begins riding the bull, and Belle yells at him to stop. The bull stops, and Shawn is furious. Julie pulled the plug, and he asks what she did that for? Julie says with his mother and father gone, someone has to stop him from doing something stupid. Shawn says who said he needed a baby sitter? She says apparently he does! Jan tells Shawn that he was wonderful, and they go back to the bar.

At the bar, Rex asks Mimi why she no longer wants Shawn and Belle to be together? Mimi says she has something to tell him. He asks what, and she says there are things he doesnt know about Jan. She says Jan is used to getting her way and there is nothing they can do to stop her. Rex says if Jan is up to something than it isnt like her to just sit back and do nothing. Shawn and Jan show up and Shawn orders a drink, rather nastily too. Meanwhile, Jan continues to threaten Mimi.

Shawn Brady Sr. shows up, and he asks Bonnie why he dragged her down here for? Bonnie says she knows he is missing his wife, and that she was the world to him. He says she was, but why is he here? Bonnie says Caroline would want him to move on, and he says he knows and hes trying. She says hes not doing a very good job, and there is no reason for him to be lonely. She says Julie is all by herself and would probably do anything to have the company of a handsome man. Shawn says it may be too soon, but Bonnie says they arent talking about marriage. She says just have a drink and pleasant conversation. Shawn says it couldnt hurt, and hell do it. 

Shawn goes over to see Julie, and tells her that she is a very lovely lass. She thanks him, and he says he knows she misses Doug, and he misses Caroline, but they have to move on with their lives. Shawn says look at Mickey, but she says shed rather not. Shawn says he always found her so attractive and wanted to know if shed consider going on a date with him? Julie downs her drink.

Bonnie takes to the stage and says she knows they all want to get to the dance contest, but she has something to share with them. She says opening this club has been a dream come true for her, and the man responsible for it is this man right here. She brings Mickey up, and she says he has made so many dreams of hers come true, and there is only one more dream shed like to come true. Bonnie asks Mickey to marry her! Everyone gasps, and Julie drops her drink. Julie says he has to say no, but Shawn says dont be so sure! Mickey says the day he lost his beloved Maggie he never thought hed smile or be happy again, but she has shown him that it isnt impossible. He says her warmth and joy, and her zest for life has inspired him. Mickey says he can think of nothing that would make him as happy as spending the rest of his days with her. Mickey says he would be honored to make her his wife. Bonnie then says its time for the dance contest benefiting Salems homeless shelter to begin! Phillip and Belle compete, and Jan drags Shawn out there. Rex wishes he could ask Mimi to dance but he has to DJ. Mimi says it is okay, no couples who should be together are out on the dance floor anyways. Rex says there might be something they can do about that. Bonnie comes over to Mimi and asks for her to congratulate her. Mimi thinks she is only doing this for the money, but Bonnie insists she isnt. She says you can love a rich man just as easily as a poor man. She then pushes Mimi to make a move for Shawn. Mimi tells her mom not this again!

Grandpa Shawn gives Julie a massage, and she says she cannot believe her Uncle Mickey got engaged to Bonnie. Mickey appears and says he did, and he hopes their marriage will have her full support. Later, Grandpa Shawn asks Julie to dance. They dance, but she doesnt think this will work because her heart will always belong to Doug. She says she knows what true love looks like, and what it doesnt look like (she glares at Bonnie and Mickey). Shawn suggests they get out of here, and Julie says excellent idea.

Back on the dance floor, Shawn tells Belle that hed rather be dancing with her. Belle is excited, but it turns out it was just in her head. Meanwhile, Rex tells Mimi that he has the perfect way to get Shawn and Belle back together. She asks what hes going to do? He says shes about to find out. Mimi tells herself that if Shawn and Belle get back together, than she and Rex are through. Rex tells all couples to swap with those partners closest to them, and if they dont shell be eliminated. Phillip dances with Jan, who says if they dont stop this than he will lose Belle forever. Shawn and Belle dance, and Belle remembers the dance contest at the last blast. He says he remembers. She wonders if he remembers anything else about them.

On the island, at the pub Caroline asks Victor to please go to the police about Nicole because he is scaring her. Victor refuses and says hell deal with his murdering slut of a wife on his own, and hell be damned if shes going to get her hands on Brady. Maggie soon shows up, and Caroline asks if everything is all right? Maggie says no. She says she is afraid she is going to lose Mickey forever. Maggie wonders if she is being silly, and if Caroline worries about losing Shawn? Caroline says of course. Alice shows up and assures Maggie that Mickey is a one woman man. Maggie says Mickey thinks she is dead, what if he finds someone else before she gets back? Alice says that wont happen, and Maggie says of course it wont. We can see by the look on Maggies face that she has a hard time believing this though. Alice asks if this is about Bonnie Lockhart, and Maggie says it is. She asks Alice if she thinks they could get serious, and if Mickey would go so far as to marry her? Alice says all she can do is have faith in Mickeys love and pray they will be reunited soon. Meanwhile, Victor excuses himself, and Caroline asks where he is going? He says hed rather not tell her. 

In Collins cell, Bart tells Tony that he couldnt save him, hes dead. Tony brings out the paddles and they begin to shock Colin. Tony manages to revive Colin, and he says from now on they cant be too careful. Tony gives Bart orders, and Bart asks if he is sure? Tony says just see that it is done. Tony walks out, and Bart says it is a good thing Colin is unconscious because he wont feel a thing. In the hall, Tony radios someone and says they are starting the final phase, and theyll find Billie and Hope is cell block six.

Nicole watches Tony and Bart shocking Collin from the air vent, and Brady keeps pulling her to come with him. She eventually leaves not knowing if Colin was revived. In the air ducts, Nicole says she has to go back, the person in the cell was Colin. Brady says that is insane, but Brady says it was him and this could clear her name. He suggests she hit her head a little too hard in the fall and is hallucinating. Nicole says she knows she saw him and she begs Brady to go back and see for himself. She says hell know he was right to trust her this whole time, and if he is still alive than this whole nightmare will be over. They return to the cell, but when Brady pulls back the blanket on the bed, the only thing underneath are pillows!

John works to unlock the grate over the air vent to Bos cell. Bo asks John if hes seen Hope or Billie? John says he hasnt and hes sorry. Bo says they have to find them before DiMera does something to him. John jams the camera, and Bo climbs into the air duct. John says they need to find everyone and get the hell out of here. While running through the vents, Bo and John hear Tony radioing someone about Billie and Hopes location.

In their cell, Billie says she is sorry but she guesses shell never be over Bo. Hope says she is sorry because she will destroy Billie if she even thinks about destroying her marriage. Billie says shes not going after Bo, she is just admitting she still has feelings for him. Hope thinks she is throwing herself at Bo as always. Billie says no, he loves Hope and that is the way it should be. Billie says she thinks family is sacred, and shed never take away her or anyone elses, even if she could. Billie says they should drop it and move on. They continue to discuss family, and Hope asks why she didnt settle down with someone else and have another baby. She says she cant, but Hope says of course she can. Billie says no she cant have any children anymore, ever. She says after she lost Georgia she was told by the doctors that she couldnt have anymore children. Hope says she is sorry. Billie says that is why she threw herself into her work and never got into a serious relationship. She says after Georgia died, her hopes and dreams died. She tells Hope not to worry about her going after Bo because she has nothing to offer or give him. Billie says she, Hope, has given him everything, and she would never take that from him. Hope once again says she is sorry for everything shes been through, and she wishes there was something she could say. Billie says you know what, she thinks these ropes are loosening. They work to free themselves when a guard comes in and says it looks like hes just in time! Later, Bo and John show up and find the girls are gone. John says someone was here, and Bo finds a bracelet. He says it was them, but where are they now?

Tony returns to command central and receives a call from Stefano. Tony says he sees, and he agrees. He says the original plan is no longer feasible, so they must proceed with the doomsday scenario at once. Bart returns and Tony says the security on the island has been breeched beyond repair, and father believes others may come looking. Tony says they cant leave anything behind, New Salem and everything here must be destroyed. Bart asks what about all their guests? How will they destroy the island? Tony says by blowing it up and everything on it! As he says this, Billie and Hope are being escorted through the halls and hear it. They give one another looks.

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