October 18, 2004
At Alices, Mimi and Rex watch as Belle and Shawn dance, and Rex says he staged a little trip down memory lane by playing their song for them. Mimi worries Jan may think she is helping, so she tells Rex that she cant let him do this. He is stunned, and she says they should just stay out of it.

Shawn and Belle dance to Edwin McCains Ill Be. Belle says they are playing their song. Belle asks Shawn if he remembers this song, and he says he does. She asks if he remembers anything else about them before the accident. Shawn says he does. He says he remembers stopping by her loft the night he left town. He says Kate answered the door and wouldnt let him in, she seemed to think it was a bad idea. He says he tried to reach out to her. Belle says she didnt know, but he says that is a load of bull. Belle says she didnt know he was there and if she knew she would have come down to talk to her. Shawn remembers Kate said she was resting, and he calls her a liar. He says he knows why she didnt want to see him that night, and so does she! Belle says she has lied to him only once, and she has apologized for it a million times. Shawn says she was upstairs with Phillip and that is why she didnt want to come downstairs and see him. (Dustin has to chime in here, does Shawn really think Phillip would do Belle with his mom downstairs listening, gross!) Shawn says she was already moving on with his best friend.

Meanwhile, Jan dances with Phillip and says it is time they switch partners, but Phillip says he wont be a part of her games. Jans quipi/cupee doll tells Jan to do something quick! She ends up telling Phillip to get away from her and storms off. Jan goes over to Mimi and warns Mimi that she is coming close to losing everything. Jan says Mimi and Rex think they are clever, using the switch partners gimmick and playing Belle and Shawns song. Mimi says she has no control over what Rex plays or does. Jan says she better get some then or else shell tell Rex everything! Mimi says she is the same scheming bitch she was in high school. Jan says no, she is the new and improved version. Mimi asks how shes supposed to live with herself if she does this, how is she supposed to sleep at night? Jan says if Mimi doesnt than Rex will be long gone. Jan says this is a no lose situation, everyone will win. Mimi says she wont help her, so Jan pulls out the abortion clinic slip and yells to Rex to come here! He asks what is up, and she says he wont like what he has to show her one bit. Mimi says hold everything and she turns the music off. Rex asks Mimi what shes doing? Mimi says this is for the best and to trust her. 

Belle and Shawn continue to argue, and Phillip moves in to defend Belle. Shawn tells Phillip that hes done with her so he can have her. Belle says she isnt his to give away. Shawn says that is for damn sure. Belle says all she is trying to do is set the record straight; if she had known he stopped by the loft she would have come talk to him. Shawn says she made her choice, and he tells Phillip that he can have her. He asks Phil what it was like to do a virgin? Phillip decks Shawn, and Shawn attacks Phillip. The two get into a huge fight. Belle tells them to stop this!

At her place, Kate looks at a photo of Roman and says she knows she promised Roman to look after Sami, but Sami is going to ruin Lucas life if she doesnt do something. She says he was the only one who could keep Sami in line, but hes not here anymore. Kate turns the photo of Roman around so he doesnt have to see what shes going to do. She pulls out a briefcase and says she knows she promised never to use this, but its an emergency. Kate says this is for the greater good. Eugenia shows up, and says she got her as soon as she got Kates call. Eugenia asks Kate how she can help her set-up Samis downfall. Kate says have a seat, she is going to open Pandoras box. She says once they open this, Sami wont know what hit her. Eugenia asks why she hasnt used the goods before now?. Kate says she made a promise to her late husband. Eugenia says Roman was always so upright, and Samis so low down, she forgot they were related. Kate says she wasnt going to use this until Sami went after her son, and she wont sit by and watch her do to Lucas what she did to Austin. Eugenia says they have to neutralize the bitch before she hurts anymore people. Kate says they do. Kate opens up the suitcase, and she takes out a file on Sami. She gives it to Eugenia, and Eugenia says Shut Up! Sami did all this stuff! Eugenia says this is better than the tabloids! Kate says that she has something better; she has a tape of Sami admitting to perjury on the witness stand. Kate says if she gives it to the judge than Sami will be put behind bars. Kate looks for the tape and realizes it is gone. She finds a note from Lucas indicating he took the tape and left her a letter saying he had it because he couldnt risk it coming between him and Sami. Kate thinks Sami has won, but Eugenia says she knows who can help them. She suggests Austin come for a visit to stir up doubts in Sami about marrying Lucas. Kate says no, she wont sacrifice Austin for Lucas. Eugenia says she would just be using Austin as a decoy. Kate says no. Kate does say she likes the way Eugenia thinks, she is on the right track, but has the wrong guy. Kate says she doesnt know why she didnt think of him sooner, and places a call to Brandon Walker.

Sami and Lucas are in bed, and Sami begins having memories of being in bed with Austin. She wonders why shes thinking of Austin while shes in bed with Lucas? Lucas hears her say this and says hed like to know that as well. He says they are planning their wedding, they just made love, and shes thinking about Austin! He asks if she was thinking about him or his brother while they were making love? Sami says shell explain everything, just give her a chance. Sami says she couldnt help it, Austin popped into her mind as she was trying to go to sleep. She says she didnt invite him in, but now she cant stop thinking about him. Lucas says he has heard of people getting cold feet before the wedding, but fantasizing about his brother is just sick! He says he thought she was over Austin, he thought they were ancient history. Sami says she is and they are. Lucas says there is only room for one of them in this bed, so who is it. She says him of course; he is the only man for her. He asks why then? She says she doesnt know, and maybe she is just trying to make peace with the past and get rid of the old Sami. She says God knows she didnt marry Austin for the right reasons. Lucas asks why she wanted to marry him? Sami says she thought he was a magic prize and if she had him that her whole life would be perfect. Lucas asks why shes marrying him? She says with him the magic is real, shes done chasing an illusion. She says he is the real thing, and even though shes hurt many people she cant make it up to, she can make it up to him. They kiss, and Sami says she loves him so much. She tells him that he has to think of it this way, theyve made all their mistakes before they were married. She says nothing and no one can come between them now. Lucas and Sami then make love. Lucas falls asleep afterwards, and Sami kisses him and says Austin is ancient history and she only loves him. A voice asks her if she is sure about that. Sami says it cant be! Sami goes to the fire escape and finds Brandon standing there with a rose. Sami asks what hes doing here? Brandon asks what hes (nodding in to Lucas) doing here? Sami says she loves Lucas and she is marrying him. Brandon says wrong, they both know he is the only man who could love her unconditionally. Brandon and Sami then share a hot kiss!

On the island, a guard throws Colin into his own cell, and he cries out in pain. 

In the air ducts, Nicole swears to Brady that Colin Murphy was in that cell. Brady says he looked around and no one was in the cell. Nicole says she knows what she saw, she saw Colin and hes alive. She says if it is the last thing she does shell find him and clear her name. She asks Brady to help her. When they hear a man cry out in pain, Nicole says it is Colin! Brady says that doesnt make sense, he wasnt killed by the stalker. She says nothing makes sense here, Elvis or Princess Di could be on this island! Brady says hed believe that before he believes Colin is here. Nicole insists she find Colin, because if she does she tells Brady that everyone will see she didnt kill him and then they can have a future together. She asks if he doesnt want that? Brady says he has defended her all along, but their number one priority is to get off this island. Nicole is upset, and Brady asks if she is okay? She ends up passing out, and she dreams about coming face to face with Colin. Nicole asks Colin how he is alive? Colin says Tony and the funeral director convinced most of Salem that a lot of them were dead. Nicole says she went through hell thinking she killed him, but he says she deserved everything she got. Nicole says he was blackmailing her! Colin says she could have come clean to her husband. He says if Victor dumped her she would have still had five million and a place in her bed. Nicole says when she proves she didnt kill him, she will finally have Brady. Colin asks what shell do when she gets back to Salem and Miss Spears reveals the proof she has on her that she shot him in cold blood? Brady shakes Nicole awake, and she says she cant stop until she finds Colin! She says if Brady had feelings for her than hed help her. 

John and Bo are in the cell Hope and Billie were in. John says Tony wont harm them, but Bo says his thugs might. John tells Bo that both Hope and Billie are trained in field tactics, and they have to work to disable the power source. Bo says he has to find his wife first, he wont lose her again. As they search, Bo and John hear a man cry out in pain. Bo says it came from this direction, but John says it was a man not a woman. Still, Bo says it could be Tony playing games. Bo says when he finds Stefano he will break his neck. John says what if Stefano is dead and Tony has taken his place? Bo says hes giving that mamas boy a bit too much credit. John says Stefano was a bastard, but he had a heart, whether it came to Marlena or his beloved Gina. He says Tony doesnt have a heart; he is a monster and wont rest until he destroys them all. John and Bo find Colins cell and work to get him out. John realizes they cant open it unless they kill the generator. John and Bo have to run off when guards show up.

In Billies cell, Billie ends up being attacked by a masked goon. Billie steals his mace and knocks him out. She then takes his uniform! She escapes, and hears Colin crying out. She is then found by two more guards. They tell her that DiMeras special prisoner is giving them trouble and they need backup. Billie gets her hand on a stun gun, and takes off with them. They head to Colins room where they begin torturing him. They tell Billie to go to the guard room and tell the Count that the situation is under control Billie walks off, and she walks by Bo and John. Bo says she will follow the guard, and takes off. John stays behind and crawls back into the air ducts.

At command central, Patrick watches Billie and Hope in their cells. A guard shows up and begins getting rough with Hope. Patrick says Hope saved his life, so he has to return the favor. In her cell, Hope remembers hearing about Tonys plans, and she says she has to get out of here and warn the others. When Patrick goes into Hopes cell, she decks him and calls him a rotten bastard! Patrick lays passed out on the floor, and Hope searches him for a key. He wakes up and tells her to relax, he wont hurt her. She says he had a key to the door, hes working for Dimera. Patrick says he came here to help her because he owes her. She tells him to help them get out then, but he says he cant. She says she trusted him, Jen trusted him, so how can he do this to their family? She asks Patrick what about his family, what will Mimi and Conner think of him? He tells her to shut up. She says this will cost him his life. He tells her to be quiet! She tells him to help them, walk away from the DiMeras. He tells her that it isnt that simple. Hope says if he stays loyal to the DiMeras than everyone in Salem will become his enemy. Patrick says hes never going back to Salem, and neither is she. Hope says she is going home and he can go to. She asks him to come with her, save herself. He says he just came to see if she was okay. He goes to leave, and she knocks him out. Shes about to escape, but sees there are guards outside. She then decides to go out through the vent, where John happens to be! John helps Hope into the vent and they crawl off together. When Patrick wakes up, Hope is gone. Patrick says she is making a big mistake. In the ducts, Hope tells John about Tonys plans to blow up the island, and John says they need to get the hell out of here. They hear the man crying in pain again, and wonder who it is. Brady and Nicole crawl around the corner and Nicole says the person howling in pain is Colin Murphy! 

Meanwhile, Billie heads to a computer room where she begins downloading info off of Tonys computer onto a CD. Bo sneaks up on her and ends up shocking her with a stun gun he found on the table. Billie falls to the ground, and Bo is stunned when he damasks her! 


October 19, 2004
At Alices, Mimi cuts the music, and everyone tells her to turn it back on. Rex asks Mimi what she is doing? She says it is for the best. Meanwhile, Phillip sees Belle and Shawn arguing, and he goes to stop them. Shawn tells Phillip that he can have her, but Belle says she isnt his to give away. Belle says all she wants is to set the record straight. She says she would have come down that night if she knew he stopped by. Shawn says she made her choice, and Phil can have her, or should he say have her again. Shawn asks Phil what it was like to do a virgin? Philip decks Shawn, and the two get into a huge fight. Rex stops the fight and says Shawn just had brain surgery, but Phillip says his head cant be any more messed up than it is. Phillip says Shawn is the one who is wrong here. Phillip reminds Shawn that he hates Jan Spears, Jan is the slut, not Belle. Shawn says Jan is a great lover, has a wild imagination, and she knows how to please a man! Belle says she gave up his purity ring for sex with Jan? Shawn says she gave it up for Phillip. Phillip says the only reason they didnt make love is because she couldnt get over him. Phillip tells Belle that they should go back to the loft. Shawn says aw, dont stay too long, he has a war to fight doesnt he. Phillip tells him not to insult the marines or the war because people are dying over there! Shawn tries to pick another fight with him, but Rex stops them. Belle asks what is wrong with Shawn? Mimi asks Jan the same thing, what has she done to him? What did she do to him while he was away from Salem? Jan says Shawn knows a good thing when he sees it. Mimi says she cant be talking about herself. Jan says Shawn is with her now, and if Meems keeps up this harassment than Rex will find everything. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Phillip and Belle that hes in love with an amazing woman who doesnt lie to him or cheat on him. Belle says this is Jan spears, the woman who lied about how she lost her baby and tried to blame her. Shawn says maybe she wasnt lying after all, maybe Belle was! Jan says lets go home to Shawn, and they head out. Jan thanks him for sticking up for her because nobody ever did that for her. Shawn says he wants to take her back to his place and get busy. She says she thought hed never ask. Rex tells Mimi he was afraid of this happening. Mimi says this is all because of her. Rex says this isnt her fault, and he is just beginning to wonder about how she always thought if Shawn and Belle couldnt make it, no one could. Rex says they were always so perfect together until Rex told that one lie. He begs Mimi to always be honest with him, no matter what. Mimi remembers arguing with Belle about lying to Rex, and she tells Rex that she promises.

Phillip and Belle return to the loft, and Phillip says hes sorry about tonight. He asks if there is anything he can do for her? She says to hold her. He says he loves her and respects her so much. She says she knows he does, and shes sorry she keeps doing this to him. He asks her why she keeps letting Shawn do this to her? Belle says she just needed to see that Shawn was okay and to understand what happened. She says this has been like closure for her. Belle and Phillip end up kissing, and Belle says she cant do this and runs off. Phillip goes to lift weights, and he thinks about Belle. He tells himself that he has to stop this. He begins jumping rope, and stops when he sees Belle show up in a nightgown. He says if she is going to walk around like that than he will go to the gym. She kisses him and says the only thing hell be working out tonight is her! 

Meanwhile, Shawn and Jan get back to Shawn and Rexs loft, and they are all over one another. They end up in Shawns bed, and Jan puts on a sexy black negligee. She tells Shawn that hes been a very bad boy, and now he will be punished.

Rex and Mini return home, and Rex tells Mimi that he wants to make love to her. Mimi cant stop thinking about the abortion, and Jan blackmailing her. Mimi runs into the bathroom, and Rex asks if she is okay? She says she is fine.

At Kates apartment, Kate says that she is going to call Brandon Walker. She says Brandon is to Sami like kryptonite is to Superman, he makes her weak in the knees. She says if she brings Brandon back, Lucas will see her heart still belongs to Brandon. Eugenia says Sami ruined his life, I dont think hell respond. Kate says first theyll do a google search on Brandon to find out what he is up to, and then use that. Kate finds out that Brandon is in London working on an organization benefiting needy children in impoverished nations. Kate says the organization needs funds and Brandons program will end unless they find an angle. Kate says shell bail Brandon out, but in return hell have to do something for her.

On Samis terrace, Brandon tells Sami that they both know he is the only man who can love her unconditionally. He pulls Sami into a kiss, and she kisses him back. She eventually pushes him away and says she cant do this. Brandon says he now knows why she did what she did, switching the paternity tests. He says if he had been the father of Lexies baby, did she think he would really leave her? Sami says she didnt know, but she was desperate at the time. Sami says her life is coming together now, she and Lucas are happy, and Will is happy that his parents are getting married. Brandon says she is settling, and if she was given one more chance with any man on the planet, can she say shed chose Lucas? Sami says he is the man for her, she loves Lucas and they are happy. She asks Brandon why he is doing this to her, she tried to call him for months but he ignored her and forced the annulment on her. He says he made a mistake. She asks if he is saying he wants to come back to her? He asks her if she wants him to come home to her? She cries, and he says he knows his answer. He kisses her, and then vanishes. She wonders what is wrong with her, and she tells herself that she wants Lucas. Lucas finds her crying and asks what is wrong? She says she just cant stop thinking about their wedding and how happy he makes her. She says she wants him and only him. 

In London, Brandon is in an office and looks at a clipping from a newspaper in Salem announcing Lucas and Samis engagement. Kate then calls Brandon up and says she has a proposal for him. She tells him about Basic Blacks charity foundation, and how shed like to fund his organization. Brandon asks what the catch is? Kate says he knows her so well. She says no catch, she just needs him to come to Salem and make a presentation for her board of directors. He asks if that is it? She asks if he is worried about Sami? Brandon says he can deal with her. Kate says theyll keep his visit on the QT, Sami wont even know he is here. She asks Brandon if they have a deal?

On the island, Patrick wakes up in his cell and finds Hope is gone. Later, a guard finds Patrick and tells him that Count DiMera wants to begin the countdown sequence. Patrick says okay.

In the vents, Brady and Nicole crawl into John and Hope, and Nicole tells them the person crying out is Colin. Hope says Bo said she killed Colin. Nicole says Bo is a jerk and is wrong! Hope asks what they are doing here, and John explains. Nicole remains convinced shell have to find Colin to prove her innocence, but Brady says he believes her. Meanwhile, Hope tells John that the island is still going to blow. John suggests they keep that to themselves for now as it will just get Nicole worked up. John tells Brady they need to go disable the power source and then get the people together and off this island. John asks Brady to go look for the others. The two couples split up, but agree to meet back at this spot in one hour. Brady and Nicole leave, and Hope and John talk about their children. Hope is worried about Shawn, and John is worried about Belle. John rants about how Shawn broke Belles heart, and now Belle thinks she has lost her mother and her father. Hope says Shawn loves Belle and nobody has heard from him, so she fears something could be wrong. John says all he knows if Stefano is alive and on this island than none of them will ever have any peace or get home until they destroy him. The man (Colin) begins screaming again, so John and Hope decide to go get to work. Later they begin talking about Billie, and Hope says she and Billie had a long hard talk. She says under different situations, the two of them may have been friends. Suddenly a woman screams out! John thinks it sounded like Nicole. They search and find Brady and Nicole. Brady says they were searching for the others when Nicole fell. She says she is fine, not like anyone cares. Hope says Victor might, he is on this island and very much alive!

In the control room, Bo stuns the masked person in the control room who is copying data off of Tonys computer. When he damasks them hes stunned to see he shocked Billie. Shes not breathing, so he begins CPR. She dreams about kissing Bo, and ends up kissing Bo when she is revived. She says she is sorry, and asks what happened. He says he had to give her CPR. Billie says she remembers now, he shocked her! She says they need to get out of here, but Bo says not until she has recouped. Bo asks why shes dressed like that, why is she here? Billie explains how she got the uniform and what she was up to, but she doesnt know where Hope is. She has found out that Tony is planning on blowing up the island with them on it! As they talk, a real guard shows up and begins banging on the door. Unfortunately Billies CD hasnt finished copying the info off of Tonys computer! They hide, and when the guard comes in, Bo shocks him. Billie gets the CD from the computer, and Bo asks what she was looking for on the computer? She says nothing. He says yeah right, and he thought he could trust her. He says if she wants to find this battle on her own than she is on her own. He says his obligation to her is over, so hes going to go find his wife and get off this island and back to his boys. He tells her to have a nice life, if she makes it off the island alive that is. She tells him to go find Hope and go back to Salem. He says he thought they were partners. She says she hasnt uncovered anything yet, she is being honest, so he should go. He says she obviously wont be okay because she is crying. She says she was thinking about Georgia. She says she knows she is supposed to be over it by now, but him taking about his boys made her think of Georgia. Billie says she cant stop thinking about their little girl. Bo says he wishes there was something he could do to bring her back. Billie says her to, and that shed love to have been able to share with her all the things a mother shares with her daughter. Bo then comforts Billie with a hug. Bo says he wishes he could have been there for her when it counted, maybe then they wouldnt have lost their daughter. She says yeah well, that was along time ago. She suggests they go out and kick some DiMera ass. They leave the control room, and Patrick goes inside and begins to go to work at the computer. He asks God to forgive him, and then says tick tick boom! 


October 20, 2004
At the loft, Belle and Phillip are kissing. Belle pulls away and says she didnt mean to come on so strong. Phillip says as long as this is what she wants because he doesnt want to hurt her. She says hed never hurt her. Phillip kisses Belle, and it looks like she has some doubts. He asks if she is okay, and she says she is fine and not to stop. He says he wont stop until she asks him to. Belle and Phillip seriously begin to get it on, and Phillip tells Belle that if she wants him to stop than to tell him. She says she wants this because it means shes accepted that she and Shawn are through. However, she says she is afraid she may be using him, and she doesnt want to hurt him. She says what if she doesnt know how love is supposed to be? Phillip says what happened with Shawn wasnt her fault. Belle says she loved Shawn with all her heart and he still left, so maybe she doesnt know what love is supposed to be. Phillip says this is all Shawns fault not hers. Phillip says Shawn will always have a special place in her heart because he was her first true love, but he turned out not to be who she thought he was. Phillip says she is the best and she knows exactly what love is, Shawn is the one who doesnt have a clue. Phillip says he wants to help heal her, and he wants to love her like she deserves to be loved. Belle says she doesnt want to disappoint him again. He tells her that she wont, and she needs to decide what she wants. He says no matter what, hell always be her friend. Belle says she is just so nervous because it is her first time. Phillip says he understands. He says he loves her and wants her, but he cant hold her anymore to comfort her because it is too hard. He also says if she is just going to sit around pining after Shawn than he cant do this anymore. She says this isnt about her and Shawn, they are over. She says this is about them now, he has been there for her and she wont make him wait anymore. Phillip says he doesnt want to pressure her. Belle says she wants this, she is sure, and she never should have made it a big deal about it. Phillip says it is a big deal. Belle says she just wanted to make sure that the man she made love to would be the man she loved forever. She tells Phillip that he has been in her life for as long as she can remember, and she couldnt imagine it any other way. She says this is right, and she wants him to make love to her. Phillip then carries Belle up to bed. HE asks if she is sure because there is no going back. She says she waited so long to be with Shawn, and he broke their vow by sleeping with Jan. She says what matters now is him and knowing he loves her. She says she wants to return that love. Phillip says he wants this to be romantic and special just like she dreamed it would be. Belle imagines Phillip is Shawn, and she kisses him. Phillip begins lighting candles, and Belle says hes done this before. He says hes been with other women, but never someone like her. Phillip tells Belle that he wants her, and she says she wants him to. They continue to kiss, and Belle tells him to make love to her. Phillip says she will be safe, and she thanks him for taking such good care of him. 

At Shawns place, Jan asks Shawn if he is ready to play? Shawn says no. He says when she was changing in the bathroom, he was thinking. He says he remembers them being in bed together, but she doesnt remember them making love. Shawn says perhaps Belle is right and she has been lying to him. Jan says she is not the liar, Belle is. Jan says he is blaming this on her because Belle has convinced him that she is the bad one. Shawn says this doesnt make sense to him, he and Belle waited so long to be together and he doesnt think shed jump in the sack with Phillip. He says something doesnt make sense here, he doesnt know why they were together all summer and why he never went to see Belle. Jan tells him that if he goes back to Belle than he is an idiot! Shawn says he just wants to go find out what is going on. She says he cant! Shawn says he cant tell her what to do. Jan says shes trying to protect him because Belle only wants to hurt him. He says she couldnt possibly hurt him any more than she already has. Jan says she can, she is trying to play him for a fool. Jan says she is coming between their happiness. Jan says Belle and Phillip did make love and he saw it. She says if he goes back to Belle now than he is an idiot. He tells her not to call him that. She shes sorry, hes not an idiot, he is very smart. She says he has to see that Belle is a lying, cheating slut and Belle cant stand that he is with her now. She says everything that girl has done since he came back is to get her revenge on him for dumping her. Shawn says she is wrong, Belle does not care about revenge, and she is much more forgiving than Jan thinks. Jan says Belle is a spoiled rich bitch who gets everything she wants, and he is the first thing she wanted that she couldnt have. She says Belle might not only hurt him, she may hurt her as well. Shawn believes that Belle is hurting and angry, but he doesnt think she has made love to Phillip. He says the only way to get to the truth is to talk to Belle. He says he will go to the loft and sneak in and wait for her. Shawn heads out to the fire escape, and Jan ends up following. They go over to Belle and Phillips, and they see Belle and Phillip in bed. Shawn says it looks like she was right after all. They go back to Shawns place, and Shawn says hes ready. They get into bed and begin to get it on! 

On the island at command central, Patrick is still working on the PC. Bart tells Patrick that Tony is taking care of some last minute details, and he asks if they will have time to get off the island before it blows? Patrick says he doesnt know, but he hopes so. Bart says bad answer, and there has to be hope for them. Bart continues to ramble on and on, and Patrick tells him to shut up otherwise he will screw up these calculations and blow them all up! He yells at Bart to get out, and Bart leaves. Patrick then says that wasnt supposed to happen, and the whole island shakes.

In the air ducts, Nicole is stunned that Victor is alive. John says she doesnt look happy. Nicole says she is thrilled. He says yeah right, she may have beaten a murder wrap, but Victor will start talking soon about what really happened to him. Nicole says she was with Brady all night, and she is the one who got Victor breathing again by performing mouth to mouth. Brady asks how Victor was here when he wasnt a serial killer victim? Hope says well Marlena didnt kill anyone else either, and they are all here. Brady thinks his grandfathers death was a DiMera plot. Brady continues to defend Nicole, and Hope says when Victor names who electrocuted them then they will know the truth. Hope and John discuss the plan, and Hope tells the others to go shut down the generator because she will find Patrick and Bo. John says Patrick is a traitor. She says she really thought he was on their side, he saved Jens life and everything. John thinks they should stick together, but Hope says there isnt enough time to get everything done. They agree to split up, and John tells Hope to find Bo and meet at the Brady Pub. John says if they arent there at the meeting time, they will leave without them. John, Brady and Nicole take off, and Nicole splits from them to find Colin Murphy. An earthquake rocks the island, and John and Brady wonder what that was. Brady then notices Nicole is gone. He wonders if she went off to look for Colin, and John says she probably did and shell probably run into Bo, Billie and Hope. John tells Brady to forget about Nicole, they have to shut down the power source first. John and Brady leave the air ducts and take down some guards. John gets the keys from one of the guards, and they get into the generator room. 

Nicole ends up over the control room and she sees Patrick and wonders what hes doing. Patrick points a gun at the vent and asks who is there? Nicole drops down, and he says she is lucky he didnt shoot her. She asks who he is, and Patrick introduces himself. She says the infamous Patrick. She goes to introduce herself, but he says he knows who she is from the papers. Patrick goes back to work, and she asks what he is doing? He says it is none of her business. Nicole asks him to help her find Colin. He asks why she wants to find him? She says none of his business. He tells her to get out of here then, he has work to do for Tony. Nicole says shed work for Tony too if hed help her find Colin. Patrick asks again why she wants to find Colin? She says if she tells him, will he help her? He asks what is in it for him? She says shell make it worth his while, and begins rubbing him. Another earthquake rocks the island, and throws Nicole into Patricks arms. He asks her once more why she wants to find Colin. She admits she is suspected of killing Colin and it isnt true. She says she knows Colin is here just like Victor, and she is accused to killing him to. She says if she can find Colin than she can prove she isnt a murderer. She asks if hell her find him? He says he cant, he has a job to do. She asks what hes doing? He says hes programming the computer to cause the volcano to erupt! 

Bo and Billie are in the ducts, and Billie says this place is built on an active volcano, so if Tony wants to destroy the island that would be the way to do it. Suddenly, Billie falls down a shaft, and Bo yells Billie! Billie dangles over a river of lava, and Bo tries to reach her and pull her up. Billie tells Bo that he has to save them, and she tries to give him the CD with the information on it. He says that Bo has to get this to the ISA if she dies. Bo says she wont die, but she says if she does she wants to know that her last mission was completed. Billie tries to throw the CD to him, but it falls back down to her. Bo says not to do that again, if she wants it turned in to do it herself. Bo says hes coming down to get her, but Hope shows up and tells Bo not to do it! Bo says he cant leave her to die; does Hope hate her that much? She says no, but she does love him that much. She says there is no way to save Billie. Billie says Hope is right, hell die if tries. Bo says he has to try. Hope says he swore she wouldnt risk his life again for Billie. Bo says he doesnt have a choice. Billie says he does, and shell make it a lot easier for him. She says his coming down here would be suicide, and she wont let him die with her. She tells Bo to go and get out of here. She says save himself and the others, go back home to your boys. Billie then lets go!


October 21, 2004
Phillip and Belle are in bed making out big time. They stop and breath heavily for a bit before going back to sucking one another's tonsils out! Belle eventually pulls away and tells Phillip that she wants to stop. Phillip asks if he was hurting her, and she says no. Phillip thinks she has changed her mind. He says he asked her so many times if she was ready. He says she told him that she was sure, and that she asked him to make love to her. Phillip says now she has changed her mind again. Phillip says he cant take this anymore, she is obviously still hung up on Shawn. He tells Belle that it is up to her, but he cant do this anymore. He says goodbye, and goes to leave. She stops him and says she does want to make love to him, more than ever. Phillip says he cant keep doing this. Belle says she only asked him to stop because she felt they were going too fast, but she does want him. She says this is her first time, and he says that is why he wanted her to be sure. She says she is sure, but she always thought her first time would be with Shawn. However, she says she wasnt thinking about Shawn just now, only him. She says she doesnt have experience and doesnt want him to be disappointed. He says he knows she doesnt have experience, and nothing she could ever do or say could disappoint him. He says he loves her and the last thing he wants her to worry about is him. He says she just has to feel it, and once it is right, it is the most wonderful and magical thing two people can do. Phillip and Belle continue to make love. Afterwards they kiss and cuddle. Belle says it was wonderful, and he was right about going with her feelings. Phillip says he loves her, and he has loved her for so long. HE knows she cant return the words. He does says they crossed a line and there is no going back. She says she doesnt want to go back, she wants to move forward with him. 

Over at Shawns, Shawn and Jan are also getting it on, and they begin ripping one another's clothes off. Jan says Oh yes, this was definitely worth waiting for! Shawn stops and says what is she talking about, she said theyve been sleeping together for months. She says he misunderstood. She says they did make love, and she wishes he could remember. Shawn has a flash of being with her, and he says he does. She says how could she have made it up then. Still, Shawn doesnt understand her waiting comment. She says she meant she  tonight was worth the wait as she was ready to jump his bones in the hospital. She says he made her wait so long, and he wasted so much energy fighting with Phillip. She says tonight was all she was talking about, it was worth waiting for tonight. Shawn believes her and they hop back into bed. Jan takes off his pants and says they are perfect for one another. Shawn has more memories of Jan on top of him, and he says he remembers everything! She asks what he remembers? Shawn says he remembers her in sexy outfits, and her laying in the bed in handcuffs. She says she can explain, but he says he wishes he could remember more. He says they must have had a pretty good time. She says they did, and there was a special game he liked to play. She says it was called cheerleader and centerfielder. He says there are no cheerleaders in baseball, but she says he didnt seem to care. She says he was always ready to go onto the playing field, and he batted a thousand! She tells him batter up, and they begin to get it on. She tells him hes about to score! As they make love, Shawn fantasizes that he is with Belle! After Shawn finishes, he roles over and basically looks disappointed! Jan asks if he has it in him to go another round? He says not yet, and as he falls asleep, he says I love you Belle!

On the island, Bart tells Tony that their prisoners are gone! Tony says its just another feeble attempt to escape, and that they wont make it out of the compound before the volcano erupts. Bart cant believe Tony doesnt care! Bart then smells cigar smoke and realizes it is coming from the study. Bart asks who is in there? Tony tells him to take a guess. Bart says the cigars are the kind Stefano used to smoke, and Stefano was the only man he knew who could get his hands on that type of cigar. Bart says no!. He says he doesnt believe it! It is Stefano! He asks why Stefano is here when the island is about to blow? Tony says this whole scenario is about the destruction of Stefano's enemies, so he didnt want his father to miss the fun. Later, when the power goes out, Bart thinks John must have shut down the generator. Tony says it doesnt mater, it wont stop the volcano from blowing them all to kingdom come. Bart still cant believe Stefano is here in the flesh, and he wants to see him. Tony says not yet, he has a mission for him. Another tremor hits, and Tony says they dont have much time. 

In the control room, Nicole cant believe Patrick is programming the computer to erupt. He says she should hurry up and get out, but she says she has something to do before she goes. She also says John and Brady will stop this program, but Patrick says once it is triggered than there is no stopping it. Patrick says it is done, and they have to go. She says not until she finds Colin. She knows he knows where Colin is and demands Patrick tells her. He asks why shes so hell bent on finding Colin? She says shes already told him, it is to prove she is innocent. Another quake hits, and Patrick begins to type on the computer again. Later, Patrick takes Nicole to Colin. He says they have to go and to leave Colin, but she refuses. She says if he wont help her get out Colin of here than hell do it herself!

Brady and John find the generator, and they argue about whether to just trigger the alarms and shut down the generator. Brady thinks once they shut it down people will know they are here anyways, so who cares about the alarms. John says if he knows Tony than these aren't just alarms. John throws a chair into the room, and it is electrified. Suddenly, another quake rocks the island. More guards show up and order John and Brady to turn around and put their hands up. John and Brady do as he says, but when another quake hits, John and Brady get the upper hand on the guards. John takes a machine gun and uses it to blow the generator to bits. The lights go out, and Brady says he cant see a thing. John says the emergency lights will kick in, which they do.

John and Brady end up finding Roman wandering around. Roman says the door sprung open when the power went off. They fill Roman in on Bo, Billie and Hopes whereabouts, and Tonys plan to blow up the island. Roman says the bustard! John says like father like son. John says they have to find the others and get out of here, but Brady says they have to find Nicole. John and Brady get into an argument over Nicole. Brady stands up for Nicole, but John thinks she is a murders. Suddenly Nicole shows up with Patrick, and Patrick has a body over his shoulder. Nicole tells them all to stop arguing because Patrick has triggered the volcano to blow so they have to get out of here. Roman calls him a lousy traitor, and John asks who the body is. Nicole shows them Colin's face, and she says it is Colin Muphy, and if they'd care to check his pulse they'd find out he is very much alive! 

Billie continues to hang onto the ledge over the river of lava and tells Bo that she is going to die, so she wont let him die with her. Billie tells Bo to go, save himself and the others. She tells them to live long lives and raise their kids to be strong and decent boys. She says goodbye, and lets go of the ledge! Bo says no! Hope tells Bo that shes gone, but Bo says she is down there. Bo jumps down after her, and  Hope screams. Hope thinks Bo is dead, but Bo isnt. Bo and Billie are both hanging onto a ledge below. Bo calls out to Hope. He says she has to find something to pull them up out of here. Hope doesnt answer, and Billie thinks Hope is gone and now they are both goners. Bo says Hope will come back, and he yells for his Fancyface. Billie checks to make sure she hasnt lost the computer disk, and then she asks where his wife is? Bo doesnt know, but says if she doesnt return soon they are toast! Hope finally returns with the rope she and Billie were tied up with. She throws it down to them, and Bo and Billie pull themselves up. Billie almost falls, but Bo saves her just in time. They manage to get back to the vents, and Hope is furious with Bo. Bo says he is fine and they need to find the others and get out of here. 

Tony goes into the study where we see a chair and cigar smoke. Tony says hes glad his father is here to see the culmination of his plan, and all his enemies are here and waiting to see him!


October 22, 2004
Jan goes out to the fire escape after she finds Shawn gone, and she sees Belle isnt in bed with Phillip either. Jan sneaks into Phillip and Belles place, and she looks at a sleeping Phillip. She says he is a fine piece of work, not that she wants him, but she needs him to keep Belle preoccupied. Phillip grabs Jan and kisses her, and then realizes it is Jan. He spits and asks why she is here? Jan says Shawn is gone, as is Belle obviously. She says they are together. Phillip says no way. She asks if there is a special place they used to meet? Phillip says the roof. They decide to head up there, and Phillip says he wont let Shawn take Belle. 

Belle is on the roof of the loft thinking about making love to Phillip. She goes over to the door and sees her and Shawns initials carved on the door. Shawn soon shows up, and they look at one another. Back on the roof, Shawn says he couldnt sleep and needed air. Belle says their initials shouldnt be on this door, all these other couples were true to one another. She says she thought they would end up just like them. Shawn says but they didnt. He asks why she took the shower; didnt she like the smell of Phillips aftershave? She says it is none of his business. Shawn says he heard them through the paper-thin walls, and if they enjoyed themselves. He asks if Phillip was everything she expected, or did she come up short. Belle says she heard him with Jan, and she never thought hed end up with someone as low as Jan Spears. Shawn says no one is as low as her. Shawn doesnt understand how Belle could jump in the sack so quickly with Phillip after she made them wait for so long. Belle says she was ready to do it with him right after Abe died, but he is the one who wanted to wait. She says tonight was her first time, and he says that is such a lie. He asks why she cant just admit they had sex before. Belle says tonight was the first time she and Phillip ever made love. Shawn says she is a liar, she is lying about everything nowadays. He says he saw them with his own eyes. Belle says she doesnt know why she bothers defending herself. She says she has tried and tried to set things straight, but he isnt listening. She says she doesnt know him anymore. She tells Shawn he wasnt just the man she loved, she was his best friend. She asks what happened to us? He says there is no us anymore. Belle says they used to come up here to work things out, and she thinks about the wonderful times they had up here. She remembers when Shawn carved their initials in the door one night. Belle tells Shawn that it is cold, so shes going inside. He tells her to wait. He gives back her four leaf clover and says he thinks the thing is cursed because it has brought him bad luck just like she has. She lashes out and accuses him of never loving her. He says he loved her with all his heart and he throw that away to be with someone else. Belle says he is a hypocrite; he has his lipstick all over him! She grabs him, and he winces in pain. She asks if he is okay. Shawn says he remembers everything, he remembers her and Phillip in bed together at green mountain lodge! Phillip and Jan show up and find Shawn yelling at Belle about Green Mountain Lodge, and Phillip rushes to Belle. Shawn tells them both to stay away from him! Jan tells Shawn not to waste his breath because Belle is not worth it.

Kate waits for Brandon to call her with the news that hes coming back to Salem. Kate says if Brandon does say yes and agrees to come back to Salem then he has to convince him to stay awhile, long enough to torpedo Sami and Lucas. Eugenia returns after running an errand for take-out, and Brandon finally calls Kate back. She hopes he has agreed to come back to Salem to make a pitch to her board of directors. As Kate smooth talks Brandon, Eugenia says Kate is good! Kate asks Brandon when hell be coming to Salem to meet with her, but Brandon says there is no way he can come back to Salem. He says he can send her the material and she can present it. She asks where he is? He says Chicago. Kate says he is so close! He says hes meeting with another corporation, and he cant come meet her. She asks if this is about Sami, and he says no. He says his schedule is tight, so tight that Lexie is coming to meet him with Theo. Kate says fine then, shell come to Chicago. He asks why she sounds so desperate? He says he thinks this goes beyond Basic Black wanting to fund a good cause. She says he is right, and it is time he knows the truth. She claims this is to pay back Faye for when she was so kind to her when she was down and out. Kate says after Victor kicked her out she was jobless and living in her car, Faye gave her a job and a place to stay. Brandon says he is touched, and he says he is at the Bakers Street Hotel. Kate says shell be there. Eugenia asks Kate how shes going to get Brandon to come back to Salem? Kate says that is where Eugenia comes in; she needs to work on Lexie. Eugenia says Lexie hates her, she wont listen to her. Eugenia then says she could have Lexies schedule changed so she couldnt get away, forcing Brandon to come here to see her and Theo. Kate says bingo! Eugenia says she is starting to think like Sami now, but it will be worth it to get revenge on Sami.

At Samis place, she and Lucas have another orgasmic love making session. Lucas says he is so happy with her, and she says he makes her happier than shes ever been. Lucas says their sex is so amazing because they are so open and honest with one another. Sami agrees, and they once ago go at it. Lucas then goes under the sheets, OMG! She moans and then asks why he is stopping Brandon then pops out from under the sheets. Brandon tells her that Lucas has no idea that he is the one she wants to be with. Sami begins making out with Brandon, and quickly yells at him to get off of her. She wonders what she is doing, and Brandon says that is a good question. Sami wakes up from her nightmare and wonders what is happening to her. She goes out to the living room to watch TV and sees and advertisement for a psychic names Mrs.. Sami ends up calling Mrs. Wendy. Sami says shes never called before, and her name is . . . Mrs. Wendy uses her caller ID to say Samantha Gene Brady? Sami is stunned and asks how she knows? Mrs. Wendy says she is psychic. In reality, Mrs. Wendy is sitting around in an office smoking a cigarette; she doesnt appear to be a psychic at all. Sami says shes been having erotic dreams about her ex-boyfriends, and Mrs. Wendy asks Sami how many lovers has she had? Sami asks if she shouldnt know that? The psychic says let her consult the cards, pulls out a three of hearts, and says she has had three true loves. Sami says that is right! Sami tells her about Austin, Brandon and Lucas. She informs her how and why things didnt work out for Austin and Brandon. Sami asks Mrs. Wendy what she sees in the future for her and Lucas? Mrs. Wendy says it is pretty cloudy, and she doesnt think either of them have much of a future together. Sami begs her to try again, and Wendy says she could consult her spirit guide but it will cost her more. Sami says shell pay. Wendy asks her spirit guide if she still has feelings for her Ex? Wendy rings a bell, and she says yes! Sami says duh, shell always care for him. Wendy consults her spirit guide and suggests calling it quits with Lucas might be for the best, but if she knows her own heart than she will know what to do. Sami says she doesnt know Kate Roberts. Mrs. Wendy says her spirit guide thinks Kate is a bitch, and Mrs. Wendy says there lies her problem. Sami thanks her, and Wendy says call her anytime. Sami thinks that all she has to do is not let Kate get to her, and she wont have any more dreams.

On the island, in the study Tony continues to talk to Stefano (who we dont see, we just see the back of a chair) about the revenge he has planned for all of their enemies. He says they are all under their roof, and it will be apocalyptic. Tony decides to join Stefano in having one of his prized cigars. He says it is a ritual to mark the transfer of power as he must be ready to retire. Another quake hits, and Tony apologizes for upsetting his father. He says hell round up the suspects and present them to him.

We see a replay of Nicole, Patrick and Colin meeting up with the others, Nicole telling John and Roman that Patrick rigged the volcano to blow, and her revealing Colin Murphy to be alive. John asks where they found him? Patrick says he was unconscious in another cell. Roman asks Patrick if he the one was torturing Colin? Patrick says no. Another quake hits, and Colin mumbles that the DiMeras will stop at nothing. Roman suggests they get him some water, so Brady and Nicole take off to look for some. John confronts Patrick about the computer. Patrick says there is no stopping the program, and if they leave now they have time to get off. Colin finally comes to and agrees to tell the others everything he knows. Colin says he woke up here on the island to find Salem Place being recreated in the jungle. Roman says they know that. Colin says Tony gave orders to build this place before his return to Salem. Meanwhile, Brady and Nicole go to get some water for Colin. He is happy she didnt kill Colin, and Nicole says this means they can finally be together. She kisses Brady, and another earthquake rocks the island. They return to find Colin telling John and the others what he knows. Colin says Tony did this to destroy who he hated the most. John knows that is him. Colin explains how Stefano hired him in Europe to treat his son for his blood disorder, and he and Tony became friends. John says mistake number one, Tony doesnt have friends. He says Tony blackmailed him to be the doctor at the hospital who falsely pronounced everyone dead, but he refused, even when Tony offered him five million dollars. Roman says but the first murder didnt happen till months after he died. Colin says the murders were planned years in advance, when he wouldnt do it, Tony bribed other doctors to do it. He says the job was so well done that even Lexie didnt know the victims werent dead. Roman asks if he had nothing to do with this? Colin says he had his own get rich quick scheme. Nicole ends up lashing out at Colin for swindling her and damned near ruining her life. He says she appears to have bounced back. She says she was accused of killing him! He tells her you wish princess! Nicole says hell wish he was dead when shes through with him, and lunges to attack him! The others grab her and pull her off of Colin. Colin continues to talk about how Tony spared no expense, he bribed the doctors, the funeral directors, and the dirty cops on the Salem PD. Roman wants names, and Collin says hell give them names as soon as they get out of here. They discuss an escape plan, and Colin says they better hurry before Tony finds out they are gone. Tony then walks around the corner with guards, and he tells brother John how delightful it is to see him. John says they are getting out of here now. Tony says they can check out anytime they like, but they can never leave. Tony has Colin taken away, and tells Patrick that hes a good boy for starting the count down. John asks Tony to let the others go and he can have him. Tony says hes already sent for the others, and in the meantime someone wants to see him. He ushers them into the office, and John says Stefano! as he sees the back of the chair.

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