September 20, 2004
Shawn is still at Green Mountain Lodge. He finds the picture of himself that Belle tore up. He then has a flash of Belle kissing Phillip, and Jan taunting him that Belle and Phillip were making love. Shawn says he cant believe she did it, he cant believe hes lost Belle forever. Shawn gets on his bike and speeds off. He continues to think about Belle being with Phillip, loses focus on the road, and crashes! Later, Shawn is shown on the ground with blood all over his face. Some paramedic find him and say it doesnt look good. Shawn is rushed to the OR with severe head trauma, and the paramedics says that he may not make it. One of the doctors says he may have a subdermal hematoma (I think that is what the doctors said), and they have to get it under control or they will lose him.

Rex shows up at the florist and purchases the last dozen red roses. Phillip shows up and says hell offer him three times the asking price. Rex cant believe this and tells Belle that this isnt going to work on Belle. They once again have the same ole argument, Rex telling Phillip that he doesnt belong with Belle, and Phillip telling Rex that Shawn broke Belles heart and doesnt deserve her. Phillip ends up warning Rex that hes about to get his ass beaten, and Rex says like hell I am! The florist tells the boys not to fight. He says hes mixed the roses with other flowers and they can both give them to their lovely ladies. The boys thank him and buy the flowers.

At the loft, Mimi tells Belle that Phillip is a great guy and she has to give him a chance. Mimi says she knows shes disappointed things didnt work out for her and Shawn, but that is life, and things dont always work out the way they want them too. Belle asks Mimi if she is sure nothing is wrong between her and Rex? Mimi says they are fine, Rex has a new job and a great career. Belle says soon they will be married and having babies. Belle asks if she wants kids right away? Mimi begins to cry, and Belle asks what is wrong? Mimi says she is pregnant, and if Rex finds out then hell hate her for ruining his life. Belle asks if she is sure? Mimi says yes, and she doesnt know how this happened because she and Rex always used protection. Belle says condoms arent always one hundred percent safe. Mimi says if Rex finds out than everything will be over. Belle asks what she is saying? She says Rex wont walk away, and Rex deserves to know what is going on. Mimi says Rex doesnt want any babies right now, he told her as much earlier. She says she casually brought up the subject, and while he wants them, he says to have one right now would be a disaster. Belle still says she must tell Rex because she knows first hand that dishonesty is a relationship killer. She says it might be hard at first, but Rex will be thrilled when he learns this and the reality of it sets in. Belle says Rex loves her and he is a great guy. Mimi says that is just it, Rex would want to do the right thing, and it would doom them from the start. She says there would be so much pressure on them that theyd probably be broken up within a year. Belle tells her that she is making a lot of assumptions right now. Mimi says no shes not, she could be alone and broke within a year. Mimi says shed have to move back into her moms habitat for humanity house. She says she doesnt want to end up like her mom, she doesn't want to raise a family without a father and a husband. Mimi says she  wants to be able to provide for her kids and give them a mom or a dad. Belle says she has to tell Rex because he will find out eventually. Belle then asks Mimi if she is thinking about getting rid of this baby? Mimi says it is the only way, adoption is out of the question. Mimi says still, when she thinks about ending this pregnancy it just seems so wrong. Belle tells her that she needs to discuss this with Rex, and if she doesnt tell him the truth than she could lose him. Suddenly, Belle gets a feeling that Shawn is in terrible danger. Meanwhile, Mimi comes to the decision to lie to Rex about the baby, which she doesnt see as lying but sparing him pain and heartache. Mimi says after all, the woman has the right to choose. Belle asks what if he finds out later on, or she regrets it? Mimi says he wont find out, and she swears Belle to secrecy. Mimi wonders why this had to happen, her life was going so well. Belle heads upstairs, and Phillip shows up with the roses for Belle. Mimi says Belle is upstairs and he should go upstairs and surprise her. Phillip heads upstairs, where Belle is looking at a photo of Shawn. She wonders what is happening to Shawn because she feels like shes losing him all over again. Phillip sees Belle holding his picture wondering what happened to him, and he is hurt. Meanwhile, Rex overhears Mimi calling planned parenthood, and he asks her who is getting an abortion?

On the island, Marlena and Maggie sit with Jen, who is still very weak. Marlena says she lost a lot of blood and needed a transfusion earlier. Maggie asks if she is saying Jen wont survive? Meanwhile, Jen has a dream that Jack appears to her to say goodbye to her. Jen cries out No! Jack tells her that he has to go, but she says she just got him back. She says he has a son. Jack says he knows, and he knows shell never let him forget him., Jack says shell tell him how much his daddy loves him and his sister. Jack kisses Jen, and then he walks away out from her. Jen cries for him to come back to her. In the real world, Jen cries for Jack in her sleep. Maggie asks if there is anything Marlena can do for her? Marlena says the only person who can help her now is Jack.

In the jungle, Hope and Bo watch as Patrick falls into the ravine and disappears into the river below. Hope asks Bo if he could have survived, but Bo says no. Bo says there is still a chance for the person on the ledge if he can get down there and help them. Hope tells Bo no way, she wont lose him after Patrick just fell. Bo says it could be Billie or Jack, so they cant leave them. Hope agrees to work to save whoever it is, but she says she must go. She says she is lighter and the vine wont break on her like it did Patrick. She says if he goes, the vine will break. Bo says should go because than he can pull her and the body up. Hope tells him not to say body. Bo and Hope tell one another I love you and they kiss. Bo then slowly lowers Hope down to the ledge. Hope looks at the person, who turns out to be Jack. She says hes not breathing and shes not getting a pulse. Hope says My god, hes dead! Bo asks what is going on down there? Hope check on Jack, who is in fact alive, but hes unconscious. Hope puts the vine around Jack, and Bo pulls Jack up. Bo then pulls Hope up next, telling her that theyre going to have to hurry and get Jack back. Jack is mumbling in his state for Jen. Hope asks about Patrick's body, but Bo says they will never find his body because he fell into the rapids. Hope says Goodbye Patrick, and thank you. Bo says Billie is still out here somewhere, but Hope says they need to get Jack back. 

Back at Jens house, Alice has joined Marlena and Maggie watching over Jen and the baby. Suddenly, Hope and Bo walk in with a delirious Jack. Jen hears Jack calling to her, and she wakes up. Jack and Jen kiss, and Jack learns he has a son. Jack, Jen and the baby are reunited; and Jack asks if Jen is okay. Marlensa says she needed a blood transfusion, but seeing him has really helped her. Marlena is worried about Jack and wants to check him over. Jack insists he is fine, but Jen wants him checked out. Jack says he is fine and alive thanks to Bo and Hope. Alice thinks perhaps their luck is beginning to change. Marlena asks Hope how she made it through the forcefield? Hope says she used Patricks doubloon. Jen asks where Patrick is. Hope says she doesnt know how to tell Jen, but Patrick is dead. They explain what happened to Patrick. Jen is very upset and says he was a good man. She asks if they still have the doubloon? Hope gives it to her, and she thinks if she holds it and prays than a miracle will occur. Meanwhile, Marlena has checked out Jack and tells Jen that Jack will be fine. Jen goes to see Jack, and Marlena asks Bo to let her look at his head wound. Hope leaves to get some water to clean the wound, and Marlena asks what happened to him? Bo remembers being knocked out. Bo says he is fine, and he asks Marlena to keep Hope busy while he goes and checks on something in the jungle. Bo asks Jen if he can borrow the doubloon. She asks why, but he says no questions and hell bring it back. She gives it to him, and Bo takes off to find Billie. As he is leaving he is caught by Hope! She gives him a hug and asks what he is doing? He says he has to go back out to the jungle to look for Billie. 


September 21, 2004

At the hospital, Lexie comes to check on the motorcycle accident victim, and she sees it is Shawn. The nurse tells Lexie that it doesnt look good. Lexie takes his hand and asks him to squeeze it if she can hear him. HE doesnt, and Lexie says he is unresponsive. Lexie says both of his parents are missing and she wonders what else could go wrong for this family. LExie talks with one of the doctors about performing surgery on Shawn. She says he could die, but Lexie says he has no hope of a meaningful life without a craniometry. Suddenly, Shawn flat lines! Lexie and the nurses work on Shawn to save him.

At the loft, Mimi calls for the number for family planning abortion services just as Rex walks in. Rex is stunned, and he thinks he knows exactly what is going on. Rex thinks Belle is pregnant and Mimi was calling for her. Mimi says no, Belle isnt pregnant, she hasnt even . . Rex says he knows, but obviously she is calling to get advice on birth control for Belle. Mimi says yeah, and she asks if they can change the subject. She says the flowers he brought are beautiful, and she assumes they are for her. Rex says she wasnt sleeping well last night, and when he woke up she was gone. He says he thought these would cheer her up. Rex then asks Mimi if she regrets having sex with him? Mimi says of course not. To herself, she wishes she hadnt got pregnant. She also remembers Belle encouraging her to tell Rex the truth. Mimi asks Rex why he would ask her if she regretted having sex with him? He says the last time she got all emotional like this it was when she wasnt sure if they made the right decision to have sex, and she didnt know if she wanted to be with him. Mimi eventually admits she wished they had waited until they were married, but there is no going back. Mimi says she loves him and she wants them to be together forever. Rex says he loves her too, and he says hes never been able to trust anyone like this but Cassie. Rex tells Mimi in spite of his crazy mixed up life, she has been the one person to be good and true to him. Mimi tells Rex that there is something she has to tell him. Rex says shes getting a serious look about her, and he wonders if this has to do with her surprise. She says no, and she says she just loves him so much and she wants to spend a her life with him and have a family. Rex says he wants that too, especially the family part. Rex says he feels children need love, support and encouragement from both parents. He says he wants to give his children what he and Cassie never had, to be a great father is his lifes dream. Rex says he wants a family, but not until they are married, and not now. Rex says she needs to finish college first, and he needs to be more secure in his job. He says that is why it is important that they wait to start a family.

Meanwhile, Belle looks at the photo of Shawn, says she loves him so much, and thinks shell never get over him. Phillip hears this, throws away the flowers he bought her, and goes to storm off. Belle sees him and says she is sorry. Phillip says Shawn is always going to be a big brick wall between them as long as he is alive. Phillip apologizes to her for getting angry because this isnt her fault. He says she is a hopeless romantic and that is what he loves about her. Belle says when she and Shawn fell in love she thought it would be forever. Belle says she felt like Shawn was with her tonight, and she also feels that something horrible has happened. She fears she will never see him again and that he is gone. Phillip says she should take as much time as she needs, because he knows they are meant to be together. Belle says that is what Shawn used to say about them. She says nothing is going the way it is supposed to be. She says her mom is gone, but as long as Shawn is alive shell always think there is a chance for them. Belle says she doesnt know if shell ever love again the way that she loved . . . the way that she loves Shawn. Phillip refuses to let her drive herself crazy. He says if she needs some finality than hell find Shawn wherever he is and make him come back. Belle says she has this terrible feeling that it is too late. Phillip says it isnt, and he will find Shawn and she will hear from his lips that it is over. Belle says she doesnt want that, she hopes that when they finally see one another that their love will overcome everything and they will be together again. Phillip says he is gone and he hates seeing her hurt this way.

Belle and Phillip come downstairs, and Rex and Mimi see she has been crying. Rex thinks Phillip did something, but Belle says he has been great. Suddenly, Lexie calls to speak to Belle. She tells Belle that she has to come to the hospital to talk. Belle asks what this is about, what has happened. Lexie says this conversation must be in person. Belle says okay. Belle tells Phillip to take her to the hospital because something is wrong, and she thinks it is Shawn.

Brady and Nicole go out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Brady says they made love four times, so that tends to work up an appetite. Nicole says she thought the first three times were a dream, but the forth time really felt life a dream. Meanwhile, Jan shows up at the restaurant as she sees Nicoles car is there. She says she needs Nicoles help getting Shawn before he gets to Belle and Phillip. Later, the waiter brings Brady and Nicole the special restaurant appetizer. Nicole says it is very hot, as hot as him. Brady says he cant believe how hot it is, and he things about dunking it into the fish tank behind him. Nicole says the fish in there dont look very friendly, in fact they look creepy. She looks at one of the fish, and it turns into Jan. She says that one fish has the eyes of a psycho killer, and she says it is Jan! Brady asks if she just said Jan? She says she didnt, and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Nicole finds Jan, in disguise as a waitress, behind the aquarium. Jan says Shawn escaped again and she doesnt know what to do. Nicole tells her to get out of town immediately! Nicole says she doesnt know what to do, and Nicole suggests she burn down her house and destroy all the evidence, and then get out of Salem. Jan says she cant lose her Shawny. She says she will make him love her, but Nicole says you cant maker someone love you, especially when youve committed multiple felonies against them. Nicole tells her to take her advice and get lost! Jan says Nicole would just love that because she has the proof that she killed Collin and Victors will. Nicole sees a huge knife next to her, and Jan tells Nicole not to even think about it! Jan says if she dies that her lawyer will send the evidence on her to the police! Jan says if she (Nicole) can get Brady than she can get Shawn. Nicole says she is only with Brady because Chloe died. Jan says that is the answer, she will kill Belle! Nicole tells her that she cant kill Belle, she cant go around killing people! Brady eventually yells out Nicole what is going on? He shows up, and Nicole says she was just ordering a special treat. Jan runs off, and Brady and Nicole return to their table. Jane heads outside and decides to find Belle and kill her. Back inside, Brady says Nicole is preoccupied and thinks something is bothering her. Brady says that there has been a lot of tragedy in Salem, and he is glad he has both her and Belle in his life. Brady says he doesnt know what hed do if he lost Belle. Nicole cries out you cant lose her! Brady asks where that came from? She says she just meant he has lost so much of his family as is, so he shouldnt dwell on losing Belle. Brady agrees and thinks they should think of happier things.

Jan walks the streets and comes across the scene of Shawns bike accident. She recognizes the bike as Shawns and she asks if he is dead? Jan heads to the hospital to find Shawn, only to see Belle and Phillip show up, as well as Mimi and Rex. She is not happy to see Belle there. Belle talks with Lexie, who says Shawn was in a serious accident. Belle cries Oh my God, Shawn is dead!

On the island, Hope and Bo argue when Bo wants to go after Billie. Bo says Billie knows something, she knew about the plot with Marlena and she may know who is behind this whole mess. Bo says this is crazy, why would someone replicate Salem and hold them here. Hope says she doesnt know. Bo says maybe Billie does, maybe she is the key. Hope asks how he knows he wasnt hallucinating? Bo remembers Billie kissing him, and he tells Hope that it was Billie and he is sure of it. Bo says she is out there and is in danger. Hope says what if this is what they want, what if he is falling into a trap? He asks whose trap, and she says Billies! Bo says Billie is a friend, but Hope asks since when has she tried not to destroy their lives. Bo says even without their history, he cant turn his back on someone who is in danger. Hope reminds him what happened with Larry the last time Billie came to town. Bo says Larry used her and she thought she was working undercover for the ISA. Hope says Billie was so desperate to be with him that she was blinded to what was going on with Larry. Hope says if she had died she wonders if Billie would have been glad things turned out that way. Bo says wouldn't happen, and he asks Hope if he wants Billie dead because she very well could die. Hope says she doesnt, but they still dont know what is going on here. Hope says Billie could be in on this whole plan, and the plan could be designed to break them up. Bo says he cant believe this is all about breaking them up, but Hope says not just them, everyone else. She lays out all the evidence (how all the couples have been split up by the deaths and everyone is moving on) and suggests perhaps the masterminds plan is to destroy love and keep people apart from their true soul mates. Bo asks then who their captor is trying to hook her up with, Patrick? Hope says no, but Bo says she seemed concerned about him when he died. Hope says did not have feelings for him, but he was a good man. Still, Bo says they dont know who he was working for. Hope says they were talking about Billie, not Patrick. Hope asks what if she was brought here to break them up? Bo says if she is dead than she cant do that, so he should go find her before she dies. Hope says not without her he doesnt. Bo says hes not letting her go out there and risk her life again. Bo says it is too dangerous for them both to go. Hope says that is her point, it is too dangerous. Hope says she cant risk losing him because she loves him. HE says he loves her too, and he will never stop loving her. Hope says shes not letting him go without her. Bo says okay, and they head back into the house to get a backpack. Later, Bo and Hope head to the force field, and Bo ends up asking Hope to get him some water because hes not feeling well. The minute shes gone, Bo feels fine and uses Patricks doubloon to sneak through. Hope returns, and asks what he is doing? Suddenly, we see the force field light up and Bo scream No Hope! Hope is fine, something else was zapped. Hope is angry with Bo for tricking her, and she begs him not to go without her. He says he has to, and he disappears into the jungle.


September 22, 2004
At Samis place, Lucas, Sami and Will are playing poker, and Will is beating the pants off his parents. His camp roommates dad is a professional poker player in Vegas, and he taught his son how to play, and his son taught Will. He talks about his roommate, who had to leave camp early because of a family wedding. He says his roommates parents are a lot like them, they were screwed up when they were younger and just finally got their lives together. He asks them when they are going to get married? When are they going to set a date? Suddenly, doubts go through Lucas and Samis head about one another. Sami wonders what if Lucas starts drinking or tries to take Will from her. Lucas wonders what if Sami hooks up with Brandon and tries to take Will from him. Will asks them so, when is the date? Lucas says they havent set one yet. Will asks why not? Sami says she has a lot of planning to do before this wedding, and besides after her previous wedding disasters she thinks a long engagement might be best. Will wishes his parents were like the ones on Leave it to Beaver. He says when Ward proposed to June, they got married immediately. Sami says life in Salem isnt like life on TV, and there are a lot of things to consider first. Will thinks neither one of his parents has any intention of getting married. They say that is not true. Lucas says weddings cost money, and they will need a house to live in. Will says Grandma Alice left Lucas a lot of money in her will, but Lucas explains it is tied up in liquid assets right now. Will says they could always move into Aunt Billies place because it is big enough and she wont be using it again. Lucas realizes he has a point, and Sami and Lucas agree to set a date. 

An ISA agent comes and tells Kate that her daughter, Billie, has died. Kate asks what happened, and the agent says all hes allowed to say is she was on assignment and her mission was compromised. Kate thanks him for being a comfort. The agent says hes sorry and then he leaves. She calls Austin up and leaves him a message asking him to call her because she has some bad news. Kate heads to Lucas apartment, to tell him the news, and interrupts Sami and Lucas as they are talking about setting a date. Kate asks Will to excuse them, and then she tells Lucas that Billie is dead. 

On the island, Hope and Maggie sit with Jen. Jen thanks them for both being here because it makes her feel safe and warm. She also says having Jack and her boy safe and alive is also wonderful. She says even though they are captives she feels blessed to be with them. Maggie asks if there is anything else they can do for her? Jen says if they had cable reception than they could watch an old movie. Maggie begins to think about the penthouse grille feed, and she worries about Mickey and Bonnie and what they are up to. Maggie asks Jen if she should be worried about her husband and Bonnie? Jen tells Maggie that she is the love of Mickeys life, and if he was to become a bit dependant on her than it wouldnt be anything romantic. Maggie says she told Roman the same thing when he saw John dancing with Kate. Maggie leaves to make them all sandwiches, and Jen feels like a big fat liar. Hope says they dont know what is going on with Bonnie and Mickey, but Jen says they know hes letting her run Tuscany and dress him up like a rhinestone cowboy. She says if something more has or would happen than it would break Maggies heart. Hope thinks that is what their captor has in mind, she thinks the mastermind wants to break up true love. Hope says Bo is gone back into the jungle to search for Billie Reed. Jen is shocked and asks what is going on? Hope says Bo could be hallucinating about Billie, he did hit his head pretty hard when he crashed. Jen says Billie is supposed to be in Europe. Hope says yes, but she went missing and Bo went to find her. Hope says it is possible that Billie found out who the mastermind was, and that would explain why she is here. Jen asks why the mastermind didnt just kill her? Hope says she thinks Billie was put her for Bo to find. Jen says this is diabolical, and Billie is best when she is on another continent and far away from her and Bo. Hope says Billie is the only one who ever came between her and Bo, and she doesnt understand why Bo went to look for her. Maggie returns at this point, drops her tray of food, and asks if she heard right? Hope tells Maggie the story, and Jen tells Hope not to get herself worked up. Hope says she cant help it, look at all the couples split up because of this. Maggie says she sees it too, though she hasnt wanted to admit it. Jen says even if he finds Billie, Bo loves her with all his heart. Hope says Bo could still be killed, or he could fall to his death like Patrick. Jen feels bad about Patrick and blames herself. Hope says this is not her fault. Hope wonders if Billie was even brought here, or if she is in on this plan. Maggie asks if she really thinks Billie is working with the mastermind? Hope says she doesnt know, but she thinks Billie would stop at nothing to be with Bo. Maggie says even if the masterminds plan is to break up love, Bo would never turn his back on her just like Mickey wouldnt turn his back on her for Bonnie. Hope thanks her for her support, but she is afraid something bad could happen. Hope says she thinks their captor is positioning them for a great fall which will result in their lives never being the same.

At Mickeys house, Mickey and Bonnie have just finished making love. Bonnie cries that he is so good to her. He says she is good to him to, and she is good for her. Bonnie then begins thinking about Patrick, who she continues to believe is alive. Bonnie feels blessed that Mickey has been so supportive, and she wonders what she did to deserve him. He tells her to get ready because hes ready to go again. 

At Julies place, Julie types and email to a concerned friend (I didnt hear their name). She says shes having trouble sleeping, and every time she looks at the phone she thinks it will ring with terrible news. Suddenly, the phone rings, and Julie learns about Shawn.

At the hospital, Jan is standing next to Shawns bed. A nurse asks her if she is family? She says no, so the nurse tells Jan that she has to leave. Jan tells herself that Shawn cant die, she has their whole life mapped out. Jan then spies on Lexie as she tells Belle, Mimi, Phillip and Rex that they are going to take Shawn into surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain. Belle asks what his chances are? Lexie says they wont know until they get in there. Lexie tells her to hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Belle says sne needs to go pray, and she asks Phillip to come with her to the chapel. Meanwhile, Mimi comes out of the bathroom, and Rex asks if she is okay? She says yes, she is just a little sick to her stomach right now. Rex says it must be that bug she has been fighting. Mimi then goes through a series of flashbacks about all the baby talk shes had with her mom and Rex the past few days. Mimi thinks they should go see how Shawn is doing, but Rex says he has an idea and asks her to come with him. 

Later, Mickey and Julie show up, and Bonnie is with Mickey. Mickey has power of attorney over Shawn and has to go sign papers authorizing surgery. Julie sees Bonnie has her top on inside out, and she says if she had to come her straight from bed than she could have at least got dressed properly. Bonnie says this isnt the time or the place. Bonnie sits down and begins crying, and Julie hands her a tissue. Bonnie says she is sorry, but she watched Shawn grow up along side of Mimi and Belle. She says she doesnt know how Julie stays so strong with all this death around them. Meanwhile, Mickey asks Lexie how bad Shawn is? Lexie says it will take a miracle, and she is thankful Bo and Hope arent here to witness this. Mickey returns to Julie and Bonnie and fills them in that if Lexie cant save Shawn than he will end up brain dead. An eavesdropping Jan hears this and says this is all Belles fault and she will pay dearly!

Rex takes Mimi to the nursery to look at babies. Rex says every time he is here he stops by and looks at the babies. He likes watching the parents wave at the babies and make them feel welcome. Mimi asks if he ever thinks about them being here one day, and he says all the time. Mimi is about to tell Rex about the baby when Luisa, a nurse who knew Mimi as a candystriper, shows up and asks Mimi if she wants to hold a baby for old times sake? She then wonders if Mimi is pregnant? Bonnie shows up and overhears this. The nurse says Mimi is pregnant, she has a glow about her! Rex introduces himself and says if Mimi were pregnant than he would know. The nurse apologizes and says expected parents seem to gravitate to the window. The nurse leaves, and Bonnie asks if she can have a moment alone with Mimi. Rex goes to find the others, and Bonnie and Mimi once again argue about Mimi wanting to tell Rex the truth. Mimi says she doesnt want to talk about this while Shawn if fighting for his life. Bonnie tells her not to wait too long because shes going to have to make a decision, and the sooner the better. Mimi heads into the nursery to rock one of the babyies and consider her options.

In the chapel, Belle and Phillip both pray for Shawn. As they pray, Belle wonders how she will let Shawn go. Shawns presence shows up and says she has no choice this time. Suddenly, Belle blurts out hes gone! 

In the waiting room, Lexie shows up and tells Mickey and Julie that she is sorry, and they did everything they could. They think he has died, but she says that isnt what she meant. She says they did everything they could to save Shawn, and now only time will tell. Julie and Mickey wonder what they will do now? Mickey says he cant imagine life without Shawn Douglas. Belle returns at this point and says dont tell me hes gone! They say no, but that he is very critical. Julie thinks Belle should go sit with Shawn and talk to him. Belle isnt sure because hes been so angry with her lately. Phillip says if anyone can save Shawn it will be her. Belle agrees to talk to Shawn, and Lexie takes her to scrub up before going in to see him. 

As Belle sits with Shawn, everyone gathers outside Shawns room. Julie, Bonnie and Mickey talk and Rex heads to get some food. Suddenly, Phillip discovers Jan lurking about and asks what she is doing here? In Shawns room, Belle and Lexie are stunned when Shawn speaks, but says Jans name!



September 23, 2004
At Samis place, Kate breaks the news to Sami and Lucas that Billie is dead. Lucas asks how this can be? Kate explains to him that she was on a mission that was compromised. Sami and Will excuse Kate and Lucas, and Kate tells Lucas that Bo is responsible for this! She says if Bo hadnt left her for Hope than maybe she wouldnt have lost Georgia and shed still be alive. Lucas says she cant blame Bo, but Kate says Bo treated Billie like dirt the last time she was in town. Sami returns and says she agrees with Kate, Bo is a selfish pig and it is his fault her mom was killed by sharp shooters. The phone rings, and Will answers it. He says they have found Shawn and hes at the hospital. 

At the hospital, in Shawns room, we see a replay of Belle in Shawns room. She asks him if he can hear her to squeeze her hand. Lexie is in with Belle, and both Lexie and Belle are shocked when Shawn stirs and calls out Jans name. Shawn becomes very upset, and Lexie asks Belle to leave because whatever is causing him to react this way is doing more harm than good.  Outside Shawn's room, Rex tells Phillip that it is over for him. He says now that Shawn is back he and Belle will work out their differences. Phillip says Shawn broke her heart. Rex tells him to let it go. Rex heads off to the cafeteria, and Jan ends up spying on Shawn. She says Shawn is hers, and once he is out of here she will kill Belle. She pulls out her cupie doll and says if the same thing happened to Belle that happened to Chloe, than Shawn will be all hers just like Brady is all Nicole's. The Cupie doll says you bet, but first you know what you have to do. Jan says Kill Belle! Suddenly, Phillip confronts Jan and asks what she is doing here? Jan says she was passing by and found out about Shawns accident. Phillip thinks she is lying and asks why she is really here? She says Shawn has always cared about her and looked after her, so she is concerned about him. Phillip says that is bull, Shawn never cared about her. Jan says he took care of her after Paul Mendez raped her. Phillip says and she took advantage of him then! Still, Jan insists she and Shawn have moved passed that and are friends. Phillip wonders when she and Shawn became such good friends? She says she ran into him outside of Salem and that is when he gave her his ring to return to Belle, remember? Suddenly, Belle shows up and asks Jan why Shawn doesnt want to see her? Phillip asks Belle what she means? Belle says Shawn is asking for Jan! Lexie comes out and asks Jan why Shawn would be asking for her? Jan says she should just say it now, she has a confession to make about her and Shawn. Jan says she and Shawn are lovers! Belle refuses to believe this. Jan begins to weave a web of lies. She says all those noises they heard at her place weren't her cat, they were  Shawn signaling her to get rid of them. She says the reason she always wanted them to go was so they wouldnt find Shawn. Belle says she doesnt believe this. Jan shows them Shawns Brady family cross as proof. Belle wants to know why Shawn did this. Jan says he was ready to move on, and he hated Belle for lying to him. Kate, Sami and Lucas show up, and they ask what is going on. They find out about Jan and her story, and Kate says she always knew that boy would hurt Belle. Phillip thinks he should go in and kill Shawn for doing this to Belle. Jan whispers to Phillip to drop the nobility act, Belle is now all his and that is what he really wants! Phillip tells Jan that his relationship with Belle is none of her business. Phillip also says he knows she is lying and when Shawn wakes up then he will tell them the truth. Belle says that is right, he will tell them the truth. Meanwhile, Rex cant believe Kate is siding with Phillip and thinks Shawn shouldnt be with Belle. Kate tells Rex that he has to face the facts about his cousin, he isnt the great guy everyone thinks he is. Kate says he has been gone while Belle needed him the most. Kate says she cant deal with this now, and he asks what is wrong? She says Billie is gone, she is dead. Rex says hes sorry and asks if there is anything he can do? She says yes, when he has children do everything he can to keep them safe. Meanwhile, Sami is furious with Jan and wants to hurt her, but Lucas keeps her butt planted in her seat. Belle tells herself that she doesnt care what has happened, there is no way Shawn could ever love Jan. Back in Shawns room, as Shawn sleeps, he remembers Jan kissing him, and him fantasizing about being with Belle. He also remembers kissing Jan (part of his attempt to fool Jan). Suddenly, Shawn flatlines!

On the island, at Jens house, Hope is furious with Bo for running off into the jungle without her. Alice shows up and says what she is really angry about is that he ran off after Billie. Hope says she is angry over Billie because this is the second time he ran off after her. Alice says she told him to go the first time. Hope says that is true, and she told him to go because she thought he could find out why her family members were being killed off. However, she thinks this time Bo could be chasing a ghost, he could be delusional. Alice says Bo is smart and he must believe he saw her. Still, Hope says if Bo was so concerned about Billie then why didnt he talk to Roman, John or Abe. Hope says she cant sit here, and she leaves to find Roman. Jen worries about Hope because to see Bo with Billie would destroy her. Hope walks to Romans place and thinks about Bo running off on his own. She damns Bo for doing this to her.

John is thinking about Marlena telling him about almost making love, and how he didnt tell Marlena about him and Kate. He tells himself that he and Kate thought Roman and Marlena were dead, but they knew that they were alive. John heads to Romans house, and he tells Roman that they need to have a talk. Roman knows why John is here, and he tells John that what happened between him and Marlena was a mistake. John tells Roman not to explain, he is ready to let the whole issue die, or at least table any discussions until they get home. Roman asks why? John says the way he sees it theyve all been stretched to the max by this nightmare and whoever is behind it. John sees roman is working on the transmitter, and John says it is a waist of time. John has a plan and says it is time to give their captor a taste of his own medicine. John says it is time the hunter becomes the hunted. A power surge occurs, and John and Roman decide to try and divert the island power source and disable their host and his force field. Roman says they have to plan this carefully. John agrees and says they have to get the others to a safe zone before they attack. They look at the map of the island that Abe drew up, and they try and figure out where the power source would be. John says first they need to keep people from running around the island. Hope shows up and says it is too late, Bo has gone into the jungle to look for Billie. Hope explains everything to John and Roman, and that she thinks Bo could be delirious after hitting his head. Roman wonders what if Billie is out there? Hope says they still need to find Bo. John says this is a bad time for Bo to be playing Indiana Jones. Roman tells Hope that hes sorry but it is too big of a risk to the others to go after Bo. He says they have to think about getting everyone off this island, and Bo should have thought before he acted. Roman says Bo has to find his way out alone. Hope says if they wont help her than shell go alone. John says they cant let her do that. Hope says if they wont help her than shell find her own way back into the jungle. John and Roman say they are working on a way off this island. Hope says what about Bo? Roman says he is a resourceful man. Hope says she is a resourceful woman and shell find someone to help her. She tells Roman that if something happens to Bo than his blood is on his hands! Later, John and Roman are hitting dead ends as they dont have an accurate map of the islan. Roman wishes Bo was here to help them. Roman also wonders how Billie ended up here. John says if Stefano is behind this than she is probably here because of him. He thinks DiMera will come after them all in order to achieve the ultimate destruction of his enemies. He says they better pray that Hope stays out of Stefanos way!

Back at Jens place, Hope returns and tells Jen that John and Roman wont help her. She says Bo has the doubloon, and she asks Jen how she got through? Jen says Tony helped her. Hope decides to do the only thing she can do, go make a deal with the devil. She then heads out to see Tony.

Tony is in some underground place, hears a gong, and says hes here. Tonys Zen Master shows up and says it is time. We also see a third person wearing a DiMera ring watching them. Tony and the Zen Master face off with swords, and the Zen Master tells Tony that he must convince his enemies that he is one of them, but also remain ready to strike at a moments notice. Tony ends up drawing blood from his teacher and asks something like that? The Zen Master tells Tony that he is ready and it is time for the work to begin. The man with the ring walks in, and Tony says he doesnt believe it! It is Bart, and Bart is excited to see Tony is alive. Bart says he thought he was dead. Tony asks him what he is doing here? He says he got a message from Stefano to accompany Master Hitori on a field trip to the Caribbean. He says he thought he was going on a vacation, but they ended up here. Tony asks if he can have his ring back, and Bart says of course. Bart says he was just keeping it safe. Tony says he thought Bart thought he was dead? Bart says a minor detail. The Zen Master returns and gives Tony some more sage advice before he heads off to fix his battle scar. Bart asks Tony how he and his father pulled it off? Tony says Stefano masterminded the entire plot, and once he and father are finished with the people of Salem they will wish they were really killed! Tony takes Bart to the DiMera mansion and shows him a map of New Salem. He shows him where the holding area is, and he says Billie has escaped and Bo has gone looking for her. He says that they cant allow the people of New Salem find out about the inhabitants on the other side of the island. Bart tells Tony consider it done. Later, Tony gets a call from Stefano and he says Bart is here and will be dealing with the security system. Tony says his Zen Master arrives to and gave him advice. He also says whomever enters the jungle through the parameter will be killed, consider it done!

September 24, 2004
At the hospital, Mimi is still in the nursery rocking a baby. The nurse tells her that she is so natural with babies, and shell make a wonderful mother someday. Mimi tells herself sooner than you think. The nurse tells Mimi that shes sorry about blurting out that she was pregnant earlier, especially in front of her guy. She says she just has a glow about her, but if shes not pregnant than she must just be very happy. Mimi says Rex isnt ready to have a baby yet. The nurse says most guys are like that, and that changes when the baby comes. A young girl walks in and says things change when the father finds out, and not always for the better. The woman has come in to feed her baby, and she sits next to Mimi. The nurse introduces Mimi to the girl, and then she leaves to look on the other babies. Mimi asks why she said what she said when she came in, isnt her husband happy about the baby? The girl says shes not married, her boyfriend dumped her when she found out she was pregnant. Mimi asks if she ever considered not having the baby. Mimi quickly apologizes for asking such a personal question. The girl says it is okay. She says she thought about it as she doesnt have much to give her daughter, but she can give her love. The girl says she wants her to have the best life. She says she thought about adoption, but she is her mom and she will be a great mom. Mimi asks if she has anyone to help her out like her mom? She says hell no, the further away her mother is from her family the better. The girl says the babys father has been in twice to see her, and he just needs time to accept what happened. She says they didnt plan this, he was supposed to graduate first and she was going to work while he was in school. She says now he has to get a job right away, and she cant work because she doesnt want to work until her daughter is older. Mimi asks what if he doesnt come back? The girl says not to say that, he is coming back, he just has to!

Elsewhere, tells the others that she knows this is a shock, but she and Shawn have been living together all summer. Belle says no, Shawn hates her. Jan says no, Shawn hates her! Belle says she has been lying to them all summer, just like she lied to them before. Jan says she isnt lying about this, and she says there is more news, she and Shawn are engaged! Jan tells Belle that she always thought her fianc sounded like Shawn, well that is because he is Shawn! Belle cant believe this is happening. Jan says Shawn has changed, and he was in her house all those times they were there. She says he wanted her to get rid of them so that they could get back to making love. Jan also says Shawn hoped by proposing to her that Belle would stop chasing him. Jan tells Phillip that shed appreciate it if he took Belle home because she is the last person that Shawn will want to see. Brady and Nicole show up to offer Belle support, and they see Jan. Nicole asks Jan what she is doing here? Nicole quickly adds when did you get back? Brady says they can save this for later, right now they need to find out about Shawn. Brady and Nicole learn about Jans story that she is engaged to Shawn, and Brady refuses to believe this story. He tells Belle and Phillip that Jan is delusional and had problems before. As Brady recaps the Jan Spears/Puerto Rico saga, Jan says hello, I can hear you, I have 20-20 hearing! Nicole says she should try talking to Jan alone because perhaps she can get her to admit the truth. Nicole says she and Jan did go through a lot together in Puerto Rico. Brady says it is worth a shot.

Nicole takes Jan into the other room and asks her if she has a death wish or something? Jan says she cant sit here and talk right now because she needs to be there for her man. Nicole tells herself to have herself fitted for a straight jacket while shes here because she will be sent off to a place with soft padded walls for a long time. Nicole says Shawn will wake up and reveal the truth, so if she wants to save her psychopathic ass than she should get out of town now. Jan refuses, and she says Shawn will be hers once Belle is dead. Nicole asks if she is still thinking of going through with that. she cant! Jan says she can and will. Jan says Shawn is calling for her, Shawn finally wants her, she finally got through to him! Nicole tells the psycho-sicko that Shawn will wake up and tell the police everything. Jan says he didnt the first time he escaped, so he wont now. Jan eventually warns Nicole that if she goes down than so does Nicole. Jan tells Nicole some help would be appreciated. Nicole asks what she needs help with? Jan says killing Belle of course. Jan says she helped Nicole kill Victor, so she wants the favor returned! Jan refuses to talk about this anymore and goes to check on Shawn.

Meanwhile, Brady asks Belle if she thinks there is a chance that Jan could be telling the truth? Belle says no way. Phillip says it doesnt make a lot of sense, but Jan did have his purity ring. Belle says Shawn will explain everything when he wakes up. Brady says Jan could be telling the truth. Belle refuses to worry about that now. She says right now the important thing is for Shawn to wake up. Later, Lexie tells them there is no change in Shawns condition.

Mimi goes to Lexie to ask her about having an abortion. However, before they can talk, Lexie learns that Shawn is awake. She goes in to check on Shawn, and Brady asks Nicole what she found out? Nicole says Jan wouldnt change her story. Brady says perhaps he should talk to Jan, but Nicole says not now. Phillip and Belle then ask Nicole what Jan said, and she says nothing new. Phillip says she was a real help. Nicole and Brady end up leaving, and Lexie tells the girls that they can go in and see him. Lexie tells Shawn that both Belle and Jan are here to see her, which one does he want to see? Shawn just looks at them.

On the island, John, Marlerna, Maggie, Doug, Abe and Roman stop Hope before she leaves Jen house to go see Tony. John tells Hope that shes not going anywhere! They try and convince her that they could be here because of Tony, so she cant go to him for help. Hope reminds them that Tony helped Jen, and she understands their concern, but she cant lose Bo. John says if she goes out after Bo then she will put them all at risk. Roman says they cant let her go out there. Hope says Bo went, and Roman says if he knew what Bo was up to he would have stopped him too. Roman says right now they have to get the hell out of here. Hope asks if he really thinks they will get off this island? John says it wont be easy, and theyll have to be very careful. Marlena says they must all stick together here, and Roman says if one wanders off it puts them all in jeopardy. Hope refuses to leave without Bo and says if he is not back by the time they are ready to leave, they will have to go without her. Jen and Maggie try to convince Hope it is too dangerous to go out there, and to think about her children. Hope says she does want to be with her boys, but her husband needs her too. Doug tells Hope that they know she loves Bo, but they dont want to lose her too. Hope says what her dad says makes sense, so she will help them. Hope then excuses them to make some coffee, but tells herself that she in not leaving without Bo. Hope then sneaks off.

  At the DiMera mansion, Bart tells Tony that this place is just incredible. Tony says it took years to set up this place. Tony tells Bart that he cannot allow anyone to see him or everything will be jeopardized, and he cant let anyone find out what is really on the other side of the force field. Bart understands that anyone who passes through the force field is to be killed per Stefanos orders. Bart then asks how he and Stefano pulled this off? Tony laughs and says that is the big question. Bart asks if Tony will tell him or what? Tony says why not because hes very proud of it. Bart asks how he made Marlena the killer, and how did he make the victims look dead? Tony says it wasnt easy. Tony says Marlenas subconscious was implanted with all the scenarios for the deaths (we see Tony by Marlenas bed talking to her and planting pills). He says Marlena saw in her minds eyes what they wanted her to see, her killing the victims, but in fact none of it ever happened. We see a flashback of Marlena shooting Abe, but in reality Tony shot Abe from the bushes with a dart to knock him out. Tony says he then injected the victims with the drug Rolfe developed to make people look dead. Tony then told Marlena, who was standing next to Abe in a trance, that he knows she believes she killed Abe, but she wont remember just yet. (So all the murders we saw didnt happen the way we saw them happen, they happened the way Marlena thought they did) Tony says the wounds on the dead were fabricated, and the medical examiner was working with them. Tony says in some of the bodies were switched so the families thought the victims were really dead. He says Milbower the funeral director was involved too. Tony says the victims were brought here to the island, injected with a drug and then brought back to life. Bart says he makes it sound so simple, but Tony says it wasnt. Tony says Jacks death was very difficult. He says killing Jack was easy, but finding a look-alike was hard. He says they needed someone who looked just like Jack because he was a goody-goody and signed his organ donation card. He says many of the others died the same way, by him blowing a dart at them. He says he was almost caught by Mickey the night Maggie died. Bart asks what about Caroline, he wasnt anywhere near her when she died. Tony says Caroline had her tea drugged, and they timed her death just right. He says Cassie was another tricky death because Marlena went away before she could be implanted with the memory of killing her, which they had to do later. Bart then asks what about Victor as MArlena didnt kill him. Tony says they took advantage of an incompetent killer to bring Victor here. Bart asks who the killer was, but Tony says he doesnt need to know that. We then move onto Roman and Doug. We see Marlena confronting Roman, and Tony in the shadows shooting a dart at Roman. He says Doug who was troublesome because he fought a little longer than he expected. We see Doug being hit by the dart and falling into the grave. Tony then jumped in and fought with Doug, not Marlena (Tony was dressed all in black)! Tony says he and Marlena were almost caught by t he keystone cops. He says Doug took too long to collapse, and he left the note behind implicating Marlena. Tony says everything had to go along with the master schedule, and Marlenas death was also another tricky one. He says the sharpshooter who shot Marlena was in their employment as well, and he shot her with a dart. Bart says there is still one more victim, himself! He asks Tony why he put himself through that attack? Tony says because they all suspected him. Tony says he had to throw suspicion off himself. Bart says he was almost really killed. Tony says yes, his death did get a little sloppy. Tony takes off his shirt and peels away his scars, which he says do get itchy at times. Tony says he was wearing body armor the night of his attack, and the paramedic removed it in the ambulance per his armor. Bart says this plan is brilliant. Tony tells him to stop sucking up and go do his job. Bart says he isnt sucking up, and he does have one more question. Bart asks why are he and Stefano doing this, what is the plan, what will happen to the people on this island and their loved ones back in Salem? Tony laughs and says hell tell him as soon as he puts what he is holding down. Bart says yes sir, after all this thing controls the force field. He sits the switch down, and as he is about to tell Bart what the next part of the plan is, the doorbell rings. Tony tells him to get out of site while he sees who it is. The person is Hope, and she says she needs his help.

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