October 25, 2004
Phillip and Belle are in bed together, and Belle gets up to leave. She gives him a kiss on the cheek before going. She heads to her dresser and looks at the four-leaf clover that Shawn gave back to her. She wonders why Shawn thinks she made love to Phillip at the lodge, and why was he even there. She then looks at a photo of her mom and says she wishes she could talk to her right now. Belle heads out to the fire escape. She says Shawn says this is all her fault, and she wonders if it is. She says she waited so long to be with Shawn, and she is so confused. She says she cares about Phillip, but by making love to him has she made a mistake she might regret forever? She doesnt know how she can still love Shawn, and she says she has lost everyone that she loves. She wonders what she will do now, and realize that is something shell have to figure out on her own. Belle thinks making love to Phillip may have been a mistake after all.

At the other loft, Jan and Shawn are making out on the couch. Rex and Mimi go out in the hall and Rex says if they dont want Shawn and Jan here than they can ask them to leave. Mimi remembers Jans blackmail, and she says Jan wont listen to her. Rex says maybe Shawn will listen to him, if he could talk to him alone that is. Mimi says leave that to her. They go back inside, and Mimi talks about how they kept them awake earlier with all the noise. Jan says they were making love, is anything wrong with that? Mimi says let her count the reasons. Mimi goes to get a soda, and Rex asks Shawn if he wants to go to the pub and watch the game? Shawn says hed rather stay here. Mimi cracks the soda can open, spraying Jan. Jan calls her a klutz and goes to take a shower. Mimi leaves, and Rex talks to Shawn about him and Belle. Rex tries to talk sense into Shawn, telling him that Belle was very upset when he was gone and she never took up with Phillip until after he came back with Jan. He also says there is a double standard going on here, he is angry with Belle for leaning on Phillip, but when did he start leaning on Jan? He tells Shawn he has been too hard on Belle when he himself has moved on. Shawn says Rex is right and he does owe her an apology. Jan hears this and says she cant ever let that happen. Shawn says he cant go over to the loft though because Phillip is there. Shawn then ends up on a tirade about Phillip turning Belle into a slut and a liar. He says as long as Phillip is in Belles life, he will never apologize!

Meanwhile, Mimi finds Belle on the fire escape talking to herself, and she learns Belle slept with Phillip. Belle explains everything to Mimi, and Mimi tells Belle that she is sorry. She asks Belle if she is okay? Belle says she just feels no matter what she does it will be unfair to Phillip. She says she doesnt want to use Phillip. She says he knew it was her first time, and he was so patient and gentle. She says it was wonderful, but there was one thing missing. Mimi says she doesnt love him does she? Belle says she doesnt, and hell never be Shawn. She says maybe one day shell be able to give Phillip her whole heart, but she fears she may never get over Shawn and she may never find true love again.

On the island, Jack, Jen and the baby head to the force field. They hide when someone shows up, and it turns out its only Victor. Victor tells them that that DiMeras henchman have taken Abe and Marlena away at gunpoint. Another tremor hits, and the force field goes down. Suddenly, more people show up. Dimeras forces roam the perimeter, and they follow one of the men. As they follow him, Victor realizes the guard knows they are following him, he must have heard the baby cry. He says the guard is leading them into a trap most likely. Victor decides to go off on his own, while Jack, Jen and the baby go another way. Bart then emerges from the bushes and says they are walking right into Tonys trap. Jack and Jen find the entrance to the compound, and they head inside.

In the compound, Bo, Billie and Hope escape the air ducts and decide to find the others and get out of the compound. Bo smells Cuban cigars. Hope asks if it isnt . . . Bo says yeah, Stefano DiMera. Billie says a lot of people smoke Cuban cigars, but Bo is convinced it is Stefano. Another tremor occurs, and Billie says they need to get back to New Salem now and get on the rafts and out of here. She says if they arent thirty miles away then they may not make it when the island explodes. Suddenly, someone or something closes the door to the cell they are in, and they are trapped! They only thing to do is go back into the air ducts. Billie makes it into the shaft, but before Bo and Hope can a guard finds them. He tells them to put his hands up, and they do. The guard then sees someone in the air ducts and fires into it. Another tremor occurs, and Bo decks the guard. Hope asks Billie if she is okay? Billie says she is, and Bo tells her to get out of here and warn the people in New Salem about the Volcano. He says they will go round up the others.

In the study, the chair sits with its back to all, and smoke wafting upwards. Tony brings the captives into the study, and John says he doesnt believe it, Stefano is alive. Marlena and Abe soon show up, escorted by guards, and Marlena and John are reunited. Tony says Stefano wanted to bid them all a fond farewell before theyre sent to hell. Abe says this cant be. Tony says but it is, the phoenix has risen! Marlena says they should have known Tony wouldnt be able to do this on his own. Tony asks if she is saying he is not as capable as his father? Marlena says he is not his father, and he has a choice, he doesnt have to do this. Roman asks why he is doing this, and Marlena asks if he hates them so much? John says of course he does, he hates him especially. He asks what about his nephew? Does his hatred for him extend to his son? John says he thought family was important to Tony. Tony says he didnt ask Brady to come down here. Abe asks how he could do this to his own sister? John tells the others that Colin Murphy is here too, and he confirmed Stefano and Tony are behind this. John asks Tony why they felt the need to destroy them, and he asks Stefano why he felt the need to hide behind his son? Wouldnt he have gotten more satisfaction destroying their lives himself? Tony says the destruction of their lives was not for his fathers pleasure, it was for his! Roman asks why the serial killer plot? He says if he could convince Salem one of their most beloved citizens murdered so many of their own, he could do anything. HE says he brought them to a lush island, but they werent grateful at all. Tony says he did this to them because he hates him, and John most of all. He says Stefano was always praising John as possibly the only hope to the DiMera organization. Tony says John, a former supposed priest, stole his wife! He says then to find out they were flesh and blood, that was the last straw! Tony says Stefano told him to deal with John on his own if he was man enough. MArlena says he did this because he was upset over what happened with John and Kristen? Tony says she is so wise, why doesnt he analyze his behavior. She says it is textbook, he wanted to do what his father couldnt to gain his love and respect. Tony says that is correct. Tony says Stefano didnt think he was capable enough, but he was able to accomplish what his father couldnt. Tony says he was able to bring all his fathers enemies under one roof and destroy them! Marlena gives Tony a nice slap across the face! John sees red lasers all over Marlena, and he warns her to be careful because sharpshooters are all around. Tony says that is correct, and he says Stefano was so proud of John but look at him now. Tony says Collin was also correct, he wanted to make John pay. He says he wanted John to live the rest of his life believing Marlena was the stalker and it was his fault! He says he never thought that all these unexpected guests would drop in. He then laughs and says they still havent seen his greatest achievement, and he says he will leave his father behind to see it as well. HE says he will not stop until he achieves world domination! The captives discuss why Stefano isnt talking, and Marlena suggests they appeal to him. Abe says Stefano may be the only one who can stop Tony from killing them all. Marlena tries to talk to Tony about how he is delusional, but Tony says he is not. Tony says he has met with the most powerful criminal minds in the world. We see a flashback of Tony meeting in a study with others, one of the men is holding a white cat and stroking it. Tony says after he is through with them then he will take on the world! Marlena says Tony is insane, and she doesnt use that world lightly.

Elsewhere, Nicole has slipped away sits in a cell and Victor shows up. She claims she was looking for him, but he asks why his murderous wife would want to find him? She says shes been given a reprieve, shes not a murderer. Victor says she still tried to kill two people! He says she set up Jan Spears to kill him, and now she will pay! Brady somehow slips away from Tony, and he searches for Nicole. Back in the cell, Nicole says Colin is alive and here, and she says she is sorry for the mistakes she has made. She asks if they can just call it even, but Victor says no way. She says the police wont listen to him, but he says hes not going to the police. He says even Caroline couldnt talk him out of letting the police handle this. She asks what hes going to do? He says hes going to kill her with his own hands, and he begins strangling her

Back outside, Billie escapes the compound, only to have a tree fall on top of her after tremors. Back in the compound, Jen, Jack and the baby meet up with Bo and Hope. Patrick shows up and tells them all to get off the island before it is too late. Bo tells Jen not to listen to Patrick, he works for Tony. Patrick says he has a lot of explaining to do, but they have to get off this island now. Hope tells Jack and Jen to get out of here and head for the docks. Bo wants Patrick to stay with him so he doesnt tell Tony anything. Bart shows up and says none of them are going anywhere until they say hello to Tony and his father! 


October 26, 2004
Shawn is dozing on the couch, and he has a dream about Phillip marrying Belle. He shows up and tells Phillip to get his fitly hands off of her, Belle belongs to him. Belle says it is too late, he chose Jan and now he is stuck with her. Shawn sees he has a ball and chain attached to his leg. Jan shows up and tells Shawn he is hers forever! Shawn wakes up, and Rex checks on him. Rex asks if he is okay, he sounded like he was having a nightmare. Shawn says it was nothing. Rex tells him to just admit he doesnt want to be with Jan because hes still in love with Belle. Jan hears this and says shell do whatever it takes to get Belle out of his heart. Jan says she has to make sure Shawn never finds out what she has done to be with him him, including killing his grandfather. Meanwhile, Rex tells Shawn that his head has been seriously messed up since the brain surgery, he isnt remembering things. Rex says deep down his heart is telling him he needs to be with Belle, so he should listen to it. Shawn says it isnt that simple, he cant forget Belle is with his former best friend, and besides he is with Jan now. Shawn says he has a headache now and walks out. Jan confronts Rex and says Shawn belongs with her now, but Rex tells her to get a clue. He says Belle and Shawn love one another and will end up together. Jan tells herself that shell just have to make sure Belle wants nothing to do with Shawn, and she says she has a brilliant idea.

On the fire escape, Mimi and Belle continue to talk. Mimi says she wishes she and Rex had waited to make love, and she wished she hadnt got pregnant. Still, Mimi says she grows to love Rex more and more every day, and that could happen for her and Phillip. Belle says she just always thought her first time would be on her wedding night and with Shawn. She wonders how shell ever stop loving Shawn, what will she do? Mimi tells Belle it is time she make a decision, the most important one in her life. Belle says what decision, Shawn is sleeping with Jan and engaged to her. She doesnt think Jan will just give up Shawn even if he did remember everything. Mimi says it is true Jan would do whatever she could to keep Shawn, so why should she let Jan get away with it? Mimi than makes a regretful face. Belle asks if she is okay? Mimi remembers being blackmailed, and she tells Belle that she cannot tell Jan that they were talking about this. Belle asks what is wrong with her, and then says she knows what is going on here. Belel thinks Mimi is afraid Jan may go off the deep-end. Mimi says Jan is so obsessed with Shawn, who knows what she should do. Belle asks if she should leave it alone? Mimi says yes, she means no. She tells Belle to go to Shawn and try and work things out. 

In Belles room, Phillip dreams about making love to Belle. As he dreams, Jan sneaks in with a pair of scissors and begins stabbing! She ends up shredding Phillips uniform! Meanwhile, Phillip dreams that Shawn confronts him and Belle while theyre in bed and tries to take Belle back. Phillip wakes up and then sees his uniform has been destroyed. 
Mimi meets with Rex outside the loft, and he has picked up some ice cream for her. He mentions weird cravings, and she says shes not pregnant if that is what hes implying, she wont make that mistake again. HE says what? She says she meant kiss her again, and he kisses her. Rex and Mimi discuss how they couldnt get through to Shawn or Belle and theyll just have to hope everything works out. 

Belle goes to see Shawn, and he wonders if he is dreaming again. She says no. Belle apologizes for waking him. She says she was on the fire escape thinking, and she wanted to apologize for fighting with him earlier. She says she knows he isnt himself, and she says he doesnt look so hot. He says he had a headache awhile ago, but its going away. She asks what he meant about he thought he was dreaming again, did he dream about her? He admits he still dreams about her, and they are good dreams until Phillip shows up. Shawn asks Belle why she went for Phillip, was it the officer and gentlemen thing? Belle says Phillip is a great guy; hes sweet, kind, gentle and loving. She says he is all the things she wanted in a man, all the things she thought she found in him. She says ever since he hooked up with Jan he has changed, hes not the man she fell in love with. She says she would do anything to have that man back. Jan returns and says forget it, why doesnt she just go back to bed with Phillip! Mimi and Rex return and find Belle and Shawn are now fighting thanks to Jan, and then Phillip bursts in and accuses Shawn of destroying his uniform. Shawn denies it, but Belle wants to know if he really did do this. As they fight, Mimi drags Jan out into the hall. Mimi finds a piece of Phillips uniform on Jan, and she says she knows what she is up to. Mimi says shes going to tell them what she has done! 

At the compound, Victor begins strangling Nicole in one of the cells, and she screams for Brady. Victor says he warned her to stay away from his grandson, and she didnt listen! Brady comes to Nicoles rescue, and Victor says he will regret saving Nicole. Brady and Victor share a hug, and Victor says hes so proud of Brady coming down here to their rescue. Victor then says Nicole is a cold blooded killer! Brady says no, Colin is still alive. He says she is also still his wife, which changes everything. Victor asks what he means? Brady says they can put all of this behind him and work things out. Nicole asks what he is saying? Brady says they exchanged wedding vows, and that must count for something. Victor says he bets his wife has already broken those vows! Brady says they all thought he was dead, and she risked hier life to come down and help rescue them as well. He says Nicole is innocent, but Victor says is far from innocent and has done unspeakable things. Brady says if Victor tries to hurt Nicole, hell be forced to stop them. Victor then accuses them of being lovers! Brady says Nicole was there for him when Chloe died, she has been very supportive. Victor asks what their relationship is then, are they just friends? Brady decides to be honest with Victor and he says he does have feelings for Nicole. Brady says they didnt mean for this to happen. He says he does realize Nicole is his wife, so he will bow out gracefully. However, he says Victor is dead wrong about her being a cold blooded killer and killing Colin Murphy. He says they loved each other once, there is no reason they cant love each other like that again. Nicole says she wont go back to Victor. Brady says that is her choice, but he has to do the right thing. Victor says Brady is honorable, but Nicole is a money grubbing whore and he can prove it. Victor tells Nicole if she doesnt think it is time Brady learned the truth?

Elsewhere, Patrick tells them all to get off the island while they still have time. Bo informs Jen that Patrick has been working for DiMera. Jen says no! Patrick says he doesnt have time to explain right now. Hope says they need to get out of here now, but Bart shows up and says they arent going anywhere till they say hello, or rather goodbye, to Tony and his father.

In the study, John asks Tony why he and Stefano dont seem concerned for their own safety? Tony says they have made arrangements to get out of here, not that his father needs it. He says they dont call him the Phoenix for nothing. John tries to attack Tony, but Roman holds him back. Tony says John didnt have to die, he could have stayed in Salem. John says to think everyone was dead and wife was a killer would have been a fate worse than death. Tony says now instead of destroying their lives, he will end them! Bart brings the others in, and they learn Stefano is sitting in the chair. Bo wonders if this is Stefanos doing. Tony says this is his show, he is in charge, his father had nothing to do with any of it. He says his father was very impressed at what he accomplished though. Bo asks if he did this to win points with his father? John says yes, but also to get revenge against him. Roman says Tony wanted to prove that he, not John, was the ultimate DiMera soldier. Roman also says Tony is after world domination. Bo asks who he thinks he is, Dr. Evil? Hope says he is deranged, even Stefano wouldnt go this far! Tony says there is a method to his madness. Abe asks how he can do this to Lexie? Tony says his sister is better off without Abe! Jack tells Tony that he could have killed his wife and child! Bo asks Master of the World how many people have to die, how many families must be torn apart for him to be satisfied? Tony says more than he can ever dream of, even in his worst nightmare! More tremors occur, and Tony tells them this time they will all die, it will be very real and very final. Marlena and the others talk, and they discuss how Stefano never would have gone this far. Hope doesnt think Stefano would hurt Lexie and his grandson like this. John thinks this is Tonys revenge against him, but Bo says he doesnt care. Bo says they need to get off this island. Meanwhile, Jack promises to protect Jen, and Patrick assures them that hell help them and wont let anything happen to Jen. Jack says he is capable of protecting his family. Bo tells Jack and Jen to keep an eye on Patrick so he doesnt pull any fast ones because they have a plan. Hope fakes a panic attack, and then they try and escape. However, Tony has the doors closed and locked, and he tells them that theyve bungled it again! He tells them not to try and get out because the doors are reinforced with titanium. He tells them they will all die, accept it. Patrick tells Bo he can help them get through the doors, but Bo refuses to trust him. Jen tells Bo to let Patrick help, so Patrick works on the doors. Meanwhile, Hope and Marlena decide to try and appeal to Stefano. John says if Stefano wanted to show them mercy he would have by now. Hope says if the right person asks he might. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to appeal to Tony, but Tony refuses to let anyone go. While Tony is distracted, Hope suggests Marlena appeal to Stefano because she is the only one Stefano has a weakness for. Roman and John dont like the idea, but Bo agrees with Hope that it might work. Marlena agrees with them, and Hope tells Marlena that not only does Stefano love her but he has respect for her as a doctor. She suggests she tell Stefano something is seriously wrong with Tony. Marlena agrees to do it because it might be there only chance. She thinks Tony will listen to Stefano, but John is afraid of what Stefano may want from her in return. Marlena tells John she still feels a bit of responsibility for all of this, so if she can stop this and doesnt try, she couldnt live with herself. John tells her to try, so she approaches Stefanos chair. She says it is Marlena and she needs to talk to him. Stefano says nothing, so she turns the chair around. MArlena screams as Stefanis corpse is sitting in the chair! 


October 27, 2004
Brandon shows up at Samis place, tells Sami he knows she cant live without him, and kisses her. Sami wakes up from her latest fantasy nightmare. She tells herself that this cant be happening, her future is with Lucas! Sami call Miss Wendy the Psychic. Miss Wendy looks at her caller ID and says she knows this is Samantha J. Brady (blooper, should be G). Sami tells the psychic that she has to know if Brandon is coming back to Salem. Wendy says the chances are fifty-fifty, and either way she will screw things up because she is obsessed with her ex-husband. Miss Wendy tells Sami she will torpedo her relationship with Lucas. Sami says no way, she loves Lucas and the last thing she will let happen is . . Lucas walks out, and Sami hangs up. Lucas asks who she was talking to, and Sami says it was a psychic. Lucas says they are full of crap, they are con-artists. Sami says not this one, she is gifted. Sami says she knew her name when she called. Lucas says she probably has caller ID. Sami rolls her eyes when she realizes he is right. Lucas asks why she was calling? She says she wanted to see if anyone was going to rune their wedding. Lucas says they are the only two people who can ruin their wedding. Sami says shes not worried about them, and to herself she says it is Eugenia and Kate shes afraid of. Lucas tries to assure Sami nothing and no one will come between them. They kiss, and Brandon shows up again. Brandon says shell never stop loving him. She tells him to shut up and get out of here. Lucas asks what he did now? Brandon says poor Sami cant tell Lucas the truth about them. Sami gets up, trips, and falls flat on the floor. Sami hits her head, and she cuts it badly. Lucas thinks she may need stitches. She asks who he thinks he is, Noah Wyle? Lucas thinks they need to get her to the ER. Sami says she is fine, but the room is spinning. Lucas says something isnt right, she needs medical attention. Brandon shows up and starts telling Sami that she should be checked out. Sami says fine, anything to get away from him. Lucas asks what she is talking about? She says shes not talking to him! Lucas says they should go, but Sami wants to put some clothes on first.

At the hospital, Eugenia shows up to change Lexies schedule. Eugenia says luckily she still has her old security pass. Lexie catches Eugenia lurking about and asks what she is doing here? They get into an argument over what she did, and Eugenia says she was blackmailed by Sami. Lexie says that is a poor excuse, and she is glad both she and Sami are gone! Eugenia goes on a rant about how Sami has bounced back and has a nice little life for herself, but she has not been as fortunate as Sami. Lexie tells Eugenia to stay out of trouble! Lexie walks off to take care of Sami, who has just arrived with Lucas. Eugenia slips into the records room, and Sami talks to Lexie about seeing her with Eugenia. She says she doesnt trust Eugenia, if she is here than she is up to trouble. Lexie says she doesnt trust her, and she is usually up to trouble when she is here. Insulted, Sami says she doesnt trust Lexie, she did falsely pronounce her mother dead! Sami wants a different doctor, but Lexie says there are no others right now. Lucas leaves to take Samis insurance card to the desk, and Lexie treats Sami. Sami asks about Brandon, but LExie refuses to tell hert where Brandon is. Sami says she doesnt want him to come back, she just doesnt want to hurt his feelings if he does. Lexie finds that hard to believe. Lucas returns, and Lexie decides to send Sami to get some x-rays. Lucas wheels Sami down, to radiology and he asks Sami if they were talking about Brandon? Meanwhile, Lexie finds out she is on schedule for tomorrow when shes not supposed to be. She wonders how this happened. She thinks shell have to get someone to cover for her, but she cant find anyone too. Lexie then calls Brandon about how she cant come see him tomorrow. Later, Lexie tells Sami there is no concussion so she should go home. Sami tells Lucas they should go, but he says he still didnt get an answer to his question. He wants to know if they were talking about Brandon earlier? She says theyll discuss this later. Lucas goes to get her discharge papers, and Sami confronts Eugenia. She thinks Eugenia is up to something. Eugenia says she is just visiting old friends, and Sami is paranoid. Sami tells herself that she is not paranoid, she wont let anyone ruin her relationship with Lucas. Later, Eugenia calls Kate to tell her that her part is done. Meanwhile Lexie hopes Brandon stays far away from Salem, and Sami.

Lexie talks with Brandon over the phone. Brandon is in a restaurant in Chicago waiting to meet Kate. Lexie doesnt want Brandon to come back to Salem because of Sami. Brandon says Sami is not a problem, and hell see her and Theo in the morning. Brandon says goodbye, and he meets with Kate. Kate thanks him for taking time out of her schedule to meet with her because she thinks she can change his mind. Kate says Basic Black has offered to fund his program. Brandon says if he accepts, how much time will he need to spend in Salem. She says that is up to him. She says he must miss his family there, but she knows he must not like the idea about returning to Salem. He says hes not thrilled about it. She asks if he is afraid his old feelings for Sami will return? He says his feelings might be mixed upon seeing her, but he is over her. Kate says what about her feelings for him? Brandon says it is obvious she wants him to return to Salem and break up Sami and Lucas. Kate says her family has suffered because of Sami, just as he did. She says in the end Lucas and Will will be hurt by Sami, but she is not asking him to return to break up Lucas and Sami. Kate says knowing Sami, she will self destruct and ruin things on her own. Kate also says she would never hurt Romans daughter, but Brandon says that doesnt mean she wouldnt use others to hurt Sami. Lexie then calls Brandon to tell him that she cant come to see him because of work. Brandon says he will take time off and come down to Salem. She tells him he doesnt have to, but he insists. He says he misses her and Theo, and Theo needs a man in his life. He refuses to let Theo grow up without a positive father figure like he did. After the phone call, Kate continues to push her offer. She says if he is in Salem full time then hell be able to give Theo a positive father figure he is lacking.

At the compound, we see a replay of Brady offering to bow out gracefully so Victor and Nicole could work things out, and Victor telling that is very selfless of him but his wife is a money grubbing whore. As Victor is about to reveal the truth to Brady about Nicole, another tremor hits. Nicole says they dont have time for Victors little game of revenge; they have to get out of here. Nicole says that she saw Patrick using a computer to make a volcano erupt. Victor says yeah right, that is the most unscientific thing he has ever heard and he thinks shes trying to stall. Brady says they have to find the other prisoners and get out of here.

In the study, we see a reply of Marlena telling John that shes going to talk to Stefano, and then of her turning his chair around and revealing his corpse. Everyone is stunned, including Bart. Tony says he didnt want his father to miss out on this moment. Bo says Tony is a sick man, and Hope says they are as good as dead. Abe says they dont know for sure that is Stefanos body. John sees the phoenix ring on Stefanos corpse, and he says that Stefano never took it off. Marlena says she needs scientific proof as a doctor, but she feels this is Stefano. Abe says they never had proof the ashes in the urn were Stefanos, and Roman says if they were in Salem they could prove the body was Stefanos through DNA tests. Bo thinks Tony killed his dad and kept the body as a trophy. Meanwhile, Jack tells Jen to stay calm and there may be a way they can use this to their advantage. Bart tells Tony he doesnt want to seem stupid, but who was Tony speaking to on the phone? Tony says Stefano, they talk all the time. Bart says but . . . . Tony turns to his dad and begins talking to him! As Tony is preoccupied, Brady, Nicole and Victor show up outside the room. They whisper through the titanium sealed doors to Bo, Hope and Patrick, who are on the other side trying to get the doors open. Brady says theyll work on opening the doors from their side. Bo informs John what is going on, and he tells John to keep Tony busy. John talks to Tony about how long hes been planning this scheme? Tony says hes been planning it for a long time, since before his father died. Tony says Stefano was going to betray him. He says he found out that Stefano was not going to pass the DiMera power to him. Tony says if John had remained loyal than he would have inherited the DiMera kingdom. Tony says he vowed to have his revenge on John for stealing Kristen, and now he is having it. John says that was the past and he can still make things right, but Tony says look at all he accomplished. He says he set him up for his death in Aremid and John would have been killed if Watson and Holmes (Jack and Jen) hadnt found his diary. John says look where that got him, he still had an incurable disease. Tony says he cured that disease. John says he thought his father did. Tony says hed be in a coma or coffin if he relied on his father, but Stefano did help him. Tony says he needed a blood transfusion, and Stefano was the one who donated the blood! John says he killed his own father? Tony says he did, hes not above exterminating his own flesh and blood. Tony reveals he was behind the entire serial killer plan to destroy John and Marlena, but John says it didnt come close to destroying his and MArlenas love. Tony reveals MArlena almost made love to Roman in the jungle, but Johns says he knows all about it. Tony asks if John told Marlena that while he was in Salem he came close to making love to Kate Roberts? Roman and Marlena give John looks. Marlena asks why he didnt tell her? He says they never made love, it didnt matter. Roman asks John if he has feelings for Kate? John says no. Tony says the fact is love is fleeting and it ends too soon. He says it doesnt matter anyways as they all have so little time left to live anyways. Elsewhere, Bo and Patrick work on the door, and Hope tells Jen that she always knew Patrick would end up on their side. More tremors hit, and Tony says it wont be long now. Jack talks to Bart and tells him to turn on Tony and help the rest of them get out of here, otherwise he will perish with them Bart refuses to turn on Tony, and tells Jack that the DiMeras gave him a home. Bart says he has no where else to go. Bart tells Jack to find himself another turncoat. Tony decides to reveal more secrets, and says Colin isnt the only corpse he brought back from the dead, there are others out there. Tony says even his father begged him to bring him back from the dead. The Salemites work to open the door, and Tony says they are wasting their last breaths. Tony then pulls out a detonator and says it is time for plan B. He uses Stefanos hand to detonate it! Hope sees what he is up to, and yells no! Suddenly, an explosion lights up the screen!

Outside the doors, an explosion causes huge beam falls on Victor! Brady works to save his grandfather, and Nicole hopes he dies. Brady asks Nicole to give Victor mouth to mouth.


October 28, 2004
At Shawns loft, Phillip confronts Shawn and accuses him of shredding his uniform to get back at him. Phillip says Shawn is in the wrong here; he is the one who made the mistake by leaving town and not fighting for Belle. Shawn says he did make a mistake; he made a mistake by getting involved with Belle! He says he doesnt know how he could have loved a liar and a slut like her. Phillip says the only reason Belle got involved with him is because Shawn left town. Belle calls him a hypocrite and says he made love to Jan long before she made love to Phillip. Shawn says he may not remember everything, but he knows Phillip has been after her since he left town, and he remembers them getting hot and heavy on the couch in their loft. Belle says she has told him that she and Phillip almost did it, but didnt actually do it until tonight. Phillip tells Belle that she doesnt need to explain herself; Shawn is the one who should be explaining. Phillip tells Shawn he is a sick man and asks if he has been spying on them? Shawn asks how else was he to find out what this lying slut was up to. Phillip and Shawn begin to throw punches.

Outside, Mimi confronts Jan on slicing and dicing Phillips uniform, and she thinks Jan probably also brainwashed Shawn into thinking he loves her. Mimi says it is time Shawn sees her for the manipulative witch she is. Mimi says Shawn loves her, but Jan says she has been in love with Shawn for years, and she would do anything to get her hooks into him and break him and Belle up. Jan warns Mimi if she says anything to Shawn than to kiss Sexy-Rexy goodbye because she will tell him about the abortion! Mimi tells her that she is an evil bitch, she is forcing her to put her own happiness over Shawn and Belles. Mimi says shell has to do the right thing, even if it means losing Rex.

Jan goes inside and stops the boys from fighting. Shawn demands to know why he was here and saw Belle and Phillip kissing. Jan says it was after she gave Belle back the purity ring. Jan says she told him to go talk to Belle and officially end things. She says when he went to the loft, but no one answered the door, so he went to the fire escape. She says that is where he saw Belle and Phillip going at it. Jan says he was hurt, and then he came home and ravaged her. She says that was when they first made love. Belle says she knows how it must have looked, and she knows he must have been angry. Phillip says and that is why Shawn destroyed his uniform. Shawn says he didnt destroy his uniform. Mimi says Shawn didnt do it, but she knows who did. Phillip asks who, and she says it was probably a burglar. Phillip says she is just trying to get Shawn off the hook. Jan tells Mimi she did the right thing, but is on thin ice. She says if Mimi messes with her again, Rex will be out of her life. Later, Rex tells Mimi he cant believe this is happening, and hes just so glad they have total trust and nothing like this will ever happen to them.

Lexie sees trick-or-treaters out on the streets, and she is reminded of losing Abe. She says its been a year since she lost Abe, but it seems like it has been a lifetime. Lexie places a cell phone call to Tek to check in on him. She leaves another message for him. She says if he gets this call to call her and let her know that he is okay. Meanwhile, Celeste is in Lexies house dealing tarot cards. She gets the message that one journey is about to end while another is about to begin. Lexie walks in and asks her mother whose cards she is reading? What doom-n-gloom is about to happen now? Celeste says she doesnt know, all she knows is one journey is about to end and another is about to begin. LExie says shes not up for this, she has a hard day. Celeste realizes it has been about a year since she lost Abe. Lexie says she misses him, and she misses the simple things like kissing in the shower, the smell of his waffles, and his smile. She says it is bad enough Abe is gone, but now Tek is missing too. Celeste says Lexie was counting on Tek being an influence in her life. Lexie says she was growing closer to Tek, but part of her wonders what if Abe is alive. Celeste says she warned her not to get involved with Tek, and that this relationship would end in doom. Celeste tells her to think about Theo and not to take any chances. Celeste begins to pick up more vibes, and she asks LExie what she would do if both Tek and Abe came back? Lexie says she cant think about that now, right now she has to focus on Theo and being a good mother to him. Lexie talks to her mom about how her trip to see Brandon has been screwed up. When Celeste suggests Brandon come here, LExie says no way! Celeste asks why she doesnt want Brandon to come home? Lexie says because she doesnt want Sami to sink her claws into Brandon. Celeste says there is nothing Sami can do to Brandon, he is an intelligent man well aware of Samis trickery. Suddenly there is a knock at Lexies door, and when she answers it, she gasps.

At the compound, Nicole wakes up and sees Victor is out cold. She remembers Brady telling her to give Victor mouth to mouth, and then another explosion hit. Nicole looks over and sees Brady is now knocked out as well. She goes to Brady and finds he has a pulse. She tries to get him to wake up, and she kisses him. He comes too, and he asks where Victor is? She says they were giving him chest compressions when the place exploded. Brady checks on Victor and thinks he is dead. Nicole tells Brady that she knows how much he loved his grandfather, but it isnt as nearly as much as she loves him. She kisses Brady, and then closes Victors eyes. However, it was all a dream. Victor is gasping, and is barley alive. Brady asks Nicole to give his grandfather has a weak heart, so she needs to give him CPR while he goes for medical attention. Brady leaves, and Nicole stands over him and says it is just the two of them. She grabs a brick and considers killing him. She says she is holding his future in the palm of her hand. She goes to strike when another tremor hits. 

In the study, the place is a mess as all the beams have fallen down after Tony triggered the switch to blow them all up. Abe has survived, and he begins searching for the others. The camera pans over to Stefanos corpse, and down to his Phoenix ring which has a flame inside of it. Abe works to move rubble to find the others, but more tremors keep hitting and making things worse. Tek suddenly shows up and says the others made it out and are at the pub, and Bo and Hope are looking for Billie. Tek says the only ones missing that he knows of are Brady, Nicole and Victor. Tek says they could be out and at the Pub with the others by now. Tek suggest they get off this island, but Abe says he wont leave with Dimera, dead or alive. Abe says he wont leave here without Tony or his father. Abe sees Stefanos corpse across the room and the DiMera ring on it. Brady soon shows up and tells them about Victor and Nicole. Brady says Victor needs help and he knows Abe used to be a paramedic. Abe says hell go help Vic and asks Tek to get the DiMera ring. Another tremor hits, and Tek ends up pinned by some wood. Tek says nothing feels broken, and he suggests the two of them go help Victor first. They leave, and a man in black shows up. Tek asks who is there? The person leaves for a moment, and Tek asks them to come back because he needs help. The man in black returns to remove the DiMera ring from Stefanos corpse 

Back in the hall, Nicole fails to kill Victor when another tremor hits. She says she could bash his head in and everyone would assume he was a victim of one of Tonys tremors. She says then hed never be able to tell anyone the truth, and everything he worked his whole life for will be hers! Suddenly, Victor grabs Nicole and begins chocking her! Victor says Nicole, and then ends up wincing in pain. Nicole eventually says she cant let Victor will die because hell haunt her and Bo will send her to prison. Nicole gives Victor CPR and saves his life. She says he is living proof that she didnt kill him the first time, dont make her go through it again. Abe shows up with Brady, and as they work on Victor, Victor looks at Nicole.

Brandon is in his car driving somewhere, and he says before he makes his final decision, there is someone he needs to see first. Brandon makes a call to a colleague of his about contacting Miss Roberts about the Basic Black offer. Brandon wants to get this guys take on it. He says theyll discuss the pros and cons of the offer later, but first he has to see someone. Brandon ends up in a traffic jam, and he turns on the radio for a report. He soon begins to think about his last Halloween with Sami, which they spent on the rooftop of the loft. 

Kate returns home and thinks Brandon wont be able to pass up her offer or pass down the opportunity to spend time with Theo. She hopes Brandon makes the right choice and frees her son from that bitch Sami. Kate ends up talking to Brandons associate about her proposal. Kate tries to convince the man that this is best for the children, and he needs to convince Brandon of that. Later, Kate and Eugenia talk about their plan and how there is still a chance that Brandon will come to town. She also says once Brandon gets to town, she knows exactly what to do.

The doctor calls Brandon back and says he spoke to Kate, and he thinks Brandon should move back to Salem and agree to accept Mrs. Roberts funding.. Brandon says hes almost back in Salem and is about to see the woman he has come to see. The doctor says this woman must be very special. Brandon says she is part of his family. 

At Samis place, Lucas tells Sami that if she doesnt feel like taking Will out for Halloween than he can. They end up kissing, and soon make love. Sami falls asleep and Lucas gets up and gets dressed. He writes Sami a note and then heads out. Sami once again begins dreaming about Brandon. She asks him why he keeps appearing in her dreams? Brandon tells her to tell him, after all it is her dream. Sami wakes up and finds Lucas has left, and she reads his note. Sami tells herself that she has to find a way to get Brandon out of her head and her bed. She says she knows just how to do it too. Sami begins going through her closet and finds a box marked B.W. She looks through the box, and finds a Halloween pumpkin decoration. She remembers them kissing last Halloween. She also finds a note addressed to her in the box. She opens it up and reads the note. The note is the letter he sent her after leaving Salem. Sami realizes what she must do, and she ends up burning all her mementos of Brandon in the fireplace. Later there is a knock at the door, and Sami is stunned when she answers it. 


October 29, 2004
At Samis place, Sami burns her mementos of Brandon and says she loves Lucas now with all her heart. She says she has to move on and get passed their time together. Someone rings the doorbell, and she thinks it is trick-or-treaters. When she sees Brandon standing their in a cloak, she faints! It turns out it isnt Brandon at all, but Kate! Kate remembers Brandon showing up at her apartment earlier, in the same cloak. However, it was Eugenia wearing a Brandon mask! Eugenia had the mask created at a costume shop, and Eugenia gave the outfit and mask to Kate to use on Sami. Kate then sees the fireplace going and realizes Sami is burning mementos of Brandon. She uses a fireplace poker to poke around. Lucas shows up and finds his mom holding the poker and Sami out cold, and he asks his mom what shes done? Kate says nothing, she came over to see Will in his costume and found Sami on the floor and the fireplace going. Sami wakes up and calls out to Brandon. Lucas says no it is Lucas. He asks why she was on the floor? Sami says she opened the door and thought it was trick-or-treaters. Sami sees Kate and says you did this to me! Kate asks how she could do this to her! Kate says she showed up and found her on the floor. Lucas suggests they go back to the hospital, but Sami says no. Sami says she saw Brandon, he was at the door. Lucas says that is impossible. Kate suggests the smoke from the fireplace made her dizzy. Lucas sees what Sami was burning and asks why shes burning this stuff? He asks if it is Wills? Sami says it is hers, and she didnt want it anymore. Lucas asks Kate to excuse them. Lucas asks Sami what is going on? Sami says she was burning her Brandon mementos. Lucas asks if she is still in love with him? She says she wanted to get rid of this to make room for their future. She says she was reading a magazine about how it can be therapeutic to have a cleansing ritual. Lucas thinks he cant compete with Brandons memories, but she says that isnt it. She says she wanted to make room for him and the life they will share. Sami says she loves him, and he says he loves her to. Kate tells herself Sami can fight it, but she will make sure Sami and Brandon end up together. 

At Lexies, Lexie thinks to herself Brandon should stay far away from Salem and Sami. She thinks maybe she and Theo can take a trip to London soon. Someone rings the doorbell, and Lexie answers. She gasps when she sees a person in the Salem Stalker mask standing there with a raised knife! It turns out is Brandon, and Lexie scolds him because that is the same mask Marlena wore, that was how Abe was killed. Brandon says he is so sorry and he wasnt here at the time, he had no idea. Lexie tells Brandon shes so glad to see him, and she gives him a hug. She asks where he is staying, and he says on his moms sofa. She insists he stay here in their spare bedroom. Brandon still feels horrible about scaring her. Brandon says it has been a year since Abe, since his father was killed. He asks Lexie how she is doing? She says some days better than others. He asks if she gets out and relaxes. She says she went out occasionally with a friend. He asks if she is seeing someone? Brandon says hes not going to judge because she is way too young to mourn for her whole life. Lexie tells him about Tek and how he went off to search for Bo and John. Brandon is confused and suggests she fill him in. Lexie says many planes have gone down in the Caribbean over the past few months. Brandon says she should have called him, they are family and he could have been here for her . Lexie says there is more, and she doesnt know how to say this. She says his father might still be alive. She explains the story, and about her moms premonitions. She says she doesnt know what to believe because her mom thought they were all dead too. Brandon says he never got to know Abe as a father, and if he is alive then he could have another chance. Brandon asks Lecie what her heart tells her? She says she doesnt know. She says she does know that it is good to see him again. She hopes he isnt staying away because of her, and she says she wishes she could see more of him. Brandon says he might be moving back to Salem, but she says no! Brandon thinks she is still upset over the time they slept together. She tells him to get over himself! She says she doesnt want him to move back because of Sami. Brandon says Sami wont get to him, he has moved on and so has she. She asks why he is considering coming back? He says his program is running out of money and Kate offered to fund it. Lexie says Kate is using him to break up Lucas and Sami! Brandon says Kate takes her job seriously, and she would never cough up that much money for him to break up Sami. He also thinks Kate wants her child to be happy. Lexie says no mother would ever believe their child could be happy with Sami, and Sami wont be satisfied until she has dug her claws into him.

On the island, Bo and Hope are searching the jungle for Billie. Somewhere close Billie is out cold with a gash on her head. Hope says Tony has completely lost his mind, and they all may end up dead. Bo says they will get off this island, so she shouldnt worry. Hope says during all that chaos at the compound she remembered it was Halloween and she promised to take Zack trick or treating. She asks what if they never see him again? Bo says they will. Suddenly, another tremor occurs. Billie wakes up and begins yelling to Bo for help. Bo and Hope find her, and they see lava is about to burn her alive. Bo and Hope work to lift the tree off of her before the lava gets to them. Bo gets the tree off of Billie, and Hope says she has lost a lot of blood and they need to stop the bleeding. She remembers the plant Tony used on Jen, so Bo runs off to get it. Suddenly the lava surrounds Hope and Billie!

At the pub, Roman assures Caroline that hell get her back to Salem. Jen shows up and says the baby is with Maggie and is sleeping, and Jack is at the beach working on the rafts. John and Marlena arrive and ask if there is any word from Victor and Nicole yet. Caroline says no, and shes worried about them. John says Brady wont let anything happen to Victor, and roman says Abe and Tek are there as well. Caroline goes off on her own to pray for Victor and all of them.

Jen goes into the pub and asks Alice if she is packed. Alice refuses to take anything from that house! Jen says they dont know how long theyll be on the raft, so shell need supplies. Alice says she is prepared and cant wait till they get back home.

Meanwhile, Marlena talks to Roman about Caroline. Roman thinks his ma wont get on the raft till she knows Victor is safe. Marlena says they share a son, and that is a powerful bond. Marlena says they share children and she knows how shed feel if anything happened to him. John spies on them as they share this close moment. Later, John talks to Marlena about seeing her with Roman earlier. She says she was trying to help him understand how Caroline is connected to Victor. Marlena tells John that she loves him and reassures him of it. John promises her that theyll get out of here and live to a ripe old age.

At the compound, we see a replay of Nicole working to save Victor, and Abe and Brady arriving to help. Victor is saved, and whispers to Nicole that she should have killed him when she had the chance because now he will get her! Abe suggests Nicole and Brady get him back to Salem so Marlena can check him out. Abe says hes going back for Tek. 

In the study, the man in black takes the phoenix ring off of Stefanos corpse and leaves the room. Tek begs them to help him, but they dont. It turns out the man is Bart, and he says the ring is the Counts only hope. We then see a shot of Tony, who is bloody and unconscious. Abe returns and Tek warns him someone was sneaking around. Abe sees the ring is gone and he says Dimera! Abe continues to work to free Tek, and Tek says Lexie always said he could keep a cool head in a crisis. Abe asks Tek about Lexie, and Tek thinks about kissing her. Abe says he just cant believe she hasnt gone out with any other men. Tek says he didnt say that, and finally admits Lexie went out with him. Abe finally frees Tek, and the two of them work to get out. Abe also thanks Tek for looking after his family. 

Bart puts the ring on Tonys finger, and remembers Tony telling him that the ring contained the powerful of the phoenix and can bring someone back from the ashes. Bart also remembers Tony telling him if anything happened to his father, it was his job to bring the ring to him. When the ring is put on Tonys finger, a flame inside bursts! Tony doesnt seem to stir, so Bart works to get the files from Tonys computer and says hell have to let the others know the big man is dead. Suddenly, Tony opens his eyes! 

Back at the pub, Brady and Nicole arrive with Victor, and Marlena examines him. Brady tells Victor that Nicole saved his life. Meanwhile, Caroline tells Nicole that she knows what she has done and if anything happens to Victor than she is going to the police! 

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