September 13, 2004
In Austria, Nancy tells Chloe that she thinks it is a mistake for her to let Brady think she is dead. Chloe says she doesnt want this to be any harder on Brady than it already has been. Nancy says this is wrong, think of the agony he must be going through. She asks Chloe to call Brady up and tell him that she is alive. Chloe says no. Chloe says she cant sing ever again because her vocal cords are damaged, she looks like the phantom of the opera. Nancy says she can have plastic surgery, but Chloe says it is better if Brady moves on. Nancy is worried that will happen, she is worried Nicole will steal her man. Nancy tells Chloe to call Brady and tell him the truth before it is too late. Nancy dials up Bradys number and holds the phone up to Chloe. Chloe can hear Brady asking who is there, and she can hear the music in the background at Alices. Chloe refuses to speak, and Nancy hangs up. Chloe says Brady is listening to some sad music. She thinks Brady needs a full life, not a washed up and bitter invalid who could never make him happy. Chloe says Brady will eventually morn, and then he will get on with his life. Chloe takes off her bandages and asks Nancy how Brady or anyone could love her like this! Chloe has huge scars going all across the side of her face.

At Alices, Brady is sitting at the bar and ordering shots of bourbon from Bonnie. Bonnie tells him that shes sorry about Chloe. He tells her to just keep them coming. Bonnie tells herself that if everyone was like Brady than she could retire early. Nicole shows up and tells herself that she knows just how to make him think Chloe ever existed. She asks Brady to dance, and he eventually agrees and dances with her. As he dances with Nicole he imagines hes dancing with Chloe. Bradys phone ring, and Nicole tells him not to answer it. He says he has to take it, he has a feeling. He answers, but nobody is there (it's Chloe). They hang up, and Brady says the caller ID was blocked. Nicole says it was probably a wrong number. She suggests they dance some more, but he says hes not in the mood anymore. Brady goes back to the bar to get more booze. Later, Nicole decides to take Brady home, and he continues to imagine she is Chloe. Brady asks what hed do without her and pulls her into a kiss! Nicole takes Brady home and puts him into bed. He continues to imagine he is with Chloe, and he pulls Nicole into bed with him and begins to kiss her. Nicole, who knows she is being called Chloe, doesnt care and begins to undress Brady! 

At Rex and Mimis, Mimi is making dinner for her and Rex in order to break her news over dinner. Rex surprises Mimi with news that he is the new computer and engineering teaching assistant at Salem Univ. She says this makes her news so much better! He asks what it is, and she says shell tell him over dinner. He goes to take a shower, and she starts singing and dancing about how happy Rex will be now that he's a teacher and soon he'll be a daddy. Bonnie calls to check on Mimi to see how her doctor's appointment went.Mimi says she doesnt have cancer, she is fine. Mimi says she has to go because she and Rex are having dinner. Bonnie tells herself that Mimi is settling for the wrong Brady boy, Shawn is the one with the huge trust fund and a piece of the Kiriakis fortune. Bonnie says she has to make sure Mimi dumps Rex tonight. Bonnie calls back and tells Rex that he has to come into work because she is swamped. He tries to get out of it, but Bonnie wont take no for an answer. He leaves to go to work, and Belle calls Mimi to see how things went with her. Mimi says she doesnt have cancer, she is 200% okay. Mimi says the bleeding may have just been a reaction from aspirin. Mimi asks Belle how things are going with Phillip, is she going to jump his bones? Mimi encourages Belle to take a chance with Phillip. She reminds her what happened with Shawn and their vow of poverty. She says the same could happen with her and Phillip, so dont blow this! Mimi tells Belle to just stop waiting!

Rex shows up at Alices to work, and he is not happy that hes missing his dinner with Mimi. Bonnie says there are a few things she needs to know about Mimi. Bonnie says Mimi has ADD when it comes to men, and hes lasted longer than any other man. Bonnie says Mimi will get real bored with him real soon, if she already isnt. Later, Mimi shows up, and Bonnie tries to convince her that she has no future with Rex. Mimi says she is wrong, her future with Rex is growing inside of her. Mimi says that is right, she is pregnant! Mimi says shes going to tell Rex the news right now, goes to him and says she is pregnant and is going to have his baby! Rex just stares at her.

At the lodge, Jan forces Shawn to watch Belle and Phillip kiss. He loosens the duct tape over his mouth and screams out to Belle, but she and Phillip have already headed back to their rooms. Jan tells him that he is too late! Belle and Phillip head back to their rooms, and Belle says she is pooped and is going to call it a night. She gives Phillip a small kiss and heads into her room. She finds Shawns promise ring in her purse, and then looks over and sees the door between the rooms is still open, and Phillip is undressing! She says she didnt know the door was open, and he says he didnt either. Phillip says it isnt that late and they could watch TV. Belle says she better just go to bed. Belle closes the door, looks at the photo of Shawn, and wonders what happened to them. She then sees she has a message on her phone and wonders if Shawn has been trying to call her. Later, Belle ends up calling Mimi, the message was from her. Belle talks with Mimi per the conversation above. Afterwards, Belle ends up tearing up Shawns picture, and says he is history and Phillip is what she needs. Meanwhile, Jan tries to get Shawn out of the bushes, but he struggles and makes noise. He knocks something over, and one of the waiters looks outside and asks what in the hell is going on out here? He asks the sister what is going on? She says she is sorry for the damages, the convent will pay for it. She says she was just taking a patient of theirs for a walk. She stands in front of Shawn so the man cant see her. The waiter says it is okay, and he refuses to take money from the sisters to pay for the damages. Jan leaves with Shawn, and she tells him that hes going to pay for this! She makes Shawn sit outside Belle and Phillips window and watch as Phillip gives it to Belle! Belle knocks on Phils door and tells him that she doesnt want to be alone tonight. She tells Phillip that he is a great guy and he has always been there for her. She says she doesnt know why they arent together, really together. Phillip asks what exactly shes trying to say? She says she doesnt want to be alone anymore. Phillip tells Belle that she will never be alone again. Phillip comes into Belles room, and they head to the bed! Outside we see Shawn and Jan watching! Shawn is steaming mad, and Jan tells him they are going to do it!

On the island, the two groups meet at the force field, which is still up and separating them. Tony says oh goody, the cavalry has arrived! Bo asks where Hope is? The jungle crew looks grim, and Abe says Hope is okay, she is with Patrick. Bo says as long as she is in the jungle with Patrick than her life is in danger. Jen says Patrick is okay, he did everything he could to save her and her baby. Marlena says it is true, Patrick and Tony both saved Jen. Roman also points out some mysterious stranger saved him by providing antibiotic to save his life after he was injured. Victor asks how Tony got through the force field, and Abe says he claims he used his Zen powers. John tells him to use his Zen powers and open it back up then. Tony says it isnt that simple. The islanders begin confronting Tony as to whether he broke the transmitter. Bo says it doesnt matter, they got the message and they are here? Tony asks if anyone else knows about their rescue mission? John quickly says hes afraid not, nobody knows where they are or that they are all alive. John orders Tony to open the force field, so he says fine. Tony takes a medallion out of his pocket and begins chanting. Roman screams I knew it! Roman says he knew he was full of it! Suddenly, the force field goes does, and everyone is reunited. Marlena runs into Johns arms, and Bo decides to go find his wife in the jungle. Jen tells Bo that she hopes Hope and Patrick find Jack. Bo says he will find them all. Before Bo goes off, John insists on going with him. However, the force field comes back on, and John ends up trapped in New Salem. Bo says not to worry about it, hell find them all. John asks Marlena if she is okay? She says she is perfect. John says he needs to go help Bo once he gets Tony to open up the force field again. John demands Tony deactivate the force field again, but Tony says hes sorry but he cant help her. Meanwhile, Caroline sees the heartbreak in Romans eyes as he watches Marlena with John. Roman says she belongs with John and he belongs with Kate.

In the jungle, Hope asks who is there? Suddenly, Patrick grabs her from behind, puts his hand over her mouth, and pulls a knife on her! She jabs him and then asks what he is doing. He says they were being followed! She still doesnt know if she trusts him, and begins questioning him about what he knows about this island and Tony. Patrick says he only knows Tony by reputation, and he has already saved Jen, so doesnt that prove he is not out to get everyone? Hope asks what is going on between him and Jen, is he is love with her? Patrick says no, but Hope says he has gone above and beyond the call of being nice. She thinks Patrick has an agenda, and perhaps he wants Jack dead so he and Jen can love happily ever after. Patrick says you caught me! I missed Patrick's lame explanation, but Hope tells Patrick no one will ever take Jacks place in Jens heart, she is just like her and Bo. Patrick asks so nothing has ever come between her and Bo? Patrick then hears something and runs off into the jungle. Hope asks Patrick if he is there, and then she screams when a bat attacks her. Patrick returns and says he thought someone was following them, but it was no one. Hope says meanwhile she was attacked by a huge rat with wings! They continue looking for Jack, and Patrick returns to questioning Hope if anyone ever came between her and Bo. Hope says just once, and her name was Billie Reed.

Meanwhile, Bo is in the woods and sees a woman on the ground. He fears the worst and runs towards her. Bo turns her over, and it is Billie!


September 14, 2004
This has not been proofed! I have to head out after the soaps end, so I haven't had time to proof the summaries!
At Alices, Mimi tells Rex that she is pregnant. Bonnie hears her and is stunned that Mimi is going to have Rexs baby. Rex, however, didnt hear her because there is a speaker overhead and the music is booming. As he goes to turn the music down, Bonnie yells freeze! and everyone does. She says now she can think. Bonnie says Rex will marry Mimi if he finds out she is knocked up, and he is going to be poor for the rest of his life in spite of being a genius. Bonnie says her daughter deserves much more, she needs to get rid of Sexy Rexy. Bonnie says she knows just how to do it. Everyone unfreezes, and Bonnies dog Max shows up (it looks like a new Max?) Bonnie tells Max that she has a job for him. Max refuses, so Bonnie says if he does this for her than shell let him watch Clifford the Big Red Dog on TV. She tells him to go, and he runs away. Bonnie begins crying that Max stole a chicken wing and ran off, he might choke! Rex says hell go get him. Mimi tries to follow, but Bonnie stops her and says they need to talk. Bonnie tells her that Rex can never find out that she is pregnant. Mimi says she cant keep this from him. Bonnie says if she has this baby it will ruin her life, she speaks from experience. Mimi tells her mom that she and Rex are not her and dad, they are stable and less neurotic. Bonnie tells Mimi that having a baby at her age is not a good idea. She reminds Mimi how hard they had it when they were little because they were always strapped for cash. Mimi says they were hard up because she gambled away dads paychecks! Bonnie tells Mimi that she will be giving up everything if she has this baby with Rex. Mimi tells her mom that she will never marry Shawn if that is what she is still dreaming about. Mimi says first of all she and Shawn arent in love, second no one knows where he is, and third she doesnt think shell have to give up anything to have this baby. Bonnie says she wont finish college with a baby, but Mimi says Rex will help her. Bonnie laughs and says her father never helped her with the kids! Mimi says Rex is not dad. Mimi says Rex was just offered a job at Salem Univ, he is a genius and will later move up the later. She says besides, shes not marrying Rex for the money, shes doing it for love. Bonnie says she wants better for her, she wants her children to have the opportunities she didnt. Bonnie says if she tells Rex about the baby, he will want to marry her, so does she want to box herself in like that? Mimi tells her mom that she is a hypocrite! Mimi says when they thought Rex was a DiMera she wanted her to get pregnant! Mimi says now that he is a Brady she has decided it is a bad idea. Bonnie says DiMeras have trust funds, chauffeurs, and houses on hills. Bonnie says all she has is loans! Mimi says that is because her mother blew her savings on lotto tickets. They continue to argue, and Bonnie tells her that she will end up on the street with a baby, and then shell have to move back into the habitat house with her. Mimi has a nightmare of coming home from her job as a house cleaner to find a fat Rex on the couch smoking and burping. Mimi asks where little Rexy is? Bonnie shows up and says she cant baby sit tonight because she and Rex have to break in a new pool table at the bar. They go to leave, and Mimi asks where Rex Jr is? Rex says he Max took him out for a walk! Mimi snaps to, and she tells Bonnie shes not listening to this anymore. Bonnie says she should at least find out if Rex wants to have a kid before they jump into this!

Kate arrives at Alices, and outside she calls Joelle at Basic Black to see if John got her messages. Joelle apparently tells Kate no, and Kate thanks her. Kate worries about John and what might be going on. She says she doesnt want to get her hopes up that Roman is alive if it isnt true. Suddenly, Max shows up and sits next to Kate. Rex comes out and finds Max with his mom. He asks if anything is wrong? Kate says everything is! She remembers John saying they shouldnt tell anyone what they knew about the dead until they had proof.. Kate tells Rex she is just upset because shes been thinking about his father a lot lately. She says she misses him enormously. Rex says Roman isnt really dead, which shocks Kate. However, he says Roman lives on in them. Rex feels bad he never got to know Roman, but he says she reminds him of Cassie. Kate says he never got to know Cassie very well, and they did clash maybe because they were so much alike. Rex says he misses Cassie so much, he wishes she and Roman were still here. He thinks if they were all back together he might care more about this whole family thing. Rex says he does want to be a family with her. She says they are a family, he is her son and she loves him. Kate decides to give Rex some money to help make ends meet, but Rex says he has the money. Rex says he just got a new job as a teaching assistant at Salem Univ. Kate says that is wonderful, she says he has a job and a girlfriend, soon hell probably be starting a family. He says that is the last thing he wants to do! Rex says hes just not ready to settle down now, and he wants to save money and buy a house before having a family. They continue their talk, and as they do, Tek calls Kate with bad news. Tek tells Kate that Johns plane has been shot down! Kate cries it is happening all over again.

Rex goes back into the bar and interrupts Mimi and her moms conversation. He asks what is gone, what is he ready to jump into? Mimi says mom says she hopes he is ready to jump into his new teaching job. Mimi says her mom has also decided to give him the rest of the night off with pay! He thanks her and goes to punch out. Bonnie says they are making a mistake. Mimi tells her mom to just chill because they will be one big family. Bonnie says she doesnt need Celeste to tell her this will be a mistake!

At the Kiriakis mansion, a drunk Brady realizes Nicole is the one undressing him. He laughs and tells her how sexy she is. Nicole says she says she has waited a long time for this. Brady once again starts fantasizing that he is with Chloe. Nicole begins taking off her clothes, then she takes of Bradys clothes. As they begin to make love, Victors ghost shows up and begins taunting Nicole. He says all those porn videos really paid off, she knows how to get a man in bed. He calls her a slut and asks if it was worth it killing him to get Brady? She says absolutely! Victor wonders if Brady is enjoying this because he looks whacked out of his mind! She says he is enjoying every minute of it. Victor says they should ask him who hed rather be making love to, her or Chloe Lane! She tells him to go haunt the attic, but he says he isnt a ghost, he is her conscience. She says she has seen her conscience, and she looks just like her. Victor says he is the part of her mind alcohol cant numb. Nicole tells Victor that when she is through with Brady he will be saying Chloe who! Nicole begins kissing Brady again, and he keeps thinking she is Chloe. Victor keeps taunting her, but Nicole says she will just ignore him. They begin to really go at it, and he says he loves her, but he calls her Chloe. Victor laughs at her and vanishes. Brady looks at Nicole and calls her by her name. Nicole says at least he knows who she is. He says of course he does. She is hurt and says they were making love and he called out to Chloe. He says he is sorry, and then asks how they got here? She says oh save it, he was tipsy but not that drunk. She puts a sheet around herself and runs off. She heads back to her room where Victor tells her that no one will ever love a slut like her! She begins crying. She says who is she kidding, her dad ruined her for everyone. She says Brady would rather have dead Chloe than her, and Brady could never love a girl like her. Brady shows up and brings her a robe because he says she must be cold. She says like you care, and he says he does. Nicole says she thought he was different, but he is just like every other guy who has used her and thrown her away. Brady says he does care and he wants to prove it to her. Brady asks Nicole to let him make love to her. He begins kissing her, and she melts in his arms.

In the island jungle, we see a replay of Bo hearing a woman scream, and finding Billie! Billie, in a weakened voice, tells Bo that she knew he would come for her! Bo cant believe this and wonders if he is dreaming. Billie says there is only one way to find out, and she pulls Bo into a kiss. Bo backs away, and she says she is sorry but she had to make sure she wasnt imagining things. Bo asks how she got here, but she doesnt know. She says she was in Paris working on the serial killer case. She says she thought Marlena was the stalker, and she thought she had another lead. She says next thing she knew she was kidnapped. Bo asks how long she has been here? Billie hears something in the jungle, and Billie says they are here so they need to go! Billie drags Bo off, and we see someone in a black ski mask hiding out in the jungle. Suddenly, Billie is it with something and goes down. Bo is then hit on the back of the head, and he goes down too. When Bo comes too, Billie is gone!

Elsewhere, Hope and Patrick continue searching for Jack. As they look, Patrick talks to Hope about Billie. Patrick seems interested in Bo and Billie. Hope says they were married, and he says is this before Bo met her? She says after, and before. He says this is confusing, so she explains the story with the explosion and being turned into Princess Gina by Stefano. She says it was a painful time in her life and she doesnt want to talk about it. She says eventually she got her memory back, and she got back together with Bo. Patrick asks if that was the end of Billie? Hope says no, Billie came back and enrolled in the police academy. Hope says she was convinced Billie was after Bo, and through the ISA she got mixed up with Larry Welch. Patrick says Jen told him the story about Larry. Hope says eventually Billie returned to London, and as far as she is concerned, the further away Billie is from her and Bo the better. Patrick asks if she is afraid Bo still has feelings for Billie? She says Billie is not an issue. She asks why shes so interested? Patrick says hes been away from Salem for so long, and hes just trying to figure out what happened while he was away. He says he heard Bo went to Europe to look for Billie. Hope says he did, she went missing while working on the stalker case. Hope says Billie is a good person and she doesnt want anything to happen to her, but she thinks Billie would stop at nothing to get Bo back. Suddenly, Hope feels that Bo is in danger. Hope swears she hears Bo, and they begin racing through the jungle. They come to a ravine, and when they look down into it they see a body on a ledge. Patrick asks if she thinks it is Jack? Hope says it cant be!


September 15, 2004
Today's summary is shorter than normal, and I missed several scenes so don't have much information for them! Sorry!
On the island, John and Marlena return to the penthouse, and he is stunned by the resemblance of their home. John is ready for a romantic reunion, until Victor and Roman show up to debrief John. John thinks it can wait, but Marlena thinks this is important. John wonders if Marlena doesnt want to be alone with him, but she says that is not it. They all sit down to discuss what is known. Roman informs John that they think the mortician was in on this whole plot, which John confirms. John tells them of his death, and Marlena's body turning up missing. Roman also thinks their wounds were faked and their bodies were switched before burial. John says that is an interesting theory, but untrue. John explains how Bo was convinced the signal they received from him was for real and they were all alive, but he was not as convinced as Bo was. John says they exhumed the graves, and the bodies were gone. Victor says perhaps there were no bodies because if they were exhumed they could be examined and proved fakes. John says that is possibly, but then again there was no reason to dig them up because nobody thought they were alive. John says everyone believed they were dead because they believed MArlena was the stalker and had killed them. Marlena says thankfully that is not true. John then says Vic wasnt a victim of Marlenas, and he asks what happened to him? Vic says that is personal, and those responsible for his death will be taken care of. John says Bo has an interesting theory about his death involving Nicole. Victor tells John not to worry, his murderers will be dealt with when he gets back to Salem. John asks how Victor thinks he ended up here? Vic says he took a great shock in the tub, and sometime between when Brady left and when the paramedics arrived, he was given a drug to make him look dead. John is worried about Brady and he says Brady and Nicole are getting very close. Vic says he saw that on the live video feed. John asks what he is talking about? Roman explains their host showed them their loved ones in Salem moving on without them. Roman says they saw them all at the Penthouse Grill one night. Roman says he saw him with Kate. John says they were helping one another grieve and deal, just like he and Marlena were doing here. Victor says it is late, so they should go. Roman asks if he can get his things. John says "what?" Roman reveals he has been living here, which upsets John. Victor says the circumstances here have been unusual, remember that. Victor leaves, and Marlena insists they have been in danger and she did miss him. She says Roman was good enough to watch over her. John thanks Roman for taking care of his wife. Roman says he doesnt need to thank him, he took care of Marlena just like John took care of Kate. Roman asks how Kate is holding up? John remembers making out with Kate, and says she misses him and it has been hard for her. Roman says hopefully hell be back home with her soon. Roman says hell get his things and go. John apologizes to Marlena for acting like a jealous fool. Marlena says what matters is she is fine and they are together. John says he loves her, and they kiss. John says it is so good to have her in his arms again. Outside, Victor talks to Roman about John and Marlenas reunion. Roman says John and Marlena belong together, and he belongs with Kate. Victor says they are all anxious to get back to their loved ones, and Roman says even his mother. Victor says he knows Caroline wants to go home to Shawn. Roman says he also has a wife back in Salem. Victor says yes, and that slut better not have harmed Brady.

At Green Mountain Lodge, Jan continues to make Shawn watch Belle from the bushes. In Belle's room, it looks like Phillip and Belle are about to make love, but she stops it before they go to far. She tells Phillip she is sorry, but she can't. Belle runs out to the patio, and Phillip follows. They talk about why Belle stopped, and  Jan cant believe Belle and now understands why Shawn never got any. Phillip and Belle head back inside where Phillip talks to Belle. Belle says she is sorry and doesnt know what she wants. He sees her with Shawns purity ring and he realizes she still wants Shawn. Phillip can't believe she is still thinking about Shawn. He asks her to put those rings away and wear his instead because he loves her and would never abandon her as Shawn has. Jan comments that this is getting serious! Belle tells Phillip that she doesnt know if she can give him an answer right now, but he deserves one now and not later. Phillip does something to make her laugh, and she thanks him. She says it has been awhile since she's laughed. He says he loves seeing her laugh. She thinks about Shawn and knows hes not going to come back to her. She tells Phillip that she wants to wear his ring, but on the necklace he gave her. He says that is great, and he puts the ring on her. Belle says she always thought this moment would happen with Shawn. Belle tells Phillip that she is ready to be with him, she wants to be with him, and she wants it to be tonight. Phillip carries her to bed, and outside Jan says that is a marine the country can be proud of, plant that flag Phillip! Jan wishes she had her camera, but says she feels Shawn will never forget this sight!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady finds Nicole in tears and tells her that he wants to make love to her. He then takes her to their bed. As they are making love, Brady ends up seeing a photo of Chloe by his bedside, and he stops. Victors ghost shows up again and laughs at Nicole. He tells her that she blew it! Nicole says shes sorry and perhaps this wasnt a good idea. Brady says no, Chloe would want him to move on and find happiness, and that is what hes going to do. They make love, and later Brady holds Nicole. Nicole tells herself that she can't believe it, she actually got Brady.

Rex and Mimi return home, and Bonnie calls before Mimi can tell Rex about the baby. Bonnie tells her not to tell Rex because she is going to ruin her life! Mimi hangs up, and Rex sees she is upset. He asks what is going on? She says it is just an annoying call. Rex suggests they screen their calls for the rest of the night, and he suggests they watch the movie she has to watch for communications class. The movie is about a young couple whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of a baby. Mimi uses the moment to ask how hed feel about a baby. He says he couldnt think of anything more wonderful, but right now a baby is the last thing they need. She asks why it would be so bad? He says they arent even married yet, his new job doesnt pay all that much, and she hasnt even finished college. Rex says hes going to take a shower and then theyll watch the movie. Bonnie calls back, and when she learns Mimi hasnt told him, she is relieved. Mimi says the problem still isnt solved, she is still pregnant. Bonnie says there are ways for a girl to get un-pregnant. Mimi cant believe what her mom is suggesting. Mimi says there are other choices, such as adoption. Bonnie says Rex will see what is going on, and he will want to marry her. Bonnie says that cant happen, and the only solution is for her to have an abortion. Mimi says she has to go, and she hangs up the phone. Rex returns from his shower, and Mimi is in tears. He asks if she is okay? She says yes, she just loves him so much that it scares her. Rex says he loves her to, and hed make any sacrifice to keep them together. Mimi can't believe the words he chose, and doesn't know if she can do the same.


September 16, 2004
At the lodge, Belle stops kissing Phillip and says that she always thought her first time would be with Shawn. She apologizes for saying that, and she says she knows there is no chance he is coming back and she needs to move on. She says she needs to be with him now, and she asks Phillip to make love to her. As Jan forces Shawn to watch, he cries out in his head No! Phillip carries Belle to the bed where they make out. Phillip says he feels like he is dreaming, and she says she feels lucky that he is still here and wants to be with her. Phillip says he is the lucky one, and nothing she can do will make him love her less. Back outside, Jan tells Shawn that she is getting so turned on, this is way hotter than anything on Skinamax. She thinks Shawn must be enjoying this. Shawn tries to reach Belle with his psychic connection and begs her to stop. Shawn tries to break out of his bonds (the duct tape) so he can get to Belle. Jan pulls a gun on Shawn, who is crying. Jan tells him to go ahead a cry for Belle. She says it must suck knowing all those years they were together and had "plans" only to have Phillip boldly go where no Shawn has ever gone. Back inside, Belle looks at Phillip and sees Shawn. She tells Phillip that she is ready and that she wants him. Back outside, Jan tells Shawn he is about to see the proof that Belle loves Phillip with his own eyes. Suddenly, Shawn breaks free from Jan and bursts into Belles room, where Phillip and Belle are in bed together! He calls out to Belle. Phillip tells him to leave because he left Belle! Shawn says he (Phillip) took advantage of her, and he decks Phillip. Shawn asks Belle if he is too late? She says no, but it will be if he doesnt act soon. Belle vanishes, and it was all a fantasy. Jan and Shawn continue to watch, and she says she sees Phillip has pulled out some protection. Jan says  how P.C. of him (yes, she calls it P.C.). She says she wont make him continue watching this, and wheels Shawn away. Shawn calls out No Belle! Back in Belles room, Shawn appears to Belle and asks how she could do this to their love? Belle pushes Phillip away and says she can't! She then runs into the next room. She eventually returns, and she tells Phillip that she couldnt go through with it because of Shawn. She says she felt his presence, it was like he was somewhere near them. She says it was like she could feel his pain at seeing them together. Phillip opens the patio doors, and nobody is around. Phillip says Shawn is not here (but there are wheelchair tracks in the grass) Belle tells Phillip that she does want to be with him, but she needs more time. Meanwhile, Jan has taken Shawn off somewhere, and he begs her to let him go. He screams, but she says nobody is around to hear him. She says now that Belle has joined the marines, what does he say to going back to her place and getting it on? Shawn says nothing would ever make him make love to her. She says dont bet on that, she knows of a very powerful aphrodisiac.

At the island Penthouse, John and Marlena are sharing a sexy shower together. As they kiss, Marlena gasps when John morphs into Roman. Roman tells Marelna that he loves her, he always has and always will. Roman asks if she doesnt love him? She says I. . . . John also appears in the shower and says she loves him too, doesnt she. Marlena doesnt know what is real. She snaps out of it, and John asks what is wrong? She says she just cant believe this is real. John kisses her to convince her that he is here, and she remembers almost making love to Roman in the jungle. Marlena pushes John away and she says she cant do this, he has to know the truth. Marlena tells John that while they were on the island, Roman and her have become much closer. She says at one point they almost made love. They return to their bedroom, and John says he needs to know why. She says it will sound hollow and empty, but he says he needs to hear it. Marlena says Roman was dying, and it didnt look like he was going to make it. She says he was in pain and delusional. She says when he thought it was the end, he asked her to make love to him. She says as she was about to, but he realized it was wrong and stopped them. John asks Marlena why she felt obligated to make his wish a reality? She says she doesnt know why. She says they have all been on the island for a long time. She says they have all gone through a bit of madness. Marlena says they were trapped, they were being controlled, they were being manipulated. She says she couldnt deal with it, and when Roman was going to die, she says she just couldnt take anymore. She says she guesses she was trying to get away from all the pain and heartbreak. Marlena says perhaps there was also a bit of guilt thrown in for all the pain shes caused him in the past. John asks Marlena if she has fallen in love with Roman again? She says she will always love Roman, but not the way she loves him. She says she was just filled with such grief over Roman possibly dying, and when he came to he realized he wanted to be with Kate. John tells her that she doesnt have to sugar coat this. He says he understands and he loves her with all his heart and soul. Marlena is relieved, but then questions him about seeing him with Kate at the Penthouse Grill. She asks John if he considered moving on with his life with Kate? John thinks about almost making love to Kate, but he lies to MArlena and tells her there is nothing to tell her. 

At Jens house, Maggie and Alice look after the baby while Jen sleeps. Maggie says the baby is a miracle, and she doesnt know how Jen did it all. Alice says she is a Horton woman, and her love for Jack got her through this. Maggie just hopes Jack is still alive. Jen wakes up and asks where her baby is? Maggie says right here, and she hands the baby to him. She is relieved, but she asks where Jack is. She begs them not to tell her that she has lost Jack again. Maggie and Alice say that he will turn up and she has to have faith. Jen says he could have been attacked by a wild animal or worse. Maggie says Jack will come back to her, just like MArlena and John have been reunited and Bo and Hope are together. She says no one can destroy great loves like that. Maggie then turns around and sees Roman standing there, and she feels bad. Roman says a crate recently arrived and when they opened it the crate was full of baby supplies. He says they realized the supplies are for Jennifer, so they brought them here for her. Maggie helps Roman with the supplies, and she tries to talk to Roman about how he is doing. Roman says he is okay, he just wants to keep busy. Roman says he has things to do, he needs to get back to the pub and help ma. Maggie says Caroline has Victor to help her, which Roman says is why he has to get back there. Maggie says Caroline and Victor are getting closer, which is understandable because they have a past together. She says it is also understandable that his feelings for Marlena are back. He says they have come back. Maggie says she and Alice noticed something was going on between him and Marlena. She says hopefully when they get off this island he will be with Kate, John will be with Roman, and she will be with Mickey. She says that is the way it was meant to be. He asks what if she is wrong? She says she has to be the eternal optimist. Roman says that when they married their partners it was till the day they died. He says their marriage contracts ended when they "died," so when they get off this island their lives may be very different. Back upstairs, Jen goes back to sleep, and Alice talks to the baby. She says tom is in heaven and will help Bo and Hope bring his daddy back safely. The breeze blows through the window, and she wonders what Tom is trying to tell her. She wonders if Jack is already dead.

In the jungle, Patrick and Hope make it to the ravine and see a man laying below on the ledge. They call out to the man. Meanwhile, Bo is searching for Billie, who disappeared after they were knocked out. We see a replay of them being knocked out, and Bo coming too to find Billie gone. As he searches, Bo hears Hope calling out. He runs to the sound of her voice. Hope and Patrick are by the cliffs still arguing over who will climb down to save the man. Hope says she will do it, end of story. Patrick says fine, and he helps her. Suddenly, Bo charges out of the jungle, yells at Patrick to get away from his wife. He pushes Patrick away form her, and Patrick teeters on the edge of the cliff! Patrick doesnt fall, and Hope stops Bo from killing him. Hope says Patrick is helping her try and rescue the person trapped on a ledge, and she says Patrick saved her life when the plane went down. Bo says it is his fault she was on the plane, but Hope says no it wasnt. Hope says she insisted Patrick take her with him. Bo stops throwing punches at Patrick and he and Hope share a hug. Bo is still suspicious of Patrick. Hope assures Bo that Patrick only came here to save Jen. Bo says time will tell. Bo looks down at the person on the cliffs, and Hope says it has to be Jack because no one else is out here. Bo says Billie is. Patrick asks Billie Reed? Bo ask Patrick if he knows her? He says he has heard of her. Hope asks Bo if Billie is here? Bo says yes, he was just with her. Hope says she cant believe it. Bo says he couldnt either. He explains what happened, with flashbacks narrated by Bo. Hope looks at Bos head and she asks if he is sure he wasnt hallucinating. Bo says he knows what he saw. She asks how he can be sure? Bo remembers their kiss, and Bo just says it was Billie, he knows it. Bo looks down in the ravine and says they should get down there and help them out. Patrick says hell go down there, but Bo says no way. Bo says it is high time Patrick stays away from his family and friends! Bo says he will go, but Hope says not with his head injury he won't. Bo then sees Patrick getting ready to go down the cliff, and he tells him to stop. Hope tells them both to argue all she wants. She has a vine tied around her waste, and she jumps off the cliff! Bo yells no, and runs to look over the cliff.


September 17, 2004
At Samis place, Sami and Lucas wait for Will to return home from camp. They havent told him about their engagement, and Sami is very excited to tell him. She says she cant believe she has kept the secret this long. Sami soon realizes she should take off her ring so she doesnt spoil the surprise, but she says she doesnt want to take it off. She turns it around instead. Someone rings the doorbell, and Lucas goes to answer it. Sami yells she has missed him so much and to give her a hug. In walks Kate and she says aw that is so sweet, but shell skip the hug. Sami asks Kate what she is doing here? Kate says she knows Will is coming home and she wants to see him. Sami plays nice and says Kate is welcomed to wait, and Kate thanks her. Lucas says actually hed like his mom to go. Kate says she just wants to see her grandson. Lucas says he and Sami want to take him to dinner first and tell him the news of their engagement. Kate says fine, shell see him tomorrow. She has tickets to a ballgame, and she says shell take him tomorrow if that is okay with Sami. Sami says she would like to spend time with him before school starts, but Lucas says they can shop for new school clothes for Will while he is at the game .Sami says okay, she will tell Will that Kate and him have a date tomorrow. Kate leaves, and she thinks Sami is being way to nice, so she is up to something. Kate remembers Lucas forcing her into a truce with Sami, and she wonders if Sami is being nice to just hold up the truce, or if she is up to something. Later, Will shows up, and Sami and Lucas give him hugs. Sami says she has missed him so much. She says hes grown so much (he is as tall as Sami now). Sami wants to hear everything that happened, but he says he doesnt think so. Lucas says Will can tell him all the dirty details later. Will asks what is up with them. Lucas says they have a surprise for him, but first they are headed to dinner at his favorite Chinese restaurant. Will is excited because he has missed Chinese food while being at camp. 

At Rex and Mimis, Mimi worries about telling Rex the truth, and she leaves the loft. She goes to Belles loft to think about what to do about the baby. She remembers her phone conversation with her mom, who suggested she have an abortion. She wonders what she is going to do.

At Jans place, Jan has Shawn captured again, and shes about to put him back in the cage (hes still taped to the wheelchair.) She tells Shawn that shell make sure Belle never hurts him again. Shawn begins to act like he cant breath, so she asks what is wrong? She tries to check on him, and he ends up breaking free from his duct tape bonds. He pushes Jan down, takes the duct tape off his mouth, and tells Jan to shut up! He says he doesnt want to hear another word out of her mouth! He tells her that she will pay for what she has done to him. She says he doesnt mean that, not after all they have had together. Shawn tells her they have had nothing, and she is insane. Jan says he cant still want Belle after he saw Phillip make love to her. Jan tells Shawn to forget her, he promised hed forget her if she proved Belle didnt love him. Shawn says if he has lost Belle than he has nothing to live for. He says he will go to Belle and tell her that he loves her and wants them to be together. Jan says it is too late, but Shawn says it is never too late! Shawn leaves, and Jan screams Shawn come back! Jan loses it and begins trashing the room. She finds her cupie doll and begins talking to the doll. Jan says cupie is right, she got Shawn back once, so she can find him again. The cupie doll ends up telling Jan that this is all Belles fault. Jan says she has learned from her mistakes, shell kill Belle and then Shawn will be hers!

At the lodge, Belle apologizes to Phillip for what she put him through. He says it is okay. Phillip says as long as Shawn is on her mind shell never be able to make love to him. Phillip tells Belle that he loves her and he wants to be with her, but not until she is ready to be with him without any reservations. Belle thanks him and gives him a kiss. 

Shawn is on his bike racing to Green Mountain Lodge. As he drives, he cant stop thinking about Belle being with Phillip. Shawn damns Phillip and says hes going to get him! He eventually arrives at the lodge, and bursts into their room and screams get the hell away from her! However, they are not in the room! Shawn looks next door and nobody is there either. Later, room service shows up and asks who Shawn is? Shawn asks where the guy and girl who where here are? The man says he doesnt know, and hes not supposed to be here! Shawn gets physical with the guy, and the man tells him to back off or hell call security! Shawn says he is sorry, and he asks where they are. The guy says he doesnt know, but thinks the cute blonde must have been pretty good for the marine to order their best wine and chocolates for her. The guy says that isnt cheap given a marines salary. Shawn gets mad and throws the wine across the room. The room service guy tells Shawn he is crazy, and if he is not gone by time he comes back, he will have to deal with security! Shawn looks around and says he cant believe Belle betrayed their love.

Back at Belle and Phillips, Belle and Phillip return and find Mimi there. Kate calls Phillip to see how he is doing. She says shes having dinner at her favorite Chinese Food restaurant and wanted to see how he was doing. He says he and Belle are home, which troubles Kate. She asks him to come join her, and he says hell be right there. Later, Belle tells Mimi she couldnt make love to Phillip because she was thinking about Shawn and what hed think. Mimi says she cant believe this. Belle doesnt know what is wrong with her, Phillip is a great guy yet all she is thinking about is Shawn. Mimi says who cares about Shawn! She says she is just like everyone else, and she needs someone special to love and care about her. Mimi tells Belle that if she doesnt get over Shawn and accept that he is history than she is going to end up a bitter, lonely old maid! Belle says she knows, the sooner she is over Shawn the better. Belle asks Mimi if she is okay, and she says yes. She says Rex just got a teaching assistant job at Salem University. Belle says that is great. She thinks Mimi and Rex will be the first to get married, and then they will be the first to have kids. She asks if Mimi wants kids right away? Mimi turns away and frowns.

At the restaurant, Kate eats, but Phillip says hes not hungry. Kate asks why he left the lodge? Phillip says he and Belle had a nice dinner, they danced, and they enjoyed one anothers company. He says they just decided it was time they left. Kate asks where Belle is now? He says at the loft hanging out with Mimi. She asks him what is going on, is she over Shawn? Phillip says she is getting there, but they were in love for a long time. Kate says yes, but if he plays his cards right . . . Phillip tells her not to push him. He says he knows how she feels. Kate says she just wants him to be happy. She says she wants one of her kids to be happy. Phillip says Lucas is happy with Sami. Kate tells him not to remind her. She says she has agreed to do her best to get along with Sami, as long as Sami plays nice. Phillip hopes Kate means it that she wants to get along with Sami. Elsewhere, Lucas, Sami and Will show up for dinner. Sami thinks this place should cater their . . . Sami stops herself, and Will wants to know what is going on. He says he has waited long enough. Sami wanted to tell him over the fortune cookies, but Will says she always gets bad ones. Lucas tells Will that he and his mother are engaged. Will is very happy. He says they are finally going to be a family. Will then thinks about Grandma Kate and says she must have gone ballistic when she heard. Lucas says Grandma Kate is okay, and she and Sami are trying to get along with one another. Will tries to get them to do the love noodle test, which he says he saw on TV (Passions). However, Sami says she thinks they can do without that test! Lucas and Will end up going to look at the lobster tank. Meanwhile, Phillip says goodnight to his mom, and he leaves. Back at her table, Sami sees a fish in one of the tanks next to her turn into Kate. Sami says Kate is an ugly sucker, and someone out to gut her, skin her, and cut her up because she is too ugly to live. Kate hears this, and she hears Sami says Kate wont be around for long if she has anything to say about it. Kate tells herself so much for their truce, if Sami wants war than shes got it!

In the jungle, we see a replay of Bo and Patrick fighting, and Hope taking the opportunity to head down the cliff. Bo and Patrick pull Hope back up by the vine she scaled down the cliff with. Hope says she has a much better shot at getting to this person than Bo with his head injury or Patrick and his bum shoulder. Bo says she cant do this, and she asks why not, because she is a woman? Bo says she is very capable of holding her own with any man. Hope says Patrick can attest to that. Bo says he doesnt want to hear anything Patrick has to say, and Patrick says that is fine with him because he doesnt want to get involved. Hope says she and Patrick are involved, they wouldnt have made it if they didnt have one another. Bo asks Patrick just what hes been up to with his wife? Hope cant believe Bo is jealous of Patrick. Bo says he cant be trusted, but Hope says she trusts him enough to know he wouldnt hurt her. She says she and Patrick have been through a lot, and she is capable of repelling into this ravine. She thinks Bo wouldnt stop Billie. Bo says this isnt about Billie, this is about her being the mother of his children. Bo says that person down there could be Billie. Hope says Billie is a figment of his imagination caused by his head wound. She says why he is thinking about Billie is another question. Bo says now she is acting jealous. He says this is not about Billie, this is about her endangering her life by going down there. Hope says they are wasting time arguing about this when the person down there could be dying. They suddenly realize Patrick is gone, he has scaled down the cliffs to get the person. Unfortunately, the vine begins to break, and Patrick begins to slip. Bo and Hope work to pull him up as fast as possible, but the vine continues to break apart. Patrick ends up falling down into the river below, where he is sucked under by the currents!

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