August 30, 2004
Shawn is using a loose bar from the cage to try and break out. He says he has to get back to Salem before Belle does something shell regret with Phillip. Jan walks in and tells him that hes too late! Shawn quickly hides his makeshift crowbar before Jan figures out what he is up to. Jan shows him pictures of Phillip carrying Belle to bed, and she sings Theyre going to do it! Shawn tells her that he wont believe it until he sees real proof, so he tells her to go back there and get it if she wants him to believe her. Shawn tells himself that he just needs a little more time alone to break out of this cage. Jan asks what he wants her to do, film them doing it? Shawn says that is what it would take for him to forget about Belle. She asks if he would turn to her then, and Shawn says shed be all he had left. Jan leaves, and Shawn continues working to pry the bars off the cage.

At Belles loft, Belle and Phillip are standing around in their bathrobes. Belle apologizes to Phillip and says she went too far last night, way too far. She says that drink just went to her head. They get dressed, and they once again apologize to one another about last night. She feels bad because he loves another woman, but he says she is wrong. He tells her that she is the mystery woman, he loves her and always has. As they kiss, Jan sends the images to Shawn!

Back in the cage, Shawn sees Phillip telling Belle that he loves her. He ends up trying to break the cuff off his leg with one of the cage bars hes pried loose, and in doing so he injures his leg and begins to bleed. He gets the chain off his leg, and then uses a pillow case to bandage it. Shawn then goes to work on the cage, opens the door, and then finds the bedroom door is locked! 

At Basic Black, Kate is attempting to work, but her mind is elsewhere. She wonders if last night was a mistake. We see a flashback of her kissing John on the roof. John comes into the office, and he and Kate talk about what happened. John says he is just glad they stopped before they went too far. Kate says Roman and Marlena are gone, and she wonders if there will ever be a time where they feel free to love someone else? John tells her that she is free to move on, and she should. However, he says Marlenas body is still missing, and until he finds it and has closure . . . Kate says he himself told her that Marlena was dead and for his own sake he too needs to let her go. John is given a message from his secretary, and John says he has to go. Kate tells John to think about what she said, Marlena is dead, she is as dead as Roman and neither one of them are ever coming back. 

In Vienna, the doctors are working to save Chloe, whose face is bandaged up. One of the doctors recognizes her as an opera star with a beautiful voice. As they work on Chloe, she calls out Bradys name. The doctors look through Chloes purse and find her phone.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole finds Brady packing a bag. He says hes flying to Vienna to be with Chloe. She cries out that he cant! He asks why not? He says he talked to her last night on the phone and she sounded happy to hear from him. He says until he talks to her face to face, he has to give her the benefit of the doubt. Nicole says she is just hurt because she thought they were getting closer. Brady says that is why he has to go find out if his relationship with Chloe is over, because hes beginning to have feelings for her too. John walks in at this point and hears Bradys confession. John asks to speak with Brady alone, so Nicole leaves. He asks Brady what he is doing, doesnt he love Chloe? Brady says of course he does, but Chloe has moved on. He says that is why hes going to Vienna, to see if their love is real. John says of course it is! Meanwhile, Nicole realizes she has to come up with a way to stop Brady from going to Vienna. John tells Brady he should go to Vienna and work things out with Chloe. Brady says he will try, but if they dont work out than hes not going to sit around thinking about the perfect love hes lost. He tells his dad neither should he, he should move on with Kate. Brady says Kate is a classy lady and if he waits too long, someone else may scoop her up! John says advice taken, and he tells Brady if he does end things with Chloe than he should think long and hard before jumping in the sack with Nicole. John leaves, and Nicole returns. She asks Brady if his father convinced him to forget his feelings for her? Brady says his father will never change his mind, and even though he has feelings for her, he cant move forward without closure with Chloe. As Brady is about to leave, the doctors in Austria call Brady and tell him about her condition. The doctor says Chloe was involved in a car accident and he doesnt think she will live. Brady says Chloe cannot die!

Sami is walking around her apartment looking at her ring. She finds Lucas has made her a surprise breakfast. Lucas says he thought a celebration was in order because its not every day you get engaged. Sami says this is the happiest day of her life, and she knows nothing could ruin it. As they go to sit down to breakfast, Kate shows up. Sami thinks she has jinxed things, and she runs off to her room. Kate tells Lucas that Sami really is a ray of sunshine, and she asks if he still wants to marry her? Lucas says yes, and he is happy. He says he wishes she could find someone, and she says she has. Kate says she and this man have already kissed, but he cant stop thinking about Marlena. Lucas thinks she and John would make a good couple, and he approves of them. Suddenly, Sami returns and cries out Oh no! She says she should have known better to think she could have had the perfect day. She then goes back to her room. Kate asks Lucas if he is still sure about marrying her, and Lucas says he is. Lucas tells Kate that he is moving on with his life, and she should move on with John. Kate eventually leaves, and Sami comes out of her room. Lucas wishes she could get along with his mom. Sami tells him she is sorry, and her love for him will always win out in the end. Sami says shes just afraid she has jinxed it. Lucas tells her she hasnt and nothing bad will happen. She says okay, and she leaves to get dressed. The phone rings, and Lucas answers it. On the other end is Brandon Walker, and he asks to talk to Sami. Sami walks out and asks who is on the phone?

At the police station, Bo works to find the signal he heard last night. He says he will find Hope, he knows she is alive, he can feel it. Bo finally finds the signal again, and he says it reminds him of something, of someone. Suddenly, Bo remembers what the code is. He flashes back to when they were kids and Roman devised their own form of Morse code. Bo begins to write down the message, which is from Roman. He continues decoding the message, and learns Marlena is alive as well, 

Back at Basic Black, Kate is looking at a photo of Roman when John walks in. Kate says she is glad he is back because shes come to a decision. She tells John that it is time for her to let Roman go, and she needs his help. He says as her friend that he will help her anyway he can. She says she needs him more than a friend. She tells him that he needs to let Marlena go too. She reminds him of what he told her last night, that they had to let Marlena and Roman go so that they could get on with their lives. Kate says MArlena and Roman would want them to go on without them, and to be there for one another. She says they would want them to love each other, and she pulls John into a kiss! 

On the island, Marlena is still in the jungle with Roman. He wakes up and realizes it wasnt a dream, he really did fall. Marlena tells Roman that he isnt in good shape, he has a terrible infection. She tells him that he needs to rest. Roman tells Marlena that last night when she held him, was she afraid he was going to die? Marlena cries that she wishes she could do something more. Roman tells her that this is not her fault, and there is something he has to tell her. Roman tells Marlena that she is the one, she has always been the one. He tells Marlena that she was the greatest love of his life, she is the mother of his twins, and they were a family. He says if he has to die than she is who he wants to be with. Marlena says he was her love too, and if it werent for Stefano than theyd still be together. Marlena tells Roman that she loves him so much. Roman tells Marlena there is something she could do for him, he wants to make love to her! Marlena kisses Roman, and it appears they are about to make love!

Hope and Abe trek through the jungle, and Hope gets the feeling that Bo is still looking for her. Abe says Bo will never stop looking for her. Hope says they need to keep moving, they need to get to Patrick and Jennifer. Abe says he has some bad news for her, they are going in circles! Abe sees a plant that he broke last night, and he says they are either lost or being thrown off the track. In the jungle we see the mysterious masked person watching them. The person is dressed in a brown jacket, brown hat, and has a handkerchief over their face. Later, Abe and Hope catch the mystery person spying on them, and Hope goes to damask him or her (it looks like a man, and it really looks like Jack, but this person appears to have a bit of a belly) 

In the cave, Patrick continues to sponge Jens forehead. We see a flashback of a delirious Jen asking Patrick to hold her and show her how much he loves her. Patrick tells Jen that it is time for her to wake up. She doesnt stir, and Patrick worries she has died. Jen stirs awake, her fever has broken, and she remembers seeing Jack last night. Patrick says Jack wasnt here. Jen realize she was kissing Patrick last night. He explains what was going on, and he says he didnt try to take advantage of her, he just didnt want her to lose the baby, he didnt want to lose her. Suddenly, Jen is hit with horrible pains!


August 31, 2004
Todays show was basically a repeat of Austin 13th and yesterdays show via flashbacks with a few new scenes added in. I tried to sum up the flashbacks in a few lines, and then add the new scenes in. Sorry for the redundancy!

We see flashbacks of Chloes car accident, her being rushed to the hospital where the doctors work on her. Chloe has flashbacks to when she and Brady went up to the cabin in the mountains, and she calls out Bradys name. The doctors find Bradys name in Chloes phone and call him. We see flashbacks of Brady and Nicole at the Kiriakis mansion discussing her feelings for him, him wanting to go to Austria to see Chloe. We then see repeats of the scenes of Brady getting the call from the doctors in Europe telling him Chloe was in a car accident and that they dont think she will make it. Brady says no, Chloe cannot die!

We see Sami at her apartment thinking about Lucas proposing to her. Over breakfast, Sami tells Lucas she doesnt deserve him, she doesnt deserve to be happy. Lucas says that is not true, and he says they will have an amazing future and nothing can take that from them. We then see flashbacks of Samis Ozzie and Harriet fantasy with Lucas and Will. Sami continues to worry she jinxed things, but he tells her she hasnt. Sami leaves to get dressed, and the phone rings. Lucas answers, and it is Brandon calling to talk to Sami. Sami walks out and asks who is on the phone? Lucas says it is Brandon and he wants to talk to her. Sami takes the phone, says this is a surprise, and she begins talking to him as an upset Lucas listens in. Sami is shocked and tells Brandon that she is glad he called and that she loves him too.

At Jans place, Jan leaves to get more video footage of Phillip and Belle, and Shawn goes to work breaking out of the cage. We see repeats of the scenes of him breaking the chain on his leg, injuring his leg, and then breaking the cage door open. At Belle and Phillips loft, we see repeats of the scenes where Phillip tells Belle that hes not in love with some mystery woman, hes in love with her. He says he never wanted to take advantage of her, and that he loves her. Jan sends the video feed to Shawn, who is enraged and runs out of the cage to the door of the bedroom, only to find it is locked! Back at the loft, Belle tells Phillip that she has feelings for him too, but she doesnt know what to say because she is in shock. Phillip tells Belle that he has fallen in love with her. He says he loves her, he wants a future with her, he wants to make love to her. Back at Jans, Shawn hears this, goes berserk, and breaks open the door. He then runs downstairs.

Rex and Mimi are in Salem Place having lunch at the Java Caf. Mimi is having flashbacks to her bleeding episodes. Rex asks why she isnt touching her food? She asks what the point of eating is if she is dying. She quickly covers and says she just means they will all die someday, look at what has happened to Patrick, and to Belle and Shawn. She says nothing is forever, but Rex says they are. Rex says they will always be together and he will make sure all their dreams come true. He says this winter they will go on their dream vacation, and as he talks about hotels, Mimi flashes back to talking to her mom about her grandmothers death. Mimi ends up telling Rex that she cant go with him! He asks why not, and she says she doesnt feel right going on vacation after all the bad stuff thats happened to people they care about. Rex says that is exactly why they have to do this. Rex says he lost Cassie and still hurts every day, but her death made him realize there are no guarantees in life. He says they have a lot to be grateful for, they have the whole rest of their lives to spend together and this trip is only the beginning. Mimi asks Rex to go get her some green tea, and once he is gone, she calls the hospital to make an appointment with Lexie immediately. 

At the police station, we see repeats of the scenes with Bo searching for the signal, finding it, and decoding the message. The message ends up becoming static filled, and Bo cant decipher anymore. He decides to call John and Kate, but they dont answer their phones.

At Basic Black, we see a repeat of the scene with Kate telling John she wants to move on, and she wants to move on with him. They begin to kiss, and Kate asks him to make love to her. He says he loves Marlena, and she says she knows because she still loves Roman. However, she says they are dead and if the two of them dont move on than they will be dead inside two. John begins to make love to Kate, and he throws her on the desk! Suddenly, Bo bursts in and is stunned to see Kate and John about to do it right their on the desk. He asks what in the hell is going on? Kate says he has to understand, with their spouses dead . . . Bo says thats just it, they arent dead! Bo says Roman and Marlena are both still alive! 

In the jungle, we see flashbacks of Roman falling into the pit, the others saving him, and Marlena staying the night with him. Roman tells Marlena that he doesnt want to die without telling her that he loves her, and that she is the great love of his life. Marlena asks about Kate. Roman says he loves Kate with all his heart, but hell go to his heart regretting the day he let her go because he never got over her. Roman says he still feels so blessed with what they had, two beautiful children. Marlena says shes always loved him and still does. Roman asks Marlena to make love to him one last time. Marlena and Roman kiss, and they begin to make love.

In the cave, Jen is in pain and asks Patrick to do her a favor, to let her die! Patrick says he wont do that, but Jen pulls out a knife and says there is only one way she is having this baby. Patrick says no way, no C-section. Patrick says he wont hurt her or the baby. Jen says it is too late for her, but Patrick says it isnt. Jen tells Patrick to tell Jack and Abby how much she loves them, and that he or she will grow up to be a fighter. Patrick tells Jen that she can do this, and he tells her to pretend she is in that cabin with Jack just like when she gave birth to Abby. Jen just wishes Jack could be here for the birth of the baby, but Patrick says thats not going to happen because this baby is coming now. 

Elsewhere in the jungle, we see a repeat of yesterday when Hope and Abe realized they were going in circles and they caught the mystery man following them. Hope tries to take off his mask, but he manages to escape. Abe ends up walking backwards into a net-trap and is pulled up into the air. Hope frees Abe, and they continue searching for Jennifer. They unfortunately end up right back at the forcefield where they started! Abe says theyve been led on a wild goose chase, and this mastermind doesnt want them to find Jen. Hope just hopes Bo doesnt give up searching for them, and she tries to send Bo a psychic message that she is still alive. 


September 1, 2004
At Samis place, we see yet another replay of Lucas answering the phone and Brandon asking to talk to Sami. Sami takes the phone and she is surprised to hear from him. She says she is good, and Will is doing amazing. She says she is glad he called because she misses him too. They continue talking, and we only hear Samis side of the conversation. She begins laughing and giggling, which upsets Lucas. Sami says Brandon is cutting in and out, so he tells her hell call back when he has a better signal. Lucas quickly asks Sami what that was about, what did Brandon want? Sami says she doesnt know, but she is glad that he did call her. Lucas says he can see that. Sami tells him not to be jealous, Brandon was not only her husband but her friend, and it is nice to know he has forgiven her. Lucas isnt happy and starts ranting and raving about her switching his paternity tests. Sami thanks him for bringing that up. The phone rings, and Sami answers it. It is Brandon again, and she tells him that he probably says that to all his ex wives. He says something, which causes Sami to tell him is very sweet of him. Sami says she loves him too! Sami tells him about Will getting a purple belt in karate and how he was so excited to tell Brandon. Sami hopes he and will get to see Will sometime, if he ever came back to Salem. Brandon tells her something, and Sami says that is incredible news! Lucas ends up leaving the apartment.

At Salem Place, Mimi is on the phone with the hospital. She asks to speak to Lexie, and when Lexie takes the phone, Mimi asks to see her right away because she thinks she is dying. Rex returns later and asks who she was talking to? Mimi says it was Belle and she has to go meet her. Rex knows something is wrong, but Mimi wont tell him. Mimi says she has to go and that she loves him. She gives him a kiss and races off.

At the loft, Phillip tells Belle that he loves her, and he pulls her into a kiss. Jan sends this video feed to Shawn. Phillip asks if he is wrong, if she doesnt have feelings for him . . . Belle says she does, but she is in shock because she didnt know he felt this way. Phillip says he is in love with her and he wants to be with her. Phillip says he wants a future with her, he wants to make love to her. Suddenly, the phone rings, so Belle answers it. Mimi asks Belle to meet her at the hospital because it is important, and she asks Belle not to tell Phillip or anyone else. Belle says shell leave right now. Belle tells Phillip that Mimi needs her and she has to go. Phillip asks her to wait, but she says theyll talk about this later. Jan cant believe the show is over. She says oh well, and she decides to get back to her lover boy.

At the hospital, Mimi meets up with Belle, and Belle asks Mimi what is wrong. Mimi says shes been bleeding, and she thinks she has uterine cancer. She says her grandmother died of this. Belle tells her that she hasnt even been examined yet so she needs to stay calm. Mimi says she wishes she could be strong, but she tends to go to the worst possible scenario whenever anything bad happens. Belle comforts her and she asks if anyone else knows. Mimi says she has talked to her mom about it. Mimi tells Belle she is glad she is here for her. Belle says she will always be here for her. Belle asks why she hasnt told Rex? Belle says he loves her and deserves to know what is going on. Mimi says she cant tell Rex, and if she finds out that she has cancer than Rex cant know. She switches the subject to her and Phillip, and she asks Belle what is going on. Belle says Phillip admitted that she is the one hes been in love with this whole time. Mimi says wow, Rex was right. Belle says she has no idea how to handle this, Phillip is her best friend and her roommate. Belle says she doesnt know if she can be with Phillip and forget Shawn. Mimi says she has to. Mimi says Shawn is the one who left her, and the only way shell get over Shawn is to face the truth that he is not coming back. 

Back at the loft, Rex sees Phillip taking the trash out. Rex asks what is going on with him and Belle? Phillip says he told her the truth, that he loves her. Rex says he is a bastard for doing this. Phillip says as long as there was a chance Shawn could come home than he kept his distance. Phillip says Shawn dumped her, he is gone, so he shouldnt keep his distance anymore. Rex says Shawn and Belle love one another. Phillip says if Shawn loved her than he wouldnt treat her this way. Rex asks Phil what he will do if Shawn comes back? Rex accuses Phillip of taking advantage of Belle, of planning to take her away from Shawn the whole time. Rex says Phillip is supposed to be Shawns best friend. Phillip says if Shawn was here then he would bash his teeth in for the way he has treated Belle. Rex feels he needs to defends his familys honor, so they head outside to play a game of one on one.

At Jans place, we see yet another replay of Shawn breaking his leg irons and then breaking down the bedroom door to free himself. Shawn runs out of the house and gets to his motorcycle. However, something is wrong and his bike wont start. Meanwhile, Jan arrives home and finds Shawn has broken out of his cage. She screams No! Jan heads out to the shed where Shawns bike is. Shawn hides, and Jan says she knows he is in here and he wont be able to leave without his bike. 

At Basic black, we see a replay of John and Kate about to get it on on top of a desk when a stunned Bo walks in with the news that Roman and Marlena are alive. Kate asks what he is saying? Bo says he has evidence to prove Roman and Marlena are alive. Kate promptly faints. John catches her, and he helps her recover. John asks Bo what he thinks he is doing. Bo reminds John of the signal Tek found, and Bo says he was able to decipher the code because it was a code he and Roman made up as kids. John says there is no way he can be sure Roman sent that code, but Bo says Roman is the only one else on earth who knows it. Bo says the message says Roman and Marlena are both alive. Bo says he knows Roman sent it, and it must means Roman is with Marlena. He asks how this can be, Marlena killed Roman, she admitted to it. Bo reminds him that Marlenas body is missing, and he says Roman is out there and is alive. Kate says this cant be true. Bo says maybe she just doesnt want it to be true so she can make a play for John. Kate says Roman is gone, he is dead. John tells Bo not to make Kate or him feel guilty, they have morned the people they love for months and now they are trying to move on and find some happiness. Bo says Marlena is alive, her body wasnt in her coffin. Kate says this is just a sick and twisted plot to make them think she is alive. Kate says Lexie examined her and she was dead. John thinks Bo is just desperate to believe this because he wants Hope to be alive and with them. Bo says it is true! John suggests they go to the station and look into this. Bo says okay, so he and John leave. Kate stays behind and looks at a photo of Roman. She says she wishes she could be with him again and hold him in her arms one last time. Suddenly, Lucas shows up and finds Kate crying. He asks her what is wrong. Kate says she doesnt want to talk about it right now. She switches the subject to why Lucas is here. She thinks something has happened with Sami. Kate knows Sami has hurt him again, and she says she is going to kill her! Lucas tells her no and he stops her from storming off. Kate asks him to at least tell her what happened. Lucas says Brandon Walker called her, and she told Brandon that she loved him. Kate calls Sami a bitch and asks him to give her up for good!

Back at Samis place, Sami is still on the phone with Brandon. Brandon is in London and has recently received a promotion. She says that is great. She then realizes that this call must be expensive for him, so she asks why he called her? He tells her something, and she says that is incredible news. Sami says shell talk to him later and she says goodbye.

At the station, Bo shows the code to John and he asks if he believes him now? John says he still doesnt think . . Bo says he doesnt care what he thinks, if there is a chance they are alive than they have to find them. John says he is right, and they decide to try and trace the signal.

In the jungle, we see a replay of Roman and Marlena telling one another how much they love the other. Roman tells Marlena that if hes going to die than there is something he wants very much, he wants to make love to her. They begin kissing, and are fortunately interrupted by Abe and Hope. Abe asks how Roman is doing? Marlena says Roman got an infection during the night and nothing is helping. Marlena says unless they have a miracle . . . Roman says hes going to die. Marlena tells him not to talk that way, but he tells her to say it.Marlena tells Abe and Hope that Romans condition is critical. Abe wonders if the mastermind is planning to kill them off one by one. Roman tells them all to leave him, to save the others. Marlena says they wont let him die, but he says it is too late and passes out. Marlena cries that he cant die. Hope goes to get Roman some fresh water. Marlena talks to Abe about his fears upon seeing her feelings for Roman. Abe says what they are doing here is what could be happening back in Salem, their loved ones could be moving on. Abe tells her to think about John and Kate. Marlena says it isnt that simple. Abe thinks the reason they might be held prisoner is to force them all to move on, to betray their loved ones. Marlena says she was just trying to comfort Roman that is all. Abe asks how she will face John again? Marlena says she will face him because she loves him. However, she says it may be too late for her and John, he may not want to be married to her anymore after all that has happened between them. Hope returns, and she tells Abe they needs to keep on searching. Abe says goodbye to Roman and says Marlena will take care of him. Hope tells Roman that they will pray for him. Hope and Abe take off, and Marlena cries over Roman.



September 2, 2004
At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole asks Brady what happened to Chloe, who was on the phone? Brady says it was a doctor in Austria, Chloe was in a car accident on the way to a benefit in Salisbury. Brady says her limo skidded out of control, the driver of her limo is dead and Chloe is barely holding on. Brady says he has to get to her. Brady says Chloe had Leukemia, but she pulled through. He says he needs to be there for her now like he was before. We see a flashback of Chloe when she was in the hospital talking to Brady about possibly dying. Nicole asks Brady what if he gets there and it is too late? Brady says it wont be because hes not going to lose her. Brady calls the Titan jet to make arrangements to go to Austria, but the pilot says they cant go. Brady says this is an emergency, but the captain cant budge because of terror alerts and restrictions. The captain says private jets have to register their flights 48 hours in advance. Brady decides to fly commercial to Europe and then rent a car if he has to. Nancy then appears at Bradys front door, and shes in tears. Brady says he knows, and he hugs her. He says it will be okay, but she says her baby is gone. Brady asks if she is sure? Nancy says she had to come here in person and tell him. Nancy says she was visiting her mother when she got the call. She says the doctors did everything they could, but she is gone. Nicole tells Nancy she is sorry, and that she will leave them alone. Nancy says she doesnt know what she should do, but she feels she needs to go to Europe. Nancy tells Brady that Chloe did love him. Nicole spies on them and says that doesnt matter now, not as long as she is dead! Meanwhile, Nancy and Brady reminisce about Chloe, and Nancy remembers going to find Chloe in the foster home and telling her that she wanted her to come home with her. Brady remembers urging Chloe to go to Europe to pursue her dreams, and we see when they said goodbye to one another. Nancy says she needs to get going, she has a flight to catch. Brady says he wants to go with her, but Nancy says he cant. He asks what she means? Nancy says the flight is booked. Brady says hell fly standby and he needs to be with her. Nancy asks him to just let her and Craig to handle this, and Chloe would want him to remember her the way she was. Nancy tells him to just go to church and pray for her. Nancy leaves, and Nicole shows up to comfort Brady.

At the hospital, Mimi meets with Lexie and asks if Belle can stay with her. Lexie says she can stay. Mimi goes to get changed into an exam gown, and Belle asks Lexie if Mimi will be fine. LExie says theyll have to wait and see. Later, Belle tries to convince Mimi to tell Rex what is going on, but she says no. She says Rex is still upset about Cassie, and she cant make things more complicated. She makes Belle promise not to say anything. Mimi and Belle then leave after all the tests are done.

Meanwhile, Celeste shows up to see Lexie, but she is told to wait. Suddenly, Celeste gets a vision of Abe in the jungle swinging a machete. The image of him appears in the hallway of the hospital, he looks almost like a ghost. Abe tells Celeste not to let Lexie break their marriage vows. Celeste says he is dead, isnt he? He doesnt answer, and she gasps. Elsewhere, Lexie receives flowers from Tek. It appears he wants her to go out with him tonight, based on the card. She calls up Tek to tell thank him for the flowers. She says she is free tonight, and she could use a night out after her last patient who could be seriously ill. Tek says they can go to a movie and maybe get some ribs from Lady Vis. LExie says shell see him then. After she hangs up, Celeste tells her that she must cancel because Abe would not approve. They argue, Lexie says Abe is gone, but Celeste says she is wrong, Abe is alive! LExie says she is tired of this, her husband is dead. Celeste insists Abe is alive and that she felt him.

Phillip and Rex are playing shirtless basketball to settle their score. Rex is angry with Phillip for moving in on Shawns girl, and the game gets dirty. Rex asks what the score is, and Phillip says Shawn is losing. They start trading insults, and Rex calls Phillip a rich spoiled punk. He says he identifies with the Bradys more than he does Phillip because the Bradys work hard, nobody gives them a free ride. They end up getting into a real fight as Mimi and Belle show up to break it up. Mimi talks with Rex, and she freaks out when she sees he is bleeding. Rex knows something is going on with Mimi, and he asks her if she is seeing someone else. Mimi says of course she isnt seeing someone else, she loves him and wants to be with him forever. Rex thinks she has been upset about her brother, and Mimi says she has been.  Meanwhile, Belle talks to Phillip, and she thinks about Mimis advice to go for it. Belle tells Phillip that she doesnt know what she wants, but she does know they went too far back at the loft. She says she just needs time to think. Phillip says that is cool, and he has a proposition for her. He says he has a leave of absence coming up, and he suggests they go away together. He says they can get separate rooms, it can be totally platonic, he just wants to be able to state his case to her.  He says he knows they could have a wonderful future together. He asks her what she says? She agrees to go away with him.

At the station, Tek joins Bo and John working on the signal. Tek asks if he knows what it means. Bo says so far all they know is Marlena and Roman are alive, the rest he cant read. Tek says even though Marlenas body is missing, she was pronounced dead. He says they all saw Romans body too, and he was dead as well. Bo says they are alive, and if they trace the signal they will find them. John goes to work tracing the signal, and he says it is done! Suddenly, the signal is lost. Bo works to find it again, but John says it is gone, it is over, shut the computer down! Bo refuses, he says MArlena and Roman are alive. Celeste and Lexie walks in and she says they arent the only ones. John and Bo ask what she is saying, and Lexie tells her mother to tell them. Celeste says weeks ago she had a feeling that MArlena was alive and was with the others. She says Marlena is alive as are all the dead, every single one of them! 

On the island, Abe and Hope are still trekking through the jungle. Hope says the only thing giving her hope is knowing Bo will pick up their signal. Abe continues to worry about Lexie and the possibility of her moving on. Abe thinks their captor is trying to break up all the happy couples in Salem, and they are playing right into their hands. Hope says Roman and Marlena once shared a great love, so getting closer for them is natural given the circumstances. Abe asks Hope what she would do if Bo moved on with another woman? Hope says Bo wont do that, he will never give up as long as he senses she is alive. Suddenly, Hope and Abe come to the ravine and the ledge where Jen was trapped. Hope begins calling out Jens name. With all her yelling, Hope ends up waking up a bunch of bats, and she and Abe are forced to run

At the penthouse on the island, Doug stands guard over the machine. A mysterious figure in black spies on him from the terrace. Suddenly, someone rings the doorbell, so Doug goes to get it. He sees someone run into the elevator, and then the elevator alarm goes off. Doug thinks they are stuck so he goes to help them. Meanwhile, the mysterious person in black holds a baseball bat and prepares to destroy the machine! He does so, then reveals himself to be Tony! He looks at a photo of Roman and Marlena and says will your loved ones find out your alive, dont hold your breath! Meanwhile, Doug returns, and Tony quickly heads out. Doug finds the door to the penthouse is locked one moment, then open the next. He walks in and sees the machine has been destroyed. He wonders who would do such a thing. 


September 3, 2004
The show was interrupted today for news on former President Clinton, who has been taken to the hospital with chest pains.

At Jans place, Jan is in the shed searching for Shawn, but he's not there. She opens the door to leave the shed and finds Shawn standing there. She asks what the hell he is doing? He reminds her when she told him the first time he tried to escape that he should have beaten the hell out of her. He then decks her, gets on his bike, and takes off! Jan finally comes to, and Shawn is gone! Jan says there is no way she will lose him now! She says she will find him and she will bring him back! She says she knows just how she will do it.

Rex and Mimi return to their loft, and Mimi tells Rex to stop sulking. Rex says" they" are going to Green Mountain Lodge, the most romantic place for miles. Mimi says "they" are getting separate rooms, but Rex thinks it will be all of an hour before Phillip puts the moves on Belle. Mimi tells Rex that he should just stay out of it. Rex says Shawn is his cousin, so Mimi points out Phillip is his half-brother.

At Belles loft, the phone rings, and Belle jumps. Phillip tells her that she cant think it is Shawn every time the phone rings. Belle answers, and Brady says he has bad news. She asks if it is Shawn? He says no, it is Chloe. Brady tells her the news that Chloe is dead. Rex and Mimi show up, and they all hear Belle crying about Chloe. Phillip says it can't be true, not Chloe.

Lucas returns to the apartment and finds Sami sitting at the table. Lucas says it looks like shes doing some heavy thinking, and Brandon must have said something earth shattering news to make her act this way. He asks why he called? Sami says he just wanted to make sure she was okay. Lucas says that is bull because he heard what she said to him, she said that she loved him too. He asks what that was about? Sami says they just made peace, it was no big deal, he was just being nice. Lucas says she also told him that she missed him and missed spending time with him. She says she was just being nice, and she was putting the past behind her like he told her to do. Lucas asks what she would say if he still loved her and wanted to be with her. Sami doesnt say anything, which upsets Lucas. The phone rings, and Lucas tells her to answer it. It is Belle, and she tells Sami the news about Chloe. Belle asks her to come to Chloes memorial service at Saint Lukes. Sami doesnt think Brady would want her there, but Belle says she is family and besides they need to talk.

Back at the loft, Phillip is all chocked up, and Belle comforts him. Phillip says he was an idiot when he was with Chloe, and she and Brady deserved to be happy. He says he couldnt be the man Brady was with Chloe. Belle says he has been that man with her. They hug as Mimi and Rex watch. Mimi is reminded of her own cancer scare. 

At Saint Lukes, Brady and Nicole wait for the others to arrive. Brady remembers the last time he and Chloe were together. He says he never should have let Chloe go, if he had been with her. Nicole tells him not to do this. She says she thanks God he wasnt with her because he could be dead to. Nicole says Chloe is gone and he cant change that. Phillip, Rex, Mimi and Belle all show up to give Brady their condolences. Phillip asks if there is anything they can do, but Brady says Craig and Nancy are taking care of everything. Sami and Lucas arrive to be there for Brady. Sami says she knows how much he loved Chloe, though that doesnt matter to some (directed at Nicole). Nicole says she is sorry for his loss! Sami says yeah, so sorry you cant wait to jump his bones! Brady suggests they all go into the church and pray. Mimis phone rings, and she tells them to all go ahead and shell be right in. She thinks it might be the hospital, but it is Jan is calling her.. Jan claims she's had Belle on her mind a lot and she asks if Belle ever heard from Shawn. Mimi says no and that she cant talk. Mimi tells her about Chloe, and she tells Jan to stay away form the church. Jan thinks Shawn will head there, and she decides to head him off at the pass! Meanwhile, everyone else is inside, and Lucas talks to Phillip about Belle. Lucas says he is happy for him, and mom will be ecstatic. Phillip believes when he and Belle return from this trip that he and Belle will be together. Meanwhile, Sami talks to Belle about her trip with Phillip, and she encourages Belle to sleep with Phillip. She tells her not to make the same mistakes with Phillip that she did with Shawn. Jan shows up, disguised as a nun, and hides in a confessional with a syringe! She is waiting for Shawn to show up to knock him out. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Brady she is here for him, and if he needs to lean on her or needs comfort, he can count on her. Elsewhere, Sami tells Belle about Brandon and how she is hoping to put the past behind them and start over. Belle asks what about Lucas? Lucas shows up and says that is what he wants to know.

Shawn arrives at the loft, limps into Belles place, and searches for Belle. However, everyone has left for the memorial by this point! Shawn uses her phone to try and call her, but shes not answering . Shawn sees a photo of Belle and Phillip, becomes angry, and limps out of the loft. Shawn heads to his mom and dads house, but no one is there. He calls his dads phone and leaves a voicemail asking where Belle is and for his dad to call him. He says moms phone isnt working, and asks where she is. Shawn decides to head back to Belles place and wait for her there. He returns to Belles apartment, and his leg is badly bleeding. He eventually ends up passing out on Belle's sofa.

At the station, Celeste swears the dead are all alive. Bo says this confirms the signal he picked up. He tells Lexie and Celeste about the code, and how he picked up enough to interpret Marlena and Roman were alive. Lexie asks Bo if he believes it, and he says he does. Lexie asks John if he believes it? John isnt sure what to believe. Lexie says if they are all alive than she mispronounced them all dead, how is that possible? Tek says Lexie is right and this has to be a hoax. Bo says Tek is wrong, but John says no. John says Stefano held Roman hostage for years and downloaded enough information to brainwash him into believing he was Roman. John says Stefano could have the code and is using it to trick them. Celeste says the dead are alive. Lexie says she pronounced them all dead, and Tek says he was with her when she pronounced some of them. John says Marlena was shot through the heart, so she can't be alive. He says someone is pulling a hoax on them all, whoever took her body made it look like she tried to escape. Bo says there is a way to find out, they need to exhume the other bodies. Bo gets the okay to exhume if he gets the next of kins permission. He then notices he has a message from Shawn, and it came from his house. He calls home and the baby sitter answers. She just got back from the park with Zack, and she says Shawn isnt here. John then gets a call from Brady with the news about Chloe. John says he will come to the service. John passes the news onto the others, and he says he will go to the service with Kate, and he will keep the exhumations from the kids. John doesnt want anyone to know what is going on. Bo says he means he doesn't want anyone to know there is a possibility they are all alive.

On the island, Patrick helps Jen deliver her baby. HE says he can see the head and she has to push. She says she cant, shes too tired. He tells her not to give up now! Jen makes Patrick to promise her to put the baby first no matter what, even above her. He says okay. Patrick delivers the baby, which is a boy. However, the baby isnt crying or breathing. Patrick works to save the baby, which he does. Jen is bleeding heavily, and Patrick worries. Jen thanks Patrick and says this is a miracle. Jen also says she is having pain. Patrick says she is bleeding a lot more than she should be. He says he cant stop it, so they have to pray Hope gets here with supplies. Jen says if she doesnt stop bleeding she could die! The baby then begins to cry as Jen says this.

At the Brady Pub, Alice and Maggie worry about Jennifer, the baby and Jack. Alice says if Jen is in labor than she will need Jacks love to pull her through, and she cant imagine Jen going through such an ordeal without him. Later, Doug joins them and gives them the news of the destruction of transmitter. Caroline and Victor show up, and they all discuss what is going on. Maggie asks where Cassie is because she hasnt seen her in days. Doug says Tony and Cassie are close, and they could be in cahoots together. Doug begins to worry that they havent seen any of the others in days, and Victor thinks Doug is worried that they may be the only ones alive.

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