April 4, 2005 
Mimi is walking along the pier and she continues to think about Stan and who he could be. She also wonders who told him that she had the abortion. Mimi then sees Jan walking along the pier, and she thinks it had to have been Jan. Mimi runs up to Jan calling her and evil little . . . she then slaps her hard. Jan asks what the hell is the matter with her? Mimi says everything, Jan ruined her life. Jan says she is acting strange even for her. Mimi says she told a complete stranger about her abortion. Jan says she didnt tell anyone. Mimi says she should have known not to trust Jan after she blackmailed her. Mimi tells Jan that if she loses Rex then shell destroy her. Jan swears she didnt tell anyone, and tells Mimi besides if she did then what could she do? Mimi says this and she decks Jan. The two of them then fall into the river. They get out of the river soaking wet, and Jan tells Mimi to use her brain! Jan says she wouldnt tell anyone what she knows as she needs that ammo to blackmail her. Mimi says shes through being blackmailed by her, and if her freakoid friend tells Rex about her abortion then shell tell Shawn about the cage. Jan tells Mimi not to threaten her! Mimi says its not a threat it is a promise. Jan says she tried to be her friend once, she even helped her climb out of that cardboard box she lived in. Jan says she lost her baby and she lost Shawn. She asks Mimi what is wrong with her? Jan says Mimi had Rex and a baby, she was so lucky. Jan tells Mimi not to blame her for lying to Rex and sinning against God. Mimi remembers Stan using the exact same words, and Mimi says Jan did tell Stan. Mimi says she set her up and now she will pay. Jan continues to swear she didnt tell anyone, but Mimi says she used the exact same words that he did. Jan says maybe they said the same thing because it is true. Jan says she is cold so shes going home to change. Jan stops and says there is one thing she doesnt get, why hasnt she told Rex yet? Jan says if strangers on the street know her secret then it is only a matter of time before Rex finds out. Mimi says then her blackmail is useless. Jan says if that is true then maybe she should call Rex right now. Mimi tells Jan that she cant do that. She tells Jan that if she finds out Jan told that guy then she is a dead woman. Jan says her conscious is clear, and if she was Mimi shed be worried about that guy being at her apartment telling Rex the truth right now. Rex then calls Mimi on her cell and apparently asks her to come home as they need to talk. Mimi is afraid Rex knows what she did.

Stan returns to his motel room and is furious with Mimi for badmouthing him to Lucas when shes done something a million times worse than anything hes ever done. Once again we see more flashbacks of Sami getting made up to be Stan. Stan says this game is over, Mimi is going down tonight. He then looks at a photo of Nicole and says it would be a waste to ruin everything over Mimi. Stan wonders where Chloe might be, and he remembers seeing Nancy and Chloe the other night. Stan remembers hearing Nancy claim they were going to a concert at Saint Lukes to hear a friend Clara sing. Stan calls up Saint Lukes and says he wants to send Clara some flowers for her wonderful concert but he doesnt know where to send them. The sister gives him an address and Stan says Nicole is going down. He says she will go down, but first he needs to make a delivery to John Black.

Chloe dreams of making love to Brady in her hospital bed. Chloe, whose face is still scarred, looks over at a photo of Brady. She says it wont be much longer until she and Brady are back together. Nancy walks in with a newspaper and tells Chloe not to be so sure, according to this she and Brady are over for good. Nancy reads Chloe some excerpt from a recent gossip column about the young heir to a Greek empire who is shacking up with his recently widowed step-grandmother. The column also says if his dead-diva girlfriend came back from the dead she wouldnt stand a chance against the heat these two generate. Nancy told her that she would lose Brady if she didnt tell him. Chloe cries and asks why she is doing this to her? Nancy says shes trying to help her out. Nancy reminds her that when she was in the hospital with Leukemia and her hair fell out, Brady didnt run then and he wont run now. Nancy says her face may be a little scarred, but Brady wont notice them. She says Brady loves her for her. Chloe says her face is very scarred and this isnt the same face he fell in love with. Nancy says do you think this is the same face your father fell in love with? Nancy says when he looks at her that she knows he is looking at the woman he loves. Nancy says not all men are able to do that, but her father is and so is Brady. She tells Chloe to pick up the phone and tell Brady that shes not dead. Nancy holds the phone to her and tells Chloe that she owes this to herself and to Brady. Chloe says she cant call Brady. She says she cant tell him that shes alive over the phone, she has to do it in person. Nancy says then get dressed and they head right over. Nancy leaves to get some of her things, and Chloe wonders if Nancy is right and Brady will love her for who she is. She then sees her face in the mirror, and he scars seem to grow worse. Chloe cries out No! Nancy comes back, and Chloe says she cant do this, not yet. Nancy says fine, if Chloe wont then she will. Nancy leaves, and Chloe calls Nancy to try and stop her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady is working on some figures for work but cant seem to focus as hes stressed out. Nicole walks in, opens her robe and says she has just what he needs to relieve his stress. She asks to let her help him, so he gives her a stack of work to do and asks her to look over the figures and hell be back in a minute to go over them with her. Brady returns and finds Nicole naked. Nicole tells Brady that all the companies theyve acquired since Victor are in the black, theyve taken Titan places Victor never did. She says the investors will be happy. Nicole says as acting CEO she says this meeting is over, so he should get nekkid! He says what about the staff? She says she gave them the night off. He says okay then, throws the files hes holding, and gets down to business. Later, Brady starts talking about how hes realized everything he loved about Chloe he loves about her, they are very alike, tough on the outside but vulnerable on the inside. Nicole says she never thought shed see the day when he or anyone compared her to Chloe Lane. Brady says hes glad she gave the staff the night off. She says so is she. Nicole says after everything theyve been through she cant believe they are together. Brady says nothing will ever come between them. Meanwhile, Nancy arrives outside the mansion, sees Chloe is calling her, and doesnt answer. Nancy says this has gone on too long and it is time Brady knows the truth. Nancy rings the doorbell. Inside Brady thinks it is the pizza he ordered, and he puts on Nicoles robe to go answer the door. Brady asks Nancy what shes doing here? Nancy says she has important news about Chloe.

At the penthouse, Kate is helping John work on his physical therapy. John wants to continue, but Kate says she doesnt want him to overdo it. John jokes about how hes never had a more inspirational trainer in his life. He also tells her that they will find Phillip. Kate says when and how? She wonders how did his plan not work? John says it was his fault, he dropped the ball. He says because of the pain and the drugs he was three steps behind instead of two steps forward. Kate tells John that this isnt his fault, and she says she just has to have faith that Phillip will make it through this. John suggests she go take a hot shower to relax herself, and if that doesnt work hell have to come up with something else. Kate goes into the bathroom, and John says he needs to find out where Phillip is and who this guy is. John is hit with another pain and says he needs the drugs. He goes over and finds a stash of drugs in the desk. John says he wants to get clean, but he cant find Phillip this way. He goes to shoot up, but finds his vials are all empty. John realizes he is out. He begins tearing up the place, and Kate comes out of the shower and sees the vials. She tells him not again, not again! John says it isnt what she thinks, they are empty and he was just throwing them away. She says she is so proud of him. John throws the drugs away, and Kate tells John that she has been thinking that he is right about Phillip. She says Phillip is more valuable alive then dead, and she knows Phillip will stay alive until he is rescued. John says and they will rescue him. Kate says she believes him because hes on the case and hes drug free. Kate says shes going to go dry her hair now. Kate leaves, and John tries to get some residue from his bag of drugs, but nothing is there. Stan then calls John and says its the candy man and he has opened shop. John says hes not interested and is going to hang up. Stan says go ahead, but hell call back because they know he craves his treats. Stan says only his special treats can satisfy his cravings, and without the pain gone hell never find Phillip. Stan says they both know he wont disappoint the women he loves. Stan says hell be at the usual spot. Stan waits for John on the pier with a bag of drugs. Meanwhile, John sneaks out of the penthouse after Kate falls asleep. John says hes not going to let this punk drug dealer interfere anymore. He says it is time who he finds out who that piece of scum is.

At Shawns place, Hope talks to Belle. Belle is worried about Phillip, and she is missing her mom right now. Belle asks if she was her and Bo was being held captive what would she do? Hope says being married to a cop isnt the same thing. Hope tells Belle to pray and have faith. Belle says shes trying, but if Phillip dies over there then she doesnt know how she can go on with anyone else. Belle says she realizes it could be worse, she could have had kids with Phillip. Belle says shes decided now to never have kids. Belle then says she means shes not going to have kids until she knows she is ready. She says she wont make the same mistake, rushing into something, twice. Belle says right now her priority is finding Phillip and bringing him home to make things right. 

Shawn tells his father that hes going to go save Phillip himself. Bo asks if he is nuts? Shawn says he has to do something. Bo tells him to leave this to the professionals. Shawn says they already failed, and besides he has something they dont have. Bo asks what in the hell hes talking about, how does he think he can find Phillip. Shawn says he doesnt want to get into this. Bo says this is not some computer game, this is a real war with real bad guys who have real guns. Bo tells Shawn that he doesnt have the skills to infiltrate a local gang much less an army. Shawn says he has to try. Bo says what future does he have with Belle if he gets shot? Shawn says he knows what hes doing, hell have everything perfectly planned out. Bo says and the Marines and the ISA had everything perfectly planned out and they failed. Shawn says he has something that they dont. Bo asks what this thing he has is? Shawn says he has Rex. Bo says neither one of them is still qualified for this, even he (Bo) isnt qualified for something like this. Shawn says he knows they can do this. Shawn says if Phillip dies then Belle will feel guilty for the rest of her life. He says he cant let that happen. Bo says he doesnt have a choice. Bo says there is no way Shawn can do this, let the government handle this. Belle and Hope overhear them, and Hope tells Shawn there is no way shes going to let him go over there and rescue Phillip. Belle says if he tries this then hell be killed and she cant lose him too. Shawn claims they are all right and he cant do this. Belle says she loves that he wants to help, but it is too dangerous. Hope takes Bo aside and tells Bo that they have to stop him, but Bo says hes just blowing off steam and wont do this. Hope asks how he knows, hes been so impulsive and reckless lately. Bo says Shawn promised he wouldnt keep acting out and living his life recklessly. Hope says he could be lying to them about not going when he fully intends to go. Bo says shes over reacting. Hope says shes heard that a lot lately. Hope tells Bo to promise her that shell be here to stop him and not off with Billie somewhere. Meanwhile Belle makes Shawn promise her that he wont run off and do something crazy. 


April 5, 2005

Mimi returns home and stands outside the door to the roof. There was a note on the door to the loft that asked Mimi to meet Rex on the roof, its time shes got what is coming to her. Mimi fears Jan is right and that creepy guy got to him and told him about the abortion. On the roof Rex is all dressed up snazzy like and is playing with a zippo lighter. Meanwhile Mimi sees her reflection/conscience in the glass of a fire extinguisher box. Mimis reflection/conscience talks to her about how she needs to tell Rex the truth, even if he hasnt found out the truth. The reflection says Rex could be understanding and forgiving. Mimi says or he could kill her. Mimi doesnt know what to do. Her reflection tells her to trust in his love and go face the music. Mimi says shes ready for anything. She heads out to the roof and finds Rex has set up a romantic dinner for them. He has the place all lit up and drops a bunch of confetti on her. He then puts on their song Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney. He says he wanted to do something special for her to celebrate their engagement. He tells Mimi there is something he wants to say to her. She says there is something she wants to say to him. Rex goes first and pulls out a guitar, which he borrowed from Phillip. He then sings I Got You Babe to Mimi (he actually has a decent voice). Mimi cries and says this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her. She doesnt know how she can tell him the truth now. Rex has another planned surprise for Mimi. He pulls out a knife and adds their initials to the door of initials on the roof. Mimi says she is so lucky to have him, and he says he is the lucky one. Mimi wants to tell him what she has to say, but he tells her to wait. He says whatever shes feeling guilty about block it out of her mind. Rex says knowing her it probably is nothing. He says tonight is about them and their engagement, and he doesnt want anything to spoil it. 

Stan sits on the pier and waits for John to show up. He sees a newly married couple on the pier and he begins to think about how he, as Sami, was supposed to marry Lucas. Stan cries that Lucas turned on him just like everyone else in his life, and they will all pay and wish they never crossed Sami Brady. John then shows up on the pier and is trying to find Stan, learn who he is and who hes working for. John sees Stan and talks into a personal recorder. He says the pusher is of average height and build, but he knows him from someplace, his mannerism are very familiar. Stan gets a text message from Tony with some new orders. Stan says John better show up soon as the boss man has plans for him. John springs out from where he was hiding and demands to know what the plans are and who the boss man is. Stan admits he doesnt know who his boss is as he gets his order by phone. John says the money must be good. Stan says it is, but he also has his own reasons. He says he is providing a service to the community, a service to special people with special needs. John says he is a pusher, and as Stan knows, he (John) is ISA. John says Stan is under arrest! Stan tells him that if he arrests him, then he will have to explain what their relationship is. Stan says when he tells his side of the story then John will have to take a drug test and will fail. Stan says hell be taken off of active duty and then he cant save the world or his own son in law. Stan hits John and forces him to go down. He then prepares a hypodermic and says John destroyed his life, so hes returning the favor. John says he doesnt even know him, does he? They struggle over the needle, and John says hes not even a man! Stan knees John in the groin and then stabs the hypodermic in Johns leg. Stan says hes more a man than John will ever be, enjoy your fix. 

At the hospital, Chloe thinks there must be a way to stop Nancy. She realizes who shell listen to. She calls Craig up and says Daddy I need your help! Later Chloe gets dressed to go to the mansion to make sure her father got through to Nancy in time to stop her. Chloe begins having flashbacks of her times with Brady.

Nancy arrives at the Kiriakis mansion, sees Chloe calling her cell phone, and refuses to answer. Nancy says this has gone on too long and its time Brady knows the truth before she loses him. Nancy rings the doorbell and Brady goes to answer thinking it maybe the pizza he ordered. He puts on Nicoles robe to answer the phone, and Nicole says he better hope the pizza boy doesnt have a camera phone. Brady says shes just jealous because he looks better in it than her. Nancy is puzzled by his robe, but says shes here about Chloe. Nicole shows up wearing a rug and she says Nancy isnt the delivery guy. Nancy says nice robe Brady. Nicole says shell go put something on and excuses herself. Nancy says shes obviously come at a bad time, but he insists she come in. He says she wanted to say something about Chloe? Nancy looks around the room and says it looks like she got here just in time. Nancy says she tried calling first but no one answered, obviously they were busy. He thinks the news must be important. She says its very important, and he should sit down. Nancy then sees Craig is calling and worries it could be about Joy. Brady goes to get dressed, and Craig tells Nancy that he knows what shes up to and he wont stand for it. Meanwhile, a spying Nicole wonders what Nancy is doing here and what does it have to do with Chloe. Brady shows up and pulls Nicole away from spying on Nancy. Nancy openly argues with Craig about Chloe being alive and not telling Brady the truth. Craig says they must respect her wishes, she will tell Brady in her own way and time. Craig tells Nancy if she does this than Chloe may never forgive her. Meanwhile, Nicole thinks it is odd that Nancy just dropped by in the middle of the night, why couldnt this have waited till tomorrow? Brady says it must be important and Nancy is like family to him. He says if Chloe hadnt died then Nancy would be his mother-in-law. Nicole asks Brady how he expects to get over Chloe and move on with his life with Nancy constantly bringing up painful reminders? Nicole says the way Nancy acts it is like Chloe is alive. Later, Brady gets a call from Japan that he has to take. He excuses himself and Nicole goes in to confront Nancy. Nancy is now off the phone, and Nicole wants to know why she is here to talk about her dead daughter? A spying Chloe realizes Nancy hasnt told her. Nicole says Chloe is dead and she needs to rest in peace. Nicole says Chloe is a part of his past and needs to move on. Nancy says if Nicole thinks she is a part of Bradys future then she is wrong. Nancy says she is just a warm body and she doesnt pale in comparison to what he shared with Brady. Nancy says soon Nicole will understand that. Nicole tells Nancy that she needs to get over this, Chloe is dead and is nothing more than ashes in a jar. Nancy says Chloe is not dead, Chloe is alive! Nicole asks what she is saying? Brady walks in and says hed like to know that too. Brady thinks he sees Chloe outside, and then he thinks he smells Chloes perfume. He says it cant be though, that would be impossible. He says now what did she want to say about Chloe? Nanyc says it is personal, so Nicole leaves them. Brady asks Nancy what is bothering her? Nancy says seeing him with Nicole upset her, and that is why she blurted out that Chloe was alive. Nancy says he just feels like Chloe will always be alive. Brady says he feels the same way, and nobody will replace Chloe in his heart. Brady asks why she came by, and she says she has planned Chloes service and memorial for tomorrow, and she has brought Chloes ashes back. She says she knows this is sudden but every time she plans a service it seems to not work out. Nancy begins to cry and says he and Chloe should still be together. A spying Chloe is relieved that Brady doesnt know the truth, and she says once she is healed then she and Brady will be together no matter what Nancy says. Brady thanks Nancy for coming by and to let him know about the memorial service. He then walks her out. Meanwhile, Stan calls up Nicole to torment her. He tells her that someone out there could come between her and Brady. Nicole says the only person that could is dead. He says maybe the dead can walk. He then warns her not to tell Brady about this call. Nicole is upset by the call, but when questioned by Brady claims she is fine. Nicole tells herself whatever is going on, she isnt getting a good feeling. Outside, Chloe asks Nancy what she is up to now, another memorial service? Nancy says she had to think of something. She also warns Chloe that if Brady falls for Nicole then she may never get him back, no matter what she looks like. Later Chloe gets a call from Stan and taunts her as well about Nicole.


April 6, 2005

This has NOT been proofed due to the late hour!
Abby and Chelsea are spying on Patrick as they are talking a walk. They are still at the place where the Swing into Spring Dance is going to take place. Chelsea cant believe the way that slut is throwing herself at her man. We see flashbacks to the other day when Chelsea created feedback in the microphones to stop them from kissing. Abby says she may have stopped them from kissing that time, but the will try again. Abby says she hopes they do. Chelsea asks how she can say that and calls Abby a traitor. Patrick hears Chelsea and wonders what that was. Abby freaks because if Patrick sees them then shell be grounded for like. Patrick comes across a kitten, and Billie says that is all it was. Billie talks about how shes looking forward to going to the dance with him. Patrick says he hasnt been to one since high school. Billie says she never went to one, and she admits that she got her GED. She says Bo really wanted her to have the highschool experience. Patrick says you couldnt pay him to relive that. She tells him not to feel obligated to taking her, but he says he wants to. He says hes looking forward to the dance, and then checking out the view from look-out point. Billie says she is not that type of girl, though she used to be. She says she hasnt had much of an opportunity lately. Patrick says all that is about to change. They leave, and Abby says they are totally hooking up. Chelsea asks Abby why she wants Billie to steal him away from her? Abby says she cant steal what isnt hers, and besides as long as Patrick isnt with her mom then she is happy. Chelsea says she is some friend, and that they have to follow them before they get away. Abby says why? Chelsea says to make sure they dont do anything. Chelsea says besides if she hangs around the tramp she may learn a thing or two as she obviously has something Patrick likes. Patrick and Billie head to Alices for a fun night. Patrick thinks Billie is avoiding going back to Bo and Hopes, and she says he got that right. Billie cant believe she hit an off duty cop, and until then trial she has to live with the Brady bunch. Billie says she wants to avoid another scene with Hope and wants to make sure she and Bo are in bed by time she gets home. She tells Patrick that isnt the only reason she is doing this, she likes hanging out with him. They decide to go in, and Patrick says he wont drink tonight so she wont be tempted. Chelsea and Abby follow them, but Abby says the restaurant is closed so they cant get into the bar as they are underage. Chelsea says they have their fake IDs and they can look 21. She starts giving Abby the hooker treatment to make her look older.

Rex and Mimi walk back down to the loft. Mimi says she loved her surprise, it was all wonderful. She says he gave her a night that shell never forget. Rex asks then why does she still look so sad? Rex asks what is wrong? Mimi remembers Stans threats, and Mimi says it is just hard to be happy about anything with Phillip missing and Shawn and Belle possibly not being together. She also says that the creep on the pier still bothers her. Rex says she has to put him out of her head and she has to hope that one day everyone will be as happy as they are. 

At Shawns loft, Belle and Hope try to make Shawn promise that he wont do anything crazy. Bo says Shawn only wants to see if he and Rex can get any more information off the internet, he sees nothing wrong with that. Hope says besides the fact that it is illegal, if he finds where Phillip is then hell want to go over there and find him. Hope says they almost lost their son tonight, wasnt that enough for him? Hope forbids Shawn to get involved in Phillips rescue, and she cant believe Bo is encouraging him. Bo says he is just saying if Shawn and Rex can learn anything then they will take that information to the authorities. Shawn promises them all that he wont do anything irresponsible or crazy. Mimi and Rex return, and Mimi tells Belle how sorry she is about what happened. Belle says she knows Phillip will be home safe and sound, and Mimi says she knows that too. Belle asks Mimi how her mom is, and Mimi lies and says it was just a normal freak out. Mimi says shes been back for awhile, she was on the roof celebrating her engagement with Rex. Hope is thrilled to hear this news and says there is nothing bigger than two people pledging to spend their lives together and to loving each other forever, its the most important commitment youll make. Belle says Hope is right, and they should do something to celebrate. Mimi says no, not with everything else going on. Belle says they are going to throw them a party. Hope thinks that is a great idea, as does Shawn. Mimi says she doesnt think its right to do this with Phillip away, but Hope says she thinks Phillip would be all for this. Hope decides to offer what she can, and Bo jokes just dont ask her to cook. Hope and Bo say it is getting late so they should go. Bo tells Shawn to take his advice and not talk about rescuing Phillip anymore. Hope then hopes Shawn keeps his promise to her. Shawn says he said he wouldnt do anything crazy and he wont. Later rex asks Belle and Shawn if they are okay? Belle says she just wishes they were able to rescue Phillip. Belle says she just wants Phillip found and brought home. Shawn asks Rex if he can see if there is anymore news on the web? He checks and says there is no new news. Rex sees the time and says he needs to get to Alices to get her paycheck before they close. Mimi says shell go and say hi to her mom. Rex says she just saw her, and Mimi says yeah but she just wanted to check on her again as the Mickey/Maggie thing is bothering her. 

Bo and Hope head down to the pier, where the Swing into Spring decorations are all set up. They talk about Rex and Mimi and how far theyve both come. They talk about the other people in their lives and what they are up to. When Hope brings up Billie and how shes never really moved on, Bo asks if she wants to get into a fight? Hope says no and shes sorry. Bo says he loves her, and they continue their walk. They end up happening upon a boat that looks like the Fancy Face. It happens to be for sale, so Bo suggests they look around. Bo cant believe it and says its like taking a step back in time. We then see flashbacks of when Bo and Hope first saw the boat for sale. Hope told Bo that they should buy it. Bo later surprised her after buying the boat, putting a picket fence up on it and naming the boat after her. Hope suggests to Bo that they buy this boat as shed love to have that life back again. Bo says he had the same thought, but they do have priorities right now, like putting Zack through college. Bo also tells her that the fact that he and Billie have a child together is not something that they can run from, but he has his priorities straight and nothing is more important to him than her and the boys. She says she knows and he proved it tonight. Bo wants to get busy with Hope, but she says they cant do this. Bo says they can, its deserted and would be a perfect place to make out. 

Patrick and Billie stop into Alices and run into Bonnie. Billie and Bonnie say their hellos and Billie goes to the powder room. Bonnie asks Patrick what hes doing with an ISA agent, if she finds out about his past then he could spend the next 20 years in the slammer. Chelsea and Abby sneak in, and she wonders who the trashy blond talking to Patrick is. Abby says that is his mother! Meanwhile, Bonnie continues to lecture Patrick about being out with Billie as she could ruin his chance with Jennifer. Patrick tells his mom that he is not interested in Jennifer. Bonnie says she is a Horton, they have class and pedigree. Bonnie says Billie has nothing to offer, she is a nothing, a nobody. Bonnie then realizes Billie is Kates daughter and the one behind Countess Willamenia, so she tells him to go for it! Billie returns and asks if she heard her name? Bonnie says she was just talking about her missing daughter and how shes now living with her ex. Bonnie says shes so sorry as she knows what its like to live with an ex, try living with one that came back from the dead. Billie says actually she has done that. Bonnie suggests they just go out and have a good time as that will help take her mind off her trouble. She suggests she and Patrick go out a lot and have a lot of good times. Bonnie eventually leaves them to enjoy themselves. Rex, Mimi Belle and Shawn soon show up, and Belle asks Mimi if she knows who that is? Chelsea and Abby think they are toast. It turns out they were talking about Billie and Patrick being together. Bonnie comes over to say hello to them all, and Abby tells Chelsea that was too close and they need to get out of here. Chelsea says not yet. Meanwhile the others talk to Bonnie, who they keep calling Miss Lockhart and she keeps telling them Mrs Horton. Belle tells Bonnie that they were thinking of planning an engagement party for Rex and Mimi. Bonnie says great idea and they can have it right here. Mimi says she doesnt want anything big with what is going on with Phillip. Bonnie tells Mimi that Phillip would want her to celebrate instead of sitting around and mourning. Bonnie says Phillips not dead yet, right Belle. Mimi says mother! Bonnie asks what she said? Meanwhile, Patrick goes over to see Bonnie and Mimi, and Belle and Shawn come over to see Billie. Billie asks why they are here together? He says its none of her business, why is she here with Patrick? Billie says its no ones business, but they are just hanging out. Shawn says as long as she stays the hell away from his father. Billie says she is not after Bo, but she doesnt think he believes that anymore than his mother. She says all she wants is to find her daughter, his sister, and be a family with her. Shawn says yeah, with my father. Billie says that would be idea, but she knows it wont happen. Shawn says damn right it wont. Billie tells Shawn that hes one to talk, Belle is married to her brother. Billie says so hell ask him again, what is she doing with him? Shawn says its none of her business. Belle asks Shawn not to make a seen and just go get the drinks and a table. Shawn leaves, and Billie tells Belle that Phillip doesnt deserve this. Belle says she knows he doesnt. Belle than walks off. Meanwhile Patrick welcomes Rex to the family, and then he asks Mimi how shes feeling? Bonnie wants to talk more about the party, but she says she doesnt want one. Elsewhere, Abby tries to convince Chelsea to go after Shawn or Rex. Chelsea says they are taken, and that older man younger woman thing is hot. She says look at Bruce Willis, hes with someone in their twenties (reference to Nadia/Chloe). Chelsea asks why Billie is only drinking cranberry juice. Abby says she used to drink a lot when she was younger. Chelsea says so shes not only a slut, shes a junkie too. Abby says shes been clean forever. Chelsea asks then why they saw her tossing back beers at the Cheatin Heart. Abby says it was a freak thing, and Billie got into big trouble that night. Abby says if Billie does something bad again then she could get arrested or lose her job. Chelsea says really! Elsewhere, Shawn asks Rex how he broke into that restricted website. Rex says it was easy. Shawn questions Rex about how he has all the access codes to these websites on his laptop. Shawn tells himself know that he has what he needs he can find and bring Phillip home. Meanwhile, Mimi tells Belle not to let Billie get to her. Mimi then opens up to Belle about Jan telling some weird guy about her abortion. Mimi says this guy has been tormenting her, and she doesnt know how people get off on causing others pain. Belle tells Mimi the only thing she can do is to tell Rex the truth. Mimi says she knows if she does then shell lose him. She says it will break his heart to learn what shes done, just like what she has to tell Phillip will break his heart. Elsewhere, Billie convinces Patrick to hit the dance floor with her and have some fun. Chelsea watches and says she has to put an end to this. Chelsea spikes Billies drink with some booze. Abby says she is going to get into so much trouble. Chelsea says no Billie is. Suddenly, Bonnie catches the girls and asks them what they are doing? 


April 7, 2005

Bo and Hope have made love on some strangers boat. They are in bed cuddling, and Bo asks Hope what is on her mind. She was just thinking of all her memories of being on the Fancy Face with him and Shawn. He says he is thinking about those memories too. Hope says he has memories on the Fancy Face with Billie as well, and it must be hard for him to forget those memories. Bo asks why she had to go and bring up Billies name? He tells her that being with her is what makes his life complete. She says okay and then says she just wishes Billie could find a man to be with. She says there has to be someone out there, and if she had a man then they wouldnt have to worry about her. Bo says they dont worry about her, and he says Billie is focused on finding Georgia, shes not interested in a relationship. Hope thinks they should hook Billie up with Patrick. Bo says dont go there, he doesnt trust Patrick at all. Hope says she thinks he doesnt want Patrick with Billie because hes jealous. Bo says he is not jealous, he just doesnt like her with Patrick. Hope doesnt think Bo would approve of any man she is with. Bo says that is not true. Bo says Patrick is a bad influence on Billie, he got her drunk and in trouble with the law. Hope says Billie needs to be responsible for her own actions just like Shawn. Hope says when Shawn was drinking and driving Bo only blamed Shawn, but when its Billie who is drinking its now Patricks fault? Hope accuses him of having double standards. He says he doesnt have a double standard, and he says hes just worried about Billie as far as his daughter is concerned. Bo says her and the boys are his primary focus. He says after his talk with Shawn he is convinced Shawn will settle down and stop behaving badly. They once again end up arguing about Billie and Patrick. Bo thinks hes not being unreasonable because the DiMeras kidnapped his daughter and Patrick worked for them, so if Billie gets involved with him then there will be trouble. Hope continues to push the issue and wonders if Bo thinks any man is truly worthy of his Billie.

At Alices, Chelsea spikes Billies drink and then the two of them are caught by Bonnie. Bonnie says they are underage and shouldnt be in here as the restaurant is closed. Bonnie says she is going to call Jennifer. Abby says she cant, and Bonnie asks why not? Chelsea says because they came to see Patrick. Bonnie has things to do and tells them to sit tight and not to move.

Billie and Patrick dance at Alices, and Billie once again fantasizes she is with Bo. She looks at Patrick strangely, and he asks if she is okay. She says shes just thirsty. Patrick suggests they go have some drinks. Billie spots Abby and Chelsea, and Patrick and Billie go over to talk to them. Patrick cant believe Abby snuck out again, and he says hes taking them both home. Bonnie shows up and tells Patrick to go have a good time with Billie and she will see them home after she finishes up with some things. Chelsea is furious and once again spikes Billies drink with more booze saying Billie deserves it. Billie and Patrick end up riding the mechanical bull. Chelsea watches and says when Billie gets good and drunk then she is going to call the cops. Billie grabs another drink of spiked juice, and then tells Patrick that she wants to go dancing. She goes to go play a song, and Patrick asks his mom what shes giving Billie, he said no alcohol. Bonnie says she hasnt given them anything but cranberry juice. Patrick says then she must be loosening up. Bonnie tells Patrick to make a move on Billie. Patrick doesnt think shes interested, but Bonnie says it looks like she has a crush on him. Billie then yanks Patrick onto the dance floor. Chelsea says she cant take this anymore, shes calling the cops. Billie and Patrick end up making out, and Abby tells Chelsea this is all her doing. 

Elsewhere, Shawn learns that Rex has all the access codes to the government websites on his laptop. Shawn says he cant wait to have with Belle what Rex has with Mimi, but first this situation has to be resolved. Rex asks Shawn how he plans to resolve it? Shawn says he will do anything to make sure Phillip comes home. Rex asks how far hes willing to go? Shawn says he just wants to find Phillip. Rex says leave this to the ISA and the Marines.

Meanwhile, Belle talks with Mimi about how Shawn wanted to go rescue Phillip. Mimi says Shawn cant get on a motorcycle without running into a tree, and now he wants to play Rambo? Belle just hopes Shawn wont go do something stupid. They then talk about Jan blackmailing Mimi and telling a stranger all her secrets. Mimi says she could kill Jan Spears. Belle says the only thing she can do is tell Rex the truth. Mimi doesnt know how she can do it though. She says to tell him will not only break Rexs heart, but shell probably lose him too. Mimi says she was going to tell him tonight, but then he carved their initials in the rooftop. Mimi says she cant tell him and shes not going to try anymore. She says she wont be responsible for ruining Rexs happiness and future.

Belle goes over to Shawn and tells him that shes going to the loft to check on her dad. Shawn says hell go with her, but she says Kate might be there so its best he not come. Shawn says hell just go home as he has things to do. Rex and Mimi decide to go home as well.

Outside of Alices, Jan is looking for Shawn to get him back. Stan says he can help her get what she wants. Stan says if they are partners in crime then they can make all their dreams come true. Jan says shes not partners with anyone. Stan says well shes not getting anywhere on her own. Stan says he knows all about last summer, and how she drugged Shawn before Belles wedding. Stan says he also knows she has been blackmailing Mimi Lockhart about her abortion. Jan asks how he knows all of this? Stan says he has his ways. Jan says hes the guy Mimi was talking about but she doesnt even know him. Stan says he can destroy Mimi and her, so either she plays on his team or she plays against him.

The kids all prepare to head off to their destinations, and Mimi ends up spotting Jan and Stan hiding in the bushes. She says she knew those two were plotting together. Mimi ends up telling Rex shes going to stay behind and talk with her mom about that engagement party after all. Rex decides to give Shawn a lift home, so they leave as does Belle. Mimi tells herself that Stan and Jan will get what is coming to them tonight. Later Mimi confronts Jan over seeing her with Stan. Jan claims she doesnt know who she is and shes never seen him before tonight. Mimi tells Jan that she is a liar and she is so dead! Mimi rants to Jan about how she has made everyone she cares about completely miserable, and Mimi says she wont be blackmailed by her anymore. Mimi says Jans manipulating is going to stop and its time someone stood up to her. Jan says she wouldnt do anything to her. Jan goes to walk away, and Mimi pushes her. The two end up in a knock down drag out fight which Stan watches. Jan ends up tripping and smashing her head on a rock. Mimi rushes to Jan to see if shes okay, and her head is gashed open and bleeding. Mimi begs Jan to wake up. Stan watches and says he has Mimi now! 

Billie and Patrick head back to Bo and Hopes. Billie tells Patrick if he has any feelings for Jen then they shouldnt do this. Patrick says they are just friends. He asks what about her feelings for Bo? Billie says she knows Bo belongs with Hope and she doesnt want to interfere. She says all she wants to do is kiss him and not stop. They sneak upstairs as they think Bo and Hope are asleep. They head to Billies room and begin taking off one anothers clothes. As they ravage one another like animals, Bo and Hope return home. As they try and tip toe upstairs to keep from waking Billie up, they hear Billie in the throws of passion. Bo rushes upstairs to see what is going on. Hope tells Bo to give her privacy, but he barges in on them in bed.

Kate is looking at Belle and Phillips wedding photo and crying. John says hes doing everything he can to find Phillip and bring him home. Kate sees Johns hands are shaking, and she says his withdrawal is getting worse. We see a flashback of John grabbing the syringe Stan plunged into his leg. Instead of pulling it out John shoots up! John assures her that they will find Phillip. Kate says after Roman died she never thought shed find another man to love. John says he feels the same way about her. Kate still cant stop thinking about Phillip and she asks if it is too much to ask that Belle forget about Shawn and honor her vows. John says no, but Kate says he thinks she will always love Shawn. John says when Phillip comes home then she will see her prayers have been answered, and if Shawn keeps up with his reckless ways then shell change her mind about him forever. Later Belle shows up. She knows what her father did and she thanks him. John asks how she knows? Belle says Rex, hes been monitoring the government websites. Belle says they even tapped into the feed and watched it. Kate cant believe Rex did this, and she asks who else was watching, Shawn? Belle says yes, as were Bo and Hope. Kate says she should have known, now that Phillip is out of the picture shes going to spend all her free time with Shawn. Kate says it seems like she is not spending anytime with her real family, her or her father, instead shes spending all her time with Shawn and his family. John says what they did was illegal and they could all land up in jail. Kate says that would just be another bad mark on Shawns record. John says he has to inform the ISA that they need to beef up their computer security, and he leaves to make a call. Kate asks Belle what they thought they were going to do with this information? Belle tells Kate that actually Shawn wanted to go over there and search for Phillip, but they talked him out of it. Kate says that is too bad, she thinks he should go ahead and try. Belle says she wont let Shawn go risk his life. Kate thinks she doesnt give a damn about Phillip. Belle says Shawn is not a green beret; she wont let him go over there and risk his life for nothing. Kate says for nothing, they are talking about her husband here. Kate says she should want her husband back, and Belle says she does. However she says she loves Shawn too much and cant lose him. Kate calls Belle a selfish little bitch and slaps her. John walks in and asks Kate what shes doing?

Shawn and Rex return home, and Rex hits the shower. Shawn goes to use his computer, and Rex comes out and asks what hes doing? Rex finds Shawn was trying to access the ISA uplink, and he realizes Shawn is planning to go rescue Phillip on his own. Rex tries to talk him out of this suicide mission. Rex says even if Shawn somehow did find Phillip then he could wind up dead as well, and then Belle would be left alone. They argue about the risks, and Shawn says he has to save Phillip or die trying because he cant live without Belle.


April 8, 2005
We see a replay of Mimi and Jans fight outside of Alices, which Stan spies on. Jan ends up tripping and smacking her head on a rock. Mimi rushes over to her and sees a bloody gash on Jans head. Stan says how perfect is this. Stan makes a call, and the police soon show up. Mimi runs for it and hides in the bushes. As the paramedics attend to Jan, the cops hear someone in the bushes, pull out their guns and yell Freeze! They end up finding Stan, and they question him. He says he was walking in the park and saw what looked like two women fighting, it was dark and he didnt see their faces. The cops find some evidence, an acrylic nail. They realize the attacker was a woman. They question Stan, and the paramedics take Jan to the hospital as she has severe head trauma, but is alive. The cops decide to head into Alices to see if the suspect may be there. Stan is told not to go far, and he goes as far as the bushes and tells Mimi that he saw it all and she wont get away with this. Mimi says it was an accident and shell go in there and tell the cops the truth, theyll understand. Stan says sure, and then shell have to explain how Jan was blackmailing her and how she helped Jan break up Shawn and Belle. Stan tells Mimi that because of all her lies Belle married Phillip and now Phillip is over there being held hostage. Stan tells Mimi if she goes and confesses to the cops then they will arrest her. He also says if Jan dies then she is looking at murder one and death row. Stan says death row is not a fun place to be, and of course shell lose Rex as well as all her friends. He says once she is convicted that shell spend her last days alone and abandoned by all her friends. Stan then describes the lethal injection process to her. Mimi asks Stan how he knows so much, the only person she knows that went through that is Sami Brady. Mimi asks Stan who he is? Stan tells Mimi not to worry about him, worry about Jan. Stan says if Jan wakes up then she will blow the whistle on Mimi. Stan says Mimis better off if Jan dies, but then that means Mimi will die in the death chamber. Stan asks Mimi what shes going to do, death row or the rest of her life on the run? Mimi says shes not going to death row, and she runs off. Samis voice says that was too easy and then decides to target Kate next. 

At the penthouse, Kate calls Belle a selfish little bitch and slaps Belle. John walks in and asks Kate if she is out of her mind? He tells Kate to pack her bags and get out of his house. Belle says it isnt Kates fault, it is hers. John asks one of them to explain. Belle says she got into an argument with Kate about Phillip and she should have been more sensitive. Kate says she is the one who is sorry and she shouldnt have lashed out at her. John still wants to know what they were arguing about, and Belle says Shawn. She explains that Shawn wanted to go rescue Phillip, but they all talked him out of it. Kate says she thought it was a good idea, she is just so desperate to get Phillip back. John asks Belle when shes going to admit how wrong Shawn is for her? John says Shawn makes one bad decision after another, and now he wants to go rescue Phillip? John says what will he do, ride his bike into the bunker? Belle says Shawn promised not to go after Phillip, and she believes him. He asks since when is Shawns word worth anything? Belle says Shawns word means something to her, and she cant forget all the good times they had because they went through a rough patch. Kate says that is very forgiving, but Belle says she forgave Kate for slapping her. Belle believes Shawn wont go over there, but John doesnt. John says Shawn takes after Bo in all the worst ways. Belle says she believes Shawn so they should stop worrying. Kate says she is just so afraid for Phillips life. Kate says Phillip is her youngest child and they have a special bond, especially since she probably wont have more children. Belle says nobody is giving up on Phillip. John says they will rescue Phillip even if he has to take the bad guys on himself. Belle tells her dad that she loves him, and she tells Kate not to worry because Phillip will be coming home safely. Belle leaves to go home, and John reaches for something. Kate sees him and says dont! John has something in his pocket (drugs), but Kate doesnt see it. She tells John that she doesnt want him to be upset with her, and she is ashamed about what happened. She tells John that earlier she was tempted to let John take the drugs to rescue Phillip, but that would have been wrong. She says she cant ask John to risk his life in order to save Phillip. She says he has children of his own that need him. Kate says shell just have to hope that God will rescue Phillip. Outside the loft, Belle hopes Shawn is telling her the truth and isnt trying to rescue Phillip.

At the loft, Rex tells Shawn that he wont help him hack into the government sites and rescue Phillip as Shawn cant even take a bike ride without getting banged up. Shawn says he has to do something, but Rex says if he risks his life and dies then Belle could lose both him and Phillip. Shawn says if he wants to risk his life then it is his business. Rex says well he wont help him kill himself. Rex tells Shawn that he has no military training and unless hes living a double life he is not a spy. Rex says Phillip does have training, and he might be able to get himself out of this. Rex says if Shawn goes over there then he might get himself killed or Phillip killed. Rex says maybe that is what Shawn wants so he can have Belle to himself. Shawn says he has one thing everyone else doesnt have, the element of surprise. He says Phillips captors are expecting pros not someone like him to come to Phillips rescue. He tells Rex to put himself in Phillips shoes, would he want them to give up so easily on rescue him because it was too dangerous? Shawn says hes doing this for Belle and Phillip. Rex thinks Shawn is doing this so he can have Belle or because hes just feeling guilty about what is going on with Belle. Shawn says maybe he is feeling guilty, but he has no other options. He says he has no life without Belle so he has to do something. He tells Rex that Phillip is his brother, and can he live with himself knowing he could have helped Phillip but did nothing? Rex says of course he wants Phillip to be rescued, but they dont have what is required. Rex says the information the could gather and the plans they could make arent enough, they need a large some of money to execute any plan. Shawn tells Rex that he owes it to Phillip to try and help him. Rex says he will help Shawn but only under one condition. Rex wants him to promise that they are in this together and hes not going to run off and rescue Phillip on his own. Shawn says he cant make that promise until he knows what they are up against. Rex then gets to work hacking.

At Bo and Hopes, Patrick and Billie get hot-n-heavy up in Billies room. Patrick asks if doing this here is okay, and she says yes. They basically ravage one another on the bed. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope come home, and Bo suggests they keep quiet so they dont wake Billie up. Hope says fine, theyll tip toe up the steps in their own house. As they do they hear Billie upstairs crying out in ecstasy. Hope says it sounds like Billie is awake. Bo rushes upstairs and Hope tells him not to be ridiculous. Bo bursts in on Patrick and Billie, who are giggling in bed. Hope says Hi! Hope says they are sorry to barge in on them and Hope is sorry about the bed, which has collapsed. Hope says she would have warned Billie but she didnt think they bed would be getting such a workout. Hope says they are both grownups and if Patrick wants to spend the night it is okay. Bo says no it isnt, Patrick is the last person Billie should be with. Bo tells him to get out. Hope tells Patrick to stay where he is. Hope tells Bo that Patrick and Billie are adults and when Bo invited Billie to stay with them she doesnt remember him handing Billie a rule book. Patrick tells Billie that this was a mistake, and Bo says damn right. Patrick tells Bo to mind his own business. Bo says Billies welfare is his busies. Bo accuses Patrick of still working with the Dimeras and he is getting close to her in order to continue to manipulate her. Bo tells Billie to think about it, who else but someone who knows her could send her all these items about Georgia. Billie tells Bo that she trusts Patrick, but Bo says she is sleeping with the enemy. He asks Patrick how he did it, did he get her drunk? He calls Patrick a selfish bastard. Billie tells Bo to stop this. She says they didnt have anything to drink tonight, they danced and had fun. Bo says its obvious that Patrick spiked her drink to get her into bed. Billie says since when does a man who looks like Patrick need to spike a drink to get a girl into bed. Hope agrees, and Billie says thank you. Billie gives Bo hell and says what she does is none of his business. She says she sees lipstick on Bos collar, it seems they had their own fun tonight. Bo says that isnt her business. Hope says and that is the point Billie is making about him. Hope storms off and Patrick suggests Bo deal with his own problems instead of making him a problem. Bo leaves, and Hope is so embarrassed by Bos actions. Hope says they all trust Patrick (her, Billie and Jen), so why doesnt he? She tells Bo that his over-reaction tonight is about one thing, hes still not over Billie. Bo wonders why she keeps bringing up his marriage to Billie? He says this is about Patrick and how he is still working for the DiMeras. Bo thinks Hope is taking Jens side against him and believing Patricks nice guy routine. Hope tells Bo that shes taking Billies side for once, she deserves to be with someone nice as hes (Bo) not available. He says he knows, she wont let him forget that. Bo thinks nothing he does is good enough for Hope unless he stops having anything to do with Billie. Hope says it is the way he deals with Billie that upsets her. She says hes always running to her rescue or running off with her to Europe. Bo thinks she will always have an issue with Billie. Hope says Billie isnt the problem, it is him. Hope says if Billie was in bed with any man then he would have been just as upset. Hope tells Bo to admit that he has strong feelings for Billie. She says it is time they deal with this. Hope says if Bo hires someone else to help Billie find Georgia then she will believe hes over Billie. Bo says Georgia is his daughter too. Hope sends Bo to the sofa because she wont have him in their bed obsessing about another woman. Bo says she is the one obsessing about Billie. 

Meanwhile Billie is furious at Bo for walking in on her and humiliated her by speaking to her like he was his daughter. Patrick says actually he acted like she was his wife, and his other wife got jealous. Billie says what does she have to be jealous of, Bo is always saying that Hope is the one he wants to be with. Billie says Bo will never want to be with her so why cant he let her be happy with someone else. Patrick asks Billie if he brought him here because she wanted to be with him, or to make Bo jealous? Billie says she wanted to be with him and that she wasnt even thinking about Bo. We see flashbacks of Billie imagining she was with Bo all night long. Patrick asks Billie if she is sure? Billie says yes. Patrick says they both know she has feelings for Bo, and tonight things happened a lot faster then she expected. He says she needs to work her thing for Bo out before they do this again. Billie sees Patrick out, and they run into Bo in the hall. Billie sees that Hope threw Bo out, and she just closes the door on him. 

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