September 6, 2004
At Saint Lukes, Chloes memorial service continues. The priest comes in to speak to them about Chloe and her tragic death. Jan, who is dressed like a nun, waits for Shawn to show up. Brady gets up and speaks about Chloe to those in attendance. He says Chloe was able to make them happy with her voice, she could break their hearts with her voice, but she always made them love her. Brady says the opera word has lost of a star, they have lost a friend, and he has lost the woman he was going to spend his life with. Brady says Chloe was able to live the bigger part of her dream when she died, and her dreams will live on through her music. We then see a bunch a Brady and Chloe flashbacks. We see the others in the group mourning Chloe, and for some reason, Sami begins to think about Brandon and we see Sami and Brandon flashbacks! Nicole tells Brady that was very beautiful. Brady says there will never be anyone like Chloe, and she says no, never. Brady thanks Nicole. 

Out in the cemetery, Bo, John, Kate, Lexie and Tek have gathered. Roman and Abes coffins have been exhumed. John cant believe Bo believes they are alive, and if Abe is missing than Lexie will believe it too. Celeste shows up and she says they are alive, and not just Roman, Marlena and Abe, but all the victims. John says he wont believe it until he sees Marlena standing in front of him. Celeste asks Kate what she will believe. Kate doesnt answer, as Abes coffin is opened. Lexie says hes not there! Tek says this doesnt mean he is alive, and John says all this proves is that his body was stolen. Tek comforts LExie, and Bo tells himself that if Abe is alive than he better get back soon! Bo says they should open Romans next. They do, and it is empty as well. Celeste says all of the coffins will be empty because they are not dead. Bo says they may be waiting for them to find them, so they cannot sit around and do nothing. John agrees to help try and find out what is going on. Bo says they need to trace the source of the signal Roman sent. Bo thinks if they can do that than they will find the dead. John says until they know the facts they should keep this to themselves. Bo says agreed. Bo, Lexie and Tek head to the station, while John, Kate and Celeste go to the church (Celeste wants to pray for Abe and the others). Kate talks to John and says if Roman and Marlena are alive, this could mean they are somewhere together.

Kate and John arrive inside the church and give Brady their condolences. Phillip is shocked to see his mom here. She says she is here to support John and the family. She asks how he and Belle are doing, and she is thrilled to learn they are going away together. Phillip says he just wants to get her away from all this. Kate says this is the beginning of something wonderful. Meanwhile, Sami tells Belle she is glad she has decided to forget about Shawn and to be happy with Phillip. Belle asks Sami what is going on with her and Brandon, what did she mean when she said they were starting over. Sami says they are just friends again. Belle asks Sami if she still has feelings for Brandon? Sami says Brandon was an important part of her life for a long time. Belle tells her that she is forgetting about Lucas and she is forgetting Brandon dumped her. Sami says she hasnt forgotten, and she tells Belle not to forget Shawn dumped her! Elsewhere, Rex sees how hard Mimi is taking things. She is a wreck, and he says he didnt know she and Chloe were that close. Kate decides to head out and she asks John to call her if he gets any news. Meanwhile, Nicole watches Brady saying goodbye to Chloe, and then she sees Jan lurking about. Jan says Shawn escaped and she needs to recapture him. Jan tells Nicole that shell need her help! Nicole refuses to help Jan because Shawn has probably already told the cops, so she better get out of town! Jan says Shawn loves her so he wouldnt turn her in or hurt her. Nicole tells Jan to get out of here! Jan says shell remember this the next time Nicole needs a favor! Jan leaves, and Nicole ends up telling Brady they should go, which angers Phillip. Phillip makes a comment that Nicole can't wait to jump his bones. Phillip and Brady argue about Nicole, and soon about the concert hall. Brady tells them that they are here to remember Chloe, not fight about Nicole or the concert hall. Brady decides that he and Nicole should get out of here. Before she leaves, Nicole tells Phillip that he is wrong about her, she did love his father and she does care about Brady. Belle tells Brady to call her on her cell if he needs her, shell be at Green Mountain Lodge with Phillip. Brady cant believe that shes going away with him. Phillip says not that it is any of his business, but they will be in separate rooms. Meanwhile, Mimi finds Celeste to ask her for some help about the future. Mimi asks Celeste if she ever sees her walking down the isle of this church. Celeste says she is sorry but she doesnt, but she does see her being wheeled down the isle. Mimi thinks this means she will be in a coffin, and she rushes out of the church. Mimi then gets call from Lexie. Lexie says the hospital has her test results, and she asks Mimi to meet her there.

Sami and Lucas return home, and Lucas asks Sami about Brandon. He wants to know, given the choice, which one would she be with.

John arrives at the station where Bo, Tek and Lexie are. Tek is trying to trace the signal, and he manages to locate the source. He says the island doesnt exist on any current maps, but it does exist on a sixteenth century pirates map. They look at the map, which is a few miles south of where Hope and Patrick's plane went down. Bo says that Patrick has been in on this the whole time. John asks what the name of the island is, and Tek says Melaswen. John and Bo look puzzled by the name.

Shawn wakes up at Belles apartment after passing out. He is still very weak, and falls to the floor when he tries to get up. He pulls himself back onto the couch, and he looks at his bloody foot. He realizes he needs to do something to take care of his foot, so he hobbles to the bathroom to clean it. Later, Shawn picks up Belles home phone and tries to call her, but shes still not answering. He begins to think about Belle and Phillip being together, and he becomes angry. He turns on the TV and sees a report about Chloes death and the memorial service. He realizes that must be where Belle is, so he decides to head there. Before he leaves, Kate calls and leaves a message telling him and Belle to have a wonderful time at Green Mountain Lodge. Shawn says Bastard! I will kill him first! Shawn then heads out of the loft. 

On the island, Roman is growing worse, and he is mumbling in his delirium. He tells Marlena that this is the cycle of life, and if someone must die so that Jens baby can live, than why the hell shouldnt it be him. Roman says before he dies there is something he must tell her about his asking to make love to her. Marlena says they dont have to talk about it. Roman says it was wrong of her to ask her because she loves John. She says yes, but her feelings for him have changed. She says she loves him too and she always will. Roman begins to shake with fever, and his vision blurs. Roman says it is getting dark, this is it for him. Marlena says it could be. Roman says its not so bad at all. Roman stops talking, and Marlena cries. It appears to us that Roman is dead.

In the cave, Jens baby is crying, and Jen tells Patrick that she has to be okay because her baby needs her. Patrick says all they have to do is stop the bleeding and she will be okay. Hope finally shows up, and she sees that Jen had the baby. Jen says they have a son. Hope thanks Patrick, but he pulls her away from Jen. Patrick says not to thank him yet, Jen hasnt stopped bleeding. Hope realizes she is hemorrhaging. Patrick says they have to do something fast or she wont make it. Hope examines Jen and then soon fears there may be nothing they can do, she may be bleeding internally. Hope and Patrick work on Jen, and Jen talks to them about how she cant wait to see Jacks face when he sees the baby. Patrick says they have to help Jen, but Hope says she wont survive if she doesn't stop bleeding and without a transfusion.


September 7, 2004

Mimi arrives at the hospital and waits for Lexie to show up and give her the results of her tests. LExie shows up and begins talking about all the tests they ran given her family history. Mimi blurts out that she knew it, she is positive shes going to die. Lexie says she isnt going to die, and Mimi thanks God. She says that was a close call. Lexie says she has a life of love and happiness to look forward to. Mimi says when she walked in she thought she had bad news because of the grim expression on her face. Lexie says it had nothing to do with her, it was something personal. Mimi says she was just so worried when she saw all that blood. Lexie says you did the right thing. Mimi ends up borrowing Lexies phone to call Belle and give her the good news, she doesnt have cancer. Lexie has meanwhile left to pick up the final test results on Mimi to figure out what caused the bleeding. She gets them, looks at them, and says it looks like Mimi isnt out of the woods just yet. Lexie returns and tells Mimi that she is pregnant, and Mimi says Shut Up! Lexie says okay . . . Mimi says she didnt mean it literally, it is just an expression. Mimi says she was bleeding, so how can she be pregnant? Lexie says that is what they have to find out. Lexie begins questioning her about what over the counter drugs shes been taking lately. Mimi has been taking a lot for allergies and headaches. Lexie says shell look into what could have caused the bleeding. Lexie says she has a lot of decisions to make, and Rex will need to be told. Mimi worries about how Rex will take this. LExie suggests she go home, relax, and think about how she will tell Rex. Lexie also says she is here for her as a doctor and a friend. Mimi asks what about sex? Lexie says sex is okay, but to lay low on the meds until they know what is causing the bleeding. Mimi leaves LExies office and says this is heavy, and how will she tell Rex? Meanwhile, LExie wonders who took her husbands body, could he be alive, and could her father really be responsible? 

Rex returns home to the loft to see if Mimi is home, but she is not. He begins to worry as to where she is and calls her cell phone .He asks what is gone, where did she vanish to after Chloes memorial? He flashback to confronting Mimi and asking if she was seeing someone else, which she denied. Rex wonders if Mimi loves him so much than why wont he tell her where she has gone to. Later, Rex returns home from searching for Mimi over at Belle's. He thinks if something was really wrong than shed tell him. He ends up calling up a florist to have some flowers delivered to the apartment for her, but his credit card is declined. Rex realizes hell need another job other than the low paying gig at Alices. Suddenly, one of Rexs former professors from Salem U shows up to make him a spectacular offer. The professor says hes never seen a mind like his, and the offer may not be something a DiMera would accept given the pay. Rex says he isnt a DiMera, he is a blue collar Brady, a lot has changed since he was in school. The professor has a job to offer him at the university. Rex says Shut Up! the professor says pardon me? Rex says it is just an expression his girlfriend uses. The professor asks Rex if hed like to join the faculty? Rex says yes, and the professor welcomes him to the university. The professor leaves, and Mimi returns with groceries. Rex asks where she has been? She says she got groceries. He says that is not what he meant, why did she bail on him at the church? She says she had to go to the doctor. He asks why so late, is she sick? She says no, the tests came back negative. He asks why she is having tests? She tells him that she was having female trouble, but everything is fine. Rex says from now on they share everything, no secrets. Mimi tells him not to worry, from now on she will. Mimi ends up pulling Rex onto the couch and having sex. Afterwards, Mimi suggests they have a romantic dinner and talk. Rex says good idea because he has news. Mimi says she has news to. Rex says his is big. Mimi says hers is small, but it could get bigger. Mimi asks if his news has to do with the professors visit? He says maybe. He asks for a hint about her news, but she says not yet, but he will love it. Rex says he knows he will. Rex and Mimi start putting the groceries away and work on dinner. Mimi hopes Rex will think her news is wonderful.  

At the airport, John and Bo board Johns private Jet. They are looking at the map from the computer, and John makes a huge realization when he sees the reflection of the map in some silver paper weight thing. He shows it to Bo, and the islands name backwards is New Salem (Yes, major blooper here, the letters werent reversed as a mirror image should be). Bo says he cant believe this, and John says it cant be a coincidence. Bo says this has been one big plan, their loved ones have been taken from them and to this island. John says he should have seen it, and only one man is capable of this. Bo says alive or dead, this stinks of Stefanos handiwork. Suddenly, John realizes the plane is returning to the airport terminal. The pilot comes out and tells John and Bo that theyve been ordered to return and not to take off, and that he has been informed they have to register their flight plan forty-eight hours in advance because of new safety regulations. Bo says he isnt going to allow the FAA to stop them, and makes some calls to try and fight this. Bos credential dont seem to pull much weight with whoever he is talking to, and John ends up taking the phone when Bo calsl the person he is talking to a moronic paper pusher. John talks to the man, who wont budge from the 48 hour delay. John says it looks like there is nothing they can do. John tells the pilot he can go and that hell put the plane back in the hanger. Bo asks John what they are going to do now? John says they will prepare for departure, the two of them are flying this jet right out of here! Bo says this isnt a crop duster, its a ten million dollar jet with electronic gizmos out the whazoo. John says its still the same basic principles as the older jets. Bo isnt sure and says if something happens to him Shawn and Zack will be orphans. John says relax, nothing will happen. Bo says the FAA might think they are terrorists. Bo says this is a big decision, and he doesnt know how John can take it so likely. John says it is the trained mercenary in him, failure is not an option! Bo says that sounds like a bumper sticker. John asks Bo if he is in or out? Bo says Shawn and Zack would want him to risk everything to find Hope, they would never forgive him if there was a chance he could have saved her but didn't take it, so he is in. John and Bo get into the cockpit, and John says this is just like riding a bike. Bo says crashing or getting their shouldnt be their biggest worry. John says that is a fact, whoever is behind this probably knows the are coming. The tower tells John that he does not have clearance to take off. John says he cant quite understand and must be having communication problems, which hell have checked out when he reaches his destination. John ignores them, and airport security shows up to try and block the runway. John decides to give them a flyby. Bo asks if he has enough takeoff room, and JOhn says he doesn't think so!

\On the island, Marlena stays with Roman, who insists he is dying. MArlena tells him now is not his time, to think about his children, their children, and think about her and everything they have shared. Marlena says she must go get water for him, so she tells him to hang on. Marlena runs off, and a man in black shows up carrying a syringe. Roman can see the man, but not his face. His image is blurry, and he sees the syringe and the man standing over him. He asks if it is Doc, and then begins screaming when he sees the man about to inject him. Marlena returns, and Roman tells her that someone was here. The man is gone, and Marlena says they are alone. Marlena gives him water, and as she does, the man spies on them. Marlena tells Roman how much she loves him, but he tells her not to let him force her to say something she doesnt mean. Roman says in his heart, if he knew she did love him, then he could die happy. Marlena says she thought her feelings for him were dead, but he brought them back to life. They talk and joke about their past. Marlena says he was beer and she was champagne, but that made it all the more fun. He remembers them sitting on the porch, drinking, and looking up at the stars and singing together. Roman tells Marlena that he loves her so much, and he asks her to hold him until it is over. She does so, and tells Roman that she loves him and always will. The mystery man, for some reason, begins snapping photos of Marlena, who doesnt notice a flash going of behind her. MArlnea is too fixated on Roman, who is telling her to live for the both of them, and goodbye. Roman passes out, and Marlena cries. As she cries, the mystery man approaches her with the syringe! The man puts it down next to her medical bag, and Marlena sees him. She asks who he is and what he is doing. The man runs off, and MArlena sees the syringe. She looks at it and realizes it is a sterilized needle, so it must be the cure. She says since he will die if she does nothing, she has no choice but to try it. She gives Roman the shot, and suddenly he begins to spasm. Marlena cries Roman , what have I done! As she screams, the mystery man approaches her from behind!


September 8, 2004
At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole sees Brady sitting on the couch watching the video he shot of himself and Chloe in Colorado. Nicole looks in the mirror, and she talks to her reflection. Nicoles reflection says Brady will get over his suffering. Nicole days she hates to see him this way, and her reflection says its not her fault, she didnt arrange the Divas car accident. Nicole says she did have the tabloid reporter make up those stories that she was sleeping around. Her reflection says it is Bradys fault for believing that crap. Her reflection tells Nicole to cheer up because shes getting everything she ever wanted: Grandpa Munster is dead, Marlena is dead, and now that Chloe is road kill Brady is hers. Her reflection asks Nicole if she is going to take Brady or not? Nicole says no! Nicole goes to turn off the TV, but Brady grabs her hand and tells her not to dare! She says he is hurting and she asks if she can help. He says she can leave him the hell alone. Brady says he should have gone to Austria, but she says hed be dead if he went. He says he meant he should have gone with Nancy to say goodbye in person. Nicole says Chloe wouldnt want him to remember her that way. Nicole says shed want him to remember this past Christmas and how happy they were. Brady asks her if he knows how hard it is for him to accept that the love of his life is dead. Brady storms out of the room, and Nicole is left crying by herself. She sees Chloe on TV and says she is gone so she should let Brady go. Nicole talks to Chloe on the TV, telling her that they didnt like one another very much, but she will ruin his life if he obsesses over her. Nicole tells Chloe to let him go and be happy with someone else. She turns off the TV and goes to leave, only to find Brady standing there. Brady says he heard what he said, and she shouldnt be worried about him. Brady says it isnt up to Chloe to let go of him, it is up to him to let go of Chloe in his own time and in his own way. Brady says he was watching the tape to get the paparazzi photos out of his head, to go back to a time when he and Chloe first fell in love. Brady tells Nicole about the tape, about how he was supposed to be taking Chloe to Hollywood, but they got stuck in Colorado instead. Brady asks her if she wants to watch some of it with him, and she says sure. Brady begins playing more of the tape. As Nicole watches it, she sees herself in Chloes place. The phone rings, and it is Nancy calling. Nancy says shes still in Austria at the hospital. Nancy says it is a good thing he didnt come, he wouldnt have recognized Chloe. We then see a shot of Chloe lying in her bed! Shes alive! Nancy tells Brady that their angel is at peace now. Brady hangs up the phone, and Nicole comforts him. As she hugs Brady, she tells herself Hes mine! 

In Austria, Nancy sits with Chloe, who is still bandaged. Chloe wakes up and sees Nancy is with her. Nancy says she did as Chloe asked, though she doesnt know if it was the right thing. Chloe thanks her. Nancy tells Chloe that Brady loves her for herself, not for her pretty face. Chloe says she isnt that pretty anymore. She says she is disfigured and will never sing again. Chloe says ghoul girl is back, only a thousand times worse. Chloe says Brady can never see her like this. 

On the way to Green Mountain Lodge, Shawn is run off the road by a lousy driver. He survives, but his bike is in bad shape and stuck in a ravine. Shawn wonders how he is supposed to catch up with Phillip and Belle before he steals Belle away now. John pulls his bike up to the side of the road, but its not working. He ends up waling to Green Mountain Lodge, which is a good 20 miles according to a road sign. A car stops, and Shawn goes over to it. He asks for a lift, and then says You!

Belle and Phillip arrive at the Green Mountain Lodge, and they head into Belles room. Belle finds a card on the bed that says Love is in Bloom and the bed is covered in rose peddles. She says this is too much. Phillip says he is sorry, and that when he made the reservation they were pitching a romance package and he told them over and over no. Phillip brushes the rose peddles off the bed. Phillip says hes going to leave her alone and go next door to his room. Phillip leaves, and Belle looks around. She looks at a photo of Shawn and says Sami is probably right, he is probably a thousand miles away by now. She says if Shawn is moving on than so is she. She then throws the photo of Shawn away. She opens the patio doors and is stunned by what she sees. Later, Phillip returns after Belle apparently called him to come over. He sees a path of rose peddles leading out the door and to a hot tub, which Belle is in. She has ordered them some champagne, and she says it is such a beautiful night. Belle tells him that he thought they could relax in the hot tub before dinner. Phillip says hell go get his suit, and ends up tripping over something. Belle asks him to open the champagne before he leaves. He works on it, but it is jammed. He finally pops the cork, which causes him to fall over into the hot tub. Belle laughs at him, so he sprays her with the champagne. She says he is supposed to be a grown up, after all he is in the marines. Phillip salutes her. She thanks him for making her laugh, and then wonders if it is wrong for them to be laughing after Chloes memorial. Phillip says he doesnt think so, he thinks Chloe would want them to enjoy themselves. Phillip tells Belle that he likes being here with her, they should enjoy it because he wouldnt trade it for anything. Phillip pours them some more champagne, and he says they should drink to new beginnings and to them. Belle and Phillip soon begin some heavy making out. Belle ends up suggesting they get dressed and go to dinner. Phillip says okay, so they get out of the hot tub. Phillip says hell go change real quick and then theyll go. Phillip leaves, and Belle says she doesnt know what shes doing or what she is wearing. She remembers she put her dress in the closet, goes to open it, and opens the door to the adjoining room. Belle ends up getting an eyeful of a naked Phillip! 

At the airport, John and Bo are preparing to take off, but the runway has been swarmed with cop cars. John tells Bo that it doesnt look like there is enough room for them to take off with all the emergency cars on the runway. John says they will make room, takes off, and in doing so hits something. Bo and John work together to get the plane up into the air, and Bo says they hit something back there. John says everything seems to be working electrical wise. Bo says it sounded like something metal was ripped off one of the tops of the trucks. We see a quick shot of the planes wrecked landing gear. John tells Bo that if there were a problem than hed know. John says forget about it and concentrate on getting to the island. Bo says he still gets a bad feeling about the take off. Suddenly, one of the wheels drops off the plane! John tells Bo that if Stefano is behind this, than hell probably know they are coming, if he is alive that is. John tells Bo that he knows hes the police commander, but if Stefano is alive and on that island than he needs to throw the law book out the window. Bo says damn right I do! Bo says if he runs into that bastard than he is dead. Suddenly, military show up on either side of the jets, and Bo says they are signaling them to turn around. John tries to radio them, but the radio isnt working and was damaged during takeoff. A beeping sound begins, and John says it means they have a missile lock on them. John explains he had the ISA equip his jet with special radar to tell him things like this. Bo says that cant be good! John and Bo climb and dive to try and break the lock. They do, and they lose the fighters, but Bo realize they have gone off course and entered restricted military airspace. Bo says this is the same place Hope and Patrick were shot down, and they don't have a radio to explain to the military. Bo tells John to get them out of here ASAP! Suddenly, missiles are fired at them, and they are hit! John tells Bo to pull back because they are going down.

On the island, Marlena gives Roman the drug left for her by the mystery man, and he begins convulsing. Marlena tells Roman to hang on! Abe shows up and asks Marlena what shes done? Is she trying to kill him? He sees the syringe and asks how she could put a drug into his system that she wasnt familiar with. Marlena says someone showed up and left the drug, and she didnt see who it was because he had a mask on. Marlena says Roman was dying, and the person left behind a bag with all sorts on medical supplies in it. She says she had nothing to lose, Roman had nothing to lose, so she injected him. Roman stops convulsing, and Abe says now they wait and see if his body can process whatever was in the syringe. Abe says if it was poison than hell die, and if not . . . Marlena says he could still die. Marlena breaks into tears, and Abe comforts her. Marlena says she didnt mean to hurt him. Abe says she was trying to ease his pain. Marlena says all her feelings for Roman have begun to resurface and she cant help it. Abe says seeing the two of them together is almost like time has stood still, like they are still married. MArlena says she knows, and it has nothing to do with how much she loves John. Abe says the monster keeping them captive here is deliberately playing with her feelings. Marlena asks Roman to please come back to them. Roman coughs and then comes too. Abe tells Marlena that the reason he came back is to say he and Hope found Jen, she is alive and has a healthy baby boy. However, he says Jen is suffering from internal bleeding. Roman tells Marlena to go, and Abe says hell stay with Roman. Marlena takes off, and she follows a path that Abe left for her.

In the cave, Hope holds Jens baby as Patrick takes car of Jen. Patrick tells Hope than the stitches she put in are holding, but it doesnt look good. Patrick says he thinks she is hemorrhaging internally and if she loses anymore blood . . .Jen asks to hold her baby one more time before she is gone. Patrick tells her that shes not going anywhere. Jen holds her baby and she says she knows what is about to happen. She says if she could stop it she would. She tells her son that she wants him to know how much she loves him and that she will be with him always. Hope tells Jennifer not to dare die on them. Jen closes her eyes, and Hope tells her to stay with them. Jen talks about being in a white place. Hope says she needs to stay with them. Jen asks Patrick for some time alone with Hope, so Patrick waits outside and keeps a watch for Marlena. Jen asks Hope to do her a favor and let her die. Patrick returns, and he has a shirt on now. He asks how Jen is? Hope and Patrick head outside, and she says Jens close to death. Patrick tells Hope that he has a feeling that they are being watched. Hope asks who is there? We see a knife come out of the bushes. MArlena shows up, and she and Hope head in to save Jen. Patrick says he knows they are out there so they should show themselves! Inside, Marlena looks over Jen. Later, Marlena tells Hope that she doesnt have a clotting agent and Jen has already lost so much blood as is. Marlena says she wont last much loner. Marlena screams out for someone to do something, to not let her die. Back in the cave, the mystery man approaches Jen with a knife. She asks who he is, and Patrick says hed like to know too!


September 9, 2004
Shawn is walking to Green Mountain Lodge because his bike was wrecked. A car finally pulls over, and he goes over to the car. He says he needs a ride to Green Mountain Lodge, and then says you! It is Jan dressed as a nun with glasses on. He asks the sister if she could give him a ride to the Green Mountain Lodge. He says the girl he loves is there and is probably going to make a huge mistake. Sister Jan, in some fake British accent that sounds just like Mrs. B, tells him to get in. Shawn says this is a miracle, and Jan tells herself it certainly is. Jan drives Shawn up towards Green Mountain Lodge. Shawn asks her if she has a cell phone, and if he can borrow it. Sister Jan claims the battery is dead, but he grabs it and says it is working. She says fine, make the call. However, there is no service due to where they are. Sister Jan says hell just have to wait until he sees this girl. Sister Jan asks him to tell her about the girl, why does he need to get to her. He says it is a long story, but this psycho chick he knew in high school locked him up and made his girlfriend think that he left her. Sister Jan ends up swerving the car out of anger, and she apologizes. Shawn begins coughing, so Sister Jan suggests he try some of her herbal tea, which is in the thermos. He says thanks, drinks some, and we see Jan remembering that she drugged the tea. Later, Shawn says he doesnt feel to well, and he asks what he just drank? She says her special herbal tea, and he will soon feel all better. Shawn realizes she just passed the turnoff to the lodge. Jan laughs, and Shawn realizes the nun is Jan! She takes off her glasses and says hello lover! Jan holds a gun on him as she drives and says it is time he realized Belle Black is dead, and she knows just what they are going to do. 

At the lodge, Belle is in her room thinking about making out with Phillip. She says she still loves Shawn, so she needs to take this all one step at a time. She goes to get her dress from the closet, only to open the door to the adjoining room and see a naked Phillip. Belle says she is so sorry, but Phillip says he isnt. He puts on some shorts, and he tells Belle that its no big deal to him. He also apologizes for what happened in the hot tub because he told her that he would give her space. She says they should stop apologizing and just get ready for dinner because she is starving. Phillip says he is too, but he has a gift for her first. Phillip gives Belle a necklace with a diamond heart on it. She says it is beautiful, but she cant accept it. He says yes she can, and he puts it on her neck. She thanks him for being a good friend, and they return to their separate rooms to get ready for dinner. Belle gets dressed, and she says she doesnt know what to do because she still loves Shawn. Belle wishes her mom was here to tell her what to do. Marlenas image appears in the mirror and talks to Belle. Belle says she misses her so much, and without her and Shawn, nothing is the same. Marlena says she doesnt know why Shawn disappeared, but she does have people who love her and protect her. MArlena tells Belle that her choices will become clear eventually. Belle asks if she is talking about Phillip? Marlena asks if she is thinking about Phillip as a choice. Belle says everyone says she should forget Shawn and move on with Phillip, and she knows Phillip loves her, but she doesnt know if she loves Phillip. Marlena tells Belle that she is good and kind, and she will love again. MArlena says she deserves someone who will love and cherish her, and she shouldnt settle for less. Phillip shows up in his dress blues, and he gives her a flower. He asks if she is ready to go? Belle sees MArlena in her mirror nodding, and Belle says she is ready. 

Phillip and Belle go to the dining room for dinner. She thanks Phillip for bringing her here. He says she is welcomed, but her company and smile is all the thanks he needs. She asks why he is so nice to her. He says because he likes her. She says even though she has strong feelings for Shawn. He says that is why he cares about her, she has such a big heart that any guy would be crazy to let her go. She ends up in tears and runs off (I missed something that was said due to a phone call). Phillip says he should have kept his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Jan has Shawn duct taped to a chair and in the woods. She has duct tape over her mouth and tells him to be a good boy. They spy on Belle and Phillip in their rooms, where they have returned. Shawn tries to scream out to Belle, so Jan pulls him into the bushes. Meanwhile, Belle says Oh My God, Its him! 

Up in the air, Bo and John have been shot at and they are going down fast. Bo says New Salem is down there somewhere, and John comments that he hopes they have a landing strip!

On the island, Doug and Victor are patrolling the docks when they see a plane go down extremely close to them. They shine their flashlights at the plane, and Victor recognizes it as Johns plane. They approach closer, the plane is in flames and electrical sparks are flying everywhere. They look into the cockpit and see Bo and John inside. Maggie shows up, and Victor says they need to get them out! Maggie holds the light on the cockpit while Victor and Doug pull the men out. Victor says they have to move fast because he smells fuel. Maggie realizes the plane is on fire, and suddenly it explodes! Fortunately Doug and Victor got the boys out. John finally wakes up and hears Maggies voice. Meanwhile, Victor tries to get Bo to wake up. He tells Bo how proud he is of him, and that he loves him. Victor begs Bo not to die on him now. Bo comes to, and he is stunned to see Victor. Bo asks if he is dead? Later we see the Dead taking care of John and Bo, and John says he cant believe they are all alive. Bo asks how this is possible? Victor says they will answer their questions after they get some care. Doug suggests they take them to the pub, and Bo says you have to be kidding me. 

Bo and John walk into the pub with the others, where Caroline and Alice are, and Caroline and Bo are overjoyed to see one another. The boys are fed, and John asks how they all got here. Maggie says none of them know, but he must be glad to know his wife is not a murderer. He says he never thought she was, and he asks where Doc is? Meanwhile, Caroline talks to Bo and tells him about Romans transmitter. Bo says he heard the signal, and that is what led them here. Bo explains that the funeral director was in on it all, but they dont know who he is working for. Caroline says it is a good thing the two of them landed in the perimeter. Bo asks about the parameter, and Victor explains. Bo asks Doug where Hope is. Doug doesnt know what to say. Bo says someone answer him! Victor explains the others went into the jungle to find Jen. Bo and John make a plan to rescue the others and then become their captors worst nightmare. Alice says hear hear!

In the jungle, Abe tells Roman his foot is healing and the infection is under control. Roman says they have to go then, they have to get to Patrick because he could be putting the others in jeopardy. Abe tells Roman he has to stay put.

Outside the cave, MArlena calls out to whomever may be spying on them to help Jen and not to let her die. In the cave, the mystery man approaches Jen with a knife. She asks who he is. Patrick says he wants to know the same thing. The man kicks Patrick, and Jen screams. Hope and Marlena run in, and the man has picked up the baby. Patrick orders him to give back the baby, and if he hurts him or Jen . . . The man is revealed to be Tony, and he says he does not want to hurt Jen or her child. Patrick threatens to kill Tony if he doesnt give the baby back. Tony says Patrick obviously doesnt know him, but he cant be easily killed. Tony says the baby looks like Jack, and asks if anyone has seen him? He gives the baby to Jen, and the others go outside with Tony to talk to him. Hope wants to know how he got through the force field. He says he used meditation, and an ancient amulet that deflects electrical properties. MArlena doesnt believe him, and Patrick thinks Tony is the one who has been following them. Tony says he just arrived and it is a good thing because Jen is dying and he is the only one who can save her! Patrick asks what he means? Marlena thinks he has access to medicine and was the one who helped Roman. Tony says he has the medicine Jen needs, and Hope thinks Tony wants something. Tony asks why she thinks so low of him? She says because he is a DiMera. Jen screams, and everyone runs into the cave. Hope tells Tony whatever hes going to do, do it now. Tony says hell be right back and leaves. Hope instructs Patrick to follow Tony, which he does. Tony leads Patrick to a plant, and Patrick says that is it? Tony explains the plant has healing properties. Patrick knows Tony is Count Antony DiMera, and Tony asks if he knows his family? Patrick says he could say that. Tony mumbles something about they should talk later? They return to the cave, and Tony says Jen needs to ingest the sap from the palm. Hope asks if it is poisonous, and Marlena says no and it will help her blood to clot. Marlena says many modern medicines are derived from herbs. After a few minutes Marlena says it is working. Hope is shocked and tells Tony he did it, he saved her cousins life. Marlena says they need to get Jen to a sterile environment. Tony says the plant won't be a permanent solution, Jen still needs medical attention. Hope thanks Tony, and they all work to get Jen back to New Salem. Tony asks MArlena if she still thinks he is a monster and behind this island? Marlena says the jury is still out, but when the person behind this island makes a mistake, there will be hell to pay! 

Abe and Roman meet up with Tony, Jen, the baby, Hope, Marlena and Patrick. Roman asks what Tony is doing here, how did he get here? Tony says he used a zen amulet to turn the force field off. Roman says he doesnt believe his lies, and to get them out of here with his zen powers. Marlena says they need to get Jen back to New Salem, and Jen says they still need to find Jack. Hope and Patrick decide to go find Jack. Tony asks what for, he knows for a fact that Jack is dead.


September 10, 2004
Lucas shows up at Samis place and demands answers from her. He wants to know the truth about Brandons call. He asks if Brandon is coming back to Salem, and if he is, what does that mean for them? Sami says hes not coming back, he has just got a promotion. Lucas asks if she is in love with him? Sami asks how he can say that? Lucas says because she is acting like a giddy school girl. Lucas tells her to cut the games, he knows what she is doing. Lucas accuses her of stringing him along until she finds out if she has a chance with Brandon. Sami says of course she doesnt want another chance with Brandon. Lucas asks then what is going on in that head of hers? She says she lost Brandon because she betrayed him. Lucas says because she lied to Brandon, she lied to Austin, she lied to him. He says love is never enough for her, so she is always lying. Lucas says he wants an answer. Sami says she finally has an answer to whether or not shed want to get back together with Brandon, and shes ready to give it to him. Sami begins talking about Brandon and how she loved him very much. Lucas says this isnt an answer, why did Brandon call? Sami reminds him that Brandon called her once before after her moms death. Sami says that call made her realize Brandon just felt sorry for her, that he didnt want her back. She says she was afraid the same thing would happen with Lucas, and that is why she broke up with him before. Sami says this time Brandon just called to check on her, that is all. She says if Brandon did say he wanted to come back to Salem then . . . Lucas says he knows, she would dump him and get back together with Brandon. Lucas gets all worked up and goes to leave, but she tells him to stop. She says she wouldnt get back to Brandon because he (Lucas) is the only man she wants, now and forever! Sami tells Lucas hes going to have to trust her. She says Brandon just called to make sure she was really happy and if she was happy with him (Lucas). Sami says she thought there was a moment where Brandon was going to give her a choice, but she says it would have been an easy decision and she would have been a fool not to chose him (Lucas). Sami says with Brandon she always had to pretend who she was, but with Lucas there was no pretending. Sami says she still cares about Brandon and she is glad he has forgiven her, but Lucas is the man she wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with. She says she loves Lucas so much more than she ever thought she could love Austin or Brandon. She tells Lucas that she needs him to be complete, to have the family she has always wanted with Will. She tells Lucas that she cant imagine her life without him. Lucas asks if she means that? Sami says she wants to show him how much she loves, needs and wants him. She kisses Lucas, and he kisses her back. Lucas picks Sami up and takes her to the bedroom.

Sister Jan keeps Shawn a prisoner at Green Mountain Lodge. She has him duct taped to a chair, and is forcing him to watch Belle with Phillip. Belle and Phillip are on the patio, and Belle senses Shawn is near. She says she cant stop thinking about him, she and Shawn have a special connection. She says it is like she can hear him calling out to her in her head. Phillip says hes been hearing Shawn in his head too, and hes been saying he doesnt want Belle, and he doesnt want him to have Belle either. Belle apologizes, and they go back to dinner. Jan tells Shawn that watching them eat is making her hungry, so she thinks they should go back to their love nest. Shawn shakes his head, so she says fine. She says maybe watching them make love will make them both horny! Back in the dining room, Phillip knows Belle is thinking about Shawn still, and he says hes had enough of this. Phillip says Shawn was a bastard to walk out on her, and now she cant even enjoy herself in a place like this because of Shawn. Phillip says she should hate Shawn, yet she doesnt, and that is what makes her so amazing. Back outside, Shawn breaks free of his bonds, runs into the dining room and decks Phillip! Various guys break up the fight, and Shawn explains that Jan drugged him and kept him prisoner. The security guards go to nab Jan, and Shawn tells Belle how much he loves her and how sorry he is. Of course this was all in Shawns head, none of it has actually happened. Back in the dining room, Phillip promises Belle that he will devote the rest of their stay here to helping her get over Shawn. She doesnt know if that is possible. Phillip says it is, he got over Chloe and fell in love with her. Phillip says in time shell get over Shawn and he hopes she falls in love with him. They head back out to the patio, and Belle thanks Phillip for bringing her here. Phillip asks her to dance, and they do. Jan taunts Shawn and asks what he thinks they will do next? Phillip pulls Belle into a kiss, and Jan says this is turning her on because she just saw some major tongue! Shawn manages to get the duct tape off his mouth, and he screams out to Belle for help.

On the island, John and Bo talk to the others at the Brady Pub. They fill them in on what has been going on, and all of Tonys suspicious actions, like breaking their transmitter. John looks at a map the survivors have drawn of New Salem. Victor says it is accurate, but they dont know what is one the other side of the fence. John still wants answers as to how Marlena is alive. Victor says she is, they all are, but as to how they have not yet figured out. Bo says they will tackle all these questions later, right now they have to find their wives and the others. John agrees, and Victor and Caroline take them to the force field.

In the jungle, all the islanders trapped in the jungle meet up. Roman , upon seeing Tony, asks what is going on here. Hope says Tony saved Jens life by finding a plant that caused her blood to clot. Marlena says they have to get Jen back to New Salem, but Jen says they have to find Jack. Hope and Patrick say theyll go look for him, but Tony says why bother, he is dead. Jen begins screaming, and Hope says they will find Jack. Roman, Abe and MArlena question Tony as to what he is doing. Roman says he is upsetting Jen. Tony says the facts are Jack is dead. Marlena asks how he knows? Abe says Tony knows because he is probably the one who killed Jack! Tony says he is tired of being accused because he is a victim as much as they are. Roman asks how he knows Jack is dead than? HE says it is just an obvious fact, Jack has been missing for far too long. He says if he wanted to kill them all than why would he save Jens life? Marlena says that makes sense. Roman asks if Stefano could be behind all of this. Tony says no, Stefano died in his arms. Marlena says she died in Johns arms too, yet here she is. Tony says whoever is behind this is powerful, a genius, and has unlimited resources. However, now is not the time to talk about this. Roman agrees and says they should get back. Hope and Patrick want to go look for Jack, but Roman says no way. Roman says hes worried about Jack too, but they need to get back to New Salem. Jen says they have to find Jack! MArlena argues with Roman, while Tony checks on Jen. Jen thanks him, and Tony asks if he can hold the baby. She says okay, and Tony holds the baby and welcomes him to the world. He says the baby deserves to enjoy a long healthy and happy life. Meanwhile, Patrick insists on going out to find Jack, and Hope wants to go with him. Roman says waiting till day light will give them a better chance, but Hope says he may not last that long! Hope tells Roman they are going, so Roman says okay. Hope and Patrick tell Jen to take care of the baby because they are going to find his daddy and bring him home. Hope and Patrick head off into the jungle, and the others begin to head back to New Salem. Jen, however, is very weak and in pain, and suddenly she faints! MArlena says she is still weak and needs a transfusion. Abe and Roman say theyll carry her, but Tony says he has a better idea. They make a makeshift cot out of sticks and palm leaves to carry Jen back.

Meanwhile, Hope and Patrick head for the ravine, and as they are walking through the jungle, they are followed! As they search, Patrick asks Hope if he thinks Tony and Stefano are behind this? Hope says he should tell her, she still think he knows what is going on and is only helping Jen because he cares about her. They continue walking, and later Patrick and Hope are separated. Hope sees someone in the jungle, and she asks who is there?

  At the force field, John and Bo examine the force field. Victor explains how the others disabled the force field with Patircks coin. Bo says there is something he wants to try. Bo and John decide to deactivate the force field. John is going to punch a code in and Bo is going to throw his keys into the force field. However, when he tries to run through the force field, he is sent flying back from the shock! Bo is alive, and he says that was a bad idea. John asks if it hurt because he got lit up like a Christmas tree. John says back to the drawing board, and he asks Vic if anyone got through without the coin. Victor says Jack did, but only because there was a power failure. John says if they cant get through it than maybe they can go over it. As John and Bo work on a ladder to get over the force field, we see all these flashbacks of Bo searching the plane wreckage for Hope, and Tek telling him that Hope was gone. Suddenly, the jungle gang approaches the force field, and John and Marlena see one another. John almost runs into the force field to get to MArlena, but Bo stops him. Roman says he is glad to see Bo and John, and Tony says Oh goodie, the cavalry has arrived! Bo asks where Hope is? He asks where his wife is?

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