September 27, 2004
At the hospital, Lexie tells Shawn that Belle and Jan are both here to see her, which one does he want to see? Belle says she has been so worried about him, but now he is home and hell be okay. She takes his hand, and he has a memory of her being with Phillip. Shawn seizes, and the monitors all beep. Lexie stabilizes him, and Jan insists Belle leave because she is upsetting Shawn. Belle says he just got excited, but Jan says no because she has seen him when he is excited. Lexie has to leave to check on another patient, and she says unless they can work things out than she will have to ask them both to leave. She asks Phillip, who is also there, to watch over all of them. Belle sits by Shawns side and tells him that shes here and shes not going anywhere. Shawn looks at her and asks what in the hell she is doing here and why doesnt she get out! Belle sits there stunned, and Phillip is shocked too. Belle begs Shawn not to do this, and she says she is sorry she lied to him. Belle says she will never forgive herself for his great grandmothers death, but she loves him and will never lie to him again. Phillip says he is all Belle has thought about, she has been worried sick. Shawn tells him he is a liar! Belle says Phillip is his friend, but Shawn says he isnt. He says they are both liars and he is sick of this BS. Belle wonders why Shawn is acting like this, and Phillip says the medicine must be affecting him. Shawn says wrong, it is because he hates their guts! Jan cant believe this and says it is too good to be true. Jan goes to Shawn and asks if he remembers her? She says theyve been together all summer and it has been wonderful. Belle says she would rather hear what Shawn has to say. Shawn says he remembers, he remembers everything! Jan says that is wonderful, that means he hasnt forgotten their amazing summer of love. She also shows him the engagement ring and says he must remember proposing to her too. Shawn has flashes of Jan on top of him, and Shawn tells her that he cant forget the woman who changed his life, who taught him what it felt like to be a man. Shawn asks her to kiss him, and she says okay. Belle cries that this cant be happening, and Phillip says he cant believe this! Jan asks Shawn to tell Belle that it is over between them, that he is with her now and she means nothing to him. Shawn says he has moved on with Jan, and she means nothing to him. He asks Belle to leave because they want to be alone. Jan kisses Shawn, and he says he cant wait to get out of here and be with her. Jan says they will get married as planned and spend the rest of their lives together. 

Meanwhile, Mimi tries to contemplate what to do about her baby. She gets some coffe, but then remembers caffeine isnt good for the baby. She sees two miniature versions of herself, one angelic and one a little devil, show up and give her advice on what to do. Mimi begins drinking coffee, and Lexie shows up and says coffee isnt good for the baby. She says shes not going through with this pregnancy, so it doesnt matter. Mimi says she needs advice on where to go, she wants someplace clean and someplace private. Lexie says she could give her a referral, but she hopes shes not acting on impulse. Lexie says this decision could affect the rest of her life. Mimi says she knows. Lexie asks what Rex says? Mimi says he doesnt know and he never will. Lexie says Rex needs to know, but Mimi says no way. Lexie realizes that Mimi is afraid of losing Rex. She says in the end Mimi could lose the baby and the man she loves. Lexie says she could lose Rex by lying to him. Mimi says shes not lying, shes just not telling him something he doesnt need to know. LExie asks Mimi to just think this over before she makes a final decision. She says having a baby can change things drastically, but having Theo has brought so much joy into her life. Mimi says it is different, she was settled in a marriage, had a home, and a career. Mimi says she and Rex arent ready, and she says her mom had kids too early and it caused her marriage to fall apart. Mimi says she doesnt want to end up like her mother. Lexie says she isnt pressuring her into a decision. Lexie says she just wants her to wait to make a decision until she discusses it with Rex. She tells Mimi to think long and hard about this before she does something she could regret.

Rex finds Kate looking at the babies in the nursery. Rex asks if she is okay? Kate says she never got to hold him and Cassie as a baby, and now Cassie and Billie are both gone. She says shes lost both of her daughters and it is all her fault. Rex says Billie died on assignment, it wasnt her fault. Kate says she pushed Billie to do some terrible things because she thought it would lead to happiness for her, but it only ended up ruining her life. She thinks Billie wouldnt had to have left town if it wasnt for her. Rex says she was only trying to make Billie happy, and to not beat herself up over it. Kate says she cant believe shell never see Billie again. She says she was a terrible mother, and when she got pregnant with Lucas she almost terminated the pregnancy because she didnt think she deserved another child. She says then she had him, Cassie and Phillip, but she abandoned him and Cassie too. Rex says he didnt have the greatest childhood, but he is here because of her and he is grateful for that. He also says Billie was happy and she was happy because of her. Rex says she should never second guess brining any of them into the world. He says he knows it is a womans right to choose, but if it was his kid and he had a say in it, he would not let that be an option. Kate says he is just like his father, he is kind and understanding. She says there was nothing she and Roman couldnt tell one another. She hopes one day hell have a relationship like that. Rex says he does, he and Mimi dont keep secrets from one another. He says he is positive Mimi is the one for him, and she will be the best daughter in law Kate could ask for. Kate says this sounds serious. Rex says they arent rushing into anything, but someday they will have a nice future together. Kate says she is just concerned Mimi isnt as committed to having a stable family life in the future. Kate says look at her brother Patrick and her mother Bonnie. Rex says Patrick is a good guy, and Bonnie may be a bit flight, but she has a heart of gold. He also says its not fair to judge Mimi based on her family. Kate says he is right, and as long as she makes him happy and treats him with love and respect. Rex says she has nothing to worry about, Mimi will not let him down. Kate says she loves him and wants him to be happy. She says she will be there for him and Mimi, as long as they give her lots of grandkids. Rex tells his mom that he wants kids, but right now they arent ready. Mimi shows up and overhears Rex saying he doesnt want to have children now because he and Mimi arent ready and cant give them what he lacked growing up. He says to have children any other way but the right way would kill him. Mimi says Lexie wanted her to make sure she knew she was doing the right thing, and now she is sure.

Mimi goes to Lexie and says she knows what she needs to do, she needs an abortion the sooner the better. Rex shows up and asks if anything is wrong? Mimi hugs him and says everything is fine.

On the island, Billie is out cold in the jungle. She dreams of being tied to a chair, blindfolded and having a distorted voice telling her that she knows too much and he cant have her telling the others what he has in store for them, or about their home away from home. We then see a hypodermic being injected into Billie. Billie then begins to dream about being in bed with Bo. It is some recreated flashbacks of Billie and Bo when they were together. Billie told Bo how happy she makes him, and besides him Austin is the only other man who has ever been there for her. Billie says Bo saved her from the life she was leading. Bo told Billie that she saved him as well, he never thought hed love again after losing Hope. Bo says she brought him back and gave him a reason to live. Billie said it sounds like he is getting ready to says goodbye, and she asked if he was leaving her? She made him promise not to leave her. Bo said he wasnt going anywhere, and that he loved her and always would. 

Meanwhile, Bo is in the jungle looking for Billie. He remembers kissing Billie and knows she is here somewhere. Later, Bo hears Billie scream, and he rushes through the jungle to find her. Billie is awake at this point and running around. She is grabbed from behind, and it is by Bo. Billie says they have to get out of here, he is coming for her. Bo asks who? She says hell never believe it. She says she knows what is going on here, but right now they have to go! They run through the jungle, but Billie stops him. Se says if she doesnt make it than he has to tell the others what is going on here, what is going to happen, and to stop it. Bo asks what is going to happen? Before Billie can tell him, they are once again shot with darts and knocked out! 

At the DiMera mansion, Bart is questioning Tony about what is next for the island inhabitants. Tony says hell tell him, but first Bart needs to put down the control. Bart says of course, this controls the force field and they wouldnt want it broken. As Tony is about to reveal more of his plan, Hope shows up at the mansion to seek help from Tony. Bart has run upstairs to hide, and Tony invites Hope in. Tony asks Hope what he can do for her? Hope asks to use his Zen amulet to get through the force field. Tony looks over at the device for disabling the force field, which Bart put down on the table, and Hope turns around too. She says Oh my God, is that what I think it is? Hope only sees the urn on the mantel, and she asks if Stefanos ashes are in them. Tony says no, they are only a replica. Hope says the ISA never confirmed those ashes were Stefanos. Tony says his father is dead, he dies in his arms. Hope says until he proves to her that Stefano is really dead, she will believe he is behind all of this. As Hope vents about Stefano, Tony quickly places the remote into the desk drawer. Tony asks Hope why she came here because it wasnt to talk about Stefano. Hope explains that Bo is in the jungle searching for Billie Reed, so she needs to go after him. Tony says the jungle is a dangerous place, and he wonders if Hope is afraid of the danger Bo will face from the jungle or from Billie? Hope says she is trying to save her husbands life! He says hes sorry but he has some bad news. Tony says he cant help her, he cant open the force field. She says cant or wont? Tony tells her that she should be concentrating on getting back to her family in Salem. She says Bo is part of that family and she wont leave without him. Tony says he cant let her go out there because if he did, and something happened to him, than the people of New Salem would have is head on a plate. Hope then says she cant believe it, outside she swears she just saw Stefano (behind Hope we see a photo of Stefano, and yes, it is really Joe Mascolo). Tony goes outside to look, and Hope grabs the force field key from the drawer. Tony returns and says she has been seeing things, and it couldnt have been his father. Hope then says she thinks she knows what happened, she must have seen his photos reflection in the glass. She thanks him for nothing and leaves. Bart then returns and says that was close. Tony says Hope is up to something, and whatever it is, she wont get away with it! Bart thinks Hope just has her knickers in a twist because Bo is out in the jungle with Billie. Tony checks the drawer and sees Hope took the remote. Tony says Hope wont be pleased. Bart says it is okay, anyone entering the jungle is bada bing, pretending to shoot himself in the head as he says this. Tony says bada bing!

Hope heads to the force field and uses the remote to disable it. She wonders what else Tony has been lying to them about. After she is through she re-enables the field.


September 28, 2004
At Samis place, Sami and Lucas are working on their wedding plans, and Sami does something to upset Lucas (first few minutes interrupted for storm coverage in my area). Lucas tells Sami that it isnt fair to Will or to them that they keep putting off their wedding. Sami crosses Kates name off the invitation list, and he asks what she is doing? She says if her parents cant come to their wedding than neither can Kate! Lucas tells Sami that she cannot continue to dwell on what happened, they have to move forward and plan their future. He says theyll have to just have the best wedding that they can. Sami says hes right, and what is important is that theyll be married in front of their friends and in the eyes of God, and they will get the peace they deserve. Lucas kisses Sami and tells her that hes marrying the most beautiful woman in Salem. Lucas asks if she is sure Kate cant come to the wedding? Sami asks if he really thinks she even wants to come? He says of course she does, they have been doing very well with their truce. Sami is just worried that Kate may speak up instead of forever holding her peace. Sami says Kate just lost her daughter, and she wont lose him to her. Sami fears Kate will stand up and say something awful at their wedding. Lucas admits that she could be right. He then tells Sami that they should elope to Vegas tonight! Later, Sami is on the phone with Jessica, who has a son named Arthur. Will is spending the night there. After she hangs up, she asks Lucas what would make him think of going to Vegas? He says Wills friend from camp. Sami ends up saying no way is she getting married in Vegas because that is where Austin dumped her thanks to him, so she would never get married in Vegas. Sami says she wants to work on her wedding list. She sits on the couch and begins working on the list. Lucas takes her list from her and pretends to be Sigmund Freud, and he says she needs to overcome her fear of Las Vegas and the glitz and the glamour. She laughs, and Lucas says they could do this right this time. They have a fantasy of Lucas dressed as Elvis and Sami as Lucy (I think), and they are jumping out of an airplane as they get married. Suddenly, they drop in on the wedding chapel, where Kate is dressed up as Cher waiting for the bride and groom to show up. Phillip and Rex are there dressed as Elvis as well. Sami ends up crash landing on Kate, which kills her. Sami laughs about the fantasy, and Lucas says that isnt what he had in mind. They end up making love, and afterwards they talk about who they will invite to their wedding. Sami accidentally mentions Billie, and she says she is sorry and that she forgot. He says it is okay, he keeps forgetting too. Sami says she doesnt know what shed do if she lost him. Lucas says she wont and that hell never leave her. Later they see a shooting star and make wishes on it. Meanwhile, Kate sees the same star and vows not to let Lucas marry Sami. Kate says Sami needs to take a fall, and shell make it happen.

Rex and Kate head to Rexs loft, and Rex is preparing a surprise dinner for Mimi. Kate helps Rex prepare the dinner, and they have another mother-son talk. As they work on dinner, Rex asks Kate if she ever wishes she had waited to start a family? Kate says she has thought about it, and God knows she could have made a better choice than Curtis Reed, but if she had waited than Austin and Billie wouldnt have been Austin and Billie. Kate goes down memory road thinking about how Curtis tricked her into thinking Austin and Billie were dead, and then having Lucas but lying to Bill Horton about being pregnant. She says she is a text book of what not to do. She says that is why she is glad he and Mimi talk about everything. Rex says he knows if she was ever between a rock and a hard place that shed come to him.

At the hospital, Mimi talks with Lexie in her office. Lexie asks if she is sure this is what she really wants to do? Mimi remembers overhearing Rex telling Kate that the time wasnt right for him and Mimi to have children. Mimi tells Lexie now isnt the right time and she has no choice. Lexie says that she always has a choice. Lexie tells Mimi if she goes through with this than there is no turning back. Lexie says shed like her to talk to a social worker before she makes a decision. Mimi tells Lexie that she is sure about this so she feels like shed be wasting their time. Lexie says if she is so sure than there is no harm in talking to Peggy? Mimi asks why should she? Lexie says she saw some red flags when Mimi told her that she wanted an abortion. Mimi asks what kind of red flags? Lexie says she is still in love with Rex and hasnt told him, and she and Rex have been exclusive for a year. Lexie says in their age bracket that is like a lifetime. Lexie tells Mimi that she wants her to be sure of her feelings, and Peggy can help her sort them out. Mimi says okay, but secretly vows not to be talked out of this. 

Mimi talks to Peggy, and she says she thinks she is wasting her time because she is going to have an abortion. Peggy asks if she is being pressured to do this, by her mother for example? Mimi says yes, but she doesnt listen to what her mom has to say. Peggy thinks maybe she is subconsciously. Mimi says her mom has had a hell of a life, and she doesnt want to follow in her footsteps. Mimi says she wants to wait till she and her boyfriend are settled before they have kids. Peggy asks if he agrees with her decision? She says he doesnt know, but he doesnt want kids right now. Peggy says she doesnt know that for sure because she hasnt told him.

Mimi comes home and finds the romantic dinner Rex has prepared for her. She is shocked and asks if it is a special occasion? He says nope. Mimi and Rex have a romantic dinner together, and as they dine, I Couldnt Love You More If I Tried plays in the background (not sure who sings it, sounds like Edwin McCain). They make love, and later Rex says one day theyll be able to make love without protection because theyll be making love to make a baby.

In Shawns room at the hospital, Shawn tells Belle that he has moved on, and what Jan does for him she never could! Shawn tells Belle to excuse them because theyd like to be alone. Jan kisses Shawn, and Shawn says he cant wait to get out of here and get her home. Jan says it wont be long, and then they will live the rest of their lives as Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady. Phillip tells Belle that they should go, but she refuses to go anywhere until Shawn hears what she has to say. Belle demands to talk to Shawn alone. Shawn tells her that he has nothing else to say to her, she betrayed him, so get out! Belle runs out of the room in tears, and Phillip follows. Phillip tells Belle that he is so sorry. Belle says she doesnt understand this, she thought she and Shawn worked out her lying to him before he left. She wonders what she did to send Shawn into Jans arms? Back in Shawns room, Shawn says he keeps seeing this image of Belle making love to Phillip, and it seems so real. He wonders where he could have been to see that happen? He then realizes he wasnt the only one who saw it. Shawn thinks Jan was with him and she saw it too. HE says she was there, and she wanted him to see it. Jan says she found out Belle and Phillip were going to Green Mountain Lodge, and when she told him, he raced off to see them. She says she followed him to protect him, but she couldnt. Shawn then says he remembers making love to her. Jan says yes, and asks if he remembers anything else about their time together at the country house? He says no, but there is more, much more, of that he knows. Jan asks what else he remembers? Shawn says he remembers his hands being above his head. She says he likes it that way, he lets her do all the work. Shawn asks if his first time was with her? She says it was beautiful, and he was fabulous. Shawn says he always thought his first time would have been with Belle, and he wishes he could remember more. Jan kisses him and says it is a taste of what is yet to come. Shawn still finds it odd that he cant remember anything else. He asks if Belle and Phillip are a couple? Jan looks outside, and Shawn turns to see Phillip holding Belle. Jan asks what more proof does he need? 

Back in the hallway, Phillip and Belle discuss what could be wrong with Shawn. Phillip says it is like he has a completely different personality. Belle says shes never seen Shawn like this. Lexie shows up and says there may be a reason. She thinks that his personality may be due to the trauma he suffered. She says while he is making a quicker and better recovery than they expected, it is still to soon to tell what the long term affects. Belle still doesnt understand why Shawn thinks he is with Jan. Lexie says that she cant explain. Lexie leaves, and Belle continues to watch Shawn with Jan. She says Shawn doesnt love her anymore, if she didnt get it before, she does now. Phillip holds Belle and tells her that it will be okay. 

Hope is traipsing through the jungle and sees someone in a black ski mask spying on her (Bart I think). She runs, and the person follows her. Hope ends up near the ravine where Patrick died. Suddenly, someone starts shooting darts at her! Hope has no choice but to climb down the vine to the ground below. When she gets to the bottom she sees a body under some brush. She thinks it is Bo, but it is Patrick. Patrick is alive, but has hyperthermia. Hope says they have to get him out of these clothes. More darts are shot at them, and as they run, they collapse! However, it turns out that they missed. Hope takes Patrick to a cave, and she tells him to take his wet clothes off. She helps him, and he is shivering. She pulls a blanket out of her knapsack and tries to warm him up. She knows she cant light a fire because it will alert the people after them. Hope says her only shot is body heat, and she gets undressed and cuddles with Patrick. She tells him not to take this personally. Suddenly, Patrick kisses Hope! She pushes him away and tells him to cut it out. She realizes he is delusional, and tells him to just try and relax.


September 29, 2004
Mimi wakes up, and Rex is still asleep. Mimi heads to her purse and takes out her cell phone. She calls the womens clinic and makes an appointment to terminate her pregnancy. Mimi tells the person on the other end that shes already met with a counselor, Peggy Johnson from University Hospital. She then says yes this is what she wants. She says shell be here, and thanks the person. She puts the phone back into her purse, and then goes over and gives Rex a kiss on the cheek. She says she loves him, and she is doing this for their future. 

At Belle and Phillips loft, Belle and Phillip are asleep on the couch, and Belle is dreaming about the events that have occurred at the hospital over the past few days. Phillip wakes up and sees Belle is stirring and calling out Shawns name. Belle wakes up, and she yells out Shawns name. Phillip says Shawn isnt here. Phillip says he is, and hes here to help her now and always. He quickly apologizes for pushing and says that wasnt fair of him. He tells her to go up and shower while he makes them some coffee. Mimi comes over and asks Phillip how Shawn is doing? Phillip says hes conscious and Lexie says everything looks good. She says that is great. He says yeah, great. Mimi asks if something else happened that she needs to know? Phillip says she should go talk to Belle about it, and Belle is upstairs. Phillip says Belle could use a friend right now. 

Upstairs, Belle looks at a photo of herself and Shawn. She cries over it and wonders what happened to make him run to Jan Spears. Mimi shows up and asks Belle what has happened? Belle tells Mimi that it is over between her and Shawn, Jan Spears took him away from her. Mimi refuses to believe this, but Belle tells her what happened and what Jan said about their relationship. Belle says Shawn confirmed everything Jan said, and that the two of them were over. Belle says she could see it in Shawns eyes, he doesnt love her anymore and wants to be with Jan. Mimi says this makes no sense. Belle says it is true, hes been with Jan all summer, they did it, he gave that slut his Brady family cross, and the worst part is they are engaged! Mimi says no! Belle says Shawn was Jans secret fianc the whole time, that is why they never got to meet her fianc. Mimi says this cant be true because she Shawn are soul mates. Belle says she always thought that too. Mimi says she used to think if Belle and Shawn broke up than there would be no hope for the rest of them. Belle tells Mimi that she cant say that, Rex is a wonderful guy. Mimi says something isnt right here. She says Jan never told them the truth all summer, and perhaps this is all from the head injury. Belle says Lexie said the head injury might cause confusion or a change in his personality, but he seemed okay to her. Belle says maybe . . . Mimi says it is the only thing that makes sense, and they just have to hope and pray everything works out. Mimi says she needs to give Shawn time and trust in the love they always shared and still do. Belle says she cant talk about this anymore. She asks Mimi if she has told Rex about the baby yet? Mimi says no, shes not going to tell him. Belle says she has to because hes the father of her baby. Mimi says theres not going to be a baby. Mimi says shes getting an abortion. Belle cant believe this. Mimi says she has no choice. Belle says of course she does. Mimi says she has spoken to a counselor and this is her choice. Belle says she cant do this without talking to Rex. She also says she doesnt have to rush into this; she can take time and think. Mimi says the longer she waits the harder it will be to go through with it. Belle says that means she is having doubts, so she should wait and tell Rex. Mimi says she cant, if she doesnt end this pregnancy than shell lose Rex. Mimi says she cant lose the love of her life like Belle lost Shawn. Belle tells Mimi that lying to Rex will ruin her relationship with him, look at what happened to her and Shawn. Mimi says Rex has told her over and over that he doesnt want a baby. She says she cant do this to him. She says she wants them to have a baby some day because they want to. She cries that she wants them to have a future together, one theyve always dreamed of. Mimi breaks down and says she cant keep this baby. 

Meanwhile, back downstairs Rex shows up looking for Mimi. Phillip says Mimi is upstairs talking to Belle, Belle is upset and needs a friend right now. Rex asks what he did to Belle, did he hurt her? Phillip tells him to go back across the hall and slither under his rock. Rex asks Phillip when hes going to get it through his head that nothing will happen between him and Belle because Shawn loves Belle and she loves him. Phillip tells Rex that he has something to tell him about his stupid cousin. Phillip explains the whole story to Rex, and Rex says this doesnt sound like Shawn. Phillip says maybe Shawn isnt the guy he always thought he was. Rex says this doesnt make sense. Phillip says for all his smarts he doesnt have a clue about human emotions. Rex says Shawn is family, and he was great to him and Cassie when they first came to Salem. Phillip says up until he started accusing him of being a serial killer! Rex admits that if what Phillip is saying is true than hes been wrong all this time, and that Phillip was right. Rex says he and Mimi always thought of Belle and Shawn as the perfect couple, and if they couldnt make it than who can? Phillip says it was all a bunch of BS, at least on Shawns part. He says Shawn wasnt the person they all thought he was. Phillip tells Rex that Shawn broke the heart of a girl who is pure and true. He says Shawn tossed Belle aside for Jan Spears, he tossed Belle aside for sex. Rex says that cant be true, but Phillip says Rex doesnt know Jan. He says Jan and Belle are like rhinestones and diamonds, it is crazy to even compare them. Phillip says from now on he will be there for Belle. He says Shawn made his move, and he blew it, so now he has every right to pursue a relationship with Belle. Phillip tells Rex that he better stay out of his way. Rex says if Shawn did hurt her than he doesnt deserve her, but if Phillip hurts Belle than hell have to answer to him! He also says he does know about love and feelings thanks to Mimi, and he knows honesty is crucial to any relationship.

On the island, John, Abe and Roman are searching for Hope. They have looked everywhere and are forced to go to the DiMera mansion to talk to Tony. At the DiMera mansion, Tony talks with Bart and says Hope should not have gone back into the jungle. Tony says now not only is Bo in danger, but Hope is too, and the minute his men find them they are both dead. Tony says it is a pity their uninvited guests dropped in because things were going so well. Bart says John, Bo and Hope have been messing up Stefanos plans for a long time. Tony says he doesnt need to be reminded, and that wont happen this time! There is a knock at the door, and Tony answers. Roman, John and Abe stand there, and they want to know what hes done with Hope. Tony invites them in, and explains Hope came here and demanded he help her go back into the jungle to find Bo. He says she left, and he doesnt know where either one of them are. However, he says if they are both in the jungle than they will not come out alive. John asks what he means? Is that a threat? Tony says hes not threatening Bo and Hope, he was thinking about the odds against them. Tony says the jungle took Patricks life, and it almost took Jack, Jen and the baby. Tony then tells them that Bo went back into the jungle because he thinks he saw Billie out there, his head wound must have been worse than they thought. John says Bo is fine, but Tony says hes not. He says he thinks Bo is imagining Billie is out in the jungle, and his feelings for Billie must be pretty strong to cause him going out into the jungle. John suggests Billie may be out there because she was investigating the stalker when she disappeared. Johns suggests Billie was brought here just like the others were. John asks once again where Hope is? Tony says he doesnt know, he refused to help her. He says he tried to convince her not to go back in there, but she would not be deterred. Abe says she must have gone to the force field. Tony says probably, but he doubts she got through. John thinks she wouldnt have stopped trying. The gang decides to drag Tony along with them in order for him to get them through the force field. 

John, Abe, Roman and Tony head to the force field, and they see it is still operational. Roman says Hope must have gotten through somehow. John tells Tony to deactivate the force field. Tony says his Zen mantra isnt working, so he cant. John doesnt believe him. Tony says he doesnt want to see Bo and Hope hurt anymore than they do. Roman says they have to find a way through, but how?

Bo is shown out cold in the jungle with a dart in his shoulder. Bo eventually wakes up, and he remembers the events of the past few days with Billie. When Bo tries to pick himself up, he ends up collapsing once again. When he gets back up again, he sees footprints and that Billie has been drug off. He then looks into the distance and says what the hell? Bo then takes off. 

In the cave, Hope and Patrick are asleep. Patrick wakes up and has flashes of what Hope did to save his life. Patrick gets up and looks at his and Hopes clothing, which is scattered about. Hope talks in her sleep and says she has to find Bo! Patrick says Bo is a fool. Patrick goes back to Hope, and she wakes up. Patrick asks how he got here, and she explains she brought him here because he had a bad case of hyperthermia. Hope says she was amazed he survived the fall. Patrick says he blacked out when he hit the river, so he must have washed ashore downstream. Hope says she thought she heard him say Bo was a fool, and Patrick says he did. He says Bo was a fool to leave her and go back into the jungle. Hoppe asks how he knows about that? He says she talked in her sleep about Bo leaving and going back into the jungle. He asks what Bo is doing out here? Patrick asks if Jack is still lost? Hope says no, they found Jack and he is back with Jen and the baby. Patrick says that is wonderful news, and Abby will be thrilled when they all come home to her. Hope is surprised by his genuine sincerity, and says he is one mysterious man. He says hes not a mystery; hes just made a lot of mistakes. Patrick says perhaps he is a lot like Bo. Hope says Bo doesnt make bonehead mistakes. Phillip asks why hed go back into the jungle then, what is so important? Patrick asks if it could possibly be Billie? Hope says that Patrick knows Bo thinks he saw her in the jungle, so he went back in to find her. She says she understands why hes doing it because he would do anything to save someone in need, even put his own life on the life. Patrick says he did the same thing for Jen, yet when he did it she claimed it was because he wanted to sleep with Jen. Patrick wonders if the same thing applies here? Hope says no way. He asks how she can be so sure? Hope says because she knows her husband. Patrick thinks the reason she is so angry is because he is saying what shes been afraid to admit. Suddenly, Bo shows up and finds Patrick and Hope under the blanket together. Bo asks what is going on here? Hope explains what is happening, and he and Hope get into a huge argument. Bo wants to know what is really going on here, he has found her naked with this man! Hope says he could have died; he was ice cold when she found him. Bo says yeah, sure. He says Patrick probably arranged for this so he could get Hope naked. Hope cant believe Bo is acting this way, and Bo says he cant believe she is defending this scum. Hope suggests she put her clothes on so they can get back to the others, but Bo says he isnt going anywhere till he finds Billie.


September 30, 2004
In the jungle, John and the others are at the force field. John orders Tony to use his amulet to open up the force field. Tony says only if he asks nicely because he is their only chance of getting back into the jungle. Roman asks Tony nicely, and Tony says he knows exactly what they are going to do. Roman yells at Tony to just do it! Tony tries, and he says its not working. John says he doesnt know what is the matter with him, he knows how they can get in there. John, Roman and Abe build a ladder and go over the force field! John goes first up, and Roman tells him to be careful because it is a hell of a drop. John says he needs to know how high the force field goes, so Abe throws a stick at it, sending sparks everywhere. John perches himself on the top rung of the ladder and then jumps over it! John clears the force field, and Abe says he wants to go next. Roman says no, Abe needs to stay behind to keep an eye on Tony and make sure he doesnt send any of his underlings after them. Tony says they are acting like he has something to do with this. Roman says they know he does. Abe says it would be his pleasure to watch over DiMera. Roman, foot injury and all, manages to climb and jump over the force field. He does, however, use a vine to climb down instead of jumping like John. John and Roman head off, and Tony tells himself if they find Bo, Hope and Billie, none of them will get out of there alive.

In the cave, Hope tells Bo not to go out their and risk his life. She says he's going to risk everything to go looking for Billie? Patrick says Hope has been worried about him. Bo says he doesnt want to hear anything Patrick has to say. Bo hands Hope her clothes and tells her to put them on. Bo holds the blanket up as a shield so Patrick doesnt see her. Patrick says he should get dressed too, stands up, and walks across the cave so that Hope can see his naked body. Bo asks what hes trying to do, is he trying to embarrass his wife or just make him angry? Patrick says Hope doesnt embarrass easily. Bo and Hope continue to argue about Billie. Bo says he found her again, but they were knocked out by darts. Hope says someone was shooting darts at them too. Bo shows Hope proof that Billie is on the island, her scarf covered in blood. Hope says if hes going back out there than so is she. Bo says no way, she is going back to New Salem. Bo says if he doesnt go back out there than Billie will die. Hope says let her die then . . . She quickly says she didnt mean that. Bo wonders if she did. She says they need to go back to New Salem and help the others first. Hope says once they are off the island they can send for Billie, but Bo says that could be weeks. Bo says hes not going after Billie for the reason she thinks, Billie says she knows what is going on here. They continue to argue, and Patrick says he thinks he has an idea. Patrick says hell go find Billie and Bo can take Hope back to New Salem. Hope likes the idea, but Bo doesnt. Bo doesnt trust Patrick, but Hope does. Hope tells him that Patrick saved Jen's life, Jen's baby, her life, and risked everything for Jack. Bo says Patrick and Hope should go back to Salem and hell go look for Billie. Hope says if he doesnt trust Patrick than why is he leaving her with him? Bo says she is a cop and she has handled him so far. Hope says Billie is ISA and she is trained to take care of herself as well. Patrick says he is here, they dont have to talk about him, they can talk to him. Hope says hes sorry, and that this isn't about him. She says this is about Billie and Bos need to be the big hero for her. She asks Bo if that isnt right? Bo says if it was anyone else but Billie than shed let him go. Patrick tells Bo to let him go because Bo has a wife and a family to think about. Hope begs Bo to let Patrick go, but Bo refuses. He tells Patrick to take his wife back to New Salem and make sure Hope stays put. Bo says he loves Hope, kisses her, and then leaves. Hope is devastated, and Patrick says Billie really has a hold on her husband. Patrick says that Billie must really be something. Hope says she is something all right! 

Back in Salem, at the hospital Jan and Lexie help Shawn with his recovery. They help Shawn out of bed and to take his first steps. Shawn manages to walk on his own, and Jan tells him that hes doing so great. Lexie says he has exceeded all their expectations. Shawn says what were those, that hed never walk again? He wants them to stop patronizing him and tell him when hes getting out of this hell hole! LExie says he cant leave yet. She says while physically he is doing better, but his attitude concerns her. Shawn gives her some major lip, he says he's sorry if he's not as excited as they are over his walking six whole feet. Lexie says that there is a lot of anger inside of him. Shawn says the reason he is angry is because every time he asks a question he gets nothing but doctor double talk. Lexie says shell review his latest test results and then shell let him know when he can go home. She tells him to get into bed and rest. He says he lives to make her happy. Lexie asks Jan if she can speak to her outside. Jan says shell be back, and he says hell just make a few calls. Jan asks if hes going to call Belle? He says no, hes going to call his mom and dad. He says they havent stopped by, which is weird. Jan says they are probably working on a case. Jan goes out to see Lexie and she talks to her about Shawns recovery. Lexie says it is important that Shawn regains his strength because Shawn has something difficult to face. Lexie apparently tells Jan the news about Bo. Jan says she knew his mom was missing, but now his dad too. Lexie says Belle will also be devastated when she finds out about her dad. Jan says poor dear sweet Belle, she doesnt know how much more that girl can take. Lexie asks Jan not to say anything to Shawn about his parents, and Jan promises that she wont. Jan goes in to see Shawn, and he says he couldnt reach either of his parents. Shawn says this place is driving him crazy and he wants to get out of here. Jan says she cant wait either. She says they can go back to her house, and they will be much happier because they will be home. Shawn says he doesnt think of that place as his home. Jan says he was there all summer. Shawn says he doesnt understand why he was there for so long, why didnt he go home to visit or call anyone? He says it doesnt make sense. Jan tells Shawn that he didnt call because they were having such a love fest. Shawn says they could have had it back in Salem, but she says no. He asks why not? She says because he said he didnt want to return because Belle would ruin the wonderful time they were having together. Shawn says when he gets out of here he isnt sure where he will go. Jan asks where he will go, back to his mom and dads? Back to the loft across the way from Phillip and Belle? Shawn says hell figure it out when he leaves. Shawn continues to wonder about his parents, and he decides to call Tek. Jan takes the phone and says he cant do that. He asks why? She says they might be working. He says it is important he talks with his parents. Jan tells Shawn there is something he has to tell him.  Meanwhile, Lexie calls Brady and informs him about Bo and Johns plane crash. She says his father is missing and maybe dead.

At the loft, Phillip tells Rex that he knows Shawn was the first great love of Belles life, but he has a lot to offer her that he cant. Rex says like what, your money? Phillip says he can give her honesty and respect. Rex says he is taking it the wrong way, having money is a good thing. He says hed love to be able to shower Mimi with gifts, but he cant. Phillip says he is rich in other ways, hes found his true love and he knows Mimi loves him back. Rex says Phillip is right, he has found the perfect girl. Phillip tells Rex in spite of their problems he is happy for him, and he wishes Rex could be happy for him. Rex just worries Belle wont ever get over Shawn. Phillip says she will, and he plans on marrying Belle as soon as possible. Rex asks if Belle wants to marry him? Phillip says she will. Phillip says as soon as she is over Shawn then he will ask her to marry him. Rex says he thinks that would be a huge mistake. 

Upstairs, Belle tells Mimi that she wont let her go through with the abortion. She tells Mimi that she is killing Rexs child before even telling him that shes pregnant! Mimi says she cant think about it as Rexs child. Mimi tells Belle to back off because she wont let Belle talk her out of this. Belle says she will try to, and she thinks Mimi wants to be talked out of it. Mimi says she cant take it anymore. She tells Belle that she doesnt understand. Mimi asks Belle to go with her to the clinic, but Belle says no way. Mimi says she thought Belle was her friend. Belle says she is, but she doesnt want her to do this because it would be the biggest mistake of her life. Mimi feels that Belle is turning her back on her, but Belle says she doesnt believe in abortion. Mimi says she doesnt have a choice, if she has this baby than she wont have a future. Belle doesnt think that is true. Mimi tells Belle the story about the girl she met in the nursery yesterday, the girl whose boyfriend dumped her when he learned she was pregnant and she was forced to drop out of school and is now all alone. Belle says this girl wont be alone forever. Mimi asks how she knows? Mimi says this girl wanted to go to college and have a career. Belle says she can still have that, but Mimi says no she cant because she has a kid to take care of and now her life is ruined. Belle says her life isn't ruined, she has a beautiful baby now. Mimi asks what kind of life will this baby have? Belle says a life full of love because her mother sacrificed everything for her. Mimi then talks about her own mom and how her mom never let them forget what she gave up to have them. Belle says she wouldnt never do that because she is not her mom. Mimi says she just cant do this, she cant face this responsibility now. Belle says she always wanted kids, but Mimi says not this way. She says this isnt the future she dreamed of. Mimi says she wont even be able to keep up her two jobs as a waitress once the baby comes, and they cant afford daycare and dont even have insurance. Mimi says she wants her baby to have a good life, she doesnt want to bring it into a family that resents it or cant give it what it needs. Belle says she can still have that life. Mimi tells Belle that no offense, but she did grow up with everything, so she cant possibly understand. She tells Belle she is going to the clinic and she asks that Belle respect her privacy and not tell Rex. Belle says this is not a secret they are keeping, it is a lie. Mimi says she just doesnt understand. Belle says Mimi is just confused and letting this cloud her judgment. She asks Mimi how she will build a solid relationship with Rex when she is lying to him? She says she lost Shawn because of her lies. Belle says her family has been torn apart. Mimi asks how her dad is doing, and Belle says he knows she is changing the subject. Mimi says she is, and she should call him. She tries, but he's not answering his phone.

Mimi and Belle head downstairs, and Belle tells Phillip that Mimi convinced her to go to the hospital and talk to Shawn again. Phillip thinks it is a bad idea, but Belle says she has to try. Phillip insists on coming with her, and he says if it goes badly will she finally agree to accept it is over? Belle says she wont have a choice. Phillip and Belle leave, and Rex and Mimi leave as well. Rex asks Mimi if they can spend the day together, but she says she has errands to run. He asks if he can go with her, but she says no. Rex says he saw the look between her and Belle. He asks what is the secret they have?


October 1, 2004
At the Rexs loft, Rex asks Mimi what is going on here, what is the big secret she and Belle have? Mimi says she and Belle were discussing her surprise for him, and now it is ruined. He asks what surprise? She says the surprise that has to do with their anniversary today, the anniversary of their first real kiss. She says he didn't forget it, did he? Rex says he didnt forget, and he has to go pick up her gift. Rex tells her to sit tight, but she says she has her errands to run. He tells her to do them another day, he wants them to spend the whole day together. Rex leaves, and swears to himself their first kiss was on Christmas. Mimi looks out the window and says if she canceled her appointment than it would ruin their lives. Mimi gets a call from the clinic and tells them that she will be there as soon as she can. She looks at a pamphlet from the Salems Womens clinic and says shes sorry, but she has to get out of here before Rex gets back. As she goes to leave, Rex returns. He asks where she is going? He also sees she has been crying. He tells her that he can see in her eyes that shes been crying. He asks her what is wrong? Mimi tells him that hell think it was silly, but he says he wont. Mimi says she was thinking about how lucky she is they are still together and they havent lost one another. She says so many people have lost loved ones this year, she lost Patrick and he lost Cassie, but they still have one another. She says she just got emotional, that is all. Rex asks if that is it? Mimi says she loves him, wants to spend the rest of her life with him, and shed do anything to hang onto what they have. Rex says he feels the same way, and he cant believe how lucky he is. Rex says no more tears, this is a day for celebrating. He says he has a proposal for her, one he thinks she will like. Mimi is stunned, and Rex asks her to marry him. She says yes, and she says his timing couldnt be better. Mimi tells Rex that shes pregnant, and Rex is thrilled. Of course this was all a daydream of Mimis. Mimi asks Rex if this proposal has to do with the church, a lifetime commitment? Rex tells Mimi that they have talked about that and they arent ready. He says his surprise is that they go on a picnic. The phone rings, and Mimi answers rather than let the machine get it. She tells the person shes on her way, and then she tells Rex that she couldnt get out of her appointment and she has to go. She tells Rex that she loves him, and she walks out. Rex looks in his palm pilot and realizes something is going on. He says theyre first real kiss was at the Hartley House party, and he calls Mimi's phone. He gets her voicemail, so he leaves a message telling her to call him because they need to talk. Rex realizes he needs to find out what Mimi is hiding, and he thinks he knows how. Rex uses the pencil rubbings on the notepad trick to find out what Mimi wrote down. He says he knows where she is and what she is doing.

Mimi is shown in Salem park on a bench crying. She looks at the pamphlet from the womens clinic. On the cover is a man, woman, and boy. They morph into Mimi and Rex, and the little boy disappears. Mimi cries and looks down at her stomach. Mimi tries to call Belle, but stops herself. She says she doesnt need her to talk her out of this. Mimi then gets another call from the clinic, and she apologizes for being late but says shes on her way. She says shes been having second thoughts and she doesnt know if she can go through with not going through with the pregnancy. They ask if she wants to cancel her appointment? 

Phillip and Belle arrive at the hospital, and Belle says she has to talk to Shawn one more time before she can accept that Shawn has left her. Phillip doesnt want to see Belle hurt again, and he asks if she wants to put herself through this? Belle says she has to believe this is all due to Jans lies, and she says he doesnt even know about his mom yet. She says she knows this is hard for Phillip, but she wont believe she and Shawn are over until she talks to Shawn one-on-one. Belle walks off, and Kate advises Phillip stop Belle before she makes a big mistake. Phillip tells her not to do this, not now. He says until she gives up on Shawn than he will never have her.

In Shawns room, Jan tells Shawn that they were going to wait until he was stronger before they told him this. She says she has some bad news. She says his mom is dead. Shawn cries no, and Jan says she is sorry. Jan hugs Shawn, and Belle is standing in the door and overhears and sees everything. Shawn says he should have been there, he should have done something. Jan sees Belle standing in the door and she says it isnt his fault, he would have been there if it wasnt for Belle and her lies. Jan then excuses herself and tells Belle to get out of here because shes already caused Shawn enough pain as is. Jan returns to Shawn and tells him how sorry she is. Shawn asks if she really is, or did she get exactly what she wanted? She asks how he could say that, how could he attack her like that? Shawn says he just remembered how much she hated Belle in high school, and just now she blamed Belle. Jan says that is because he was blaming himself when this is all Belles fault for her lies. Jan says selfishly she should be grateful to Belle for bringing them together, but if he could have prevented his mother and fathers deaths than . . . Shawn says whoa, what happened to my dad? Jan says she didnt mean for it to come out. Shawn gets angry and demands to know what happened? Lexie walks in and learns what has happened. She says shell call Mickey and Julie to come be with him. Lexie drags Jan out of the room, lectures her about what she did, and then tells Jan to go back in there until his family arrives. Jan tells herself that she is his family and all Shawn needs. Jan returns and finds Shawn is getting dressed. She asks what he is doing? He says hes getting out of here. Jan tells him to stop this, and LExie shows up and threatens to call security. Shawn storms out of the room, and Lexie makes the call.

Brady shows up at the hospital and asks Lexie for the details on the plane crash his dad and Bo were in. Lexie says Tek knows more, and all she knows is that they were trying to find Hope, Roman, Abe, Marlena and the others. Brady asks what she is talking about? Lexie says she wasnt supposed to tell anyone, but it doesnt matter now. She says Bo and John had a theory that some of the victims of the Salem Stalker were alive and being held captive. Brady asks how this can be? Lexie tells him not to get his hopes up, because according to the government Bo and his father have been officially declared dead. Brady wonders how he will break this to Belle? Belle shows up and asks what he has to tell her? Kate and Phillip show up, and Brady asks to have a moment alone with Belle. Brady takes Belle off to he tell her about the plane crash. Meanwhile, Phillip wonders what is going on. Kate knows, and she fills Phillip in on Bo and Johns plane crash. Phillip is stunned, but Kate says there is more news. She tells Phillip that Billie is dead as well. Back to Belle and Brady, Belle realizes something has happened to their father. Brady says hes sorry but dad is gone. He explains Bo and John were looking for Hope and the others when their plane went down. Belle cant believe Bo is dead as well. She thinks she needs to be there for Shawn, which outrages Brady. He says after the way he treated her? She says he just lost both of his parents. Brady says so did she! Belle still thinks Shawn needs her, and she says she needs him now more than ever. Belle says she has to go to him. 

Shawn walks out of his room and sees Belle standing there, and Phillip is behind her. Belle says she is sorry about his mom and dad. He says he bets she is. He says it is because of her that his family is dead!

On the island, Hope is fuming that Bo went off on his own to look for Billie. Patrick sees Hope is almost all packed up and he asks if shes ready to go back to New Salem? Hope says she is going after Bo and Billie, and there is nothing he can do to stop her! Patrick says Bo told him to take her back, but she says shes not going to be a good little girl and do what shes told. Patrick cant believe her and he asks if she is seriously threatened by this woman? Does she really think Bo would leave her for Billie? Hope says she does feel threatened, and she knows how insane it is. Hope tells Patrick that shes lost so much, she lost so many years. Hope talks about losing her memory and having to start all over in Salem because Bo was with another woman. Hope says Bo loves her and she trusts him, but Stefano is the reason Billie came between them in the first place, and he is probably the reason they are here now. She has a feeling Stefano wants the same thing to happen again. Hope says she is going after Bo, so Patrick says hes coming with her. Patrick follows Hope out of the cave, and he tells himself he wants to meet this Billie Reed. He says he wants to see what kind of woman could take any man from Hope Brady.

Elsewhere, John and Roman are going through the jungle looking for Hope and Bo. John says if they cant find them than they are going to have to leave them behind, they have to think of the others. Roman says he knows. John says they should hope the get Bo and Hope before it comes to that. As they head off, a mysterious figure with a dart gun follows them! They find some of the darts on the ground and realize someone has been out here hunting. The gunman takes aim at John and Roman, and shoots. Once again John does a matrix move and dodges the dart. Roman thinks the people following them dont mean to kill them because they saved him when he was out here. John says maybe that was then, but his and Bos arrival threw a wrench into their captors plans. John and Roman hear movement in the bushes, and John says there are four of them and they are surrounded. Roman asks how they will get out of this? John says only one way he knows, and they jump off the cliff they are near! As they jump, more matrix like darts fly at them (the weird air ripple effects). They land in the river and then wash ashore. They get up to head back into the jungle, and Roman finds Billie Reeds pendant on the ground. John asks how he knows it is Billies? Roman says he was with Kate when she bought it, and she had Billies initials engraved on it. John says so she is on this island, and he thinks Stefano is using her to destroy Bo and Hope.

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